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“Las Vegas is ready for NHL“ Wax Up. Vegas Gets an NHL Hockey Team.

“Understanding Beta Caryophyllene” Monthly terpene education by Deep Roots.

“Cannabis and Alzheimer’s” Cannabis helps Americans keep their memories alive.

“Preparing for Legalization” Avoiding Colorado’s medical marijuana problems in Nevada.

“100K Student Votes” Vote yes on 2 by educating Vegas college students.

“News From the Front Lines” Cannabis crimes and how you can help free prisoners. C U LT U R E

“Ruby, The Rare Gem, Healed With Cannabis Oil” The Ruckus Rant: Special Edition by Rob Ruckus

“A Moment Of Reflection” Hopper Stone talks about the future of the cannabis market.

“Getting High Before The Show” Top Vegas shows to see while you’re stoned.

“Get It Right The First Time” Best practices for owning a medical cannabis dispensary. Cooking with cannabis to make medicated pasta.


“Addie From The Dispensary” Our monthly budtender spotlight of Vegas’ best budtenders.

“Mystic Roots Interview” Dropping a new album, ‘Change’ outside of Reggae


“Edible Nation” The path to accepting cannabis. Photography by DopeFoto

"Standup with Tick Segerblom" Each month, we find someone willing to speak for cannabis.

“Cooking With Cannabis” Chef Fred cooks with Vegas Cannabis Mag at Chalice 2016.

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EDITORS NOTE This month you might notice a few changes within the magazine. Don’t worry,

although the look is new, the same awesome content is still in tact. This month is our big relaunch; new layout, logo and website. With these changes, we also welcome some new additions to our team. Agency THC who is responsible for creating our new and improved website has come on board to oversee the digital side of Vegas Cannabis Magazine. We have also partnered with Dope Foto, whose team shot this amazing cover. These new additions, along with our seasoned writers, supportive advertisers, and loyal readers, have made Vegas Cannabis the magazine it is today. This issue focuses on edibles. Check out our feature article Edible Nation and don’t miss our monthly introduction of new dispensary products, which also highlights a handful of edibles this month. For those of you who are new to the use of edibles as medication, please remember to eat a meal prior to consumption and start slow. A starter dose of any edible should be around 5-10 milligrams. Most edibles take approximately one hour to kick in, so wait an hour before consuming more to gauge your tolerance. In the case that you consume too much and begin to feel uncomfortable or anxious (it has happened to the best of us), do not panic! Simply find a spot to lie down and try to fall asleep to let the side effects wear off. Most importantly, please be mindful of the fact that some edibles do appear appealing to children so be sure to keep them under lock and key. Lastly, now is the time to start giving thought to Question 2. If passed it would

allow recreational adult use of cannabis here in Nevada. As with most proposed laws, this one has pros and cons no matter which way you choose to vote. So, do your homework. Go online and read through the proposed bill and at the same time, read through Nevada Revised Statute 453A so that you understand the existing rights for patients. Each of us, as productive members of the cannabis community must take responsibility for educating ourselves so that we can make an informed decision at the polls. Have an awesome rest of the summer!

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qualified out-of-state patients

EDITORIAL Editorial Director Stephanie Shehan Digital Director Brian Wroblewski

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LAS VEGAS IS READY FOR NHL Wax Up. Vegas Gets an NHL Hockey Team. BY BRIAN WROBLEWSKI Every month, Vegas Cannabis Magazine will be shedding light on cannabis and it’s role within sports. We will be bringing news, policy reformation, and interviews with some of the elite athletes in the United States. Athletes have been testing positive for marijuana for years, and many of the professional and university level organizations have been forced to reevaluate their stance on the use of marijuana in recovery. This month, we will cover

the NHL granting Las Vegas their 31st franchise and our 1st professional team in history. Not only is this historic for Las Vegas, but this is a win for cannabis. The NHL has a list of banned substances and cannabis is not on that list. Hockey players can choose to medicate without fear of losing their professional hockey player status. The NHL and NHLPA have always agreed that as long as the player does not do detrimental damage to themselves or others, then

they will not penalize the player. With 7 franchises in Canada, we should not be surprised that players medicate, considering the relaxed cannabis laws of our neighbors to the north. Hockey players have been known to be some of the toughest professional athletes with fighting being a part of the game, heavy checking into the boards, and rough play is encouraged, all while skating on ice. We have all seen the pictures of bloodied, battered hockey

players missing teeth screaming profanities at the opposition taunting their way to the penalty box. While the adrenaline is pumping, it is masking the pain, but at the end of the night many players turn to cannabis for recovery and relaxation. Las Vegans have been pleading for a professional sports team, but there were always concerns about players fixing games to beat the odds and manipulate the sportsbooks. Hockey betting volume is the lowest

in all of Vegas compared to all other professional and college sports, so in my opinion, this is a bigger test to see if any scandal arises between players and illegal oddsmakers. Billionaire, Texas born Bill Foley rallied the Las Vegas community and was able to sell 15,000 season tickets as soon as the team was announced, according to his website. It would not be surprising if a big chunk of those season tickets purchased were by corporations, but we are unable to verify until the center ice seats start filling up in 2017. We reached out to Bill Foley’s office to get a statement regarding their

position on cannabis, but unfortunately we did not get a response. Keeping the game clean and the home and visitor players under control in Sin City will be the key to opening the gates to other professional organizations to call the Las Vegas Valley their home. If we can handle the logistics of NHL hockey, then there is a greater chance of an NFL franchise calling Las Vegas home. We came up with a few names at Vegas Cannabis for our hockey team. Vote for your favorite name and we will personally deliver the winning choice to Bill Foley’s office to see what he thinks..

Las Vegas NHL Hockey Team Names Las Vegas Hitters Las Vegas Playmakers Las Vegas Bosses Las Vegas Dealers Las Vegas Mafia Cast your vote or leave a comment online at




to it’s targeting of the endocannabinoid CB2 receptors, while ignoring the CB1 receptor, which is typically associated with the euphoric high of THC. Because it does not target the CB1 receptor and does not deliver a high, BCP is an effective way to medicate without interfering with motor skills. Interestingly, BCP is the first terpene that is FDA approved as a food additive. BCP was first synthesized in 1964, but it wasn’t until 2008 when German scientists discovered its cannabinoid like properties

and effects. BCP has been shown to treat various inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. In addition, it is used to treat depression and anxiety and can also induce relaxation and sleep to combat insomnia. BCP can increase bone mass and block pain receptors making it effective in treating osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. Ryan Breeden is the Chief Operating Officer at Deep Roots Harvest in Las Vegas.

TERPENE PROFILE Alleviate your depression with Beta Caryophyllene.

Terpenes are the essential oils in cannabis that give each strain it’s unique scent. There are over 100 known terpenes that have been discovered, and are produced in the secretory cells called trichomes, which is also where cannabinoids are produced. Often overlooked by the heavily researched cannabinoids, relatively little is known about terpenes. Enough is known about them to realize that there is more to terpenes than just their contribution to the unique aroma of cannabis. Research shows terpenes work synergistically in an entourage effect with other compounds and cannabinoids to offer an array of physical and medicinal benefits. There are many aromatic plants that create terpenes such as pine trees, citrus trees and plants, black

pepper, hops, mint and lavender. Terpenes are the product of evolution, and serve such purposes as attracting pollinators and deterring predators. The development of a plant’s terpene profile is determined by a number of factors including grow medium, climate, nutrients, feedings and sometimes the age of the plant. Plants produce more terpenes when temperatures are higher, and produce scent and aromas throughout the day. For this purpose many growers believe that mornings are the best time to harvest cannabis. This month’s terpene education profile is on Beta Caryophyllene. Beta Caryophyllene is a terpene that is present in the essential oil of cannabis. Beta Caryophyllene, also known as BCP is a terpene that some categorize as a cannabinoid due

Boiling Point 160° Celsius (320° Fahrenheit) Aromas Beta Caryophyllene has a very spicy smell, like peppers. It also has scents of black pepper, wood, and spices. Physical Effects No detectable physical effects. Also Found In Pepper, Cloves, Hops, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, and more. Medical Benefits Antioxidant, Inflammation, Muscle Spasm Relief, Pain Relief and Insomnia. Beta Caryophyllene is also known to elevate your mood and alleviate your depression. Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Microbial. Strains high in Beta Caryophyllene OG Kush, Hash Plant, Girl Scout Cookies*, Bubba Kush, Pineapple Express*, Supa Don, DJ Short Blueberry, and Trainwreck. *Deep Roots Harvest strains can be found in Nevada based dispensaries. Check our Dispensery Map.

Each month, Vegas Cannabis Magazine will be partnering with local cultivators. Send us your terpene education requests to our email:

CANNABIS AND ALZHEIMER’S Cannabis helps Americans keep their memories alive.

