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night. Available as Green Tea or Chamomile, each bag contains three tea bags. Need your tea a bit stronger? Open the bag and steep tea bagless for higher potency. A dash of infused honey makes this the perfect hot beverage. THC 7.5mg per bag

inside. The sweet tasting medicine has an alcohol base that makes it hard to swallow if you are a wussy. Just get it down the hatch, and let the benefits kick in. This is a great way to introduce cannabinoids to your deprived system. The effects are sedating, with a slight increase in appetite. This tincture can definitely replace sleeping pills. Try it for a week, and see for yourself. The house favorite is the Mango. THC 74.75mg/bottle, CBD 132.426mg/bottle, Dosage: 1 dropperful, wait 30 minutes to determine tolerance level

Sour Diesel Bubble Hash

is one of the best concentrates on the Nevada market. This one deserves a second look. There are no solvents used, and it's a fell melt water hash. The pile of trichomes looks amazing, and tastes phenomenal. Finger press this between some parchment paper, or sprinkle it into any joint and get into your lungs. Your body deserves this natural medicine. Good fucking job, Nate, Braly and company. Silver Sage is on the map! THC 65.80%, B-Caryophyllene: 0.762mg, B-Pinene 0.078mg


Mango & Apple Cinnamon Tinctures have some potent shit

to the garage. Don’t waste time or weed, smoke Baby J’s for days.

Baby J’s Daytime Relief is the third available GLP collector’s tin. Man, these Altoids parodies are a hot collectible. What’s inside? This one is all sativa baby! Every mini J is strategically filled with Green Life’s top sativa strains. Get your wake and bake started the right way. Smoke on these little mamas while you are sippin that morning jah. Strawberry Cough, Triple Bodhi, and Purple Haze are the energetic strains GLP blesses you with. Grab the Daytime blend, get outside, and do something productive. Enjoy the sun.

Baby J’s Nighttime Relief

are seriously strong, as the parody implies. These collector tins are filled with 6 prerolled mini joints, with a weight totaling 1.8 grams. This dark blue tin is filled with Steve Cantwell’s pure indica protocol for nighttime relief. There are 2 of each inside: Pure Sunshine, Lavender, and 9LB Hammer, and I smoked them in exactly that order. The tin provided a perfect nightcap for me for 2 consecutive days, 3 mini J’s per night. These are perfect for the solo trip

Snoop Master

smells a bit like piney petrol and tastes like hot fabric softener sheets. Kind of makes me want to drive the car to the laundromat. Snoop is so fresh and so

clean smelling, and is pretty damned pleasureable to have in the circle. She’s stonier than Purple Urkel. Light green nugs, with bright orange hair, Snoop is lovely as a female. She’s the Snoop Master, and she likes to chill. She likes to puff with the homies, especially Bill. Ok, I’m no rapper. I won't quit my day job of smoking weed and printing this shit. Snoop Master might turn you into a bullshit rapper. It may also set you back in your seat, beings it’s an indica. THC: 28.3%, Limonene 5.131mg, Linalool 2.652mg


is one of the strongest strains in VCM this month. Everyone wants to know: What’s the strongest strain? What’s the highest THC? What’s the most potent marijuana in Vegas? Are we there yet? Yes, we are here. WiFi OG has arrived, and hits the scene well over 30% THCa. This herb will get you stupid stoned, and help you feel numb if you need the couch lock to slow shit up. Wifi OG has a slight lemon gas stench, like a cleaner. All these OG choices. Which one should you try? Try plenty, but you might as well start here with this one. It’s sure to please the most experienced OG. There is a new OG in town. I want WiFi. THC 29.6%, B-Caryophyllene 2.582mg, B-Myrcene 3.027mg, Limonene 5.975mg, Linalool 2.463mg

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24