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Stephanie Shehan

Happy Valentine's Day! This month, we feature the Tryke security team on our cover. The team keeps watch over all Reef Dispensary locations here in Nevada and although they may look intimidating, they are very down to earth, polite, approachable guys. Not to mention, all the security team members hired by Tryke are veterans and many are former police officers. Check out the feature article to find out more about the guys, the Tryke security dogs and the reasons the crime rates in neighborhoods surrounding the dispensaries have gone down. Concerned about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent rescision of the Cole and Ogden Memorandums? Check out Mitchell Bisson’s 5th installment of the Cannab-Esq. Chronicles where he explains Sessions’ intent and what we should be aware of here in Nevada. As Bisson explains “The U.S. Attorney for Nevada, Dayle Elieson, has thus far remained silent on this issue. The fact that Sessions just appointed her to serve in this capacity a few days before he announced the rescission of the Memorandums may be an indication that she was selected for a particular purpose.” As an industry, all we can do is remain fully aware of Sessions’ decision and move forward with caution. On a lighter note, this month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check out The Stoner Mom’s column to find out what could happen when combining sex and cannabis with your significant other. And, if the one you love is a cannabis consumer, stop by one of our local dispensaries to pick up a little something for the two of you. Here’s to a great month!

Stephanie Shehan

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f you’ve ever been to Reef Dispensaries, chances are you’ve seen them. Emblazoned in khaki pants and black collared shirts, the Tryke Security team is posted up outside of the building, keeping an eye on things. While they can appear intimidating, ultimately the team is there for the safety of the employees and the customers. Tryke Security maintains contracts with all six Reef locations across Nevada and Arizona.

Stu Johnson, Director of Security for Tryke (Reef’s parent company), explains that this “big dog in the front yard” posture is enough of a deterrent in itself, while his 40-person team is made up of all veterans and many former police officers with special training. Johnson, who spent 8 years in the military and 23 years in law enforcement, ironically has a background in narcotics. You read that right: Stu went from seizing drugs to protecting them. “It’s funny because we’ve never found marijuana to be an issue, even when we were cops. The enforcement of archaic laws is silly to me,” he says. “I often joke that I only made one marijuana arrest in my career in law enforcement because it was a trailer of terrible brick weed smuggled in from Mexico. Other than that, it was simple possession and we’d say ‘Hey man, get rid of it.’” Stu’s perspective as a former cop and as head of security for one of the largest marijuana companies in the country lends an honest perspective that not many have seen. Having been on both sides of the


issue, Stu says that cannabis was never really much of a problem for officers of the law. In fact, going after it was more trouble than it was worth. “Marijuana enforcement took a backseat to the other drugs that were more prevalent, such as black tar heroin, which the only reason that it is prevalent is because of the pharmaceutical companies. If someone gets hooked on oxycodone, their next step is to get on black tar heroin because it’s cheap and easy to get ahold of,” he says. Tryke’s K9 Program Manager Guy Joslin agrees, himself having spent over 16 years in the military and 13 years in law enforcement. “I learned a lot about marijuana as a cop, but I didn’t learn a lot of the truth as a cop,” says Joslin. “Once you realize that it is relatively benign, it’s very hard to justify going after it. Especially when we were seizing kilos of methamphetamines, pharmaceuticals, and heroin.” Having been on the front lines, both Stu and Guy agree that marijuana poses no real danger, making their career transitions into the cannabis industry a smooth, natural–if not somewhat strange–progression. During their time behind the badge, the two had seen that in almost every case, crime was attached to drugs other than weed. “The only thing I ever dealt with regarding marijuana was the fact that marijuana was illegal.” Joslin reveals. “But with the other drugs, name the crime and it was happening.”



THE LATEST Interestingly enough, studies have shown that there is less crime near marijuana dispensaries. That rings true for Reef as well, with its heavy security presence surely playing a role. Otherwise, the prospect of a cash business that can’t use banks and that’s filled with cannabis would be a pretty attractive target. “We actually did a crime analysis here before we built this building and then did another right before we went recreational. I’ll tell you, the crime statistics have gone down. The robberies are almost null and void in this area here… It shows that our presence here has inadvertently stopped a lot of the crime,” says Stu. “I had a Metro Police captain come here and tell me that they are so happy that we are here and that our organization is the way that it is, because we are reducing crime with just our presence in the area.” Reef Dispensaries serves thousands of customers per day, typically without any problems. Interestingly enough, the few incidents that they have had have been mostly alcohol related, says Johnson. He explains that Tryke Security’s true mission is to make sure the consumer has a safe and comfortable experience; safeguarding the plants and assets is a secondary benefit. “The reason that we chose the security model that we have is that we like to protect our customers and make them feel safe,” he reveals. “Nobody is going to harass them in the parking lot on the way in or out, despite the fact that they are going to be doing a cash transaction or leaving with product.” The professionalism that years of military and special forces training have instilled in the Tryke Security team does not go unnoticed, as each member conducts themselves in a polite and collected manner. There are no jumpy, rent-a-cops on Stu’s team. “Because of our backgrounds – military, law-enforcement, or contracting – we’re not hyper vigilant. A guy that isn’t sure what’s coming next, he may be a little more aggressive,” explains Joslin. “But people that come through our door, we smile at them, welcome them, thank them for coming, talk to them if they want to talk. They usually are surprised that we are approachable.” “The guys that are working here have had substantial training. They don’t have that Barney Fife, Paul Blart: Mall Cop mentality, where they are jumping around, looking for something to do,” adds Johnson. “We understand threat levels and body language. We also realize that if we were to react in a panicky way, that makes everyone else nervous, so we try to keep it calm and relaxed.” Never once having a robbery attempt or major incident, Reef Dispensaries’ approach to security has arguably become a model for the rest of the industry and has been praised by the state of Nevada, according to Johnson. “To me it’s worth every ounce of prevention in the long run, to ensure that the employees are safe, the customers are safe, and the community is safe,” says Johnson.

Nero the Dog With Nevada holding the strictest cannabis regulations in the country, the Tryke Security team also helps keep the business compliant with state law. One such way is by preventing internal theft, which ensures that all product leaving the building is sold legally and taxed appropriately. There to oversee that process – or oversniff, rather – is a pair of German Shepherds, Nero and Titan. They are the first two drug-sniffing K9 dogs to be employed by the cannabis industry. “The state requires that we have measures in place to stop diversion and the removal of unauthorized product from the building,” Tryke Security K9 Program Manager Guy Joslin explains. “We just used what we knew about dogs and figured out how employ those tactics to stop the theft of product. Not only for the state’s purpose of not wanting it out on the street unauthorized, but also for the cost of the company in lost revenue when product goes out the door.” Reef’s employees are routinely sniffed over by the dog before leaving the building. If the dog finds stolen product in the employee’s possession, the dog indicates that to his handler, looking for a treat reward. There’s no snarling, barking, or foaming at the mouth from the animal. The presence of the dog (along with a 50% employee discount) keeps theft at bay, but is a necessity as there is always that one person trying to skim off the top. “The understanding that people have when they start working here is that every employee will submit to a K9 search voluntarily when they leave the building. When that happens, the dog searches them, it takes 30 seconds or less. Typically, they pet the dog, they love the dog. He’s a member of the whole Reef family here,” explains Joslin. “99.9% of our employees are trustworthy and love their jobs. But you have the occasional person that just can’t hold themselves back from taking something that isn’t theirs.”









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By: Dr. Aseem Sappal

elcome to 2018! There’s been nearly a decade of progress on cannabis reform, a record high number of Americans now support marijuana legalization (64%), a record number of Americans consume cannabis (over 55 million), and billions of tax dollars have been raised in states where cannabis is legal. So, it seems mind-boggling that the federal government would attempt to enforce federal laws in states where medical and adult-use cannabis is legal and regulated. But that’s exactly what U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did earlier this month by invalidating the Cole Memo, which was a policy put in place by the Obama administration to pave the way for legalized cannabis in states across the country. It isn’t surprising that Sessions, a strong opponent to legalized cannabis, would take such action. Now, all states must wrestle with how to handle his directive. In Nevada, where hundreds of licensed cannabis businesses have recently opened and employed nearly 9,000 workers, many are in a state of flux waiting to see what happens next. While no one knows what the outcome will be for how federal prosecution will move forward, there is some good news to consider. On January 16, 2018 the eight-member Nevada Tax Commission approved permanent cannabis regulations in an 8-0 vote. Additions to the permanent regulations included guidance for the state’s selection of recipients for 66 new cannabis licenses and allowance for home delivery. There’s one more step--final approval from the Nevada Legislative Commission--to make the regulations official. Governor Brian Sandoval and Attorney General Adam Laxalt--both of whom originally opposed the Question 2 ballot initiative--pledged support for the voter-approved legalization. In fact, Governor Sandoval supported the 10% cannabis sales tax to fund Nevada’s public education system and AG Laxalt defended the state’s marijuana industry against two lawsuits. And, Nevada democrats are stepping up to protect licensed and regulated cannabis businesses. In addition to Nevada’s Dina Titus, one of Congress’ biggest proponents of legal cannabis, Representatives Jacky Rosen and Ruben Kihuen and state Senate Democratic leader Aaron Ford are condemning the Session’s directive. There’s also a provision in the federal budget called the RohrabacherBlumenauer amendment, which forbids the Justice Department from using resources to interfere with the provision of medicinal cannabis in states where it is legal. Today there are 29 states that have some form of legal medical cannabis program in place. More than likely only a rogue state attorney general would take steps to target dispensaries and such a move could create an outcry from political representatives and voters alike. How the future political landscape in Nevada unfolds could also work in favor of legal cannabis. In 2016, 55% of Nevada residents voted to legalize adult-use cannabis. Any candidate looking to be newly elected or re-elected cannot ignore their constituents; it could result in political downfall. Fighting for cannabis reform is nothing new in our country. As cannabis advocates, we may need to strategize anew but we won’t give up.



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Justin Beckelman BUDTENDER AT NULEAF When not working at NuLeaf in Incline Village, Justin can be seen shredding the double black diamond Chutes at Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe. I would often see him on a powder day right before the Chutes gates opened and then would guide me down some sick line with 2-4 feet of fresh snow in the pockets. On the chairlift rides back up, we would talk about the state of the cannabis industry in Northern Nevada and recent news on the laws and regulations. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Justin spent most of his upbringing in Las Vegas and moved to Reno in 2001. He became one of the first budtenders in the region working at Silver State Relief before transferring up to NuLeaf in August 2017, two days before recreational sales became offered in Lake Tahoe. Running into him at NuLeaf after recently coming back from a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary tour/vacation, here is a little about Justin and his passion for what he does:

What led Justin to the cannabis industry:

“I've been around cannabis and marijuana since the late 90's. We smoked it after school to be cool, sold it to our friends, and experimented with some original strains. We smoked it out of cans and aluminum pipes not knowing the harsh effects we were doing to our bodies. Fifteen to 20 years later, cannabis is now regarded a medicine because of CBD and other cannabinoids like THC. I started doing research in the cannabis industry in 2012 when I had an idea that dispensaries could be built in Nevada.

By 2014, I started applying to websites and kept my ears open at my local smoke shop and local events. I knew cannabis could help people at a young age, we just needed a place to go to be able to make it a legal reality and not a secret to add stigma to. When Silver State Relief in Sparks opened, I was the third person to sell cannabis from Seed to Sale to the first 600 patients in the State of Nevada. Euphoria Wellness in Las Vegas opened a few days after us then the Sierra Wellness Connection in Carson City.”


How cannabis cures:

“I've helped patients since August 2017 and regular customers as well. I've seen cannabis flower and tinctures help with people's anxiety. I've also seen THC/ CBD topical and skin care products help with certain skin conditions. Trew Balances' Trew Derm Salve is 95mg of CBD and mixed with great essential oils that help with so many ailments. You could start with a simple pimple to applying it to an extremely sore muscle. The tincture has helped a lot of neuropathic pain patients. I've seen people with canes walk into a dispensary, take this tincture for 30 days and come back with NO cane! Cannabis also saves lives because it gives people opportunity to work and have a job they enjoy going to everyday. If this was available in 2001, I would have gone straight out of high school and into the cannabis industry. I had to wait 16 years for this opportunity! Budtenders are NOT doctors or physicians- we are cannabis educators that help people at a high level. High level customer service- that's it- but some are calling us "The Enlightened Ones" and they might be right. I also work in this industry because I've seen friends and people die from opioid addiction for the last 20 years and I believe that cannabis is an option and the correct one to choose rather than Big Pharma.”


Favorite strains:

“Being born in 1982, I love Kush strains and know them very well. Deadhead OG grown by Remedy is so tasty and I use it for sleep like most OG Kush strains. Motorbreath by Greenway is a spicy tasting OG Kush and I use it for sleep as well. I use cannabis to get a full night's rest and I also love the taste of well-grown marijuana. At NuLeaf, L'Orange by Cannabiotix is the smelliest, tastiest sativa I have ever smoked! It can be smoked in the morning while drinking a cup of joe. It tastes and smells like a fresh citrus orange grown on a Florida orange tree.”

Favorite hobbies:

“I love snowboarding. It's my true passion and most favorite thing to do. It's taught me so much about patience, timing, and courtesy. I don't know what I would do without it (probably learn to ski). My favorite Lake Tahoe ski resort is Mt. RoseI've been shredding her for 17 consecutive years. That is where the snow is!”

How cannabis ties into Tahoe’s ski resorts:

“We are learning that small amounts of CBD can help with after workout pain relief. However, THC is a psychoactive ingredient that can cause your heart to race and other ‘wild’ side effects. I would keep cannabis and local mountains away from each other until it is a Schedule 2 drug but cannabis is bringing tourism to our state and Lake Tahoe just like skiing does.”

Justin on being a brand ambassador:

“I feel like cannabis is brand marketing. When I turned 30 I got involved with brand ambassadors and local clothing companies like MYM, Zunuz Shoes, and Everyday Snow. These are brands, just like NuLeaf is but in a different way. The first three focus on clothing, NuLeaf focuses on cannabis. That's how it ties into me… making sure that what I sell is a part of my lifestyle.”


What Justin likes best about working at NuLeaf and his long-term goals:

“I love working at Lake Tahoe! I believe the cannabis industry gives people jobs and if you want to work, you can work in almost half the states in the US, hopefully all of them one day. My goal in this industry is to help people…and that is not changing anytime soon. Budtenders are educating people every day about terpenes, cannabinoids, and new products on the market. I can see myself doing this in other states around the US or in other countries where cannabis teachers/educators are going to be needed one day.”







he was living the dream. A beautiful home located in one of California’s beach cities. After ten years, she’s almost jaded to her exposure of the broad and expansive views from high atop her 3,500 square foot home. A place where sky-blue waves roll and playfully slap the sandy shore, while seagulls, surfers and sailboats weave patterns of movement, like dancers across the foamy peaks of the Pacific Ocean. Starr’s eyes take in these sights each and every time she walks out her front door, her son’s preschool, even her local grocery store, as was the case on this particular day. With baby-bag over one shoulder, handbag over the other and arms full of grocery bags, she was barely aware of this visual feast for the eyes, care of God’s handiwork on one of His best days. It was winter with only a strip of sunlight breaking through the clouds. Still, Starr did not take notice of the ocean below or the spectacular formation of geese flying overhead as that ray of sunlight ricocheted off the water to the billowy clouds to the tips of the birds’ extended wings. Instead, she focused on preparing for her visit with a dear friend. One that would end quite unexpectedly. January 10: My husband’s business is growing. As a successful financial consultant his travel and time away from home has also grown. It’s up to me to oversee the running of our household. It’s me who creates budgets, pays bills, and sees to it we are prepared for those rainy days. I’m the one who sets plans and goals for our future as well as making all arrangements for family trips and vacations. I attend most back-to-school nights solo. I transport our three children to and from school, practices, games, and recitals with seeming ease and grace. All my friends and family say; Starr is organized. Starr is strong. Starr is capable. Starr says she’s sick and tired. January 20: I’ve been making an effort to surround myself with other adults, to avoid becoming one of those women who speak baby-talk to pretty much everyone, all the time. But even my adult conversations are beginning to border on the mundane. The discussions at play group are always the same. How many times can we talk about kids, money, husbands, home repairs, babysitters, housekeepers and of course; sex? Though I love my friends, I’ve grown weary of them all. Except Bridgette, “the wild one,” as my husband refers to her. Currently on her third marriage with four children, two from the first husband, two from the second, she recently lamented husband number three is now vying for an offspring of his own. Now that’s something interesting. Wonder what Bridge is going to do. January 27: Went to Bridgette’s yesterday, where I’ve been hanging out most Mondays. Our recent conversations have focused on her struggle with whether or not to get pregnant again at forty-two.



By Deborah Costella

While she’s satisfied with her four girls, her husband hasn’t eased up pressuring her for a boy. During our visit I wrote the pluses and minuses while Bridgette ruminated about her life as it was, is and could be. The length and depth of our conversations have been enhanced by the several glasses of Almond champagne we’ve taken to drinking. Think I overdid it. Had to come home and lay on the couch (without actually napping) so I could clear my head in order to prepare dinner for Brent and the kids. I have to admit, the afternoons of drinking and talking seem to help smooth some of the edges off my own increasing restlessness. I can’t say I’m unhappy, more, out of sorts. I’m yelling at the kids more often, frequently losing my temper over the smallest things. I’m just so overwhelmed by the day to day living that has become my life. And memory loss! I’m forgetting everything, from keys to debit cards to shoes. Last month I left Kyle sleeping in his car-seat in the garage for several hours before realizing it had been sometime since he’s tugged on my leg requesting a cup of juice or water. And the fatigue; I’m so tired all the time. Every night I fall into bed but toss and turn then, wake up tired again. January 28: This morning I went to the kitchen to brew coffee. Suddenly the smell of those wonderfully dark, roasted beans in the grinder made me so sick I nearly threw up on my slippers. I decided to brew myself a cup of green tea instead. I didn’t say anything to Brent, but as soon as I got the girls off to school, I grabbed Kyle and hustled over to Bridgette’s with one of those home pregnancy tests I had sitting in the medicine cabinet. When I told Bridge my concern, she stood up, walked out of the room and came back holding the same box. She purchased hers yesterday. Together, we went into the bathroom and took turns peeing. Both strips were positive. Unbeknownst to either of us, while we were enjoying those Almond champagne afternoons, contemplating whether or not Bridge should have another baby, we were both pregnant! March 2: Today, I watched my two eldest children run and skip their way to the minivan. The eldest pushing the stroller carrying my twenty-two month old son, while the younger of them struggled to balance and heave forward the overflowing grocery cart. A comical sight. I lagged behind like a burdened pack mule, resigning myself to waddle my way from point A to point B, since I’m pregnant again. In spite of my condition, I continue to work hard to keep a fine house, and maintain a well-cared for home and family. Why just last week one of my friends from down the street, stopped by for a cup of my famous French press, brewed coffee and homemade orange-cinnamon rolls. She had commented on how clean and well kept my house was. “In fact, Starr, your house is so clean it doesn’t even look like any children live here!” I beamed with pride at this and thanked her for saying so.


However, she responded her observation and comment were not complimentary. My misunderstanding was clarified as she went on to explain that a ‘happy, child-friendly home’ normally has a few toys strewn about. Artwork and certificates of achievements plastered all over the refrigerator. Or at the very least, a potty chair attached to the toilet seat. I considered my friend’s input but after the last bite of cinnamon roll was eaten and the final sip of coffee taken, I closed the door, promising myself it would be a cold day in Hades before CrystalAnn would be invited over again. March 18: It’s been weeks since Bridgette has been able to bring her two youngest girls to play date group. I miss her terribly. Not long after she went to the doctor to make sure she was indeed pregnant she was put on bed rest due to her diagnosis as a high risk pregnancy. Bridge is never at a loss for telling a good story and regularly shares outrageous excerpts from her youth. I miss her medicine of laughter. The other women in our playgroup remind me of epaulette boys, wearing motherhood and marriage like badges. Bridge and I agree being a housewife is an honorable pursuit but we tend to wear motherhood and wifery less like badges and more like loosely fitting sweatshirts. I believe raising children is one of the most important jobs to be had; why does it feel simultaneously overwhelming yet not enough? Something is missing. But what? Certainly it isn’t boredom. I don’t have a sliver of a minute to cram anything else into my busy schedule. Taking a “me day,” is out of the question. And calling in sick? To whom would I call in sick? It’s not as if there’s a pool of substitute moms to cover my shifts. Few could pass the interview. I wear so many occupational hats during the course of any given day; doctor, personal assistant, CEO, CFO, mediator, party planner, chauffeur, private tutor, chef, housekeeper, maintenance and repair person, therapist, dog trainer-slash-vet and of course mobile feeding station. The only people qualified to fill in those shoes would be other stay-at-home-moms and they’re too busy running their own households. What exactly do I want? Sleep, I want sleep. A good night’s sleep; a full night of a deep, restful and uninterrupted sleep. This is what has long been absent from my life. March 18: At play group, I brought up my epiphany of all wanting only sleep out of life right now. One of the moms suggested I take more power naps. “Impossible!” I told her. One of the other women asked if I’ve tried napping while the kids are napping. I dryly told her that would work if all my kids napped at the same time. Two don’t even take naps anymore. Besides, Kyle’s nap time is the only alone time I get. Bridgette’s nanny, who’s been bringing the girls while Bridge deals with morning sickness, reminded us just as there’s no crying in military boot camp; there’s no sleeping during motherhood. Felice added she couldn’t remember the last time she sat down with her husband to watch an entire movie without jumping up to change a diaper or transfer another load of clothes from washer to the dryer. I took a poll; who else spends meal time running around the dining table in a frenzy cutting meat into bite- size pieces on every plate? I told the girls about how I inadvertently began cutting meat on Brent’s plate last night! We all concurred, while the task does provide an excellent workout, it also ensures a plate of cold food for us once we do sit down to eat.


March 23: Bridge is feeling sick only about twelve hours a day instead of twenty, so yesterday we made plans to reunite with the kids for a play date today. I readied my bowling-ball-self and the kids in preparation of the afternoon still worried if Bridge was truly up for company. I brushed the thought away, knowing she would just be glad I was coming over with not only my kids, but ingredients to prepare something yummy for lunch. Poor Bridgette cried into her phone, she didn’t understand why they call it morning sickness when she has it all day and all night. She complained she’s skinnier now than she was before she got pregnant. Wish I could say that. I tore through my chores, dressed then began the task of wrapping and bundling the kids in their new winter coats, hats, mittens and rain boots. After securing Kyle and Ella in their car seats I ripped off my own coat. It felt as though I was wearing a straight-jacket. Just as I backed out, Ella announced she needed to pee. “Can’t you hold it until we get to the store?” I asked pointedly. My little dramatic artist cried she had been holding it, for ‘a long, long, long time.’ I unclicked my belt, exited the driver’s side, opened the back car door, reached across Kyle and attempted to release my wriggling and squirming daughter from her car seat. Even free of that straight-jacket, I had to take a moment to stand. I was actually out of breath. It’s getting more difficult to breath. Back in the house, I unbuttoned about twenty small snaps and a few Velcro strips to free Ella, then stood back waiting for her to do her business. I wondered, then asked, in a more irritated manner, why she wasn’t getting on the toilet. In an equally irritated manner, Ella replied, “Kyle’s potty-chair is on dere! I don’t wanna sit on his potty-chair! Dat’s gwoss!” Damn that Crystal-Ann was all I could think. I stepped over and popping off the plastic blue chair decorated with faded ducks and geese, telling Ella, “There, now go!” Think I was yelling by then. “You’re mean,” Ella mumbled. I am mean, I thought. Trying to be less mean, I helped my daughter back into her overalls, jacket, scarf, hat and mittens. Back out to the car I secured Ella, once again, into her car seat. Strapped myself in and drove to the market with Kyle complaining the entire way he was too hot in his coat, hat and gloves. I told him to just think cold thoughts. As I parked, I saw in the rearview mirror, that indeed my poor little boy was beet red with beads of sweat emerging on his forehead. I am mean. As we approached the store, I reminded the kids of our shopping rules. One; touch only with your eyes and two; don’t ask for anything. I overheard Ella whisper to her brother, ‘Bemember, when we don’t ask for anything, Mommy always gets us something.’ She was right. I purchased ingredients for a Thai soup I was inspired to prepare once I spied some beautiful, fresh lemongrass and ginger, along with some dollar candy and toys for all four of the kids. The ginger would aide in settling Bridge’s upset stomach and the lemongrass would not only add a nice high note, but offer medicinal value to her stressed body.


