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>> K8044 HHH 10-CHANNEL 12 VDC LIGHT EFFECT GENERATOR This kit has 10 outputs (12V/400mA) to control cold-cathode fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, LEDs and "solid state" relays, ... For use with neon signs, party lighting, at the disco, ... 10 preprogrammed light patterns can be selected with a push button. Number of used channels is adjustable. Adjustable speed. LED indication per output. In-car use possible (12V). Options: adapter (90...260V AC to 12V DC / 5.8A): PSS1255. "Solid-state" relays for piloting heavy loads (lamps, ...): VR25SS1A (1 x NO, 240V / 25A) or VR3SS1A (1 x NO, 240V / 3A). • power supply: 12V DC • consumption: max. 4A • outputs: 12V DC / 400mA per channel (total : max 4A)

 >> VM120


>> K8017 HHH 3-CHANNEL SOUND LIGHT WITH MICROPHONE Low, mid and high channels. Sensitivity adjustment per channel. LED indication per channel. Attractive translucent enclosure. Microphone included. Noise suppressed according to EN55015. • operating voltages: 110-125 or 220-240Vac (50/60Hz) • max. load: 200W per channel (100W @ 110125Vac) • only suited for incandescent light bulbs • dimensions: 155 x 45 x 160mm / 6.1 x 1.8 x 6.3"

NEW >> K8018 HHHHH 3D LED CUBE 5 x 5 x 5 Programmable via USB. Create your own animations, scenes and 3D effects. Includes basic geometrical functions, move, rotate… The frames are can be dimmed separately. The K8018 has 4 transition speeds. • regulated power supply: 9VDC • power consumption: 300mA max. • dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150 mm / 4.33 x 4.33 x 5.9"



K8018W white

>> K8072 HHH DMX-CONTROLLED RELAY Use a DMX signal to turn a relay output on/off. 512 addresses. • switching capacity: 8A • supply voltage: 12VDC non-regulated • power consumption: max. 100mA • dimensions: 105 x 60 x 30mm / 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.2"

>> K8062 HHHH USB-CONTROLLED DMX INTERFACE Control your DMX fixtures using a PC and USB interface. Test software and DMX Light Player software is included. A DLL is also provided to write your own software. Stand-alone test function included (9V battery support inside). • connected and powered through USB • 512 DMX channels with 256 levels each • 3 pin XLR-DMX output connector • Windows 98SE or higher compatible • DLL included to write your own software • optional 9V battery needed for stand alone test mode • solid state - fuse protection on DMX output

 >> VM116


>> VM138

PREASSEMBLED >> K8088 HHHHH RGB CONTROLLER Small in size but big in performance. Can drive up to 3 times 3A / 12V dedicated LED strips, creating great color effects. Create you own mood or select a pre-programmed effect. • 256 intensity levels/ch. • voltage output: same as input voltage • current limit possible (on-board resistor needed) • LED PWM freq: 82Hz • power supply: 10-15VDC/9A max. OR 24VDC regulated /3A max.


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