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Issue #211 May 20

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Welcome Well you know how much I am buzzing when I get to hang out with VegfestUK this is how I am feeling about our exciting new magazine Plant Powered Planet! Strawberry jam packed with the most fantastic vegans on the planet (well aren’t we all my lovelies?)…. We bring you ….. the best independent vegan owned business we must support, expert advice, travel, health and all needless to say with a massive positive vegan angle. Super Toni Vernelli gives us the lowdown and updates on Veganuary - and we catch up with the most fabulous new vegan clothing range on the block with an interview with the inspirational Lorri Delahunty from VEGAN Happy Clothing. We find out more about what TV and radio presenter Kirly-Sue has been getting up to – especially with her vegan TV show filmed in the UK and Jamaica now on Amazon Prime. And my wonderful friend plant based chef Keith Squires tells us about the health benefits from working from home. CEO and founder of Planet Arborist gives us fantastic advice for what to look out for Greenwashing wise… And where else do you get to hear from the vegan doctors at Plant Based Health Professionals UK? There’s so much to pack in and tell you about... Read more about Vegan Compassion Group, Vegan Travel with Emma Fry, an interview with Ashyra Bristol and her Tropical Duchess Skincare range, tips from leading vegan pastry chef and author Danielle Maupertuis our inspirational friends at Vegan Organic Network and the first instalment from author Tony Bishop–Weston, not to mention a Vegan Traders Union Roundup and the best vegan offerings for our Food and Lifestyle roundup…. Phew! Oh – and a little interview with none other than Rock Star Bryan Adams, courtesy of our wonderful friend Victoria Featherstone Pearce, a regular columnist with Plant Powered Planet – and you can read all about a Day in the Life with Victoria in this issue too! And finally a bit about my love – my website VeggieVision TV and how it all began. I do hope you love Plant Powered Planet – and if so do help us spread the word! Love and vegan wishes, Karin xx

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Futurenormal Lands in London The Vegan Society recently took over an entire 47 by 23 foot (14.45m x 6.9m) wall in a popular street in East London, unveiling a huge one-of-a-kind mosaic. In an attempt to get people to reflect on their attitudes to non-human animals and consider going vegan, the gigantic billboard, installed on Holywell Lane in Shoreditch, is part of the society’s Future Normal campaign, the charity’s biggest campaign to date. Seeking to create a much kinder future for all animals, the overall image on the billboard is of a dog and their carer, a young girl, but on closer inspection the mosaic is made up of thousands of small images of rehomed, rescued farmed and sanctuary animals. 6 I Plant Powered Planet

6 I Plant Powered Planet

After the unveiling, Mark Banahan, Campaigns Manager for The Vegan Society said: “This is an incredibly powerful image that you just can’t miss, and that’s exactly what we wanted. We know the world is getting ready to go back to normal but we want people to reconsider what that ‘future normal’ in a post-pandemic world looks like, particularly in relation to the way we view and treat animals.” “If we’re open to making changes in our lives, the Future Normal is a place we can create. Being vegan simply means living in line with the ethics that so many of us already hold in our hearts.” The billboard, created and installed by Horizon Outdoor, is the first commercial display in the UK to use Kavalan PVC-free vinyl – a sustainable and environmentally-friendly material – which was sourced specifically for this campaign. Plant Powered Planet I 7

Summer of ‘21: Bryan Adams on tour Vegan writer, animal rights advocate and animal charity founder Victoria Featherstone Pearce chats to world renowned Canadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer, photographer, and philanthropist, Bryan Adams. With several number 1 singles and albums in various countries, Adams has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and will be on a UK tour this summer!

8 I Plant Powered Planet

By Victoria Featherstone Pearce “Hi – I’m Victoria, and I love getting to meet famous vegans! This issue I get to hang out with the most awesome Bryan Adams, and ask him a few quick questions – plus news of his upcoming tour dates!’’

Bryan Adams is touring the UK this summer with a spectacular open-air tour set in the grounds of some of the UK’s most beautiful venues. Enjoy a live performance from one of the world’s best-selling artists this summer 2021, taking in an open-air show set against stunning, picturesque backdrops. Kicking off in Bristol on Sat 26 June, Bryan Adams’ 2021 outdoor tour will visit Cardiff, Scarborough, Widnes, Telford, Exeter, Canterbury and Leeds, plus The Eden Project in Cornwall and the Cornbury Music Festival in Oxfordshire. For all things Bryan Adam’s visit his official website:

Photo credit: Adams / CameraPress

Plant Powered Planet I 9

Veganuary 2021: Powering the Planet with Plant Based Converts The success of Veganuary since its inception in 2014 is astounding – absolutely massive shifts in eating habits especially the world over have been inspired by this small team working throughout the year to bring us a huge celebration of all things vegan during the month of January, encouraging millions of people to try a plant based diet. Offering support and guidance along with an enormous fistful of vital information for people new to plant based living, Veganuary is set to grow and grow, with nearly 600,000 people signing up in 2021, and many many more participating. Veganuary is not without its critics – but there is no taking away from them the consistently impactful outreach Veganuary provides to a rapidly growing audience across the globe hungry for a plant based revolution in their lives.

10 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet were thrilled to chat with Toni Vernelli from Veganuary recently about the success of this year’s campaign, and where the future lies.

Plant Powered Planet I 11

2021 was a huge success in numbers – close on 600,000. What’s the driving force behind this? It’s a combination of factors. There is growing global awareness of the devastating environmental impacts of animal agriculture alongside a new appreciation for the pandemic risk that eating animals brings. Vegan food has also become much more available and visible which increases people’s curiosity about trying it but also makes it easier for those who have been contemplating trying vegan to finally bite the bullet and do it.

What countries have you seen the biggest growth in for 2021? In the Latin American countries where we have offices – Chile, Argentina and Brazil – and also in India where we partnered with a local group to run a campaign there for the first time

12 I Plant Powered Planet

How do you see Veganuary expanding in 2022? We plan to put more resources into our offices in Latin America and the US so that we can expand our presence there and increase signup numbers as well as the availability of vegan options. We’re also keen to expand our work in Asia either by partnering with local groups or running a small-scale pilot project.

What about 2023 – do you discuss targets? No, we haven’t set any concrete targets for 2023 but our overall plan is to keep replicating the UK success of Veganuary in other countries – and there are a lot of countries to tackle so that will keep us busy for the foreseeable future!

How has Lockdown affected the team? We’re really lucky because we have always

been home-based so we didn’t have to adjust to online meetings and working on our own. We also stayed very busy throughout all of the lockdowns because interest in veganism continued to grow and our funding was largely unaffected meaning we could meet the increased

demand for information, collaboration etc.

Can you see any positives for Veganuary overall from Lockdown? Yes definitely. We saw an increase in pledge sign-ups shortly after lockdown happened

in 2020 and when we surveyed these participants, we found that many signed-up to try and be healthier but also because they had more time to cook. As lockdown went on, people were signing-up to try new recipes and ingredients – and to find ways to use up all

Plant Powered Planet I 13

the tins of beans and pulses they’d stockpiled! This renewed interest in cooking- thanks to lockdown - also helped drive some of the amazing vegan product launches in the supermarkets last January.

events were still fresh in our mind. February and March were spent producing reports on the impact of our 2021 campaign, but since the beginning of April it has been full steam ahead on projects for the 2022 campaign.

When does planning and work start in earnest for 2022?

How important do you feel films like Seaspiracy are in helping people make a shift?

It’s already well under way! We had our 2021 campaign evaluation meeting just a week after January ended and

14 I Plant Powered Planet

They play a huge role. People seem to be more willing to believe the

facts and information when presented in a documentary format on a trusted platform like Netflix than if they see the same arguments on a campaigning organisation’s website. They also have the potential to reach a much bigger and more diverse audience because people are much more likely to come across these films when browsing for something to watch on a popular streaming site than if they only existed on campaign websites. If I had a penny for every person who has told me they went vegan after watching Cowspiracy I could buy a freezer-full of vegan ice cream!

We are seeing ‘big business’ and major brands buy into veganism and provide for plant based diets mainstream – will this continue? Undoubtedly. The planet simply cannot support a continuation of current meat and dairy consumption and food manufacturers and retailers know this. They are well-versed in reading future trends and adapting and that is why we’ve seen such a growth

in mainstream vegan products and this will only continue to grow.

Do you remain positive that we can initiate change in time to avert major climate catastrophe? Hmm, I’m not sure about that to be honest. While we are seeing a huge shift in public attitudes to vegan food and a large increase in the number of people reducing their meat consumption, we are seeing almost no

government action on this issue – not even messaging about meatreduction being an essential part of tackling climate change. We only have ten years to avert climate catastrophe so we need to see radical government action to make that happen. Each of us can do our bit and that makes a difference, but government has the power to move the masses and make largescale change.

Who would make the best new vegan ambassador and why? Right now, I think it would be Lewis Hamilton because he is a recordbreaking athlete at the top of his game doing it on a vegan diet – and he’s vegan because he cares about animals. This shatters all the myths about vegans being weak and compassion being unmanly. He’s also active on other social justice causes such as Black Lives Matters which helps highlight the intersectionality of rightsbased movements.

Plant Powered Planet I 15

Toni Vernelli Toni is the International Head of Communications and Marketing at Veganuary. The daughter of a butcher from a small town in Northern Canada, Toni gave up meat in her teens when she learned that we can live and be healthy without it. Now vegan for more than 30 years, she believes passionately that we need a mass shift towards plant-based eating and is proud to be part of organisation fuelling this change. She also holds a PhD in Animal Behaviour.

Quick Quiz! Favourite Food? Ready salted crisps Favourite Drink? Strong black coffee Musical preference: Punk Favourite past-time/hobbie: Dancing (clubs/bars/gigs/my kitchen, not formal dancing) Exercise? Yes! I run and go to the gym regularly Dream dinner guest: Anyone who is happy to all of the cooking because I hate cooking! Most inspirational person? It’s impossible to name just one person! There are so many incredible people fighting injustice in all its forms all over the world – my answer would probably change every day depending on what I have recently seen or read. But it will always be the unseen and unsung heroes that inspire me most - rather than the so-called leaders that make all the headlines and get all the credit. The people happily doing the unglamorous, dangerous or unpopular work necessary to make a movement successful without needing recognition or praise for efforts – they are truly inspiring. Favourite Movie? Pride Holiday destination: Costa Rica, but I’ll settle for anywhere warm with exciting wildlife Vegan for...? Animal Liberation

For more information, check out: 16 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet I 17

Vegan Food These days it’s difficult to find vegan food that ISN’T exciting and packed full of flavour. The question is, where do you begin? Well, we’ve got your back. Here are some of our absolute favourite vegan brands that you just have to check out.

Mummy Meagz Mummy Meagz journey began in 2003 when, along with her daughter, she opened Blondes Coffee Shop in the village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Her recipes were breaking all the stigmas attached to vegan food, especially her Rocky Road. No nuts, no fruit. Just all the good stuff.

Perkier We started making Perkier bars in our kitchen after Ann needed to eat gluten and dairy free and was frustrated by the choices. All our snacks are high in fibre, packed with protein and lower in sugar. Many have added vitamins and even probiotics for gut health. Everything we do is gluten free, vegan and palm oil free.

Company name I 18

18 I Plant Powered Planet

Enchanted-Earth Coconut Merchant Enchanted-Earth is the only “Magical Garden

Centre” the UK! to see all the things this magYou’d beinsurprised ical palm can create! We are proud to have the You will largest find a wide range of unusual items,- availafrom world’s range of coconut products fairy miniature garden accessories to large ble in&retail and bulk sizing! We use our old world garden statues and wind sculptures, UK expertise and networks to source naturalgrown prodplants, magical indoor & garden ornaments, ucts that are bursting with flavour! Vegan treats, Wicca & pagan gifts and beautiful Christmas Decorations and more.

Soulful Food KEEP IT BALANCED... Good food should taste great and be nutritious, but one shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of the other. And likewise, our food is all about nourishing both your body and your mind - they need each other! BE ADVENTUROUS... We combine the best local produce with flavours from all four corners of the globe. This helps us make great culturally diverse food without the air miles.

KEEP IT SIMPLE... We only use whole, natural ingredients and we’re always clear on what goes into our meals. TAKE YOUR TIME… We take time to slow-cook our ingredients to create the tastiest meals for you which means you can take the time to look after yourself.

Plant Powered Planet I 19

Vegan Food: continued Vibrant Vegan LUDICROUSLY TASTY VEGAN MEALS TO YOUR DOOR Mouthwatering plant-based ready-made meals. Oven or microwave cook for a super easy dinner. Free delivery on a day that suits you.

Nature’s Charm The Nature’s Charm Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk is the first commercially introduced condensed milk made from coconuts. We worked very hard to develop this veganized, all-time favourite, condensed milk. It is so delicious and will blow your mind and we really hope everyone will love it as much as we do love making it!

Cofresh Our Cofresh journey began way back in the early 1960’s, when I founded our indian snack business. In 1974, I took the decision to bring my passion & love for making delicious snacks here to the UK. Over the years, we have introduced innovative and exciting snacks, ensuring the highest quality and taste, using only the best ingredients and flavours inspired from India. Company name I 20

20 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet I 21

Vegan Lifestyle Vegan products aren’t just food. These days there’s a seemingly endless supply of vegan products that seek to provide alternatives to a whole load of every-day products that most take for granted, or don’t consider the ethics behind their production and distribution. Take a look at these fabulous brands and their products.

Talou Calm & Balance Candle Relax and unwind with our calming blend of Lavender, Orange & Ylang Ylang. Our calm and balance candle encourages a peaceful atmosphere while soothing the senses. Infused with Amethyst and dried Jasmine, this candle advocates both mental and emotional balance.

My Copper Cup In pursuit of personal health, our journey through Ayruvedic medicine showed us the true connection we have with water. A major part of our body is water and it nourishes us daily. As we have such a close relationship with water it led us to the natural conclusion that we need to treat that water with love and reverence in order to cultivate it into wellbeing. Company name I 22

22 I Plant Powered Planet

NuFlo Why are girls and women still struggling to manage their periods with confidence for them and for the planet, and why is this most natural aspect of a women’s life having such a detrimental impact on the lives of poorer women around the world. This is where the Nuflo story begins. We believe there has to be a better way. We do the research and bring you the best products which meet our values of Confidence, Choice, Ethical & Community.

IzyCare CARING FOR PEOPLE CARING FOR NATURE Products designed to care for you and the environment. Health and hygiene which is affordable and sustainable - these are facts that are at the heart of what we believe as a company. Our family business set out with this vision back in 2007 and we have been working hard with our teams in Korea and China to bring you the best products for your bathroom and home.

Natures Plus NaturesPlus have been making top quality supplements for nearly 50 years. We are immensely proud of our choice of vegan friendly supplements and are confident there is something for everyone in our range, even little ones!

Plant Powered Planet I 23

Vegan Lifestyle: continued Tofuture The days of pressing tofu under a tower of precariously balanced tins and wasting reams of kitchen roll are over. At Tofuture, we have created a unique and stylish Tofu Press that removes the water from tofu simply and effectively. Tofu is one of the most versatile, healthy and delicious foods around, but to get the most out of tofu you need to press it first. The gradual nature of the pressing will give your tofu the perfect texture and consistency for it to absorb gorgeous marinades or the beautiful flavours of the dish you are preparing. The Tofu Press is easy to use, dishwasher safe and fits into your fridge when pressing. It will revolutionise the way you enjoy tofu.

KT London For the modern, health-minded individual, who struggles to incorporate anti-oxidant rich looseleaf tea into their busy schedule, K-T London is a tea retailer that enables tea-lovers everywhere to enjoy the benefits of loose-leaf tea on the go in an elegant and easily transportable tea-infusing bottle, inspired by an age-old tradition in China. Unlike many common brands with a laundry list of dangerous pesticides or the confusing array of online offerings, KT London guarantees highest-quality, sustainably-sourced teas usually only available in high-end retail stores straight to your door for a fraction of the price. Did we mention they’re delicious! We have designed Tea drinking filter bottles for both hot and cold tea You can use the bottles in your home, on the move and at your place of work. Company name I 24

24 I Plant Powered Planet

Isha Foundation Isha Foundation is a non-profit spiritual organization founded & guided by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Together with its active and dedicated volunteer base, Isha Foundation’s activities serve as a thriving model for human empowerment and community revitalization throughout the world.

Vegums Getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals through diet alone can be extremely difficult, especially for a vegan or plant-based diet. This is why our complete range of vitamins is the perfect solution to top you up with essential nutrients while respecting the planet. Discover our yummy and nutritive Multivitamin, Fish-Free Omega-3, Iron, and our special Bundle now. Kids and adults love them! Pictured: Our new vegan-friendly Iron gummies are the perfect accompaniment to our Multivitamin and Omega-3 lines. As always, they’re certified vegan by The Vegan Society and contain no artificial colours or flavourings. Iron is an essential nutrient where getting your daily dose can help to prevent anaemia, which manifests as tiredness and a lack of energy.

Plant Powered Planet I 25

26 I Plant Powered Planet

About Yaoh Yaoh Hemp Products, founded in 2002, supply an award winning range of hemp bodycare products, including the sunblock range, bath products and the most wonderful hemp oil based moisturisers, lip balms and body butters. In addition, Yaoh supplies organic dehulled hemp seed and hemp oil – bringing those essential fatty acids and plenty of protein to the plant based table. See for the full range – and sign up to our monthly ebulletin and our free hemp hamper giveaways + news of regular special offers. Plant Powered Planet I 27

A Day In The Life of Victoria Featherstone Pearce Victoria is a former model, CEO & co-founder of K-9 Angels dog charity, radio presenter, ethical writer, animal rights campaigner and mum to 5 dogs. In this segment Victoria takes us through a typical day in her life.

K-9 Angels has rehomed over 700 dogs, spayed 2,500 dogs and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to build a shelter and provide food and medical aid. The charity provides a much needed network link between dog rescuers in foreign countries and prospective adopters in the UK, as well as funding for spay and neuter programmes, food and material aid, shelters, medical and veterinary aid. 28 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet I 29

9:30am Up around 9.30am and feel like I’ve not slept at all. I was diagnosed with mild/moderate sleep apnea 2 years ago which means my breathing pauses between 15-24 times an hour while I’m sleeping leaving me super tired most days. Coffee and self talk pushes me through. After feeding my 7 rescue dogs and making sure they have lots of cuddles I have a light breakfast of a banana, fruit salad and Alpro Greek style yogurt while answering emails then get myself ready for my CrossFit training.

12:45pm I took up CrossFit training just after the end of the first lockdown so it’s been very stop and start but I can without doubt say it’s been the hardest I’ve ever workout but I’ve seen my fitness level go up and body tone up so quickly and it’s hugely helped with my mental health too. After 45 mins of Burpees, pull ups and sit ups I’m ready for lunch and a lie down.

30 I Plant Powered Planet

1:45pm I love to make healthy but quick meals from scratch. So I rustle up a spinach and avocado salad topped with some quinoa and vegan meat chunks from the vegetarian butcher topped with a little vegan Mayo and chilli oil. Simply delicious.

2:00pm I have a zoom meeting with the trustees for the charity I co-founded with my friend and fellow vegan Pola Pospieszalska. We are all volunteers. We have a lot to talk about and work on plans for the coming year. We rely on donations and every year I fund raise too. The wing walk was great fun however climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (twice!) isn’t something I am going to rush back to do! Cycling also 100’s of miles was exhausting however when I think of the dogs we can spay and neuter it gives me a boost of energy….

3:00pm Walk my rescue dogs on the South Downs which is on our doorstep and rarely see another soul which is just heavenly.

Plant Powered Planet I 31

4:00pm Being a blogger of all things vegan I get sent so many amazing vegan and ethical products to try. Everything from luxury shoes and handbags to jewellery, clothes and the latest cruelty free make up, all ethical and all vegan of course. There has never been such an exciting time as now for all things vegan and I’ve seen such a huge shift over the years going from almost zero to mainstream in terms of ethical and sustainable fashion.

32 I Plant Powered Planet

5:00pm I spend the next 3 hours writing my ethical fashion feature for Vegan life magazine. I usually do my research the day before then the next day write the feature. It’s so exciting finding new incredible ethical brands. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and consumers want change. We want to see circular and slow fashion. Buy less but buy good quality and always recycle ether by selling on or giving to a friend.

8:30pm It’s Netflix and chill time. I absolutely love watching anything non fiction or documentaries. Right now we are watching Narcos for the second time around. I’m a binge watcher so usually watch 2 to 4 episodes at a time. I know it’s late but I can’t resist a package of Kettle Sheese crisps, they taste so good and are so moorish.

11:30pm Lights out and sweet dreams for a better world tomorrow. Plant Powered Planet I 33

For more information follow Victoria and K9 Angels:

The Vegetable Plot Consultant Vegan Chef & Author Tony Bishop-Weston and family plotting for a more vegetable filled world. This month, “Have the restaurant and hospitality sector finally run out of no-vegan excuses?”

38 I Plant Powered Planet

By Tony Bishop-Weston “Hi, I’m Tony Bishop-Weston. I’m a long-time vegan and published vegan cookbook author,, and now a dab hand in the garden as well as the kitchen.”

Plant Powered Planet I 39

40 I Plant Powered Planet

Beans Means Vines Sorry, not a very good start to the veggie garden’s year as we planted the French beans and the frost brutally froze the life out of the poor little things despite some of them having reached nearly 12 inches tall. The vines due to be delivered this month have allegedly been killed off by the frost too. The broad beans have survived so maybe few falafel and hummus recipes later in the year. Meanwhile …

The New Normal Please indulge me as I nudge the narrative away from our garden woes and instead

urge you to venture out to the doorsteps of pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes, garden centres as they step towards getting back to normal after the lockdowns. I’m hoping that like Starbucks, Costa, KFC, Burger King, Greggs, Dominos, Coughlan’s the bakers et al they’ve seen the light and used lockdown get up to speed with the new vegan normal.

Hello? This is what I’d love you to do. Please email/ping/tweet/ write to or call your local and quote Adele “Hello, it’s me - I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to

meet. To go over everything”. I’m sure most of your local eateries have stepped up, but IF their vegan options are still woefully inadequate, not offering equal value for money, quality and choice then I’m happy to step in at this point to help.

Excuse me madam If, incredulously, they say “There’s no demand for vegan here!” point them to the latest survey from Asda. The research revealed 40% of respondents said they had a vegan (8%), vegetarian (14%) or someone actively avoiding meat (18%) in their household. Thus, if a restaurant had room for five families, two families may not come

Plant Powered Planet I 41

if the vegan choices weren’t good value for money, delicious and varied. Ironically sales of all dishes go up with the introduction a good vegan choices.

2 BC If they say they are too busy or short of time to cook extra vegan dishes then just point them in the direction of their wholesale supplier. Bidfood, Brakes, JJ Foodservice all have a myriad of vegan solutions for caterers, in fact Bidfood just won an British Frozen Food Federation award for their vegan chocolate and tangerine tart. Easy Peasy Vegan Cheesy Brakes and JJ foodservice are offering Plantnation shreds and slices, a plant based 42 I Plant Powered Planet

Vegan cheese made for foodservice that tastes and melts just like a mild cheddar and can be used as a straight swap in recipes. The price per kilo is similar too. Plantnation goes really well with the vegan Moving Mountain burger that many pubs seem to be selling, makes superb pizzas and vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and is crying out for someone to make a vegan cheese and onion pie with it.

Game on With ubiquitous vegan cheese options in supermarkets ranging from gooey vegan camembert to fantastic crumbly Greek style vegan feta and vegan Applewood smoked cheese, even haloumi, caterers will have

to seriously up their game. Restaurants are not just competing with the myriad of vegan takeaway options delivered to customers’ homes but also the improved cooking skills of potential customers honed during the long UK lockdowns.

Call of Duty It’s our duty to help these poor beleaguered caterers get the hang of this new fangled vegan thing, barely 77 years out of the packet, we can’t expect them to be perfect overnight. If in our line of duty we no longer have to put up with chips, salad and a bag of peanuts then so be it.

Laters Potaters x

Plant Powered Planet I 43

An Interview with Kirly-Sue I am delighted to chat with my friend TV and radio presenter Susanne Kirlew. We have shared the VegfestUK stage, we have run a film screening together of the super vegan film “Vegucated”, worked together PR-wise and I was even filmed as part of Susanne’s TV pilot. We share a love of Jamaica and here we get to find out all about what Susanne has been working on for the past few years….

Quick Quiz! Favourite Dish? ntain Jamaican Stew Peas and Rice with Pla Music to cook to? Gospel Radio tunes Essential Spice/seasoning (only 2!) Season All, Curry Powder Best vegetable? Plantain and sweet potato Guilty junk food? Vegan Ice Cream Favourite beverage? Sorrell or Sour Sop Juice Holiday destination? Jamaica Relaxation? my Breathing exercises, taking time out of schedule Role model/inspirational person Michelle Obama If you had one wish….? Peace on earth 44 I Plant Powered Planet

By Karin Ridgers

Grab a

copy HERE

Plant Powered Planet I 45

You are on TV! Tell us about that Susanne… It is my absolute dream come true! On Amazon Prime I presented and produced a vegan cooking show entitled Kirly-Sue’s Global Kitchen currently available in the UK & the USA . The show highlights how easy it can be to cook tasty vegan meals using fresh ingredients. My favourite way of cooking! I am delighted that this turning into a 3 part series!! And filmed in the UK as well as on location in the stunning Montego Bay in Jamaica. I aim to bring together vegan cooking, travel and a panel of taste-testers for a show that is I hope informative and entertaining for everyone. 46 I Plant Powered Planet

Sounds fantastic Susanne – and I have seen several of the episodes now too. Wonderful seeing you on TV – especially as I know personally what a huge dream this is for you – and how hard you have worked to make this come true. What about your radio show as well? Yes - I also have a radio show called Kirly-Sue’s Plant-based Kitchen on Adventist Radio London. My show broadcasts every Sunday at 12noon for an hour – here is my write up – I do hope Plant Powered Planet readers will join me! Welcome to Kirly-Sue’s Plantbased Kitchen with me your host Kirly-Sue. Each week I interview a vegan food producer and talk about their

vegan journey I also have recipe of the week where I highlight a tasty vegan recipe for you to try out. In addition I like to make vegan dishes look good so I have my sister Audrey who is a florist and interior designer to tell us how to decorate our table so our dishes look good when served. Ask Kirly Sue, is the segment in the programme where I answer some of your questions and I round up my show by giving you some vegan food or life style tips https://adventistradio. london/podcastfilter/ plant-based-kitchen/

And we are looking forward to hearing Plant Powered Planets Tim Barford on the show soon too.

Tell us about your cookbooks?

How have you managed during Lockdown?

Yes I have an award winning plant based cookbook out entitled “Cooking with Kids”. It has tasty and easy to follow recipes that are all suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and for those meat eaters who would like to try something new.

Like everyone there have been ups and downs. I was scheduled to do a book tour which I was really excited about however the lockdown halted all of the plans for that so I have been focusing a lot more on online cooking demos, for organisations and for various brands as well.

Sounds wonderful, why did you decide to write a cook book for kids in particular? I have not seen many vegan cook books aimed at kids so thought this would be a good idea to meet that need.

Also I was able to get my TV series broadcast on Amazon Prime and received a lot of publicity and media interviews etc as a result of that. So that was really positive, I love sharing a positive vegan message.

So what are your current plans for the rest of 2021? I am currently working on a new TV series for Amazon Prime and recording season 2 of my radio shows. I also have also signed with a new agent so excited to see what opportunities that generates for me. I am also currently completing the Forks over Knives Vegan Cooking Diploma with Rouxbe Cookery School.

Plant Powered Planet I 47

And you have courses as well? Yes I wanted to share my passion and knowledge from over the past 9 years and have created an online course with 11 different categories. We all know now that veganism is on the rise, however some people who are considering veganism can struggle to find help. So, I devised my easy-to-follow and informative course that answers questions like: Do you want to be a vegan but don’t know how? Are you bored of eating the same thing over and over again? Would you like a list of ten things to know before becoming vegan? Do you need a meal planner and some tasty recipes? If this sounds familiar, this course will be of great benefit to you and will help you to make the transition from eating animal products to veganism. You can find out more here:

48 I Plant Powered Planet

All sounding really positive Susanne – an exciting time for you. Lets go back a little bit as well – tell us what is your background careers wise?

Advice to up and coming chefs?

I have a degree in Media and Cultural studies and a Masters in Public Relations. I also have a diploma in vegan cooking and I am also a trained and experienced TV presenter.

Do you see plant based diets exploding or plateauing over the next few years?

I worked in PR & Corporate Communications for many years as well. I enjoyed everything however my calling has always been to share a positive vegan message and especially reaching non vegans through my TV show.


50 I Plant Powered Planet

Learn your craft, enjoy what you do and always put your own spin on your dish.

I think they will become even more popular. Over the past 10 years I have seen veganism constantly grow, more and more people are becoming vegan. And of course so many vegan options are around now as well. Of course I remember fondly my cookery demos at

VegfestUK as well – and when I went on Scottish TV for VegfestUK a few years back too. Wonderful memories and I do hope we can do this all again.

Any long term plans? I am currently in negotiations with a huge media platform to develop a new vegan cookery show.

WOW! That’s wonderful Susanne. We wish you all the best from Plant Powered Planet – thanks for chatting and look forward to hearing how it all goes for you.


Plant Based Health Professionals UK Lockdown has transformed the way healthcare professionals interact with patients, and in June 2020, a group of vegan doctors started to set up a new service for patients – Plant Based Health Online. Born out of the Plant Based Health Professionals UK, PBHO offers lifestyle medicine consultations, including advice on plant-based diets via video consultations. Dr Shireen Kassam, founder of the PBHPUK, details the background and purpose of this ground breaking new initiative.



founded PBHPUK back in 2017 when I realised there wasn’t a health professional organisation providing evidence-based education on whole food plant-based diets. For several years prior I was learning and educating myself on the topic and realised most of this education was coming mainly from the US. I realised there was a gap within the UK and felt compelled to fill this through the work of PBHP UK. We have always modelled ourselves on led by Dr Neal Barnard. He has

52 I Plant Powered Planet

really been a leader in this field and provided the basis for me to start the UK equivalent. I also wanted to provide likeminded health professionals and other individuals a forum and network to belong to so that we could learn and support each other and ultimately have a stronger voice in the area of food and health within the UK.

GROWTH We are a membership organisation, with membership open to all, not just health professionals. This is because we recognise that as

healthcare professionals, we have a lot to learn from ‘ordinary’ people who have used a dietary approach to prevent and management chronic illness. We want our network and education to be relevant to all. We started membership in 2019. Year 1 we gained 200 members, year 2 we totalled 600 members and if we continue at the current pace we will reach over 1000 members by the end of 2021. Approximately two-thirds of members are healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, pharmacists etc and

By Dr. Shireen Kassam “Hi. I’m Dr. Kassam — I’m a Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of lymphoma. I’m also the founder of Plant Based Health Professionals UK.”

Quick Quiz! Fave Food? Banana Favourite form of exercise? Walking with my dog Pansy TV Programme? The Good Wife Inspirational character? Angela Davis Vegan for ...? The animals What tipped you into going vegan? Animal justice flavour will do Any ‘naughty’ / ‘junk’ food? Yes, vegan ‘cheese’ and love crisps – any White Dream destination? Heading back to our holiday home on the Isle of De-stress practice? Playing the piano medicine in Have you achieved your dreams? Of course not. I want to be practicing n. nutritio a healthcare system that acknowledges the power of plant-based

Plant Powered Planet I 53

if we continue at the current pace we will reach over 1000 members by the end of 2021. Approximately two-thirds of members are healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, pharmacists etc and one third general public and students. With this increasing support and funding opportunities we have been able to increase our educational offering through conferences and events and during the pandemic, regular webinars. We produce regular articles on topics of interest, our collection of factsheets continues to grow, we work with groups like Animal Rebellion, VegfestUK, also Proveg and Vegfund, and we also offer a free 21 day plant-based health challenge which is an email based support created by Dr Leila Dehghan where people get daily emails with information, videos and recipes. We are now also connected globally with the plant based health movement. This includes organisation such as PCRM, Plantrician project and Physicians Association for Nutrition, with individuals such as Dr Kim Williams and Brenda Davis RD, so our network and support is immense.

TEAM Our core team is a multi-disciplinary and diverse one so to be inclusive of all the members we represent. The Company name I 54

team involves doctors, a pharmacist, dietitian, nutritionists, a patient advocate, student reps and our very own videographer too. We have two part time funded roles, Dr Leila Dehghan is our education lead and Rohini Bajekal, nutritionist, is our communications lead. We also work closely with Eden Green PR, of course VegFestUK, and our wonderful website designers MadIdeas.

AIMS PBHPUK provides education and advocacy on whole food plant based diets for healthcare professionals and the general public. We do this through all the resources we provide, conferences, events,

webinars, factsheets, articles etc The ultimate goal is of course to also influence UK food policy. That is more of a challenge. We are part of the APPG on food and health where we have the opportunity to represent our members are highlight the role of healthy plant-based diets for promoting optimal health and well-being.

Plant Powered Planet I 55

Plant Based Health Online DEVELOPING PBHO During the first couple of years of PBHP UK some of my most frequent requests and queries were from people and patients wanting to seek an opinion from a plant-based health professional from various different specialities and disciplines. It seemed that those wanting to use a plant-based diet to improve their health were struggling to find the support they needed within the NHS. To help with this issue, I first started an online directory of healthcare professionals who were able to provide people with the relevant appointments and we have a number of specialities and expertise represented in this directory. With the pandemic and the lockdown, we recognised the urgent need to address chronic ill health, which was worsening the impact of COVID-19, and support patients to use diet and lifestyle intervention to improve their health. The lockdown also transformed the way healthcare professionals interact with patients, with many

56 I Plant Powered Planet

consultations being moved to virtual – either via telephone or video consultations - and this has been an effective way of managing chronic illnesses over the last year. We noticed that in the US a new healthcare service called plant-based telehealth had launched. They were offering lifestyle medicine consultations, including advice on plant-based diets via video consultations. We had a chat with them and learnt about what they were doing, and it seemed to be successful and popular with patients. This is how PBHO came about with planning starting in June 2020

PURPOSE PBHO is borne out of the recognition that up to 80% of chronic illness in the UK could be prevented by health diet and lifestyle habits, including a predominantly plant-based diet, regular physical exercise, restorative sleep, healthy social connection, avoiding toxins such as smoking and alcohol and managing stress. These are

Plant Powered Planet I 57

The implementation of lifestyle medicine within the NHS is slowly taking off.

There are teams within primary care networks that have set up similar services but so far only a small number of patients have been able to access these services.

Company name I 58

58 I Plant Powered Planet

the founding principles of the global movement known as Lifestyle Medicine. In 2004 the American College of Lifestyle Medicine was founded and is now a global movement including here in the UK with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine flying the flag. Lifestyle medicine is not embedded within clinical care in the UK yet and we wanted to speed up the implementation of this type of medical practice through the launch of PBHO. We also wanted to have plant-based diet front and centre in our approach to helping patients as this diet pattern is so well researched and backed by a lot of evidence. It is also sustainable for the individual and for wider society and the planet.

TARGETS We have targets that we made upfront to ensure we are financially sustainable and able to put back money into our community interest company to drive down the price of consultations for our patients. At the moment our team altogether provides the equivalent of 2 full time practitioners. We hope to grow and include more practitioners in our team as we better understand what patients are looking for and as we get busier. We have had many inquiries from health care professionals wanting to join the team.

WHO WE CAN HELP We specifically help patients who have or are wanting to

prevent common chronic illnesses. This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre or type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, gut health conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, fertility issues and pregnancy planning, migraines, skin conditions autoimmune conditions and those recovering from cancer. We are also keen to support people to adopt health lifestyle habits before the onset of chronic illness and we also have the expertise to support athletes to achieve their potential through health plant based and other lifestyle approaches. We only see adults aged 18 years and older. The aim is to help people regain health and come off their medications, return to full energy and vitality. lifestyle medicine consultations, including advice on plant-based diets via video consultations. We had a chat with them and learnt about what they were doing, and it seemed to be successful and popular with patients. This is how PBHO came about with planning starting in June 2020

PURPOSE PBHO is borne out of the recognition that up to 80% of chronic illness in the UK could be prevented by health diet and lifestyle habits, including a predominantly plant-based diet, regular physical exercise, restorative sleep, healthy social

connection, avoiding toxins such as smoking and alcohol and managing stress. These are the founding principles of the global movement known as Lifestyle Medicine. In 2004 the American College of Lifestyle Medicine was founded and is now a global movement including here in the UK with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine flying the flag. Lifestyle medicine is not embedded within clinical care in the UK yet and we wanted to speed up the implementation of this type of medical practice through the launch of PBHO. We also wanted to have plant-based diet frontand centre in our approach to helping patients as this diet pattern is so well researched and backed by a lot of evidence. It is also sustainable for the individual and for wider society and the planet.

TARGETS We have targets that we made upfront to ensure we are financially sustainable and able to put back money into our community interest company to drive down the price of consultations for our patients. At the moment our team altogether provides the equivalent of 2 full time practitioners. We hope to grow and include more practitioners in our team as we better understand what patients are looking for and as we get busier. We have had many inquiries from health care professionals wanting to join the team.

Plant Powered Planet I 59

WHO WE CAN HELP We specifically help patients who have or are wanting to prevent common chronic illnesses. This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre or type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, gut health conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, fertility issues and pregnancy planning, migraines, skin conditions autoimmune conditions and those recovering from cancer. We are also keen to support people to adopt health lifestyle habits before the onset of chronic illness and we also have the expertise to support athletes to achieve their potential through health plant based and other lifestyle approaches. We only see adults aged 18 years and older. The aim is to help people regain health and come off their medications, return to full energy and vitality.

OPERATION PBHO is a fully online, video consultation service. Patients book a new patient package with the practitioner of their choice which includes one 45 minute appointment and one 15 minute follow up. Further appointments are then booked as 30 minutes slots. We have a multi-disciplinary team and a patient might see more than one practitioner. We have 3 GPs Dr Laura Freeman, Dr Sue Kenneally, and Dr Sonia Gandhi. Laura will see patients with a range of conditions and has Company name I 60

60 I Plant Powered Planet

particular expertise in autoimmune conditions, thyroid issues and cancer care. Sue specialises in weight management and Sonia in skin conditions. Our dietitian Lisa Simon is happy to support a range of conditions and has a special interest in infertility, pre pregnancy care and gut health problems. Dr Leila Dehghan is a nutritionist with an interest in weight management, chronic fatigue, migraines, nutrition for athletes but will also see a wide range of other conditions and help clients optimise their diet. Our health coach Jenny Fernandez is on the team to help our patients adopt and sustain healthy habits and support them to make changes that are right for them.

NHS The implementation of lifestyle medicine within in the NHS is slowly taking off. There are teams within primary care networks that have set up similar services but so far only a small number of patients have been able to access these services. In addition, other doctors have set up private lifestyle medicine clinics although not all are accepting of the advantages of a plant-based diet. We hope in due course that we will be able to demonstrate the efficacy of our work to improve the health and lives of individuals and their family members. Then perhaps the NHS will also commission our services. That’s our hope anyway.

For more information, visit: Our Services 21 Day Challenge Articles Book Your Free Enquiry Call

Webinars Become a Member Contact Us

We specifically help patients who have or are wanting to prevent common chronic illnesses.

Plant Powered Planet I 61

Dr Laura Freeman Dr Laura Freeman obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2006. She completed her vocational training in General Practice in Manchester in 2011. Between May 2012 and May 2019, after attaining full accreditation from the Medical Council of Canada, Dr Freeman ran her own Family Medicine practice in midtown Toronto, taught medical students at the University of Toronto and worked with the MedicalCouncil of Canada as an examiner for International Medical Graduates.

Quick Quiz! Favourite Food? Baked potato with any vegan filling Favourite form of exercise? Oh I love my exercise and I like to vary it - cycling/spinning is my current favourite but pre pandemic, swimming TV Programme? Anything that is light and easy to watch that I can switch off in front of - really loved Schitt’s Creek Inspirational character? Robin Arzon Vegan for …? My health What tipped you into going vegan? A cancer diagnosis five years ago Any ‘naughty’ or ‘junk’ food? Yes! The vegan twix bar from Soul Food Kitchen in Glasgow - the best thing I have ever tasted Dream destination? Santorini De-stress practice? Hiking Have you achieved your dreams? Yes I like to think many of them - my husband, my kids and now working as a doctor who uses plant based lifestyle medicine with my patients! Now it’s just about building on these dreams, making them bigger and more accessible to as many people as possible…

Company name I 62

62 I Plant Powered Planet

Hi Laura! What’s your take on how Plant Based Health Online began? I won’t forget receiving an early morning text message from Shireen with a picture of Dr Neal Barnard and his announcement of a plant based telehealth service in the US. I think the text read something like ‘could we do this?!”. We were both really driven to provide a similar offering for those in the UK in order to bring a plant based lifestyle medicine approach into mainstream healthcare. We were just a short time into the first lockdown and digital healthcare was really starting to take off - it seemed like an opportune time to get going.

What would you say the motivation is behind PBHO? After my own cancer diagnosis five years ago, I have felt the benefits of a plant based lifestyle in my personal life and I have witnessed much success in the lives of my patients - so the drive for PBHO is strong. We believe that everyone deserves a fresh approach to healthcare where getting to the root cause of disease is the main focus and where optimal health is the outcome.

What ailments can you help people with specifically – and what is out of your sphere? There are lot of conditions that lend itself very well to the evidence based lifestyle

medicine approach. These are the common chronic conditions that as a GP I see day in, day out - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. There are really very few exceptions for where a healthy plant based diet and lifestyle medicine approach can’t help. That being said, PBHO is an online only service so we are not able to see acute medical problems such as bleeding, infection, injuries seizures, new onset of severe headache for example and we are registered to see those over the age of 18.

