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F E AT U R E D D I S P E N S A R I E S NuLeaf 430 E. Twain Avenue

Medizin 4850 W Sunset Rd, #130

The Apothecary Shoppe 4240 W Flamingo Ave, #100

702 297 5323

702 206 1313

702 740 4372

Reef 3400 Western Avenue 1366 W Cheyenne Ave


Silver Sage Wellness

2520 S Maryland Pkwy, #2

4626 W. Charleston, Las Vegas

702 707 8888


702 475 6520

The+Source 2550 S Rainbow Blvd, #8 9480 S. Eastern Ave 702 708 2000

Nevada Made Marijuana

Show Grow

3195 St. Rose Pkwy, #212 1975 S. Casino Dr, Laughlin

4850 S Fort Apache Rd #100

702 737 7777

702 227 0511




6540 Blue Diamond Rd. 1324 S. 3rd St. 2113 Las Vegas Blvd. North, NLV

1112 S Commerce St 2755 W Cheyenne Ave, #103 702 776 4144

702 420 7338

2307 S Las Vegas Blvd 5765 W Tropicana Ave 4300 E Sunset Rd, #A3 702 978 7186

Southern Nevada Magazine Pickup: MedMen 823 S. 3rd St, Las Vegas

Zen Leaf 9120 W. Post Rd, 103, Las Vegas

Blackjack Collective 1860 Western, Las Vegas

Top Notch THC 5630 Stephanie St, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Releaf 2244 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas

Sahara Wellness 420 E. Sahara, Las Vegas

Acres 2320 Western Ave. Las Vegas

Deep Roots Medical 195 Willis Canyon Carrier, Mesquite

The Grove 1541 E. Basin Ave, Pahrump

Exhale NV 4310 W. Flamingo, Las Vegas

Shango 4380 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas

NUWU Cannabis 1235 Paiute Circle, Las Vegas

Oasis MedMen Jenny’s Dispensary 1800 Industrial Rd, 180, Las Vegas 4235 Arctic Spring Ave, Las Vegas 5530 N. Decatur, N. Las Vegas 10420 S. Eastern, Henderson Jardin Cannacopia 2900 E. Desert Inn, Las Vegas 6332 S. Rainbow #105, Las Vegas

MMJ America 4660 S. Decatur, Las Vegas



2605 S. Decatur, #107, Las Vegas, NV 89102































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Stephanie Shehan

Stop the Insanity! A few months ago, the credit card processing company that we had utilized since 2014 decided to drop us as customers stating that we "faciliate the sale of cannabis." And, the State of Nevada has made it clear to all marijuana establishments that they are not allowed to run advertisements that "promote the consumption of cannabis." Let me clarify, credit card companies that we pay high fees to do not want us promoting the sale of cannabis within the legal industry and our own state that collects millions of dollars in tax revenue does not want us promoting the consumption of cannabis. Come on, what are we doing here? This reminds me of the time, back when we first started this magazine that someone said to us "You should maybe consider changing your name so you don't offend people." That was back in 2014. And, here we are four years later, with a cannabis consuming population that cannot be stopped. This plant is medicine. People are tired of consuming dangerous pharmaceuticals. And consumers of all walks of life read this magazine. No, we should not change our name, and no, we should not stop promoting the consumption of cannabis. What we should do is continue educating people about the plant, and its healing aspects. We should continue introducing consumers to products and companies that can help them. And, we should continue stirring up conversations about cannabinoids and terpenes while showing people that they can heal themselves. Have a friend or relative that is yet to be on board with cannabis? Hand them this magazine or take them over to one of our licensed dispensaries. Whatever you do, do not stop talking about it. Enjoy the last month of summer!

Stephanie Shehan Follow Vegas Cannabis Magazine on IG @702VCM

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine, LLC features content about cannabis, hemp, and cannabis-related products and information. In addition, we feature articles, legal information and medical news relevant to the cannabis industry. All content within our publication and on our website is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered personalized legal or medical advice. Both the printed publication and the website are intended for those over the age of 21. In the state of Nevada, cannabis is intended for use by those 21 and older. If consuming, please keep out of the reach of children. Vegas Cannabis Magazine, LLC assumes no responsibility for the advertisements within this publication. We strive to ensure the accuracy of the information published. Vegas Cannabis Magazine LLC cannot be held responsible for any consequences which arise due to error or omissions. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

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From the time Prime Cannabis was granted their cultivation and production licenses, they have had one simple goal in mind, to consistently provide cannabis connoisseurs with topshelf premium flower. Their respect for both the plant and the end product is what drives this team to grow clean, high quality strains with impressive cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Stepping away from the typical cultivation set up entailing a head grower with support staff, Prime instead operates from a team mindset consisting of a multitude of experienced growers working together to produce a quality product. Their state-of-the-art cultivation facility coupled with the experience of their grow team sets Prime apart and enables them to produce high THC strains that consumers love.


Having recently recognized the large population of consumers seeking easily-usable products, the Prime team decided to delve into the pre-roll arena. Prime’s pre-rolls are made completely from full flower, no trim or shake here. With a competitive price point and all-glass packaging allowing consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing, these pre-rolls are quite impressive. Prime Cannabis is currently available at dispensaries around town. Follow them on Instagram @ask4prime to find out where their next fresh flower drop will be. And, to view their strains, visit them online at #ask4prime





My miniature pinscher Daisy has really gotten herself in a bind. Recently, she has broken both of her front legs which doesn’t enable her to be the curious puppy that she wants to be. Unfortunately, she suffers tremendously with separation anxiety which puts me in a bind since I have to carry her everywhere I go or else she becomes extremely over emotional and sometimes harms herself. I’ve had several people who have pets tell me to consider giving CBD to Daisy for her issues, but it wasn’t until recently, when I picked Daisy up from the surgery center that the vet tech mentioned that I may want to try CBD for Daisy first before giving her over the counter medicines. At that point, I was convinced. My next visit was to Healing Panda where I spoke with owner Kenny KnolI about the benefits of using CBD for pets. Once home, I witnessed nothing short of a miracle after giving Daisy 3 to 4 drops of a pet specific, 1000mg CBD tincture. Almost instantly, she fell asleep in her crate with no problems giving me some much needed peace of mind. It gives me a sigh of relief not having to worry anymore about my poor, precious little puppy freaking out whenever I leave the room or even worse, the house. So for anyone out there that has a hell of a time trying to work with their dog who goes “cray cray” on them, please consider CBD tinctures or treats. Interested in learning more about CBD and cannabis? Be sure to watch The Cannabis Show every 2nd and 5th Thursday of the month from 2-3pm PST live on www.

22 Pet specific CBD tinctures and pet treats are available at Healing Panda and at most local cannabis dispensaries. Peace to Dogs Everywhere





3650 S Decatur Blvd Unit 23 Las Vegas, NV 89103

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We design, build and maintain custom HVAC Air Scrubber/Filtration systems for the cannabis industry

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The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

It has been one year since I met the dynamic duo you all know and love as Bill and Stephanie Shehan and was given the opportunity to write The Cannab-Esq. Chronicles for Vegas Cannabis Magazine. I have really enjoyed chronicling the legal aspects and recent happenings in the marijuana industry on a monthly basis for the readers of VCM, whether locals or visitors reading this for the first time on the flight back home. I truly do have a passion for both cannabis and the practice of law, and committing to this article not only forces me to stay up to date on the recent news in the industry, but it also allows me to express my opinion to all of you lovely people! While I have written about many different cannabis-related topics over my prior 11 articles, I think the thing I have rallied for the most is for local officials to finally allow marijuana consumption lounges so that tourists and locals have a safe and legal place to enjoy whatever THC-rich product they decide to buy. In fact, I think I have lobbied for consumption lounges in 7 of my 11 articles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Las Vegas is a hotbed for marijuana tourism and we need to give these tourists a legal place to consume it ASAP! That is why I was ecstatic to see the Las Vegas city council recently discussing the idea of authorizing consumption lounges. While the idea is still in the early stages, the city council has already prepared a draft set of ordinances authorizing and regulating consumption lounges. As drafted, the proposed ordinances would make consumption lounge licenses “privileged” licenses like alcohol, gaming, and other marijuana establishments. In effect, this means anyone wanting to open a consumption lounge would have to apply for a license (with a $5,000 annual fee) and endure the grueling criminal, financial, and other background investigations. While the application process itself has yet to be determined, the fact that consumption lounge licenses will be “privileged” means local officials have a lot of authority and say over who obtains the licenses and how strict the rules and regulations are. If the current iteration of the ordinances are ultimately passed, consumption lounges would not be able to sell marijuana or allow marijuana to be delivered by courier to its establishment. So each customer would be responsible for bringing their own bud. While marijuana sales are prohibited, license-holders would be allowed to apply for a special-use permit to sell alcohol with an alcoholcontent of 11% or less. Yes, this means you would be allowed to have a beer or glass of wine with your joints and dabs! Of course, consumption lounges would be required to have 24 hour security, are obligated to prevent any consumption of marijuana outdoors, and need to be located more than 1,000 feet from schools, parks, and churches. In addition, license-holders would need to ensure that no one under the age of 21 is allowed in and that no one outside the establishment can either see or


smell someone inside taking a big fat dab of Kabunky’s Trap Star krumble or Medizin’s Mango Kush shatter (quickly becoming one of my favorites) straight to the head. One of the more controversial aspects of the draft ordinance is the prohibition on employees and owners of the consumption lounges being “intoxicated or under the influence” while on the premises. I understand the need to prevent employees from showing up or ending up stoned out of their mind, but has anyone thought about the fact that many of the employees are probably marijuana (possibly even medical marijuana) users themselves? If being “intoxicated or under the influence” of marijuana ends up being defined the same way it is defined for purposes of Nevada’s DUI laws, there is sure to be many problems on the horizon and very few employees able to qualify for the job. I will save the full-on discussion of marijuana and Nevada’s DUI laws for another article, but the important thing to know is this: if you are a fairly regular marijuana user, it is highly likely your blood would test above the legal-limit of 5 nanograms/ml of marijuana metabolite all day every day… even if you haven’t actually consumed any marijuana that day. Nevada’s marijuana DUI limits are outdated, low, and need to be reconsidered in light of all the new science and research we have on marijuana and how to test for impairment/ intoxication. Clearly the City of Las Vegas officials need to continue meeting with those in the community and marijuana industry to discuss and fine-tune some of the logistics related to marijuana consumption lounges. But I’m confident everyone will work together to ensure everything is done in a safe, efficient, and progressive manner. Las Vegas is already making a splash and has shown that it can be the go-to place for marijuana entertainment and tourism. We need to push that envelope even further and make these consumption lounges a reality. There have been many ups and downs in the marijuana industry over the past year. From Nevada’s exceptional marijuana sales figures, the introduction of legislation to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, and the FDA’s approval of the first prescription drug containing CBD - to Attorney General Jeff “No Smoke” Sessions announcing the rescission of the Cole and Ogden Memorandums and the fed’s overreaching and raiding and seizing legal CBD products - I’ve been honored to be here chronicling it all for Vegas Cannabis Magazine. #StayWoke! Follow me: IG @Cannab_Esq or FB @MitchellSBissonEsq

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a patient's perspective


TIME FLIES I have an extremely difficult time believing it, but this makes my 12th column for Vegas Cannabis magazine. My anniversary, as it were. Initially, I was going to discuss some of the topics that I addressed during the past year, but if you were interested, you probably would have read them when they were punished. Published. Whatever. I think the biggest shift this year is how surprisingly popular the whole legal marijuana-thing was! Note: I am being sarcastic.

The state of Nevada has very little interest in an educated populace.

By Peter Jay

Not a soul who reads this magazine is even a little bit surprised that it turned out to be such a gold mine. The GOOD news is that the state of Nevada is not burdening us with the knowledge of how they are spending all of that sweet, sweet weed money. It certainly is not going to our public schools, but that is no surprise. The state of Nevada has very little interest in an educated populace. Sorry about that, because I seldom start ranting and raving in this space. I just have several friends who are teachers, and I hate to see such a splendid group of people being nickel-and-dimed to death. However, to give the Devil his due, CCSD could screw up a wet dream when it comes to financial management. A harsh reality that I have learned time and again is that money turns people into pigs. Slimy-nosed, curly-tailed, squealing little pigs. Have you ever read George Orwell's Animal Farm? I'm not one to holler about life imitating art or anything, but that book is right up there with the movie Idiocracy when it comes to portraying modern society. So here is a crazy idea. Why don't we let the people who purchase the marijuana have some input into how that money is spent? Or, better yet, have certain strains and growers represent a given charity. If you buy an ounce of Green Crack, $20 would be donated to whatever charity Green Crack represented. If Cannavative donated money to Epilepsy or Alzheimer’s disease research, perhaps you would buy their product if those conditions were important to you. Personally, I would patronize any grower or strain that donated money to medical marijuana research. Think about it: we are just at the beginning of the legal marijuana odyssey. It is known that there are multiple


physical conditions that can be treated by marijuana. Reality: scientists do not like it when they cannot explain something. Worse yet is when previouslyheld beliefs are proven to be the definition of wrong. As I stated in a previous column, the reason that marijuana has not been embraced by the FDA and other medical authorities is because there has been no official research done on it. It must be understood that, to these folks, anything but strict, double-blinded research does not yield acceptable results. Therefore, marijuana will remain unused until researchers can actually obtain samples to work with; this will NOT happen until marijuana is no longer Schedule 1. Things were looking really good after Attorney General Jeff Sessions removed federal protections on marijuana... until all of the furor died down and the elected officials who are supposed to be looking out for us found another cause to pursue. I promised that this would not be a retrospective column, yet here I go hollering about the past. Ecclesiastes claimed a LONG time ago that there is nothing new under the sun, so what do you want from me? Gazing into my smoky crystal ball, I don't see things regarding marijuana changing very much at all over the next year. I do expect designer weed to really become a thing in the next year or so, and THC and CBD levels will be at least 10% higher than they are today. Beyond that, I plan on starting a podcast, so you can ignore me verbally as well as in writing! Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!






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hat a wonderful time to be involved in the current cannabis movement, truly a blessing for us all in countless ways. As wonderful of a time as it is, the industry is still going through a lot of growing pains federally and on state levels throughout the nation. And although the regulations and laws in time will eventually iron themselves out, we have to ask ourselves, “What are we doing to help?” After all, that is the reason everyone should be in this industry, right? But is that the true reality of things.... To help others be able to gain access to this incredibly profound medicinal plant, in all of its’ miraculous forms, is a noble quest I feel. Enabling lives to be wonderfully impacted and even saved is a gift in and of itself. Shouldn’t that be a good enough reason to be involved? Unfortunately, I often find that not to be the main reason many are involved. In the current CBD industry there is little to no regulation, which is a very bad thing and unless a particular CBD company chooses to “self regulate” by providing legitimate documentation of verifiability, retailers and consumers are mostly left to gamble with which products to buy. Not a good place to be in for your pocketbook and most

importantly, your health. “There are always two sides to a coin, light-dark, love-hate, truthlies, selflessness- greed.... duality. Whatever we choose to participate with in our lives essentially dictates who we evolve into.” - Brandon Ghidossi When I first got into this industry I came in with an extensive background in health, fitness, nutrition, energy healing, sales, marketing and family business. I started selling CBD oil for another company through a friend of mine and was enamored with the healing benefits of CBD oil that I was witnessing first hand through myself and others. Simply incredible! However, after a short period of time, I started to discover flaws. Not just in the company I was selling for and their business morals and ethics, but in cannabidiol itself. Certain ailments that people had weren’t being touched even with higher doses of CBD regularly and/or the CBD would finally kick in after painstakingly long periods of time, sometimes taking months. Surely there had to be an explanation for this and the company I was selling for was short on answers. So I chose to move on and start my own company, Harmonious CBD. As many of you know, starting your own company is no walk in the park. And, there are certain

things that each individual business owner perceives to be more important than others when starting up and running their own business. For me personally it is all about healing and helping people first. For many others it is strictly about money. Both are obviously necessary but whichever one we allow to take the reigns influences our ability to ultimately impact others in one way or another. In truth, if you really care about healing others, you must start by figuring out what triggers the healing. You see, to maximize healing within the body, we need to understand how the body works in tandem with what we are attempting to use as a medium to assist or facilitate the healing process that the body does naturally. And simply put, it takes endless hours of research and trial and error to find out how that all works. Medical research these days can all too often be tainted with greedy monetary influences and be muddied with conflictive opinions. It can be difficult to know what’s true or not. At the suggestion of a very close friend I started researching two major finalized forms of CBD, isolate and full spectrum oil (aka full plant extract). I wasn’t surprised to find out that in pretty much every reputable major clinical study done on animals and humans across the globe, full plant extracts were much

more effective than just the isolated molecule cannabidiol at aiding the body in healing itself. So, I started looking for manufacturers far and wide who could provide me with a full plant extract oil. I wanted the oil to have all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes left in it unaltered, and for it to come from high quality, organic hemp strains grown in the USA, using good soil practices. I also wanted a nonchemical extraction process to be used for extracting the oil from the hemp plants. Now let me tell you, it was much harder than expected to find what I was looking for in an isolate driven market. Difficult but not impossible. Truth of the matter is 95% of the global CBD industry is selling isolate-only, 0% THC products or 0% THC products claiming to be full spectrum oils. On top of that, the other ingredients that are being used in those products are commonly low quality and can sometimes be dangerous for people's health. Not to mention how rare it is for most CBD companies to lab test their own products and to provide COA’s on their ingredients before selling to consumers. There is a green rush going on right now and too many people are not in it to fully participate in the healing movement, but instead, are in it mostly for profit with little to no concern for people's’

true wellbeing. Messing with people's’ health is not a game, it is something to be taken very seriously. We have massive responsibility in our hands as manufacturers, distributors and retailers selling CBD products. Unfortunately way too many CBD products that I have seen out there do not have the quality in them to reflect that very state of mind and do not provide the necessary documentation either. And,

you’d be surprised how many retail locations including major dispensaries sadly fall for fancy marketing and low prices over true quality, efficacy and transparency. So, I ask those that are in the industry on all levels, “What side of the coin are you on?” Brandon Ghidossi is the owner of Harmonious CBD. For more information , visit them online at

