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Meet the founders Indrek Rebane Hedgehog Founder

On a regular basis he is responsible for hardware performance. Indrek feels uneasy if all the things pass too smoothly and he can not pamper his brain to struggle with any seemingly impossible problem. Creativity in the field of electronics can not be toggled on or off. Actually that kind of tumbler switch does not exist, which probably explains why Indrek is the “brains” behind so many cool products.

Sven Sellik Redfish Product designer

Sven is the founder of Redfish, which focuses on user oriented product design and development in technology and concept & entertainment design. Sven has a string of well-documented client success stories including vehicle design and the successful entry of Renard Motorcycles, Balteco, Aquator and Skärgårdstunnan products.

Mihkel Heidelberg Hedgehog Staff Scientist

A software developer who has a mind and thinking process of a real scientist. Eats and drinks physics for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Has a fluent command of C, C++, Objective-C, Java and Phyton programming languages. Most of all Mihkel enjoys doing mathematical and physical calculations and analyses.

Taavi Hein Hedgehog Co-founder / electronics

In his everyday life he is engaged mainly with developing software solutions. Feels at home in the vivid world of different programming languages, controls steadily and creatively both C-code and programmable logic.

Andri Laidre Flydog

Co-founder / product development Andri possesses great analytical and yet excellent childlike thinking when it comes to user experience of products. Combining ergonomics, good design and sustainability all into one user friendly package is where Andri’s product design engineering really comes to life. He has 6 years experience in various product development projects.

Ilmar Kurvits Lead Marketing ninja

Ilmar joined current VelodroomTM startup in beginning 2012 and brings solid brand-cycle experience from the wide creative variety from advertisement industry. He is nominated as a Young Creative (2009) and awarded with Innovation Grand Prix (2011). Ilmar has more than 6 years of experience in strategic management, marketing and product development.

Our Mission The VelodroomTM will be a new standard our products certainly merit the urban cyclists all over the world. We shall destroy the densely-packed bicycle accessory (and soon apparel) industry with our immensely practical and cleverly aesthetic safety devices. Foreword From Denmark’s newest safety requirements to its way to global arena, VelodroomTM products increase the quality and safety of daily riding. Our simple idea has grown into a full-fledged Tallinn-Tartu based startup. VelodroomTM bicycle lighting system is designed to address the issues of night- and daytime urban bike commuting.

The VelodroomTM system challenges the current paradigm of bike lighting by rethinking what the purpose of a bike lighting system really is. A unique brakelight, with embedded sensors, powered by USB-rechargable batteries. It’s a safety lighting system that riders want to use and want to be seen using. Intro It is about time to bring the emerging technologies to your bike. We have spent a productive year selecting the right ideas, material and components for the lights to fit different functions and do their work flawlessly. We are now ready to take the next step towards manufacturing - prototyping optics and housings. · VelodroomTM lights mount easily anywhere on the frame · Optimized light beam to maximize visibility to other road-users · Ambient illumination controlled light intensity · Unique brakelight system

Meet the life saver


The VelodroomTM technical parameters: Dimensions: 56x37x28 mm Seatpost Sizes: 25-32 mm Weight: 75 g including batteries Materials: Polycarbonate (lens and body), silicone (strap) Waterproof: Yes Lights: 6X0.5 W / 1X3 W LED’s Luminous intensity: 4-60 cd taillight and 400 cd headlight Power supply: 2XAA / rechargeable batteries Run time: 50 Hrs for taillight* and 7 Hrs for headlight Standby time: more than a year.** Looks: Awesome!

* Run times are not calculated, but are observed from real bench tests. ** Standby time is calculated from the power requirements of the electronic components in their sleep mode.





The VelodroomTM system taillight and headlight includes: • inertial measurement unit • ambient light sensor • ultra-low power consumption • “follow me home” function • consistent light output • battery status indicaton • automatic switch-on/off • sleep mode

Development Current electronics prototype and housing mock-up demonstrate all of the critical functions: it is simple to install, does not interfere with the ride, and is fully functioning. But we need to incorporate further design elements to get it to a production ready status; i.e. to a place where it can be used by everyone.

Why are we doing this Today we have a product (prototype pending); a product we’re proud of and believe in, but it is not complete! Here in Prototron our goal is to take the lights to the next stage - make them ready for manufacturing as a viable, user friendly, finished product. VelodroomTM will be working with road safety experts An increase in biker’s vision and visibility has the potential to reduce rider injuries and fatalities. 80% of cycle accidents occur when bicycles travel straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them. The most common contributory factor is ‘failed to look properly’ on the part of a vehicle driver.

Real 3D printed prototype from December 2012

The competition Bicycle lights have been something of a hot topic since Spring 2011, as higher-end offerings and the “super-powered LEDs”. Melbournebased Knog is among the biggest names in the bike-light space, ahead of Revolight, Blink&Steady, Copenhagen Parts. Features used by competitors: - Unique, thoughtfully-designed look and feel - USB recharging is as convenient as it gets - Weatherproof and ruggedized housing - Available in a range of more or less iconic colors - Detachable and permanently mounted solutions - The light is secured with a large silicone loop and hook - A single piece solution, that is a clear selling point. Although the competitors have some good features no solutions exist where all the advantages are integrated into one unit. And what is even worse – many of them do not work well. Some are too big, too retro, too cheap, not bright enough, too easily stolen, too hard to maintain, too expensive – the list goes on.

The value Bicycle safety is a top-of-the-mind issue. VelodroomTM lights are designed with UK BS6102-3, Germany StVZO TA and ISO 6742-1 standards in mind. VelodroomTM establishes a safety-zone around the bicycle, providing greater brake-margin between the car and the cyclist. • VelodroomTM lights meet and exceed current legislative requirements; • VelodroomTM lights increase the life expectancy of our customers; • Easy, Secure, Beautiful. Bike light turns on automatically and shuts off when you’re not riding. Every year there are over 100 million new bicycles sold world wide. In the EU there are at least 200 million existing bicycles. New bicycle lights are bought every two years on average. Bicycle lights are also mandatory in Germany, UK, Denmark and other countries, even though, for example 850 000 of 4.05 million bikes sold in Germany in 2011 were sold without. In France, it is an offence to even sell a bicycle without legally compliant lighting system. More countries are following the trend and bike light market growth is mostly driven by legislative changes.

The motivation Among VelodroomTM members, we ride all year round – through snow, rain, winter, and darkness. We are a multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, thinkers, social anthropologists, strategists and businessmen who create strategic practices in biking insight, technology and design. If you read this sentence, you are entitled to contact us for complimentary beers with the team. No fuss We will put all the experience in use when designing the business model, creating portfolio strategy and launching the game changing brand VelodroomTM.

Finally the Funding Funding required for prototyping 8950 € for prototyping. This covers material and manufacturing costs. This does not include estimated 800 working hours (20 000 €), that will be put into designing and manufacturing by VelodroomTM development team as self-investment. While setting the metrics, a timeline and published targets for all to see, we have contributed estimated 21 400 € as professional input.

Target revenue: • 2013: revenue 860 000 € • 2014: revenue 3 225 000 € In beginning of 2013 we will ramp up the production and secure the sales channels. In 2013 we target manufacturing 40 000 devices. In 2014 the sales target is 150 000 devices while we ramp up the rest of our product line. The figures are estimated for sales in Estonia, the Netherlands, Denmark and United Kingdom with total population of 86.3 million people.

Prototype plan Development Electronics Prototyping

Contact: Indrek Rebane E: T: +372 5698 1845

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