Do you see this idea spreading – or even being adopted by the NHS? I do see that an increasing number of people are thinking more carefully about their food choices and beginning to make the connection between their diet, their health and the health on the planet. I hope that it won’t take long for the NHS to take notice of what we are doing, the success of our patients, their family members and loved ones.

Have you seen any results so far?

following a whole food plant based diet, they have been very grateful for the reassurance and support in doing so and have been thankful for recommendations to further optimise their diet and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Do you see a plant based future ahead of us? I try to stay as confident about this as possible. Most recently I noticed that Scottish schools were going to be offering plant based milk alternatives in nurseries and schools. Initiatives like this help me to stay positive and hopeful! I do think that the COVID-19 pandemic has made many people more aware of their health - we do not feel so invincible any more! I think that this has encouraged some to think about their health more carefully and to consider healthier choices. Alongside this, campaigns like Veganuary are increasing in popularity and more celebrities/athletes/public figures have been announcing their plant based lifestyles - this seems to have created space for others to start the important conversations around reducing animal products.

Yes! Even in the earliest of stages, we have seen patients transition to healthier diets, achieve healthier body weights, improve their sleep patterns and reduce their blood pressure for example. For those who have contacted us and are already Plant Powered Planet I 63

CLOTHING THE BRAND THEY ALL LOVE VEGAN Happy Clothing is fresh, new and uplifting – not only their spring/summer range, which we detail here, but also their inspirational founder Lorri Delahunty, who tells us all about her new found passion in life – VEGAN Happy Clothing.

64 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet I 65

The brand is very striking – what’s the thinking behind the name – VEGAN Happy? We wanted to create a brand that had subtle vegan logos so you could spark the conversation wherever you went but without the large slogans and graphic images, so we knew the name had to include the word vegan in it somewhere, and happy as when we went vegan that is exactly how we felt. So happy we had made that connection and made the change.

drove home and literally went to take some food out of the freezer for dinner the next day… I picked chicken out of habit and it was like a lightbulb went on and I wondered why I was treating one animal so amazingly well and another with no care at all. The next day, I started messaging some Facebook vegan acquaintances and said “I think I have gone vegan, what do I do, help!” and they gave me lots of great advice including a suggestion to watch ‘What the Health’, so by the time we had watched that for 5 minutes later that evening, my husband was fully vegan too. Less than 24 hours to make a full change to two people who should have made the change 50 years earlier, so I know that you never know where that ‘go vegan seed’ or spark is going to come from, We just need to make sure we keep planting them and helping them grow in others.

How about sourcing vegan Tshirts, inks and processing? Model: Nahlu Blos Instagram @nahlu__

Your own vegan journey had a striking moment – tell us about that, & why and when you went vegan I went vegan when my Beagle Poppy had an accident late at night and I was at the vets at 1am parting with lots of money and profusely thanking the amazing vets for their work, 66 I Plant Powered Planet

We will be manufacturing our own clothes and are already looking in to our first items which is really exciting, but we didn’t have a huge financial backing when we started, we just started on a kitchen table with an idea and £1,000 for stock and to start up, so ethical sourcing was our way forward. We ethically source and particularly look for items that are

PETA Approved, Fair Wear, Fair Trade, or WRAP Certified. And our inks, embroidery and processing is all vegan too. We only use vegan materials in our transfers and our thread for the embroidery (which is most garments) is ethical thread so every aspect is carefully looked at.

The garments all have a personal touch on delivery – how important are your customers? Our customers are EVERYTHING! We used to joke that we did a jig around the office when an order came in but we literally still feel like that. Every time an order pings in (we set up a special sound on our phone so we know) we smile and send them thanks. We often include free gifts and always include Thank You cards too. We know that each customer has a lot of choice so when they choose us, we feel hugely grateful and that spurs us on.

Plant Powered Planet I 67

Why set up a clothing brand? As mentioned, VEGAN Happy was set up around the kitchen table late one night as when I went vegan I wanted to tell the world but I couldn’t find the sort of clothes I wanted to wear. I still needed to go to meetings, work out in the gym, or head out for dinner, and I wanted to look really stylish but still give a nod to veganism but I really couldn’t find any clothes that fitted the bill that were also affordable. So I set about making a range that I would wear and I thought really filled a niche in the market, and of course, we wanted to raise as much money for animal rescue as possible too. We say we donate 10% or more to animal rescue or sanctuaries but in fact it’s a lot more and is largely the reason that we didn’t take a penny out for the first 3 years as all the profit had already been given away! We love to support small sanctuaries and causes and ultimately it’s the goal to have a small sanctuary of our own.

68 I Plant Powered Planet

Do you get people tell you about reactions when wearing your label in public? We get a lot of amazing feedback, and pictures posted, of our clothes out in public and the fact that they do what we set out to do… to spark conversations wherever people might be about the benefits of veganism. We have had feedback from conversations on the top of a mountain down to in a supermarket or in the gym, and everything in-between. For me personally, I get stopped a lot in the supermarket or when walking the dog. I live in the country so I get more questions here

than I ever did in a town about ‘how to go vegan’ or food advice in the supermarket. I love it! I always smile and wait for the question as I know this might be THE turning point for the person asking. Our clothes are designed to be worn anywhere by anyone and recently we had someone message us about moving our logo inside our clothes but that’s missing the point for us really. Of course we are a clothing brand, but for us VEGAN Happy is our form of activism, our own vegan evangelism, designed to spark conversations and if the logo is inside that won’t happen. Plant Powered Planet I 69

Is mainstream ‘veganism’ too focused on diet? I think diet and plant based eating is a great introduction to becoming fully vegan and the animals being the focus rather than the calories we consume. I know quite a few people who have gone plant based for the planet or for their health and that is incredible, but until it becomes about the animals you are not a vegan really. However, I really don’t mind if someone is vegan or plant based, I don’t mind if they have transitioned to plant based for dietary needs, as long as they are not consuming any animal products or causing harm to other living creatures. So perhaps we need to ditch the labels as it’s really not hugely important. We just need to all be more conscious about what we do and how it affects other living creatures, ANY other living creature. And I really do believe that anyone that does go plant based for diet or other reasons, they will become fully vegan as once you open that door it’s impossible not to go fully through and open your eyes to what is going on. Once you start to see the suffering, it’s impossible to turn back and helping animals and advocating for others to embrace veganism is your only focus.

70 I Plant Powered Planet

Do you see an end to the terrible abuse of animals on the planet right now? I think there is a lot of change right now towards that goal, and I do believe that every small change can help make a huge difference. I think the young generations that are coming through are angrier than ever before (thank you!), and more aware thanks to the internet and information sharing, and they will shake the world up before it’s too late and help put an end to animal suffering. I do believe every vegan can help with this, we all need to do our small part to make big change. But we need to make change faster. Even a global pandemic hasn’t made the world wake up to the fact that abuse of animals was the root cause.

How tough has lockdown been? Lockdown has been a real mixed bag for me personally. Whilst business has been good and it’s given me more time to devote to it, personally I haven’t seen my son who lives in the US with his family, so there is a deep seated sadness that I just can’t shift. No matter how much more dog walking I do (my mood lifter) or how amazing my days might be, that sadness is there that I can’t see my son but hopefully this can change soon when international flights start again. But I am very aware that I have been very lucky throughout the crisis, and my heart goes out to everyone who hasn’t fared as well through this horrific time.

Plant Powered Planet’s own Karin Ridgers sporting a VEGAN Happy hat (Twister Pom Pom) & jacket (Urban Snow Bird)

What’s new on the horizon for VEGAN Happy? Amazing news! VEGAN Happy has just launched in the USA! With postage rates going through the roof due to the pandemic, we found it so difficult to get items to the US at a reasonable rate so we set up in America so we could service our clients and grow our sales in that market more. We are still only a small brand and rely on amazing partners over there to help us make this happen, but it’s been a recent addition for us and very exciting! Go to to view the USA site, for UK and Europe. Also, we recently added a new recruit at VEGAN Happy who is looking after our digital marketing so we hope that by adding to the team, we can engage with our customers on social media much better.

Plant Powered Planet I 71

What are you looking forward to most this summer? Going to America! I just can’t wait to get on a plane to see my son and it’s my over-riding thought right now. As the world opens up again for everyone, there is a feeling of a huge sense of relief and joy, I can feel it. Out of the darkness I can feel sunshine. But for VEGAN Happy, it’s more of the same (which we love!), more looking after our amazing customers and trying to add in the sort of clothes they want to wear and will feel and look good in. And to be able to socialise again in the UK will be amazing! I absolutely LOVE the pub despite being teetotal, so I have hugely missed get togethers over a drink and the chance to offload and chat, which is something I think we all need. 72 I Plant Powered Planet

For more information please visit

Plant Powered Planet I 73

Lorri Delahunty Lorri is the founder of VEGAN Happy Clothing and an eternal optimist who completely reinvented her life at 50! (why not?) Lorri is now teetotal (but loves the pub) and vegan, and this week also gave up sugar in all forms (crazy!) - Lorri loves a challenge. Lorri absolutely loves anything animal, anything family, loves smiling lots and generally strives to be happy and to live a calm life amidst the chaos. Lorri is 56 but amazingly feels 26!

74 I Plant Powered Planet

Quick Quiz! Favourite music? Enjoying a bit of an 80’s throwback period right now, but my favourite song at the moment is ‘Sub Focus – Air I Breathe’ which is incredible and should be played very very loud! Favourite film? The original Blade Runner with Rutger Hauer Favourite food? Curry (in any shape or form) Favourite Exercise? Yoga (I love, dog walking, and HIIT sessions with Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’, all great and low cost exercise as I live in the countryside with no gyms close by. Favourite TV Show? Watching ‘Strike’ right now and love binging box sets when I finally close my laptop at the end of the day. Best Colour in your clothing range? I love the new stem green colour in our new mix & match range, which is a gorgeous soft pastel green Favoured form of relaxation? When I get some off time, I love to cook and bake, continuing to discover amazing vegan recipes. Vegan for...? The animals always! Advice for people yet to go vegan? You think it’s a big leap to go vegan, but it’s the simplest step and the only regret you will have is not having done it sooner as it will change your life and nourish your soul in such immeasurable ways. Take the leap! Motto in life? “Why wait?” Don’t put off things, if you have an idea, start about trying to make it happen or your life will be full of regrets or “I wish I had…”, so don’t wait, set about making it happen. Write a list and take small steps.

COMPETITION Win a £30 VEGAN Happy Voucher! 3 x vouchers to be won! SIMPLE TO ENTER... Go to and sign up to receive our NEWS! (enter your details at the pop up) Then follow us on Facebook: VEGAN Happy Clothing and Instagram: @veganhappyclothing The draw will take place 2 weeks after this article has appeared so hurry and enter!


Plant Powered Planet I 75

Top 20 Vegan Friendly Passport Free Things To Do In The UK This Summer With travel abroad still somewhat restricted in 2021, the U.K. has so much to offer from dramatic coastlines, ancient castles and rugged highland to an urban vegan food scene that rivals some of the best vegan friendly spots in the world!

Let’s get planning.

76 I Plant Powered Planet

By Emma Fry “Hi. I’m Emma — a full time adventurer, entrepreneur and qualified Health Coach dedicated to helping you have the best vegan and eco-friendly travel experience possible.”

Plant Powered Planet I 77

Plan a weekend in Brighton but take your hiking boots! From brighton take the train to Seaford and hike the beautiful seven sisters cliffs for epic views all the way to Eastborne. Finish the day off with some delicious and well earned vegan ‘fish ‘n chips’ at Erpingham House.

78 I Plant Powered Planet


Have an adventurous day out in Bath. Spend the morning on a guided cycle tour or stand up paddle board with Darroch from Bath Cycle Tours and then move right on to a vegan food tour in the city centre with The Bath Herbitour - a full day of action!


Plant Powered Planet I 79


80 I Plant Powered Planet

Consider a weekend away focusing on volunteering with a local animal sanctuary, explore new parts of the U.K. and spend time with animals, a win-win weekend.


Learn mountain skills in Snowdonia. Visit some of the best peaks in the U.K. and get skilled up! You’ll find a range of mountain and outdoor skills courses in this part of the country so get your name on the list before everyone else has the same idea this summer!


Join a virtual race, stay close to home whilst still racking up the miles! There’s still time to join the #1000MileVegChallenge 2021!


Climb the highest peak in the U.K. - are you ready to take on Ben Nevis? The highest mountain in mainland Britain stands at 1345m so now is the time to start training!

Plant Powered Planet I 81


8 9

7 8 9

Single traveller or don’t have time to organise a trip? Join a small vegan group tour and spend some time with fun, friendly like minded people. Consider pet sitting, sites such as Trusted Pet Sitters are becoming popular and with lots of people staying in the U.K. this summer, there might just be a lot of pets to sit! Join a vegan meet up or online travel group, make new like minded friends and have some new adventures.

82 I Plant Powered Planet

10 11 12 13





Skill yourself up in the kitchen and book on a vegan cooking course with Demuths who specialise in plant based cooking. Treat yourself and support the vegan travel industry by booking a few nights at a vegan hotel, check out Saorsahotel in Scotland for some vegan travel inspiration! Help support conservation and fun days out around the country with a National Trust membership. Go to the Welsh vegan festival in August and make a weekend of it, festival, hiking and vegan food, the perfect combo! Plant Powered Planet I 83


15 16

14 15 16

Volunteer with The Wildlife Trusts and help look after a nature reserve.

Choose a week long section of the south west coastal path and get hiking! Walk the Wye valley to see some of the best landscapes in Southern Britain, take your vegan pack lunch, flask of tea and get out exploring the beauties of Britain right on your doorstep!

84 I Plant Powered Planet

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Urban adventures in London; pick a section of the river Thames hike and get going! You might also like to get involved with Made In Hackney, a wonderful vegan community cookery school and charity doing great work in east London. Do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge with your vegan besties! The Yorkshire Three Peaks form part of the Pennine range. The challenge is to take on the peaks of Peny-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, all of which has to be done in under 12 hours. Good luck! Plant Powered Planet I 85

Wild swim in Lake Windermere - the U.K’s largest natural lake.

