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This month marks the 50th issue of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. The last four years have flown by as we witnessed the inception and growth of our local cannabis industry. As we venture into our fifth year, we will see more dispensaries and cultivations open and more regulations enacted. Hopefully, in the coming year we will see lounge licenses open up and special event permits issued. As always, Vegas Cannabis will also continue to grow by adding pages and content. We always welcome questions and comments from our readers. In addition, if you know of a person, cause or business that you think should be highlighted within the magazine, please let us know.

HeroGrown provides free cannabis to veterans and first responders

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s i b a n n a C e t a b Lib

Membership is free and open to all military veterans, current and former first responders and their family members

This month we feature an article on Life After Moto which is an organization designed to assist retired motocross riders as the injuries sustained by many of these riders can be treated with cannabis, specifically CBD. Also in this issue is a feature on Focus Distribution, a local company who is giving back big this holiday season. Be sure to check out What’s Good in Nevada to read about some of the amazing products being offered by our local dispensaries. And, this month, there are quite a few cannabis events in the lineup: Viva Las Hempfest’s Harvest Party takes place on November 3rd at the Funkyard @ ReBar, the Herban Expo is November 9th-11th at the Rio, CEF Talks is November 12th at the Clark County Library and MJ Biz Con takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center November 14th-16th. In the spirit of giving, please consider donating a turkey to Focus Distribution’s holiday event. In addition, please consider donating canned food items for the Holiday Food Drive sponsored by Green Life Productions, Essence Dispensaries and Digipath Labs. Dropping of five food items will earn you a penny pre-roll from Green Life - food donations are being accepted October 29th through November 16th at Digipath Labs or any of the Essence locations. Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Shehan

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How Reef Dispensaries Became the Market Leader in Nevada



here’s a moment in a recent episode of Leafly’s The Roll-Up podcast where the hosts describe their experiences exploring many of the different pot shops while vacationing in Las Vegas. “We pulled up to Reef, which is far and away the busiest dispensary in Las Vegas,” says host Bruce Barcott. “It was a zoo… It was jam-packed, it was hoppin’. The lines were busy, people were coming and going in Uber’s and Lyft’s and taxis.”

That description couldn’t be more fitting. Walk into Reef Dispensary’s “Las Vegas Strip store” – one of six locations – and you’ll see what The Wall Street Journal described as “the world’s happiest line.” Giddy people queue up sampling CBD products while listening to Cardi B and Logic tracks, waiting for their turn to cop some legal weed. The line moves fast, and sure enough, customers are pouring out of cabs and rideshares - some that are clearly fresh from baggage claim. It’s a revolving door of curious tourists and returning locals. Rewinding to the night of July 1st, 2017, the scene was very different. Fireworks exploded in the sky from the top of Reef’s building at midnight to celebrate “Day 1”, the first day of recreational pot in Nevada. A line of roughly 1,000 people circled the building, amidst a media frenzy. Waits were up to an hour long. “We thought Okay, this is great. But how can we make sure that nobody has to wait in a line like this ever again?” says Adam Ryan, CEO and founder of Tryke Companies, the parent company of Reef. “We gave ourselves a ‘C’ in terms of customer experience that day. We had work to do.” Like many dispensaries, the jump from medical to recreational in Nevada impacted Reef’s traffic significantly. Operating 24 hours a day at both Southern Nevada stores, Reef’s central Las Vegas Strip location sees more customers per day than any other dispensary in the country. In 2017, Lyft named it as one of the most visited destinations in the city.


“We went from serving hundreds of customers per day in the medical market to serving over 4,000 customers per day in Nevada on a regular basis,” says Ryan. According to Ryan, the long lines and wait times were not unique to Day 1, as they continued into the summer, with the Nevada sun beating down on customers. Having to adapt to the new influx of business on the fly, they tried everything in the short term to keep people happy, from putting up makeshift tents to handing out bottled water and popsicles. But what really needed to happen was total refinement of the retail process and overall customer experience. Medical was one thing, but operating a 24-hour recreational cannabis dispensary in one of the biggest vacation destinations on the planet was a different beast. “We are nimble as it relates to change. That has been one of the keys to our success. We focus on new and innovative ideas to better serve our patients and customers every day,” says Mark Conley, Director of Retail for the company. Formerly a Walmart district manager for 25 years, Conley’s expertise was put into play to help reshape the overall experience customers have when coming to Reef. For instance, an October 2016 Complex article described Reef Dispensary as having “a design aesthetic that takes a page from the Apple Store,” which since then, many shops have embraced as well, implementing iPads and large wooden tables, presumably following Apple’s (or Reef’s) lead. “We tried that model and it failed,” says Conley. “Ultimately, it became like a Blockbuster Video, where people were just roaming around the property trying to make a decision for 45 minutes. IPads break or need maintenance. Customers don’t understand the transaction flow. That doesn’t work when you are the busiest dispensary in the country. We are about getting you in and out and making sure that you have the best experience possible in that short time period.” This level of service is not exclusive to Reef’s Strip locale. A trip to their North Las Vegas location paints a similar picture, it too is a constant revolving door of happy people.



THE LATEST “We actually see almost an equal amount of customers daily at our North Las Vegas location as our Las Vegas Strip store. Primarily locals,” say Conley, suggesting that their prime real estate adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip is not the sole factor of their success. That said, what does Reef think about more dispensaries moving into that stretch of land by the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas? Locals have nicknamed it ‘The Green Mile,’ as it is quickly becoming a district made up entirely of dispensaries and strip clubs. Some of these competitors are attempting to create pot shops with tourist attractions attached. “We think it’s great. It’s going to drive more business to us and everyone else in the immediate area. If you want cannabis in Las Vegas, this is where the action is,” says Tryke Companies CEO Adam Ryan. “But at the end of the day, customers will ask the same questions ‘How’s the weed? How is the customer experience?’ Bells and whistles are awesome for museum type setups, but we’re more concerned with our own quality product and speedy service.” That “quality product” that he refers to is grown right on site at Reef’s central Las Vegas location, which explains why Reef’s building is so incredibly large. A rumored 165,000 square feet capacity, Reef is what is known as a “vertically-integrated” dispensary, meaning that they grow the product under the same roof that they sell it from. Reef’s brands include Tryke, which encompasses their flower and concentrated cannabis extracts; Bake Sale, a line of edibles; and of course, Khalifa Kush, a line of products endorsed by rapper Wiz Khalifa. According to Tryke Cultivation Manager Trevor Merk, their Nevada grow is made up of carefully selected, hand-picked genetics, from exclusive strains like Cherry Cobbler and Orange Zkittlez to well-known heavy hitters like Pie Hoe and Wedding Cake. Anything that does not meet the company’s internal quality standards is not released and is quickly phased out. “Having a vertically-integrated facility like this, we are able to maintain the highest quality standards of all of our products, whether its flower, edibles, or extractions. We have our own system of checks and balances, so we are not constantly subject to third party purchasing, which may not meet the internal quality standards that we have for ourselves,” explains Merk. “If it’s not up to snuff, it’s axed from the production line. If it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we don’t want to put the Tryke name on it or carry it at Reef. Having that level of control gives us a huge advantage in terms of what we stock our stores with,” explains Merk.

thousands of applicants for each position, its selection process is meticulous. Gleave feels that this has resulted in the strongest team in the industry.

As of October 2018, the company just celebrated the hiring of its 420th employee, adding to a diverse mix of seasoned professionals from various industries and ambitious young employees eager to learn more about the industry. According to Tryke Companies Chief Human Resources Officer Randall Gleave, this group prides itself on being able to learn from one another. He says that Tryke is one of the few companies in the cannabis industry to offer full employee benefits, healthcare, and paid time off, so with literally

The winning combination of a five-star team and keen attention to detail in terms of product and service has certainly paid off, as Reef was one of ten companies named in the Retail Delivery Experience category of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Green Entrepreneur 100 Cannabis Leaders 2018” list. With plans for strategic expansion both within Nevada and into other markets, it sounds like Reef is just getting started.

“We have one of the most diverse workforces that I have ever put together,” says Gleave, who brings 30 years of hiring experience to the table at Tryke Companies. “We’re a very ethical organization in an industry that comes from a very stigmatized background. We wanted to build a company that would be professional and add to the legitimacy of this amazing plant. I feel that we have accomplished that.”





>>> Life after moto >>>


“Life After Moto” is a nonprofit foundation for amateur motocross riders who have sustained career ending injuries. Our mission is to navigate our injured riders throughout the “ruts” of medical bills, addiction, counseling, employment, education and spiritual guidance which will “roost” a successful future of stability and selfworth for those who put it all on the line.

As a single mom raising two boys in Las Vegas, I have been determined to support them in all facets of their life while protecting them from any danger. Therefore, strict rules came into place regarding what sports they could participate in. Motocross was not one ever mentioned to them, as this was a world unknown to me. But once they mentioned “dirt bikes” for Christmas and my parents did what they do best (making their wishes come true) pulling my hair out became just another hairstyle.

Mentorship of injured riders supporting other injured riders is huge. Having an ear to listen and advice to give one another just like they do at the track. Whether it’s starting their own business of training young riders, creating a resume to find new employment, counseling to rid addictions or financial support for medical bills, “Life After Moto” foundation continues the heart of Motocross.

As a former professional golfer on the LPGA, I understand the dedication and passion behind every athlete’s dream. I was fortunate to have an amazing family who gave up their own desires to give me the opportunity to “change my stars” and turn a dream into reality.

It’s been 10 months that my boys have been racing, and in that time I have seen track communities and riders come together in support of one another like no other sport demonstrates. Riders support each other at the line, fist pump after the race, protect the fallen on the track, share equipment and literally give their own bike parts to one another to ensure they all get to compete. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed in sports competition. These athletes have heart, and that heart never stops, even after injuries stop them from racing. For me, I know very little about motocross but what I do know is this: It’s a connection! A connection to exhilaration, adrenaline, non-violent entertainment. A connection to friends with similar passion and to meet heroes up close and personal. A connection to healthy eating habits, physical activity, good posture and grit. A connection to the importance of safety with gear and maintenance. A connection to work ethic, patience, responsibility, goal setting, preparation, achievements. A connection to family, community, loss and spirituality.


Growing up in Midvale, Utah I played numerous sports- soccer, football, BMX and Motocross. My family would go camping on a frequent basis and when we did, my dirt bike was the toy of choice. Riding my dirt bike in the desert or up in the mountains gave me the best feeling of freedom and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Being one with nature and wildlife was relaxing to my soul, and still is today. I loved riding my BMX bike through the town and having the opportunity to build jumps with my cousins and friends. However, being on my dirt bike riding trails, abandoned tracks and later racing motocross was exciting and full of adrenaline pumping fun! I think motocross stood out over the other sports in my life because I wasn’t held back by teammates. It’s 100% up to you. What you put in, you get out.

WHY? Where did the motocross spirit and support disappear to?

It was also a great time for me to spend quality memories with my dad. He would always be the one to take me to races (until I was old enough to take myself). I remember one of the best moments with him was at a race in 2002 at Delta, Utah where they had a father/son race. Fathers had to ride their son’s bike. My dad took the hole shot on my 450 and rode a wheelie up the hill shifting gears with a peace sign from his left hand and taking the hole shot. I still laugh about it today. I looked up to my family (little do they know) and always thought I would follow in their footsteps working hard and living in the now. But life throws you curveballs.

When dreams end quickly due to injury, it is imperative there is still a positive presence and path in place. Plan B, so to speak. I didn’t see this being done for our fallen riders and witnessed many losing hope and falling deeper into darker moments.

In 2006, I had my first motocross accident: left ankle, foot and leg Recovery was tough. It was longer than I could handle and struggled with being laid up in pain which was the start of a very dark direction for me.

Motocross is unique! These athletes are unique! But what sparked “Life After Moto” was watching, hearing and learning about the fallen riders falling deeper than we can imagine. Deep into medical and personal bills, deep into addiction of opiates, deep into unemployment while healing, deep into limited education options, deep into depression and from there it’s frightening.


For more information about “Life After Moto,” visit lifeaftermoto. org. To contact the organization, email



THE LATEST In 2009, I shattered my skull, broke my back, had facial reconstruction of sinus and mouth. Was 4 months with a trachea, bone grafts, skin grafts, 2 implants, reconstruction of the pallet, 3 fake teeth and multiple surgeries with years to physically recover. Mentally, you never recover. Nightmares, waking up in cold sweats and using pain meds mixed with alcohol to bury the anxiety, stress and sleep deprivation put me further into my dark path and lead me down a road of full-time addiction to drugs, alcohol, thoughts of suicide and legal issues. My parents and grandparents tried to help me as much as I would let them and financially they saved me. I was fortunate at the time to work for my dad. Therefore, they supported my healing time and helped with medical bills until I was back on my feet and able to earn enough to pay them back. When being around a friend of mine, Nate, watching, supporting and being there for him through races helped me to stay in my passion of motocross until I got back on my feet financially and mentally. Then in mid 2011, I returned to riding/racing. In 2017, I broke my collarbone. Broke it on a Saturday, surgery on a Wednesday and back to work with my dad the following Saturday in severe pain and discomfort. My dad had just had knee surgery and because it was a family business, I knew I had to step up. However, mentally the vision of my wreck in 2009 along with the drugs and alcohol still in my life was driving a wedge between me, my family and friends. I was becoming someone I didn’t know how to control. When doctors put me on a sleep aid medication I knew at that point I had an addiction problem and needed help but didn’t know where to turn. Cannabis became legal in Nevada in November 2017 and many of my friends and family told me I should try it (in lieu of my addictions) to help me get away from the medications and alcohol. Therefore, Deep Roots in Mesquite became my weekend doctor. They were amazing in the way they educated their customers on

the different strains, their effects, how they help and how much to consume. I couldn’t ever take the cannabis medication into Utah as it’s not legal there, so truly the weekends with Deep Roots was my saving grace. Little do they know, they saved my life. Dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, addiction and loss of family and friends is not easy for one to get through. Deep Roots counseled me and saved me. To them I will always be grateful! In April 2018, I had my most recent motocross accident breaking my right foot, ankle and leg similarly to how I broke the left one in 2006. Three surgeries and thousands of dollars in debt with medical bills, I am finally on the mend. Unfortunately, this accident put my mental state back into those dark memories which pushed my dad away separating us from working together. Unable to work and pay for my apartment I moved to Las Vegas in late May to be with my girlfriend and her two boys (who also race motocross). While healing physically, my girlfriend reached out to MJDoSE who offered me employment. They introduced me to Central Christian Church which was a different experience for me, but welcoming. Together it’s all been a big factor in healing physically, mentally and spiritually. I don’t know if the dark days and frustrations I put my family through will ever leave my memory, but one thing I do know is the good memories being created on a daily basis since 4/20/18; memories I don’t want to forget. I have been clean now for 5 months. Everyday is a battle and darkness tries to override my success constantly. My strength and determination is stronger now than it has ever been. As I mentor my girlfriend’s two boys in racing, life and choices I don’t hide my past from them. I let them know the rights and wrongs of my life. What I have lost, learned and won. I see my younger self in both of them and pray my experiences, recoveries from injuries and addictions will guide me in paving their path with a brighter future.


