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iConnect 2018 Shaping the next generation of Visa Services

Slovakia signs on as 62nd client government

Chinese Visa Application Center launched in Senegal VFS Global brings Belgium visa services to Jordan

VFS Global operations as on 30 November 2018 | For restricted circulation to governments and diplomatic missions only

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New Contracts & Visa Application Centres

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VFS Global strengthens its Board of Directors and its Executive Board


iConnect 2018




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iConnect 2018 Shaping the next generation of Visa Services

New solutions showcase

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VFS Global signs visa service contracts with eight European Governments VFS Global wins contract to provide Germany visa services in 14 countries in Asia Pacific


Slovakia becomes VFS Global’s 62nd client government


Laos visa services contract awarded to VFS Global


Lebanon visa services now offered in five cities across India


New Chinese Visa Application Centers launched in Senegal and Gambia


VFS Global brings Belgium visa services to Jordan


New Thailand Visa Application Centres inaugurated in Taiwan


Canada visa services across India move to new facilities


Three cities in South Africa get Switzerland Visa Application Centres


First ever Georgia Visa Application Centre in Sri Lanka opens in Colombo


Switzerland visa services now available in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Leader Speak


Putting the customer at the centre of digital transformation at VFS Global


Corporate Social Responsibility


VFS Global’s corporate website is now in an all-new design


Doorstep visa services offered to Rugby Associations in the UK


Dubai Travel Shops open in Saudi Arabia


Awards & Events


The Shoe That Grows


World War II monument restoration


Team India gives back on Independence Day


Awards & Events


VFS Global participates in India-UK FutureTech Festival


Thailand celebrates its National Day in Dubai


French National Day celebrations in Bengaluru, India


Travel agents experience the new Premium Lounge in South Mumbai, India


British Deputy High Commission in Chennai, India, conducts refresher training


South African Airlines & VFS Global join hands for an initiative in the UK


VFS Global celebrates P.R China National Day in Dubai


VFS Global showcases services in a series of roadshows in the Middle East


Guests Who Visited Us

In November we signed on our 62nd client government – the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia, and are pleased to be mandated to provide visa services on their behalf in 10 countries worldwide.

Dear readers, The year 2018 has been another excellent year for VFS Global – a year in which we have further strengthened our service relationships with our existing client

governments and forged relationships with new client governments. It gives me great pleasure to share the latest developments and achievements with you through this last Connect issue of the year.

We recently concluded the fifth annual edition of iConnect, the innovation workshop for client governments. iConnect 2018 focused on discussing developing trends, especially technology driven trends, requirements of

governments and solutions of the future for visaand consular services under the over-arching theme of “Shaping the next generation of Visa Services”. With

record participation and invigorating discussions on various topics it was another inspiring iConnect, and I would once again like to thank all participants for their very active engagement and contribution. Highlights of the event have been detailed in this issue of Connect.

In November we signed on our 62nd client government – the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Slovakia, and are pleased to be mandated to provide visa services on their behalf in 10 countries worldwide.

We were also honoured with eight European governments reaffirming their trust in VFS Global by renewing their service contracts with us in recent months.

Among them is Germany, who has awarded VFS Global the regional contract to extend its Germany visa services to 14 countries in Asia Pacific.

Earlier in the year, VFS Global was also contracted by the Embassy of Lao

People’s Democratic Republic in New Delhi, to provide Laos visa services in seven countries.

It also gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have redesigned our

corporate website to be more user-friendly, and in keeping with the changing

landscape of online consumer consumption. I trust our Leader Speak featuring the Head of our Digital and e Commerce division, Ben Boesch, will give you a glimpse at what’s to come.

Details of all these developments, and much more, are featured in this edition of Connect. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome on

On behalf of all of us at VFS Global I send you our best wishes for the end-of-year festive season, and wish you an inspiring start to 2019!

Zubin Karkaria

CEO - VFS Global Group

Germany visa services extended to 14 APAC countries

Slovakia becomes 62nd client government

Dubai Travel Shop opens in Saudi Arabia

Belgium visa services introduced in Jordan

Sri Lanka gets its ďŹ rst Georgia Visa Application Centre

Switzerland Visa Application Centres rolled out across South Africa

Doorstep Visa services offered to UK Rugby Associations

Contracts renewed with 8 European governments

3 New Contracts and VISA Application Centres 3.1

VFS Global signs visa service contracts with eight European Governments Plans to launch 97 Visa Application Centres by 2019

“VFS Global is grateful for the trust and goodwill the European member states have placed in us over the years. With the recent renewal / extension of our relationship with eight European governments across multiple regions, we are pleased to offer our high quality visa services to many more visa applicants.” - Zubin Karkaria, Chief Executive Officer, VFS Global Group

In August and September 2018, VFS Global signed eight contracts with existing client governments, to extend their visa service network. As per t he new contracts, VFS Global will now provide visa services for Belgium in Rwanda; Estonia in China, India, Belarus,Turkey, and Russia; Germany in China and 13 other countries in South East Asia; Hungary in India, Belarus, Kazakhstan; Italy in Bahrain and Ecuador; Lithuania in Ukraine; Slovenia in 13 countries (Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Iran, Kosovo, Mexico, New Zealand, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA); and The Czech Republic in Vietnam, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

VFS Global plans to open an additional 97 Visa Application Centres to meet the requirements of the new contracts and offers applicants a convenient and easy visa application process in these additional countries. The rollout of all new operations is expected to be completed by mid-2019. Chris Dix, Head – Business Development, VFS Global, said, “This has been a great quarter for VFS Global. Today, VFS Global is the trusted partner of 62 client governments, in large part due to our un-compromising approach to using technology as a key business driver, and constantly innovating so that visa applicants continue to enjoy streamlined and convenient visa services the world over.


VFS Global wins contract to provide Germany VISA services in14 countries in Asia Pacific VFS Global has served Government of Germany for 13 years, since 2005

VFS Global has been awarded the Regional Contract to provide Germany visa services in the Asia Pacific region, by the Government of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. VFS Global will now operate Germany Visa Application Centres in 36 new locations across 14 countries. Residents of Brunei, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, P.R. China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will soon be able to apply for Germany visas through VFS Global. VFS Global is expected to start operations in the new Visa Application Centres during the first quarter of 2019. The People’s Republic of China alone will see the addition of centres in 15 cities, further strengthening access to Germany’s visa services across the country. VFS Global will also offer a Mobile Biometric Service in 24 locations throughout the region. The Mobile Biometric Service enables applicants to submit their documents and biometric information from a location of their choice, eliminating the need to visit a Visa Application Centre.

VFS Global’s association Country

Visa Application Centres


Countries of Operation

Germany 60 2005


“VFS Global currently operates 59 Germany Visa Application Centres across 16 countries – this new contract will take the total number of countries which have centres operated by VFS Global to 30. We are confident that applicants in the new countries of operation will appreciate the better accessibility and convenience of the visa services offered.” - Chris Dix, Head – Business Development, VFS Global

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