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NEW >> EDU08 H H H H H EDUCATIONAL LCD OSCILLOSCOPE Build your own oscilloscope and learn how to visualize signals. See the signals you learn about in real life! Despite the low cost, this oscilloscope has a lot of features found only on expensive units like signal markers, frequency, dB, true RMS readouts,... A powerful auto-setup function will get you going in a snap!

>> EDU06 H H H H H OSCILLOSCOPE TUTOR BOARD Learn how to get the most out of your digital oscilloscope. The board generates a number of safe ‘real-world’ signals, which we will use to perform measurements. Get familiarized with AC, DC and frequency measurements, sine and square waves, power supply ripple, full and half wave rectifiers, oscillators etc… You can use the Velleman HPS140 handheld pocket scope to perform all of your projects. • power supply: 9...12 VAC / min. 100 mA (adapter not incl.) • dimensions: 116 x 74 x 24 mm / 4.6 x 2.9 x 0.9” • optional: 9 VAC /500 mA adapter PS905AC

Note: This scope cannot be used to perform measurements on voltages higher than 30Vpp. • high contrast LCD: 64 x 128 pixels with white LED backlight • maximum sample rate: 1MS/s for repetitive signals, 100kS/s in real time • input amplifier bandwidth: 200kHz (-3 dB) • measurements can be performed up to: 100kHz • input impedance: 100kohm // 20pF • maximum input voltage: 30Vpeak (AC + DC) • input coupling: DC and AC • AD resolution: 8 bits • run modes: run, single • trigger level adjustable: in 16 steps • timebase range: in 15 steps, 10µs/division to 500ms/division • input sensitivity range: in 6 steps, 100mV/division to 5V/division • test output: 1.95kHz / 3.3Vpp • full auto set up for: Volt/div and time/div (or manual) • sensitivity down to 10mV • readouts: DC, AC+DC, true RMS, dBm, Vpp, min. & max. • time and voltage markers readout • frequency readout (through markers) • battery operated: 4 x AAA batteries (max. 100mA) • power save mode • dimensions: 80 x 115 x 40 mm / 3.14 x 4.52 x 1.57" • weight: 190g with batteries



4 output indicator LEDs Buzzer On-board programmer port (ICSP) Digital inputs 4 buttons

On-board PICKit2® Firmware port (ICSP)


>> EDU09 H H H H EDUCATIONAL PC OSCILLOSCOPE KIT Oscilloscopes are expensive and complicated instruments? Not this one! Build your own oscilloscope and use your PC to display your measurements. This small and easy to build kit has all the features of a full blown oscilloscope. Kit comes complete with detailed instructions and test leads. • dimensions: 94 x 94 mm / 3.7 x 3.7" • minimum system requirements: - IBM compatible PC - Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 - SVGA display card (min. 1024 x 768) - mouse - free USB port 1.1 or 2.0


External (ICSP) programming

Light dependant resistor

White LED for PWM dimming NTC resistor

>> EDU10 H H H H USB PIC PROGRAMMER AND TUTOR BOARD Want to set the first steps into Microchip PIC programming? This board is all you need! The tutor can help to get you started into the magic world of PIC programming. Later it can also be used for more advanced programming. Use the free tools from Microchip®; the PICKit2™ programmer tool and the MPLAP® IDE environment. • experiment module can be powered via USB • power output to target is supported • indicator LEDs for power supply and programming mode • dimensions: - programming and learning module: 90 x 74 mm / 3.54 x 2.91" - programmer only: 34 x 74 mm / 1.34 x 2.91"


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