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ISSUE #4 MAY 2017

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Anticipating the Arrival


Grow Your Own

Recreational marijuana in Nevada

Infrared (IR)

There's More 18 Wait, Understanding the entourage effect


Ruckus Rant 21 The Know your cannabis

23 Tokin' With the Infamous Hopper interviews Pato Banton

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Spotlight 28 DIspensary Sierra Wellness Connection Intros 32 Product What's new in Nevada dispensaries Fresh Happiness 42 Funky Cool products

44 Focus on HIV Drug interactions

47 Allergies & Cannabis Treating symptoms naturally

the Seeds 49 Behind Cannabis vs. Alcohol

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TCM FAMILY FIRST Last month we featured a coloring book cover and poster contest which were quite the hit with our readers. We received a ton of entries and highlighted some of the best in this issue. We also received notes from a handful of readers of various ages thanking us for forcing them to slow down, grab the markers and create their masterpieces. It is our goal to keep each issue fresh and exciting so if you have unique ideas, shoot us an email or message us on social media and let us know! This month, Tahoe Cannabis expanded! We added 16 pages full of unique reader content and transitioned to a perfect bound cover. If you are interested in marketing your business to 10,000+ readers, we will give you a great deal. And, we do not require exclusivity. We will even help you design your ad and promote you via social media. Looking to get your brand in to Southern Nevada, send us a request for combo pricing to advertise in both Tahoe Cannabis Magazine and Vegas Cannabis Magazine. And, be sure to visit us online and subscribe to get dispensary deals directly to your inbox. As many of you know, Tahoe Cannabis Magazine is family owned and operated. We have no big investors, and we love to connect personally with our readers, contributors and advertisers. Family comes first for us and we consider all in our network our family which is why we remain acccessible, honest and forthcoming. We welcome your suggestions, comments and criticisms.

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n November 8, 2016, the citizens of Nevada approved the legalization of recreational marijuana along with California, Maine and Alaska to join Washington, Oregon, Colorado and the District of Columbia forging new ground in marijuana programs of their own. Starting up a new heavily regulated and taxed retail industry is a challenge for any state; but, cannabis has its own unique obstacles with Federal discord and the lack of banking. We are in good stead however as the State of Nevada has never backed down when it comes to taking on incongruous regulatory challenges. The NV Department of Taxation in conjunction with the NV Department of Agriculture has set the ambitious goal of July 1, 2017 for recreational cannabis sales under temporary regs and licenses for existing MMEs that choose to merge into the retail lane.




The current MMJ market in Nevada is limited to approximately 26,000 Nevada MMJ cardholders; about the same number coming in from out of state, and no doubt some gray and black market transactions. Looking toward a seamless, early rollout of a Nevada retail cannabis market, I only see a staggering escalation in the number of likely cannabis consumers. Let’s take a look at the numbers. The approximate 2 million Southern Nevadans over 21 who do not hold a medical card when combined with the 42 million tourists passing through Las Vegas every year, we arrive at our starting number of 44 million potential recreational cannabis users. If we take the ultra-conservative guess that only 1% of those 44 million are likely cannabis users while in Las Vegas, that is still 0.44 million or 440,000 cannabis customers! Going from 26,000 MMJ cardholders to 440,000 is a 16.9X-fold increase in volume! What if that number is closer to a conservative 10%? Well now we are talking 4.4 million cannabis customers! Whether the



By Cindy Orser, PHD. Digipath Labs As Chief Scientific Officer at Digipath, Cindy Orser, PhD, is creating a replicable cannabis testing environment with validated protocols to ensure cannabis and cannabis-based products are safe. She is also developing standards and biomarkers to clearly distinguish products derived from specific cannabis strains concomitant with determining the bioavailability of the cannabinoids found in the product.

ultra-conservative or the conservative prediction turns out to be correct, that type of meteoric, volumetric increase will be unique to only one place, VEGAS BABY! The dramatic increase in demand will reverberate from the cultivator to the producer, independent third-party testing lab and onto dispensary and all ancillary suppliers. We should all be looking around and asking the same question, will Nevada’s existing cannabis production, testing and dispensing capabilities be agile enough to equal the demand and supply of cannabis and cannabis-based products that retail could sell? Today I have to say that it is hard to not envision a cannabis shortage in Nevada right around Labor Day.


KILLE PACKAGING DESIGN Patients buy it for the design, and love it for what’s inside!

Above all let’s learn from the other states that have already jumped into the duality of regulating the production, testing and distribution of both medical and retail cannabis, notably that would be Washington, Oregon and Colorado. From experience, we know that standing up to the dichotomy of the two cannabis programs presents an enormous opportunity to reflect on what has worked and did not work under the medical program and iron out the wrinkles moving forward. I am happy to report that Nevada is currently going through that rather cumbersome and stalwart process of writing temporary regs for retail cannabis by looking back in order to see the path forward. There are however weighty intricacies at play and seemingly in the hands of a few self-selected individuals with their own interests closely held. For example, what are the necessary boundaries between medical and retail? What designates a batch or a dose? And what about eliminating strain deception with mandatory strain authentication? What about instituting required homogeneity testing of edibles? Maybe it is a good idea to test cannabis extracts for adulterants after all? Vape cartridge ingredient disclosure? Should there be limits on the quantity of cannabis a tourist can purchase? And what State agency presides over what aspects of the roll out? Let’s not forget about medical cannabis and the patients currently served under that program. I am confident that Nevada is going to get it right, ultimately focusing on patient and consumer safety. And you, the reader, should be doing your part by being a participant in the process. Give public comment. Stand up for those who can’t and be an advocate for the cannabis consumer, demand full disclosure of ingredients in your vape cartridge, support your local independent testing labs as they are your friendly, scientific gatekeepers ensuring cannabis product safety and authenticity at the dispensary.

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grow your own


>>> Infrared (IR)




nfrared radiation may be the most underdiagnosed cannabis plant stressor for indoor gardens. Simply put, there can be a difference between ambient air temperature and the actual temperature that your plant is experiencing from the source of light being too close. This is critical to any healthy growth because of its role in ph and nutrient disorders. Nutrient lockout and ph issues are not a new phenomenon in any way. But IR heat is rarely recognized as the cause. Pale green leaves that curl or claw downwards and form ridges across their surfaces are a clear sign of IR stress. When light and or heat becomes too much for the plant to deal with (and there is such a thing as too much light for a cannabis plant) this leaf curling reduces the leaf surface area (LSA) that light can contact. At the same time the ridging across the leaf increases its surface area so that water can be transpired more effectively, cooling the plant.

the life of many indoor cannabis plants and how they can develop a nutrient deficiency despite being fed with products that supply sufficient levels of NPK and all other nutrients the plant needs to grow. Sometimes referred to as Leaf Surface Temperature (LST), this is a critical measurement because the efficiency of photosynthesis stops at 86 in a CO2 enriched space. Without C02 enrichment 80 is the maximum temperature. The plant will continue to transpire H20 in order to cool itself but is otherwise on metabolic pause; the chemistry of photosynthesis will not work and nutrients are not moving into the plant from the medium. Cheap, commercially available laser temperature guns are an effective tool to measure LST; simply point the laser beam at the leaf and read the digital display. In many hydroponic situations a high LST can cause immediate problems as the transpiration of H20, but not nutrient uptake, quickly increases nutrient

Imagine yourself inside a car with the AC maintaining the temperature at 72 degrees which is the best temperature to flower cannabis in if using only ambient levels of CO2. Now imagine a full summer sun that stays in the same place all day, bearing down on your exposed skin for 12-24 hours. Despite the cool air around you your skin temperature will be measurably higher. This is


concentration around the roots. Ph levels (most hydroponic nutrients are acidic, especially when concentrated) then go down correspondingly to levels where most nutrients are not available to the plant at all. This can make it confusing to diagnose and treat if the temperature and humidity readings seem to be within the proper ranges. At the same time this concentration of nutrients outside the root zone increases the osmotic gradient relative to that inside the plant’s cells and the result is that H20 is pulled out of the plant, causing it to visibly wilt, while the medium remains heavy with moisture. This leads many growers to delay watering until the medium dries out more. However, if the medium is saturated with a high ppm/low ph solution, waiting for the medium to dry out will likely not happen at all before the plant dies, because without nutrient availability the plant isn’t capable produce the sugars it needs to live. This is where flushing is appropriate and often times also too late. Certain varieties such as OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies usually refuse to recover from a setback like this at any stage of growth. Both of them are also much more likely to be problematic in this regard, as their metabolic/ growth rates are so notoriously abysmal.

Luckily, there are easy solutions for reducing the intensity of IR, most of which involve decreasing light density. The best ways to do this are:


Raise your lights further away from the canopy to spread the light over a greater area.


Dim your lights if doing so will not change their spectrum.

3. 4.

Lower your air temperature.

Increase the coverage and speed of oscillating fans to aid with circulation.

Spray your plants with plain H20 as long as this won’t cause mold problems.

Try all of the above in different combinations until you find what works for you.

5. 6.

Then simply observe your plants for the changes. Within a day or so the apex meristem/growth shoot will show that it is again able to uptake nutrients and perform photosynthesis. You can observe this simply as the return of dark green color to this growth shoot. Older leaves that suffered stress will remain discolored but new growth should look lush and healthy. Plants should return to health although they may never again show the same vigor and health of a similar plant that did not experience IR stress.







Understanding the Entourage Effect >>>


evada, like many other new cannabis markets has experienced consumer demand for high THC cannabis flowers. Consumers have associated higher THC numbers with a stronger “high”, but this can be an incorrect correlation. The most potent strains of Jamaican cannabis, known for its long history of superb cannabis cultivation, frequently have THC levels in the 15 to 17% range. The reason these strains produce potent effects is because of the entourage effect. The term entourage effect has been used to describe the

synergistic interaction that occurs when cannabinoids, terpenes, and many other lesser known compounds present in cannabis flowers are consumed. The lack of clinic trials and well-designed scientific studies has limited our understanding of this effect, but as we learn more about the compounds present in cannabis, we will learn more about how they interact in the human body. Nearly 500 pharmacologically-active compounds have been identified in cannabis. It is very likely that many more compounds will be identified as more scientists are permitted to study cannabis. Laboratory testing of medicinal and adult-

use cannabis has introduced consumers to some terpenes and cannabinoids, but correlating laboratory results to anticipated effects can be challenging and dependent on the individual. Terpenes are very potent and are thought to influence animal and human behavior when inhaled; these effects can occur at serum concentrations of less than 10 ng/ml. Cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles likely significantly influence the effects, flavors, scents, and potential medicinal benefits provided by a strain, but they are not the only compounds involved in producing these effects. In addition to more than 80 cannabinoids and 130 terpenes, cannabis contains non cannabinoid phenols, pigments, flavonoids, anthocyanins, stilbenoids, alkaloids, elements, steroids, nitrogen compounds, amino acids, proteins, lignan amides, and various other small molecules. While very little information has been published on many of these less prevalent compounds found in cannabis, limited research has suggested some can produce a variety of potential health benefits. Like terpenes, flavonoids are also found in many other fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. There are more than 6,000 naturally occurring flavonoids. One group of flavonoids called anthocyanins are responsible for many of the different



THE LATEST pigments in nature such as the blue in blueberries, red in cherries, and the purple in some cannabis strains. Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants; they do not have an aroma but they contribute to taste. Other flavonoids possess anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antineurodegenerative, anti-cancer, and powerful antioxidant qualities. Apigenin, orientin, kaempferol, and quercetin are a few flavonoids that have been found in cannabis. There are also some flavonoids that are unique to cannabis called canna flavins. Stilbenoids are a group of compounds found in cannabis that also possess strong antioxidant properties. Resveratrol is a stilbene, found in grapes and red wine, that some believe is associated with longer life expectancy, mental strength, as well as liver, kidney and blood health. Stilbenoids are also found in red wine, tea, cocoa, and blueberries. Research on these compounds is promising but still ongoing. Nonetheless, these compounds likely add to the medicinal effects and/or psychoactive experience when smoking or vaping cannabis flowers. Another group of compounds that can be found in cannabis are lignan amides. Cannabis contains a series of lignan amides called cannabisins that are unique to cannabis. Certain forms of cannabisins are found in the seed while others are found in the flowers. Some cannabisins have shown antioxidant properties as well as promise for treating Alzheimer’s while others have antiinflammatory qualities and promote heart health. As we learn about the compounds present in cannabis flowers, new classifications can be developed to help transition away from the “Indica, Sativa, hybrid” system to a system of classification that will help consumers better predict the effects a strain will produce. It is important to remember that cannabis is an extremely complex cocktail of active compounds so predicting the effects a consumer will experience is no trivial task. It is clear that we are just scratching the surface on discovering and understanding the potential of cannabis. Due to cannabis' classification as a Schedule I substance there are many challenges associated with uncovering its full potential. Most of our understanding of the effects of cannabis has been generated from anecdotal evidence, pseudoscience, and statistically-limited studies; there is no exact formula for what strain is best for a specific ailment or person. Proper analysis and identification of the different concentrations of compounds found in different cannabis strains is paramount, and it is important for medicinal patients and adult-use consumers to take note of what cannabinoid and terpene profiles are present in the strains they enjoy and find beneficial. Consumers must also remember that there are many more compounds present in their bud that contribute to the effects they enjoy than simply the THC that is on the package label. For more information about Ace Analytical, visit aceanalytical.com or call (702) 749-7429.







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86 49

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taking classes. It's not just "selling weed" anymore. You need to learn all the methods of ingestion. You need to know what terpenes are and what each one does. You need to understand most diseases. The worst day I've ever had working at a dispensary was the day I didn't know about a certain patient's ailment and I had to make them wait while I looked it up. Since that day, I've spent countless hours just looking up different diseases and then crossing that with what terpene/cannabinoid profile will help with the symptoms. There are all kinds of websites and local educational seminars and classes going on in Nevada right now. Educating yourself is a great place to start. And, once educated, this amazing industry will open its doors for you. With recreational use right around the corner, everyone is going to be hiring and more people will be needed. If you're reading this, more than likely you're already a medical patient and you have already had to deal with an under-educated budtender. With recreational use on the horizon, there will be even more customers and patients that will need education to keep them from harm. Be one of the shining examples by knowing your shit, and you won't have a problem getting a job that will help you sleep with a full heart knowing you made someone's life better. You do not want to be the budtender who gave a sativa strain to a PTSD patient which made them bounce off the goddamn walls, or be the one who offers a cancer patient a sugar-filled edible when sugar feeds cancer. These things are happening. I hear the horror stories daily of people who were sold the exact opposite of what they needed. I can't stress this enough, people's lives are at stake! Please educate yourself first, then come get into the best job industry ever! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, a budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis in Las Vegas, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.







etween 4/20 and Earth Day, it was a beautiful, busy spring weekend. That’s why it was so dope that reggae superstar Pato Banton took time between gigs to perform at a small celebration to mark four years of one of his fans being seizure free thanks to cannabis. After an intimate set and spending time with friends and family, Pato and I stepped away for a quick conversation that I am stoked to share with Tahoe Cannabis readers. Just so you all know, Pato really is the kind soul you hear about. He really does treat his fans like family. He uses his talent, not only to reach people, but to actually reach out to them. Hopper: Thanks so much for talking with me for Tahoe Cannabis Magazine. I usually call this column “Tokin’ With The Infamous”, but I think I’ll have to call it Tokin’ With The Famous, or better yet, Tokin’ With A Legend. You have been doing this for decades! Pato: Yeah, man. I’ve been doing it for over thirty years now, probably more like thirty-seven years. Hopper: You tour non-stop. How do you keep that pace? Pato: Well, we set our own pace. Hopper: You and your wife Antoinette, right? You guys are the dynamic duo! Pato: Yes, we are a dynamic duo. We work together on numerous

projects. We have our own booking agency, our own record label, our own video production company, we have our own travel agency, and we have our own spiritual ministry as well.

Hopper: That’s awesome! You play stadiums, huge festivals, shows around the world, and you just played in a person’s living room! Your commitment to fans is incredible. I’ve never met an artist that’s so down. You perform weddings, baptisms, house parties. You care about your fans in a way I haven’t seen. Pato: Yes, my fans asked me to come to their home today. They explained what it was going to be and I was like, “I would love to come do that for you guys.” They really turned this house party into a festival. Good people, good vibes, vendors in the back garden. Everything was so great. Hopper: It was a beautiful night. What role does cannabis play in your life, your music, your spirituality? Pato: For me, the herb has always been an inspiration. As far as its effects on me personally, anytime I partake of this plant, which is not very regularly, but when I do it is very consciously and with respect, and I always have a deep, reflective moment. I don’t just smoke socially or partake of herb socially. When I do it, I do it for a deeper meditation and contemplation. As far as socially, I have always promoted legalization and decriminalization, because I think it’s a crime to criminalize an herb. Hopper: Amen to that! Pato: Yes, we have been promoting it around the world for years. It’s a blessing to see that slowly but surely, the planet is opening up to

Pato: Yes, yes. That’s right!

Pato: Yes, we do. We have potlucks at our home and we just promote it on social media, and everyone comes to our home and enjoys a nice evening.

Hopper: What do you prefer when it comes to consuming cannabis?

Hopper: What do you have coming up? You just dropped an album, right?

Pato: My preference is edibles. I don’t smoke too much anymore because of my throat. As far as eating it, I get a better high. So, edibles for me.

Pato: We just dropped two albums. The first album was a month ago called “The Words of Rastafari” which is a box set of me narrating the speeches of Haile Selassie over some Bob Marley riddims and some other old time classic reggae riddims. It’s a beautiful, beautiful project. It’s available on cdbaby and iTunes. Last week I just released an album called “Love Is The Greatest” which is my full-length recorded album with artists from Brazil, Africa, America, and the UK.

the real gift of this plant. Hopper: It’s God’s plant, made by the Almighty Creator for healing.

Hopper: You recently made a new video for your classic “I Do Not Sniff The Coke”. I was so stoked to see that, what made you decide to do it? Pato: When I started my own video production, I decided it was time to create my legacy and do it my way, on my own time, and my own terms. Usually, making a video is so much money, and you need someone to help finance it, or it’s more relevant to do when you have a single coming out. Being a video producer now, it was a blessing to be able to do that. Hopper: Again, you treat your fans better than any artist I’ve been around, and I’ve been doing this since ’89. Pato: I have three F’s in my approach as an artist. My first one is Fans. I meet the majority of people in my life because of their love for my music. So when I meet most of my fans, I tell them as soon as we meet and get to know each other, we’ve started a Friendship. And when I get to know my fans a little bit better, they become my Family. A lot of the people I saw tonight, I know them as Family. It’s a beautiful thing. I never try to hide from my fans, I always reach out and am available to them. Most of my fans have my cell phone number. Hopper: That’s what’s so amazing. You even invite people into your own home.

Hopper: That’s awesome, I’m gonna grab both of those. Do you have any shout outs before we finish this and get back to the celebration? Pato: I want to give a shout out to all the people in the medical field who are exploring this beautiful plant, all of the professionals who are promoting the herb, and people who are fighting legislation so that it is accepted federally. I want to give a shout out to all the herbalists who’ve been on the frontline for years, all the scientists, and the unrecognized who fight to legalize marijuana. I just want to say thank you to all of the reggae fraternity, for always promoting marijuana. A big respect to Damien Marley as well, for the progressive moves he is making in establishing ganja farms in different parts. Also a big shout out to Mendo Dope up north, I love you guys. A big shout out to my wife, Antoinette, who is always pushing me to do better and be better. PatoBanton.com facebook.com/PatoBanton andTheNowGeneration Hopper on Instagram @Hopper448


WHAT has been your most unique customer experience?

ARIEL ELISE Budtender at THE DISPENSARY RENO The Dispensary: 100 W. Plumb Ln, Reno

Where are you from?

My family originally moved to Carson City/Reno when I was 16. I got married at age 20, my husband enlisted in the military which took us down to Georgia, then up to Washington where I found myself working in a recreational Dispensary!

What are your favorite strains and/ or cannabis products? My favorite strain is The Truth (Which is a rare indicadominant strain that crosses Triangle Kush with a SFV OG and a backcrossed Chemdawg hybrid).) My favorite product right now would have to be Live Resin!

What led you to the cannabis industry? And, how long have you worked at THE DISPENSARY? I originally got into the cannabis industry because I suffer from scoliosis. I wanted to find an alternative to taking painkillers for the rest of my life! I'm proud to state I haven't taken painkillers in over three years now because of cannabis. I have worked for The Dispensary since August of 2016.

I have an elderly patient who wasn't having any luck at the dispensaries in town and she decided to give us a shot before giving up! Apparently none of the other shops were really listening or understanding her needs. By taking a couple extra minutes of my time to really talk to her and understand her needs, I was able to get her set up with some indica tabs and some infused mango slices. She now comes in every Thursday and is one of our regulars!

What do you like best about working at THE DISPENSARY? The Dispensary is a very team driven company that not only looks out for their employees but really cares about their patients! I love the structure and dynamic atmosphere. I've never worked for a company that's ever made me feel as appreciated as they do.

What changes would you like to see made in the Nevada cannabis industry? I'd like to see something changed when it comes to patient allotments, sometimes patients need to obtain more than the State allows.

What impact do you feel recreational cannabis will have in Nevada? I think it'll put a lot of money back into the actual State and they will be able to improve things they couldn't necessarily fund before. Like better roads and school funding.

Any last words? The discovery of cannabis’ astonishing medical potential to me is the most compelling new reason for legalizing the plant. Easily accessible medicine for anyone 21 and up. That's a beautiful thing to me!



sierra wellness connection This month we toured Sierra Wellness Connection’s dispensaries and had the chance to chat with Andrew Koetting to find out how Sierra Wellness is helping the Northern Nevada community and why their budtenders are referred to as Cannabis Consultants.

TAHOE CANNABIS: What are your top selling products? ANDREW KOETTING: Our Pineapple Express, Afgoo, Sour Kush, and our High CBD/THC Harlequin OG have been favorites of our patients since we opened. We have just completed the first harvest from our newly renovated cultivation facility and are incredibly excited to see the return of these favorite strains which will be on our shelves by mid-May! TCM: Do you sell ancillary products such as CBD only, glass, or hemp products? ANDREW: We carry a large selection of CBD only products including CBD for pets as well as many other hemp products and accessories to accommodate our patients preferred methods of administration. TCM: What type(s) of education do you provide patients?

ANDREW: We have an extensive selection of patient education materials for those at all levels of knowledge, from Cannabis 101 to more specialized focuses such as medicinal effects of specific cannabinoids and terpenes. We also offer one-on-one consultations with our friendly and knowledgeable Cannabis Consultants. We are also starting Cannabis Lunch & Learns within the next 60 days and are planning a comprehensive Cannabis 101 Conference this fall. TCM: At Sierra Wellness, you refer to your budtenders as Cannabis Consultants. What requirements do you place on them? ANDREW: All of our Cannabis Consultants go through a strenuous training program designed to help them become knowledgeable in all of the products we carry and the many benefits that cannabis therapy can bring to our patients. This, along with our dedication and ongoing, specialized customer service training allows our knowledgeable staff to engage in a consultative process that focuses tailoring products and therapies to a patient's specific needs. Our staff’s continued desire to learn and provide our patients with the best possible service and recommendations earns them the title of Cannabis Consultant rather than Budtender. TCM: What is the mission or philosophy of Sierra Wellness Connection?

ANDREW: Our commitment is to provide exceptional service & the highest quality medicinal cannabis at the most competitive prices . Our goal is to create a welcoming environment that provides our community access to the best products and ongoing education of the benefits of cannabis therapy. TCM: Do you offer a New Patient Special? How about a rewards program for returning patients? ANDREW: Yes, all first time patients receive a free preroll. And, our patient reward program offers discounts to loyal patients based on past purchases. TCM: Does Sierra Wellness Connection participate in any community-based programs? ANDREW: We have many community outreach programs and were recently sponsors of the Reno Earth Day Festival. Currently, we are running a community food drive for both Reno and Carson City and have raised over 500 meals between both stores. We have also helped a number of our patients renew their medical cards using our “Karma Fund” which consists of our Cannabis Consultant’s tips donated to help provide assistance to patients in need. We are currently starting a relay for life team and raffle. TCM: Do you offer patient classes? ANDREW: We are currently planning a Lunch

& Learn which will be open to the public. For more information or to sign up, please visit sierrawell.com/ learn. We are also planning a Cannabis 101 Conference for the fall. TCM: Do you offer Daily Specials? If so, how do patients sign up for notifications? ANDREW: We have many daily specials and frequently run special promotions. If interested text SIERRA to 424-333-4872 to receive updates and information on time sensitive promotions TCM: Do you offer delivery or advanced order placement? ANDREW: Yes, we offer both delivery and pre-orders for pick up. TCM: What does the future hold for Sierra Wellness Connection? ANDREW: Over the last year we have made many changes to the way we interact with our community. We opened our second location in Carson City in November and did a comprehensive retrofit and

rebuild of our cultivation facility. Moving forward we are especially excited for the many great things happening to Sierra Wellness. We are currently executing an extensive expansion of our Reno dispensary that will effectively triple the size and allow for a unique and comfortable experience as we prepare for recreational use. Also, we are currently working very hard to get our new production facility up and running and plan to provide a wide array of concentrates and infused products in the near future. Dispensary Info: Reno Location: 1605 E 2nd St. #103 Reno, NV 89502 Carson City Location 2765 US Hwy 50 E #A Carson City, NV 89701 Phone: 775-800-WELL Both locations are open from 10am to 7pm Sierrawell.com FB: @SierraWellnessConnection IG: @sierrawellnv




[ C U R AT E D BY B I L L S H E H A N ]

Dispensaries >>>MEDICINE

Marcosus, the rap star has his own strain called Marcosus Marshmellows. This dude is loud and in your face, and his strain is no different. At over 28%, it has got the numbers to impress any patient looking for something new and strong. Marcosus is friends with Snoop Dogg and traveled on the Puff, Puff, Pass Tour with him. I wonder if Snoop has tried this yet. Marcosus, keep killin' it, and get at me for a party my dude! Your shit is nice!

Official Decision: Plum Crazy is my new favorite GLP strain. It trained me to crave it's fresh purple smell of blackberries and grapes. It owns me now, and I'm empty. Must be why they call it Plum Crazy. I'm going nuts over here. This shit’s cray cray. For some reason I can't help but think about purple crayons at the moment. Does anyone have anything to color? THC-15.5% CBGA-4.69mg/g Myrcene-14.002mg/g Caryophyllene-2.591mg/g Ocimene-1.864mg/g Limonene-7.233mg/g Humulene-1.167mg/g

THC-28.17% Pinene-0.875mg/g

Limonene-2.123mg/g Caryophyllene-1.688mg/g

REMEDY Purple Zombie Remedy Rocks

I sliced up this triple threat to see what we were messing with, and revealed a remarkable photo. Purple Zombie Remedy Rockz are oil-coated flowers that are rolled in kief. The popular Moon Rock craze started with Kurupt's Moon Rocks a while back, and recently, a few Nevada MME’s have launched a variety of renditions. Use a pipe or bong to smoke the Purple Zombie. Remedy Rockz are more than a novelty, they're much more stoney than I expected. THC-72.8% Linalool-2.086mg/g

CBD-0.486% Humulene-1.585mg/g

HOPE Sativa Vape Oil Cartridge

There's a new line of cartridges hitting dispensaries, and they pack a little punch. I took 3 heavy pulls from it, and was impressed. My head grew dizzy, and my sight grew dim. I had to stop for the night. This particular Sativa Vape cartridge by HOPE contains 64%THC and has an equally impressive terpene profile. The only concern is that the myrcene level is high enough to slow your roll like an indica. Good shit Mr. Sturtsman. THC-64.6% THCV-2.8% CBC-2.4% Myrcene-6.87mg/g Linalool-2.93mg/g Caryophyllene-3.06mg/g

REMEDY Marcosus Marshmellows

GLP Plum Crazy



MATRIX Tangilope

MATRIX Mendo Breath Cannabis Oil Syringe

Once your lips get a hit of this shit, get ready for steady THC consumption without much body lag. Tangilope is a sativa, so you already know what's up if you've been actually reading and investigating what your smoking and dabbing. For health patients who need rest and are sleepy, they will definitely feel sleepy from the THC, but this is not the best herb to smoke if you're trying to chill. I'm a head patient, and I love the feeling of being alert and alive that is achieved here. THC-20.28% Limonene-4.47mg/g Myrcene-1.22mg/g Caryophyllene-0.7mg/g

I got mucho Mendo Breath today. Matrix doesn't play. Their cannabis oil is smooth and delectable, and for a distillate it's loaded with terpenes. Love the labeling on the glass syringe. Nice touch, educating your consumers. A personal touch is what it takes to keep them coming’ back for more. Take note that this product is edible and more medicinal to ingest than vaporizing it, but does offer great benefits to patients no matter how they take their meds. THC-51.1% Limonene-6.59mg/g Humulene-4.7mg/g Myrcene-4.68mg/g

HOPE Triple 7 OG Rosin

Kicking off with a bang is a line of products from this medically-minded brand. They are dissecting various terpenes and entourage effects to formulate specific relief to health patients that have specific needs. Some patients are sensitive to minute amounts left behind in some BHO extracts. This concentrate is perfect for those patients as it is made from pressure and heat instead of solvents. THC-74.46% Myrcene-4.76mg/g Caryophyllene-2.32mg/g Pinene(a+b)-3.11mg/g Limonene-1.03mg/g Linalool-1.02mg/g Guaiol-0.44mg/g

MATRIX Sour Diesel OG Vape Cartridge & Battery

What an excellent vape cartridge. This distillate has outstanding cannabinoid and terpenoid content. Lab results don't lie. What they don't show is how tasty this liquid is. It's a man's cartridge with a robust flavor, yet a pinch of sweetness to savor on back of your tongue. Take another hit. But if you're a lightweight, remember I said it's a man's cartridge. I'm feelin’ flushed behind the ears as if I just prevented the possibility of any headaches in the near future. My head is expanded ever so nicely. I'm feelin’ nice and loose with Matrix juice. THC-64.29% Myrcene-9.13mg/g Limonene-7.20mg/g Caryophyllene-4.19mg/g





>>>WHAT'S NEW VADER/AMA The Clarity Lemon Head OG

This Lemon Head OG is so sour, you’ll pucker up your lips from just a sip. This shit rips. Get it in your fingertips and loosen up them hips, cuz you'll be doing backflips in between fat dab rips. Drop some Clarity directly on the rim of your banger, the glass syringe is perfect for a quick hit. This is as tasty as distillate can get. We’re gonna get lit. THC-73.23% CBG-17.31mg/g Limonene-3.29mg/g Pinene(a+b)-1.37mg/g Terpinene-1.26mg/g

REDWOOD Herijuana KABUNKY Golden Strawberries Rosin Pucks


Chew on this! No don't! Swallow it with your pride and a glass of mango juice to supplement a little myrcene into your diet. Mangoes are full of myrcene and help extend the duration and impact of THC. It's worth a shot, right? 10 days worth here. That's a nice home clinical trial, and you can benefit from ingesting CBD as well. Take my suggestion, and try cannabis ingestion. Invest in life.

10 Capsules/Bottle 9.97mg/THC/Capsule 10.04mg/CBD/Capsule


It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday, and I woke up to a crack on my lip. I said fuck, do you have any Chapstick? My wife said no but I have this here Cannablends, and I hear it's good for chapped skin. Wipe it on your dry mouth and let the THC heal that distressed lip. Don't trip, your mouth is the fastest healing orifice on the human body. I got 5 on it. They're about 5 bucks.

THC-73.5% Limonene-2.7mg/g Linalool-2.3mg/g Pinene-2.3mg/g


THC-80.3% Limonene-2.6mg/g Caryophyllene-1.3mg/g Linalool-1.3mg/g

THC-22.43% CBGA-0.49% Limonene-3.56mg/g Myrcene-1.67mg/g Pinene(a+b)-1.44mg/g

KABUNKY Atomic Rockz Grape Stomper

There was a lot of kief floating around inside the pouch. The nugs broke up a little too easy, but it packed in the bong just fine. I smoked a couple bowls, and got rocked by the Atomic thunder. Pretty stoney, these herbs are dipped in oil, and then rolled in kief. I like the fact that they are not called Moon Rocks. Give em’ a try if you're game. THC-57.6%



Kabunky makes some of Nevada’s best shatters, boasting high THC percentages and steady stability. And it's always a great value, offering patients a wide variety of shatter; usually it's on special for 3 grams for $100. Agent Orange Shatter is yummy and flaunts awesome clarity. Expect to relieve pain and achy joints. Satisfy your dab cravings with any Kabunky Shatter. THC-76.4% Myrcene-4.2mg/g Pinene-2.7mg/g Limonene-1.1mg/g

REDWOOD Afghani Bullrider

A very unique strain, Afghani Bullrider is different in many aspects. The herb’s appearance is similar to the Afghan Landrace, dense and compact, with marble-like nugs and a thick stigmata. And, the jar smells like an unusual blend of hibiscus and rose hips. Grind those little nuggies up and twist up some good indica baby. If I didn't know the lab results prior to smoking this joint, I would say that the Afghani Bullrider feels like it's over 20%THC and over 6mg/g of myrcene. My heavy eyes, heavy head, and appetite are all signs of a good indica. I'm usually leaning forward, hangin’ on to the edge of my seat. But after blazin’ with the Afghani Bullrider, my shoulders have sunk into my elbows, and my back is sliding down to the ass cushion. Good weed, Redwood. Top shelf trees. THC-17.7% Myrcene-3.37mg/g Pinene(a+b)-0.82mg/g Ocimene-0.24mg/g

KABUNKY Agent Orange Shatter

KABUNKY Critical Cheese Shatter

We got to try the flower last month, so I already knew what to expect. Aged gouda cheese hits you in the face with the flower, but not so much with the concentrated form. However, the taste is very similar. You can't trust your nose all of the time. Again, perfect consistency for shatter; very easy to work with. Thanks for creating such fine medical products!

Puff on this! It looks like a backgammon chip, but tastes like heaven. These solventless rosin pucks are extremely attractive to any hash snob. Kabunky craftsmanship stands out upon inspection, and this product is nice and smooth. Check out the 80% THC and get faded with ease.

Wow Willy! Your cultivation has produced some superb herbs here. Your Herijuana looks and smells outstanding. I rushed to the dungeon and cleared a couple bong tokes. That's all my lungs needed to affirm what my eyeballs and nostrils were excited about. Those two bong rips of Herijuana relaxed the back of my eyes, as I leaned back and drifted away. I awoke and took another bong toke. No joke. Good shit here. Pain is gone, and my eyes are rolling towards the back of my head. There isn't that much Myrcene in here, so this flower is good for daytime relief, and won't drag you down. I hear a very gentle sound.


For anyone wondering what Redwood’s flower looks like behind the preroll front door, you should now be eager to see it. I am an immediate fan. Cookies was arguably the best Redwood strain. Her colorful, super-tight, nugs look like exploded popcorn rolled in kief. It's not kief though, those are golden trichomes filled with 24%THC. Snap into it and unveil streaks of lavender and maroon hues, and a scent that fucks me up more than Stephanie’s Chicken Fried Steak. No myrcene, no lag. I'm feeling wild, and ready to push some envelopes. Let's go! THC-24.46% CBGA-1.32% Limonene-3.04mg/g Humulene-2.13mg/g Pinene(a+b)-1.63mg/g



>>>THC • CBD • CBN


HSH Ting

TERPEX SoCal Crumble

The TERPEX lab pumps out the goods for Nevada patients. What a rare treat,this crumble is comprised of SFV OG x LA OG. Most of the hash coming out of their facility is an equally impressive sugar-like substance, great for dabbing. Not this crumble though. SoCal is a solid material with a powerful punch that hits your nose immediately after twisting the lid off. Fire up that banger. What's that awful screech? Let's all do another public dab while Rihanna sings like a canary. THC-43.3% Caryophyllene-3.196mg/g Linalool-2.485mg/g Limonene-2.184mg/g

TERPEX Lemon Skunk Shatter

Shit, this was bhomb! I love this lemon flavored hash. It tastes so clean, and fresh. The limonene really stands out on the exhale. Great terps and perfect shatter consistency. This is a sativa heavy wax that offers energy and cognitive benefits. Take a ride in the morning and skip the morning coffee routine. Damn! 87 fuckin' percent. Hell yeah!!! Excellent job TERPEX! THC-87.82% Pinene-5.973mg/g Terpinolene-2.739mg/g

This dab sugar is a cross of OG18 x Durban Poison x King LouieXIII. Terpex has been smashing the game with their sugars. This Antifreeze is really special. It smells wonderful, with traces of lime. I understand why TERPEX calls it Antifreeze. It smells so good that cats will want to eat it, but it's not food. This is a delicacy for concentrate connoisseurs. It stands out from the crowd. And shit, look at those lab results! THC-78.9% Myrcene-5.854mg/g Terpinolene-16.63mg/g Limonene-8.309mg/g


Holy crap! The terpenoid percentage is over 10%. That's incredible! I'm tripping off of the myrcene in this. My head feels like it's on a shelf, and my feet are dangling from the knees down. My eyes are filled with blood, and I'm hungry for Tofu Hut. This is arguably the best hash on my table this month and I love it. Tuck this one away, and use it sparingly. Get it at Silver Sage Wellness.


Some-Ting special here! Todd over at HSH is killing the game with this grapefruit favorite. It tastes like the Caribbean soft drink, Ting. Most Americans won't get the reference, but who cares. This shit is fucking fire. The naval taste sits on your tongue long after your joint is dusted. Peep that fucking Myrcene level. Ting’s gonna kick your ass and freshen your breath simultaneously. Smoke it up! THC-18% Myrcene-10.3mg/g Limonene-4.25mg/g Bisabolol-2.67mg/g

THC-68.47% Myrcene-47.3mg/g Terpinolene-32.81mg/g Caryophyllene-13.07mg/g

TERPEX Antifreeze OG Raw Sugar


HSH Cherry OG

Smokin the poster, yeah buddy! It's always nice to smoke a flower that is pinned up on the wall of the Vegas Cannabis Magazine smoke dungeon. You can also color the backside of the poster if you haven't done so already. It tastes robust and woodsy and this strain produces fairly dark flowers, and creates dark orange stigmata. What it DOES NOT CREATE is a DARK STIGMA. That's created by the haters, LOL. Love on this flower, and experience good wealth and lasting fortune.

EPC Cookies Bubble Hash Rosin

Heat-pressed just barely over 220 degrees, this solventless bubble hash rosin is sure to please any rosin hunter. The terps are vivid and entice you to grab your banger. This is a fullmelt hash, perfect for dabbing. Feel it in the eyes and back of the neck. Get a sniff and a taste, and you will give it the nod. THC-66.62% Caryophyllene-40.35mg/g Humulene-25.1mg/g Limonene-22.9mg/g

THC-16.9% Myrcene-7.45mg/g Caryophyllene-3.54mg/g Limonene-1.64mg/g

EPC Lemon OG Temple Ball

Damn! I break just about everything glass, including this glass syringe. Oh well, I guess I'll have to just squirt the whole load in the banger. Here we go. Geez! My head feels like it's on a merry-go-round, revolving around the room. The cannabinoid content isn't that blown up, but the terpenoid profile is something to be pumped about. 3.6% myrcene is amazing, and will eliminate pain and help you get the sleep and calories your body needs. Go to town on it.

The strain Lemon OG is a nice, sativa-heavy, hybrid in the flower form, but once it's concentrated into a temple ball, the myrcene level jumps up to almost 5mg/g making it feel more like an indica. EPC achieves impressive terpene levels using an ancient process similar to the method that monks have used for centuries to make Nepalese Temple Balls. The main difference, there is no opium in EPC's Lemon OG Temple Ball. The high achieved is pure and flowing. Pinch off a piece and pack it in a bowl with or without flower. It's good any way you smoke it. You can even dab this solventless extract. If you save it and store it like the monks do, the oils will season and improve over time.

EPC Primus Bubble Hash Rosin

THC-39.9% Linalool-16.8mg/g

THC-65.5% Myrcene-4.77mg/g Limonene-3.96mg/g Humulene-2.31mg/g

THC-38.18% CBD-6.75mg/g

TERPEX 707 Headband HTFSE Syringe

Myrcene-36mg/g Caryophyllene-13.8mg/g

It was a pretty surreal moment when I was listening to Les Claypool bangin’ on the bass and dropping Primus OG into my quartz banger. Experience Premium Cannabis cares about what you vaporize and smoke so all of their methods of hashmaking are done so with health in mind. You can taste that in their hash. Hats off.






I smoked some Sugar Black Rose, and I don't care. I took it to the head, and now I'm out to lunch. Glide with me to the other side, as I slide past the pain and drama, and into an incredible ride. Whenever blue teardrops are fallin, there is something you can do. You can pluck a Sugar Black Rose, roll it up and smoke. You'll be fine. Google caryophyllene if you haven't learned about it yet, it's antianxiolytic. Pinene is a diuretic and is also a bronchodilator. Humulene is a cancer-fighter and an antiproliferative. Myrcene replaces opioids and sleeping pills. What an entourage of medicinal terpenoids. THC- 23.274% Caryophyllene-29.409mg/g Limonene-24.352mg/g Pinene(a+b)-10.531mg/g Humulene-9.798mg/g Myrcene-6.477mg/g


I’m packin’ bowls and drinkin’ grape Slurpees this afternoon. A purple burp will be a reminder to keep it in my little, green binder. What we found here is a head-heavy flower with a sweet sensation after. Laughter and smiles are contagious and may just get you in a good mood. Pardon me, dude, if I come off crude or if I happen to intrude on your feud while I'm blazing in the nude. Damn, now everything is misconstrued and I'm going to get booed. This LA Confidential is outrageous! THC-21.9% Caryophyllene-10.578mg/g Limonene-7.739mg/g Myrcene-5.816 Pinene(a+b)-2.702mg/g Humulene-3.468mg/g

Smells like Bananas, and tastes like tangerines. Sounds like a fruit smoothie or some sort of hot salsa dance, but rest assured it's an herb that will put you in a trance and might make you piss your pants. I almost pissed my pants when I saw the lab results. Damn fellas, that's enough myrcene to take down a large mammal or even possibly a large army of small mammals. Keep your eyes on this company, Prime Cannabis. Big things are coming in the near future. Exceptional report card for any batch of flower, let alone their first run of tests. I'd like to see ingestible oil made from this for cancer patients. It’s loaded. THC-22.85% CBGA-8.13mg/g Myrcene-17.2mg/g Limonene-13.1mg/g Humulene-5.041mg/g Linalool-4.26mg/g Bisabolol-1.319

EVERGREEN ORGANIX Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar EVERGREEN ORGANIX Snickerdoodle Cookies

Evergreen just can't lose, especially if they keep baking Snickerdoodle Cookies. The haters snickered as I doodled on the cover of Issue #32 and devoured these puffy, cannabis-infused cinnamon softies. These cookies are great. I killed all three without even thinking of sharing. If you can handle it, do the #3cookiechallenge. Total THC-145.2mg/g 3 servings per bag 48.6mg/g THC/cookie

There's no better way to reward yourself for kickin’ ass and takin’ names. Don't play games. If you like edibles, and have a sweet tooth, you just met your match. Try white chocolate and peanut butter blended together in the finest way imaginable. I present to you The Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter Bar Experience. The ingredients taste too good to be healthy. But they are. Don't go to the bar after work; go to the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar. Peace, one piece at a time! Total THC-296mg/g 24 Servings Per Container 2.87mg of THC/piece


This extracted cannabis oil is refined and extracted using nearly #200 proof food grade alcohol and even though there is no notable myrcene content listed here, the 1500 mg of THC should help a sick patient get the rest and cell recovery that they need. There are a grip of terpinoids present for a refined essential oil. If you want to check this oil out, go to The Apothecary Shoppe. But don't smoke it. Either eat it or rub it on skin problems. Good shit AMA. THC-74.9% CBC-13.50mg/g CBN-12.93mg/g Caryophyllene-4.26mg/g Humulene-4.26mg/g Pinene(a+b)-1.17mg/g Linalool-1.01mg/g


AMA Tangerine Dream Live Resin AMA Caribbean Blue Shatter

Alternative Medicine Association has been turning out hash and flower with terpene counts so high lately that it competes with its partner from the dark side, Vader Extracts. Take a vacation and cruise with Caribbean Blue Shatter. No matter where you are, you can sail away with a good rip of this and little sip of that. Bon Voyage! THC-67.85% Pinene(a+b)-9.7mg/g Myrcene-8.83mg/g Caryophyllene-7.78mg/g Limonene-3.29mg/g

Dab sugar...mmm terp sauce. Tangerine Dream is completely solvent free. Not many BHO extracts have zero parts per million, but Vader and AMA do it over and over. And, this tangerine dream is not too sweet, not too manly, it's juuuuust right. How lovely it is to dabble in the wet orange sandlot. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Pinene, the terpene that opens up lungs and bronchial passages is the most prevalent terpene collected within this extraction. Vape it and ingest it. Get it to your cells. Combustible flowers leave black carbons behind in your lungs, but vaporizing/dabbing concentrates like Tangerine Dream Live Resin will actually help your lungs get stronger and remove hard carbons collected in your lungs and cells throughout your body. Dabs do a body good. Pass it on.

CW TIKUN OLAM Vape Cartridges

These cartridges look like they were built for futuristic, machine-assisted, hybrid-humans. They would snap these interchangeable cartridges into their robotic arm chambers and auto-medicate, thus reducing the widespread transmission of germs, bacterias, and viruses shared among people who share. These aren't only available in the future though, these are available in select dispensaries right now. The strains and strain names are all indigenous to Israel, and brought to Nevada via some enticing flower strains and vape products. The Erez cartridge has enough myrcene to induce sleep, relieve pain, and make your stomach growl. Erez Vape Cartridge THC-78.41% CBN-3.84mg/g Myrcene-17.62mg/g Limonene-2.18mg/g Terpinine-1.65mg/g Avi Dekel Vape Cartridge CBD-78.65% THC-3.81% CBN-4.38mg/g Myrcene-5.25mg/g a-Pinene-0.87mg/g Limonene-0.57mg/g

Eran Almog Vape Cartridge THC-83.88% CBN-3.73mg/g Myrcene-6.02mg/g THC-74.30% Myrcene-9mg/g Pinene(a+b)-12.04mg/g a-Pinene-3.17mg/g Caryophyllene-6.31mg/g Humulene-2.32mg/g Limonene-1.71mg/g

happiness FUNKY FRESH


[ C U R AT E D BY JA S O N S T U R T S M A N ]


Price: $275 davincivaporizer.com


World Piece Masterpiece Bamboo Tray

This is for the stoner who has everything and you want to knock their hemp socks off with this gift. On your coffee table, it will spotlight and organize all of your cannabis accessories, so you appear to your new close friends to have made a serious commitment to the 420 lifestyle. Completely over the top, but you have to have it.

The PAX 3 design is still the “Wynn” of vaporizers, now smarter with vibration and bluetooth connectivity. With your PAX phone app, you can change the temperature along with new custom heating and cooling cycles. It is a significantly better tasting portable vaporizer from the many currently out there, allowing you the bonus of smoking both flower and concentrates. Price: $275 paxvapor.com

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

With a ten year warranty and replaceable battery, this sophisticated DaVinci IQ vaporizer will probably be your last vaporizer for a very long time. With precision temperature control via the device or your cell phone, you are assured a 100% ceramic zirconia air path of pure cannabis flavor.



>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>

Dab Tech Nectar Shower If you have ever needed the perfect size dab rig / tool, this is it. The titanium nail heats easily with a torch; then you begin slurping down that juicy concentrate nectar like a little stoner hummingbird. Water easily goes in and out of this hand held concentrate nectar collector, for clean tasty clouds. Price: $120 dab-tech.com

Price: $140 | theworldpiece.com


Easy and simple to use and holds 14g to an ounce of flower (depending on the density) or 5 ounces of kief.

Ardent Nova Instead of utilizing an inferior and inconsistent method of using your oven to change your THCA into THC, you can use the Nova for maximum medicinal effect via decarboxylation. Its sensor prevents the interior container from overheating and causing any terpene loss. It can be used with flower, concentrates, & kief; making creating your own medicine at home even easier with a push of a button. Price: $210 ardentcannabis.com

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”


Puffco Pro 2 The Puffco Pro 2 is a discreet and attractive concentrate rocket you can fire up to blast off the night. It features a large ceramic chamber, variable temperature, and an all stainless steel shell. After five clicks, running it on the hottest setting, it thoroughly decimated the Durban Poison packed inside.

------ BOB MARLEY ------

Price: $89.99 puffco.com





ver 1.2 million individuals in the United States are estimated to be living with HIV. Each year, 50,000 new cases of HIV infection are diagnosed in the U.S. Many patients that have been diagnosed with HIV are receiving treatment with combinations of medications, collectively called antiretrovirals, which target the specific type of virus that causes HIV. While effective at managing HIV, these medications can have significant drug interactions as well as side effects, including nausea, vomiting, and decreased appetite. To combat the side effects of both HIV and the medications used to manage it, patients are increasingly turning to cannabis. But how does cannabis interact with antiretrovirals? And what effects do antiretrovirals have on cannabis? To answer this question, let's first take a look at how both the antiretrovirals and cannabis are metabolized in the body. Medications enter the body in many different ways, but eventually are metabolized in the body, either to be activated to be able to work in the body, or to be broken down for elimination from the body. For most medications, including cannabis and antiretrovirals, this task is accomplished by enzymes, specifically cytochrome p450 enzymes. Medications can act on these enzymes in 3 ways: medications can induce the enzyme to make more of itself (induction), medications can be metabolized/broken down by the enzymes (substrate), or the medications can prevent the enzymes from working (inhibition). When the same enzyme works on 2 different medications that a person may be taking, what happens depends on the interaction of the medications with the enzyme. If one medication induces the enzyme to increase production, and the other is broken down by it, the effect of the second medication would be reduced, as its breakdown is sped up by the presence of the other medication. If both medications inhibit the actions of the enzyme, the effect of both medications is increased. And if both medications induce the enzyme, the effects of both medications could be decreased.




Medical Cannabis Drug Interactions >>>

Dr. Kit, Pharm. D, RPh is a licensed pharmacist and co-owner of Medigrow, a Nevada grow school.


EDUCATION & HEALTH THC, and therefore CBN, both inhibit the enzyme 2C9 and are metabolized by enzyme 3A4. CBD is metabolized by the enzyme 2C19 and inhibits the enzyme 3A4. Since THC is broken down by enzyme 3A4, and CBD inhibits the action of 3A4 (and therefore, inhibits the breakdown of THC), this explains why CBD can boost the effects of THC, especially for strains with relatively high levels of CBD and relatively low levels of THC. Many antiretroviral medications used in the treatment of HIV also inhibit the enzyme 3A4, including the following medications: amprenavir, atazanavir, delavirdine, indinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir, and saquinavir. These medications, when taken with cannabis, may both increase cannabis duration and effects, but also may lead to a slight increase in their own side effects. Patients starting cannabis after being on these medications should be cautioned to start with a low dose of cannabis (1-2 puffs of a joint or vaporizer, a small piece of an edible), and to watch for increased effects of cannabis. Patients should work up slowly to their target dose, which is the dose that is the best balance between cannabis side effects and reduction of symptoms. If patients have been using cannabis and start antiretroviral therapy, they should be cautioned to decrease the dose of cannabis initially after starting antiretroviral therapy, and to slowly increase the dose back toward their target dose, and to watch for side effects of the antiretroviral therapy. A few medications used in the treatment of HIV induce the production of the 3A4 enzyme, including efavirenz and nevirapine. By inducing the production of the 3A4 enzyme, there are more of the 3A4 enzymes available to metabolize, or break down, cannabis. When taking these medications along with cannabis, the effects of cannabis may not last as long. Also, patients may need to take a larger dose of cannabis to get the same effect. Some antiretroviral medications are metabolized by the same enzymes as cannabis, such as nelfinavir, indinavir, ritonavir, and saquinavir. When both medications are metabolized by the same enzymes, they compete to be eliminated from the body. The effects of this type of drug interaction can be varied, from increased effect and duration of cannabis, to increased side effects from the antiretroviral medication, to no effect at all. Which effect will occur is dependent on the individual and the situation, and may not be the same each time, depending on what other interacting medications or foods are also competing to get out of the body at the same time, or upon which enzymes hit which substance first. Patients should be cautioned to watch out for the increased side effects from their medications, as well as the potential for increased or decreased effect of cannabis, when taking the medications together. Another factor to be considered when adding cannabis therapy in patients with HIV includes cannabis' effects on the disease itself. Chao, et al in 2008, and, more recently, a group of French researchers published in the March 2017 issue of Drug and Alcohol Review, investigated the effects of cannabis use on the immune system. In patients with HIV infection and self-reported

cannabis use, they measured counts of CD4, a protein found on the surface of immune cells, and a measure of how well the immune system is working. Both studies found no significant decrease in CD4 over time in patients that used cannabis. Smoked cannabis poses another potential risk to those with a depressed immune system, such as with HIV: the risk of fungal and bacterial contamination of the cannabis itself. Cannabis grown indoors is at a higher risk of contamination with molds such as aspergillus or penicillium. These molds routinely exist in nature, especially In warm, humid, and dark areas, such as indoor grow rooms. While not infectious for those with adequate immune systems, these molds can cause severe fungal infections, such as pneumonia or blood infections, in those with decreased immune systems. The risk is greatest with smoked cannabis flower grown indoors, and is least with tinctures, oils, and other cannabis extracts. To minimize risk, routinely clean any equipment used to smoke cannabis, such as vaporizers, vape pens, pipes, and bongs, and store cannabis and cannabis extracts in a cool, dry area. Cannabis use in patients with HIV can decrease symptoms of HIV and side effects from the medications used to treat HIV. Patients should be aware of how their antiretroviral medications may interact with cannabis, and how to minimize any risks associated with adding cannabis to their drug regimen. With the right knowledge, adding cannabis to antiretroviral therapy can help patients with HIV live well.

