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>> K8035 HHHH MULTIFUNCTIONAL UP/DOWN COUNTER Comes in handy for counting people or parts, for scorekeeping, ... Counts up or down. Count input through on-board push buttons or by external pulses. Display modes: normal or time (hh:mm and mm:ss). An internal oscillator allows time measurement. A memory function constantly compares the current value with a preset value and activates an output for as long as both are equal. Self-diagnostic facility engages at power up. Comes with easy board-to-wire connector (20cm wire). Optional bezel enclosure: B8035. • counter input voltage: 3...12Vdc (normal dry contact also possible) • EQUAL output: 5Vdc / max. 50mA • max. counting speed: 200 / sec. (2 / sec. with long debounce delay) • max. count: 4 digits (9999 / 23h59m / 59m59s) • power supply: 9 - 12Vdc or transformer 2 x 9Vac / 300mA, type : 209005 • power consumption: 150mA max.

>> K8004 HHH DC TO PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR >> K8041 HHH FAN TIMER Allows single-button operation of both fan and lighting. Features automatic fan turn-off with adjustable delay for use in e.g. kitchen or bathroom. • power supply: 110 to 240Vac (50/60Hz) • maximum load: 200W • delay range: from 10s. to 5min.

This control circuit is ideal for the accurate control of DC motors, lighting levels, small heaters as well as other applications. The circuit converts a DC voltage into a series of pulses, such that the pulse duration is directly proportional to the value of the DC voltage. The great advantage of such a circuit is that almost no power is lost in the control circuit. Protected against overload and short circuit. • power supply: 8 to 35VDC • maximum output current: 6.5A • input voltage: between 2.5 and 35VDC

>> K8075 HHH POWER SAVER/TIMER This power saver turns off your equipment after a preset time. It helps you save money and increases safety. • available timers: 1h / 2h / 4h / 8h / 24h • relay output: 10A / 240VAC max • power supply: 100 - 240VAC

>> K8094 EXTENDED RECORD / PLAYBACK MODULE The K8094 allows you to record and play messages of up to 8 minutes long. Recording speed is continuously adjustable so that you can choose a perfect compromise between duration and sound quality. It also allows you to generate funny sound effects. Messages are retained in memory at power loss. The unit comes complete with microphone, line level in- and output and an output for a small speaker. Applications: Play messages in musea, stores, interactive installations, scale models, toys, as doorbell, gadget, etc…


• power supply: 9...12VDC • consumption: - idle: <15mA - playback: 100mA max. • speaker output: 500mW (8 ohm - 10% THD) • adjustable sample speed: 4...12KHz • memory write up to: 100.000 recordings • operating temp. range: 0..50°C / 32...122°F

A SERIES OF MECHANICAL MOTORISED KITS FOR FUTURE ENGINEERS Familiarise yourself with the operation of transmissions steered through gears or pulleys. Easy to build, no glue or soldering required. Powered by: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

>> KNS7 GEARBOX 2 IN 1 Use this set to change the speed of your existing sets




• Transmission: • dimensions: 410 x 175 x 75mm / 16.14 x 6.9 x 2.9"

• Transmission: • dimensions: 90 x 210 x 80mm

• Transmission: pulley drive operation. • Dimensions: 240 x 85 x 95mm.

• contains: motor, 2 set gears, metal shafts, gearbox and other accessories • powered by: 2 x AA batteries (not included)


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