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12. The Regulation of Recreational Marijuana in Nevada: Challenge and Opportunity

Stephanie Shehan

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Chef Fred Cindy Orser, PhD Darryl Johnson, PhD Dr. Aseem Sappal Dr. Kit, Pharm.D,RPH. Dustin Amato

16. What is the Legal Limit for Marijuana?

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18. Nevada Cannabis Industry Moves Forward Despite Threats From The White House


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he idea some of us have that we should or even could keep things as they currently are is self-serving and impossible. Change is the one consistency in life, even though we live finite lives, it is always in the face of change. One change for those of us, who live and breathe the dynamics of the cannabis industry, is the standing up of the recreational marijuana market in Nevada and its big sister, California. This will represent significant modifications of how we do business in cannabis. We will no longer just be serving a cadre of about 26,000 NV medical marijuana cardholders and a handful of patient growers. Now, every tourist passing through Nevada will have the option of purchasing and using recreational cannabis, and with over 42 million tourists coming to Nevada every year already, that is a 100X to 1,200X increase depending on choice! With that profound increase in cannabis consumers, there comes a very real liability;

that is, the responsibility to ensure that every product on the shelf of every dispensary is quality assured and safe for consumption. That responsibility is spread across the entire cannabis industry: from the grower who we trust will not use chemical adulterants; to the producer who we trust will not use inert ingredients as diluents without first having them tested for contaminating chemicals unknown to them; to the dispensary owner who we all bestow that all important, one-on-one communication with the novice cannabis consumer on what is appropriate for them on their virgin dosing; and the independent testing lab chemist who is required to adhere to a quality management system with validated SOPs and analytical instrumentation; to the folks at the Departments of Agriculture and Public and Behavioral Health who we rally behind and help them to do a better job by sharing our knowledge and experience and by complying with our own particular sets of regulations and rules; and finally to our local and state officials, who without them pulling on that oar, none of you would be reading this article that I wouldn’t have written. Nevada once again has an opportunity to lead the way in upholding States’ rights when it comes to establishing their recreational marijuana program as they have already done competently for medical cannabis three years earlier. By extending the same hierarchy of quality and safety first to recreational cannabis as for the medical cannabis program, the focus will be on consumer health and safety. The challenge for Nevada will be to come into harmony with the developing cannabis regulations in California. A meeting of regulators from Nevada and California going through the same process of establishing testing standards to prevent residual chemical adulterants from entering the marketplace on recreational cannabis and cannabis products could become a strategic unified alliance. Alignment of testing standards for residual chemical adulterants could go a long way in eliminating interstate transport of products where quality standards are not equivalent. With the concurrent rollout of recreational marijuana programs in both Nevada and California, an opportunity exists to: 1) strengthen state-mandated oversight to ensure that the safety and quality of recreational cannabis and products made from it are the highest priorities; 2) to help eliminate the black and gray markets that exist between the two States polluting the







By Cindy Orser, PHD. Digipath Labs As Chief Scientific Officer at Digipath, Cindy Orser, PhD, is creating a replicable cannabis testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. She is also developing standards and biomarkers to clearly distinguish products derived from specific cannabis strains concomitant with determining the bioavailability of the cannabinoids found in the product.

market with untested products; 3) to set in place a change in cultural perception of how cannabis is valued at the dispensary, decidedly moving away from high-THC levels to quality and the absence of residual adulterants as a new status to be earned and rewarded with both less liability and therefore increased social value.

We create timeless brand experiences, exploiting your discernible differences and shifting ROI into the GRN. EXAMPLES

Recently we have seen how solitary incriminations of poisoning from the use of unregulated cannabis products in California has set the industry on edge, and rightly so. State regulators can ensure a successful launch of new recreational markets by conveying the importance of quality assured flower and cannabis products to the public on day one with well-defined and posted enforcement of quality standards in place and an educational program to create incentives for clean, unadulterated product, where getting passing marks for that is, pesticide-free and within microbial limits, awards a 5-star rating on the dispensary shelves; where both pride and profit are attached. With the ongoing lack of Federal oversight, the challenge to Nevada’s State regulators will be to adhere to the same successful independent testing lab standards as created for the medical cannabis industry three years ago. Nevada’s Department of Agriculture was one of the first medical cannabis states to boldly define a list of pesticides to be monitored for. While Nevada’s delineated narrow list of 24 pesticides and plant-growth regulators, largely taken from Crop Group 19’s approved pesticide list and residue tolerances as published at the beginning of the program has served as a guiding boundary for growers. The consequence of this definitive pesticide monitoring list has been limited failures for chemical adulterant residues when compared to other western states including Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California. Nevada also had the foresight to require the independent testing labs to undergo proficiency testing for all of the analytes tested for. It is in the best interest of everyone in the cannabis industry to come together in support of higher standards in cannabis production, strain authentication, disclosure and mandatory testing of all diluents used in vape oil, and truth in advertising. Cannabis will no longer be a medicine available to a very small population, but rather it will become an economic engine powered by the demand of the populace. The good news is that the ball is in our court, and the question is how will we as an industry respond.



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legal limit WHAT IS THE


In 1938, the first Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) law was passed. This law stated that if your BAC was .15 or higher, you were driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). By 2005, all 50 states made .08 the legal limit. Public service campaigns have drilled that number, .08, into the heads of teenagers taking driver’s education courses, and into the heads of partygoers on New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day. But what is the “legal limit” for marijuana? In Nevada, you can be charged with DUI in a variety of ways. In regards to alcohol, if your BAC is .08 or greater, you are considered “Per Se” driving under the influence. “Per Se” means that once the law is able to show that your BAC is .08 or greater, they are no longer required to prove that the alcohol affected you or your ability to drive. How does “Per Se” relate to marijuana DUIs? The DUI laws state that “It is unlawful for any person to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle on a highway or on premises to which the public has access with an amount of a prohibited substance in his or her blood or urine that is equal to or greater than….Blood: 5 nanograms of marijuana metabolite or 2 nanograms of marijuana. Urine: 15 nanograms of marijuana metabolite or 10 nanograms of marijuana” NRS 484C.110(3). Under this law, as it is currently written, marijuana and marijuana metabolite have a “Per Se” amount, just like alcohol’s BAC of .08. If a person is driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle with 2 or more nanograms of marijuana or 5 or more nanograms of marijuana metabolite in their blood, they are “Per Se” DUI; however, the marijuana “Per Se” limits, unlike the .08 for alcohol, do not relate to a person being impaired. Instead, the numbers relate only to the ability to accurately detect marijuana in the blood or urine. In reality, a person smoking marijuana, unlike a person having a few beers, has no way to gauge if they are over the “Per Se” limit.


With the change of the marijuana laws, many have asked if marijuana is still a “prohibited substance”. This is a tough question to answer. Currently, in the DUI laws, “prohibited substance” is defined as “Any of the following substances if the person who uses the substance has not been issued a valid prescription to use the substance and the substance is classified in schedule I or II…when it was used: marijuana or marijuana metabolite”. NRS 484C.080 (The rest of the prohibited substances are not listed, as not relevant to this article.) Even though it is legal to use and possess marijuana under certain circumstances in Nevada, it is still listed as a schedule I drug and a prohibited substance in the statutes. The Nevada legislature has not yet changed any of these statutes.[1] What about medical marijuana card holders? The definition of “prohibited substances” specifically excludes persons who have been issued a valid prescription to use the substance. Will the courts or the legislature consider medical marijuana cards as “valid prescriptions”? Although all medical marijuana patients in Nevada must get a letter from a physician, it is not a “prescription” for marijuana. What does this mean for DUIs and marijuana? Even though the law may be unsettled in the area of “Per Se” marijuana DUIs, just like alcohol, if you are driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle, while under the influence of a controlled or prohibited substance you can be prosecuted for DUI, regardless of the amount of nanograms you have in your system, and regardless if you are a medical marijuana patient.

Here’s the bottom-line: Yes, even medical marijuana patients can get DUIs. Yes, even though recreational marijuana use is legal, you can still get a DUI for driving and having marijuana in your system. Here is some practical advice from a DUI defense attorney: NEVER smoke marijuana in your car. In the vast majority of the marijuana DUI cases that we handle, the first clue the police officers note is the odor of marijuana. Never keep marijuana or paraphernalia in your car. In certain amounts, it may be legal for you to have the marijuana; however, if you get stopped, and they smell or see your marijuana, the odds of the officer doing further investigations to determine if you are under the influence, are very high. (No pun intended.) If you have used marijuana at some time prior to you driving, make sure you aren’t wearing the same clothes that you smoked in. Same reason as above. Finally, if you get stopped by a police officer, you are required to provide the officer with your driver’s license, registration and insurance. You are not legally required to provide further information. In next month’s column, I will address more DUI information, specifically addressing field sobriety testing, blood testing and driver’s license issues. The law has changed tremendously over the past 4 years in the area of DUIs, and it is important to know your rights. [1] The Nevada Legislature is currently in session. It is not yet known whether the Legislature will address some of the statutes and change the current law. There have been discussions in the legal community regarding getting rid of the marijuana metabolites all together, and possibly raising the nanograms for marijuana; however, as of the writing of this article, the Legislature has not yet made any changes.




nevada cannabis industry

>>> moves forward


despite threats from the white house BY DR. ASEEM SAPPAL, OAKSTERDAM UNIVERSITY

n early March, regulators at the Nevada Department of Taxation announced adult use cannabis will be available for purchase as early as July 1st this year. The state doesn’t technically have to make adult use available until January 1, 2018, but temporary licenses will be available to established medical dispensaries that apply this May. Nevada’s governor, Brian Sandoval (R-Nev), has already budgeted “tens of millions of dollars in marijuana tax” over the next two years to fund public schools. It’s no surprise then that July 1st is also the beginning of Nevada’s fiscal year. This comes at an uncertain time in the cannabis industry with the White House making vague threats due to the federal status of marijuana. At a press conference in February, White House spokesperson, Sean Spicer said, “I do believe you’ll see greater enforcement” of federal laws against “recreational” cannabis use, and “there is still federal law that we need to abide by in terms of, what I prefer to refer as (adult use) marijuana and other drugs of that nature.” Yet this statement came in the same week the administration revoked guidelines on transgender bathrooms for


students, arguing that the states should have “authority to make their own decisions without federal interference.” This is a complete contradiction to their “federal” position on cannabis; with such an unpredictable White House, the cannabis industry remains on edge. The Obama administration had a “hands off” policy regarding state’s cannabis laws, which wasn’t perfect, but allowed the industry to flourish into what we see today. With recent statements and the appointment of Jeff Sessions to U.S. Attorney General, the industry is in an anxietyinducing grey area once more. These comments don’t come without repercussion, after Spicer’s press briefing the Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Index fell 3.7 percent. President Trump ran on the platform of creating more jobs in America, yet the “crackdown” on the industry threatens 283,000 projected jobs the cannabis industry is expected to create by 2020. Here in Nevada, a few weeks before the High Times Cannabis Cup, the White House's comments encouraged U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden to send letters full of “stern warnings” to both the sponsor, High Times magazine, and the host, the Moapa band of Paiute. Bogden’s letter reminded the organizers that “marijuana remains illegal under federal law,” forcing the event to be “technically” cannabis free. This hurt the event dramatically,

there were many less stands of cannabis companies showing off their latest creations, and only 7,500 people showed up on Saturday when at least 10,000 were expected. Even though times are unstable in the cannabis industry, it hasn’t stopped one Nevada State Senator, Richard “Tick” Segerblom (D-Las Vegas), from fighting for even more cannabis rights. Segerblom, who has been an unlikely cannabis activist for more than a decade, introduced Senate Bill 236 in early March. SB 236 would allow the licensing of “cannabis lounges” finally giving people a place to legally consume cannabis. Nevada doesn’t have clean air laws like most other states, meaning some businesses, like casinos, can still allow the smoking of cigarettes indoors. SB 236 takes advantage of this, and would allow interested bars, clubs, cafes, casinos, even weddings, spas, and resorts, to permit cannabis consumption on the premises. Segerblom addressed a panel at the

Cannabis Cup on the subject: “We’re Sin City. We should make Las Vegas the marijuana capital of the world.” As of now, Nevada has strict laws regarding cannabis consumption, it’s only permitted on private property. Colorado has been having similar problems with tourists looking for places to openly use. However, this too may soon change. In March, state senators in Colorado advanced a measure that would allow cannabis social clubs to open legally. Giving people over the age of 21 a safe and legal place to consume cannabis may be the next trend in the U.S. Maine and Massachusetts have already written their adult use laws to allow consumption at dispensaries when they’re open in January 2018. Regardless of the contradictory remarks coming from the White House, the American cannabis industry is moving forward. Tick Segerblom with his own strain "Segerblom Haze," named in his honor by Deep Roots Harvest.





DAVE: ROSIN EVOLUTION Dave: Yeah that’s right. About 12,000 feet high!


his month I caught up with Dave, of Rosin Evolution, who told me all about how and why his products are so innovative. Rosin Evolution makes rosin bags and prepresses that have truly been a game changer for rosin pressers, both commercial and hobbyist alike. We also dabbed on some of his fresh squished Lemon Drop and Jelly Donuts. Terps were flying, and taste buds were watering. It was a highly informative and enjoyable afternoon. Hopper: How you doin’, Dave? It’s great to be here telling Tahoe Cannabis readers about the newest products in the rosin industry. Dave: I’m doing good, staying pretty busy. Hopper: You’re not just busy, you’re non-stop! Dave: Yeah, it never ends. Just trying to get the bags out there to all the pressers. It’s getting really big right now. Hopper: Last time I was here, you told me how you got

Hopper: Tell TCM readers about your products. I know from experience that your bags and pre-presses make for the ultimate clean finished product.

into the industry. It’s a really interesting story, will you share it with TCM readers? Dave: Absolutely. I’ve been in the skydiving industry for about fifteen years. I started out with fun, normal weekend skydives, and escalated into teaching. Towards the last five years, I was making skydiving gear. It gave me a lot of background on working with nylon in parachutes. When rosin first hit, in the beginning, polyester was the only material being used to make the bags, and it’s not really food grade safe. Because of my knowledge of nylon from skydiving, I’m able to apply that to what we’re doing. I realized that the market didn’t have a food grade safe product to use when pressing rosin. So, we were one of the first companies to do nylon bags made for food grade safe rosin pressing, and also make it at a cost effective price. There’s a lot of bags that are just too expensive for the normal processor. Our goal was to bring food grade rosin bags to the market at a good price. Hopper: So you were getting high in a whole different way before you even got in the industry!

Dave: What we really focus on is trying to make it easier for people to actually process rosin. Right now, it’s really labor intensive. It’s tough to get through a decent amount of product to make rosin. That’s why we started with the bags, we started with the small little two-inch bag, and have 3x6 bags now. Also, our pre-presses which kind of solves some of the bottle-neck issues that happen when you’re trying to do production. Hopper: The pre-press makes it easy, the way that the puck fits right in the sleeve. It keeps it nice and tight, so things don’t pool up on the side. Dave: Yep, it slides right into the bag and keeps it packed into the edges so less oil is lost to the bag. It passes right through there and gets onto your parchment, rather than staying inside the bag. Hopper: How long has Rosin Evolution been around?

expect this to become a business. I made some bags for myself and friends, then it grew into what it is. We started making bags about a year and a half ago, and we’ve been a real business for a year. Hopper: Last time I was here, we squished the Jelly Donuts. It was amazing! What are we gonna do up today? Dave: I have some Lemon Drop today, which is cross of Super Lemon Haze and Sour Dubs. That’s what we’re gonna smoke on, and I have some more Jelly Donuts to press, because that terp profile is unreal. It’s Forum Cookies crossed with King Louie OG. Hopper: Right on, before we start pressing and dabbin’, are there any shout outs, or anything you wanna add? Dave: Thanks to you Hopper for reaching out, and thank you Tahoe Cannabis Magazine. I feel like the universe is lining up to let me go on this path I’m on now. I kinda got burned out on skydiving, and jumped into making gear. I’m a stoner, and when rosin hit the scene and became the new big thing, I got into that and I’m just riding the wave.

Hopper: Yeah, back when people were using hair straighteners and hand clamps!

Hopper: I do want to tell everyone to follow you on Instagram @rosinevolution, it’s one of my favorite cannabis related pages. It’s amazing what can be done with your Rosin Evolution bags and pre-presses.

Dave: That’s right! Our business, Rosin Evolution, started slowly emerging right after that. Originally I didn’t

Rosinevolution.com IG: @rosinevolution Follow The Chronisseur on IG: @ hopper448

Dave: Well, rosin has only been around for a few years, really.








Blum Reno offers everything from an array of flower to concentrates, edibles and topicals. They are currently sourcing pet products and hope to offer ice cream in the near future as well.

Patient Specials

Jilly Vanilli Honeycomb by Cannavative

Blum's new patient special is 10% off your first purchase. There is no minimum and the special is the same for both Nevada and out-of-state patients. For returning patients, grab a copy of Tahoe Cannabis Magazine before heading over as there is always a coupon on the back cover. When visiting Blum, be sure to sign up for text messages and/or email notifications. Blum also provides veteran, student, senior, & industry discounts everyday.

Top Selling Edibles

Advance Order Placement

Top Selling Flowers

Strawberry Lemonade by Cannabiotix - 2.5lbs of this flower sold-out in just 36 hours.

Top Selling Concentrates

Cheeba Chews by Deep Roots

Top Selling Ancillary Products

The Trew Balance line which includes CBD oil that is taken under the tongue and lotions that are applied topically.

PATIENTS Education

Blum provides patients with multiple education guides


which are filled with important information pertaining to medical cannabis.


Blum’s mission is "to provide medicinal cannabis with professional service."

Blum participates in a variety of community outreach programs within the community such as veteran's events, the MS Walk, Pride events, and Artown. Blum also visits retirement homes in order to educate seniors on the benefits of cannabis.


To place an advance order, call 775-420-BLUM or go online to blumreno.com.


Coming Soon

Each Blum budtender is required to complete two weeks of classroom training and four weeks of onsite training. Patients can feel comfortable that when shopping at Blum, they are receiving quality information from well educated employees.

etc. etc. LetsBlum.com will be the go to place for your cannabis needs.


Blum is located at 1085 S. Virginia Street, Suite A, in Reno. They open every day at 9:00 AM. Sunday through Thursday, they close at 10pm. Friday and Saturday they close at midnight.



We are in the process of creating our new state of the art website. LetsBlum.com (2.0) We should have it released by the end of Quarter 2. It will be a completely revamped marijuana informational based website that will have online delivery service, online ordering, online database, customer reviews, tutorials, webinars, videos,


www.blumreno.com Weedmaps & Leafly: BlumReno Twitter: @420BlumReno Instagram: Blum775 Facebook: BlumReno Snap: Blum_Reno 25










Yeah baby! Fuckin A, you will love the scent of ALL Giddy Up concoctions. But this one smacks you in the face hard, and wraps a memory around your brain with a lock and chain. Treat your pain with just a little grain of it. Covet your rig, grab some “tane,” and astral plane from it. Hop on a plane to Spain if you choose, and find your summit. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain from it. Chew on that, but if you're toothless, maybe “gum it”. Dabs up! My pain is numb from it. THC-76.9% CBD-1.9mg/g Caryophyllene-5.1mg/g Limonene-5mg/g Linalool-3mg/g Myrcene-2.1mg/g Humulene-1.8mg/g



Here’s another fine concentrate to mix up with other flavors. You will benefit from the massive amount of CBD contained in this product. It's tasty and beneficial by itself, but I must insist that you combine it with another wax, to create your own concoction. Everything I've mixed it with has been delectable. Enjoy this product alone any time of day, as it raises energy levels and removes pain without leaving you sedated or lethargic.


This looks nothing like marijuana at all. Remedy has put out the first THCa produced in Nevada. Unheated, and non-decarboxylated, in this raw form, it is nonpsychoactive so you can eat it and reap the medical benefits. But, if you drop it in a hot banger (which decarboxylates it), you can dab it and get high from it too. I like to doubledip another product into it, preferably a moist badder or sap so the THCa will stick to it. Great job Remedy! THC-87.86%

THC-7.34% CBD-88.8%

For more product introductions, visit TAHOECANNABISMAG.COM

PURE TONIC / HSH Cinderella 99 Shatter

What a value here. This shatter had an orange tint, and has excellent stability and structure. I saw this at $15 per half gram, and picked it up for the terpene composition. Caryophyllene and Linalool are extremely anti-anxiolytic, and I was impressed. This shatter has twice the amount of that combo to best halt depression and stress. So, I filled up my chest and put it to the test. This HSH poster is the best. Get out your gel pens and color in the rest. Go ahead and make a mess. THC-68.1% Caryophyllene-12mg/g Limonene-10mg/g Linalool-5mg/g Myrcene-2mg/g