BY DR. KIT, PHARM. D, RPH. Alzheimer’s disease is the most well-known of all the types of dementia. Dementia causes progressively worsening difficulties with memory, thinking, and behavior. As the disease progresses, it affects such basic functions as speaking, walking, and swallowing. It is currently the sixth leading cause of death in the United States (and the only one of the top ten that has no known prevention or cure). Approximately 5.4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s, including an estimated 41,000 Nevadans. Although Alzheimer’s disease is not specifically defined as an approved medical condition for medical cannabis use in Nevada, patients or their caregivers, with proper documentation, have the option to appeal for entry into the program. We will examine the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease and the evidence for the use of cannabis to treat both the symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is believed to be caused by inflammation in the brain (from stress, aging, or environmental exposures), which leads to the formation of amyloid beta and tau proteins. Amyloid beta proteins accumulate into plaques that deposit between nerve cells in the brain, while tau proteins accumulate into tangles inside the nerve cells in the brain and throughout the body, which eventually leads to

dementia symptoms. However, Alzheimer’s disease-associated plaque development may begin up to 20 years before symptoms are apparent. Although plaques and tangles are formed as a normal part of aging, they are much more plentiful in Alzheimer’s disease. The plaques and tangles begin accumulating in the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning, eventually spreading to other parts of the brain responsible for walking, talking, and eating. It is not yet known what the significance of the plaques and tangles is, but they are believed to disrupt

have only recently emerged as potential research targets for treatment both of symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s disease. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease investigated the use of cannabis concentrate oil to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 11 Israeli patients had medical cannabis oil added to their current medication regimen for 4 weeks. Patients were assessed on the following symptoms before adding cannabis and after 4 weeks of treatment: delusions, hallucinations, agitation, dysphoria, anxiety, apathy,

Approximately 5.4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s, including an estimated 41,000 Nevadans. the communication between nerve cells, eventually leading to nerve cell death. Once nerve cells die, they cannot be regenerated. Death of nerve cells leads to worsening symptoms, including the loss of self-care (including basic functions such as eating, drinking, and toileting), as well as the regulation of breathing and heart rate, which slowly and eventually leads to death. Currently available treatments ease some of the symptoms of the disease, such as confusion and agitation, but do not affect the progress of the disease. Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system

irritability, euphoria, disinhibition, aberrant motor behavior, night-time behavior disturbances, and appetite/ eating abnormalities and caregiver distress. Patients were measured on the Clinical Global Scale, which assesses the severity of illness, and the Neuropsychiatric Inventory, which measures both the frequency and severity of symptoms. Prior to starting therapy, patients’ average CGI score was 6.5 out of 7 (with 7 being the most severe). After 4 weeks of treatment with medical cannabis oil, the CGI score dropped significantly to 5.7. NPI scores also significantly

dropped from 44.4 (out of a possible 144 at the most severe) to 12.8 after treatment with cannabis oil. The drawbacks to this study are the small sample size, the lack of placebo control, and the fact that patients and their caregivers knew that they were receiving cannabis oil. The study was only conducted over a few weeks, so unfortunately, we don’t know if cannabis would be effective in reducing symptoms over the long term, or if any side effects, interactions, or worsening of symptoms would become evident over a longer term. However, the study shows great promise, and hopefully will lead to longer, larger and placebo-controlled studies in the future. Other studies looked at the effect of cannabis to affect the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease. In a 2016 Frontiers of Neurosciencereview article, the authors reviewed several studies conducted with labgrown nerve cells, as well as in mice bred for a predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. Both types of subjects showed an increase in inflammatory chemicals when they were exposed to stress, which led to the development of amyloid beta proteins and associated plaques. These increased inflammatory chemicals were also associated with an increase of Cannabinoid-Type 2 (CB2) receptors, as well as alterations in some of those CB2 receptors that impaired

their function. When those nerve cells (including the ones in the genetically-modified mice), were exposed to cannabis or synthetic cannabis derivatives that stimulated the CB2 receptors, the inflammatory chemicals decreased, and receptors returned to nearly normal function. As a result, no further damage to nerve cells occurred, nerve cells were able to expel the toxic proteins, and nerve cell life was continued, arresting the progress of Alzheimer’s disease in these cell and animal experiments. In a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in early 2015, researchers examined the effect of botanical extracts of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and a THC/CBD combination on Alzheimer’s disease symptoms in mice with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease and early stages of the disease. The THC/CBD combination, but not THC or CBD alone, led to a reduction in learning impairment, decreased amyloid beta proteins and inflammatory chemicals in the blood, and led to a change in the plaque composition. Unfortunately, this study did not have a placebo group, and did not randomly assign mice to treatment. Experimenters were aware which treatment group each mouse was in, which may have led to bias on the part of the researchers. However, the results show that cannabis has the potential to treat both the symptoms and at least some of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. The most recent study that was published showing a potential benefit of cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s dis-

ease was conducted at the Salk Institute using a single parent cell culture derived from a human brain tumor. In this study, published in the June 2016 issue of The Journal Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, these human cells were experimentally altered to produce high amounts of amyloid beta proteins, which then began producing increasing amounts of inflammatory markers such as cytokines, eicosanoids, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes. These inflammatory chemicals were found to progressively has-

and accelerated the time to nerve cell death by 50%. While still preliminary, and only conducted in human nerve cells, this study shows that cannabis may have a strong role in stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, especially in its most early stages. Edible products containing cannabis are a very accessible way for patients with Alzheimer’s disease to medicate, especially if the patient has never used cannabis or has not used cannabis for many years. Cannabis-infused products

ten nerve cell death, which leads to disease progression. However, when the same cells were exposed to cannabinoids such as THC, which stimulate CB2 receptors, amyloid beta production was decreased and resultant inflammatory chemical production was eliminated, leading to decreased nerve cell death. Experimenters also exposed the cells to CB2 receptor blockers, which increased the production of inflammatory chemicals and amyloid beta proteins

are available in a wide variety of forms, from candies and sweet treats, to beverages and even savory snacks such as popcorn or macaroni and cheese. Start with a very low dosage (10 mg or less), then wait at least 45 minutes before evaluating the effect of the dose. The cannabis in infused edibles must be digested by the stomach, metabolized by the liver, then absorbed into the bloodstream by the small intestine, all before it can be utilized by the body to cause

a therapeutic effect. If the patient does not wait long enough for the edible to take effect, he or she can easily take more than is needed, possibly leading to undesirable side effects. And just as it takes longer to take effect than other ways of taking cannabis, it also takes longer to wear off than other dosage forms, so if the patient takes too much, the undesirable effects will last longer than with other dosage forms. So remember to start low (low dose) and go slow (wait at least 45 minutes before giving additional doses) when medicating with edibles. When used as they are intended, cannabis-infused edibles provide a safe, effective, and easy way to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The use of cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s has only recently begun to be studied. Researchers have experimented heavily over the past 10-15 years on genetically modified mice and human cell cultures, but only a few studies have been conducted with humans. Heavy restrictions on the use of cannabis in research have inhibited the progress of further investigation. Synthetic and botanical cannabis have both shown great promise in the treatment, and possibly prevention, of Alzheimer’s disease through the reduction of inflammatory markers, amyloid beta plaques, and tau protein tangles that are the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease. For a disease lacking adequate treatment options, cannabis provides a beacon of hope to the millions of Americans affected by this devastating and heartbreaking illness. Dr. Kit, Pharm. D, RPh is the co-owner of Medigrow, a Nevada grow school.

PREPARING FOR LEGALIZATION Avoiding Colorado’s medical marijuana problems in Nevada BY RIANA DURRETT, ESQ. Recently, a delegation of Nevada legislators and stakeholders visited Denver to gather the information necessary to decide whether or not Colorado’s model might work in Nevada, assuming voters pass Question 2 this fall. Should Question 2 pass, the information gained by the Nevada delegation will serve to inform Nevada’s approach to safely and effectively implementing recreational use. The trip, organized by Nevada Dispensary Association Executive Director Riana Durrett, was made with several significant questions in mind. First, how does Colorado tax marijuana and what does Colorado do with that revenue? Second, what is Colorado’s approach to avoiding teen use of marijuana and how does Colorado approach the DUI issue? Third, have there been public health impacts and what is Colorado doing to address those impacts? Last, how does the medical marijuana program continue to thrive once recreational use has passed? The Nevada delegation, which included Senator Patricia Farley, Assemblyman Derek Armstrong, and Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, met with Colorado legislators and stakeholders, who were accommodating and forthcoming with

valuable information. Of particular interest to Senator Farley was the issue of public health impacts as well as receiving advice on preventing teen use. Farley noted that the importance of Nevada’s legalization of marijuana in the state must reflect the voice of its residents. “Question 2 is a voter initiative. It is not up to the legislature, but the legislature must properly implement the will of the people.”

of Colorado’s marijuana leaders. This skepticism was not without warrant and the Colorado representatives themselves were the first to admit that Colorado has made mistakes that Nevada may now have the foresight to avoid. The delegation’s medical representative, Julie Monteiro, RN, was instrumental in asking questions on behalf of patients. When the issue of edibles shaped and flavored

“Question 2 is a voter initiative. It is not up to the legislature, but the legislature must properly implement the will of the people.” The Nevada delegation traveled to Colorado with a healthy amount of skepticism, despite their eagerness to be exposed to the useful experience

to resemble candy arose, Monteiro was the first to point out that cancer patients may benefit from and even require food to be as appetizing as possible.

Each presenter during the two-day trip rightly sought to address Nurse Monteiro’s concerns, who stood firmly as a patient advocate throughout. Ultimately, the most significant lessons learned during the delegation’s trip, for industry and the public, hinge on communication between government officials in Nevada; the importance of crafting a public awareness campaign in Nevada if Question 2 passes; implementing programs to prevent teen use; and the crucial significance of ensuring that Nevada’s medical marijuana program remains intact and is supported to prevent its endangerment. Riana Durrett, Esq. is the Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association,

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As the vote for recreational (adult) use rapidly approaches, it’s shocking to discover how many people on Nevada’s college campuses haven’t the slightest idea as to what question two is. What’s even more shocking is that many student supporters who vow to vote #YesOn2 have yet to register to vote. Some students think that medical marijuana is still illegal in Nevada while others believe recreational use is already here because of the dispensaries they see advertised in popular magazines.

only student cannabis organization Nevada State College Scorpions CAN on facebook. Visit to find out more about what Nevada students are already doing. Identify like minded cannabis supporters on your campus. (To learn how to start a Cannabis Awareness Network [CAN] at your college email: info@ This month is unique in that it’s the first time we highlight a student from another state. This Master’s graduate foresees the potential opportunities

If properly educated and prepared, the college student population of Nevada has the potential and the numbers to play a deciding role in the outcome of the November vote. If properly educated and prepared, the college student population of Nevada has the potential and the numbers to play a deciding role in the outcome of the November vote. Bringing in outside voices from off campus to raise awareness is fine but for the most effective results student leaders should be supported in taking a vanguard role. (To learn more about supporting the college effort email: info@ Students interested in opportunities regarding cannabis as it relates to higher education as well as students that just want to find out more; join the Nevada Student Cannabis Coalition facebook group. ‘Like’ the state’s first and

offered by the Nevada cannabis industry and has relocated to Las Vegas to take part in its growth. While attending a Women’s Grow event here in Las Vegas earlier this year she met with local student leaders and other industry insiders. “Tara Lynn and the good folks over at NV Cann Lab invited me to attend a Women’s Grow event and that’s where I met Lisa,” said Deuvall Dorsey of REDEFINE cannabis. “While networking with everyone she filled the room with her passion for cannabis. When she told me about her academic research and her cannabis Master’s thesis I knew we would be collaborating in the near future.”

