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HHHH >> K5600R ADVERTISEMENT LED DISPLAY WITH RED LEDs Create your own message for personal advertisements. Can be used for home, shop, car or truck... 12 self definable characters, which are made by de customer. 150 bright LEDs supplied with the kit. Many spectacular light effects on the message, (scrolling, blinking, rolling, panning...). Adjustable effect speed. Vertical or horizontal position possible. Fixed displaying is possible (no effects). Different displays can be synchronised, to create longer messages, or to create giant advertisements. Special housing available : B5600. Extra LEDs available : K/LEDHR (red) and K/LEDHG (green). • 12 character positions • 5 x 7 LED matrix for each character • bright LEDs: 60 to 80mcd (max.) • microprocessor technology

• oscillator output for synchronisation with other display(s) (master / slave configuration) • voltage supply: 12 to 28VDC • reverse polarity protected • consumption: 760mA • dimensions: 80 x 473mm / 3.2 x 18.6"

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HHHHH >> K8089 7-SEGMENT CLOCK Large (57mm) 7-segment digital clock, complete with enclosure. Displays time (12h/24h) and/or temperature (°C/°F) (with optional K8067/VM132 sensor). Auto-toggle between different readouts. Possibility to display 'OPEN' or 'CLOSED' for use in e.g. stores, offices etc... With battery backup. Easy wall mounting. • power supply: 12VAC - 500mA • power consumption: 250mA max. (incl. temp. sensor*) • backup battery: 3V (CR2032) • power consumption on backup battery: +/-1mA • dimensions: 230x74x32mm / 9 x 2.9 x 1.26"



The K8091 is an attractive LED clock with connection possibility for a nightlight. From 15 minutes before the set time, the light intensity of the connected light will increase up to full power at set time and beeps will be heard. The beep length is gradually built up so you will not be startled by a sudden alarm signal. • power supply: 220- 240V AC / 50Hz. • lamp power: 40 ~ 100W max. • power consumption: < 1W (without lamp) • dimension: 92 x 45 x 101mm / 3.6 x1.8 x 3.9"

 HHHH >> K8063 2 MODULAR DIGITS WITH SERIAL INTERFACE Modular display system to create custom 7-segment read-outs. Create larger readouts for e.g. score-keeping, timing, counting... Easy platform-independent control via three-wire RS232 interface. 2 digits per kit supplied. • power supply: 9 to 12Vdc / 120mA per display • RS232 interface: 2400baud / 8 data bits / no parity / 1 stop bit • dimensions: 74 x 58.5 x 32mm / 2.9 x 2.3 x 1.3"

HHH >> K8067 UNIVERSAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR Measure indoor and outdoor temperatures, control heating and/or cooling of rooms, equipment... Monitor temperatures in processes, put a temperature readout on your website, check your pool temperature... • range: -20° ~ +70°C • output: 0 ~ 20mA current loop • output voltage compliance: 10V • accuracy: 2° full range • one single adjustment • 3-wire system: GND, +V and OUT • power supply: 12VDC for 0 ~ 5V OUT / 15VDC for 0 ~ 10V OUT • current consumption: 30mA max.

 VM132 >>




Simply connect in parallel with you phone line. A powerful LED flashes when the phone rings. Connect 12VDC to enable the relay output. • 10.000 mcd led ! • connects to PSTN line • RJ11 connector • supply: 12VDC/100mA adapter (Ex. PSSE1205) • output Contact (NO): 1A max.

Connect anywhere on your telephone line for an extra audible and visual indication when the phone rings. No power supply needed. • 10.000 mcd led ! • connects to PSTN line • RJ11 connector • consumption: 10mA max. • dimensions: 80x55x35mm / 3.15 x 2.16 x 1.37"

>> VM144



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