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ISSUE #17 SEP/OCT 2018

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editor >>>

Stephanie Shehan

At the end of August, a news release was generated in which Bill Anderson, the Executive Director for the Nevada Department of Taxation stated that Nevada collected a total of $69.8 million in tax revenue during the first year of legal, adult-use cannabis sales. This revenue was generated from taxable sales totaling $529.9 million (combined adult-use cannabis sales, medical cannabis sales and ancillary cannabis products.) Of that, $424.9 million in sales were from adult-use cannabis alone. These numbers leave many of us wondering when our schools will see part of this money. Within the news release, Mr. Anderson stated that, in August the Nevada Department of Taxation completed the 2018 fiscal year distribution to the Distributive School Account in the amount of $27.5 million. Although this may seem like a good amount of money, according to NRS: Chapter 387, the Distributive School Account is set up to be apportioned among the several school districts and charter schools within the state of Nevada. This means that the money will be shared amongst the various schools throughout the state. In addition, the Clark County School District has reported a $68 million budget deficit for the 2018-2019 school year which CCSD states is primarily related to the increased cost of employees. Our Nevada schools continue to score last on national school rankings. Our children are not receiving the educations they deserve and most of us here in the state of Nevada voted to pass adult-use cannabis solely in an effort to rectify this situation. The cannabis industry will continue to grow, and this means more tax revenue for schools in the future. It is now up to the State to distribute the funds to schools appropriately and our legislators to come up with a viable solution to get our children the educations they deserve. Enjoy the beginning of Fall!

Stephanie Shehan

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>>> THE rebelLIOUS ONE


Chris Torimino spinning glass n our cover this month is an awesome glass piece created by local artist, Chris Torimino of Rebel Glass. We recently had the chance to sit down with Chris to find out how he got into glassblowing and what drives his creativity.

>> TAHOE CANNABIS MAGAZINE: How long have you been a glassblower? And, how did you get into it? >> CHRIS TORIMINO: I have been spinning glass out of love for almost twenty years. It’s funny the odd tolerances you develop after standing for hours on end spinning and spinning glass, hoping you might one day make something someone actually looks at and wants. Making money has always been secondary for me. It was an odd day when glass found me. I had gone to a great friend’s house for a little puff session. While talking, he said “Come check out this glass I’m making.” As we entered his funny little garage that had a box fan in the window, I starting having doubts. I then saw a skinny little torch like you’d use for welding water pipe and thought, man this should be interesting. But honestly, after the torch was lit up and he started to roll these glass rods over and over until they melted like water, then I knew I was seeing something that I wanted to be doing every day of my life! And the rest is history. Literally, blood sweat and tears! >> TCM: Are you originally from the Northern Nevada area? If not, where are you from and how did you end up in Northern Nevada? >> CHRIS: I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri but moved to Reno as a baby! I grew up in the hills riding motorcycles and being gritty. Making fire was always in my nature, which was ironic years later as I became accustomed to standing behind a torch at free will for hours. Keep in mind, the average temperature is 2,000-3,000 degrees when working with glass! It’s hot! Like the desert sun in summer! It’s something I have grown to love. I love everything about this area, from fishing in the mountain lakes to snowmobiling the Sierras! This place is where I will live and die. Backpacking out in the desolate wilderness and sleeping with bears is the life for me. >> TCM: What type of glass pieces do you specialize in? Do you have a signature piece?


>> CHRIS: Many people have a glass style, or one certain thing they primarily make. I’m an old school soldier, a glasssmith I’d like to say. If there’s a need, I’d like to think I have the skill and tolerance to create it. My love to make glass comes from the love of watching people use the various pieces. When someone has that special piece they go to, or that token art piece they cherish, the look on their face is honestly satisfying. To know that some thought in your mind passed through your hands and created something that changed a person's life in the tiniest way is very gratifying. So, when it comes to style or passion for my work that’s where it comes from. Weather it’s making granny a flower, brother a sword, or wife a ring, that’s my style! >> TCM: Tell us about the piece on the cover. >> CHRIS: The piece on the cover came from me just wanting to inspire myself. I put all the goodies I’d love into this piece. There is a fully functional butane torch rig built into the arm. It also has a fully adjustable drop down so it can be swung into virtually any position. This piece has UV reactive and CFL reactive glass. This piece has all the accessories and you can put it on a shelf and only

THE LATEST With a torch too small, I’d try to make something too big. Always trying to find a way to break the given rules, hence the name Rebel Glass. For the most part, all I can say is you don’t need all the fancy stuff, you just need to have the grit. And, if you are lacking passion, good luck. Glass is for the people that love to sweat and earn their reward! >> TCM: Do you consume cannabis? If so, favorite strain? Favorite method of consumption? a few would know it is a pipe. Much less one that bubbles smooth and burns it’s own dab! The best of all worlds. Once lit, you can watch it truly come to life! >> TCM: Are there any glassblowers or artists that inspire you? >> CHRIS: I honestly can find love and respect in anything that someone makes from their hands. So, it all inspires me and makes me thankful that in my life, my energies lean towards being creative. My favorite kind of art is illusionary art, stuff that looks real that’s not like paintings of objects that are one thing but put together, they make a whole different image. In the glass world, an artist that changed my life in many ways a long, long time ago goes by the name of Banjo. I have never seen one of his pieces that I don’t love. I also love the way he has sent ripples through the glass world. To me, a true legend! My goal in glass was never to be at the top. I have always been a man of many hobbies but if I was to focus it all into one thing, I’d aspire to be like him. There was also a great man named Gianni Toso

and I had the pleasure of being next to him for 3 days. He was 76, what some would call old, and he could hardly speak English. And, although I took his class to learn awesome glass techniques, I soon realized it was a spiritual life glass lesson. And, I was fully aware. Sometimes, it’s not a technique that advances you but a life glass lesson. Keep those ears rolling with the glass. >> TCM: Do you have your own shop? If not, where can we find your work? >> CHRIS: You can find my work in many Nevada shops. I keep it very small and local. More of a hobby to me than a way of living. I’ve learned to not mix the things you love with too much focus on money, it can spoil the true love you have for it. That’s why I always love a good art piece in between a bunch of related work. Stirs the brainwaves, keeps that creativity brewing! I work from a little shop, very simple and effective. Sometimes you don’t have to go big, to make awesome stuff! I used to put two kilns together to make a big project. Turning knobs at different rates to try and achieve the right temps!

>> CHRIS: Yes, I consume cannabis! Some would laugh at that answer, but the truth is, I’ve had my ups and downs with smoking cannabis. When I start smoking, it was illegal and frowned upon by many including my parents and peers. In those days you’d bump into someone that smoked and it was super cool and rare. This was hard to overcome when I started making pipes and working with glass. I was definitely frowned upon. But smoking is something that has always been a part of my life, I rebelled and smoked against all end. The odd thing is in the end, cannabis and pipes became legal and now the very thing I was hated on for doing, people are loving! Life is crazy, and it's a good lesson to always stay true to your passions. I’ll smoke forever, I’m an old school, Grand Daddy Purple lover! Although, I’ll smoke anything that smells right! I still love an old school bong rip but a doobie would probably be the way I’d enjoy my last puff ever! So natural, the way it was intended. >> TCM: Does cannabis play a role in your art? >> CHRIS: There’s no doubt that cannabis plays a role in my art.

There are thousands of people out there that have smoked or are smoking at this moment out of a piece I sculpted from my energy and hands. The very reason I started melting glass was to make a piece for myself and then test and tune it as I wish. I definitely had some trials at times, but all the people that have shown love for my pieces over the years are truly the gas to my fire! >> TCM: Any last words? What recommendations would you give to those wanting to become glassblowers? >> CHRIS: My recommendation to anyone wanting to become a glassblower is to give it a try and if it pulls you in you might have a chance. You have to yearn it and spin glass in your sleep. You have to have the desire to be burnt and cut and to sweat and put all of your energy into something that you may fail at. Glass demands respect, like life. You either take control or it does. So, have some grit and expect to get cut up and bleed and fail, but know it will all come back full force when you open the kiln and see something you made. At that moment, the journey will start! >> TCM: Can we find you on social media? >> CHRIS: You can find photos of my work on Instagram @ Rebel_Glass@instagram. CHECK OUT THE COVER PIECE AS WELL AS OTHER WORKS OF ART FROM REBEL GLASS AT ANY OF THE HAPPY DAYZE, PHAT SMOKE OR HIGH 775 LOCATIONS (AD ON FOLLOWING PAGE. )

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>>>perfect FOR WOMEN TAHOE CANNABIS // #775TCM //

Female cannabis users have always faced somewhat of a taboo. However, with its newfound acceptance and legalization across certain parts of the world, new demographics are discovering the many benefits that apply to them. While some women may have learned of these benefits years ago, the medical industry is helping to substantiate and provide the evidence. Following are our top six reasons why cannabis is perfect for women:

1. PERIODS More women are turning to cannabis for relief during their monthly cycles. Only women know about the intense menstrual cramps and numerous other issues that come with periods. As it turns out, cannabis does a great job of counteracting just about every negative feeling that comes with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Nausea, bloating, headaches, and cramps are all directly suppressed by the active compound in cannabis known as THC. So, is it magic? Not really. THC has been known to do a number of things on the body, all of which account for the reason why it works so well with period symptoms. First of all, THC has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the bloating and cramps. The pain-killing properties in THC are also very effective and reduce headaches and pain. To top it all off, THC is an antiemetic meaning it suppresses nausea.


2. HEADACHES Having headaches during your period is pretty common, but some women have headaches so frequently that it interferes with their daily activities. In fact, women are more likely to have frequent headaches and migraines than men. In regards to cannabis helping headaches, there is a great deal of evidence showing that it does. Even prior to its wide acceptance in the medical world, the use of cannabis was seen as an ideal treatment for migraines and serious headaches. The pain-


relieving properties are potent enough that they can be used as an alternative for prescription painkillers, which is a much safer and less addictive option.

3. IMPROVED SEX LIFE The right amount of cannabis can be great in the bedroom‌ Probably didn't expect this one, huh? As it turns out, cannabis can be great for women looking to improve their sex life. You may be wondering how this is possible. To begin, there is the fact that cannabis can help you relax. This added relaxation has been said to make some women orgasm easier and more often. THC also increases sensitivity to touch, which is important to a lot of women during intercourse. The reduced inhibition resulting from the consumption of cannabis also insinuates an increased sex drive in women. 4. DEPRESSION Women are twice as likely of developing serious depression than men. The good news is, cannabis is a great tool for beating depression. Despite the fact that THC can literally make you happy on its own, it also helps you to change the way you look at things. Typically, depressed people have a negative perception of themselves and often of the world. Cannabis can help you change these negative viewpoints and learn to see the good in things. 5. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Regular cannabis consumers are less likely to experience obesity or diabetes because the plant helps create balance in the body when used properly. Certain strains of cannabis are proven to boost your energy levels. For some people, this can be helpful for getting the motivation to work out and exercise. Even if you choose not to exercise, cannabis can still help you lose weight as it can help boost your metabolism. Those who consume regularly also tend to have lower levels of insulin resistance. This helps to prevent the development of serious diseases like obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

6. TREAT BREAST CANCER Although cannabis is illegal at the federal level and therefore has yet to be extensively researched, there is a great deal of support that shows the effectiveness of cannabis for treating breast cancer. The first reason the herb can help treat breast cancer is that it has the ability to shrink tumors and cancerous growths. A study conducted at the California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute in San Francisco showed that the compounds found in cannabis have shown to "..inhibit the activity of the Id-1 gene, believed to be responsible for cancer cells becoming more aggressive.." Another reason cannabis can be useful for breast cancer patients is that it can be great for reducing the symptoms of cancer treatment and radiation. Often times, radiation has some nasty side effects such as nausea, pain, and lack of appetite. All of these symptoms are quieted with THC consumption. Lastly, for women undergoing mastectomies and breast reconstruction, post-surgery pain and healing can be very extensive making cannabis a great tool to help you tolerate the pain throughout this process as well as ease any stress and anxiety. At Green Flower, our mission is to spread trusted cannabis knowledge around the globe. That's why we work with 700+ of the world's top cannabis experts, doctors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought-leaders to produce trusted videos that give you the facts, science, and knowledge of cannabis today. Learn the truth about cannabis, wherever, whenever, on Sources:


dogs & grace | est. 1992 “Selling USA Made Glass Since 1992�

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Cannabis East Coast Marketplace STATUS OF

As tax revenue from legal cannabis sales exceed expectations in Nevada—about $70 million in tax revenue—states on the East Coast are working to expand existing programs, set up new ones, or piece together regulations for adult-use cannabis. Massachusetts is the first East Coast state to implement the sale of adult-use cannabis. Maine and Vermont are close behind and allow for cannabis possession and cultivation, but still have work to do getting adult-use retail stores established.

Massachusetts: Growing and using cannabis has been legal since 2016, but retail stores didn’t open until July 2018. According to New Frontier Data, cannabis sales in the Bay State are projected to rise from $52M in 2016 — when the only sales were medical marijuana — to $1.07B in 2020, with the vast majority being adult-use sales.

was signed into law in April 2016. Beginning in February 2018, qualifying patients had access to vaporizers, oil cartridges, tinctures and lotions. Cannabis bud and whole plants became available in August but smoking cannabis as medication is still illegal; flower is available for vaporization only. Despite the growth of medicinal cannabis in Pennsylvania and the projection that adult-use cannabis could generate over $500 million in annual state tax revenues, Governor Tom Wolf doesn’t think the state is ready for adult-use marijuana.

Ohio: The state’s medical cannabis program was

legalized in 2016 and its Medical Marijuana Control Program is expected to be operational later in 2018. Smoking is prohibited but oils, tinctures, plant material, edibles and patches will be allowed.

Maine: In November 2016 voters approved adult-

West Virginia: The West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act was signed into law in April 2017. Beginning July 1, 2019, patient and caregiver ID cards will be available. Medicinal cannabis will be sold as pills, oil, topicals such as gels, creams and ointments, and a form medically appropriate for vaping or nebulizing.

Vermont: In January legislator’s passed Act 86 to legalize cannabis possession and cultivation. Beginning July 1, adults 21 and older are allowed to have up to one ounce of cannabis and grow up to 2 mature cannabis plants and 4 immature cannabis plants per housing unit. But sales and distribution of cannabis remains illegal. Projected adult-use sales in 2021 are $51.5 million.

Maryland: While medicinal cannabis was legalized in 2014, it has taken nearly four years to finalize regulations. A lawsuit claiming the state illegally ignored racial diversity when choosing growers nearly upended the entire process. The final cannabis bill is designed to increase the diversity of companies allowed to grow, process and sell medical cannabis and by December 2017, patients were able to access medical cannabis. While dispensaries saw about $1.8 million in sales in December, they have seen nearly $35 million in sales in the first six months of 2018—with projections of hitting the $100 million mark by the end of the year.

use legalization, but the legislature has delayed implementation dates. Adults may now grow, gift and possess cannabis, but it could be 2019 before the first retail establishments open. Projected adult-use sales in 2021 are $126 million.

New Hampshire: Medical cannabis was signed into law in 2013 and as of December 2017, there are over 4,700 registered patients. Governor Chris Sununu signed a marijuana decriminalization bill in 2017. Rhode Island: PTSD and hospice were added to the list of conditions for the state’s medical cannabis program in 2016. A legislative commission was formed in 2017 to evaluate legalizing adult-use cannabis.

Connecticut: The state’s medical cannabis program has over 26,000 registered patients. In 2016 the state enacted a new law allowing minors to participate. Six adult-use legalization bills were introduced in 2018.

New York: The state has a restrictive dispensary system as well as limited doctor participation and product availability. Smoking and edibles are prohibited and beginning in September 2018, the NYPD will issue tickets to people smoking cannabis in public (instead of arresting them). 20

By Dr. Aseem Sappal

Pennsylvania: The PA Medical Marijuana Program

New Jersey: While newly elected Governor Phil Murphy campaigned on legalizing adult-use cannabis, New Jersey is still in the process of writing an ambitious bill to do just that. New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney is hopeful that the state Senate will vote on legalizing cannabis as early as September. Florida: In 2016, Floridians voted to legalize medical cannabis by 70% and as of June 2018, patient counts have been growing by 2,580 patient per week. Only oils (which can be vaped), tinctures, sprays and edibles are allowed. Smoking medicinal cannabis is not legal in Florida and a recent appellate ruling will keep it that way for a while. Fewer than 50 dispensaries are open in the state and Florida’s medical marijuana chief resigned in July amid strong criticism from legislators, patients and cannabis entrepreneurs.


ADMIrS ee &o pen StION Pu o




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Expert practitioners offer the most comprehensive indoor horticulture training available for the cannabis industry! Attorneys also instruct on cultivation law to help you mitigate your risk as you learn everything from seed to harvest.

• Certification from the most recognized and oldest cannabis training institution in North America • In-depth grow lab demonstrations taught by the most recognized & experienced faculty in the world • Learning outcomes are designed for beginners and experts • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content • Professional networking opportunities with established entities and potential partners & affiliates • OU also educates local, state, congressional and international governments & regulatory agencies • Oakland campus is the only hands-on cultivation lab in the world with additional programs available • OU Online is available across all desktops and mobile devices


OAKSTERDAM.COM (510) 251-1544 1734 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612







a patient's perspective


By Peter Jay

BRAVE NEW WORLD Magazine racks absolutely fascinate me. Much like pornography, you can tell a LOT about a culture based upon its disposable reading material. Thanks to the sweet air of freedom that we Americans breathe every day, our interests are many and varied. For example, the rack that I was perusing at a local grocer last week sold magazines dedicated to food, gaming, sports, guns, gossip, fitness, gardening--whatever interest that you could possibly have was represented there.

Newsweek, a magazine that I once viewed as the pinnacle of news publication, is publishing content that might have been current two years ago and is charging us $10 for the opportunity to enjoy their dated content.

As a standard-issue middle-aged male, I HAD to see how sexy the new Glocks were, as well as learn about the diet that most professional (?) snipers follow (Don’t ask. Just...don’t). I often use this space therapeutically, as I struggle on a daily basis to keep up with the constant evolution of society. During my formative years, we got our news the oldfashioned way: we accepted as truth what we were told by acceptable sources. Have you ever heard of Walter Cronkite? Less than 40 years ago, he was a network newscaster who was viewed as one of the most trustworthy people in the country. When Walter Cronkite declared the Vietnam war unwinnable, that was the narrative accepted by the American populace. Time and Newsweek news magazines were for consumers who didn’t watch TV, giving both magazines a certain Cronkite-esque gravitas. Back to the rack. A magazine cover graphic of a marijuana leaf constructed of marijuana cigarettes caught my eye, as things like that tend to do, and drew my attention to a Newsweek special edition, enigmatically titled “WEED”. Gosh, I wondered, what could this be about? Newsweek magazine reporting about marijuana? Seriously? I mean, I don't know why I was so surprised; one cannot blame the publishing industry for wanting to get their share of that sweet, sweet weed money! Incidentally, the irony of my previous statement is not lost on me, given that I am writing this article for a cannabis magazine... mea freaking culpa. I



accept the fact that I am snarky as hell, but I was left severely unimpressed with this publication. Newsweek, a magazine that I once viewed as the pinnacle of news publication, is publishing content might have been current two years ago and is charging us $10 for the opportunity to enjoy their dated content. Don't get me wrong, as magazines go this was aesthetically pleasing. The articles were interesting, the pictures were



KILLE BRANDING colorful, the pages were impressively thick. One thing that SCREAMED Newsweek was the way that all of the articles were definitely slanted toward us Boomer types, as Newsweek has always tended to do. Millennials grew up with lax marijuana laws, so most of this is second nature to them. Articles like: “Cannabis 101”, “What is the difference between indica and sativa”, or “What to do with your leftover marijuana?” are all designed to appeal to old fuckers like me, who grew up in prohibition and need some help re-entering the game. High Times magazine used to be the only publication that dealt with marijuana-related topics. I remember it being seen as less shameful to buy a copy of Hustler than to buy a copy of High Times. Naturally, I bought both, and tried to avoid encountering friends of my mother on my walk home. High Times offered articles about the fledgling marijuana industry, strain reviews, personal anecdotes, a marketplace...pretty much what we’re doing here at VCM. Now, the topic of marijuana is so casual that Newsweek is writing about it.


Recently, High Times magazine announced its intention to go public and is currently seeking investors. Additionally, they are starting their own cable channel, dedicated to marijuana and all of its many subgenres. Personally, I believe that artificial intelligence and virtual reality will meld to create the next great marijuana experience. Imagine a construct that would allow you to smoke some Kosher Kush with Ben Franklin, a historical figure who we previously determined was likely a stoner. So there you would sit, wearing VR goggles with some sort of transdermal THC delivery system taped to your arm, as a holographic Founder takes you on an unforgettable journey through his kite farm. And if there is any justice in this world of ours, the entire experience will be brought to you by High Times World Media, Incorporated. Contact for Trepanation: Archive:

I N F U S I O N 70 2 . 5 2 1 . 3 1 1 3 | Branding | Graphic Design | Website Development Advertising | Email Marketing | Social Media | Photography Video | Retail & Cultivation Interior Design Production & Installation of Branded Enviroments


DEAR MARY JANE An advice column from the Grande Dame of Marijuana

Hello, my darlings! I’m Mary Jane. I know more about nothing than any two other people I know, and I once smoked dope with the Pope (not saying which one). I’ve been around the world twice and talked to everyone once, so if you have issues that leave you befuddled, ask away, as Mary Jane makes everything better!

Friends Let Friends Smoke Dear Mary Jane: I am new to the world of smoking reefers, and I’m not having nearly as much fun as I thought I would. I have friends who smoke, but they won’t let me smoke with them because sometimes I confuse inhaling with exhaling and make a mess. Should I just give up and switch to beer? — Hopeless in Reno

I feel your frustration, young ‘un. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and there are certain rules and protocols (unwritten) that you need to master before any of your smoking friends will take you seriously. First and foremost, unless you’ve time-warped back to 1922 Chicago, nobody refers to marijuana as “reefers” anymore. Call it weed, chronic, smoke, buds, dank, diggity-dank, even pot, but nobody wants to smoke with Grandma (except maybe Grandpa). The whole “inhale vs exhale confusion” thing leaves me wondering if maybe you ate lots of lead paint chips as a kid. I’m hoping that you don’t swim, as inhaling under water won’t end well for

you, dear. Suck the smoke in, gag on it for a few seconds, then cough it out. Other rules for you to know: Rule One: Puff, puff, pass. When smoking with friends, it is of critical importance that everybody gets a taste. You are a rookie, so once your buzz starts you will tend to stare into space with a silly look on your face. I mean, that’s the idea, but the weed is burning so pass it along! Rule Two: Don’t drool. This is primarily a rule for joints and blunts, though it can apply to other methods too. Bottom line: if we aren’t MUCH more than smoking buddies, I don’t want your spittle in my mouth. Dry your lips before you hit, or people WILL judge you. Harshly. Rule Three: Know your limits. Don’t indulge to the point of being annoying. Yes, we know you’re SO HIGH RIGHT NOW! No, the police aren’t going to show up and arrest us; unless we’re sitting on bales of weed while shooting skeet in the backyard, the police don’t really care anymore. And yes, pizza is indeed the perfect food. Just shut up and go with the buzz and maybe you’ll be invited back. And personally, beer is what I use when I’m out of weed. Just saying. GOT A QUESTION FOR MARY JANE? SHE'S GOT AN ANSWER FOR YOU! EMAIL HER AT MJ@TAHOECANNABISMAG.COM.




Greenleaf Wellness We recently had the chance to check out Greenleaf Wellness in Sparks. Greenleaf offers an array of their own branded products as well additional products from companies throughout Nevada. Following is what management had to say about this one-of-a-kind dispensary. >> TAHOE CANNABIS MAGAZINE: Tell us a little about Greenleaf Wellness >> GREENLEAF WELLNESS: Greenleaf Wellness is a 100%

locally-owned grow and dispensary headquartered in Sparks, Nevada. Greenleaf is a surprisingly diverse company. Our 33,000-square-foot cultivation facility is a commercial agriculture operation that produces 49 different strains for distribution to dispensaries throughout Nevada. Some of our production is sold through our own Greenleaf Wellness dispensary in Sparks, which is open seven days a week and carries a wide variety of products.

>> TCM: We know that Greenleaf has both production and

>> TCM: What types of patient, veteran or senior discounts

do you offer? And, do you have daily specials or frequent shopper programs?

>> GW: We offer medical patients, seniors and veterans 10%

off. Our morning specials include $6 grams and $20 eighths for everybody lined up when we open at 8am. We also have a lunch special from 11:30am-1:30pm called the Greenbag Lunch which also features $6 grams and $20 eighths. And, we have a changing daily Double Special from 6 pm-close for which we pick a variety of products that customer can choose 2 of for only $25.

>> TCM: Do you have a nurse or medical professional on staff? >> GW: No, but we do regularly consult with medical

cultivation licenses. What branded products are available?

professionals, and plan on expanding customer education via the medical community in the near future.

>> GW: We cultivate both Greenleaf and Mojave flower

>> TCM: Does Greenleaf participate in any community

products, and we also collaborate with a company from Washington State that distills oils called Lucid Oils.

>> TCM: What types of products do you currently offer?


>> GW: We offer a range of products, from a large

selection of flower, edibles, tinctures, vapes, oils, and more. Our lucid oil cartridges and syringes sell quite well, as well as our own Greenleaf flower brands. We offer quite a few flower specials throughout the day, so grams and eighths tend to fly off the shelves.

>> TCM: Do you offer any CBD only products? >> GW: Yes! We have a relief tincture and euphoria tincture,

and we also carry CBD vapes, lip balm, lotions and capsules. In addition, we also carry a TON of stuff that has a 5:1 ratio of CBD:THC, giving users a minimal amount of THC.

>> TCM: Do you sell ancillary products? >> GW: Absolutely. We carry a selection of glass products,

as well as our own branded lighters. We also offer a variety of rolling papers and other flower-specific accessories, vape


batteries, bags for product transportation and more. We want to be fully stocked for our customers needs.

organizations or outreach?

>> GW: Absolutely. We’ve donated approximately $18,000

to Mom’s on the Run, a local non-profit organization that offers services to breast cancer patients in the community. We’ve also raised money for the Northern Nevada Veterans Research Center. Our goal has always been to be community-minded, and we try to give back everywhere we possibly can.

>> TCM: What sets Greenleaf apart from other dispensaries? >> GW: Our company is deeply committed to Reno and

Sparks. The funds we’ve raised for local organizations is something we feel is very special, and demonstrates our investment in the region. We are truly local - our grow and dispensary are both located in Sparks less than a mile apart. We’re family-owned and operated as well. No corporate boards or holding companies - just the Duque family! It's really meaningful for us to work together to create this family-owned and family-operated business . We each bring different strengths and ways of thinking to the business, and each of our strengths is necessary to create a thriving enterprise. It’s not always easy, but the challenges make our successes all the more gratifying.



>> TCM: Where is Greenleaf

located and how can we follow what you are doing?

>> GW: We are located at 1730 Glendale Ave, Sparks, NV 89431. We are open MonWed, 8am-7pm, Thurs-Sat, 8am-10pm and Sun, 8am7pm. You can check us out online at greenleafwellness. com. And, follow us on social media: Instagram + Twitter @Greenleaf_Wellness or Facebook @GreenleafCanna



Daily Dose


Tips and shares on using cannabis as remedy every day.

BY SHARON lETTS Finding your daily dose of cannabis as remedy can be confusing and daunting if you have never used the plant recreationally. Those who aren’t used to the psychoactive properties of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) typically consume too much, initially, often hindering them from being helped at all. Anyone can get used to THC, that’s a fact. The mantra, “start low, go slow,” is a good rule of thumb to follow. Within this continuing series, I’ll be speaking with some of the top influencers and educators in the space, asking how they use cannabis every day for remedy, and for relaxation via recreating – even though we know, that’s still using the plant as remedy. For even the most ardent, 24/7 stoner is reaping benefits by merely smoking – vape or dab and you are receiving a concentrated amount of the beneficial compounds of the plant for what ails you. Before I get into it with celebrities, I decided to share my own Daily Dosing with you to get us started. Many may be surprised at the amount of daily deliveries I do that have absolutely no psychoactive properties – but, I’m medicating daily to replace a plethora of pharmaceuticals and supplements once needed for serious ailments, Thyroid Disease with menopause, chronic pain, and all the symptoms that come with each disorder. My regimen really begins at night with an oil capsule I make myself, combined with chamomile. I also take a single chamomile concentrate capsule along with it. This is my main dosing, keeping cancer at bay, and all my ailments in check, including chronic sleep disorders from both Thyroid Disease and menopause.


Taking the oil at night gives solid REMs with a longer sleep time. Without the cannabis oil taken at night, I’m lucky to get four or five hours of light sleep, or wake up every two hours. Sleep as a significant healing tool is sorely overlooked. Taking a sleeping pill is nothing more than a warm blanket with no healing properties. Take enough of them and you may have a serious addiction to deal with.

When I wake-up after a good night’s sleep, I feel refreshed and ready to start my day. The chamomile aids with my hormonal depression, per a study found (link below), giving me a general overall feeling of well-being I didn’t have prior. Smoking cannabis raises endorphins immediately. Per a study, smoking also raises the efficacy of anything else you are doing – whether it’s taking a painkiller (raises effectiveness of analgesics by upwards of 30 percent), or ingesting cannabis or other plant-based remedies. I write in the morning, and since I was 16 I’ve known that cannabis helps me to focus, as I’m under the Autistic Spectrum with a processing disorder. Cannabis is my Ritalin. I don’t “bake” in the morning, but I will take a hit or two of flower to focus and get started. If I find myself antsy at the keyboard, or trailing thoughts, I take another hit to bring me back. Education and paying attention to your ailments or disorders, and figuring out what works is key. Cannabis and other plantbased remedies are the most proactive remedy you can do; but, it takes knowing, being aware, and often, doing your own trials. Since using cannabis oil to put breast cancer into remission six years ago, while simultaneously replacing up to ten prescription medications and supplements, I need to keep the beneficial compounds in my system daily as prevention. Even if you’ve never used cannabis for cancer or have not replaced your pharmaceuticals, taking cannabis every day as prevention of infections, to lower inflammation in your body – which has all kinds of long-term ramifications in itself – is key to properly using one of the most beneficial herbs on the planet. At the end of the day, I like to enjoy a tonic or cocktail with alcohol I’ve infused with cannabis and other beneficial plants. That said, I’m not a drinker, and have always preferred weed to alcohol.

My spiced rum is homemade with whole cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, cloves, vanilla, and more – with ground cannabis added; making a spiced rum drink divine. Since alcohol infuses in a cold process, there are no psychoactive properties (recipes on my website). Infusing alcohol with cannabis also counteracts the negative effects of the alcohol, quelling the inflammation that can cause an upset tummy or headache, otherwise known as al hangover. Important to note, I do not drink more than one or two tonics, giving me an additional dose of the plant at the end of the day. I actually feel better after having one of my tonics. Dinner is often micro-dosed – a term coined by The Herbal Chef, Chris Sayegh, of California – using oils, vinegars, and other cooking stuff that’s been infused with cannabis and other beneficial herbs. Vegetables or meat can be marinated and sautéed with a micro-dose of infused olive oil; salad dressing can be micro-dosed using an infused red wine vinegar – steeped in a cold process, with no THC activated. Throughout the day, if I have an upset tummy or other mild discomfort, I’ll reach for a light tincture, not an over-the-counter remedy. If I have an ache, bug bite, cut or bruise, I’ll use a cannabis salve, rather than a store-bought one. The tincture combined with using the salve works together in what’s called an “entourage effect.” Smoke for a top-off, and you’ll increase the efficacy of all. The human body works the same for everyone, it’s what we do to it that differentiates our needs. Plants are accepted into our Endocannabinoid System in the same way for everyone, it’s finding your daily dose and sticking to it, that matters most. For more information and recipes on Sharon’s deliveries, visit her website Follow her on Instagram @ sharoneletts linked to her Kitchen Apothecary page on Facebook. For more information on Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef, visit For more information on study showing increased efficacy with cannabis, visit pubmed/22048225 For more information on cannabis and pain medications, visit

1350 Stardust St. Reno, NV 89503 Largest Selection of Smoking Supplies in Northern Nevada

1700 Victorian Ave. Sparks, NV 89431 50 W. Main St. Fernley, NV 89408

1110 S. Wells Ave. Reno, NV 89502






The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

Marijuana sales in Nevada continue to break monthly records and bring in much welcomed tax revenue for the State of Nevada’s coffers. In May 2018, recreational marijuana sales reached $43.74 million, breaking the previous monthly record of $41 million set in March 2018. Of the over $43 million generated in May, $7.11 million went to the State for retail and wholesale taxes. After the first eleven months of recreational marijuana sales, the State has generated over $62 million in tax revenue. This is already 25% higher than was projected for the entire year. By the time you are reading this, it is likely the figures for the entire first year of recreational marijuana sales will be out, and it is expected that total sales will exceed $500 million. While this is an enormous number, the amount that is actually going to our schools is actually quite small in comparison. Through May 2018, the State has received $26.5 million in its “Rainy Day Fund” from the 10% retail tax that is charged to the consumer on recreational marijuana sales. Nevada’s schools don’t directly benefit from these funds. The 15% wholesale tax that is charged at the cultivation level (and then typically passed on to the consumer through higher prices) does directly go to benefit the schools. Nevada has generated $24 million from the wholesale tax through the first eleven months of its medical and recreational marijuana programs. Of course though, the first approximately one-third of those funds goes to cover the program’s costs and administrative expenses. This means that, at the end of the day, only $16 Million of the $481 million in marijuana sales has gone to directly benefit our schools. I don’t know about you, but I feel like something needs to be done to increase this number. Many people supported the legalization of marijuana with the idea that more would be done to help improve our schools. To that end, Nevada legislators recently submitted their first rounds of Bill Draft Requests – our first glimpse at what some legislators intend to discuss at the upcoming 2019 Nevada Legislative Session – and there are quite a few marijuanarelated topics being addressed. Of note, one of the Bill Draft Requests proposes to shift the resting spot of the 10% retail tax from the Rainy Day Fund to an account that directly supports the schools. I hope this topic continues to gain some steam and we can find some way to get more of this marijuana money to benefit our schools. Speaking of money and marijuana, a couple other Bill Draft Requests proposed the creation of state-chartered banks to serve the marijuana industry and even proposed the idea of an interstate compact between Nevada and California related to cannabis banking. This is obviously another topic of utmost importance in the upcoming legislative session; those in the marijuana industry are currently being forced to deal in cash because national banks and credit unions aren’t willing to serve them based on the federal prohibition of marijuana. Hopefully Nevada’s legislators can work something out and agree on a resolution to the multi-million dollar question of where marijuana establishments can get banking services.


One of the more ambitious of the Bill Draft Requests submitted by the Senate Committee on Judiciary (headed by none other than Senator Tick Segerbloom) calls for things such as state-certified weed products, weed taste-testing at places such as coffee shops, and the possibility of a marijuanarelated stock exchange. While the aforementioned parts of the Bill Draft Request seem unlikely to make it into any legitimate legislation in 2019, some parts of this proposed Bill deserve serious consideration. For example, it proposes allowing District Attorneys to vacate misdemeanor marijuana convictions, prohibiting employers from testing for marijuana as a requirement of employment, and much-needed changes to Nevada’s unreliable marijuana-related DUI laws. On the national level, it appears the Drug Enforcement Administration is once again slightly easing up on its stance on marijuana. Soon, the DEA will be issuing a notice in the Federal Register proposing to increase the amount of marijuana that can be cultivated in the United States for research purposes. In 2018, the DEA authorized the cultivation of no more than 443,680 grams of marijuana for research. The DEA is now proposing that up to 2,450,000 grams be allowed. There is still one pretty significant problem though – despite the Obama administration creating a process for the National Institute on Drug Abuse to license cultivators to grow the federally authorized marijuana, Attorney General Smoke Sessions has currently blocked the processing of these applications. Thus, as of right now the only place that is federally authorized to grow marijuana in the United States is a farm at the University of Mississippi. Although this farm has held the exclusive right to grow marijuana for federal research purposes since 1968, it has a bad reputation for moving slowly and putting out extremely low quality marijuana. How can we trust or consider reliable any research conducted on schwag weed? The Food and Drug Administration has also recently officially approved Epidiolex to be prescribed for treating certain forms of seizures that begin as early as childhood. As I briefly discussed a few months ago, Epidiolex contains cannabidiol (CBD) and is the first ever FDA-approved prescription drug to do so. While the DEA and FDA’s moves are not major policy shifts by any means, they do show that the government is slowly lightening its grip and is acknowledging that marijuana has vast medicinal purposes. With all of the above marijuana-related topics being in a state of flux at both the State and national level, it is even more important to get out there and vote during the upcoming November elections for those who will help bring stability to the industry, amongst other qualifying factors of course. Much is at play in the next couple years as it relates to marijuana. Let’s not miss this opportunity! #StayWoke! Follow me: IG @Cannab_Esq or FB @MitchellSBissonEsq






hat a wonderful time to be involved in the current cannabis movement, truly a blessing for us all in countless ways. As wonderful of a time as it is, the industry is still going through a lot of growing pains federally and on state levels throughout the nation. And although the regulations and laws in time will eventually iron themselves out, we have to ask ourselves, “What are we doing to help?” After all, that is the reason everyone should be in this industry, right? But is that the true reality of things.... To help others be able to gain access to this incredibly profound medicinal plant, in all of its’ miraculous forms, is a noble quest I feel. Enabling lives to be wonderfully impacted and even saved is a gift in and of itself. Shouldn’t that be a good enough reason to be involved? Unfortunately, I often find that not to be the main reason many are involved. In the current CBD industry there is little to no regulation, which is a very bad thing and unless a particular CBD company chooses to “self regulate” by providing legitimate documentation of verifiability, retailers and consumers are mostly left to gamble with which products to buy. Not a good place to be in for your pocketbook and most importantly, your health.

“There are always two sides to a coin, light-dark, love-hate, truthlies, selflessness- greed.... duality. Whatever we choose to participate with in our lives essentially dictates who we evolve into.” - Brandon Ghidossi When I first got into this industry I came in with an extensive background in health, fitness, nutrition, energy healing, sales, marketing and family business. I started selling CBD oil for another company through a friend of mine and was enamored with the healing benefits of CBD oil that I was witnessing first hand through myself and others. Simply incredible! However, after a short period of time, I started to discover flaws. Not just in the company I was selling for and their business morals and ethics, but in cannabidiol itself. Certain ailments that people had weren’t being touched even with higher doses of CBD regularly and/or the CBD would finally kick in after painstakingly long periods of time, sometimes taking months. Surely there had to be an explanation for this and the company I was selling for was short on answers. So I chose to move on and start my own company, Harmonious CBD. As many of you know, starting your own company is no walk in the park. And, there are certain things that each individual business owner perceives

to be more important than others when starting up and running their own business. For me personally it is all about healing and helping people first. For many others it is strictly about money. Both are obviously necessary but whichever one we allow to take the reigns influences our ability to ultimately impact others in one way or another. In truth, if you really care about healing others, you must start by figuring out what triggers the healing. You see, to maximize healing within the body, we need to understand how the body works in tandem with what we are attempting to use as a medium to assist or facilitate the healing process that the body does naturally. And simply put, it takes endless hours of research and trial and error to find out how that all works. Medical research these days can all too often be tainted with greedy monetary influences and be muddied with conflictive opinions. It can be difficult to know what’s true or not. At the suggestion of a very close friend I started researching two major finalized forms of CBD, isolate and full spectrum oil (aka full plant extract). I wasn’t surprised to find out that in pretty much every reputable major clinical study done on animals and humans across the globe, full plant extracts were much more effective than just the isolated molecule cannabidiol

at aiding the body in healing itself. So, I started looking for manufacturers far and wide who could provide me with a full plant extract oil. I wanted the oil to have all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes left in it unaltered, and for it to come from high quality, organic hemp strains grown in the USA, using good soil practices. I also wanted a nonchemical extraction process to be used for extracting the oil from the hemp plants. Now let me tell you, it was much harder than expected to find what I was looking for in an isolate driven market. Difficult but not impossible. Truth of the matter is 95% of the global CBD industry is selling isolate-only, 0% THC products or 0% THC products claiming to be full spectrum oils. On top of that, the other ingredients that are being used in those products are commonly low quality and can sometimes be dangerous for people's health. Not to mention how rare it is for most CBD companies to lab test their own products and to provide COA’s on their ingredients before selling to consumers. There is a green rush going on right now and too many people are not in it to fully participate in the healing movement, but instead, are in it mostly for profit with little to no concern for people's’ true wellbeing. Messing with people's’ health is not a game,

true wellbeing. Messing with people's’ health is not a game, it is something to be taken very seriously. We have massive responsibility in our hands as manufacturers, distributors and retailers selling CBD products. Unfortunately way too many CBD products that I have seen out there do not have the quality in them to reflect that very state of mind and do not provide the necessary documentation either. And,

you’d be surprised how many retail locations including major dispensaries sadly fall for fancy marketing and low prices over true quality, efficacy and transparency. So, I ask those that are in the industry on all levels, “What side of the coin are you on?” Brandon Ghidossi is the owner of Harmonious CBD. For more information , visit them online at

500ml THC Distillate + Terpenes

Single Terpene Vape Carts


LINALOOL THC distillate 500 mg

2X Terpene Combination Vape Carts





THC distillate

This is a marijuana product. Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age and older.