THE ARRIVAL OF LISA NOETH This month we salute the research of Lisa Noeth, we welcome her to Las Vegas and congratulate her on her recent wedding. Lisa Melanie Noeth received her master’s degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Relations from New York University in May 2016. Lisa is an expert on the relationship between drug liberalization as an approach to criminal justice reform and harm reduction as a means to eradicate the violence and socioeconomic inequality associated with the War on Drugs in the US and Latin America. She was rewarded with the NYU Global Research Initiative fellowship at New York University’s Washington DC location in the spring 2016 semester. There she researched drug policy reform, drug addiction, and incarceration rates among women and mothers using medical cannabis for her master’s thesis. Lisa became involved with attending Women Grow networking events in DC and NYC, including the Women Grow Leadership Summit in Denver this past February. On September 8, 2016, she will publish her master’s thesis as a nonfiction novel entitled “Trending High: A Call to Criminal Justice Reform and Drug Liberalization”. On September 9, 2016 Lisa will be speaking at her first cannabis conference for the Los Angeles Cannabis

World Congress and Business Expo titled “The Opportunity of Diversity in the Cannabis Industry for Women and Women of Color”. Lisa founded “The Cannabis Lady Co”, which she will be launching Fall 2016. The Cannabis Lady Co. is a contemporary cannabis lifestyle brand. Through her brand, Lisa will be providing professional speaking services ranging from different topics in the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Lady Co. will also provide cannabis lifestyle coaching services, which will be targeted towards mentoring college students and those thinking about getting involved with the cannabis industry. Lisa prides herself as a small business owner, she also owns LPN Trading LLC, an Amazon reselling ecommerce company. Lisa has a passion for serving her community’s needs, as well as an advocate for medical cannabis rights and a future elected official. She is committed to women’s empowerment through entrepreneurial opportunities, community outreach, and emphasizing the importance of higher education to children in Nevada. Lisa arrived in Las Vegas last month with her husband, Phil. She looks forward to becoming involved with the cannabis industry and serving the Las Vegas community.







It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Eugene Fischer. Eugene passed away peacefully, with his family by his side July 7, 2016. Eugene never made any qualms about what he was arrested for. He was more than an outlaw, he was a freedom fighter that walked the walk and talked the talk. Arrested at age 47 after 5 years of running what would be known as the largest marijuana operation of his time, Eugene had his first fight and lost; The battle of Eugene Fischer vs. The United States Government. His next battle was his most important one, the stuff that Hollywood movies are made of. In 2012, after serving 25 years in prison Eugene won his freedom and was on a mission to help all his brothers and sisters locked up for pot and that’s how Eugene viewed everyone, as a brother and sister. First, Eugene began volunteering for The Human Solution International. There every Sunday, he would co-host telling his story and bonding with fellow prisoners of the drug war like Craig Cesal. It was here that we were first moved by his voice and passion and knew there was no misjustice this man would take because he held his head up by doing the morally right thing of helping others that suffered like him.

After The Human Solution International, Eugene went on to help create V.O.W (Voices Of The Cannabis War) with Kristin Flor and Mindi Griffiths. Here, they continue the efforts of ending the drug war by providing the greatest weapon, HOPE, through their weekly radio program. Hope to prisoners already locked up and hope for patients and those in the industry who could possibly be affected by unjust cannabis laws Eugen Fischer was a hero, a guiding light to so many when there seems to be a horrible darkness around us. Eugene stood against the horrible machine known as prohibition, not just for his and many other’s personal freedom, but for a social balance which would mean less deaths of minorities and police alike. The failed War on Drugs has real prisoners and victims, and they’re all Americans. Eugene Fischer needs to be remembered with the likes of Jack Herer and Dennis Peron, for these men have helped changed the marijuana conversation by being living examples of why the war on marijuana is wrong. Eugene lived more in his 4 years of freedom than most and that’s because Eugene recognized the value of time and how little time we have to get this right. Rest in Peace Eugene, the Earth lost one more angel.


According to reports, the first federal cannabis case in Oregon since 2011 targets a local teenager. Nineteen year old Devontre Thomas can now be counted among the many still facing life long consequences for consuming a miracle plant. The case was filed in April, approximately one year after the supposed crime, for one count of marijuana possession. Reports state Thomas was not in possession of cannabis at the time, but his friend had fragments and remnants. It is not clear why federal prosecutors are pursuing this case. What is apparent is that even in “legal states” the government is still locking up otherwise law abiding and productive citizens for possession of a plant. Federal data indicate prosecutors charged 2,349 people with marijuana possession in the United States last year. Washington

Every August, the most amazing marijuana event in the nation takes place in Seattle. What started as a “Protestival”, is now a major annual celebration of our plant. Even though laws have yet to fully catch up with the times, people in the mainstream are starting to realize that marijuana is not the same “drug” they were taught about in high school. This year at Seattle Hempfest, two former prisoners of the

drug war will be speaking at the event - Jeff Mizansky and George Martorano who each served over 20 years of their life sentences for pot. Both of these men were continually helped by people on the outside. George was actually sponsored and supported by Seattle Hempfest during the last leg of his sentence. The fact that they were not forgotten while behind bars shows that battles can be won, but it’s the entire War on Drugs that needs to end, because it’s truly just a war on our own communities. Nevada

Judge Bixler: The Potfather: As medical marijuana is increasingly grown, produced and regulated for profit, the faces of the cultivators are changing. Gone are the small-timers who were once growing for the mere love of the plant and its medicinal properties, not the profit that can be made. Up and coming are the highprofile power hitters, such as Las Vegas’ very own Judge James Bixler, president of Southern Nevada Growers, Inc. with licenses to cultivate and produce cannabis in North Las Vegas, Clark County Attorney Stephen Pingree, who is heading Symbiosis, LLC with a cultivation license and Assemblyman William Horne, who is receiving a license for production under C.W. Nevada, LLC.

Of particular interest is Judge Bixler, who was publicly quoted as saying that he plans to recuse himself from a case that involves medical marijuana if his applications for cultivation and production are accepted, yet he made several rulings on said medical marijuana case in the summer of 2014, a few months after applying for the medical marijuana licenses. Despite stating,

think medical was just an excuse to get high, but that he thinks differently now. This raises the question of why he changed his views on medical marijuana - his personal investment in the newly flourishing industry may just be the reason. A judge holding cultivation and production licenses for medical marijuana is an obvious conflict of interest. A decision on whether a judge can hold licenses for

“Our old War on Drugs is a farce. We’re not losing. We’ve lost. We need to step back and take a whole new approach. And it needs to start with education. We need to start treating drug addicts like drug addicts instead of like prisoners.” “Our old War on Drugs is a farce. We’re not losing. We’ve lost. We need to step back and take a whole new approach. And it needs to start with education. We need to start treating drug addicts like drug addicts instead of like prisoners.” Judge Bixler’s ruling was to set bail at over $100,000 and to deny the defendant a medical marijuana defense. As a result, the defendant spent over seven months in jail. These rulings appear to go against his stated views on the need to approach drug cases in a different way. More recently, during this same defendants sentencing, Judge Bixler was on the stand yet again, despite recusing himself from the case due to an obvious conflict of interest almost two years prior. Members of The Human Solution International attended the sentencing to stand in solidarity and show support. Mike from THSI stated that prior to once again recusing himself, the judge said that he used to

the production, cultivation, or dispensing of medical marijuana was due to be released at the time of the writing of this article. Let’s hope the correct decision is made. Can-Do Guardian Angel Program- Can-Do Justice through Clemency launched a new program inspired from the “combination of those in need, plus good samaritans expressing a desire to get involved.” Can-do is providing stepby-step instructions on how each volunteer can assist the prisoner in jumping the hurdles of the government’s red tape. The program will last until one of two things occur. Each clemency applicant receives their own “set of wings” in the form of clemency, or President Obama leaves office, at which point the hope is that all applicants are on the final list. If you would like to learn more about the Guardian Angel program or Can-Do Justice through Clemency, please visit:


• Large selection at competitive prices • Out of State Patients WELCOME! • Convenient Hours - Open early and late • Central Location - Just minutes from Downtown and the Strip • Plenty of parking available in our private and discreet lot • Senior Citizen and Veteran’s discounts offered

• Free Delivery to Nevada Patients with orders of $50 order or more • Oil, Wax and Rosin Concentrates • Over 30 Strains of Flower • Edibles, Topicals and Accessories • CBD products for you and your dog


Enter to win $100 off your order & get a coupon for a $1 preroll. Text “WIN100” to 38470.* *Limit: One entry/coupon per patient. Valid only during August, 2016.

(702) 420-2405


The road to acceptance of mainstream medical marijuana will start with edible cannabis products.

Photography by DopeFoto

EDIBLE NATION The path to accepting cannabis. BY BRIAN WROBLEWSKI Photography by DopeFoto

This month we focus on edibles, medibles, medicated foods and infused ingestible tinctures. Here in Nevada, if you enter a dispensary you can find a variety of different edibles ranging from classic medicated cookies to lozenges to infused cooking oils. Throughout this article, Vegas Cannabis Magazine will focus on edible education and the path to adopting cannabis as medicine to the general public, who have been brainwashed by a 45 year prohibition advertising campaign. The prohibition of cannabis started with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 in the United States, which stopped the sale and use of legal cannabis. People still found ways to enjoy cannabis recreationally, since our country has the perfect climate for growing the miracle plant. In the 1970’s, the government introduced the Controlled Substances Act, where cannabis was officially classified as a Schedule 1 drug along with heroin and ecstasy. This helped the Nixon administration to fuel an advertising campaign to combat the War on Drugs. For 45 years and 3 generations, cannabis was mass marketed as “The Gateway Drug” which leads to the use of other Schedule 1 drugs. For all of the readers here, that’s an agenda that is tough to stomach. The harsh reality is that we have to rewrite

history and change people’s perceptions on cannabis. Edibles may be the solution that can pave the way into acceptance for our divided nation. The best thing about trying to change perceptions in this day and age is that we have access to incredible information. Studies, testimonials, legalization and the internet have been able to change the perception of cannabis in less than 5 years. However, the general public will still associate cannabis with smoking. As a community enveloped by cannabis culture, we tend to look for the quickest way to get our medicine, and that does typically come by inhalation.