March 24: Last night’s entry went unfinished since I had to get up and help Brent. He’s sick with the flu. Big baby. Once at Bridgette’s house, the kids immediately grabbed their goodybags and headed upstairs to the massive playroom. I told Bridge she might be disappointed, I didn’t bring any Almond champagne due to our conditions. She made a weird face, saying she had something else in mind. I set the groceries to the side as she proceeded to tell me she and Vincent found four rolled joints in one of the older girls dresser drawers. I was shocked! Smoking pot didn’t seem to fit my image of either of them. Bridgette and Vincent hadn’t yet addressed the situation with their teens, but removing the joints from the drawer sent the initial “you’re busted,” message. Bridge wanted to toss them out, but Vincent told her they should smoke one, saying it would help ease her morning sickness. I pounded Bridge with questions. I haven’t partaken of marijuana, medicinal or otherwise since my college days. Bridgette went on to explain, she and Vincent took a couple of hits off one of the joints that very night. He stayed up watching late night T.V. laughing his ass off, while Bridgette drifted into one of the most restful sleeps she’d had in weeks. Sleep? Bridgette actually slept? I asked if pot was indeed stronger than back in our day. Bridge said it was indeed more potent but has a nicer aroma. Not that skunk smell we remember. She said they coughed and choked some, but it was worth it. She suffered no morning sickness that night. Bridge was able to keep down the plain waffle she ate for dinner. When she woke up the following morning, the sickness had returned. Vince told her to hide in the bathroom and take just one hit. She did, went back to bed and shortly afterward was able to get up and enjoy some tea and toast. Bridgette and I talked for so long over our club soda with lime, while munching on the baguette, I’d brought along, I never got to cooking up our soup. We decided the kids and I would return tomorrow. March 25: OMG! This is what happened at Bridgette’s today! Last night, after putting the kids (and my still sick husband) to bed, I got on the computer and started doing research on smoking pot while pregnant. The jury is still out on the topic but ingesting marijuana via food seemed a popular way to administer the medicine. Hundreds of women documented how eating “infused” foods helped relieve morning sickness, it also aided with sleep. When the kids and I arrived at Bridgette’s, the first thing she asked me, was whether or not I could Infuse the soup. I told her about my research saying I believed I could. Bridge gave her nanny some cash, instructing her to take the kids out for the morning. With the house empty, we embarked on one of the most exciting adventures I’ve had in a long time. I sat down at Bridgette’s kitchen desk and began searching how to prepare soup with marijuana, while she went to fetch the joints Vincent had hidden. Much to my surprise, it was quite easy for me to infuse the soup. In less time than it takes to bundle up and strap my kids into the car, I had prepared an infused Tom Yam Kung Soup. I ladled a small serving into a bowl for Bridgette. We decided that

since I didn’t have a nanny, I would just eat a sandwich and take some soup home for my dinner. According to Vincent, Bridge said, it can take up to an hour for edibles to kick in. I wondered how Vincent knew so much about pot these days. I watched closely as Bridge brought the first spoonful to her mouth. The fragrant amalgamation of sweet, sour and spicy was intoxicating. A co-mingling of bright kaffir lime leaves, galangal root and fish sauce. While shrimp, water chestnuts and mushrooms danced in her bowl as if attending a Thai Songkran Water Festival. But instead of splashing in water, the ingredients floated and rolled in my infused vegetable broth and coconut milk. Bridgette closed her eyes as she slowly munched through the shrimp and mushrooms then swallowed. It was then I realized how the word “savor” qualifies as an autological word. You don’t have to know the word, but you understand its meaning when watching someone consume food in the way Bridge ate my soup. With her mouth full, she raved about the taste mumbling that my Tom Yam Kung soup rivaled her mother-in-law’s chicken soup. By the time the kids and I said goodbye, Bridgette was comfortably extended on her couch watching recordings of Drunk History, laughing her own ass off. Once home, I tucked my container of soup in the back of the fridge and commenced with the rest of my afternoon. March 27: Brent finally went back to work this morning, not looking forward to piles of work due to his absence. Then he flies out of town for three days. I’m going to eat my soup tonight. I was too nervous to eat it last night while he was home. March 28: After giving the kids baths and overseeing teeth brushing, I rushed through story-time then grabbed my container of soup. I heated up only half of it. Bridgette was right, it was delicious. Though it wore a green tinge I couldn’t taste the pot, only the sweetness of the lime, the spiciness of the chili paste and the sour of the fish sauce. The soup was light, boasting a brightness one doesn’t usually associate with cream soups. I put away my dishes, then sat down with a basket of laundry and began folding clothes while watching a recording of Masterpiece Theater. Of course, thirty minutes into my program, Ella called for me. She needed a drink of water. After putting her back to bed, I noticed I couldn’t get whatever was coating my teeth off. I kept swiping my tongue over the tops of them to remove what felt like layers of tartar. I shuffled my way to my bathroom to floss and brush. I felt tired, really tired. Deciding to forego laundry I went to bed to watch CNN instead. Within thirty minutes, I began to feel funny. Am I stoned?, I wondered. But I’m not laughing my ass off. I spoke too soon. Within minutes I was laughing hysterically at Anderson Cooper’s laugh. Or does he giggle? It’s more of a twitter. I was really enjoying myself, all alone in my bed, relaxed and calm. The last thing I remember is setting the alarm then, yes, drifting off to sleep. And I stayed asleep even after getting up to pee. Twice. Woke up singing; “Hallelujah!” I bounded out of bed, as much as a woman who’s seven months along can bound and headed straight for the kitchen. I brewed some coffee, now that I can handle the smell, and starting setting up for the kids’ favorite weekend breakfast; French toast. I went all out; cinnamon-butter, syrup, powdered sugar, and marmalade. As my kids padded into the kitchen, all three clamored exultations of joy, seeing mommy’s breakfast spread. I made sure each child had what they wanted, in the way they wanted it, then turned on cartoons and left the room to call Bridgette.

March 29: Last night I ate the second half of my soup at dinner with the kids. Because I consumed my meal earlier, I felt that coating on my teeth around seven. Sitting with the kids, folding laundry, I realized how undisturbed I was in spite of Kyle’s loud noises as he played with his trucks and cars strewn across the family room floor. I thoroughly enjoyed Ella’s lengthy and nonsensical joke she had learned at school. “She must have missed a line or two,” I giggled to Maggie. Maggie began laughing too. Not because the joke was funny, rather because I was laughing so hard. When it was time to get the kids ready for bed, I felt as though I was back on my game. To confirm my feelings, Ella gave me a big kiss, telling me I’m not a mean mommy anymore. Returning her hug and kiss as I thanked her, wondering if I’d sleep as well the second night as I did the first. I did sleep just as well that night. And without that hangover feeling, that comes with drinking too much or taking sleeping pills. As soon as I’m done making lunches, and get the kids off to school, I’m heading straight to Bridgette’s. March 30: Bridge and I greeted each other with screams and squeals yesterday morning. Neither of us could believe that the stuff we used to throw into a mixing bowl with boxed brownie mix, an egg, and water, back in the ‘60’s, was the same stuff we consumed in our soup over the weekend. I could barely contain myself as I gushed to my friend I’d had two of the best sleeps I’ve had in months. Bridge said she’s only puked once since she started using it. She prefers edibles to smoking. I agree. We laughed about that incident with Crystal-Ann and her comments on my clean house, as I told Bridge I didn’t go ballistic when Kyle had cars and trucks spread all over the place. I actually enjoyed my children that night. Bridgette mentioned Vincent supporting her use of edibles, as needed, if it helps keep her morning sickness at bay. I have yet to tell Brent. April 1: April Fools! Never did get around to telling Brent about my use of Infused foods. Today is the day. All three of the kids have school and he’s working at home.


Matcha Tea Cookies

Ingredients 1 plus 6 Tbsps cups all-purpose flour 1/2 tsp baking soda ¼ tsp baking powder Pinch of salt 1 tsp Matcha powder 8 oz Canna-Butter – room temp ¾ cup granulated sugar 1 large egg 1 tsp almond extract 2 Tbsps infused buttermilk ½ cup confectioners sugar 2 Tbsps whole milk food coloring and cookie sprinkles (if desired) Process Line cookie sheets with parchment paper or silpats. In medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking soda, powder, salt and Matcha powder; set to the side. In large mixing bowl, combine softened canna-butter with granulated sugar and beat until fluffy. Add the egg, almond extract and 1 of the 2 Tbsps buttermilk and beat until well mixed. Slowly add the flour mixture and incorporate just until combined – don’t over mix. Scrape cookie dough and shape into a log. Wrap with plastic wrap and store in refrigerator for at least one hour. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Using a small to medium scoop, form dough into balls, rolling between your hands into 1” balls then place onto prepared cookie sheets. Using the back of a spoon or small spatula, press balls of dough slightly to flatten. Brush the tops with the remaining Tbsp of buttermilk. Bake for 8–10 minutes and allow to cool on the sheet pan for 2-3 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack. If desired; combine whole milk with confectioners sugar and a couple drops of food coloring. Paint sugar glaze onto each, completely cooled cookie then decorate with sprinkles of your choice. Makes approx 2 dozen cookies

Shortly after our experience with the Tom Yam Kung soup, I prepared infused matcha tea cookies for Bridgette and myself. I’ve been eating half with a cup of herbal tea before bed. It eases my tension and allows me to sleep through the night. This has positively impacted my mood and patience level. I’m not walking around primed and ready to punch someone in the throat as often. Several times, Brent has commented on how pleasant I’ve been. Less stressed, more flexible, not yelling at him or the kids as much. We even cuddled and watched an entire movie last night. And we had sex! I feel different; happier. As a matter of fact I’d say I’m a better mommy thanks to pot, just ask my family.

Multi-faceted in her talents and interests, Deborah L. Costella has enjoyed expressing her creativity as a dancer, teacher, chef and writer, both in the Northern California Bay Area and Las Vegas Nevada. She has authored two cookbooks and has written numerous articles and newsletters for local publications in the Las Vegas Valley, with a focus on cooking. Deborah currently teaches cooking classes at Sur La Table and Cozymeal, as well as private in-home classes. She also provides personal chef services in both Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet another book in the works.

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April 7th - 8th, 2018

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a patient's perspective


UNEASY RIDERS What the EFF, Jeff?!? What in the name of resinous THC nuggets are you playing at here? Were you out of town when the whole “more than 60% of America wants marijuana” thing went down? On January 4, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions went ahead and rescinded the Cole memo, an Obama-era policy guide which prevented federal money from being used to prosecute marijuana activity in states where it is voter approved (you know—legal). With a ham-fisted signature, Deaf Jeff succeeded in making a whole lot of law-abiding citizens…uneasy.

Opioids kill more people in an hour than marijuana has killed EVER, so pissing away federal money on marijuana enforcement instead of on opioid education and treatment will result in even more preventable deaths.