PURE TONIC / HSH Apollo 11 Badder Wax

To the moon, Alice! What the…? Look at that Caryophyllene content. Holy shit! Break out a ton of desserts. Let's celebrate good times, and annihilate stress with 4% Caryophyllene. LIVE ON DESSERTS and have NO EVIL STRESSED situations. Does it make any sense to you Earthlings? I'm still on the lunar rock, waiting for the space shuttle to deliver me back to Earth. I'm kinda stuck here, but it's not a curse. Things could be worse. At least I got Apollo 11 as my nurse, and lots of free moonrocks too. THC-62.3mg/g Caryophyllene-41mg/g Limonene-12mg/g Humulene-11mg/g Myrcene-5mg/g Trans-Nerolidol-4mg/g Linalool-4mg/g

PURE TONIC / HSH Alpha Blue Wax

Fuck! This shit got me faded. It wasn't the terps this time Pure Tonic, which had the lowest terpinoid results in the trifecta here. What did it was the THC content. Holy crap, the room was spinning for a minute from just a modest-sized scrap of wax. I hash dunked only about 0.1mg, and that was enough to get me flyin. This MTG strain tasted like Blue Dream, and felt like the whipped cream that I sipped from my cup as I daydreamed and thought this shit up. THC-81.4% Caryophyllene-3mg/g Terpinolene-3mg/g


We had to squeeze this one in. Our team loves TGC flowers. We've been smoking their trees for about 3 years now. This batch was better than ever. Face on Fire is purple and has a magnetic aroma that lights up the room with smiles and good vibes. It means a lot to show these bomb herbs off to Nevada patients. We pick up their greenery at The Dispensary and Thrive. Get down with your bad self, and reach a pinnacle high with Face on Fire. THC-28%







VADER Tahoe OG Crumble VADER Skywalker OG Live Resin

Break out your light sabers, it’s time for a battle with the Skywalker OG. Vader IS his father, and he taught young Skywalker everything he knows. Well, almost everything. Skywalker had Jedi training from both the Rebel Force, but now he works for Vader and The Dark Side. This Skywalker OG is low in Myrcene, so expect to swing that dab tool around a few more times before cashing in. The Dark Side is behind you. Check your shadow. #vaderextracts #kushstockfestival

Here, we introduce another exceptional product. Get a little half gram jar of every Vader flavor and have your own little judging competition. This stuff ranked about #2 or #3 out of the seven that came across my table. Peep the Myrcene level, gonna cash you in and make your tummy growl with desire. What's comin’ next? I'm already looking forward to next month. Wanna get high? THC-71.61% CBD-6.45mg/g Myrcene-6.6mg/g Limonene-4.16mg/g Linalool-3.7mg/g

THC-73.2% Myrcene-1.16mg/g Linalool-4.97mg/g

VADER Blackberry Kush

This specimen seemed to be the consensus favorite. It's definitely up there in my notes too, but it ranks about #3 with me. The flavor is unmatched, but my favorite texture was the True OG. Good job Vader and AMA. This shit gave me chills on my arms and shoulders. Buh-bye pain. Time to slow my roll. THC-76.39% CBGA-7.7mg/g Myrcene-4.67mg/g Caryophyllene-3.13mg/g

This pen hit nicely. I took a few big rips off of it and blew out a cloud. It tasted really good too, and I could tell from the flavor of the exhale that the terps were cannabis derived. I got a decent head change from the Dream Steam, and no one in the movie theater suspected a thing. They must've thought I had some air freshener in the back row.

I like the taste of Exotic Chai Mints. The flavor is spot on, with an aftertaste of a glass of Chai tea. I actually ate the whole bottle because I don't get drug-tested at my job. My wife is my boss, so I tossed all 8 Mints into muh belly. It was kind of like eating an entire sleeve of Mentos. I had no gluttonous guilt though, because Med-A-Mints are produced with healthy ingredients. Eat the whole bottle if you're not a lightweight. But don't come crying to me when you're all stoned and lethargic. To each their own. Get to a dispensary and include these in your life. You can even split them in have with a knife. Scored!

Incredibles makes something so good, that you’ll want to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands too. They are stoning people out here in Vegas. Eat the whole bar if you can handle it. They are made with city regulations, so there is a 100mg limit on each bar. Man, this tasted awesome, with little crispy pretzel chips melted into the candy mould. THC-91.63mg 10 Squares

Total THC-76.31mg 8 Mints per Bottle THC per Mint-9.539mg Humulene-2.3mg/g Linalool-3.7mg/g


Lick your fingers, and stick some Nevada Dust THC powder to them, then suck on them again and again like a little kid, cuz this shits fun as all hell. I could sit and watch Saturday cartoons with a few friends and a dozen packets of this adult candy. I miss the Smurfs and the Superfriends. This novelty is sure to please anyone who refuses to grow up, like me. Have fun, and be safe, you big children. There's not much THC, so expect to maintain a clear head, even if you smash the whole packet. Total THC-6.59mg


CANNABELLA Cannabis Medicated Honey - Medium Strength

I love honey to begin with. A natural sweetener and salve, honey is the perfect medium for cannabis infusion. And when ingested, honey delivers cannabis to work on a cellular level. Cannabis can help shed bad cells so your body can regenerate copies of good cells. Cancer is the duplication of damaged cells. Give your body what it needs, which is in most cases, is much less cannabis than we currently ingest. I'm proud of Cannabella for making such healthy products. Swallow your pride; spread it on bread, and take it to the head! Total THC-198.4mg


INCREDIBLES Peanut Budda Buddha Bar

MED-A-MINTS Exotic Chai Mint

DREAM STEAM Mother’s Milk Vape Cartridge & Battery

THC - 600mg


20 servings/jar

9.92mg THC/serving







>>>CHECK IT OUT KABUNKY Cherry Diesel Klear

This shit is remarkable! Get a scoop of this. Just make sure not to let it tip over in your bag. Keep it upright, or it will definitely get stuck in the lid. You can still dig it out, but it makes a mess. And you don't want to waste any of this golden treat. Most distillates don't have much, if any flavor, but this is sweet and tasty. And at 92.4%THC, it will get where you want to go. Go on, get lost. See ya! Get the fuck out of here! That's all. It's fire. Move the fuck on. Nevada Medical Marijuana and Kabunky are spankin patient’s asses with this magic potion. THC-92.4% Terpinolene-9.5mg/g Linalool-2.3mg/g Linonene-2.2mg/g Myrcene-1.9mg/g Humulene-2.3mg/g Linalool-3.7mg/g

KABUNKY Alaskan Thunder Shatter

Let's hit the road and head north to Alaska, where the bears catch salmon with their bare hands, excuse me, I mean bare paws. In Alaska, the sun doesn’t set every night like every other US state. Well this concentrate won't settle you down neither. With just a little Myrcene, you can experience a radical road trip with minimal drowsiness. Just enough to lower the eyelids about 22% closed. High Caryophyllene will wipe your little bitch tears away with giant bear hands, I mean paws. Don't sweat, it won't kill you. #Bearhandle this shatter. THC-72.3% CBD-1.7mg/g Caryophyllene-5.5mg/g Myrcene-2.5mg/g Humulene-2.3mg/g Linalool-3.7mg/g

