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Traditional Welsh Foods Bwyd Cymreig Traddodiadol

Velindre Community School April 2012

Cawl Cawl is a stew made from lamb and vegetables. The vegetables used depend on what is in season but Cawl always includes leek which is the national emblem of Wales. Cawl is usually eaten with chunks of fresh bread.

This is what we made!

Laverbread Laverbread is made from laver, an edible seaweed found along the coast of Wales. It is often eaten with egg and bacon. This is what we made in school

Bara Brith Bara Brith is a cake-like fruited bread. Its name translates to 'speckled bread'. It can be made with or without yeast. The yeastless version uses self-raising flour and is more cake than bread. It can be eaten spread with butter – delicious!!!! Bara is Welsh for bread!

Welsh Cakes – Picau Ar Y Maen Welsh Cakes are cooked on a griddle and are full of currants and sprinkled with sugar. You can eat them warm or cold and they are lovely with jam and butter.

Cheese on Toast – Welsh Rarebit This is a thick slice of toast with cheese sprinkled on it. It is then put under the grill until the cheese melts and bubbles. It is lovely with brown sauce!

Cockles Penclawdd – a seaside village not far from our school is famous for its cockles. Cockles thrive in Penclawdd as there are large areas of mud flats on both sides of the estuary. You can buy cockles at Swansea Market!!!

We also made these recipes with our teacher Miss Evans Cockle Pie

Teisen Lap Leek & Bacon Pie

Traditional Welsh Foods