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18 Hydrotherapy

Bathtime Undressed


22 Hemp Spotlight: Lauren Davis and Appalachian Standard

26 Women in Cannabis 32 Higher Learning: Fibromyalgia ------ ON THE COVER ------

Dr. Lakisha jenkins


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34 Best Products for Women 38 Parents Embracing CBD 42 Courtney Maltais: Co-Founder of The Clear

44 A'Esha Goins: A Cannabis Saint on a Mission for Equality

46 What's Good in Nevada 50 Candid Conversation 52 Tokin' with the Infamous 54 Cannab-Esq. Chronicles


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editor >>> Stephanie Shehan


Celebrating Women This month, we focus on women. Typically, we feature women regularly in our monthly issues so I briefly thought that an entire, dedicated issue may be unnecessary. I am happy to say, I was wrong. After interviewing Dr. Lakisha Jenkins for our cover feature, I knew that her story had to be told. Dr. Lakisha, along with the other women featured in this issue are inspiring and empowering and hopefully you too will enjoy reading their stories. And, be sure to check out our spotlight, Best Products for Women which highlights some amazing female centric gift options for the upcoming holidays. You may notice, this issue some of our regular columns are not running. This is solely due to the fact that we had an abundance of female focused content to publish. Look for our regular columns as well as some added content this month on our website. And don’t worry, those regular features that you all love will be back next month. Beginning next month, we also welcome two awesome, new contributors. A’Esha Goins will be bringing us industry and legislative updates as they pertain to people of color. As always, I anticipate that she will be honest and outspoken as A’Esha provides a voice for the people and focuses on keeping it real. And, Sarah Jane Woodall, known to many as Wonderhussy will be providing insight on the locals that keep Nevada unique as well as spotlighting some cool places to visit. Have a great month!

Stephanie Shehan


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>>>By: Stephanie Shehan

Healing Globally

When requesting this interview, I messaged Dr. Lakisha Jenkins via Facebook. I quickly discovered that she had a sense of humor when she graciously agreed to the interview and then said “I was just looking at your profile and we have 420 mutual friends! I think that’s a sign.” After speaking with her on our Zoom call, I realized not only is she funny and down to earth, she is probably one of the most passionate and intelligent women I have ever met. Her knowledge of the cannabis plant and all of it’s benefits was astounding and our conversation was refreshing. Stephanie Shehan: You are a Traditional Naturopath and a Master Herbalist. And, as we speak, Covid 19 is rampant. What are your thoughts on the virus? Dr. Lakisha Jenkins: It’s the unknown variables that concern me. What I do know about the virus is that it speaks directly to our DNA meaning that it can mutate based on a host. What the media is not telling you is that, last time I checked which was back in April, there were 19 variations of the virus. There are likely more variations now and when it meets a new host, it can turn into a different version. Those working on the vaccine are going to have a very hard time because it will be very difficult to come up with a vaccine that treats the different variations. What I am worried about is the virus finding that right host and then possibly turning into something we are unable to control. Stephanie: Tell me about your background and what led you to the cannabis industry.


Dr. Lakisha: My husband was always a supporter of cannabis so I was exposed to it, but it was never something that I actually tried. My first-born daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at just 8 years old. Upon diagnosis, I immediately questioned whether chemotherapy and radiation were the right course of action. It just didn’t feel right so I started studying alternative therapies. Alternative medicine is definitely part of my heritage, my grandfather was a native healer, so it was always there but once my daughter was diagnosed, I really started focusing and looking for something else. Once I figured out that the Endogenous Cannabinoid System is the epicenter of homeostasis, that it regulates almost every system in the body, and that if it isn’t supported that we can never experience true healing my thinking completely changed. Then came the devastating response from my daughter’s treating physicians who told me that I was not able to choose treatment options for my own child because she was a minor. I was informed that if I did not comply with the protocol they were dictating that the State

of California would take away my parental rights. It wasn’t right, nor was it fair. And it was then that I decided if I could not help my child, I would fight to make sure that everyone after her had access to alternative therapies including medical cannabis. That experience was definitely my catalyst for change. My daughter did not die from cancer. The doctors were able to remove all of her brain tumor after her second brain surgery. It was the four year battle with chemotherapy and radiation which her body was unable to recover from. I didn’t want her to go through the chemo, the doctors didn’t let me decide, and in the end all they offered me was an apology. Stephanie: What you went through was devastating and I cannot even begin to imagine what that must have been like. It sounds as though what you experienced in losing your daughter led you to a path of healing others. Tell us what you now know about the healing potentials of the cannabis plant. Dr. Lakisha: Whole plant medicine is the only way to go. There are no tests that determine the appropriate level of endogenous cannabinoids for optimal human function. And, there are no tests to measure the amount of endogenous cannabinoids within our bodies at any given time. So there is no exact way to know how to supplement those, and we are definitely not at the point where we should be isolating any one cannabinoid. Ideally, we need to intake a product containing a full cannabinoid, flavonoid, terpenoid and lipid profile. This way, our bodies can choose to utilize whatever parts of the plant it needs at that time and then discard the rest. I view cannabis more as a nutritional supplement as opposed to a drug. Nutritional supplements are necessary to the maintenance of the human body. Babies receive endocannabinoid supplementation via breastmilk but once they are weaned, the deficiencies begin. It isn’t a question of whether or not you should be supplementing your Endogenous Cannabinoid System. You should, and there are three things you need to address. What product, in what dose, and what delivery method? If you get one of those three variables wrong, you will come to the conclusion that you need to make adjustments. As a trained Naturopath, my job is to bring your body into homeostasis. There is only one illness and that is the absence of health. This is the civil rights issue of modern times. It is a civil rights and human rights issue. Medical disparities are created by the lack of information and education around the Endogenous Cannabinoid System. People are dying and they don’t have to.

THE LATEST Stephanie: You were a big component in California’s medical cannabis movement. How did you feel once California legalized recreationally? Dr. Lakisha: In California, we regulated the medical cannabis industry in 2017 and legalized recreationally in 2018 and weren’t ready for either one. And, I personally am not in the business of hemorrhaging money and to be actively in business in California today would be just that. I worked very high at the policy level and I knew what was coming down the pipeline and what the industry was going to look like. This very much impacted my decision to move to Jamaica. I fought for the cannabis industry in California for a very long time. From being a Founder of the California Cannabis Industry Association to working on the regulations for medical cannabis and then working towards legalization, at the end of the day, I was just tired of fighting and I made the decision to do what I was doing in California but on a global level in Jamaica. Here in Jamaica, it is basically like California in the early 90’s when everybody was just trying to figure it out. Here, I have the chance to help them do it right, while having the benefit of global export. I now work very closely with the industry players and policy makers in Jamaica and I am able to caution them of the mistakes made in California and the rest of the United States. Stephanie: I know you have moved from California, do you still have businesses there?

Dr. Lakisha: I do, manufacturing and distribution. I also have some equity interests in retail operations. Stephanie: You are currently residing in Jamaica, what led you there? Dr. Lakisha: Back in 2017, I was invited to Jamaica to speak at the Sensimilla Cup & Conference. I saw opportunities in Jamaica but didn’t really have intentions at the point of leaving California. Shortly after, I was contacted by a business partner from Jamaica and presented with opportunities of work that could be done in Jamaica. And, given the issues that California was undergoing during that time, a permanent move to Jamaica just made sense. I returned to Jamaica in 2018 and spent two weeks there. During that time, I met with government officials and key industry players and quickly realized that the business opportunities were real and something that I wanted to focus on. I returned to California and had a family meeting with my children and explained the opportunity to them. We had a family vote and collectively decided that in order for me to pursue this, we would need to leave California and on March 14, 2018 my family and I officially made the move to Jamaica.

access to the plants native to this area. I have recipes that I have formulated for a myriad of conditions. These formulations were developed by meeting with people, addressing their concerns and finding solutions. They are effective because they were developed and personalized to address specific issues. The main product currently available on my website is my full spectrum, hemp-based, phytocannabinoid supplement. Look for additional products and formulations soon. Stephanie: How can our readers follow what you are doing or order your branded products? Dr. Lakisha: You can follow me on Instagram @drlakisha. My products are available on my website at

Stephanie: You also have your own branded phytocannabinoid supplement. Tell us about that. Dr. Lakisha: As a Naturopath, I have close to 500 proprietary herbal blends. And, here in Jamaica I have a newly found

Photos By: PhoJographer // // IG @phojographer


TRANSCEND THE ORDINARY Available at these fine dispensaries Planet 13, Nevada Made and The Grove. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.


Hydrotherapy: Bathtime Undressed

Hydrotherapy as one of life’s simple pleasures, it is also one of the oldest known therapies, significant to many ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, Hindu, and Chinese. The importance of baths are demonstrated in huge, intricate buildings constructed by Ancient Romans containing public bathhouses once used for hygiene, healing, and socializing. Many of these civilizations integrated aromatic plants like rose petals (Rosa ssp.), peppermint (M. piperita), white lily (L. candidum), and frankincense (B. serrata) to promote health and wellness. In addition, ancient recordings have mentioned burning Cannabis sativa to medicate the bath. Although many do not think of baths as a true therapy, it is recognized in alternative medicine for selfhealing, maintenance, and body optimization. Modern-day hydrotherapy is based on how our body responds to water temperature. The thermal effects of either heating water between 98-104℉ (baths, heat pads, and saunas), which can relax and sedate, or cooling water between 50-70℉ (cryotherapy, Wim Hof Method, or ice packs), which can be used to stimulate and tone the body.


Let’s face it, baths are awesome! They are hygienic, they make us happy, they allow us some time to ourselves, they help us relax, and help us get better sleep. Adding the right dose of cannabis, herbs, or essential oils to the bath can do wonders for stress and pain management, but what is really going on in our bodies? During a hot bath, our blood vessels dilate, circulation is enhanced, our breath increases as we give our blood more oxygen, our heart rate increases, the nerves activate, and muscle volume increases as well. Due to these physiological effects of hot water plus a solid nutrient-dense diet, our oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood is able to carry away toxins and metabolic waste, allowing for the body’s detoxification process to effectively occur. Baths can be especially helpful for pelvic cramps, colds, infections, circulatory complaints, muscle relaxation, high blood pressure, and acute sports injury situations. On the contrary, ice packs and cold applications are more suitable for swelling, pain, congestion, and fevers. Alternating hot (3 to 5 minutes) and cold temperatures (30 to 90 seconds) can be effective for pain and swelling for joints and muscles. How to maximize your time in the tub? Practice some breathing exercises, turn on a guided meditation, or listen to classical music. Become a pro by integrating CBD bath products, drink a supportive herbal tea, enjoy an edible, and startup that essential


By Alixandra Laub

oil diffuser.

Type of Baths

There are so many different types of baths depending on your personal, individual, and perfectly unique situation. There are foot baths, herbal baths, neutral baths, ice baths, aromatic baths, facial and yoni steams. Holy cramp! Sitz baths may be a woman’s best ally, they are great for lower body complaints like pain and cramps. Steep 1 C of herbs to 1 gallon of hot water until it reaches a comfortable temperature, pour into a shallow bath, and keep the lower body submerged. Worth a mention, is a relatively new trend in women’s wellness called yoni steam, currently promoted by organizations like ‘Goop’ founded by Gwenelyth Paltrow. While it is an interesting technique for women, there is not enough research out there for me to recommend this to my clients. Though, “Goop Lab” on Netflix is worth a watch. Foot baths work by activating the nerve endings in the feet, drawing congestion away from the respiratory tract. Useful for achy feet, cramps, or swelling, steep ½-1 cups of herbs to 1 gallon of hot water until it reaches a comfortable temperature, pour into a shallow bucket or similar, and keep feet submerged until the water cools completely. Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils to add to a foot bath. To take an herbal bath/aromatic bath, brew a tea with 1-2 cups of herbs in 64oz of hot water, allow the contents to cool, pour into a hot bath. The infusion of a whole fragrant herb is considered to be more effective than essential oils alone. Facial steams - cleanses skin, improves circulation, relaxes facial muscles, and is beneficial for congestion. Add 1 quart of boiling water to 1 C of herbs into a bowl. Drape a towel over your head to trap the steam in, practice slow breathing for 5-7 minutes.

The Herbs

From bubble baths, salts, bombs, teas, and melts, different ingredients, herbs, and essential oils can be implemented to obtain specific results. CBD, hemp, and Cannabis extracts can be added to any bath for heightened medicinal effects. With the right combination of healing herbs, baths can be sleep-inducing, pain-relieving, stimulating, anti-infectious, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, beneficial for the skin, or any combination thereof. Of course, as an herbalist, my best advice is pure, plant-based everything is best.

Sleep-inducing herbs include lavender (Lavandula spp.), valerian (V. officinalis) root, and chamomile (M. chamomilla). For a pain-relieving bath, herbs like chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) and rosemary (R. officinalis) are fantastic. Stimulating herbs include peppermint (M. piperita), citrus, and green tea (C.sinensis) For an anti-infectious bath, many essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties such as Juniper (Juniperus spp.), pine (Pinus spp.), and tea tree (M. alternifolia). For the more courageous, apple cider vinegar baths can be advantageous. Detoxifying herbs for baths include lemon balm (M. officinalis), basil (O. basilicum), and elderberry (Sambucus spp.). Bath salts with himalayan, epsom, and dead sea are great for detoxification. Anti-inflammatory herbs include yarrow (A. millefolium), mugwort (A. vulgaris), and oatstraw (A. sativa). A bath that is calming and beneficial for the skin would have herbs like chamomile (M. chamomilla), aloe (A. vera), and lavender (Lavandula spp.). To turn your bathroom into a healing sanctuary, have fun playing around with these herbs and methods. I would love to hear what worked for you, reach out on social media at TahoePetrichor on FB or IG. Looking for bath bombs? We partnered with a non-profit cannabis education group to provide CBD bath bombs. Disclaimer: Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs and baths with high temperatures up to 104℉. Herbs and supplements should only be viewed as assistance. No matter what method you decide to integrate, make sure you put in a call to your doctor prior to starting any new health regimen. Therapy hardly ever consists of just one drug or procedure. To get the most out of any therapy, try a variety of approaches for at least a month, then figure out what works for you and your situation. Also, this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Alixandra Laub M.S. is on a mission to connect people to plant medicine as an herbalist, wellness coach, essential oil distiller, and manufacturer of topical herbal remedies. If you are interested in learning more about healing hacks, natural wellness, and healing plants like cannabis, stop by www. We partnered with a non-profit cannabis education group to provide CBD bath bombs. References:Alakbarov, F. (2002). Aromatic Herbal Baths of the Ancients: Herbalgram. American Botanical Council; 57:4049. Retrieved from review43685.html, American Botanical Council. (2020). Baths: Herbal Gram. Retrieved from html?searchfor=bath&option=all&KY_WS_LOW=, Mutterspaugh, M. (2016). Formulations and Applications of Medicinal Herbal Teas. Traditional Roots. Retrieved from files/2016/10/HOME-herbal-tea-blending-NOTES.pdf, Pizzorno, J. & Murray, M. (2013). Textbook of Natural Medicine, 4th ed. Elsevier: Mosby. ISBN: 9781455774616.



c b d re l e a f ro l li e a roll-on herbal remedy

MADE with medicinal plants of RENO/tahoe & handmade herbal extracts, our own wildcrafted essential oils, raw tree butters, nut oils, natural vitamins & minerals, plus CBD WWW.TAHOEPETRICHOR.COM






Hemp Spotlight

BY Stephanie Shehan

LAUREN DAVIS & APPALACHIAN STANDARD Casually browsing Tik Tok, I stumbled upon Lauren Davis who is by far one of the most positive, upbeat and adorable women on social media. Realizing that what she was promoting was her family’s hemp farm made her that much more appealing to me. When asked what she wanted to convey in this feature, she responded with “I think the biggest thing I want to convey to readers is that I am merely a VERY small piece to an incredibly large, beautiful puzzle, composed of many handworking, passionate, intelligent souls. We build each other up out here, with the common thread being our love for getting this beautifully healing plant to the people. People say it takes a village to raise a kiddo, and these sweet hemp babes are no exception.” I mean, come on, what’s not to love? I recently had the chance to chat with Lauren about everything going on over at Appalachian Standard. And, I tried their tincture and pre-rolls which are hands down some of the best hemp products on the market. STEPHANIE SHEHAN: Tell us what led you to the hemp industry. LAUREN DAVIS: It was actually pretty non-traditional and unplanned, but the best things typically are. I would like to preface it by saying, I'm pretty sure anyone who knew me growing up would probably never have imagined that I would be working with cannabis. I graduated from college with a 4.0 and honors with two degrees, one in accounting and the other in finance. I always had a little birdie (named Amy... aka my mother) in my ear encouraging me to follow my heart and seek fulfillment through my career – if it was accounting, she would be stoked and supportive! If it was working on our family hemp farm to change lives and make history, she would be stoked and supportive!


To many, it would be a no brainer to follow the path less traveled and dive into the ever-evolving, hemp world. For me, it was a super challenging decision. After MUCH internal conflict, pro/con lists, and some SERIOUS soul searching, I realized I had to follow my heart and take a risk – a risk of potentially disappointing family, teachers, role name it, for the sake of respecting myself and following my soul covenant. I knew that this plant could change lives, and I’ve never met a more passionate group of people than this amazing farm family. STEPHANIE: Appalachian Standard is family owned, tell us about that. LAUREN: At the core of Appalachian Standard is family. This beautiful farm has been around for nearly 45 years and our Matriarch, Mrs. Susie (The infamous, Mrs. Susie!) has been here for 45 years. And, I must say, watching sweet Mrs. Susie go from pruning houseplants to trimming hemp has been one of the best things ever. My stepdad, Jesse, retired from the Marine Corps, after 20 years of service, on a Friday and began operating a landscaping business that Monday. Growing up, I remember he and my mother would talk about visiting these magical greenhouses, then known as Jack Young Greenhouses. Fast forward a couple years – Jesse was landscaping the greenhouses one day when Jack told him he was going to retire. Next thing my momma and Jesse knew, they were operating 22 greenhouses full of plants. Around that time several of our family members were conquering cancer with the help of this amazing plant, plus, we have always been super passionate about the opioid crisis, PTSD and, now, getting the plant to the PEOPLE! Sure enough, the Industrial Hemp Movement was simultaneously happening in North

Carolina, and we organically flowed into the industry. I love working for my family. It has been one of the most challenging, growth-inducing, and REWARDING things I have ever done in my entire life. No matter what we always have the common goal of getting this amazing plant to the people. STEPHANIE: What products are you guys currently selling? And, are all products available to ship nationwide? LAUREN: Our hand-crafted goodies come as full spectrum vapes, pre-rolls, salve, hand trimmed flower and full spectrum tincture. Our ladies are all handwatered, hand-trimmed, hand-packaged and hand-loved. I swear by our full spectrum tincture and vapes daily for my anxiety. Both our tincture and vapes are extracted using supercritical CO2, which is a total GAME CHANGING extraction method to ensure these babes set the standard. They can also be shipped to all 50 states! STEPHANIE: You have some amazing females on the farm, please introduce us. LAUREN: It takes a village. And boy, do we have a farm fam full of passionate, hardworking matriarchs who pour their love, sweat and tears into these ladies daily. We are here because of all the hustlin' and bootstrappin' our team has done. Susie (who has been here 45 years), Carolyn (33 years), Kim (18 years), and Nikki (she was in Colorado and has been here 16 years). All of these beautiful souls store more knowledge in their pinky nail

about growing healthy, stoked plants than I could ever know. Lalena is, quite literally, our Hemp Momma. She nurtures, and loves these babes from tiny cuttings until they grow to the same height as her. Lalena will chant and talk to her girls as she works with them during the day (No joke. It's so special.) She takes such pride in her ladies. Not to mention, she was one of the beautiful souls who encouraged me to begin documenting our ladies on Youtube and TikTok. Meriah joined the team when we were drowning in orders and our only production crew members were Jesse and Nikki packing rollies for 12 hours a day. Her family is one of the best wedding photographers in the nation, called Mozingo Photography and the pandemic immediately impacted their careers. Having her join the team has been so serendipitous for both parties (Not to mention she takes ALL our amazing photos). Alexia has built and led an entire team of AMAZING people to hand-craft and fill every order. Her passion for this plant, the souls of others, and dynamic systems has allowed us to grow our processing crew and quite possibly saved Jesse and Nikki's fingers from premature arthritis. She is a #sweetbabyangel. And then, you have my sweet momma.

From day one, she and Jesse have worked harder than anyone I've ever met to grow the most beautiful ladies. From sweating her face off in the greenhouse for months to laying in bed at night and researching how to build a brand, my momma has crafted this entire brand, with the help of our amazing designers from Big Bridge Design. Not to mention that she has constantly taken care of the ladies, spearheaded dream boards, and is our one and only salve maker. It definitely takes a village. Our team is the building block of something way bigger than ourselves. Iron sharpens iron, and we all grow together. We grow our standard! (Hey, that's our tagline!) STEPHANIE: You are so positive. What/who inspires you? LAUREN: My family really inspires me because it is full of super passionate, selfless, hardworking souls! I’m blessed to have two amazing grandmothers who are really strong women and have both inspired me in really great ways. My grandma Kay is a Math Professor, City Council Woman, pro hemp flower trimmer and total stoke fest. She would do absolutely anything for you without batting an eye, even if she’s worked all day long, just mowed the lawn, finished a city council meeting and is about to head to Asheville


to help her family with the hemp harvest. I mean, she is a total babe. My nana is a total boss as well, and if I can embody at least 1/8th of their passion, work ethic and love, then we are doin’ something. Honestly, when I open my eyeballs first thing in the morning, I'm inspired to live the best day ever because I woke up with air in my lungs and a heartbeat in my chest. None of us are guaranteed another day, heck, even another breath, so I'll be damned if I'm bummed out over something trivial for my last breath. Sure, life can get challenging, but as opposed to focusing and marinating in the negative, I really try to see it as a positive. We are always adding to our toolbelt of knowledge as we grow through challenges and move through life.



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Women in Cannabis Alixandra Laub Tahoe Petrichor - Herbalist & Founder Alixandra (among four generations of Lake Tahoe residents, growing up surrounded by nature) has been in the industry for seven years. Unexpected life events caused her to change from a director of marketing position to cultivating cannabis under California prop 215. Her connection to the organic authenticity of the process aligned with her personal values and led to her research of plant compounds (terps) and their healing benefits. As founder of Tahoe Petrichor, Alixandra makes topical herbal remedies from medicinal plants which are indigenous to her hometown (such as sagebrush, incense cedar and juniper berry) and combines these essential oils with CBD. What results are earth friendly, chemical free and woman-made healing products. She aspires to see a larger variety of medicinal plant extracts in both topical and edible products in the industry, moving forward: “there is a whole world of plants out there that heal synergistically with cannabis.” For anyone who is looking to learn about herbal medicine or holistic health, Alixandra offers coaching through the Tahoe Petrichor website Social media @ TahoePetrichor.

Calley (Kush) Craton NuLeaf Cultivation - Vegetative Supervisor Calley has been in the industry since 2017. She has been incredibly passionate about the plant since her teen years when she discovered how it diminished her ADHD, depression, and multiple skin disorders. She attended Auburn


University to learn formal farming and how it relates to global agricultural commodities. Today, Calley works for NuLeaf Cultivation as Vegetative Supervisor. She enjoys working in the industry and believes we are changing minds, systems, stigmas and lives. It is her hope that our industry (and local governments) will turn away from mega cannabis conglomerates and support our local mom and pop in all aspects: from funding, to acquiring licensing to everything in between. Follow Calley on Instagram @calleykush.

Charlyne Cutler Just Go Suck it - Inventor/Owner/Operator Just Go Suck it has been widely embraced and successfully selling throughout the country since 2019. Charlyne’s frustration with the left over vape cartridge oil caused her to wonder if there was a product to solve the problem. From there, the concept of Just Go Suck it, a vacuum syringe apparatus that draws excess and unused vape fluid from half-filled carts to be merged into a fresh cart, was born! Leading with kindness, authenticity and humanity drives the Just Go Suck it brand as well as watching the evolution of the thought process when it comes to using cannabis as a healing agent. She feels that we are just at the beginning of what this industry can become in order to conquer many health ailments and hopes to see more diversity across the board within the industry, moving forward. “If you can dream it, you can do it!” Follow @JustGoSuckit on Instagram / Twitter/ FB/ YouTube.

Elly Novelo

Smooch's Cure - Owner Operator Elly Novelo has been in the industry for eight and a half years. Upon starting, she had already done enough research on the benefits of cannabis, hemp and CBD to know the true healing that could happen. Today, at the age of twenty-six, she is the owner and operator of Smooch's Cure where she helps people by offering them a unique line of products designed to heal their bodies naturally. Initially, Elly’s company was created for herself as she needed products that would alleviate her psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. As she started creating and using her own products, her psoriasis flare ups became fewer and less noticeable and her hands stopped cramping up. This gave her the drive and encouragement to produce her line of hemp-based CBD creams, tinctures and flower. Helping to change the narrative of what this plant can truly do versus just accepting whatever mainstream media wants us to believe is a huge deal for Elly. If you'd like to learn more about CBD and the Endocannabinoid System, visit her at the Smooch's Cure CBD kiosk at the Meadows Mall. Follow Smooch’s Cure on Instagram @ smoochscure.

Photo By: Mat Ferrer-Arhat Orphan Brotherhood @ UltraPremiumPresentationMat, Hair By: Andrea Marquez at Dream Up Hair Studio @HaiByDrerella @ DreamUpHairStudio, Make-Up By: Jaime Caicedo @Zharmanndie

Elysha Wickman Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary Inventory Manager A long time recreational user (and medical user for four years) Elysha has witnessed the amazing things that cannabis has to offer. The ability to be a part of such a big movement was irresistible to Elysha and motivated her into her position as Inventory Manager with Inyo Fine Cannabis- a locally owned small business who prides themselves on focused compliance

and customer service. She refers to her mentor (Kelly Whyman) as having given her the opportunity to learn through her guidance and expertise pertaining to all things regulatory and involving inventory and accounting. Trying new products that assist in easing stress and anxiety are one of ways that Elysha has personally benefited from working with cannabis and while she thinks that the industry is great, she looks forward to more relaxed consumption laws. Follow Elysha on social media @lyshhwick.

Jessica Preston MMG Agriculture/MMG Extracts/CannaBella Director of Sales and Administration Working in the legal cannabis industry for 6 years, Jessica fell in love with cannabis after breaking her back and turning to the plant as an alternative option for healing. She became inspired to by how cannabis can help people and began her career in the industry as a Budtender. Today, Jessica works for MMG- a boutique company with focus on unique, niche, top shelf cannabis products that are both innovative and effective. Inspired by her hardworking crew, her boss (a single female business owner) and watching people benefit from industry products, Jessica feels that cannabis saved her life. As she looks forward to eventual federal legalization, Jessica applies her “carpe diem” attitude towards her job and is grateful for the coworkers, clients and friends she’s made in the industry. Follow Jessica on social media @MMG_Agriculture and @ Jessicalillian9.

Kate Gage MMG Agriculture and Extracts Cultivation Manager

Kate has been in the industry for 7 years. While studying botany in Humboldt, she became interested in the cultivation of cannabis. As a hobby, she began creating her own cannabis topical creams, and 2 years ago upon moving into the legal Nevada industry, she was able to further fulfill her goal of engaging in every step of the process from cannabis cultivation to production. MMG Agriculture and Extracts grows in a boutique style, and is a Nevada owned cultivation and production facility. As a female owned company, MMG offers incredible opportunities while accommodating the need for balance between professional life and family. Kate believes in the healing power of the plant and has had a medical recommendation for cannabis for 15 years. It has helped her with all kinds of discomfort, everything from menstrual cramps to anxiety. And she loves the work she does at MMG. The cultivation side adds to her daily zen, and the problem solving exercises her brain daily. One day, Kate hopes to see the laws around packaging change to allow for waste reduction and better sustainability practices. Follow MMG on Instagram @MMG_Agriculture.

Leilani Bernardo Culture & Cannabis - Co-Founder Working in the marketing industry and creating events led Leilani to the cannabis industry in 2016. As co-founder of Culture & Cannabis (a creative media group that creates unique cannabis products and experiences) Leilani has been able to meet incredible people and become inspired by their personal stories and cannabis journeys. Leilani’s own cannabis journey allowed her to stop drinking alcohol (sober since 1/1/2020) and has helped enhance her relationships, on both personal and professional levels. As Culture & Cannabis products sell within Nevada and other markets, Leilani loves being involved in an industry where she can witness firsthand the positive impact that cannabis has on wellness. She looks forward to the continued progression of social equity programs as more states get on board with legalization, educating others on the importance of cannabis, and expresses

gratitude for the massive growth that Culture & Cannabis has experienced through community involvement and support. Follow on social media: IG - leilani_joy_ ,FB- Leilani Bernardo, IG cultureandcannabis, FB- culture & cannabis.

Lisa Rojas Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary owner/aromist apothecary/labcannamist With a background in herbology and aromatherapy, Lisa appreciates the synergy between plant medicine, essential oils and cannabis. As the owner of Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary (located in the heart of Wells Avenue Business District in Reno) Lisa created a magical space and has been running it for over 9 years. In addition to offering affordable essential oils, quality natural ingredients for handmade crafts, containers, aromatherapy gifts, tools and massage supplies, Lisa’s newest venture is crafting with cannabis and educating her customers on its benefits. Having her eyes opened to the endocannabinoid system has replenished her herbal fire to keep formulating therapeutic remedies. Since essential oils adore cannabis, blending the two together causes a synergistic effect that enhances therapeutic values for clients and customers who suffer from a variety of ailments. Enhancing products with cannabis is an exciting journey for Lisa’s business and she’s proud to be a selfproclaimed cannavist! Follow on Instagram @ temple_of_life, www.mandalamassagesupply. com

Maggie Presley Panna Extracts and Summa Cannabis - Sales An advocate for years and a legal worker in Nevada for 5 years, Maggie attended the first cannabis job fair at The Plaza in support of her cousin’s company, Green Therapeutics. Thirty days later, she was their Office Manager. Recently rejoining the Euphoria


family representing Summa and Panna Extracts as their Sales Specialist, Maggie works B2B for cultivation and production operations. A complete full circle, as 3 years ago she was working as a patient consultant at Euphoria, she loves being with a company she understands and has such a strong root connection with. While the women around her (daughters, family, friends) inspire her, she also praises cannabis for helping her as a former habitual opiate user years ago. Maggie appreciates her community and the support that everyone has for one another. She looks forward to a broader move towards industry diversity in ownership, management and licensing, more standardization across the board, and accredited classes for cultivation, production, lab, dispensary, and standardized patient consultant training for basics and new and emerging studies and information. Follow Maggie on Instagram @nawledgeofself.

a strong passion for cannabis because of its many benefits. As an athlete, Meagan faced many injuries and has all too often been offered opiates to help in recovery. Cannabis has provided her a healthier/safer option for pain management compared to opiate use. When Nevada was ready to legalize recreational adult use, she was eager to be a part of history. She is inspired daily by the industry innovators who are perfecting products and processes to evolve the industry. Follow Meagan on IG @ Megsteezy.

Michelle Donegan

Maxine Fensom Las Vegas Cannabis Tours - CEO Maxine has been working in the cannabis industry a little over a year and she is loving it! Las Vegas Cannabis Tours is a female-owned company which operates with a positive hands on approach. Maxine and her team enjoy showing guests all things cannabis, the creative quirky side as well as the business side of the industry. Maxine hopes that the future brings legal consumption lounges and that we see more women owners/operators. Never did she think she would become involved in the cannabis Industry here in Las Vegas, as her background is in adult entertainment, but here she is fully immersed in the industry and thankful for the array of amazing people she has met. Follow Las Vegas Cannabis Tours: FB @Las Vegas Cannabis Tours, IG @ Tourslasvegascannabis,

Meagan Geyer


MMG Agriculture - Post Harvest Supervisor Meagan Geyer has been in the cannabis industry since April 2017. She has always held

Nevada Made Marijuana Director of Hiring & Training Michelle Donegan has been in the cannabis industry for 3 years. She started as a budtender in 2017, and recently became Director of Hiring and Training for Nevada Made Marijuana. Michelle grew up in Alaska, where cannabis use was always pretty open and accepted. Most of her friends growing up were “stoners,� but she was really anti-weed and was never interested in exploring the benefits of cannabis. After being diagnosed with lupus at the age of 16, she found herself on an intense pharmaceutical regimen. After years of struggling with her diagnosis, she finally sought relief from cannabis when she turned 21. Today, Michelle is grateful to be a part of this industry and to have the opportunity to serve not only the patients, but to invest time and education into members of the community. Michelle and her team pride themselves on providing patients with clean and safe medicine, educating the community on the benefits of cannabis, training and leading new members of the cannabis community, and ending the stigma that still surrounds cannabis. Follow Michelle on IG @mushled!

Modest Jones Modest Jones Organic CEO/Marketing, Brand & Image Consultant Modest Jones has been working with cannabis since 1993. She began selling cannabis in 2000 and around 2005, began cultivating cannabis for established entertainers. In 2013, she got involved with the underground scene and then started working in the regulated cannabis industry in 2017. Modest has always felt a connection to the cannabis plant. Modest Jones Organic is her baby and so far, MJO has really been a marketing machine with regard to cannabis. MJO provides brand ambassadors, consulting, and marketing promo staff to the industry. Modest loves working in the chill environment of the cannabis industry and asks those she encounters to look her in the eye, and shoot it to her straight. She would like to see everyone get back to their roots (pun intended) and stay true to the elevated lifestyle. Follow Modest on social media @modestjones and on the web at

Samantha Schafer Oasis Cannabis Dispensary/City Trees Director of Operations Samantha Schafer started her cannabis industry journey in 2010 in Colorado. She moved into leadership the following year, and over the last decade has carved out a career path that still challenges and excites her. Samantha was raised in rural Northern California where cannabis farms are as ubiquitous as wine vineyards and she was blessed to find herself among risk takers who helped pioneer the medical cannabis market throughout her young adulthood. It was in California that she was taught how to cultivate, extract, and handle cannabis while fighting hard toward full legalization. Today, Samantha manages approximately 90 people within the dispensary, cultivation and production facilities. Oasis is located in the heart of downtown and serves a local market of approximately 1000 people a day. Samantha is inspired by those she works with on a daily basis. They are die hard team members, working everyday to serve their community. And many have been misunderstood for years for their interest in cannabis, but when

it came time to serve their community as ‘essential workers’ throughout a pandemic, they were there the whole time, open every day. Connect with Samantha at samanthaschafer86.

industry for 6 years. Her entrance into the industry was at Digipath Labs. And, what started as personal growth in her career became so much more when less than two years in, her stepfather was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, which completely changed her. Shelby had always been a cannabis advocate, but her stepfather’s fight and eventually his passing fueled her passion to help as many people as possible with this amazing plant! Today, Shelby runs her own company, Dandee LLC where she advises businesses on maintenance of licenses and facilities through auditing, helps to spread the word about their products through sales, and facilitates licensees with partnerships in NV, or sales of their licenses. In the future, Shelby would like to see more diversity as well as more women owners. Follow Shelby on IG @ stanley_shelby.

Shauntel Ludwig DaVinci - Vice President of Operations Shauntel Ludwig has had the honor of helping to shape the cannabis industry for the past 10 years. DaVinci Tech, where Shauntel is VP of Opertions is known for relentless innovation. The brand’s dreamers never stop pursuing perfection, continually advancing the cannabis experience through thoughtful design, meticulous engineering and innovative technology. Back in 2012, while attending a tradeshow in Canada, Shauntel met a boy who had epilepsy. His parents were successfully managing his condition with cannabis administered through the original DaVinci Vaporizer. Since then, she has met numerous patients who use DaVinci devices, but that particular encounter so early in her career profoundly affected her. Shauntel would love to see better education at the budtender level. For many newcomers to cannabis, the dispensary may be their first interaction with the plant, and it’s up to the budtender to make a positive impression. Follow DaVinci: IG @ davincivaporizer, FB @DaVinciVaporizer, Twitter @davincivape.

Shelby Stanley Dandee, LLC - Owner/Founder Shelby Stanley has been in the cannabis

Stephanie Magurno THC Production, LLC - COO & Controller Stephanie Magurno has been in the cannabis industry since 2016 when the program was medical only. THC Production is an innovative cannabis extracts and edibles company with two in-house brands, EPC and OMG THC. They’ve also partnered with Great Basin Brewing Company and Soul D’licious Seasoning & Manufacturing to bring amazing new products to dispensary shelves. Stephanie and her team have many “firsts” on their track record – from the first CBN-rich product to the first vegan and sugar-free edibles to the first solventless extracts in Nevada. Stephanie loves working in an industry with so much untapped potential and opportunity for creativity and unique product development. She is inspired by the many patients who reach out to share their stories regarding the positive impact that THC Production products have made in their lives – from people battling cancer to those with serious chronic diseases and illnesses who experience dramatic symptom reductions. Check them out on IG @ epc_lv and @omg_thc. And, check out their collab radio show and podcast on Saturday mornings at 7:30 on KUNV 91.5FM.

Taiya Thompson Crooked Cactus CBD Founder & Managing Partner Taiya Thompson and her mom, Leslie, are co-founders of Crooked Cactus CBD. They have been growing and formulating together for about six years. In the beginning, it was for personal use but as their knowledge and expertise grew, they wanted to share the power of plant medicine so they started CannaClasses, a series of workshops teaching people how to make their own infused products. Eventually, the demand for finished products and the bright outlook for the legal cannabis/hemp market couldn't be denied so Crooked Cactus CBD was formed in 2017. Taiya’s first baby, Kian, planted the seed for Crooked Cactus to bloom. He was born with multiple special needs that severely affected his quality of life. Taiya was desperate and determined to find an alternative to the pharmaceutical cocktails his doctors were pushing and thankfully, she came across CBD oil. That was almost 6 years ago and since then, she’s been passionate about raising awareness, increasing acceptance, promoting natural healing, and providing safe and accessible products families can trust. Taiya enjoys being part of a movement and being involved in an industry that is changing history. Follow Crooked Cactus on social media @ Crooked Cactus CBD.

Tazia Pualani Pualani Products - CEO Tazia Pualani started working in the cannabis industry in 2017. Originally from the beauty and wellness industries, she made the leap to the cannabis industry as a sales director for multiple cannabis brands which ultimately


led her to the position of Inventory Control Manager at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. In 2019, she founded Pualani Products which is a broad spectrum CBD wellness brand inspired by her home, the islands of Hawaii. Pualani Products specializes in skincare, topicals, and supplements. The word “Pualani” is Tazia’s middle name and translates to “heavenly flower” in the Hawaiian language. Since Vegas is known as the 9th Island, she thought the name was a perfect fit for her brand. Burdened with her own bouts of eczema, and after trying the prescribed corticosteroids, home remedies, and over the counter meds,Tazia was left feeling defeated. It was then that she began experimenting with different types of cannabis products and finally found relief. This personal battle led the way for the creation of Pualani Products. Tazia loves that those in the cannabis industry are all about healing from within which is such a breath of fresh air from her previous career in the beauty industry. Follow Pualani Products on social media @pualaniproducts and follow Tazia at @ taziapualani.

Tina Ulman Old Pal - Brand Manager, Nevada Tina Ulman has been working in the industry since 2018 and she knew immediately that she could change lives with cannabis and proper education. Tina works for what she considers the absolute best brand in cannabis. Tina and the Old Pal team represent what cannabis was meant to be. She loves working in the industry and making lives better. Tina believes there is so much opportunity in this space and it inspires her to help others connect with and learn from each other, and build a stronger community together. Tina hopes that the future brings significantly more female and minority owners and operators who have a strong connection to cannabis and a desire to do good business. She believes we need “Social Justice for Social Consumpion” in 2021. Follow Tina on IG @Youroldpaltina. Photo By @vehgus


Veronica Castillo Blog Owner, Editor, and Writer Veronica has been in the cannabis industry for almost 2 years. She wrote her first piece in support of cannabis is 2019 and hasn't put the laptop down since. After being diagnosed with Chronic Migraine with Vertigo/ Basilar Migraine and trying 5 prescription medications that didn’t work, Veronica decided to go ahead and consume. The next morning, she woke up, purchased an eighth and promised cannabis that she would tell the world the truth about her healing powers. She’s been working on that since. The mission and intention behind everything that IVeronica does is to remove stigmas surrounding cannabis and psychedelic medicines, educate at least one person a day on the power of plant medicine and diet, and inform her readers about what’s coming, what’s happening, and what impacts them in the plant medicines/psychedelic space: new products, vegan brands, minorities in cannabis and veganism, psychedelic legalization, and so much more. In the future, Veronica hopes to see more black owned dispensaries and farms which requires changes in policy and laws that allow access. Follow Veronica on IG @vee_traveling_veg_canna_writer, on FB @ v2travelingvegcannawriter, and on Twitter @ Vcannavegwriter.

and spirits. For 20 years, Zoe has worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries to develop and execute inventive promotional content and campaigns that capture the attention of tastemakers and influencers from around the globe. From an early age, Zoe’s mother normalized cannabis, so much so that while other little girls were playing patty cakes, she was learning the ABCs of weed. Zoe’s advocacy for the plant started in her youth — in elementary school, she tore down D.A.R.E. posters in the hallway. In high school, she attended 420 rallies in Piedmont Park, and her first experience tokin’ up was on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. In college, she visited Amsterdam to enjoy legal cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms. Zoe loves that the cannabis industry really cares. She’s working alongside other activists who are passionate about destigmatizing medical and adult use of plant medicines and righting the wrongs of the war on drugs. She is an advisor at Last Prisoner Project, a coalition of cannabis industry leaders, executives and artists dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. Read more about Zoe at and follow her on Twitter and IG @zoewilder and on FB @mszoewilder. Photo: Kaitlin Parry.

Zoe Wilder Publicist Zoe Wilder is a media relations professional and business consultant orbiting cannabis, psychedelics, tech, wellness, music, art, wine


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BY curt robbins

Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia was discovered by Sir William Gowers at University College Hospital in London in 1904. At the time, it was called “fibrositis.” It is a disease that typically involves intense pain throughout all regions of the body and a host of related symptoms. Fibromyalgia affects between four and 12 million people in the United States and strikes women more frequently than men. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 90 percent of fibromyalgia patients are female. The National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association defines the disease as a “common and complex chronic pain disorder that causes widespread pain and tenderness to touch that may occur body wide or migrate over the body.” The average age at which patients are diagnosed with fibromyalgia is 35-45. A number of celebrities have revealed that they have been diagnosed with the disorder, including pop singer Lady Gaga, actor Morgan Freeman, and comedian Janeane Garofalo. Regardless of the size of its patient population, fibromyalgia is a serious and often debilitating condition. Fortunately, many patients report effective treatment from a variety of therapies and drugs, including cannabis medicine. It is estimated that up to 70 percent of cases of fibromyalgia go undiagnosed. A 2019 research study reported that the prevalence of fibromyalgia “is 2–8 percent of the entire population and is the most common reason for generalized pain among working age women worldwide.” Although its source remains a mystery, it is theorized that fibromyalgia is related to problems in the central nervous system (CNS). It is sensible to believe that hemp and cannabis might help patients of this disorder based on the fact that the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), the network of microscopic cellular receptors appearing throughout the body, features the greatest density of receptors in the brain and CNS.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms Unlike diseases and conditions that produce pain in a specific region, fibromyalgia generates what doctors call “widespread pain.” The disorder can result in pain in any muscle or bone. As in other diseases based in or producing frequent or chronic pain, fibromyalgia can generate a variety of negative symptoms. These include anxiety, fatigue, extreme muscle tenderness, sleep disorders, depression, and cognitive issues involving memory and thought processing. According to a 2016 study, fibromyalgia “has a clear association with depression and anxiety.”


In many patients, fibromyalgia involves an enhanced sensitivity

to pain called abnormal pain perception processing. It is believed that this amplified pain sensitivity is caused by the atypical processing of pain signals within the CNS that is experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers. As in other conditions involving chronic pain, such as arthritis and degenerative disc disease, the pain produced by fibromyalgia significantly affects the daily lives and overall lifestyle of those afflicted. Common tasks such as climbing stairs, walking to the mailbox, or lifting a coffee pot can become challenging or even impossible due to the excessive pain and discomfort that they produce.

Resulting from Endocannabinoid Deficiency? In 2004, Dr. Ethan Russo, a pioneering cannabinoid researcher from Seattle, Washington, published a groundbreaking research paper in which he first theorized and coined the term clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CED). In the study, Russo posited that a deficiency in the human ECS may result in a range of diseases, including fibromyalgia, migraine headache, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome. “Cannabinoids have...demonstrated the ability to block spinal, peripheral, and gastrointestinal mechanisms that promote pain in headache, fibromyalgia, IBS, and related disorders,” reported the celebrated ECS researcher. Twelve years later, in 2016, Russo published a follow-on study entitled “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Reconsidered: Current Research Supports the Theory in Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel, and Other Treatment-Resistant Syndromes” in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research. In the study, Russo stated that deficiencies in the ECS can arise from a number of causes, including environmental and genetic influences. He identified the diseases and conditions that are most closely tied to ECS problems, stating “The greatest evidence for CED is present for migraine, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome.” Russo noted how “cannabis or cannabinoids have been frequently utilized by fibromyalgia patients to treat its myriad symptoms.” He cited how traditional therapies and drugs are often ineffective, driving patients and their medical caretakers to seek alternative therapies. The report cited a 2011 study that demonstrated “significant” improvements in pain. “Two hours after cannabis use, [pain] scores showed a statistically significant reduction, enhancement

of relaxation, and an increase in somnolence and feeling of wellbeing,” wrote the report. Russo emphasized how traditional treatments are often insufficient to deal with the daily pain and challenges of many fibromyalgia patients. He concluded that cannabis may be, in some cases, a better treatment for fibromyalgia than traditional drugs based on its increased effectiveness and lack of negative side effects. The study concluded that “These an urgent need for...well-formulated and standardized cannabis-based medicine in fibromyalgia” because “current medicines with regulatory approval seem to fall quite short of the mark.”

Fibromyalgia Research Studies A variety of recent peer-reviewed research studies have revealed the potential benefits of the cannabinoids and terpenes produced by hemp and cannabis for fibromyalgia, specifically in terms of effective treatment of the commonly resulting pain, anxiety, and depression. A 2020 human trial study entitled “Adding Medical Cannabis to Standard Analgesic Treatment for Fibromyalgia: A Prospective Observational Study” that was published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology investigated the benefits gained by adding cannabis to the existing treatment regimen of 66 fibromyalgia patients featuring an average age of 52. The study reported that nearly half (47 percent) of the participants found enough analgesic (pain killing) efficacy in cannabis to reduce or fully discontinue other pain treatments. “31 of the 66 patients reduced (17 patients) or discontinued (14 patients) their concomitant analgesic treatment,” reported the study. The researchers interpreted these results to reflect study participants’ “perception of the efficacy of [cannabis treatment] and the improvement in their quality of life.” The study’s author concluded that the addition of cannabis to the treatment of fibromyalgia patients “offers a possible clinical advantage...especially in those with sleep dysfunctions.” Echoing the Russo CED study from 2016, this research also reported that cannabis treatment “improved quality of life of patients.” A 2019 human trail study entitled “Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Fibromyalgia” that was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine investigated the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of fibromyalgia, with a focus on its role in the management of pain and its overall safety profile and tolerance by patients. The study involved 239 fibromyalgia patients with a mean age of 53, with women composing 82 percent of study participants. It reported “overall treatment success” in 81 percent (194) of the patients. The study defined success as “patients reporting at least moderate improvement in their condition while still receiving medical cannabis without experiencing serious adverse events.”