Stay Energized and focus with our Rise Capsules, 20:1 CBD MCT Oil Tincture and Energy Vape Pen. Each product was developed with the hard working adult in mind.






Terpene Spotlight




utumn is a time of reflection. Nostalgia for years gone by, time passing, life evolving. With this seasonal shift comes cooler weather and the promise of holiday memories both old and new- Halloween and festive blessings, abound. Cooler weather also descends upon us in this sun-drenched desert, and with cooler temps comes the smell of fall. Fireplaces burning, a subtle scent of rain in the distance, and if you’re lucky, the terpene-rich aromas radiating from your local dispensary. Too much? Thought so. However, as long as we’re on the subject of scents, let’s talk about terpenes. Terpenes are the goody goodness that aid in cannabis’ distinctive fragrance and flavor. Some are citrusy, some earthy, a few even emulate a berry scent. Of the thousands of terpenes, a few are more commonly significant. Humulene is a terpene that exists organically in basil, clove, cannabis sativa and hops. The woody, earthy scent of humulene is familiar and soothing and may be recognizable in some more popular strains. The herbal scent has a hint of spice and acts as an anti-inflammatory, tumor fighting, anti-bacterial powerhouse. While humulene does have a reputation for appetite suppression (a great way to take off those turkey and pumpkin pie pounds) it is a remarkably useful terpene in treating cancer patients. Due to its unique anti-proliferative properties, this terpene packs a powerful punch in the determent of cancer cell growth. Tests also show that humulene has been successful in depriving cancer cells of the oxygen they need in order to grow. This method of cell suppression slows tumor growth while encouraging the development of healthy cells.

Medicinally speaking, humulene is a depressant, making it a fantastic pain reliever. Because humulene is so great at slowing


Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson

Popular strains such as Girl Scout Cookies, White Widow, Pink Kush, Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG rank high in levels of humulene. Used for centuries in Chinese medicine, humulene falls under the classification of sesquiterpene. Without turning this into a science lesson, simply put, sesquiterpene is one of the more fragrant pheromone oils within the cannabis plant. Due to a unique molecular makeup, sesquiterpenes are less erratic than other elements within the plant structure. For the palatable connoisseur, one of the most important things to note is that humulene makes beer smell like a refreshingly hoppy beer, it makes herbs more flavorful lending a distinctive bite to sage and ginseng, and it makes your cannabis all the more delicious.

down the production of bacteria, it is widely used for anti-fungal purposes. Historically, ancient folk medicine tells us that essential oils containing extremely high levels of humulene (such as balsam fir) were successful in staving off dangerous infections like staph and streptococcus. An as analgesic, this terpene works amazingly well to treat pain. Because of the prevalence of this terpene within the cannabis profile, and due to the number of healing effects it possesses, humulene can be used in a variety of ways. Topically, humulene can be useful as an additive to balms, oils and salves. When consumed through cannabis usage, this therapeutic terpene strengthens the immune system and enhances the overall experience. This season, enjoy your humulene-rich strains with a seasonal beer and really embody the autumnal effects health, happiness and giving thanks.

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Try not to stare. srene_nv

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.



Cannabinoid Culture:


Cannabigerol (CBG)

By now, the word “cannabinoid”, especially variations of cannabinoids such as “Cannabidiol” (also known as CBD) and “Tetrahydrocannabinol” (THC) are terms that many are familiar with. If you’ve experimented with THC or CBD, you may also be curious to learn more about the benefits of cannabinoids. Simply put, cannabinoids are any of the various organic substances which are found in cannabis. The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids naturally, and these chemicals react with receptors in the body through the endocannabinoid system. This system is what allows us to receive the effects (and benefits) of the use of cannabinoids. One of the more obscure cannabinoids, cannabigerol (CBG), is gaining some attention for its medicinal benefits. CBG isn’t present in extensive amounts in a lot of cannabis strains, however it is a cannabinoid that deserves a closer look. CBG has shown to have a profound effect on certain physiological issues, including decreasing inflammation in test studies, including the treatment of inflammatory symptoms of bowel disease and some forms of cancer. The endocannabinoid receptors are common within the framework of the eye, and CBG is believed to be


especially successful in the treatment of glaucoma since it diminishes intraocular strain. It is a ground-breaking aid in widening blood vessels, which benefits many health conditions where proper blood flow is a concern. CBG is also known to have positive neuroprotective impact. Animals that suffered with the inflammation of bowel disease were treated with CBG and observed to have decreased inflammation. In another study, mice with Huntington’s disease (which causes the brain to have nerve cell degeneration) who were treated with CBG showed neuron protective results. In addition to having a positive effect on inflammatory and neurological conditions, CBG is being looked at as a promising treatment for cancer. Receptors that can cause cancer cells to multiply were stunted from growing as a result of CBG usage. More thorough testing showed colorectal cancer cells inhibited, which decreased the rate at which colon cancer grows. Tumors and synthetically induced carcinogenesis of the colon was inhibited after the use of CBG as treatment. This is fantastic news for cancer patients and patients afflicted by inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases!

bacterial agent. Certain strains of the potentially deadly MRSA virus have shown to be resistant to multiple types of drugs. However, over the past several decades, cannabis in topical form has been effective as a treatment for MRSA infections of the skin. In the past, the chemical makeup of the cannabis plant was evasive to medical experts. We now know that cannabigerol is the cannabinoid that is responsible for these incredible results. A 2017 investigation demonstrated that a purified type of CBG worked extremely well as an appetite stimulant. For patients who suffer with loss of appetite, nausea, unwanted weight loss and muscle atrophy as side effects of cancer and other diseases,

Further studies have shown that CBG is beneficial as a Photo by Alexandre Chambon

CBG is a natural option. Similarly, CBG proves to be effective in keeping muscle contractions at bay which can be beneficial for people who suffer with dysfunctional bladders. Researchers are elated with the possibilities that CBG presents in the form of a natural, organic treatment for patients who deal with a myriad of illnesses, stresses and disorders. Due to its non-psychotropic profile, cannabigerol offers a multitude of options as treatment for conditions previously listed, as well as an analgesic and an antidepressant. Breeders are paying closer attention to cannabigerol in the strains that they are producing due to all of its benefits.



Dear Mary Jane: I have smoked marijuana, I have used concentrates, but I have yet to find the marijuana experience that I am looking for. I like the idea of consuming it, but I really do not trust people preparing my food for me. How difficult is it to make your own edibles? Have you ever tried this? What advice would you give me? Thank you! Hungry Hendry

My Dearest Hendry: You are not the first person with whom I have communicated who feels the way that you do regarding edibles. Consuming marijuana has a much different effect on you than does smoking or vaporizing it. If you are new to the world of edibles, making your own is not a bad idea. Before I go any further, I must point out the obvious: preparing and cooking with marijuana will often make your kitchen reek of marijuana. We are not talking a semi - noticeable mellifluous note in the air. We are talking an aroma so profound that you will likely need a machete to cut through it. You could read by it. However, if you can work with this, then do read on. Before we start exchanging recipes and such, I’d like to introduce a concept of edible marijuana preparation that seems to have fallen out of popular discussion lately, despite its value. It is a chemical reaction to heating marijuana called decarboxylation. Simply put, decarbing marijuana fully activates the psychoactive elements of the drug. I can hear it now: “But MaryJane, I don’t decarboxylate my supply before I pack a bowl or roll a blunt. You are lying to me! WHY DO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ALWAYS LIE TO ME??” Calm down, you fool! You DO decarb your weed, dear--as I recall, fire is an EXCELLENT heat source. Adding raw (nondecarboxylated) marijuana to any recipe isn’t necessarily a bad thing (think kale without the millennial charm), just don’t expect to catch anything more than a smug and superior attitude from it. Given that the least expensive marijuana you’d want to consume costs no less than $200/ounce, and that you can buy a POUND of kale for $5, why would you not decarb your stash before cooking with it? Catch that buzz! To achieve marijuana decarboxylation, all you have to do is apply some heat and the effects produced are fascinating. As you know, the main psychoactive compound in weed is THC, but there is little of it in raw herb. Instead, you’ll find a lot of THCA, which is non-intoxicating. When you add heat to


your marijuana, however, you transform THCA into THC. This happens because the decarb process removes the COOH (carbon) group from the THCA molecule by releasing water and carbon dioxide, turning it into THC. The process happens more slowly when your cannabis has been cured, which is why it is necessary to use an oven when decarbing weed to place in your edibles. Incidentally, when you decarb weed, the heat used reduces the botulism risk in your edibles. When you don’t go through the process correctly, botulism bacteria can grow in your butters or oils. So at what temperature and for how long should you bake (heh) your weed to effectively decarboxylate it? As with everything else in life, it depends who you ask. Do an Internet search on decarboxylation and you will find hundreds and hundreds of recommendations? Personally, I decarb for 35 minutes at 220 degrees per ounce. Make sure that your product is fairly dry and decently ground; if it is extra gooey, you might want to add 5 or 10 minutes to your baking time. Place it on a parchment - lined baking tray, put it in the oven and give it the occasional stir to make sure it is baking evenly. Piece of cake? If that is what you want! My only other advice to you is to use your recently decarboxylated weed to make marijuana butter (“budder”). Budder is the ultimate food upgrade, as it can be added to anything from toast to crème brulee, if that is what you want. There are more budder recipes on the internet then there are questions about decarboxylation, so look for a simple recipe and experiment. Amazon, of all places, sells a machine that actually makes budder for you; if you are like me, the easier the process, the less likely the police will be called. Bon appetit!



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The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

November is here, and that means two things: 1) it’s time to start wearing longer sleeves, and 2) Thanksgiving is coming! With the way marijuana policies around the nation have been changing for the better, and the way marijuana sales and ambitions here in Nevada have remained high over the past year, we have much to be thankful for! So to stay in the holiday spirit, I decided that this rendition of The Cannab-Esq. Chronicles would be dedicated to a few things I’m thankful for in the marijuana industry in 2018. First and foremost, I’m thankful that something might finally be done about the federal marijuana laws. According to some lawmakers, President Trump will be reviewing the current marijuana regulations and addressing the federal prohibition of marijuana after the upcoming November 2018 midterm election cycle. While no one knows for certain what Trump is going to do, rumor has it he is going to push for legalizing medical marijuana on the federal level. Hopefully he goes a step further and publicly endorses allowing each individual state to decide whether marijuana is legalized recreationally. Of course, in order for any of this change to happen, something will need to be done about cannabis being listed as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). And since rescheduling or de-scheduling a substance under the CSA requires legislation, our congressional representatives will need to take action as well. However, as I’ve discussed in the past, there are multiple proposed bills out there that either call for cannabis to be removed from the CSA altogether or rescheduled as something other than Schedule I. Either way, the federal grip over marijuana is slowly easing, and it’s definitely something I’m thankful for! In October, our neighbors to the north in Canada began enjoying and celebrating the end of cannabis prohibition. On October 17, 2018 it became completely legal nationwide in Canada for anyone at least 18 years old to purchase and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana and grow up to four plants at home. I truly feel our leaders need to take a page out of Canada’s book when it comes to cannabis and get rid of federal cannabis prohibition for good. I am also thankful that other states around the nation have begun to ease up on their marijuana policies and shift toward legalization. For example, by the time you read this article, voters in both Michigan and North Dakota will have left the polls and decided whether to legalize recreational marijuana within their borders. Further, citizens of Missouri and Utah will have voted on whether to finally allow access to medical marijuana. It’s good to see more states shrugging off old misconceptions and garnering up enough support to at least vote on whether to legalize and regulate cannabis – whether it be for only medical purposes or for adult-use recreationally. As I write this (just before the elections mentioned herein), there are already thirty-one states (and Washington D.C.) that allow marijuana for medical purposes and nine states (and Washington D.C.) that allow it recreationally. Hopefully as you’re reading this, both of those numbers have gone up by two!


