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October Special 2014

Greetings, our dearest friends This is a brief handout of recent forms starting from January 20th ,2014. It contains a variety of job contents and industries, ranging from biomedicine to publishing, from researching to designing. For great dreamers who yearn to work for social welfare, you may find the optimal choice here. And for people expecting other places than Japan and India, you surely will be content with the suggestions. Most importantly, the internship presented here are mostly Taiwan– inclined. Finally, I would like to share greetings from Mumbai, where most internships are released from and which provides Sunday football game for EPs! Further posts will be released soon if helpful . AIESEC NCKU

Develop Asian-oriented service and products

Economy forecast

Research consultant of export


Medical software marketing

Marketing and editorial of magazine

Market expansion from Japan to India

Heaven of wired banking, stock, and finance