Despite the positive correlation between cannabis treatment and a reduction of negative symptoms on the part of fibromyalgia patients to date, more research—especially clinical trials involving large groups of humans—is necessary to reveal the underlying mechanisms behind these benefits and how they can be replicated for patients in the real world. Clinical practitioners need to understand more about topics such as dosing, interactions with conventional drugs, and the overall safety profile of cannabis in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Curt Robbins is a technical writer and instructional designer who has been developing science-based training content for Fortune 200 enterprises for more than 30 years. His clients have included Federal Express, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Northrop Grumman, National City Bank, the J.M. Smucker Company, and USAA. Robbins has developed more than 600 educational articles regarding cannabis and its various health components, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and the human endocannabinoid system. He currently serves as Director of Course Development for Higher Learning LV™ in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. Robbins can be found on Twitter at @RobbinsGroupLLC and Instagram at curt_robbins_cannabis_writer.


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This beautifully handcrafted Julio is a forest green porcelain ceramic pipe that elevates the smoking ritual. A hollow interior provides a large chamber for smoke, and the exterior is hand-finished for a smooth feel in the palm. The bowl of the pipe is hand-glazed for a non-porous, easy-toclean surface. Measures approximately 2.5” by 4”. $70.00

Foria Intimacy CBD Suppositories

All-natural suppositories, which deliver 50mg of organic broad-spectrum CBD in organic cocoa butter- can be used vaginally or rectally. Enhance arousal, ease discomfort, and relieve tension. In addition to taking penetrative pleasure from good to great, the Foria community reports benefits for vaginismus, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, other pelvic and genital pain conditions, and relief of menopausal challenges. $20.00

Sunakin H2OG Waterpipe

Like a bong and a joint combined: grind the flower, pack the bowl, light and enjoy. After the bowl is lit, smoke collects in the tank to savor. Smoking through the water tank cools the smoke and removes ash. Our team reports a smooth and even burn, a clean and streamlined appearance and a pleasurable smoking experience! $40.00-$45.00

A line of balanced beauty products fueled by non-toxic, plant-powered ingredients. The Potency 2-in-1 exfoliating Filthy Face Cleanser absorbs oils and dirt thanks to superpotent magnetic activated charcoal with a refreshing orange scent. The Modern Mist Head to Toe CBD Spray leaves skin looking and feeling dewy, radiant, and refreshed. And the Gold Skin Serum is jam-packed with over 20 of the worlds most sought after plant oils like blue tansy, frankincense, sandalwood, and rose oil. Prices Vary


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Embracing CBD for Kids >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By: Taiya Thompson

They cited complications from suicidal tendencies, obesity, heart issues, irreversible neurological damage, and even death. As desperate as we were, we couldn’t bring ourselves to accept that this was the best way to help him.

When our son, Kian, was born, we were shocked to learn that the pediatrician suspected Down syndrome. Within 2 weeks, it was confirmed and we embarked on a new journey as special needs parents. In the beginning, it wasn’t as difficult as we imagined. After all, he was still “just” a baby. A little human needing love, food, sleep, and diaper changes. But as he grew, so did the challenges. By the age of six, he was given the additional diagnoses of ADHD, sensory processing disorder, partial seizure disorder, and placed on the autism spectrum. How these multiple special needs intersected and impacted Kian was devastating. There’s a saying in the special needs community, “As goes the child, so goes the family.” It was a dark and challenging time for all of us. We were desperate for answers and determined to find a way to improve his, and our, quality of life. Kian had an interdisciplinary team of medical experts trying to help and by help I mean, medicate. The pharmaceutical cocktail they proposed was mind boggling. The side effects ran an arm’s length and some medication was prescribed solely to offset the side effects of another medication.


This intersection of parent intuition and medical advice is where many families find themselves. We’d do anything to make things better yet the fear around potential side effects, the concerns around greed informing doctor’s decisions, and that nudge of “mother knows best” gives parents pause. We want answers but we don’t want a band aid solution. We want healing but not at the expense of longer term issues. We don’t want the treatment being worse than the diagnosis. It’s no wonder why so many parents are turning to alternative and natural healthcare, an expansive label that includes everything from massage, meditation, chiropractors, acupuncture, and yoga to dietary changes and herbal and plant based supplements. Parents report that they believe alternative measures are less invasive and often create more sustainable health and wellbeing results by changing the lifestyle, not just popping pills and hoping for a cure. This was our sentiment with Kian. As a family, we decided to delay the pharmaceuticals, dig into the research, and explore more natural approaches first. His seizure disorder was most troubling so we started there. I was stunned to learn that out of all the alternative approaches being used, it was the use of CBD that was having the most significant results. It had produced more seizure free

days, as anecdotally reported, than anything else I came across. Then there were stories of it lessening the difficulties of autism. The medical research and clinical trials were limited but I couldn’t ignore the stories relieved parents were sharing. Admittedly, it took months of additional research and internal work to deconstruct the “Just Say No” programming of the 1980s before we administered Kian’s first dose but it only took a few weeks to know that it was going to be life changing. That was six years ago and the days of us being prisoners in our own home because the world was too overwhelming for him or him being held hostage in his own body are gone but not forgotten. Like parents who came before me, I’m sharing my story and experiences to help those who are looking for safer, more natural ways to improve their children’s quality of life. Now, it’s not just parents singing CBD’s praise. Governmental bodies are acknowledging that CBD is effective in not only managing epilepsy but treating certain rare forms of epilepsy. This year, the University of California-San Diego has started clinical trials to assess the full range of benefits of CBD for the treatment of autism. Researchers at University of São Paulo in Brazil are conducting trials on the effects of CBD on anxiety in children. It adds credence to what parents like me have known for years - CBD can be very effective in managing symptoms in children. However, it’s not only special needs parents who are turning to CBD to help their kids feel better. Lily, a Job Developer

and mom of 2, says, “CBD helps growing pains, social anxiety, and to help them relax after long days so they can have a more restful sleep.” Sallie, an Xray Tech and mom of 2 says, “I know the importance of sleep for health and development so when our nighttime routine isn’t enough, I use CBD to encourage him to fall and stay asleep. When he has a good night’s sleep, behaviors and anxiety are kept at bay.” Ella, Financial Advisor and mom of 4, says, “My daughter is more hyperactive and irritable than my other kids. With CBD, she is calmer, less anxious, and able to stick to routines more easily.” If you are a parent considering the use of CBD, what effects you’ll see in your child varies person to person but parents are universally sharing it can improve the quality of life in a number of ways. Here are a few things to keep in mind: • Consult your pediatrician especially if your child is taking other medications. • Do your research- Get your free copy of the “Ten Cs of CBD” at our website. It’s a checklist of the top 10 things to look for when shopping for CBD. • Start low and go slow - it takes time, consistency, and some experimenting to find the right dose. Journaling helps. • Side effects are not common but still need to be monitored - Compared to prescription medications, CBD side effects are much milder. Some things to watch out for are lethargy, lower appetite, lower blood pressure, and diarrhea. Work with your doctor and include observations in your journal.

>>> Courtney Maltais

Co-Founder & Lead Botanist at The Clear Back in 2013, Courtney Maltais had just finished school with a dual major in Plant Biology and English Literature. At that time, her friend Chris Barone, also a scientist who had moved out to California prior, was working in pharmaceuticals and was not too keen on the industry. Courtney, who was facing the decision of what path to take following graduation was approached by Chris who mentioned that there was a huge gap in the cannabis space for efficacy and quality products. Most products within the California market at that time were either an unappealing, brown crude oil or on quite the opposite end of the spectrum, a higher end hashish. And, there weren’t many products, if any that provided accurate dosing. Chris invited Courtney and Brian (clear co-founder and lead engineer) to join him and the two other founders, Chase Martin and Matt Meehan out west, determined to create a cleaner and more effective way to consume cannabis. Thus, The Clear was founded and the first cannabis distillate was brought to market. After introducing their distillate, Maltais and The Clear team began collaborating on additional products including vapes and infused flavor products. Maltais also started a small research cultivation with the team, growing strains of cannabis that would later be used to formulate the signature clear flavors like Lemon Haze and Golden Goat with the help from a flavor chemist Chris introduced to the team.


Since its inception, The Clear has expanded into other states and is now available here in Nevada. The Clear in Nevada currently only offers their Reserve line of cartridges in four different flavors (Starberry, Black Cherry Soda, Chem OG and Blue Diesel) but will soon bring other products such as their Honey Buckets and Clear Syringes as well as edibles and topicals to this market. Working with Flower One, Maltais mentioned that they chose this partnership for two reasons; “the intricacies to the science and development behind all of Flower One’s processes as well as their openness and transparency within the cannabis space.” Aside from her work at The Clear, Maltais also advises for the National Cannabis Industry Association and has various published works on cannabis research and innovation. When asked about any struggles encountered as a female within the cannabis space, Courtney recalled the beginning of her journey seven years ago when female business owners in this industry were far and few between. As both a woman and a scientist, with the ability to interact within the cannabis counterculture, she did experience some barriers but says that “Over the last seven years, it has been incredible to see how much progress has been made. The cannabis industry now has significantly higher margins of women-owned and operated organizations when compared to outside industries. And, since we are still a fairly new industry, if we can

continue to work on inclusivity, not only for women but for people of color as well, we can establish a strong industry that uplifts marginalized people and those who are still deeply affected by the war on drugs. I believe cannabis can be that catalyst for change.” For more information about The Clear or to find out where to purchase The Clear products, please visit


Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

>>>>>>>>>> A' Esha Goins

By: Shwa Laytart Photos By: Sugar Laytart

A Cannabis Saint On A Mission For Equality

A’Esha Goins is someone very important in the cannabis industry you should know. She was nominated for the International Cannabis Business Awards next to Ed Rosenthal, Wanda James, and Snoop Dogg, for being a Substantial Influential Impact on the Cannabis Industry in 2019; a year that Goins put in serious work lobbying for People Of Color (POC) in the Nevada cannabis legislation. With only so many licenses available, and with so many of them going into the same hands of those with the biggest bank accounts, there has been little if any thought given to underprivileged communities most affected by the War On Drugs. Throughout 2019, Goins strived to get a licensing bill pushed through for delivery companies and at an affordable price so that those boutique mom-n-pop companies have an entry into the cannabis industry. Working with the cannabis company Ease as a customer, Goins was desperate to get a bill for delivery passed. Unfortunately, her opponents argued the bill down. There were no facts based on reason for their decision, only hypotheses and what-ifs. The fear of Cheech and Chong style ice cream trucks rolling through communities barreling thick plumes of smoke and dishing out weed popsicles. When in actuality deliveries can only carry up to five ounces. “That’s like having two gallons of vanilla ice cream in your ice cream truck. It’s not feasible!” Goins points out. We already have regulations for the amount of cannabis product that can be in possession at one time. But the current cannabis regulations were not taken into consideration by the legislation. Regrettably, the data on the economic effect of communities with local cannabis delivery companies was also disregarded. That is, until COVID19 arrived and cannabis was one of the few industries that could continue to do business (and produce tax revenue in an economically horrific time) so cannabis deliveries instantly became okay. In 2019 what cost the Nevada taxpayers’ money and Goins’ time to debate the opponents, and then not be permitted, was then instantly instituted overnight without a whatif or concern in the early months of 2020.


“As a lobbyist, you need to be able to tell the story. You also have to be likeable and willing to win them over.” A skill she comes by naturally. “That’s one of my grievances about these licenses; If regulations say there aren’t any more licenses hitting the marketplace anytime soon, it doesn’t matter if legislation says they're going to give POC more licenses.” Goins points out. “In Nevada there needs to be a space for small business licenses. The Small Business Association says that 43 percent of all new employment comes from small businesses. So if all cannabis businesses are large corporations, then essentially what has been done is they’ve put a cap on business growth.” An unsustainable problematic issue that is cropping up in all states with legalized cannabis. The Delivery Bill wasn’t the only bill that Goins was working on. There was also the Community Reinvestment Bill, which didn’t get approved, and a Small Business Bill, which was met with a compromise with Governor Sisolak, who agreed to create incubators for her Support Business Program. Her goal is to create a Legacy Program where larger cannabis businesses mentor smaller start-ups and help them bring their product to market. 2020 has been a rough year and might be keeping most people down, but A’Esha Goins has continued to fight the good fight in the Nevada cannabis industry. She has begun working with the Urban Chamber of Commerce to create a model to identify business opportunities in the community. There are about 413 small cannabis support businesses, but the cost is still too high for a support business license, another barrier to entry, and another issue that Goins is working on. She has also focused on establishing her non-profit, Cannabis Equity & Inclusion Community (CEIC), which Goins co-founded in November 2019. CEIC is hearing what the community needs, and wants to develop space so they can germinate partnerships and relationships, continuing to expand the Legacy Program.