In another promising sign toward acceptance of marijuana, the Los Angeles International Airport has recently announced that it will allow travelers through the airport and on planes with up to an ounce of flower and eight grams of concentrate. While McCarran Airport in Las Vegas has yet to announce any similar policies, I’m hoping they follow suit and announce something soon. There is nothing worse than having to fly out of town and potentially be without your stash for awhile. Plus, law enforcement authorities have plenty of things to worry about other than people trying to fly with a little bit of weed in their carry-on. All that being said, I feel obligated at this juncture to remind everyone that no matter what the airport policies are, cannabis is obviously still illegal federally, and when you are flying you are under federal jurisdiction. So be careful! Regardless of what the airport policies are here in Nevada, we can all be thankful that Nevada officials and industry leaders have gone over and above to ensure that Nevada is a player in the cannabis game. For example, the newly-opened super-dispensary on the Strip, Planet 13, is sure to take things to the next level. This place is not only massive in size, but the technology and visual experiences just walking through the place are definitely something everyone needs to experience. Somehow I played my cards right and copped an invite to the grand opening, and I must say, the place is thoroughly impressive! There is also plenty of space for later phases of development that will almost certainly include a cannabis consumption lounge. And speaking of cannabis consumption lounges, all signs are still pointing toward consumption lounges being approved in Las Vegas by years-end! This is exciting news for not only the millions of tourists that come here each year with no place to legally consume the cannabis products we promote and market so heavily, but also for the many locals that are eager to finally be able to go out and enjoy some quality time in a social setting designed and tailored toward cannabis consumption. Sketchy stairwells and parking lots no more! Lastly, and just as important, I’m forever thankful for Nevada Made Marijuana dispensary and their Wax Wednesday and Shatterday specials. I don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for those glorious days of re-upping on some mouthwatering Kabunky concentrates! It wasn’t long ago the thought of swinging by a state-licensed dispensary on the way home from work to drool over the latest cannabis specials was just that – a wild and crazy thought. But with people like you making sure your voice is heard, we have been able to start this journey of enlightenment and march toward the end of federal prohibition. Keep it up and #StayWoke! Follow me: IG @Cannab_Esq or FB @MitchellSBissonEsq




Canada? REALLY?? Well, another beastly-hot Las Vegas summer is finally behind us; I never saw a bird panting for air before I moved here twenty years ago. As the seasons change, one of my favorite peoplewatching activities is to observe (and report) the winter wear sported by us desert-rats during the FREEZING temperatures experienced here in December and January. I’ve seen full-length down coats, fur hats and ski gloves when the temperature hits 40 degrees. My favorite outfit, however, is the one that I call “The Canadian Tuxedo”.

Even though Canada only has approximately 10% of the population of the US, their pathway to legalization may provide an informative blueprint for federal legislation right here at home.

A little background is probably in order. Canada is about to become the second country on Earth to legalize recreational marijuana. We are not talking about in a province or however they partition Canada, I mean that marijuana will be legal recreationally throughout the entire country. I am horrified! Canada beat us at something besides hockey? WTF?? I grew up in Western New York, literally (LITERALLY!) spitting distance from Canada. My first 28 years left me as a guy who is not particularly fond of Canada nor most things Canadian. Yes, the beer is good, even though you can only buy it from certain locations, collectively called The Beer Store (I could not make this up). Yes, they have socialized medicine, but the waiting list for a hip replacement will be anywhere between 18 months and three years and don’t even ask about an MRI. It’s true, there are almost no guns; it is up to you whether or not that is a good thing. I once visited Moscow, many years ago. Do you know what I liked best about Moscow and Russia in general? Nobody smiles over there, at least not out on the streets. Russians don't hold doors for strangers, making purchases is often a matter of just pointing and yelling until you reach an agreement with the clerk, and social discourse is kept to an absolute minimum. You can buy a Ferrari in Vladivostok and the entire process might take 20 minutes. I defy anyone to go into a Canadian town (Scarborough, say, on the outskirts of Toronto), go into a Mini Mart to buy a bag of dog food and a few liters of petrol, and get out of that store in less than 20 minutes. They are just SO DAMNED NICE! Apologetic, even! If you walk into the above Mini Mart, and they don't know you, they perform the


a patient's perspective

By Peter Jay




definition of rolling out the red carpet. How are you doing? Can I help you find anything? You know where you're headed? Do you need directions? Do you want some coffee? We have a Tim Horton's (Canada’s answer to Dunkin’ Donuts) right next door! The inquiries are endless. The real kick in the ass is that they are being absolutely genuine. I had a friend many years ago who bought two older Jaguars. I asked him why he wanted two ten-year-old luxury vehicles, and he explained that he was going to use one for parts to repair the other one when it broke down. I have always viewed that as Canada's role in the affairs of the United States: “Hey, Canada, we are out of wood. Get out.” I guess I’m just bitter and twisted because they beat us to the punch by federally legalizing weed. I have no idea how they’ll whack up the tax money generated by marijuana sales; however, given the increased rate of taxation in Canada, the product will likely not be cheap. Even though Canada only has approximately 10% of the population of the US, their pathway to legalization may provide an informative blueprint for federal legislation right here at home. *For the record, the Canadian Tuxedo consists of a winter coat (preferably an anorak), shorts, white socks and open-toed sandals. Personally, I see this wardrobe as a method of identifying each other out in the wild, allowing them to share their loonies and toonies and stories about full-contact curling. Maple syrup edibles, anyone? Holler at me: Archive:



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Cannabis Regulation:

By Dr. Aseem Sappal

Why Educating Regulators & Governments is Critical Passing an initiative to legalize medical and/or adult-use cannabis is just the first step in the process of bringing cannabis to market. In Nevada, where medical cannabis was legalized before adult-use, there were existing regulations in place. Having existing regulations and dispensaries in place allowed the state to quickly permit adults not participating in Nevada’s existing cannabis program to possess and grow cannabis. This expedited the process to less than two months after Question 2 legalizing adult-use cannabis was passed by voters in November 2016.

In addition to teaching future cannabis entrepreneurs, employees, and care providers, Oaksterdam University actively teaches all levels of government how to: operate more transparently, efficiently and that their expectation of regulatory compliance is democratically applied to cannabis commerce.

Initially, Nevada medical cannabis regulations were administered by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health within the Department of Health and Human Services. With the passage of adult-use cannabis, regulation administration moved to the Department of Taxation. Being tasked with regulating cannabis is multi-layered and complex. Much is at stake from dictating everything from cultivation practices to lab testing standards, packaging requirements, licensing, taxation, and much more. New regulations must balance public and industry interests and be developed in accordance with dozens of state agencies—and, for Nevada, had to be integrated with existing medical cannabis regulations.

Track political, economic, environmental and demographic data trends to inform the successes and challenges of the burgeoning cannabis movement.

States that legalize cannabis now have the benefit of learning from mistakes made by other states. When Colorado legalized adult-use cannabis, how to regulate it was a leap into the unknown. The state was transitioning from an existing regulated medical cannabis system, but Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper readily admits that they made mistakes. For example, the number of doses allowed in edibles wasn’t originally regulated. In Nevada, the rollout of adult-use cannabis appears to have been relatively smooth. The state recently announced that its dispensaries sold nearly $425 million worth of adult-use cannabis and exceeded revenue expectations of $265 million, which has garnered national and international media coverage. However, unexpected problems do arise. One area that still needs improvement in Nevada’s legal cannabis market is delivery. Unfortunately, illegal businesses have been creating authentic looking websites to trick consumers into buying and accepting deliveries from them. Educating governments and regulators is imperative to meet crucial objectives such as improving outcomes, shaping public policy, understanding levels of change, applying an uncommon discipline, and being future focused.


Understand how the entrepreneurial spirit of the cannabis movement is not immune to its own Gilded Age, where benefits either migrate to the top or become an asset against the growing income inequality pervasive in America.

Provide and update experts on cannabis science and testing, research and development, horticulture, law and security, business incubation and management, medical practicum, regulatory compliance and more. Identify reform movements, change indicators and model policy and regulatory politics. The legal cannabis industry could reach $47.3 billion in North America and $57 billion worldwide by 2027, according to Arcview Market Research estimates. Currently, the size of cannabis companies is limited by federal prohibition and the various legal regimes in different states. However, as more states approve adult-use cannabis, “Big Marijuana” could soon be as real, or as big as “Big Alcohol”. This reinforces Oaksterdam University’s mission that quality information and analysis be a driver in making this transformative change work well for the benefit of everyone. Resources: Nevada: Lawmakers Moving Forward With Expedited Plan for AdultUse Marijuana Sales,, March 2, 2017. Cannabis Sales Booming in a State That ‘Knows How to Regulate Vice’, Julie Weed, Forbes, September 17, 2018. ‘We made some terrible mistakes’: What Canada can learn from Colorado’s cannabis legalization, Mark Rendell, Financial Post, June 19, 2018. Legal Cannabis Industry Poised for Big Growth, In North America and Around the World, Thomas Pellechia, Forbes, March 1, 2018. Marijuana is going corporate and the government isn’t ready, Tim Fernholz, Quartz, August 18, 2018. Is Big Marijuana Inevitable?, Susan Gunelius, Cannabiz Media, April 27, 2018. Government Relations, Oaksterdam University website


Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

America’s first and most respected cannabis university, will be back in Las Vegas offering its comprehensive horticulture curriculum to those interested in a career in the cannabis industry. Students will have the opportunity to network with expert practitioners and professionals while meeting like-minded individuals.

• Certification from the most recognized and oldest cannabis training institution in North America • Seed to harvest in-depth grow lab demonstrations taught by expert practitioners • Cultivation law taught by word renowned attorneys to mitigate your risk • Learning outcomes designed for beginners and experts • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content • Professional networking opportunities with established entities, potential partners, and affiliates • OU educates local, state, congressional and international governments & regulatory agencies • Oakland campus is the only hands-on cultivation lab in the world with additional programs available • OU Online is available across all desktops and mobile devices OAKSTERDAM.COM/LASVEGAS (510) 251-1544 1734 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612



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THE MEDICALIZATION OF MARIJUANA LEGITIMACY, STIGMA, AND THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE Medical marijuana laws have spread across the U.S. to all but a handful of states. Yet, eighty years of social stigma and federal prohibition creates dilemmas for patients who participate in state programs. The Medicalization of Marijuana takes the first comprehensive look at how patients negotiate incomplete medicalization and what their experiences reveal about our relationship with this controversial plant as it is incorporated into biomedicine. Is cannabis used similarly to other medicines? Drawing on interviews with midlife patients in Colorado, a state at the forefront of medical cannabis implementation, this book explores the practical decisions individuals confront about medical use, including whether cannabis will work for them; the risks of registering in a state program; and how to handle questions of supply, dosage, and routines of use. Individual stories capture how patients redefine and reclaim cannabis use as legitimate—individually and collectively—and grapple with an inherently political identity. These experiences help illustrate how stigma, prejudice, and social change operate. By positioning cannabis use within sociological models of medical behavior, Newhart and Dolphin provide a wide-reaching, theoretically informed analysis of the issue that expands established concepts and provides new insight on medical cannabis and how state programs work. $30.36


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HOPE creates the highest quality medicinal cannabis products with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles to deliver specific effects.







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Focus Staffing, also known as Cannagora hasn’t fully launched and is already providing independent contractors for temporary and full time work for more than a dozen of Nevada’s licensed marijuana establishments. Cannagora was founded by Christi McAdams, Focus Distribution CEO, last year when her customers for distribution consistently were asking for references to find staffing support. Their web platform is only in the BETA stage and already has over 1,000 members who have secured agent cards, looking for work in the cannabis space. Vegas Cannabis Magazine sat down with Amber, Michelle and Charles who head up the division to learn more. “Christi and I started this division to provide temporary staffing as well as full-time positions without the turnover

that is common within the industry. Every full-time position we have filled is not only still with the company, but many have been promoted within to their dream jobs. Cannagora has also grown, adding to our inhouse staff to take this to the next level. Look out for new and exciting announcements coming from us soon!” -Michelle Ficht, Director of Cannagora/ Focus Staffing “Cannagora is an online staffing liaison company that provides a way for people wanting to work in the Cannabis industry an outlet to connect with clients in the industry that need qualified workers. We love that we get to help people find not just jobs but careers.” said Amber Clavelle, Staffing Director. PHOTOS BY DOPE FOTO



ocus Distribution has a consulting division which provides marketing and sales support to Nevada’s licensed marijuana establishments. Focus currently has a sales support team made up of 12 brand ambassadors who teach budtenders about products and promote the products to dispensaries. Focus made it clear, they are not a retailer or seller of marijuana products. They provide support to the industry by providing brand ambassadors to inform the buyers and consumers about the products they represent. “We are very selective about the brands we work with and ensure that our values align. Often our engagement with these companies is what makes their brands successful in the Nevada market and that is a big responsibility.” said, McAdams. LVCM met with several of the Focus Brand Ambassadors to learn more about them and the brands they represent.


Mary Anne Sawser, a healthcare professional in the Las Vegas valley, leverages her medical background as Focus’s


Brand Ambassador for H.O.P.E. "HOPE, Healthcare Options for Patient Enterprises, LLC, was founded by a group of medical doctors who felt the time was right to harness the healing power of cannabis. They set out to create a company that would develop cannabis products to help people improve their lives” said Mary Anne. HOPE products include effect-based vape cartridges, syringes, micro-dosed oral sprays, pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls (Diamond), HOPE's one-to one THC:CBD line of vape cartridges, syringes, infused pre-rolls, plus infused lemonade, and infused cold-brew coffees and teas. All of the products are produced with the finest cannabis and using only the healthiest extraction methods to ensure customers get the best and safest cannabis. Mary Anne lights up with passion when she is presenting at popup events and budtender trainings. “It is exciting to hear how HOPE products positively impact people’s lives. As someone who works in the medical field, knowing people find relief is gratifying”. She added that “the Cannabrew cold brew coffee is so special. I often hear how much people enjoy the infused beverages, especially the cold brew to start their day.” HOPE uses proprietary terpene blends in their distillates to provide specific effects tailored to the unique needs of their customers. The HOPE Diamond pre-rolls are painted in pure cannabis oil and then rolled in kief, providing one of the best experiences of any smokable product on the market. Committed to excellence, HOPE works to respond to customer and budtender feedback; recently making additions to their product line based on marketplace needs. “Relief, Sleep, Energy, and Calm- each of HOPE’s oral sprays are unique in formula, thus providing options for patients. That truly sets us apart.” You can find HOPE at Apothecarium, The Source, and at various dispensaries throughout the state. “My goal is to have HOPE products as widely available as possible, so we are able to provide access for as many patients as possible. I love showcasing HOPE at events- so I encourage patients to ask for HOPE vapes, sprays, pre-rolls and infused beverages to help in finding a path to a better life”.