. Y R T N U O C . E A G G E . R K C O R . P PO

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By: Dr. Aseem Sappal

istory was made in the 2018 World Cup games. Not only did France beat Croatia to become one of only six countries to have done so more than once—the games represented the first time professional soccer players were not penalized for having CBD (cannabidiol) in their bloodstreams. In October 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol from its banned substances list, making it the first major sports organization to acknowledge non-intoxicating CBD as a separate compound from marijuana. Such action puts WADA far ahead of many parts of the world including the United States. There’s been much controversy around the medical and adult-use of cannabis in professional sports in America. How athletes manage pain, sleep and anxiety and the growing number of brain injuries associated with professional football are concerns for players. A side effect of managing pain with drug prescriptions is misuse. In 2010 a study of 644 retired NFL players found 52% used opioids during their NFL career with 71% reporting misuse. Prevalence of current opioid use was 7%, which was 3 times the rate of the general population at the time. Cannabis, and specifically cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to treat acute and chronic pain, fight inflammation, improve focus, increase endurance, assist natural endorphins, and eliminate pre-game anxiety. For athletes who participate in contact sports, the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD help reduce the swelling in the brain from concussions, which helps in recovery from the injury itself. Former professional athletes are coming forward to show players’ associations that prescription drug misuse can be avoided by offering a sustainable way to manage the physical rigors of professional sports. A nonprofit organization called Athletes for Care was founded by six former professional athletes to raise awareness about health issues facing the sports community. Five of these athletes recently led a panel about medical cannabis. NFL Hall-of-Famer Joe Montana has spoken out saying, “Legalization is picking up steam on a global level and I feel like now is the time to spread information about the curing capabilities of this plant. As with any medicine, increased accessibility comes with the need for education.” Even David Stern, the ex-NBA commissioner who famously tightened up cannabis policy while serving the NBA for 30 years, has revealed he supports removing marijuana from the league’s banned substances list. Other positive signs include the recent announcement by the BIG3, the professional 3-on-3 basketball league, that it permits the use of CBD for pain management and recovery. There’s also a newly formed minor pro basketball league in North America called the NAPB (North American Premier Basketball League) that allows its athletes to use CBD products. In fact, the NAPB has partnered with Green Roads Athletics (the sports division of Green Roads World, a CBD manufacturer and distributor) for a one-year sponsorship. Resources: 7 Ways Athletes Use Cannabis, Andrew Ricketts, High Times, April 18, 2018, Six Reasons Why Some People Consume Cannabis After Working Out, Helena Miles, Leader Post, July 17, 2018, Injury, Pain, and Prescription Opioid Use Among Former NFL Players, Linda B. Cottler, Arbi Ben Abdallah, Simone M. Cummings, John Barr, Rayna Banks, Ronnie Forchheimer, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Volume 116, Issues 1-3, Pages 188-194, July 1, 2011, Ex-NFL and NHL Pros: Cannabis is Good Medicine, Bruce Kennedy, The Cannabist, April 10, 2018, Ex-NBA Commissioner Says Legalize Weed in Sports, Tim Kohut, High Times, October 25, 2017, BIG3 Players Cleared to Use CBD For Pain Relief, Recovery, Chicago Sun Times, June 27, 2018, U.S. Pro Sports League Finally Accepts CBD Products, Javier Hasse, High Times, January 26, 2018.

ABOUT Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college with educational roots going back to 1995. OU has established itself as the world’s leading cannabis college with over 35,000 Alumni worldwide.

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Elaine Wells

The+Source In dispensaries across the country, hundreds of thousands of medical patients and recreational cannabis consumers look to budtenders for assistance in selecting products and educating on the proper uses. At The+Source, Elaine Wells has found her calling as a budtender and patient advisor. Originally from Boulder City, Nevada, Elaine is the mother of four beautiful daughters and grandmother to seven wonderful grandchildren. After caring for people in various fields of medicine throughout her life, Elaine began working as a budtender in 2015 as an advocate for medical cannabis products. After her late brother was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor, Elaine was able to seek out cannabis treatments that aided his symptoms. We recently had the chance to chat with Elaine about the work she does at The+Source and how cannabis has positively impacted her life. VCM: Are you originally from Southern Nevada? If not, where are you originally from? And, what brought you to Southern Nevada?

ELAINE: I grew up in Boulder City and attended UNLV. After completing my radiology degree, I moved around in California for a bit. Eventually, I returned to Southern Nevada with my two daughters for a visit and ended up staying while continuing my radiology career and becoming a CT Imaging Specialist in mammography and all other radiology areas. VCM: Do you have a favorite strain? And, what other products do you like? ELAINE: I love any indica strains as they help me not be so sleep deprived. I’m slowly learning which sativa strains are also helpful for me. The top strain for me right now is Hell’s OG. Of course, I do love The+Source’s products. The new Prismatic concentrates and pens are fantastic. I also love Cannabiotix vape cartridges which have been very helpful for pain management along with The+Source’s Golden Night CBD/THC pens and cartridges. Select has a great line of CBD tinctures as does Canna Hemp. VCM: What led you to the cannabis industry? And, how long have you worked at The+Source?

ELAINE: My brother became ill in December of 2014. I had retired the year before from the VA Healthcare System and after helping family with my new grandsons (3 little guys in just a year and a half, two of which were twins) I felt a bit lost. Helping my brother be comfortable became my new mission. Then, it was time to reinvent myself. I knew staying home all the time wasn’t for me. The next year my sonin-law was also stricken with cancer. Shortly after, I obtained my medical marijuana card and then found The+Source. Every Sunday, I drove in to Vegas from Boulder City and I became friends with Karen Curtola who told me the Henderson store would be opening.

So, I proceeded to contact corporate and I went to work the day the store opened. With the knowledge I gained helping my family and myself I soon moved into the showroom and became an advisor. I love helping people feel better. I’ve been doing it all my life and the cannabis industry has allowed me to continue. Today, I’m an advocate for cannabis over pharmacy meds. VCM: What has been your most unique customer experience? ELAINE: All of my patient and recreational experiences are unique. Everyone deserves my time and knowledge.




Targeted Advertising that will reach the nearly 43 million visitors numerous times during their visit. Tony Preus





Vincent Guolla

MMJ America DS: What do you do in the industry? Vince: I am currently a Budtender at MMJ America. I help assist patients and customers in finding the right type of cannabis product for their individual needs. I started in the industry in February of 2016, as a Patient Consultant at Essence, and was able to help with the management of the dispensary as well for about two years. I've gone from operating the zipline on Fremont to now being established in the industry for over three years with almost no real prior knowledge to start. DS: Why did you become a budtender? Vince: I became a budtender originally because I loved weed and everything about it. It wasn't until I actually started in the industry that I really started seeing this little plant change peoples lives so drastically. Since joining the industry, my new goal has been to share all the stories of success with those still skeptical, so we can live in a more cannabis educated society. I have also experienced the loss of loved ones who I know it could have helped, if I had known what I know now!



DS: What is your favorite cannabis product right now? Vince: My favorite cannabis product has to be the Kurupt Moonrock Preroll right now. Since I enjoy oils and flower equally, this almost 2 gram preroll knocks my socks off! Hitting this preroll is like ripping a bong! What makes this preroll so special is the Kurupt Moonrock mix they roll up inside the joint, and the oil and keif finish on the outside, usually ranging from 40% to 60% THC! DS: What are your hopes for the future of the Nevada cannabis industry? Vince: Seeing the industry grow so much is amazing! We've come such a long way from medical only shops and we continue to pave the way with recreational sales. I have high hopes for the industry and I believe we will see a substantial change in the prices and product available 2-3 years down the road. As well as our own growth, we will also see our model for the industry becoming the standard around the nation. DS: Do you have a preferred strain and method to medicate?

Vince: As much as I love the moonrock preroll, my favorite method of medicating is dabbing. Nothing beats heating up the nail after a long day and taking a smooth dab, or three. And I am definitely an indica smoker but I enjoy all strains because each one is pretty awesome. If I could ever dab some Jilly Tangie (from TCVG) again though, I'd be very happy. DS: What do you do for fun in Las Vegas? Vince: You won't see me roaming the streets of Vegas too much. I enjoy

the smaller things and am more of a homebody. I do enjoy working out, playing World of Warcraft, binge watching Hulu and Netflix, and smoking most of the time while doing it. I also enjoy the occasional festival or rave because sometimes you just need to dance the night away. Visit Vince at MMJ America and he will hook you up with great product, fast/knowledgeable service, and as always, that winning smile!

Cannabis Leaf Art by Mohan Sundaresan Rolled Canvas Prints 24”x16” $50 Hemp Poster Prints 17” x 11” $20 ORDER ONLINE AT LIDPINS.COM


4850 W SUNSET RD. #130 LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 7022061313 W W W. P L A N E T 1 3 L A S V E G A S . CO M



HOPE creates the highest quality medicinal cannabis products with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles to deliver specific effects.







Keep out of the reach of children.

For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

Look for HOPE vape cartridges at your favorite dispensary

DEAR MARY JANE An advice column from the Grande Dame of Marijuana

Hello, my darlings! I’m Mary Jane. I know more about nothing than any two other people I know, and I once smoked dope with the Pope (not saying which one). I’ve been around the world twice and talked to everyone once, so if you have issues that leave you befuddled, ask away, as Mary Jane makes everything better!

Friends Let Friends Smoke Dear Mary Jane: I am new to the world of smoking reefers, and I’m not having nearly as much fun as I thought I would. I have friends who smoke, but they won’t let me smoke with them because sometimes I confuse inhaling with exhaling and make a mess. Should I just give up and switch to beer? — Hopeless in Henderson

I feel your frustration, young ‘un. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and there are certain rules and protocols (unwritten) that you need to master before any of your smoking friends will take you seriously. First and foremost, unless you’ve time-warped back to 1922 Chicago, nobody refers to marijuana as “reefers” anymore. Call it weed, chronic, smoke, buds, dank, diggity-dank, even pot, but nobody wants to smoke with Grandma (except maybe Grandpa). The whole “inhale vs exhale confusion” thing leaves me wondering if maybe you ate lots of lead paint chips as a kid. I’m hoping that you don’t swim, as inhaling under water won’t end well for

you, dear. Suck the smoke in, gag on it for a few seconds, then cough it out. Other rules for you to know: Rule One: Puff, puff, pass. When smoking with friends, it is of critical importance that everybody gets a taste. You are a rookie, so once your buzz starts you will tend to stare into space with a silly look on your face. I mean, that’s the idea, but the weed is burning so pass it along! Rule Two: Don’t drool. This is primarily a rule for joints and blunts, though it can apply to other methods too. Bottom line: if we aren’t MUCH more than smoking buddies, I don’t want your spittle in my mouth. Dry your lips before you hit, or people WILL judge you. Harshly. Rule Three: Know your limits. Don’t indulge to the point of being annoying. Yes, we know you’re SO HIGH RIGHT NOW! No, the police aren’t going to show up and arrest us; unless we’re sitting on bales of weed while shooting skeet in the backyard, the police don’t really care anymore. And yes, pizza is indeed the perfect food. Just shut up and go with the buzz and maybe you’ll be invited back. And personally, beer is what I use when I’m out of weed. Just saying. GOT A QUESTION FOR MARY JANE? SHE'S GOT AN ANSWER FOR YOU! EMAIL HER AT MJ@VEGASCANNABISMAG.COM.

A Race to Inform the



ain management is something that nearly every runner must deal with, from the elite ultra-marathoner to the 5k fun runner. The most significant pain occurs during and after training and racing. Each individual runner has their own unique levels of pain they must manage. Some runners are in pain the entire time they’re running, other runners only feel the pain afterwards and most runners fall somewhere in between. Deuvall Dorsey is a Las Vegas ultra-marathoner & triathlete who has been educating the running and endurance sport communities about cannabis since 2013. His career as an endurance athlete began in 2012 when he was inspired to start running after witnessing a daily cannabis smoker take 1st place in multiple 5k races. Cannabis has been a staple of his training regimen since he began preparing for his first race. “My next distance goal is a 100k race. I hate to think of what it would be like to run that far without consuming any cannabis whatsoever. I can’t even imagine it,” said Deuvall when asked about the future of his career. The most popular ways that runners manage pain is by taking aspirin and/ or drinking alcohol during and after training or racing. It’s not uncommon for a runner to take multiple aspirin throughout the course of a long race and then consume alcohol immediately or shortly thereafter. Even still, cannabis is frowned upon by the running community in general, although many runners have been using cannabis in secret for decades. Deuvall attributes rest and recovery to being the keys to his success in endurance sports, “Smoking CBD flower is one of my favorite ways to manage pain after training and racing,” he says. The strong majority of runners live in non-recreational adult use cannabis states, which means there are little to no efforts to raise awareness or educate the running community to the variety of benefits cannabis offers. Presently, most runners in the United States remain under the assumption that they must smoke cannabis and get high to receive the benefits. To our readers, CBD is common knowledge, but mention CBD to a runner and it will likely be the first time they’ve ever heard of it. “I come across many runners who are well educated and well informed people, but when I mention CBD to them it’s their first time ever hearing about it,” said Deuvall. A paradigm shift takes place in the minds of runners when they learn about the variety of non-smoking modalities available to experience the benefits of cannabis without undergoing the psychoactive effects by using CBD products. A trend of acceptance is slowly growing in states where cannabis has been legalized for recreational adult use. The most

By: Willie Spearmint

educated runners are already using various CBD products during and after training. “Before the dispensaries opened in my state I never dreamed of smoking CBD flower. Now I’m able to purchase CBD flower and smoke it by itself or mix it with my other cannabis,” Deuvall excitedly exclaimed. The running community in the United States is massive. Every year runners spend millions of dollars on equipment, gear, supplements and other products related to their sport. The running community is one of the largest and most obvious future consumer target markets for CBD products. Within the next 20 years, as more states continue to legalize recreational adult use, expect to see the cannabis industry launch mass marketing campaigns aimed at educating the running community, resulting in millions of runners consuming some form of CBD. Deuvall is the director of the Las Vegas Running Film Festival (LVRFF) scheduled to make its inaugural annual screening on November 10th 2018, the weekend of the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon. Part of the film festival’s mission is to highlight underrepresented groups in the running community. A few of the festival’s primary film categories are; blind runners, heavy weight runners and wheelchair racers. These athletes also receive some of the most benefits of consuming CBD. The LVRFF plans to highlight these runners by teaming them up with video editors to turn their photos and video footage into short films. Deuvall has recruited two teammates to help him organize the film festival, @Run4CBD and @Run2improve. Both athletes have a long track record in the running community and both are knowledgeable on ways that runners can benefit from CBD and other forms of cannabis. August 30-31, they plan to attend the U.S. Trail Running Conference in San Luis Obispo, California, to promote their upcoming film festival and possibly offer a sneak peek screening of some of the earliest LVRFF submissions. They also intend to discuss cannabis and CBD with other running community leaders from around the nation. To find out more visit #LVRFF The cannabis student leader of the month for August is Nadir Pearson. Nadir is a former Division 1 College Football player at Brown University in Rhode Island. After suffering six concussions stemming from high school, Nadir retired and began a career in cannabis. He is now President of SMART (Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency), a college cannabis community focused on giving young people a bridge to the booming cannabis industry. Nadir has given a TED Talk entitled Answering Our Own Cannabis Questions and he was also a featured speaker at the 2017 New England Cannabis Convention.





Dispensaries PRIME LA Chocolope


This unique Prime cut is a spin-off of a strain created by my boy, Kyle Kushman. Funny coincidence… At The Emerald Cup 2015, I was riding in the back seat with Kyle, and I was talking about caryophyllene, which is the most abundant terpene listed here in his indigenous genetics, and he had no clue what I was talking about, since he was born outside Nevada, and oblivious to the medicinal value of terpenes. So I abruptly requested the driver to stop the press (or stop pressing the gas pedal) and taught Kyle Kushman about caryophyllene and gave him his introduction to terpenoids. This rolled up nicely and I felt it full circle. This herb is special. You’re special. Isn’t that special?

Most experienced cannabis connoisseurs know what they’re looking for when they hit the dispensaries. My wife is always watching for a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio, or even better yet: a strain or product that the CBD is more prevalent than the THC, desiring a lack of psycho-activity. Well here at Prime Cannabis, I’ve discovered exactly what I’m looking for which is a 1:1 ratio of a significant amount of limonene and myrcene. These two terps together provide a push and a pull, a spark and a chill. This is the stuff that ignites dreams. Shake dreams from your hair, my pretty child, my sweet. Choose the day and the sign of your day, at the day’s divinity. Wake up from this and write down the first thing you see or remember.

