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Marianna Arakelyan

owner of vegas valley growers

launches new brand, lp exotics

Marianna Arakelyan has overcome many adversities in her life. Born in Armenia, she moved to the United States as a young child. Growing up in an abusive home, trying to protect her mother, gave her the motivation to be strong and work hard to obtain the things in life she needed without relying on another person. Today, she is married, with four beautiful children and is the owner of numerous, successful businesses within the fashion, medical and cannabis industries. Her recent acquisition of Vegas Valley Growers (VVG) here in Nevada is her entrance into the cannabis industry and she is actively working on the development of new brands while expanding the original VVG product line. I recently connected with Marianna to discuss the VVG takeover as well as her plans for the future.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: Hi Marianna, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Tell me a bit about yourself and your background prior to entering the cannabis industry.

MARIANNA ARAKELYAN: I was born in Armenia and moved to the United States when I was 7 years old. I currently live in California but have businesses nationwide. My husband is a dentist. We own 18 dental offices which I help manage. I also have a company that handles medical billing. In addition to that, I have done some print modeling and am also an ambassador for the Lamborghini Club of America.

SS: The Lamborghini Club, that sounds like an interesting venture. Tell me more about that.

MA: I got involved with The Lamborghini Club around 11 years ago because I loved the cars. After realizing that the owner of Lamborghini worked his way up from the bottom and also discovering all of the organizations and charities that the Club donates to, my affiliation quickly became more of a passion project and not just a car-loving hobby. Today, I am involved in many different charities and strive to help people, especially women and children whenever I can.

SS: Any particular charities you want to mention?

MA: Not exactly a charity but rather something charitable I try to do as a person. In Armenia, because many families are poor, children often end up in orphanages because their parents are unable to care for them. I am blessed and I use a portion of the money I make to adopt children from the orphanages with the sole purpose of reuniting them with their families. Having four children of my own, I cannot imagine being separated from them and this is what drives me to help return these children to where they belong.

SS: And now, here you are in the Nevada cannabis industry.

How did that come about?

MA: Now that is a whole different story! I always had the mindset that cannabis was for people who were only interested in getting high and partying. But was later educated by a friend who had been working in the industry since 2016 of all the medical and health related benefits the plant could provide. I couldn’t believe my ears and I was in pure disbelief. One of my greatest passions is helping others, so when I learned that cannabis could actually help save lives, I had to jump on board. Especially, when I heard how beneficial it is for cancer patients. I lost my beloved grandmother to cancer and that was when my interest in the cannabis industry truly sparked. I later proceeded to do an immense amount of additional research, and when I was ready, I expressed my interest in joining the industry to my friend. When the opportunity to purchase VVG and their licenses presented itself, I seized the opportunity.

SS: And what an opportunity it was! Our publication worked with the original VVG crew early on. What improvements and new brands will we see with VVG?

MA: When I purchased the company, VVG already had the grandfathered in Vegas M Stick which is an award-winning product. Not only is it a convenient, disposable vape, it also appeals to tourists since it has the word “Vegas” on it. We have since introduced the Purple Lamborghini strain option in an M Stick as a kick-off to our new brand launching. In the future, we will have VVG branded flower and prerolls available as well.

The new brand that I am introducing within the next month is LP Exotics. In the car world, I am known as the “Lamborghini Princess” which is what LP stands for. I wanted to create a brand that sets itself apart. We will be holding car shows utilizing my personal collection at various dispensaries as a fun way for consumers to come out and see the cars and also purchase the new LP Exotics brand of cannabis. LP Exotics will be available as loose flower and as prerolls. Our launch is scheduled for February 4th at Planet 13, keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

SS: That sounds great! And, what a fun way to combine the cars and the cannabis. Do you have plans to expand your brands into other markets?

MA: Yes, once LP Exotics is established here, I plan to bring the brand to the California market as well as other states.

SS: Will we see concentrates launched under your brands at some point?

12 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
13 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
14 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

MA: Yes, absolutely, concentrates and edibles are in the works. The VVG sale came with the medical and recreational cultivation licenses as well as a production license and distribution license.

SS: Oh nice, I didn’t realize you also held a distribution license. Does VVG handle distribution for other companies as well?

MA: Yes. We are actually one of the most cost effective distribution companies currently in the industry. This is mainly due to the fact that our rates are the lowest in both Southern and Northern Nevada. Our main concern is keeping our customers happy. Based on my knowledge, other distribution companies charge a higher fee for deliveries that go from Southern Nevada to Northern Nevada and then charge the same high fee for each stop once they are already in Northern Nevada. Our company, on the other hand, gives the same local rates to each stop, once our driver is already in Northern Nevada. Local cultivation and production facilities can obtain pricing and coordinate deliveries with VVG by emailing or

SS: With this being your first experience with cannabis, how do you feel about your venture so far and about the Nevada cannabis industry in general.

MA: I am excited about what is to come. I have learned so much and enjoy being a part of the Nevada industry. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to introduce new products and brands to the market.

SS: Last, but not least, how can readers check out what you are doing and follow you on social media?

MA: Readers can find out more about our company at & and on Instagram @vvglab& @LP.exotics Readers can follow me on Instagram @lamboprincessmarianna.

Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


The Clear™, the first and original distillate cannabis brand, is ringing in the new year with much to celebrate. Originally established in 2013 by a team of scientists that introduced molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market, The Clear reinvented the industry as we know it. Molecular distillation produces cannabis oil that is clear, potent and smooth, and the process results in clean, tasteless, odorless distillate. The Clear scientists utilize AAA grade oil to formulate a variety of cannabis products with plant derived, award-winning flavors.

Now, a decade later, The Clear is honoring its 10th anniversary and expansion into its 10th cannabis market, a rare achievement among cannabis brands. “Our unwavering commitment to product consistency, product safety, technological advancement and the consumer experience created the foundation to support our brand’s nationwide expansion. Our next launch will be Mississippi — a feat we’re extremely proud of,” said Richard Batenburg Jr., chief executive officer of Clear Cannabis Inc., licensor of The Clear brand.

Since its inception, the popular brand has prioritized creating consistently high-quality products for its loyal customer base. To properly expand, scale and provide consumers with the same great products — regardless of where they’re located — The Clear emphasizes product consistency, exclusive formulations, product safety and consumer experience across state lines. Using its proprietary manufacturing processes and passion for innovation, science, effectiveness and enjoyment, The Clear has recently grown its extensive portfolio of flavored cannabis products to impressive heights, and the industry is taking notice.

Unlike many other flavored products, The Clear line is made with allnatural terpene profiles derived from botanical sources and blended perfectly with cannabis oil to give a subtle but obvious twist to popular strains. To further enhance the customer experience, the legacy national cannabis brand of distilled concentrate products offers several consumption formats, doses and potency amounts. With an expansive list of flavored vape cartridges, infused joints and fast-acting gummy products to choose from, The Clear line has something for every type of consumer to enjoy.

Well known for its entourage-effect-inducing flavored products, The Clear culminated the year with a variety of national awards from some of the most unbiased cannabis competitions. To name a few, The Clear received First Place Flavored Vape in the THC Classic for its Elite Lime Sorbet, Second Place Disposable THC Dominant Vape in the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards, Second Place Infused Pre-Roll in the THC Championship for its TWAX Blueberry, plus six additional awards in 2022 alone.

To keep up with last year’s momentum, the national brand recently implemented several cutting-edge cannabis technologies to increase the throughput across state lines without sacrificing quality and consistency. A pioneer of the Blackbird Rolling System, the world's first fully automated “hand-roll” machine, The Clear is one of the

first major brands to utilize this innovative technology. Produced by pre-roll manufacturing and technology company RollPros Inc., Blackbird uses TruRoll™ technology, gravity and volumetric filling to produce over 750 consistent, uniform and “hand-rolled” infused TWAX pre-rolls per hour (or two joints every 9 seconds).

The multistate cannabis brand has also begun using proprietary automated vape cartridge-filling and capping technology from cannabis engineering and development company Detroit Dispensing Solutions to fill cartridges, pods and disposables with speed, precision and reliability at high capacities while maintaining low dispensing temperatures.

Ranked No. 2 cannabis concentrate brand in Colorado, the most competitive cannabis market in the world, by BDSA, The Clear’s growing portfolio of consumption formats and proprietary manufacturing processes ensures its customer base receives the highest-quality cannabis. This includes its new state, Mississippi, as well as nine other states throughout the country.

The Clear line is available in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma (availability of products vary by state and retailer). As an increasing number of markets traverse the path to cannabis legality, the national cannabis leader plans to roll out additional consumption formats and expand into emerging markets throughout the East Coast in 2023.

About The Clear™

The Clear™ is one of the world’s first commercially produced cannabis brands. Founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who reinvented the cannabis industry by introducing molecular distillation to the legal cannabis market, the award-winning cannabis brand prioritizes product consistency, proprietary formulations, product safety and consumer experience — regardless of state. A national licensee of Clear Cannabis Inc., The Clear™ products are available in multiple cannabis markets in the U.S., including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Oklahoma. For more information about the first and original distilled cannabis brand, visit

18 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

New Year's



With a New Year often comes resolutions we make to have a better year than the one before. The most popular New Year’s resolutions involve exercising, learning a new skill, or getting organized; all of which are about finding better balance in our lives. Cannabis offers us support in a wide range of areas, including helping us maintain our goals and helping us to craft a better future for ourselves. This year instead of making giant goals for ourselves we may not be able to achieve, let's focus on the small things we can do, with the help of cannabis, to slow down and bring the peace and balance we all crave. Let’s dive into a few things you can do to have a great 2023!

Journaling With Cannabis

Journaling can be extremely beneficial for our mental health. Journaling is simply writing down thoughts, happenings, or ideas on a regular basis. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen memory, evoke mindfulness, and help us to gain perspective while remaining present. Journaling doesn’t have to be complicated or even take up too much time. Take ten minutes and write down your thoughts, things you're excited or grateful for, or emotions you have been holding in. When journaling, cannabis can be a great ally as it helps to calm the mind while simultaneously promoting mental focus.

A strain with limonene, pinene, or caryophyllene

can help guide you through your thoughts while journaling.

Unwinding With Cannabis

A great day starts with a good night’s rest. However, the majority of adults in the United States (70%) report having insufficient sleep. This can be from an array of factors, such as busy schedules, stress, or sleep disorders. A lack of sleep can lead to memory loss, confusion, and fatigue. However, long-term it can have dire consequences including being more susceptible to cardiovascular events, such as a heart attack or stroke. This year let’s take time to make sure we are getting the rest our body needs. Cannabis can be a great bedtime companion to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. When using cannabis for sleep it is important to pay attention to the cannabinoids in the product. High doses of THC are known to interfere with the REM sleeping cycle; though lower doses have been found to increase total sleep time and help people fall asleep faster. Additionally, a strain with high amounts of CBD has also been found to prolong sleep time and decrease the frequency of sleep disturbances throughout the night.

A strain with low THC and high CBD, along with sedating terpenes such as linalool and myrcene, are great to reach for when unwinding after a long day and getting ready for bed.

Finding A New Hobby With Cannabis

In 2023 let’s find something that brings us joy and sparks our creativity. As we become adults, oftentimes we lose our creative spark and hobbies we valued so much as kids. Whether we physically can not

do them anymore, or simply don’t have time, there’s that piece of us that is no longer there. This year we are bringing it back though. I want you to think of something that brings you joy and makes you smile. It may be art, coloring, card games, collecting plants or trinkets, cooking, model trains, dolls, or anything else you can think of. Everyone’s hobby will look different and that’s okay, as long as it makes you happy. Having a chronic illness that comes with chronic pain, it can be difficult to think of new hobbies, as many I used to do I can no longer. However, taking time to think of something I can do, like water my plants and watch them grow, play weekly card games with my family, or cook with my family when I can, brings me joy. Joy that I need and everyone else in this world needs. We all deserve to find something we can do that makes us smile and in 2023, let’s make it our goal to find that for ourselves once again! Cannabis is a great addition to your hobby to help spark your creativity and passion, as well as be present in the moment. Research has found that cannabis boosts your joviality, which helps you to perceive ideas as more creative. It also helps to slow the perception of time, allowing you to truly engulf yourself in what’s in front of you.

A strain with limonene, linalool, or pinene can help get your creative juices flowing.

With a New Year comes another year of endless possibilities, memories to be made, and laughter and love to be had. Instead of focusing on drastic changes, make small achievable goals that will help you have a happy 2023.

Happy New Year!

20 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Kyle Branche, Mixologist

Beneficial bitters, ancient tinctures

Mixologist and Los Angeles Bartender, Kyle Branche, has long been a fan of bitters, an ancient infusion used to flavor both craft and classic cocktails. But bitters actually began as a beneficial tincture, with potent, bittersweet plants used to aid in digestion and more, depending on the combination of plants used..

By definition, a tincture is any beneficial plant soaked in alcohol and taken orally, with the intent to treat symptoms and heal. The beneficial compounds of plants are easily absorbed into alcohol, making it an efficient delivery into the bloodstream.

In the cannabis remedy market, bitters have been recognized by savvy formulators, infusing them with both psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and/or cannabidiol (CBD), marketed as tinctures or for use in medicated cocktails.

Branche noted a resurgence of bitters in the alcohol industry and mixologist community, wanting to acknowledge and share the many small, craft bitters makers, he created a website as a directory,

“Aside from the listings of bitters makers on the site, you can also find archives of a monthly interview series I produced and hosted for nearly two years,” he said. “There, we go in depth on the process of creating bitters, flavor choices, and why each maker was called to create this age-old remedy-turned flavoring.”

Bitters, Tinctures & Tonics

Apothecary is the ancient practice of making remedies from plants. The ancient Egyptians were the first known apothecaries to create tinctures as medicine from plants using wine as a base. But, the most common tinctures have historically been made with gin, another plant-based alcoholic beverage commonly made using juniper, coriander and angelica (wild celery root).

Daily Dose

“Since cocktails mainly contain sour and sweet flavors, bitters are used to engage another primary taste, balancing out the drink - making it more complex, and giving it a more complete flavor profile,” Branche shared. “The bonus of using bitters in cocktails, or just by adding drops to water as a supplement, is that they are also beneficial, because the plants used all have unique medicinal properties.”

Amarogentin, a perennial flowering plant, native to the Alps and other mountainous regions of central and southern Europe, is a key compound in many bitters - said to be one of the most bitter of all plants.

One compound of amarogentin, gentian, is said to stimulate the bitter taste receptors on the tongue, causing an increase in the

production of saliva and gastric secretions; which, in turn, stimulates the appetite, improving the digestion system, increasing absorption of nutrients across the gut wall and better digestion.

In a paper published in the National Library of Medicine (PubMed), the amarogentin plant was also found to be an anti-oxidative, antitumor, and have anti-diabetic properties, when tested on lab mice with liver cancer.

The first “aromatic bitters” were created in Venezuela in 1824 by Dr. Johann Siegert, as a tincture for stomach issues. His product was named after the town they were in, Angostura. In the mid 1870s Siegert’s three sons relocated to Trinidad, where the formulation is still created today. Siegert’s sons were the first to introduce bitters as an essential ingredient in cocktails and food.

“In general, all bitters are good tonics for the body, some are just more medicinal than others,” Branche said. “Bitters break down large proteins, tone the digestive tract, feed the healthy gut flora or prebiotic, tone hiatal valve, helping with heartburn and reflux,” Branch explained. “Bitters also support, cleanse the liver. It’s a win-win combination.”

Some of the earliest bitters were formulated using aromatic herbs, bark, roots, and/or fruit as flavorings, adding to its medicinal properties. Beside gentian, a few common ingredients used are cascarilla, cassia (Chinese cinnamon), orange peel, and cinchona bark.

“When you begin to realize all the beneficial compounds within bitters, it’s easy to see how they can be incorporated into more than just cocktails,” Branche added. “Bitters can also be added to stews, soups, and casseroles.”

The Lost Art of Bitters

22 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Branche launched Bitters Hub online in 2017, as a global directory for bitters brands. Rather than a shopping site, Bitters Hub is a comprehensive listing, where you can find many varieties in one place. A kind of encyclopedia of bitters around the world, if you will.

“While I suggest online marketplaces to buy some bitters, most charge vendors a steep fee,” he said. “That means the site makes more profit than the vendors. So, my tendency is to support the brands directly as much as possible via these hubs.”

In the seemingly lost art of making bitters, Branche said there are too many combinations of ingredients and flavor nuances in each brand of bitters to describe them all on the website, but he did fill in the blanks as much as possible.

Branche believes that many of the makers are true apothecaries and artisans in their own right, and they need more recognition and support over the more commonly known, mass produced brands.

“Most bitters are made in small batches by small makers, so many of the brands’ formulations are seasonal,” he added. “I like to support these smaller brands. Because If the smaller makers are allowed to grow and thrive it’s a benefit to all of us. Bitters makers could be considered some of the last apothecaries on the planet.”

Making Bitters Better with Weed

A simple search online shows many companies enhancing the beneficial compounds in bitters by infusing the flavoring with cannabis, creating the ultimate healing tincture.

Foggy Bitters of Canada, offers up a 250 milligram bottle of THC Infused Cannabis cocktail flavoring, with activated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that includes grapefruit, lemon and oranges flavors.

Another company, Mountain Elixirs of Denver, Colorado, makes CBD Sacred Bitters, with

the sub-name, Virtue, using an incredibly beneficial line-up of plants including, rose, sage, holy basil, chrysanthemum, and lemongrass.

Simple Bitters

Cannabis Infusion: Combine 1 liter of bitters with a ¼ c. ground cannabis flower (whole plant: stems, leaves, flower). Let sit/ steep in dark, cool cupboard for 1 week. Strain, decant & always label.

Note: Cold infusions do not activate THC. To activate, place in a sunny window for a couple of hours to warm. Infusion may test upwards of 60 percent activated THC.

We in the cannabis community already know that the terpene and cannabinoid profile of all beneficial plants, not just cannabis, is key to keeping the body in homeostasis, or a place where illness cannot dwell.

Rediscovering bitters as another healing tincture, revealing more about the history of medicinal plants and apothecary, is just another gateway back into the garden for health and happiness.

Following is a recipe from Kyle Branche, using Angostura Orange Bitters, one of the most medicinal of all the bitters.

The Manhattan Transfer

Place small, sliced chunks of fresh Jazz* apples in the bottom of a Martini glass (This replaces standard cherry garnish)

In shaker: choice of Bulleit Bourbon or Rye Carpano Antica formula vermouth

Atomize 4 - 6 sprays of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Port Cask single malt

Dash of Angostura Orange Bitters

Option: add a couple drops of cherry juice

Atomize in the chilled martini glass: Sprays of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, barrel-aged Spiced Cherry bitters, Black Cloud Charred Cedar and/or Token Cloverdale Cedar bitters, And Napa Valley’s Toasted Oak & Holiday Spiced Apple bitters

Chill & strain in glass with a small mini-beaker as a sidekick chilling in a bucket, glass sitting over ice, and a mini-spoon on the side for eating the infused apple chunks.

*Jazz apples are a cross between Royal Gala & Braeburn

For more information on Kyle Branche’s Bitters Hub visit, PubMed amarogentin study: https://www.ncbi. For more infusion recipes visit Sharon Letts’ website,

23 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
“ “

Reuben D'Silva

Anyone acknowledging the exceptionalism of America must admit that almost every significant milestone that the United States has achieved has been due to the hard work and the tireless dedication of immigrants and refugees from across the world. In his multi-Tony award winning play Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda wrote “Immigrants: We get the job done.” And this lyric rings true throughout the most documented chapters of American history. From military history to economic history to legislative history, immigrants have truly always been the true backbone of our great nation.

Such marvelous American engineering feats such as the construction of the Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam and both the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads heavily relied upon the labor of immigrants. Many massively influential and industry-revolutionizing companies were also started by immigrants and refugees escaping horrifying persecution. Google, a site and multi-use platform used everyday, was started by Sergey Brin, who escaped anti-semitic persecution by The Communist Party in the Soviet Union. eBay, the e-commerce site that created the very first online auction room for almost any product and collectable imaginable, was founded by Pierre Omidyar who’s an immigrant born in Paris from parents who were Iranian immigrants to France. His father, Dr. Cyrus Omidyar, brought his family to Baltimore when he received a residency at Johns Hopkins University.