The word “kiff” means “cool” or “wicked” or “simply the best”. At KIFF, the pursuit of excellence is a continuous journey and they are pleased to announce that their long awaited “new flower” has arrived. Juicy Fruit, Flo, Black Jack, Super Lemon Haze, White Widow and AK-47 are some of their staple strains, with Burkle being a guaranteed crowd pleaser. KIFF's Brand Ambassador at Focus, Alyssa Gorham, has watched firsthand the transformation from within at KIFF.“ The thing I love most about the cannabis industry is the way everyone and everything within it is connected. We all help each other in so many ways and it’s truly beautiful to see. Even those who are technically competitors consider each other colleagues and friends, giving each other constructive criticism and positive reinforcement.” KIFF has been part of that and is excited to announce a stage in their evolution of which they are very proud. “Their flower is now hang dried, slow cured and hand trimmed by an incredible team of individuals who are dedicated to high standards and passionate about cannabis. For the head cultivator, growing flower is a labor of love and it definitely shows. Smoking good flower should be a multi-faceted experience and KIFF delivers that,” says Alyssa. Want to experience the difference of quality over quantity? Look for their new glass jars in your favorite dispensary. Enjoy the pleasant surprise of the strong aroma when you first crack open the lid. Marvel at the trichomes and crystals as you turn the bud over in your hands and hold it up to the light. Roll it up and smoke it out! “We are so grateful for the feedback that allowed us to initiate positive change in all the right directions. We look forward to the rapid growth of this industry and the incredible impact it has on so many lives. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. And remember… keep it KIFF!”







Colie Chatt, Focus Brand Ambassador for We Are Massiv. brings a fresh vibe to this lifestyle brand. We Are Massiv. began as a clothing line based out of Los Angeles. Starting with a small store front, they grabbed the attention of major EDM DJ’s such as Skrillex, Diplo, and even Major Lazer. As they started to take off and they found a common interest amongst themselves with cannabis and had a bright idea. Which brings us here today, launching their cannabis line here in Nevada they bring a following amongst the EDM community and a line of products that you can’t pass up. Starting with their 300mg disposable line, they bring Bob Marley’s favorite strain “Lambs Breath” which isn’t an easy one to come by in this state and will definitely not disappoint. We Are Massiv. also carries 100mg gummies with flavors of wild cherry, blueberry, strawberry, and lemonade that are sure to tingle your taste buds and get you that perfect high. If you get the pleasure of running into Colie and the We Are Massiv. crew make sure to say hello, and you might just be lucky enough to snag a shirt yourself and become a part of this lifestyle.





A frequent figure in Vegas Cannabis Magazine and August 2018 cover star, Prime Cannabis is a standout in the premium cannabis market. Another standout is Kristy FloresNave, Brand Ambassador for Prime, who has been with FOCUS Distribution since shortly after the company’s founding. “Because Prime Cannabis' ownership is personally involved in every aspect of the operation, there is a true difference in the quality of flower.” said Kristy. Featuring 12 strains in the Prime Cannabis family, customers are sure to find something for any occasion. With attention to detail from harvest to packaging, Prime Cannabis stands apart for product that truly delivers in both THC and terpene


profiles. “Over half of the Prime Cannabis strains test at 27-32% THC. The pre-rolls feature a superior experience offering a full gram of whole flower that are carefully crafted and placed in glass tubes to exude elegance and class." Each batch of Prime Cannabis flower is handled with care and cured with perfection in mind. "My absolute favorite strain is the Secret Weapon! It has a range of dynamic tastes including fruit, spiciness, pine, earth and a contrasting sour overtone." The difference is in the details, an aspect that Kristy Flores-Nave is excited to share, “Prime Cannabis is committed to delivering the best to customers and will soon launch new products with the same passion for quality.”



McAdams seemed especially excited to talk about this brand. “We had the opportunity to work with the founders of Highland Brothers from the conception of their idea. They allowed Focus the creative freedom to develop their brand identity package which was a lot of fun considering the uniqueness of this group. Highland Brother’s swag and all packaging for flower and concentrate were designed inhouse at Focus. I collaborated

personally with the founders who have deep roots in cannabis and whose values resonate strongly with my own. Honor, Vision and Drive is their motto and 3 values I live by. Highland Brothers will be launching the highly anticipated Q- Titan and Q-Cup this November. It provides a clean and much more convenient alternative to dabbing. They are collaborating with some of Nevada’s top concentrate brands and have hired an awardwinning extractor from Colorado (provided by


CannAgora). Highland Brother’s will also be providing Nevada with flower from the first outdoor grow in the state this November (just under 10,000 lbs). Considering the scope of this project, Highland Brothers were provided with 3 Brand Ambassadors who each are as unique as the brand they represent. “Highland Brothers have set the standard high when it comes to introducing innovative products, things that haven’t been done before and will take the

market by storm.” Said Daniel Nangaray "It's exciting to be working on a project that is centered around culture from the past and propelling it to our present. Highland Brothers goes beyond cannabis as honor, vision and drive are attributes we should all strive to maximize to unlock the endless possibilities which are presented to us" – Josh Schwebel.





Srene is located beneath Crystal Peak in beautiful Verdi, NV in an environment that matches their name. With a pristine facility and a staff that is clearly passionate about their craft, Lisa Apodaca was eager to make their name known on the Las Vegas cannabis scene. "Not only does Srene use the newest, most advanced technology for the new generation; they also maintain respect for old school genetics," says Lisa. Srene's head of cultivation takes pride in finding unique genetics that aim to satisfy every demographic. Their standout Lime Light offers the perfect functioning daytime high for patients who suffer from chronic pain; whereas their Do-SiSlo strain will aid you in relaxing away the stresses of your day. Srene has manufactured a custom "diamond miner" that uses sub critical co2 to extract 100% pure THCA diamond crystals that are tasteless, odorless and sure to take


you to another dimension. Using the same proprietary extraction method, they are also making a "green sugar" that is not only testing at 90% THC, but is also so terpene dense that the medicinal benefits are endless. "Our production team collects, preserves and maps each strain’s unique terpene profile to reintroduce to pure, uncut distillate oil resulting in a superior product that sits above the rest". As Lisa states, "Most vape pens on the market are lackluster in flavor, but because of our strain specific terpene content, including the sesquiterpene, Srene’s cartridges are catching the eye of even the most avid flower fans." You can find Srene's full line at The Dispensary and Cultivate as well as many other locations. If you have a crystal clear vision for your dispensary with diamond standards for your patients, please contact Focus Distribution to discuss bringing on Srene's full line of premium products and flower.


Focus is currently representing several dozen licensed cannabis establishments here in Nevada and there are several newcomers that they have been working with for the past few months which are highly anticipated as they are just getting ready to launch. The Focus team knows their success lies heavily on the services they have provided them from consulting and marketing to staffing which will soon translate into brand ambassadors out promoting the new brands to the buyers and industry at large. A few to keep your eyes on include Solaris and



Solaris is innovation. Our team is very proud of the opportunity to provide consulting, staffing, marketing and private launch party services to this group. Once they have their first harvest which is expected at the beginning of next year, our brand ambassador for Solaris will hit the ground running. "Michael Sassano, the primary founding partner, is not only a customer but a friend," said McAdams "It is important for me to bring value to our industry and especially


to those I love. I was so impressed the first time I walked through their greenhouse. I'd never seen anything like it and I am thrilled to see the product it produces. The greenhouse is expected to lower the cost of growing to only $200 per pound which will surely translate to better prices for the marketplace." The land that Solaris is situated on will allow them to grow to over 300,000 feet of cannabis.

extraction company from Los Angeles. Bloom makes ethanol extracted cannabis oil and concentrates on eleven main strains. Their product is clean and terpene rich. Their packaging is beautiful and unique and we are thrilled to work with their team to promote their products to the dispensaries this fall. IG: solarisfarms

Solaris also has a production license and is working with Bloom, a very successful






"Let's be fruitful and thrive." Christi McAdams said is a mantra she has gifted to Prolific, a heavy hitting extraction group that came from California who is producing high-quality concentrates via C02, ethanol and butane extraction for the purpose of white-labeling and bulk selling. "With so many new brands hitting the Nevada marketplace, the need to source high-quality oil has become a "high demand" pun intended," McAdams says that sourcing raw material including flower, trim, THC distillate, and CBD has become one of FOCUS Distribution's fastest growing divisions.







was preparing my famous Waldorf Stuffing when the call came through. I arrived to find her sobbing with the same intensity as on the phone. For such an attractive woman, my dear friend Georgia is an ugly crier. Ignoring the discrepancy between pretty face versus upset face, I wrapped my arms around her, holding tightly for several minutes.

Once inside, I prepared two cups of warm pumpkin chai tea. Spying a batch of freshly baked oatmeal cookies, I called from the kitchen, “Ooooh, treats. Are they clean or Infused?” “The ones on the white platter are clean, the blue platter are Infused,” she replied, in a stuffy-nose tone. She opted for clean, I the Infused. Georgia is one of the most talented Canna-chefs I know. She can’t cook a steak or roast a turkey to save her life, but she can bake. Georgia creates cakes, cookies, muffins and more that are exceptional in taste and texture while providing the desired effects for both recreational and medicinal users. I grabbed a couple of each, dividing them


between two dessert plates then joined her in the living room. We sat on the floor huddled around the coffee table, sipping tea and pressing our fingers to those bits of crumbs that fell from the mother cookie to our plates. I waited for Georgia to start. When a woman is in the throes of an emotional upset, a good friend knows to wait until that friend is composed and ready to talk. After half-heartedly munching her way through one cookie, Georgia began asking, more to herself than me, “Really, how important are pieces of heirloom jewelry? How often do you use an old clarinet that once belonged to a grandparent? Cameras, tools, cat carriers; how much room do these things actually take up in our lives?” My answer; “Not much.” Earlier that day Georgia had been busy puttering around the house. Not knowing why, she felt a nagging inside telling her to go out into the garage. I asked if she had been working on some DIY project and needed a specific tool. Georgia insisted she was only doing laundry when this urge came over her. She pushed the impulse aside, as she had no reason to go into the garage. The feeling continued to gnaw at her. A typical multi-tasker, Georgia went first to the kitchen and grabbed the near overflowing trash to take with her, deciding the only way to rid herself of this odd feeling, was to do as it directed. Opening the hallway door leading to the garage, Georgia involuntarily lifted her head. She noticed an empty space at the top of one of the metro-shelves. She stood staring, puzzled. Why is that space empty? It was obvious something had once been sitting in that now vacant spot next to her preserved wedding dress; but what was it? Slowly she remembered. Her vintage Easy Bake Oven, that’s what was in that space! Forgetting about the trash she set the heavy bag down where she stood. Perplexed, Georgia went into the house, her breathing shortened. Quickly she entered her bedroom searching hiding places in the closet, under the bathroom sink and inside dresser drawers. Rummaging under socks, scarves and gloves in search of the small boxes randomly hidden throughout her room. Family rings, cufflinks and other keepsakes passed down to her by grandmothers and aunties, were gone. All of them, gone. Awash with anger, Georgia marched back out to the garage so she could take a good, hard look around. What else was missing? Her drill, that was gone. Some almost new work-boots still in the box; where did those go? She wondered just how long it had been since these pilfered items made their way out of the garage and her home. How can someone live somewhere, look at the same things day after day, and not notice something is askew?


Photo by Jessica Castro



THE STORY With increased panic, Georgia tore through the house searching every closet and cupboard, eyeing every nook and cranny. She knew her search was contradictory, as she spun from room to room like a Tasmanian Devil looking for things that weren’t there. After over an hour of frantically ripping through her entire house, Georgia fell onto her bed and cried. How could her daughter do this? Was it her daughter? Of course it was. During Georgia’s search and seizure mission of Amy’s bedroom she found several crumpled squares of foil with circles of black marker on them. Some stuffed inside pants pockets, others at the bottoms of previously used purses, a few tucked inside the toes of shoes. Georgia didn’t even realize her daughter was using again. As she relayed the whole sordid story, Georgia lamented her culpability of the situation. How and what part, I wondered. How could it be Georgia’s fault, her daughter was using again? After all the rehab, in-patient, out-patient and money spent? This was Amy’s fault. She had been supported in getting sober by her parents for years. At this point, I told Georgia, Amy owns it. Georgia and I have known one another since our dancing days. It was during those days she discovered the benefits of Medicinal Marijuana. After suffering a dramatic fall, at the hands of a dance partner who didn’t set himself up properly, Georgia ended up on the floor, flat on her back when he lost his footing and dropped her. Weeks of visits to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists did little to alleviate her pain and lack of mobility. A friend suggested she try a little Weed at night before going to bed and, if needed, again first thing in the morning. Georgia had been unable to rehearse or take a full class, resulting in her possibly losing her spot in our upcoming performance. Desperate to get back to the dance studio she took him up on his offer. The CBD Candies and low dose Brownies worked. The small dosage wasn’t overwhelming, while the pain in her muscles dulled and relaxed enough allowing her to get back to the dance studio. Georgia and her husband, Richard are both regular users and have always been open and honest with their children about it. Additionally, they’ve been diligent in talking to their kids about drugs and alcohol. Neither ever smoked or consumed Marijuana in front of the children. They were careful to put away pipes and lighters as well as securing Infused foods in places the kids wouldn’t find them. As the children grew older and began asking if they could have a cup of coffee at breakfast, a sip of wine with dinner or a bite of an Edible, rather than utter that hypocritical phrase; “do as I say, not as I do,” Georgia and Richard simply told their kids they had to wait until they were twenty-one. This approach seemed to work; openness and honesty, without deceit or falsehoods. This is why, on this cloudy autumn day, Georgia, blames herself for Amy’s drug addiction. She worries the knowledge of her and Richard’s Marijuana use over the years somehow influenced their daughter negatively. Georgia’s thinking was incorrect and logically, she knew it. But as a mother, felt there was more she could’ve done to avoid the apparent relapse.