Goins reminds herself daily that legislation needs to be educated on cannabis regulations and not manipulated by greedy cannabis corporations. Especially as the cannabis companies turn into monstrous conglomerates that squeeze out and crush creativity and innovation and replace it with monopolization and standardization.

CEIC has meetings the first Tuesday of every month. They do workshops on regulations and civic classes. “I had a public defender come in and talk about how to protect yourself.” She has also has legislators talk about policies as they come out. But the way the regulations are currently written and without a governmentsponsored social equity program, there are no entry level ways for Goins to direct those trying to establish themselves in the cannabis industry. “And this isn’t just about POC; they’ve created the system so only the one percent can have [cannabis] businesses.”

“Just because I know all the details of the story, doesn’t mean the legislators do. I’ve learned now you can’t have that expectation. Even if that’s all the details to the regulations,” Goins explains.

What does Goins have planned for 2021? “I have my core team, co-founders of CEIC Asia and Ashley. We are going to have a two-day retreat in November. The first day is open to everyone.

We’ll talk about the current cannabis policies, what we need to change and how making that change happens. I realized that people in our demographic are afraid of the government because they don’t understand how government works, so it’s going to be a civics class talking about the basics of how policies are made, who changes those policies and how simple it is to actually put your own words into an action. That will be the first day of the workshop and those people who want to go on to the second day of the workshop will dive into more of what lobbying looks like and how they can be a part and how they can support the CEIC.” One of the policies that Goins already has is BDR360, whose champion in that is assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno. “Our core at CEIC is freedom, equity and opportunity. So what we are going after is youth possession. I’m going to ask that a first possession be reduced from a misdemeanor to a fine and drug abuse counseling.” “We already know that first possession affects POC communities the hardest. We don’t want juvenile possession to be an incentive to harass black and brown youth. Hopefully, if all that will happen to that youth is counseling, law enforcement won’t waste their time harassing them. If we can minimize putting our youth in the system, we can push back some of those stigmas that hold back progress in our community.” There’s also a DUI Bill that Goins is working on with the Nevada NORML chapter. “We’re just trying to change the verbiage. You shouldn’t be able to pull someone over and if they have cannabis, they go to jail. What the hell are we doing, that’s just dumb. That, again, is based on race.”

I first met A’Esha Goins when she and my wife were consulting for the same company. We had moved out to Nevada to work with said company and that first week my wife came home more excited about working with Goins than the company that brought us to Las Vegas. Goins is an active-activist who makes change and doesn’t just talk about it. Doing so while maintaining a poise with class as she educates those unaware or misinformed about cannabis, the laws, and the business chaos that surrounds it. Like my wife, I became a disciple of her winsome wisdom. A’Esha Goins is expanding the possibilities for POC by redesigning, restructuring, and even creating from scratch the Nevada cannabis laws and business opportunities, not just for POC, but for all lowincome entrepreneurs that are hoping to start a cannabis company. A’Esha Goins is developing an industry standard that will have a beneficial impact for generations to come. Not just for Nevadians, but for all states that legalize the use of cannabis; her mission will change the overall course of humanity. As this goes to print, A’Esha Goins becomes a 2020 recipient of the Women of Distinction award. **pending >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A’Esha Goins Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @1blackabis

“Lastly, like everyone else, I’m going after Social Use Venues. I’ve already started working on that a little.” Goins feels that with the proper conversation she can get the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) to undertake the conceptualization and then get it done before legislation, which the AB533 says that the CCB could adopt if they want. “I’m hoping I can convince the CCB to take it on. I think it would be more of a community project if the CCB was to design the bill versus us writing language for legislation, then asking the legislators to regulate [Social Use Venues]. I really don’t want that. I just have to find a champion for my Social Use Venue Bill.” A bill Goins is currently putting together based on cultural demographics of the communities.





CURATED BY Bill Shehan with assistance from


Shwa Laytart


Jenn Zenn


Justin Beckelman

Dispensaries SHWA REMEDY Space Beans Live Resin Diamond Sauce


REMEDY Magic Melon Live Resin Badder

There’s a reason they call this strain magical. This sherbert, mango, melon majesty is the exact tropical holiday my soul is searching for. Magic Melon Live Resin Badder twinkles like the beach sand at sunset, and the minute you arrive, you’ll lose yourself in the flavor and float away on the crystal clear tidepools in the back of your mind. They say you shouldn’t travel right now, but with Remedy’s live resin badder, magically your melon has clocked-out and left town. So travel safely.

THC- 75.9247% Limonene- 24.88mg/g Caryophyllene- 15.93mg/g Myrcene- 10.0mg/g


REMEDY Strawberry Glue


Sweet strawberry spiced flavors meet with pain-relieving benefits in this indica dominant hybrid. Excellent for a relaxed overall feeling of wellness and calm, this strain is also great for settling the nervous system and soothing pain. A decent dose of linalool in the terpene profile adds to the relaxed effect.

THC/- 21.3832% Limonene- 3.968mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.207mg/g Linalool- 1.89mg/g

Ahhh, SPACE BEANS! With just the smallest amount of Remedy’s Live Resin Diamond Sauce- Space Beans, you’ll be frolicking from dimension to dimension, like an intergalactic Mary Poppins traveling at the speed of light. “With your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight with your fist holding tight to the string on your kite.” You won’t need a spoon full of Space Beans to get where you’re going; this medicine goes down smooth. If you like to dab, Remedy always has something for you. For me, it’s Space Beans baby!

THC-86.912% Myrcene- 9.7mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.6mg/g Limonene- 4.36mg/g




REMEDY Strawberry Belts Sky Resin Sugar

Just look at this! If I didn't know any better, it looks like a felony. But it tastes like a symphony melody. It livens you your frumpy mood, and socializes even the most unfriendly dude. The way it melts in a banger is absolutely mesmerizing as it becomes liquid, then thick, white steam. Strawberry Belts Sky Resin Sugar is a daydream. Ahhh, My smile, look how my teeth gleam. I’m always in Remedy’s line-up.

THC- 79.16% Caryophyllene- 15.05mg/g Limonene- 10.64mg/g Humulene- 5.42mg/g

KABUNKY Wedding Cake Live Resin Shatter


Are you looking for a flower strain to help reduce stress and anxiety? If so, Remedy’s Chem D is a fantastic choice. A rich, sweet flavor and aroma with just a squeeze of citrus that inspires bliss and happiness. In our era of doom-surfing and nauseating news, we could all use a little reduction in stress and anxiety. Remedy is a brand you can always rely on producing top-shelf cannabis products. Chem D is a perfect example of their quality. So let Remedy carry the weight of the world for a while, you could use a little break.

THC- 28.3279% Limonene- 7.519mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.48mg/g Myrcene- 3.669mg/g

All right suburban boys and girls, time to put down the other herbs and toys and pick up some Durban Poison. It's my absolute favorite strain to enjoy. I could smoke joint after joint of this flower. It relaxes me so nicely, and it's pungent scent is loud as fuck, and quite enticing. If this cannabis industry is cake, this is the icing. This landrace is a Remedy staple. Being without it is like having pancakes without the maple syrup. I think I'll keep this jar for my own personal benefits.

THC- 22.0928% Terpinolene- 13.013mg/g Ocimene- 3.999mg/g Myrcene- 2.355mg/g


Kabunky Wedding Cake shatter kicked ol’ Wild Bill in the head hard. Once he billowed out the snow white cloud of smoke, he mumbled, “It tastes like… champagne… cake… an experience…” And his long-haired noggin nodded just long enough for him to point his lit butane torch towards the photo-studio wall and just about set the whole place ablaze! Luckily, Wild Bill snapped back to reality and put out the flames before any damage was done; leaving behind a small burnt spot on the wall of the studio. Which is pretty much what I imagined Kabunky’s Wedding Cake did to Wild Bill’s brain. So if you’re looking for a classy experience that is sure to go a little sideways, congratulations- today is your special day!

THC-70.6% Limonene- 9.8mg/g Humulene- 5.6mg/g Bisabolol- 2.1mg/g

REMEDY Durban Poison

Caryophyllene- 16.3mg/g Linalool- 5.8mg/g Myrcene- 5.5mg/g


KABUNKY #9 Live Resin Shatter

Kabunky has always impressed me with their beautiful, golden shatter. The consistency is always so stable and easy to shoot with my lens. It is easy to drop in a wax pen or warm banger. As far as its consumed effects, this concentrate does it all. It has a great push/pull effect, and 2% of caryophyllene offsets any anxiolytic, nervousness caused by a heavy rush of limonene. This is highly recommended.

THC- 73.6% Limonene- 13.1mg/g Humulene- 7.3mg/g Bisabolol- 4.9mg/g

Caryophyllene- 20.2mg/g Myrcene- 9mg/g Linalool- 5.4mg/g




KABUNKY Wedding Cake Krumble

This smooshy Wedding Cake Krumble is so heavy and strange. Be cautious, or you might stumble, take a tumble, and spill the change. Pick yourself up off the floor and do another dab. Is your rig in range? What? You're too stoned to hit it again? Pass it over here, then. I need a couple more rips. I said all that without even moving my lips..I'm sitting poised, focused, undeterred. You are laying on the ground lookin just like a turd. Man, that really messed your shit up. C’mon, cupcake. Let me help you get up.

THC- 68.6% Caryophyllene- 21.9mg/g Limonene- 13.9mg/g Myrcene- 8.5mg/g Linalool- 8.5mg/g Humulene- 7.2mg/g Bisabolol- 2.8mg/g



I could introduce Kabunky #9 every month It's magnificent. The heavy purple and deep green tones just beg me to twist it up or pack a quick bowl. It tastes like sweet cookies and emits the most pleasant scent. When consumed, white smoke fills the room like air freshener. Get Kabunky’s #9 strain only at Nevada Made.

THC-19.89% Caryophyllene- 6.44mg/g Limonene- 2.9mg/g Humulene- 1.84mg/g Linalool- 1.7mg/g


KUSHY PUNCH Watermelon Full Spectrum Indica Gummies

Kushy Punch, a popular California edible brand is now in Nevada and this product does not disappoint. Their watermelon flavored indica gummies, made with cannabinoid rich full spectrum oil deliver a nice, relaxing body high allowing you to relax and drift off to sleep. The fact that they are low calorie, nongmo and gluten free are all added bonuses.

Total THC- 102mg Units/Container- 10 THC- 10.2mg/unit Terpinolene- 0.1mg/unit


EPC CBD/THC 10:1 tincture

Experience Premium Cannabis never disappoints when it comes to their thoughtfully curated cannabis tinctures. This 10:1 (500mg CBD:50mg THC) tincture is the perfect accompaniment to daytime or nighttime activities without a heavy, hazy effect. I love this tincture to ease social anxiety before facing a stressful day, or to help unwind and ease into evening relaxation. Promotes healthy neurovascular function and antiinflammation.

500 mg CBD 50 mg THC


Earthy, skunky goodness that packs an indica-wallop when it comes to chasing away stress, anxiety and depression. Heavier in THC than some strains, GMO is great for easing pain and providing a general sense of relief. A healthy limonene and caryophyllene profile aid in extra alleviation of tension and inflammation.

THC-27.89% Limonene- 6.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.23mg/g Myrcene- 4.64mg/g


CITY TREES Blue Agave Tincture

One of the most versatile tinctures on the market, this City Trees’ Blue Agave Tincture can be used alone or since water-soluble, mixed into food or drinks. Extracted from the blue agave plant, this tincture is naturally sweetened and low on the glycemic index. The honey like consistency makes it perfect to mix into your next cup of tea.

