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>> MK194 H DIGITALLY CONTROLLED FM RADIO • high quality FM receiver module with excellent sensitivity • single button station search function • 4 station presets • power supply: 9VDC battery (not included)



Do you have any ambitions as a spy? Would you like to hear what is being told across the street?

This set is pure fun, both to build and to use. Have your voice transformed to a robot voice, low to high, as you want. For added effect, you can even add vibrato. Very nice for parties, plays, recordings, games, prank phone calls... Contains a built-in microphone and power amplifier with volume control, you only need to connect a speaker. Works on an optional external power adapter 9VDC / 300 mA or a standard 9V battery (not included).

Then this Super Stereo Ear is for you! This device is an ultra audio amplifier. And when we say ultra, we mean ultra: it amplifies the sound as much as 50 times and also in stereo! The microphones are positioned at 45° to give you the best possible separation. The kit includes a power switch, volume control and an audio output. Operates on three standard AA batteries (not included). • amplifies the sound 50 times and also in stereo • complete with microphones • dimensions: 62 x 54 x 44 mm




Do you have an MP3 player and you have been tempted more than once to buy one of those slick docking stations? But then again the price or the design of some models somehow dampened your enthusiasm. Thanks to this kit, you will decide how your amplifier or docking station will look. You can take care of the exterior and finish, while the kit provides easy connection and great sound.

Check cables for continuity and identify individual wires. Ideal for speaker cable polarity checking. LED indication for open circuit, shorts and correct or wrong polarity. Pushbutton operation with auto power off. Power supply : 9V battery operated (not incl.)

 >> MK182 H DIGITAL ECHO CHAMBER This cool kit is an ideal addition to any DJ setup. Or do you fancy a karaoke party but not all voices sound full enough? This echo chamber provides a solution. There are four settings: microphone input, output volume, echo delay and feedback. It uses a 40Kb SRAM for low distortion and good sound quality. Works on an optional external power adapter or a standard 9V battery (not included). • built-in microphone and amplifier • line input and output, speaker output 500 mW (8 ohms, 10% THD) • delay time: 80-200 m sec.




Sing along with your favourite music ! Hook-up the unit between your CD-player, MD-player or any other line-level source and your amplifier. "vocal reduction"-switch reduces original vocals on most stereo recordings. On/off switch and led power indicator. Power supply : 9V battery. - DIY Kit -

Musicians have been using metronomes for centuries to keep the rhythm. Mechanical metronomes often are quite cumbersome and need to be wound regularly. Meanwhile there are electronic metronomes but these are often very expensive and have a number of features that are not really necessary. Enters this minikit. A simple electronic metronome that does what it does best without unnecessary fuss and at a fraction of the price of the more expensive devices. The cadence is given via a built-in speaker and a LED. The tone, volume and number of beats per minute are adjustable. Operates on a standard 9 V battery (not included).

 >> MK172 HH SOUND STAR VU METER Velleman Kits is proud to introduce its brand new star shaped VU meter. If you want an interactive star, then this minikit is for you. The star functions as a VU meter and reacts to music or sounds. 60 LEDs provide a nice star effect. Comes with built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity. Ideal for parties, events, fairs... Works on an optional external power adapter (9-12 VDC, 200 mA). • works like a true VU meter • 60 green, orange and red LEDs • built-in microphone with adjustable sensitivity

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Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN