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Inyo Fine Cannabis 2520 S. Maryland Pkwy, #2 (702) 707-8888 inyolasvegas.com Jade 1130 E. Desert Inn Rd. Jardin Premium Cannabis 2900 E. Desert Inn Rd, #102


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An Interview with Brett Stevens, CEO of Fohse Inc. By Stephanie Shehan OHSE “Future of Horticultural Science and Engineering,” based in Las Vegas Nevada is a oneof-a-kind lighting technology company currently focused on set-ups within the cannabis industry. After investing in a local cultivation, the FOHSE team quickly realized the need for high quality light options that could increase yields while decreasing costs. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with the company’s CEO, Brett Stevens to discuss what they are working on here in Nevada.

STEPHANIE SHEHAN: You and your team came to Nevada from Minneapolis, MN. Why Las Vegas? BRETT STEVENS: We originally came to Las Vegas because we had invested in a local cannabis cultivation. SS: Were you actually working at the cultivation or were you purely an investor? And, was that when you decided to move into lighting and start FOHSE? BS: I am hands on in whatever ventures I invest in. Our team came here and not only invested in a cultivation but also worked within it. I insisted on being on the ground within the grow assisting with and assessing what we were doing. We are passionate about the cannabis industry and had been discussing entering it for quite a while. Working within the cultivation setting, we figured out quickly that the lighting just didn’t make sense. The excess of heat being put out by the existing lights and the amount of air conditioning that needed to be pumped through to cool just didn’t seem like the best way to operate. The catalyst came when we froze all of our air conditioning condensers because they were being run non-stop. It was then that we knew we had to come up with a better solution. FOHSE was born six years ago, purely out of necessity. We knew there needed to be a high power LED option within the market. Our CTO and Co-Founder Alex Gerard is an engineer that specialized in lasers and LED for over a decade while working with massive companies like Medtronic and Boston Scientific, as well as with US military contracts. All the other competitors were racing to the bottom, they were looking for shortcuts and looking to make the cheapest product possible with the largest margins. We, on the other hand asked ourselves, how do we maximize a grower's productivity per square foot? The answer to that was that we had to make the best product possible. No shortcuts. We did a huge amount of research before developing our products. We knew the importance of value and did not want to bring anything to market that did not have value. Our main goal was to be able to offer lights that were better than anything out there. Allowing our customers to waste their money was not an option for us. Two years and a vast amount of money went into fully understanding lighting and developing the products we offer. Currently, we hold 14 different patents and we own all of the intellectual property on our lights.


Photo By Keene Dadian

SS: What sets your lighting company and methods apart from others? BS: We have the most powerful, and most efficient LED on the market. Over the last five years we have consistently out grown every other competitor on the market. We design and engineer all in-house, we didn’t just find a product online and private label it. We also draw, design and create all of our fixtures in-house. We pride ourselves on our reliability, we operate on less than a 1% failure rate. SS: Tell us about your team. BS: We are a family run company. Our team is very passionate. Our core team has worked together for over a decade through multiple different ventures. We currently have 20 employees. We have specialists in every field, engineering, automation, construction, cultivation, and marketing. SS: What is the importance of a good lighting system for cannabis cultivation? BS: Lighting is the capital decision when designing a cultivation facility. All of the metrics of a facility are built around the lights. From HVAC and soil to the amount of nutrients the plants are going to take in, the heavier amount of light the plants are going to take in, the more the plants are going to need food and water. Our lights are extremely powerful and when light intensity is increased, plants soak in more water and then aspirate more. Therefore, after installation, our clients typically need to amp up their de-humidification processes to accommodate higher amounts of humidity. Lighting choices within cannabis cultivations determine which way the grow is going to go. The decision begins with whether to use HPS, HID or LED lights. Once that is determined, if LEDs are chosen, the question becomes, Light Intensity LED or Heavy Intensity LED. Once that decision is made, a cultivation must consider their own grow methodology and then they will be able to choose the lighting system that will work. SS: Do you work with both large scale and small scale cultivators? What about home growers? BS: We do. For licensed cultivations, our team will come in and work with the cultivation to develop a lighting system that fits their needs. Smaller growers and home growers can purchase FOHSE lights locally from Grow Generation. SS: You recently installed lighting at Green Life Productions in Pahrump. What was the biggest challenge you saw at the Green Life facility? And, take us through the process of installing there. BS: Green Life just didn’t have enough room for the product they were going to grow once the new lights were installed. Once we completed the retrofit of lights there, they increased their bottom line by up to 100% in some rooms. They more than doubled their yield in some rooms. At the Green Life facility, Steve had been using low quality fixtures. He went to our A3i lights which are likely the most powerful grow lights on the market. Going from the low quality he had to our lights enabled the large increase in yield. This is not typical. Most grows that we are installing in are seeing


How FOHSE Lighting Increased Yields at Green Life Productions STEPHANIE SHEHAN: What was your lighting system like prior to bringing in Brett Stevens and the team at FOHSE? STEVE CANTWELL: We originally started our facility with an older style LED light about 6 years ago. SS: What made you decide to change your lighting? SC: We found success using LED lights but our older style “blurple” lights were hard on the eyes and caused photobleaching in certain cultivars. To avoid bleaching we had to turn lights down, sacrificing yield or just not grow certain strains. When switching to FOHSE and their full spectrum LEDs this was a non-issue allowing us to expand our strain catalog and increase yields. SS: What were your main concerns relating to your lights? And, why did you choose FOHSE? SC: Lights can be the biggest limiting factor for an indoor grow and one of the things we depend on the most. We were looking for quality, power, efficiency, yield, warranty and a strong company with reliable customer service and FOHSE provided all of it.

a 20-30% increase. The install at Green Life began as a test which we never mind doing. That initial test lasted a little over six months. Once Steve saw results, we came in and installed lighting in one room. After one cycle, Steve and his team decided to revamp the entire cultivation. Following the next cycle, once the whole facility was equipped with FOHSE lights, Steve called me to let me know he had to pull an entire wall out to make room for his higher yields. He also had to increase his freezer space to make room for the abundance of product. SS: What do you have coming up in the future? BS: We have several new pieces of tech coming, we are waiting on patents before we can say too much. Most of what we are working on is in the greenhouse field. SS: I would say you and the team are officially Nevadans now. What are your long term goals locally? BS: Having been here for awhile now, I have to say, we love Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. Our goal is to be in every cultivation facility in Nevada and we offer phenomenal pricing to the cannabis industry in what is now our home state. I have been to many grows worldwide and I truly believe that the United States grows the best cannabis and Nevada is a leader in top quality cultivations. We have the strictest testing and our facilities are pristine. This has forced everybody to be better. All of us at FOHSE have our sights set on working with every one of the amazing cultivations here and we do not want pricing to come in between that goal. We will work with companies to achieve the best lighting solutions for them. SS: How can readers find out more about FOHSE? And, how can they follow you on social media? BS: Readers can visit fohse.com for more information. And they can follow us on Instagram @fohse.inc.

SS: What type of light setup did FOHSE install? SC: We started one room at a time until the entire facility was FOHSE LEDs! In our first room, we tried both F1v and A3i, we used 2 F1v lights per 8x4 bed and only 1 A3i light per 8x4 bed with great results. In later rooms, we went full A3i mainly for its ability to adjust spectrum at 3 lights per 2 8x4 beds and can reach over 1400 ppfd. SS: And the result? What changes did the new lighting system bring? SC: At first it was horrible, but for all the right reasons. Our plants were double the size so we had to increase our dehumidification in each room. Then our yields increased to the point that our dry room and racks that we had been using for over five years was getting overfilled and actually collapsed. So, after increasing dehumidification and building a second dry room to handle yield increase the results paid for themselves! SS: Overall, has your cultivation seen improvement since installing FOHSE's system? SC: Yes, when using FOHSE LEDs, your lights are no longer your biggest limiting factor and with that everything else has to increase at some level to maintain homeostasis. So yeah, we’ve leveled up. SS: Would you recommend FOHSE to other cultivators? SC: Yes, and if you or your investors need convincing, hit me up! SS: Anything you want to add? SC: For most people the biggest hurdle with LEDs is the upfront cost, so most light companies focused on building affordable LED lights and ended up selling cheap lights. Meanwhile, FOHSE built some of the highest quality lighting systems in the world to date that, in the end, will pay for themselves.


The multi-spectrum

A3i by Fohse Options up to:

4,800 µmol/s • 3.4 µmol/J

www. F ohse . com 1 - 888-F OHSE -77 La s Ve gas, Ne vada

THE MOST POWERFUL GROW LIGHT IN THE WORLD. PERIOD. “ Our typical harvest was 80-90 pounds with our old LEDs. Now our harvests are 160-190 pounds typical. The last one was 197 pounds!” STEVE CANTWELL Founder, Green Life Productions



What's Growing

in Nevada

A Look at SOME OF THE Top Cultivations


North Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivator: Jesse Colkitt Top Strains: Platinum Cake, Dosi Woah, Rosé Find Products: Planet 13, MedMen Paradise, The Dispensary Henderson More Info/Follow: aethergardens.com, IG: @AetherGardens @AetherLV @The55LV About: Inspired by the mythological divine and driven by the belief in the medicinal and transcendent value of cannabis, Aether Gardens was founded on the idea of creating cannabis products fit for the gods & tailored to your mood. With a cultivation operation sited on 10 acres, their facility is a platform for all types of cannabis products from flower to highly differentiated extracted products and infused edibles. The team at Aether Gardens uses a combination of HPS, LED, & sunlight with specialized nutrient formulas for the cleanest, most natural, highest-quality products with high potency & yield. By harnessing the power of the sun’s energy, their plants receive more overall light and a broader spectrum, leading to a healthier and more sustainable process with less environmental impact. And, by using 25% of the energy required of indoor cultivations, their commitment to Nevada’s future is bright. Aether Gardens is also committed to unlocking the secrets of cannabis. Their tissue culture lab’s primary mission is to store, repair, and reproduce the most consistent genetics. By also using world-renowned and reputable breeders, they source seeds and pheno hunt all genetics internally. And, they have their own breeding program where they cross their keepers.



Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivators: Ryan George and Jennie George Top Strains: Weapon X #5, Black Mamba, GG #4 Find Products: Planet 13, The Dispensary/MYNT, The Source More Info/Follow: amanev.com, IG, FB & Twitter: @amanev702 About: At AMA, they know cannabis. They were the first licensed cultivator in Southern Nevada and they continue to innovate their product lineup, with top genetics, state-of-the-art facilities, an award-winning cultivation team, and a passion for unlocking and harnessing the potential of the cannabis plant. AMA believes in taking the time and care to ensure that their cannabis plants are healthy and produce the top tier flower that consumers want. Craft cannabis is the result of years of growing expertise, deep knowledge of the plant, practical hands-on experience and the dedication, passion and patience that makes a winning brand. Their lead cultivators have over a decade of experience in the field and have been rewarded with high accolades by industry peers, including a High Times Cannabis Cup Nevada win. Growing cannabis, maximizing the plant’s attributes and terpene profiles and providing medical and recreational users a superior experience with top tier flower and concentrates is at the core of what they do. Their skilled cultivation team’s daily dedication ensures their 37-high quality, in-demand, premium strains deliver the top-tier experience customers have come to know AMA for. With 45 flower SKUs, AMA has a product for all tastes and lifestyles. Alternative Medicine Association is a subsidiary of 1933 Industries Inc. (CSE:TGIF, OTCQB:TGIFF).


Sparks, NV Lead Cultivators: Dustin Pebbles, Brody McArthur Top Strains: Orange 43, Toxic Cookies, Salmon River OG Find Products: Planet 13, Sierra Well, The Dispensary More Info/Follow: bohemianbrothers.com, IG: @bohemianbrothers About: Bohemian Brothers flower is driven by a team of passionate cannabis cultivators: Dustin Pebbles: Director of Cultivation and Owner, Brody McArthur: Cultivation Manager, Cody Bair & James Sanderup: Cultivation Techs, Adam Smith: Facilities Manager, Mike Hand: Facility Tech, and AJ Crawford: Facility Tech. The finished result of their craft cannabis is not just the result of the hard work by their cultivators and facility techs. Their products also require the passion and quality control of their General Manager: Taylor Turner, Processing Manager: Justin Taylor and Packaging Manager: Alecia Tarver. Working with and around each of these managers is a team of individuals committed to the quality outcome they at Bohemian Brothers want to stand behind. This includes everything from the cloning, to harvest, to curing, to trimming and finally packaging. They want to provide their customers nothing less than they would expect for themselves. Bohemian Brother’s goal has and always will be to be large enough to compete, but small enough to maintain craft quality. With the owner/operators having been entrenched in the industry for over 12 years, they want their products and brand to stay true to the roots of the cannabis culture. This starts from understanding the cannabis plant, from its effects to its usages. They have sought out and selected a diverse vault of cultivars to touch on the desires and needs for the connoisseurs of cannabis.


Henderson, NV Lead Cultivator: Daniel Neufeld Top Strains: Bond Road Kush, Bonded 99 Find Products: Reef, The Dispensary, Essence More Info/Follow: bondroadcannabis.com, IG: @bondroadcannabis, Twitter: @ bondroadvegas About: With elevated potency and a full spectrum of terpenes, Bond Road is proud to be a premium Las Vegas cannabis company. In their boutique grow, they strive each and every day to produce the highest quality cannabis flower that their customers have grown to expect. The Bond Road Cannabis team’s mission is to stay rooted in strength as they grow topshelf cannabis flower, cultivate their Bond Road Team and support their Las Vegas communities.



Las Vegas and Pahrump, NV Lead Cultivators: Bill Campbell, Ryan Laughlin, Frank Manzano, Luis Nunez Top Strains: Animal Face, LA Kush Cake, First Class Funk Find Products: The Source+, Deep Roots Harvest, Thrive More Info/Follow: IG: @wheresyourcamp About: CAMP’s cultivation is focused on growing the highest quality cannabis with a mission of excellence for their retail partners and medical patients in Nevada. Each investment they make in their grow is rooted in their commitment to quality and innovation in the cannabis space. The CAMP team is made up of approximately 35 cultivators and cultivation techs, who are the foundation and heartbeat of their grow. The people behind the plants and products make CAMP cultivation a special place, and their plants feed off that energy. Recently, the CAMP team has been focused on bringing new life into the garden through a new leadership team, and are putting out at least two new strains each month in 2021. The quality of their flower is vital to their production arm as a leading innovator in the solventless rosin category, so this is also an area of specialty that is focused on when selecting future genetics to add to their portfolio.



Mesquite, NV Lead Cultivators: David Franco, Alex Cuellar, Jake Sommervile Titus Top Strains: Old School Lemons, Member Berry, Alien OG Find Products: Deep Roots Harvest More Info/Follow: deeprootsharvest.com, IG & FB: @deeprootsharvestnv About: What appears to be a small pass-through town on your trek from Utah southbound to Vegas, sits a premiere cultivation operation that houses some of Nevada’s most talented and qualified individuals. Founded by Keith Capurro and Ryan Breeden in 2014, Deep Roots Harvest has made a lasting impact on employees and customers alike by maintaining a company culture of high standards and integrity from seed to store. On day one, Deep Roots Harvest set itself apart by empowering its employees to take initiative and ownership of any task at hand. The company’s cultivation department, as directed by David Franco is no exception to hard work, passion, and a truly family-oriented environment. Working with roughly 15,000 square feet of canopy space, David has brought Colorado expertise to the community and surrounding areas of Mesquite all while building strong relationships throughout the industry and the community. “One of the greatest opportunities we have as staff at Deep Roots Harvest, is to educate our own, and to educate our community about what we do. When people understand our goals, and the amount of love and integrity that goes into every day here at DRH, they begin to understand our mission, and learn about us. We’re always looking for opportunities to remain involved in the community. We strive to give back as much as we can to local programming, education and those in need. At the end of the day, we fly better together!” - David Franco


Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivators: Evan Marder, Nate Weeden, Sven Blum Top Strains: Orange Cookies, Wookies n Cream, LA LA Land Find Products: NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, Planet 13, Deep Roots Harvest More Info/Follow: fleurbrands.com, IG: @fleurcannabisnv @Evan.matrix.mmj, @ smoke _ some _ weeden @sven _ will _ fleur _ ish About: Fleur is Nevada’s largest, Clean Green Certified cultivation facility focused on natural science while utilizing sustainable organic growing practices, just as Mother Nature intended. All their plants are grown in no-till living soil using a hybridized version of Korean Natural Farming. Their composts and fertilizers are all made in-house using organic components such as plant material harvested straight from their plants and organic fruits sourced from local markets. The organic methods they use naturally bring out the full potential of the plant, part of which involves opening up pathways for terpene development that aren’t available in the plant using other methods of cultivation. All Fleur flower is hand trimmed, and all of their prerolls are made with flower and kief, never trim. Also, because of Fleur’s proper dry and curing process, when you first crack open a jar or gram bag, you’ll always get a great smell of what the strain has to offer. Once you smoke or vape Fleur flower you will instantly notice the abundance of flavor in each hit, and in the end, you’ll see how clean their flower burns with all white ash. Not only will you feel great from the effects, but you’ll also have the confidence in knowing you’re inhaling something that was grown completely clean and was never sprayed with any pesticides or fungicides. Fleur is made up from top to bottom of people who are extremely passionate about cannabis, the culture and the community.


Laughlin, NV Lead Cultivators: Jade Piatt, Tony Gentile, Saydee Tschanen Top Strains: #9, Laughing Laughlin, Hendo Mendo Find Products: All Nevada Made Marijuana locations More Info/Follow: nevadamademarijuana.com, IG: @nevadamademarijuana @ kabunkymarijuana @kabunkylabs About: Kabunky has been cultivating cannabis for nearly five years. With an experienced team leading the way, they have continually seen marked improvements in quality and potency. What really sets them apart from many other cultivations is that they’re vertically integrated with an in-house production facility. Not only are they jarring and rolling their sticky, sweet flowers, they’re also using them to create concentrates, vapes and carts, and even edibles. When you shop for Kabunky, you can choose the product type that best meets your consumption habits. Plus, you’ll know you’re getting the freshest, most potent cannabis they grow.



Northern Reno, Nevada Lead Cultivators: Randall Bock, Kate Hansen Top Strains: LA Kush Cake, Dutch Treat, Kush Mints Find Products: The Dispensary/Mynt, Inyo Fine Cannabis, Jade Cannabis More Info/Follow: mmgagriculture.com, IG: @mmg _ agriculture About: MMG’s cultivation team encompasses the common goal to cultivate a pure, clean, and potent cannabis product without the use of harmful substances. Their team consists of six individuals who share the same intense passion for the cannabis plant: Owner, Sarah Rosenfeld; Director of Operations, Randall Bock; General Manager, Kate Hansen; and Cultivation/Production/ Packaging Team: Dylan Tauber, Lindsay, and Rylee Christensen. What sets MMG apart from other cultivations is their small size which allows them to employ only those who are passionate and have a true love for the plant. The unique strains grown by MMG require an attention to detail that can only be obtained through a small setting. They strive to better themselves as a team and to better their products with each harvest.



Clark County, NV Lead Cultivator: Jason Yazdanpanah Top Strains: Garlic Cookies, Ghost Train Haze, Pineapple Fanta Find Products: Most local dispensaries carry Nature’s Chemistry More Info/Follow: natureschemistrynv.com, IG: @natures _ chemistry, Twitter: @ natureschemnv About: The Nature’s Chemistry cultivation team is comprised of nine members whose goal is to put out top quality cannabis to their patients and consumers while abiding by all state and local jurisdictional guidelines. They are very excited to be part of this industry and are proud that they have been part of helping it grow into what it is today. The team is fortunate to be able to give back to this community through various programs and events. They will continue to work hard and take pride in making Nature’s Chemistry a respected name in the industry.

We’re the premier natural, soil-based cannabis cultivation facility in Nevada. With our expertise in sustainable techniques, we produce the highest quality cannabis for customers focused on wellness, health, and a superior product.







Sparks, NV Lead Cultivators: Danielle Hanna, Nick Manassero, Sierra McConnell, Jon McGiveron, Sara Lavender, Ken Jackson, Jordan Lippman, Ryan Schultz, Cesar Camacho, Anginique Wilson Top Strains: Ice Cream Cake, Mandarin Cookies, Sugar Biscuits Find Products: NuLeaf Paradise, NuLeaf Lake Tahoe, NuLeaf THE STRIP (Opening Soon) More Info/Follow: nuleafnv.com, IG: @nuleaf _ cultivation About: The mission of NuLeaf is to provide the purest, most effective and affordable cannabis products. Nuleaf creates and maintains the standards of excellence for premium cannabis in all that they do. They foster a compassionate community that advances understanding and inspires action. Nuleaf encompasses the workmanship of those invested in their career in the cannabis industry. The crew strives to create a professional environment in the workplace following the guidelines of Good Agricultural Practices. The NuLeaf team consists of two groups that work together to fulfill all the tasks needed to cultivate premium flower. Their goal is to provide products that start and finish in a clean, bio secure environment. Each team is led by individuals that have worked their way up, and the company hires from within to fulfill new and advanced positions.



Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivators: Seth Holycross, Nick Rees, Jacob Branch Top Strains: Bio-Jesus, Durban Poison, Deadhead OG Find Products: Silver Sage Wellness, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, ShowGrow More Info/Follow: remedyyourself.com, IG: @RemedyCultivation, FB: @Remedy About: Remedy Cultivation is the only family-owned cannabis company in Southern Nevada, founded by Las Vegas natives Jim and Pam Blasco. The Blascos started their cultivation with a passion for holistic health and healing and Remedy’s cultivation team reflects those same values today. Their mission is to create high-quality, reliable cannabis remedies for everyone. Remedy’s cultivation team is small but mighty - they have less than twenty cultivators working with 20,000 square feet of canopy space producing over 200 pounds of flower per month. Their cultivators are always searching for the best phenotypes through selective breeding and they currently have 12 different strains in rotation. All of Remedy’s flower is hand-trimmed and their prerolls are made from flower, never trim. It is their handcrafted cannabis that sets the standard for Nevada’s cannabis industry.


