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>>> WHAT'S INSIDE Belushi 14 Jim Feature Interview

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Not Your Average 14 Year Old

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Jim Belushi Photographer: Tyler Maddox

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Happy Holidays! This month our cover story features actor, musician, and cannabis farmer, Jim Belushi. Our Associate Editor, Jennifer Walker had the chance to chat with Jim about how he acquired his Oregon land and what led him to begin cultivating cannabis. His passion and drive were apparent as he talked about giving to his community and establishing a "pay what you can" dispensary for patients not able to afford their cannabis. Also in this issue is my article on Kyler Nipper. Kyler, who was stabbed at his middle school by a bully has touched our local community in a big way. Kyler and his famly are cannabis advocates as cannabis is the most natural, nontoxic way for Kyler to treat his PTSD. He has established Kyler's Kicks to give shoes to those in need and is now set to open a free mental health clinic geared towards teens. Please reach out to Kyler with support for his clinic and with shoes for Kyler's Kicks. Looking for the ultimate holiday gift for the cannabis lover in your life? Check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide - there are even a few local companies like Huni Badger, Wak It Grinders and Smooch's Cure CBD offering discount codes! Happy Holidays from all of us at Vegas Cannabis Magazine!

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CORRECTION: In the November 2019 issue we failed to list Shannon Dorn of Dope Foto as the photographer for Chef Garza's photos.

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Cannabis Farmer Bringing Flower To The People

By Jennifer Walker //// PHOTOS BY Tyler Maddox

his own words, Belushi’s Farm was created as a gateway to healing. After being called to (and later inheriting more) land that rests against the edge of the Rogue River in picturesque Eagle Point, Oregon, Jim Belushi has turned over a new leaf in the literal sense. Farming 93-acres of perfectly balanced soil that nourishes his notable Cherry Pie flower and a myriad of strains, Belushi has found an oasis of plant medicine for himself and for his community. Drawing from his experience as a trauma survivor, a public figure and a lover of the Blues (and “The Blues Brothers”) Belushi uses his platform as a cannabis advocate and grower to provide flower to the people. Jennifer Walker: What got you started in the cannabis industry and how are you involved in the industry now? Jim Belushi: Jim Belushi: Well it was an accident. A total accident. I have this beautiful property on the Rogue River in southern Oregon right in the middle of what they call the Banana Belt, and it happens to include perfect growing conditions for pears, grapes and cannabis. I have 93 acres and I thought, well, what am I going to grow? Recreational cannabis had just become legal in Oregon so I was talking to Dan Aykroyd about it and he said, “Ohhh...if you're going to grow Jimmy, you gotta talk to Captain Jack!” I talked to Captain Jack (who has a great story and a great strain) and then I talked to another grower named Jeffrey Iverson who’s a great geneticist originally out of San Francisco. I ran into him a few years ago because he had a strain called “White Lights” which was my reintroduction back to cannabis. I hadn’t smoked for years, decades even, because I was scared of it. But his was the only strain that I liked...it made me feel good, I felt chatty, I was clear-headed, I was social. I was not paranoid or anxious. I was like wow, is this how cannabis is now? So I began growing 48 medical plants- 24 of Jeffrey Iverson’s and 24 of Captain Jack’s- and that's how it all got started. JW: You mention Jack, and I know that there is a backstory there regarding him and knowing him from SNL. It’s incredible that you still have a relationship with him knowing him from that long ago! JB: JB: It was Danny (Aykroyd) who had the relationship with him, he was the weed dealer for SNL in the mid-70s. That's where “The Coneheads” and all of those sketches came from- they came out


of the creative power of this plant. Jack’s strain is really special, it's a social strain, a creative strain, a powerful strain- and it made me think, I can see the writers room right now, laughing, trading jabs and jokes because this strain really allows you to explore and heighten. If you smoke too much of Captain Jack’s, it’ll put you on the couch! JW: You have to find the sweet spot, I guess... JB: I’m all about the microdosing. I accidentally got into this because cannabis suddenly became the new agriculture in Oregon. I looked at it as a farming business. At first I thought, ok maybe it’ll just pay for the expenses of running the farm; it was really about making a farm work. I have been taken on a journey by these girls (the plants) for the last 5 years. I have been lead closer to my heart, closer to my soul, closer to the community, closer to healing, not only for myself but understanding the power of the cannabis plant for others who suffer from pain, anxiety, PTSD, and the multitude of afflictions that we live with in this society and in this world. And, fun! Which is not an affliction, it’s a gift. JW: I really like that you are helping out Veterans and those who suffer with PTSD... JB: The Veterans and the NFL players, people who have suffered from great loss/trauma, they need cannabis. But I believe that everybody has experienced trauma, whether it’s the loss of a job, abandonment, a disease afflicting a member of the family, a divorce, or a sudden death. These losses contribute strongly to the collapse of family. Just like within my family (with my brother). The number one fear in life is death and the number two fear is the collapse of the family. I believe that this medicine, dosing it correctly, can contribute to families not collapsing. It soothes the electrical current of the endocannabinoids rushing through their system. There’s miracle after miracle around this plant. It’s public knowledge that I suffered a huge trauma with the loss of my brother to a drug overdose. My family exploded, it went to rubble. This complicated grief has stayed with me my entire life. I have been recovering ever since. I find that microdosing oil or flower really soothes this type of trauma and it’s opened my mind and put me on a journey of healing within my own family. I’ve learned so much, I’ve met so many people who have been







suffering, a lot of Veterans with PTSD who can’t sleep or talk to their children, people with aches and pains, loss of limbs, chronic illness, you name it. But on the flipside of all of the difficult things that cannabis can help with, we have to mention the joy that cannabis can bring you! What’s-a-matter with feelin’ good? It enhances the sound of music, it sparks creativity, enhances the taste of food, it stimulates the touch of your lover’s skin, it brings joy, laughter, euphoria...all of that is the wellness of cannabis. JW: That’s a fantastic synopsis of how cannabis can help people and really enrich lives medically, socially and spiritually for both medical and recreational users! JB: I’m not a big smoker because I have a low THC tolerance, so I just do a little hit here and there just to balance myself. It’s lovely and it’s helped me a lot.

JB: This past one was our third Harvest Party, we had 500 people here at the farm. I had a band- horns, keyboards and guitars, I had Johnny Wheels (one of the best harmonica players players and blues singers in Oregon) playing. He had an accident when he was 12 and he’s paralyzed from the chest down, and cannabis soothes his nerve spasms that he can’t control and the music has liberated him. The have both saved his life. The Harvest Party was a benefit for him to help raise money to get him a disability van so that he can travel to his shows, shop, have some independence because it’s hard on his family. It almost contributed to the collapse of his family. Again, this is an example of how every family has some kind of trauma. We raised a lot of money for Johnny, almost $60,000, and Dan Akyroyd came...he drove up in his Bluesmobile, he came up on stage, we did some Blues Brothers and sang with Johnny and Guitar Shorty- it was great and Johnny Wheels just ordered his new disability van.

JW: What is your preferred method of consumption? JB: I have a beautiful oil made from my “Cherry Pie” that I call “The Marriage Counselor”. Imagine the scene, it goes like this: I come downstairs at night, my wife will ask if I’m hungry and I’ll say “Yes...” She’ll say, “let’s go out, what do you have a taste for?” “Cheeseburgers.” “Oh Jim, that’s a little heavy for me. Anything else? How ‘bout some sushi? Or that natural food place? Oh wait... cilantro, cilantro, cilantro... they put cilantro on everything! I can’t stand cilantro...” And I’ll say, “what are you wasting my time for when you know damn well we’re going to eat what you want to eat, where you want to eat?!” So now, I take a hit off of my “Cherry Pie”, and when I come downstairs, she goes, “Are you hungry? ” “Yea... ” “What do you have a taste for Jim? ” And I’ll say, “Baby, we can go to Taco Bell as long as you’re sitting across from me” “Aren’t you being charming!” And I go, “am I?” I’m completely functional, much more empathetic, much sweeter, much more present, I listen, and she doesn’t even know I took a hit! That’s why I call it “The Marriage Counselor”. I told this story at my Harvest Festival last year, and my “Cherry Pie” was sold out in two months! “Where’s the Marriage Counselor? My husband needs it!” I hear this all the time. JW: (laughs) That’s hilarious! Tell us a little bit about the Harvest Party...


JW: What else are you working on within the cannabis realm? JB: I’m filming a T.V. show around cannabis, the farm and Oregon, and it has the elements of the Blues Brothers in it. It’s financed by Live Nation, we’ve got 6 episodes and it’s going to be out at the end of the 1st quarter. It’s not a “stoner” show, it’s a real show about the growing cannabis community, our industry, and my personal growth through the world of cannabis. We went down to Colombia for 2 weeks to film and improvised every day, discovered every day...it’s a funny, funny, funny show with a deep message of medicine. It walks the line beautifully. We just finished filming the 5th episode, right now it’s called “Belushi’s Secret Stash”, it’s going to be the only of its kind. It will promote everything in our industry: The joy, the medicine, and the healing. The Blues Brothers brand represents music, mischievousness, and “A Mission From God”...which is everything that cannabis is. JW: That really ties in all of these ideas. As a Chicago gal myself, I’m happy to hear that the Blues Brothers story lives on! Talk a little bit about the brand... JB: In a way, the Blues Brothers and everything it stands for brings back (for me) the trauma of John’s death. It not only helps to heal that trauma, but it makes his death not be in vain. I say that because the opiate problem in America is horrible, and I believe if we can just get some cannabis in these people who are suffering, in pain, and addicted, it may lead them to some enlightenment from the light that comes in through this plant. I’m working on a program in Portland that’s a “pay what you can”


dispensary. People can pay just what they can afford. We already know we’re going to get nickels and dimes from the homeless and the helpless (we’re hoping that this will lead them to healing) but there will also be people who want to pay a little bit more, the extra dollar will go to people who need it. And when people pay a little more, they get a sticker that says “I Paid More Today,” like the “I Voted Today” stickers. I truly believe that people in each community want to help the people in their community. I think it’s going to be a very successful model and I’d like to actually take it across the United States.


I’m learning the farming stuff now. It’s so engaging and exciting! I’m so fully engaged in the process right now...the soil, the nutrients, the temperatures for successful crops, irrigation, moving from a salt based grow to a more organic, natural grow- I’m having a ball learning about farming! Actually as soon as we’re done with this conversation, they’re pulling my “Cherry Pie” out of the greenhouse. I’m going to hang it and cure it, then trim it. I’m just loving it. JW: Do you have a large team helping you?

JW: I can see how all of these things, the “pay what you can” model and the Harvest Parties helping to raise funds and awareness...all of these efforts are really great ways of giving back. JB: Well people always use that phrase “giving back”, I don’t understand that phrase. I don’t know why the word “back” is in there… JW: Hmmm...giving to? JB: I think it’s just about giving, period! What’s great about cannabis is that it creates a generosity of spirit- with family (with “The Marriage Counselor”), with healing, with Veterans, NFL players, with the joyfulness of having fun at a concert, and it helps people to just be nice to each other. I was a bouncer in Chicago years ago, and I never broke up a fight between two potheads! JW: (laughs) That’s an excellent point... JB: I mean, maybe they were bickering over a bag of Cheetos, but that’s about it... JW: Hug it out, guys! Speaking of Chicago, and Illinois specifically, a lot of people don’t realize that Illinois is about 80% farmland. There’s one giant city, a few smaller urban areas, and then, farmland... JB: Well, my grade school was next to a cornfield, so...

JB: This time of year, I have a larger team assisting with pulling, harvesting, hanging, trimmers who are trimming and then I have a joint rolling program where I have a bunch of ladies rolling joints. It’s a great feeling, we have a great time doing this. All of our products are also lab-tested and tracked, so we’re completely compliant up here in Oregon. It’s the best way to becompliant. It makes all our products safe to consume. JW: Are you planning on branching out into other markets, such as Nevada? JB: I’m in quite a few discussions and looking to branch out not only in various national markets, but also globally. Everybody seems really interested in the Blues Brothers, especially because that, in and of itself really is a brand, it’s not just a pretty package with a logo on it. It really represents “A Mission From God”...and all that goes with that sentiment. We can’t even keep it on the shelves here in Oregon, so the outlook is good. JW: That’s great! And as we see other states open up with legalization, it’ll get even more exciting. Come January 2020, Illinois will welcome recreational legalization, too. JB: I wanna drive a Bluesmobile with a big joint strapped on top of it on that legalization day! JW: I think that’s the coolest idea I’ve heard all day...

JW: Growing up in this way, did you have any background farming knowledge that you are applying now to what you’re doing on your cannabis farm?

For more information visit belushisfarm.com

JB: The extent of my childhood farming knowledge was running through cornfields with my buddies when we were kids (laughs) so


your oasis is at home







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Kyler Nipper is not your average 14 year old



ompassionate, caring, hardworking, yes. But average, not at all.

suicidal thoughts, especially in young men and then advised her to just keep a watchful eye on Kyler.

Just a few years back while living in Colorado, Kyler showed up at school and was met with his worst nightmare. Having been bullied by fellow middle-school students over his worn-out shoes, one of the bullies attacked Kyler that day, stabbing him multiple times with a sharp pencil which ended up puncturing his lung. Emergency surgery saved Kyler, but the PTSD he has suffered every day since has not been so easy to manage.

The thought of others being bullied over the types of shoes they were wearing had been weighing heavily on Kyler’s heart, so with his parents help, Kyler began collecting new and gently used shoes to distribute to those in need. Local businesses began allowing Kyler to place collection boxes at their locations. Collecting and distributing shoes kept Kyler busy and focused. Thus, Kyler’s Kicks was born.

Following the incident, Kyler and his family sought care for his PTSD from local mental health specialists who quickly handed over prescriptions for various antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals. But in the days that followed, Kyler became withdrawn and it was when his parents found him alone, with a belt wrapped around his neck that they knew they had to find a better solution for him. The topper on the cake came when one of the mental health specialists placed his hand on Kyler’s mother’s shoulder, and informed her that antidepressants cause



His next step towards healing began with a visit to Cohen Medical Center’s Colorado office where he was issued a medical marijuana patient card. Cannabis turned out to be the one natural treatment option for Kyler that produced no undesirable side effects. Easing his symptoms with cannabis while focusing his physical energy on Kyler’s Kicks proved to be remarkable on his path to recovery. While Kyler continued to progress, in early 2017 his family found themselves homeless due to the influx of medical bills which stemmed from the attack. Striving for a

fresh start, the family picked up and headed for Vegas. After arriving, Kyler immediately visited Cohen Medical Center’s Las Vegas office to obtain his Nevada medical marijuana patient card. He also jumped feet first into the work he had been doing for Kyler’s Kicks eventually establishing the company as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Fast forward two years later, on August 31st of this year, Kyler’s Kicks celebrated giving away 25,000 pairs of shoes to those in need. With support from local organizations such as Zappos for Good and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, Kyler’s

Kicks has developed into an amazing source of outreach to families in need. It is Kyler’s belief that access to quality mental health care should be available to all teens. And, he vows to “provide teens the opportunity to thrive by promoting positive mental health, self-awareness, kindness, love, and a sense of community.” Kyler’s Kicks has partnered with the Never Give Up Foundation to open Kyler’s Kicks Lounge for local teens. The lounge, which is set to open on December 9th, will provide mental health care services, music and art

therapy, life skills classes, field trips and community involvement opportunities to youth in grades 6-12. With Nevada ranking extremely low in regard to youth mental care, and local teen suicide rates on the rise, the inception of Kyler’s Kicks Lounge will provide a welcome resource for our local community. Kyler’s Kicks Lounge teen registration takes place the week of December 1-5. For more information about Kyler’s Kicks and the upcoming lounge opening, visit kylerskickslv.org. Keep up with Kyler and his family on Facebook @kylerskicks, on Instagram @kylerskicksofficial and on Twitter @kylers_kicks.



>>>Understanding CBD for PTSD

BY curt robbins

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event (or series of related events). Such causal events are defined as encompassing “a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war or combat, [sexual assault or] rape, or other types of violent personal assault,” according to the American Psychiatric Association. PTSD affects one in eleven people at some point in their lives and strikes twice as many women (10% of the population) as men (5% of the population). This equals roughly seven million Americans who are currently suffering from mild to severe PTSD. In extreme cases, this condition may result in purposeful isolation and inappropriate outbursts of anger, including other forms of antisocial behavior. PTSD can also manifest as agoraphobia, clinical depression, social anxiety, and even acute paranoia.


Many wellness professionals are beginning to employ cannabis and hemp extracts containing phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their practices due to the strong efficacy that has been demonstrated by these molecules. In addition to effectively treating adverse painful memories, studies have revealed that the cannabinoid CBD may diminish not only major acute PTSD symptoms, but also the chronic emotional reminders that sometimes serve as their root cause (called triggers). According to Dr. Sunil Pai, an integrative medicine expert who serves as a professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at New Mexico University and who authored the 2016 book An Inflammation Nation, “PTSD is associated with alterations in CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system.” Said Pai during an exclusive interview with Vegas Cannabis, “Research has demonstrated that concentrations of the endocannabinoid anandamide increase at the acute stage of trauma, as a protective mechanism, in PTSD patients who have exhibited reductions in anandamide levels.” “This suggests that abnormal CB1-mediated anandamide signaling is implicated in the etiology of PTSD,” said Pai. “CBD diminished not only acute PTSD symptoms, but also chronic emotional reminders of the original stressors. Direct or indirect activation of CB1 receptors in the human endocannabinoid system facilitates the extinction of adverse/traumatic memories or their reminders,” he continued.

PTSD Symptoms


According to the Mayo Clinic, PTSD symptoms include intrusive memories, avoidance, negative thinking and mood, and changes in emotional reactions (sometimes in the form of oppositional behavior). Anxiety from PTSD may manifest as nightmares, insomnia, and situation-triggered panic attacks. Symptoms usually begin within three months of the traumatic incident. Sometimes, however, PTSD symptoms may emerge years after

the causal event. Emotional symptoms of PTSD include anxiety, anger, depression, irritability, and sadness, while physical characteristics often encompass tiredness, increased perspiration, high or low blood pressure, and trouble digesting food, reports the PTSD Alliance.

Importance of CBD & THC Dosing

Proper dosing (sometimes called titration) is critical for PTSD patients to gain the maximum efficacy from CBD and other cannabis or hemp products. Tinctures are in some cases more straightforward than capsules, which can result in doses that are unintentionally too strong or too weak. Correct dosing is an exercise in trial-and-error experimentation. Combined with careful journaling and healthcare practitioner oversight, the right titration can result in maximum relief and efficacy for patients—in addition to the cost savings experienced from reduced product waste. Dosing, however, extends beyond the volume, or amount, of an herbal extraction or isolate (concentrate comprised of a single molecule) that is consumed during a single session. Also of importance is the number of times per day that a particular formulation or extraction is consumed and the duration over which this routine occurs. Both peer-reviewed research studies and anecdotal reports from wellness professionals have revealed that maximum efficacy seems to result after a week or more of regular, sustained consumption of a supplement such as CBD. “I try to help my patients develop a dosing regimen that they can happily live with in the long term, said Colleen Kibler, a statelicensed cannabis caregiver working in Belgrade, Maine. “I like to speak to the patient several times through the first month to ensure that we are on the right track with dosage,” said Kibler during an exclusive interview with Vegas Cannabis. She emphasized the subjective efficacy that plagues both patients and their caregivers when attempting to accurately dose cannabinoids such as CBD. “Each individual has a different set of needs,” stressed Kibler. “Many PTSD patients have physical concerns that go beyond the emotional symptoms that brought them to me,” said Kibler. The registered caregiver described the details of her approach to properly determining CBD dosing for her patients, specifically those suffering from PTSD. “After getting to know the patient’s history, I start them on a low dose of full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD tincture and have them take it only once per day, in the evenings,” said Kibler. “I ask them to check in with me in five to seven days and inform me if they notice things like drowsiness or relief from physical pain. From these details, I can better make dosing suggestions for the patient’s waking hours,” she said. Kibler then works with each patient for several more weeks, fine tuning the dosing regimen to the individual needs and specific

symptomatology of each patient as these characteristics relate to dosing. “We work together for the next few weeks, discussing the potential positive and negative impacts of additional daily doses. Most PTSD patients find that four to five times per day is most effective,” reported Kibler.

Patient Dosing Steps

Dr. Pai echoes other medical cannabis thought leaders by advocating a “start low and go slow” approach to dosing CBD and other cannabinoids for clinical patients. Pai recommends the following steps to patients to determine proper individual dosing of wellness products, including tinctures containing CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or a mix of the two. 1) Begin a journal to record all daily consumption data, including precise dose, pertinent environmental conditions or stressors, perceived mood and physical condition, and experienced efficacy (or lack thereof). a) Note any environmental factors that might skew results (such as a flu or unusually high anxiety due to environmental stressors). 2) Consume 0.25-1.0 dropper sublingually (hold under tongue for one minute) four times daily (after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and at bedtime. a) The final bedtime dose can be increased when extra support is needed for those suffering from pain or who experience trouble sleeping, such as insomniacs. b) If consuming capsules, begin with approximately 7.5 mg. 3) Sustain this dosing routine for seven to ten days. 4) Slowly increase the weekly dose until the desired effects are experienced. 5) Continue increasing dose until either: a) Negative side effects are experienced. b) Positive efficacy begins to wane. 6) Leveraging the dosing journal, decrease the dose to the previous most-efficacious level. 7) Sustain this dose until efficacy wanes or undesired negative side effects are experienced. Unfortunately, metabolic changes resulting from aging, injury, seasonal shifts, and environmental stressors may require a recalibration of dose at several points during a patient’s path to recovery. This is especially true for children, who undergo relatively rapid metabolic changes during growth.

CBD for PTSD Research Studies

A 2019 research study entitled “Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Series” that was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine explored the ability of CBD to treat PTSD, including nightmares and other sleep disorders that are commonly associated with the condition. Reported the study, “Preclinical research has suggested that CBD may have a beneficial effect in rodent models of post-traumatic stress disorder. This effect is believed to be due to the action of CBD on the endocannabinoid system.” The study found that 91% of 11 patients experienced a decrease in PTSD symptom severity. The researchers noted the mechanism by which CBD interacts with particular receptor types within the ECS and its relationship with endocannabinoids such as anandamide. “Of particular interest to this study is the effect of CBD on the endogenous cannabinoid

system,” wrote the researchers. “CBD has minimal affinity for CB1 and CB2 receptors, but it does indirectly cause activation of CB1 receptors by increasing the availability of endogenous endocannabinoids [such as anandamide].” Concluded the study’s researchers, “Administration of oral CBD in addition to routine psychiatric care was associated with symptom reduction in adults with PTSD. CBD also appeared to offer relief in a subset of patients who reported frequent nightmares as a symptom of their PTSD.” A 2018 literature review study entitled “Cannabidiol as a Therapeutic Alternative for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: From Bench Research to Confirmation in Human Trials” that was published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience investigated the ability of CBD to treat PTSD, including the possibility of negative side effects and adverse reactions. The study’s authors observed that “current pharmacological therapies for PTSD have been shown to be inefficient and produce considerable side effects. Since the discovery of the involvement of the endocannabinoid system in emotional memory processing, pharmacological manipulation of [ECS] signaling has become a therapeutic possibility for the treatment of PTSD.” The study examined a variety of preclinical studies and observed that CBD can “both facilitate the extinction of aversive memories and block their reconsolidation,” perhaps via “potentialization of the [ECS] system.” The researchers reported that other studies confirm the ability of CBD “to alter important aspects of aversive memories in humans and promote significant improvements in the symptomatology of PTSD.” The study’s authors concluded, “The effects of CBD on the different stages of aversive memory processing make this compound a candidate pharmacological adjunct to psychological therapies for PTSD. CBD also shows an action profile with fewer side effects than the pharmacological therapy currently used to treat this type of disorder.”







n combat sports, what happens between teammates (or fighters who train at the same gym) and training staff, is supposed to stay behind closed doors. Even the most seemingly innocuous statement can tip off the media or potential opponents about a fighter’s nagging injuries, holes in their game, or personal issues that are really nobody’s business. So when MMA trainer Frank Lester started opening the book on UFC Lightweight Champion and the #1 Pound for Pound fighter on the planet, Jon Jones, it came as no surprise that he was doing so as a disgruntled employee on his way out of the legendary JacksonWink MMA gym where he had been coaching and where Jones has trained for the duration of his mixed martial arts career. It also came as no surprise when Lester dropped the dime that Jones happens to be a proponent of cannabis smoking. It was a bit refreshing to learn that (according to Lester) UFC Champ Jonny “Bones” Jones likes to roll up a couple of bones and spark them before every single training sesh. Yep, according to his now-former coach, Jones would insist that a handful of coaches and teammates joined him for the pre-practice ritual of Bob Marley and blunts before hitting the mat. Lester claims that he wasn’t down with the pre-fight high at first but that peer pressure from the most dangerous man on Earth opened his eyes, “I didn’t end up liking that until Jon made me do it all the time. It’s kind of like, you see openings in sparring.”


Of course, while Jones will admit his affinity for cannabis, he does so carefully as USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) still considers the plant and its cannabinoids and derivatives as “substances that are prohibited in-competition.'' USADA has been contracted by the UFC to handle all drug testing of the fighters on their roster, and their guidelines warn the fighters that “the use of prohibited substances in sport, without an approved Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), may lead to an anti-doping rule violation and sanction.” Don’t believe them? Ask Nick Diaz. In 2015 the Stockton bad boy and UFC fan favorite was slapped with a 5-year suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission based on a drug test that came back hot for marijuana use. Diaz, even more so than Jones, is wide open about his cannabis use, once proclaiming that drug tests didn’t scare him since he says he drinks 10 pounds of water each day and sweats it all out the next day. That method might help you fool your HR Department wherever you work, but Diaz is still inactive in his professional career despite being considered one of the best to ever enter the octagon. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Two of the best to ever participate in such a dynamic and consequential sport both not only confess to using cannabis, but they both swear by it as a crucial part of their training regimen while in the prime of their unrivaled careers. While the UFC plays patty-cake with Aurora Cannabis to allegedly study the safety of “100% hemp-derived CBD”

By Beard Bros. Pharms


supplementation and the efficacy of such products in dealing with pain relief and head trauma, they are clearly missing the bigger picture. As we know, it is the full spectrum “entourage effect” of all naturally balanced cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that will deliver the relief that these fighters need, and you will not get that from hemp. So as a growing number of states here in America, and countries across the world begin to form highly lucrative and completely legal cannabis markets for adult use, why then are sports leagues and athletic commissions still hell-bent on banning cannabis? Especially when some of the greatest athletes of all time are using it?

PERFORMANCE__DRUG The age-old stereotypes about ‘lazy stoners’ are quickly going up in smoke and Nick Diaz is a perfect example of why. Aside from being a top tier professional fighter known for having relentless cardio and energy inside of the octagon, Nick and his younger brother Nate also run marathons for the hell of it- so clearly cannabis is not the anchor that some folks consider it to be. Any sport in which athletes receive repeated cranial and bodily impact should have a moral (if not legal) obligation to consider the neuroprotective, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving qualities of cannabis. Nick Diaz would not put it into his body if it was detrimental, period. But is it a performance enhancer? The Diaz



EDUCATION & HEALTH brothers would likely say that it is, and Jon Jones would likely agree with them, but not all professional sports leagues agree. "In addition to the fact that the substance is illegal under federal law, abuse of marijuana can negatively affect the performance of professional athletes," read a recent statement released by Major League Baseball (MLB). Pro baseball players, unlike most professional athletes from other sports, are not tested for cannabis on any sort of a regular or scheduled basis. Rather, they are only tested “for cause” and a failed test is usually remedied by therapy rather than fine or suspension. You know what else MLB doesn’t test for? You know, an actual performance inhibitor? Opioids. This past July when a 27-year-old star Pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks named Tyler Skaggs died unexpectedly in a hotel room, toxicology reports showed that he had overdosed on a deadly combination of fentanyl and oxycodone – two potent and dangerous painkillers. Cannabis has proven to be a far safer and always non-fatal alternative to synthetic opioids yet MLB classifies them both as “drugs of abuse” and even warns players to avoid purely CBD products. The National Football League (NFL) tests all players just once per year – and then randomly selects 10 players per team each week to test as well. Not until their 4th failed test will a player miss any playing time but the fines leading up to that punishment can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, 52% of NFL players say that they have been prescribed opioids during their playing careers and of those, 71% say that they misused those drugs. So, again, whether these players are using it medicinally after games and practices to aid with recovery or whether they are sparking some up in the player parking lot before suiting up for the Super Bowl, the league should have no say in the matter. There is no health detriment to doing so

and while some players might swear that some weed helps their visual acuity or their confidence to make a big play, it does nothing to their 40-yard-dash time or their max bench press. It is also worth noting that NFL coaches, training staff, and owners do not have to have their piss sniffed by anyone in order to keep their jobs. Former NFL players estimate that as many as 80-90% of NFL players smoke weed despite the league’s half-baked attempts to stop them. This stat syncs up with estimates by former National Basketball Association (NBA) players who say that perhaps 85% of that league’s players are consuming cannabis.

wrong with it,” an anonymous NHL player told ESPN earlier this year. Many former/retired professional athletes are now endorsing therapeutic CBD and cannabis use – some as paid influencers and others as board members of cannabis startups. This we feel, is a big reason why pro sports leagues and organizations are hesitant to embrace cannabis reform - for fear of seeming to be a bad influence on the kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids. Cannabis advocacy has to tiptoe around this ridiculous issue while pro athletes can openly endorse national beer brands in post-game press conferences.

The NBA does not test its players at all in the off-season, thankfully, but holds them hostage to four random tests throughout the regular season.

Still, prominent retired athletes like Matt Barnes, Ricky Williams, Kyle Turley, Al Harrington, Liz Carmouche, Megan Rapinoe, Eben Britton, Greta Gaines, and even Mike freakin’ Tyson are out actively promoting the many benefits of cannabis for current and former athletes and us weekend warriors alike.



BY THE NUMBERS Of the 123 teams that play in the four major sports, 45 of them (36.6%) play in states (or provinces, eh) where recreational marijuana is legal, and another 56 of them (45.5%) play in jurisdictions where medical marijuana is legal (45.5%). That's 82% of pro sports teams (101 of 123) that play in areas where players can legally buy cannabis at a well-lit dispensary but could lose their job for actually using it. These numbers will increase as more states move forward with cannabis reform. The National Hockey League, of the four major sports leagues, is by far the most progressive. It does not consider cannabis as a banned substance and merely recommends treatment options to any players flagged with abnormally high levels of THC in their system. "We are elite athletes and as long as it's not performance-enhancing or illegal, we know what's best for our own bodies. I find that a couple hits of weed at night is good for me. It's legal, it's natural, I don't see anything

To be considered the GOAT – the Greatest of All Time – at anything is an accomplishment but our society reserves a special type of worship for those that reach that plateau in the sports world. So when you have a once-in-a-lifetime phenom fighter like Jon Jones taking tokes minutes before hitting the mat, or world record annihilators – the fastest men on land or in the water – Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps each getting unfairly shamed in the height of their careers for getting high in their free time, maybe it’s time to ask if cannabis could be an all-natural ingredient in separating the very good from the greatest of all time. Beard Bros. Pharms has earned their reputation as a trusted source for cannabis news, content creation, and culture preservation. With decades of experience in cultivation and marketing, their fearless voice for the plant includes advocacy for veterans, inmates, people of color, and anyone else who has been oppressed by generations of cannabis prohibition. See what they’re up to now at BeardBrosPharms.com


TRANSCEND THE ORDINARY Available at these fine dispensaries Planet 13, Nevada Made and The Grove. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.



CBD of NV Focuses on Hemp for Health

Hemp is rapidly being grown in areas throughout Nevada. This month we had the chance to sit down with Susan Harris from CBD of NV to find out what led her to the hemp industry and the obstacles she has encountered along the way.. VCM: Are you originally from Las Vegas?


SH: My father served as a Master Sergeant in the USAF and was transferred to Las Vegas in 1962; I was born a year later. Las Vegas has always been my home, it is such a small town, no matter where you go or who you meet, they know someone you know or they’ve had the same experiences growing up and living here. Times have changed with the city and its way bigger now than when I was growing up. I tell people “I am from a small town originally; my town just had a mind of its own and grew to what it is today.” I met the love of my life, Lafayette at 53 years old and he’s the best thing that ever happened in this town. This crazy town, you just never know what is going to happen or who you are going to meet. Lafayette’s parents migrated from Brazil to the US when he was 18 months old. They moved to Las Vegas in 1976. He has been an entrepreneur most of his life. He loves the city and the people, says he is never going to leave. And. even though the town gets bigger every year, the circle of natives gets smaller.

VCM: What led you to hemp cultivation? SH: When I read about hemp being a state legalized crop I instantly knew we would be a part of this movement. With Lafayette’s background in growing and my background in business, we decided to make this our life’s work. We are entering our 3rd year in 2020 and striving to make an impact. We want to make a difference in our community and to help others. We have donated hemp plants to the UNLV Co-Op botanical gardens and we are currently working with a chemist to design hemp strains that will pinpoint certain conditions such as PTSD, pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s and inflammation in the body.

can be. He feels that now is the time to take what he learned in such a hostile environment and put it to use to help others. I have owned a mobile notary business since 2002. In the past I have owned restaurants, a website design company and a furniture store. I lost my mom to cancer and my dad to Alzheimer’s, if I had known half of what I know now they might have had a better quality of life instead of suffering at the hands of the medical system doing what the insurance company dictates that they can do. We’ve both have had numerous businesses throughout the years and we believe we have finally found our calling.

VCM: Tell us about your team.

VCM: Tell us about your grow - size, number of plants, equipment, etc.

SH: We are Lafayette Cordaro and Susan Harris. Lafayette began as an apprentice grower in the 80’s. He gorilla farmed in Humboldt County with many different farmers and they taught him everything they knew. Times were tricky back then and he had to fend off not only the authorities, but bears, extreme weather, and living off the land. He eventually stepped away from that lifestyle but saved enough to open an auto body shop in 1990 and still owns it. He is taking time out now to revisit his grow techniques and utilize his methods to set up our grow rooms and get our precious plants to the best they

SH: We are a small operation. We have about 100 plants. We wanted to start out slow to iron out any complications that would arise and from watching all the bigger farmers and grow facilities go through having to make major and costly changes, we decided to ride out the indecisiveness of the legal side of things and concentrate on making our strains the best. We are focusing on perfecting the best strains so we can move onto a larger scale production. We also want to make a difference in research to develop new methods to help others. We want to expand into a larger

facility and we are seeking funding or someone that wants to team up and grow together. We are also willing to teach others on how to grow the right way and not make the mistakes of the past so they can profit on doing things right and not lose parts or their whole crop. VCM: With the Nevada hemp industry being fairly new, what obstacles have you encountered? SH: Wow, so many. Being that this is such a new industry there has been a lot of learning for all sides. Lack of education and the lack of others recognizing hemp is not marijuana. The Nevada Department of Agriculture has encountered their own growing pains along side of all of it. There have been a number of hurdles and things keep changing, making it hard to keep up. We were one of the first harvests this year and we had many mishaps. We had a “hot” strain and had to destroy those plants. That was devastating; I can’t imagine a huge farm having to go through losing what we lost but on a much larger scale. The NDA has helped us get through the obstacles. Shipping has been another obstacle. USPS is about the only method worthy of doing right by hemp products. As long as you abide by their simple rules, shipping goes smoothly. We have encountered problems


trying to use other shipping methods. Banking is yet another issue. I initially approached my bank that I have been with for over 20 years and asked if I could open an account for our new business and my bank rep looked at me like I was an alien. Someone contacted me from LinkedIn about CC processing and gave me the information to call Bank of the West, but you have to go through an extensive process with them and not a local branch will do it. There are different types of hemp. The airy, industrial hemp which is grown over 100’s of acres and is used for biomass, doesn’t taste good and sells for $150 per pound. Then there is what we grow, we care for our plants daily, we inspect them daily, we play music for them, we talk to them and nurture them. They are fed only nutrients found in the earth and grown in soil. Our plants take as much time, care and effort as a cannabis plant, so when a retailer offers to pay us the same amount they would for biomass it’s almost an insult to our efforts. They want to take our artisan hemp for pennies and put it in a bottle with some MCT oil or in their packaging and charge their customers $100’s of dollars. Our flowers are worth as much if not more than cannabis, so it’s a little hard for us to sell in bulk.

the bloodstream. Smoking hemp is a great way to calm and get your body to relax immediately, instead of waiting 30 minutes to an hour for edibles or other methods to kick in. Smoking CBD has high bioavailability that is over 25% and up to 50% which means your body absorbs CBD at a faster rate and delivers more of it into your system compared to other forms of consumption. For example: If you consume CBD edibles, the bioavailability rate, (the amount of CBD) would be lower than that of smoking the same amount of hemp flower. This is because when ingesting CBD edibles, it has to be digested and goes through the stomach and the liver where most of it gets destroyed. Hemp flower IS going to change your mood, not drastically and definitely not in a way that will make you into a couch potato. Hemp promotes a soothing, relaxing feeling that can make you more energized and feel good. Many people describe its effects as “non-intoxicating body high.” This is simply because you are experiencing the healing effects of the plant, without the mindaltering part. Hemp CBD has a healing effect on your body and brain and Hemp CBD helps with symptoms of various ailments, including mood and anxiety disorders, pain, depression, high blood pressure, obesity, inflammation and addiction.

VCM: Please tell our readers the benefits of smoking hemp/high CBD flower.

VCM: Is your hemp lab tested?

SH: Smoking hemp is one of the fastest delivery methods of cannabidiol in the body. When inhaled, CBD is in direct contact with the lungs and transfers straight into

SH: Yes, we have 2 separate lab tests performed. First by the NV Dept of Agriculture to test for THC levels and then we have a 3rd party lab that tests for THC levels and for

CBD, CBG, CBDa and CBN. VCM: What is the difference between hemp flower and cannabis? SH: Hemp promotes healing without that “stoned” feeling. Many hemp users like me don’t like to use cannabis for reasons such as it makes them feel anxious and paranoid. Hemp has to test at a level below .03% THC, but can register high in CBD content. Our flowers range in CBD 11% up to 18%. Marijuana is the opposite, it can contain high levels of THC and any amount of CBD. Again, hemp is more for therapeutic and medicinal reasons. VCM: How can we find you on the internet or social media? How can readers order products? SH: Our website is www. CBDofNV.com and we are on Facebook @cbdofnv. Products can be ordered directly on our website or if local we can deliver for a small delivery charge. We also offer distributor pricing for those wanting to carry our packaged products as well as white labeling. VCM: Anything you would like to add? SH: We don’t use blood and bone meal, nor do we use chicken or turkey because any and all of it is ridden with hormones and other synthetic chemicals. The fact that people ingest our products, by cooking or smoking, we would never consciously do that to our friends or clients. We are organic in every sense of the word. We have spent the last 2 years perfecting our process and are ready to expand further.


Hemp is still in its infancy and still very misunderstood. Legalization has not made it any easier to advertise, ship or talk about hemp without the sideways look. We have provided many friends that have diabetes, cancer and other ailments with smokable hemp flower and they all love it. Unfortunately, we might not be able to continue helping them unless we can get our name out there and make a little bit of green ourselves. As you have probably heard, most hemp farmers started growing but had no clue how they were going to market their product. Our goal is to simply educate and hopefully pave the way for the norm in Las Vegas so we can help those that need it. We have turned down a few heavy hitter investors because their vision is just one of the almighty dollar. So, we struggle along and try to keep our heads above the green until someone with some green can join with us to lay our green. We appreciate the time and opportunity Vegas Cannabis has extended to us. Stephanie and Bill have true foresight into the new age of cannabis and hopefully CBD of NV can join their fight in educating those that don’t know and turning lives around. Educate, Educate, Educate!



Western Regional Director of cannabis risk management association has a passion for the industry






From fighting fires TO cultivating cannabis Las Vegas native, Alex Amelburu spent twenty years serving his community as a firefighter with the Clark County Fire Department. Now, he is serving our cannabis community as co-owner of Nature’s Chemistry and we recently had the chance to sit down and speak with him about his transition from fighting fires to cultivating cannabis. VCM: You are a Vegas native, was it always your plan to become a firefighter? ALEX: I became interested in becoming a firefighter while in high school but began pursuing it at the end of college. I was playing baseball at UNLV and wanted to obtain my degree first. I worked very hard and was fortunate enough to get hired at the age of 23, which allowed me to retire at age 43. VCM: Tell us about your training and entry into firefighting. ALEX: The testing process to become a firefighter was very competitive. There were 4,000-5,000 applicants for approximately 100 positions. Rookie School was the most challenging four months of my life. In the course of training, you are prepared to face just about any obstacle. The fire service is an amazing and rewarding career and I am grateful to have been a part of such a great department. VCM: Any memorable moments within your firefighting career?


ALEX: Probably the most memorable time of being a firefighter was 9/11. I remember waking up at the fire station the morning the first tower was hit. It was such a surreal feeling watching our country being attacked. It was also a helpless feeling not being able to help our FDNY brothers and sisters. I just wish that there was something more me and my crew could do, but we knew they were in good hands. Through that tough time, 9/11 brought our country together. We

would fly an American flag behind our engine and people would honk in support. It was such a proud time to be a firefighter. VCM: What led you to enter the cannabis industry? And, did you begin this journey while working as a firefighter? ALEX: I was doing real estate on the side while on the fire department and my three partners and I embarked on this venture. This was a great opportunity to form a viable business which bettered not only our community but would inevitably change people’s lives. This alone lit the fire for me to pursue this full bore. Although I was not a cannabis user, I had done extensive research on its medicinal advantages which made my entry into this industry exciting. VCM: If you were working in both industries simultaneously, what obstacles did you encounter? ALEX: The biggest obstacle was working long shifts and having to come straight to the shop on limited sleep. I did this for 2 years until I was eligible to retire. We spent long hours getting the shop up and running. It was a grind but worth it. VCM: When did you finally retire from firefighting? And was your retirement due in part to focus on the cannabis industry? ALEX: I was hired March 7, 1998 and I retired March 7, 2018 ... exactly 20 years to the day. I had to retire in order to concentrate on the business. I truly enjoyed my time on the fire department but juggling both was taking its toll. VCM: Are there any ways that your firefighter training comes into play in our industry? ALEX: One of the most important things about being a firefighter is being able to adapt to different situations. At Nature’s Chemistry, every day brings challenges

that we have to overcome. Organization, attention to detail and problem solving are important parts of both jobs. VCM: Tell us about your company Nature's Chemistry, about your coowners and what you like best about the industry. ALEX: At Nature’s Chemistry we strive to be one of the best cultivators in the state. Our employees are amazing and are vital to our success. I know this may be hard to believe, but 95% of our staff is still intact and we have literally zero turnover. This is a true testament to our company culture and mission. My partners and I are all Vegas natives of 35 plus years. We have all attended school and college in Las Vegas. We have seen this city grow into what it is today. To me, the best part of the industry is working next to my friends and growing and sustaining our business. It makes me proud to be a part of a growing industry which helps the lives of so many, in so many different facets. VCM: Anything you would like to add? ALEX: It is not easy to find a job that brings out the passion in you. I was lucky enough to have 2, the fire department and now Nature’s Chemistry. My time on the fire department was amazing and a fulfilling one for 20 years. It opened so many doors for me and my family while proudly serving my community. I made some true friends that will always be a special part of my life. I now look forward to having the same type of experiences in this exciting industry.




