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Brittany Furlan Benefits of CBD

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For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.






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Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of the drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of the product. For use only by adults twenty-one years or older. Keep out of reach of children. Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under @Mammothlabs @mammoth_labs the influence of the drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of the product. For use only by adults twenty-one years or older. Keep out of reach of children.


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Warning: This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Cannabis can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of the drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of the product. For use only by adults twenty-one years or older. Keep out of reach of children.

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>>> FREE · AUGUST ’21 issue #43

Brittany Furlan

14 Funny Girl: Brittany Furlan


20 Movers & Shakers

Movers & Shakers In the nevada cannabis INDUSTRY

26 Social Equality in NV Cannabis

>>> AUGUST '21 • ISSUE #43

Social Equity

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Putting the hash in #TAHOECANNABIS

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Benefits of CBD

38 Exploring with Sarah Jane

Movers & Shakers In the nevada cannabis INDUSTRY

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Brittany Furlan


30 August Horoscopes

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Social Media Influencer and cbd advocate brittany fuRlan

eclared by Time to be one of the most influential people on the Internet, Brittany Furlan Lee is more than just a popular social media influencer. She is the sum of all of her parts- comedically creative, socially ambitious, empathetically selfaware, animal lover, believer in anomalous things, the gorgeous wife of a rockstar and completely open about her experiences with debilitating anxiety. Her advocacy for CBD and the effects that cannabis has had on her health and mental wellness is so inspirational, we just had to take the opportunity to talk with her. Read on to find out how the once most followed Vine video star turned her comedic clips into an inspirational journey for a whole generation... JENNIFER WALKER: So, let’s talk about weed. BRITTANY FURLAN: Ha! Yes, let’s. JW: First, where are you from originally? BF: I’m from Philadelphia and I moved to California when I was 17,

so I’ve been there a long time.

JW: When we were growing up, cannabis was taboo. It was kind of a hush-hush thing. What was your experience with cannabis growing up? BF: It is so crazy how it used to be as opposed to how things are

today. I remember my brother used to smoke weed and he would hide his stash in the air vents in our house. My dad would clean our rooms and the air vent would just fall off while he was dusting, and he’d find all of this paraphernalia. It was like the end of the world! He’d freak out…It actually scared me because the response to cannabis was so dramatic and frightening that I ended up not smoking weed until college. I was convinced that cannabis was a crazy drug…


JW: When you finally did feel comfortable experimenting with cannabis, what was your experience? BF: When I was in college, I tried it. I smoked way too much and

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>>> was convinced that my heart wasn’t beating and I was going to die! But my friends calmed me down and I realized I was just super high. Later when I moved to LA, I once smoked with Snoop Dogg at a party, and I thought to myself, ‘oh, this’ll be fine!’- but that was the strongest weed I’d ever tried. I remember feeling like I wasn’t even walking or driving my car, it was like my feet were rolling and my car was a hovering spaceship floating over the road. It definitely took some getting used to before I became comfortable with cannabis. JW: I think that everyone sort of goes through that learning curve with cannabis- you experiment until you find the right combination of strain and quantity. BF: It’s so true. I didn’t even really know about CBD at that point, I

Interview By Jennifer Walker Photos By Eric Blackmon

BF: Yes, I just know that in the past when I was relying on benzos and

say, I skipped a day, my anxiety would be a thousand times worse. Your body gets addicted to it- so I had to break that cycle. CBD helped me do that. I’m very into homeopathic stuff, in general. I take magnesium glycinate before bed (most people who have anxiety tend to be deficient in magnesium). Most people who have anxiety have also dealt with their heart beating too fast and there’s an herb called Crataegus oxyacantha and it naturally slows your heart rate down. I’ve done a lot of research and try to keep it as natural as possible. JW: Talk about Ashwagandha a bit, because I noticed that it’s an ingredient in the “Relax” tincture by TerraVita that you were talking about…

didn’t know that there was a way to combat anxiety by using CBD. I’d smoke weed when I was stressed, but then I’d be high and feel fucked up because I wasn’t a regular smoker, and I’d have to choose: do I want to feel anxiety? Or do I want to feel high? But I had things to do and didn’t want to walk around high all day. It was at this point that I was contacted by a few CBD/hemp companies to try CBD and I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I tried some various products but really got nothing out of many of these products. I would have really bad panic attacks and some of the products I tried I didn’t feel like they did anything. But then, TerraVita CBD reached out to me and I was hesitant to try it at first. They sent me their “Relax” tincture and told me to try it sublingually when I was feeling stressed. The very first time I tried it, within fifteen minutes, I forgot that I was even having anxiety. I felt so calm and good. I started with the 1,000mg and you can go all the way up to 4,000mg (which I use when I’m really stressed) and, wow! It’s so healing. This experience and this product changed my mind about CBD and cannabis. The fact that there’s a way to harness the healing effects from cannabis for anxiety, for pain, for insomnia… I mean, it’s great. My husband at one point was having a really hard time with insomnia and he tried the “Sleep” tincture and he was out like a light. He even takes the “Relax” throughout the day when he gets stressed out, and this is a guy (Tommy Lee) who’s done tons of hard drugs in his life and, if it works for him, it’s great stuff! Before I found the CBD product that worked for me, I was like everyone else. I was taking Valium and Xanax and Klonopin...it’s not rad to be on benzos all the time. JW: We talk with a lot of people who have had to take drugs like Valium and Xanax for anxiety. After a while, being on these types of pills causes so many issues. We love to hear that CBD is helping you in more natural ways!


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

BF: It’s such a crazy herb. That component mixed with CBD, I

think is the key to my success with TerraVita’s Relax tincture. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries to relax people. It’s incredible. You can get Ashwagandha on its own but it seems to be much more potent when combined with CBD. Most people battling anxiety want something to calm them down but not make them a zombie and Ashwagandha, when taken over time, actually gives you energy. JW: I know that tinctures tend to work well for you. What other ways do you like to consume CBD? BF: I like CBD infused body butters because they are very

moisturizing as well as CBD salves which I use to alleviate my endometriosis symptoms. TerraVita has a warming salve that I rub right on my tummy, using that with a heating pad on top of it works really well. There’s also a cooling salve my husband uses on his sciatica. I just don’t get people who won’t at least try CBD, because it really works. JW: You feature your pets in a lot of your videos. Do you use pet CBD? BF: I do! And actually, I did have a Yorkie who passed away from

kidney failure and heart failure which there was no way to treat with conventional medicine, so my doctor recommended RSO to ease his pain as he was dying. I had also given him CBD when he was younger to calm him. JW: You are considered to be a social media influencer, going way back to the days of Vine... BF: Yes, I was the number one female on the Vine app

for a couple years and I believe I was the first person on the Internet to have around ten million followers. At that time Instagram had just started and social media in general was so new. We did have Myspace and Facebook back then but Vine was really the app that started the trend of gaining followers. It was cool, I had the chance to collab with so many people. And, that’s actually how my husband first found me, he used to watch my Vine videos and he thought I was funny (we met in person on a dating app later on). JW: I think your social media clips are hilarious but also, really informative when it comes to CBD and anxiety. Have you received any type of negative feedback since aligning yourself with CBD? BF: I definitely get some people telling me I am

pushing snake oil. And, I get older people who believe I should just take a doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication like Xanax. I think the thing that makes people more accepting of my CBD use is that I had come out with my anxiety years prior to trying CBD. I have posted videos of myself actually having panic attacks. There were times that I was having a panic attack and I really thought I was dying. My body would start convulsing, my eyes would roll back in my head and my heart rate would go up to 155/160. It’s scary. I would wake up in the morning with the intention of


going somewhere and just feel so sick and the minute I cancelled my plans, I would feel better. That’s how I knew it was anxiety and not something else medically wrong. JW: Anxiety can also be very psychosomatic at times... BF: My brain would literally psych itself out. I generally do not like

leaving my house- my safe space. I don’t like travelling. I have been practicing exposure therapy though and with that I have to leave my house at least once a day. And, it’s not just CBD that has helped. I’ve done many things including EMDR, meditation, and I’ve been in therapy. I think it is a combination of all these things that has helped me. JW: Anxiety and panic disorders are hard things to explain to people unless they have had personal experience or have seen it firsthand... BF: I know. At first, my husband didn’t understand. We would be

on vacation in a beautiful place and I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath. Then I would start panicking and wake my husband up and he would ask me why I was freaking out. It was hard for him to understand why I was panicking in a place where I should be able to relax. It wasn’t until recently, after going through the pandemic and

