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HH >> MK179 PROXIMITY CARD READER Do your often open or close the garage door, front door or gate? And you're messing with it all these different keys? Would you like to control a security system at home or in the office? Or perhaps you want to make sure that your PC can not be started by unauthorized persons? Use the MK179. These are the advantages: hard to crack 64-bit encryption, up to 25 badges (or an infinite number in low-security mode), output control on / off or time-controlled. The coil may also be placed up to a distance of 5 m for increased safety. Additional badges (HAA86C / TAG and HAA86C / TAG2) are sold separately. Comes with two badges. Works on an optional external power supply 12VDC / 100mA.

>> VM179




Use the beautifully designed K8049 remote control for this IR receiver. This kit has two channels, each with its own relay output. Each channel can be set as the toggle or pulse signal and each channel has a learning mode. The settings are stored in the EEPROM. This might sound not as spectacular as some other kits but it's a fantastic, versatile and super useful kit. Works on an optional external power supply of 12 VDC. • 2 channels with relay output 24 VAC / DC, 1 A max. • selected channel and confirmation receipt via LEDs • compatible with Velleman remote controls : MK162, K8049

You are leaving on vacation or you need to leave the house unexpectedly. But you would like a warm house when you come back. Unfortunately, the thermostat does not work for unexpected returns. Or you forgot to close the blinds on a hot summer day. This smart kit might be the solution. It allows you to activate anything remotely via your mobile phone. A light sensor on the screen of the mobile phone serves as a switch. It suffices to call the mobile phone, the screen backlight turns on and controls what you want. Simple but ingenious! Works on an optional external power supply 12 VDC / 100 mA. • remote switching devices on and off via mobile phone • call detection circuit, avoids phone charges • you do not need to open or modify the phone • 2 operation modes: on-off function or with automatic switch (0.5 sec, 2 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour) • NO / NC relay output 2A



This kit (along with the MK161) allows to turn on just about anything via remote control. A beautiful, stylish housing is included. Can easily be hung on a key ring. Two powerful LEDs cover a range of up to 15 m. The kit can handle 16 channels, so you can easily use multiple transmitters in one room.

Everyone has been there: pressing the remote control of your TV and... nothing happens. First you shake it, then you keep it closer to your TV but nothing helps. Then there are three options: change the channel manually, replace the batteries and hope it helps, or just popping the remote against the wall. Save yourself all those frustrations and make use of this kit. Point your remote at the kit, press a button and check with the four red LEDs whether the remote still works. Operates on a standard 9 V battery (not included). • aim and check • confirms whether an IR signal is present

Operates on a standard 12 V battery (not included). • comes with compact 2-button housing • sending signals and programming indicated by two LEDs • up to 15 m transmission range

>> MK139 HH CLAP ON/OFF SWITCH This may sound familiar: You are in bed, about almost asleep, but the light is still on and the switch is at the far end of the room. Why get up and walk on the cold floor or in the dark wandering in search of that switch if you can do it by simple clapping your hands? This microprocessor-controlled kit is protected against disturbing ambient noise to avoid false contacts. The output relay has both an impulse and a toggle function, so the MK139 is applicable everywhere. Works on 12 VDC 150 mA external power adapter (not included). • clap your hands to control the light • useful for elderly or disabled persons • relay contact: 24 V DC / AC - 3A

>> MK125 HH LIGHT SENSITIVE SWITCH >> MK138 HH THERMOSTAT 5~30°C (41~86°F) This kit gives a cheap and convenient home thermostat, universally applicable. Comes with relay indication LED and NTC temperature sensor. Also available in a pre-assembled and factory-tested version: VM137. • temperature range: 5 to 30° C • switching capacity relay: 24 VDC /AC - 3 A • power supply: 12 VDC - 100 mA

This kit is especially designed to switch a device on at dusk and off at dawn. You want a night light that goes on and off automatically? Your electronic insect killer that starts working at night? These are only a few examples where this kit offers the ideal solution. A built-in delay circuit prevents disruptive on and off. You can also adjust sensitivity to enhance performance. The output relay provides a solid 5 A at 24 V (with NO and NC contacts), ideal for the most demanding applications. Works on a 12 VDC power adapter (not included). • adjustable sensitivity • universally usable relay with 5 A at 24 V • dimensions: 65 x 50 mm


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