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letter to my dead lover vel thora

Š vel thora, 2008 Š spheres :: a world behind curtains, 2010

letter to my dead lover

Dear dead lover,

I was never here.

I don’t mind. When night becomes light, you wouldn’t understand and sin for me, today, tomorrow, whenever.

They say it’s over... all I see around are just bitter hellos. As the blind chapters of my life open painfully and close in deaf sounds, I fall to the height of your memory.

The pills shifting through slices of consciousness caress your face again. I’ve been looking through your mirror.

That moment, that turned into a desired forever, hangs high above my head, rope and rust and nails together, as unfocused as you left them.

Blue cigarette smoke entwines the brittle ashes of your photographs burning together with my senses. Cruelly creeping under my skin there’s the sharp edge of paper.

It dissolves into the solid air that remains silent around my hand. There’s even a drop on the floor. It’s not red anymore, it’s black... black and white and white and grey.

What hurts is just the lack of tears.

See you soon, Your dead lover

spheres :: a world behind curtains 2010

letter to my dead lover .vel thora  

letter to my dead lover by vel thora | published by the spheres :: a world behind curtains | all rights reserved (c) 2010

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