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>> VR408 FOUR LEGGED ALLBOT® This kit includes • all necessary plastic parts • 8 x 9G servo motors • a servo motor connector shield (VRSSM) • a battery shield (VRBS1) • includes different feet • VR001 infrared transmitter with app for smartphone or tablet (Android® or iOS®)

>> VR013 ALLBOT® OPTION: 3 SERVO LEG • All the parts you need to create an extra leg with 3 articulations • 3 x 9G servo motors • several types of feet to suit your ALLBOT®’s needs • necessary screws are included

>> VR001 ALLBOT® OPTION: SMARTPHONE IR TRANSMITTER • control your ALLBOT® with an iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device • plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack, adjust the volume and fire up the ALLBOT app

25 All specifications and versions are subject to change without prior notice

Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN  
Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN