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COMMEMORAting Celebration Pipes For 47 years, the publicity-shy artist who prefers to be called “DaPiper” has been hand crafting and selling connoisseur-grade 22k gold marijuana pipes that are like no other. At an output of about 3,000 units per year, neary 150,000 pipes have emerged from his humble studio since he launched the counterculture project in Hawaii in 1973. BY CURT ROBBINS As Celebration Pipes fast approaches 50 years of continuous production of golden ganja goblets, the company plans to discontinue production in 2023. Between now and then, Celebration Pipes will make another 10,000 or so units—completely by hand and involving zero automation. Technically, every Celebration Pipes piece is unique, differing slightly from its siblings.

Gold: Ornate & Efficient All Celebration pipes feature a bowl plated in 22k gold. Beyond cosmetic appeal, the gold serves the technical role of reflecting the heat generated in the bowl back into the loose-leaf plant material or concentrate therein. In the process, the pipe remains unusually cool to the touch, even during prolonged seshes. According to the DaPiper, this thermal isolation creates a more even and efficient burn. From my experience, the gold bowl is especially adept at handling hash or other dense concentrates. Celebration Pipes is known for models that produce relatively smooth hits, regardless of what owners choose to put in the bowl. “Why not 24 karat gold?,” I asked DaPiper during our in-person interview. “It’s too soft, no good,” he replied while inspecting the smoldering Purple Haze pipe he gifted me as a review sample that I had filled


with Mendocino water hash. “22 karat is just about perfect from an engineering perspective.” DaPiper told me about how, years ago, he experimented with molds. “I tried to do it the mold way and they turned out horrible. I ended up throwing all of those in the ocean...they were so bad,” he said. A trademark of all Celebration Pipes is DaPiper’s initials and the model year hand carved on the bottom of the bowl. To ensure the health and safety of users, all Celebration Pipes are made from only clay, iron oxide, and a variety of precious metals. Plastics, resins, glues, and other substances capable of toxic off-gassing when heated have never played a part in the crafting of these coveted collectibles. The use of gold also allows the pipes to maintain—and even increase—in value. “Think about it,” DaPiper told me. “In ‘73, gold was $110 an ounce. Today, it is $1950.” The Celebration Pipes catalog features prices between $109 and $275, with the 22k gold and platinum editions each sporting a tag of $140. For a few extra bucks, Celebration Pipes offers a 22k gold model featuring a fluted mouthpiece adorned in matching gold. At the throne of the catalog resides the King Tut, a blinged out version complimented by unique styling elements and a classy wooden box.