My word choice isn’t accidental, as “uneasy” does seem to be the best way to describe things these days. Dispensaries are not being shuttered, Federal Stormtroopers are not driving around in armored trucks and arresting every member of the Green Army that they encounter. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval read Jeff’s Proclamation and responded with a “Thanks, we’ll take it under advisement” (www. Sandoval went up a notch in my book with that statement, leaving him FIRMLY at Notch One. As a confirmed member of Generation X, I am both cynical AND jaded. For example, I accept without question that many, many politicians are more committed to feathering their nests than to actually following through on such silly things as campaign promises, or using common sense. Sure, both President Trump and Attorney General Sessions vowed up and down the campaign trail that they had bigger fish to fry than marijuana and its users yet here we are, being all uneasy and shit. So NOW what do we do? I am closer to being psychotic than I am to being psychic, but I see two things that are likely to impede our forced retreat to 1985. First off, there are more people today than ever before who want unfettered access to marijuana. I remember all of the people who I smoked with back in the day; it always amazed me how many people I knew who used pot and still managed to be happy and effective people, regardless of the Reagans telling us how terrible we all were. Well, it’s 30-plus years later, the Reagans are long dead, and all of those terrible stoners grew up and started voting!

Of to


By Peter Jay

Let us not kid each other, marijuana users were not the biggest supporters of the Cole memo. The members of Congress had that market cornered! That’s another thing about politicians: once elected, they become addicted. Does John or Jane Congressperson really want to go and rejoin the working class? course not, so they try REALLY HARD not piss off the electorate. Say what you will about marijuana, but it is still rather polarizing. Congress was more than happy to leave that hot potato unpoked, but Sessions’ move has taken that option




off of the table for them. Both Democrats and Republicans have elected members who are both marijuana-friendly AND forwardthinking, and bipartisan support is a powerful tool. Congress will have the easiest time rescheduling marijuana; traditionally, they leave drug scheduling to the DEA but their involvement will not be without context—they passed the Hillory J. Farias and Samantha Reid Date-Rape Prevention Act of 2000 and added gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), a date rape drug, to the scheduling system. However, there is an even more powerful entity than democracy, one that will do more to gum up Sessions’ prohibitionist plans than anything else. Quoth the Wu Tang: DOLLA DOLLA BILLS, Y’ALL! … though maybe not in the way that you might imagine. Fighting marijuana will not come cheaply. Funding prosecuting state attorneys costs money. Court time costs money. Law enforcement costs money. Incarcerating people costs money. I cannot turn on the news anymore without hearing about the opioid crisis that is currently clutching at our country like a jilted ex-lover—it just won’t let go. Opioids kill more people in an hour than marijuana has killed EVER, so pissing away federal money on marijuana enforcement instead of on opioid education and treatment will result in even more preventable deaths. THAT is the kind of thing that gets elected officials replaced, and will hopefully motivate those elected to make smart choices regarding where government drug money is spent. As you do, when you don’t want to have to go and get a real job. That would make them uneasy.

Who Dares, Wins. No Guts, No Glory. Holler at me: Peter Jay archive: Email:

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WITH ROB RUCKUS Let me start this rant off with the reason I do it in the first place. I’m a patient. Have been for years now. I’m also a guy who’s made lots of cannabis oil for people over the years and have seen firsthand the very positive effects it's had on people's lives. This medicine is something I feel very passionate about. Personally, it has kept me from being addicted to painkillers and pharmaceutical poison. It’s helped friends and family members cope with disease and discomfort in ways that blow me away on a daily basis. I’ve witnessed the relief on the faces of smokers, relief on the faces of topical users with arthritis who are able to use their hands again, relief on the entire family of a child with epilepsy when the seizures this child was having went from about 1000 to 4 a month, and the relief of a mother who’s found out her child isn’t going to die from cancer. I take this VERY seriously. So, when I complain or rant about what’s going on in the Nevada cannabis scene I’m not doing it to be a dick to these companies. I'm glad they are here. I welcome more of them. I’m doing it because I believe with every fiber of my being in the healing properties of this plant and want the right versions of it to get to the right people so they can have some relief in their lives too. Nevada has made some great strides in getting people the best flower, topicals, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and oils. We have a few certified “Clean Green” grows. Millions and millions of dollars have gone into production facilities. The laboratories have some of the most cutting edge technology known to man. But, we’re still not achieving all that we are capable of.


Cultivators need to understand that all are not growing top shelf cannabis. Yes, we have some straight FIRE coming out of Nevada but what you are charging the dispensaries for your product is outrageous. Top shelf prices should only be charged for the absolute best. I understand you’ve put a lot of time and money into your grows, but you need to be more realistic about the quality and price you are putting out. And, quit using labs that give you bullshit numbers! You put a lot of love and money into your flower, be proud of your results and educate your customers that high THC does NOT mean a better cannabis. Vape and edible companies, please stop with the distillate garbage. Distillate oil is usually made with trim or garbage weed that wouldn’t pass lab testing. So, it is typically distilled and processed so much that there is nothing but THC left in it. The distillation process also burns off the terpenes and cannabinoids that give cannabis its healing properties. Check the labels on your products, no terps equals garbage oil. We can do better and we would have the most medicinal edibles and vapes if we were a little more picky about what is put into products. We have a long way to go, but we have come an awful long way too. I’m honored to be able to help people get through their day as comfortably as possible. Helps me to sleep with a full heart every night. But who would I be if I didn’t do my part and use my voice to try to better our cannabis scene for everybody? You can expect to keep hearing from me. Whether complaining or congratulating, I’m here to stay. Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.




The Cannabis Industry and




here are a couple of things that are less than ideal with the current cannabis banking situation. One of them is the limited number of banks that will accept cash from our industry. As such, the entire industry is forced to find banks that are willing to work on a cash basis, which is no easy feat.

Since marijuana is a federally prohibited practice and banks mainly rely on the FDIC as a way to secure their assets to the depositors, I believe there is a conflict in there. I know some of the small and regional banks are looking for alternatives to the FDIC insurance and to instead go with additional rigorous ways of conducting their due diligence and investigations of the underlying businesses. That gives them the opportunity to actually conduct that business. The second issue is that banks charge the marijuana industry a fee to deposit money. This is unheard of outside of our industry. Most of the banking for cannabis business owners is backwards—you pay for the deposits that can range from one percent to multiple percentages of the deposit. However, such arrangements are becoming more and more competitive and I believe that the pricing will come down. Eventually, it will be just like a regular bank. Most of the fees on the arrangements that I heard of are on the cash deposits, which are the weakest part of this whole scheme. Over the last three years, we’ve seen less and less cash in the business. We’ve seen more and more checks coming into the mix, from the customers paying us for our products. I believe that people have more and more access to the banking arrangements today.”


A third major issue is that it is illegal for banks to lend money to businesses in the cannabis industry. As a landlord, I am not a grower, manufacturer or owner of the marijuana business that occupies my building. I am a landlord who built a building and the tenant in the building happens to grow marijuana, which is totally legal by the state and local regulations. Despite this fact, I as a landlord am unable to deposit the money I earn from the tenant because the money was made selling marijuana.

When I originally approached the local banks, the answer was a very clear ‘no’. I was however able to find a small local bank that understood the situation and was willing to take the deposit. It’s not every day that you hear a bank tell you no when you offer them money. The biggest problem of all is the inability to secure a mortgage on the real estate that I own. If I had a million dollar building that was fully paid for in any other industry, I would be able to get 60 or 70% equity out of it and then use that money to update or upgrade my building and equipment. However, this is not the case in the marijuana industry. I’ve recently heard rumors of banks lending to our industry, however, I haven’t actually seen a single person in the industry obtaining legitimate financing from the bank on any of their real estate. Today, banks are going into the industry because of the competition. They are looking at the billions of dollars in cash or otherwise flowing through the system, which are always collected by banks that are willing to do the extra work. I believe it’s about capitalism. Right now, more and more banks have an appetite to increase their earnings, deposit-base, and bottom line. They will open their doors to our industry.

Serge Chistov is the financial partner for Honest Marijuana Company, which utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products. Their marijuana is packaged in Earth-friendly recyclable tin cans with pure nitrogen to ensure only the highest level of integrity and quality. The company also recently launched their new Honest Blunts, the first organic hemp-wrapped, machine-rolled cannabis blunts. Visit the site at


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The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

Right as the magazine racks at northern Nevada’s dispensaries were getting loaded up with January’s issue of Tahoe Cannabis Magazine – wherein I attempted to invite United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take a few dabs of Hyve’s Sweet Diesel live resin batter with me – Sessions dropped the bomb. As I suspected, Sessions announced on January 4, 2018 that he was rescinding the Cole and Ogden Memorandums, which states like Nevada have been following for guidance on how to implement marijuana laws without federal intervention. The announcement by the Department of Justice provides that, moving forward, the U.S. Attorney for each state will be given discretion when to enforce current federal law as it relates to marijuana. Specifically, the announcement states: In deciding which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the Departments finite resources, prosecutors should follow the wellestablished principles that govern all federal prosecutions. […] Given the Department’s well-established general principles, previous nationwide guidance specific to marijuana enforcement is unnecessary and is rescinded, effective immediately.

While some U.S. Attorneys around the nation have already come out and stated that they do not intend to interfere with their respective state’s marijuana programs, the U.S. Attorney for Nevada, Dayle Elieson, has thus far remained silent on this issue. The fact that Sessions just appointed her to serve in this capacity a few days before he announced the rescission of the Memorandums may be an indication that she was selected for a particular purpose. Let’s hope this is not the case. There is no doubt the actions of Sessions and the Department of Justice have the potential to cause uncertainty and unrest in the marketplace – lenders could be less likely to fund loans and businesses more hesitant to dedicate large sums of money with the threat of federal drug charges hanging out there. The rescission of the Memorandums could also have far-reaching effects for consumers. With the Memorandums in place, consumers of cannabis – especially medical marijuana cardholders – were pretty safe in their cannabis endeavors. But now that Sessions has decided to rain down on cannabis consumers’ parade, the risks associated with involving oneself with marijuana are increased. The pre-Cole Memorandum horror stories some of my clients have experienced are nothing to ignore.


For example, a few years ago I had a young husband and wife who were forced to retain me after police raided their home one morning in a SWAT-like takedown for having ten marijuana plants growing in their home. Of course, my clients had medical marijuana cards, but that didn’t stop the officers from methodically removing and smashing all of my client’s grow equipment on the sidewalk. And while the charges against my

clients were ultimately dropped, the damage had already been done to their equipment. I have also been hired by a gentleman who was arrested in California on federal marijuana charges filed in Las Vegas only to be effectively forgotten in jail for 355 days. Yes, you read that right. Once transferred to the federal detention facility in Pahrump, my client was placed into solitary confinement for almost an entire year without ever being brought in front of a judge or given access to an attorney – for a marijuana charge! The charges were ultimately dropped in this case as well, however my client lost a whole year of his life for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and having some weed in his possession. I’m not relaying these stories to scare you, but rather to highlight the real disconnect between state and federal marijuana laws. Both stories I gave involved state-legal medical marijuana cardholders, yet they had their worlds turned upside down by the federal government. With the Cole and Ogden Memorandums in effect, there was some semblance of organization and guidance on how to avoid federal scrutiny. Sessions did away with that. But alas, there may be a silver lining! Sessions rescission of the Memorandums may be exactly what is needed for permanent change to occur. Session’s announcement puts the ball directly in Congress’s court to put forth legislation that de-classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). In fact, Sessions pointedly stated in his memorandum that the CSA reflects “Congress’s determination that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that marijuana activity is a serious crime.” Almost immediately after Session’s announcement, many state leaders and members of Congress spoke out against the move and promised to take action. However, until this actually happens, and until marijuana is no longer classified alongside heroin and methamphetamine, there will continue to be an enormous amount of uncertainty and anxiety in the marijuana industry nationwide. In any event, I have no doubt the State of Nevada is going to push forward with both its medical and recreational marijuana programs despite Session’s stance. After all, Nevada has never had a problem being on the forefront, and our marijuana industry is top notch. And although local officials have decided to hold off on their plans to start approving marijuana lounges for now, I still believe with enough community support and a little poking and prodding, officials will be forced to tackle the issue before year’s end! Oh, and before partaking in any cannabis transaction/ consumption whether you are a medical cardholder or not, please remember it is still a violation of federal law…so make sure the feds aren’t watchin’! Stay safe, stay legal, and #StayWoke!





he quote “Your focus determines your reality,” by George Lucas, is what Christi McAdams chose to motivate her Focus team members as well as the company’s customers and her fellow industry peers. According to McAdams, the company has grown significantly each month since opening this past August and is now adding more services to fill voids in the industry to "help make the lives and jobs of our customers easier." Recently, we had the chance to sit down with McAdams to find out what new services Focus now offers.