THC- 23.67% Caryophyllene- 2.64mg/g Limonene- 1mg/g Humulene- 0.83mg/g

THC- 28.36% Limonene- 5.05mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.90mg/g Myrcene- 4.3mg/g

PRIME Facemelt OG Preroll

I admit, when I saw Prime’s modest THC numbers on this here Facemelt, I thought I’d have to smoke two joints of it this morning to make me feel alright. I usually only smoke one joint in time of peace, and two in time of war. But this time I only smoked one joint and took it to the head. No need to smoke one more. Facemelt good, Facemelt fine. But first, listen to what i said. That 15% is a creeper. It’ll getcha, bud. THC- 15.3% Terpinolene-2.144mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.692mg/g Humulene- 1.005mg/g





Let me tell you about Lemon Larry. This lad’s myrcene content is so high it’s scary. To the contrary, Larry is so sweet and very pleasant, you might think he was the lemon fairy. I absolutely loved these Greenleaf nugs. Kisses and hugs go out to their group. You should hunt this out and get the scoop, so you stay in the loop. THC-21.37% Myrcene- 11.3% a-Pinene- 4.3% Caryophyllene- 3.1%

MMG Killer Tahoe OG

MMG is killin’ the game. You should run and get it. You won’t regret it. It’s lots of fun, don’t sweat it. This strain will calm your nerves if you let it. But you gotta slow your roll. It’s hard to chill when you’re being a troll. Get your shitty attitude under control. Smoke a bowl or two, take a stroll, and you will have a few less problems to stress on. Phew! THC- 24% Caryophyllene- 10.8mg/g Limonene- 8.3mg/g Humulene- 4.2mg/g Myrcene- 3.9mg/g

MMG Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, that means women pay their own way. This strain is strong enough for a man, yet it’s ph balanced for women. It’s a gender-neutral strain though, just like the bathrooms at this year’s World Series Of Poker. Men had to flush the toilets 40-1 compared to women, so the Rio Hotel and Casino decided to flip ONLY the women’s restroom. How lame. This MMG flower’s gender neutrality is not hindering women’s privacy at all though. Roll up a hog leg, and take it into the women’s room and hog it up, ladies. Raise the stakes! THC- 23.5% Terpinolene- 21.6mg/g Myrcene- 7.6mg/g Ocimene- 2.8mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.7mg/g

CANNAVATIVE Bruce Banner Honeycomb

Watch out Incredible Hulk! You’re gonna have to wait until the next hit. I know you need the sativa like I do, but this is my dab. I know you’re mad and green with envy, but it’s my turn to hit this. I love the texture of this concentrate. When I die of this though it’s kind of hard to concentrate. Nice hash, Stephan! Way to kick ass! THC- 73.03% Caryophyllene- 1.34mg/g Terpinolene- 0.35mg/g Humulene- 0.34mg/g

SRENE Sequoia Strawberry

Boy oh boy! This healthy flower smashes up nicely in the Rosin Tech rosin press. The abundant terpenes and trichomes melted nicely into heat pressed oil. We took it straight to the head, then I led the way to the fridge. Even those who hit just a smidge were passed out, with their mouths open. Roll up them tongues, and put them back in your pie hole. Srene rosin is not yet available on the white market, just the flower. You have to go to the headquarters if you want to taste that rosin. Roll thru. Srene’s flower is bomb in a joint, though too. Toodle-ooh. THC- 18.8% Myrcene- 4.8mg/g

Limonene- 8.9mg/g

Caryophyllene- 6.8mg/g





CITY TREES Tinctures By: Peter Jay

I guess that the need to “improve” things is just human nature; if something is good, we want it to be better. CBD is the closest thing that we currently have to a magic elixir. It works for inflammation, it works for anxiety, and it is a healthy fatty acid, for heaven’s sake! City Trees offers tinctures with assorted CBD to THC ratios. They also offer lower ratio product, like 10-to-1 or even 20-to 1, for those with a more delicate constitution. Regardless of the amount of THC, these tinctures are excellent products. Various Formulas Available

Watch the fuck out, children. Dr. Cookies is comin’ through. And he’s got quite an appetite since he smoked up all of the new batch of Real Sun Grown Marijuana. He’s eatin’ up everything in sight: Sour Patch Kids, Kenny’s Luxury Chocolate, even all of the Day Dreamers are toast.. All of the snacks at the headquarters are devoured. This Dr. Cookies fella musta felt empowered, cuz he scoured the place like it was his own. He ate everything down to the bone. I woke up all alone with blood all over me, dead bodies behind the counter. Shit… guess I musta blacked out again. Not again. It’s 4:20 in the morning and it had to be the terpinolene that turned me into my alter ego. Wow my head hurts. What a dream. THC- 18.924% Terpinolene- 7.99mg/g Ocimene- 3.17mg/g Myrcene- 2.05mg/g

BLUE MAGIC Distillate Infused Prerolls Assorted Flavors

It was obvious that Blue Magic wanted to put a spell on me. So I stood before the Blue Wizard and let him have his way with me. I got to keep my clothes on, so I wasn’t violated or anything. I must say that I fell into a trance and almost pissed my pants when I involuntarily began to dance. Who’s doin’ this to me? Time to tighten up my pants and get to the bottom of this. Welp. I’m standing up to myself again. I realize now that my stance was just enhanced by this Blue Magic THC-Infused flower. Go devour it. Let it empower you, but get a shower first. Last chance for romance. Strawberry Lab Profile: THC- 30.275% Terpinolene- 0.59mg/g a-Pinene- 0.45m/g Caryophyllene- 0.43mg/g

KENNY’S Java Baked

KENNY’S Cocoa Toast

I’m coastin’ on about 30 of Kenny’s best chocolates. For those who don’t drink much liquor, let’s raise our “Luxury Chocolate” in the air for a Cocoa Toast. I’m not a hypocritical, conservative alcoholic, but I don’t like to boast about it. I just go about my cannabis life without a bloody activist knife. I leave the idiots alone. No need to teach them about the spice of life, which is Kenny’s kick-ass, lovely and exquisite luxurious chocolate morsels. I hope none of you ever see what a friggin’ treat these are, then that way there will be more for me, you see. I got that shit worked out to a “T”. So does my boy Kenny. He’s a real OG.


Total THC- 114.5mg Total Servings- 11

THC/Serving- 11.45mg

This flavor style has been my favorite of Kenny’s choices since I first got my sweet tooth on his concoctions. Ya, I’ve got four great options here, but something about Java Baked keeps ringing Pavlov’s dog’s bell in my ear damned near every mo-fuggin’ day. Here’s what gets me… it’s those crunchy, little coffee grounds in this particular candy that I enjoy so much. And now, Kenny added chopped pecans into the Java Baked mix. Go on, get your fix. Ask Canopi to turn your little white exit bag into a bag of tricks. Or, you can call up a delivery service and get served a bag of dicks. Lol. That’s what I think about edibles with no labs. I also ONLY want the best dabs. Total THC- 114.09mg Total Servings- 9

THC/Serving- 11.408mg

PRODUCTS MEDIZIN Mango Kush Vape Cartridge


By Rob Ruckus

I went by headquarters and Bill asked me to help with a review. I went through his bag of tricks and had him do one of his famous backrolls of this beautiful Chloe from Medizin. I am a fan of Medizin and Chloe. Have been for awhile and this batch did not let me down. Nice hybrid on the up side which is perfect because I gotta pull records to spin at the shop tomorrow. Earthy with some sweet sativa overtones and a good mix of head and body. It’s a good thing I’m spinning five hours tomorrow, I’m gonna be here picking through records for awhile. Feeling good!!! THC- 21.486% Myrcene- 2.1mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.86mg/g Linalool- 1.49mg/g

MEDIZIN Banana OG Live Resin Sugar

Yeah, this is the stuff that turns boys into men. You’re not gonna actually get punched in the face, but your eyes might get swollen shut from this sugar’s myrcene content. This wax will help you relax, and it will put some hair on your breast. Y’all thought I was fixin’ to say chest. Do chickens have 2 breasts? When I want a lot of white meat, I order a chicken chest. What do I know, though? I’m a bit bananas I’m coocoo for Medizin’s Banana OG Live Resin Sugar. Get it in your lungs! THC- 77.27% Limonene- 28mg/g Myrcene- 8.32mg/g a-Pinene- 4.6mg/g b-Pinene- 3.61mg/g

MEDIZIN Macadamia Nut Oil

There isn’t much THC or any terpenoids posted here in the labs, but I know about essential oils. Some essential oils are not for consumption, and those should only be used for aromatherapy. But the good stuff can be eaten, and this is the good stuff. If you consume macadamia nut oil, your body is getting 80% oleic acid, which helps keep your heart free of disease by reducing cholesterol levels. So drink it up, and don’t act so high from it, because the THC is basically sprinkled into this macadamia nut oil like a seasoning or spice. Oleic acid is nice! THC- 0.167%

This is another delicious Medizin product that stayed on my hip in my artillery belt like a pistol. Whopshhh. Don’t make me whip it out and hit you in the head with the butt of it. Cuz I’m ready for whatever Vegas throws at me. Take this vape cartridge on the go, and blow clouds wherever you can get away with it, sportsbook, work, grandma’s house. I haven’t heard of anyone getting rolled up on by the man for hitting a disposable cartridge in public. Technically, we are still unable to safely consume the cannabis we have been purchasing outside a private residence. Very soon this will change party people. Consume it up.

