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Never use the ‘ballet’ needle on the leg Never use the ‘bristle’ needle on the face (Although future needles are being designed that will be smaller) Legs •

Use only 5% power

Use ice or Painease® before treating

If you have experience & feel comfortable treating larger spider veins, use subdermal tumescent solution

If possible, do a test at consult visit, so patient will know what to expect

Do not expect complete resolution of treated area for 2-3 months and tell your patient this

Show your patients before & after images…you can use images from our site…just reference it

VeinGogh works well, if done properly and the right veins are targeted

Face •

Best all around treatment for red veins on the face and nose

If possible, use a topical anesthetic around the nose, since it is extremely tender

Use the ballet needle using 10-20% as long as the vessel blanches, you have adequate power

Tell your patient to expect redness, small dots, but everything

will revert to normal

VeinGogh 2013  

Information about treating your patients with VeinGogh device.