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

also getting sober that he experienced anxiety himself, and was finally able to understand. JW: You’ve recently come under fire on social media for comedic skits you had done and things you had said back when you were on Vine. How have you handled that, and what effect has it had on you mentally in terms of your anxiety? BF: Back in 2013/2014 when I was on Vine, it was a little bit

different. People would make fun of each other and I would dress up as different characters and make funny videos. It was similar to what you might see on Saturday Night Live. In my mind, when doing comedy, I believed that I had to dress up and imitate whatever character I was trying to portray. Many times, it was in a very stereotypical way. I didn’t realize there was anything wrong with it and then people started attacking me saying that I could not dress up or speak like people of different ethnicities. People were telling me that I was racist because I was perpetuating stereotypes. I love everyone and that was the last thing I wanted people to think of me! I mean, I make fun of myself more than anything. I immediately stopped doing any type of comedy like that and I left Vine. Since things are on the Internet forever and I am now on TikTok (even though I do not make any content like that anymore) I have had someone repost all of those old videos and tag me trying to get me kicked off the app. And once again, people started commenting the same things. I have apologized over and over and let people know that it was never my intention to make fun of other cultures in a derogatory way. It’s been hard because the Internet lives on and any content online is there forever. I’ve definitely felt the repercussions of it, I’ve lost jobs over it. I will continue to apologize because I do not want anyone to ever feel offended or attacked from something I have done.

destigmatizing panic disorder, PTSD and anxiety… BF: Oh, for sure! Any time I can help people and use my platforms

but also use humor and be honest about my experiences, it feels amazing. I have been open to trying so many different things for my anxiety, there really is a lot out there to learn and share. Follow Brittany Furlan: IG/FB/Twitter/TikTok: @Brittanyfurlan YouTube: “Worst Firsts with Brittany Furlan”, Brittany Furlan Find TerraVita CBD products: terravitacbd.com

JW: Your honesty and transparency about that experience is really important. Aside from any negative backlash, you seem to be a natural at acting. Anything in the works? BF: Oh thanks! I’m in a new show on Amazon Prime

called “Paradise City”. I’ve done a few movies. It’s just hard. There are so many people and it’s very competitive. Out here in California it is a lot about who you know. And, I got a lot of kick back when I first started acting because people would say, “Oh, that’s the girl from Vine. I can’t cast her in my movie because people will feel taken out of the movie when they realize that she’s the girl from Vine.” JW: How is your social media following today? BF: I am still on social media. I’m active on TikTok and

Instagram where I have a pretty good following. But now, I am really trying to concentrate on my acting which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

JW: Thank you so much for all that you’re doing to get the word out there about CBD and also,













9/25 DJ QUIK







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>>> A Look at Some of the Movers and Shakers

of the Nevada Cannabis Industry

Industry Networking Group, connecting with 24 countries on cannabis & escalating the conversation to learn and grow with worldwide input. Rebecca, along with her partner Bri Padilla and their Lady Led Collabs Events bring you a Week of Women every month. IG: @rperrick, @ladyledcollabs and @rp.collabs


Josh recently celebrated his one year anniversary with GTI Nevada in cultivation and production packaging. He is also a freelance journalist covering cannabis-centric lifestyles, the everchanging Nevada cannabis industry and the always unfolding politics and legislation surrounding the plant. In addition, Josh is the Secretary and Consumer Affairs Reporter for Las Vegas NORML. There, he produced a video series called “What’s in a Name”, where he looked more into the wild names of cannabis strains being cultivated and/or sold in the Las Vegas Valley and the interesting stories behind them. This month, we welcome Josh as a writer for both Vegas Cannabis and Tahoe Cannabis Magazines. He will be especially focusing on the guaranteed inclusion of social equity by Assembly Bill 341 into the upcoming consumption lounge program as well as noteworthy stories of unique individuals and businesses in the local cannabis community. In the future, Josh hopes to pair up with Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff to host the best news show hosted by Southern Jewish journalists whose names start with Jo, last name ends in “soff” and whose mothers call them handsome. He is also slowly writing an inaugural gothic dark comedy novel of a four-part series mostly set in Las Vegas that he hopes will become a Netflix show eventually. IG: @captainkasoff - an homage to his drink of choice. LinkTree at https://linktr.ee/ captainkasoff