Chris Rodarte Not to mention the variable of flavors that come with each dish. Depending on your techniques of infusion, and the vessel in which it occurs it could alter a flavor. Keep that in mind and enjoy being a “Happy” Mad Scientist of sorts. VCM: Have you done infused gigs? If so, what does that entail?

We recently had the chance to sit down with Chef Chris Rodarte to find out why he became a chef and what types of dishes he specializes in. VCM: Are you a trained chef or self-taught? CHRIS RODARTE: Both. I believe any trained chef strives to learn more in any facet. Constantly adapting and trying new flavor profiles. As a chef I say school is never over and we are students of the craft we love. For life. Because our job is Umami. VCM: What led you to the culinary industry? CR: Honestly survival. We sometimes reach rocky roads where it helps to eat where you work. That being said, I’ve always loved cooking for myself and others. Especially as a Sushi Chef.


VCM: Do you work as a mainstream chef?

CR: I own CannaBushi and am currently working for IzakayaGo on Spring Mountain Road. Go Hoashi is a great guy/owner and it’s an honor to hone my craft there. Stop by and enjoy the unique atmosphere. A must see in Vegas! VCM: Why infuse with cannabis? CR: Because it’s truly a new realm for the culinary industry. Sure it’s been done for years but now we get into its science. One that is being proven daily to not only get you faded but also medicated. There are people suffering from different ailments/diseases who can be treated through it. In one form or the other. VCM: What challenges have you encountered with infusing? CR: I would say coming up with viable and properly dosed recipes. Executing them correctly reaps its own rewards.

CR: Right now I am doing private dining experiences. These involve coming up with what the guests like, their expectations, and most importantly allergens. I normally prepare fresh and onsite. So having all my ingredients is definitely crucial. Soon I will open myself to events at the beginning of 2020. Two big ones early in the year already. I say that proper planning is key. I want to do this the right way. VCM: Are you a Las Vegas local? If not, where are you from and what brought you here? What do you like best about Vegas? CR: I’m not a local. Yet a transplant into this melting pot we call home. I was born in San Diego. Having lived in Japan, Canada and The United States, I was asked to come to Vegas from my friend who worked with me in Atlanta, Ga. Sold pretty much everything I owned and lived out of my Eno hammock for months while building myself up. The adventure has been worth it. I absolutely love the food scene in Vegas. Obviously the cannabis culture as well. I can literally eat a plethora of food, drink on the

streets downtown and then go hit a dab in the tasting room. All legal and extremely grateful for such a progressive city! VCM: Are you looking to work in one of our licensed cannabis facilities? CR: If the opportunity was presented, it would behoove me to do so. VCM: Who inspires you? CR: My Family! Especially, my mother Patricia. She’s the strongest woman I know. We come from a poor background. Fighting to make it like a lot of families. If I can change that or just make it a little better, it’s a win in my book. I dedicate my life to it. For all of us. VCM: Favorite dish to make and/or infuse? CR: Obviously sushi! For both questions. I can create a multitude of dishes but the art of sushi has been a humble learning experience. Adding the ability to infuse it into techniques passed down through generations? Priceless. Humbling. Honored to be a part of. VCM: Any tips for our readers who want to infuse their own dishes? CR: Triple check your math! Find groups of like minded people. This way knowledge can be shared. Dosing accordingly is huge. When you are given advice, listen. One person’s misstep could be greatly beneficial to your guests and your wallet. VCM: You are in the Cannabis Chef Union, tell us about that. CR: The CannaChef Union is a platform like I’ve never seen. Coming from a background

where any type of platform for success was non existent, I believe it to be inspirational to myself as a Chef and a man. The people you meet along the way will prove it. There are opportunities for growth as a chef, with an abundance of like minded individuals who will support you. That being said you must work hard to prove yourself. There are sponsors, partners, and genuine opportunities out there. The CC Union can connect Chefs with those sponsors in the industry. We also strive to provide an ever growing list of benefits to them like booking events, gaining exposure, building your brand, mentoring, sponsorships, and even helping with your product distribution. If you’re interested in joining The CannaChef Union use my code “Cannabushi” for a discount on your first month! Text CHEFUNION to 474747 VCM: Anything you would like to add? CR: I just want to thank everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting this year. The network we have in the Cannabis Industry is something to be proud of. I know I am. Shoot for the stars because the sky is not the limit anymore!

Miso Honey Glazed Ham INGREDIENTS 1 10lb ham of your choice ½ cup sweetened honey infused with Happy Hemp Farmacy CBD hemp ¼ cup white Miso ¼ cup red Miso ¼ cup soy sauce 3 oz sake 1 can sliced pineapples (add to juice) 2 oz pineapple juice 1 oz orange juice 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder ½ tsp pepper DIRECTIONS: Set your oven to 325 degrees. Grab a small pot while the oven preheats. Over medium heat, mix everything besides the can of sliced pineapple and ham. When all ingredients have come to a boil. Mix thoroughly. Place on low. Gently add 2 oz of pineapple juice to the mixture as it cools and reduce to a slightly thicker consistency that holds onto your spoon. Grab your ham and place into an oven safe dish. Then begin to cover your ham with glaze. Place pineapple slices on top of the ham. Use oiled toothpicks to hold the slices in place if they slide. Cover with a lid or aluminum foil. Place in the oven. Cook for 2 hours covered. Making sure to baste every 30 minutes. Take off the cover and continue to cook for 15 minutes. Slice and enjoy! A little asian flair on a traditional holiday staple with a dash of medication.

Official State Certified Cultivation and Production Pod for SALE Ready for shipment Pahrump, Nevada

Price upon Request 1050 Square Feet

State Marijuana Certified for Production and Cultivation


Cultivation Room

Security Reception Room

Clean Room

Packaging Room

Drying/Trimming Room

Outside of pod

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Dear Merry Jane: Happy holidays! Don’t you just love this time of year? Generally, happy people tend to annoy me, but somehow it seems different around the holiday season. I guess my favorite part is all of the wonderful holiday programming available across all forms of media! Do you have a favorite holiday TV show, movie, video game or virtual reality experience that you look forward to every year? Love, Grumpy the Elf.

You again, you festive old bastard? Every year at this time you try to drum up interest in holiday entertainment. Don’t you think people already consume enough media as it is, without foisting it upon us during this holy season? HA! Just kidding! Like you, I absolutely crave the digital fare directed at all of us during the festive season. I started seeing Christmas commercials back before Halloween, which never fails to make me smile. Along those lines, let me first address what is likely the most ubiquitous method used for holiday indoctrination, the TV commercial. In the interest of simplicity, I am going to refer to any video ad as a TV commercial, be it on YouTube or PornHub or whatever media you may stream. For that matter, a friend told me that most of the adult sites, at least the user-friendly non-frightening ones, are already sporting holiday themes. After all, this is the one time of year where saying “ho ho ho” doesn’t offend anybody. Holiday advertisements are the retail world’s wake-up call for us to prove how much we love each other by spending crazy money on shit that nobody needs. With regard to more mainstream interests, my favorite Christmas special ever is titled “A Wish for Wings that Work”. It is from the old Bloom County comic strip, which was at least 50 years ahead of its time. Opus the Penguin (a flightless waterfowl) is assisted by frenemy Bill the Cat in fulfilling his lifelong dream: flying like other birds. Sure, Santa gets involved, having been saved from freezing on a frozen lake by used-to-the-cold Opus, and then grants Opus the gift of flight. Suffice it to say that nothing turns out the way it is supposed to, but Opus ultimately flies. It is all inspirational and such, and speaks to the strength of friendship, but I am pretty certain that the strip author Berkeley Breathed probably smokes a lot of weed.

My other favorite holiday media is the old standby “A Christmas Story”, but with a twist. Have you ever seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”? Have you noticed how the more diehard devotees dress in costume and even go as far as to act out scenes from the movie? Ever been hit by a piece of flying toast?? This is Christmas at my house with “A Christmas Story”. There are rules, of course. Anytime you see snow on the screen, you have to do a one-hit of whatever it is that you are smoking. Everybody has to bring a toy to play with for the opening scene at Higby’s department store. You have it to do a one-hit any time a character on screen eats or drinks something, including the Bumpus’ dogs chowing down on the family turkey. You have to remain standing on one leg when the Italian “Fragile” leg lamp comes out. There are other rules, but the biggest one is that everybody has to make and carry a cardboard Red Ryder BB gun for the duration of the movie. Yes, I do have a lot of free time. Yes, I am easily bored. Regardless of video or activity, though, Christmas is about togetherness. I am, after all, the Aunt that the kiddies love to visit and that honor does not come easily. As with most things in my life, I am primarily concerned with keeping myself entertained. Sure, my friends get ticked when I buy a drum set for a hyperactive 8-year-old, but Christmas is a consumer holiday and I’m just trying to do my part. THAT is what I look forward to! Have a Merry Christmas!





Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.






Elly Novelo is no stranger to the cannabis game. As the former manager of a local smoke shop and tattoo ® establishment in downtown Las Vegas, and a former affiliate of a local vaporizer company, Elly has experience retailing CBD, manufacturing consumption devices and creating packaging and labels. Diagnosed with both Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis at just 8 years old, Novelo has undergone a multitude of treatments for her Psoriasis over the years including pills, topicals, injectables and phototherapy. None of the prescribed treatments worked very well and most resulted in undesirable side effects. The topicals made her skin drier, the pills left her with mood swings, the injections landed her in the emergency room, and the phototherapy fried her skin and sucked all the energy out of her. In addition, having Psoriatic Arthritis, Novelo lives with constant inflammation and stiffness in her joints. This affects the way her skin looks and upon having flare-ups, increases her pain and gives her a foggy head.


The past five years have led Novelo on a journey to find more natural ways of treating her conditions. This journey eventually led Novelo to cannabis which she uses daily in a multitude of forms. Smoking allows her to treat the chronic pain caused by Psoriatic Arthritis. And, cannabis topicals have cleared up many of her skin discolorations, scabs and dry patches. In addition, the use of various CBD products aid in reduced joint inflammation. As Novelo began to figure out which products benefitted her the most, she became motivated to create Smooch’s Cure, her own line of CBD products which she now carries locally at her kiosk inside the Meadows Mall. At the kiosk, patrons will find an array of CBD-infused products from various companies. And, her Smooch’s Cure line includes topicals, smokeables, tinctures and candles. As Novelo manages the kiosk, she encounters many who have either never heard of CBD or who have been misinformed about the healing benefits of the plant. And daily, she strives to educate and inform all who visit her.



Have skin or other health related issues? Stop by the Smooch’s Cure kiosk at the Meadows Mall and chat with Elly to see if CBD might be right for you.



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>>> Legal or Illegal? Rethinking Labels in Today's Society

In today's society, we are very sensitive when it comes to labeling ourselves or others as that proverbial drug user. Ingesting alcohol daily may be acceptable to some while smoking cigarettes is seen as disgusting and toxic. Ingesting fast food, known carcinogens, and sugary foods are common while vegans have a hard time locating safe restaurants. So, what exactly is a drug? What makes one person perceive others as a drug user when they, in different terms, are also one. It may come down to perception or it may be as simple as conforming to general opinion. Let’s take a look into the things that cause addiction and see if we can find a better term for the stereotypical “drug user.” According to (Sciencemuseum.org, n.d.) “A drug is any chemical you take that affects the way your body works. A drug must be able to pass from your body into your brain and change the messages your brain cells are sending to each other and to the rest of your body.” With this information, there are many foods, drinks, and over the counter pills that can be constituted as a drug. The movie Supersize Me showed us that the more fast food you consume, the more you crave it. The same holds true with cigarettes, soda, alcohol, coffee, sugars, and even street drugs. The more we use these substances the more we want, creating addictions on a large scale.


When it comes to food and drinks we don’t think of them as being drugs, but the chemicals in caffeine and sugars certainly change the way our bodies work, technically classifying them as drugs. Caffeine is a stimulant that affects our central nervous system then it reaches the brain and causes a side effect; alertness. Too much caffeine can lead to headaches, dizziness, followed by a “crash” causing us to lag the rest of the day. This is the exact same effect that cocaine creates. An instant high that gives you energy

followed by a crash and a taste for more to keep going, leading to addiction. “Don’t talk to me until I have my coffee” is a popular saying in our culture and the use of caffeine is widely acceptable while cocaine users are looked down upon. Even though they both produce the same chemical reaction, the bottom line is that since caffeine is legal, it is acceptable to overuse and even joke about it while cocaine users are judged based on its legal status. Opioids are another controversial “drug”. When the doctor prescribes pills, society accepts it because a professional decided that it was safe and we need it. Prescribed medications like OxyContin and Vicodin contain the same chemical compounds as street heroin. While prescribed drugs are made in a laboratory setting and regulated and street heroin is not, the pills are obviously a safer route; but both have the same highly addictive results and side effects. Prescription drugs became so popular in our culture that it became an epidemic. In the year 2016, there were over 100,000 prescription drug related deaths and the use of street drugs saw an increase of 36%. 126 billion legal opioids pills were distributed in 2016 alone (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017) The main age group of street drug users were between 11 years of age and 18; the ones too young to get a prescription from a doctor by their own accord. Thankfully, this number has seen a significant drop in the past few years, but it does not change the fact that a legally prescribed drug created an increase in illegal street drugs since they have the same chemical effect on our body and mind. “Addiction carries both biological and behavioral components. Our brains are hard-wired to find certain things we feel to be pleasurable, such as eating, drinking alcohol, and having sex. This brain "reward circuitry" makes sure we carry out these behaviors in order to


survive” said B. Lander, a psychologist at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Since we do not need these pleasures to survive, they become addictions instead of necessities. That brings us to the number one worst drug of all time; SUGAR! Sugar is everywhere and we ingest it at large rates. Sugar consumption has been linked to mineral, calcium and magnesium deficiencies, depression, weight gain, hyperactivity, ADHD, and can feed cancer cells. Many of the same effects that cocaine has on our bodies. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes, loss of eyesight, and heightened irritability. With so many negative side effects, why do we look down on street drugs while ignoring legal ones? As far as cannabis is concerned, It has been an illegal Schedule 1 drug for many years, the most serious of drugs, yet has recently become legal in many states. When I was in high school and got caught with a joint I was seen a bad kid, headed down the wrong path in life! I even got kicked out of high school for marijuana use. Now, 20 years later I am seen as an expert in my field of work. What a big change that is. So before we judge someone for the substances they use, the food they eat, and the drugs they use, we should stop and ask ourselves ...is it REALLY bad? Or do we think that because someone or a law told us that it was. Christine Watkins is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of Medicated Nation. She is a writer, a successful entrepreneur, carries 2 advanced business degrees and is a survivor of the healthcare industry. Founding Medicated Nation in 2018, her CBD company provides broad-spectrum CBD products made with FEHO (Full Extract Hemp Oil) Her one-of-akind business model caught the attention of many and she has since collaborated with Shark Tank panel member, Kevin Harrington.





Did ya miss me?! Well, I missed you. I figured I should spout off one more time this year! There’s been an awful lot going on around here lately. It took long enough but finally there is a task force taking cannabis companies and laboratories to task. With the big vape scare bullshit that went down, the moldy weed getting out to customers and medical patients (luckily they got the word out pretty quickly before someone with a compromised immune system got ahold of it) and with the President’s lawyer buddies getting busted for giving our state officials bribes to get the evercoveted cannabis licenses, our Governor started a cannabis commission. Hell, I even applied to be an advisor on it. (Never did get that call back, Gov!) So, as I’ve been yelling to anyone who will listen, they are also investigating inflated THC numbers. As I’ve been saying for years (at least since we started testing) these 30%-plus numbers are bullshit marketing scams. A higher THC number does NOT get you any more high. As I write this, I’m smoking a 17% orange cookies from Fleur and it’s got me just as high as anything else I’ve ever smoked from a dispensary marked 25% and up. It’s marketing! And don’t get me wrong, it’s working. It’s astounding to me that in just the last few years that we’ve been putting THC numbers on cannabis, how many folks of all ages, races, and backgrounds come in asking (sometimes demanding) the “highest THC you got”.


But do you want a more relaxed or upbeat high? “Doesn’t matter, I just NEED the highest THC” And you know what, I’ll get it for them. Hey, I’m a budtender, I just want you to be happy with your purchase and come back and get more. Well I’m here to tell you that’s a stupid ass way to buy weed! For the past 100 years, nobody needed a number to tell them if cannabis is gonna get them high. So again, put some faith in the people you buy your weed from. Explain to them what kind of high you’re looking for. I know sometimes people don’t even know that. My usual question is, do you wanna be stuck in a couch or do you got shit to do? That’s a good starting place. If the person you talk to doesn’t have the right information or sells you something that doesn’t work, go somewhere else. There are lots of shops around now. Go to different ones. Learn what you can from each one. Even a different budtender will make a difference. Some are seasoned cannabis consultants and some are just pretty faces brought in to “move product”. Find the place or person that fits the needs you have, they are out there, I’m one of them. The other thing is, as I’m writing this, Congress passed a bill to federally legalize cannabis. My take on it: here comes a federal tax added to our already high state tax. And now the door will be open for every evil corporation to get in and start modifying, taxing, profiting, and generally ruining everything good about cannabis. So when you see companies with good sustainable practices, putting

out quality products and generally benefiting humanity instead of just gouging medical patients and recreational customers SUPPORT THEM! Just like the mom and pop shops, they may be a dying breed. I’m just about done with round one of the trial of my grandmothers murder. It’ll be later next year before the actual trial happens so I’ll have a bit more time on my hands, too. And we’re just about ready to start playing some music for you all with this new band I got going. Another month or so and I’ll be letting you know where to get your bop on and hear some of that crazy swingin jazz! So, I’ll be back, might be a bit, but I WILL be back! Happiest of holidaze to you all and please remember to help out those not as fortunate as you. A $5 blanket from Walmart or a pair of warm socks can change a homeless person’s day for the better. And it’ll make YOU feel better too.




2 5 2 0 S M A RY L A N D P K W Y # 2 , L A S V E G A S , N V 8 9 1 0 9 M O N – T H U 9 A – 1 0 P | F R I – S A T 9 A – 1 1 P | S UN 9 A – 6 P





Unable to contain his excitement, he had been packed for over two weeks. He planned to stop and pick up a hostess gift and something to contribute to the meal along the way. Perhaps some Membrillo and Manchego, he knew everyone considered the sweet paste made of quince and the nutty cheese a special treat. Of course, he brought his books. Even leaving the house for only a few hours, several books would be tucked inside his bag; serving as makeshift security blankets. Penned by varied authors, all told stories of adventure, courage and romance. For that is how he viewed his own life; one of adventure and courage. As for romance, Quido was still hoping against hope to recapture the heart of his beloved Rosa. He knew family and friends considered him peculiar. Some even thought he suffered a more serious malady. All agreed, though eccentric, he was kind and, ultimately harmless. Taking a final look around before securing the four locks on his front door, Quido stepped over the threshold, adjusted his helmet and mounted his horse. Lola and Francis had been driving for over an hour yet hadn’t uttered a word to one another. The day before, Lola had been outside working in her garden, where she preferred to spend her time rather than in the house where Francis preferred to spend his. It was that time of day when, like clockwork, Francis’s stomach began to rumble and groan. Feeling annoyed, once again, that his wife had exhibited her full catalog of meals in their first month of marriage Francis decided to take a chance anyway. Humming quietly as she worked, Lola could hear gravel crunch beneath the weight of her husband’s feet as he approached. Without greeting, he inquired when she was going to start dinner and if, perchance, she could cook up something tasty for once. His comments and tone didn’t fare well with Lola and an argument ensued. What started out as a fight over dinner ended with their usual; you don’t appreciate me or what I do. And what I do, do, is never good enough. Turning around without his answer, Francis trudged back into the house, wondering why he didn’t marry that Italian girl his mother tried pushing on him during his engagement to Lola. Lola was prettier and livelier, but the Italian girl was kinder and she could cook. Neither Lola nor Francis could tell you when things began to fall apart, but in five short years their marriage went from bearable to miserable. Both wondered how they were going to hold it together for two days with the entire family as a potential audience.


Standing at her kitchen window Luna watched three vehicles approach the long driveway leading to the expansive ranch she


shared with her husband, Sancho. Members of the family along with friends had been arriving like flocks of birds over the last three days. Luna enjoyed the warmth and bustle of a full house during the holidays. Each year the number of guests gathered ‘round her tables increased, thanks to new babies, girlfriends or boyfriends and in some cases, replacement spouses. There was also plenty of drama. But this year, Luna was prepared. The vehicles pulled to a stop and the passengers clamoured about collecting suitcases, backpacks, and gifts. Then something caught the corner of Luna’s eye. As the contents of her teacup dribbled into the sink, she watched aghast, as her brother-in-law tied his horse to one of the columns lining the front porch. Luna excitedly called Sancho to come quickly and see how his brother had chosen to transport himself. It was apparent Guido was holding fast to his fantasies. Turning to his wife, shoulders lifted to his ears, Sancho noted Luna’s expression. Clearly indicating he was expected to keep an eye over his brother during this year’s Nochebuena. “Sacre bleu!” The sudden and unexpected outburst caused twins, Mario and Dario to drop their forks in unison. “Sorry?” questioned Luis, his eyes darting back and forth between the twins and Ramon, the source of the outburst. Oblivious, Ramon was already mid-bite into a forkful of marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole. Luis repeated, “Ramon! What are you saying?” Slowly lifting his head, Ramon responded with a puzzled look on his face, “What?” “Why did you randomly shout, sacre bleu?” “Oooh! I’m practicing my French for my upcoming trip to Paris,” Ramon replied, bits of orange filling the gaps between the few teeth remaining in his head. Knowing Ramon could barely handle even the social setting of the village marketplace, everyone at the table looked to Luna. “He’s not going to Paris,” she answered without being asked. “Yes I am! I’m leaving tomorrow on that new scooter you bought for me, Mom!” Ramon defended. Eyeballs rolled and everyone returned their attention to eating, knowing it best not to engage him further. “Luna, this is the best meal I’ve eaten in ages,” announced Francis. His comment wasn’t lost on Lola or anyone else for that matter.


“I’m getting myself another drink,” she murmured. Quiet cousin Enrique, who avoided confrontation at all costs, decided this was a good time to clean around his plate. Picking up small crumbs with the tip of his dampened finger, Rosa watched in disgust as he then put the crumb-coated finger to his tongue. She remembered now why she tended to make excuses for missing these gatherings with her ex-in-laws. “Here we go. Get ready for the Luna and Francis match up. It’s sure to be entertaining,” announced Mateo. “Lola, can you re-fill my glass with more wine while you’re up? I’ll need another drink for this dinner and a show.” “Me too, my glass is empty,” added Guido. “Nooo! Only one glass for you!” Everyone shouted. “Mateo! That was rude,” scolded Rosa. But she knew her brother was right. Lola mumbled something back at her husband, or Mateo, no one was sure, then stood and made her way to the beverage table. “Luna, you’re out of wine. And cerveza. And tequila, actually you’re out of booze completely,” called Lola. “Yes, I put it away,” Luna answered. “I’m doing something different this year.” “We’re doing something different this year, Sis?” inquired Luis worried. “But we like drinking.”


As Luna and Rosa distributed slices of Infused Pumpkin Pie, Pound Cake with macerated fruit along with some Membrillo and Manchego Croquetas, oh’s and ah’s circulated around the table. The chorus of sound brought Mario and Dario out from the playroom. “Dessert!” they chimed in unison. “Yes, there’s a separate tray for you kids in the kitchen. Take it into the playroom and share with the other children,” directed Luna. Rosa went on to explain why they decided to offer Infused Edibles. At the same time Guido was packing for his trip, the women were discussing this year’s menu. Reminiscing about celebrations past, they realized almost every year things would start out okay, but as the alcohol consumption increased, so did the snarky comments, misunderstandings, and arguments. Last year, Guido and Sancho got into such a heated debate over which of the two of them had been the better “warrior” during their “windmill days,” they ended up in a brawl that took them from the front yard to the horseshoe pit then finally flailing into the cold and murky pond amid Luna’s prized Koi. Rather than agitate and ignite disagreements, which seemed to be the problem with alcohol, they predicted the Cannabis would relax and disarm. “Sounds fun,” stated Mateo. “Fun! That’s it. We want this year’s gathering to be fun!” declared Luna. “And no hangovers!” added Rosa.

“Yeah, we like drinking,” reiterated Mateo.

“I love this idea,” announced Lola.

Luna began clearing plates while Rosa ushered the children into the playroom. Luna agreed, stating a little wine or a couple of cocktails made for a more festive atmosphere, however alcohol could also bring out the badly behaved beast. This year, no beasts were allowed. Immediately the grumbling and protests began to bubble up.

And I love Rosa,” gushed Guido out loud.

“No need to fret,” assured Rosa in her sing-song voice. Oh, her voice is like music, thought Quido. “We will show you,” said Luna. Luna and Rosa returned from the kitchen each carrying a large tray of desserts. “Did you put booze in the desserts?” inquired Mateo. “Better, we Infused our desserts with Cannabis! replied Rosa, her perfectly white teeth peering out between her full, red lips. Her lips, like cherries, thought Guido.

Though many of the table guests were still reeling from the idea their Noni and Tia knew where to purchase Cannabis, let alone Infuse with it, there were many more who were tickled pink (or rather green) over the idea. Luna and Rosa had even thought to Infuse a few desserts with CBD, for Ramon and Guido. After those in the know finished instructing those who didn’t, about ingesting Edibles and what to expect, everyone dug in. Within an hour, the house was filled with happy chatter and knee-slapping laughter. Some sat in clusters replaying scenes from their favourite standups, others discussed the meaning of life. A few were scattered about dozing, while others had joined the kids to watch SpongeBob Squarepants’ Holiday Special. Luna and Rosa had succeeded in putting the Fun into Dys-functional. Everyone agreed, this was the best, Nochebuena ever!

“Cannabis?! You mean Weed?” questioned Luis. “Oh, this is gonna be good,” muttered one of the younger uncles.




Cosmic Muffin's Infused Membrillo & Mancheo Croquetas


INGREDIENTS 3 ½ oz Manchego Cheese – Grated 8-10 oz Membrillo (quince paste) ½ Stick Unsalted Canna-butter 1 Cup Flour – divided 1 ¼ Cup Infused Whole Milk Pinch Nutmeg Salt/Pepper to taste 2 Eggs - Beaten 1 Cup Fine Bread or Panko Crumbs Oil for Frying Fresh Rosemary – Chopped PROCESS In a medium sauce pot, melt butter. Add ½ cup of flour and whisk until mixture comes together and turns pale amber in colour. Add milk about ¼ cup at a time, whisking between additions. Remove pot from heat; season mixture with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Add grated cheese and stir until cheese has completely melted. Pour cheese mixture into a sheet pan, set in fridge until set – about one hour. When cheese has set, in 3 separate bowls or pie tins pour; remaining flour, eggs and bread or panko crumbs into each container, separately. Scrape off 2 Tbsp of the chilled cheese mixture, place a small slice of membrillo in the center then roll the cheese mixture into a small oval, keeping the quince paste inside the cheese. Roll one croqueta into the flour, egg, then crumbs, set on a parchment lined sheet pan. Continue until all the cheese is used. Set sheet pan in the fridge to chill for about 20 minutes. Heat oil in a deep, heavy pot until temp reaches 350 degrees. Carefully lower a few croquetas (don’t overcrowd the pot) into the oil and fry until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon remove croquetas, drain on a paper towel-lined platter and garnish with chopped rosemary. Serve w/wedges of Membrillo


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All I Want for Christmas They say that there are three Santa Claus-related phases in life: first, you believe in Santa Claus, next, you are Santa Claus, then ultimately, you look like Santa Claus.

My last gift for this year is the one thing that most of this country needs right now more than any other: a freaking sense of humor.

I am somewhere between acts two and three right now, so I am reevaluating my appropriate role during this holiday season. My kids are all pretty much grown, so all they really want is cash. I am sure that will change when grandbabies show up, but right now I am fairly pleased with the status quo. My wife, bless her heart, is extremely low-maintenance, and I have a really strange imagination for gift giving (go figure). I mean, my gift to her last year of an Emu riding lesson did not turn out well at all; the damned thing followed her home and still sits in front of our house, honking at the neighbors. They, in turn, are still justifiably pissed off about having this enormous bird parked in front of their houses making their lives difficult. Sorry folks! You know who you are. Clearly I suck at buying gifts. As mentioned earlier, cash for the kids is fine, but it is kind of a cop out. I once gave caramel to a friend without teeth. My buddy, the onelegged amputee, got a soccer ball (I was trying to enable him). I almost bought tickets to an Insane Clown Posse concert for my parents, but realized that they don’t like Faygo. I obvi have a knack for buying terrible presents for people. So, why don’t I buy some terrible, yet heartfelt, presents for people who desperately need them?


