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Digital Magazine Media Kit 2013

Driven by passion and built on factual motorsports information, VeloRUSH Quarterly magazine Provides education and entertainment to the worldwide motorsporting community.

By connecting readers with historical content and industry experts, VeloRUSH is creating a digital magazine for all motorsports participants and fans. VeloRUSH Quarterly is an online magazine connecting readers to the global motorsports community. This flash magazine, which also includes video clips, is available online to the VeloRUSH community. The magazine, venue ezines, and future web site content reach active, educated, and distinctive motorsports fans of all ages. TheVeloRUSH multimedia platform offers sponsors a targeted approach for delivering their brand message. Throughout the year, successful events such as “A Ride For Real Heroes” have a positive impact on the community while promoting sponsors’ brand names. VeloRUSH members and venue operators will be opinion leaders in the motorsports community. Through the publication, our experts offer knowledge, insightful content and engaging stories. The online magazine presents all of this in a stunning graphics package that sets the standard for media excellence. Our mission is to provide readers with clean designs, stunning photography, engaging video clips and authoritative inside information. Our staff is committed to the people, places, and events that make motorsports one of the most well liked and widely followed industries in the world. • Compelling content • Reaching the entire spectrum of motorsports fans, from the casual to the fanatic • Accurate historical information and archived content • In-depth knowledge base plus Q&A from experienced professionals and industry experts • Full media library of historical footage and present day motorsports video

VeloRUSH sampled an audience of 133+ million Facebook male and female users living in the United States between the ages of 18 and 60. Based on Facebook keyword advertising searches, the audience for VeloRUSH magazine is in the tens of millions. Here is a sampling of those categories. • 24 million people who live in the United States exactly between the ages of 18 and 60 inclusive who like #Motorcycle, #Automobile, #Automotive industry, #BMW, #Ferrari, #Aston Martin, #Lamborghini, #Porsche, #Chevrolet, #Ford Motor Company, #Toyota, #Honda, #Audi or #Yamaha Motor Company • 13 million people who live in the United States between the ages of 18 and 60 inclusive who like #Automobile or #Automotive industryMotorcycles • 19 million people who live in the United States between the ages of 18 and 60 inclusive who like #Motorcycle, #Automobile, #Automotive industry, #Nissan Motor Company or #Toyota • 9 milion people who live in the United States between the ages of 18 and 60 inclusive who like #cars • 5 million people who live in the United States between the ages of 18 and 60 inclusive who like #Auto racing, #Autograss, #Drifting (motorsport), #Drag racing, #Rallying, #Sports car racing, #Monster truck, #Kart racing, #Grand tourer, #Top Fuel or #National Hot Rod Association We invite you to reach our diverse readership by marketing through the VeloRUSH Quarterly magazine. Additional opportunities to connect with a global audience through each venue ezines will soon be available.

Consumer demand has never been greater for online content, delivered in exciting new ways. There were 25 million digital magazine issues delivered in the last year. Whether through print, the web, tablets, smartphones or social media, magazines engage consumers. • 92% of Americans have read a magazine in the last 6 months (paper or electronic versions) • 95% of those under 35 • 96% of those under 25 Ads in magazines rank higher in trust than ads on TV, radio or online. Magazine readers spend an average 41 minutes reading an issue. Among digital readers, 73% read or tap on advertisements appearing in electronic magazines. 61% of magazine readers took action or plan to take as a result of exposure to specific magazine ads. Studies show that 43% of magazine readers make online purchases vs. 21% of non-readers. Readers have a positive attitude toward advertising in magazines and believe the ads provide useful information. This holds true among digital readers and they further like to explore interactive ad tools and features. • 70% want the ability to purchase products and services directly from electronic magazines.

• 86% access the same electronic magazine issue two or more times. 69% of readers have posted a magazine article on Facebook. Among adults 18–34 who read magazines and use social media: • 37% read or looked into a digital magazine in the past 60 days. Nearly half say that the experience of interacting with other media is generally enhanced when shared with others. • 35% love to share articles or products that they see in magazines immediately with others. Nearly half have visited a magazine’s Facebook page. Nearly 3/4 “liked” a magazine on Facebook. • 69% posted a magazine article to Facebook. More than 6 in10 have chatted with friends on Facebook while reading a magazine and shared what they were reading. More than half posted photos to a magazine’s Facebook page. More than half uploaded content (such as recipes) to a magazine’s Facebook page. More than 2/3 have followed a magazine editor or columnist on Twitter. Nearly 3/4 have followed a magazine on Twitter. • 3 in 4 have followed a magazine on Pinterest, or have re-pinned content from a magazine.