Total Grams- 73 Total Servings- 60 Grams/ ml 1.216g Total THC- 240.9mg Total CBD- 232.9mg THC/gram- 3.3mg/g CBD/gram- 3.19mg/g




THE CLEAR Starberry Vape Cartridge

The complexity and depth of the flavor profile is the standout attribute of this CBG-rich Strawberry vape cart. A beautiful terpene and cannabinoid cornucopia, rich in myrcene and pinene, open the lungs and ease the mind with anti-inflammatory and euphoric goodness. Breathe in strawberry sweet, exhale juicy goodness.

THC- 85.538% CBG- 13.663% Myrcene- 8..43mg/g a-Pinene- 6.76mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.32mg/g b-Pinene- 2.85mg/g

THE CLEAR Chem OG Vape Cartridge


Want to get “Sunshine in a bottle,” or in this case, a cartridge? Made with in-house, organic and kosher terpenes and components, Clear Cannabis, straight from Colorado, is the brand for you. Clear’s Chem OG cartridge is a tasty sunbeam you definitely want to catch a ride on. Light and bright, with a little nose tickle, you’ll find yourself walking on sunshine in no time. Clear is a well-known brand in Colorado, and I’ll put my money on them lighting-up Vegas too.

THC- 86.245% CBG- 13.581% Myrcene- 11.72mg/g Limonene- 7.1-mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.22mg/g Humulene- 2.27mg/g



Candid Conversation: Cannabis, Sex, Intimacy and Journaling By Jennifer Walker I recently got intimate with author Sophie Saint Thomas and Chief Education Officer at Foria Wellness, Kiana Reeves, to discuss their collaboration creating a pro-cannabis, sex positive journal. Jennifer Walker: I’ve so been enjoying the Intimacy Journal- A Sex and Cannabis Log Book. The packaging is gorgeous, the presentation is sophisticated and the quality is in line with so many other Goldleaf products. So, how did this collaboration come together with you, Foria and Goldleaf? Kiana Reeves (at Foria): It really came together in such a great way… Sophie Saint Thomas: I had Goldleaf’s Patient Journal, I'm a medical marijuana user myself for the past 7 years, and I found it extremely useful...the way they laid it out, it really helped me find what was best for me. At the time I was treating my PTSD, and as my career evolved and cannabis and sex are my main beats, I was just looking at the Goldleaf journal and thought, wow, this would really work for sex and cannabis! I’d received an email from Goldleaf’s publicist and said, ‘let’s make a journal about sex and cannabis’. Developments began and Foria got on board. I’ve been in love with Foria since they started, all of their different products are so helpful. That’s the evolution of how the whole thing was born. JW: I love that the collaboration was so organic. Looking at the journal, elements such as the “Vocabulary” and “Product Selection” sections are so important to be sure that readers understand the context of the journal, the terminology and the various methods of cannabis consumption… SST: It’s easy to get caught in these societal bubbles that we live in. Everyone I know is a cannabis user and is sex positive, but at the



end of the day, we really want everyone to be able to use this journal. I want everyone to feel good about their sex life, to learn how safe cannabis can be. I want my mom to be able to use this journal; it needs to be accessible to everybody.

pelvis, to be able to have products that do not interact in a psychoactive way but really support pleasure, relaxation, and allow your body to feel what it’s like to be highly aroused, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, that is really the primary way that I’ve used cannabis. I'm a big fan of CBD for people, particularly, those who have any type of nervous system dysregulation, any type of PTSD, any type of undigested emotional experience living in their body that’s triggered during sexual experiences. CBD is so amazing for these things. Getting out of the head...this is a really common issue especially for women because we're constantly multitasking, running with so many things all the time, that to have something that really can kind of drop you out of that zone, and you're more connected and available to the present moment...I think it's really powerful. JW: This journal can also be beneficial to trauma survivors and using cannabis as a way to heal...

SST: It’s interesting that you mention location because as a medical user, I have a card and pretty easy access to cannabis. But until very recently, the dispensaries here in New York City didn’t have flower, so my location affected the way that I used cannabis quite a bit. I’ve always been a big edible girl because I can take capsules with me anywhere, but flower... the smell, can still get me in trouble with the police, my landlord… so I think it’s interesting how location and legal status can change the way that people feel about using it and being comfortable with it. I think it’s something that we have to acknowledge until the day that the federal government chills the fuck out…

SST: I think that it’s really relevant that you’re mentioning trauma and how cannabis works as a treatment because, while (Kiana) you’re a CBD fan, I’m a THC fan. For my trauma, when I started using cannabis 7 years ago after a rape, it was actually kind of what some people might consider the negative effects of THC that were very useful for me. THC can suppress dreams, which a lot of people get frustrated with, but I was having these nightmares every night where I was frozen...I was being raped...I couldn't do anything...I would wake up and it took me a minute to know if it was in the past or present. But THC stopped that. Just like THC can sometimes make you forget what you were thinking, the way it was helping me was similar- like suppressing a flashback. There's not a one-size-fits-all model at all when it comes to cannabis and trauma, or cannabis and intimacy, but it's such a comprehensive medicine. I really love that this journal allows people to safely explore that and hopefully, find what is the right dose and method of intake for them.

JW: Kiana, what would you say are your favorite consumption methods?

For more information about Sophie Saint Thomas:

KR: I am super sensitive to THC so I actually prefer the topical applications. My background as a sex educator and understanding how arrousal methods work in the body and, in particular, the female

Order Goldleaf’s Intimacy Journal:

JW: Sometimes I feel that those of us living in recreationally legal states can be a little spoiled with our ability to have access to cannabis in different forms. I think it’s great that this journal opens up and talks about how using different variations of the plant integrated into our sex lives can be so positive…

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Owner of Pharmers Daughter Edibles working late nights and was gone a lot. I’ve always loved to cook so he suggested that I start infusing some of the things I make with cannabis, so that’s where it started. At my very first cannabis event I got a booth, but nobody knew who I was. I spent ten hours at the show and only sold two edibles. I went home crying, feeling so defeated. My husband told me not to give up, to just keep going. A month later at my second event I sold out in three hours and took home first place. If it hadn’t been for my husband pushing me to keep going, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I just really want to encourage people to never give up on their dreams. Hopper: So, tell us about your products. Chanel: I do baked goods. I make cakes in a jar that are layered, and cheesecakes and pies that also come in Mason jars. Hopper: I love how they are packaged in the jars. It’s a really unique touch. Chanel: Yeah, nobody else really does that so it made me stand out from the other brands.

Last month, Josh, the owner of Phresh Harvest 405, told me about his wife’s edible company, so I decided to check it out for myself. It wasn’t just him, either. As I was traveling around the Oklahoma City area, I found out that Pharmers Daughter has made quite an impact on the cannabis community here. As soon as I got back in town I headed over to the commercial kitchen where Chanel, the other half of this hard-working cannacouple and award winning owner of Pharmers Daughter Edibles told me all about her journey in the medical cannabis industry and hooked me up with one of the best cannabis infused edibles I have ever had. It was 400mg of creamy decadence


that left me feeling on top of the world for the rest of the day. It was honestly the best cheesecake, medicated or not, I’ve ever had. Hopper: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, and for this 400mg cherry cheesecake I’m munching on right now. It’s…wow! Seriously amazing! Chanel: Thank you! Hopper: Tell our readers the story of Pharmers Daughter. How did you get started making edibles? Chanel: Well, my husband has been in the cannabis industry for years. He was

Hopper: I know you’ve won multiple awards. Tell us about those. Chanel: I’ve won three 1st place awards and I think three 2nd place awards. Hopper: Hell yeah, that’s awesome! What were the events? Chanel: Thank You! I won Highlife Music Fest in California, the Harvest Fest, and the Champs fest. Out here, my first competition in Oklahoma I won the Cowboy Cup. Hopper: Right on! So what is your most popular edible? Chanel: My cheesecakes. I can’t keep them on the shelf. People LOVE the

cheesecakes. Hopper: When you’re not baking for work, what do you like making at home? What do you cook for you and your family? Chanel: Anything! I love to cook. I love to experiment with cooking. My family loves me to cook. Just anything, anything I can try. Hopper: You and your husband are both in the medical cannabis industry. What’s it like being a “canna couple”, what are those family dynamics like? Chanel: At first it was kind of hard, we didn’t know if we should keep it from our kids, or how to keep it quiet. We ended up just explaining it to them. We explained the benefits of cannabis to them, so they’re educated about it. Hopper: So you’re a little canna family, that’s so awesome to see cannabis bring families together.

a culture shock but overall I love it out here. It’s beautiful. You get all the seasons, and the people are really nice. Everyone out here is friendly. I really like it. Hopper: What is it that sets Pharmers Daughter apart from all of the other edible companies? Chanel: All of my edibles are handcrafted by me. I’ve never had a bunch of employees. I keep them craft edibles, not things coming from a machine, popping out a hundred gummies at a time. They are all handcrafted by me. They are like my mini works of art. Hopper: I can vouch for that, they’re amazing! Is there anyone you would like to shout out before we wrap it up? Chanel: My husband, for always believing in me. When I’m down he always pushes me back up.

Chanel: Yeah! IG: @pharmers.daughter.edibles @phresh_harvest_405

Hopper: How are you liking it out here in Oklahoma?

Follow Hopper: @hopper448

Chanel: It took a little bit of getting used to, you know the weather. I was born and raised in California, so it was kind of

Photo by: @pamelajayne




The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

With football back in action and the ever-so-slight chill in the air at night, it is clear summer has come and gone and fall is upon us. And based upon all of the political commercials and billboards/signs littering the side of the road, it is obvious election season is here as well. Whatever your political affiliation, please get out there and vote. Whether it be in person or via mail-in ballot, make sure your voice is heard! These elections have massive consequences on everyday life, and yes, they also have potential to interfere with the cannabis industry and your cannabis use. Whether it be local legislative elections, the Presidential election itself, or the local judicial elections, the outcomes matter! Whoever wins these elections will be put in positions of authority and will be the decision-makers for years to come. Please make sure you have a say in our future - VOTE! And while our elected leaders make decisions with vastly more significant consequences than any decisions they make related to weed, this article is going to highlight the cannabis side of things because – well – this is a weed magazine! In Clark County, we vote for three (or four, depending on the year) county commissioners every two years and each commissioner then serves a four-year term. The County Commissioners make decisions pertaining to unincorporated Clark County, which includes the strip area and other locations not included in the municipal jurisdictions of North Las Vegas, City of Las Vegas, or Henderson. Considering the County Commissioners’ jurisdictions includes the Las Vegas Strip, their decision-making affects millions of dollars in revenue that flows through the strip. Recently, the County Commissioners voted for and passed regulations that allow for drive thru cannabis pickup in Clark County. Although there were two dispensaries in the valley with drive thru windows already (NuWu and Thrive in North Las Vegas), these regulations allow this service to be expanded to numerous other dispensaries. Having drive thru windows at the dispensary should help with wait times and should generally make the whole cannabis buying process smooth and effortless. Registered voters also get to vote for a handful of judges throughout the various courts in the valley every two years. There are Clark County District Court Judges, city Municipal Court Judges, and Justices of the Peace. The future decisions of these Judges have wide-ranging impacts as they relate to


cannabis. Whether it be a sentencing decision for a criminal defendant in a marijuana case or a ruling in a civil lawsuit between cannabis license holders, a Judge’s decision is extremely powerful; and the importance of who we elect to hold those positions of power cannot be understated. For example, over the past year or so, Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez played an integral role in what came to be known in Las Vegas as “World War weed.” After hearing months of testimony from countless witnesses, Judge Gonzalez was the ultimate decision maker in the lawsuit I wrote about previously between the companies that missed out on marijuana licenses and the State of Nevada. The marijuana companies sued the State of Nevada alleging that the marijuana license application and review process was biased and improper. Although Judge Gonzalez did find impropriety in the State’s application and licensing process, she ultimately determined that none of the companies that had been given a license would be forced to hand it back over to the State. She determined that the suing companies were unable to establish that they would have obtained a license if the State had processed applications “properly.” Judges make life-changing decisions every day. It is extremely important who we give that power to. And of course, every four years, we vote for someone to become President of the United States of America. And while this person alone cannot really make drastic change overnight when it comes to cannabis policy, they do have the ability to choose what – and how strict – federal marijuana laws are enforced. If you recall, the Obama Administration made great strides in the cannabis industry with the issuance of the Cole Memorandums, which effectively stopped – or at least limited – enforcement of federal marijuana laws in states that made cannabis legal according to their own state law. President Trump hasn’t moved cannabis reform ahead as much as the Obama Administration did, but hey – we haven’t taken any steps backward at least! Moral of the story – make sure you #StayWoke, and VOTE! Follow me: IG: @Cannab_Esq FB: @MitchellSBissonEsq