References: Yamaori, S. Ebisawa, J., Okushima, Y. Yamamoto, I., Watanabe, K. Potent inhibition of human cytochrome P450 3A isoforms by cannabidiol: Role of phenolic hydroxyl groups in the resorcinol moiety. Life sciences 88 (2011) 730-736. Jiang, R., Yamaori, S., Okamodo, Y., Yamamoto, I., Watanabe, K. Cannabidiol is a potent inhibitor of the catalytic activity of cytochrome P450 2C19. Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics 2013; 28(4):332-8 Jiang, R., Yamaori, S., Takeda, S., Yamamoto, I., Watanabe, K. Identification of cytochrome P450 enzymes responsible for metabolism of cannabidiol by human liver microsomes. Life Sciences 89 (2011):165-170. Flockhart, D. Cytochrome P450 Drug Interaction Guide. Greenbridgemed. com Chao, et al. Recreational drug use and T lymphocyte subpopulations in HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected men. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 94:165-171. Marcelin, F., et al. No significant effect of cannabis use on the count and percentage of circulating CD4 T-cells in HIV-HCV co-infected patients (ANRS CO13-HEPAVIH French cohort). Drug Alcohol Rev. 2017 Mar;36(2):227-238.





>>> Allergies

a Bacteria and Beards

Bacteria and Beards

Today it’s all about the beard, there is no doubt about that. I mean, who doesn’t love a nice, full, scruffy beard. And, even though we can all appreciate a good beard, there is something you should know. Beards contain more bacteria than the hair that grows from your head! This is because the hair that forms your beard is coarser and contains kinks that allow bacteria and dirt to be trapped. Now, this doesn’t mean you should run out and shave your beard. The bacteria and germs found in your beard are mostly harmless to you, but can cause big problems if they get in the wrong places. Remember to wear a beard net when appropriate, this will ensure that your products are beard bacteria free! >>>> Alexis Solorzano >>>> Green Medical Supplies, A division of Champion Medical Supplies, greenmedicalsupplies.com


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By Jennifer Shepherd, RN

llergies affect so many people from all walks of life. Here in the valley, seasonal allergies seem to hit us hard and can be very unpredictable. Luckily, for those residing in Nevada, cannabis is currently available for medical use to help reduce or treat symptoms associated with these unpredictable and pestering allergies. Did you know there are many cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis plant matter that have incredibly therapeutic benefits when it comes to allergies? Cannabis can act as a bronchodilator, decongestant, and expectorant. Cannabis also modulates the immune system and reduces inflammation equally or even better than our prescription or over the counter medications. So, put down the nasal spray, antihistamines, and decongestants and get to feeling better with our favorite green plant! Here are just a few important examples of how cannabis can be a powerful ally to your allergies:


A substance that dilates the bronchi and bronchioles, decreasing resistance in the respiratory airway and increasing airflow to the lungs. The cannabinoid delta-9 THC and terpenes a-pinene, limonene and linalool are known to have bronchodilation effects.


Medicines that relieve congestion by reducing swelling, inflammation and mucus formation. Terpenes limonene, linalool, camphene, and isopulegol have been shown to assist with decongestant properties.


Promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages, typically used to treat coughs. Terpenes a-pinene, camphene, limonene, linalool, and cineole have been identified as expectorants.


Complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. Cannabis is a major anti-inflammatory. Most cannabinoids that we know about assist with decreasing inflammation and many terpenes also play a role including THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, bisabolol, humulene, a-pinene, caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and linalool.

Immune System Modulation:

CBD CBD CBD!!!!!! Cannabidiol is such an amazing substance. Our bodies release antibodies to fight infections, sometimes when we don’t need our bodies to do this, which creates inflammation. Our immunomodulator decreases the inflammatory response. CBD works to prevent our bodies from creating too much inflammation! Please note, not all coughing is bad. If you feel as if you are coughing because you have mucus in your chest, try coughing and getting the phlegm out first. As a nurse, I encourage people who have sedentary lifestyles to cough and deep breath every 2 hours. This promotes opening the lower parts of the lungs and helps with gas exchange which equals more oxygen into the body. You are what you eat! The food you put into your body can affect how much mucus is being produced in the body. Avoid dairy, red meat, processed meat, gluten, alcohol, and sugar if mucous production is an issue for you. Staying hydrated with alkaline water will also be beneficial in decreasing mucus secretions. Being a Nevada resident gives you a huge advantage to finding the cannabis products that will work best for you. All forms of medicine found in your local cannabis

retail stores are rigorously tested. The most common cannabinoids you will have access to now are delta 9 THC and CBD. The highest terpene values you will find include myrcene, limonene and linalool, pinene, bisabolol. If you would like to more information about how cannabis can improve your lifestyle or are needing more guidance in the ailments you are trying to treat, please feel free to contact nursejenninc@ gmail.com. Jenn Shepherd Inc. works in conjunction with Health Elevated, LLC. Together, we assist Nevada patients by elevating the standard of hope, care, inspiration, education and quality of life. Our exceptional team of professionals accomplish this by working together to create individualized and wellrounded wellness programs tailored to suit each individual patient, as well as aiding with developing specific and ongoing cannabinoid therapy protocols around the needs, wants, goals, and desired health and medical outcomes of the patient. Please check out healthelevated. net or nursejenninc.com for more information. This information is not to be mistaken for medical advice. This is intended for educational purposes only and as a compliment to each individual's’ current health and wellness regime.






ast calls that turned to sunrises, friends became family, shot infused stories; the nightlife industry yields a lifestyle as intoxicating as the libations that fuel it. I recently traded in my bar key and shaker tins for terpene homework and medical marijuana. Now I am full time in the cannabis industry. For eight years I worked in nightlife and the promising parallels between the two industries are incredible. Bartenders and budtenders alike are not just in service to sell a product. There is a rapport we share with our patrons/ patients that is beyond salesmanship. Where we take pride in what we do. Recreationally or medically, people look to us to feel better, for our knowledge, and entrust in us a piece of them. Overtime we create bonds that are immensely special with regulars we see day after day. I believe all bartenders and budtenders could agree both alcohol, and cannabis share an underrated desire to unify. A bottle of booze gets passed around a circle of stories just as a joint does. In times of celebration, mourning, stress, we come together with a drink or a smoke. The lifestyle of a bartender is contagious. Mornings usually begin in the afternoon, the same time the prior evening's decisions are pieced together. Followed by copious amounts of carbs and laughter, recapping the hilarity of our nocturnal nature. I loved being a bartender. Some of my most fun memories are behind a bar with my friends, seeing who can ring the most




in sales, then late night venting about the peaks and pits of our shift over cold brews and warm shots. My bar regulars were my friends but my coworkers were my family and when alcohol tore us apart it also brought us back together. In the wake of loss due to our similar lifestyles we would come together and vow to make wiser choices, we would look out for each other and take taxi cabs. Leaving this industry was not an easy decision but if I was going to take on this new venture, I had to give it my all and trade the nightlife in for the nuglife. There is something speakeasy about being a budtender. And something about

Mothers in the 1920’s were fearful of the legalization of alcohol and having to raise their children in a drunkridden country. Now it isn’t uncommon for mothers to meet in clusters and correlate over bottles of wine. that brings us budtenders together the same way alcohol common denominates bartenders. We are working the frontlines of a historically exciting time. I believe my favorite part about being a budtender is the organic connection I feel between cannabis and my patients. A middleman, if you will. Instead of coaching people through pop culture with whiskey & coke and calling cabs, I am hearing success stories of former pill side effects now replaced by the medically ground breaking benefits of cannabis. I have seen plants over pills help settle anxiety; focus attention deficits, calm

seizures, and PTSD patients are sleeping better at night. My job now is more than my passion and I am grateful to be in a working position that offers historically malleable opportunities. Senior citizens, who I thought once were convinced marijuana couldn’t be used as medicine, are now the fastest growing demographic of cannabis consumers in the country. It is exciting to be in the midst of history, legally being some of the first people to grow, sell, and consume marijuana. I can’t imagine what it would be like to replace happy hour with making homemade moonshine at the hopes of not getting caught. Or being one of the first bartenders ever to tend bar, paving the way for the ones who now run the nightlife. We need the legalization of cannabis right now. Mothers in the 1920’s were fearful of the legalization of alcohol and having to raise their children in a drunkridden country. Now it isn’t uncommon for mothers to meet in clusters and correlate over bottles of wine. What wasn’t normal then is normal now. What isn’t normal now, can become normal. We the people have the control to exercise our kosher Bill of Rights and come together to legalize cannabis and create a positive wave of change for mankind. And I think as budtenders we have a great opportunity to become the next happy hour. It excites me to dream about the potential reality that I will be able to see the cannabis taboos diminish, the rise of our economy and well being of humankind enhance. It isn’t just about convincing legislation to make marijuana legal, it is about holding elected people accountable for giving the people what they want, the people that pay their salaries. With Texas roots and Nevada buds, Rebecka Snell is currently pursuing what sets her soul on fire.




TCM: What is your favorite cannabis and/or glassblowing event to attend?