Reno, NV Lead Cultivators: Oscar Rodriguez, Matthew Robinson: Assistant Manager, Rebecca Cartwright Top Strains: Inzane in the membrane, Kritical Kush, Gorilla Goo Find Products: Sierra Well Dispensaries in Reno & Carson City More Info/Follow: sierrawell.com, IG: @besierrawell, FB:@ sierrawellnessconnection, Twitter:@sierrawell About: Sierra Well is an indoor cultivation facility with six years of incredible growth, innovation and top-quality product. Sierra Well was the first permitted cultivation facility in the state of Nevada. Leading the way for other cannabis facilities in the state with constant innovation and always exceeding market expectations. Todd Wold, head of the cultivation team at Sierra Well has been an essential asset for the customization of indoor cultivation protocols setting the trend for cannabis cultivation in Nevada. Sierra Well’s cultivation facility has a variety of flower rooms, all with the necessary equipment to grow and process cannabis flower for their two dispensaries located in Reno and Carson City. The flower development process is meticulously planned out and cared for the entire life cycle of each plant. Cannabis plants need special nutrients throughout their life cycle as well as specific amounts of water and sunlight. Sierra Well’s cultivation facility is fully equipped with the best tools to ensure all plants get the care they need. The cultivation process is based on a thoroughly planned out schedule. All steps of the plan are followed carefully during the growing stage to ensure healthy and successful harvests. The passion and pride Todd and his team show through their work is inspiring and is what drives the quality of Sierra Well’s Cultivation Facility.


Washoe Valley, NV Lead Cultivator: Ed Alexander Top Strains: Forbidden Fruit, Grand Daddy Purple, Blue Dream Find Products: SoL Cannabis Dispensary More Info/Follow: solisbetter.com, IG: @solisbetter About: Today, most cannabis is grown using 100% artificial lighting that is designed to mimic the sun, and while several lighting manufactures have come close, none have been able to duplicate the spectrum and intensity of our sun. SoL has been focused since day one on using natural sunlight. They lobbied for 18 months with the State of Nevada to allow greenhouse cultivation and as a result, they are able to bring you the finest sun grown, full spectrum cannabis, just as mother nature intended. The team at SoL believes that relying 100% on artificial light does not make sense for their employees, their customers, or the environment. Growing with natural sunlight however, does make sense for everyone involved and they believe you will see and taste the difference. SoL is a locally owned and operated, vertically integrated cannabis facility with over 75 years of combined successful business practices and extensive experience in the cannabis industry. This means that their products are organically grown on site and as a result, their single pass C02 concentrates, and strain specific edibles are some of the most awarded in the state of Nevada. SoL’s one of a kind facility includes a hybrid greenhouse, state of the art commercial kitchen and extraction lab, all of which are directly connected to their large, modern dispensary. The hybrid greenhouse allows complete environmental control while incorporating full natural light. The extraction lab and kitchen are surrounded by glass allowing visitors to view how their products are produced within the comfort of SoL’s 8,000 square foot dispensary. Their mission is to provide access to superior, safe, laboratory certified medical cannabis with complete transparency.



Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivator: Brett Bridges Top Strains: Wedding Cake, Flo White #7, Chem 91 Find Products: The Apothecarium, ShowGrow, Deep Roots Harvest More Info/Follow: stateflowercannabis.com, IG: @stateflower _ nevada, Twitter: @stateflower _ nv About: State Flower Nevada is a small team of cannabis fanatics, hell bent on perfecting the craft of indoor, hydroponic cultivation. Their mission is to grow delicious, pure, and effective cannabis using sustainable practices. Beyond state regulations, State Flower Nevada is proud to be Envirocann Certified, which means they are inspected frequently and take samples to test from every stage of growth. To them, being Envirocann Certified means a commitment to environmental stewardship by using only approved input materials like non-synthetic IPM (Integrated Pest Management), being committed to social justice, and growing cannabis that is ‘cleaner than your vegetables.’ At State Flower Nevada, they are obsessed with the craft of cannabis and take pride in their processes.



Reno, NV Lead Cultivator: Michael Morgan Top Strains: Obama Kush, Gelato Fruit Snax, Blue Dream Find Products: The Dispensary, MYNT, The Apothecary Shoppe More Info/Follow: sugarpinecannabis.com, IG: @sugarpinecannabis About: Family-owned and operated by Michael and Katherene Morgan, Sugar Pine Cannabis Co. is a natural, soil-based grow focused on providing a wide variety of connoisseur strains that highlight the terpene and wellness benefits of cannabis. Sugar Pine Cannabis Co. has planted its roots in Reno, NV and is growing rapidly. Michael Morgan, a highly experienced cultivator, is backed by his Sugar Pine team who hand-water and hand-trim their flower. Due to his dedication to providing the best flower to the consumer, Sugar Pine Cannabis Co. has the highest standards possible for the growing environment. The use of all-natural products and their commitment to cleanliness provide a safe and beneficial product for us all to enjoy . They believe that human touch and individual attention to the plants also produce a healthier garden and contributes to the quality of the finished product.

ai161945527823_SoL_motherdayad_tahoe_OL.pdf 1 4/26/2021 9:41:20 AM










Carson City, NV Lead Cultivator: Mark Bruno Top Strains: Watermelon Mimosa, Bubble Bath, Coco Pebblez Find Products: Essence, Reef, The Dispensary More Info/Follow: tahoehydro.com, IG & FB: @tahoehydroponics About: Tahoe Hydroponics Company, or “Tahoe Hydro” is an awardwinning cannabis cultivation located in Carson City, Nevada owned and operated by two families who have been cultivating worldclass cannabis for generations. As a company, they take pride in dreaming up flavor combinations that are delicious and potent which lead them to their sweep of the 2016 Jack Herer Cup, taking home 1st place for best indica, sativa, and hybrid flower. Through years of pheno-hunting and cross-breeding development, Tahoe Hydro leads the way when it comes to advancing strain variety in the Nevada market.



Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivators: Michael Kassabian, Kyle Edell Top Strains: Cosa Nostra, Face on Fire #9, Nevada Power Find Products: Planet 13, Nevada Made Marijuana, Jardin More Info/Follow: IG, FB & YouTube: @thegrowercircle About: The Grower Circle is comprised of a tight knit collective of cultivators that have been growing together for over a decade. Their team encompasses a passion and dedication to cultivating and breeding connoiseur quality cannabis dating back to prohibition. They have over 32 years of combined experience in cultivating and pride themselves in growing and breeding verified, elite, genetics. All of The Grower Circle’s cultivars are chosen and bred for their specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. For extracts, they specialize in making solventless, single source, hash rosin which they also utilize for infusing edibles.


Carson City, NV Lead Cultivators: Chad McCoy, Carissa McCoy Top Strains: Han Solo Burger, Hells Bells, Tropsanto Find Products: Sierra Well, The Apothecary Shoppe, The Dispensary More Info/Follow: therealmccoy.us, IG @therealmcco _ nevada About: The Real McCoy is a Nevada licensed cultivation and production facility that produces the highest grade cannabis possible through a culture of family, love, and compassion. Their mission is to bring hope and relief to patients and communities who are suffering. Passion is the fuel that drives their team and they are inspired by the potential of what the team can accomplish together. The Real McCoy is a family owned and operated business, with a brand new state of the art growing facility, 25 years growing experience, and extensive knowledge of the industry. They have adapted advanced growing practices, from nutrients to a wide variety of world class genetics, to utilizing top technologies to ensure the prime environment for growing top shelf cannabis. The team grows indoors in a facility that they built themselves. Located in Carson City, the 12,000 sq ft state of the art facility houses 8 rooms for cultivation, a lab, kitchen and office.


Las Vegas, NV Lead Cultivators: Matt Grim, Chris Gattis Top Strains: Khalifa Kush, Pie Hoe, Animal Face Find Products: Reef Dispensaries, The Dispensary, Zenleaf More Info/Follow: trykecompanies.com, IG: @trykeofficial About: Tryke pulls from a vast library of strains that includes classic staples as well as exotic genetics acquired thanks to their deep relationships with renowned breeders and brands. Their 100% hydroponic cultivation method starts with the purest water from their industrial scale reverse osmosis filtration systems. They then add their own proprietary blends of pure, organic salts tailored to meet the nutritional needs of each strain at each stage of its life cycle. Tryke’s plants are never sprayed. Not with insecticides, not with foliar sprays, not with anything. Period. After being carefully harvested, their plants are dried on the vine, then expertly cured for maximum cannabinoid and terpene expression. Finally, each and every batch goes through a rigorous quality check before being packaged for your enjoyment. Their Nevada cultivation team is made up of about 20 members and is led by Matt and Chris, with the oversight of Tryke’s corporate Director of Cultivation, Lon Morgan.


A DAY IN THE LIFE OF REBECCA LARZIK Director of Brand, weedmaps Healing Her Dog, Healing Herself Cannabis Industry executive Rebecca Larzik said she smoked a little weed in college, but her ah-ha moment in realizing the plant was remedy came after attempting to get her dog off of seizure medication. “She had a bout of 20plus seizures in a two week period and was on potassium bromide, daily, for about two years,” Larzik shared. “She gained weight, was sluggish, and just not the same dog any more.” Larzik said she did her homework and started her fur baby on a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, sharing, “Within a year I had her off the potassium bromide and she has been seizure-free for more than five years now - still taking the 20:1 ratio regularly with meals.” After the success with her dog, when it came to helping herself for migraine relief, Larzik didn’t think twice about using cannabis and began taking a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. “It really changed the severity of my migraines - which used to come on every month, but now happen just three to four times a year, if I’m consistent in consuming tincture, or edibles,” she said. “I no longer have debilitating days, locked in a dark room. I still get them, but I call them mini-migraines - with some neck pain, right eye pain, and light sensitivity.” When preventative measures of ingesting don’t do the trick, Larzik said she will smoke some flower to diminish the pain, but she no longer has to take the once prescribed Imitrex.

Weedmaps Weed Doc


Larzik began working for Weedmaps in Southern California four years ago, first in its social media department, then providing content, and now Director of Brand. Weedmaps is the largest technology and media company in the cannabis industry. Its mother platform connects consumers to retailers and ultimately brands; while it’s media arm produces content to educate.

Daily Dose BY SHARON lETTS She played an integral role in the creation of Weedmaps original production, Uprooted; a docuseries that follows California’s complicated and convoluted road to legalization. “Seventy percent of the State of California still does not have access to cannabis,” she emphasized. “So many cities and counties have banned it, and that’s something we go into in the series.” The docuseries, that can be watched online at Weedmaps.com/ uprooted, takes a hard and truthful look at how difficult it is for many longtime farmers to stay in the game and still be profitable. Many have transitioned from an illicit market to a medical market that was barely regulated, but still profitable; to what some regard as an overly regulated and unwelcoming market to anyone unable to foot the bill. From the docuseries website, “The broken regulatory system that followed so-called legalization has turned once legal business owners into criminals, when in reality, a lack of adequate retail and business licenses is causing the problem.”