Nevada Dispensaries KENNY’S CHOCOLATES Peanut Butter Madness

Stop the madness, and start a new project with a beneficial routine. Put some PB Madness in between your teeth and gums until it runs down into your spleen and you start to feel a bit green. Not with envy, that’s for enemies who will never even get to try any of these three new Kenny’s Chocolate confections. Give Kenny your affection. Peep out his brand new LidPins Snapbacks with silklining. They’re fuckin’ sweet! They come in 2 colors, black and pink. Get one before they are obsolete. Total THC- 102.6792mg Servings- 9 THC/Piece- 11.4088mg



Supersonic luxury chocolates made by my boy Kenny, are not the foods that you should grub, if you are tryin’ to get skinny. Cause once I start, I cannot stop. It’s like Public Dabs at Denny’s. So exercise some self-control if you wanna remain skinny. But you deserve the best in life. Enjoy Kennys when you’re winning. Let the haters see you grinning, and keep your big wheels spinning. Total THC- 105.492mg Servings- 10 THC/Piece- 10.5492mg


Alright yo. Say it isn’t so. Did I fall asleep after just 10 of these? I woke up in my own drool. I’m no fool. There are 2 full Brickle Butter candies under my stool. That’s not cool. I’m not wasting ‘em. That’s a sin. Ok then. Taste ‘em. Oh no, here we go! Not again, Kenny. You win! Total THC- 104.826mg Servings- 12 THC/Piece- 8.7355mg




By Dwayne Stevens Moving up in weight class, Steve Cantwell and team GLP are producing all prerolls now at one gram. An amazing selection of organic flower inside these prerolls. Which strain to choose is your choice. I went with VCM2. Wow, looks fantastic and it’s hand stuffed with care, I can see that! I lit VCM up and the aroma with her taste is so clean. This full gram preroll should be shared, because sharing is caring. The hit will stun you with terps. I’m trying not to tap out! Great job team GLP. THC- 26.89% CBGA- 1.95% a-Pinene- 9.4mg/g b-Pinene- 2.8mg/g Myrcene- 2.7mg/g

DESERT GROWN / EVEN Joe Fix It Honeycomb



I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who Zelly is. Is it a girl or boy? Someone from tv? Movies? OK, I’m over it. I’m done looking for Zelly, and I’m ‘bout to destroy this herb that was gifted to Zelly. Whoofch! It sure is smelly and it knocked me face down on my belly. That had to be the myrcene and terpinolene combination. There’s barely enough limonene in the lady to make me feel zealous and excited. Take advantage of the GLP terps. They are a fountain of health. Take a swig. THC- 24.86% CBGA- 1.03% Terpinolene- 8.75mg/g Myrcene- 3.94mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.79mg/g Limonene- 2.66mg/g Ocimene- 1.43mg/g

How can Joe fix it, when it ain’t even broken? Why slow me down, when I ain’t even chokin’? I want to dab, and I wanna go big. Grab me the torch, so I can heat up this rig. Why’d you call Joe? He ain’t fixing shit. He can pack up his things. You can tell him to split. I can’t get much higher. This hash is good shit. This Honeycomb is legit and got me pretty lit.

DESERT GROWN / EVEN Black Afghan Honeycomb

THC- 84.698% CBGA- 1.609% Caryophyllene- 3.93mg/g Linalool- 2.63mg/g Limonene- 1.82mg/g

THC- 80.41% Caryophyllene- 6.02mg/g Linalool- 2.53mg/g Limonene- 2.21mg/g

Here’s a new line of Distillate Vape Cartridges created by The Juice. They have quite a bit of terpenes for a fractional distillate, and it appears that they reintroduce organic terps for flavoring and mood enhancement. The flavoring tastes a bit sweet for my personal preference, but perfect for my wife or someone who likes flavored pens. I hit it hard and would hit it again. The packaging is attractive and has a cool saying that caught me off-guard… “Not Everyone Was Kung-Fu Fighting.” LOL THC- 76.404% CBG- 2.34% Terpinolene- 5.66mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.42mg/g Limonene- 1.27mg/g

There’s nothing dark about this beautiful, golden Honeycomb. Well; the 80% THC might flip the light switch off on your day depending on which way your tolerance might sway. There isn't much limonene or myrcene found here, so you might not get too tired from the THC if you can handle the psychedelic lift. The caryophyllene content will ease your stress and diminish anxiety and depression. This is a great medicine to reset your busy work schedule. Cozy up to a dab rig and take a few hits. You deserve that shit. #smokinafghan




This was my personal favorite edible so far in all of 2018. The unique shape of these thin, crispy pretzel flavored strips is what is most addicting. The shape of the chip contours nicely over your tongue, and coats your mouth with salt. Lately, I have been really craving salty snacks, and these hit that salty spot. Great value too. Essence has a stockpile of these. Load up. Fill the boat up. Boats and chips. Total THC- 93.78mg Servings/Package- 10 THC/Serving- 9.378mg


EVERGREEN ORGANIX Strawberry Banana Fruit Chews

Fulfill that urge to use those molars to shred up that gummy texture like the cannabis shark that you are. Microdose and easily monitor your THC ingestion with these tasty, little homogenized rectangles. I ate three of them before I realized I was about to smash em’ all. I resisted the urge, and preserved a couple for my wife. I could see how these could get somebody in trouble. They practically slide right down your throat. The individual packaging was the biggest obstacle here. Too bad they don't make water-soluble packaging infused with cannabinoids.


Now we can enjoy the sizzurp without consuming the addictive prescription drug, codeine. It's also last call for alcohol. The whole bottle is only 100mg of THC, so if you’re a medical patient, you should be able to stomach the whole bottle of Wiz Khalifa’s THC-concentrated, purple Kool-Aid for adults. If you don’t know, take it slow, go with the flow. Or you might drizzink too much and get weird and end up on Skid Row listening to “I Remember You”. Slow your roll. THC- 99.18mg/g Servings- 9 THC/Serving- 11.02/4oz serving

Total THC- 51.46mg Servings/Package- 5 THC/Serving- 10.292mg

TRYKE GOLD Dutch Treat Haze KHALIFA KUSH Mango Gummies

Yup. Gone. What can I say? Besides that they’re already gone. To not share was wrong, but sometimes I feel like crushing another bag before dawn. I seriously ate all ten of these in about 5 minutes. Khalifa Kush Gummies are a little bit on the firmer side, but chew up nicely once you manage to pass them on back to the chompers. Packed with lots of mango flavor, these KK Gummies will get you high. Time to get down. Total THC- 110.852mg Servings- 10 40 THC/Serving- 11.0852mg

What a beautiful strain in so many ways. I could smoke on this flower for days, but when I flip it to fresh rosin my numbness stays for days. I love vaporizing solventless dabs because there are only 3 controlling factors, heat, pressure, and time. Pressing rosin is a science. I’ve got it figured out pretty well. And Tryke figured out their garden extremely well, boasting amazing flower. Their ladies are all poppin’ now, and I pay full tribute to their garden for creating some of the best rosin I have ever tasted. Product in is product out, Bud. Welcome to the TOP SHELF, Tryke. The patients love your herbs and your dispensary. Keep on doing what you are doing. THC- 2.377% Myrcene- 4.43:mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.54mg/g Limonene- 0.32mg/g



I put this fun to my head as I followed the low temp banger rule. This AK47 was my tool. I’m bangin’ shatter out the box, daily. I’m remembering these dabs, vaguely. We print monthly, 12 magazines yearly. And, I’m enjoying this Pure Tonic, dearly. I got a dab rig that’s pointed at your hash. It liquifies smooth. Pure Tonic Shatter… I’m down for a dab. Move. Vaporize AK47 Shatter. It fixes what matters and it’s proven to get those asses movin’. THC- 70.7% CBN- 2.3% Caryophyllene- 6.0mg/g Myrcene- 3.0mg/g Humulene- 2.0mg/g Bisabolol- 1.0mg/g

PRIME Jack Herer

PRIME Moby Dick

This was something I was reluctant to put to my lips. But once I got over the name, I swallowed my shame and played the game. I blew out the flame on the wick and began smoking on that Moby Dick. The nugs were so big, I thought I’d choke, and my mouth was overflowing with smoke. I couldn’t take it all. It was impossible to contain all of it in my mouth, but I did the best that I could, given the circumstance. I blew Moby Dick clouds until there were no more hooters, and no more loads to pack in the bong. I emptied my Moby Dick sack dry. I've had my experience, now you give it a try. Maybe you haven’t had any Moby Dick yet… and you’re a little curious about this Prime cut. Don’t be shy. You might really like it.

This is awesome! A 25% sativa with 5mg/g of myrcene. Usually, sativas don’t lean me back, make me attack the fridge, or give even a smidge of pain relief. But good grief, I was in disbelief until a little chiefer with this Jack Herer reefer. This one here is a creeper. This that I’m feeling is getting deeper. It’s a keeper. THC- 25.02% Myrcene- 4.91mg/g Ocimene- 3.49mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.23mg/g

THC- 27.53% Myrcene- 6.51mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.74mg/g Limonene- 1.44mg/g

BLUE MAGIC Infused Preroll - Fruit Punch

Oh oh it’s Magic. You know? Can you believe you’re so stoned from one hit? This joint is THC infused. We’re gonna get so faded. You know? I’m gonna get you so ripped from Blue Magic. It’s a gram and a half. It’s so wonderful. You all should get on it. Blue Magic. No smoke and mirrors, real Blue Magic this time. I know sometimes this mumbo jumbo might sound like Riffety Raffety Hocus Pocus, but I ain’t fuckin’ around with you. Blue Magic is suited up and ready to take the floor. It’s Show Time! Head on over to any of the 3 Canopi Dispensaries and let them know that Wild Bill sent ya. THC- 27.9534% CBN- 1.4262% Caryophyllene- 0.954mg/g Myrcene- 0.204mg/g Humulene- 0.195mg/g

LAS VEGAS CANNAGARS 8|Fold Hell’s Angel OG Cannarillo

This is a great weapon to keep up your sleeve. Living in Vegas, you never know when you’ll have to address the impressed. Don’t stress over whose weed is the best, or who’s dress isn’t pressed. They’ll all be baffled when you unfold the hand-rolled 8|Fold Cannagar. Unreal, though. Raise it up with the stakes, and grill some steaks. Then have a toast with champagne and bake warm cakes. That’s all it takes, until, the Jones’ back there that we’re keepin’ up with, backs finally break. For Pete’s sake, don’t tippy-toe and dance around on eggshells trying not to wake up this sleeping beauty. Don’t be shy, blow smoke in that Red Eye. Give Hell’s Angel OG a try or the motorcycle ride will just pass on by. THC- 42.84% CBC- 2.787% Caryophyllene- 11.52mg/g Humulene- 5.5mg/g Linalool- 4.66mg/g



Let me tell you about Lemon Larry. This lad’s myrcene content is so high it’s scary. To the contrary, Larry is so sweet and very pleasant, you might think he was the lemon fairy. I absolutely loved these Greenleaf nugs. Kisses and hugs go out to their group. You should hunt this out and get the scoop, so you stay in the loop. THC-21.37% Myrcene- 11.3% a-Pinene- 4.3% Caryophyllene- 3.1%

CANNAVATIVE Bruce Banner Honeycomb

Watch out Incredible Hulk! You’re gonna have to wait until the next hit. I know you need the sativa like I do, but this is my dab. I know you’re mad and green with envy, but it’s my turn to hit this. I love the texture of this concentrate. When I die of this though it’s kind of hard to concentrate. Nice hash! Way to kick ass! THC- 73.03% Caryophyllene- 1.34mg/g Terpinolene- 0.35mg/g Humulene- 0.34mg/g



MMG Killer Tahoe OG

MMG is killin’ the game. You should run and get it. You won’t regret it. It’s lots of fun, don’t sweat it. This strain will calm your nerves if you let it. But you gotta slow your roll. It’s hard to chill when you’re being a troll. Get your shitty attitude under control. Smoke a bowl or two, take a stroll, and you will have a few less problems to stress on. Phew! THC- 24% Caryophyllene- 10.8mg/g Limonene- 8.3mg/g Humulene- 4.2mg/g Myrcene- 3.9mg/g

MMG Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat, that means women pay their own way. This strain is strong enough for a man, yet it’s ph balanced for women. It’s a gender-neutral strain though, just like the bathrooms at this year’s World Series Of Poker. Men had to flush the toilets 40-1 compared to women, so the venue decided to flip ONLY the women’s restroom. How lame. This MMG flower’s gender neutrality is not hindering women’s privacy at all though. Roll up a hog leg, and take it into the women’s room and hog it up, ladies. Raise the stakes! THC- 23.5% Terpinolene- 21.6mg/g Myrcene- 7.6mg/g Ocimene- 2.8mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.7mg/g

SRENE Sequoia Strawberry

Boy oh boy! This healthy flower smashes up nicely in the Rosin Tech rosin press. The abundant terpenes and trichomes melted nicely into heat pressed oil. We took it straight to the head, then I led the way to the fridge. Even those who hit just a smidge were passed out, with their mouths open. Roll up them tongues, and put them back in your pie hole. Srene rosin is not yet available on the white market, just the flower. You have to go to the headquarters if you want to taste that rosin. Roll thru. Srene’s flower is bomb in a joint, though too. Toodle-ooh. THC- 18.8% Myrcene- 4.8mg/g

Limonene- 8.9mg/g

Caryophyllene- 6.8mg/g



PRODUCTS REMEDY / TERPX OG Band$ Live Resin Sugar REMEDY / TERPX Sweet Beans Live Resin Budder

Jilly Bean X Island Sweet Skunk X Clementine

REMEDY / TERPX Cyanide Live Resin Sugar

Durban Poison X Deadhead OG

Yeah man! That’s what I’m fuckin’ talking about. My God! I absolutely love Durban Poison. When I saw the new Cyanide, I immediately wondered if my favorite Poison was behind this… yup, that unmistakable sweet fire that I’ve grown to love. Right there, fresh in my brain again. I promise to always love you Durban Poison, and your children, and your children’s children. If I could only be with one strain, I devote my lungs to you. Inhale Cyanide and live happily ever after. I will be storing this up my nose, in a creepy cavity in my skull. THC- 81.077% Terpinolene- 23.27mg/g Limonene- 8.13mg/g Ocimene- 7.65mg/g

This Budder was my second favorite TERPX product, behind Cyanide. I’m a sucker for that familiar poisonous fragrance, but that Island Sweet Skunk sunk deep into my brain as my second favorite strain. This budder is so beautiful that I can’t refrain. Those dabs left me these memories and chills that I can still feel today when I catch a whiff of an ISS spliff. Get down with this wax and experience a bunch of flashback attacks. This packs a nice punch. Go get you some snacks.

OG18 X 707 Headband

This is another great hash introduced by the TERPX team. I like the push/pull factor that you can usually find in well-balanced sativa strains. An abundance of myrcene will offer a little more chill than the limonene’s energy could possibly offset. Great balance here. Use it to your advantage. Whatever you want to accomplish, little girl. This is your magic carpet ride. THC- 81.679% Myrcene- 10.77mg/g Limonene- 6.64mg/g Linalool- 6.1mg/g

THC- 76.715% Terpinolene- 12.11mg/g Myrcene- 9.5mg/g Ocimene- 9.11mg/g

REMEDY / TERPX Blues Glue Sugar GG#4 X Blue Dream

OK, so it looks like they crossed religion with Darwinism here. Is this evolution? Or is it TERPX? Is this a problem? Or the Remedy? Tonight, we will be delving into the real, life experiences of mankind through modern cannabinoid medicine. We have learned the age-old answer to the empirical questions. We were put on this Earth to find cannabis and extract it, providing everlasting health, happiness, and wisdom. Live on TERPX. Pass the torch. Believe it… Or, not!

I keep thinking of that cartoon dog and that middle-aged weirdo, preppy guy that never shaved, wearing that stiff, tablecloth of a shirt, and scaring the young investigators that were forced to watch the nonsense. Why? Any of it? Why am I stuck here in this old ass memory when I got this Blues Glue Sugar staring me straight in the lungs? Mail time! Why did they used to yell about the mail? Aghhhhhhh! Shut the front door. Don’t make me go postal on that stupid blue dog! I’m stuck in this Blue Glue and I don’t know what else to do.

THC- 84.131% Caryophyllene- 12.93mg/g Myrcene- 10.54mg/g Limonene- 3.74mg/g

THC- 85.132% Myrcene- 7.17mg/g Limonene- 4.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.73mg/g

REMEDY / TERPX Bio Glue Live Resin Sugar BioJesus X GG#4





>>>>> cannabis

with DJ Chef Fred

THCA MIND DROPPING THAI PEANUT SAUCE INGREDIENTS 2 1" pieces ginger, peeled 2 small garlic cloves 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 4 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice and zest 1 1/2 teaspoons (packed) light brown sugar 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 2 grams THCA (decarbed in 2 tablespoons peanut oil) PREPARATION Drop ginger and garlic cloves into a blender and blend until finely chopped. Add peanut butter, THCA peanut oil, soy sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, and 1/3 cup water and blend, adding more water by tablespoons full if needed to thin, until smooth.

SWEET THAI HASH CHILI SAUCE INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons Thai chili paste with garlic 2 teaspoons minced garlic 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon salt 6 teaspoons cornstarch 1/4 cup chopped cilantro 2 grams THC distillate infused into 2 tablespoons of MCT oil PREPARATION In a small saucepan, but without any heat, whisk together all ingredients except the cilantro. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring often, then reduce heat to a low simmer for about 5 minutes. Stir in THC MCT oil, cool completely and add cilantro.

STONEY CHICKEN SATAY INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter 1/2 cup soy sauce infused with 1 gram white keif 1/2 cup lemon or lime juice and zest 1 tablespoon (packed) brown sugar 2 tablespoons curry powder 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce 6 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cubed


PREPARATION In a mixing bowl, combine peanut butter, infused soy sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, curry powder, garlic and hot pepper sauce. Place the chicken breasts in the marinade and refrigerate. Let the chicken marinate at least 2 hours, overnight is best. Preheat a grill to high heat. Weave the chicken onto skewers, then grill for 5 minutes per side.


Summer's coming to an end, the terpenes are ripening, creating a thick aroma of sweet love dancing in the breeze. Shorter days, cooler nights. Finally, relief from the heat. This year I went with some of my favorite varietals to cultivate for some great recipes. Each plant has a purpose, either high in THC or CBD, terpenes and photo cannabinoids. I will fresh freeze then extract to preserve all cannabinoids and terpenes. Each plant I cultivate has its own healing properties that I capture and release into the recipes I create. Attempting to create remedies from farm to table. If you are growing your own or manipulating recipes with extracts you buy at the dispensary, keep in mind why you might be infusing a particular dish. What is the goal you are trying to achieve? Getting high? Sleep disorder, or maybe PTSD? Look at the lab tests if available and see what is in the extract that you are infusing your food with. Try to make a recipe with a purpose!






happiness FUNKY FRESH



The Volcano Digit features a bright, easy-to-view LED temperature display and the simple temperature control buttons adjust from 104 °F to 446 °F. Precision temperature enables users to pinpoint the best temperature for unlocking the active compounds found in herb without combusting the material. The LED screen displays the chosen temperature and current temperature. The "HEAT" button powers the unit on, glowing red when the user activates it, while the "AIR" switch lights up green when pressed, initiating the forced-air system that fills the Easy Valve balloon bag. Once you have toggled the temperature using the green rubberized "-" and "+" buttons, the Volcano Digit will begin heating. The orange "CONTROL" button will glow as the unit heats up, turning off once the Volcano Digit has reached your chosen temperature. The real time temperature is displayed in red numerals, increasing instaneously by the degree as the heat rises. The chosen temperature is displayed in green. The Digit’s automatic shutoff timer turns your unit off after 30 minutes of non-use, helping to preserve the Volcano’s heating element and conserve energy. German engineering makes the Volcano Digit a dependable desktop vaporizer that's just as high-performance as it is easy-to-use. A solid stainless steel exterior gives the device a sleek, functional appearance while providing long-lasting protection to the heating system. All materials used are heat resistant to ensure the best vapor quality. The Digit features convection heating that forces hot air into the chamber to vaporize material without burning it. As the forced-air system propels heated air through the vapor path, the 100-watt heater extracts the essential flavors, aromas, and effects from herb with minimal combustion. The result is smoother, cleaner, and more potent draws. Research shows that vapor produced by the Volcano Digital vaporizer consists of 95% cannabinoids, owing to the combustionless nature of its heating system. $479

