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find I can help people so many different ways by making my topical medicated magical rubs strong. Because they are naturally infused, they’re naturally activated.

Hopper: Going back a bit further, tell us about your history in cannabis. I’ve known you for decades, you’ve done every aspect of the game. James: I became a Prop 215

patient in 2001. I worked with different patients, I grew for them. So I know a lot of growers, so that helps me get good trim for my products. I’ve been in the game for a long time. Growing, selling, distribution…

Hopper: I remember you always had the bomb bombs! James: The Bullrider! Hopper: Yes! The OG Bullrider! James: : Fuck yeah! Hopper: You’ve won multiple

awards, we talked about it a little already. Tell us more about those.

James: I won Best Edible for

Local Sesh, twice. Once for my milk chocolate hazelnut spread, and once for my dark chocolate coconut almond spread. I won the Cannabis Farmers Market for my Medicated Magical Rub, the Skyline Sesh, for the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Spread, and The Sesh SD also for the Snickerdoodle Spread.

Hopper: That Snickerdoodle

Spread is out of this world! What about your topicals?

James: I’m doing a eucalyptus

lavender blend. I’m doing a ‘Love Budder’, which is an edible lube. It’s all about getting your pink parts stoned!


You’re getting into the Nevada market now. How’s that going?

James: I got to meet a lot of

people there, a lot of the massage therapy companies and therapists want to offer my medicated magical rubs for cannabis massages.

Hopper: You’ve told me that making these products has given you passion for life again. Do you want to delve into that, or talk about your car accident back in 2006? You spent six months in the hospital, that was a scary time for all of us close to you. James: It might be from my

injury, it might just be maturity. I had found myself in the cannabis industry, getting people stoned. Now I feel more fulfilled by healing people.

Hopper: That’s awesome brother. Any shout outs you want to give before we wrap it up? James: Yeah, definitely to my

helper. She is the one always driving me everywhere. Her name is Monica (@herplace420). Also a couple of massage therapists in the Inland Empire, The Body Mechanics (@tbm1244), they’re moving into Vegas to do cannabis massages with my rub. Shout out to you Hopper and Vegas Cannabis Magazine for the opportunity to share my products. Also, Local Sesh, The Cannabis Farmers Market, and all the guys at The Blacklist Sesh.

Hopper: Good Ol’ Stoner Rob! James: Yes, Stoner Rob! And to

everyone on the frontlines. Thank you very much, I love you guys! IG: Follow Hopper on IG: @hopper448

Hopper: That’s a good one!


Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

February 2018 Issue 41

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

February 2018 Issue 41