Magazine apps are among the top grossing apps in key categories in the iPad App Store. Magazine readers are heavy smartphone users. And, magazines also rank #1 in driving consumers online among adults 18+. • 77% of men and 68% of women are open to digital reading. • 71% of tablet owners are interested in reading magazines on their devices... 67% prefer to. • 85% of men in the hardto-reach 18-34 demo are interested in reading magazines on their tablets. All but one of the top 100 U.S. magazines contained at least one action code in Q1 2012. They include 2D barcodes, QR codes, and Microsoft Tags. (show pic of QR code) Digital ads make an impact • 74% of those surveyed recalled seeing ads when reading the enhanced issue • 70% of tablet owners say they want to be able to buy items by clicking on an ad in a digital magazine. • 47% took action after reviewing an ad, among respondents who recall at least one ad. Of those... • 62% visited an advertiser website or retail store. • 54% made or considered a purchase. Source: Magazine Media Factbook 2012/13

Rate Card GENERAL ADVERTISING RATES EFFECTIVE 2013 ISSUES Full Page 2/3 Page 1/2 Page Vertical 1/2-Page Horizontal 1/4 Page

1X 7554 6135

2X 7129 5613

3X 6415 5022

4X 5665 4370

6X 5343 4162

8X 5059 3863



















Advertising in the VeloRUSH Quarterly magazine offers direct distribution to venue outlets. Our publications can connect your brand with the movers and shakers in the motorsports world. SIZE



Full Page (w/video)



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Accepted File Types - 300dpi min • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign • TIFF 300dpi • Adobe PDF All image files should be RGB FTP server: FTP port: 21 FTP username: FTP PW: me7rlJuLi6dg44 Folder: public_html/admedia File names can only contain letters and numbers. No spaces, commas or symbols. The only symbol the name can contain is an underscore. Also there MUST be a file extension appended to the end of the file name (i.e. .psd). ALWAYS INCLUDE A LO-RES JPG FOR OUR REFERENCE. Please email LO-RES JPG.

Contact Please contact Carl with questions regarding deadlines, extensions, ad specs, etc. Carl Mullan 503-332-7869 Video Clips • Size: 480x360 (4:3) or 480x270(16:9) • Formats: FLV, .swf, .wmv, .mpeg • Length: 15 seconds maximum • File size: 4 MB max

2013 - 2014 Advertising Close Dates ISSUE Vol. 1 Issue 1 Premiere Issue Vol. 1 Issue 2 Vol. 2 Issue 1 Vol. 2 Issue 2 Vol. 2 Issue 3 Annual Outside Buyers Guide Vol. 2 Issue 4

AD CLOSE & MATERIALS DUE 08/05/2013 11/05/2013 02/05/2014 05/05/2014 08/05/2014 08/25/2014 11/05/2014

PUBLICATION DATE 09/03/2013 12/03/2013 03/19/2014 06/11/2014 09/03/2014 10/01/2014 12/03/2014

We require all ads to be submitted in a digital format. • All ads must include hi-res files (300 dpi or higher), any graphics or logos (.tiff, .eps), and all fonts used in the ad. • We accept InDesign, (PC formatted) Photoshop or hi-res PDF. • We do not accept Pagemaker, Microsoft Publisher, Word or PowerPoint files. We may be able to convert other PC file formats for a fee. Please email to verify, • Ads submitted incorrectly, including incorrectly sized ads, will incur additional production charges to correct the files. • Advertising rates are subject to change. Rates are guaranteed for the duration of the original contract. • Cancellations of reserved advertising space will not be accepted after the published closing date. • Advertisers agree to indemnify publisher against liability, loss, or expense as a result of claims or suits based on advertisement content. • All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval. • Advertising reservations are accepted through the closing date. • Materials for ads needing production are due on closing. Digital ready ads received after the digital deadline date are subject to a $50 late fee.

VELORUSH DIGITAL Reaches the entire spectrum of motorsports fans, from the casual to the fanatic. Future web site & media advertising sponsorship slots.

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VelorRUSH Digital Media Kit 2013  
VelorRUSH Digital Media Kit 2013  

Magazine media kit for VeloPOINT Quarterly Magazine and web site participation.