Vegas Cannabis Magazine: Why did you

choose that particular quote?

Christi McAdams:

I wanted to use an inspiring quote which had Focus, our company name, in it and one that resonated with our business and personal philosophies. I have made it a point to work with likeminded people who know that they have the power to achieve their business goals and personal dreams and that their focus is the vehicle to making it a reality. We live in a magical world and with focus and perseverance, we are the magicians.


VCM: What services has Focus added? And, what made you decide to add these new services? Christi: In addition to

distribution, Focus now offers temporary staffing, product sourcing and sales, and ancillary products. For the first several months of providing distribution services, our account reps and I asked our customers what else we could do to make their lives and jobs easier. We repeatedly heard the same concerns: they wanted temporary staffing, needed product for manufacturing and other sourcing requests, wanted help selling their products to dispensaries and desired a better source for ancillary items. After hearing the same concerns from many of our customers, it was the obvious decision to add these services ourselves. We have a dynamic team which is growing rapidly and we are excited to expand into these new areas.

VCM: What does your

temporary staffing and job placement service consist of?

Christi: We already have

over 200 people under our umbrella, each with agent cards and training in the industry. Their skills and experience range from general packaging and trimming to budtending and extraction. This industry is growing quickly and the immediate need for trained personnel is great. It is also very exciting

to be the liaison between people looking to enter or grow in the industry and companies needing quality staff.


Explain how your sourcing service works.


Because we are meeting with dispensaries, cultivators and production facilities on a daily basis, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry. We know who has product that needs to be sold and which buyers are looking for product. We help supply many of our customers with product for production needs such as trim and oil. If there is something our customer wants, we help them find it.

VCM: Tell us how Focus

provides a better source for ancillary products.

Christi: Many of our customers order everyday products for use in their facilities - things like exit bags, booties, gloves, hair nets, and labels from the internet or from larger companies such as Uline. At Focus, we are able to save our customer 50% off of what they spend with Uline and provide the products with same day delivery. VCM: With all these new

services, will you still provide distribution?

Christi: Of course, we will continue to provide professional, same day delivery to anywhere in the state. All deliveries are provided in refrigerated cargo vans which exceed state regulations and our drivers stay to count the orders to ensure they are correct before leaving. In fact, we provide a significant discount on distribution to customers utilizing any of our other services." VCM: Anything exciting coming up in the future?

Christi: Yes, but it's still in

the works.

VCM: Any clues for our readers?

Christi: It's a fun, interactive way to reward our customers for their business and support.




[ C U R AT E D BY B I L L S H E H A N ]

Nevada Dispensaries LAS VEGAS CANNABIS Space Walker X Blue Cookies Sugar

I think this photo looks like the little bald banker from the Monopoly game. If you are a bit imaginative like I am, you might even see him carrying a briefcase. I dabbed this sugar and developed a brief case of amnesia. What? Good grief. That explains why you're sitting outside in your briefs. The look on your face is classic. Get your pants on and we can try another LVC flavor. This new sugar is one to savor. Go do yourself a favor, yo. This wax is good to go.

LAS VEGAS CANNABIS Grape Vape Cartridge

This unit rips! I always hit cartridges at least once for the official magazine introduction Yeah, it tastes nice. I can’t wait to open up this vape tank, and squeeze out the desirable distillate so I can fire away and pistol it. There, now you know one of my BillShit hacks. I’m currently designing that can help you out there quite efficiently. Keep your eyes peeled. We can dig those eyeballs out too if there’s a problem with how I do shit. For regular vape heads, Grape Vape hits perfectly fine in its unadulterated, standard method using the standard 5/10 battery. Try that first. THC- 62.174% CBG- 2.037% Caryophyllene- 4.4 mg/g Terpinolene- 2.45 mg/g Myrcene- 1.11 mg/g


LAS VEGAS CANNABIS High Roller HP-13 Nug Run Shatter

This concentrated wave of madness is so fucking lovely. Put yourself under this golden extract and it will probably put you under a pillow. You’ll fall fast asleep if you are in need of some zzz’s. This is a very impressive lab sheet, loaded with just about everything a patient might need to get out of their weed. I stayed high for a couple weeks. I ain’t fucking around. I really did. They gave it to me early in the month, and we shared it with everyone. Whoop Whoop. Las Vegas Cannabis has some fire extracts. THC- 73.218% CBGa- 2.043% Myrcene- 9.5 mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.7 mg/g Limonene- 4.16 mg/g Linalool- 2.87 mg/g Humulene- 1.37 mg/g




KABUNKY Milk & Cookies

KABUNKY 3D Krumble

Let's get ready to rumble with this limey Kabunky 3D Krumble. I dropped a chunk in my rig, and watched the vapor tumble. I hit it so hard it made me stumble backwards, now humble and I lack the words to express this reception. Is this depth perception deep deception, or is it really real? My visions are drippy, and I'm slow like molasses from dabbing the Kabunky 3D Krumble gasses.for the masses. THC- 80.7 % CBD- 2.2 mg/g Pinene(a+b)- 2.3 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.1 mg/g Myrcene- 0.8 mg/g


By Josh Ranck This strain might be the perfect afternoon snack! But make sure your workday is done, because the creamy, sweet flavor masks just how hard this strain hits. You’ll find plenty of purple colors coming through in the nugs, which are also littered with ripe, amber trichomes connected like blockchain. If you’re an indica fan, then you definitely have to give Milk & Cookies a try for your next sesh! THC- 24.53% Limonene- 2.39 mg/g Myrcene- 0.42 mg/g

When I sometimes rhyme in “What’s Good”, I pretend I’m the Little Rap Star Who Could. My white ass grew up about 8 Mile from The Compton. But, I know I am more like this Trap Star we’re about to char. It's not always easy, sometimes I'm blue. It took Trap Star to get me goin’, and pull me through the shit that sometimes hits the fan, today. Kabunky said, “Get your sorry, ass over here and hit this, man!” So, I did and now I'm so faded, I can barely stand. Scratch what we had planned. I'm gonna land here, facedown in the sand and get my cheeks tanned. Trap Star smacks down any clowns with frowns, and gets you and your team a new set of downs. Move the sticks of Trap Star. 1st and Goal. Run it up the gut 4 straight times. Good hit. I'm an athlete, not a rapper. THC- 20.57% CBD- 0.6 mg/g CBN- 0.4 mg/g Myrcene- 0.6 mg/g

KABUNKY Orange Zkittles Shatter

I don't think anyone will complain about this new Kabunky strain. But the burger I just ordered better come plain, or surely, I will complain. What? You like to complain? And...Who the fuck you callin Shirley, bro? It was a mere misunderstanding, yo. And don't “bro” me if you don't know me. Shit, now they're gonna spit in my food. I don't wanna be a complainer, but i better not see any spit, and my burger better come plain. I'm goin out to my van to hit the shatter of this strain, and possibly relieve this insane pain you dumped on my brain. Sweet orange and light mint made this here dent in my dome. Time to grab my burger and get back to the pad. Damn it! This mustard is makin’ me mad. You know, I wanted that shit to come plain. And I know, you wanted me to complain about that shit. Absolutely no complaints regarding the Orange Zkittles Shatter, top shelf, not the middle. THC- 79.9% CBD- 2.3 mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.4 mg/g Linalool- 0.7 mg/g Myrcene- 0.6 mg/g




>>>WHAT'S NEW HSH Ting Concentrate

HSH Turbo Diesel Concentrate

Glorious Hallelujah. I got some of the #first-gen shatter made by Todd Weatherhead, the Creative Visionary of HSH Nevada. I bet you anything, that there isn’t a single Head Cultivator in the state of Nevada who smokes even nearly as much weed and wax as this dude. The first day we met, he dumped a bag of weed on my desk, and proceeded to twist up and light joint after joint for hours. Good times. Holla if you like OG! This one has such a dark green flavor. The terpenoids are interesting on this particular cut. TurboDiesel is extremely efficient at treating medical problems such as anxiety, asthma, even obesity. Imagine that. Try it out fat boy. Smoke Turbo Diesel to curb your appetite THC- 69.4% Caryophyllene- 16.1 mg/g Limonene- 13.6 mg/g a-Pinene- 12.9 mg/g Bisabolol- 1.7 mg/g a-Pinene- 1.4 mg/g


I do believe Green Life has come up with my new favorite strain, a citrus bomb. Wonderful flavor and a pretty straight, down the middle hybrid. Nice quick head change with not to strong of a relax on it. Have fun finding it though, I already bought most of it. THC- 22.38% Limonene- 3.86 mg/g Myrcene- 2.53 mg/g Linalool- 2.46 mg/g


HSH Cheese Bomb Concentrate

Offset that depression and anxiety with caryophyllene, and expect to get the rest that you deserve. This is an extremely medicinal profile here. Of course myrcene will make your drowsy head bobble a bit. Maybe just take one big hit or perhaps try just a couple little ones. I would like to have assistance without hiring any assistants. Why am I worried about the assistance my assistants would give? Time to kill this here Cheese Bomb Concentrate, then I’ll be off to answer the Call of Duty and hunt down those campers squatting in corners and lying prone on the outskirts of the map. Yeah where’s my Liquid Torch i scored from Still Smoking? Here it is. Say Cheese!

What a beautiful Ting this is. Sit back, and sip on this sweet Caribbean sugar, without the calories of its grapefruit flavored predecessor. Ting by HSH drenched my lungs, and quenched the desires of my thirsty brain, and left this bright orange stain. I wasn’t gonna rhyme, but i can’t refrain. If you don’t like my style, don’t complain. Try this myrcene to ease your pain. Then, maybe my shit wouldn’t seem so mundane to ya, Jane. Want me to serve you up, and make it rain? Or, you just wanna keep your shit plain? THC- 71.8% Myrcene- 5.2mg/g Limonene- 4.8mg/g Linalool- 3.9mg/g

THC- 66.5% Caryophyllene- 24.5 mg/g Myrcene- 17.8 mg/g Humulene- 8.6 mg/g

HSH Stoney Creek

Up on Stoney Creek, some concentrate sprang a leak. It’s a dabber’s dream, if I ever did see one. The only possible upgrade to any of these HSH products would be to label the actual jars. Once you strip down and dive into Stoney Creek, things might get a little crazy. You might get spun around and disoriented, then mix up this pebble with that stone and get washed up with some Ting in the Caribbean Sea. Here’s the message in a bottle: Loved the trip I took to Stoney Creek. Get on your raft and head downstream. THC- 81.3% Caryophyllene- 7.8mg/g Humulene- 2.85mg/g

PRODUCTS QUALCAN Platinum Cookie Glue

My, how my love grew for this dark, purple glue. This herb looks and tastes absolutely remarkable, to say the least. This mother is a beast. Perfectly cured, and buried in golden trichomes, these nugs are too beautiful to be considered drugs, especially by some spineless, hypocritical conservative with limited knowledge about cannabis and its medicinal value. THC- 19.68% Caryophyllene- 6.9 mg/g Trans-Nerolidol- 4.5 mg/g Limonene- 3.1 mg/g Humulene- 2.6 mg/g Cis-Nerolidol- 1.9 mg/g Linalool- 1.6 mg/g Isopulegol- 1.1 mg/g

QUALCAN Sea Salt Kushie Caramel The sea salt stole the show here. Immediately, your mouth and stomach will dominate your brain’s subconscious thoughts, and create desires that interfere with your rational judgements and eliminate all self-control. Or, maybe the bag had a fucking hole in it. What did you expect would happen to these, Breezy? I need more fa sheezy. Ya, you right. My shit’s squirting out nice & cheezy. I’m hungrier now than I was before I mashed on the Sea Salt Kushie Caramels. Total THC- 100 mg Pieces/Container- 10 THC p/unit-10