An Intuitively Femme Dose When initially inquiring about the feel of her personal protocols, she replied, “My stash is so femme, with crystals, homemade edibles and tinctures.” Her large wooden tray is highly organized with cubbies holding an excellent assortment of products. Nearby is her beloved dog, with more crystals.

“Actually, my entire home is surrounded by crystals,” she mused. “I believe that objects hold energy. Old wooden dolls, skulls, all have strong energy to keep me grounded. I fiddle with them while I’m on the phone. My pink rose crystal has an overwhelming feel of my grandmother - intuitively. She was a big part of raising me. I hold that crystal often, bringing it with me when I travel - moving it around in my palm.” Within her remedies are Rosette Wellness CBD:THC tinctures for both she and her dog, in 20:1 and 1:1 ratios, respectively. Practicing a Vegan lifestyle and diet, Larzik said she uses “all the weed I have left in the house” to make her own medibles. Cannabis infused coconut oil, organic vegan chocolate, and dehydrated organic strawberries all go into a double boiler for this creation. Her flower is Cereal Milk by Cannabiotix; and Orange Cookie Dough by Fresh Baked. She uses a black transdermal emu oil by Cannariginals. Emu oil is derived from adipose tissue harvested from certain subspecies of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae - a flightless bird indigenous to Australia. Emu oil is used topically for athlete’s foot, diaper rash, canker sores, chapped lips, poor circulation, and myriad skin conditions. She also uses Kush Cream’s Organic Permafrost, and Mary’s Medicinals transdermal compound 1:1 for neck and lower back pain. “Smoking flower definitely makes me more alert, and ingesting helps me sleep,” she said. “I love my Cann’s Blood Orange Cardamom - it’s a low dose drink with 2.5 milligrams of activated THC.” Using cannabis as a tool, Larzik said it helps her focus and problem solve. “I’m able to think through ideas and concepts, and then put my creative ideas into action with process and steps,” she said. “Sometimes I write myself notes on my phone, but often I just think through the idea A to Z, ten times over, and make slight adjustments, until I’m ready to share with a best friend or colleague.” But the plant works double-duty for productivity and downtime, and Larzik said at the end of a busy day, after the dinner dishes are put away and the house is clean, she consumes cannabis to relax. Interesting to note, her partner does not consume cannabis, making her nighttime alone time in self-care her own special time. “I like to take a few hits of a joint, or drink a Cann beverage, or eat a homemade edible,” she said. “Then I enjoy showering and pampering myself with a skin-care routine, then doing a stretch and some light yoga. My nighttime medicating moments are all about me, de-stressing and self-care.” To watch Weedmaps Uprooted docuseries visit, https://weedmaps. com/uprooted/. For more information on Weedmaps visit, www. weedmaps.com.


1685 US Hwy 395 N. • Minden, NV Open 7 Days Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm • Sunday 10am-4pm

(775) 392-4188 capitalvapor99@gmail.com 31


Terp Science - Pinene That forest-fresh, and naturally piney taste in many strains are attributed to high levels of the terpene, pinene (C10H16). Pinene is categorized into alpha and beta-pinene, yet they are similar with minimal differences structurally and functionally. α- and β-pinene are widely occurring oil-soluble monoterpenes found in many plants from coniferous trees like pine and juniper to culinary spices and cannabis. In general, monoterpenes are the most fragrant of all terpene classes, and they generally function to attract pollinators or to repel villainous insects. Extracted pinene is commonly used to create a variety of products like flavors, fragrances, household cleaners, skincare products, insect repellents, antivirals, antimicrobials, and fungicides among others. Terpenes like pinene have been important in the scientific and healthcare worlds for many years before the cannabis industry. Yet now, terpenes are a part of the language and culture of cannabis, and for a good reason.

Sustainability & Safety The hydrocarbon, pinene, has been studied extensively for the management of a wide variety of diseases and conditions. So, as more science stacks up affirming therapeutic uses, the greater the potential for effective, naturally derived medicine. The advantage here is that a large number of plants contain pinene, making it a sustainable and abundant natural resource. Since it is so available and accessible, it is likely more cost-efficient to extract pinene from a natural source rather than a synthesized version.

Respiratory Complaints Preliminary studies have suggested pinene to be beneficial for acute bronchitis. In Germany, where herbal medicine is more commonplace, a federal institution called the German Commission E is made up of scientists, toxicologists, doctors, and pharmacologists. This organization is responsible for publishing information on the uses, side effects, and safety of commercially available herbal medicine. Within that incredible resource, pine needle oil (composed mostly of pinene) is considered an approved herbal medicine for coughs and respiratory complaints. For this specified use, it is recommended that pine oil is either inhaled via steam or vapor or applied topically.

Antioxidative Damage The antioxidant and antimicrobial potential of pinene is significant and consistent throughout scientific literature around the globe. The neuroprotective effects of this piney terp may be related to the antioxidative properties. Antioxidants are important since several neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are triggered by oxidative imbalances.

Mood & Wellbeing

Cancer Research

Pinene is being investigated for enhancing mood and reducing anxiety, but researchers are only at the beginning. They do know that some psychological benefits of spending time in the forest may have to do with pinene as well as other compounds that trees naturally release into the atmosphere. Studies that have evaluated our immune response to spending time in nature found anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antiasthmatic effects, which is symbiotic with the proposed benefits of pinene.

Natural product research is and has always been important for the discovery of cancer-fighting drugs. Actually, more than 50% of drugs used in anticancer therapy are derived from natural sources. Studies have been evaluating the anticancer potential of pinene for over 10 years. Currently, scientists are conducting in vivo human experiments to evaluate the effects of α-pinene on tumors, as well as other types of cancers from skin to breast cancer to leukemia. Studies have determined that anticancer activities of pinene may be attributed to regulating cell cycle progression, antioxidant status, reduced inflammation, and reduced apoptosis.

Inflammation & Immune Inflammation is the immune system's response to defend itself from damage or infection. However, untreated inflammation or inappropriate immune responses can lead to inflammatory conditions. Fortunately, plants contain some


of the purest anti-inflammatory compounds on earth. Within the cannabis plant, many terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, as well as pinene have exhibited anti-inflammatory effects in the lab. Pinene specifically, has been shown to have promising immunomodulatory effects.

How to find strains high in pinene? Since terpene analysis testing is required by the state, the best way to utilize this information is to go to your local dispensary’s lab results. Like all

By Alixandra Laub

hydrocarbons, the amount of bioavailable pinene depends on the plants’ strain, growing conditions, presence of insects or pathogens, and other less notable factors. So having those lab tests available to the end-user is invaluable, especially those with underlying conditions. Don’t feel like searching? Ask your local NV dispensary about Marion Berry Kush, Strawbanana, Sour Mango, Blue Dream, or Blue Cookies by Sugar Pine Cannabis Co. which pinene tested from 3 to 5 mg/g.

How to get more pinene in your life beyond Cannabis? Herbs like sage, nutmeg, cinnamon, oregano, pepper, and cumin are high in pinene and are culinary must-haves. Essential oils are mainly composed of terpenes, mostly monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, but other lipophilic compounds (diterpenes, triterpenes, carotenoids, etc.) can be found as well. As a side note, a single plants’ essential oil can contain 10s to 100s of different organic compounds. Pinene can be detected in more than 40 different types of essential oils, for example, rosemary, frankincense, helichrysum, and even citrus oils can offer a medium dose of pinene. Though to no surprise, coniferous oils like juniper, pine, fir, cedar, cypress contain the highest levels of pinene.

As an herbalist I view pinene as a ‘protective’ terpene. As suggested in scientific literature, pinene seems to defend the brain, nervous, and immune system and still be a strong enough candidate to go up against some of today’s most tragic diseases. Even though pinene is widely available in the plant world, I also cannot help but envision the forest. Within any forest, trees are truly the great protectors of life in the canopy below. In addition, pinene is most likely a product of a tree or plant's defense against insects and invaders, so in that way, it naturally occurs to protect. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Alixandra Laub M.S. is on a mission to connect people to plant medicine as an herbalist, wellness coach, essential oil distiller, and manufacturer of topical herbal remedies. If you are interested in learning more about healing hacks, natural wellness, or plants and cannabis, stop by www. TahoePetrichor.com or TahoePetrichor on FB & IG. Sources for this article can be found online at vegascannabismag.com.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.


By: Sarah Jane Woodall aka Wonderhussy

with Sarah Jane

A Veg as-based adventuress exploring weird shit in the desert...and beyond

a photo with a classic Vegas showgirl, so even though I’m flat as a board, 5’3” and built like a penguin (short legs, long torso)…I ordered $200 worth of ostrich feathers on eBay and went to work with a hot glue gun and a wire cutter. 500 hours later, I left my house dressed head to toe in red feathers and sequins, and headed down to the Strip to make my fortune.

I’ve tried to grow my own cannabis plants before, but it didn’t turn out well—I just don’t seem to have the knack for gardening. There’s only one kind of green I seem to be able to conjure up…and that’s money! Living as I do in Vegas, I’ve always thought you’d have to be extraordinarily lazy or unmotivated to be broke—I mean, for cripes’ sake! If for whatever reason (cough, cough) you can’t get a REAL job…you can always put on a stupid costume and go down to the Strip and busk for tips. Anyone who’s ever been to Vegas knows what I’m talking about. In other major cities, you’ll find buskers on the sidewalk playing musical instruments, juggling or displaying some other talent in exchange for tips from passersby. Here in Sin City, we ain’t that sophisticated —many of us just stand around in obnoxious costumes and hustle people for photo ops! And lucky for us, Vegas is a unique busking environment in that it’s a city where people are a) walking around with pockets full of cash of which they b) fully expect to spend every last dollar before returning home…and as a bonus, c) they’re usually drunk—and thus easy marks!