MOXIE Alpine O.G. Trim Run Badder KABUNKY Island Sweet Skunk

Ya baby! This ISS strain is beautiful! This nug photo is an entire eighth. It had beautiful structure, and its ripeness and aroma contributed to the overall pleasure of this lovely lady. Break it up and freshen up the room with sweet desire. Puff on it, and you will be lifted off the ground a bit. Raise up your expectations, and you will be extremely pleased with the overall performance of this medicinal herb. THC-20.69% Caryophyllene-2.7mg/g Terpinolene-2.4mg/g Humulene-1.3mg/g

WILLIE’S RESERVE Prerolls Intro By: Dwayne Stevens


This is the first trim run from Moxie that I've seen in badder form, packaged in a jar. I can appreciate a good extraction when I taste it. I'm a big fan of anything OG, and this trim run came through with that traditional, earthy, OG gas. Rev up your engines and fill up your gas tank with a few rips of this bad boy. Hit it hard. Don't pitter-patter. That's tiny, do something fatter. Cut the chatter and hit this Moxie OG Badder that I served up on a platter, or scatter. It doesn't really matter, we can always call up another batter. Hey badder, batter. Suh-wing Badda. THC-78.245% Myrcene-5.314mg/g Limonene-2.449mg/g Gamma-Terpinene-1.329mg/g

Blue Dragon Herijuana Sour Diesel


We mosied down to Bill’s Smoke Dungeon, which lies six feet under to try these Redwood joints. We started off the sesh with Blue Dragon which was perfect. And, the flavor only got better from there with the Herijuana roll stepping it up. We topped it off with good old fashioned Sour D, which was a cherry on my high! Great sesh bro. Nice prerolls from Willie’s Reserve, they fired up our day, and made for good conversation. “Roll me up and smoke me when I die.” - Willie N.


MOXIE / GREEN THERAPEUTICS Critical Kush Live Resin Badder MOXIE Lemon Cookies Live Resin Badder

Go ahead and get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Just make sure that you're reaching for Moxie's Lemon Cookies so it's worth the risk. Once I figured out what was inside the Lemon Cookie jar, I jumped on the counter and flipped over the whole fucking jar. Yeah that's what I did. Dumped it right in the banger, pounded a glass of milk, then pounded my chest. Fuck yeah I love that shit. THC-68.859% Pinene-3.846mg/g Limonene-2.159mg/g Gamma-Terpinene-4.646mg/g Ocimene-2.439

Grown in the Green Therapeutics Facility, and whipped up in the Moxie kitchen, Critical Kush is a top shelf product. This badder is ferocious and tastes like sweet OG. If you dab a nice chunk of it, plan on sitting on your hands for a while. Don't be afraid, hit it at night and lay back. Holy shit, the terpenes are stacked, especially Myrcene at over 1.5%. Dab on this to relieve pain and help you get some much need rest and relaxation. THC-70.587% CBN-0.58% Myrcene-15.998mg/g Gamma-Terpinene-13.272mg/g Terpinolene-13.886mg/g Pinene (a+b)-5.95mg/g Ocimene-3.717mg/g

This appeared to be a trim run, but it was still pretty potent. The snap and pull consistency made it quite easy to dab. I snapped off a fat chunk and vaporized it in my dab rig, just before settling into the jacuzzi. Ya, that combination was incredible. My head was very heavy and my muscles completely relaxed. This is a new extract company, so be on the lookout for Scarlet Oilworks. Caryophyllene-1.02mg/g










In Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease





hronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is a progressive disorder that makes it increasingly more difficult to breathe. Along with difficulty breathing, other symptoms of COPD include increased mucus production, coughing, and fatigue. COPD affects over 30 million individuals in the United States, including 6.9 percent of Nevadans. Two-thirds of those affected by COPD (regardless of cause) are over age 45, and prevalence varies from state to state. Some of the most prevalent states are those located along the Ohio River, such as Kentucky. It is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer, with almost 150,000 deaths each year attributable to COPD. COPD is caused by repeated exposure to lung irritants. While most commonly associated with irritants due to tobacco smoking, it can also be caused by exposure to irritants from second hand smoke or air pollution, irritants from workplace exposure to inhaled toxic chemicals/dust, or even as a result of severe, uncontrolled asthma. Rarely, it can be caused by a specific genetic disorder called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which decreases the body's ability to protect itself (especially the lungs and liver) from the toxic effects of exposure to certain proteins in the body.

that both narrows breathing passageways and decreases elasticity of the lungs in order to minimize exposure to the irritant. After exposure to the irritant is removed, the lungs then return to normal, widening airways to allow greater flow of air in and out of the lungs. However, with repeated exposures to lung irritants, the lungs lose the ability to readily return to normal. Airways remain narrowed due to inflammation, and mucus that is not removed by coughing can then plug the narrowed airways, resulting in difficulty breathing.

How does COPD occur? When the lungs are exposed to irritants, the body produces mucus, which helps the body cough out the irritant, and it causes inflammation

While not an officially accepted reason for use by state medical marijuana programs, researchers are starting to investigate the use of cannabis as a

Standard treatments for COPD include inhaled anti-inflammatory steroids, inhaled bronchodilators (to further open airways), and inhaled and oral medications designed to decrease mucus production. As COPD progressively worsens, medications are increased (both in number and strength), and when these medications no longer control symptoms effectively, supplemental oxygen is added. Supplemental oxygen, while necessary to maintain adequate oxygenation, hinders quality of life for patients. Patients are limited in what they can do, as they must have a cumbersome oxygen tank (which only lasts a few hours) or a portable concentrator machine (about the size of a large purse) with them at all times.

EDUCATION & HEALTH treatment for COPD. Cannabis has been shown to have antiinflammatory properties. Lung irritants, including allergens and smoke, are seen by the body as foreign invaders, and the body mounts an inflammatory response to them when they enter the lungs. Repeated exposures, with their subsequent releases of inflammatory chemicals, lead to the symptoms of COPD. In a 2010 review, researchers found that two major cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), have been shown to decrease the immune response. They affect the chemical signaling of the cells, by decreasing production of anti-inflammatory chemicals, which in turn decreases the natural killing function of the cells in response to an attack by a foreign substance, such as smoke or allergen. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also has a known effect of opening up airways, believed to allow more cannabis to be absorbed from the lungs. After smoking cannabis, airways are opened in approximately 15 minutes, with effects lasting up to 1 hour. By opening up airways, patients with COPD are more readily able to breathe out more carbon dioxide. Researchers from the University of São Paulo investigated the effect of two different doses of cannabidiol (CBD) on experimentally-induced acute lung inflammation in laboratory mice. The mice were exposed to an irritant substance called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which causes lung inflammation in the mice. After exposure to LPS, measurements were taken of lung elasticity and markers of inflammation. Six hours after exposure to LPS, the mice were injected with either 20 mg/kg or 80 mg/kg CBD. Researchers then measured lung elasticity and markers of inflammation 24 hours after exposure to LPS (10 hours after receiving CBD). The mice showed increased lung elasticity and decreased markers of inflammation relative to levels taken prior to cannabidiol injection. No significant differences were found between the two CBD doses.

COPD affects over

30 million

individuals in the United States, including

6.9 %

of Nevadans.