The Volcano


DAVINCI MIQRO PERSONAL VAPORIZER The MIQRO is the newest portable vaporizer from DAVINCI. 33% smaller than its predecessor and with a fully functional adjustable oven, this small device is sleek and simple. An all zirconium ceramic vapor path and mouthpiece allows the user to draw the purest vapor you’ll ever taste in a vaporizer. With the MIQRO, you can change from SMART PATHS to precision temperature control or to Boost mode as easy as clicking a button. And, you can adjust the oven size by 50%, consuming less herbs but getting the desired dose when using the MIQRO. $149

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Cooking and baking with cannabis used to be a guessing game in terms of dosage, effect, and flavor. Chef Ricky Flickenger, in partnership with Seattle-based dispensary the Evergreen Market, are taking the guesswork out of cannabis cuisine with Flickenger's first cookbook "Cannabis & the Art of Infusion." The cookbook contains over 30 recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts, including roasted pork tenderloin with white wine pan sauce, cheesy bacon souffle, chipotle lime avocado salad, and coconut and pistachio truffles among others.


Available beginning November 1st is the Stoner Mom Essentials Box by Sensi Box. All items are hand picked by The Stoner Mom herself and the box includes everything a cannabis consuming mama might need. Retail: $275 $30.44


HAKUNA SUPPLY HOLIDAY COFFEE BUNDLE Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Hakuna Supply's Coffee Bundle includes their singature black stash box which is divided into 4 compartments, and is made out of solid wood and covered in a glossy black lacquer. Choose from the designs on the website or contact them to customize. Also included in this bundle is: Hakuna Awaken Hemp Roast Coffee, two coffee coasters, and 1/8th of Hobart's Haze CBD Flower, a lighter, and 4 Hobart's Haze Relax Prerolls. Contact Hakuna Supply now to pre-order your customizable holiday gifts. $100




My miniature pinscher Daisy has really gotten herself in a bind. Recently, she has broken both of her front legs which doesn’t enable her to be the curious puppy that she wants to be. Unfortunately, she suffers tremendously with separation anxiety which puts me in a bind since I have to carry her everywhere I go or else she becomes extremely over emotional and sometimes harms herself. I’ve had several people who have pets tell me to consider giving CBD to Daisy for her issues, but it wasn’t until recently, when I picked Daisy up from the surgery center that the vet tech mentioned that I may want to try CBD for Daisy first before giving her over the counter medicines. At that point, I was convinced. My next visit was to a local dispensary where I spoke with a budtender about the benefits of using CBD for pets. Once home, I witnessed nothing short of a miracle after giving Daisy 3 to 4 drops of a pet specific, 1000mg CBD tincture. Almost instantly, she fell asleep in her crate with no problems giving me some much needed peace of mind. It gives me a sigh of relief not having to worry anymore about my poor, precious little puppy freaking out whenever I leave the room or even worse, the house. So for anyone out there that has a hell of a time trying to work with their dog who goes “cray cray” on them, please consider CBD tinctures or treats. Interested in learning more about CBD and cannabis? Be sure to watch The Cannabis Show every 2nd and 5th Thursday of the month from 2-3pm PST live on www.

48 Pet specific CBD tinctures and pet treats are available at most local cannabis dispensaries. Peace to Dogs Everywhere

The Most Effective Way to Get Your Daily Hemp Oil It’s All in Our Uniquely Effective Patented Delivery System It couldn’t be easier or more convenient – simply place inside of cheek and allow the gel melt to slowly dissolve and swallow as you obtain maximum results. Independent lab results confirm that after 7 minutes of contact, virtually 100% of the nutrient-rich full spectrum hemp oil is absorbed in vitro. That compares to 6%-33% absorption for most oils, edibles and capsules.

First Ever

Phyto-Cannabinoid Gel Melts

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Vegan Sugar Free Gluten Free Mint Flavor Organic Pre-measured CO2 Extracted

844-226-2435 | Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gel Melts







akey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey,” she chimed annoyingly. This was one of many little diddlies she sang each morning, breezing from bedroom to bedroom. Hair in rollers, bathrobe loosely tied exposing still shapely legs extending from beneath a pair of ragged shorts. The outfit was most often completed with a stained tank top. She would throw open window shades allowing the sun to shine its warming beam across the room I shared with my sister. Through half-open eyes, I could see in the wake of the sunlight, hundreds of dust particles. I always took solace in this first view of my day. I believed the dust particles were little fairies floating across my bedroom. With cup of coffee in one hand, oblivious to the spills and splatters sloshing over the rim, she continued her rounds of the upstairs.

If you drove past our house, following the paved road upwards into the woods, you would see a majestic meadow where Neil Diamond’s herd of buffalo grazed. Below us, about five miles down the hill was civilization; a community college, the Veterans Hospital, a library and finally downtown. The elementary school was far beyond walking distance, so my siblings and I, with the few other kids our age who lived next door, were homeschooled.

She was always bright and chipper in the morning. Older now, I realize her sunny disposition was due largely to the skunky smelling hand-rolled cigarette, clenched tightly in the corner of her mouth. These were not just “European Ciggies” as she referred to them, rather they were joints. Our mother was into “Wake ‘N Bake,” way before the term was even a glint in Frederico’s eye that fine morning in 2006, when he woke lying beside his friend, Martibald.

Gardening classes, taught by my very own mother, were a daily part of our curriculum. We each had our own plot for planting. With care and sincerity we tended to the tiny seeds, amending the soil while providing shelter from the bunnies and deer that roamed our neighborhood. With anticipation we’d watch our plants grow until it was finally time to harvest. To this day, I recall the glee and pride experienced collecting my bounty of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Stealing bites of the sweet, juicy peaches picked from our neighbor’s trees we’d load them into our baskets. We’d snap open pods of fresh peas that only moments ago clung to their trellises, then pour the firm green pellets into our mouths like the sweet powder of Pixie Stix. I always managed a deep inhale of the intoxicating aroma of the basil, rosemary and thyme, as I carefully arranged my cornucopia of edible treasures into my basket. Then along with the other kids, I’d make my deliveries to those moms assigned to cooking duty for the families that week.

Our father was a baker and had long left for work while the rest of the family slept. I always considered him to be a kind of enigma; big and strong, yet quiet and kind. A heavily bearded, burly man who looked as though he worked in construction hauling bags of cement or bundles of heavy lumber. Rather, Dad spent his days in a kitchen lugging heavy bags of flour and bundles of baguettes. Mom was a “housewife,” who never spent any significant time in the kitchen. According to her, she put in longer more strenuous days than her husband could ever imagine, leaving her little time to spend in that part of the house. Whenever she made this proclamation, we kids looked at one another and wondered; too busy doing what? Mom didn’t cook, bake or even keep a particularly tidy home. But she was a heck of a gardener. We lived with two other families in a large, sprawling house that sat on stilts at the edge of a cul-de-sac. There were no more than five houses on our street. Not even a street really; it was more of a dirt road. The house next door was as large as ours, and also housed three unrelated families. There was a smaller house across the road from us and two others set further back into the arc of our semi-circle.



I don’t remember feeling particularly bothered about not attending a regular school. Home-schooling evidently held more good than not as I started college at age seventeen. I then went on to a university, as did the other children. What I do remember is that much of our class time was spent in a variety of settings; the kitchen, garage, the sunroom and outdoors.

Squeals of excitement passed from them to us, as they clasped their hands together peeking under the tie-dyed cloths that covered our baskets. Skipping from house to house with my robust heirloom tomatoes, dark firm aubergines, and gigantic zucchini, all the moms declared I had my mother’s green thumb. I never really strived to be anything like my mom, except when it came to gardening. Even at my young age, I understood the difference between store bought and home grown food. On the few occasions we ventured into town to purchase necessities at the market, I was aghast at the sad looking



THE STORY mushrooms, peaches, and melons. Their apples didn’t even smell like apples. The potatoes were often puckered and wrinkled looking; like the arms and neck of the lady who lived across the road. I already knew eating foods during their true season as opposed to out of season, made a tremendous difference in taste and texture. For years I was confused as to how markets could sell tomatoes during the winter months. All our tomatoes had been harvested at summer’s end then set up in jars that sat in our dark, cool basement. To a ten year old, it looked as though our basement housed hundreds of jars filled with fruits, vegetables, applesauce and condiments. When I asked my dad about why we had so much more than we could possibly ever eat, he explained some of the grownups in both communes believed we should be well stocked in case of an apocalypse. I decided I didn’t want to know what an apocalypse was. Even the word sounded scary. Our basement was also stuffed with bottles of wine, jugs of water and tons of bushy, plants that hung upside down suspended from long strands of clothes line. These plants had been harvested from the two biggest plots that sat back, hidden behind both our and the neighbor’s homes. Months of begging Mom to let me work with her in the grownup gardens never resulted in a yes. This only made the mystery more difficult for me to dismiss. My pestering and begging went on for months. Eventually, Mom grew wearisome of telling me no and suggested to Dad that perhaps he could distract me by taking me under his baker’s wing. I loved cooking as much as I did gardening so was thrilled about the redirective efforts of my mother. Spending more time with Dad added to my excitement. I ended up working with him during school breaks, of which there were many. Homeschooled children get to take time off from lessons whenever there’s anything that pulls the attention of the teaching parents; new babies, illness, special projects, hangovers . . . Dad would come into my room so early in the morning, it was still dark out. He wore checkered pants and one of his many t-shirts with the insignias of rock groups and bands he loved; The Stones, Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix. Other shirts blared slogans of the day across his chest: “Give Peace A Chance,” “Keep On Truckin’,” and “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.” He’d whisper for me to hurry and get dressed into the white chef’s jacket made especially to fit me. I’d meet him in the kitchen, where he would be smiling and humming quietly, stirring milk and honey, from the beekeeper up the road, into his green tea. Dad always had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me on the counter, along with a bowl of freshly whipped cream next to it. I was permitted to add as much cream as I wanted, since all the moms were sleeping. It wasn’t long before I was blooming yeast, proofing and shaping bread dough, and locking butter in croissant envelopes.