I tried busking myself, back when it was kind of a new thing in town. It seemed like easy money; why not? I figured every tourist wants

Problem was…over the course of those 500 hours, every other bimbo in town had the same idea! And unfortunately, they all had bigger budgets…both when it came to their costumes, and plastic surgery (ahem). So it was back to the drawing board for me. “What else besides showgirls do Vegas tourists like?” I asked myself, wandering the aisles of Michaels in search of inspiration. The answer came to me in a flash: WEED! Hurriedly snapping up every last green sequin from the shelves, I went back to my crafting room and emerged another 500 hours later with an aching back and a fabulous, glittering green marijuana showgirl costume. I called myself “Mary Jane the Green Goddess.” I’d repurposed a cheesy “human pot leaf” costume I’d bought online into a “feathered” headdress, hot-glued rhinestones all over an old green bra…and sewed a bumper crop of leaves coming out of the crotch of a shiny green scrunch-butt panty. For good measure, I made a giant prop joint out of white duct tape —and now I was ready to go make my fortune. Lucky for me, my next-door neighbor at the time was a guy who made a living by playing poker by day, and busking by night in a giant cartoon joint costume. He went by the name Jay Joint, and was fairly well-known as a busker on the Strip—and he invited me to team

up with him, and work as a duo. Having never busked a day in my life, I took him up on the offer – and so began my illustrious but shortlived career as a Vegas street hustler. We’d leave the house around 10pm and head down to the corner in front of Bally’s to ply our trade. This was back before busking was in any way regulated, so the streets were full of freaks in weird outfits, creating a sort of hallucinogenic obstacle course the poor tourists had to somehow navigate. What a hoot!!! Because of the glittery green high heels I wore, I generally pooped out after about 4 hours, so we would go home around 2am and count out the tips on my kitchen counter. Astonishingly, it worked out to $26/hour apiece every single time we went out—which admittedly was probably only about 4 or 5 nights. It was pretty good money, especially if you were the unethical type who doesn’t report cash income. But it was also grimy, tiring work – that late at night, you were pretty much dealing with sloppy drunks and lecherous gropers, and standing on the corner of one of the busiest roads in America meant you were also bathing in carbon monoxide and soot all night long. So after a few weeks of that, I decided to switch things up a bit. Knowing men, I had a feeling that if I went out alone, I might make more money—and I also figured I might do better on Fremont Street which has a higher density of pedestrians. So one night, I decided to go down and try my luck solo. Even better, it happened to be April 20th—4/20, the pot-smokers’ holiday! IT WAS DESTINY!!! Now remember, this was back before busking was AT ALL regulated—so back then, Fremont Street was a psychedelic carnival of halfnaked freaks, like something out of Hunter S. Thompson’s worst trip, or Hieronymous Bosch’s most fevered nightmare! It was a total free for all, and I LOVED it! I made around $250 in a couple of hours before calling it a night and heading home to rest my feet and plan my investment portfolio. Woo hoo!

Alas, however, like I said earlier, my busking career may have been illustrious­—but it was also short-lived. The end came one night not long after 4/20, when I suited up and headed down to Fremont Street on a Saturday night. When I say that busking wasn’t regulated back then, I mean you didn’t have to get a permit or sign up for a shift or stand in a little circle on the pavement or any of that B.S.­—you just went down there and posted up somewhere where there were a lot of drunk people coming and going. There were a few rules: you couldn’t stand within a certain distance of a casino doorway, or within a certain distance of a stage when a band was playing. But it was still relatively easy to find a spot…so I did, and started my shtick, puffing my giant novelty joint and winking at anyone who caught my eye. Suddenly, I heard an angry voice: “ YOU CAN’T STAND HERE! THIS MY SPOT!” I looked around, and didn’t see anyone yelling at me, but still I heard the voice. “THIS MY SPOT! YOU GOT TO MOVE!” Startled, I looked down and it was a little person dressed and groomed to look like a mini Mr. T. I’d seen him busking before, he did a very brisk business, being a one-of-a-kind and all. “What do you mean, ‘your’ spot? There’s plenty of room here for both of us!” I tried to reason with him, but it just made him yell louder. Now, I’m a pretty big wuss, but I wasn’t about to let this tyrant scare me away like that—I knew the rules damn well, and back then there were no assigned spots. So I stood my ground. But next thing I knew, he was threatening to sic his girlfriends on me—a pair of those sad “sexy cops” you see so many of busking these days, thighs bulging from their hot pants as they glared at me over the tops of their aviators. Having been beaten up by a gangster girl in high school, my PTSD kicked in, and I gave up right then and there. “For Chrissakes, I went to college —what am I doing getting into a fistfight with a 3-foot Mr. T and two Jerry Springer rejects in fishnets?!” So, I kicked off my glittering green heels for the last time and did the walk of shame back to my car, vowing never to debase myself thusly again. After all, I reasoned, a tenacious hack like me could always figure out other ways to get by—I should graciously allow the less intelligent and resourceful among us to eke out a sad living however they might. Give the baby his bottle! But to this day, I have never forgotten or forgiven that little jerk—and when the city cracked down on buskers a few years later, I’ll admit to feeling no small amount of schadenfreude. I’m sure Mr. T is still getting along OK—like I said, he was a one-of-a-kind, and had no competition. But considering the number of younger, better-looking “sexy cop” buskers I see out there these days…I’d bet anything that Sgt. Stretchmarks and Officer Cellulite are on the skids. HA!

WONDERHUSSY Desert e h t In it h S Exploring Weird Beyond! and •GHOST TOWNS •HOT SPRINGS •CURIOSITIES




Helpful Insight for Cannapreneurs >>> BY VeE Castillo

For those new to the cannabis industry, it’s important to start this piece off with...this industry is not like others. Because of federal prohibition, cannabis businesses/cannabis business owners, face differences, even challenges when obtaining financing. Before utilizing traditional finance techniques, it’s important to note that obtaining conventional funding, like small business loans, is not an option because of federal prohibition of cannabis. Even in full legal states, traditional finance techniques cannot be utilized. What must be remembered is that banks are tied to federal- you know- the FDIC. And because cannabis is still federally prohibited, banks can’t mess around with cannabis businesses. Cannaprenuers in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the many other fully legal states, have to utilize options for cannabis business loans, which are different from traditional loans. For cannaprenuers that need help navigating the cannabis finance worldthis piece is for you. Charles Lloyd, HEF Finance Consultant, provided insight into cannabis business loans and cannabis financing options.

About HEF Finance HEF Finance was founded in 2018 to serve the growing and underserved cannabis industry. HEF started serving Cannabis/Marijuana and Hemp/ CBD industry segments for cultivation, extraction, lab testing, dispensary loans, real estate, equipment leasing, and lines of credit. Built off of finance industry experience and expertise, HEF identified the cannabis market as an opportunity to use their expertise to develop loan underwriting criteria. HEF is operated by an in-house team of underwriters and administrative staff and works with businesses in the United States and Canada.

Cannabis Finance Q&A with Charles Lloyd- HEF Finance When it comes to cannabis business financing, what are 3 differences between the cannabis industry and other industries? 1. The demand for loans is among the highest of all industries. Growth is strong on the MJ side of the industry and the race to establish national brands is on. 2. Regulatory constraints on banks (FinCen guidelines) have severely restricted the way cannabis based businesses can bank cannabis based businesses and this affects underwriting and has limited loans in the industry primarily to private lending groups.


3. As in other parts of this fast-growth industry, there is a dearth of experienced brokers that understand the unique lending environment. Real funds are hard to find, and there are plenty of “operators” selling bogus term sheets for sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. Although this is true of other industries, because of the cannabis industry’s relative youth, relationships between financiers and cannabis related businesses are just beginning to be established. Just like the cannabis industry is just beginning to establish brands, trails to loans are just beginning to be blazed. What should those with first time businesses in cannabis know about start up costs? When building your capital stack for your cannabis business, acquiring debt should be a priority. In the long term, selling your precious equity in a highly profitable venture will be the most expensive financing option. Short term, high cost debt is almost always cheaper than bringing on more partners down the road. To obtain debt, typically, startup companies need financially strong ownership and have the liquidity to operate the business and be able to pay for down payments of 40% on hard assets like equipment, construction, and real estate. Should cannabis business owners walk into banks asking for loans/ can traditional options help? Typically, no. For instance, you can’t walk into a major bank and open up a bank account for a federally legal hemp business or have the word “hemp” in your business name, much less apply for a loan. There are some state chartered banks participating in some states, but we believe that over 90% of loans in the cannabis industry are funded by private lenders. What type of loan/ financing options is best for: Dispensary? Cultivation? Service based business? Loan type will depend on the objective of the borrower and the financial disposition of the business. Dispensaries often want to get into the cultivation vertical to increase profitability and supply. Typically, they want a construction/real estate loan to do an acquisition of a property followed by a build out of a facility. Cultivation operations often want to acquire a dispensary and collateralize their facility to get the loan. Service businesses can finance purchase orders, leverage cash flow to get unsecured debt, or factor accounts receivables to get liquidity. What is invoice financing and is this something that you recommend for cannabis businesses?

Invoice financing may be needed in instances where a purchase contract between a supplier and a buyer is followed by an invoice for products that the supplier will produce. Large orders can put financial strain on a supplier’s cash flow or force them to purchase equipment or raw inventory to service the order, so a loan to service the contract may be needed. To finance an invoice, the buyer will need to be underwritten, in addition to the seller to some degree. Much of the feasibility of this type of credit facility will depend on the wherewithal of the buyer to prove they can pay for the goods when delivered. This is an unsecured, high risk loan that is near the top of the scale of interest rate and costs. What about inventory financing and what type of business would you recommend this option to? Currently, inventory financing is available for finished hemp goods only, such as: CBD/CBG/CBN crude oil, isolate, or distillate. Marijuana inventory is not an asset that can be collateralized by private lenders who fund loans regularly, to our knowledge. What are 5 tips you can offer to cannabis business owners about cannabis financing for their new business? 1. Raise some capital and have some cash to bring to the table. Lenders never want to be the only financial resource with skin in the game. Bring some skin. 2. Throw everything you know about traditional commercial lending rates and terms out the window. The cannabis lending universe does not have banks or lenders lined up to compete for your business such as Lending Tree, for example. Even with legalization on the horizon, it will be years before FinCen guidelines make banking and lending easier for this industry. Expect to pay more than typical businesses and look at high cost debt as a temporary means to an end. There is an overdemand for cannabis capital, and it’s becoming even more competitive this year. It’s important to work with a firm that has executed loans and executes loans regularly, because they will be able to rip off all of the bandaids and tell you what it takes to get a loan done. 3. Treat your underwriter like your priest. They want your loan to close just like you do, but if you have skeletons in the closet such as lawsuits, bankruptcies, tax liens, or a felony history, that’s all going to come out in “due diligence”. There are workarounds, but arming your underwriter with the information in advance is critical to getting a loan executed. 4. Expect to come out of pocket and budget for deposits, appraisals, and fees at closing. If you’re talking to a broker that is not talking about costs and giving you a breakdown of what it will really take to get your loan to the closing table, walk. 5. Ask for references. There are very good, competent honest finance houses and brokerages in the cannabis industry. And there are some folks who are out to collect fees, and in some cases, issue bogus term sheets in return for a fee. Make sure they have underwritten loans in Oklahoma. If they have, they would know things like: Oklahoma is one of just a few states in the U.S. that require an abstract for a commercial property transaction.

