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This educational experiment kit with 10 projects is the ideal way to enthral the novice electronics enthusiast.

Solar energy is one of the major alternative sources of energy. This eductional kit contains 10 projects relating to solar energy. Find out everything about the future of energy: how do solar panels work, how to convert light into energy... Build various applications and learn by playing. • breadboard dimensions: 80 x 60mm / 3.15” x 2.36”

Learn while you build without any soldering. The package contains a breadboard, cables and components, and illustrated instructions which will help you build a flashing light, a burglar alarm, a photosensitive switch, etc.

Powered by a 9 V battery. • breadboard dimensions: 80 x 60mm / 3.15” x 2.36”

16 character LCD

Digital outputs 8 indicator LEDs

Digital inputs 8 buttons

White LED for PWM dimming simulation Light dependant resistor 2 potentiometers

>> EDU03 H ‘START TO SOLDER’ EDUCATIONAL KIT A full set including a soldering iron, tools, electronic parts and the printed circuit boards required to complete two minikits: a LED light organ and flashing LEDs. An ideal introduction to soldering. Comes with a handy storage box.

Temperature sensor >> EDU05 H H H H H USB TUTOR MODULE

NTC resistor

Take your first steps into the PC-USB world. This tutor will teach you to master USB communication with external devices. • USB 1.1 - 2.0 compatible • USB powered + LED indicator • PC with windows XP or higher (internet needed for software download) • included: USB cable • board dimensions: 75 x 75 mm / 3 x 3”

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