The tasks I loved most at the bakery were kneading and slapping the bread dough into smooth, silky submission. I loved the feel of it in my hands and the way the boule would seemingly glow in gratitude as it looked up from its well greased bowl. As if it knew, thanks to my handiwork, she would soon inflate into a grand dame of artisan bread. My second and ultimately, life changing talent, was preparing butters for the breads sold in the bakery. One of the other bakers spent an entire morning teaching me how to churn heavy cream into butter. I watched as the beater spun the cream round and round splashing water that magically oozed from the cream spraying onto the sides of the bowl. When finished, I had a pale, yellow mound. I felt like Rumpelstiltskin, spinning straw into gold. I now had a bowl of whipped butter, ready for whatever I chose to do it. I started simple with my first compound butter, honey-butter. The following day, someone suggested I try incorporating spices into my freshly churned butter; ground cumin, chipotle powder or Old Bay. One morning, I carefully wrapped a few sprigs of herbs harvested from my garden the day before, in sheets of paper-towels. Once I had finished my chores prepping dough and sweeping flour, I churned up two pounds of butter and incorporated some Rosemary, parsley, oregano and sage into individual batches. I formed each batch into shapes replicating the leaves of the herb with which I had mixed in. It was this act that caught my mother’s attention. The following day, a regular school day for us kids, we gathered round the large wooden farm table. Breakfast consisted of fresh eggs, toast slathered with my honeybutter and fruit-topped yogurt. Unexpectedly, Mom announced, “Liberty, when you’ve finished your lessons I’d like you to spend the afternoon with me in the grownup’s garden.” I was stunned. I had given up asking weeks ago. I tore through my lessons as quickly as I could. By noon, I was escorted to the garden behind our house. There in front of me were rows and rows of majestic trees. Thick with foliage, the leaves resembled Cassava plants, but those are more shrub than tree. Maybe these were Kenaf plants. Kenaf grows as tall as the trees standing before me, but Kenaf’s trunks are similar to bamboo and they bloom with delicate white flowers. The trees I was looking at didn’t have bamboo-like trunks or flowers. These had clusters of tangled looking buds on top that glittered in white and purple. And there was a peculiar smell. I suddenly recognized it; Mom’s morning ciggies! Emerging from this forest came Mom, wearing overalls, a wide-brim hat and an even wider smile. “This,” she told me, “is our garden oasis.” I had always envisioned an oasis as a diamond blue body of water surrounded by palm trees in the middle of a desert. This was a dense collection of greenery surrounding a large homemade hot tub. I remember us kids spending weeks sanding and staining




those boards of wood as part of our shop class last year. Mom and I sat crossed legged on the deck that wrapped around the hot tub. She told me how all the grownups in the houses of our community participated in growing the cannabis on our property. What it was used for and how I would not be able to partake until I was twenty-one. In the meantime, she would teach me how to cultivate the plants, harvest and then; she paused for effect, she always did that; I could use my bright and creative mind to infuse parts of this medicinal plant into food. Namely, my compound butters.


Creamery Canna- Compound Butter Ingredients for Creamery Butter

2 cups cold canna- heavy whipping cream Bowl of ice water salt to taste (optional) Process

Pour cream into chilled bowl of mixer. Starting on low speed, then slowly increasing speed, whip the cream past soft peak stage and past stiff peak stage. It will take about 10 minutes but you’ll see the water ooze from the cream and spray the sides of the bowl as it turns into butter. That milky-watery mixture is now buttermilk! Save it for when making pancakes! Once your butter has solidified in the bowl, scrape it out into a separate clean mixing bowl. Rinse the butter by pouring some of the ice water directly over it, then use a spatula to press out any remaining buttermilk. Continue rinsing and squeezing the butter a couple more times. When preparing un-infused butter, the water will run clear, not so with canna-butter. Add salt to taste if desired Ingredients for Compound Butter

For sweet consider: 2 Tbsp honey per 8 oz butter 2 Tbsp maple syrup plus 1 tsp pumpkin spice per 8 oz butter 1 whole vanilla bean pod scraped 1 tsp ground cinnamon For savory consider: 1 Tbsp kief plus 2 Tbsp any minced herb of your choice per 8 oz butter 1 Tbsp kief plus 2 Tbsp your choice ground spice per 8 oz butter Process

In small mixing bowl combine soft, room temperature canna-butter with choice of selections above (or one of your own creation), using spatula until addition is completely mixed into butter. Carefully scoop butter into lower center of a piece of plastic wrap about 8 inches long. Bring top of plastic wrap over the butter and begin shaping and rolling the butter, inside the plastic wrap, until you have an even log. Twist the ends of the plastic wrap to seal and place in refrigerator until firm – about 2 hours. Photo by Nicole Honeywill


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A Custom WordSearch A Custom Word Search by Gail Marie Beckman For more info about Custom Crosswords, call (702)869-6416 by Gail Marie Beckman


pe Pen


















cannabis FEATURING Exclusive Chefs



Chefs Greg Chapin, Mike Richardson and Dennis Hicks

Here’s to the teachers that inspire & share of themselves. From the one-on-one tutor, to the social media educator who will stay with you until your finger or the replay button gives out. One of my most remembered teachers Harold "Bud" was all these things to me. He said,"the possibilities begin and end with you”. He was my educator, coach, mentor and friend. Here's to you “Bud”, and those like you. Remember the object of the lesson is to pass on information and/or skill to those that yearn for deeper comprehending. Yelling at a student is a waste of their time and yours. ”Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at your enemy, only you are the one getting burned” I think Yoda said that LMAO. To truly be the best teacher, use the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, meekness, faith, and temperance. Thus inspiring the student to excel instead of rebel. We at Exclusive Chefs take the empowerment angle and educate while lifting up instead of degrading and belittling. Passion, drive and creativity fuel the future, not only for the youth, but the adult student too. Before the summer ends, here’s a simple seafood boil that takes less than a half an hour! THC Garlic Bread is a must & Califuzion makes some of the best cannabidiol CBD oil & flavored basil THC oil.

Garlic Bread:

Yield: 4 1 large loaf Italian bread, cut in half longways 4T garlic, chopped ½ lb. unsalted butter 2-3T Califuzion or other THC Basil oil ¼ cup Chardonnay Add THC oil to saute pan with chopped garlic and simmer until garlic is lightly toasted. Deglaze with wine and add butter,salt & pepper to taste. Brush this goodness all over the bread, inside & out. Toast in 400 degree F oven 10-15 minutes.


East Coast Seafood Boil:

Yield: 4 3 lbs. cherry stone clams, rinsed well 2 Maine lobster tails 2 lbs. shrimp (shell on provides the best flavor) 2 lbs. dungeness crab, snow crab, or king crab 2 lbs. black mussels 4 bicolor corn ears, cut in half 20 potatoes, (*chef’s note: red skinned are fine but fingerlings, Peruvian purple or Yukon add color and different flavor profiles) 3T Old Bay seasoning Salt & pepper to taste (Chef’s note: anyone can use salt and pepper, chefs are usually ego driven and try to be different lol, so I try to find different types of salt. Himalayan also known as Halite rock salt or pink salt has 89 natural minerals and is said to leach out any negative energy in the body. Maldon sea salt is popular in the U.K. Hawaii also has black & red lava salt that is great as well. Also try Szechuan peppercorn (technically not related to black pepper) or different color peppercorns to accentuate different flavors.) Bring a large pot of water just to the boil. Add salt, pepper & old bay. Drop in corn, potatoes and lobster and simmer for 15 min. Add shrimp, crab, clams & mussels and simmer for fifteen more minutes & Drain. (Chef’s Note: Save the liquid and make soup!) Serve with melted butter & lemons.





is the greatest feeling I’ve ever known. Serving, helping, and teaching people is just as good a feeling as playing music in front of room full of people.


STAY POSITIVE Well let’s go for something positive this month. There is enough negativity out there right now. Kind of a little thank you to everyone (and I do mean Everyone) who works with and supports cannabis. A lot goes into getting people this amazing plant and it’s extracts. From the original freedom fighters that grew illegally and kept this medicine in the public’s hands and experimented with strains, growing methods, and extracting methods, to the politicians that helped push it through on a state by state level. From the big money brokers who invested in grows, dispensaries, production facilities, and labs to the budtenders who studied their asses off to be able to explain to people how this plant can help ease pain and suffering. And to YOU, for reading this magazine and learning that we were all lied to for YEARS about the medicinal values of this plant. We supported the underground when it was necessary as it was all that we had. We grew our own. And, we showed our friends and relatives a plant that could make their lives more bearable. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this cannabis revolution. It’s made me a better person. It’s no secret that I used to be an alcoholic, drug addicted, punk music playing, self centered prick. Hell, I even had a t-shirt I used to wear that said “self centered prick” across the front in big bold letters. But, since I began making cannabis oil and teaching others about its healing properties I’ve changed. You can’t go on the same way (or at least I couldn’t) after seeing the look on a mother’s face after finding out that her daughter’s cancer was gone. Or, seeing a lady of 65 years open her arthritic hands for the first time in seven years after using a cannabis topical. After seeing the look of relief on a Veteran’s face as his PTSD started to slow after a couple puffs. After watching life come back into an entire family’s eyes when their 7 year olds seizures went from damn near all day, everyday, to a few times a month. Seeing happiness and relief on a daily basis instead of being in a bar surrounded by misery


The relief I’ve seen this plant give countless people is a blessing. It gives me hope. It makes me happy. It makes me want to do MORE. It makes me want to let the whole world know there is another way to make life bearable and unlike the reefer madness crap we’ve had shoved down our throats all of our lives, it’s NOT gonna lead to harder drugs, crime, addiction, or playing jazz music and raping white women. Basically what I’m getting at is my life is a whole lot better now that I get to help educate people about how they can take their health back into their own hands. For that, I thank you! I thank all of you. But don’t forget, we still have a lot of work to do. Not just in Nevada, but everywhere. Just think of the relief you and others like you have seen from cannabis. Now think of all the people living where it’s NOT legal. We can’t stop this fight until EVERYONE has safe, legal, and reasonably priced access to cannabis. Until then I’ll continue to do my best in the good fight and continue to be thankful while doing it. Maybe I’ll get a new shirt that just says “Centered Prick” now. Ha!! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.



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