Georgia was sinking into that school of thought many people erroneously adhere to; Marijuana is a “Gateway Drug.” Unfortunately, there are still those who believe Weed likely leads to the use of less organic, more dangerous drugs. “Ridiculous,” I stated firmly. While there is some research out there warning about children under the age of fourteen suffering negative effects of excessive Marijuana use, there is no conclusive evidence consumption in any form leads to anything; except the munchies. No one has ever overdosed on or died from Marijuana. Research defies Marijuana as a Gateway Drug. In fact, records indicate this ancient herb made its medicinal debut as early as the 1400’s, in what is now Romania. There’s even evidence Cannabis was administered to relieve gout, rheumatism, and malaria by Chinese Emperor, Shen Neng in 2737 BC. And it appears amid today’s myriad of chronic illnesses Cannabis is quickly regaining that medicinal status. I sat looking at my friend; distraught and upset, knowing there was nothing I could say to ease her kind of hurt. It wouldn’t help to run out and purchase items to replace those missing. But I understood while there are many rarely used and seemingly small things that don’t take up much room in our lives, should they come up missing, we are left with an incalculable feeling of emptiness. There was little I could offer Georgia except some solace in the form of food. “Let’s go into the kitchen and cook up something yummy and healing. I’m starving.” I declared. Georgia giggled, knowing I had been hit with the Munchies. Georgia dutifully followed me, and we began scouring through cupboards in search of ingredients needed to prepare something soothing and comforting. Amazingly we were able to find everything needed to prepare a rich, creamy Macaroni and Cheese, of sorts. Infused? Of course. I began scaling out ingredients for my Infused pasta dough to prepare a twisty Fusilli. Georgia got started on grating and crumbling bowls of Cheddar, Parmesan and Gorgonzola cheeses. As I kneaded the dough, I reminded her, if there’s one thing no one can steal from us, it’s our memories. Her cherished memories of the relatives who gave her those treasures are seared into her head and heart. Determined to make it all better, I announced my intention to create another fond memory for her. One she could feel, consume, and savor. Two hours and half a bottle of Merlot later, Georgia and I sat down to individual servings of one of the most delectable Pasta and 3-Cheese dishes I had ever prepared. The fresh Fusilli was silken and tender. The combination of white and yellow cheddar, parmesan and Gorgonzola was decadent. Waves of steam emitted between bits of seasoned, toasty bread crumbs like miniature geysers, beckoning both us to focus only on the ramekins before us. The julienned slices of roasted red bell pepper added holiday flair. The world was suddenly smaller and more manageable as we momentarily forgot all those big, sometimes bad things in the world. With her mouth full of our Infused edacious experience, Georgia gulped down and shared she had read an article about how some doctors and Rehab facilities are now using Cannabis to tame and




eliminate opiate addiction. This practice employs use of Cannabis as a far less lethal alternative to the opiate crisis that has killed more of our young Americans than we lost in the Vietnam War. Though just coming into its own as a Gateway to Healing, Cannabis is now being used to wean addicts off Heroin and the like. Thus far, it has a seventy percent success rate, compared to the thirty percent success rate of other commonly used methods. Additionally, Cannabis helps reduce the sickening detox symptoms associated with Heroin withdrawals. Total abstention, even with outpatient support hasn’t worked for Amy, perhaps Cannabis will.

Now months later, Amy is doing quite well with her sobriety as her parents administer small doses of Cannabis two to three times daily. She has been clean of Heroin use for ninety days and carries her glorious white chip everywhere she goes. Georgia and I look back on that evening of friendship and the best Pasta and Cheese we’d ever eaten with affection. Clearly, we created a fond memory of lovingly prepared food for and with a dear friend as our own parental Gateway to Healing.

Having finished our bowls of Pasta and Cheese, we stood over the stove, now eating directly out of the saucepot, contemplating this idea. Excited about our decision regarding Cannabis and Amy’s addiction, we stopped shoveling food in our mouths, looked at each other, spoons held mid-air and simultaneously blurted out, “We should leave some for Amy and Richard!”

COSMIC MUFFIN’S RECIPE FOR 3 Cheese & Pasta Casserole Ingredients 1 pound macaroni or fusilli 1 stick Canna-butter + 2 Tbls 1 large shallot – minced 1 Tbsp Infused olive oil 3-4 cup whole milk ¾ cup all purpose flour 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce 2 tsp salt + ½ tsp pepper 2 cups white cheddar – shredded 2 cups yellow cheddar – shredded 2/3 cup Gorgonzola – crumbled 1 ½ cups grated Parmesan 3/4 cup roasted red bell pepper-sliced 1 cup panko crumbs ¼ cup chopped parsley for garnish Process Preheat Oven to 325 degrees Set salted water to boil in large sauce pot: cook the pasta until al dente (about 7 minutes). Drain; reserving pasta water for later if needed. Pour cooked pasta into a large mixing bowl and lightly coat with olive oil. Set aside. Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil in medium skillet until shimmery. Add minced shallot and cook until fragrant. Meanwhile, in small saucepot, melt stick of Canna-butter. Once melted whisk in flour and cook until roux turns a mellow golden colour. Gradually whisk in milk. Add cooked shallot. Bring sauce to a simmer over low heat, cooking until thick and bubbly. Remove


pot from heat: whisk in mustard, Worcestershire, salt, pepper, bell pepper. Fold in cheddar cheese, gorgonzola and 1 cup of the parmesan. Gently fold in cooked pasta. If mixture is too thick, thin with small amount of reserved pasta water. Spread pasta mixture into a well-greased 4-quart baking dish. Melt remaining 2 Tbsp Canna-butter and stir in Panko crumbs and remaining ½ cup parm. Sprinkle crumb mixture evenly over top of casserole and bake 25 minutes or until top is golden brown and bubbling. Spoon into individual serving bowls, garnish with parsley Makes 8 Servings


I N F U S I O N 70 2 . 5 2 1 . 3 1 1 3 | Branding | Graphic Design | Website Development Advertising | Email Marketing | Social Media | Photography Video | Retail & Cultivation Interior Design Production & Installation of Branded Enviroments

Simple. Discreet. Precise.

Cannabis infused tablets Comfortable & convenient Efficient & long-lasting Portable & reliable This is a Marijuana product. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age and older.




Where social media meets TV


Social media plays a huge part in everyone’s daily lives. Internet combined with television and applications like youtube, roku, hulu and apple tv is now taking over traditional tv companies.

broadcasting, this allows local business owners an opportunity to branch out into this “new medium” of technology and utilize their fanbase while advertising their services to the masses.

I remember 10 years ago when google announced that internet tv was on its way to take out cable boxes and tv sets and computers were our new tv’s. I had no idea how that concept would work until i started a live-streaming show instead of traditional podcasting (which i still love) and saw the rapid growth happen very suddenly.

The cannabis show with host Michelle Davis is live on wcobm every 2nd and 5th thursday of the month from 2-3pm pst. Watch live and join the chat on facebook, Michelle is always looking for new guests and companies who would like to promote themselves or their business on her show.

With every passing year, cable numbers decline and streaming numbers increase. Isn’t it time that you look at your business and jump on this bandwagon before it’s too late?

Try what millions of live-streamers are building their brand upon today: live-streaming internet tv joined with social media.

Wcobm tv is where “social media meets tv”. With a 24/7 live streaming platform located in las vegas, this studio has reached over 2 million viewers and climbing in its first year alone in 2014. With over 45 shows currently


Feel free to email Michelle Davis at michelle@wcobm.Tv Watch episoids at




Targeted Advertising that will reach the nearly 43 million visitors numerous times during their visit. Tony Preus


>>> Cindy Brown



Bet It All on Green: Nevada Cannabis Advocate


indy Brown, a long time Nevada patient advocate, has been a relentlessly selfless advocate for the plant and a thorn in the side of many institutions for the benefit of cannabis patients and consumers. She has always earned my respect along with Mona Lisa Samuelson, Vicki Higgins, and Juhlzie Monteiro - that were (and continue) as Nevada cannabis advocates who helped create this cannabis industry, among many others. Over the years, she has been a fierce advocate at many state and local city council meetings, for the very purpose of speaking truth to power. There are many who have made millions off of Nevada cannabis that must recognize the history of our Nevada cannabis movement and Cindy Brown as that cornerstone.

When did you begin as a cannabis advocate in Nevada?

I began as an advocate around 2009. My husband discovered that cannabis helped his arthritis pain and we heard there was a program where we could grow our own. I wrote the state of Nevada and didn't get a reply. Then I saw an ad on a National Organization For The Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) page about getting your card. My hubby was James Parsons’ (Medical Marijuana Consultants Of Nevada) very first customer. I also got my medical marijuana card. My hubby discovered a group on Meetup. com that focused on medical marijuana. We met Mona Lisa Samuelson, who began having meetings at her house and we eventually attended and were inspired by people in the Meetup group. The owner of the group didn't really want to be in the spotlight due to work, so Mona Lisa, Vicki and I would would do the cannabis talks.

I am sure you have seen State Senator Segerblom’s bill draft resolutions (BDRS). What cannabis legislation should we fight for at the next Nevada legislative session?

I have seen Tick's BDR's in the past. He says he has some in the works already, but has refused so far to show them to us. The VERY most important things we need in the next session's BDR is the right for PATIENTS to grow at home regardless of the 25-mile rule! The right to make our own oils and butter should be restored. At the moment this is illegal for us to do so, but many still do. Many who don't grow, buy the flower and make their own butter and oil. The DUI nanogram count needs to be removed completely as there is no way to test for intoxication like there is for alcohol. It should be based on Dash Cam video of erratic driving. The cannabis drug testing in order to be gainfully employed should be removed. Child Protective Services (CPS) taking children away simply because a parent chooses to use cannabis needs to be addressed, as well. We also need live plants being sold in the dispensaries or the cultivations.

Many years ago, cannabis patients were very fearful of just a few of us gathering together without law enforcement being called due to the smell of cannabis. How have things changed for the betterment of cannabis patients and consumers?

To be perfectly honest we were better off before "legalization" came in as far as gatherings. At the Hempfest, WECAN, & Red Dragon Brothers parties people always consumed and no one really worried about it. If you were in a parking lot or park smoking some cannabis and a cop pulled up, you showed your card and they usually just said “ok” and kept going. Now we can get a ticket, even if we have a medical marijuana card.

What can we do to shore up the medical cannabis program?

To shore up the medical program we need to remove taxes for medical. I know I am repeating myself, but this is SO important! We MUST guarantee the right to grow for patients forever! Our legislature doesn't seem to understand the importance of growing our own and making our own oils, butters and tinctures. I have known people who could only make oil from a wheat-based alcohol, some can't use coconut oil, etc. These folks must make their own cannabis medicines. Many of the poor people of Nevada cannot afford to buy what they need in the dispensaries. I also do not feel a new dispensary should be required to have a medical

license. In fact, in a lot of ways, I'd like the dispensaries to be separate as recreational "Budtenders" don't always understand the medical aspects.

What would you recommend for those starting their journey into cannabis advocating and how to get involved?

People that would like to be involved in advocacy need to speak with those of us who have already walked the path and find out what we have done and what has and has not been effective. For example, protesting in the streets doesn't do much. BUT, writing your legislative reps and telling them your story and how cannabis has helped you, has moved many a mindset that was against cannabis. Attending Nevada legislative hearings and testifying is important also. The BDR's that get the most attention are the ones where a lot of people show up. Commenting on the legislative website is also helpful for those who work and can't attend the hearings. This is the link where you can find stuff when the session starts in Feb 2019, just a few months from now. ( )You can also look at past sessions from this link and find out who your rep is, for your part of the state and district. We are working with the new Las Vegas NORML, so they can post the meetings and links people will need to help fix the law.

What local and national cannabis advocates inspire you?

Jeannie Herer as far as national has been a great inspiration. As for locals, it was really Mona Lisa Samuelson and Michael McCulliffe, who got us involved and inspired, sadly neither of which I see anymore.

Who are your favorite cannabis industry partners giving back to the community?

420 Sahara Wellness, Redwood Cultivation, Acres, Evergreen Organics, Oasis, Essence & Digipath, I'm sure others do too, but I am not aware of what they do.

What can the cannabis industry do more of to support the local cannabis community?

The most important thing they can do to support the cannabis community, in my opinion, is to support the patient's right to grow and be self-sufficient. I know a number of them feel we cut into their profits, but those are the ones only in it for the money, not the healing of their fellow human being. Many patients still buy from the dispensaries because we can't make things like vape cartridges and things like the new crystalized THC and CBD powders. Many patients like to juice the leaves of their plants, which is super healing. I'd also like to see a fervent effort of all the MME's to build a program for the homeless folks to help them get back on their feet. Jason Sturtsman is a Nevada Independent Cannabis Laboratory Advisory Committee Member (ILAC), CEO of J.Sturtsman Consulting, Founder of Budtender Fight Club and Cannabis Dispensary Education. He can be reached at Jason@ for comments or questions.



Chelsey Delano:

Reiki Practitioner at the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center


met Chelsey while visiting the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center. My best friend was getting a Reiki session, and I was looking at all the cool stuff they had to offer. Chelsey helped me identify stone crystals and how to use them. As we conversed, I learned that Chelsey is an energy healer and a cannabis educator. I asked Chelsey to share some of her knowledge and history with our readers... DS: Please tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you do? Chelsey: At the age of 18, I was drawn to self-healing and a spiritual practice due to a bad turn in my health. I began studying herbal remedies such as teas, tinctures, oils and eventually CBD. Over the course of a few months, the difference in my mental, emotional, and physical health had shifted and I grew curious about the other benefits in cannabis. I branched off from the local herbal shops, started taking classes and touring the cannabis growing facilities. Once I became a Reiki Practitioner I began to use cannabis/CBD as a tool in my personal practice, yoga and health life. DS: How does one become an energy healer?



Interview by Dawn Starr Looking Elk

Chelsey: Everyone is called to energy work differently. For me, it was because of my health condition. I got the urge to do something more with my knowledge of plant medicine and that was when I came across Reiki. Anyone can become an energy healer by simply educating themselves. At Enchanted Forest Reiki we offer multiple certification classes based on what you’re interested in and what calls to you. DS: As a Reiki practitioner, do you use cannabis in your practice, and how? Chelsey: I’ve grown to know and love the plant and feel it has done wonders for me and many other people. Cannabis is an easy way for me to connect with energy when working on myself or a project. I use it in my practice when it's called for and I can tell you that it's helped me with meditation, sleep, and self-healing. DS: How does cannabis affect its' user, spiritually and metaphysically? Chelsey: Cannabis is just one of the many amazing tools we can use in order to assist us on our path. I have personally learned to listen to my body, mind, and soul so that way I feel great, but also productive. Cannabis has the ability to activate our creative side through drawing, writing,

energy work, meditation, cooking, etc. Everyone responds to it differently, but I believe cannabis has assisted me with self-discovery, growth, and passion. DS: Should one quit using marijuana to be spiritual? Chelsey: It all depends on you. When you start the awakening path, sometimes using cannabis can be overwhelming. For some, it might help to adjust and support them on this journey. Everyone’s experience is unique; no one is going to be exactly the same. DS: Is cannabis dependency a problem or a solution? Chelsey: I don’t find cannabis dependency to be a problem or solution, at the end of the day it’s a matter of what you need. My advice is to listen to your body and mind, understand that consuming more or less is a matter of choice. Like any experience, you’re responsible for your own choice, actions, thoughts, and how you communicate. Take time to ask yourself if cannabis benefits you and know that there are many options of consumption. DS: What other plants can one use to raise their energy, and how? Chelsey: There are so many herbal remedies you can use. I

personally love making my own daily green juice with different types of grasses, bee pollen, turmeric, etc. I also enjoy experimenting with different teas and creating my own oils with various fruits and flowers. I set intentions into the plants in order to raise my vibration and manifest the things I want in my life. For me, this method works and fits perfectly into my daily routine. When I feed my body the right nutrients I always feel energetic and happy! DS: Where can our readers find you? Chelsey: I can be reached through Enchanted Forest Reiki Center. I teach a number of classes through the month and can provide one on one sessions. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @chelsey_delano. Dawn Starr Looking Elk is an artist, cannabis activist, and a trimmer. Follow her on Instagram @ dawnstarrlookingelk.







Dispensaries TRYKE Forbidden Fruit Cartridge TRYKE Khalifa Kush

Straight OG from one of the finest small batch grows in Vegas. Herbs make me see and taste colors. Similar to how your sense of smell is attached to your sense of taste, my sense of vision is tied to my sense of cannabis. I taste deep, forest green, pine and black pepper. Open your mind and try it out. If you taste and see colors like I do, share with me and let's trade notes. THC- 21.924% CBGa- 7.4mg/g Myrcene- 9.53mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.92mg/g Limonene- 4.01mg/g Linalool- 1.72mg/g Humulene- 1.23mg/g



TRYKE Purple Berry Cartridge

This bad-boy is even more stingier than the predecessor I just smashed on, Forbidden Fruit. I must also give a big hoot to this Purple Berry fruitflavored refill. Twist it on your 5/10 thread battery and get to splattering. The a-Pinene content should help asthmatics as a breathing aid substitute to the commonly used inhaler. I'm not saying toss the traditional medical inhaler device in the rubbish just yet. Keep it as a backup until it expires… Wink. Nod... THC- 93.67% a-Pinene- 8.5mg/g Linalool- 2.03mg/g Limonene- 1.99mg/g CBD- 1.69mg/g

I'm not very religious, but I should think about what I'm about to say here because I don't want to appear sacreligious. Ok, this doesn't taste at all like an apple so, so-far, so-good. I'm no Eve neither, so what am I worried about. Pass that back over here. Let me smash on that Forbidden Fruit. Toot toot! Hoot hoot, that THC heavy oil might spoil my dinner. It actually suppressed my appetite. My only appetite now is set on destruction of this TRYKE Forbidden Fruit Cartridge. Good shit! THC- 87.54% a-Pinene- 7.31mg/g Limonene- 6.52mg/g CBD- 1.56mg/g Linalool- 0.9mg/g





REMEDY / TERPX FLO OG Live Resin Sugar

I feel like I should FLO. I'm an OG, don'tcha know. I got my live resin sugar and my .22 Cal Ruger, yo. I think I'll shoot em’ both, cuz that's what I wanna do. Don't you worry, mother. I'm not aimin’ these at you. I wouldn't wanna waste a round or a dab, so I'm surely not wastin’ a round of dabs on you. I flow the best when the vapor hits my chest, so when I blow up the rest of this FLO live res, I’m through. Did I grow on you? Or did I throw you to the hogs? THC- 80.437% Limonene- 15.85mg/g Myrcene- 12.8mg/g Linalool- 6.38mg/g


REMEDY Head Dream Crumble

Head Dream. Remedy’s always playin’ head games. This crumble is no different, Head Dream takes to the deep end, head games. Don't let it get you thinking it's the weekend. Head Dream on a Thursday evening is playin’ head games ‘til Friday afternoon. Let's have fried eggs, it’ll be the weekend soon, whew. Head Dream Crumble is a good Remedy for someone who is retired. Whew I'm tired. THC- 81.333% Caryophyllene- 3.58mg/g Linalool- 3.17mg/g Humulene- 1.36mg/g

Fire OG was the heaviest hitter among the Remedy samples of flower. Burning this herb gave me ample power rearing from nearly a half of a percent of limonene. But before I knew it, I was saying, “screw it.” and cashing in my ass to the coziest cushion in the house. I fell fast asleep, and was quieter than a louse on a mouse. All that matters is how I feel right now at this moment. I deserve this… Don't you? THC- 27.74% Myrcene- 10.73mg/g Limonene- 4.83mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.72mg/g

REMEDY TERPX Blue's Glue Live Resin Sugar

Mail Time again Blue! Alright, no need to twist my arm, dog. I'm your Huckleberry. Thanks for getting the mail. Now fetch me the torch and my dab rig, and my homeboy Franco will fill up the bowl. Here boy, shewereep! Good boy. You're up. Good dog. Now lay down and roll over. Time for the master to hit it. Weee doggy, Blue that's some sticky icky glue. THC- 85.132% Q Myrcene- 7.17mg/g Limonene- 4.3mg/g

REMEDY / TERPX King's Cake Badder

The Badder of King’s Cake takes whatever is the matter and pushes it off the ladder. Expect to chill and possibly check out for the day. Fact, it's delectable, but King's Cake badder is not an edible. You can eat it though, I guess. It's not going to kill you if you do. No one has ever died from eating any cannabinoid product alone. But, it's not the recommended means of consumption. Grab a rig or a wax pen, and then vaporize it. I explain shit so oddly, you can't plagiarize it. But I'm not the king, so tell everyone my everything. If you need more, just give my cell phone a ring. THC- 81.317% Myrcene- 8.45mg/g Linalool- 4.67mg/g Caryophyllene4.54mg/g 77



FLEUR Cherry Chem


Stony as fuck! Oh yeah. I did not expect this feeling. It's forever-expanding properties are very much appreciated. Like I said, completely unanticipated. I'm fucking faded. Time to slow my roll. I'm on pantry patrol. Think I'll take a stroll into the kitchen. Oh quit your bitchin’. You can have some too. Holy crap, how my appetite grew. Hmm, what to chew, what to chew? I think I'll barbecue... YOU.

GRACE NOTES / TAFFY NOTES Watermelon Salt Water Taffy

THC- 20.29% Caryophyllene- 14.6mg/g Myrcene- 12.7mg/g Limonene- 4.03mg/g

THC- 10.36mg CBG- 0.46mg

Surprisingly, this was my favorite flavor of Grace Notes Taffy. I had assumed that pineapple would be the tastiest, because I love pineapple, but nope. The juicy watermelon Grace Notes were full-bodied, potent and savory. I wonder if they come in Costco-size packs. I could eat stacks of these snacks. I'll be back to attack.


I like to twist up these lower THC herbs into joints to share with my wife. She doesn't like a heavy THC feeling, but 16% THC is a perfect amount for her to take a few baby rips and drift into tomorrowland. It's also fun for me, because I get to smoke a joint with her. Thanks for bringing us even closer Real Sun Grown. THC- 16.76% Myrcene- 6.096mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.567mg/g Limonene- 2.017mg/g

NORDIC GODDESS Therapeutic Body Balm


My Lord, this is some higher level shit. I rounded everything up because the terpenes are so abundant in this diamond sugar. There's enough myrcene to put down the pain of a large mammal, and enough a-pinene to resuscitate any beast out of hibernation. What's cool about this sugar is the clear-headed reset it offers someone with a high tolerance. Smash this up party people. It's also great for the rookie dabbers out there. Dabs up! CBD- 74.444% (744.44mg/g) THC- 3.64% (36.4mg/g) Myrcene- 2.834% (28.34mg/g) a-Pinene- 1.866% (18.66mg/g) Limonene- 7.34mg/g 78


I had a fucked up kink in my neck that was pulling me down. Just then the Nordic Goddess caught my eye. It was just about too small to see. My neck hurt way too long, and it was pulling me down. I rubbed a tiny little dot on my neck, and a tiny dot on my back, and it was seeping into me. Try to laugh about it now, but decided I was never going back, to having neck aches way too long. No more pulling me down. Find this at Essence Dispensary. Where's Trent Reznor these days? Thanks Anna. You're a Terrestrial Goddess, since we’re not at sea. Thanks for taking care of me. I keep this magic potion in my hip pocket now. I'm a believer. Total THC- 178.08mg

Total CBD- 168mg



KABUNKY #9 Klear Cartridge

Spend the day lit up from this shit up on the top shelf. This strain was created by Kabunky’s #9 Factory Elf. He's a chipper little guy with his head up in the sky. Chris DeCringle and #9 roto evaporated this fractional distillate and reintroduced #9 terps so that when we pistol it, we are chipper like the tiny #9 factory guy with his head in the sky. Hit this, and feel it straight to the eye. THC- 83.4% Limonene- 13.7mg/g Caryophyllene- 13mg/g Myrcene- 7.7mg/g Pinene(a+b)- 5.6mg/g CBN- 3.8mg/g Linalool- 3.7mg/g

KABUNKY Laughing Laughlin Quick Stick

This Laughing Laughlin is no joke. LOL. And the Kabunky Quick Stick is a nice toke. The chamber is glass, so careful it don't get broke. In public, no need to hide under a cloak. Puff on it until you choke. Look at the terps. Holy crap, and these are all native terpenes, created, collected, and reintroduced to you in this tiny little disposable that rips to enhance your eclectic trip. Put it to your lips, and feel it in your hips and fingertips. THC- 48.2% Caryophyllene- 8.8mg/g Terpinolene- 8.8mg/g Limonene- 8.3mg/g Myrcene- 4.8mg/g Linalool- 4.8mg/g Pinene(a+b)- 4.2 CBN- 3.7mg/g

GIDDY UP Tropic Berry Terp Sauce

Always ridiculous, you know I love the G.U.T.S. Any flavor, lemme after, I'll splatter. This one’s called Tropic Berry? Make my dab even fatter. Let me smell it first. Please pass me the jar. Where ya goin’ buddy? Better not be far… That’s my Giddy Up Terp Sauce, boss. Heat up the rig, and we’ll toss a little sauce in the banger. I'll share. Yo, anger me and make me dab this whole jar. THC- 73% Limonene- 3.0mg/g Humulene- 2.1mg/g

Caryophyllene- 8.6mg/g Myrcene- 2.2mg/g

GIDDY UP Sugar Cookies Live Resin Krumble This thing looks like a pillar that got broken down and is about to get smashed up some more by my lungs. Damn, the caryophyllene feels amazing, with emphasis on uplifting. It feels like my forehead is rolling upwards. Smile and enjoy this full melt Kabunky Krumble. It tastes sweet and provides a positive effect on any Scrooge's day. Thanks for the feeling. THC- 66.8% Caryophyllene- 25.7mg/g Limonene- 3.0mg/g Linalool- 2.4mg/g Humulene- 2.3mg/g

FARM DIRECT Orange Zkittles Shatter

This tastes orange and lovely, and keeps you high but feeling lively and active. So activate some cannabinoid receptors and fab this up. Show up to Nevada Made on Saturday, and realize they have $25 Shatterday grams for patients. Non-medical consumers, your patience is appreciated. This concentrated cannabis deal is only $5 more for you. While supplies last. They might stop doing this any day now, so take advantage of it while it lasts. Hahahaha THC- 65.9% Caryophyllene- 4.4mg/g Humulene- 0.9mg/g Linalool- 0.&mg/g Myrcene- 0.2mg/g

Pinene(a+b)- 1.1mg/g Limonene- 0.3mg/g




DESERT GROWN Banana Cookies

Another Big Daddy Cannabis Kane that will drive the weak insane. So if you're a lightweight, it's mundane, stay away from this strain. But if you go against the grain, take a few bong rips to the brain, and immediately blanket your pain, and make it rain tranquility. This herb has the ability to offer a competitive advantage. You've heard it here before. Go let your mind explore even more than you expected, and come back and reflect it. It's hectic bliss for the reckless mind. Unwind with Desert Grown Banana Cookies for zero calorie desserts for the stressed. You are blessed. THC- 29.56% Myrcene- 6.14mg/g Limonene- 5.44mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.33mg/g CBN- 4.0mg/g

DESERT GROWN Desert Sunrise

This is my new favorite daytime strain. I can't complain after puffing on the Desert Sunrise all morning and afternoon. You should pick this up soon. Sooner rather than later, if you know what's good for you. I know what's good for you. I know what's good for me too. That's why I'm in line at Essence in front of you. I figured that the abundance of myrcene would slow me the fuck down, but no. I'm wide awake, and I even strolled to town, but not just for my thrills. I went to throw down on magazine refills cuz, yo we gotta pay our bills. **VCM Tip: Ask your Essence Budtender for a current copy of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. They keep them behind the counter, and are available upon request.