8 FOLD PRISMATIC Connor’s Comfort 250 mg Hybrid Disposable Pen By: Peter Jay

I absolutely love love LOVE disposable vape pens like this! They are the definition of discreet, they are LOADED with THC, and they come in a 250 mg size for convenience’ sake. Unless you are hitting it 5 or 6 times an hour, it will last you for a while. I always thought that an interesting contest possibility is to determine who can vape in the coolest place in Las Vegas. Maybe in a future issue… Any road, this vape pen is both tasty and strong, which perfectly describes how I enjoy most things in life. THC- 39.2% CBD- 28.3%

REMEDY THC Raw Syringe

TERPEX / REMEDY Ultimate Diesel Live Resin Sugar

I’m a sucker for “Ultimate” anything, Ultimate Fighter, Ultimate Cheeseburger, Ultimate Warrior... Ultimate whatever, I’m in. So now I’m about to take The Ultimate Dab… Don’t mind if I do. Let’s get a whiff. Mmmm, nice and Christmassy. This Ultimate Diesel reminds me of the Ultimate Christmas.. If I’m Kris Kringle, this dances right down Santa Claus Lane. I smashed a quarter of this half gram, and sat scratching my white beard, thinking again about The Ultimate Cheeseburger with extra Live Resin Sugar on the side. That’s the ultimate ultimate. THC- 84.15% Myrcene- 15.9mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.65mg/g Limonene- 4.3mg/g

REMEDY Channel 2

My wife blazed on this medicinal Remedy strain. I didn’t get to watch Channel 2 today, but I did happen to save about 15% of the gram on my cannabis insurance, and I managed to squeeze a couple dabs out. I’ll pinch them off later. My wife is always on the prowl for a cannabis strain that has more CBD than THC because she doesn’t enjoy the psycho activity, respectively, like I do. That’s why we make her oil out of industrial hemp now. Get off the guide, Bill. Put it back on Channel 2. I was watching that shit grow. Ask Stephanie if you wanna know. She can explain it to you nice and slow. On with the Remedy Show. Viewer discretion is advised. THC- 4.24% CBD- 9.38% a-Pinene- 1.6mg/g Terpinolene- 0.96mg/g Myrcene- 0.79mg/g

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid. That’s what’s up here. No need to candy-coat this Remedy Raw THC Oil with cursing, adjectives, or sprinkles. This Raw Syringe is a hash dish best-served cold. Well, it’s a syringe that I prefer served up on a low-temp quartz banger. Yo, gimme that shit fool, I’m gonna drop a big ole globby hanger. Don’t be scared to rip that rig. Cap it up and get them white walls rollin’. Just make sure your banger aftermath is not black with carbon after you get your hit. If it is, let it cool off longer until you have either a little brown or yellow, or nothing left in the banger. Ease up. You’re killin’ yourself, Bubba. 83% THC, take it slow. It’s a fast ride. THC- 83.88% CBN- 0.535%

KABUNKY Mob Boss Krumble

The Mob Boss backed away from the sauce. The day was Waxy Wednesday, and he couldn’t fuggedaboutit. So he got in line with the Nevada Made wise guys, and together they waited for their reprise. They all meet up with the good ole boys once a week, so their little cahoots is far from a Speakeasy. It’s no secret what their getting themselves into… “That Thing” they do with the smoke and mirrors, called dabbing. “Those Paisans” have all 5 fingers, but they always only dab with 3. They smash that Kabunky Mob Boss Krumble better than I smash up the birds and the bees. Oops, there goes the breeze. That’s all it takes. THC-68.6% Pinene(a+b)- 21mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.4mg/g Limonene- 1mg/g Humulene- 0.9mg/g

KABUNKY Tropic Berry OG Shatter

Yee haw! Get some pep in your step, and Giddy on Up and over to Nevada Made in Hendertucky if you wanna lay claim on some of that there Shatter-Dey been pushin’ every Saturday. They sell a whole bunch of it, which indicates how much we all love it. $25 for a whole gram of stable shatter. Those are High Times Festival prices. They teach the industry what nice is. Their staff is not comprised of Al Kaida, Taliban, or Isis. They aren’t asking you to ride a camel through the blistering Sahara Desert to pick up the bomb wax they’re droppin’ on your lungs. Just hitch a ride eastward until you encounter St. Rose. Bombs away! THC- 66% Caryophyllene- 4.9mg/g Limonene- 1.4mg/g

CBD- 1.5mg Pinene (a+b)- 1.7mg/g Humulene- 1.1mg/g




An enormously large, greenblooded Nigerian was sent out to look for Nigerian Mint for his people back at the tent. He looked throughout Nigeria and everywhere in Africa, still comin’ up with lint. So off he went, travelling to many dispensaries, many miles of roads, straight and bent before he was given a hint. What he found was many strains of cannabis that taught him that CBD keeps him on the straight and narrow path, and that the THC road was bent. That day he created the strain Nigerian Mint using the creative effervescence and exploration of terpenes and cannabinoids to provide progressive medical aide to his clinic. THC- 6.53% CBD- 19.07% Myrcene- 4.21mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.17mg/g Limonene- 0.46mg/g

TRYKE DIAMOND Cherry Cobbler

This Cherry Cobbler flower had me in a daze for days. Those are some thick ass terps that put quite a twist on the old noggin’. Caryophyllene and limonene are social terps that when blended together make love potion number 13. But then, here comes big blanket myrcene creepin’ in on the scene. Maybe we won’t be headed downtown after all. All myrcene wants to do is make you eat and sleep while relieving your pain. Get to know the common terpenoids and use them to your advantage. If that doesn’t put a smile on your puss, then I guess I ain’t got shit for you. Maybe go back to 2014 and get your herb delivered by some random shady voice that calls you back and asks, “Ugh, did somebody call this number, ughhhh.” Yeah, I’d rather get lab results with my cannabis than go back to the Dark Ages spending my hard-earned wages on these WeedMaps pages. That’s Vegas Cannabis for you.


This Tryke Blueberry Haze wax is so sticky they could of called it Glueberry Haze. Or, they could just actually use it as an industrial strength binding agent and call it Gorilla Glue #1. It binds to everything. It stuck to the jar it came in. It stuck to the dab tool, and my banger, and my lungs. This is some sticky icky, man I want to make lollipops out of it. We could get a candy mould in the shape of a rooster and create Blue Big Sticky Cock Suckers. Yep, I’m high as fuck from these Blueberry Haze dabs and I’m stuck in the muck out here in Nonsenseville. Well, shit at least I got my torch and my rig. Let’s dab something big, and watch the flies land on the cows for fun. THC- 81.17% Linalool- 1.87mg/g Limonene- 0.53mg/g Myrcene- 0.43mg/g a-Pinene- 0.31mg/g

THC- 26.1% Caryophyllene- 7.34mg/g Myrcene- 6.48mg/g Limonene- 5.8mg/g

KABUNKY Rak of Blue Dream Prerolls

Rak Rak City. Leave it up to the Mob Bosses in the dealers pit to come up with The Best Las Vegas Casino Novelty that we’ve seen to date. These will be a hot item for sure, just for packaging collectibility alone. Also lodged in the top half of the packaging cylinder is a $5 Kabunky poker chip, redeemable at both Nevada Made Dispensaries, Laughlin and Hendo. Also inside is what you should enjoy most, THE WEED. There are 5 individually wrapped nug-filled cones. If you soon find yourself sitting in a seat in their lobby with a single poker chip in hand, you should recognize that you are in the game. It’s your turn to act, you’re under the gun, and the dealer is now staring at you. You’re a player in Kabunky’s surreal metaphorical cliche. What are you gonna do? Fold, call or raise. Poker is not your game? Mosey on over to their roulette wheel and BET YOUR STACK ON BLACK. We are all in Randy. Caryophyllene- 1.97mg/g

Pinene(a+b)- 1.88mg/g

Myrcene- 1.01mg/g





2 5 2 0 S M A RY L A N D P K W Y # 2 , L A S V E G A S , N V 8 9 1 0 9 MON–THU 9A–10P | FRI–SAT 9A–11P | SUN 9A–6P






You grow this plant, you should know this. You know that you can send the same plant to three different labs and get three different numbers. I’m positive you’ve had this experience before. THC numbers are a marketing scheme, plain and simple. Before dispensaries, we NEVER asked “our guy” about THC numbers. That’s because testing cannabis is still a new thing and there are many inconsistencies in the way testing is done.


THE MONOPOLY When the first round of licenses went out in the state of Nevada for dispensaries, cultivations, productions, and laboratories they basically went out to Nevada families. Nevada has always been a state with strong mob ties, we know how to keep things “in house.” The first thing people need to realize about the cannabis industry is that it’s a business first! These people didn’t spend millions of dollars NOT to see a return on their investments. These people got into the game because they knew this was going to be a multi-million dollar enterprise. That’s why I call what’s going on a monopoly. Cultivators all think they are growing the best cannabis in the state when truly there are only a handful that are putting the time and care into their grow spaces to produce premium cannabis. Yes, we have a lot of companies passing inspection, the cannabis is coming out clean, but what happened to giving your all, learning your craft and putting out quality? And, how about doing it all at a reasonable price! Some of these facilities are growing multiple strains in big ass rooms. Don’t you think pollen from those plants is crossing? Don’t you think with smaller rooms that are given more care, you would grow better product? Only then should you feel comfortable charging higher amounts for product. I’ve been using cannabis all my life and I’ve been studying, intently mind you, the effects of cannabinoids, terpenes, growing, and production for YEARS now. I’ve toured all over this and other countries trying different strains and witnessing different grow techniques. I know what fire weed is. And as I said, this does not go for all cultivators in Nevada, but for a handful, what you are charging dispensaries for your product is astounding and you are only showing your greed. Another thing I have noticed is cultivators charging more for higher THC levels.

