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• PWM freq.: 90Hz • power supply: 12-24VDC • Max output current: 5A /channel • DIN-rail enclosure: 2 modules wide

>> VM151 RGB CONTROLLER WITH RF REMOTE For incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Select one of the numerous built-in effects and set their speed from the comfort of your chair using the supplied keychain remote. Additional feature: Use the optional USB to RF remote and control the unit from a PC. Free demo software available via download. Write your own application. Control up to 8 units independently. • 256 intensity levels/ch. • outputs: 12V/3A • LED PWM freq: 300Hz • power supply: 12V/9A max • TX/RX: 433MHz operation

>> VM169 RGB POWER SLAVE MODULE 3 x 4A Multiply the output power of your Velleman LED controller! VM146, VM150, VM151, VM152, VM161, VM162, VM168, CHLSC1, … • open collector/drain inputs • power supply: 12-24VDC / 12A max.

>> VM161 RGB LED DIMMER AND COLOUR SELECTOR TO BE USED WITH VM118R REMOTE For use with optional VM118R full size remote. Ideal for use with common anode LED strips e.g. CHLS24RGB, CHLS15RGB, CHLS7RGB, CHLS22RGB, CHLS27RGB. Multiply the output power of your Velleman LED controller with VM169. Infosheet: LED controller selection guide • LED PWM frequency: ± 300Hz • 3x 12V/3A outputs • TX/RX: 433MHz operation • power supply: max. 12V/9A


 >> VM207 64 LED RGB MATRIX Display dazzling, colourful, 2D or 3D, static or animated images and even video straight from your favorite microcontroller platform. Quantity: 1 panel! Important: To avoid damage to the panel, make sure to observe the safety information supplied with the panel. • WS2812S LEDs • power supply: 5 VDC • current consumption: 3,5 A / panel max. • dimensions: 72 x 72 x 3 mm • LED pitch: 9 mm

Compact universal receiver module featuring 2 toggle or pulse outputs with timer. This receiver can store up to 31 transmitters. More than unique codes. • receiver: - power supply: 9 to 13Vac or 10 to 15Vdc - consumption: 130mA max. / 20mA standby (heating off) - relay contacts NO / NC: 5A (resistive load) each - 433MHz operation - selectable timers per output: 0.5s, 5s, 30s, 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min and 60min - heating option for use in cold environments - open field range of up to 30m possible - external antenna • transmitter: - power supply: 12V battery (included) - V23GA / GP23GAC - 433MHz operation

 >> VM130T



>> VM166T 2-CHANNEL TRANSMITTER WITH LED LIGHT A combination of remote control transmitter and LED light in one! Works with various Velleman receivers: VM109, VM130, VM151, VM152, VM162, K8057 • power supply: 6V battery type V11GA (included) • 433MHz operation • R&TTE compliant ( ETS 300-220) * • dimensions: 46 x 33 x 14mm (1.8" x 1.3" x 0.5")

Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN  
Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN