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>> MK193 HH 3D LED CUBE 3 x 3 x 3

Is the built-in alarm clock in the oven of any use if you're not in the kitchen? Not really, and your cookies will be burned anyway. This timer does not only just save your cookies, but is also a fun project to build. And you can take it anywhere thanks to its compact design.

Programmable via USB. Create your own animations, scenes, and 3D effects. Includes basic geometric functions such as shift, rotate… The standard cube contains a pre-programmed animation with 102 frames divided in several scenes (rain, snake…).

Counting down from 1 minute to 1 hour. Easy operation with one button. Visual and audible alarms, and discrete pre-alarm. Operates on three standard AAA batteries (not included). Attractive housing is included. • 1 minute to 1 hour timer • single button setting: - 1 to 10 minute: per minute - from 10 to 30 minute: per 5 minutes - 30 to 60 per minute: per 15 minutes • accuracy better than ± 5% • dimensions: 77 x 76 x 32 mm


>> MK195 HH VOICE RECORDING-PLAYBACK MODULE • recording time between 30 and 90 s (adjust the sample rate) • on-board microphone • speaker Ø 57 mm included • external open-collector trigger inputs for recording, playback, delete, next, and volume • power supply : 9 ... 12 VDC or with a 9 V battery (ex. 6LI61)



Mini message board with one line for maximum 16 characters. The message goes from left to right with adjustable speed. Applications: exhibitions, advertising, welcoming visitors, nameplate... • Memory for message of up to 46 characters. • With pause function. • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (not incl.). • Dimensions: 100 x 38 x 32 mm.

Create your own message and show it on the news ticker. The 35 bright red LEDs ensure a perfect display of your message, even under difficult lighting conditions.

Messages can be up to 16 characters long and can be easily programmed using the buttons on the kit. It contains a start-stop function to pause or play the message. Works on a 9-12 VDC power adapter (not included) and an optional standard 9 V battery (not included) for backup. • display with 35 bright red LEDs • message up to 16 characters long • adjustable display speed

 >> MMK124W




Ideal if you long for the classic sound of a mechanical doorbell. This kit electronically reproduces the classical ding dong sound. Use the provided button or use the input with an external push button.

The immersion pump in your basement no longer works, but as you do not live in the basement, you never knew it. Result? A flooded basement! Let this never happen with this convenient kit. Place it where you want to check and when the water hits the contacts, an alarm will sound. The sensor can be mounted remotely by cutting the PCB. Operates on a standard 9V battery (not included). • alarm sounds when water is detected • sensor can be placed at a distance • including alarm buzzer

Operates on a standard 9 V battery (not included). • plays the classical ding dong twice • protected against early reactivation • with input for an external button


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