DESERT GROWN Sour Banana Sherbet

What a perfect Death Valley dessert for the body and mind. I hope nobody will mind that I didn't share much of this delightful treat. I just helped my lungs to bowl after bowl of this Sour Banana Sherbet. They say Vegas has no sure things, but you can Sher-bet on this flower to empower you. 31.48% THC will definitely get your attention. It's a sure thing, a guaranteed winner. Bet the house on it. My gift, don't mention it. THC- 31.48% Myrcene- 4.16mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.15mg/g CBN- 2.6mg/g Linalool- 1.37mg/g

THC- 25.13% Myrcene- 7.19mg/g CBN- 3.2mg/g Caryophyllene- 2mg/g Ocimene- 1.21mg/g

INCREDIBLES Rainforest Bar

This Rainforest Bar brings a new meaning to “Crunch Time” around here. Yep. I crunched away my munchies by devouring all 10 of these segmented 10.5mg squares. There's nothing left to share except my experience with this popular chocolate bar. Sit down here in line at Canopi on Blue Diamond, and wait for me. I'll be right back to tell you all about it. Total THC- 105.406mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10.541mg

KENNY’S BrickleButter Luxury Chocolates

This chocolate is tough to beat. And I'm not just sayin’ that cuz Kenny is my boy. I absolutely love the smooth texture of his chocolate. Rumor has it that he hand-selected his cocoa beans from high up in the Andes mountains. But don't believe everything you hear. Listen here, the toffee chips are what make this specific luxury chocolate the most popular Kenny’s flavor at Canopi. Load up on it before it's too late. I hear his LidPins custom snapbacks are also movin’ quickly. Get your ass down to any of the 3 Canopi locations and demand the good shit! Total THC- 101.871mg Servings- 9 THC/Serving- 11.319mg






PRODUCTS MARQUAHA Blueberry Chamomile Indica Flasq

I passed this bottle of Blueberry Chamomile Tonic back and forth with a friend, and we were content when the flasq was emptied. Nobody crashed into a couch, but we did feel great from it. It tastes like an old fashioned blueberry potion, the kind you'd find at the traveling circus. It made us happy, and I'd be pleased to try all of the flavor options. This indica tonic was spectacular. Maybe next time I might read the amount of servings per bottle before I indulge. Nawww… Maybe I won't. That's the way I like to dig in.

SCARLET OIL WORKS Blue Dream Distillate Cartridge

SCARLET OIL WORKS Blue Dream Distillate Syringe

THC- 76.689% CBN- 1.683% CBD- 1.366% a-Pinene- 9.57mg/g Myrcene- 7.37mg/g b-Pinene- 3.57mg/g

THC- 70.673% CBN- 1.859% a-Pinene- 14.208mg/g Myrcene- 12.884mg/g b-Pinene- 7.222mg/g

The cartridge form of this Blue Dream distillate has a more potent THC content than its batch in the syringes. But the a-pinene, myrcene, and b-pinene content was lower. They both taste exactly the same. It's just your preferencial method of consumption, that is the only difference here. Scoop it up, and run with the SOW Blue Dream in your veins.

Total THC- 87mg Servings- 27 THC/Serving- 3.164mg

SCARLET OIL WORKS Cinnamon D.I.M.E.S. Hard Candy Giant THC-infused red hots. There were lots to enjoy, 22 to be exact. These should last me a while. They will also provide fresh breath before I go in for a kiss in the middle of the day. There isn't the slightest taste of cannabis in these. These D.I.M.E.S. are distillate infused, so don't be confused. But don't crunch on ‘em too hard, or your dental work might get abused. Let me emphasize… HARD CANDIES, stoner people. Total THC- 100.4409mg Servings- 22 THC/Serving- 4.7829mg

I just love dabbing distillate in a syringe. It's perfect for when I pistol it when I binge. My wife always tells me to purge my inventory. So every month, when it's time to splurge, I get the urge to do big dabs. And I dump the rest of my syringes, and just soak it all up. I'll save the rest of this for that time...Check out the a-pinene, it works great to alleviate shortness of breath.

CITY TREES Fruity Pebbles Vape Cartridge

I think linalool makes me sneeze. I believe it makes other people sneeze too. Hit this and share it, and watch someone sneeze. Lol I'm high as shit. Don't get me wrong. This cartridge will bless you. Check this out if you want to isolate the terpenoid linalool. You can smell it and taste it. It's a spicy terp with some sweetness to it. If you're fashionably soft, don’t over-do it until you get through the young, yellow belly, tenderfoot stage. If you're a seasoned cannabis consumer, puff on City Trees Fruity Pebbles all day while watching a few episodes of the Flintstones. THC- 76.52% Linalool- 10.65mg/g Geraniol- 4.97mg/g Myrcene- 4.63mg/g a-Pinene- 1.33mg/g


Call antelope PEST CONTROL! 702.289.9500 Residential • Commercial • Industrial 81




Looking for something fun to do this weekend?



he relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make Paint & Puff the perfect spot for a date night, a group outing or simply by yourself. Started by Tabitha and Tyrone Thompson back in 2016 after Tabitha began using CBD to treat her MS, this husband and wife team is focused on providing a place where everyone can come together and heal while exuding their creativity. Now, they see paint enthusiasts from all walks of life attending classes, especially men which was a surprise to both of them. Hoping to provide a cool, couples night out option, Paint & Puff is now offering more risque’ picture choices specifically for these nights. And for those not wanting to leave with the entire group holding the same painting, Tabitha has added a Paint & Pour class which allows participants to use their own unique color choices to attain a marble-like painting. Paint & Puff supplies everything you need to paint your masterpiece. In addition, with each paying ticket, attendees also receive a CBD vape cartridge to enjoy during class. Each class focuses on a specific paint theme; however, patrons are always encouraged to use their own creativity to make their painting unique. Prize giveaways take place throughout each class and they have an on-site snack bar in case you get the munchies. And, if painting isn’t your thing, or you are need of a quick break, there is a retro gaming area where you can play until your heart’s content. Before leaving, be sure to check out their CBD focused store which carries an array of CBD products, apparel and other unique items. Please keep in mind, no marijuana consumption is allowed on the premises at any time. Paint & Puff provides any and all pre-filled CBD vape cartridges, no personal, pre-filled cartridges are allowed at anytime. Classes are open to those 18 and over and identification will be verified upon arrival. Paint & Puff is located at 1928 Western Avenue in Las Vegas. For more information or to register for a class, please visit







Messenjah Selah just music. You know what I mean? Reggae is a culture, reggae is a lifestyle, reggae is a feeling or a meditation or a movement or a spirit. Know what I’m saying? It goes beyond just the musical expression, it’s how you treat people, it’s how you treat yourself, it’s how you love yourself. It’s how you help humanity. You know how they say “faith without works is dead”? We wanna live the faith by doing the works, cause that’s what we come here to do, do the works so we can make a difference in humanity. It’s not just goin’ on stage and singin’ it. It’s walkin’ the walk, not just talkin’ the talk, you feel me? Hopper: Amen! So how long have you been doing music?

Earlier this month, Messenjah Selah stopped by the garden where we had a really great conversation under a canopy of beautiful plants. It was the perfect setting to absorb Selah’s words of wisdom. You should definitely listen to what he has to say, he’s always dropping truth bombs that will blow up any negative vibes and get you in a positive state of mind. Hopper: Hey brother, it’s always great to see you. Thanks for talking with Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Let’s start by telling our


readers what you’re all about. Selah: What I’m all about is love, life, freedom, peace of mind, health, wellness, and overall positive vibrations. Messenjah Selah is a reggae artist, roots reggae artist who brings an international, universal message for all of humanity. Hopper: Something you say a lot is “reggae is bigger than music”. What do you mean by that? Selah: It’s saying, in other words, that reggae is not

Selah: I would say, professionally, over 15 years, probably like 18 years. Yeah, yeah, I been recording and doin’ tours on a professional level for about that time. Hopper: Who influenced you? Selah: I would say, just to name some names, Bob Marley, Luciano, Steel Pulse, Dennis Brown, and to be honest, a lot of upcoming artists. Sometimes they’re the ones who inspire us most, our peers. Those who are next to us sharing the stage with us. You know, just getting into it and practicing and honing their craft, those are the people a lot of times who inspire me too. And just

life in general, nature, water, birds, flowers, humanity… everything is an inspiration. Hopper: What was it that made you want to make music originally? Selah: That’s a good question. What really inspired me to want to make music was, I would say, what you would see as maybe inequality or ignorance and disunity among different sects or religions, different groups of people, like just observing how, you know mankind fight each other over who is praisin’ the right god and who is worshippin’ in the wrong way or who is not worthy, or who is a sinner, or who is more righteous. When I look at these things, I see it’s causing more division. It inspired me to write music, so we can bring unity and oneness to show the message that we are all one. Hopper: You dropped a new single not long ago. Tell us about “Next Level Love”. Selah: Next Level Love is really a statement of where I’m at right now in my life personally, and even as it relates to relationships. Next Level Love, for me, is about being more authentic with oneself and dissolving the ego, you know what I mean? Tuning more into the heart, openin’ the heart more and surrendering to the love of the soul within you so that one can shine forth the light brighter, so that we can love ourselves more and

by loving ourselves more, we can love humanity more. Next Level Love is really about expanding, it’s about rising to the occasion and bein’ more responsible. Hopper: Where can people find it? Selah: You can purchase it on iTunes, you can listen to it also on YouTube. Hopper: You can pop it on Spotify, too. Selah: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s on Spotify, and also on Zojack World Wide SoundCloud. Hopper: I dig it. I’ve known you for a few years now, and I just gotta say that you’ve had an amazing positive impact on my life. Your vibe, your positivity, it’s contagious. Like you said earlier, you walk the walk. A lot of people put on a mask so to say, but you don’t do that. I find that really inspirational. Selah: Thank you very much, Hopper. That is big, man. I really appreciate that. Hopper: You’re welcome, it’s true. I’ll make this into a question, since that was more of a statement. Do you find it’s the herb that is a part of that, or is it just everything, is it just who you are? Selah: To be honest man, it’s just who I am, Hopper. I have this thing in me that just wants to grow, wants to learn, wants to love, wants to better myself. I just have that desire in me. So, all things kinda enhance and support that. So when I tune in on the herbs, when I use the medicine, the medicine just heightens that. It’s a good, good thing.

Hopper: What are some of your favorite strains? Selah: I like more the Sativa, because I’m a writer, I’m a thinker, so anything that brings out the creative vibes is what I’m likely to partake in. Hopper: You’re into the cerebral high. Selah: Yeah, yeah. I love edibles, I do edibles. That’s my way, that’s my modus operandi there. Hopper: I like your M.O.! What do you have coming up? Selah: I’m thinkin’ it might be a good move to put out an EP before the album next year, early like January or February. In the meantime, I’m gonna be in the studio gettin’ some new tracks recorded for the album. That’s the main thing. Hopper: Do you have any shoutouts before we go? Selah: Really and truly I wanna shout out to everyone who supports positive movements, positive changes in life. Everyone doin’ something to better their life, to better themselves and better humanity. Those are the people I want to shout out to. IG @messenjahselah Follow Hopper on IG @ hopper448




West’s line includes a light roast from Costa Rica, and a dark roast of Mocha Java, responsibly sourced from Indonesia and Yemeni. The coffee beans are also certified organic, infused with full-spectrum CBD from hemp, grown in Colorado.

Jane West came into the cannabis space in Denver shortly after Colorado legalized recreational use. Her successful monthly cannabis social events, via her company, Edible Events & Co., brought positive and negative attention, causing her to lose her comfortable and lucrative corporate day job, after holding a vape pen during a television interview promoting the events.

The words “full spectrum” are the tip off to the semantics of referring to non-psychoactive CBD as hemp. The U.S. Department of Agriculture allows the usage when a cannabis plants THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound of the plant, has been hybridized down to .3 percent or less, with the non-psychoactive compound, CBD (cannabinoid), raised up to higher levels. Using the word hemp also allows the nonpsychoactive CBD products to be shipped across state lines.

Her name became a brand overnight, forcing her into the cannabis space full time, while simultaneously causing her to look at her lifestyle choices differently.

Aside from infused coffee, her morning dosing begins with a CBD capsule developed for her brand by Can-Tek Labs, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Can-Tek Labs’ partners with businesses in the U.S., providing hemp-based CBD formulations for ingestibles, tinctures, pet products, and cosmetics.

“I’m not a card carrying medical cannabis patient, so technically, I don’t have a list of ailments or symptoms I medicate for” she explained. “But, I also don’t feel the term ‘recreational user’ fits me either. The language downplays the wide ranging ripple effect of benefits the plant brings to my life.” West refers to her daily use as a “healthy habit,” promoting wellness, preventing against illness, and giving her a general overall feeling of well-being to her often hectic life of wife, mother, and CEO of her eponymous lifestyle brand, Jane West, Inc. Her brand includes a high end line of glass products by Grav Labs, designed specifically around how she integrates cannabis into her busy life. The line includes stylish one hitters with a stash in travel cases, and glass pipes and bongs pretty enough to sit on a coffee table in shades of cobalt blue and jadeite green. This year she added a line of CBD infused coffee, as well as CBD capsules for day and nighttime use. “My relationship to coffee has changed since adding my CBD infused line to my brand,” she shared. “I love coffee, and used to drink cup after cup until I crashed – ending up with the jitters and an upset, acidic and nervous stomach. The CBD is complementary to the coffee – it invigorates my morning in a positive way, with none of the aforementioned side effects.” West’s brand of coffee is produced by SteepFuze, of Boulder, Colorado, working with national brands, infusing coffee and tea with CBD. One 12-ounce bag of the Jane West brand beans contain 240 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, priced at $48 a bag.


A Day in the Life of Jane West, co-founder of Women Grow, CEO of Jane West, Inc.

Each capsule contains 10 milligrams of full-spectrum hempderived CBD, with a nutritional rich profile that includes potassium, calcium, vitamins A, C, and Moringa - another superfood likened to the beneficial properties of cannabis. An antioxidant, Moringa is also an anti-inflammatory that combats and prevents infection. West’s daytime capsule formulation includes phenylalanine, a natural essential amino acid and a building block of protein, associated with enhanced mood and increased concentration. After a shower, favorite products include lotions by Mary Jane’s Medicinals, a Colorado company specializing in CBD topicals, founded by Dahlia Marten. “Dahlia’s products are very therapeutic,” she explained. “They are great moisturizers, but the CBD also decreases inflammation and relaxes my muscles. Her lip balm is actually called, ‘Lip Bong,’ and I use it on my cuticles and temples, as well as on my lips. It’s a great product.” One-hitters are a good way of keeping to a personal protocol. Using flower is included as part of West’s daily dose, stating she created her Solo one-hitter pipe purposefully, as she herself micro-doses often with just one hit. “Based on my work load for that day, and the amount of focus needed, I’ll choose just one puff of a mellow Indica, like Flo, or an uplifting sativa, like Lemmiwinks in my Solo pipe.” she continued. “If I have a longer project, requiring more focus and attention to detail, I’ll choose a one of my Jane West, Day mini-joints of a stronger sativa to clear my head.”