Could cannabidiol also prevent lung inflammation? The same group of researchers from the University of São Paulo, in an earlier study, injected 20 mg/kg CBD into lab mice, then exposed them to the irritant LPS. They measured chemical markers of inflammation 1, 2, and 4 days after exposure to the irritant. They found that all of the chemical markers were significantly decreased compared to those that had not received CBD prior to exposure to the irritant LPS. So cannabis could be beneficial to treat COPD, but how should it be taken? Does smoking cannabis cause or worsen COPD? And are there some routes that may be more beneficial than smoking for COPD? In 2014, researchers from the University of New South Wales School of Medicine reviewed over 150 published studies on the effects of cannabis on lung function. The researchers also noted that some studies did not separate the effects of tobacco smoke from the effects of cannabis smoke on the lungs, nor did they separate the effects from other known COPD risk factors such as age, sex, race, or presence of existing asthma or other lung disease. While acknowledging several

major limitations of the studies, the researchers concluded that cannabis smoking's effects on the lung are affected by several major factors. They also identified several areas where cannabis could contribute to COPD or other lung disease. The amount and frequency of smoking, whether joints or other smoking devices are shared, and which device is used to smoke, all affect how cannabis affects the lungs. Increased sputum production and cough inhibits the ability to move air well, leading to feelings of breathlessness and decreased oxygen to the body. Lung irritants, such as combustion products (resulting from cannabis smoke) and cannabis flower contamination both from chemicals used to grow cannabis and also from unseen mold contamination, can lead to lung disease and lung obstruction. Increased amounts of smoked cannabis were associated with increased measures of difficulty breathing, cough, and sputum production. Sharing joints or pipes could increase the risk of infection. Presence of one or more of these factors increases the risk of COPD. However, researchers discovered that those that used a vaporizer to smoke cannabis had decreased symptoms of cough and phlegm production when compared to smoking cannabis from a joint or pipe. In a 2015 study, researchers from Emory University looked at the effect smoked cannabis has on a more specific measurement of COPD severity: the ability to remove excess carbon dioxide from the lungs. Over 7500 U.S. adults, aged 18-59, participated in a national study on health and nutrition, and researchers studied the over 5500 adults who also completed respiratory measures as a part of the study, which was conducted between 2007 and 2010. Of these adults, approximately 59% had used cannabis at least once, and approximately 12% had used in the past month. Researchers looked at frequency of cannabis use in joint-years, with each joint-year equivalent to smoking one joint or pipe bowl daily for one year. Researchers also accounted for additional factors, such as age, race, sex, tobacco exposure, economic status, and history of either asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis, which could account for increased risk of COPD. Researchers looked at two types of measures: self reports of respiratory symptoms and the ratio of the amount of carbon dioxide forced out in one second relative to total amount forced out in a breath (FEV1/FVC), as measured by an incentive spirometer. They looked at self-reported symptoms, and noted that, like similar recent reviews, habitual cannabis smokers have increased cough, wheezing, and phlegm, with a slight trend toward increased respiratory infections. However, contrary to earlier studies, no significant difference in the ratio of FEV1/ FVC was found between those with no cannabis use and those with up to a 20 joint-year history of cannabis use. Those with a greater than 20 joint-year history had a slight decrease in the ratio of FEV1/FVC, but that was because of an increase in the total amount forced out per breath (FVC), not due to a decrease in amount forced out in 1 second (FEV1), as in those with COPD. Smoked cannabis, while not shown to cause or to significantly worsen COPD overall, may worsen the phlegm production and





cough associated with COPD, and thus may not be the ideal choice to treat COPD. Other options for treating COPD with cannabis include edibles, vaporized inhaled cannabis flower, cannabis-containing inhalers, and cannabis oil. Edibles, while convenient to use and long-lasting, take longer to take effect. Vaporized cannabis flower and cannabis inhalers allow cannabis to be delivered directly to the site of inflammation. They have a quick onset of action, and they do not result in the amount of coughing or phlegm production as smoked cannabis. Vaporizers are more readily available than inhalers, which are not currently found in Nevada dispensaries. However, inhaled or vaporized cannabis requires frequent dosing (as often as every 1-3 hours), as it wears off more quickly than edible cannabis. This frequent dosing may be impractical for some patients. Cannabis oil presents another option for patients in the treatment of COPD. Used more commonly for cancer or epilepsy, it is beginning to be looked at as a treatment for other diseases for which cannabis may be beneficial. Cannabis oil can be given under the tongue, vaporized, or even given rectally for quick absorption. It allows for more concentrated dosing, which can allow for fewer doses. While few published studies exist, several anecdotal reports can be found on the effectiveness of cannabis oil to treat COPD. Cannabis provides a new option for the treatment of COPD. It has been shown to reduce some of the inflammation associated with the disease, and may reduce some of the anxiety associated with the feeling of breathlessness. However, while smoking cannabis has not been shown to cause or significantly worsen the ability to breathe out carbon dioxide effectively, it can lead to increased coughing and phlegm production, which can worsen the sense of breathlessness. Other available routes for using cannabis to treat COPD include edibles, vaporizers, inhalers, and more recently, cannabis oil. So put the "chronic" in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and use your favorite cannabis to breathe a little easier.


Dr. Kit, Pharm. D, RPh is a licensed pharmacist and co-owner of Medigrow, a Nevada grow school.

SOURCES: J Neurosci. 2009 Nov 25;29(47):14764-9. doi: 10.1523/ JNEUROSCI.4291-09.2009. Addict Biol. 2013 Mar;18(2):286-96. doi: 10.1111/j.1369-1600.2012.00483.x. Epub 2012 Aug 2. Am J Addict. 2013 JulAug;22(4):344-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1521-0391.2013.12044.x.


3WAYS to





Yoganji began her journey about five years ago. In that short time, she has amassed a nice social media following and released Yoganji branded yoga mats, mat cleaner, glass cleaner, stickers and other related products. At first, I was a bit confused, how do you mix yoga and smoking weed? But soon, after watching her video on Instagram it became clear that their are multiple ways to smoke and stretch at the same time! Its amazing, and sometimes scary with glass pieces. If you decide to try any of her advanced Yoganji poses, remember to be careful as glass can break easily.

cannabis before, after or during yoga. Most of the Yoganji poses I do and feature involve smoking during yoga.

DUSTIN: What is Yoganji?

DINELLE: I make an assortment of products such as Yoganji mats, yoga mat cleaner, glass cleaner, bath bombs and recently glass pendants. The Yoganji mats are my main product though, they come in a variety of colors, patterns and thicknesses.

DINELLE: Yoganji is yoga with a ganja twist. Basically consuming

DUSTIN: When did you start Yoganji? DINELLE: I started Yoganji in 2013 which was initially an Instagram account to share my yoga pictures. Eventually it grew to a small business after I received such a large response and people started requesting merchandise. I released my Yoganji mats and products at the very first Las Vegas Hempfest in 2014. DUSTIN: What kind of products do you make?

DUSTIN: What are some of your favorite Yoganji moves? DINELLE: I really enjoy balancing with my bong. Mostly toe stands in various poses. Lately however, I've been working on my back

bending and inversion skills. DUSTIN: Where can people find you?

Photos By: Jess Kuiper, ProCannabis Photography

DINELLE: I attend various cannabis events such as High Times Cannabis Cups, Secret Cups, Blacklist Sesh, Chalice, etc. Come say high, I usually have stickers for Yoganji followers. If you can't make it out to any of the events you can always follow me on Instagram and Snapchat @yoganji DUSTIN: Do you teach classes? DINELLE: No, I don't teach classes because I'm not a certified yoga instructor. If you're interested in a ganja friendly class I would highly recommend booking a class with Dee Dussault in San Francisco. She's a really big inspiration. If that's a little out of your way, you can always check online to see when the next cannabis infused gathering near you is. I host small seshes where we stretch and smoke. DUSTIN: What are your favorite strains to do Yoganji with? DINELLE: I prefer to smoke sativa strains in general but especially when I'm doing Yoganji because I usually do it during the day. I love Tangie and Skittlez. Anything from Jah Netics, especially their Jah Cookies for evening Yoganji seshes. Of course I can't forget to slip in some CBD dabs usually supplied by Top Shelf Extracts.

The CBD really helps with achy muscles after a day of intense Yoganji. DUSTIN: What tips do you recommend for beginner Yoganji enthusiasts? DINELLE: Listen to your body, nobody knows it better than you. Do what feels comfortable for you and your body type. Start with something basic like a seated pose and maybe start with a vape pen or joint until you feel more comfortable. DUSTIN: What can we expect from Yoganji in the near future? DINELLE: I'm working on getting in more smoke shops and collaborating with a few different cannabis companies. Also, you can expect to see more Yoganji glass pendants, as I recently started blowing glass. Most Yoganji mat purchases will include a glass gift and/or bath bomb.

>>> PRODUCTS If you're looking for a new yoga mat or Yoganji branded products, direct message Dinelle on Instagram @yoganji. You can also follow her latest glass creations on Instagram @dopestardinelle.






Rock n' Roll Art Director >>> PART 2


This month is part two of my interview with the iconic Art Director and my friend, Ernie Cefalu who is famously known for penning the Rolling Stones lips logo. TROG: So, I actually listen to Alice Cooper from time to time on his radio show, and I always enjoy the stories behind the bands and music, tell me a story about Alice? ERNIE: In 1975, Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare” was his first solo album and it was to be the last package that Drew and I did together, but it also became our most famous collaboration. Working with Alice and Shep was always a great experience, and this time was no exception. I love them both and, Shep is the best manager and human being in the business. I spent a lot of time working with them on every one of the 13 covers we’ve done so far. One of the greatest things about doing work for them is that there is always so much to work with. We discussed the messaging behind the music and listened to some of the rough tracks. Then I met with Joe Gannon who produced all of Alice’s tours and he conveyed his needs and concerns for the stage show and what we had created to fit into the show. Finally, I got with Drew and that’s when I created the nightmare “Ring Master” concept. With Drew’s sketches and my concept and lettering it all came to life, and the rest is what they refer to as… Rock N’ Roll History. The "Welcome To My Nightmare" Album cover has been ranked by Rolling Stone


I created a school desk for Alice and a bigger than life pack of cigarette papers for Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. It's a good thing that I had done them because when the promised work didn’t happen (lots of lip service from our boss) I showed both comps to Tony Grabois, the vice president of sales for the company and he flipped out over them.

Magazine as one of the top 100 album covers of all time. And, I personally had 4 covers in that poll. This, in my opinion, is by far the best Drew Struzan illustration ever done and my personal favorite. It is the quintessential example of the Struzan style that first got him noticed in the movie poster business where he went on to become the most collected Illustrator in the world. When we started working together Drew hadn’t developed any specific look yet and that’s why his early works were so varied in style and medium. It was his thirst for versatility and maximum control of a new medium that drove him, and it was contagious for all of us as well. He would do one assignment in oils on canvas, the next with brush and Doc Martin dyes or India ink. The next piece would be a watercolor and then he would jump on Carl Ramsey’s airbrush and after a few tips from Carl, he mastered it as well. TROG: So you worked on the Sabbath “Bloody Sabbath” cover with Drew Struzen, which went on to become one of the most iconic albums ever, how long did that cover take to create, were their never released concepts for potential other covers? ERNIE: Yes, I created the Sabbath concept after getting a private show of their upcoming tour. I was asked to come to the Beverly Hills mansion that the group had rented to live and rehearse in before their tour started. Upon arrival, I was escorted to a ballroom where the entire stage show was up and the band was doing a dress run through. It was powerful! I based my package concept on two English illustrations from the turn of the century that were given to me by my aunt on my first communion day. I conveyed my concept of a good man and an evil man, both at the split

second of their death to Drew and both the front and back cover 30” x 40” illustrations were completed in a week. The PEE creative dream team constantly pushed the creative bar higher and higher – never satisfied with what we had just done but focused on how we could make the next one even better. It is how we, along with a handful of others, over the years, through our art, like the music itself left images for the world that will live on forever. TROG: You created the famous “Big Bambu” cover art, can you remember the first time you ever met Cheech & Chong? Describe that meeting. ERNIE: Yes, very well because I was a huge fan. It was in October of 1971, I had been in Los Angeles for about three weeks setting up an art department and staffing it for a company I worked for out of New York. A lot of things were changing in the world and it seemed that music was most certainly championing the way. One of the promises that was made to me and the company's vice president who also came out with me was that there would be lots of work waiting for us when we got to Los Angeles, but that never materialized. In anticipation of my trip, I had read two interesting snippets in Billboard’s “Bubbling Under” column. Both articles were about new albums being worked on, one by Alice Cooper titled “School’s Out” (but that’s another story) and one by Cheech & Chong with no title to date. I would be remiss if I didn’t say, I was enamored by both so much so that before coming out from New York, I created a comp album cover for both in hopes that I might get a chance to get to one or the other.

That day he reached out to both Lou Adler, Cheech and Tommy’s manager and owner of ODE Records and Alice’s manager Shep Gordon, owner of Alive Entertainment. When Tony explained to each, who we were, what I had created in the past with Jesus Christ Superstar, The Rolling Stones tongue logo, Grand Funk Railroad and what we had to show them with no obligation on their part… they both agreed to see us. Tony and I went to see Lou, Cheech and Tommy and showed them my comp. They were so BLOWN AWAY with it that not only did they buy the concept on the spot but they went back into the studio and added a bit to the “B” side of the album about smoking the big joint that they got out of the new album package. Just two years ago, I was in Arizona at Alice’s Christmas Puddin’ concert doing the “old school” box set when I bumped into Cheech and he thanked me over and over for creating “the most awesome package and the extra 100,000 albums they sold because of it.” Upon hearing that, and in the same week nailing “The School’s Out” cover, I must be honest, this was the most AMAZING WEEKS WORTH OF WORK of my career! As the crowning event, less than two weeks later on January 1, 1972, Tony and I quit the company and started Pacific Eye & Ear. TROG: Did they have good weed on them? ERNIE: No, the first time we met it was at the Ode Records office on the A&M Records lot so no partying there. But, when we had subsequent meetings, well that’s a whole different story. What I can say is, my pot was much better than theirs when we partied like rock stars… but that’s another story as well, perhaps for another time. TROG: What was weed like back then compared to what you are growing these days? Nowadays it’s a science.