Levi Strauss and Co. was founded by a German immigrant of the same name. Even Chobani, the Greek-style yogurt company that became

the number one company in the sale and production of the strained yogurt variety, was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya who immigrated from Turkey due to their oppression of the Kurdish people. Ulukaya stayed true to his fellow immigrants in his operations and success of Chobani, as about 30 percent of Chobani’s employees are immigrants or refugees. The strained yogurt company hosted a World Refugee Forum this past August.

The database and document-hosting platform SlideShare was founded by Rashmi Sinha, an immigrant from India who originally came to America to complete a PhD program in Cognitive Neuropsychology at Brown University. In 2012, LinkedIn purchased SlideShare for $118 million and Sinha was listed as one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs that year along with several more accolades celebrating her entrepreneurial success and strategies.

After the recent midterm elections in November, Las Vegas is now fortunate enough to have another example of an exceptional immigrant from India who’s thrived and given back to his community in innumerable ways who’s now serving in the Nevada Assembly.

Born in Mumbai, India, Reuben D’Silva immigrated with his family to the United States in 1987 when he was two years old. First living in Queens before venturing out to Northeast Las Vegas at the age of six, D’Silva and his parents became very involved in many aspects of their adoptive community such as St. Christopher’s Catholic Church, which D’Silva described as having a very immigrant-heavy


In his teenage years, D’Silva attended Rancho High School and became the Senior Class President in 2003. For the beginning of his college education, he stayed local and attended the College of Southern Nevada. However after Operation Iraqi Freedom broke out and President Dubya subsequently stood in front of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner only weeks into the conflict, D’Silva felt that he had to serve in the Armed Forces for his adoptive country that gave his family so many opportunities.

“I strongly believe in giving back to this country. This was the way of showing commitment to the nation and giving back to a country that was one of the greatest blessings of my life to be raised in. We were blessed to be raised in this nation.” the teacher and Assemblyman explained.

In 2007, D’Silva enlisted in the Marine Corps and was soon deployed out to Iraq and directly into Fallujah, the city where some of that war’s bloodiest and costliest battles ensued.

On the night of June 6, 2007, D’Silva served as a turret gunner while his mission had been completing a resupply mission in the war-torn city when his convoy started receiving enemy fire. In the resulting crossfire, he was shot by an insurgent sniper through his forearm yet still returned fire on the turret gun until his convoy could escape. While D’Silva considers himself incredibly fortunate to have survived that fateful day, the injury effectively brought an end to his time serving in Iraq.

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Purple Heart Veteran, Immigrant, and Nevada Assemblyman

In total, D’Silva spent a year in recovery and rehabilitation from that sniper’s bullet. After his year at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, he returned back to his Northeast Las Vegas community and completed a bachelor’s degree in History from UNLV. As his graduation fell right in the middle of the height of the 2008 recession, D’Silva had trouble finding employment despite being a veteran on top of many accomplishments already. Following earning his Bachelor’s, he then was simultaneously accepted to Master’s programs at both The University of Pennsylvania and Columbia, both of which have Ivy League distinction.

“I decided to go to The University of Pennsylvania in Philly because the program was more diverse. It was a Master’s program in global affairs. After finishing that degree, I applied and was accepted into the Master’s program at Yale where I got more focused on my actual academic interest. That is the role that religion plays in conflict and diplomatic processes. So, I completed my degree at Yale in Comparative Religion and Politics.” D’Silva recollected.

Being a graduate of two different Ivy League schools, D’Silva likely had many choices for employment across the country. Although, in a decision that showed his undying dedication to his Las Vegas community several years before he would eventually run for a seat in the Nevada Assembly, the immigrant-turned-Purple Heart veteran decided to move back to Vegas to become a teacher in a desperately lacking statewide education system.

“It was the community that raised me and the community that I’m from. And I strongly believe in public education and I strongly believed that this was my calling to come back and to be a high school history teacher at the very same high school that I graduated from. It’s the best decision I ever made professionally.”

D’Silva is even so committed to his teaching career and his alma mater, Rancho High School, that we conducted our interview over the phone while he was sitting in his very own classroom.

After several years of living in Nevada Assembly District 28 and being an incredibly involved teacher on multiple levels at Rancho High School, D’Silva took the next important step in becoming the best example of an

unwavering community leader and organizer. The immigrant, Purple Heart veteran and Ivy League graduate would make a foray into local politics and represent the Assembly District that he calls home.

One notable individual that D’Silva thanks for inspiring him not only educationally but also giving him inspiration to run for public office is City Councilman Isaac Barron, who D’Silva fondly remembers as his soccer coach in high school and who still teaches at Rancho to this day.

Following months of campaigning and making appearances at events across the Las Vegas Valley such as Chamber of Cannabis’ recent Meet the Candidates event in September, Reuben D’Silva won the general election in a landslide to serve as District 28’s Assemblyman. As an almost lifelong resident of the district, he knows the issues that are most dire and pressing within District 28.

As anyone who’s aware of what parts of Las Vegas are served versus underserved knows, District 28 is bitterly depressed economically and socially. Just to get a movie theater alone, Councilman Barron had to fight tooth and nail for a considerably long time. Families living in District 28 on average make more than $10,000 less than families living outside of the district and access to employment is also lacking in the district. Quality employment opportunities aren’t as plentiful in District 28 and in the most northeastern corner of District 28, there’s not even a hospital located in the district.

If one were to have a medical emergency in that area, the journey to a hospital could take up to 30 minutes. The lack of a decent hospital in this area of District 28 could be deadly in those emergency situations.

And although The Silver State is a pioneer in reformative cannabis legislation such as Assembly Bill 341 and mass expungement programs, Nevada’s education system is desperately lacking and “chronically underfunded” as D’Silva describes. According to the Department of Education, Nevada was ranked 49th in the National Education Rankings for a variety of reasons.

D’Silva sees a solution to the underfunding and subsequent disadvantages of Nevada’s education as a multi-year process that

can’t simply be done by just a new piece of legislation.

From many estimates, D’Silva said that Nevada will need at least an additional $2 to $2.5 billion every two years to be properly funded from where the education system is currently at. Even though Nevada cannabis generated a total of $152 million in total tax revenue this past year, it’s hardly a fraction of what these estimates say the state will need.

“That’s a major priority of mine.” D’Silva explained. “Creating better educational opportunities for the children of our district. Personally, it’s my number one issue. I’m a teacher. I’m an educator. I’m very involved in the teachers’ union. I know the politics around education best out of all the issues. The stronger investments we make in education, particularly education that will impact families in Northeast Las Vegas, the stronger the magnifying effect will be for the state.”

Within the cannabis industry, D’Silva believes in increasing access to cannabis licenses for Las Nevadans who don’t come from wealth and for social equity applicants. He also supports fully descheduling and legalizing at the federal level to remedy the many financial and taxrelated disadvantages that canna-businesses currently have. An accessible and affordable cannabis industry on the federal level is one that D’Silva describes as “the future”.

“If they don’t have any sort of violent or any serious infractions of the law that they may have been involved with, then they should be allowed to participate in the industry.”

Despite his remarkable upbringing and background as well as being a newly elected Nevada State Assemblyman, D’Silva stays humble about his story and will still just as passionately continue his career in educating students at Rancho High School.

“Everyone thinks my story is so remarkable. But I just think it’s the story of someone raised by a hard-working immigrant family and utilizing the opportunities that this country has given to us.”

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Ask the Leaf Nurse

Taking Care of Me in 2023

Happy New Year! Out with the old, in with the new! New year’s resolutions usually include improving our health, lifestyle, relationships, and life balance. Welcome to the Wellness Revolution- what are your health and wellness goals for 2023?

As a nation, we have taken a bigger interest in holistic health. We are discovering that self care is critical to our mental, physical and spiritual development. It is not being selfish, but a necessity. Health is our true wealth, so let’s talk about “taking care of me in 2023”.

Holistic treatment focuses on the well being of the individual by taking into consideration mental, social, physical and spiritual factors rather than just focusing on the symptoms of the disease. Since cannabis is connected to our endocannabinoid system, it makes sense that cannabis helped bring holistic medicine to the mainstream.

Cannabis has become the wellness drug for the modern human. One of the reasons why cannabis is so popular with newer generations is because it addresses the whole as opposed to a specific symptom. Cannabis will continue to grow in popularity because it is a medicine that one can grow with simple ingredients that provides many therapeutic benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

How can cannabis support your health and wellness goals?

Alleviates Chronic Pain

The main way cannabis interacts with our body is by promoting and working with the endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate bodily functions like sleep or hunger. By ingesting cannabis, we are releasing a lot of receptors in the body that will help reduce any major pain we are feeling. Different strains will have different effects because they have varying levels of THC and other cannabinoids responsible for pain management.

Alleviates Nausea

Since the 1980s, the FDA has approved what is called Marinol. This legal drug is a THC pill that was given to cancer patients who were experiencing extreme bouts of nausea and vomiting. Patients who used this pill recognized that their symptoms were alleviated and since then, it’s been well known that cannabis has an effect on nausea. However, Marinol is void of any of the flavonoids, terpenes, and other

cannabinoids that are in the cannabis plant that produce an overall positive effect on the body.

Protects Brain Cells

When movies like Reefer Madness came out, many people thought cannabis killed brain cells and changed a person’s mind for the worse. Since then, studies have actually shown the opposite- that marijuana might actually protect brain cells in regular users. In fact, a study done on people who experienced head traumas concluded that 80% of the victims were less likely to die if they had marijuana in their system. Cannabis has been labeled as a neuroprotectant instead of neurotoxic.

Regulates Sleep

Much in the same way cannabis helps with regulating other areas of the body, it can also help with sleep. When cannabis was given to patients who suffered from insomnia, those who took it were able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than those who did not. The cannabinoids in cannabis have also been shown to regulate your breathing while you are asleep. This also helps to regulate your sleeping as breathing and apnea are major causes of sleep deprivation.

