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Four 30 VAC/DC 2 A NO relay outputs Analog input - + Relay status LEDs

Factory reset SPI

Digital inputs accept dry contact or open collector



Status LEDs


Reset button

Digital inputtest buttons & status LEDs

Power LED


Ethernetconnector USB (5 V) power supply input

VM204 is an Ethernet controlled board with 4 relay outputs, 4 digital inputs and 1 analogue input. It can send e-mail notifications when the status of an input changes and features an embedded webserver. Free apps are available for Android® and iOS®. • power supply: 5 Vdc power supply needed (min. 500 mA) via USB B connector • outputs: 4 no relay outputs (30 VAC/DC 2 A rated) • Ethernet: 100 Mbit • inputs: - 4 digital inputs (open collector compatible) - 1 analog input (6 V max.) • ports: - UART port avaiable - SPI port available

Devices not included

>> VM201 ETHERNET RELAY CARD Control up to 8 relays via internet. The card simply connects to your (wireless) router by means of a standard network cable. You can operate the 8 relays or check the status of the input from anywhere in world. The card is web server based, so almost any internet browser can connect to the card, even mobile devices. No additional software installation required. The unit has numerous extra features such as reports by e-mail at power-up or input status change, programmable timers for each output, labeling of outputs, etc. With LCD. • 8 relay contacts: 12A @ 30Vdc or 16A @ 230Vac • 1 input: dry contact or voltage input 5…20Vac or dc • power supply: 12Vac/500mA


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Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN