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How Can I Record Streaming Audio

There has always been some kind of difficulty in recording the sound or music playing on your computer. Previously it was very difficult to record streaming music, but now Audacity has made it easier. Let me take you through the steps required to record streaming music and internet radio using free software Audacity.

Download Audacity First, you have to download Audacity. This is a freeware and some of you may have already heard about it. Audacity is a safe software and does not install any tool bar or change your home page of your web browser during installation.

Stereo Mix Before recording your music with Audacity ensure that Stereo Mix is enabled in your computer. If you have Windows 2007 or later versions, click the speaker icon in your system tray. Click Mixer at the bottom of the popup. After that, click System Sounds. The Sound dialog box will open. In this dialog box, click the Recording tab. A list of recording options that are available in your system will be displayed in this box and there will be an item called Stereo Mix. There are chances that this may not be enabled in your computer. Just right click on it and click Enable. Now, click ok and close all the dialog boxes. We are ready to record our music.

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Record Streaming Online Music for Free Open Audacity. In the top menu near the microphone icon, there will be a drop-down menu. Select Stereo Mix in that menu. Click the round red button also known as the record button. After this start playing the music. You have to first click the record button and then start the music to ensure that the whole song is recorded. Now, your music will be recorded. Once the

song has fully played, click the square box near the record button to stop the recording.

Saving the Song Click File > Export and then give a name to your song. The file will be saved as mp3. You can also select a different option in the Save As drop-down menu. Now you can enjoy your song any time offline. This completes the tutorial on how to record streaming music for free.

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How to Record Streaming Audio  
How to Record Streaming Audio  

Ever wondered how to record streaming audio playing on your computer? Here we are going to use a free method that employs a freeware to do o...