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Autumn is here and Winter will be upon us! Whilst the weather can still be mild, the evenings are getting colder and long sweaty rides in the baking sun are becoming a distant memory. Most of us will start to swap from short sleeve jerseys to incorporate arms warmers to eventually long sleeve warmer jerseys and more. Who has actually thought about what we can do to help our skin? Just like too much sun, the cold can take its toll and as the dark nights draw in, we can find ourselves looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. The good news is that with a few hints and tips, you can make all the difference to help prevent chapped, blotchy and sore skin. Below are seven top tips you can put into place straight away to protect yourself against the elements this winter whilst out riding.

001. Moisturise

No fancy statements needed for this one. It is always important to moisturise, but in winter as the cold attacks our faces, causing skin to dry up, peel and even crack it’s never been more important. Try use a moisturiser, which is light and allows your skin to breath. One’s with natural UV and pollution agents will help with the daily commute. Use it twice a day at a minimum and especially on those cold commutes to work or long weekend rides.



002. Give Yourself A Hand

One part of the body that is often exposed to the cold but forgotten is your hands. Invest in some good quality gloves to protect your digits from the cold weather. As well, good quality hand cream for after your rides and after washing your hands will nourish and help soften callused skin.



003. Don’t Forget The Lips

There are few things quite as irritating and painful as dry and cracked lips. It’s also worth remembering that if you’re hot single cyclist, you will want your lips to be in tip top condition. We would recommend going for a lip balm that contains SPF, your lips will stay soft and be protected from the winter sun.



004. Protect Your Knees and Legs

It is recommended that you cover your knees when the temperature reaches around 12 degrees or below. This is to protect your muscles, tendons and joints from the cold. Good quality leg or knee warmers are great for Autumn or when it gets really cold, full length fleece lined bib tights. If you really must wear shorts in cold temperatures try a god quality warming embrocation balm, which will warm your muscles up nicely and provide a layer of protection from cold wind and water. Embrocation is great for cyclo cross too.



005. A Close Shave

For those that prefer the clean shaven look then it’s worth spending a bit of extra time on the prep and post shave routine. If possible shave straight after a hot shower as you will open the pores and make the hair softer, massage your shaving foam into the hair and make sure to rinse and clean your razor after each stroke. Post shave you should be using a cooling balm to reduce the redness and sensitivity of the skin, balms also help to reduce shaving rash which is a very common problem with dryer, winter skin.



006. Bearded Wonder

If you’re still backing the beard trend then it’s important to consider how to look after the whiskers this winter. Keep things simple by making it a two step process: 01. Use a beard shampoo when you shower, this will clean the beard hair thoroughly and keep it healthy. 02. Use a beard oil after washing. Beard oils help to reduce beard dandruff (it’s a thing) and also moisturise the beard hairs and skin below.



007. Drink Water

A tip often thrown around in the summer is to keep water intake high. This is easy when we all desire a nice cold drink but when the colder weather sets in and all we want is tea and coffee the water cooler becomes a distant memory. Water is the hidden product in any grooming guide and by keeping hydrated you will be providing your skin with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to look healthy and happy this winter.



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VELOSKIN: Winter Survival Guide  

Autumn is here and Winter will be upon us! Whilst the weather can still be mild, the evenings are getting colder and long sweaty rides in th...

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