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Plant-based Christmas 2019

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A plant-based Christmas! For over 30 years we’ve been sourcing world ingredients and helping chefs to create delicious, imaginative, cutting-edge plant-based dishes. This Christmas, with so many of your customers reducing the amount of meat they’re eating and the staggering rise in flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets, it’s time to put plant-based at the centre of your menu.

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CONTENTS 2. Starters & buffet 6. Herbs, spices & seasonings 7. Centre of plate 10. Desserts & puddings 14. Cheeseboard & chutneys 15. Fruits, nuts & chocolate 16. Other Christmas essentials 17. Plant protein essentials


Vegan Does not contain gluten Chilled Frozen On Seed-bank 1

Starters & buffet 1 NEW BBQ Cauliflower Wings 4 x 1kg CAULBBQ1 2 NEW Feta Spinach Samosa 50 x 30g SAMSPI1 3 NEW BBQ Jackfruit Spring Roll 50 x 25g ROLJAC1 4 Wonton - Cranberry & Brie 50 x 18g WONBRI50X18G Wonton - Stilton & Mushroom 50 x 18g WONSTI50X18G


Mini Falafels with Beet Houmous, Herb Salad, Pomegranate Pickled Vegetables Falafel 50 x 25g FAL50X30G

Houmous - Beetroot 1kg HOUBEE1KG

Pomegranate Molasses Sauce 250ml MOLPOM250ML

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Christmas canapes

Savoury Blinis 4 x 45 (3.5cm) BLISAV4X45

Greek White Feta Style Cheese 12x200g CHEVEGFETA12X200G

MozzaRisella Original Style Cheese

NEW Pure Maple Syrup 1L SYRMAP1 O

Salted & Fermented Black Beans 500g BEABLASAL500G


Cream Style Vegan Cheese 8X200g CHEVEGCRE8X200G

Guacamole 500g GUA500G

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5 Gyoza, Shitake & Fungus 400g GYOMUSH16X25G 6 NEW Assorted Mini Poppadums 1kg POPM1

6 NEW Indian Chutney - Mango and Chilli  2.8kg CHUMC1

6 NEW Indian Chutney - Lime and Chilli 2.8kg CHULC1

6 NEW Indian Chutney - Brinjal Sweet Pickle 2.8kg CHUBP1

6 NEW Tamarind and Date Chutney 2.7kg CHUTD1 5

Herbs, spices & seasonings Whole Nutmeg

200g NUTWHO200G

Za’atar Blend Spice 500g ZAT500G

Ground Nutmeg 1kg NUTGRO1K

Star Anise

Cinnamon Quills 1kg CINQUI1KG

Ground Cinnamon 500g CINGRO500G

Allspice - Ground

Ground Ginger 1kg GINGRO1K

Whole Cloves

Ground Mace

500g CLOWHO0.5K

500g STAANI0.5K


500g MACGRO0.5K

Vanilla Pods 1doz VAN12

Centre of plate 1 NEW Plant-based Roast ‘Turkey’ 1kg RTURK1  It doesn’t get more traditional than Turkey at Christmas. Our seitan based ‘roast turkey’ with sage and rosemary is perfect when topped with vegan gravy. Vegan and flexitarians alike can still enjoy a proper Christmas dinner! Handling instructions: Rub in rapeseed or vegetable oil, roast at around 200°C for 30 minutes. Timings will vary depending on oven.








Roast tofu, cabbage, fig & walnut galette Plain Tofu 3kg TOF3K


Caraway Seeds 1kg SEECAR1K

Vegan Gravy Granules 6x170g GRAMIX6X170G

Walnut Halves 1kg NUTWAL1KG

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2 NEW Vegan Puy Lentil & Chargrilled Vegetable Filo Parcel 18 x 180g PARLV1

3 NEW Vegan Whole Button Mushroom Bourginion Pie 18 x 300g MUSBOUR1

4 Luxury Vegan Nut Roast 20 x 180g NUTROA3.6KG 5 NEW Vegan Beluga Lentil Bolognaise  18 x 300g LENBOL1

Mushroom & Cashew Wellington 15 x 200g WEL15X200G 9

Desserts & puddings 1 NEW Freaks of Nature Individual Vegan  Christmas Pudding 30 x 100g PUDGL30X100G

2 NEW Freaks of Nature Chocolate Fudge Pudding 130g x 24 PUDCHO

3 NEW Freaks of Nature Sticky Toffee Pudding 130g x 24 PUDTOF

Christmas Pudding, Alcohol & Nut Free  454g PUDGLXMA454G

4 Vegan Mince Pies

36 x 70g MINPIE36X70G Luxury Vegan Star Topped Mince Pie 24 x 140g MINPIELUX24X140G

Available from Vegetarian Express, these incredible free-from puds are made from only natural sugars with no artificial additives or preservatives. This is indulgence cranked up to number eleven!

Dairy-free Egg-free



Gluten-free Totally vegan






Pumpkin pie cheesecake, date and pecan syrup Cream Style Vegan Cheese 8X200g CHEVEGCRE8X200G

NEW Pure Maple Syrup 1L SYRMAP1


NEW Date Syrup 4L SYRDAT4

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Plant-based red and black fruit trifle Provamel Soya Custard 16 x 525g SOYCUSPRO16X525G

COYO Coconut Milk Yoghurt 1kg COCYOG1KG O

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Plant-based eton mess COYO Coconut Milk Yoghurt 1kg COCYOG1KG


This recipe uses Chick Pea water, also known as Aquafaba. Chick Peas A10 PEACHICANA10


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Plant-based mango baked alaska with exotic fruits, lemongrass and lime syrup Vegan Mango Ice Cream 2ltr ICECREMAN

This recipe uses Chick Pea water, also known as Aquafaba. Chick Peas A10 PEACHICANA10

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5 Vegan Chocolate Tart

12ptns (approx 90g) TARCHO12

6 Sambazon Açaí, Scoopable Sorbet Tub 3.6ltr ACASORB3.6L


7 Vegan Chocolate Torte Kirsch Cherries 

27ptns (120g) TORCHO1X27

Vegan Salted Caramel Ice Cream 2ltr ICECRECAR Vegan Matcha Ice Cream 2ltr ICECREMAT Vegan Mango Ice Cream 2ltr ICECREMAN Vegan Chocolate Miso Ice Cream 2ltr ICECREMIS


Cheeseboard & chutneys NEW Tomato Chilli Chutney 1.3kg CHUTO1

NEW Caramelised Red Onion Chutney 1.3kg CHUCARO1 NEW Christmas Chutney 1.3kg CHUCHRIS1 Greek White Feta Style Cheese  12 x 200g CHEVEGFETA12X200G

Parmesan Style Cheese Wedge 150g CHEVEGPAR150G Sliced Original Style Cheese 12 x 200g CHEVEGSLI12X200G BlueRisella Blue Style Cheese 500g CHEVEGBLU500G NEW Mature Style Block Cheese 2.5kg CHEVEGORI2.5KG


Fruits, nuts & chocolate Pecan Halves 1kg NUTPEC1K

Apricots 1kg APR1K

Walnut Halves 1kg NUTWAL1KG

Diced Mango 1kg MANDIC1KG

Large Figs 1kg FIG1KG

Diced Papaya 1kg PAPDIC1KG

Coconut - Chips 1kg COCCHI1KG

Cranberries 1kg BERCRA1K

Preserved Lemons (Jar) 700g LEMPRE700G


NEW Cacao Nibs 1kg CACNIB1


NEW Cacao Powder 1kg CACPOW1


Other Christmas essentials Vegan Gravy Granules 6 x 170g GRAMIX6X170G Vegetable Suet 2kg SUEVEG1X2KG Horseradish Sauce 3kg SAUHORSE3KG Spicy Red Onion Marmalade 3kg MARREDONI3K Vanilla Paste (Tube) 100ml PASTEVAN100ML NEW Date Syrup 4ltr SYRDAT4 Cranberry Sauce 3kg SAUCRABER3KG

Cranberry Sauce 3kg SAUCRABER3KG

Porcini / Cep Mushrooms 250g MUSPOR250G

Horseradish Sauce

Spicy Red Onion Marmalade 3kg MARREDONI3K



Vegan gravy

Soak the porcini mushrooms in the

KOKO Dairy-Free Vegetable Fat Spread

vegetable stock for about 20 minutes.

8x500g SPRVEG

Melt the butter in a large frying pan,

Swiss Vegetable Bouillon, Less Salt


making sure it does not brown. Add the shallot, garlic and carrot and cook for a few minutes until softened, stirring steadily with a wooden spoon. Add the stock and mushrooms and continue to stir quite vigorously. Then add the red wine and tamari or soy


Porcini / Cep Mushrooms 250g MUSPOR250G

Kikkoman Tamari Soy Sauce 250ml TAM250ML 1L TAM1LT


Demerara Sugar

Stir through the chilli, black pepper and


chives. Add just a pinch of sugar, this


brings out the chilli and pepper flavours nicely. Taste for seasoning, then stir through the arrowroot. Continue to stir until no

1kg ARR1K

Pepper - Black Ground 1kg PEPBLAGRO1K

trace of flouriness remains.

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Christmas plant protein essentials Plant-based food doesn’t mean missing out the protein. Here’s a quick guide to three favourite protein rich products. Versatile, hearty and delicious this trio packs more than enough punch to create food-envy in even the most determined meat-eater.




Tempeh is a traditional plant-based protein

Tofu has been an integral part of the

Seitan is a very high protein product made

that’s been a staple in many Southeast Asian

Japanese diet for thousands of years. It’s

from wheat gluten and originates from

dishes for hundreds of years. It’s made with

essentially a simple curd made of soy beans,

Indonesia. A great alternative to soy-based

fermented soy beans squeezed into blocks

water, nigari (a sea vegetable which acts as a

meat substitutes, chewy and fibrous, it has a

that can be sliced, diced, grated or blitzed.

coagulant) and a dash of salt. Once the water

mild meaty flavour. Available pre-flavoured or

It has a deep, nutty, umami flavour, but will

is squeezed out it becomes a solid block. Tofu

plain to add your own flavours.

absorb other flavours readily. Its firm, chewy

has a mild almost inert flavour which means

texture means it can be cooked in a variety of

it can be used in savoury or sweet dishes. We

ways including pan frying, deep frying, baking

also supply pre-flavoured Tofu and silken Tofu

or stewing.

too – call us to find out more.

NEW Tempeh

Plain Tofu

400g TEM400

NEW Tempeh (Multipack) 10 x 400g TEM10x400

3kg TOF3K 

Extra Firm Plain Tofu 1kg TOF1K

Seitan Classic 1kg SEITANCLA1KG

Seitan Italian 1kg SEITANITA1KG


Seitan Smokey


NEW Plant-based Roast ‘Turkey’

1kg SEISMO1K 1kg RTURK1 


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Vegetarian Express - Plant-Based Christmas 2019  

Vegan & vegetarian Christmas dishes, inspiration and ingredients from Vegetarian Express.

Vegetarian Express - Plant-Based Christmas 2019  

Vegan & vegetarian Christmas dishes, inspiration and ingredients from Vegetarian Express.