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Lady Liberty Late 19th century rare and magnificent hand carved wood figure of the iconic Lady Liberty, with master craftsmanship of the head and body carved from a singular piece of white pine wood and showing fine detailing to her beautiful face and crown, her tabula ansata, the stipple carving on her torch and her braided and flowing hair falling over the graceful swags on her robe, all in as found old, dry and age cracked silver grey painted surface over an original gold gilt. 100" high (8'5") x 40" overall wide x 22" overall deep.

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What is that unnamed feeling that speaks to us, the spark that lights the flame of the excitement we feel when we see something that we must own for our collection? Where does it begin and end? For some of us, growing up with folk art and Americana in our childhood home was a familiar reference, which became the impetus to pursue collecting as we forged our own style as young adults. For others, collecting came to us as happenstance. Much like experiencing a new cuisine and finding it worthy of a second encounter, seeing a whirligig or a shooting gallery target for the first time fueled curiosity about the form and function of something heretofore unknown to us. Intrigue moves us to find out all we can about this newly discovered art form.  However one begins the journey, for any serious collector, the paths traveled converge at the crossroads of passion and curiosity.  As we learn more about the foundation of serious collecting, understanding the significance of originality and the individuality of each piece, how true and honest surface, exceptional form and unquestionable quality informs what we will collect, so too grows our passion. One always goes hand in hand with the other.  It is that passion that refines our eye and it is what keeps us searching for the next amazing find, as we know it is just around the corner, waiting for us to happen upon it. When we do, we have come full circle. Herewith is a sampling of our latest discoveries.

Michael Ogle and Diana Douglas 2012

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths

Proverb 3:6


Patriotic Shield Early 1900 large wood patriotic shield with a tin surround, with each star electrically illuminated, all in multi layered painted surface. 48" high x 46" wide x 2" deep.


Dandy Whirligig Circa 1890 exceptional wood whirligig in the form of a dandy gentleman, holding a red, white and blue bannerette connected to a working circular wind fan, all in a dry untouched age cracked attic surface, Haddonfield NJ origin. 27.75" overall high x 11.5" overall wide x 9" deep.


Soap Hollow Dated 1859 Soap Hollow blanket chest with two drawers, having a cut out heart in the applied molding between the drawers, all resting on a bracket foot base, signed by the maker C C B (Christian C Blough) and made for Jeremias Weaver, all in original red, yellow and black paint, with original gilt lettering and decoration. 49.5" wide x 28.75" high x 23.25" deep. This blanket chest is published and pictured on page 133 in the book Soap Hollow: The Furniture and Its Makers by Charles Muller.


Standing Man Cast Iron Target 19th century rare and unusual French life size figural shooting gallery target in the form of a male gun slinger, showing fine and crisp detailing and casting, with an indiscernible maker’s mark on the leg, all in original silver painted surface and patina. 72" tall.


Heart and Flag Frame Late 19th century masterpiece folk art frame with cotton and diamond motif incised on a painted patriotic double shield with applied diamonds, hearts and stars flanked by four larger three dimensional hearts, with the upper section having two crossed American flags, with an eagle attached to a cross, with two larger protruding eagles attached to wood posts, with each having shields as breastplates, with wire nail construction and the use of battens throughout, all in red and blue painted surface, in an untouched dry attic finish, found in Amelia County, Virginia. Amelia County was established in 1735 from parts of Prince George and Brunswick Counties in Virginia. The county is named for Princess Amelia of Great Britain, daughter of King George II. According to the census of that year, it was a county with nearly 11,000 slaves in existence in 1790. Many lived in slave quarters of one or two room log cabins, many of which were still standing in 1900. Many former slaves stayed on after the end of the Civil War and were still living in Amelia County in 1900. Given the geographical reference of where the frame was found and the historical relevance of the county in regard to slavery, this would explain the African American influence of the piece in its entirety.


Temperance Sign 8

Late 19th century rare Temperance House double sided wood sign in a highly unusual circular form with an open center, applied inner and outer molding, with white professional lettering on a black sand painted ground, untouched original condition. 40" diameter x 2.25" deep.

Cigar Store Indian Princess Circa 1890 hand carved cigar store Indian princess wearing a beaded necklace with a split feather headdress and one arm crossed holding a fringed blue cape over a red skirt, with yellow paint decorated leggings, standing on a blue box, in multiple painted colors, attributed to the shop of Samuel A Robb, New York.