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Dear Mary Jane, I know that what with all of this pandemic nonsense and everything else that we’ve been dealing with for the past year, cannabis has kind of taken a backseat to everything else that is going on in the world. But screw them! It wasn’t too long ago when we Nevada stoners were PROMISED that we would soon have consumption lounges. It hasn’t happened yet. What are your thoughts on the subject? Social Smokey

Dear Smokey, You know, I was just thinking about this the other day. As we are slowly, but surely, reentering the world after being locked down for the last year. I will say this: marijuana may well have been the one thing that saved me from losing my shit entirely. So! What exactly is the hold-up when it comes to the creation of consumption lounges? I know that I can go and get a beer, mixed drink or a glass of wine in approximately 90% of Vegas business locations. Why can’t I go somewhere and do a bong rip? Where do I begin, Smokey? Where do I begin! Let us start with the leading reason why we have yet to have consumption lounges: the shit is still illegal on a federal level. Sure, we Nevadans are most definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to the sticky – icky. We were one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana, way back in 2012. But that is on the state level; the federal government is still dragging its heels when it comes to reclassifying Marijuana to a substance that is slightly less illegal than heroin, hallucinogens, and other substances deemed to hold no medical value. Well that is just jingles, isn’t it. I can’t tell you how many people who I know whose lives are made easier to tolerate when they have access to mother green. I am one of them! But all is not lost! Right now in Reno, assembly bill 341 is gaining steam; this bill authorizes lounges for consuming marijuana. The cynic in me knows for a fact that if anything will bring it to Las Vegas back to its glory of a year ago, it will likely be with the assistance of consumption lounges. Think about it: you can buy it here, but you cannot smoke it anywhere but inside your residence. Whatever you do, do not try to smoke marijuana in your hotel room. Casino and hotel management still take a DIM view of people exercising their rights.


As you may have guessed, I don’t have a particularly high opinion (so to speak) of the casinos in this town anyway. Casino owners are wealthy, while casino employees tend to live a hand-to-mouth existence. That is life, I guess; in the words of my father, some get the chicken, and some get the feathers. You can draw your own conclusions there. Casinos are worried about casinos, that’s it. This is why consumption of lounges would be a real thumb in the eye to casinos. You don’t want our business? And screw you and everybody who looks like you. Or sounds like you. Or who wears a toupee so obvious that you might as well be sweating glue. Again, much like Christmas, the consumption lounges are coming, regardless of what the government says. Sure, there are certainly obstacles to overcome, including police presence and what not. I do not believe that, short of a blood test, there is any real way to determine exactly how high somebody is. So, I guess we will have to address that. We will have to also get the whole finance thing straightened out, as banks will still not touch marijuana money. So yes, smoky, consumption lounges are on their way. My guess is they will start opening, June or so. We will see. Sincerely, Mary Jane

I, Mary Jane, will be taking the next few months off to recharge and take an exhaustive tour of Cleveland, Ohio. I hope that you have enjoyed my columns, and I will hope to see you again in the future.




Local Biz Spotlight SUNDOWN MUSHROOMS LAS VEGAS GROWN As we maneuver closer to the legalization of psychedelics, something I’ve spent my entire adult life pursuing, I’m reminded of my other favorite mushrooms, which are already legal to consume. Lion’s Mane, the mushroom that mycologist and mushroom guru Paul Stamets calls the first “smart” mushroom, not only has the delicate texture of lobster, it also contains two compounds, hericenones and erinacines, that have been shown to stimulate the growth of brain cells. When it comes to feeding your brain to increase memory and cognitive abilities, the nootropic you want at the top of the list is without a doubt- lion’s mane. So I went berserk when I discovered the local Las Vegas company, Sundown Mushrooms. A boutique grow operation that specializes in fresh gourmet edible mushrooms- including lion’s mane. Owners Myrene and Chet take a moment to tell their story. Shwa: What was the first mushroom that you grew? Myrene: Oyster. We first started with pink oysters because they were so vibrant. They also taste like pork, and back then we ate a lot of meat, so this was great for us to slowly transition into a vegetarian diet. Not cold turkey, but incorporating more mushrooms in that way, as a meat substitute. That’s what got us. It was mind-blowing; this stuff tastes like meat. Chet: The way we made it was like chicharrones [fried pork belly] and it was so good. Myrene: battered, fried, oyster mushrooms... Shwa: Currently, what are your top selling mushrooms?



Chet: Lion’s Mane, and I would say the Chestnut Mushrooms. The chestnuts are the best selling out there. Shwa: Anything on the horizon that you’ll be growing? Myrene: Reishi. We did some reishi that is available in our [limited release] tinctures kits and broth kits. We plan on growing more in a newly expanded grow room. We are also considering shitakis. Lots of chefs have been asking us for them, even though you can find them at asian markets, we can offer them really fresh. Mushrooms might be the current hot-trend to hit the country, and for good reason. They’re healthy, delicious, and might just help save humanity from complete de-evolution. Myrene, Chet and Sundown Mushrooms might just be the coolest thing to hit Las Vegas. And for good reason! Sundown Mushrooms are available for delivery or can be purchased on Sundays at Fresh52: Farmer’s Market Henderson//940 S Eastern Ave 9am-2pm As Paul Stamets says- Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushrooms species in nature, our ancestors and modern scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health. And I will also point out, when cooked right, taste magnificent! Fresh Sundown Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane Black Pearl Blue Oyster Branch Oyster Golden Oyster Coral Tooth Chestnut Mushrooms Also available: Dried Mushrooms Mushroom Powder And the extremely popular- Home-Grown Mushroom Kit! Just go to their website and order, Sundown Mushrooms are delivered to your door! sundownmushrooms.com

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I've been waiting a long time for Steve Cantwell and his team to squish some solventless rosin. Needless to say, I am totally grateful for this. Ooohwie baby! It gets your attention at first whiff. This concentrate has a terpene profile that reflects a sativa-heavy hybrid. There should be enough caryophyllene in your hits to take off the edge of the busy-mind and endless energy effect of huffing down 2% limonene. Don't let yourself panic; use it as a competitive advantage. Think of this as an enhancement. Get it in your head first. Be prepared. Get ready for a healthy, solventless explosion. Yeah, you might just shit yourself.

THC- 63.8% Limonene- 22.71mg/g Myrcene- 14.83mg/g Caryophyllene- 9.27mg/g



“Miss X is a sophisticated agent,” you’ll be thinking to yourself as you leave the rooftop on a helicopter. As you're flying high, headed to an unknown destination, you’ll be questioning all your decisions up to this point quickly coming to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason, you’re alive and soaring through the air. You feel nervous, but reassured with Miss X by your side, massaging your head, even with that glimmer in her eyes that says, “Hold on!” GLP sent the mission and Miss X is the agent in charge. You're in good hands, but like Miss X said, “Hold on!”

THC- 80.25% Limonene- 30.83mg/g Myrcene- 11.54mg/g Linalool- 4.41mg/g

FLEUR Live Fire



With a makeup of Kushmints X Wedding Cake, I knew I was in for something tempting. With hints of vanilla pine and an earthy peppermint taste, my mouth was already watering. An easy, smooth hitter, with sedating and relaxing effects, this strain is indica dominant and perfect for winding down in the evening with not much to do except watch L.A. Confidential, LA Bamba or my LA Lakers. Maybe I'll go support a local cake shop, this stuff tastes like fresh cupcakes!

THC: 27% CBG: 1.2% Limonene: 8.6mg/g Caryophyllene: 4.8mg/g Linalool: 3.4mg/g Myrcene: 2.6mg/g JENN

This delicious sativa strain bursts with orange citrus flavor notes with a touch of spice- fiery, indeed! A healthy THC profile melds nicely with a good amount of limonene, fueling happiness and burning away any unwanted blues. Caryophyllene makes pain a pang of the past as the body and mind are uplifted and energized. I’m alive…Live Fire!

THC 19.47% Caryophyllene- 3.68mg/g


Limonene- 7.69mg/g Myrcene- 1.38mg/g



FLEUR Tangie


I like to ease into my cannabis consumption, and a great flower I’ve found to use first off is Fleur’s Tangie. The buds are fresh and look and smell it. The flavor isn’t an overload of terpene essence, but a delicate balance of myrcene, linalool, and the modest bisabolol. Any aches brought on by a restless night vanishes, and I’m ready to take on the day when I’m not in a rush to crush.

THC- 18.94% Myrcene- 4.81mg/g Linalool- 2.32mg/g Bisabolol- 1.33mg/g

With minty green, lavender leaves covered in glittering trichomes, this unique and soughtafter strain is grown indoors in natural, soilbased buckets and hand watered with care here in Reno at the Sugar Pine Cannabis Cultivation. With current and past genetics from Oregon, Do-Si-Dos is a classic cannastrain to sample from this beautiful and spacious facility. It makes me want to square dance. I've tried a lot of Do-Si-Dos phenotypes and this one tops them off! Definitely the highest quality grown Girl Scout Cookies X Face Off OG I've ever dosed! This strain is used for chronic pain or sleep or you could approach your partner, face each other and circle back to back, then return to your original position. On to the next, and around you go, enjoy this Do-Si-Dos.


Do you enjoy hybrids? Not Toyota's, cannabis hybrids. If so, found one for you. Large dense nugs trimmed to perfection. I was flabbergasted looking at the size of these colas and the whiff punching my nose as I walked in and said hello to them. It was like entering the galeteria but at room temperature and savoring all the flavors, this one stood out and was in-house! Positive mood-inducing, clear-headed and energetic yet also calming, this hybrid cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, is good for morning, day, or evening time.

THC: 22.5% Myrcene 5.3mg/g Limonene 4.3mg/g Caryophyllene 3.8mg/g Humulene 2.9mg/g

THC- 25.9% Limonene- 7mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.5mg/g Linalool- 3.2mg/g Myrcene- 8mg/g




TRYKE Cherry Cobbler

I got clobbered by this Cherry Cobbler flower. Smoke on this bright green flower, and it might make you lean up against a wall for about an hour. TRYKE has really impressed me lately with their flower and concentrates. I got Cherry Cobbler all over my beard and it's getting harder to concentrate. The smoke comin’ off my joint is thick and white like fog. I think I’ll just sit here for a while and watch it like a toad on a log. Wait, I'm gonna get a cherry Slurpee. Im faded and melting

THC- 23.5% Limonene- 7.57mg/g Myrcene- 7.26mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.17mg/g Pinene(a+b)- 0.67/mg/g

TRYKE Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bar

If you or someone you love is avoiding sugar, but must have a sweet-treat from time to time and enjoys the comforts of an edible, then I have good news! Tryke’s Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate 10mg rounds is the solution to the problem. It’s good to see options on the market for those that suffer from health issues or just avoid sugar in their diet. These little chocolate drops are a bit richer than other milk chocolate candies, so if you crave a bit of dark chocolate with your milk, give Tryke’s Sugar Free Milk Chocolates a pop.

Total THC- 96mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 9.6mg

REMEDY Bio Jesus

Remedy’s latest harvest of Bio Jesus is absolutely gorgeous. The buds look like tiny Christmas trees covered in snow and lit up with bright red lights, these tight little nugs should be idolized in your freshly cleaned bong (or pipe) right before you imbibe the sacred sacrament and snap the bowl. Then spend a few minutes worshipping the radiance of the next nug, before you repeat your ritual. Dare I say it, if you’re smoking Remedy Bio Jesus flower, consider yourself blessed.

THC- 25.4% CBD- 0.61% Myrcene- 7.97mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.22mg/g Cos-Nerolidol- 1.16mg/g



#REMEDY YOURSELF • REMEDY YOURSELF.COM Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.



REMEDY Rotten Strawberries Sky Resin Sugar

If you like your concentrates jammy, get sticky with Remedy’s Rotten Strawberry Sugar. This golden sugar moves like a stalking lion and tastes like a tropical fruit salad. Its stickiness covers your mouth and lingers like a good jam should as well as a quality concentrate. You’re going to want to spread out this sugar as long as you can. Or just keep a small mason jar stocked in the fridge door like granny does. It never goes bad.

