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HIPPY TRIPS TRIP TWICE MAGNETO VAPORIZER & BUBBLER Hippy Trips is a local company from Las Vegas that offers the 420 community a legit way to consume concentrates virtually anywhere. The battery fits discreetly in the palm of your hand. It looks like a tobacco vaporizer. The dual quartz coils combined with a heavy duty variable bear battery make for a perfect low temp dab. I set the battery to 3.5, and took a ten second rip, then blew fog like a Halloween Machine. Pop the glass bubbler on top for water filtration and an even smoother wax hit. Drop in some shatter, badder, crumble, sauce, distillate... oh yeah! Your vape tanks also fit into the Hippy Trips battery. Vaporizer: $89.99 Bubbler: $34.99


THE COOKIE BAR LV The Cookie Bar specializes in gourmet alcohol infused and non-alcoholic cookies and treats. Order their small batch treats via the online store or hunt down one of their cookie trucks. Our faves, the S’More: a smash-up of a cookie and a fire-melted marshmallow, the Booze Munch: puffed corn coated with rum, butter & brown sugar and the Beer Brownie: a Guinness infused dark chocolate brownie finished with an Irish Cream topping. A gift from The Cookie Bar would be perfect for your valentine! Prices vary


STRESS DISSOLVE BATH SALTS Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts combine Himalayan sea salt with the highest caliber CBD isolate to help rid your body of aches and pains. This product detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps and helps to balance blood sugar. $20

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

February 2018 Issue 41

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

February 2018 Issue 41