In my opinion, the most polarizing element of our society currently happens to be the President of the United States, Donald Trump. I’m not getting political here. Some of what he’s done I like, while other stuff makes me cringe a little bit. I would like to present him with a 30-second speech-delay switch, which would allow to immediately retract some of his more questionable statements. It should be noted that live radio and television only use a five second delay system, so there’s that. For your consideration and all. My next gift would be to all of the “PC babies” currently infesting our world. The whole “We’re right about everything because we say we are!” trope is growing a bit tiresome, kids. My gift to


a patient's perspective

Pure CBD Oil

By Peter Jay

them would be their own little socialist utopia, one where everybody works together to co-own everything created or developed and then be shared equally by all and sundry. Granted, history has proven repeatedly that socialism is generally a pox upon the society to which it is inflicted, but that’s ok. Ask China, Cuba or Venezuela! Or, better yet, let’s establish this little pile of socialist Heaven right in Venezuela. True socialists don’t need toilet paper anyways, and the lack of food there would severely curtail its necessity. My last gift for this year is the one thing that most of this country needs right now more than any other: a freaking sense of humor. I doubt that there was ever a time in our nation’s history when we’ve taken ourselves so damned seriously. I recently opined to a 25-year-old acquaintance that I find global warming to be much ado about nothing, as I will be dead LONG before the Sun dies. Her response started with “Listen, Boomer…”. Excuse me, you little shit? I am no “baby boomer”, I am a dyed-in-the-wool member of Gen X; while we may be many things, apologetic ain’t one of them. You owe $150K in student loans for your liberal arts degree? Your debt level is too high to pass a credit check? That IS unfortunate, but who goes to ComicCon and DisneyLand every month? Hint: NOT ME. Perhaps laughter isn’t always the best medicine, but getting over yourself is oftentimes the first step to GROWING THE HELL UP. You care about your own problems, and I’ll care about mine. Life is inherently unfair and always has been. Suck it up, cupcake. And Merry Christmas!

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Individual office spaces available. Month-to-month or long term, both acceptable. Pricing $300-500 per month (depending on office size) Secure location With access ID

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CURATED BY Bill Shehan with assistance from


Shwa Laytart


Jenn Zenn


Stephanie Shehan

Dispensaries JENN



Based on the name alone, I originally thought that GLP was dissatisfied with the results and overall performance of this beautiful lady. But I definitely feel the sarcasm after spending the day with her. So beautiful, no one can say a single thing bad about it. This strain is for the haters and dookie chucking trolls that smoke GLP fire, and say, “It’s aight, this GLP weed is decent.” It is what it is. Excellent! So stop bullshitting and running your mouth. Just enjoy it for what it is, fire. I’m callin’ it “chicken dinner” because it’s a winner!

THC- 19.462% CBGa- 0.706% Limonene- 6.13mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.04mg/g Ocimene- 1.71mg/g Linalool- 1.29mg/g


SOLARIS G13 X Hawaiian Sativa Bud

The holiday season can be stressful- large shopping lists, family pressures and trying to avoid those pesky pie-producing pounds. With so many worries on the brain, this strain promises to uplift, energize and induce euphoric trips down memory lane. While visions of sugar plums may (or may not) dance in your head, you’ll be inspired to get creative whilst tackling your to-do lists. The G13 relaxation element blends nicely with the Hawaiian sativa lift, making this a happy, dreamy, uplifting experience. THCa gives added benefit for those affected by inflammation, and a mild CBG cannabinoid element eases pain and nausea. Myrcene aids in the relaxation process as we smile through the season and drift away…

THC- 21.238% Myrcene- 8.519mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.271mg/g Limonene- 1.029mg/g


SOLARIS 91 Chem x VA Skunk

Solaris was the first ground-up hybrid greenhouse in Nevada. What Solaris lacks in packaging, they make up with their flower. Tight nugs packed with a floral and citrus tang and just the right amount of THC & limonene to get you over that midday hump. 91 Chem mixed with VA Skunk is a light heady combination without leaving you wondering where you put your keys. Solaris is known for their genetics that are well-adapted to the desert environment and you should expect to receive consistence with every flower you purchase.

THC- 18.931% Limonene- 6.648mg/g Linalool- 2.38mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.063mg/g





REMEDY Clementine Strawband Glue Cured Resin Sugar

What a mouthful. Let’s call it CSG, no disrespect to GSC. This has enough myrcene to put down a large mammal a few times per gram. Save some for your fam. Remedy sure jarred up a sugary jelly here for your holiday ham. Grab this here relish fork and drizzle some of that there CSG resin sugar on your melon dish. It smells so frisky and tastes so delish. It will grant you one wish.

THC- 82.3139% Myrcene- 19.13mg/g Caryophyllene- 16.18mg/g Limonene- 11.45mg/g

REMEDY King Kong OG Sky Resin

Remedy does it again. King Kong is the white gold of dabs; wet, shimmering, almost translucent white gold. It’s so delicious that Wild Bill was holding onto it like a damsel in distress. Luckily, I was able to pull a small glob from his paws and made it home to enjoy from the comfort of my own cage. Coming in at 80% THC, King King had me pacing the room for a bit, hyped up on energy and feeling like busting out of the zoo. Seriously, Remedy, this is what giants are made of.

THC- 80.1% Limonene- 19.03mg/g Myrcene- 17.8mg/g Caryophyllene- 15.84mg/g


REMEDY Space Lemons Cured Resin Sugar

Space Lemons come from outer space and are mixed with your lemonade dreams. I thought we taught you about those Space Lemons last month. Buddy you need a refresher course, do ya. Well, ok, I usually only enjoy Space Lemons right before bed, but I’ll slice one up right now for ya. I almost feel bad breaking these yellow sandstones up. They are so vividly perplexing and mesmerizingly attractive. Pszssszszzzsss is what it sounds like sizzling in my banger, and ahhhhhhhh hahhhhhhh… a piece of space lemon on a stick.

THC- 84.39% Myrcene- 10.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.24mg/g Limonene- 3.53mg/g

REMEDY Clemenhead Kush Sky Resin

Vegas Cannabis, you are too good to us. You bring us the highest quality magazine articles covering all the hot-topics in the cannabis industry with the best photography and graphics, the BEST! You’re reviews are always on point and filled with witty and poetic verses. Now what do we have here? No-till living organic soil grown 1.8 gram hybrid flower mini-joints? Vegas Cannabis, you are too good to us! If there is a leader in this ocean of cannabis chaos, Vegas Cannabis, you are the one mag leading us to the light.

THC- 20.274% Caryophyllene- 12.34mg/g Myrcene- 7.27mg/g Limonene- 5.49mg/g Linalool- 1.54mg/g Bisabolol- 1.02mg/g


REMEDY Clementine Live Resin Sauce Diamonds

A forever favorite flavor, like a valentine, is Clementine. If you don’t enjoy a fresh orange shot to the head, just move on. What a great relationship this concentrate has with OJ, not Simpson, orange juice itself. The real OJ stands right up and puts a big smile on your face. No slow chase, it doesn’t play hard to get. If you’re into dabbin’, then this will fit. If it doesn’t, I must ah, quit. Terpinolene is in supernatural mode, and has many of the same attributes as myrcene and THC. These terps are stealthy.

THC- 76.4% Terpinolene- 38mg/g Ocimene- 16.85mg/g Myrcene- 9.96mg/g





TUMBLEWEED EXTRACTS Inferno OG x Purple Punch Infused Preroll SHWA


If you’re betting odds, and think of yourself as the ultimate multi-tasker, you’re dabbing future looks bright because you’re about to get lucky. Ace “Lefty” Rothstein just became your best friend. This OG Live Resin with close to 80% THC is your powerful friend thanks to Tumbleweed. In the city voted #1 most sinful, Las Vegas scores low in most categories compared to everyone else, but when it comes to excesses and vices we score high! Because our sweet-freak-city is not only exciting, innovative, and progessive thanks to Ace Rothstein, but also forgiving, accepting, and welcoming. Thanks Lefty, for betting on us.

THC- 79.7% CBGa- 0.69% Caryophyllene- 1.51mg/g Limonene- 0.84mg/g Myrcene- 0.36mg/g

I’m not sure when these guys blew into town, but wholly-hell have they covered the spectrum of products, which I have to say, leaves me wondering who they are and who’s behind the company. So before I sparked up one of their prerolls, I cracked it open. I’m happy to say that it’s packed with some beautiful buds. The Inferno OG x Purple Punch preroll is infused with goodness. If the Tumbleweed company is a multi-state mass producer, I will say they are working with some mighty fine growers here in Nevada. Grab all of the Tumbleweed products featured in this issue at The Dispensary.

TOTAL MG (Preroll weighs 1.25g) THC- 529.125mg Myrcene- 2.4144mg Linalool- 1.1613mg


Open the flood gates. Let the water flow. Minds will grow, and the fruits of life will be shared with those of you who already know. Look out below. I’m way up here about to smash this. Here we go! Woah! Shit this is a wild ride, the world's largest Slip 'n Slide. Jump on. What’s that? You have to come inside? Your mom said you couldn’t get wet. Ya, I bet. Don’t be scared. The only people that have ever died from the Hoover Dam were building it. I’m breaking it down. Cheeeeeee!

THC- 87.84% Terpinolene- 1.81mg/g Limonene- 1.42mg/g Myrcene- 1.4mg/g


Inferno OG x 24K Gold x Zookies Infused Preroll



Jesus! This is the prettiest product on the Tumbleweed rack today! Lemon OG Live Diamonds were pretty sexy, but you’ll have to check out the next issue to read about that. Banana OG is a very stable and ferocious concentrate. Those who like to dab the finest shit will truly enjoy this beastie banana. My head is spinnin’, feet are propped up, and I’m ready for a bedtime story. Ahhh how anyone could not want to feel how I am feeling at this moment is beyond me. Can’t wait to dream.

THC- 85.91% Terpinolene- 4.51mg/g


Myrcene- 8.32mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.66mg/g



The name of this preroll suggests that there’s a complex blend of elements and awesomeness involved in this infused combination preroll, and who are we to argue with the rules of grammar? The idea of blending these strains into one fiery fusion is as genius as it is effective. Inferno OG adds a pleasant CBD kick to balance the hybrid heft of Zookies that leaves you relaxed without falling asleep. 24K Gold swoops in to uplift and liven the mood with it’s happy sativa effects and you’re left in medicated harmony as these worlds collide. A hefty THC profile means you’ll be high AF, too. Earthy and herbal, this preroll is medicated and mellow bliss in a rolling paper.

TOTAL MG (Preroll weighs 1.25g) THC- 435.63mg Myrcene- 1.5125mg Caryophyllene- 1.1mg Limonene- 1.0875mg


FLEUR Miss Africa


I’ll start off by saying sorry to Jenn Zenn. Sorry Jenn, Bill had Miss Africa by FLEUR for you to review, but I am finishing up a chapter in my new book about the Queen of Sheba and swooped it out from ya. I do hope you enjoy this write up. (I promise to share a puff later). Fleur’s philosophy is that cannabis is a lifestyle. You know who started out with that philosophy? Miss Africa herself, The Queen of Sheba. There have been many tales told about the Queen, but one thing they all have in common is that the Queen of Sheba had the kindest kush that was ever smoked. What Fleur has created with their Miss Africa, should take us all back to the Motherland. A flower created for the lifestyle and path that we are all destined for.

THC- 22.25% Myrcene- 4.615mg/g a-Pinene- 2.666mg/g Limonene- 2.201mg/g


TRYKE Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you give a pig a chocolate chip cookie, you should also give him a glass of milk, and a napkin, a place to rest his belly, and a pillow and blanket. Sing him a lullaby, and take his shoes off, maybe rub his feet. Roll him in the mud, and also roll him a joint. This Tryke Chocolate Chip Cookie was delicious.



TRYKE Animal Face



A wise Muppet named Animal once grunted, “Eat drums! Eat drums!” as he hit himself in the face with a tom-tom drum. We feel you, Animal. After smoking this sativa-dominant strain, the feeling within your own face will subtly anesthetize as your brain chills out and your relaxed body allows you to go with the flow. The caryophyllene and myrceneheavy terpene profile balances out nicely as a calming effect paired with a happy and anxiety-reducing buzz. Limonene notes offer a nice lift, as you fantasize about the snacks you’re about to enjoy. Just don’t eat your drums.

THC- 23.53% Caryophyllene- 7.72mg/g Myrcene- 5.18mg/g Limonene- 2.3mg/g


TRYKE Khalifa Kush Shatter

Reef and Tryke are going old school gangsta rap with this gold hit shatter. Nothing breaking any THC records but definitely shattering the mould of what’s being offered in the industry today. This is a perfect material to drop into a wax pen, and spend the day browsing the malls or decking the halls. People should have the balls to consume more concentrates. Your weed will still be there for you when you get back from the dabs. It’s not like you’re breaking up or even seeing other flowers. Stop it.

TRYKE XB Jack Herer Badder


I haven’t enjoyed a mind-pleasing badder in a minute. This is a true wet, smeary concentrate of which you can immediately enjoy the mental benefits. I used about .15 when I took my XB meds. Jack Herer himself would have loved to enjoy such blissful dabs. I should look Jeannie up and see how she’s doing. She made him.

THC- 66.96% a-Pinene- 1.87mg/g Linalool- 1.48mg/g Limonene- 1.03mg/g

THC- 71.054% Linalool- 2.47mg/g Limonene- 0.67mg/g Myrcene- 0.46mg/g


CAMP Orange Ade

CAMP Papaya Punch

Somehow the growers over at CAMP figured out how to grow moon rocks straight from the plant. Papaya Punch is so rich and thick with crystals I thought it was rolled in kief. But once you crack into one of the rock solid nugs you realize these little buds are dense with crystals of unruly proportions. I’m thinking the freaks over at CAMP are the ones that ended up with element 115 and are using it somehow to grow their flower. I’m not sure how they got it... but thank you Bob Lazar! Papaya Punch is from another planet.


THC- 20.99% Caryophyllene- 10.25mg/g Limonene4.23mg/g 74 Humulene- 3.466mg/g

CAMP Animal Face


This CAMP herb is a staple to The+Source diet. Boasting upper-echelon levels of THC and caryophyllene, Animal Face is sure to satisfy those growling lungs. It is rare to see caryophyllene atop the list of notable terpenes. Couple that with linalool and limonene, and you shouldn’t be afraid to smoke this before a social night or concert without any couch-locking effects. Enjoy yourself. Put your Animal Face on and get out there more often.