TAHOE CANNABIS: How long have you been a glassblower? And, how did you get into it? GAGE SHAW: I started blowing glass in 2012. I knew a glassblower in Truckee that supplied me with glass beads for weaving hemp necklaces when I was younger. I came to him wanting a custom sherlock made and he let me watch him make the whole thing. I spent about four hours in his shop that day with

TCM: Any last words? What recommendations would you give to those wanting to become glassblowers? GAGE: Being a glassblower is a lot like being a musician, or any other artist for that matter. Many people love playing music, and it’s how they want to spend their life, but trying to make a living at it can turn that relationship sour real quick. If you want to blow glass, get a cheap starter setup and dance in that flame, but don’t expect to start making money at it until you pour years of blood, sweat, and tears into your craft. It’s punishing work, but there are some people that want this life bad enough to do whatever it takes. If you’re that person, get after it, but if you’re not, I wouldn’t bother trying to go pro. It’ll just make you hate blowing glass, and nobody wants that.

my jaw on the floor, watching him make a smaller sherlock with a national hand torch. It had never occurred to me that you could just get a simple torch like that and melt glass, and to top it off make awesome pipes! I went home that night and bought a used national off of eBay, some hoses and regulators, and the guy who made me my piece sold me my first oxygen tank. I started using that little setup in my parents boiler room of all places and after I almost burned it down I moved my setup to our barn. It was a torrid love affair that continues to this day, except now my equipment is a lot nicer and I work out of my garage. TCM: Are you originally from the Northern Nevada area?

GAGE: I was born in Reno and my family moved to Truckee when I was less than a year old, so I grew up in Truckee. My parents started a small farm on our property when I was a teenager, it was a great place to grow up; spent most of my time out climbing on Donner Summit, running around the woods, or melting glass. TCM: What type of glass pieces do you specialize in? Do you have a signature piece? GAGE: I love making pipes. I also love glass, but I definitely wouldn’t do it as much if I couldn’t make pipes. For me, making a ceremonial object like that makes the work far more satisfying. It’s one thing to make a beautiful flower sculpture, but there’s nothing like pulling a warm pipe out of your kiln in the morning and being able to use it right then. The glass almost takes on a personality when you can connect with it on a regular basis. I’ve accidentally broken dear pieces that I had communed with for a long time and cried like I lost a dear friend, and in a sense I did. If you ask me, that’s more than just making pretty glass, it's something much bigger and more beautiful. TCM: Are there any glassblowers that inspire you? GAGE: Absolutely, in my opinion the American pipe makers working now are some of the best artists/craftsmen to ever walk the earth. Banjo would have to be my idol; not only is he pushing the limits of borosilicate glass but he’s also an incredible human being.


GAGE: I haven’t really had the opportunity to attend many glass and/or cannabis events, but I would absolutely love to attend Chalice, or the Degenerate Flame Off. I’m sure I would meet many awesome, like-minded people and that’s what I’m all about.

>>>> Instagram: @gagesgarageglass TCM: Do you have your own shop? If not, where can we find your work? GAGE: I do not have a shop of my own, but you can find my work at Art Dogs, Happy Dayze and on my Instagram. TCM: Do you consume cannabis? If so, what is your favorite strain and favorite method of consumption? GAGE: I do, but choosing a favorite strain is hard. It’s like asking a parent which is their favorite child, I love almost all of them for various reasons. That being said, some favorites of mine on the indica side are the fruity kushes, and as for sativas… I’d have to go with Green Crack or a Jack Herer cross, also the fruity hazes can be super tasty. As for consumption I almost always smoke flower out of a dry pipe, I don’t smoke a ton so I don’t really need a bong. Even though I use them infrequently, concentrates are my favorite. The flavor and potency is unmatched. TCM: Does cannabis play a role in your art? GAGE: Cannabis is arguably the whole reason I make this art, but I don’t like to work medicated for the most part because I can get distracted. But, if I’m working on something easy, or just messing around in the shop with my free time I do love to get my creativity flowing. There’s definitely something to be said about smoking a bowl and watching glass melt, in fact some of my best experiences behind the torch have been through that process. Designing my pieces is heavy on the herb, most of my new ideas come to me when I use my glass and marvel at it. Sometimes, when staring at one of my pieces, I get so inspired that I have to get to the shop and make whatever glass piece is in my head.





now available in las vegas dispensaries







>>>>> cannabis

with DJ Chef Fred

Infused dinner parties are coming!

The science of infused medical cannabis edibles has evolved since I began cooking with cannabis in 1984. I was in 8th grade, living in South San Francisco. My parents had a bootleg version of the Cheech and Chong movie of “Up in Smoke.” I had been watching it over and over, ever since I was in 4th grade, learning and getting ideas as a young dude wanting to partake in the plant. One day, I thought it was time to make my first batch of marijuana brownies. I took the box of brownie mix from our pantry, did as the directions said, then proceeded to add raw flowers. I remember the material very well. It was a mix of Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and Stony Red Hair Thai. I deseeded the mix of buds and combined the broken up buds in the brownie mix. The brownies were strong and they got you loaded but they were the worst thing anyone had ever eaten. There were buds sticking out from the cooked brownie. It was a mess, but everyone still ate them. I guess they weren’t that BAAHHD! (Proof of evolution) In 1996, I made my first batch of hash oil brownies and began learning about what tinctures were and how to make them. This was the beginning of my journey to become a chef while attending the Santa Barbara City College Culinary Program. I met a few botany majors who were able to educate and enlighten me about the variety of plants, herbs and cacti with healing elements that were native to our community. I embraced these fundamentals and envisioned a different path of healing that has brought me to where I am today, bringing music, art, friendship, love, fine food and wine into one place. The first WINE SESH took place at Mother Load Art Gallery in downtown Oakland, CA on April 15th. Fancy Sugar and Mary Jane Wines partnered to bring the first ever infused wine and food tasting. The event was set up to be intimate with only 40 guests. For the guests, I prepared three courses that I felt paired well with the flavors and acidity of a Pinot Grigio, a Pinot Noir and a Mary Jane CBD Java Cold Brew. The first course was a pairing of Pinot Grigio and Tuna Tartare. The infused habanero oil and Asian pear was super uplifting and brought the pairing with the wine together perfectly.



INGREDIENTS: • • • • • • • • •

2 pounds, ¼ inch cut, fresh Ahi Tuna Grade 1 2 Asian pears, one sliced thin, one diced small & held in lemon water 1 jalapeno, micro brunoise 1 Fresno chili, micro brunoise 1 habanero chili, roasted & steeped in pure sesame oil for 1 hour 2 garlic cloves, minced ½ cup toasted pine nuts 1 bunch mint chiffonade ½ cup pure sesame oil infused with 1 gram of concentrate after steeping


This plate is super simple once you get the mise en place done. First, mix all the ingredients from the list except the sesame oil, Asian pear slices and mint. The Asian pear slices are the base. Spoon the Tartare on the pear slice. Then, drizzle habanero oil on the fish and the plate. Garnish with the mint.

The second course was a pairing of Pinot Noir and Filet Mignon, Roasted Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Fingerlings, Pinot Noir Reduction Infused Butter and Demi Sauce with Micro Broccoli finish. The meat melted in your mouth with a smooth finish combining the tannins from the wine, the THC and terpenes introduced in the extract infused butter. This course was a great pairing with even spikes and a sedative finish. The third course was something different. It was a pairing of MJ Java Cold Press CBD Coffee and my organic dessert. The coffee was strong and robust with flavor. I needed to bring subtle flavors to not make the pairing too complex. I decided on our Snookered Doodle Cookie, pourable Chocolate Ganache from the truffles and Caramel Ribbon Ice Cream. I have to say, every plate was completely cleared with no scraps left. By this time, everyone was feeling great, dancing around and having a blast just like I envisioned! Wine Sesh coming to Las Vegas soon! Follow DJ Chef Fred on Instagram @djcheffred and also on Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/fred-delicious



䐀漀渀ᤠ琀 䜀攀琀

匀吀唀䌀䬀⸀ 伀甀爀 洀椀猀猀椀漀渀 椀猀 琀漀 洀愀欀攀 礀漀甀爀 氀椀昀攀 猀椀洀瀀氀攀⸀ 伀甀琀猀漀甀爀挀攀 夀漀甀爀 眀攀戀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀 愀渀搀 氀攀愀瘀攀  琀栀攀 琀攀挀栀渀椀挀愀氀 樀漀戀猀 琀漀 甀猀⸀ 䘀漀挀甀猀 夀漀甀爀 愀琀琀攀渀琀椀漀渀 漀渀 夀漀甀爀 挀氀椀攀渀琀猀⸀

匀匀 吀 쐀 䘀 䔀 䐀䔀匀䤀䜀一 ☀ 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀

圀圀圀⸀匀吀䄀䔀䘀䔀⸀䌀伀䴀 ∠ 㜀 ㈀ⴀ㜀 ㄀ⴀ 㘀㘀 圀䔀䈀 䐀䔀匀䤀䜀一 ∠ 圀䔀䈀 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀 ∠ 圀䔀䈀 匀䔀䌀唀刀䤀吀夀 䈀䄀一一䔀刀 䄀䐀 䐀䔀嘀䔀䰀伀倀䴀䔀一吀 ∠ 䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀 䌀䄀䴀倀䄀䤀䜀一匀 倀刀伀䐀唀䌀吀 倀䠀伀吀伀䜀刀䄀倀䠀夀 ∠ 倀刀伀䨀䔀䌀吀 䌀伀一匀唀䰀吀䤀一䜀

䘀刀䔀䔀 䌀伀一匀唀䰀吀 ☀ 䔀嘀䄀䰀唀䄀吀䤀伀一



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Did You Know? The temperance movement of the 1890's suggested marijuana as an alternative to alcohol consumption. This was because alcohol abuse increased the risk of domestic violence, while marijuana use did not. 60



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