Do we, as a community, want cannabis to be legalized, then scrutinized for the way we take our medicine? If not, then we need to become an edible nation. The cannabis industry needs widespread acceptance of cannabis as medicine, and the easiest path

is by taking medication in a familiar way that people take prescription drugs. Since we are a pill nation reliant on our prescriptives, it would not be wildly unfamiliar for a patient to consume cannabis orally, as medicine. Edibles have come a long way since the days of eating a homemade cannabis infused brownie, where no information was known about dosing, strains or safety standards. If there is one thing that Nevada knows how to do, it is regulate. Nevada has found a way to legalize and regulate gambling, tourism, entertainment and prostitution. Nevada also knows that we set the example for the rest of the world, so as expected, medical cannabis is under strict regulations. This is clear in the edibles that are found in all of the dispensaries around the state. Everything that you buy comes in child proof packaging, with edible education on the labels, including the dosage per serving. Dosage is extremely important when consuming edibles. First time edible users should be aware that every

person’s body digests the medibles differently, so reaction time can vary based on previous meal time, metabolism and tolerance level. Today, we have many choices, and in Nevada we are working towards setting the right example for edibles, but we still have some work to do. If the goal is legalization and harnessing the plant’s healing power as medicine, then the packaging should reflect more information about the ingredients if the medicine is an edible. There are many people who have food allergies or are intolerant to many ingredients that are found in Nevada’s edibles. At some point, we need to understand the side effects of our medicine, so that it does not cause further complications in scenarios where an individual has an intolerance to gluten, is a diabetic or follows a kosher diet. If a patient in Nevada has an extreme peanut allergy and eats a chocolate bar that was produced in a facility where peanuts are handled, who becomes liable if the

EDIBLES EDUCATION Start with one. Start with a low-dose or single serving product until you know how edibles will affect you. Wait, go slow. Edibles can take up to 2 hours or longer to take effect. Don't mix. Edibles should not be mixed with alcohol or controlled substances. Keep out of reach. Keep away from children, pets, or ANYONE under 21, and store in original packaging.

patient goes into anaphylactic shock? With no regulatory agency, such as the FDA, mandating that all ingredients are listed, how do we really know what is in our medicine? These are questions that consumers, who are not patients, are asking. Controversially, these are the same consumers that will take a prescribed medication from their doctor to moderate pain, without even questioning the possible detrimental side effects.

ble until I got to college and someone gave me a marijuana laced brownie. It laid me out for an entire day and I swore off edibles until I became a patient here in Vegas, qualifying for a card due to a back injury stemming from shenanigans. I relayed this horrific edible experience to my budtender and told Rachel, “I want to be a better father. I want to be able to carry my one year old daughter on hikes to Red Rock and

“I want to be a better father. I want to be able to carry my 1 year old daughter on hikes to Red Rock and I don’t want to have back pain.” For many years, I medicated the way that most of you medicated and that was not through purchasing directly from a dispensary. Back in the day, I rolled up and listened to my favorite music genre and that was 90’s East Coast Hip Hop. We rolled either Phillies or Garcia y Vegas and smoked blunts, because that is what all the rappers were smoking. I never saw a piece of glass, bong, or papers, let alone an edi-

I don’t want to have back pain.” She proceeded to tell me about tolerance levels, assessing dosage and appropriately guided me to some 1.5mg THC gummies. Now, these gummies have become a part of my treatment plan and I am able to be a better father to my daughter. When that gummy kicks in, I am my daughter’s super dad. My brain shuts off from work, tells me that there is no back pain and I truly cherish every

moment that I have with her. I spend my time relearning the alphabet, reading books, and I am there to teach her about the world. That is a true story of a successful prescription of cannabis edibles to a medical

patient, that will be relatable to millions of parents across the country. This is the path. I am a patient. I am a father. I am a hard worker. I live better every day, because I medicate with the right dosage of edible cannabis.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA ASSISTANCE PROGRAM If you are a medical patient with a qualifying condition and you cannot afford the physician and state fees associated with obtaining your medical card, please visit and fill out our short form. If your application is chosen, you will be sent to one of our sponsoring physicians at no cost to you. If the physician deems that you are eligible for the medical marijuana program, they will cover the state fees as well. You will only be responsible for the $13.25 DMV fee.

Approved Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Nevada AIDS Cancer Glaucoma PTSD Cachexia

Muscle Spasms Seizures Severe Nausea Severe Pain






Medical cards from all participating states accepted. Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary, Inc.



Hello and welcome to another Ruckus Rant. Again, I know I keep harping on this but, WHERE IS THE RSO??? I’m writing this piece on July 19th, 2016. That was one of my best friends, Doug Frye’s birthday. Doug died of cancer. We lived together, playing music, doing drugs, chasing girls, and generally doing what 20-30 year old guys do,

for about 20 years. About the time he passed away, another friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer too. I’ve written about them before. That’s where my passion for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and helping people with the use of cannabis really started. Anyhow, today I got to spend the day with Ruby and she’s doing great. She no longer lives in Las Vegas

so I don’t see her often, but that smile and spirit still cuts right through me. The cancer is still gone, no damage from THC at all other than it made her an even more amazing, creative, loving and wonderful kid. (This coming from someone who is NOT a fan of kids.) Seeing what this oil has done for her and even working in a dispensary, I

still can’t help others with it other than to say “do it yourself but that’s breaking the law so be careful”!!! It breaks my heart. This is a plea to the growers and companies that have production licenses, let me come do it for you. People are dying that don’t have to. People are suffering that don’t have to. I’ve seen the results!! I played games with, made videos and took pictures of, watched YouTube videos with and embrace these survivors as much as I can today. Seeing her today, on the day I wish I could spend with my brother Doug is the best way I could have spent the day other than finding out I can make oil somewhere and make it available to EVERYONE (with a legal medical marijuana card.) I’m willing to do the work for you, are you ready to get the patients what they need? Or are you full of shit and just here for the money and not as it says in every ad “For The Patients”? Let’s get people THE MOST MEDICINAL FORM OF CANNABIS and let’s do it now! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E’s Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio. #TheRuckusRant

I always have been and always will be a stoner. It’s just who I am.



What a long strange trip it’s been. Rather than actually sitting down and tokin’ with someone this month, I decided to sit back, fire up a joint of MK Ultra, reflect on the past year, and use this space to give thanks and gratitude to everyone who has been reading this column in Vegas Cannabis Magazine. I’ve done a lot of dope shit in my life, but cannabis is my passion, my calling. It has truly been an honor to toke with the growers who grow, the activists who

advocate, the breeders who breed, and the patients in need. They are the heart and soul of the community. But still, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, right? That’s why I also toke with artists, rappers, bands, and comedians. Entertainers are a vital part of the community, because they bring much needed attention to our cause. Strain after strain, joint after joint, dab after dab, and month after month, Tokin’ With The Infamous has been a blast, and it’s

GETTING HIGH BEFORE THE SHOW Top vegas shows to see while stoned BY JASON STURTSMAN

only getting better from here. In the future, expect more of the same, and then some. Not only will I be tokin’ with some pretty big names you all have heard of, I also plan to highlight the activists and patients who work behind the scenes to make the cannabis movement what it is. For every pot leaf t-shirt wearing cannabis lover, there are thousands of patients in need of the healing properties of the plant. I feel a responsibility to them, I have a voice and I will use it to help those in need. That being said, I always have been and always will be a stoner. It’s just who I am. On another note, I have been so stoked to watch the Las Vegas cannabis community grow and thrive. The local hometown heroes from the Red Dragon Brotherz to Rob Ruckus have stepped up and set

the bar high, and I hope to see others follow in their footsteps. Long story short, it is going to be a dope ass year. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned, because we have some surprises ahead. Who knows…maybe you will get to Toke with The Infamous. One more thing before I finish up this joint- I’d like to give shout outs to everyone I’ve toked with. Growers, The Red Dragon Brotherz, Terp God, and Tree Kings. Kandyman the breeder I’m working with to bring back the Kingsblend, Rob Ruckus, Brett Long for his award winning edibles. Glass master Big John Sour, the bands Sprung Monkey and Unwritten Law, patient Justin Turley for sharing his story, and Kevin Zinger for creating SRH, which is more than a logo, it’s a lifestyle Peace out everyone, I’ll catch you next month.

1. Absinthe A sensual show under a big top tent with raunchy humor and absinthe cocktails. Pairing: Trokie / House of Jane Cannabis Hot Chocolate from Silver State Trading

4. O Stunning acrobats jump into a large pool to an impressive live soundtrack. Pairing: Girl Scout Cookies from Deep Roots

2. Love Beatles themed cirque show with incredible surround sound built directly into your seat. Pairing: Strawberry Cough from Green Life Productions 3. Ka Jaw dropping, simply amazing, it is like watching a cartoon that has come to life. Pairing: Thai Stick from Reef

5. Blue Man Group Interactive trippy strangeness with a high percussion soundtrack. Pairing: Blue Power from BaM 6. Le Reve Sexy, beautiful, stunning, and a gorgeous theatre with not one bad seat in the house. Pairing: Chocolate Coconut Macaroons from Evergreen Organix

GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME Best practices for owning a medical cannabis dispensary BY ASEEM SAPPAL, MD Many people interested in the medical cannabis industry want to set up dispensaries. However, starting and maintaining a dispensary is not as easy as it might look. Like other businesses, dispensaries must balance quality, price, selection, location and service, but they must also understand patient relations, procurement and allocation, operations and business management, business structures, and civics. The following dispensary best practices are at the foundation of what we teach in our business courses at Oaksterdam University. Understand Legal Requirements. A medical cannabis dispensary must comply with state and local regulations. State laws vary from state-to-state and staying compliant is a foundation for staying in business. Consult with an experienced cannabis attorney to understand how to apply for permits and licenses, what business license will best meet your needs, how to pay taxes though cannabis is still illegal federally, what advertising restrictions exist, and more. Educate Yourself and Your Staff. Learn the science behind cannabis, the proper terminology, and how it can be used as medicine. Patients will be looking to you for knowledge about

different methods of ingestion, potency, purity and effects as well as about edibles, dosages and other items you may have in your dispensary.


Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry

Know Your Plants. This goes beyond knowing the different types and strains of cannabis - which is an important part of educating yourself - to knowing your growers and how to identify product worthy of providing to your patients. Provide Superior Patient Relations. Patients have different ailments and experience consuming medical cannabis. Be proactive and available to patients. It’s your job to understand their needs and to help them explore what is available in your dispensary as well as advise them on use, dosage, and effects. Have Top Notch Security. Good security is necessary for dispensaries. A solid security plan will also provide you with an outline of your security needs. Be a Trusted Neighbor. Keep your property clean and neat. Be friendly. Pay your taxes. Keep detailed records. Make good hiring decisions. Pay unemployment taxes. Obey the law. Install an air-filtration system. Do right by your employees and patients.

Oaksterdam University Las Vegas Campus Coming Fall 2016

Las Vegas Indoor Horticulture Seminar November 2016

Get Certified for the Cannabis Industry!

Acres Craft Cannabis is redefining the medical marijuana experience by opening a true cannabis destination. Acres is a one-of-a-kind dispensary partnered with Oaksterdam University to train cannabis professionals. Come join us on Western at Acres Craft Cannabis – Opening in October 2016!


ADDIE FROM THE DISPENSARY Addie Martin-Bondhus has been budtending at The Dispensary since its inception. With her passion and knowledge of buds, concentrates and all things cannabis, she has become one of the more popular budtenders in the Las Vegas Valley. Addie is a Stand Up Comedian, host of Bake n’ Wake Review, a mother, a wife, a photographer and filmmaker in her spare time when she isn’t educating patients and “slinging the Ganj”.

so I watched the cannabis movement from afar always wanting to be a part of it; eventually I moved out to Los Angeles for cannabis and comedy which lead me to Vegas. The day I was handed my MME agent card from The Dispensary, I nearly cried with gratitude. Coming from the underground and having that fear of getting in legal trouble to legally wearing my agent card around my neck is a powerful feeling. Then being able to help a patient overcome certain symptoms based off of my strain recommendations, that’s an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and joy that can’t be described with simple words. Dab, smoke, vape, topical or insertable?

Why do you love being a budtender?

I’ve wanted to be a Budtender since I knew the job existed. I used to hide High Times magazines in between my mattress as a teenager. I grew up on the East Coast in red states

I’m an old school stoner so I love the process of grinding up my ganj and rolling a joint or packing a bowl. I also remember taking hot knife dabs at high school and college parties so to have an entire rig and e-nail set up for dabbing is the best! I use topicals daily for my arthritis but have yet to get into insertables. As a former grower, I’m used to letting someone during harvest season put their fingers under my nose so I can smell what they’ve been trimming…suppositories took the fun out of that.

What is the most common question you hear from a patient?

Cannabis consumers are some of the most informed consumers so with that comes the pressure of answering some of the toughest questions. Most of those questions always pertain to the cannabis product itself such as THC content or particular strain information. I’ll admit, I can say the worst, most inappropriate things on a comedy stage with a straight face but when it comes to talking about suppositories or intimacy oils, I giggle and make awkward jokes the entire consultation. What do you think is the future of cannabis in las vegas?

Attending the last few cannabis conventions in Vegas such as AGE and CHAMPS made me realize how much of the culture here is dab heavy. It seems like concentrates are preferred. You’ll always sell more flower and there are those who are loyal to it and won’t ever stray away from the old school methods of consumption but the convenience and the pure potency of concentrates seems to be appealing to more Las Vegans. As for the laws, we are all preparing for recreational. It’ll be interesting to see what changes we will face after voting this November.

What is your favorite thing about vegas?

I consider Vegas my home because my daughter and I chose this city. My parents didn’t move me here, I didn’t grow up here but I started visiting to perform stand up comedy and I just hated leaving. I found myself sitting at The Comedy Store in LA one night and although I loved being there I missed Vegas. Two weeks later I signed a lease on my apartment and performed at the Hard Rock Casino the same night. I fell in love with the people and the environment and quickly realized how much I loved the Vegas cannabis culture. Vegas will always be home to me. When you are not budtending, where are we most likely to find you?

We have the largest selection of inventory in Nevada at The Dispensary so most days off you’ll find me at home doing homework. Homework does involve product testing but it also entails doing lots of research about the strains, growers, anything that we need to know as Budtenders to sell the product or recommend properly to a patient with certain symptoms. I also love spending time with my daughter going to arcades or the movies at casino theaters. We are preparing for the birth of our second daughter so life for me is always busy but joyful whether I’m home or working. Visit Addie Martin-Bondhus at The Dispensery, at both their locations: 5347 S. Decatur Blvd. or 50 Gibson Rd.

our new album “Change” incorporates some similar exploration of stepping a bit outside of the reggae genre while at the same time sticking to our roots. Freestyle is one of the main parts of the Mystic Roots shows, what are some tips to a good freestyle?

Left to right: Marko, Cootdog, Katherine Ramirez, Korey Ross, and Keith “Rabbit” Townsend Jr.



Mystic Roots has been blazing across the nation on tour with Katchafire. They perform regularly at Mandalay Bay Beach, the spot where two of the band members were married by none other than Pato Banton, not that many years ago. I try to never miss one of their performances. Admittedly a long time fan, check out their classic hits like “Pass the Marijuana” and “$100 Bag” and I’m sure you will be blazing fat and grooving out to the irie reggae beat. How was the tour?

Katherine: The tour was unbelievable, the shows were great, the fans were great, but the best part was traveling with the Katchafire crew and making great connections and friendships with the members as well as the behind the scenes crew!

What were some of your favorite spots and highlights from this trip?

Katherine: Some highlights include a back to back performance in Solana Beach at the Belly Up, traveling to Canada and playing in Whistler, Vancouver and Victoria B.C., and of course one of our favorite places to play is in Las Vegas! What’s your favorite part about playing in Las Vegas?

Katherine: First of all, the energy of the city and that feeling you get when you’re en route to Vegas and you see the lights on the horizon. You get so excited because you know you have arrived at the world’s largest playground! As far as performing goes, being able to play on the Mandalay Bay Beach stage is such a unique experience. Playing

to a crowd that can groove along with us in the water is definitely something we always look forward to! You guys travel a lot, even overseas - what are some of the places you’ve been?

Katherine: We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to have traveled to Europe multiple times, performing in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Kosovo, Belgium to name a few as well as Japan, Korea, Guam and a private Military Island called Diego Garcia. We have documented a few of our tours on our YouTube channel called “Roots for the Troops,” there are 13 five-minute episodes for your viewing pleasure! Who are some artists still out there that you would love to tour with?

Katherine: We would love to have the opportunity to tour with Rebelution and JBoog. Eric Rachmany’s new project Unified Highway might also be a good pairing for us as

Cootdog: Freestyle as an art is just rapping whatever comes in your head, but quick enough that you can be saying one sentence on auto-pilot, while you are thinking of the next one simultaneously. The rhymes are all there, it’s the mind’s job to find them! I’m sure you have been blessed with good herbs from all over, what are some of your favorite strains? Cootdog: Electric Diesel Haze, Headband, and Berry White When will you be passing through Las Vegas again?

Cootdog: Hopefully earlier, but for sure in summer 2017! Shout outs? Website, how do people sign up for the street team?

Cootdog: Big ups to Official Genius, Obi Won, Swissman, Jace One, everyone at MGM & Mandalay Bay, Fred M, Big Chris, John @ Daylight, and the whole Vegas Cannabis Magazine crew! Check us out at and sign up for our street team there. Our new album Change is dropping in September and you can get it and all of our new apparel designs in our online merch store













“If I could smoke with anyone, it would be Jorge Cervantes. He wrote the first book I ever read on growing cannabis.”



702-476-0420 TheDispensaryNV




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Nevada Cannabis News Hour: Every

Tuesday, 3pm-4pm,, call 844-WECANLV for more info. Wellness Wednesdays At Essence: 5765 W.

Seattle Hempfest:

8/19-8/21, 25th anniversary, for info.

Riff Raff: 8/17, Brooklyn


Tropicana, 7pm, FREE, visit www.essencevegas. com/wellness-wednesdays/ for a calendar and to RSVP. Patient Classes At Oasis: Ongoing FREE

classes for medical cannabis patients. Visit for a listing of classes. “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer”:

Indo Event Trade Show:

Movie screening, 4th Thursday of each month at Herbally Grounded, 4440 W. Charleston Blvd, 7pm,

8/6-8/7, Portland, OR, Rebelution: 8/18, 7:30pm,

Mandalay Bay Beach, for info.

UFC202: 08/20, McGregor

vs. Diaz II, T-Mobile Arena.

Dabathon Cup Part 2:

8/27-8/28, Los Angeles, CA, tickets available on eventbrite. Whoopi Goldberg:

8/5, Treasure Island,



CHALICE CALIFORNIA JULY 8TH - 10TH Visit for more photos.