If she’s doing morning yoga, West said she’ll choose a calming indica flower, taking just one puff prior to a session.


West eventually gave up alcohol over cannabis, stating that when the kids go to bed and other moms partake of wine to numb themselves, she prefers being uplifted with a relaxing strain of Indica. “Using cannabis throughout the day in small amounts keeps me calm and relaxed, so it’s easier to get to sleep at night,” she shared. “But, if I’ve had a busy day and am feeling anxious, a nice indica strain in the evening is welcome.” Before bedtime West said she’ll take another CBD capsule for sleep and continued prevention. Her nighttime capsules also contain tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, associated with improved sleep. Tryptophan is also the compound found in turkey meat, which is known to cause drowsiness. West’s last sesh of the evening is the most beneficial, in her mind. “People say that cannabis makes you forgetful. But, forgetting can be as important as remembering,” West waxed poetic. “Cannabis helps me clear my mind of all the chatter. Rather than being kept up at night, obsessing on all the thoughts of the day, cannabis helps me tune out the noise. That’s why it’s a great mental health remedy, especially for we busy women.” For more information on Jane West products visit, For more info on Can-Tek Labs visit, For more information on SteepFuze visit,


Skincare & Wellness Facials • Chemical Peels • Skin Tightening • Massage Therapy Body Treatments • Polarity Energy Healing • Makeup • Waxing Skin Tag Removal • Chair Massage & Reflexology

SUMMER SPECIALS Ladies Night Out ........................................... $125 Customized European Facial & Make Up Application *includes lashes*

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Chinese Herbology Package ...................... $199 This luxurious spa treatment includes: • Herbal Body Scrub • Full Body Massage, • Rejuvinating Facial ...All infused with LED Infra Red Light!

Cryo Fat Reduction ................................... $1,200 3 areas for the price of 1! Call for a FREE consultation.

Stubborn, unwanted fat dissolves and is excreted from your lymphatic system, giving you a slimmer physique in weeks.

702 ~ 622 ~ 0777 2780 South Jones Blvd. Ste 100 B, Las Vegas, NV 89146 Inside Phenix Salon Suites 9975 S. Eastern Ave, Ste 130, Studio 104

Henderson, NV 89183





I have A LOT to be thankful for! I get the best feeling in the world almost every single day I go to work at Inyo and someone tells me how their cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, anxiety, pain, addiction,etc. is at a stage where it’s gone or at very least manageable enough to enjoy life again. It’s the most wonderful thing ever. Especially when you see it in an entire families eyes. Nothing beats it.


Thankful for Cannabis “Just be thankful for what you got” The immortal song by William DeVaughn has been playing in my head all day getting ready to write this. I have an awful lot to be thankful for. Each and every day now I hear a story or see Relief on someone’s face who has found some form of comfort in cannabis. Years ago when I started taking the healing aspects of cannabis seriously (not that I didn’t before, I just didn’t know what I was doing) I also started losing friends to age, hard lived lives, and disease. I myself am just a bag of busted bones and joints from the abuse I put myself through (willingly mind you) I had a blast playing music and abusing my body with drugs, alcohol, and crappy food. Wouldn’t change it for the world. But thankfully through the pain and loss, I started a path to another way that not only helped me live a more productive and helpful life for myself, but also for others. Through trying to find a way to save my friend’s life and help another friend’s beautiful baby girl defeat the cancer monster, I found a way to get myself off opiates and muscle relaxers. I found a way to help another friend defeat Lyme disease, helped numerous people get their hands and other body parts moving again and find a way to manage their arthritis. Helped more than a handful of children and adults cut down their seizures by numbers that still astound me! Saw the relief, not only in the patients but also their families. I’ve personally healed burns on myself and others just by rubbing some oil on it and wrapping it up nice and clean for a couple days. I’ve seen my loved ones and many others stay in hospice for months after starting a treatment too late when doctors are dumbfounded that they are still alive. Hell, this old loudmouth punk rocker with no kids even assisted in aiding children in this state to have safe, legal access to this medicine without their parents having to worry about CPS and prison. I’ve seen very good friends in pain from Lupus and Fibromyalgia take their lives back. I continue to see that beautiful little girl I referred to grow into a beautiful young woman when doctors said she would be dead years ago.


To be asked to speak and teach others about what makes me feel so good at Budtender Fight Club, NORML meetings, and Herban Expo is an absolute joy for me (especially as I don’t have to load-in and out a bunch of amps and guitars and I get to talk about my two favorite subjects: Cannabis and me). For Bill and Stephanie to let me write this article every month, and for the most random people in the most random places to come up and talk to me and ask questions because I helped start a conversation in these pages you now hold in your hands is a gift to me. It also makes me feel I’m doing my part. That’s a great feeling I wish more people would know. I live in a state and city that no matter what time of the day or night, I always, always have access to some of the best, safe, lab tested cannabis, concentrates, topicals and edibles. That’s a pretty amazing thing. Not everyone has that option in their lives. I have a lot to be thankful for! When you really think about it, we all have a lot to be thankful for. But please, don’t ever let that stop us from striving to be or do better. We’ve come a long way, but we also have a long way to go. For now, as the song says, “Let’s be thankful for what you got”. Happy Holidaze, my peoples! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.




2 5 2 0 S M A RY L A N D P K W Y # 2 , L A S V E G A S , N V 8 9 1 0 9 M O N – T H U 9 A – 1 0 P | F R I – S A T 9 A – 1 1 P | S UN 9 A – 6 P






Business is booming globally with cannabis and hemp cultivation, manufacturing and production of infused products. The need for such products are in high demand locally in the United States and also abroad in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. The desire for countries to adapt to the growing commerce of cannabis is being seen globally. World leaders are doing everything they can not to miss this commodities riches. Like gold, silver, oil or diamonds, cannabinoids have the eyes and attention of world investors trying to catch the wave. “The commodity that keeps giving” an investor happily states. “I am sick of doing water and oil deals. Cannabis has action. I’m hooked”. Quick snacks and beverages are the profitable deals right now, hot in the marketplace and in high demand. I love formulating new and upcoming products coming to the market. November brings holiday cheer, Veterans day, MMJ Bizcon, national fig week, Diabetes month and also Turkey day. Try to enjoy this time and take a second to absorb and embrace the things around you such as family, friends, business relationships and your environment. You never know what life will bring, so give love to the people in your life and feel good about who you are. You deserve it. Thank you family for your support!


Chef Fred Pan Seared Lazy Lamb Lollipops Ingredients 8 lamb chops 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp herbes de Provence (or mix of thyme, rosemary, sage, and other dried herbs) 1 small head of garlic, peeled 2 tbsp butter Salt and pepper to taste Instructions 1. Season the lamb chops with the olive oil, infused salt and pepper. 2. Melt the butter in a sauté pan over medium high heat. 3. Add the lamb chops and garlic cloves; cook until the chops are golden on each side. 4. Serve immediately.

Rosemary Cookie Frost Infused Sea Salt

Sativa Lemon Zest Watercress Salad

Ingredients 1 C sea salt 3 Tb minced rosemary 3 grams fresh cookie frost flower minced

Ingredients 8 oz watercress or any micro green you can get your hands on Âź C. 1 gram of each CBD/THC distillate infused extra virgin olive oil zest of 1 Meyer lemon 1 Tbsp water salt and pepper to taste

Instructions 1.Combine all ingredients in a molcajete and grind away (a molcajete is a mortar and pestle, a grinder often used to combine ingredients). After about 5 minutes, it will all come together and all the plant material will become part of the salt and you will see no plant material- the salt will be lime green.

Riesling Poached Sweet Potato Slices Brushed With Roasted Garlic CBD Olive Oil Ingredients 1 bottle of Riesling wine 2 peeled sweet potatoes sliced thin on a mandolin Âź cup roasted garlic olive oil infused with 2 grams cbd distillate Instructions 1. Pour bottle of Riesling into shallow pot and bring to a simmer 2. Poach sliced sweet potatoes 5 minutes until tender, ice bath and pat dry 3. Plating: Brush Roasted garlic CBD oil on slices

Instructions 1. Wisk last 4 ingredients 2. Drizzle and toss salad dressing with watercress

Sexy Raspberry Fig Balsamic Reduction Ingredients 2 C balsamic vinegar 10 fresh raspberries 10 dried figs 2 Tbsp brown sugar 2 Tbsp/1 gram infused THC distillate ghee Instructions 1. In a heavy saucepan, sweat figs and raspberries in infused ghee 2. Combine vinegar and brown sugar, let reduce until it coats back of spoon 3. Strain and let sit *If reduction is too thick add drops of water and mix until desired viscosity





>>>>> cannabis Exclusive Chefs FEATURING

Greg Chapin, Mike Richardson and Dennis Hicks

An......ticipation This is generally the time of year when we get a little relief from the summer sun and watch the autumnal colors blossom from their heated hibernation that has ended. Each year as we enlarge our mind palaces, one of the best gifts you can give is yourself. The journey you take is better than any present. I remember being with a group feeding the homeless. They gave of their time and resources, but me being me, I convinced them that with creativity and a little more effort, we could give them something far beyond just one experience, we can give them a memory! We created the full Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim dinner, complete with waitstaff dressed in top hats and tails and children singing on the lawn. It’s funny how spirit-warming a memory can be on a cold night for the giver as well as the receiver. With the help of a "Deep Space 9 Indica preroll" you can put together a personalized holiday basket that will be remembered longer than a Rolex. You might even find some of that magical childhood giddiness. Visit us @

Cajun “Deepspace” Cannabutter Injected and Smoked (literally) Tom Turkey Brine: (don’t be afraid, it’s just submerging a thawed turkey in water, this actually seasons the meat and locks in juiciness) 1C. salt (we like kosher salt which has a less salty flavor)

1 ½ C. white sugar 6 Qts water (depending on size of turkey) Dissolve sugar and salt in water by using your household hand whip Other flavorings can be used such as garlic, mirepoix (celery, carrot and onion), bay leaves, lemon etc. Add whole turkey and brine for 24 hrs. “Deepspace” Cannabutter: (any flower can be used) One to One Recipe - 1C. Shake or Flower / 1C. Butter (Plugra is a European brand that has a higher fat content and overall better butter flavor)

Clarified butter: a technique that brings butter to a rolling boil until the milk solids separate and fall to the bottom on the pot. You can easily pour off the clear liquid and use that for the crock pot method for cannabutter. This technique also allows the cannabutter to flow freely through a store-bought BBQ injector.

This step can also be omitted, and one could baste the bird or spray with cannabutter as well, but injecting is fun and flavors the meat itself. Remove from brine and just inject into the breast at multiple spots as well as the legs, no rules here just adding flavor to the meat. Rub- Fancy name for a mix of spices that gets rubbed on the meat before cooking, again flavor is subjective, but here’s what we like: ½ T. Cayenne pepper, 1t. Oregano, 1t. Granulated garlic, 2T. Hungarian hot paprika (or, you can use smoked paprika if you do not have a smoker), 1t. White pepper. After you have brined, injected and rubbed, cook turkey in a smoker, oven or grill. You can wrap wood chips with foil that is poked with holes and place just under the grates of the grill that have the flame. Only light one side of your grill and put the turkey on the indirect heat side, cook until 165’ at the breast and 175’ at the leg. Spray or baste every hour with cannabutter, if skin gets too dark cover with foil. Happy Cooking! Message us on facebook or Instagram for further insight!



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>>>>>>>>> THE HARVEST A custom puzzle by Gail Marie Beckman For more info about Custom Crosswords, call (702)869-6416 ACROSS 1. Cultivation building 9. Blossom 13. Panama follower 14. Apiece (abbr) 15. Powdery, yellowish spores 16. Slushy drinks 17. Pipe; piece 18. It's world wide 19. It's a _______ choice 23. Paid notice 24. Allow 27. Particular root 28. Aluminum symbol 29. What wax and relax have in common 30. Some growers like to ___ ____ the stalks to open up the plant to more light 34. Animal, vegetable or _______? 36. Certain curve 37. Pecan or pumpkin 38. It's not odd 39. More than eight hrs. 40. Pa's spouse 41. Altoid's container 42. Old-timey you 43. Order qty. 45. California capital, shortened 46. Particular plant protuberances 48. Reverberate 50. Concentrated solution pulled from the plant 51. Between re and fa 52. Charged particle 53. One who indulges 54. Distinctive doctrine or theory 55. Country-wide car club, for short 57. Sight and smell, for two 58. ___ Chi 59. Certain solution 63. Egg follower, during the holidays 64. Word with neither 66. The Good __' Days 67. Short for equal opportunity 69. Train syst. 70. Pen point 72. Over the Counter, shortened 74. Short for drill instructor 75. Sun word 76. Tough cannabis fiber 77. Yuletide 79. "Puff, puff, ____" 80. THC and CBD products are very effective to treat __________ and post-traumatic stress disorder DOWN 1. Tend and harvest a crop 2. About (abbr) 3. Certain cookies and candies













17 19







27 32





28 34










49 52




57 59

58 64


65 70




66 71

67 72

76 79



















69 75



4. Born as 5. Resinous exudate of flowering plants 6. Skyward 7. Preparation of the dirt (2 wds) 8. Precedes Capitan or Dorado 9. Symbol for iron 10. Ave. cousin 11. Material for 17 across, perhaps 12. Restful relief and diversion 17. pH _______ 20. Already there 21. Three prefix 22. _____comb marijuana wax 25. Short for education 26. THC creme, for one 28. Cousin of be 30. Indoor plants rely on ___________ and humidity control 31. Life ___ __ cabaret 32. Be the victor

33. SW opposite 35. Each and _____ 41. Smoke solids 44. Trimming need 45. Sativa, indica, or ruderalis 46. British thermal unit, shortened 47. Title of respect 49. Amateur variety 54. Quaint hotel 56. Associate of Arts, for short 57. Don't let them go to ____ 59. Snips; manicures 60. Short for number 61. Genetically identical plant 62. Comes after peptic 65. A five, broken down 68. Derived from plant juices 71. Blood pressure, shortened 73. Uppermost 76. Half a laugh 78. Common link between learn and 3 down



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