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Round up your vegan besties and do an iconic walk; the coast to coast, the west highland way or Hadrian’s wall are just a few ideas!


Emma is the founder of Vegan Adventure Holidays and runs small group trips in Central America and vegan micro adventures in the United Kingdom, she would love to take you up a volcano in Guatemala soon! Plant Powered Planet I 87

Launching The Tropical Duchess Starting a business during Lockdown in 2020 wasn’t the easiest choice – but that’s the challenge Ashyra Bristol set herself when launching her vegan business start-up The Tropical Duchess. Ashyra sets out her stall for plans in 2021 to take The Tropical Duchess to the next level.

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By Ashyra Bristol “Hi, I’m Ashyra - I run the Tropical Duchess website, with lifestyle blogs covering all aspects of beauty as well as fashion, fitness and travel. Now I’m launching my own brand of Skincare – The Tropical Duchess.”

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Being British with a Caribbean heritage is how the name came about for The Tropical Duchess. 90 I Plant Powered Planet

Setup I have always wanted to set up and write my own blog. I can probably relate to many when setting out to achieve your goals having more time on their hands due to being furloughed during the pandemic. I started writing articles about my hobbies like travelling, fitness, beauty and fashion. I found myself learning and writing even more about beauty, skin, hair and nails and advice from around the world and different myths from various cultures and heritages. Being British with a Caribbean heritage is how the name came about for The Tropical Duchess.

The Next Stage At the moment I’ve designed so many different products for skin care, hair care And nails. It’s all clean and Vegan. I really enjoy my monthly visits to Boots, Body Shop and Lush however there’s a gap in the market for clean and affordable beauty and cosmetics. My brand is more exotic and tropical than products you might find on the high street. My next step is to start

networking on social media and launch my brand later this year. It’s a lot of work but I couldn’t be more excited.

Vegan Business Tribe The Vegan Business Tribe is extremely uplifting and at times when your feeling a bit lost and maybe even slightly defeated, it encourages you to network with other start ups and exchange ideas and support. I’m sure there’s much more available with the VBT membership and I have yet to reap the many more benefits offered. I would recommend speaking to them especially if your in the early stages of setting up your business. It’s a kind and friendly light hearted atmosphere I accidentally stumbled upon the website about a year ago and I’m really glad I joined. I really needed the extra support when I started fundraising for The Tropical Duchess.

Funding Fundraising, especially in the early stages is without a doubt the highest challenge for start up businesses. I’ve had to figure out what I’m

doing, network with other businesses, figure out what’s happening. I would suggest finding a business partner and seeking advice before you get started . The information and guidance is out there and so preserver until you find yourself on the right path.

Success I’m so passionate about my product because I spent a long time researching, designing and figuring out where the market gaps are, what digital beauty consumers look out for, what online o Lu brands will be setting out to achieve over the next few years, where will AI take us. Gather as much information as possible and write a really strong business plan. In order to succeed I’m looking to trial the correct style of marketing and figure out what potential customers will react to.

Barriers At the moment the pandemic has affected all of us. It’s so important to spend that extra time on your self care and wellness. I try not to let it hold me back I still wake up in the

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morning and everyday look to achieve what is within my means and will take me one step closer to success. I have just as many hours in the day as Beyoncé. Recently I’ve been more confident to speak up for myself and challenge anyone that might attempt to tell me no, or question why I’m so passionate about having more money. That’s not why I set out in this business venture. My underlying goal is to step away from the office environment and have financial freedom.

Packaging & Design The packaging and design is was so much fun to put together. I found an Italian design company on Instagram and we’ve meeting having regular meetings and working with a neon colour pallet. I’m so excited to bring this collection to light. I wanted the packaging to breath the brands image by being bold, peacock colours

and refreshing. I could t have found a better design team to create the the theme and appearance of the packaging.

Blog I love to travel and see the beauty in cultures from around the world. The one thing I always notice is how locals self care and what natural ingredients they use. Why in Hawaii is long black silky hair so cherished and why in the Caribbean is glistening skin such a thing? It’s purely because each culture sees beauty differently and various methods of self care is so fascinating to me. I write articles to create awareness and learn from women’s beauty secrets from all over the world.

Drive What drives me at the moment is following my heart and searching for happiness. Developing my brand brings

For more information:

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me happiness and makes me feel like I’m progressing in life, and everyday becoming a better person with all the values that come along with leading a healthy quality life. It’s family, self confidence, wisdom and so much more.

Optimism Yes of course. What amazed me about the pandemic is how fluid the world has become. We are all ten times more aware of what is happening on the other side of the pond and are in a better position to support each other. The U.K. has so many leading values in our culture and society other countries can learn from and vice versa. For example gun violence, capital punishment and police brutality. As long as we are speaking out and creating awareness in a peaceful manor, positive change in the right direction will continue across the globe.

I love to travel and see the beauty in cultures from around the world. The one thing I always notice is how locals self care and what natural ingredients they use.

” Plant Powered Planet I 93

Vegan in the home Ensuring your home is vegan friendly is a very exciting adventure, and here at Plant Powered Planet Magazine we have collated some super vegan owned small businesses that have also been vetted by VegfestUK awardwinning ‘Vegan Traders Union’ for their authenticity.

About The Vegan Traders Union ‘The Vegan Traders Union is the Vegan Community. A place where Vegan run independant businesses, artists, musicians and professionals have come together, to work together, to create a market place for all your Vegan needs. Whatever product or service you are looking for, one of our members will have the very thing to meet your needs.

Company name I 94

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By Karin Ridgers “Hi, I’m Karin, the Plant Powered Planet Magazine editor, and in each issue I’ll be sharing with you just some of the exciting brands that make up the Vegan Traders Union!”

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Pretty Little Stitches Pretty Little Stitches started up when founder Abigail wanted to get a message of veganism and animal activism out there in an arty way that’s different. So she came up with stitching her messages and framing them. She also sells motivational quote stitches, movie quote stitches and some cool gothic stiches too.

The Sentient Tree The majority of their items are in the alternative sector, so if you love all things gothic, mystical, edgy and out of the ’norm’ these are for you! Their gift range varies from home and garden wares, personal accessories and clothing. They also have jewellery, bags, t-shirts, skulls galore, mugs, chopping boards, oil burners, unique shelving to soaps and bath bombs.

Belle Isle Botanicals 100% soy wax is blended with vegan-friendly essential oils and fragrances – all sourced from cruelty-free UK suppliers. Soy wax burns more cleanly and evenly, giving you a natural and long-lasting candle. Each candle is unique and is made to order with great care and attention to detail; individually poured and decorated with our own pressed flowers.

Company name I 96

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Enchanted-Earth Enchanted-Earth is the only “Magical Garden Centre” in the UK! You will find a wide range of unusual items, from fairy & miniature garden accessories to large garden statues and wind sculptures, UK grown plants, magical indoor & garden ornaments, Vegan treats, Wicca & pagan gifts and beautiful Christmas Decorations and more.

Rowen Stillwater Everything Rowen and her team make is vegan, reusable and compostable to help reduce our impact on the planet. They specialise in vegan wax wraps and squeezable reusable sponges and we’re committed to making products that leave no trace when you no longer need them.

The Mushroom Lady Jet aka The Mushroom Lady sells G-I-Y kits and cultures for growing mushrooms, cultivating spirulina algae and brewing kombucha at home. You can watch the mycelium (fungal roots) colonise (spread all over and consume) the substrate (straw). The magical process of mushroom growing is fun to watch AND you can help stop plastic waste.

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Is the plant-based sector immune to greenwashing? How to avoid being led down the (green) garden path So what is greenwashing? It is when brands convey an inaccurate or even a false impression of their true green credentials. The temptation is to come across as super green as a way to engage new consumers who are particularly concerned about the sustainability of the product they buy and use. We are experiencing exponential growth in the availability of plantbased products in response to a shift in consumer demand for more sustainable consumption especially around health, climate change and sentient being welfare. Sustainability conscious consumers are looking for and drawn to products that align with these principles. Many companies have been plant focused for decades and new producers are rising up to meet demand with passion and authenticity. As with any significant shift in consumer behaviour some producers will rush to meet new demand by cutting corners or make compromises to be competitive. Consequently, the plant-based sector is not immune to greenwashing. Making the decision to go plant-based in consumption is a big choice. With many things competing for our attention, it is important to not fall until the greenwashing trap.

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By John Creaton “Hi, I’m John. I’m the CEO and coFounder of Planet Arborist.’’

Planet Arborist rates companies on a climate and social inclusion basis. It also connects those seeking investment capital to a network of impact orientated professional investors.

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1. What is 2. Why do some Greenwashing? companies do Whitewashing is a familiar it?

term to describe how deceptive words or actions can be used to cover up faults or absolve a wrongdoer from blame. Greenwashing is a term used to describe how companies can portray themselves as being more environmentally friendly or sustainable than they actually are in order to appeal to the sustainability conscious consumer. Typically, a claim may me made that is unsubstantiated or there may in fact be a very small change that is over emphasised to deflect attention away from an overall negative sustainability profile.

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Greenwashing is typically used to exaggerate a company’s sustainability credentials in an effort to mislead consumers. This is very different to green marketing which is used to draw attention to companies that have a strong green set of products together with a track record to be transparent and proud of. Many plant-based producers have this as an in-built core value and are creating products to change how and what we consume for the better.

3. How can greenwashing be avoided? The more that can be done to educate on the characteristics of the various plantbased sectors the better. Check the claims of a company for specifics. Do they talk about their supply chain, their manufacturing process, their packaging or their delivery mechanisms? Every company will be different and all are not perfect but it is import to understand those that are making real efforts and striving to get better as against those that focus on relatively trivial efforts when it comes to overall environmental impact of their company. Let’s consider a a few plant-based sectors.

4. Food Buying food is both a physical necessity and an emotional experience. Deciding to go plant-based is one of the biggest single decisions a person can make to positively impact climate change, health and sentient being welfare. However, it is still necessary to be vigilant and not fall for misleading or implied claims. Soothing colours and natural wholesome images on food marketing materials and packaging can seem very green friendly and are used to strengthen the appeal and impulse to buy. Better to be forewarned and bypass this sensory appeal to the senses and move on to read the ingredients, satisfy

yourself that the actual ingredients listed are natural, and are consistent with any sustainability claims. As with all products, it is important to not only understand the ingredients but also how the ingredients are sourced, from where, and what the local impacts are of any such ingredients. If companies are focused on this then the information will be clear, easy to find and verifiable.

5. Apparel With clothes and other apparel plant-based and sustainable don’t necessarily go hand in hand. And it is pretty clear that fast fashion is not sustainable even with touted recycling programmes in

place that only achieve a tiny percentage of re-use. While choosing a product with non animal materials avoids supporting unsustainable sourcing from animals it is important to be conscious of other materials which contribute to green house gases and other practices detrimental to the planet. Environmentally friendlier alternative materials to animal products can be made so check what they are and what they are made from. Pay attention to what companies say and how they substantiate claims with clear policies on sustainability. If a company makes this easy for you to understand that is a positive sign and can be a win win situation as against a potential trade off of one unsustainable for another.

Plant Powered Planet I 101

6. Personal With plant-based personal care products the expectation is that they are cruelty free and that all ingredients are natural. Obviously certifications from recognised bodies such as the Vegan Society, Peta, etc help make this clearer but companies that are more transparent with information on ingredients used and how they are sourced helps evidence that the company has sustainability at its heart. If a producer also informs and educates on why it uses or avoids certain materials then it is also adding educational value for better consumer decisions. Check out the Soil Association and other sustainability bodies for more independent information.

7. Health There are a growing amount of vegan supplements available but that does not explain anything about the sustainable sourcing, extraction, manufacture or delivery credentials of the products. The same general rules apply. Look for proof on website and on the labelling to substantiate claims. Check where companies are going above and beyond any specific regulation. Some companies

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are 100% vegan and others have a separate vegan line of products. While increasing the amount of vegan products available is good, it is important to check out other ranges and be comfortable with the overall sustainability big picture.

8. Packaging Greenwashing can extend to the packaging of products. A plant based ‘eco-friendly’ product may overlook the packaging and with single use plastic accounting for over half of global plastic pollution it deserves due consideration. It is also important to understand that nearly all goods require some kind of packaging and it has an essential function to protect products, increase longevity and ultimately reduce product waste. Optimal performance and sustainability can be achieved when producers and packaging firms work together to design solutions. Check out what the producer says about its packaging e.g. is it toxin free? is it made from responsibly sourced environmentally friendly materials which are easily and efficiently recycled? With hemp and other natural materials becoming available they are significantly better for the environment than bi-products

of the oil industry. Producers may also use or working on compostable packaging solutions made from a plantbased biopolymers. For many products, the choice of a recycled paper cardboard may be the most sustainable recyclable option.

Conclusion It is undeniable that moving to more plant-based consumption is a significant step to more sustainable outcomes. The sustainability market can be quite confusing and it is sometimes difficult to know how to make the best choice as a consumer. It is frustrating as we all can feel like small cogs in a large global problem but conscious consumption sends a message back up the supply chain and it is important that the plant-based companies that are making genuine efforts be recognised and rewarded for it. It is a hugely competitive market out there. Not all companies will have taken the all the steps to make it better. At least not yet. However, transparency is key and showing progress will enhance our customer engagement and loyalty. Plant Powered Planet I 103

The Start of Something Better Most of us are being asked or taking the opportunity to work from home. Or spending more time there by avoiding unnecessary travel. Or your holiday has been cancelled meaning it has turned into a staycation in your own house!

Although these circumstances are not of our choosing. Change is never easy particularly when it is not being led by ourselves. The obvious advantages are that we are saving time travelling and can be more flexible with our day. Possibly be more efficient too and get our allocated work done quicker. In terms of what we eat this is potentially a massive change. I have noticed that most people are rushing to work fuelling up on coffee and sweet snacks. That is no longer the case so it’s a chance to replace that habit. This change is also long enough to create a new habit which takes 3 days to get it started. At last a healthy breakfast is

Company name I 104

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a possibility. This could range from a light option of fresh fruit and seeds, porridge with toppings, soaked muesli or a more exotic ayurvedic kitcheri (cooked lentils with rice). Plus fresh fruit and vegetable juices instead of carton ones. A while back I developed our magic meal plan. This was originally for nurses on shift work. We realised that with 12 hour rotating shifts. It meant that most nurses had no chance to cook properly from scratch. This is when we came up with the idea of using a slow cooker or crock pot. The idea being that you can load it up whenever you get home. Sleep and rest then a wonderful one pot meal is ready when you wake up. Then you can take it to work with you in a thermos

instead of relying on takeaways and sweet snacks. Now we have realised it’s a great plan even if you are at home all day. If you load it up at breakfast you can have a hearty stew that is ready for lunch. It runs off basic ingredients which is great too if you are trying to minimise contact and a chance to use up lots of packets in your cupboards . Healthy things like lentils, rice dried beans which go a long way and bulk up as you cook them. One hundred grams of lentils for instance bulks up to three hundred when cooked. The main other ingredients are basic veg which go a long way too. Also you can be flexible which ones you use. The great thing about this is that as well as having a healthy breakfast your lunch is chugging away happily all morning.

By Keith Squires “Hi. I’m Keith. I have a combined background in nutrition, ayurveda, herbalism and cookery with over 35 years experience as a plant-based chef. I travel widely teaching workshops, retreats and courses around the world.”

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Company name I 106

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Without having your daily commute you could exchange this for 20 minutes in your local nature spot. Instead of rushing now is the time to slow down. Nature has not been affected by our human affairs. She is still opening and blossoming as the earth awakens to spring. Now for once there is a chance to listen to her call.

cars. Even with the huge areas of concrete in our cities. The chemical sprays we use in our fields and gardens. The way that crowded animals are crushed into intensive farms. In any small corners we leave unattended nature springs forth undeterred. It comes from the earth who is like a mother and whose nature is to give freely.

The birds too are unconcerned about our predicament. Even if you can’t get out you can hear their song which is still clear and sweet. Poets recall this even in the worst scenarios of the first world war. As soon as there was a moments quiet birdsong could be heard in this case the beautiful songs of larks.

So just for a moment feel the throb of life under your feet. Get out into the garden and smell the fragrance feel the cool breeze on your face. If you are at home a magical thing starts happening. Towards lunchtime the slow cooker will start communicating with you. Not with electronic buzzes or Bluetooth signals that increase your stress. No alarms but the wafting across of the aroma of a fresh soup or stew. Food

In spite of our insensitivity as we normally rush past in our

gives you a signal when it is ready. Cakes and bread send you a delicious smell just as they are perfectly cooked. But so do soupy stews so let it gently awaken your appetite. This is quite a delicious process an interaction between us and the food. Normally we just grab it and champ it down eagerly. At work we are so used to fuelling up with a quick snack that is eaten in a rush. Now it is personal as you made the food. Normally we just eat using one or two of our senses - sight and taste. But if you engage your other senses it becomes a more complete experience. As you prepare the vegetables be aware of the sense of touch. Then the sense of hearing the chopping of the vegetables, the sound of sizzling in the pan.

Plant Powered Planet I 107

The grinding and sizzling of the spices is another connection. By now you are fully aware that some wonderful food is on its way. Spices stimulate digestion by their heat but also the smell is a signal that we are going to eat. Now you can check the taste of your crock pot stew. It’s surprising how tasty simple food gets when it is slow cooked. The slow cooking makes everything sweeter and wholesome. Now just season with salt and pepper and a few herbs some nice bread and salad and you have a feast. You should have some of the stew left over to spice up for a second evening meal. Mindful eating may seem like a far-off dream but now it’s possible. Remember lunch itself is a therapy. We are so used to eating in a rush during a short break. So take

your time sit down comfortably. Feel grateful for the food a lot of effort has gone into bringing it to you. Close your eyes and just for a moment thank the earth too for nourishing us. For so long we have taken everything for granted. Some of those things have suddenly disappeared but to have food is still a blessing. For a few moments be grateful for your house or room, fresh water and your internet connection. Then really enjoy the delicate flavours and textures take time to taste. Power is a great word and nap is a wonderful one too. Put them together and you have something truly magical a powernap. Its surprising how refreshing they can be. Deep relaxation is more powerful than normal sleep. You may have heard that 1 hour before midnight is worth 2 after. Well multiply that by 4 when it comes to relaxation.

Keith demonstrating

the ‘Sitting Twist’ pos

Keith in India

More from Keith If you would like to keep up with Keith as he shares recipes, motivation, health tips and vegan resources you can visit and follow Keith on social media.

Keith and Levi Roots

Company name I 108

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Plant Powered Planet I 109

Vegans Deserve Better Than a Fruit Salad My name is Danielle Maupertuis. I’m a Belgian Vegan Pastry Chef that has worked for 5 star hotels as an Executive Pastry Chef in the UK (Marriott, Red Carnation Luxury Hotels) and abroad in Greece & Lebanon, including ‘the Beirut Marriott Hotel’, the first international 5 star hotel opened after the Lebanese civil war. Given daily power cuts, we had to prepare our first wedding banqueting by candlelight! I won several gold and silver medals in international competitions (plated desserts, showpieces, buffets, petits fours). Among them the ‘Salon Culinaire de la Gastronomie au Liban’ with an international jury. A few years ago, as a Pastry Chef, I was struggling to offer our vegan guests a decent choice of desserts. When a choice was offered (and it usually consisted of a fruit salad or sorbet!) it still suffered from poor presentation and disappointing taste. This is what enticed me to create my own range of vegan desserts, focusing on taste and presentation. My challenge, as a Pastry Chef, is to convince people that Vegan desserts are easy to make, taste yummy and look fantastic!

110 I Plant Powered Planet

By Danielle Maupertuis “Bonjour. My name is Danielle Maupertuis, and I am a Belgian Vegan Pastry Chef (meaning I was baptised in chocolate!).”

Plant Powered Planet I 111

Dessert: ‘Hommage au liban’

Dessert: ‘Singing in the rain’

“The need for a cookbook became obvious. This, in turn, motivated me to create my first cookbook ‘Vegans deserve better than a fruit salad’, through Olympia Publishers.” Inspired by classical and iconic desserts from the UK and abroad, it covers the main fields of pastry - buffets, plated desserts, petits fours, birthdays… Classical English desserts will have a place of honour. A modern twist will bring them to the front of stage, from an Eton Mess to a sticky toffee pudding. A special attention is brought to the basics of vegan pastry too, often neglected in the existing vegan cooking literature. 112 I Plant Powered Planet

How does the classic pastry world look upon the vegan revolution?

be one of the largest areas of opportunity as creative bakers find new ways to substitute traditional ingredients for plant-based options that appeal to American consumers”, as well as finishing with “As a modern food professional, you’ll want to keep up with new trends that can help you better serve your customers. Many restaurants and dessert chefs expect to embrace vegan desserts to satisfy customer demand. A recent study by Grand View Research shows that vegan foods will grow 10% annually through 2027“.

Chef Crystal Bonnet was quoted as saying “This is a great article and a big step forward for pastry arts to recognize vegan desserts like this. Thank you for sharing!“

Clarisse Flon

Celine Lee

Crystal Bonnet

Founder & Director of The Sunny Spoon

Founder & Director of Cocolico

Owner, Crystal Dawn Culinary

A recent article published in the ‘Pastry Art Magazine’, the renowned classical pastry magazine devoted to fine dining pastry (issue published 6th March 2021) made the case that it’s important that establishments make vegan dessert options available, citing statistics such as GlobalData’s percentage of self-declared vegans in the US rising from 1% to 6% from 2014 to 2017. In the article they are quoted as saying “The cake sector seems to

Great news indeed, yet the Pastry Art Magazine is far behind a wave of a new young Chefs whose imagination, creativity & skills allow them to invent unique and fabulous desserts. I will present you some of these talented Chefs in our next issues – I promise you will be impressed!

Now, enough talking, let’s cook! Plant Powered Planet I 113

LE VACHERIN One impressive-looking cake. Built up with layers of meringue and strawberry mousse, then encased in meringue sticks… A hit for a summer party! Preparation notes: Makes 1 cake for 12 persons, springform tin 23cm diameter Preparation time: 40 minutes + extra time to set Cooking time: 1 ¼ -1 ½ hour 1. MERINGUE 90g reduced aquafaba 170g unrefined golden caster sugar Method 1. Firstly, reduce the aquafaba. Pour the water of a chickpea can in a saucepan, gently simmer on medium heat until it has reduced for about 40%. (If the water of a chickpea can has an average weight of 180g, it should be reduced until +/100g). Reduced aquafaba can be stored in the fridge up to 1 week. 2. Heat the oven to 100C /gas mark ¼ and line 2 baking trays with parchment paper or a silicone mat. 3. Using cardboard, draw and cut out a circle that is 22cm diameter. Then draw and cut out a rectangle with a height of 7cm. These will be the dimensions of our meringue sticks. Place them on the baking trays, under the silicone mat or parchment paper. 4. In a perfectly clean bowl, whisk the reduced aquafaba until it reaches soft peaks. Slowly add the sugar and continue to whisk until stiff peaks. 5. Pour the meringue in a piping bag with a plain nozzle 12mm diameter. Pipe the meringue over the cardboard circle and the sticks over the rectangle cardboard. This way, they will all be the same size. 6. Bake the sticks for about 30-45 minutes and the circles for about 1h15-1h30 at 100C. 7. Let the meringue rest at room temperature for 10 mins before removing from the mats.

114 I Plant Powered Planet


Plant Powered Planet I 115


2. STRAWBERRY PUREE  850g fresh strawberries  150g unrefined caster sugar Method Bring the strawberries and sugar to the boil, let them simmer for a few minutes and purée the fruits in a blender. Keep refrigerated.


2 punnets of assorted red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate…)

1. Place a first meringue circle in the bottom of the springform tin. Cover with half of the strawberry mousse. Let it set at room temperature for 30 minutes.

3. STRAWBERRY MOUSSE  1kg strawberry purée  4 tsp agar agar powder  3-4 Tbsp golden caster sugar (depending on the sweetness of the fruit)  650g silken firm tofu

2. Repeat these steps and transfer the cake to the freezer for 30 minutes at least.


4. Decorate with the fruits.

1. Strain the tofu through a muslin.


2. Dissolve the agar agar in the purée and bring to the boil, whisking continuously. Keep it boiling for another 20 seconds.

I really hope you enjoy this creation. I love it enough to have made it the cover of my first cookbook ‘Vegans Deserve Better Than A Fruit Salad’, so I really hope you love it too.

3. Transfer all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz until smooth and silky consistency.

3. Unmould the cake and place on a plate. Let it defrost for 20 mins at least before you start to fix the meringue sticks all around the cake.

See you next time!

Do you want to learn more about Vegan Pastry? I invite you to follow one of my online courses: A Udemy course for beginners: Through 5 classical desserts, you will learn how to use the main vegan substitutes in pastry and create amazing decorations.

UDEMY COURSE 1-2-1 online courses for those who want to develop their skills and knowledge in Vegan Pastry. This remains the best way to get the maximum out of a course!

ONLINE COURSES Regular ZOOM themed Tutorials – the next ones will celebrate our seasonal fruits - strawberries, apricots & cherries. Through these live sessions, you will exchange comments, questions and - I promise increase your self-confidence: the key to your success in vegan cooking!


Plant Powered Planet I 117

Grow Veganic Save The Planet Sometimes it feels as if we are in a Hollywood disaster movie, where just at the last minute the hero saves the day. For many animals which have already gone extinct, and others whose habitats are being destroyed, it is already too late. This is also the case for many indigenous people, and others being exploited, or who are in war zones. The land has been stolen: we live in a world where many plants, animals and people have been made into refugees. 1% of the world’s farms control 70% of the world’s farm lands. Lands managed by indigenous peoples worldwide, protect and sustain 80% of the world’s biodiversity. We need to liberate the land and stand together as one humanity with one home that is this beautiful earth.

118 I Plant Powered Planet

By Dan Graham “Hi, I’m Dan. I have been involved with Vegan Organic Network (VON) since it’s inception in 1996, and in 2013 I started organising VON events, including Debdale Eco Fest, Snowdon Vegan Cake Party & the first all Veganic Fest in Hulme Veganic Garden Centre to name a few!”

Plant Powered Planet I 119

At the Vegan Organic Network we are doing our part to make positive change. We provide information and resources to farmers and the public, and show that by growing food in harmony with nature, we can create a wildlife friendly environment where nature can thrive. Recently we created a free

online veganic gardening advice resource on how to grow your own, this was put together by Piers Warren, author of The Vegan Cook and Gardener. The advice section introduces the concept of veganic growing with links to practical advice on Soil Fertility and Compost, Mulching, Green Manures,

Crop Rotation, Dealing with Weeds and Dealing with Pests. With sections on Growing Throughout the Year, Salad Leaves and Herbs, this is a valuable resource for anyone growing their own and wanting to learn more about veganic gardening.

In May of last year, we created Veganic Gardeners Question Time (VGQT), an online gardening show with a panel of veganic experts answering gardening questions sent in by the public. We have had a wide variety of inspiring growers join our panel of experts, it’s great

to meet people who can not only talk the talk, but who are out there doing it! Piers has regularly appeared on the show, and other panellists include animal rights activist Peter Albrect from Sweden, and Jamie Jones. Peter runs a veganic farm with his family, and they grow veggies for

veganic seed for a seed firm called Nordfrö. Jamie joined the show back in February, he makes his living as a veganic date farmer in California, and shared an incredible video, in which we see him harvesting dates on his farm, on a ladder tall enough to reach the top of his 80 foot high date palms!

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In November we had our first episode of Farming for a Future with three veganic farmers on the panel: Ian Tolhurst, Jenny Hall and Peter Albrect, who were answering question from farmers. On the show we had a question from a Beef and Dairy farmer! Laurence Candy from Dorset, wanted advice on how to transition his 320-acre beef and dairy farm into a veganic farm. He wants to grow cereals, fruit and nut trees and produce his own veganic products such as veganic oat milk and veganic flour and to be part of an online veganic supermarket. Since Laurence appeared on the show, Rebecca Knowles of Farmers for Stockfree Farming has been advising him, and introduced him to Axel Anders and Dr Johannes Eisenbach, who administer the Biocyclic Vegan Standards (BVS). Plant Powered Planet I 121

Laurence will adopt the Biocyclic Vegan Standard certification which allows him a conversion period with 2 and 5 year benchmarks he will have 2 years to wind down the beef herd, and can sell forage for up to five years (e.g. hay from the regenerative phase or harvested grain which doesn’t meet standards for human consumption). During this process Laurence will produce an environmental assessment

report of the farm and work out a way of implementing a plan for accreditation. He will be talking to some veganic farmers in Holland, Romania, Austria and Switzerland to find out their experience of conversion and is planning to seek advice from Refarm’d who help to transition farmers out of dairy. Part of their service is assessing how they can help him with marketing and logistics. Laurence has ceased the dairy’s operations, and no longer has a

dairy herd. This is a great step, we wish him well and hope his transition will inspire other farmers to follow. When he no longer has a beef herd he can also adopt the VON Veganic Standards. We hope with our events and educational resources we can demonstrate how important it is for the world and its inhabitants to transition to plant based food system with veganic agriculture at its heart.

Help spread the message! For fliers and information packs contact Or visit 122 I Plant Powered Planet

Events Thursday 3rd June @ 7pm GMT Farming for a Future: Tour of Tolhurst Organic Farm Featuring: - Tolly and George Monbiot Streaming live on Facebook & YouTube

August 12th - 16th Vegan Organic Fest 2021 Held at Chyan - the spring fed, veganic farm in Cornwall For more information and tickets please visit:

VON The Road: Summer Tour 2020 In July 2020, the VON crew aka Dan, Cherry and Izaak hit the open road to visit some UK veganic projects. The objective was to get an overview of the different approaches used, and to record some footage, so as soon as lockdown ended we headed out of Manchester to our first stop, Tree of Life Veganics near Canterbury, where we were welcomed by Jo and Terry Kidd, and their daughter Rosa.

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By Cherry Chung “Hello, I’m Cherry. My background is in Environmental Science, and after I graduated, I went on to build experience with full time voluntary work with several environmental charities. It lead into an interest in green woodcrafts and willow weaving, and I became self employed more than 20 years ago.”

Plant Powered Planet I 125

They have established their farm based on agroforestry, they have planted fruit and nut trees, and their aim is to be carbon negative, free of concrete and single-use plastics. Their site is off grid and they combine self sufficiency with community outreach and partnerships, one of example of this is the collaboration with a local bakery, Wild Bread, who make sourdough bread with the heritage wheat variety which they grow. We camped up in their newly planted orchard, which was buzzing with insect life. It’s a great location for the converted truck, beautifully kitted out to provide accommodation for visitors, and which Pavon, a volunteer from Bangladesh, was staying in.

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The next day we headed down the road to Rufford Farm, a 50 acre veganic arable farm near Hastings, which is run by John and Denise Berry. They grow wheat, soya and lentils, which they have sold to Hodmedods, a company who supply pulses, grains and flour from British farmers. Their fields are bordered by deciduous woodland, which is home to plenty of wildlife including tawny owls, which we didn’t see although we did find their feathers. The abundance of birds and insects was something that was markedly common to all of the projects we visited, and none more so than at our next destination.

actively providing habitats for wildlife. These are an important part of the whole system, and we saw how areas of beetle banks - strips of land planted up to provide habitat for beetles – were used amongst the crops. The beetles feed on pest species, so that crop damage is practically non-existent. Above the land, buzzards wheeled about, attracted by the small mammals which are part of the rich ecosystem that the farm provides. George Monbiot was also on the tour researching veganic farming methods, and he did a short

interview for us whilst he was there. This, and a video from the tour with Iain, plus footage from the other places we visited will be on Vegan Organic Network’s YouTube channel later on this year. The film of Tolly’s farm will be streaming live Thursday 3rd June at 7pm – visit for more info. We stayed for the night at Tolly’s and the next day packed the van up once again for the next leg of the trip: a visit to Shumei Natural Agriculture, a 5 acre site near Yatesbury, run by Shinya and his co-workers.

After a night’s camping on Denise and John’s farm, we had lunch with together and bid them goodbye, to head out to Tolhurst Organic Farm, located on the Hardwick Estate in south Oxfordshire, between the Chilterns and the river Thames. The farm is made up of 17 acres over two main fields, and 2 acres within a 500 year old walled garden. Iain Tolhurst has been Stockfree (veganic) since 2004. They supply a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables through a box scheme, their own farm shop, and at local markets. Iain took us on a fascinating tour of the farm, it was impressive and highly inspiring to see how he has developed techniques which enable him to grow commercially: integrating different methods of rotation and using green manures, together with Plant Powered Planet I 127

The Shumei site is uniquely run on principles of natural agriculture – observing which crops suit the land and soil. Seeds are saved and no fertilisers are used. Shinya and his colleagues gave us a tour of the farm, where they have four poly tunnels and beds, all managed on continuous cropping and no dig

methods. Many of the crops we saw were grown from seeds many generations old. The methodology is based on the premise that healthy seed is yielded from plants which are adapted to the soil and conditions in which they have been grown, and that year on year, the crop becomes progressively more vigorous

and sustainable. Another important aspect of Shumei’s Natural Agriculture is to approach the land and the whole growing process with gratitude and care. In the middle of their site, they have planted a beautiful formation of lavender and other ornamental plants, spelling out a message of ‘WORLD PEACE’.

Plant Powered Planet I 129

We stayed for the night with Shinya, and the next day left for Cornwall, with a generous boxful of freshly picked produce, to head to Willow Way near Newquay, where Jon Dale and his partner Jules Horner have recently bought a beautiful 5 acre plot composed of gently sloping field, with a tract of woodland and a stream at the bottom of it. Jon and Jules only began work on the land in 2020. They decided to let the land rest, and wait to see what might come up from the seed bank in the soil. The field was high with grasses and wild flowers, and teeming with insect life. When dusk came we were treated to a sighting of a barn owl skimming low over the land, looking for prey. They plan to grow food for themselves, plant a herbal 130 I Plant Powered Planet

medicine wheel, and to be as self-sufficient as far as possible - if their allotment is anything to go by it’s going to be bountiful indeed! Both Jon and Jules are experienced foragers, Jules is also highly knowledgeable in Ayurvedic practices, and ultimately they plan to run workshops from the land. From Willow Way, we travelled to Chyan Community Farm near Falmouth. Chyan was established more than 25 years ago, and is run by Brett and Stephanie Jackson. They have apple orchards, and produce a variety of juices and cider vinegar. The site is well set up for visitors and has a large camping field and a bunk house, and their own wind turbine provides all the electricity needed to

run the site, its hot showers and indoor spaces. They have a pool for swimming fed by a natural spring, and their barn and 200-seater geodesic dome provides space for workshops and events.

Chyan regularly hold circus and yoga workshops, and are generously hosting Vegan Organic Fest 2021 in mid August – see our website for details! If you are local you may also be interested in the 2-year Veganic Growing Course BTEC Levels 1 and 2, which Chyan are running.

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Our next destination was Plants For a Future, run by Addy and Ken Fern, near Lerryn, where they have a 28 acre site. They acquired the land as bare fields in 1989, and today it is a rich and diverse mixture of woodland, and lush apple orchard, all intermixed with edible tree species and herbaceous perennials. Ken Fern is the author of ‘Plants For a Future – Edible and Useful Plants For a Healthier World’, a uniquely valuable and comprehensive 132 I Plant Powered Planet

collation of his experiments and research into edible and other useful plants, and many of the species listed are growing on the land. Addy took us on several foraging walks around different of areas of the land, the project is run on the principles of forest gardening, and it was eye opening to realise how many of the plants in our gardens which are presumed to be only ornamental, have nutritional, medicinal or other useful properties sometimes in their

leaves and roots, as well as their in their seeds and fruits. We ate rosehips and picked fresh Szechuan peppercorns, tried fresh bamboo shoots, and had sweet cicely in our green salad. We tasted many things we recognised, and many more we didn’t, and our visit left me wanting to return to learn a lot more from Addy and Ken. They have regular work opportunities for volunteers and space for people to stay.

We stayed for a few nights at Plants For a Future, enjoying the quiet, and taking some time out to get to the beach and explore the local area, before packing up the van once again for the next stop on our tour to visit Elaine and Jim at their site, The Naturally Vegan Plot. They have 2 acres in the grounds of the Last Chance Hotel Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue, and it’s packed with a fantastic array of trees and edible annuals and perennials, not to mention flowers – and who’d have thought that you could eat day lily flowers?! We interviewed Jim and Elaine and took footage on an educational tour around their densely rich plot, both of them are incredibly knowledgeable veganic gardeners with some 30 years combined experience, and common to all of the places we visited; integrating food growing with regard for wildlife and nature is at the core of their approach. The Naturally Vegan Plot was to be our last stay in Cornwall, and we now had a long journey ahead of us to visit Tony Martin in

Wales. Tony is the editor of Growing Green and lives near Carmarthen in Wales. He has a tract of woodland which we reached via climbing a small steep brook, above which he manages his land. The plots were lush with salads and greens and he has created ingenious systems for propagating various crops outside and in his greenhouse. We’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful generosity and hospitality; we shared so many meals, heard many stories and stayed in beautiful and energising places. It

is clear that the people in the vegan organic sphere have abiding passion and energy - not only for growing wholesome food for themselves and others, untainted by animal exploitation - but also for the nurturing of the land, the soil, the waterways and the habitats crucial for native wildlife. It was inspiring to see how vision had been put into practice, and to hear the experiences of those we visited, and we came away from our trip with great respect for these people pioneering a new way for truly sustainable future farming.

Vegan Compassion In Action: New projects launched to tackle human hunger Our mission is to fund specific projects that demonstrate vegan compassion in action. These include school feeding programmes in developing countries, support for refugees and homeless people in the UK and, currently under development, an educational project to encourage greater respect and care for wildlife.

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School Feeding Programme in Nepal, 2019

UK humanitarian organisation The Vegan Compassion Group has announced three new projects for 2021 in its campaign to provide vegan food relief guided by an ethic of non-violence to people and other animals. • In Nepal, we will be providing monthly food parcels containing essential supplies – grains, peanuts and (when available) fruits - to ten families at great risk for at least the next six months. It is also hoped to introduce cooking sessions when COVID restrictions allow. • In Ethiopia, we are sponsoring take home rations for more than 100 of the poorest children and their families at a rural school in Juhur for the rest of the school year. Each month, every child receives a 10kg mix of seeds, grains, legumes and nuts, and their families are taught to prepare various plant-based meals that are compatible with the local food culture. • In Uganda, we are setting up vegetable gardens in two schools in one of the poorest regions of the country, where many refugees from Rwanda and South Sudan have also resettled. Teachers and students will learn a variety of skills for sustainable organic growing, such as water and soil conservation, the use of plant materials to create organic fertiliser and pesticides, and how to successfully grow a range of nutritious vegetables and fruit trees in the newly created plot. 136 I Plant Powered Planet

Photo credit: Abhi

The new initiatives follow a busy 2020 in which the charity provided funds for people in desperate need in Nepal, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the UK and to help feed street dogs at risk of starvation in Nepal. Explaining the vegan ethic behind the charity’s work, founder Mark Gold explains: ‘We aim to demonstrate vegan compassion in action, supporting small projects that help those in need and at the same time show how a plantbased diet is the only rational way to feed a growing human population, particularly in an era of climate change. ‘In our very small way we are trying to offer a little practical help to alleviate a tiny fraction of the world’s misery. Every penny we raise beyond bank charges and Internet maintenance goes to our stated causes. Our donations are only made to individual projects where we can provide 100 per cent funding. In some instances this will be a one-off payment; in other cases, we offer guaranteed support for a minimum period.’

Plant Powered Planet I 137

Highlights from 2019 - 2020 Ethiopia School Feeding Programme This time last year, we sent funds to fulfil our biggest commitment, sponsoring vegan school meals throughout the academic year (8 months) for roughly 100 of the poorest children at Hana Primary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This was the fourth year of our partnership with our trusted and much-admired partners on the ground, International Fund for Africa. Rather than providing only lunches, the project has evolved to include breakfast because it was found that children’s learning capacity increases considerably when they are not hungry in the morning.

138 I Plant Powered Planet

The IFA School Feeding programme is a shining example of the sort of project we are anxious to support. Its aims and achievements are numerous, but here are just a few of them. HEALTH • Reduced hunger and nutritional deficiency • Improved energy levels of beneficiaries • Improved hand washing practices • Decreased incidence of parasitic infections LOCAL COMMUNITY • Local families helped with their overall food budget • Food provided by local farmers (emphasis of project is on local produce) • Four local women employed as cooks • Mushroom farm established at school to boost funds and move towards long-term sustainability, free from food aid EDUCATION • Improved learning and attentiveness in class observed by teachers among beneficiaries receiving school meals

Early days of School Feeding Programme in Ethiopia

HELPING IN THE UK WELCOME REFUGEE MEALS In addition to funding efforts to alleviate hunger overseas, this time last year we were also continuing with our (roughly) bimonthly meals for refugees in Exeter. Although it could be argued that our (mostly young) guests were in less urgent need of help than some of their compatriots in their countries of origin, many had endured hazardous journeys and some had been rescued from exploitative trafficking gangs. As well as providing a delicious vegan meal, it gave the refugees an opportunity to mix socially in a safe and friendly environment. And it was rewarding for us to meet young people from different nations and from different religious backgrounds, and to get to know them a little. All our volunteers were struck by their gratitude and good grace.

HOMELESS MEALS In February 2020, we began a similar venture, providing a meal for the homeless, also in Exeter. This was to be a three-month trial, but after our first meal – attended by 35 homeless people at St Petrock’s day centre in Exeter – COVID-19 struck, forcing us to suspend both this project and our Welcome to Refugees evenings. We would like to express our gratitude to vegan caterers Fairfoods of Devon, who provided fantastic vegan food for all our UK events at a remarkably cheap rate. Also to Rolanda and Chris at Rabbit Cafe (sadly now closed down) for allowing us to use its premises.

Plant Powered Planet I 139

PANDEMIC FOOD AID Since COVID-19 restrictions, we have been looking to support some of the courageous emergency food aid schemes that have helped those in desperate need during the lockdown period. While there has been great economic hardship in the UK, losing livelihoods is so much worse in poorer regions of the world where both health and welfare systems are very basic or nonexistent. Our small contribution has helped as follows.

We provided funds to feed 30 Nepali families for a tenday period, supporting our trusted friends, Grassroots Movement in Nepal (see photo below of the food being distributed) with whom we had previously worked to supply school meals for a rural school in 2018-2019. While researching the dire situation in Nepal, we also learnt about the perilous fate of street dogs in Katmundu and other cities. Usually they are fed by restaurants and tourists, but a strict lockdown literally left them starving. A

brave group of local vegans cooked up a daily dish of rice, dal, pumpkin, soy chunks and arrowroot biscuits and took to the deserted streets to save hungry animals. We were able to help by sending funds for at least 500 meals. Nearer home, we donated funds for nearly 1000 meals for vulnerable people in Greater London. These included nutritious lunches for children from struggling families at a school holiday club.

Food for hungry people during COVID lockdown in Nepal

140 I Plant Powered Planet

School Feeding Programme for younger children in Ethiopia,

Worker from Akshaya Patra Foundation UK preparing dal to feed hungry people in London, April 2020

Feeding homeless Exeter, UK Plant people Powered in Planet I 141

UGANDA Our most recent donation has gone to a scheme to provide emergency COVID measures in Uganda. We were attracted to this initiative because it is operated by Devon Development Education (DDE), a local organisation with whom we have personal contacts and who in turn have personal links with those operating the project on the ground. The programme began in August and we made our first donation in early October, sending funds to feed 10 households for at least 28 days, probably considerably longer. Each family received: 25 kg of maize flour (to make posho - a semi-hard cornmeal porridge that is the traditional basic dish in Uganda) 7 kg of beans 1 litre of cooking oil 2 packets of salt Four pieces of soap (we checked with Uganda Vegan Society that the product was vegetable in origin) DDE has informed us that the food is making a difference and is even saving lives in some instances. Funds allowing, we’ll continue to support this effort as best we can, for the rest of the year at least. By October 28th, we had received some background on our first ten recipients of food parcels, purchased on our behalf by Devon

142 I Plant Powered Planet

Development Education’s worker in Uganda, Godfrey Kisakye. He distributed as follows to people associated with Katoma Primary School in Mubende District.

6. Nanyonga Rose. 80 years. She is partially blind and lives with her little grandson. Although neighbours help her because she cannot dig, they were short of food.

1. Ssajjabi Charles 89 years. This elderly man stays with two grandchildren. His wife died two years back. All of the maize crop in his garden failed due to dry season, so the family had no food.

7. Namakula Resty. 72 years. This lady stays alone in her house. She had two children but both died 10 years ago. She had an accident and has a problem with her back. A church priest nearby used to help her by providing food, but it is now scarce.

2. Namukwaya Ruth 83 years. Ruth lives with her 87 yearold sister. During March her sister was sick and admitted to hospital for two months, so she planted very few beans and these failed to produce. They had no food when they received the food parcel. 3. Nsubuga Benedict. 84 years. He stays alone in his house and cannot dig. Neighbours used to provide food, but now they don’t have anything to eat either. I found him when he had been two days without food. He cried. 4. Kyeyune Christopher. 79 years . This man is blind and he lives alone. He had no food and was very grateful when he received the supplies. 5. Nakatte Firista 83 years. She lives alone. She is sick, suffering from ulcers and diabetes. She has a neighbour who is Muslim, who provides some food for her. They were both grateful for the support.

8. Anna Nasanga. 83 years. She lives with her two grandchildren, who are orphans. She doesn’t have any land, so the children go to work for others and get some food that way. They were very happy to have the extra supplies. 9. Nsubuga Patrick 59 years. He is living with his two children. His wife had an accident and spent six months in hospital, but didn’t survive. Land was sold while she was in hospital. Patrick started renting land for digging, but the crops failed. 10. Nakanwagi Maria 87 years. She is staying with her three grand children. Their father had a mental health illness (and ‘ran mad’). The children planted crops last season but they failed to come up. Photos on the next page show 9 of the 10 households:


Final thanks …

Please forward this report to anybody who you think might be interested, including nonvegans. While our core message – that vegan compassion is about respect both for people and for non-human animals, and that a plantbased diet is the only rational way to feed a growing human population, particularly in an era of global warming – is fundamental to everything we do, our hope is that some of those who don’t fully subscribe to our views will still find some of our efforts worthy of support. This is a desperate time for huge numbers of people and other animals and there are hundreds of campaigns in many countries needing support, but any donations to enable us to increase our contributions are welcome. Apart from bank transfer fees and website maintenance, every penny we receive goes directly to our chosen projects.

Our thanks to everybody who has donated to the VCG in the last year or volunteered or helped to spread news of our work in other ways.

144 I Plant Powered Planet

A special mention for two volunteers: illustrator Vita Sleigh designed this newsletter and our logo. She also looks after our Instagram page. Vita has her own website and blogs on vegan issues. See her website for more details at www.vitasleigh. com or find her on social media as @ vitasleigh. Ned Buyukmihci designed and keeps our website updated. Ned also helps to run an important online website that encourages compassion and respect for primates everywhere. See Action for Primates website:

Plant Powered Planet I 145

VeggieVision TV I was about 3 years old when I asked my dad if you had to have blue eyes to be an actress - I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. I wondered if I could ‘make it’ with brown eyes… I don’t understand this now of course, however at the time it made sense.

146 I Plant Powered Planet

By Karin Ridgers “Hi, I’m Karin, the Plant Powered Planet Magazine editor. I founded VeggieVision TV - the internet TV station that addresses the fact that in the UK there are no veggie-friendly TV programmes!”

! v .t n io is v ie g g ve t u o k c e h c

Plant Powered Planet I 147

Karins first showreel for TV presenting

However... after initially going vegetarian in my early 20s and only then having the oomph and confidence to start my acting career I realised that I kind of like just being me. So my love of presenting started. It wasn’t that long of course until I had my lightbulb moment – I must combine my passion for veganism with my love of presenting. So I did. My dream was (is) to have a vegan TV show. However after sending in my pilot TV show to the TV stations 20 years ago they told me “You are too ahead of your time”, “Veganism and vegetarianism is too niche”, and “We will never have a programme about veganism and vegetarianism.” Somewhere I still have the letters. So I thought – what would Tony Robbins do? And he would just get on and do it himself… so that’s what I did. Part of me is proud that VeggieVision TV was set up before YouTube was a thing, and part of me is embarrassed as I so wanted by now for it to be a huge deal in the vegan world and make a massive difference for veganism. My downside is it has never been about money – however ideas and business can’t grow without it!

Karin with long time friend Fiona Oakes – Fiona obviously won this local Essex based race while Karin was somewhere right at the back dressed as a lettuce to promote veganism 148 I Plant Powered Planet

Stand out moments are when vegan presenters in Australia sent me interviews and clips to show on VeggieVision TV, a vegan German pop band also filmed and sent their film footage to me – and when I say send I mean posting VHS tapes! Not just a click of a button and upload back in the day. When the lovely lady in Paris sent me a clip in her husky French accent saying “Bonjour you are watching VeggieVision TV” I was blown away. And I was equally as moved when working around 2am one night when my son was

a toddler and receiving an email from a lady in Poland thanking me … she didn’t know any other vegans and now she had found VeggieVision TV, she didn’t feel lonely anymore. Much more recently I was in The Houses of Parliament and after asking a question (I always ask a question!) a lovely lady came up to tell me how much she loves VeggieVision TV and what an inspiration I have been to her. I am not sure of my reply now as I was in shock! How amazing! The first look for VV TV was a black and silver website

Promoting veganism in the local press 16 years ago

and no technology to support watching videos online – thanks to the perseverance and support of Ketan Majmudar we launched with about 5 short film clips that were fun, clunky and made with love to promote veganism. Lots of things of course have happened since and I still work on my VeggieVision TV TV programme dream as well as running the site for love. We have interviews, competitions, reviews, articles and news… and a veg*n dating site too. And because of VeggieVision TV I have been able to talk

Karin with Heather Small on her radio show

Plant Powered Planet I 149

with restaurant and hotel managers and owners to do my best for them to understand veganism and to help them cater for fellow vegans. I have met the most amazing people – I have filmed with Joanna Lumley and the late Sean Hughes. I’ve filmed with the incredible Benjamin Zephaniah and Jerome Flynn. I worked with Heather Mills after being introduced by someone I filmed with for VV TV. I just love meeting interesting people and getting to know them more. So life is a juggle – with my son (life long vegan son Callum) as well as my vegan

PR business. I adore my clients, and I love spreading the vegan message to the media. Over the years I know I have gained hundreds & thousands of pounds worth of promotion for my clients and for veganism. It is as exciting now as it was 15 years ago! However yes VeggieVision TV is still my baby and I would love for it to get to the next level – come on vegan guardian angel! I have so many exciting plans and ideas – and if things could happen way before social media then there would be no stopping us now!

So plans moving forward – yes I still dream of my vegan TV show … And now filming has become a lot less challenging and difficult – you can sit in front of your PC or just get your phone out! And while I am delighted my son can walk into a sweet shop now and buy some sweets, I am old-school vegan so I won’t stop promoting a positive vegan message until all the cages are empty rather than more vegan options. Do come and say hello, sign up for our free VeggieVision TV Vegan Cookery book – with a meal planner, shopping list and 40 fantastic vegan recipes!

Find out more about Karin at

Above: Benjamin Zephaniah handing out awards at Karins vegan festival 150 I Plant Powered Planet

in Essex around 18 years ago.

Top-left to bottom-right: Karin liasing with one of many restaurants over the years, Karin with Dr Ro, Karin on an Animal Rights march, Karin with Rozalla & Karin with Jasmine Harman at VegfestUK Brighton

Plant Powered Planet I 151

Veganic Growing Month by Month: May, June & July ‘Veganic’ is a combination of two words ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’. It’s a guarantee that food is grown in an organic way with only plant based fertilizers, encouraging functional biodiversity so pesticides are not necessary. No chemicals, no GMO and no animal by products in any part of the chain. We all know that following a plant-based diet is the most ethical, healthy and environmentally friendly way of eating possible, but growing some of those plants can give you huge satisfaction along with all the fun, self-reliance and planet-saving benefits of producing your own food too. It can be done at any level, from keeping potted herbs on a windowsill or growing vegetables in your back garden, to aiming for near self-sufficiency from a larger plot or allotment.

So here’s what to do at this time of year.

152 I Plant Powered Planet

By Piers Warren “Hi – I’m Piers. I co-authored (along with my daughter Ella Bee Glendining) of The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food All Year Round. You can check out my website for more information:’’

Grab A Copy

Plant Powered Planet I 153

MAY Seeds to sow: Beetroot Broccoli – early sprouting Cabbage Cauliflower Chinese cabbage Lettuce and other salad greens

What to plant out: Aubergine Broccoli – calabrese Brussels sprouts Celeriac Courgettes Chinese cabbage Cucumber French beans Onions Peas Pepper – capsicum Pepper – chilli Pumpkins/squash Runner beans Sweet corn Tomatoes

154 I Plant Powered Planet

What do I mean by ‘plant out’? Crops that you have grown from seed in trays or pots t ou that will need to be planted rs. ine nta co r ge into beds or lar ny Alternatively you can buy mam fro nts pla of these as small garden centres or online from garden catalogues

Other jobs on the plot: Start evening walks around the plot checking for slugs and snails. The best time is just as it’s getting dark and after rain. Collect any you find in a lidded pot and release them at least 100 metres away in a wood or a park etc.

Liquid feed established crops fortnightly. Make batches of nettle and comfrey liquid feed, or use a seaweed extract. Regularly check greenhouse plants and pots for watering – on sunny days they may need daily watering, ideally in the evening or early morning. Earth up potatoes as they grow. As broad beans grow taller they may need supporting with canes and string.

Plant Powered Planet I 155

JUNE Seeds to sow: Carrots Lettuce and other salad greens Pak choi Radish

What to plant out: Celery Courgettes Florence fennel Kale Leeks Melon Peas Swede Turnips

Other jobs on the plot: This is the time for formative pruning of young cherry trees, for example to train them in a fan shape against a wall. It’s also the time of year for pruning plum trees. Check apricot trees – if they have produced a large number of fruits then these can be thinned out to a few inches between each fruit. Prune fig trees to remove the shoot tips from fresh growth. Erect canes in the greenhouse for tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbers. Ventilate daily for the next three months unless there is a cold snap (an automated vent will help with this). Pinch out side-shoots from vine tomatoes. Check crops sown in rows from seed and thin out where necessary. 156 I Plant Powered Planet

Plant Powered Planet I 157

JULY Seeds to sow: Chinese cabbage Spinach/chard Turnips

What to plant out: Broccoli – early sprouting Cabbage Cauliflower Chinese cabbage

Other jobs on the plot: Liquid feed plants in greenhouse and outdoor pots, especially those that start fruiting, increase to weekly. Also use seaweed extract as a foliar feed. Cut down broad beans when they have finished cropping and mulch over the bed. Check brassicas for the next few months for white butterfly eggs/caterpillars. Remove any found by hand and relocate (for example to a sacrificial bed of nasturtiums). Check potatoes for signs of blight, browning/shrivelling of leaves – remove and burn any affected foliage. Check potted greenhouse plants for greenfly, such as aubergines and peppers. If any are found, stand the pots outdoors for a few days for their predators to get to work.

158 I Plant Powered Planet

For more information about growing veganically see the Vegan Organic Network website Piers Warren is the co-author (with his daughter, Ella Bee Glendining) of The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round available from More information about Piers Warren at