Alleviates Depression

Many who suffer from depression, high levels of anxiety, or even PTSD are all finding comfort in using cannabis. Different strains of the plant, especially Indica strains, have been shown to produce feelings of relaxation and reduced anxiety after consuming cannabis. Marijuana can help reduce nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and other symptoms some people experience from these debilitating ailments. CBD is another cannabinoid that has shown positive effects on a person’s overall wellbeing. CBD without the THC compound does not have any psychoactive effects.

Stimulates Brain Growth

When someone ingests cannabis they are promoting more CB-1 receptors in the brain. These receptors are what cannabinoids attach to in your system and help with the regulation of several functions. Studies have shown that cannabis promotes more receptor activity in your hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for learning. So, even though many people believe consuming cannabis can make you dumber, the opposite is actually true as you’ll be extending your learning capacity. So not only do cannabinoids help protect your brain cells

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themselves, but they also make you learn more easily.

Regulates Appetite

When the cannabinoids reach your hypothalamus and start promoting more CB-1 receptors, they release what is called ghrelin in your body. Ghrelin is a hormone in your body that is responsible for the feelings of hunger and when more is released, you’ll feel like you need a snack. There are actually strains of cannabis you can buy that reduce the amount of ghrelin in your body and as such, reduce your hunger. People who are going through cancer treatments where their appetite has been decreased dramatically can find relief by taking cannabis.

Contains Antioxidants

When cannabis is going through the growing phase it is usually exposed to a great amount of UVB light. UVB light is responsible for oxidative stress and if your skin was exposed to this light, it would go through extreme degradation and might even contract a disease like cancer. But when cannabis is exposed to this light, it produces more THC compounds in reaction. These THC compounds are actually antioxidant in nature. So when you consume THC you are actually consuming a ton of antioxidant cannabinoids. There are even more terpenes and flavonoids that have antioxidant properties than just THC. Although you can take THC by itself to get this effect, the cannabis plant has more compounds that will help your overall health.

Decrease Inflammation

Many studies have been done on inflammation in recent years and results are showing that inflammation is the main cause of many diseases and ailments. Many diseases and causes of discomfort can be linked to inflammation. Luckily, cannabis contains a lot of cannabinoids that are naturally anti-inflammatory.

Improves Lung Function

Just about all scientists agree that by smoking cannabis, you are exposing your lungs to unnecessary stress and it could cause issues long-term. But, when you ingest cannabis in other forms, it can actually help to improve lung function and has even been used for people who suffer from asthma. The reason for this is the cannabinoid name pinene. As the name suggests, it produces a strong pine smell and helps to open up airway passages, much like mint would do.

Cannabis can play a big part of your “Taking care of me in 2023” journey. Be well. Health is wealth!


An Edgy Cannabis Wellness Brand Partnership with Exhale Brands

Ivan Moody, Las Vegas resident and lead singer of famed hard rock band, Five Finger Death Punch, has unveiled his latest wellness venture: Greenings by Moody’s Medicinals. Developed through a partnership with Exhale Brands and Exhale Dispensary in Las Vegas, the new cannabis line features a variety of premium flower, infused pre-rolls and flavored gummies. Inspired by the award-winning musician’s battle with alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression and suppressed appetite, Greenings was created to help individuals living in the fast lane (like himself) recover, relieve and relax.

In 2005, Moody joined Five Finger Death Punch as lead vocalist, achieving rapid commercial success. Ivan and Five Finger Death Punch went on to achieve 25 top hit music singles and recently broke the world record for most consecutive Mainstream Rock Airplay #1 hits (14 total) along with six gold albums, four platinum albums and a platinum single. As a direct result of Moody’s struggles with alcohol use disorder and addiction, spanning the course of his touring career, in June 2017, Moody took action and started to focus on his health and recovery. By 2019, Moody was taking a number of ineffective pharmaceutical medications meant to help him with sobriety that caused many unwanted symptoms, including anxiety, loss of appetite and sleeping problems. Moody’s intensive research into herbal medicine, CBD and THC are what helped him overcome his struggle and ultimately succeed in becoming sober.

“For years, I’ve had a very public struggle with alcohol addiction, and being prescribed an excessive amount of medication for my imbalances felt overwhelming and completely non-conducive to recovery,” said Moody. “I wanted something natural that wouldn’t leave me poisoned with sluggish side effects that countered my life on the road. Greenings was born as a result of the emotional and

physical relief I found through cannabis and, through my partnership with Exhale Brands, we created a powerful line made with the most high-quality ingredients that are reflective of my edgy lifestyle.”

The Greenings line comes as a subset of Moody’s first wellness brand, Moody’s Medicinals, which was founded in June 2019 to provide effective holistic relief for himself, his mother and other consumers struggling to manage chronic pain and limit the use of synthetic pharmaceuticals. The popular Moody’s Medicinals line of potent vegan healing full-spectrum CBD tinctures, roll-ons, prerolls and gummies has been the driving force behind his most recent philanthropic pursuit with Exhale Brands to help veterans, athletes, performers and those struggling with substance use disorder issues to improve their physical and mental health.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Ivan Moody on his new cannabis line. Between his global success with Five Finger Death Punch along with his Moody’s Medicinals line of CBD products, Ivan brings a unique passion to everything he touches,” said Pete Findley, CEO of Exhale Brands. “His cannabis line brings with it an edge that fans of Ivan and the band can totally relate to.”

The Greenings line includes several premium hybrid strains of cannabis and infused pre-rolls, like Angel De La Muerte, Ill Moody, and Mood Swings, plus delectable flavored gummies, like Strawberry, Dragon Fruit Punch, and Sour Blood Orange, with 10 milligrams of THC per serving. The company plans to expand the brand to California and Arizona in the near future. For now, the exclusive brand is available for purchase and enjoyment at Exhale Dispensary, located at 4310 W. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

About Greenings Greenings by Moody’s Medicinals was created by Ivan Moody, lead


singer of famed rock band, Five Finger Death Punch. The Greenings line features cannabis flower, infused pre-rolls, and gummies. Launched in 2022 through a partnership with Exhale Brands and Exhale Dispensary in Las Vegas, Greenings is committed to providing conscientious consumers seeking emotional and physical relief with high-potent and powerful THC products. For more information on Greenings, please visit, follow the brand on Instagram at @GreeningsCo, and Facebook at

About Exhale Brands

Exhale Brands is a Las Vegas-based cannabis company whose services include production, manufacturing, and cultivation, and

whose portfolio of in-house brands includes Roar, Effex, Hyve, AirBuds, Greenings, Mellow Vibes and more. Additionally, Exhale Brands owns and operates Exhale Dispensary located just off the Las Vegas strip on Flamingo Blvd. across from the Palms Casino Resort.

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Suggestions for Stoney Reading Freaks Reading LIT!

Anything But Nirvana By Eric Gladstone

Before there was music streaming and click-bait journalism driven by SEO words, a music junkie had to put in the work to find the latest underground and independent bands that were changing the landscape of music here in America. For this, we needed journalists who were also music junkies, that were putting in the work to introduce us to the latest bands and were willing to peel back the layers to discover who these bands were and what drives their creativity. In the 90s, one of the best journalists attacking this job like a hungry hyena was Eric Gladstone. Eric’s writing style is animated, soulful, and just as exciting as the bands he interviews. Anything But Nirvana is a collection of those articles sprinkled with parts and pieces left out by editors and each with a retrospective preface that adds even more depth to what are already detailed and insightful articles from Rock’s last great era.

Although Nirvana was not in the book, Anything But opens up with a rejection letter from an assistant editor of Request Magazine. The 1992 letter reads in part: Dear Eric, Thanks for giving Face the Music some thoughts. Unfortunately… Nirvana will be ancient history by the time the issue we are currently working on hits the stands in April.

Although Eric never got that Nivana article, his eclectic ear for music and his ability to tell an informative and captivating story guided him through dozens of fantastical articles on cutting-edge bands of independent music. Eric’s articles created millions of devoted fans for an era of music that is still permeating through our culture today.

Eric’s very first article may have begun the extremely devoted fanbase of the enigmatic band Ween. The article wasn’t a paid gig, but it was a chance to make it in Alternative Press, give voice to his friend Mickey’s band, and thus taking Ween nationally for the first time. When the article came out in 1990 I’m pretty sure none of them, not Alternative Press, Ween or Eric could see the future they would help design.

One of my many favorite articles of Eric’s covers the band Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and the peace-poet, singer Michael Franti. In the 90s, living in California and a fan of all forms of hiphop's evolution, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy combined hiphop with what, at the time, I thought was industrial music- powertools, and dragging chains over metal. Along with beats and samples that became the soundtrack under the words of a younger, more angry Franti, whose anti-establishment lyrics I so desperately craved and seldom heard. Frontrunners of a sound that was so cutting edge most journalists avoided. Lucky for us, we had a hungry hyena.

Another band I fell in love with, while driving through the hills of the Central Coast, higher than the setting sun on some outdoor Indica, was Monster Magnet. Their first album, Spine of God was a potion that swirled in my whole body. In a time of grunge, Monster Magnet was heavy metal drugged-out cosmic stoner music that was like no other. I really liked grunge, but I absolutely loved Monster Magnet. So when I was lucky enough to find an article on them, I would be just as astonished as stoked. Eric was one of those few and far-between journalists

that did just that. And the article does not disappoint, whatsoever.

If you happen to be a grunge fan, well the Godfather of Grunge (no, not Nirvana) Mudhoney is in the book, too.

I would be lying if I said that I was not a total Beastie Boy head. The week when the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique came out, I walked miles to get a cassette tape of the band's second, and landmark album. Well, a landmark in my mind but at the time, it was hard to find someone who agreed. Luckily I wasn’t alone. Eric was also a major fan and had multiple interviews with the three amigos at one of their most crucial points of their musical career, Check Your Head. Eric was so well-liked by the Beasties that he would go on to be the editor of the short-lived Grand Royal magazine. But that’s another story. Eric’s article is an inside look at what it would feel like to be hanging with the Boys, and it will give you warm fuzzies, even if you were never a fan.

