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JONNY G FROM SAHARA WELLNESS Jonny has been the go to budtender at Sahara Wellness since February of 2016. With his vast knowledge of everything from cultivation to retail to life in general, his patients are comfortable asking Jonny anything, nothing is off limits! Let's learn about Johnny G and his experience being a budtender. Where are you from?

Flathead County, in Northwest Montana.

When did you first get involved with cannabis?

My father was a medical marijuana patient in Montana for multiple back and neck fractures. Medical cannabis was the only medicine that the doctors prescribed that I felt didn’t suck the life from him. I quickly jumped on the knowledge train and read material like Jorge Cervantes’ Indoor Grower's Bible, and asked QUESTIONS ...lots of questions. Photography By The Herbal Connoisseur

Since you are a self proclaimed "Dr. Phil" for your patients, what's the wildest scenario that you had to listen to from a patient?

The crazy scenarios would take far too long to go through but I will say that in this industry and as a budtender to the community I hear and am asked every colorful question you can image. The most common questions I would say come from females on the senior side of life that want to have an enjoyable and fulfilling love life. Now they can certainly make you blush in a room full of people, and I think that is the goal most of the time but I just smile and recommend a great sativa like Strawberry Cough or Flo. If they need a little extra help then we carry a more personal item called “Just Our Secret” from Cannamore.

Dab, Smoke, Vape, Eat, Topical, or Insertable?


I’m a flower lover from the beginning, “Fortune Cookie” from Deep Roots Harvest is my jam right now. However, after spending the last year learning under the award winning head extractor for Red Dragon Brotherz, bring the dabs on. If you got fire, I want to try it!

Where do you spend your days off?

A. If I am not with my newborn then I am learning and growing with the Red Dragon Brotherz team. Do you want marijuana to be recreational?

A. Yes, I believe that it would give everyone the choice and the ability to obtain cannabis affordably and safely. To see how this flower can give a sick, dying patient a better outlook on their day or week is truly inspiring and I want to be able to spread that to as many people as possible. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Amsterdam and spend a week just enjoying cafes and original genetics. Taking time to soak in the true essence of this beautiful flower and smoke some amazing hash!! I always hear stories from the crew about Amsterdam and Travis the homie from Pheno Finder Seeds has a café that was gifted to him that he has always offered so maybe one day I’ll be kicking my feet up in a different part of the world. Here’s everyone that helped me get to where I am today. I would like to especially thank my wife Mikayla and the RDB crew for the support, my best friend Aaron Nino for absolutely everything you do, because without you none of this is possible. Visit Jonny G over at Sahara Wellness, located between The Strip and and Downtown Las Vegas, on 420 E Sahara Ave.

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Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24

Vegas Cannabis Magazine  

September 2016 Issue #24