Daily Dose

A Day in the Life of Carrie Mapes & Patty Pappas, Founders of Hello Again


Two Women Discover Cannabis for Menopause and Get to Work on the V-Force Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas founded Hello Again in February of 2020. Their company and its mission are focused on helping with menopause and hormonal issues with women, after discovering help from cannabis for the malady themselves. “Neither of us had a relationship with cannabis until quite recently,” Carrie Mapes, co-founder said. “We’ve been friends for 20 years and have shared countless martini moments, but cannabis wasn’t our wellness or recreational preference.” Carrie Mapes earned both a BA and a MEd in Education from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). She met her husband in college, and went on to teach in both private and public elementary schools, instructing students with learning differences, and publishing teaching guides. Patty Pappas was born in Argentina, lived in Washington D.C., with most of her schooling done in Los Angeles. She returned to

the east coast, attending the American University in Washington D.C., where she earned a BA in Communications. After returning to Los Angeles, she met her husband, George. Both women now have grown children, with both stepping into the second chapter of their lives, ironically, consumed with the healing powers of cannabis.

Finding the V-Force When cannabis was decriminalized in California, the two said they went to their first dispensary visit together, out of sheer curiosity. “What we saw changed the course of the next chapter in our lives and our personal wellness practices,” Mapes added. “We learned that cannabis addresses many of the unwanted physical experiences we and our friends were experiencing because of menopause - namely, anxiety, mood swings, sleep and body temperature regulation.” The two were intrigued, but still did not want the “high” from the THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that causes euphoria. “We aimed to use cannabinoids to balance our physical, emotional and cognitive systems, so that we could get on with the business of our lives,” she said. “Our use of cannabis began when we created a product to help ourselves - vaginal suppositories.” Using suppositories to deliver the beneficial compounds of plants into the bloodstream is nothing new. Around the world, pharmacies are stocked with plant-based remedies, with suppositories the most common delivery. With cannabis, using suppositories causes no head high, as the process is said to bypass the digestive system and liver.

Hormones, Can We Talk? Hello Again Everyday and Hello Again Sleep vaginal suppositories were created with the realization that many women could have relief. “Menopause is different for everyone,” Pappas said. “I got really tired of walking into rooms and forgetting why I was there. At night I had to put towels down, because the night sweats would


soak through the sheets every night. The hot flashes were agonizing five or six times a day. It felt like someone was turning up my thermostat to one hundred and five.” The name of the company, Hello Again, refers to the feeling of being themselves again, after struggling with myriad menopausal symptoms. “We formulated Hello Again for the major side effects of menopause - namely, night sweats, hot flashes, low energy, brain fog, moodiness, anxiety, sleep disturbance, and vaginal pain and dryness,” Pappas explained. “But the products have proven to help with many additional issues, including the pain of endometriosis, bursitis, arthritis, low libido, and many inflammation-related conditions. As a bonus, Carrie’s restless leg syndrome has quieted and the chronic pain she had in her thumb subsided.”

A Day in the Life Pappas’ day begins using Hello Again Everyday suppositories, and a Hello Again Sleep suppositories at night. “The effects of the suppositories last up to six hours,” Pappas shared. “Carrie, on the other hand, found that semi-regular use keeps her systems in balance. She uses both the day and nighttime dose about every third day.” Mapes added that if she knows she has a big day - especially one where she wants to be articulate, she’ll use the Everyday suppository that morning, purposefully, for increased mental clarity. “The female reproductive tract is dense with cannabinoid receptors for fast, local relief,” Pappas explained. “The vaginal mucosa is rich with blood vessels and capillaries for systemic absorption. This means the THC can be utilized without the psychoactive effect.” Other products added to their daily dose over time is personal care product company, Beboe Therapies’ face oil, a rich combination of essential oils from safflower, rosehip, grapeseed, avocado, sea buckthorn, squalane, coconut, pomegranate oils, and alfalfa extract. “We also enjoy Mary’s Medcinal’s 1:1 transdermal patches,” Pappas said. “They work great, especially after a day filled with a lot of exercise or activity.”

be made, stored, and enjoyed in lower dosages over the course of a few days.” Saying, “Hello Again,” to yourself, as a woman going through menopause is huge. For years women kept the malady to themselves, thinking that only hot flashes were an indication of the time of life. But menopause, or hormonal deficiencies, such as Thyroid Disease, come with myriad symptoms, with most of them emotionally-based.

Although the two said they still enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cocktail at the end of the day, they agree that they’ve been less able to metabolize the alcohol.

“We believe in the wisdom and power of women,” Pappas surmised. “And we are one hundred percent committed to helping them feel like themselves, so they can live to their fullest potential. Who wouldn’t want to come out of the brain fog of menopause and feel themselves again? The two little words, Hello Again, speak volumes.”

“We’ve each come to really appreciate cannabis-based beverages as a cocktail replacement,” Mapes said. “Cann and Chill beverages are nice, as Cann is a lower dose, and Chill can

For more information on Hello Again visit, For more information on Beboe face products visit,


COOKING WITH CANNABIS Back to Basics In this follow up to last month’s Cooking with Cannabis – Back to Basics, we will explore the three go-to infusions I keep in my kitchen cabinets to make almost any product you can imagine. Last month we covered decarboxylation, the why and how. If you were able to master that very necessary procedure, then you are on your way to being an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable cannabis chef. Infusions! Choosing the right infusion will not only allow you to make anything you want but also allow you to control the effects the cannabis has on the end user. First and foremost, when making infusions at home, there is no exact way to know the potency of the product. If you live in a state that has medical marijuana check with your local testing labs as they usually allow medical patients to bring samples in for testing. If you are not that lucky, use the internet to find a cannabis infusion calculator, enter in the strength of the cannabis used along with other measurements, and try to get as close as you can. Again, without an accredited lab, the math is a little bit shaky. The three infusions we will cover are: THC Tincture, Cannabutter, and canna coconut oil. Before we get into the how of these, let's talk about the effects of each and determine what is best for your desired results. Cooking with THC tincture will result in extremely fast activation, or high for the user. This is because the body will process the alcohol very rapidly, pushing the THC through your system. With this infusion, the activation is fast but does not last very long. Your body does not like alcohol. It will want that stuff out quickly. The best alcohol to use when making THC tincture is 190 proof Everclear. If you cannot find it locally, you should be able to order it online. Do not waste good cannabis on anything less. This infusion will work well if you are looking for a quick high and works well sublingual, under the tongue, as well as making other infusions such as canna sugar and


FECO (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil). THC tincture also works well in recipes such as candies and cocktails, but the possibilities are endless. Onset: rapid, 15 min. Noticeable effect: 1 hour. First-time cannabis chefs are always asking about cannabutter. It is simple to make and very versatile. The effect has a wider range than tincture because it is a fat which takes longer for the body to process. However, it is an animal fat thus the body will work to get it out of your system. When I make cannabutter I like to use ghee butter. Ghee can be found at almost any grocery store. It is butter that has had the whey and water that normal store-bought butter contains removed already for you. This infusion can be used to make a wide range of products or to be kept as simple as a spread on toast in the morning. My procedure for making cannabutter is less conventional than most. Trust the process. Onset: up to 1-2 hours, depending on user Noticeable effect: 1-3 hours depending on strength of cannabis used to make the infusion and the potency of the cannabutter. My favorite infusion to use is canna coconut oil. This is a highly versatile product with maximum effect. Unless you have a nut allergy, your body absolutely loves coconut oil. Coconut oil is highly regarded as a superfood. Some positive effects of coconut oil: contains healthy fatty acids, can boost heart health, has antimicrobial effects, may reduce seizures, may increase good cholesterol, and can help skin, hair, and teeth. When choosing the coconut oil for making an infusion look for unrefined virgin coconut oil. This will produce an infusion with more of a coconut flavor. If you care less about the benefits of the coconut oil itself and do not care for the flavor, refined coconut oil is one you may want to choose. Once the infusion is made, you will have some immensely powerful stuff at your disposal. I do need to warn you, infused coconut oil, depending on the potency can last a


long time. Do use caution when first using this infusion. I simply eat it on a spoon, however, you can put it in coffee, use it as a replacement in any recipe that calls for butter, make candies (you will need lecithin to emulsify), use it as a topical for aches and pains, apply to skin to help with rash and irritation, and use as a sexual lubricant (make sure to inform your partner of this, they will feel the effect!) Once again, depending on the potency of your infusion, this can produce an exceedingly long lasting high. You can lose days if you over do it, so be careful and start out slow. My procedure for making canna coconut oil is less conventional than most. Trust the process. Onset: more than an hour. Noticeable effect: Depending on potency, hours into the next day. .

Cannabis Alcohol Tincture

Yield: 16 ounces Prep Time: 40 minutes Additional Days: 10 Total Time: 10 days and 40 minutes Ingredients: 1 oz decarboxylated cannabis flower 16 oz Everclear Grain Alcohol (190 proof) Procedure: Place the decarboxylated cannabis flower at the bottom of a pint-sized mason jar. Pour the Everclear alcohol over the cannabis flower. Screw the cap tightly and shake gently. Place the mason jar in a cool dark place like a cupboard or closet. Remove the jar and shake gently once a day for 10 days, 10 days for maximum infusion. After 10 days, strain the cannabis mixture through cheesecloth into a separate clean mason jar. You can use the cheese cloth filled with plant material as a topical rub on your skin as long as it stays moist. You now have an amazing tincture to use, go further with evaporation, or use for other infusions.


Yield: 16 ounces Prep Time: 4 hours

Total Time: 6-8 hours Ingredients: 1 oz decarboxylated cannabis flower 16 oz Ghee Butter Procedure: Place the decarboxylated cannabis flower into a one pot (pressure cooker). Fill with one to two cups of water. Place the lid on and set manual time for one hour, allowing the cannabis to boil in the pot. Once the steam has released naturally, or you release it, add the Ghee butter, and repeat. Strain very well, the butter, water, cannabis material through cheesecloth into a glass bowl or other container. Place in the refrigerator and allow to fully cool, allowing for natural separation of the infused Ghee butter and water. Remove the hardened Ghee butter from the water and discard the murky dark water. Place the infused Ghee butter in a container, and store in the refrigerator. Longer storage can be done in the freezer.

Canna Coconut Oil

Yield: 14 ounces Prep Time: 4 hours Total Time: 6-8 hours Ingredients: 1 oz decarboxylated cannabis flower 14 oz virgin coconut oil (standard size store bought jar) Procedure: Place the ground decarboxylated cannabis flower into a one pot (pressure cooker). Fill with one to two cups of water. Place the lid on and set manual time for one hour, allowing the cannabis to boil in the pot. Once the steam has released naturally, or you release it, add the coconut oil, and repeat. Strain very well, the butter, water, cannabis material through cheesecloth into a glass bowl or other container. Place in the refrigerator and allow to fully cool, allowing for natural separation of the infused coconut oil and water. Remove the hardened coconut oil from the water and discard the murky dark water. Place the infused coconut oil in a container, and store in the refrigerator. Longer storage can be done in the freezer. Garrick Umland is a chef, cannabis connoisseur, and hospitality professional specializing in product and brand development. Chef Garrick has worked under the expertise of Wolfgang Puck as well as the renowned Light Group. He brings years of knowledge, research, and innovation to projects throughout the US.

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