Orion Walking Stick Rare late 19th century paint decorated walking stick carved by Mike Cribbins incised F. OF. A. (Fraternal Order of Foresters of America) PPP G. I. Cook, showing master workmanship from top to bottom of stippling, relief and spoon carving, adorned throughout with animals, snakes traveling in both directions, birds, stars, fish, tools, with his signature ‘Orion’ and ‘Mike’ at the bottom, with the bottom of the cane showing an inlaid and scalloped lead ferrule, all in original, untouched surface and condition, Michigan origin. 34.5" long x 1.75" wide x 2.25" deep.

Wood Cow Weathervane Early 1900 wood cow weathervane constructed with a series of vertical boards cut into the shape of a cow with a one inch thick shaped board placed horizontally on both sides simulating the body of a cow while securing all of the vertical boards in the fashion of a batten, with applied tin ears and a single horn that pierces the head, all resting on a horizontal wood bar secured to the legs with metal rods, in original untouched black and white age cracked painted surface.


Glove Trade Sign 19th century rare wood carved glove trade sign showing great detail on the hand and the fancy cuff, with two gilt buttons simulating the closure of the glove, all in original persimmon paint, original gilt cuff. 22.5" long x 10" wide x 3.75" deep.


Minstrel Tambourine 14

Circa 1900 tambourine with a wood frame and parchment surface, showing the head of a smiling African American man with the border surround inscribed ‘The Ahoskie Singing Minstrel Players’ all in original polychrome paint, New Jersey origin. 11" diameter x 2.25" deep.

Double Horse Head Hitching Posts Rare pair 19th century two piece cast iron hitching posts with double horse head design and fanciful ornate posts, signed Wilson & Strickland, Watertown New York. Each post is 40.75" high x 13" overall wide x 8.25" deep.

Conductor Whirligig Circa 1890 large scale wood whirligig in the form of a train conductor, showing a black cap, white face, blue marble eyes, blue uniform with a series of buttons down the front of the jacket marked ‘Chicago Railroad Company’ with remnants of a yellow stripe down each leg, with the blade arms in red, white and blue paint, all in the original age cracked untouched painted surface and condition, New York origin. 34" high x 22" wide x 5.5" deep

Daily Papers Late 19th century general store wood sign ‘Daily Papers’ constructed from a single wide board with breadboard ends, professionally painted in multi colors and fonts in original painted surface. 14" wide x 34" high.


Double Arrow Vane 19th century architectural copper circular weathervane with a cast iron vertical spire bisecting the circle which is also pierced by two crossed arrows, each with decoratively cut feathers and tips, old black painted surface over original gilt, with the tips and arrow feathers showing the original gilt surface, Shelburne VT origin. 53" high x 61" wide x 2.25" overall deep.       

Lee Fountain Rare early 1900 Lee Fountain yellow birch hall tree with signature root base, all in pristine surface and condition. 42" wide x 80" high x 28" deep.


Optometrist Trade Sign Circa 1870 museum quality optometrist trade sign with cast iron gold gilt frames surrounding centers vibrantly hand painted to simulate human eyes, in a perfectly age cracked painted surface, all original surface and condition. 36" long.


Wood Rooster Weathervane 19th century highly unusual rare wood three dimensional rooster weathervane with exceptional form, detailed carving on the body and crown, tack eyes, with the original metal horizontal bar support intact, original gilt surface. 13.5" high x 2" deep 18.5" long.


Cast Iron Bicycle Circa 1850 rare, unusual and graphic cast iron bicycle trade sign with remnants of old white painted surface intact. 77" long x 48" high.


Carousel Mirrors Circa 1900 pair of wood carousel mirrors in exquisite mustard, red and olive paint with rope cord framing the original boiler plate mirror inserts, original porcelain sockets intact, all in original surface. Each mirror is 20.5" wide x 24.5" high x 2" deep

Dog & Hare Shooting Targets Circa 1900 pair cast iron Hound and the Hare shooting gallery targets signed on the back ‘Manuf. By C.W. Parker, Abilene Kansas. Circa 1900-1940’, in old and as found white painted surface, excellent condition. Each target is 27" long x 9" high.

Sex Sign Circa 1930 three sectioned wood carnival entrance sideshow sign ‘Sex Exposed In The Naked Truth’, professionally lettered in red and black on an ivory ground, all in original age cracked painted surface. 76.25" high x 1 5/8" deep x 72.75" wide.


Safety Pin Circa 1930 unusual and oversized metal safety pin in silver painted surface, original untouched surface and condition. 66" tall x 14" wide x 4" deep.