THC- 78.917% CBD- 0.1443% Caryophyllene- 13.24mg/g Limonene- 10.69mg/g Myrcene- 5.25mg/g




Ease your mind and enlighten your spirit with a hefty limonene lift. Caryophyllene carries your pain away as Remedy’s Dead Head OG reminds us that the Classics aren’t dead, but they can be The Grateful Dead. What Jerry and Bob said: Sweet blossom come on under the willow We can have high times if you'll abide We can discover the wonders of nature Rolling in the rushes down by the riverside…

THC 25.18% Limonene- 9.23mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.74mg/g Myrcene- 5.16mg/g

REMEDY Jilly Space Beltz Sky Resin Sugar

I can envision the sand of Mars being made of Jilly Space Batter Sky Rosin, glistening and twinkling under the reflection of the moon Phobos. This rosin also feels just as magical as it looks. Remedy makes science fiction reality, and Jilly Space Batter Sky Rosin is otherworldly. You’ll be seeing kangaroo-like creatures after a few dabs of this space batter. Take a space odyssey to the islands in the sky and look back at the earthlight with a few dabs of this luminous Sci-Fi rosin. Remedy, you’re ahead of your time.

THC- 84.057% CBD- 0.1066% Caryophyllene- 19.83mg/g Limonene- 10.24mg/g Myrcene- 8.93mg/g


KABUNKY Blue Dream Krumble


Blue Dream is a lovely flower, there’s no denying it. When grown well, Blue Dream is unforgettable. Now give it up to Kabunky for taking Blue Dream to the next level. Their Blue Dream Krumble is light and pillowy, like a delicate cloud made of powdered white chocolate and it feels like an instant shift into lucid dreamland. Kabunky Krumble is always a trippy ride, but I have to say the Blue Dream Krumble high is outer body- I only wish I could remember all the details.

THC- 83.9% Pinene(a+b)- 7.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.9mg/g Myrcene- 2.0mg/g Humulene- 1.3mg/g Linalool- 1.1mg/g

KABUNKY Sugar Cookie Preroll Blunt

Be a boss at the next social gathering and break out what everybody wants, KABUNKY prerolled blunts. These aren't your homie’s long and skinny, hand-rolled Swisher Sweet runts. These are heavy grammars that hit you like heavy hammers. People are starting to come out of hiding and being strange, they want to do something exciting for a change. Go get a handful of these bad boys and let them be seen in the front pocket of your shirt, or tuck them into the garter belt under your skirt. Yeah! Let's get to work. Bro stop it, nobody said you should twerk. I've enjoyed this Sugar Cookie before, once.

THC- 23.52% Caryophyllene- 6.82mg/g Limonene- 3.84mg/g Humulene- 2.67mg/g Linalool- 1.86mg/g



Earthy, pine and citrus flavor profile coalesce into a potent indica wave of pain relief and relaxation. Linalool calms while myrcene promotes a full body sedative effect- great for winding down. Let your stress, depression, and insomnia drift away… “Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine…” -Revolution 9, The Beatles

THC 24.65% Caryophyllene- 4.06mg/g Limonene- 1.66mg/g Linalool- 1.23mg/g Myrcene- 1.09mg/g



It’s just a vase, Mom.

Shop flowers for your vase at thesourcenv.com



KABUNKY Strawnanna Vape Cartridge

When you hit this Strawnanna vape cartridge, you know you’re smoking a full-flavor oil with magnetism, and so will anyone near you. The sweet smell of fruity deliciousness permeates long enough for everyone to take notice. Don’t be tricked into sharing your vape pen though, because people are going to try to get it when the smoke clears. And the minute they get their hands on it they’ll uncontrollably puff it dry, having quickly fallen under the spell of Strawnanna and you’ll be counting your lucky stars if you get it back. Kabunky voodoo is impossible to resist.

THC- 66.3% CBN- 1.82% Limonene- 23.7mg/g Ocimene- 11.3mg/g Myrcene- 8.5mg/g

AMA 24K Live Resin Badder

If you’re a roller, whether it be joints or blunts, I suggest picking up some of the LA Kush Cake flower by CAMP. These nugs are stem-free and unexpectedly dense, so you can give them a quick grind and pour right into your wrap. The flower burns nice and even, while taking its time with it, so you can enjoy the drag for a beat or two. The light 24% THC combined with just about an even amount of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool provides an overall calmness I look for when smoking a rolly.

THC- 21.14% CBG-1.33% Caryophyllene- 6.1mg/g Limonene- 5.4mg/g Linalool- 3.5mg/g

AMA Weapon X #5

Fortunately, when I get loaded these days, I have plenty of weapons in my bunker to choose from. Today, I'm breaking out one of my big guns, AMA’s Weapon X #5. It’s time for some Free-for-All action, and I'm equipped Akimbo-style. My artillery is fully loaded, with extra magazines full of rounds, and I'm prepared for a first-person shooter. Time to light up the battlefield. Are you ready to get smoked? We can link up for some Team Deathmatch if you're feelin froggish. Come get some of this Weapon X #5. Game time!

THC- 26.165% Limonene- 18.6485mg/g Caryophyllene- 8.3617mg/g Linalool- 4.9308 mg/g


If gold were an entity, The 24K Live Resin Badder from AMA would be its leader. I swear I saw it moving, but that didn’t stop me from getting to know it a little better. Like caramel, this badder swirls and twirls and by inhaling its smoke this gold communicates with you on a telepathic level. Shining you with its light and filling you with warmth that only 24K can do. If I was smart I would stockpile this gold, but we’ve got great communication.

THC- 68.3% CBGa- 1.46% Caryophyllene- 22mg/g Limonene- 11.14mg/g Humulene- 5.84mg/g Linalool- 3.5mg/g Myrcene- 2.7mg/g

CAMP LA Kush Cake



We gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two families, Vegas Cannabis Magazine and State Flower. They look great together. What a beautiful ceremony. They tied the knot, and now it's time for the reception. They say, “You can't have your cake and eat it too.” Well then, I think I'll mix things up on the dance floor. I’ll have the whole Wedding Cake, and smoke it too. It sounds cliché, but hey, I'm not gonna waste it. Man, this State Flower is really good. I devoured it so quickly, I forgot to taste it. Get over to The Apothecarium and grab yourself a slice.

THC- 25.322% Caryophyllene- 5.035mg/g Myrcene- 4.955mg/g Limonene. 2.81mg/g



I'm sure by now, you all know. They call me Wild, Wild Bill and I like to flow. I'm smoking bomb State Flower that they like to grow. They call it Flow White #7, and my eyes are low. It's covered in sticky trichomes, pure and white like snow. I twist it up fast, then I burn it up slow. I could talk about it all day. But now it's time to go.

THC- 19.397% Limonene- 6.992mg/g Myrcene- 5.35mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.096mg/g



Chris "Cannabushi" Rodarte Are you a trained chef? I went to Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center for Culinary Arts and for Welding/ Fabrication. Just outside of Louisville, KY. Cooking since I was able to get on a chair to reach the stove as my mom tells me. Pursuing the culinary arts in many different kitchens throughout the country. Some, where English was the foreign language, even while living in the USA. So it pays to use your senses when speech can’t be used 100%. Food is a language in itself… Why transition to cannabis? For the simple pleasure of being able to use science of both food and cannabis, to give people “other ways” to enjoy the benefits of a New Age medicine. Being able to apply infusion of cannabis into some of the foods I have already created adds a new way for cannabis lovers to enjoy foods of all types. I really enjoy giving our magical, favorite flower a much appreciated spotlight in the world of cuisine. You specialize in sushi dishes, what parts of a sushi roll do you typically infuse? I can infuse pretty much every ingredient that goes into sushi, even down to the rice grain itself. Sometimes just infusing the sauces is what people truly like so they have the option of infusion or not. People love eating my sushi as it is. This makes me happy and the industry is booming with new ways to infuse, even on the nano and quantum levels which I can’t wait to use to create a plethora of new techniques in sushi. So be ready! Do you infuse other types of dishes as well? Absolutely! I actually look for new ways to infuse any cuisine. I may be known for sushi, but it does not define me as a chef. As a student of the Culinary Arts, we must expand our minds to all cuisine in our own country, as well as the world. Where do we want to eat today? If I want to infuse something at home, what are the best products to use and the easiest way to do it?


Well, there are a few products out there that make creating your own butter, oils, and sauces easier. One being the Magical Butter Machine. You can find it online at www.magicalbutter.com. At checkout you are welcome to use my code “Cannabushi” for a magical discount! There’s another device called the Ardent Nova FX infuser/ decarboxylator which is available at www. ardentcannabis.com, it’s an all-in-one type device. Both of these devices are perfect for beginners. A lot of people are using distillate to start their canna-culinary experiences or even add to what it’s capabilities are in edibles. Distillate adds a greater diversity to the items you are infusing. I actually prefer older methods of infusion and sometimes even creating the ingredients used for most of the recipes that are in this magazine. I’m not scared of the slow and low method or even dumping a pound of bud in an insta-pot of water (crazy right?!) Do some due diligence and research through forums, magazines (like this one), and do what I love doing, experimenting with weed, and then smoking it. Do you offer in-home chef services? Sure. I’ve been doing some meal preps for a friend’s father as well as cooking in-home for people like Brett Raymer from the TV show “Tanked”, Shauniee Stylez, and more. Being able to cater to specific needs of a client and it’s execution is truly what a chef is meant for. Plus, the word of mouth business is awesome. I have a knife, and will travel! What about dinner parties? Absolutely! I love those the most, being able to share my craft with a group of people. I’m

usually flailing my knife and my hands are moving a hundred miles an hour but it’s so... damn...rewarding. I even did a “Fire Party” at The Man Boy Mafia Mansion for GrinchLV, Ashleigh Blu, and all the Aries babies in the MBM. There were some UFC fighters there as well as other cannabis Influencers. Any dishes you are working on that you are excited about? I just did a roll that is shown here made out of fresh roses cut from Brett Raymer’s backyard. After extensive research, I have not yet been able to find that this style exists in the infused or non-infused culinary world. Making it another first from CannaBushi and most definitely not the last. Anything else you have coming up? This chef has many new ventures up his sleeve, one including a new cookbook that I can’t wait to share with you guysespecially the “Flower Power Roll'' recipe that is exclusive to it’s pages. So many tremendous opportunities that I am so utterly thankful and grateful for. Never stop chasing your passions! Any words of inspiration for aspiring chefs? I want to say this to all the readers and to the aspiring chefs out there: chase your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish them. Shoot for the stars because the sky’s not the limit anymore, the worst that can happen is you land on the moon. That’s still pretty stellar! Study, study, study! Teach yourself and don’t be afraid to ask other experienced chefs for help. Iron sharpens iron and your vibe is your tribe. The best kind of cannabis chef is an educated one. Learn the science behind infusion and the responsibility of dosing people properly.