By Josh Ranck Don’t let the haters fool you, there’s a reason Blue Dream has become such a foundational strain … because it’s great, especially in the hands of master cultivators who can bring out the strain’s best expressions. Nature’s Chemistry offers one of the most balanced Blue Dream phenotypes I’ve ever tried. This one is perfectly heady with a body high to match! If you’ve given up on Blue Dream, it’s probably because you haven’t had it done right! Grab up some of this latest batch and you’ll see what real Blue Dream should look, taste, and feel like! THC- 24.51% Myrcene- 8.0 mg/g Pinene: 2.8 mg/g Caryophyllene: 1.5 mg/g

QUALCAN Vape Distillate

Tangie (labs below) • Girl Scout Cookies Cherry OG • Ghost Rider • Gorilla Cookies War Head Qualcan introduces six new distillate cartridges that are all over 60% and extracted using a solvent-free CO2 method. I enjoyed all 6 of these sticks of dynamite, but my 2 favorites were the Girl Scout Cookies and the Tangie. Both have spiked nerolidol data. The isomer, nerolidol has two different physical structures, and both are prevalent here in Tangie. Nerolidol smells like bark, and is also found in jasmine, tea tree, lavender, and lemongrass. Most impressive, nerolidol is also a toxin against predators like malaria and leishmaniasis. THC- 67.46% CBN- 7.23 mg/g Caryophyllene- 10.9 mg/g Nerolidol- 3.66 mg/g Linalool- 3.64 mg/g Humulene- 3.56 mg/g

EVERGREEN ORGANIX Strawberry Chocolate Bites

These edibles got destroyed by my molars, and quickly melted into a white-chocolate strawberry milk flavor. I didn’t share, because no one was in my lair to oblige. This is a great edible for those microdosing. And, they taste great too. Every living creature with a spine has an unproductive endocannabinoid system, just waiting to be nourished and activated. As with all infused products, don’t consume cannabis carelessly. Make sure you get yourself situated before using cannabis, alcohol, prescription pills, or anything that could possibly impair vision and cloud judgement. Be safe out there. Watch yourself on the road. Total THC- 37.45 mg

THC/Serving- 7.49 mg

Servings/Container- 5



>>>THC • CBD • CBN TERPX Sweet Jesus Crumble

Have mercy baby. All you’ve been smoking is tree. You know these dabs are calling, ballin’ up your weed. Sweet tingles from your head to your toes. Jesus, help me make this banger glow. Cuz when the dabbin starts, and the temp goes down, there's not another concentrate around, that rules me like Sweet Jesus does. And they say...ay that he loves me. Baby, baby I hope today is the day you're gonna hit that rig, and finally see my way. I'm begging you, dump your little sack of weed. TERPX dabs is what you motherfuckin’ need. Cuz when the dabbin starts, and your fright goes down, there's not a marijuana strain in town, that rules you like when dabs are up. It's ok, you can always go back to the weed. THC- 79.12% CBD- 8.0 mg/g CBN- 3.29 mg/g Myrcene- 6.0 mg/g Linalool- 1.6 mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.1 mg/g

TERPX Sour Kosher Live Resin Shatter

This turned out phenomenal, and packs a fierce punch to the olfactory nerves. Woo that wild yellow OG is screamin’ full-blast in my face. Hurry, heat that shit up. Im’a hit it and get back up and then I'll hit it again, but this time for the win my fine, feathered friend. Enjoy that 88% per say. We're gonna have some fun today. Myrcene is overflowing and spilling all over my paperwork and hitting me in all the spots that need pain relief. Limonene is there to offset sleeplessness and intensify your high, extending the psychedelic effects of THC. God, smell this and tell me you created it to promote world peace Thanks bro. I appreciate the feedback. Good lookin out. THC- 87.97% CBD- 2.2 mg/g CBD- 3.3 mg/g Myrcene- 21 mg/g Limonene- 16.3 mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.7 mg/g

TERPX Space Dream Live Resin Crumble

Blast off into space as you emit thick, white exhaust into the atmosphere. Your mind will be in the clouds, and filled with random, day-dreamy thoughts. Explore your outer-limits when you get in the pilot seat of this vessel. Make things happen creatively, or fall asleep behind the wheel. No big deal, it's just a dream. This concentrate puts me on the brink of unconsciousness, while allowing me to barely maintain the direction of this ship. Do you dream in color or a foreign language? Get home soon, Houston. THC- 70.39% CBD- 2.7mg/g CBN- 2 mg/g Myrcene- 15.7 mg/g Caryophyllene- 11.6 mg/g Guaiol- 4.4 mg/g

TERPX Marcosus Marshmellow Terp Sauce

This sauce is pure animal. Whah! Bury your head inside this tiny TerpX jar, and wait for your fucking prom. Go on princess. Shove it up in your face and experience a mental upgrade from the mere scent of Marcosus Marshmellow. He’s a jolly good fellow, that no one can deny. Once again, Remedy and Terpx delivered on this exemplary, golden extract. I need to invest in this sauce, for real. Ameritrade can surely work the deal. I like this better than any cologne or body spray. Like at Burger King, yo can I have it my way? Maybe we can make a cologne or an air freshener that keeps this in the air. Make it for me, and I promise that's all I'll ever wear. THC- 67.72% CBD- 2.8 mg/g CBN - 2.3 mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.1 mg/g Linalool- 3.2 mg/g


Limonene- 9.5 mg/g




TERPX Durban Poison Live Resin Badder

Durban Poison is making a case to be the number one bullet in my gun. Pick your poison. Shoot first, and ask questions later. That's how we do it here in the Wild Wild West. Quick draw to the chest. If you don't think it's the best, let's have ourselves a shootout. That'd be a mighty fine test to lay your scrutiny to rest. Lest your a scurred, yella-bellied coward who doesn't mind missing out on his piece of the wax pie. I'm your Huckleberry. Roll it back and hitch me up with a dab, shooter. THC- 66.51% CBD- 2 mg/g CBN- 8.48 mg/g Isopulegol- 55.9 mg/g Limonene- 15.6 mg/g Myrcene- 9.4 mg/g

TERPX Sour Kosher Live THCa Sugar

Don't be sour, everything is kosher here at TERPX. You coughed up the strongest THC in Nevada this month. And, your hash sure knows how to smile for my camera. Son of a bitch! Look at the ridiculous results below! Say mama, do you wanna do dabs with me. Ah say it, do you wanna come dab with me. Say it baby. This is a great, loud addition to the TERPX arsenal. THC- 86.62% CBD-2 mg/g CBN-2.34 mg/g Myrcene- 26.8 mg/g Limonene- 16.2 mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.2 mg/g

TERPX Jilly Bean Shatter

Sweet, soul sister. Keep on torching til the dawn. Check out what's going on, before it's all gone! This sweet shatter is a meat pitch for any batter. It changes your eyes immediately with the help of 1% myrcene, also an analgesic and an appetite suppressant. The serious combination of caryophyllene & linalool will help calm those piss-poor attitudes, and offer a much-needed adjustment and ego-boost. THC- 75.36% CBD- 1.9 mg/g CBN- 1.96 mg/g Myrcene- 10 mg/g Caryophyllene- 8.5 mg/g Linalool- 5.8 mg/g


The Rose-Gar by Vegas Cannagars was a trip to evaluate, considering the fact that I was inhaling cannabis wrapped in a pinkish purple rose petal for the first time. I wanted to evaluate the taste of this beautiful work of art, so I closed my eyes and tried to isolate the specific taste of the pink petals. It will be difficult for you to distinguish any major differences between the taste of these biological organic edible rose petal wraps and a hemp wrap, until about halfway through when the Cannagar Organitip drips rose hips on your sugary lips. All Vegas Cannagars are custom made and hand-rolled by a true artisan. The rose petals used in this wrap are classified as a biological, organic edible and adhere to the strictest standards, using absolutely no pesticides or unnatural additives. This is well worth the experience.







o this month I’m in the kitchen with my long time friend James, creator of My Mum’s Nut line of naturally infused cannabis products. He hand-crafts everything from garlic spread (great to make shrimp scampi with), to milk chocolate hazelnut ‘Cannatella’ that is one of my favorite sweet edibles on the market, to an amazingly effective Medicated Magical Rub that I can personally vouch for, and he even makes Luv Budder, a cannabis



My Mum’s Nuts

infused, edible lubricant. As a one-man team who does all of his own distribution, James’ motto is that he is “happy to be a healer, not a baller”, and uses his knowledge of cannabis and organic chemistry, along with his hippy roots to help bring cannabis back into the mainstream for its many medicinal values.

Hopper: We go way back, but let’s talk about what you’re doing now. What inspired you to make these amazing products?

James: Now, I feel like I’m more

of a healer. I’m using my cannabis skills of decarboxylation and infusion to actually heal people with a nice new medicated magical rub.

Hopper: I can speak from experience, your topicals work wonders. It’s amazing what you’re doing. Explain why decarboxylation is so important to the process of making edibles and topicals. James: Decarboxylation is the

activation of the THCA into THC.

Hopper: So it brings out more of the psychoactive elements and the medical benefits of the cannabis? James: Yes, exactly. Hopper: I know you’re not gonna give up any of your secrets, and I don’t blame you, because your decarbing process is the best I’ve seen! What would you say to point someone in the right direction, though? James: I would say to do your research.

Hopper: I know how many years of research you put into this and you’ve worked really hard to get it perfected. James: And you’ve been my guinea pig the whole time!

Hopper: Haha, you know me! I’m glad to be a crash test dummy for anything when it comes to weed! I really like that you steer away from candies, and do more natural things. James: It’s not 1995 anymore,

it’s time to get past the whole brownie, rice krispy treat, gummy worm thing. We’re in the game to make strong edibles, not diabetic stoners!

Hopper: I love that, it’s so true! Tell our readers about your product line, you have an impressive variety. James: I’ve got three trophies


for Best Edible, but now I’m focusing more on healing people, not getting people stoned. I

find I can help people so many different ways by making my topical medicated magical rubs strong. Because they are naturally infused, they’re naturally activated.

Hopper: Going back a bit further, tell us about your history in cannabis. I’ve known you for decades, you’ve done every aspect of the game. James: I became a Prop 215

patient in 2001. I worked with different patients, I grew for them. So I know a lot of growers, so that helps me get good trim for my products. I’ve been in the game for a long time. Growing, selling, distribution…

Hopper: I remember you always had the bomb bombs! James: The Bullrider! Hopper: Yes! The OG Bullrider! James: : Fuck yeah! Hopper: You’ve won multiple

awards, we talked about it a little already. Tell us more about those.

James: I won Best Edible for

Local Sesh, twice. Once for my milk chocolate hazelnut spread, and once for my dark chocolate coconut almond spread. I won the Cannabis Farmers Market for my Medicated Magical Rub, the Skyline Sesh, for the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Spread, and The Sesh SD also for the Snickerdoodle Spread.

Hopper: That Snickerdoodle Spread is out of this world! What about your topicals? James: I’m doing a eucalyptus

lavender blend. I’m doing a ‘Love Budder’, which is an edible lube. It’s all about getting your pink parts stoned!

Hopper: That’s a good one!

You’re getting into the Nevada market now. How’s that going?

James: I got to meet a lot of

people there, a lot of the massage therapy companies and therapists want to offer my medicated magical rubs for cannabis massages.

Hopper: You’ve told me that making these products has given you passion for life again. Do you want to delve into that, or talk about your car accident back in 2006? You spent six months in the hospital, that was a scary time for all of us close to you.

NICE PACKAGE! (That’s what she said.)


James: It might be from my

injury, it might just be maturity. I had found myself in the cannabis industry, getting people stoned. Now I feel more fulfilled by healing people.

Hopper: That’s awesome brother. Any shout outs you want to give before we wrap it up? James: Yeah, definitely to my

helper. She is the one always driving me everywhere. Her name is Monica (@herplace420). Also a couple of massage therapists in the Inland Empire, The Body Mechanics (@tbm1244), they’re moving into Vegas to do cannabis massages with my rub. Shout out to you Hopper and Vegas Cannabis Magazine for the opportunity to share my products. Also, Local Sesh, The Cannabis Farmers Market, and all the guys at The Blacklist Sesh.