THC- 28.78% Caryophyllene- 10.94mg/g Limonene- 5.7mg/g Linalool- 4.66mg/g


A zesty, fruit-based flavor profile helps amplify energetic, earthy undertones making this strain of flower a pleasant hybrid with a lot of healing potential. A body buzz comes on slow and steady as therapeutic humulene adds antibacterial and immune boosting properties. Use the uplift of this strain for it’s motivational attributes, and the caryophyllene dominance to keep anxiety and depression at bay. Limonene lifts you and lightens your sense of wellbeing, like a refreshing citrus smoothie from one of those ten-dollar-a-pop juice cafes. Ahhh!

THC- 21.01% Caryophyllene- 5.08mg/g Limonene- 2.41mg/g Humulene- 1.88mg/g



Everyone left when I broke out the grande finalè. Hot tamale. You’d think I said, “Hey guys, wanna watch me get shot out of a cannon naked?” Everyone split. I’ve never smoked 14 grams by myself. But I deserve it. So I’ll count just how many hits I take, and then shoot back over here and report my efforts. Eighty hits later and I put that Kannon out with still about 3 grams left on the filter. I could get five people high tomorrow with what’s left. Wheeew. Kabunky bonked me in the head with a Kannon.

THC- 20.48% Caryophyllene- 6.0mg/g Myrcene- 1.8mg/g Humulene- 1.5mg/g

KABUNKY Fire OG Terp Sauce


Damn, I took this photo an hour ago, and I just realized I’ve been holding this dab tool for that long while being in my own world. I could space off a whole day this way, if my wife didn’t happen to say some shit that snapped me back to focus. Did that just really? Yup this was the last photo I took without saving to my drive. Shit, that says enough about it. Fire OG is a time-taker, and the last thing I need before bed. How ‘bout I take another one to the head, and lay my shit down for the night. That sounds all fuckin’ right. Good night.

THC- 77.8% Caryophyllene- 17mg/g Limonene- 8.1mg/g Humulene- 6.4mg/g Myrcene- 3.6mg/g Linalool- 3.4mg/g

2 FO R1 col le

PACK ctor's

: vcm e d o use c . 1/1/20 exp




SAY WOW ! A new company is making big waves in the cannabis industry this year! WOW Organics, launching to the public on December 12th during MJBizCon week, is a Veteran and women-focused organization with hemp extraction labs opening across the country. Through empowerment of their Veteran and women-led teams, they bring mindful and sustainable business practices to the regional and local communities they serve.

DREAM With WOW Organics Their launch party is one of the most anticipated networking events during this year’s MJ BizCon. Why are people so excited? DREAM is produced and created by the same team that brought Cannabis Wonderland to Vegas in 2018, last year’s event that drew 5,032 guests to the Artisan Hotel. DREAM is their new vision to launch WOW Organics. If you’re in town for MJBizCon, step into an elemental oasis to explore the story of Gaia at the December 12th launch party for WOW Organics. Tickets are available for purchase on EventHi.io

Helping Veterans and Empowering Women DREAM is not just an after party! It’s also a fundraiser for the Veterans. 10% of all ticket sales are donated to Veteran nonprofits that provide services such as integrative wellness, transitional, and year-long immersion programs, family support, and many more assistance programs for the moments when Veterans need help the most.

PTSD and the growth experienced from traumatic events leave very real damage on people. For over 5 years, Dan Schmink has presented on lessons learned from combat and the science behind healing with cannabis. Ian Quinn is best known for his service animal, Dante, and his pet hemp CBD products sold internationally, through PHYTO Animal Health. Together, Ian and Dante present on the science and full spectrum scope of potential available through hemp.

A Mindful Approach From the packaging, to the ingredients used, and throughout their business model, WOW Organics emphasizes sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally conscious decisions as standard practice. Providing bulk oil, consumer products, and biomass processing services WOW Organics guarantees everything is sourced, grown, and processed 100% in the USA from only USDA Certified Organic farms.

Available online and in retail stores Keep your eye on WOW as they launch at MJ BizCon on Thursday, December 12th.

Their support of these programs is woven into the very fabric of their business and team members. To WOW Organics, nothing matters more than supporting local communities.

Rooted in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry You may be familiar with several members of WOW Organics already. Dan Schmink and Ashley Manning created and produced Cannabis Wonderland last year which was the talk of the cannabis industry. These Veterans don’t just put on great events, however. They’re actively expanding the conversation around cannabis and hemp.


Dan Schmink is a Combat Veteran, keynote speaker on PTSD, and marketing nerd. He is the SVP Marketing of WOW Organics.



Puffco Peak

Established in 2013, Los Angelesbased vaporizing innovator Puffco, acclaimed for its award-winning vape designs and advanced cannabis concentrate technology, manufacturers an array of elegant and easy-touse devices for concentrate consumers.

$379.99 | puffco.com


Goldleaf brings a clear and credible perspective to the cannabis community by pairing compelling design with the latest peer-reviewed research, making the complex more approachable— beautiful, even. Specializing in guided notebooks and elegant print design for cannabis patients, growers and enthusiasts alike.

Make & Mary Calm & Clarity Inhalers

Make & Mary believes that beauty can be holistic, feminine, and radical all at once. Two hot products to try are their Calm and Clarity Inhalers. Calm features organic essential oils and terpenes that help reduce tension to promote a calmer you. Clarity relaxes your state of mind while alleviating pressure and respiratory tensions.

Prices Vary shopgoldleaf.com

$22.00 | makeandmary.com


Pet-Ness is a New York-based company offering a unique, newly-launched brand of CBD-infused treats (for dogs) and tinctures for (dogs & cats), made with organically grown, non-GMO ingredients and human-grade, full spectrum hemp oil.

Prices Vary | petness.com 64




Greater Goods

Every Greater Goods product is crafted by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon, using tasty, conscientious, ingredients and organically cultivated full spectrum hemp oil for the best quality, flavor, and experience. Their Chocolate Bars and Marshmallow Bon Bons are to die for.

Prices Vary | hellogreater.com

The Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB features a sleek design, streamlined controls and unrivaled cartridge compatibility. No need for any magnetic cartridge attachments or threading. Simply open the lid, drop your cartridge into the spring loaded chamber, close the lid and your ready to go. The Ctrl. is inhale-activated and is always in standby mode. When ready to use, just inhale through the mouthpiece and a vaporized dose will be delivered.

$75.00 | flytlab.com

Cloudious 9 Atomic9 Vaporizer

Cloudious 9’s Atomic9 vaporizer has a revolutionary & patent-pending “Dual Layer” heating technology that combines the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space & energy efficiency of conduction heating. The core design goal of Atomic9 was to push the boundaries of heating efficiency and in turn, reduce the cost and size, creating the smallest and most cost-effective convection heating dry herb vaporizer ever made.

$59.99 | cloudious9.com Dip Devices’ EVRI

A multi-functional consumption device designed to be used to consume concentrates straight from a container or from a cartridge. The versatility of the EVRI device makes it an excellent addition to any device collection.

dipdevices.com | $69.99 Bloom Farms CBD

Bloom Farms CBD is all-natural, fullspectrum and USDA-Certified organic. It is extracted using a proprietary method that preserves the original terpene and cannabinoid profile of the source plants. Give their Relieve tincture and Blackberry Mini CBD vape pen a try.

Prices Vary bloomfarmscbd.com

Moose Labs’ MouthPeace

An affordable personal mouthpiece compatible with most any smoking/vaping device, allowing a bong or vaporizer to be passed around without sacrificing hygiene. And, their new activated carbon filters have antibacterial properties that absorb resins, toxins, and tar. They enhance the flavor of your smoke or vape by removing the harsh stuff and triple-layer filters do not reduce airflow or block your intake.

Prices Vary | mooselabs.us

Dynasty Electrik’s Crystal Sound Bath

Dynasty Electrik uses traditional sound healing instruments including crystal singing bowls, along with electronic tones, to take audiences on a journey that balances energies and promotes relaxation. The vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized. Checkout the Dynasty Electrik Crystal USB and enjoy the healing sounds.

$28.00 | dynastyelectrik.com




Ardent 3-Kit Infusion Sampler

Moon Mother Hemp Co. Glow Skin Serum

All three of Ardent’s best-selling infusion kits. Use the Coconut Oil Infusion Kit or Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit for any recipe, whether it be food or topical, that can use some infused oil. Looking for something to feed your sweet tooth hankering instead? Keep it sweet with their Magic Shell Infusion Kit’s rich chocolate that’s ready to take any of your favorite cold desserts to the next level with a delicious chocolate shell.

Glow Skin Serum is both hydrating and healing! This nourishing and healing blend of herbs infused in jojoba oil is paired with full spectrum hemp extract to provide a therapeutic and beneficial experience for all skin types. From normal skin to cystic acne this serum will help your skin heal and glow.

$85.00 | ardentcannabis.com

$50.00 moonmotherhemp.com Honey Dabber II Kit

The same HoneyDabber II that so many have come to swear by as their "daily driver" now comes in a kit! Kit Includes a HoneyDabber II w/quartz tip, titanium replacement tip, platinum cured silicone container, all in a hand finished wooden box. Perfect for on the go, this concentrate straw’s patented design can be put away hot!

Smooch’s Cure CBD

From tinctures and pain balms to prerolls and candles, Smooch’s Cure CBD has everything you need to feel good. And, they are conveniently

$49.99 | vapor.com

High Falls Hemp Starter Collection


A fun new party favor to help cannabis enthusiasts celebrate their birthdays. BirthJays are pre-rolled joint candles invented with the simple goal of making adult birthday parties more fun. To use BirthJays, simply fill the cones with cannabis,, attach the candle tip, place it in its holder, and plop it into the cake.

$14.99 - 5-pack birthjays.com 66

There are many different ways to use CBD. High Falls Hemp’s starter collection includes three of their favorite CBD products. Included in this collection are a 0.5oz tincture (375mg CBD), .05oz isolate lotion (125mg CBD), and four full-spectrum CBD softgels with 25mg of CBD each (100mg CBD). $40.00


located inside the Meadows Mall (right outside of Victoria’s Secret) located at 4300 Meadows Lane in Las Vegas.

Prices Vary | If local, visit their kiosk inside the Meadows Mall | smoochscure.com MENTION VEGAS CANNABIS AT KIOSK & GET $10 OFF

Wildflower CBD Cool Stick

Wildflower’s unique Cool Stick offers quick and convenient relief from muscle, joint, and back pain. It has been scientifically formulated to be a reliable remedy for everyday aches and discomfort. Once applied, the unique blend of therapeutic ingredients will immediately cool and soothe any discomfort for longlasting relief. Contains 300mg of broad spectrum CBD.

$59.99 | buywildflower.com


Wakit Grinders

With Wakit Grinders tap-down pressure cap, grinding your herb has never been easier. Using quick, short taps, get the desired texture in less than 5 seconds. Great for blunts, joints, dry herb, vaping, and edibles. The new Wakit KLR line has LED lights so users can enjoy the magic in the grinding process!



The SilverStick Leather Dugout

The SilverStick Leather Dugout is designed for your life on the go. It's a perfect fit for your front pocket or small purse and keeps everything you need in one discrete, compact place. Crafted out of a rich Horween leather, the Dugout’s main compartment holds a SilverStick one-hitter pipe (Slim or Large) + cap, a lighter (fits most standard sizes), a smell-proof product container, 3-4 natural cotton filters (inside a discrete magnetic enclosure), and a stainless steel poker. There’s also room for a few credit cards and some cash.

$49.00-$65.00 | thesilverstick.com

HUNI BADGER Vertical Vaporizer Kit

The HUNI BADGER’s portable design makes it easy for you to vaporize your favorite extracts anytime, anywhere. Powered by a single, rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery paired with a one-button control, once the device is turned on, the ceramic tube heating element warms up to operating temperature in merely ten seconds. Once heated, you’re ready to make contact with your favorite extracts to produce dense and flavorful vapor clouds. Also included within the magnetic cover is a removable glass HuniPot to store your extracts. The included 14mm and EGO adapters work directly as mouthpieces, or can be attached to optional bubblers for water filtration if desired.

$189.00 | hunibadger.com GET 10% OFF WITH CODE VCM10

Magic Water

Magic Water is a refreshing beverage with a secret! When combined with the included Magic Glass Straw, it turns into the world’s first disposable water pipe. Designed and made in the USA and created specifically to be portable and virtually unbreakable, Magic Water can go anywhere.

$17.99 | Grab your Magic Water at Still Smoking 2605 S Decatur Blvd, Ste 107, Las Vegas, NV 89102.


The Brothers Apothecary CBD Infused Activated Charcoal, Dandelion & Chaga Capsules

Just Go Suck It

Leftover oil trapped in your cart? Don't throw it out, suck it out! Just Go Suck it is a simple way to rescue the leftover oil in your vape pen cartridges. This reusable kit comes in a child-proof package and includes a custom 2.25mg Glass Syringe, empty one gram replacement cartridge, and detailed instructions. So, gather your half-full or faulty cartridges and broken disposables and merge them into one.

Activated Charcoal has been used for detoxification for thousands of years. The Brothers Apothecary combined this with Wild Chaga, often used in natural & folk medicine to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, enhance liver health, and fight viruses. Each serving also includes dandelion root and full spectrum CBD.

$15.00-$49.99 thebrothersapothecary.com

$45.00 justgosuckit.onlineweb.shop

The Brothers Apothecary Blue Moon Milk CBD Latte

Packed with superfoods & incredible color, Blue Moon Milk is here to help whenever you need that push to doze off. Carefully blended with freshly pressed coconut milk powder, lowglycemic coconut sugar, the Apothecary Moon Blend (including Jujube, Chamomile & Polygala), and an autumnal inspired blend of five spices.

$15.00 thebrothersapothecary. com

High Hemp Wraps

The High Hemp Co is an all organic herbal wrap company that prides themselves in creating tobacco-free organic wraps that contain zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives. Similar to rolling papers, wraps are a bit thicker and are made from hemp. For anyone interested in the CBD/hemp trend who doesn’t want to take it orally, herbal wraps allow you to smoke it instead!

Prices Vary www.highhemp.co

Lowcntry Candles N More

These all natural, vegan-friendly lotion candles and lotion melts are infused with hemp derived CBD oil. Each 6oz candle is individually infused with 100mg CBD oil and each 3oz pack of melts is infused with 50mg CBD. Simply heat the candle or melts, then rub the soft lotion or concentrated oil into your sore areas to sooth muscles, joints, irritation, and so much more. Made locally in Las Vegas and available in a variety of scents.