Photography by DopeFoto


AMERICAN GLASS EXPO JULY 16TH - 18TH Visit for more photos. Photography by DopeFoto

Perfectly Balanced

Some marijuana has great mind benefits. Some has great body benefits. At BaM Quality Marijuana, we’ve spent 15 years developing marijuana strains with the perfect combination of body and mind benefits. Hand grown in small batches for quality you can see, BaM Quality

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Marijuana gives you the perfect balance of body and mind.™

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Illso - Dabber Daddy and Hammer Pendy

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What a fun piece of glass. These come in various colors and styles, and they work excellent with a quartz banger. The glass stick is perfect for swirling the inside of the banger, and the glass sucker snugly caps it off nicely. Cute product, Emperial Glass. Find them on IG: @emperialglass

We were blessed with a couple awesome products custom-made by Illso. The Hammer Pendy is a heavy multi-tool that looks great around the neck, and comes in handy as a dabtool and also a quartz banger cap. This shit is dope. The Dabber Daddy is Illso’s hottest product of 2016. It’s a collab with PyroGlass and a parody of Sugar Daddy candy on a stick, and makes a great novelty on any wax table. It’s functional as well, use it as a tool and a cap! Check them out on IG: #illsoglass #hammertime @ illsoglass @dabberdaddy @ sirpyroglass

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This is a dry use nectar collector. Custom made by Home Blown Glass, this product was a big hit at AGE this year. The design is a natural screen, and fits perfectly in your hand. Enjoy monster rips with this Road Warrior. It’s perfect for those times you can’t get to the rig. Cool product Jeff! Find them online at

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looks like a cryptic rose, and smells amazing and sweet like sugar! It’s one of the best looking Vegas Grown strains, just glittered with trichomes. This bud takes over a room right when you open the jar. Man, what a high! It’s cerebral qualities are very much appreciated. This is a great-feeling topshelfer. Hybrid THC: 28.5%, CBGA: 1.04% Caryophyllene: 4.70mg Myrcene: 2.78mg Limonene: 4.56mg Humulene: 2.00mg Linalool: 1.69mg


is yet another powerful strain. It’s not nearly the same citrus smell you might remember from the Tropicanna strain (Issue #22 Intro), it’s totally different. This has more

lemon zip, and fermented orange with a magnetic potency you only find in nail polish remover, gasoline, paint, vinyl, and acrylic nails. You know, that pungentness that grabs your congested nose and opens it right up. The smell alone is hypnotizing. The citrus flavor rides the back of your mouth as the smoke enters your lungs. And as you exhale this beautiful flower, you taste the Earth and orange zest again. That’s what’s up! Hybrid THC: 21.7% B-Myrcene: 6.01 mg B-Caryophyllene: 1.53 mg


has an attractive, fruity gasoline scent. This is another powerful flower that should be sampled by any cannabis connoisseur. We smoked two joints at midnight, and were feeling spectacular. The taste of orange peels and citrus blended nicely with the minty heritage of this delectable hybrid. The effects of this lady are mood-enhancing, relaxing and eye-heavy, without the couch-lock. Perfect for a stroll in the park. Pokemon anyone? Hybrid THC: 27.8% B-Myrcene: 7.24mg B-Caryophyllene: 1.49mg a-Pinene: 2.08mg Limonene: 1.10mg

the whole bag. It’s up to you and your tolerance. This parody candy actually tastes better than its predecessor. Great work! This product is good for patients of any age. Strain: God Bud THC/pack: 106.36mg THC/serving: 10.6mg Serving size: 1 piece


is a lemony sweet, uplifting sativa flower that is extremely high in Terpinolene and Terpinene. These two terpenes are responsible for the strong lemon/orange fragrance. Many sativas are low in Myrcene and Caryophyllene (as is Zeta) so if you smoke sativas, make sure you are able to handle some cannabis with no sedating or anti-anxiety properties, or you might freak out. Zeta smokes spicy like pepper, and it’s earthy. This herb smokes exceptional, and is long-lasting. Sativa THC: 27.6% B-Myrcene: 2.60mg B-Caryophyllene: 1.53mg Ocimene: 4.51mg Terpinolene: 8.89mg



are the same style fish that you know and love, but a little weedish. They taste and chew like the original candy, but pack more than just the taste of punch. This product is a cool novelty; the name alone should put a smile on your face. Try mixing them with some granola or Chex Mix for fun. Weedish Fish made by Bake Sale can be found at Reef Dispensaries. These might be the only LIVE fish in this desert! Strain: God Bud THC/pack: 70.46mg THC/serving: 14mg Serving size: 1 piece


will tame that sweet tooth and knock out that sour puss on your face. Microdosable Ingestion meet CandyLand. With 10 servings per bag, Bake Sale makes it easy to ration your medible cannabis intake. Start out with one, or eat


are big, fat, nugget-sized, sugar-rolled THC infused gummy candies. Each O-slice is about 12 mg, and there are 4 to a pouch. The taste of cannabis stands out a little more in this

particular edible, but it complements the mandarin flavoring nicely. These are a perfect reward for a hard day’s work. Peel open a bag of Orange Slices. THC/serving: 12.74mg Limonene: 0.35mg THC/pack: 50.96mg Serving size: 1 piece

center. You can definitely detect the cannabis infused in this treat. The package comes with 5 man-sized cups, each one is almost an inch tall. This medicated munchie is best enjoyed with a tall glass of milk, a blanket, a pillow, and a bedtime story. Good night. THC: 80mg per bag, 16mg per peanut butter cup

then 2’s, then a row... then another, then... hey! It’s gone? And everybody smiled with mouthfuls of Cookies and Cream and shame. Each bar has 97.50 mg of THC, and is divided into 24 - 4.06mg squares. If you like Cookies and Cream, this will be pleasant trip to Nevada Pure. Enjoy this with a friend and a gallon of milk. THC: 4.06mg per serving Total THC: 97.50mg Each bar contains 24 servings

masks the THC oil pretty well, as the MMJ is nearly undetectable. This should be in every cannabis lover’s pantry. A+ THC: 98mg per bag, 6.53mg per tbsp



are thick, sugar-coated gelatin squares. They are twice as thick as the Sunkist brand circle jellies, and you can barely taste the weed! That makes it so easy to “swallow your medicine”. Something to think about... If you don’t consume all of your medicine, keep it away from children and non-MMJ patients. The package contains just over 44 mg of THC, so it’s safe to smash on the entire bag. Just be cautious if you are a light-weight. Let’s hope Jolly Jellies are here to stay, because they taste delicious. Strain: God Bud THC/package: 44.2mg Limonene: 0.12mg Serving Size: 1 piece


CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS are thick and rich, with a satisfying peanut butter


CHOCOLATE GOLD BAR is a good way to take your meds. It’s hard to describe the taste of chocolate, but this gold bar tastes premium and smooth, and melts over your tongue like a warm blanket. The presence of herbs tastes awesome with elegant chocolate. Superb! The packaging gets kudos as well. If you are looking for the golden ticket, step right up! Eat this candy bar to relax and feel golden. Yeah, that’s the ticket! THC: 4.19mg per serving Total THC: 100.78mg Each bar contains 24 servings


deserves a silver platter. We literally fought over this scrumptious bar. At first we broke off modest pieces,


is the healthiest edible available at Nevada Pure. Thank you for introducing this product to Nevada patients! The enormous bag of THC infused granola is filled with cranberries and golden raisins. The shredded coconut and sliced almonds add a nice snap to the mixture. Natural Honey and a mouthful of granola

go well with water, and a salad. Totally kidding!! They actually would pair well with fine wine, cheese, and a good book. With ingredients like dark chocolate liquor, organic cane sugar, and Himalayan pink salt, naturalists can now appreciate the fine feeling of an edible, without the personal conflict of eating regular sugar or white salt. I can appreciate and respect the beliefs and discipline of vegans and

WHAT'S NEW Discover the latest in Nevada dispenseries.

their diets, but I enjoy this chocolate after a 16 ounce rib-eye. Base Strain: Banana THC/serving: 7.2mg THC/container: 21.6mg

every day with Evergreen Cake Pops. They come in different colors and flavors, so try em all. A few of us here have tried these, and the results are unanimous. Cake Pops get you faded. The label says 6 servings, but no one shared, and we all lived to tell about it. Peace out with a cake pop! THC: 62.4mg Serving size is approximately 1/6 of the cake pop


are damned good. As with every sucking candy, the temptation to bite down is overwhelming. Here’s the challenge...Show some self control, and enjoy this one all the way to the end, if you can. If you don’t like the taste of weed in your edibles, then this is not for you. The fruity presence is an undertone, with the flavor of cannabis taking over. It’s not sticky at all, so when you do bite it, it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. That’s a bonus. This hard candy is strong tasting, and packs heat. Just eat one. 2-pack THC: Watermelon 62mg, Pina Colada 61mg, Mango 46mg, Cherry 49mg


are like baby birthday cakes on a stick. Celebrate




make a perfect breakfast for a day off, or on depending what you can get away with. We made a pot of coffee and passed around the plate of cranberry cookies. Eyebrows perked as we woke and choked down these cookies like monsters. We nodded and spoke with our mouths full of compliments and natural cannabis infused edibles. This one was hard to nail down any sedative THC effects, probably because of the caffeine. Though one thing was for certain... Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies set the tone for a very creative and productive day. Thanks Jerry and staff! You guys are awesome! Base Strain: Tangie THC/serving: 8.92mg 10 servings per container

is a batter consistency concentrate that packs a peppery punch. This Krumble is a soft cookie consistency and breaks apart nicely for use. Over 15 mg/g of terpinolene will have you sedated, as that particular terpene is known for its relaxing effects. Take this concentrate to the head right before bed. Guaranteed to please the concentrate connoisseur. This is smooth, and a creeper. THC: 81.02% Terpinolene: 15.7mg Myrcene: 3.1mg Humulene: 3.4mg Caryophyllene: 9.4mg Pinene: 7.5mg


one of those batters that makes you keep your nose in the container. The smell is potent and energetic, and it tastes like warm oranges. The terpene profile is impressive with terpinolene and caryophyllene testing in the teens. Expect to chill and relax with this strain. We love this tangie. This was one of this month’s faves. THC: 84.73% Terpinolene: 10.9mg Humulene: 4.4mg Caryophyllene: 8.9mg



is available exclusively at REEF Dispensaries. Their cultivators have things poppin, and we are faded from this GG4. Nice job on the cure. It lacked a little fragrance, but the overall taste and high were above average, and long lasting. The glass jars are an upgrade from the round, plastic containers. REEF moves a grip of Vegas Cannabis Magazines. Thank you for your support. In September, we will introduce their RSO Oil. THC: 24.45%




in all of its purple glory is fire. The Medizin cultivation is on point! The Animal Cookies nugs are dense, fragrant, and smell wonderful. You could smoke this one every damn day, and not get tired of it. Long-lasting high, very chill and good-flavor is what you get here. THC: 23.2% B-Caryophyllene: 2.71mg B-Myrcene: 3.21mg


gives you the chance to smoke the centerfold. Puff on the July VCM budporn. A dry hit off of this shit will remind you of butterscotch sucking candies. It smokes well, and gets your mind twisted. Don’t let the 19% fool you. THC: 19.3% B-Myrcene: 1.85mg Limonene: 3.57mg Ocimene: 6.55mg

MILLION DOLLAR BABY is loaded with trichomes, looking like it was rolled in broken glass! MDB has an uplifting, cerebral high. A few puffs will do it. Medizin is doing a fine job in the garden. Keep this one around. It might be lucky. This is a perfect flower for a stroll through the casino. THC: 24.2% B-Caryophyllene: 3.24mg B-Myrcene: 9.56mg Ocimene: 2.63mg


made us feel great. The taste of blueberry was prominent in the dry hit, and also while burning. This indica flower is perfect for unwinding and settling in for the day. Enjoy a box of individually wrapped prerolls. The attractive packaging is not just a lure, these are convenient, effective, and very tasty. THC: 19.4%


is the Team VCM favorite! As with all Medizin strains, the nugs are wellmanicured, and handled with care, and it shows. Mango Kush is stoney and tastes tropical. Boasting over 27% THC, it’s a musttry. Man, go get mango. THC: 27.62% B-Myrcene: 4.09mg Limonene: 1.85mg

name implies. This is the first time that we were able to try a few northern Nevada products. Silver State Trading also makes the THC suppositories. We look forward to seeing more from our friends up north. THC: 75.5%


doesn’t have much of a terpene profile, but it is over 75% THC, so it will definitely do the trick. It’s a sappy texture as the


is the perfect product for patients who don’t like to eat edibles because they don’t like the taste of weed. Sounds fun, right? Don’t be scared, it’s just medicine. And there is absolutely no taste. I have something to say to the people who say cannabis is not medicine… “If you don’t think it’s medicine, stick it up your ass!” It’s a suggestion, and a statement! Now, thanks to Silver State Trading we can acutely introduce 207 mg of THC (including 20mg of THCa) directly into the kisser. It doesn’t hurt. It’s not that uncomfortable. It’s medicine, and an extremely effective sleep aid (put my ass to sleep). THC has incredible antiinflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, among many other local treatment remedies. Colitis, hemorrhoids, and colon cancer can get a big dose of cannabis to reduce swelling and ease comfort. Total THC: 207mg


Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, and Myrcene Skywalker OG Cartridges are sure to please even the pickiest smoker. This is the Publisher’s Choice for cartridges this month. THC: 79.24% CBD: 2.3mg CBN: 6.3mg Pinene: 6.2mg Caryophyllene: 16mg



is very high in THC, and the consistency is remarkable. ISS Shatter tastes sweet and piney. With an extremely elevated level of Caryophyllene, it’s sure to diminish anxiety and stress. Perfect for a wax pen or dabs, your choice. THC: 84.54% Terpinolene: 12.4mg Myrcene: 4.0mg Humulene: 6.4mg Caryophyllene: 14.4mg Pinene: 3.9mg


got us faded. Nice job on the flush and cure, absolutely no throat burn. The high was very relaxing, and day-dreamy. It tasted excellent, nice and sour, with an OG overtone. Lemon OG can be found at The Apothecary Shoppe. THC: 19.8% Myrcene: 3.09mg Limonene: 2.60mg



has an impressive terpene profile! This cartridge has it all. Most cartridges are fillers, for public use, or when under watch, but this one can bring satisfaction all day. Heavy in Pinene,

doesn’t like to smoke, this syrup goes down easy and doesn’t really taste like weed. Cool packaging too. Each bottle has 221mg of THC and 119mg of CBD.



by Moxie has a nice taste. It won’t knock you on your ass, but it’s perfect for passing the time at work and it will give you a nice, subtle head change. The flavor is nice and sweet, you can actually taste the lime and a little bit of pie. These work on the standard 5/10 thread battery, and have about 100 hits. This shit is tasty. THC: 69.6% Limonene: 2.95mg



is a drinkable shot of THC & CBD that coats your tummy with medicine and tastes like watermelon. Perfect for someone who

left everyone that tried this stoned as fuck. Oh boy. If you are a fan of true OG strains, this is the concentrate for you. It’s a sugary consistency with lots of OG terps. Deliciousness in a tiny jar. The high is up in the clouds, you’ll need to take some munchies up there with you. Go get that shit, before it’s too late! THC: 85.9% B-Myrcene: 2.53mg Limonene: 3.10mg Linalool: 1.78mg

for BHO lovers, here you go. It smells cheesish and tastes skunky. The Myrcene level is off the chart, so sit back and relax. We snapped off nice chunks, and dabbed this one heavy. Yeah, this Moxie Live Resin Shatter is right up there in contention with their Badders. This one is an 80 percenter. THC: 80.9% B-Caryophyllene: 4.51mg B-Myrcene: 12.16mg Isopulegol: 5.39mg Limonene: 6.87mg

is badder than bad. It’s another product from the Cannabiotix Cultivation. This hybrid tastes nice and orange, with an OG overtone. It’s always a pleasure to dab Moxie products. Red Zeta OG leaves you with chills and assists with anxiety and pain. Another smooth, chilling high. Spiked levels of Limonene and Linalool stand out in the profile below. THC: 81.5% B-Caryophyllene: 4.06mg B-Myrcene: 4.13mg Limonene: 6.81mg Linalool 3.20mg

moon. Look at the terps. THC: 80.3% B-Myrcene: 4.00mg Gamma-Terpinene: 7.23mg Limonene: 5.67mg Ocimene: 3.31mg Terpinolene: 6.38mg


is under 80%, but I want to stress how important a terpene profile is. There are multiple levels of highs, and they are dependent on the terpene profiles. Mandarin Mint has an abundance of medical properties here. And it tastes sweet and piney. Great job with the consistency of this product too. It feels like a soft sugar cookie. THC: 78.6% A-Pinene: 3.79mg B-Caryophyllene: 3.66mg B-Myrcene:12.18mg Isopulegol: 4.49mg Limonene: 7.99mg Linalool: 3.25mg


is an icing-like spread that is soooo limey. It is the Moxie flavor of the month. It’s got that potent punch that you smell for when you dip your nose into a jar. The one that makes you hungry to taste it. Yup, tastes exactly like it smells, smashed, lime concentrate. The high is a bit wild, and non-directed. Smoke it sparingly, it will be gone before you know it! This herb is good for escaping to another planet. Hop on the Zlime rocket ship, and head for the




is some next level shit. Strawberry Glue is Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin combined with Sequoia Strawberry Rosin. BaM is the leader in solventless rosin. Their products are at a level of excellence that every dab lover must experience. THC: 83.6% A-Humulene: 6.29mg B-Caryophyllene: 13.75mg Limonene: 2.92mg


have 10mg of THC each and just one gummy works great for those with a lower tolerance. Choose the Sativa Gummiez if you need a little boost and the Indica Gummiez for relaxation; both work equally as great for pain. These taste great and are perfect for medical patients that need to dose properly. As with all edibles, if you are a beginner or unsure of your tolerance level, start slow and give it an hour or so to kick in before you pop another. Indica Gummiez: 100mg THC per package Humulene: 1.95mg Sativa Gummiez: 100mg THC per package Humulene: 1.27mg Terpinolene: 2.34mg


is very head-pleasing, and natural tasting. If anybody is taking notes, everything Don Decatur touches, turns to gold. This time he mixed up the strawberry sequoia and key lime to make another heavy hitter. Expect to address anxiety, as all of the BaM products this month are high in Caryophyllene. Read about new BaM products here every month. THC: 81.4% A-Humulene: 5.22mg B-Caryophyllene: 10.92mg Limonene: 3.54mg Linalool: 4.28mg


is the first of its kind in Nevada and it is incredible! With 99% pure trichome heads, this stuff is in a class of its own. Don Decatur, Director of Product Development for BaM stopped in to thumbpress this sandy-looking jar of THC caviar, and get medicated with us. This is an extremely natural product, made with no water, zero solvents, and no heat, which produces a multitude of terpenes compared to BHO. Check out the total Pinene content… ridiculous. It takes about 5 steps past their rosin to produce the delicacy. Appreciate it! THC: 81.7% B-Pinene: 13.19mg A-Pinene: 26.58mg B-Caryophyllene: 3.57mg B-Myrcene: 4.33mg


smell reminded us of Fruity Pebbles. This sativa heavy hybrid will impress the pickiest smoker. The joints we rolled up were

flavorful and hearty. The overall mood of our team was uplifted and quirky. We enjoyed BaM once again. We are so proud to call this Vegas Grown. Way to set the bar. THC: 21.83% B-Caryophyllene: 3.27mg B-Myrcene: 2.34mg Limonene: 2.42mg

because the THC level is less than 1%, those without medical cards can also order this product online. This product will not reduce your pain but it will make your breath smell amazingly fresh.





is another product in the Bhang Hemp Products line. This spray should also be thought of as a natural wellness supplement. Made with all natural peppermint oil and 350mg of CBD rich hemp oil per bottle, Bhang’s CBD Fresh Mint Spray will make your breath smell great while supplying your body with some added nutrients.

are perfect for those with a low tolerance. Just a couple hits of the Blackberry Kush will put the light user right to sleep. With multiple strains available, it is easy to find one or two that suit your needs. Bhang cartridges are made with 100% pure cannabis oil and contain no additives, no glycol and no glycerin. THC levels range from 55% to 80% depending on the cartridge you choose.

comes complete with the pen, cartridge and charger. The cartridge we tested was a sativa hybrid blend made from Ringo’s Gift and Matanuska Thunder Fuck. Each cartridge contains 550mg of CO2 supercritical oil that is low in THC and high in CBD. This cartridge, even though it is a sativa hybrid, is perfect for sleep and pain relief due to the high CBD percentage. Check out the complete line of KYND products at a dispensary near you. THC: 11.63% CBD: 59.99%




should be thought of as a natural wellness or nutritional supplement. Each pack of 8 pieces contains 80mg CBD and

contains 1.72% of CBD and only 0.11% of THC per bottle. KYND’s CBD tincture is non-psychoactive but very effective at relieving pain. Just a ½ of a dropperful under the tongue effectively reduces anxiety and calms your mind. Ingredients: Activated cannabis oil, organic MCT oil and organic, high-purity D-Limonene.




give you results similar to the KYND tincture. These CBD capsules contain 1.73% CBD and just 0.15% of THC. Just one capsule reduces pain and induces sleep. Ingredients: Activated cannabis oil, organic MCT oil, organic high-purity D-Limonene & organic beeswax.

