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and 100% beneficial for artists and creative-minded individuals. Turn your brain on with CannaVative Sativa Capsules. THC 25mg

Pineapple Stomper Shatter

tastes sweet and sour, and leaves a misty smile on your face. The consistency is brittle and stable, more of a snap than a pull. Pineapple Stomper is blasted from Deep Roots flowers, and melts nicely in any rig or wax pen. This concentrate will make you feel fucking fantastic. The Clinic knows what’s up. Welcome to the #waxgame. THC 82.20%, Caryophyllene: 1.47mg, Myrcene: 2.83mg, Limonene: 1.16mg

Sour OG Nug Run Budder

is a great substance to smash on fat dabs with. We love the consistency of this OG, soft and mushy, but not wet. The packaging of the little LAB plastic containers that “snap” shut and don’t waste your stash are clever and cheeky. This wax is stoney and eye-heavy, and smells and tastes sweet and tart. Way to break on the scene. And they carry Vegas Cannabis Magazine. THC 78.40%, Limonene: 1.611mg, Linalool: 1.591mg, Myrcene: 1.401mg

Acapulco Gold CBD Sap


is amazing! Enjoy the head change of mild THC with full benefits of CBD. The taste of the exhale is superior to most flavors. CBD tastes a bit floral, and once you dab it a few times you will want to mix it into every THC dab. The LAB does the work for you. This inhalable cocktail is up there on the top shelf. This is a MUST-TRY! THC 28.90%, CBD 40.12%, Caryophyllene: 0.637mg, Linalool: 0.639mg, Myrcene: 0.723mg

Tangie Honeycomb

is one of the most photogenic products featured in Nevada dispensaries this month. It’s also one of the best-smelling and mouth-watering waxes you can find. Head patients will enjoy Tangie Honeycomb for its sour, sugary taste, and health patients will benefit medically from its full terpene profile. The crazy thing here is that the CannaVative line is quite affordable for the hash-lovers in Vegas. I found a gram for under $35 at a local dispensary last month. Crazy, right? The owners of CannaVative are down to Earth create products with true medical value. Stay up to date with this innovative brand. They are becoming a quickly recognized name brand in Vegas. THC 74.13%, CBD1.52%, Bisabolol: 3.26mg, B-Pinene 1.30mg, Terpinolene: 1.92mg

Harle Tsu CBD Sap

is a complete medicine with a top shelf lab sheet. Enjoy the healing benefits of CBD, and get the head change you deserve. This golden shatter is beautifully crafted, and shines like metal. It tastes floral and amazing, and really gives you a euphoric lift. If you haven't dabbed CBD, get out there and give this a dunk. I feel 2 inches taller, and ready to take on some fat dabs. THC 19.80%, CBD 53.56%, Bisabolol: 9.79mg, Terpinolene: 2.87mg

Live Clear MTF Vape Cartridge

gives you a fresh hit of 100% pure cannabis oil. The more experienced smoker should get a triple pull from the cartridge. Sit back and chill

Sativa Capsules

can help you get your day going without the crash and burn of energy drinks, and replace that costly drive-thru coffee routine. CannaVative combines oils from their top sativas to produce a capsule that will help you focus with natural energy. As a safety measure, their caps are colored red/white to prevent accidental, nighttime ingestion. These caps are 100% cannabis derived,

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24