ERNIE: I have been both a recreational user then and a medical user now of marijuana since 1964. Back in the day, it was 95% Mexican grown “Boo-Boo” dirt dope. The feeling at the time was that pot needed to be brown NOT green. If it was green… it wasn’t any good. From 1964 until 1969, I was attending a small art school In Oakland where 85% of the 125 students lived in communes in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury. Quite a few of my school buds went into the business of growing or smuggling. When I think of them, I smile and wonder what ever happened to them and what they might be doing today. Then, around 1966, green pot started filtering down from way up north and that was like the first time man ever saw fire! Fearful and apprehensive, then enamored and embracing.

and branding company, that provides superior products to the industry. We are the power brand that lends its expertise and equity to companies who consistently create premium “top-shelf” products that provide sustainable solutions and that emphasizes the emotional core values of the brand to its consumers. For us, the market has never been better because in the end like all superior products, it's about the quality and in our five year history our brand has never had a higher profile or been in greater demand. In fact, there is so much of a demand for our Klones that there is a minimum 30-day waiting list for our babies. Also, now because of the popularity and because the demand for indoor medicine is so great, the 30-day wait is all year round. Our genetics, have amassed an awards gallery of 15 major industry awards in less than 5 years. Last year we rolled out fifteen skews of our nutrients, soils and fertilizers, and they are considered the best in the industry! Because, “When You Start With Us… You Finish With The Best!” Check us out at: kingklonebrand.com TROG: The cannabis industry is changing super quick in the last few years, where do you see it five years from now?

Today, it's more scientific for sure but all the science in the world still doesn’t mean that you will end up with a great finished product. Science can offer just so much but they can’t give the soul and love that a seasoned grower with three generations of cultivation under their belt can and does provide. Now that’s not to say that in time it won’t happen because it's destined to happen just not yet. First, the industry needs to rid itself of the money rats, the ones that are in it only for personal gain. While the glutton of product available in today's market place has dropped prices 40% to 50%, it will be an on going continuing trend. It's like stuffing six pounds of shit into a three-pound sack! It's not going to work and something's going to have to give. TROG: Tell us about the grow at King Klone, what are the top genetic strains you guys are doing there? ERNIE: The King Klone brand, is a market

ERNIE: Having spent well over 45 years in corporate America working closely with Fortune 5 CPG companies like Nestle, Kraft, Coca Cola, and InBev Global it is easy to see that in less than five years, they will own it all. I have no doubt that the edibles market will be owned by subsidiaries of Nestle and Kraft, the beverages will be split between Coke and Pepsi and the seeds, clones and flowers will be controlled by big corporate money. TROG: Thanks for your time. ERNIE: Thank you my friend for allowing me the opportunity and space to tell my story but most of all for your friendship.






Email to: events@tahoecannabismag.com

Did You Know? Cannifest 4/15-4/16, Eureka, CA, cannifest.com

Get Lit Festival 4/13-4/16 and 4/20-4/23, outside the gates of Coachella, comegetlit.com

Downtown River Run 4/30, Reno Arch in Downtown Reno, visitrenotahoe.com

Reno Jazz Festival 4/27-4/30, University of Reno, unr.edu/rjf/ djcheffred.com

High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: 4/21-4/23, NorCal: 6/3-6/4, cannabiscup.com


The Head & The Heart: 4/7, Grand Sierra Theatre, theatre. tickets-center.com

Reno Earth Day 4/23, Idlewild Park, 11am6pm, renoearthday.org

Reno Sculpture Fest 5/12-5/14, ReTrac Plaza, Downtown Reno, renosculpturefest.com

Marijuana was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia from 1850 until 1942 AND was prescribed for various conditions including labor pains, nausea, and rheumatism. IN ORDER FOR SOMEONE To overdose on marijuana, THEY would have to consume about 1500 pounds of it, in a space of about 15 minutes, which is almost impossible.





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with DJ Chef Fred

4/20 is here! One of my favorite days and months of the year. Seedlings are growing in the greenhouse, the farm is starting to look like a farm and the sun is out longer and getting hotter. Everyone has big dreams this time of year about the big crop. I will be launching my new strain this year and the seedlings look amazing. High in THC and CBD. Chef loves this plant for healing! Great full spectrum extract.

Pan Seared Whiskey Ado Chicken

INGREDIENTS: • 2 chicken breasts, each cut into 6 equal pieces (12 Pieces) • 1 can chipotle peppers in ado DIRECTIONS: Drain ado, infuse with ¼ gram (200mg) Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil. Coat chicken in ado and pan sear on medium heat until it is a tender whiskey reduction.

Julienned Carrots and Asparagus Tips

INGREDIENTS: • 4 carrots • 2 bunches of asparagus, tips cut off

Blue Berry Beurre Blanc INGREDIENTS: • 1/4 cup white Mary Jane wine • 1/4 cup white wine vinegar • 20 blueberries • 2 tablespoons finely chopped shallot • 1/3 cup heavy cream • 1/4 teaspoon salt • 1/8 teaspoon white pepper, or to taste • 2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, cut into tablespoon-size pieces and chilled

DIRECTIONS: Emulsify 3 tablespoons butter and ¼ gram short path distilled extract and chill. Boil wine, vinegar, and shallot in a 2 to 3-quart heavy saucepan over moderate heat until liquid is syrupy and reduced to 2 to 3 tablespoons, about 5 minutes. Add cream, salt, and white pepper and boil one minute. Reduce heat to moderately low and add a few tablespoons short path distilled infused butter, whisking constantly. Add remaining butter a few pieces at a time. Do not add too much butter at once, whisking constantly and adding new pieces before previous ones have completely liquified. Remove from heat, then season to taste with salt and pepper and pour sauce through a medium-mesh sieve.

Last month, I entered into the High Times Cannabis Cooking Contest. It was the first in Nevada history. This plate is the plate I cooked in a half hour timed contest. I recreated it for you guys so you can see the dish up close with good lighting and a little Chef Fred flair. I met up with the owner of Mary Jane Wines and he styled me a few bottles to cook with during the contest. The wine really gave the dish an elegant flavor profile that is very different on the palate than I have ever tasted or smelled. Absolutely amazing! This 4/20 I will be in West Covina, at a private invite only pool party. It is called the 4/20 rendezvous pool party dinner sesh with Cough Country TV. I will have pics of the dinner and party next month. Happy 4/20 family!


Follow DJ Chef Fred on Instagram @djcheffred and also on Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/fred-delicious

Medicated Yukon Gold Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

INGREDIENTS: • 2 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes • 1/4 lb. butter • 1 roasted and macerated whole peeled garlic bunch • Sea salt and pepper to taste • 1 gram 850 mg THC (Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil) DIRECTIONS: Boil potatoes until tender and drain. In the same pot, melt the butter add the garlic and cannabis oil. Once all incorporated into the butter, bring the potatoes back and smash them and whip until light and fluffy.

DIRECTIONS: Blanch and ice bath vegetables. Sauté with whiskey reduction.





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