But the Beastie Boys may never have continued past License To Ill if it weren’t for The Dust Brothers. Once again, Eric finds his way into friendship with two of the greatest mixmasters on the planet and gets an intimate look into the magic they were creating. The Dust Brothers would then introduce Eric to a fresh young talent they were working with who was going by the name of Beck.

Gwar, Sonic Youth, Dr. Octagon…

The thing is, these are just some of my favorite articles. With over thirty articles on emerging bands of that era, you will no doubt find a few of your own, providing stories you’ve never heard, or at least forgotten. I suggest you spark up and kick back with a copy of your own. This book is worth Reading Lit!

To hear my podcast interview with Eric Gladstone go to Avantpop Bookstore Presents on Spotify, on YouTube (with video) or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Pick up a signed copy of Anything But Nirvana at Avantpop Bookstore in Las Vegas or at

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Kosher Zkittlez

Full Spectrum

Live Resin Vape Cartridge

These days, if you aren’t doing live resin in your vape, you may want to reevaluate your company goals. Because there are businesses producing full spectrum live resin, like this one right here, that are going to put you out of business. The future is full and alive, so don’t miss out.

THC- 70.47%

Limonene- 28.71mg/g Caryophyllene- 19.38mg/g Myrcene- 8.76mg/g


Sour Tangie X North Town Dawg Diamond Roll Live Resin Infused Preroll

I was absolutely faded from the first half of this bomb-ass joint. Then the next day, I finished it off and it in turn finished me off. What happened? The back pains were absent, along with my.mindedness. What a great feeling. My happiness hit the ceiling.

THC- 61.70% Caryophyllene- 2.14mg/g Limonene- 1.98mg/g Myrcene- 1.52mg/g

BLACK LABEL Kush Sorbet Vape Cartridge


If you’re one of those peeps that say cartridges don’t get you high, well then, might I suggest a couple of puffs from this full-fisted Black Label beauty. When you need to be discreet but need a punch like a dab, Black Label is the undercover agent you need by your side.

THC- 81.93%

Caryophyllene- 14.98mg/g Myrcene- 11.29mg/g Pinene- 7.27mg/g



Nostra Live Resin Batter

This batter will light a fire under your ass, and you will have plenty of fuel for that fire. Kosher Nostra Live Resin Batter tastes amazing and eases any built-up hypertension or stress. Dab all you want without sleepiness, and don’t sweat the petty shit.

THC- 72.58%

Caryophyllene- 19.29mg/g Limonene- 15.62mg/g Humulene- 8.05mg/g


I really like the look of this tree. The buds are gorgeous, crystallized and dank. There's an uplift to this strain. I actually used it to stay active throughout a long day of working multiple shifts and driving. I tend to reach for humulene as an appetite suppressant and Health for Life’s Oreoz comes with it. This cannabis smells clean and was obviously grown clean. Great aroma!

THC- 19.10% Caryophyllene- 5.50mg/g Myrcene- 3.24mg/g Humulene- 3.14mg/g

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SHWA CURATED & PHOTOGRAPHED BY Bill Shehan with assistance from BILL SHWA Shwa Laytart JENN Jennifer Walker Justin Beckelman JBIZ BILL MJ Modest Jones MJ BILL

VIVA LA BUDS Red Bullz #4 (Grape Gasoline X White Runtz)

This year, for all your Safety-Meeting needs, might I suggest this exquisite hybrid. When the situation calls for a delicious and gorgeous flower that elevates you to the exact height you need to be so that you can deal with the situation, while staying calm and collected. You and your team get shit done, but no one needs to know your methods.

THC- 22.22%

Caryophyllene- 3.568mg/g Limonene- 3.053mg/g Myrcene- 2.093mg/g

VIVA LA BUDS Star Platinum (Ghost OG X Platinum


OGs are always a go-to for me. I taste citrus in this particular cross.

The flavor and the high elevated as I continued to smoke, first a bowl of this flower, then a joint. This Star Platinum gave me the motivation to get my work done.

THC- 24.68%

Caryophyllene- 2.424mg/g Limonene- 2.245mg/g Myrcene- 1.870mg/g

HUNI LABS Frozen Grapes Live Resin Budder

This budder is great for stayin’ up late. This is the home of the Whooooo! What’s Findlay talkin’ about? You don’t feel this way from financing a Chevy. I’ve done that too, and Huni Labs has waaay more Whoooooooo! Wait up. Has Findlay started putting Frozen Grapes Huni in the gas tanks? Or, maybe Badgers in the glove compartments? I doubt it, but they should consider it.

THC- 72.682%

Limonene- 19.86mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.74mg/g Ocimene- 6.27mg/g



1.25g Infused Preroll

Crafted for the more experienced consumer, TWAX by The Clear™ is flavored to perfection and packs a perfectly potent punch. This Grapevine infused preroll brings a juicy, sweet grape flavor and lends a robust sense of nostalgia to the taste buds. The essence of each clean and smooth pull is highly expressive, lingering and succulent.

THC- 29.13%

Caryophyllene- 2.64mg/g Linalool- 1.21mg/g Humulene- 1.13mg/g


TWAX Lemon Haze 1.25g Infused Preroll

Also for the more experienced consumer, this Lemon Haze infused preroll is both strong and flavorful. The sweet, sour notes burst onto the tongue immediately at first inhale and the impact of tasty lemon zest persists through each exhale. Pick one up today!

THC- 30.92%

Terpinolene- 8.03mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.07mg/g Pinene- 1.85mg/g


SELECT God’s Gift (Indica) Cliq Pod

Take this discreet, micro device on the go. It’s easily concealed and doesn't leave a trace of a scent on your hands or your face. God's Gift is a blessing for the working man and woman; providing a satisfying head-change while easing your nagging aches and pains. Olé.

THC- 87.62%

Limonene- 15.39mg/g Myrcene- 11.19mg/g Pinene- 4.34mg/g

SELECT BITES Strawberry Peach (Hybrid)

With Select, you know what you’re getting. They have perfected the standardization of cannabis products. This is great for sensitive people who consider themselves light-weights and don’t appreciate a surprisingly strong high. Consider keeping a bag in your desk for those much-needed midday work breaks.

THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10mg

45 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


Pineapple Raspberry Sweet Hybrid Gummies

These tasty Pineapple Raspberry Sweet Hybrid Gummies are sprinkled with sugar and very chewy and easy to gobble up without realizing that they are medicated with THC. I couldn't detect the infused cannabis and ate them all within a couple sittings, but I can tolerate THC with the best of them. If you are a light-weight, you'd better start with one at a time.

THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/serving- 10mg


Toasted S'mores Chocolate

Cozy up to the fire and get toasty with these campy chocolates. These comfort morsels are packed with itsy-bitsy marshmallows, grahamcracker crumbles, and each square is individually wrapped so you can take the cozy wherever you happen to mosey. Winter has never been this toasty!

THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/serving- 10mg



Mike Bites Cherry

Mike, you silly bird. You have us chewing on Holy ears? Sweet, tangy, cherry, Holy ears! That had to be one of the funniest product meetings ever. Hey, I have an idea… Gummy ears! You know, because… It’s funny! Well, Mike, you’re right. It is funny. And they’re pretty damn tasty too. Looks like you’ve won this round.

THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/serving- 10mg

VERANO Kush Cake BHO Live Badder

This bomb, golden badder hits the spot yo. At 80% THC, your head will be free and clear, and your body will relax and fall a little limp. Kush Cake has a rich, satisfying hybrid cannabis flavor with a terpene profile that isn't heavy in limonene or myrcene. The top three terps listed in the lab sheet will all ease nerves and anxiety. This is a perfect wax for any social gathering. Enjoy yourself.

THC- 79.381%

Caryophyllene- 11.467mg/g

Linalool- 6.939mg/g

Humulene- 6.411mg/g

VERANO SWIFT LIFTS Tres Leches Mini Preroll Pack

Damn, 30% THC in a pack of prerolls. This is the first time I've seen that. Verano provides an extremely convenient collector's tin of personal prerolls that offers immediate stress relief on multiple occasions. I liked these mini-joints so much that I blazed 2 of them on the first occasion. I probably only needed one, but what the hell. I deserve it, and so do you.

THC- 30.69%

Limonene- 11.26mg/g

Caryophyllene- 5.33mg/g Ocimene- 2.15mg/g



Traveler Honeydew Boba Disposable Vape

Sativa-dominant and full of limonene, this vape cart gets you in the mood (fast!) and motivated. Caryophyllene works against inflammation, pain, stress and depression. Clean, crisp flavor in a convenient compact traveler.

THC- 86.620% Limonene- 17.210mg/g Caryophyllene- 15.992mg/g Myrcene- 8.748mg/g

Traveler Peanut Butter & Jelly Disposable Vape

It seems like every concentrate on my plate this month is loaded with limonene. This PB&J Essence Traveler is no exception. This disposable vape stick is easy to hold and hide in your closed fist, and passes most security checkpoints with ease. It's the perfect tool for the traveling cannabis lover. Excuse me, pardon me.

THC- 81.888%

Caryophyllene- 14.140mg/g

Limonene- 9.262mg/g Humulene- 5.123mg/g

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

SAVVY Sleepover Cherry Sorbet (Indica/CBN) Disposable Vape Cartridge

This Sleepover vape from Verano’s budget-friendly Savvy brand is perfect for those looking for a good night's sleep. The 4:1 THC:CBN ratio will help you relax, rest and renew. And the low price point is an added bonus.

THC- 68.487%

CBN- 17.723% CBG- 1.692%

Caryophyllene- 16.881mg/g Limonene- 10.986mg/g Humulene- 5.770mg/g

SAVVY Vacay Hawaiian Pineapple (Hybrid) Disposable Vape Cartridge

Sweet and energetic combined in one “savvy” vape cart. Motivated, happy and euphoric effects, like dancing on a Hawaiian beach… ahhhh! Full of tasty terps with an assist from CBG, helping ease your pain and relax your worries away. You deserve a vacay.

THC- 82.410% CBG- 1.754% Pinene- 16.182mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.983mg/g Limonene- 9.801mg/g


This indica-dominant hybrid put me into outer space. A nice pungent taste, it uplifted me in my routine, snowboarding mountainous cliffs. I was stoked to put on my boots and bindings, and make swift turns off this lift. I lit the spliff, it was a gift. Into the rocket I drift.