$20.00-$40.00 | Lowcntrycandlesnmore.com

Medically Minded Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Soft Gels Medically Minded™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract Soft Gels provide a high CBD, full spectrum cannabinoid profile that includes CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG with less than 0.3% THC. Each bottle contains 30 10mg soft gel capsules.

Myster Stashtray Bundle

This kit includes everything you need for an efficient ritual. Having everything in one place keeps your coffee table or desk organized and clean. Having all the parts magnetically attached to the tray makes the Stashtray effortless to use on the go. The magnetic grade stainless steel tray is made from two stamped sheets that are hand-welded together to form a mirror finish around the edge. The container creates a tight seal with sonic welding around the viewing lens. The four-part aluminum grinder is top-quality. The ashtray includes a pipe spike for cleaning a bowl after you're finished. The top of the ashtray flips over and becomes a bowl stand for both 14mm and 18mm. The magnetic stickers allow you to attach your rolling papers or other accessories.

$149.00 | getmyster.com

$69.99 medicallymindedcbd.com

Dr. Dabber CBD Distillate Cartridge Bundles

The newly released Premium CBD Distillate line from Dr. Dabber is available in four unique blends: Original, Citrus, Fresh and Robust. The Original blend features notes of citrus, candied fruit, and sour-seeded berries. The Citrus blend is an invigorating blend of orange blossoms and honeysuckle. The Fresh blend provides a sweet and refreshing flavor palette, featuring hints of apple, pine, mint, cucumbers, and fresh cut grass. And, the Robust blend is a savory combination of bourbon, violets, and earthy notes. Each cartridge bundle includes one CBD cartridge, a matching universal rechargeable battery, and a USB charger.

$49.95 drdabber.com

Medicated Nation Topicals

These zero-THC topical balms are derived from pure, organic Full Extract Hemp Oil and are non-drying and safe for daily use. Enhanced with essential oils, Medicated Nation balms effectively revitalize and aid in restoring the skin's natural balance. These work for a variety of skin conditions and the natural ingredients fuse together to alleviate aches and pains instantly. CBD is the perfect, natural addition to any beauty or health regimen.

Prices Vary medicatednation.com

Plus Products CBD-Infused Gummies

Plus Products CBD infused gummies are available in three different formulations. Balance gummies were developed to complement the serenity already inside of you, so you can find your perfect moment and stay there. Each blueberry gummy has 50mg of CBD, fewer than five calories, and a calming flavor that brings you back to your baseline. Uplift gummies feature a zingy fruit-forward uplift to elevate your everyday without weighing you down. Each grapefruit gummy has 50mg of CBD, vitamin B, and fewer than 5 calories. Sleep gummies were designed for bedtime to help you power down after a long day. Each sleep gummy has 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin with calming blackberry chamomile flavors.

$35.00 plusproducts.com




"OH, THE A**HOLES YOU'LL MEET!" is a comic book poetry-guide to life that will make you giggle, nod your head and have you mumbling, mmhmm, as you read through each page This hilarious and cathartic story is a universal guide for everyone having to deal with the characters around them. Writer Shwa Laytart originally wrote this poignant parody poem for his daughter when she graduated high school.

​$16.95 avantpopbooks.com

Hakuna Supply Cherry Blossom CBD Tea Sampler

This bamboo tea box is elegantly presented with a variety of CBD tea’s and blooming cherry blossoms. Each sampler includes 5 each of the following teas: CBD Turmeric Ginger, CBD Mint, CBD Chamomile and CBD Matcha. Packages in a bamboo cherry blossom box.

$34.95 hakunasupplycbd.com Hakuna Supply Coffee & Chocolate Holiday Box

This Hakuna Supply CBD Coffee & Chocolate Holiday Box includes a one ounce bag of Awaken hemp roast coffee, one bag of CBD infused dried fruit and three Happy Js chocolate bars. And, all of these goodies are packaged in a beautiful birchwood keepsake box.

$49.95 hakunasupplycbd.com 70




Goldleaf Q & A WITH Mr. McElroy VCM: Tell us about your background and what led you to start Goldleaf. CHARLES MCELROY: Like most people in the cannabis space, my background is a patchwork of different experiences. I have a degree in computer science, co-founded a sustainable clothing company, worked as a digital strategist at a development agency and spent time interning with cultivators in Colorado. The common thread with these experiences are a mix of analytical and creative thinking— that’s my sweet spot and part of why I love Goldleaf. It is a perfect exercise of what I love to do - taking complex things and making them more approachable and creating meaningful user experiences to help people better understand cannabis. While I started Goldleaf in 2016, I had been thinking of a way to work with cannabis as a topic for years. Most of my interest revolved around people’s perception of cannabis and how to positively shape or improve it. It is polarizing to say the least (especially in the Midwest where I call home), and I’m fascinated with the psychology involved in changing someone's mind. I felt that Goldleaf was a perfect vessel for this pursuit and a way that I could use my talents for design and UX to help normalize and uplift the conversation.

such a warrantless oppression to me, even at a young age. It’s a plant, after all. Learning about how it came to be a schedule 1 substance was infuriating and helped open my eyes to the fact that our world has been shaped by greedy and intolerant individuals. That said, I’m a supporter of any organization working to help right that wrong. That was another reason I started Goldleaf, to help normalize the subject and show it in a mature and clinical light. It also gives us the opportunity to align with organizations fighting to help make cannabis legal, safe and fair. One example is our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. They are a non-profit focused on helping those who are unjustly imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses, and freeing those who are still in prison for things that are no longer illegal in their states. Our work with them involves putting their message and organization out there to larger audiences, and also raising money for their efforts. We do this the best way we can— by creating something people find beautiful, and donating the proceeds. If your readers are interested in supporting this effort, they can view our Southern California (SoCal) Travel Print. We designed this one with an amazing artist and proceeds go to benefit Last Prisoner Project.

VCM: Are you a cannabis consumer yourself? CM: I am. I don’t think I could do what I do if I didn’t experiment and work to understand my own body and system. Those experiences help me better empathize with other patients and those new to cannabis. Speaking personally, I battle with chronic pain and an autoimmune disease. I learned, years back, that cannabis was a more effective treatment than the scary ‘biologicals’ my Rheumatologist started me on— that left me feeling nauseous, weak and barely addressed my symptoms. I can say I’m a proud medical patient in Ohio and have enjoyed easier access to my medicine when needed. VCM: How long have you supported the cannabis movement? Do you support any specific cannabis organizations? CM: Personally, I’ve been a cannabis advocate for most of my life. As an adolescent, I witnessed cannabis being a helpful tool for my uncle (a Vietnam Vet) who had a long battle with Leukemia from Agent Orange. As I got older, I learned more about the injustices surrounding cannabis regulation and the massive impact it has on people’s lives. It always seemed like


VCM: Tell us about Goldleaf, your staff and the research entailed in creating your unique products. CM: Our core team is made up of designers, researchers and writers— all with a shared passion for education and accuracy. We go through great lengths to ensure the quality of content we produce and only pull information from primary sources. This is important to note since so much of the information about cannabis comes from reposts of reposts and our understanding as a populous is very fractured due to the lack of government lead research and red tape around the topic. What sources do exist are often very dense and it requires a practiced reader to digest and summarize in a meaningful way. While sources like the NICB are


great, there are many gaps - so we also regularly collaborate with experts to vet ideas and content, whether it be medical, cultivation or industry specific. Cannabis science is always evolving, so we frequently update and rerelease our journals and infographics to reflect recent discoveries and changes. Our Patient Journal, for example, is on its 13th edition. VCM: You offer a variety of prints and journals, tell us about those and any other products you offer. CM: Our offerings have certainly grown since we first started out, but all of our products center around 3 interests: medical, recreation/appreciation and cultivation. We try and create items that are a healthy mix of the ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and ‘informative’. In the end, we love to make the complex approachable - and surprise people with how elegant and cool the science behind cannabis can be. All of our items do exist in the ‘print’ world; that is to say, they are physical pieces (books, journals, artwork, stationary). This is certainly intentional since we feel it causes people to slow down and be more mindful when they look and read — a nice departure from the chaotic and distracting world of the internet and apps. One print project we just wrapped up that I’m super excited about is our ‘Cannabis Travel Series.’ One of our first art-forward endeavors (rather than data driven), this series pairs select state’s cannabis cultures with a scene that represents the vibe. Each one also carries a nice narrative (see the companion articles on our website) that discussed what is unique about each state. The pieces themselves are gleefully subtle with the cannabis imagery. This, again, was by intent. We wanted to first show something that was compositionally pleasing, then upon closer inspection, you see the theme of cannabis (cultivation or culture) in a polished and normal light. VCM: Your products appeal to both cannabis consumers and licensed cannabis companies, tell us about your white-label products geared towards businesses. CM: One thing we’ve learned since starting Goldleaf is that nearly every business or organization can benefit from educating their audience. Furthermore, this is easier said than done and most businesses who make great cannabis products, aren’t necessarily tooled to communicate and educate at the same standard. That is where Goldleaf steps in to assist. In addition to general wholesale of our wares, we also do a fair amount of white-label productions as well as custom art development. We’re able to take our existing body of work and researched products, and apply different logos, change the colors, even develop custom page spreads to fit their needs. While we do have minimums for custom journals (mostly set by the production methods), we can offer customized and


white label items at a fraction of what you could find from a larger supplier, or by doing it yourself (to say nothing of the value of our researched and vetted content, which is also included). We’re very proud about this offering since our white-label items help cannabis businesses better reach their customers, and encourage repeat business. It is an accessory that stands out in most dispensaries and the price point makes it an attractive last-minute add on for many. Beyond the white-labeling, we’ve tackled custom art development projects (print design, experiential design, etc.) — always marrying information with design. That is our sweet spot. VCM: Where do you see the cannabis industry in five years? CM: For starters, I think we’ll seem some sweeping regulation changes during that time — certainly decriminalization federally and possibly other regulation changes around legalization, though I would guess that part would be left to the states (who will all likely adopt some sort of legalization policies so they can be part of the cash grab from tax revenue). With this, we’ll see many regulations beginning to lift that make business difficult for cannabis producers, such as access to banking, insurance and other services. This will be the levy that breaks to cause a flood of new business opportunity, and begins the consolidation of smaller brands who won’t be able to compete. That last part is a little sad since I think there is value in having a robust craft community, and generally I’m in favor of an even playing field. Once big business gets involved (which I think it will in the next 5 years), the image of cannabis will likely change to be more commonplace, less elusive and intimidating (but public sentiment will also likely have to suffer many annoying ads from corporate america). VCM: Where do you see Goldleaf in five years? CM: I hope that we can continue to be a leader in cannabis education and information. We have an amazing team of creatives and researchers, and we’ve continued to garner a stellar reputation for our integrity and care that we show the subject. I envision Goldleaf not only being a brand who creates printed items and art, but who is also a curator of culture and knowledge — and as a collaborator with many great brands and organizations to help them steer their visual ships. VCM: How can readers order your products or find you on social media? CM: They can find us on the web at: shopgodleaf.com. We’re also very active with our audiences on Instagram (@gldleaf) and Pinterest (/goldleaf_). VCM: Anything you would like to add? CM: We love learning, and we want to learn more about YOU. Check out https://shopgoldleaf.com/surveys for a variety of fun, short, and anonymous surveys that can help us with new projects and articles.






Greg Chapin, Mike Richardson and Dennis Hicks

BE CAREFUL OF THE HUMBUG As we kick into high gear for the holiday season, the sands of time shift and through the clouds of this delicious “Alien Rock Candy Indica” I await the moment to surge into the mindset of the art renaissance. Before we make the plunge into the final stretch of 2019 I would like to share two things: One: The dreadful fruitcake can be transformed into a treasure in disguise. Classically thin slices, lightly toasted, soaked in brandy and topped with this Rock Candy Canna Butter and if you can find vanilla paste, the first bite will send chills up your spine. Have your momma stand on the other side of the roomit’s just that good. Two: This poem may get you through the happiest time of the year. “Elaborate ornaments, blinking lights and racing reindeer enthrall every eye, if only for a moment. Anticipation is smeared over youthful faces, like stolen jars of Nana’s preserves from the pantry. Adults sip mulled wine by fireside, speaking of small memories of far away friends, warmed by both. Remember

who’s birthday it is. Don’t get bitten by the Humbug. Sometimes crowded stores, rude people, high prices and lack of money can slap the taste of Christmas right out of your mouth.” Have a Merry Christmas. “The Ghost of Indica Past”

Alien Rock Candy Indica Cinnamon Honey Cannabutter INGREDIENTS: 1/2 lb. European style salted butter

* Chef’s note: Euro style butter has a better flavor due to higher butter fat content, Plugra is our favorite)

3-4 grams ground THC Flower of choice (we used Alien Rock Candy Indica for this recipe), decarbed in toaster oven 20 min at 250 degrees

WATER STOVE TOP METHOD INSTRUCTIONS: Bring 2C. water to a boil and add butter until melted, add cannabis and simmer 30-45 min. Strain through a cheesecloth and refrigerate 3-4 hours. The butter will solidify and the water can be drained off. Bring butter back to room temperature and fold in 1t. cinnamon and 1T. honey. Spread this on your next fruit cake and sit back to watch the “Diamonds in the Sky” -Remember to follow us or book your next event on IG @exclusivechefs





Targeted Advertising that will reach the nearly 43 million visitors numerous times during their visit. Tony Preus



Technical Writing for the Cannabis Industry I offer 32 years of experience in technical writing and 16 years in the cannabis industry in the form of red carpet consultation. This includes strategy resolution and full project management for the following regulatory and technical documents—all specifically for hemp and cannabis businesses:

> Business plan > Content marketing > License application > Operational plan > Viability analysis Curt Robbins

Robbins Group LLC curtarobbins@gmail.com






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PATIENT SUPPORT WECAN: Wellness Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada WeCan702.org, facebook.com/wecan702, meetup.com/wecan702 Compassion Nevada Consulting 2800 S. Highland Dr (702) 506-6379, facebook.com/ CompassionNevada Consulting HIV/AIDS Health Education Golden Rainbow (702) 384-2899, goldenrainbow.org Cannabis Dining Club meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Cannabis-Dining-Club/

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A CAMEL ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! Ride through the desert on an unforgettable safari atop one of our majestic camels. Don’t feel like riding? Take a trek with the camels and enjoy a educational encounter up close and personal with our Camels, a Sloth, Armadillo, African Crested Porcupine and a really cool dog. Mention Vegas Cannabis when booking and we’ll throw in some munchies.

Adventure awaits, book online at CamelSafari.com or call 1-800-836-4036 Just 75 minutes from Las Vegas near Mesquite, Nevada

200 HOUR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

December 2019 Issue 63