Hopper: Good Ol’ Stoner Rob! James: Yes, Stoner Rob! And to

everyone on the frontlines. Thank you very much, I love you guys! IG: Follow Hopper on IG: @hopper448

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HIPPY TRIPS TRIP TWICE MAGNETO VAPORIZER & BUBBLER Hippy Trips is a local company from Las Vegas that offers the 420 community a legit way to consume concentrates virtually anywhere. The battery fits discreetly in the palm of your hand. It looks like a tobacco vaporizer. The dual quartz coils combined with a heavy duty variable bear battery make for a perfect low temp dab. I set the battery to 3.5, and took a ten second rip, then blew fog like a Halloween Machine. Pop the glass bubbler on top for water filtration and an even smoother wax hit. Drop in some shatter, badder, crumble, sauce, distillate... oh yeah! Your vape tanks also fit into the Hippy Trips battery. Vaporizer: $89.99 Bubbler: $34.99




STRESS DISSOLVE BATH SALTS Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts combine Himalayan sea salt with the highest caliber CBD isolate to help rid your body of aches and pains. This product detoxifies the body by balancing systemic pH, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps and helps to balance blood sugar. $20





Fun, flexible, and strong, this non-breakable pipe will spark your interest! Food-grade, FDA-approved silicone coupled with a foodgrade stainless steel (SAE 304) bowl creates a simple piece for your enjoyment. The bowl can be taken out and cleaned and it has a spill proof lid so you can pack and carry. $25

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Available beginning November 1st is Handcrafted, small batch, infuthe Stoner Mom Essentials Boxhemp by Sensi sions that are lab tested for purity Box. All items are hand picked by Theas well as for cannabinoid Made Stoner Mom herself and thelevels. box includes in Hawaii, available products include everything a cannabis consuming mama mightHawaiian need. Turmeric Hemp Oil, Hawaiian Herbal Hemp Salve and Hawaiian Hemp Honey. Retail: $275 Prices Vary

THE ABC'S OF CBD This practical, educational and comprehensive guide answers all you ever wanted to know about cannabinoids. This book even includes a section for parents who want to know how to talk to their kids about CBD. $13.99

"“Marijuana is quite possibly the finest of intoxicants. It has been scientifically proven, for decades, to be much less harmful to the body than alcohol when used on a regular basis.” ------ NICK OFFERMAN------




How Jim McAlpine Helps Destigmatize Weed with the 420 Games By: Kayla Anderson

Twenty years ago North Lake Tahoe resident Jim McAlpine launched a company called SnowBomb with the goal to help spread the stoke of skiing and snowboarding by figuring out ways to make ski resorts more accessible to the average winter enthusiast. He came up with the SnowBomb Card which gives people ski lift ticket deals when the resorts need the business and launching ski and snowboard festivals all over Northern California. Fast forward to the year 2014 when Lake Tahoe was in the middle of a multi-year winter drought and there was little motivation for skiers and snowboarders to drive up for the little amount of terrain available. “I did SnowBomb for a long time, but then we were in the third year of the drought and I was tripping on its sustainability,” Jim says. One day as he was sitting in his mountain home and thinking about what his next business venture would be, Jim packed a bowl to get his creative juices flowing and turned on his TV to the Vice Network. Right then, a show came on about the future of the cannabis industry and it was like a light went off- he envisioned the 420 Games. “The ski industry was at a standstill, a regression. Using marijuana for my own creativity and in working with winter athletes I saw an opportunity to use athleticism to destigmatize marijuana,


especially since I always had to hide it. This new business of mine is like history repeating itself, and now cannabis companies are wanting to get involved in the ski shows. I’m merging my two passions,” Jim says. In coming up with the idea for the 420 Games, Jim noticed that events like Tough Mudder and Ironman were gaining in popularity and wondered what he could to create that kind of excitement. Jim realized that these events weren’t just about people pushing themselves - it was about the whole lifestyle that surrounded it. Jim worked to create a series of active lifestyle events that help break down stereotypes that have been built up during the period of cannabis prohibition. “The 420 Games were established to show that cannabis users are not lazy, unmotivated or ‘stoners’ and to destigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle,” he says. Hosting its inaugural event September 12, 2014 at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the 420 Games featured a 4.2-mile run. The run not only plays off of the “420” marijuana code, it is also one more mile than a standard 5k (3.2-mile) run. Jim did this intentionally to reinforce the fact that not all cannabis-users are lazy by wanting come out and run an extra mile for cannabis advocacy. The first event of the 420 Games drew 150-200

attendees and the people running were healthy, happy, and responsible. “Everyone understood that this was about being an athlete first. We asked people not to smoke, just to come as an advocate, and everyone was on board,” he says. The following year, the 420 Games grew to include 4.2-mile runs in San Francisco, San Jose, and a stand-up paddleboard race in North Lake Tahoe. “The numbers keep doubling each year,” Jim says. By 2016, the 420 Games evolved into a national tour with seven stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Boulder, Portland and Seattle. “It’s been well-received in other states, it’s built a name for itself and has received a lot of press. We went to the same cities in 2017- we had a thousand people come to our LA event in 2016 and more than double came back in 2017,” he says. As Jim toured the country with the 420 Games, he also started speaking on panels promoting cannabis as an alternative to opioids for athletes. Sitting on panels at the Super Bowl, Mill Valley Film Festival, Harvard Medical School, and South by Southwest, Jim was joined by top professional athletes like Ricky Williams, Jim McMahan, Frank Shamrock, and retired Golden State Warriors basketball player Rick Barry to help amplify their message. However, bringing the 420 Games back to Tahoe is never far from Jim’s mind,



especially since this is where he came up with the idea. “My goal is to do an event at a ski resort. They are still fairly scared of this, but a lot of their existing events have a lot to do with alcohol so why can’t we bring cannabis into it?” Jim asks. Believing that the lifestyle of skiing and snowboarding is inherently infused with cannabis, Jim can personally attest to how cannabis has helped him become a better snowboarder in these two areas: 1) Focus- “Cannabis gets your mind into a flow state, which is why skiers and snowboarders like to consume it. It creates that ‘eye of the tiger’ mentality,” Jim says. 2) Intuitive for recovery- In a world of opioids and alcohol to manage pain, it seems that cannabis may be the safest way for pro athletes to recover. It even comes with positive side effects like decreased anxiety, improved muscle relaxation, and diminishing fear-based memories (like by helping you forget about that time you broke your leg on the mountain) to be able to reach optimal performance. “We started the 420 Games to change the stigma on cannabis and ski resorts will soon see that this is a more mainstream approach to wellness and living a healthy lifestyle,” Jim says. For more information about the 420 Games, visit https://420games. org or Like them on Facebook to hear about upcoming events.

Photos: Adam Davies // Richard Haick // The 420 Games-New West Summit




In an article I wrote titled "Addicted To Sober", I opened up briefly about being formerly addicted to adderall and living a lavishly belligerent life. My goal was to destigmatize cannabis and reinvent respect for a plant I feel is opportunistically underrated. In my sobriety I have come to understand simply that I am human, before I am an addict, before I am a woman, before all the titles, I am human. And just like every other human, I experience pain. But in my sobriety, I have realized that the suffering is optional. I am learning that the way I exercise to strengthen my body, my mental health routinely needs the same type of endorphin-al rush. It’s the abstract high I chase now. As I shed myself of resentment it helps me to live with a clearer perspective of life and it’s opportunities.


aking and baking has always been a favorite of mine. As the New Year approached I wanted to take a new approach to each day instead of the year as a whole. So naturally that starts with my morning; a ritual of exhaling a bowl of bud before I inhale breakfast. More specifically, I have felt compelled to dig into my need for weed. I made the decision to crop THC out of my life for 21 days in order to challenge myself in finding exactly where my need stems from; is it medically necessary for me or am I abusing my recreational rights to nurture a deeper dependency? In order to be successful I started smoking CBD flower to compare the cousin cannabinoids and the side effects have been wildly promising.

Recently, in my relationships I have made a conscious effort to communicate candidly in search of this underground vulnerability we all share on the subject of mental health. The truth is we all have a past that more than likely at some point has troubled us. Our appetites for happiness are like food, it is vital to our lives but that doesn’t mean we all crave the same fillings. Who are we to judge another person for taking a different route to the same place? We are all after Nirvana, after all. The more I learn about others pain and their versions of suffering, it begins to belittle my own anxieties. More or less these conversations bring my troubles to a minimum in understanding I am not alone in my hardships. I have become of the opinion that this seemingly uncomfortable version of honesty is actually liberating and quite healing. Instead of talking about the weather or sports maybe initiating a discussion about childhood and how we got here could be an option for the smoker’s circle. Feeling understood from start to finish can be humbling and motivating. The more often you run the easier it gets. Maybe if we were more transparent about our sufferings they would become less frequent because the pain never ceases. CBD has been a newfound saving grace in my world. I fully intend on socially smoking THC and still stand behind all of its healing properties. But I found my need for weed has shifted. The non-psychoactive option that CBD offers allows me to fill my fix of smoking, checks my anxiety, opens my creativity, and sets my mental health up for success each morning. I found that sometimes smoking THC takes too much control of my imagination. In a social circle, it makes for a great time but by myself it can discourage me from channeling my day in the right direction. Hopefully we can raise an empathetic awareness for honesty because transparency is comforting. Instead of being a, me too victim, we can all be me too in an understanding that feeling misunderstood is dangerous and we can prevent it.





There She Is

What led you to become an artist? I've been encouraged to be creative and paint since childhood. I've been painting since I could barely talk and it led me to an art history major in college. I've always wanted art to be my life, but spent many years in L.A. focused on music and singing in a band. I didn't really get back into taking painting seriously until I started doing street art with You Killed Me First in 2011. Working with another artist encourages me to push my own boundaries and inspires me to think outside my own boxes and create everyday. How long have you been in Nevada, are you a native? We moved to Las Vegas in 2014 to escape L.A. living. We had already been to Vegas often and been putting up street art. I love getting up in this town and it's been a wonderful homebase and a place to explore our creative energy both in the streets and on canvas. Also, working with the art collective we have grown into while here has allowed me to explore so much more creatively beyond painting by myself, with projects like Cultar, and the MisFortune Teller. How would you describe your art? Street art or fine art, my subject matter is all over the place from portraits to robots to animal art to pop culture references. It's really about my interpretation, of using paint and color and shadow to make the image my own. That is why I create, to interpret. I never feel like I know what I'm going to get when I start an art piece. Sometime that's the fun, discovering what will become of the paint. Do you have a studio or gallery here locally? My home is my studio. My husband is


my art partner so everyday is a chance to exchange ideas and to be encouraged to create. We've exhibited here but also take the liberty of putting our art up in the streets! What is your favorite thing(s) to do in Vegas? On an artistic level, my favorite thing to do in Las Vegas is get up! I love creating paintings that I can take and paste up in some amazing spots around town for people who enjoy art to view! Other enjoyments would be our love of ramen! We've probably hit every ramen place in Las Vegas, we have some favorites, but we love them all. Every broth is unique. What is your favorite thing about the local art community/scene? The opportunity to meet and work with some amazing artists has been refreshing and it was awesome to be able to partake in some amazing events like Hempfest and Life Is Beautiful. The growth of our art collective Cult 33 has been the most important thing! Meeting artists Dan45 and Snipt and working with them as well as You Killed Me First has been the best thing to happen to me artistically! That makes Vegas a VERY important place! Do you consume cannabis? I am a manager for the Apothecarium here in Las Vegas so cannabis is not just something I consume, it's very much my way of life. I don't just work for the dispensary, I believe wholeheartedly in cannabis education and the amazing ways you can integrate cannabis into your life. What part does cannabis play in your work as an artist? And, do you have a favorite strain? If so, tell us why.