Black Gentleman Whirligig Rare 19th century large scale wood whirligig of a black gentleman dandy with top hat and tails, standing on a wood arrow directional having metal feathers and tip, all with great sculptural form and attention to detail in multi layered, thick and age cracked red, white and blue painted surface. 30" high x 35" wide x 4.5" deep

Gun Shop Trade Sign 30

Early 1900 wood double sided gun shop trade sign in the form of a Case folding pen knife showing the proprietor’s name ‘J Spelter’ on both sides, professionally lettered in black and white painted surface over the original gilt background, Brooklyn New York origin. 29.75" high x 39.5" wide x 4.25" deep.

Cast Iron Fox Circa 1860 rare three dimensional cast iron fox weathervane showing the fox with a full cast iron head and front body that tapers into thin rear quarters and tail section, with an illegible diamond shape foundry mark in the center of the body, in an old crazed gilt surface over and earlier red painted surface. 33.5" long x 8.5" high x 2.5" deep. A similar example is illustrated in Animals in American Folk Art by Wendy Lavitt, page 27.


Suite Of Card Targets Circa 1930 cast iron matched set of shooting gallery targets in the form of playing card suites with the original bell gong intact on each target, all in working park paint, manufactured by Terpening & Company, Long Beach CA.


Rochester Rooster Exceptional and rare circa 1860 cast iron rooster weathervane showing fine detailing to the casting of the feathers, legs and feet, in exceptional and superb as found first surface paint, untouched and original condition, with the original tail intact, manufactured by the Rochester Iron Works Company, Rochester, New Hampshire. 25" long x 4.25" deep x 27" high.

City Drug Store Sign Late 19th century wood double sided shaped City Drug Store sign, constructed from a single wide board, with Old World professionally painted lettering in several font types, in both black on a white ground and white on a black ground, with pinstripe and scroll detailing as well as periods at the end of each section and end cap design on either side of the wording City Drug Store, with an iron edge band surrounding the entire sign, all in completely original surface and condition, with the original iron hanging hooks intact. The City Drug Store was located at 8 East Main Street, Amsterdam NY, and the building itself is still standing. It had dual entrances; one for Gentlemen, the other for Ladies. The sign hung so that the Gentlemen’s entrance advertised Imported & Domestic Cigars and the Lady’s entrance advertised Perfume & Toilet Articles. The circa 1900 on site photograph along with provenance and documentation outlining the history of the establishment from the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives accompanies the sign. 55� wide x 35" high x 1" deep.

Horse and Rider 19th century rare wood horse and rider weathervane with fine cut out detail, folky features, all in multiple layers of old dry surface, illustrated in the book ‘American Vernacular’ page 281. 27.5" long x 13.5" high x 0.75" deep.

Barn Vent 19th century rare wood star within a star barn vent in as found red, white and blue paint, taken down from a barn in Mongo, Indiana. 60" diameter


Writing Arm Windsor Circa 1800 Pennsylvania low back Windsor writing arm chair with walnut writing surface and large carved knuckle arm, canted and descending spokes morticed through a uniquely shaped back rail which was designed to create tremendous movement in the chair, all attached to a ‘D’ shaped seat with two extensions and four turned rods that support an underhung hand dovetailed drawer, all resting on bamboo style turned legs supported with an ‘H’ stretcher, in original and first surface black finish. 41" wide x 33" high x 30" deep.


Penny Pitch Circa 1930 exceptional carnival penny pitch board comprised of an orange, green and red playing field with black numbers surrounded by the unusually spelled Pitch Pennie’s on all four sides, all in a dry, untouched age cracked painted surface. 49.5" square x 2.25" deep.


Green Candle Stand Circa 1790 Windsor style two tier candlestand with turned center post, tripod legs, all in a first surface apple green paint, Hudson River Valley New York origin. 26" high x 16" round.


Ice Cream Cone Early 1900 unusual three dimensional tin ice cream cone trade sign with great detail in multi colored painted surface. 29" high x 13" diameter.

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Lady Liberty Late 19th century rare and magnificent hand carved wood figure of the iconic Lady Liberty, with master craftsmanship of the head and body carved from a singular piece of white pine wood and showing fine detailing to her beautiful face and crown, her tabula ansata, the stipple carving on her torch and her braided and flowing hair falling over the graceful swags on her robe, all in as found old, dry and age cracked silver grey painted surface over an original gold gilt. 100" high (8'5") x 40" overall wide x 22" overall deep.