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Are you looking for something different to replace your normal LED candles? Or maybe it would be nice to illuminate the dinner table in the same colour as the table cloth? This is all possible with the RGB led candle. Gives a realistic flickering effect. Because of the unique round design of the circuit board this candle can be placed in a sand-blasted glass of at least 38 mm diameter for a super realistic effect.

>> MK167 HH ELECTRONIC CANDLE What an original and safe way to decorate your table or create atmosphere in the residence without danger of fire. This electronic tea light consists of a yellow LED and is safe for children, pets and your fingers.

You can choose between fixed colours or automatic colour change. Operates on a 6 V battery (not included). • colours: yellow, red, blue, green, cyan, and magenta • Fixed colour or automatic colour change • bright RGB LEDs

Three flicker types can be selected: realistic flicker, stable flame and slow on / slow off. Because of the unique round design of the circuit board this candle can be placed in a sand-blasted glass of at least 38 mm diameter for a really realistic effect. • Operates with a lithium button battery (not included). • with yellow LED • turns off automatically after five hours to save battery • Autonomy: ± 75 hours

>> MK188 HH 1S - 60H PULSE-PAUSE TIMER Wide timing range, easy to set. Applications: blinking lights, pulsed operation of buzzers, automated irrigation and lawn sprinklers, automated toilet flushing and ventilation, cyclic operation of equipment, etc.




This animated clock display with 35 LEDs has a very special way to display date and time: every character is shown separately.

This is the ultimate gadget and design clock for the electronics enthusiast. It displays the time with only one but very big digit: no less than 57 mm!

Works on a 9-12 VDC adapter or car battery. You can use a standard 9 V battery (not included) as a back-up battery. • display with 35 bright red LEDs • clock can be adjusted manually • dimensions: 46/89 x 67 mm

This can be built into the included special housing with smoked glass. You can control all functions with a single button. Works on an optional external power adapter.

This is all but an everyday clock. It features a red 7-segment display in an attractive anthracite housing. The time base is selected automatically (internal or through mains synchronization 50 / 60 Hz). Choice between 12 or 24 hour modes. Works on an optional external power adapter (not included). The clock has a backup feature that works on three standard AA batteries (not included).

• one big led segment of 57 mm • time is displayed digit by digit • 30 ppm accuracy • design housing supplied • dimensions: 74 x 59 x 32 mm

>> MK143 HH WHITE LED FLASHLIGHT 2 high-power LEDs (4500mcd). Low power consumption : max. autonomy of 10hrs on a single battery. Built-in strobe effect for emergencies. Can also be used as an eye-catcher, ... Power supply: 12V battery (not incl.).

• automatic selection of time base • 12 / 24 h mode • with backup feature • complete with nice housing

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Velleman Projects Catalogue - EN