The reason for this rant is I’ve been trying to connect with a production house to get people a proper (RSO) cannabis oil made from quality buds instead of what’s out there now that is made from trim. The price cultivators are charging per pound is too high for that to happen. The RSO in the shops is still a very good medicine, but seeing as it’s being made out of trim, it’s inferior to what can be made from a whole plant or nug run. My dream has been to get this to the people as I think they deserve and NEED it. But with the monopoly and these ridiculous prices that’s not going to happen here for a while. The silver lining is there will be another round of licenses coming out towards the end of the year. Hopefully with a bigger market and competition between the newer and older growers, the prices will have to come down. And I for one cannot wait for that to happen. Then when the feds open the borders and legalize on a national level, you can all sell out to Monsanto, Marlboro, Pfizer, and all the other companies that have been killing us with their poisons to get your millions back! But until then, please realize you will get your return, you just don’t have to do it at the expense of the people who are keeping your Investment afloat. Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.

Come on, you people should know better. Growers, of all people should realize that not only are those THC numbers bullshit, THC is not the be all, end all sign of good cannabis.




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702 ~ 622 ~ 0777 2780 South Jones Blvd. Ste 100 B, Las Vegas, NV 89146






Rob Ruckus

hile I was at Champs last month with Sour Glass, I caught up with Vegas Cannabis’ very own Rob Ruckus for a little session and a chat. Ruckus is the real deal. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and definitely part of the hometeam I look forward to seeing when I roll into town. The Vegas cannabis scene is better because he’s part of it. Hopper: Hey brother! I’m stoked we finally linked up to do a Tokin’ With The Infamous. It’s always nice to hook up with VCM family, and it’s great seein’ you here at Champs. How you doin’? Ruckus: I’m good brother, I’m good. It’s good havin’ you back here. Welcome back to Vegas! Hopper: Hell yeah! You’re an old school Vegas head. Tell us how you got into the cannabis industry. Ruckus: Cannabis is something that’s been in my life, my whole life. As a kid I was asthmatic, and my Dad would light up a joint and blow it into my lungs and I’d cough it out. It opened my shit up, so instead of them having to pay for me to go to a hospital, we took care of it in house. Herbal remedies have been in my life forever. Hopper: VCM readers obviously know you from


your monthly column, The Ruckus Rant. I really dig it because you use it as a platform to tell people what is really going on in the industry. Will you share with us some of the pros and cons of the current Nevada cannabis scene? Ruckus: There’s all kinds of things. It’s something that you have to look forward to in California, with the changes happening there. It’s something we’ve been dealing with here for a year or two now. There’s gonna be a monopoly because only so many licenses are going to go out at first. That’s what my article is gonna be about this month, there’s a monopoly going on. There’s only so many companies and they’re charging whatever the fuck they want and calling it whatever they want. They’re basically just ripping people off. It’s all a big marketing scam. Then there is the waste that goes along with it. All the shit I bitch about in my article every month, it just seems like this whole state, and what you guys are about to deal with there, went from being a community to being a corporate entity that doesn’t give a shit about patients anymore. They just want to make a return on their investment as quickly as possible. Hopper: True that, they’re doin’ greed over weed. Ruckus: Yeah, it’s not even


cannabis now. It’s “product”. What happened here last year is, we ran out of weed. It’s going to be even worse in California because so many more people there smoke. However, a lot more people have access to a safer medicine, and that is a wonderful thing. But at what price? Basically I’m just reading what’s in my whole article this month! But anyway, the Rick Simpson oil people are getting now is made out of trim. It’s not made out of the best materials. That’s not fair to the patients. Hopper: On that tip, I’ve noticed that even with full legalization in effect, you have stayed more on the medical side. Explain why safe, easy access is so important for patients, not just recreational smokers. Ruckus: I see it every day. We’re seeing more and more that the people who need this medicine are the older folks who grew up with prohibition and the reefer madness mentality that smoking will make you go out and rape white women and play jazz music, you know? Now they’re having their grandkid give them a topical that helps, so they try CBD. Once they start doing CBD they’re like well maybe a little THC doesn’t hurt. Then they see they’ve been lied to their whole lives. Hopper: I’m seeing that with my Aunts and Uncles

right now. I was always demonized as the black sheep of the family for smoking weed. Now they’re all about it! Ruckus: Exactly! My own Mother was the same way. Hopper: The RSO is the real medicine. Ruckus: Yes, that’s the real medicine. Everything else helps with certain symptoms and helps mask a lot of things, and helps bring down anxiety and such, but the real magic happens with cannabis oil. That’s what makes the endocannabinoid system strong, makes the immune system strong, and makes the body do what it’s supposed to do. Hopper: So that leads to my next question. You’ve been a budtender at Inyo since the very beginning, what’s that like? You have a ton of knowledge that must be really beneficial to the people who come in, both recreational and medical. Ruckus: Well, I was actually at Inyo before there was an Inyo. I live across the street from Inyo basically, so back in the day when that was a Blockbuster, that was my spot. I didn’t want people coming to my house, so I’d be like, meet me at Blockbuster. Well, Blockbuster became Inyo. Hopper: That’s awesome, brother!


Ruckus: So when they (Inyo) came in, it just made sense. As far as budtending man, you know, I’ve been a musician my whole life. I’ve been playing music out here for 34 years now. Still, nothing makes me feel better than some 70 year old lady that comes in saying “My doctor just diagnosed me with cancer. He told me to come to the weed shop and that’s about all the information he gave me. What can you do?” Luckily, I have that information. I’ve been studying this shit for years. A lot of other people don’t, but in my neighborhood, I know for a fact there is someone there who knows, because it’s me. I’ve had people who have been to other shops and were told to eat gummies. Gummies are covered in sugar! Sugar is food for cancer! Who told them this information? What they need is oil. I tell them about what they need, how they can change their diet, and websites they can go to. Hopper: Yeah, the last thing they need is to get diabetes. Ruckus: Absolutely not! Hopper: Switching up a little bit, what strains are you into? This Betrayal OG we’re smokin’ on right now is amazing. Ruckus: I am digging this Betrayal, man! This stuff is the shit! I’ve been enjoying the Orange Cookies that have been going around town lately, it’s a citrus bomb! It relaxes every muscle in my back and lets me get through the day. Hopper: Nice! Let’s talk about music for a second, you kind of mentioned it

earlier, but you play music, you have a radio show… Ruckus: I’m an all-around entertainer. I do it all. Hopper: I can tell that you have as much passion for music as you do cannabis. Ruckus: Oh fuckin’ A, man! I started my first band in ’84, Ruckus. Just a little punk rock band. From there it just went on. I played bass with some of my heroes- the guys from the Adolescents. I got to open up for TSOL. All the bands I loved growing up…M.I.A., 5150, Self Abuse, I ended up joining those bands later on. As I got older, I started playing other music. I’ve done country, jazz, all kinds of different rock, ethereal gothic music. I’d play with anybody. I was a band whore for a while, I was in ten bands at a time. Then the whole TV thing came along so that kind of knocked me out of it for a couple of years. Hopper: That’s when you did “Bad Ink” on A&E, right? Ruckus: Yeah, we did Bad


Ink for a couple of years. I’ve been slowly getting back into music since then. A couple of members of two of my bands passed away. That’s what got me going heavy duty into RSO, is I lost two of my closest friends. I was like, man there’s gotta be a way around this. Actually, while we were filming Bad Ink, it was right when they died. I would get off from filming all day and go home and start studying terpenes and cannabinoids, different diseases, different symptoms of those diseases and what cannabinoids and terpenes worked for them. It all came back to the fact that oil is the best shit. RSO is the best fuckin’ medicine there is. It works for everything. Everything!

Hopper: Right on. That about does it, it’s always great tokin’ with you.

Hopper: Without a doubt.

Hopper: Fuck yeah, much love brother! Til next time…

Ruckus: So I piddled around with a few bands since then, but I’ve finally put together all the riffs I’ve done my whole life in my own head, and I’m recording my own shit. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months.

Ruckus: Fuck yeah, brotherman! Let’s get back to the show, we’ve got some glass to get. Hopper: Let’s do it! Any shout outs before we bounce? Ruckus: Just to you man, thanks for doin’ what you’re doin’! Keepin’ it real, supporting cannabis, and always being out here, being a part of this culture. Even though the dispensary scene isn’t always part of the community, the people that are surrounding it are. You’re a brother and we’re thankful for you. IG: @rob_ruckus_vegas Follow Hopper on IG: @ hopper448











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>>>>cannabis COOKING WITH

A Midsummer Night's Dream


ost local Las Vegans will celebrate the coming summer months adjusting their social clocks to what Frankie, Beverly and Maze call "The golden time of day."

With the setting of our sultry sun, it can not only be the most beautiful time of day, but with cocktails and a little "Katharine Hepburn" (pre-roll) one can create their own midsummer night's dream.

music and you have memories for a lifetime.

Step out of the box, maybe a game of chess? Instead of a one-on-one game, how about teams of three with a huddle in between moves. Trust me it can get as crazy as a football game of hated rivals. Add some renaissance dancing and some good

On August 17th, we will be hosting a “Midsummer Night's Dream”. Come and enjoy artists freely creating magic, chefs creating poetry, centurions churning ice cream & maybe some mysticism as well. For more info, visit the events page.


Clockwise from left: Chefs Greg Chapin, Mike Richardson and Dennis Hicks

Lemonade Martini 1-2 sea scallops 2 tsps olive oil 1 tsp lemon pepper 4oz lemonade 1 ½ oz vodka ½ oz triple sec Marinate the scallops in olive oil & lemon pepper. Skewer and grill until just cooked through. Place vodka, triple sec, and lemonade into a cocktail shaker with 4-5 ice cubes and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Pre-chill a martini glass and pour in cocktail, place skewered scallops on top of the glass. THC oil: Using olive oil or coconut oil, both of which have high fat content, good for THC extractions, heat 1 cup of oil and add 1/8 flower of choice (Durban Poison is a lemony sativa that works well.) Do not boil as this will bring down the potency of THC, simmer in a crock pot or stove top for about an hour, strain or not lol and drizzle over finished scallops.



Delicious Delicious

Convenience Convenience


GOURMET TO GO GOURMET Est. 2018 2018 Est.


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By: Dawn Starr Looking Elk

Eric Vozzola

This month, Dawn Starr had the chance to sit down with local artist Eric Vozzola to discuss his work and how cannabis has affected his life and art... DS: How long have you been a Vegas local? EV: I was born and raised in Las Vegas. DS: What inspires you? EV: Many things inspire me as an artist. Nature, traveling, Las Vegas sunsets, the desert, music (especially live music), my friends and family, my dog, mountainous landscapes, neon, plants, happy accidents, the cosmos, humanity, positivity, meditation, and mindfulness. DS: How would you describe your work? EV: In its simplest form, my work is a visual, symbiotic relationship between fine art and graphic design – as my professional practice and life as an artist is a balance of the two. The work I produce

falls anywhere within that art/design spectrum, and always relates to the two practices. I enjoy the balance of bright colors, landscape and natural elements, and geometry within my work. I prefer acrylic and aerosol paint as my mediums of choice in the studio, however I do like branching off into installation and multimedia if the project calls for it – I’m always willing to experiment with different modes of art making. DS: Who are your favorite artists, worldwide and locally? EV: My favorite artists, worldwide include Felipe Pantone, Dabs Myla, Tristan Eaton, Paul Insect, David Choe, Zio Ziegler, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, Cyrcle,and John Baldessari. Locally, some of my favorite artists are Ian Racoma, Justin Favela, Brett Bolton, Lance Smith, and Clarice Tara. DS: What part has cannabis played in your life and in your art? EV: Cannabis has always allowed me to expand my mind and let me make connections and find inspiration that I may not always discover normally. It’s opened the door to enlightening conversations and profound streams of consciousness. It’s a favorite activity of mine during live music shows or festivals I go to, and the combo of cannabis and live music or immersing myself in nature have always been prime methods of inspiration for me. DS: Do you have a favorite strain or method of consumption? EV: I don’t really have a favorite strain, but I love indicas because I often suffer from insomnia due to a constantly active mind. My favorite method of consumption is smoking the traditional flower out of my bubbler or just a joint, usually in the evening. However, I do enjoy a sativa edible or sativa vape pen if I’m doing something fun during the day from time to time. I’ve also recently been dabbling with, and enjoying, the calming and medicated benefits of CBD strains, usually via vape or a topical lotion. DS: Do you have a studio or gallery here locally?


EV: I have a large covered outdoor space dedicated for my art studio at home, and a smaller interior studio space for digital work and smaller art making. No local gallery representation at the moment, however, I show work off and on in different galleries around town. I’ve had four solo shows locally, and always have my eye on the next show. DS: Where can people find your art, and what can we expect from you in the coming year? EV: The best place to view my art is online at my website,, or on Instagram @ejvozzola. I have some public street art around town – downtown, by UNLV, and up in the northwest part of town – which you can find the locations via either of those online platforms. As far as projects for the rest of the year: I’m working on a large installation project that I can’t really talk too in depth about, but it’s taking up a lot of my time. Also, a couple interior murals for local businesses are in the beginning stages, as well as just constantly working on paintings and experimentations in my studio. A possible solo show in Austin, TX is in the works, so stay tuned for that if it comes to fruition. Other than that, I’m currently in a creative recharge period right now, so I’m excited to see what comes from this. DS: What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas? EV: My favorite thing about Las Vegas has to be the sunsets. I also love our natural desert surroundings. Our energy in this city is one-of-a-kind, too. Lately I’ve been falling in love with the progress and growth our city is seeing in all different avenues, and the future of my hometown has me very excited.




Indigo Kidd

Dawn Starr met up with local Las Vegas band, Indigo Kidd, in the middle of their summer tour at the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado. They got to smoke a joint, and talk about music, weed, and the evolution of the band. I first met Indigo Kidd at the Griffin on Fremont East in August of 2016. It was my daughter's 21st birthday, and she was already a big fan. The then three piece band played in the back room to a frenzied crowd. The music and energy of the band fed the audience, and I remember having a nostalgic feeling. The teenage angst was alive in me again, and as I listened to this band, waves of emotions crashed on me and on everyone in the room. My daughter, Luna, has been friends with them ever since. A few months later some of us took a roadtrip to Denver. We smoked a lot of weed. I grew to be fond of each them and I knew my daughter was in good company. Now it's summer of 2018 and Luna has joined the band. They are currently in the middle of a US tour, and I caught up with the band in Denver, CO. Tonight they are playing the Phoenix Bar in Golden. DS: Where are you guys from and how do you know each other?

By: Dawn Starr Looking Elk Eli Curtsinger - Vocals/Guitar Dalton Willett - Bass Garrett Curtsinger - Drums Luna Zula - Guitar/Keyboard

Eli: We're from a small town called Yakima, Washington; you may have heard of it from Seinfeld. Garrett and I are cousins. Dalton: and Eli and I have been friends since the fourth grade, best friends since 5th grade. Garrett: We met Luna in Vegas. DS: What made you transition from Washington to Las Vegas? Eli: The band, we needed a bigger pond. Garrett: We needed to get out of our hometown and go somewhere else. Dalton:Yeah, for the band, and we as people, had to grow up too. DS: Describe your musical style to our audience... Garrett: Indie alternative with some punk influences. Eli: It's kind of hard to put a... (pause), We're trying to make new shit! I tell people we're trying to make the ultimate cleaning music. You know when your family makes you clean the house on Saturdays, you don't want to but you have to, so your parents try to help out by putting on some music. Roy Orbison, the Pixies, Nirvana, it's like mixing this alternative Indie music that we grew up with with country, but old school country. Dalton: You really have to know our influences to understand our style. DS: Tell me about your tour. Luna: It's lit! Dalton: This is definitely our best tour I'd say, it's been successful and every show has been good and we're making a lot of connections. It's also been the most mentally and emotionally draining. It's been a roller-coaster but it has definitely brought us closer as a band. This


tour has really given us a boost in confidence. Eli: Having people know certain songs by us has never happened before. DS: What were some of your favorite places to play? Eli: Columbus, Ohio; Austin,Texas; Cincinnati. Garrett: Every show has been pretty great. Dalton: Chicago was pretty cool because Eli got to meet a hero of his. DS: Do you guys use cannabis, how and why? Luna: Definitely some of us use it medically in addition to recreationally. It helps me relax when we go to make music, and not be so anxious. Garrett: Yeah I love weed man! Eli: We all smoke weed, and we do it whenever we can I guess, but I can see for Garrett, it helps him focus better. Dalton: I'd say it's most beneficial when recording more than anything. DS:Tell me about how you went from a three piece band to a four piece band? Eli: We weren't like, hiring. Well kind of, we wanted a fourth person. When we recorded this album we made parts that we wanted another person to fill in. The thing is, we play things really close to the chest, we don't want some other energy coming in and fucking up what we've already done, and that's why it's been hard to find someone else. We weren't avidly looking because we weren't desperate and we weren't going to settle if we didn't find someone we liked. We were just going to stay at three piece. So like, Luna was our friend and was extremely capable of doing all the things that we needed to do, which was a lot. It's like, the most versatile position in the band she's got to play guitar, she's got a play synth, eventually she'll be singing all these songs with us. DS: Where can we find your music? Garrett: Anywhere online: Spotify Apple music, Bandcamp, our website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, it's Indigo Kidd with 2 D's. Dalton: Just go to Google and type in Indigo Kidd. Follow Indigo Kidd on Facebook to see where they will be playing the rest of the summer tour.



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