THC- 24.15%

Limonene- 5.70mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.10mg/g Linalool- 1.70mg/g


REDWOOD Tropicana Cherry

The first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant purple color and the pungent cherry flavor profile. A delicious sativa-dominant strain full of citrusy goodness, a light uplift and a mellow euphoria. Limonene reigns supreme in 2023 setting the tone for a year of happiness!

THC- 21.422%

Limonene- 6.393mg/g

Caryophyllene- 2.698mg/g Pinene- 2.159mg/g

REDWOOD Grape Cake

Like a haunted forest in a twisted Disney movie, these nugs are mysterious, slightly scary, and completely captivating. Even though your inner voice might be saying ‘stay back’, it’s utterly impossible to avoid your curiosity. Which is a good thing. A trip into these trees will take you to the dark side of the moon. Remember, we only fear what we do not know….Stay curious!

THC- 23.755%

Myrcene- 8.739mg/g Limonene- 4.675mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.613mg/g


Blue Skies & Happy Trails pave the way through the Redwood cannabis forest. The pungent, blueberry aroma is ridiculously desirable, and the twisted feeling granted by this strain is amazing. This is Willie Nelson's secret weapon and his fountain of youth. This is one crop you don't want to miss out on.

THC- 24.022%

Myrcene- 7.167mg/g Limonene- 6.393mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.577mg/g

47 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
JENN Redwood strains photographed by Katie Peede JBIZ BILL STEPH


Diamond Preroll

Say goodbye to pain and stress with this potent hybrid preroll, packed with caryophyllene and myrcene. A heavy-hit of THC means maximum chill and euphoric relaxation. Pungent earthy and sour aromas entice and entrance you.

THC- 23.10%

Caryophyllene- 6.14mg/g Limonene- 4.91mg/g Myrcene- 2.54mg/g

TRYKE The Potion



This preroll has the correct name. This is the potion for sure. The pinene had my mind going to a special place while I was grateful for the calming effects of the linalool. This is the perfect remedy for insomnia giving a definite body high with pain relief included. Suggestion: Make sure you don't have anything to do before you smoke this.

THC- 23.90% Myrcene- 5.91mg/g Pinene- 4.15mg/g Linalool- 1.18mg/g


Calendula Sunshine Premium CBD Salve

Tryke’s new Calendula Sunshine Premium CBD Salve is perfect for treating a variety of skin conditions. The calendula, vitamin E oil and lavender work to ease rashes and itchy, dry skin and the added CBD helps to ease pain. Try this the next time you are in need of some natural healing.

CBD- 250mg


Premium CBD Drops

Mint Tincture

Hemp-derived CBD suspended in fractionated coconut oil, with a graduated dropper for precise dosing. Whether taken sublingually, added to food or your favorite beverage, these CBD drops are sure to bring you an anxiety-free 2023! Sugar free, gluten free, Vegan-friendly.

CBD- 500mg

TUMATZEKWAE NOBE Mango Vape Cartridge

Whoa! Hello mango.. Have we met? Can we tango? This is an unbelievable flavorful burst or a bango of limonene. Had me wanting to come back for more like a guy in a cannabis store. I picked one up in Yerington where I met the Pesha Numma crew. Namaste or thank you!

THC- 72.56%

Limonene- 53.0mg/g Linalool- 6.0mg/g


Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Bar

This caramel pretzel milk chocolate bar is by far one of my favorite edibles I've ever tried. The taste and the potency had me sitting with kitty in front of the fireplace watching Netflix eating pretzel pieces. Piece by piece this candy decreased as the ethanol process put me to sleep.

THC- 100mg CBG- 2.032mg Servings- 10 THC/serving- 10mg

48 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

REMEDY Bio-Jesus

This Bio-Jesus is giving OG vibes. It's not super danky. It is a clean, functional high. I lit some up between my gigs and found that it's a great mid-day smoke. It didn't put me down for the count. Remedy strains are consistently solid in my world. Once again, Remedy’s got the remedy.

THC- 26.289%

Myrcene- 11.68mg/g

Caryophyllene- 2.68mg/g

Linalool- 1.42mg/g


Cold Cure Live Rosin Badder

How smart is this packaging? I’m not going to use the word ingenious because I don’t think people are using that word properly. But the packaging is worth collecting. And this badder is pretty awesome too. This papaya concentrate tastes great and the effects are very satisfying. Origyn breaks onto the scene with an explosion here. Excellent first impression.

THC- 80.68%

Limonene- 25.70mg/g

Caryophyllene- 11.10mg/g

Myrcene- 7.60mg/g



Remedy does flower right, no question about it. When you twist that cap and release that pungent dankness into the room, immediately everyone around you begins to salivate. GG#4 is a radiating example of the skill these growers have. In this case, GG should stand for Good Gawd!

THC- 23.848% Caryophyllene- 8.80mg/g Myrcene- 5.92mg/g Limonene- 3.74mg/g

ORIGYN Wedding Cake Cold Cure Live Rosin Badder

The East Coast company, Origyn, just dropped in on the cannabis pipe in 2020 and has been blazing the trail ever since. Now they’re shredding the scene in Sin City and I for one, am a new fan. If they continue to blow up with products like this throughout 2023, they may very well take the Cup!

THC- 79.28%

Limonene- 19.70mg/g Caryophyllene- 12.90mg/g Myrcene- 9.40mg/g



Cured Resin Sugar

Sweet sugar with that forever-familiar, piney,OG Kush flavor. This is one of my personal favorite remedies and can be picked up at Silver Sage Dispensary and various other Nevada dispensaries. Just a smidgen of GG#4 Cured Resin Sugar turns a frown upside down.


Frost Bite Cured Resin Sugar

I know it’s cold out there these days, but trust me when I say, you’re going to want to get Frost Bite. This yellow snow-looking sugar might be the best part of our winter season. The terps in here are over the top and there’s enough THC to kickstart the new year and shift you straight into overdrive. Once you get Frost Bite, there’s no turning back.

THC- 84.917% Caryophyllene- 25.07mg/g Limonene- 24.67mg/g Myrcene- 22.78mg/g

THC- 79.177%

Caryophyllene- 18.94mg/g

Limonene- 18.35mg.g Myrcene- 8.66mg/g




You made it through the holidays and feel rejuvenated by the fresh start of the new year, Aries! Your stamina is high and willpower strong which makes it a great start to the New Year, especially in getting what you want. It’s easy to focus on yourself and your goals but try not to be too self centered when you’re around others. Mars in Gemini is a double edged sword for you, fueling uncontrollable energy that will lead to increased passion, a sharp mind, and heightened eroticism, but also emotional instability. Keep a chill strain around like Cream Cookiez by The Grower Circle for any potential mood swing moments.


Communication and organization are your strengths this month and if used wisely can bring you plenty of success. Uranus in Taurus brings about the potential for creative solutions that may surprise you and help expand your investments. You may have let things slip over the holidays and now is a great opportunity to do better. Whether you see it or not, you’ll gain powerful recognition that helps improve your status at work and home. Enjoy increased confidence but don’t let it get to your head or conflicts will likely arise. We know you love to treat yourself, so why not pick up an earthy Master Kush 2.25g Infused Superblunt by Trendi to celebrate your wins.


Bring on the transformation! With Mars in Gemini, you’re feeling determined and have a clear understanding of what you’d like to achieve this year. Spend time thinking about things that you’d like to let go of and leave in the past as your excitement about new goals will help you embrace valuable change. Your relationships may need some attention so try to revive them with one on one activities. You’ll rely on the people close to you to help you persevere in times of weakness and nurturing these connections will really pay off. Grab a Gush pre roll pack by Seche to spread the love by sharing over some meaningful conversation.


This month feels good as the new year brings some personal changes in perspective that will help you feel more open. You may meet new people who influence a new outlook. Try not to let the pressure of the new year get to you, especially at work. You have to train

people how to treat you so gather your courage and speak up if you feel taken advantage of to avoid a vicious cycle that will wear on you in the future. Enjoy time to yourself using your imagination and creativity to reset when reality gets stressful. To take your inspiration even higher try puffing on the Space Queen by Aether Gardens.


Another month of success for you, Leo! You are feeling empowered and determined with the turn of the new year which makes you an unstoppable force. Your natural talent of articulation combined with your stubborn nature makes you a great debater which will pay off in negotiations at work. If you have any lingering problems, now is the time to focus on solving them. Just be careful that this dominance doesn’t overpower those you love and remember to be soft with them to avoid any explosions or arguments on the home front. We recommend a cartridge like the Double Dream Resin8 cart by Cannavative to keep you relaxed and in your happy place.

VIRGO (AUG 22 – SEPT 22)

This month brings conflicted feelings as you recover from the holidays. You are missing company and recognition but also needing space which may send mixed signals to your loved ones. It’s important that you express yourself and talk about things that may be bothering you, especially so you don’t push anyone away. Don’t worry about making final long term decisions, just find relief in getting your scattered emotions out on the table. Sometimes, it’s best just to do the least which we all know is hard for you. When you get in a bind, take space with a heavy hitting concentrate like the Mandarin Meltdown Diamonds by Rove. Focusing on your health and fitness in the new year will give you the success you need to feel better.

LIBRA (SEP 22 – OCT 23)

Be cautious of intense emotions this month that may have you questioning what you’re doing with your life. It will take a while to work through these feelings so don’t make any impulsive decisions. This inner turmoil will cause mood swings that can feel overwhelming at times. Be gentle with yourself and try to control your emotions to avoid conflict. Take lots of breaks when you need them and do things that make you feel at peace. A spacy gummy like the CBG Pear Gummies by Wyld will help take your mind off things. Don’t dwell on the past, especially with your partner, or you could experience many conflicts.

50 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


Scorpios naturally embrace transformation, and as a result will be feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. You are driven, motivated, and have a lot of confidence to start things off right. Your mental clarity and strong foundation allow you to easily navigate important decisions at work and home. You are not phased by anything and will be in a generally good mood. You may have less energy than usual so take time to rest when you need to and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to overdo it. Puffing on some Zelly’s Gift by Green Life Productions is a great option to take it easy when you need to.


