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2 - 11 About our order codes:

‘K’ = Kit (requires assembly) ‘MK’ = Minikit (requires assembly but suited for beginners) ‘M’ = Assembled and tested Module ‘MM’ = Assembled and tested Miniature Module ‘VR’ = For robot system H = Level of difficulty

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Why people choose Velleman Kits 1

Extensive illustrated multi language manuals


Taped axial components means less room for errors


New, quality parts & no surplus


Developed by geeks like you for geeks like you


HQ silkscreened boards


Customer support by real people:


1 Environmentally friendly packaging in recyclable PET material ALLBOT and the ALLBOT ® logo are registered trademarks of Velleman nv

Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN  
Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN