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QlikView Case Study – Asset Management Billion Row Analysis Project at Global Asset Management Firm A London-based, Global Asset Management and Financial Services Group, with over 1,000 staff and operations in Europe, North America and Asia, has deployed QlikView – the next generation, InMemory Business Intelligence and Analytics software solution from QlikTech – to allow them to mine vast amounts of business critical data in just a few “Qliks”. QlikView was selected in June this year after undertaking one of QlikTech’s free of charge “Seeing Is Believing” sessions where, after just 1 day of QlikTech working on-site with the customer’s business & IT project stakeholders, a QlikView application was built that analysed 190 Million rows of data with sub-second query times – even over the internet via the zero-footprint client. The Seeing Is Believing (SIB) application took over 50Gb of real, customer data and compressed its volume by 90%. The final QlikView application then took just 5Gb – turning an unwieldy, difficult to store or distribute, and previously impossible to effectively analyse, data-source into something that could be shared and consumed throughout the business, slicing and dicing the data without limitation, instantly. The goals of the “SIB” achieved, the group went on to purchase QlikView and QlikView Server for this key area of their research and analysis team who not only use the solution to mine data and create interactive, fully drillable analysis/reports from many years of historical data, but also use its output to further develop statistical “what if” scenario analysis. This proactive, and even predictive, analysis is then distributed to the front and middle office where it is being used to drive more informed strategic and investment decisions. The live, productionised QlikView application is now being used to analyse nearly 1 Billion rows of data being pulled from multiple global sources – All on a 32Gb RAM, dual quad-core server that cost less than £5,000. The Asset Management Firm’s head of IT sighted: “QlikView simply allows us to get at all and any of our data, quickly and easily” No mean feet when you consider the volumes involved! And all achieved by the customer with just 3 days of QlikTech consultancy used to deliver the production application. This is down to QlikView’s ease of use, powerful yet flexible In-Memory model and single-platform simplicity.

QlikView – A Company Overview QlikTech, the world’s fastest growing Business Intelligence vendor is ushering in the next generation of BI with its flagship product, QlikView.

10,585 Customers across 92 Countries 14.6 Net New Customers Per Day 476,000 Users QlikView is a fundamentally different BI technology that works the way your mind works – making associations by rd connecting data from any source (trading platforms, CRM systems, 3 party sources, etc) in a few clicks. This patented in-memory associative technology brings faster results and better decision making to a wide range of communities within the Investment Management world – from Traders, to Fund Managers, to Brokers, and across the management team. QlikView simplifies analysis & reporting over terabytes of data for many of the world’s largest investment management organisations within risk, compliance, operational/trading data, financial analysis, CRM analysis, and beyond. Instead of waiting for static reports from IT that are out of date before they reach your desk, QlikView offers live, interactive analysis straight to you, the end user. QlikView’s single platform provides interactive reports, dashboards and alerts, multi-dimensional analyses, sliceand-dice of data – without the limitations, cost or complexity of traditional BI applications. A thought leader in In-Memory analysis for the Investment Management community who want to make decisions at the speed of their own thought - No longer should critical decisions wait until the new report hits your inbox or for the analysis software or pivot table to refresh! QlikTech’s goal is to “Simplify Analysis for Everyone”. For further information, or to download a free trial of the full QlikView software see or contact

Richard Davies Sector Manager - Investment Management QlikTech UK Limited Villiers House Clarendon Avenue Leamington Spa, Warwickshire United Kingdom, CV32 5PR Mobile: +44 7826 55 10 46 Tel: +44 1926 45 88 88 Fax: +44 1926 45 88 89


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