tastes a bit like sweet tarts making it ideal to mix with other high THC concentrates in order to enhance the effects. The high CBD content allows for pain relief while also providing a bit of focus. This is the concentrate to try for those that do not want to experience any psychoactivity but do want to reap the medical benefits. THC: 5.11% CBD: 59.11%

are the premier topicals offered by Silver Sage Wellness. The cream is a tad lighter than the balm but both work really well for muscle aches and pains, joint pain and light headaches when rubbed on to the temples. Pain Cream: THC: 0.11% CBD: 0.44% A-Pinene: 4.42mg Limonene: 6.68mg Pain Balm: THC: 0.1% CBD: 0.18% Limonene: 0.18mg A-Pinene: 0.13mg

$10 OFF a Nevada Medical Card Call 702 738 5653 or visit


COOKING WITH CANNABIS Infusing festival food since 2009

BY CHEF FRED The Festival circuit is really getting fierce. I have been part of the medical cannabis movement since 1995. In 2009, when I jumped into the cannabis arena and became a published cannabis chef known for catering infused meals, and helping patients source the best cannabis and oils to help relieve pain and fight cancer and any other ailment I could find that needed a remedy. I have personally witnessed the birth of an animal. High Times was the leader in all cannabis related media and information about cultivation, edibles, oils, kief, hash and procedures to do things correctly. There was little info to be found on the internet to teach about all the new up and coming cannabis entrepreneurs and fanatics exactly what is the right way. Oh, how things will change by 2011. In 2011, the cannabis information highway became flooded with opportunities to become something. What do you want to do in the cannabis industry? The sky’s the limit. The information has become readily available

to everyone with internet service. You can find out how to do anything you want. Quality media outlets and events have started popping up giving cannabis users and entrepreneurs an opportunity to thrive. 2016 has been my busiest year since I started working within the community. I have performed and taught at 3 High Times Cups, 2 Hempcon events, Las Vegas HempFest, Indo Expo Portland, 2 NCIA events, the Secret Cup, the Emerald Cup, Chalice, Coachella and many pop-up sessions in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan. It’s actually been nuts!!! The good, the bad and the ugly. I have seen and have had the opportunity to work with them all. I have enjoyed all of the events as an experience having a platform to educate. The two events that stand alone are the Emerald Cup and Chalice. The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier festival and Chalice is Southern California’s top event. Chalice 2016 was a huge success. I have never seen

as many actual infused food vendors selling real food, not high corn fructose edibles that you find in collectives. It was amazing! Chef Mike served waffle cones with infused mashed potato, mac and cheese, and pulled pork with a BBQ sauce drizzle or Chef Nugg’s Stoney Sauces. They were the bigger chefs, but I saw at least 20 other vendors with great cuisine. The infused food renaissance is awesome and I loved seeing people use my extracts and recipes in their vending opportunities. Last month at Chalice, I had an infused cooking DJ demo at 4:00 pm on the Blackbird Bus. It was 110 degrees and I thought

it was way too hot to cook so I took my cooking demo portion out to the Vegas Cannabis Magazine booth to demo infused Penne Bolognese as the sun began to set. A crowd of a couple hundred people watched as I prepared and infused the sauce and cooked everything live. The smell of the aromatics infused the dry desert air and everyone flocked to come get a sample of the pasta. The crew of Vegas Cannabis Magazine is a class act by educating each participant as they reached for their sample. The pasta sauce had 10 grams of Pura co2 oil. 8000mg THC and 6000mg of Revived CBD oil. This meal is a heavy sedative.

INFUSED PENNE BOLOGNESE Ingredients: 1 tbsp cannabis infused oil 4 tbps butter 1 cup chopped onion ⅔ cup chopped carrot 1 cup mixed bell pepper ¾ pound ground beef chuck 6 oz can of tomato paste 16 oz tomato sauce 1 cup dry red wine 1½ cups canned Italian plum tomatoes 1¼ to 1½ pounds pasta Freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano Salt & fresh ground black pepper Directions: 1. Add infused oil, butter & onion in pot over medium heat.

Cook until translucent then add bell pepper & carrot. Cook for about 2 minutes, stirring vegetables to coat them well. 2. Add ground beef, a large pinch of salt and pepper.

Crumble meat, stir well and cook until done. 3. Add tomato paste, simmer, and stir frequently. 4. Add wine, simmer until evaporated, add tomatoes and

stir to coat all ingredients. When tomatoes begin to bubble, turn heat down, and simmer. Cook, uncovered 3 or more hours, stir. While sauce is cooking, add 1/2 cup of water whenever necessary to prevent sticking. Add salt to taste. 5. Toss with cooked, drained pasta, add tablespoon of

butter, and serve with parmesan on side.

Inside Moondoggie's Bar 11:00 am - 3:00 am 702-243-6277 3240 S Arville ST, Las Vegas, NV 89102

We make the dough, the sauce, the sausage, meatballs and dressings daily from fresh ingredients for you!

Naked City Pizza - Paradise 11:00 am - 3:00 am 702-722-2241 4608 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169




Valid at either Naked City Pizza Shop Location. Offer Expires 12/31/16

ADVERTISE WITH US, HERE OR ONLINE. VISIT 702VCM.COM Email for more information.


Contact our Territory Managers Bill Heaslip 702 305 2656 Jack Towers 702 591 1127

7020 W Warm Springs Rd Ste #140, Las Vegas, NV 89113 Office - 702 485 6885 Website -



No medical records required, 99% approval rate, 2619 W. Charleston Blvd, #100, Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 979-9999, Dr. Green Relief:

Affordable evaluations, 7200 Smoke Ranch Rd, #120 (702) 707-2414, Ultimate “U� Medical:

Medical recommendations and renewals, 8660 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 101, (702) 353-9777, Cam Care:

Complete wellness & evaluations, 2923 W Charleston Blvd, (725)777-3631 420 Eval:

$199 all inclusive, (702) 420-3825, 3131 La Canada, Ste. 110 lasvegasmedicalmarijuana. com Cohen Medical Center:

(702) 564-6420, 3650 S. Decatur Blvd, #23 Well Docs:

(702) 738-5653, Karma Holistic Health Foundation:

9111 W. Russell Road, #120, (702) 388-1119, Goldsmith Healthcare Ltd: 5375 S. Ft. Apache,

(702) 425-5191


Unconventional Foundation For Autism:

Scorpions Can:

College cannabis awareness network,

Amanda Connor:

Connor & Connor PLLC, provides legal services to medical marijuana patients and medical marijuana businesses, 2450 St. Rose Pkwy, Ste 120 A, Henderson, NV, (702) 750-9139, Christopher Tilman:

Tilman Law Office, 1211 S. Maryland Pkwy, (702) 214-4214, Mark R. Smith, Esq:

Law Offices of Mark R. Smith, P.C, Business Law, Entertainment Law, Family Law, Civil & Criminal Matters, Reduced Rates for Medical Marijuana Cardholders 8565 S. Eastern Ave. #150 (702) 518-7625,

EDUCATION Oaksterdam University:

Coming soon to Las Vegas, www.oaksterdamuniversity. com, (510) 251-1544. Nurse Juhlzie:

Certified cannabis registered nurse providing nursing-based information and educational services for patients, organizations, medical professionals (406)748-2624,


Resources for special needs families, (714) 805-8342,


Digipath Labs:

Cannabis testing services in Las Vegas offers medicinal marijuana safety and potency screening. (702) 209-2429,, New Heights Laboratory:

Medigrow NV:

Professional cultivation education, also provides in home grow consultations for professionals, (702) 606-9059, Best Hydroponic Supply:

6818 W. Cheyenne Ave, (702) 750-9300,

(702) 879-8698,

SECURITY Rock Security:

3375 Aldebaran Ave, STE C. 702-586-7982,

Sin City Hydroponics:

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Green Life Productions: Farmers Insurance, The Venuto Agency:

(702) 458-1475, 7965 S. Rainbow Blvd, #100,, Evergreen Organix: Bam Marijuana: Silver State Trading:

MARKETING Icon Cannabis: Agency THC:

Branding, Websites, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Retention

The Cannavative Group:

Kynd Cannabis Company:

FELLOWSHIP Cannabis Chapel:

Non-denominational, sharing sessions on various Sundays at 4pm, 827 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Ste. A,



Education Cannabis Advocates of Nevada, Free to join and provides a platform for people to post and discuss ideas in a controlled environment,,, Patient To Patient Group:

Dope Foto:

(702) 970-9444,,


Women Grow networking events connect aspiring and current professionals in the cannabis industry. Our members develop authentic relationships via personal contact and networking. Our networking series attracts both men and women to connect. Facebook—Women Grow: Las Vegas. Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association:

A chamber of commerce for medical marijuana, organized to promote the medical marijuana industry in Nevada. We include dispensary owners, production facilities, cultivators, labs and various companies that work with the industry as well as patients, doctors, nurses and researchers.

A safe place to meet fellow patients & build lasting friendships, monthly potluck & other events Las Vegas Cannabis Events Group: Events,

festivals, and get togethers for those passionate about cannabis, LasVegasCannabisEvents Compassion Nevada Consulting: Assistance

with obtaining a Nevada medical marijuana card, 2800 S. Highland Dr (702) 506-6379. Nevada Medical Marijuana Program: For

information about obtaining your Nevada Medical Marijuana card visit medicalmarijuana.htm HIV/AIDS Health Education: Golden

Rainbow offers monthly health education and risk reduction workshops for persons living with HIV/ AIDS. Emergency Housing and Financial Support also available to qualified individuals. Call 702384-2899 or visit www.

m oo rR the Mo

Grown by Patients for our Patients!

om Ro s c i t Gene

Flo wer Room #5

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tiv eR oom #2

Flow er Room #2

If you love our edibles, you will love our flower. Look for our strains at your local dispensary: Indica:

LA Confidential – Pure Indica, Godzilla – Pure Indica


Master P – Indica Dominant Hybrid, Taho OG – Sativa Dominant, EM-Dog – Sativa Dominant, Silver Surfer – True Hybrid 50/50, Red Dragon – Indica Dominant, Sour Diesel – Sativa Dominant, Tangie – Sativa Dominant, Sweet Tooth #1 – Sativa Dominant

EG O Ta ngie

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