You are restless and unfocused after a freedom filled holiday season. Lingering situations arise and distract you from your responsibilities. This could include ex-partners that you may have unresolved issues with. Take time to work through things that haven’t been addressed so you can move on and it doesn’t come up again. Don’t let old feelings keep you in the past or they will hold you back from a bright future. Ditch the feels with a pack of the Banana Macaron Infused Packarillos to help you detach from any trauma. However, you will be very passionate and full of sexual energy. They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.


The new year comes easy as you continue to make actionable steps towards your goals. Nothing really rocks the boat for you this month. It’s easy to map out a plan for what you aim to achieve this year. You will have much luck and good fortune. Since you love to work hard and play hard, we recommend a tasty treat like the Zkittlez Cake Cured Resin Batter by Melting Point Extracts. With the power of the Sun in Capricorn on your side, you rise to the top as a leader and gain recognition for your strengths. Just try not to let leadership turn into control. Success will lie in coordinating everyone’s strengths to accomplish things as a team.


You will have a calm demeanor that helps you make decisions to move forward this month. You are detached from your thoughts which makes things easier for you, as you usually have stress from so many things running through your head at once. Keep your head in the clouds with a pack of the 1:1 Sour Blueberry Jellies by Mellow Vibes in case your mind starts racing again. Your decision making is calculated, helping you commit to your goals and resolutions. This increases the trust that your friends and family members have in

you. Venus in Aquarius from the 2nd to the 26th makes you very attractive to many people, especially because you’re so good at playing it cool.

PISCES (FEB 18 – MAR 20)

After getting your social fix over the holidays, you are feeling in tune with your creativity this month and have a lot of new ideas. Don’t be afraid to put in your two cents! It’s a great time to use these imaginative solutions to benefit you at work as this will bring the recognition you deserve. Taking on new projects will fuel your excitement for the future and allow you to express your ingenuity. A classic Blue Dream vape pod by Stiiizy will only enhance the flow of your creative juices! Don’t forget about your friends or partner and prioritize spending time together with them or they may hold resentment towards you.

Budtender of the Month Las Vegas

Chip Ursery

Budtender at COOKIES

Chip is a veteran in the cannabis industry. Although he wears multiple hats, budtending is where he finds the most joy. Head over to Cookies Flamingo and let Chip take care of all your cannabis needs.

How did you get your start in the industry?

Legally. When I moved to Vegas from my hometown in Indianapolis in 2017, I interviewed with about 3-4 dispensaries, landed at Acres as a budtender, and have been growing and grooving along ever since

What’s your favorite topic to educate a customer on?

How tobacco affects your weed high and the THC stigma, cause you’ve never asked your weed man what the percentage is. (Fellow budtenders, tell a customer that next time they ask for the highest percentage.)

What’s something you didn’t expect or something that surprised you when you first got in the industry?

How many people in this industry actually don’t smoke (with no shade being thrown,) it was just pretty surprising.

What’s the most interesting THC product you’ve sold or seen in a dispensary?

In Vegas I’d have to say those INDO tab THC pills, those are pretty amazing and the Intimacy Oil by Evergreen Organix, I have yet to use it with somebody personally but I do know somebody that got pregnant off of that stuff. Good job Evergreen! I’ve also seen infused Easy Mac and Cheese in

Cali. Disgusting but very interesting.

If you had to describe your budtending style in three words, what would they be?

Voluble, detailed, and thoughtful.

What’s the most rewarding part of budtending for you?

Knowing a stoner is leaving with more knowledge than they came in with or probably a returning customer.

Do you have any cannabis related New Year’s resolutions?

No resolutions, but I do wanna buy some higher-end cannabis pieces like a Houseplant ashtray, a Stundenglass piece, a Volcano or Puffco, and grow my lighter collection.

What are your favorite terpenes?

Linalool. I’ve never smoked anything with linalool that didn’t get me high and/or taste good. Obviously myrcene is up there, and limonene for that flavor profile.

What’s your favorite way to consume?

I’m what they call a professional joint roller. I usually smoke Vibes papers or out of one of my bongs. Say no to tobacco.

What have you been smoking on?

This morning, some Red Velvet by Grandiflora/Cookies. I also got some Cereal Milk by Cookies. I just finished some LaBomba by GLP, Waffle Cone by The Grower Circle, and I’ve been dabbing some Cannavative concentrate.

52 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Budtender of the Month Reno

Stephan Cramer


With over 6 years of experience in the cannabis industry Stephan’s passion, and love for the plant can not be questioned. His knowledge and friendly personality is what brings the customers back. He shares that same knowledge and personality on his cannabis podcast It’s Ducking Lit. You can also catch Stephan at The Dispensary in Reno

How did you get your start in the industry?

My brother was working at a dispensary and told me to apply back when we were medical and I’ve been slanging ever since.

What’s your favorite topic to educate a customer on?

I love educating customers on RSO and terpenes.

Have you ever learned anything from a customer? If so, what was it?

I learn things from customers everyday. I learn other states' regs and how their shopping experiences are from state to state.

What’s the most interesting THC product you’ve sold or seen in a dispensary?

I’d say the most interesting THC product I’ve seen in the market is a suppository.

What’s the most rewarding part of budtending for you?

The most rewarding thing about being a budtender is educating and giving new customers a fun experience to something that they have never experienced.

Do you have any cannabis related New Year’s resolutions?

Budtender of the Month Las Vegas

My resolution is the same every year and it’s to make more money than the year before.

What are your favorite terpenes?

Myrcene would be my favorite but I also like limonene and bisabolol.

What’s your favorite way to consume?


Flower is my preferred method in either a joint or bong.

Budtender at EXHALE

What motivated you to start your podcast?

I started the podcast because at the time I hadn’t really heard of any cannabis focused podcasts that weren’t very formal and NPR style so I was like, I know me and my boy Dillon be having the best convos about weed with all our friends and we both love podcasts and have backgrounds in audio so why not see what happens? We’ve been going ever since (for about 2 1/2 years now.)

What have you been smoking on?

What motivated you to join the cannabis industry? Learning the medical aspect of it made me wanna get into it. I was a medical patient before it was recreational. So I started helping friends with home grows and extractions. Then I wanted to further my knowledge and that’s when I decided to join the industry.


Nevada's Nashone Greene might be one of the hardest working individuals in the cannabis industry. Even though he has multiple hustles, budtending at Exhale Dispensary is what brings him the most joy. His work ethic and hunger for more has made him a top performer and a superstar in the making.

What do you look for I look for specific comes to products

I blaze Cali Gas Packs or if I stay homebase, I keep it with Natures Chem, GLP, Growers Circle and Real McCoy.

Has your smoking habits more selective of what Definitely! I feel at weed. Just smoke I got, I learned about

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned since becoming a budtender? How loyal customers are to products and brands. And

What’s your favorite As I always say, “ a all day, folks! And

53 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
brands take
the bud-tenders, as far as
care of
>>>INTERVIEWS BY rocky hernandez jorrell ellis
Family Owned and Operated Since 1999 CALL OR TEXT (702) 463-5604 Providing Delivery for GIFTS • CATERING • FAST FOOD • GROCERIES PHARMACIES • RESTAURANTS • ADULT STORES COURIER SERVICES • FLOWERS & BALLOONS AND MORE! 2300 N. RAINBOW, STE. 111 LAS VEGAS, NV 89108 10am - 10pm

The Balance Guru NEW YEAR, NEW YOU WITH >>>

Local Nevadan, Travis Horn a.k.a The Balance Guru joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18, and it was then that his journey to create a new generation of fitness began. After years of intense focus, while developing extraordinary skills utilizing various balancing techniques, he decided to introduce his methods to the world. I recently spoke with him about growing up in Las Vegas, his cannabis advocacy and his journey as The Balance Guru.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: Tell me a little about yourself, growing up in Vegas and entering the military at such a young age.

TRAVIS HORN: I was born and raised in the city of entertainment and home of the Original Balance Guru, I went to Clark high school and I worked my first and only job at In-N-Out Burger while I was a senior. Once I graduated in 2007, I got married. I was divorced in 2014, but my son is a blessing from that. I joined the Marines in 2007 and was absolutely full blast from the jump! I got out of the Marines in 2011, and my cannabis and wellness journey began. It was then that the Balance Guru was created!

SS: You are known as The Balance Guru - how did that name come about? Tell me about the fitness/methods you teach.

TH: It came out of nowhere. The social media craze had just begun and as an artist, I was searching for a way to show off what I had inside. My original name on social media was vegas_balanceguru. I changed it to be more of a worldwide name. The Guru Method became a household name several years later and appealed to everyone from those doing the pistol squat in the CrossFit Games to the average person just using items to be fit. I teach proprioception, fulcrum, kinetic chain, and atmospheric pressure which applies to all humans and all matter on earth. The Sleep Manual is my humanitarian baby, and it has solved scoliosis, sciatica and many more chronic patterns due to improper postures under atmospheric pressure.

SS: You are also a cannabis advocate. When did you begin consuming cannabis? What are your thoughts about the plant as it relates to the fitness methods you practice?

TH: I started consuming after the Marine Corps. I alway tell people you have two options: really hurt yourself or hurt others; cannabis helped me find my balance in helping others. I absolutely believe in cannabis being the top natural medicine as it allows me to focus without losing my body control. Everything on earth is moving at all times so being as precise as possible with the knowledge is

56 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

balance. Professional athletes are coming out daily with their usage and we are finally helping our Veterans naturally.

SS: Any cannabis companies or brands that you prefer? Also, what is your preferred method of consumption and why?

TH: I have gone over a decade in Las Vegas consuming and have yet to find a grower who cares about Veterans or a facility that is beyond the typical sales pitch. The things I have done for and with cannabis is unparalleled and for sure worthy of my own strain. I am an artist so before I workout, during workout, and while editing I smoke for the cause and not to be necessarily high. Yes, I get high, but my mind and body stay sharp!

SS: I am sorry that you feel that way about our local cultivators. I personally do know some that are Veterans themselves and that are conscious of medical cannabis and the good it does. You have a multitude of accolades and achievements as The Balance Guru, which are you most proud of?