PHOTOS BY: Jenny Winslow, Maria Achatz & melinda harrington

Simply the Best

Infused Chicken Salad BY CHEF MISTY LOWNIK This is a simple recipe, very old school. I have people tell me they hate chicken salad, but love mine. And I also have a friend who requests this every year on her birthday day instead of sweets.


INGREDIENTS: 8 boneless skinless chicken breasts 6-8 celery stalks finely chopped 1/2 cup sweet relish 1/4 cup mustard 2 cups mayo (more or less depending on your preference) Salt and pepper to taste (I like a generous amount of both in this recipe) 4 tbsp garlic seasoning 1 tsp infused olive oil (very low dose is recommend as you will eat a lot of this) DIRECTIONS: Boil chicken in a big pot with the garlic seasoning for 45 minutes to an hour. Drain and let cool for about 20 minutes, then shred and finely chop the boiled chicken . Put chicken into a large bowl. Mix the infused olive oil into the mayo and then add that and the rest of the ingredients into the chicken, folding and mixing until incorporated . Cover and refrigerate for up to 10 days. This is amazing on grilled sourdough or a croissant with butter lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. Enjoy!


Misty Lownik is an awardwinning edibles chef and has been featured in various publications as well as on a few podcasts. Her delicious edibles have been the featured delights at Women Grow Las Vegas’s events since 2018. As their first canna-chef collaborator, Misty’s Baked Goods have tempted, teased, and been devoured by the cannacurious and the connoisseurs alike. Misty’s passion is making edibles that actually taste amazing and work in collaboration with your own body’s endocannabinoid system to ensure that the medicine gets to where it’s needed. And let’s face it, when your medicine tastes better than your “regular” food, it’s a bonus. It’s about time that patients get to eat great food without sacrificing taste or quality. Misty suffers from an invisible illness, fibromyalgia, and she can tell you first-hand how important edibles (and cannabis in general) can be in helping you to live an “actual life”. Misty is a very strong cannabis advocate and an educator. She has studied every aspect of cannabis for over 30 years including growing, baking, extraction, terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Edibles are Misty’s life, joy, and passion and one of her goals is to tear down the stigmas associated with cannabis and to take back the rights to a plant that has proven its healing abilities for centuries. Mistylandbakedgoods is still here during this pandemic and is working hard to get her edibles on dispensary shelves and to the masses, if you’d like to get involved here is her info. Mistylandbakedgoods.com, @mistylandbakedgoods on Instagram and Facebook


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THE PETER JAY SHOW HERE WE GO! So, do you remember how a year ago, “all bets were off” for Las Vegas? Guess what? The Hon. Stephen Sisolak, governor of the great state of Nevada, declared that Las Vegas would reopen on June 1, barring any further viral nonsense. As it were. So guess what? All bets are now officially “back the hell on”. As I have said previously, this town is going to explode. This will likely be one of the best summers for tourism in Las Vegas History! Who would willingly come here when it is 115°? People who have been locked up for the last year, that’s who. Casinos will do well; local businesses will climb out of their difficulties and reestablish themselves in polite society. But I really don’t care about any of that! Pandemic or otherwise, I really don’t hang out on the Strip. In fact, I tend to avoid LVB unless some pain in the ass relative is in town and wants to see all the pretty lights! If you live here, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Rather than focusing on all of the many areas where Las Vegas will boom upon rejoining humanity, I will focus on one thing that I actually know something about: marijuana. Increasingly, it is becoming apparent that people, in this country at least, love their marijuana! Every survey, every interview, every news item where people discuss marijuana and its legality, it is increasingly obvious that marijuana is something that people want. Hey, everybody likes to cut the chain and free the beast once in a while; some use alcohol, of which I have never really been a fan. A nice cold beer on a hot day is a wonderful thing, but if you suck down more than a few you are liable to find your personality profoundly affected and really fucking annoying to the rest of us...


Those of us who like marijuana more than we like alcohol are enamored for the same reasons: it tends to be cheaper than alcohol, and I have never seen two stoners get into fisticuffs as I have with two drunks. Marijuana is kinder and friendlier than booze, which to my way of thinking makes it a much more tempting experience than standing upside down on a beer keg. The biggest problem with weed in Las Vegas is NOT in its acquisition, but rather, finding someplace to smoke or use it where you will not get arrested. Marijuana is legal in Nevada, but it is still illegal federally, which means that the casinos want nothing to do with it. I may have mentioned that earlier. It is my opinion that stoners do not lose their children’s college funds when they are gaming under the influence; sadly, the casinos want to squeeze every penny out of gamblers that they possibly can, so it is no surprise that they will always and forever embrace alcohol. I believe that the biggest, coolest thing that we will see in Las Vegas after reopening will be the consumption lounges for marijuana that we have been hearing about since it’s legalization. Imagine going to a dispensary, making a purchase and then enjoying the product that you just purchased. Sure, the casinos will hate it, but that is one of the things that I like best about this idea! Casinos are parasites, so inviting them to piss up a vertical rope by providing legal space for marijuana usage should really stick in their throats. I certainly hope so. Peter Jay is going to take the next few months off, in an attempt to actually write a book. I hope that you have enjoyed my columns, and will hopefully do so in the future.

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about a mind altering substance. And for those consumers who don't have a lot of experience, it's critical that they receive solid information. Currently, the cannabis industry is really hedging everything on providing good experiences for consumers that maybe haven't touched cannabis in a long time or are interested in re-engaging with it or already know what they want and are looking for responsible places to shop.

G4 Live Celebrates the Cannabis Industry An Interview with Keith Allen, CEO By: Stephanie Shehan This month, the first of two G4 Live events takes place here locally at Mandalay Bay. I recently had the chance to chat with Keith Allen, the CEO of RMH, G4 Live and the Budtender Awards to find out what this year’s events will entail. STEPHANIE SHEHAN: What led you to the cannabis industry? KEITH ALLEN: Before Round Meadow Holdings was created, we had a marketing agency that was working in a variety of spaces, such as entertainment. We worked with firearms companies and we used to say guns, drugs, and rock and roll because we had a cannabis company come to us to help them market. As a result of working with that company, which we helped take public, we started to build a brand around the cannabis industry and it created all of the interest. Moreover, that interest came from the fact that we saw so many voids and things that needed to be fixed, added or addressed. We got into the business of solutions. How do we create solutions for these problems? How do we solve a problem? And there were so many great answers from the cannabis industry which became very attractive. SS: Are you a cannabis consumer yourself? And if so, any favorite products or strains? Keith Allen: Yes. I like sativa hybrids that have high levels of limonene, which are great mood elevators and really kind of soften the edges of what a sativa can do with regards to anxiety. SS: What prompted you to start the Budtender Awards? Keith Allen: I noticed that the budtenders were the ones that were being sucked up to by brands, but behind the scenes, the brands were not really treating them too well. I saw a huge problem with that. Budtenders really are far more than just retail workers. They are people that are trusted resources and they inform and guide the consumers. My team quickly started to understand how smart and intelligent some of the budtenders were that we were coming in contact with, and we really wanted to put emphasis on the fact that these are people who are doing more than just selling weed. We wanted to really emphasize the fact that these are knowledgeable people, making serious recommendations


SS: How do the awards work? KA: For the budtenders, it's not a contest as much as it is recognition for a job well done. People who like their budtender can support you and nominate them. To nominate a budtender, simply go to budtenderawards.com and click on nominate a budtender. Once nominated, the budtender is notified and then they are encouraged to tell their friends, family and associates to go vote for them. I guess there's a little bit of a popularity contest there in the sense that the needle is moved by how many votes each budtender gets. Voting is then open until the Budtender Awards event which is held September 29-October 2. The contest is open to budtenders in all legal states. SS: What is G4 Live? Is this event separate from the Budtender Awards? KA: G4 Live was created after the first Budtender Awards when we realized that the expo really mattered to a lot of the people that were vendors. And, as we got to know them more, we realized that there were so many different products and offerings within the cannabis space that were at our event. It was obvious that we needed to be inclusive to the whole industry, whether it be seed to sale cultivation, paraphernalia, accessories, flower brands, or Delta-8. So, we decided to create an event that encompassed and was inclusive of everybody in the space and even other events. G stands for global and four represents the four corners of the cannabis universe as we see it. And each one of those four corners have sort of crop circles, if you will, that all overlap each other and in the middle of that is G4 Live. G4 Live is the event that the Budtender Awards is now being held at, it is the expo portion. It is the “South by Southwest”, if you will, of cannabis. When you incorporate all of the arts: people that submit music, film, artistic submissions, music parties, and even short film screenings and documentary screenings which some of the larger brands are doing, that's G4 Live. The Budtender Awards is now the awards show and the big party that happens at G4 Live later in the year. SS: What else makes this event unique to the cannabis space? KA: A lot of cannabis brands are looking to raise capital or to expand opportunity. For those looking to raise capital, we have an investor summit that gives brands the opportunity to pitch to investors. And for those investors, they know that those companies have been vetted by our team, therefore, they know they're dealing with real companies that have real goals. And the flip side to that is, the brands now know that they're sitting in front of accredited investors. For those looking to expand opportunities, one of the real niches of our event, that's so different from any other event is, we market for our brands and exhibitors before, during and after the show. Beforehand, we run social media posts and we send out to our database non-spam emails, informing people about what offerings they have. We also offer brand certification so that brands can certify budtenders to represent their products. During

the show, we have marketing and branding opportunities like any other expo, but after the show, we give everybody who exhibits at our event a video with highlights of the event, incorporating their booth space that they could then repurpose for social media content. We also give them a file with photos of their booth in prime action when they're busy, so they can use that for content as well. SS: Anything new and exciting we can expect at this year's event? KA: Tons of things. Last year was our first year, so we learned what worked and what didn't work. We've eliminated the things that didn't work, and have worked to enhance the things that did work, such as the networking opportunities when it came to the expo itself. Making our expo much more experiential so people feel like they can get lost in our space and not really feel like they're seeing the same thing around every corner is a part of the whole experience that we want people to have. This year, we've got the entire Mandalay Bay wave pool closed down for our event on the evening of May 21st, which will feature a live performance with Travis Barker and a couple of other special guests. And, for our much bigger event in September, we have the event center that we've taken over that holds 15,000 people and we're throwing a concert series along with the Budtender Awards on the same night with some very well-known urban artists. SS: What advice would you give to those new to the cannabis industry? KA: Don't look down. It's the name of a book I'm working on and I couldn't think of a better phrase. Don't look down, just keep climbing. The cannabis industry is full of so much hype and people who won't necessarily do what they say they're going to do on a regular basis, that you have to be a little thick skinned to make it through and navigate those waters. If you don't quit and you keep moving, looking for opportunity, and trying to align yourself with people who you feel are like-minded, you will build a tribe. And when you've got a tribe in this industry, you’ve got a family and that is priceless. The one thing I've noticed is that by building our family, we built our own sort of community with its own culture and it's filled with a lot of really cool, smart, educated, funny, creative people that just make life better, not only in business, but personally. You only get that experience when you don't look down. G4 Live takes place May 21-May 23 at Mandalay Bay. The Budtender Awards along with a second G4 Live event will take place September 30-October 2. For more information, visit budtenderawards.com.