As an artist, cannabis can work for me if I work with it. It doesn't help me to just consume large doses of THC because I can become lethargic and have trouble with my focus. Sometimes when I'm trying to work on new ideas I can get nervous if they will work out and heavy CBD strains help me stay calm and focused. I'm the kind of person who likes different strains for different needs. Sometimes I'm looking specifically for an effect, sometimes I'm smoking for flavor only. Pineapple Tonic by Our State Flower is great for anxiety relief and relaxation without a crippling high. I enjoy Cherry AK for a giggly euphoric feeling and Strawberry Lemonade by Cannabiotix for the amazing taste! Any inspiring words for our readers? See more art! You never know what will inspire you. You never know what will piss you off. And all of that is valid in art! Don't be afraid to have art challenge you. Question what you think all the time, it will always make you a better person. Also I encourage you to learn more about the cannabis you smoke, learn about the terpenes that are giving you the effects that you enjoy. Listen to your body, and understand this is plant medicine and you have to experiment to find what works for you. Don't just chase THC numbers! Cannabis is so much more than that! Any recommendations for young people wanting to get in to art? I always think in order to break the rules you have to learn them. The more you know, the greater your ideas will be. Educate yourself, consume other artists, and always push

yourself to break your own boundaries. Don't be afraid to try what you aren't good at. I think it's more important to try and go through the humbling experience of artistic growing pains than be a one trick pony. How can we find you on social media and/ or the internet? @theresheisart on Instagram and Twitter Anything you would like to add? Look forward to more art for Cult 33! And, when visiting Las Vegas, always keep your eyes out for us in the streets!




Mom’s Tips & Insights

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By The Stoner Mom Look. The Stoner Mom is no expert on sex, but of particular interest to any responsible adult cannabis user, is how it might affect one’s sex life. And so for this article I’m momentarily taking off my prude hat and exploring the many paths your stoned sexual encounters might take. It probably won’t answer any questions though, because the only way to know what sex and weed do to you, is to jump right in and give it a try.


Of course I cannot be remiss in my mom duties, and therefore must emphasize that it is very important that you attempt your first stoned sex session with somebody you trust. Sex while high is vulnerable sex, and should be reserved for occasions when you are truly in a safe space, both of body and mind. If you end up having some sort of paranoid breakdown, you want it with someone who won’t make you feel worse.

Also important, is to know that this is not about getting stoned so you can have sex. Some people may use it for that but I do not. Cannabis is for enhancing sex; sex that is consensual and anticipated. Sex that already pleases me, high or not. As with anything, you don’t want to need cannabis to have sex.


15 Things That Could Happen When Combining Sex and Weed 1.heightens A touch on your skin might feel infinitely better than usual. Cannabis your senses. Lips pressed against you may send you into

orgasmic bliss. A hand on your throat might become your absolute new favorite thing. His hands on your hips, the small of her tummy. The pleasure areas on your body become beacons for your partner.


Normal conversation turns incredibly hot. When two people who are great together get high together over conversation, a new level of sexual tension and heat may emerge. You’ll trade sexy innuendo, inhibitions disappear, and your very words can hook your partner for life.

3. Or, you could start talking. And, never stop. Until you’re bawling. Hey, everyone’s different. 4. Uninhibited confidence is a major plus for the average stoner mom. What woman doesn’t have some secret awful hangup about



Distinct from weed-induced sleepiness is weed-induced laziness, which is just as annoying to your sexual partner. Maybe it just feels so good all you can do is lay there. Tell your partner not to take it as an insult when you refuse to get on top, or hold that position, or you know, move.


Sex on a strong sativa can transform you into a porn star. We’re talking energy and focus that will have you performing like a professional. WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT?!


Cannabis can be a godsend for the anxious. Pick a strain known for its anti-anxiety properties, give it a try in bed, and once you’re overtaken by the giggles, have your partner swoop in.

15. Stoned sex can bring you together in new, awesome ways. Really! Think of the times you’ve been high and really connected with

a friend. It can be magic, a moment remembered forever. Sex while stoned can produce the same feeling, with someone you absolutely adore. And, having amazing, uninhibited, joy-filled sex will do amazing things for a relationship.

her body that is keeping her from doing all the naughty things she really wants to do? Cannabis can make that fear disappear.

Cannabis can be a powerful aphrodisiac in a responsible stoner’s arsenal. Use responsibly, with an open mind and a partner you trust, and let the sexy times begin!

5. There is a chance that in the middle of attempting to get busy, your brain may decide to focus on everything, a little too much. Avoid strains

As always, wishing you the best of luck and the greatest fun on your cannabis journey!

that cause paranoia, because paranoia and sexy times don’t mix.


Heightened orgasms for women. Get the right strain, bring in the right partner, and new categories of orgasm are born.


… or maybe you won’t achieve orgasm at all. It might all be too sensitive, too good, and ultimately mega-frustrating when you just can’t get there.


Your man might last forever. For some that’s probably a welcome change. For moms, it might be an unwelcome change. Moms are busy, and we like to get on with our lives, thank you very much. Have an understanding that not everyone might get there in the time allowed.

9. There is also the possibility that your man will be so turned-on from being high, or so turned-on by you and your naughty antics while you’re high, that he’ll get there prematurely. Somewhat flattering, but ultimately unwelcome.

10. Cottonmouth means extremely dry mouth, and it makes your breath smell like ass. Use mouthwash and have water nearby. 11.

After a day of promising your partner all sorts of naughty fun that evening, there is still the chance that you’ll get stoned and fall asleep, drooling and snoring loudly. I must confess this has happened to me more than once.




Vinegar & Oil, Salad Dressings and More


By Sharon Letts, Educated Stoner


any of my daily deliveries are referred to as micro-infusions. This process was first put in front of me by Chris Sayegh of The Herbal Chef in Los Angeles, California (

Chris has worked hard to combine science and apothecary into gourmet meals, where your dose is determined by your need, or how your body tolerates activated tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In stocking my pantry with infused vinegars and oils, I like to do cold-process steeping, so the THC is not activated. Then, you can decide what type of delivery you want while preparing a meal (recipes below). For instance, if I’ve infused a bottle of red wine vinegar and a bottle of olive oil with cannabis in a cold-process for use in salad dressing, I know the end result won’t be psychoactive – just full of beneficial compounds from the plant. If I’ve used a hot-process method to infuse the oil, I know the THC in the dressing is activated. I can choose to use full-recipe amounts, or use a portion of the activated oil to lessen the effects. If I’m doing a sauté on the stove-top of meats and/or vegetables, I can use a cold-process olive or other type of oil, knowing that in the cooking, the THC will ultimately be activated. And the infusion can also include other herbs, such as rosemary or oregano, as many herbs are beneficial – with anti-inflammation and anti-infection properties, and more. I love infusing vinegars, as it’s always a simple, cold-process. And it doesn’t just have to be a red wine vinegar for use in cooking, as infusing apple cider vinegar (ACV) can also be used as a remedy by itself – mixed in some juice or water. The benefits of apple cider vinegar date back to 3000 B.C. According to Enzyme-facts. com, vinegar residue was found in ancient urns in Egypt, with the first written history dating back to 1200 B.C. in China. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates – said to be the “Father of Modern Medicine,” prescribed cider vinegar mixed with honey, stated to treat many ailments. Although modern-day science doesn’t site many studies on its benefits, the list of ailments helped found in many herbal sites online include digestive, bronchial, energy, warding off infection, and immune-system-building. I suffer from Thyroid Disease and have used ACV for chronic constipation. Infuse it with cannabis and it becomes a powerful daily delivery. I’ve also infused chamomile flower into ACV, for an additional calming remedy (see my website for information on the benefits of chamomile).

Cold-Process Infusion: Vinegar or Oil Ingredients:

One-liter bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar or Oil (olive, coconut, etc.) ¼ c. ground cannabis (stems, leaves, flower) OR ¼ c. whole chamomile flowers

Directions: Add plant material to vinegar, and store in a cool, dry cupboard for one to two weeks, shaking often. Strain with cheese cloth, and decant.

Hot Process Infused Oil I use the same equivalents for oil as I do vinegar.

Crock-Pot Method Simmer three to four hours on low, stirring and checking often to prevent burning. Strain with cheesecloth and decant.

Magical Butter Machine Method The Magical Butter Machine (magicalbutter. com) was designed to infuse butter, oils and more in a hot process, which will activate the THC. It’s just a matter of placing the plant material in the unit with oil, then choosing the temperature and time from a button on the machine.

Fine Print: This article is based on simple apothecary. It’s what I do at home. Other’s techniques and outcomes may vary. Always mark your products with a label, noting if the product has activated THC for safety. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource




>>>>> >>>>> cannabis

with DJ Chef Fred

WINGS & HEARTS! Do you know what I like the most about February? It is one month closer to spring. Burrr out there family! I also like February because of the events going on in Las Vegas: Glass Vegas Expo, CaterSource Expo, Champs Trade Show, Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game and Valentine’s Day. It is going to be busy and everyone’s gonna be hungry. My world famous chicken wings are coming out to parties this year. Trays of my favorite three flavored wings, BBQ, Teriyaki and Fire Wings. This recipe has made thousands of people believe in the wing. Myself included. The recipe would not be complete without an infused ranch recipe to finish the deluxe wings. Sexy and complementing for every party. I look forward to seeing everyone attending the Champs Trade Show. You can find me in the Doob Tubes booth with Ray, come say high!

Photos By: Caitlyn Dour

THE WINGS INGREDIENTS: 2⁄3 cup flour 2 tbsp paprika 2 tsp garlic salt 2 tsp black pepper ¼-½ tsp cayenne pepper 6 tbsp butter 20 chicken wings, tips removed 3 grams kief 1 tablespoon soy sauce (or tamari) 1/2 cup pickled ginger dried on dry clothe 1/2 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated (optional)


DIRECTIONS: Cut wings at joints. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Be sure wings are thawed and dry them well with paper towels. Combine flour, paprika, garlic salt, black pepper, kief and cayenne pepper in a plastic bag. Shake to mix ingredients and add wings. Line a large baking sheet with release foil and melt the butter on it. (Makes for easy clean up.) Add wings to pan and turn to coat. Bake for 30 minutes. Turn wings over and bake for 15 more minutes or until crispy and done.

SLEEPY RANCH DRESSING INGREDIENTS: 1 cup infused mayonnaise, (6 grams distillate infused in 3 Tbsp of olive oil) 1/2 cup sour cream 1/2 tsp dried chives 1/2 tsp dried parsley 1/2 tsp dried dill weed 1/4 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp onion powder 1/8 tsp salt ⅛ tsp ground black pepper DIRECTIONS: In a large bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, infused olive oil, sour cream, chives, parsley, dill, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.





INGREDIENTS: SAUCE: 2⁄3 cup soy sauce 1⁄2 cup pineapple juice 4 tbsp sweet rice wine 2 Tbsp brown sugar 2 Tablespoon honey infused with 3 grams distillate 1⁄2 cup sugar 2 tsp garlic, minced 2 tsp ginger root, grated 2 tsp toasted sesame oil GLAZE: 1 Tbsp cornstarch 2 Tbsp water

INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cups brown sugar 2 cups ketchup 1/2 cup red wine vinegar 1 beer and 1 Coke 1 shot of 3 grams infused whiskey 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 2 1/2 Tbsp dry mustard 3 tsp paprika 2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 blackened pasilla pepper Add all ingredients to list

DIRECTIONS: Combine sauce ingredients in a saucepan on medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. To make glaze: Mix 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch with 1 tablespoon water. Heat sauce on medium high heat and add cornstarch water mixture. Simmer until thickened about 1 minute.

DIRECTIONS: In a blender, combine brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, beer, coke, infused whiskey and Worcestershire sauce. Season with mustard, paprika, salt, pepper, and blackened pepper. Blend until smooth. Heat mixture on medium heat for 30 minutes until your desired thickness.

FIRE WINGS INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup butter infused with 3 grams of distillate 1/2 cup hot sauce 1 Tbsp ground black pepper 1 Tbsp garlic powder Add all ingredients to list DIRECTIONS: Combine the infused butter, hot sauce, pepper and garlic powder in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir together and heat until butter is melted and mixture is well blended. Remove from heat and reserve for serving.




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