TH: I have consumed cannabis during all my world records, all my national TV shows, while training every professional athlete and while writing all seven of my books. My most powerful cannabis story goes like this: I'm traveling to Rome to set and break the Guinness Book of World Records for "highest handstand on a self-built tower." Little did I know, a gentleman at The Coliseum would give me my very first hash joint hours before the show (see picture) so I was also the highest and farthest from home for this record! The full video can be seen on my YouTube.

SS: What advice would you give to readers looking to begin a healthier lifestyle as we go into the new year?

TH: Everything in moderation, even cannabis. Anything other than nothing is something that should keep you on track. Everything matters and you are good enough. Understand that we are all our biggest critics, so be nice to yourself. Educate yourself on the proper strains and how they can tailor to your needs. And, always

check the source of your cannabis.

SS: Great advice. You also offer courses on your website, tell me about those.

TH: Yes, absolutely, my courses are free. As a holistic healer and a deep humanitarian I would not be able to sleep at night if I did not give this information to the public. I am a firm believer in making no excuses and eliminating the reason not to. Please share, and if you need to book with me, I'm ready!

SS: How can readers follow you on social media/the web?

TH: Readers can connect with me via my website thebalanceguru. com, on Instagram @thebalanceguru, or on YouTube at thebalanceguru.

Melanie Speed Flawless Med Spa

Living in Southern Nevada provides a variety of options when it comes to medical spas. One facility however stands apart from the others. Flawless Med Spa opened in 2014 with offices in both Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Founded by celebrity injector and nurse practitioner Melanie Speed, Flawless Med Spa has won numerous awards and boasts a wealth of accolades in their field.

With over 25 years of nursing experience, which includes over 10 years as an acclaimed aesthetic injector, Speed earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Capitol University in Columbus, Ohio, and worked in labor and delivery for several hospitals throughout Columbus and Las Vegas before combining her passion for nursing, beauty, and skincare and entering aesthetics, later earning her CANS certification in 2017. In addition, her commitment to ongoing education and training has led her to become an instructor for Allergan Medical Institute, where she trains physicians and other medical professionals on administering Botox, Juvéderm, and Kybella. The world-renowned beauty expert has consistently been named a “Top 100 Best Aesthetic Injector in America” from the Best Aesthetic Injectors from 2018-2022 and has been a recipient of Real Self’s “Most Loved Injector” award, which is given to top industry professionals based off demand and review


Flawless Med Spa offers an array of nonsurgical cosmetic and wellness treatments including injectables, Plasma IQ pens, thread lifts, hair restoration, vampire facials/ facelifts, vitamin shots and more. And Speed has become the “go-to” aesthetics injector, specifically for her most popular signature services, her dramatic lip, nose and nonsurgical butt transformations. Following is a quick breakdown of these most popular services.

Lip Filler

Lip filler is used to obtain fuller, plumper, more youthful lips. As one of the most popular treatments at Flawless, clients receive lip fillers for a variety of reasons including added volume, balance, shape and definition, and to smooth fine lines. The products utilized are hyaluronic acid-based smooth gels and that help the skin retain moisture and softness while adding volume and shape.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Done with a soft-tissue filler, a non-surgical nose job can correct a deformity of the nose or enlarge the bridge of the nose. Results typically last up to one year and the procedure can smoothen the contour of the nose profile, smooth small bumps, make the tip

more prominent, lift the tip, and hide various imperfections.

Flawless Butt Lift

This non-surgical procedure is perfect for those wanting to avoid downtime or painful surgery or for those without enough fat for a surgical fat transfer. Done using a dermal filler, the Flawless Butt Lift improves plumpness, fills in hip dips, sculpts and lifts the butt, minimizes cellulite, improves stretch marks and enhances contours. Results are gradual and can typically be seen in as little as two to three treatments.

The new year is upon us and now is the perfect time to finally get the cosmetic procedures you’ve been thinking about. Melanie Speed is the best of the best. Her jaw-dropping celebrity makeover transformations have been featured on TMZ, Daily Mail, E! Online, US Weekly, In Touch and more. Her celebrity clientele includes TV personality Farrah Abraham, “90 Day Fiancé” star, Deavan Clegg, and Chad Johnson, star of “The Bachelor” franchise.

For more information about Flawless Med Spa and to check out the specials they are currently offering, visit them online at flawlessmedspas. com. You can also see Melanie Speed in action via her Instagram @melaniespeed.

Flawless Med Spa is located in Summerlin at 9418 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89134. Their office can be reached at (725) 6775085.

58 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Cooking for a Queen with Marnie Montroy

InfusedVegan Chili

Happy New Year Canna Family! It's cold outside and I grew up in Michigan where the summers are hot and the winters are freezing. I used to love when my mom would make a hearty chili on those cold winter days. It was a staple in our family and I can still smell it simmering on the stove for hours. I also kept in mind my vegan friends while it's not gonna hurt those that aren't, especially since most of you make those New Year's resolutions to be healthier. I will say, be careful when indulging in this dish. I would make portions and stick to them as the delicious, light taste can be deceiving of its potency. Bon appetit everyone!





15 ounces kidney beans (drained and rinsed)

15 ounces black beans (drained and rinsed)

3 garlic cloves (minced)

2 bell peppers (cored and diced)

1 medium white or yellow onion

2 cups fresh diced tomatoes

1 ½ cups tomato sauce

1 cup shredded carrots

½ cup bulgur (lightly rinsed)

¼ cup freshly chopped cilantro

Follow Marnie Montroy on IG



2 tablespoons chili powder

1 tablespoon cumin

1 huge tablespoon cannabutter

1 ½ teaspoons salt

Large Pot

Mixing Spoons


1. Warm up a large cooking pot over medium heat.

2. Add your cannabutter and let it melt before adding the pepper, carrots and onions to the pot and sauté for approximately 5 minutes, or until the onions are soft.

3. Add in the garlic and sauté the ingredients in the pot together for a full minute.

4. Stir the mixture well to ensure that all of the flavors are thoroughly combined, then add the cumin, bulgur, and chili powder to the pot.

5. Combine the remaining ingredients and stir together, then slowly bring the ingredients up in temperature until it reaches a steady boil.

6. When you see the chili begin to bubble, it won't take long to burn, so be sure to mix it well every 5 minutes and reduce the heat so that it can all gently simmer together for approximately one hour.

7. Lastly, remove from the heat and serve it either alone or with a topping like shredded cheese, sour cream, or your favorite dressing.


This chili recipe offers a nice blend of both sweet and spicy flavors that can be adjusted and enhanced to your liking. You're gonna love this sweet and spicy chili and you can always enhance it to your preference by trial and error. If you want some extra heat, substitute the bell peppers for jalapenos and if you’re more on the sweet side and want a sweeter chili, you can lighten the flavor by cutting the chili powder in half, and it will still be a very hearty meal.

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Cooking with Cannabushi

>>> An Infusion Series with chef chris rodarte

Infused Sesame Oil

What’s up all you Stoner’s and Stonette’s! I hope you enjoyed The ‘Green’ Apple Pie from the Christmas issue. It’s absolutely delicious and impressive. I have been getting a lot of feedback from my Snickerdoodle Salmon recipe with questions about how to make the Infused Sesame Oil using previously vaped flower so I decided to show you how to make it this month. This can be done old school or with a Magical Butter Machine. I will show you both methods. After you’re done, check out the video on WeedTube,YouTube, and more.


About ½ oz of already vaped flower or decarbed flower Crockpot or Magical Butter Machine 1-2 cups of sesame oil

Gloves (USE THEM! Unless you want to dose yourself) 4-5 cups water or oil Cheesecloth or 90 ppm strainer bag Funnel Beaker or Pyrex container


Magical Butter Method: First take your already vaped flower or decarbed herbs and place them into your Magical Butter Machine. Pour your sesame oil into the machine as well. Put the top on and press the center button for your temperature setting of 160 degrees and the second button for your time, which in this case is 2 hours. It will say 1 hour for oil but I always hit it with 2. Once the cycle is completed, use funnel and cheesecloth to strain out used herbs or the strainer bag from Magical Butter into a container. Easy Peasey!

Old School Method: First take your Crockpot and fill with either water or oil. Why? I use oil, because water creates a vapor that can potentially contaminate your oil. Water is ok to use, just be mindful. Oil has a consistent heat and isn’t going to boil, potentially causing an accident with your beaker or glass Pyrex. Turn on the HIGH setting until ready. *Target Temperature is 170 degrees. If you used a beaker like I did, put the flower into it using the funnel or place it into your preferred container. Pour in your sesame oil into your Pyrex container and give your two ingredients a little swirl around to make sure they are mixed thoroughly. Buoyancy will be a thing when placing your Pyrex into the heated Crockpot. Make sure you either use a small ceramic plate or add more sesame oil to your container to combat this issue. (Safety first) Allow your container to sit in the water/oil for 2-3 hours, using a heat proof glove or towel to swirl the liquid in a counter clockwise and clockwise motion to ensure everything is combining or *homogenizing. Do that every 20-30 minutes. Once you are done, have your cheesecloth or mesh bag ready with another container to hold it. Pour into your strainer slowly. Letting gravity do its thing! This isn’t a race, so slow and steady…

There you have it! You have just learned how to make the Infused Sesame Oil from my Snickerdoodle Salmon recipe! This recipe can also be changed using the oil of your choice. That’s right, you want avocado oil, you got it.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little recipe to start out the New Year on a good foot! Check out my recipes via WeedTube, YouTube, or @ dynavap on Instagram.

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Chef Chris Rodarte aka CannaBushi Chris is a five star Sushi Chef and inventor of the first THC/CBD infused dessert sushi roll in America. Traveling across America and working for some of the most renowned restaurants and Chefs in the country like 2 Star Michelin rated Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of The New Wakuda Japanese restaurant inside The Palazzo, and Michelin rated Akira Back of Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant inside the Bellagio. Nominated for the Best Cannabis Chef in Las Vegas 2020, 2021, and 2022 as well as the first Cannabis Chef ever to be inducted into The Marquis Who's Who of America! Follow Cannabushi at or @Cannabushi on IG.

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