Tre' is currently the Corporate Affiliate Manager at Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary. After being furloughed from MGM Resorts International last March, his good friend Cory Harris advised him to go work at Jardin. He started off as a driver in April 2020, and then worked his way from Packaging Supervisor to Corporate Affiliate Manager overseeing the


influencer/ambassador program as well as the convention relationship they are building at Jardin. Tre' also owns BRCollective, a business that focuses on marketing, placement and branding of anything under the sun from cannabis and sports to art and entertainment. When asked what he has learned in the industry, Tre' said “This industry is big but also very small, so building key authentic relationships is important for your growth.” Tre' is looking forward to a lot of personal growth building the Jardin Ambassador Program which will allow Jardin to be known globally. IG/FB: @TreBorders and @BRCollective


Rebecca is the founder of RP Collaborations and she does just that, she collaborates with the cannabis community. Rebecca started in sales & education, but where others saw competition, she saw community. She saw the chance to come together & maximize the impact. She looks for the value and uniqueness within each brand and the leaders who build these brands. Rebecca then creates events and experiences to connect the 420 friendly community to our Nevada cannabis community. Each month, Rebecca is coordinating local networking events with at least 15-40 organizations, from cannabis brands to the ancillary businesses and 420 friendly companies that sustain the industry. She’s also the co-founder of the Global Cannabis


Dani is the Sales Manager for State Flower Cannabis and Valhalla Confections. Like many in the industry, she wears multiple hats and has had the opportunity to also direct and guide both brand's marketing strategies. In 2009, Dani was charged with a cannabis felony, was then offered a plea deal and following intensive probation terms, her record was expunged. Realizing that her situation came from a place of privilege, she knew then that she wanted to use her voice and talents to fight for others that did not have the same opportunity as she did. For the next 7 years, she worked in hospitality and tourism, internationally (in places where you could not smoke weed, like Taiwan and the Philippines) while watching the cannabis industry grow. After surviving a catastrophic natural disaster, working in the Caribbean, she landed a job as an International Account Manager for a dry herb vaporizer company based in Las Vegas and spent the beginning of her career traveling to cannabis trade shows and educating the masses on the fundamentals and benefits of vaporizing cannabis. After that, she went to work for Bloom Farms and while there, she began volunteering for advocacy groups, like Nevada NORML. Bloom Farms left the Nevada market near the beginning of the pandemic and State Flower approached her to join their team. Dani “appreciates the opportunity to work for a company that nurtures her enthusiasm for cannabis, and also her commitment to bettering our community.” Soon after, Dani along with President Tina Ulman, saw the need to create an organization that advanced

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014 business interests of cannabis businesses and they created the Chamber of Cannabis, a trade organization doing big things here in Nevada. Dani recently joined Decriminalize Nature and she is looking forward to volunteering and advocating with them to make criminalizing plant medicines the lowest priority for law enforcement in Nevada. She also volunteers for the American Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team Leader, to distribute emergency supplies to victims of natural disasters. IG: @thegypsysorceress or connect with her on LinkedIn


Gerardo currently holds two jobs in the Nevada cannabis industry. He is a Brand Ambassador at Fleur Cannabis and Evergreen Organix. He is also a Delivery Driver, Runner and working in the Inventory Department at Exhale Dispensary. His career in cannabis started shortly after Nevada went recreational. He attended a Budtender Fight Club class and through their emails, landed a job at The Grove Dispensary where he built relationships with an array of vendors. He really valued gaining product knowledge that he could utilize to serve customers and patients better. Gerardo has also worked with Culture and Cannabis and Blunts ‘n Brunch. And, he was a featured speaker two years in a row at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards as well as a speaker this year at G4 Live. If this industry has taught him anything, it's “that nothing is permanent. Knowledge is always changing, new terps, new products, new laws. Being up to date on current events, all these things affect what we do, and we owe it to ourselves and our community to keep learning.” Recently, Gerardo started an Instagram page, @talkinandtokin which is focused on all things related to cannabis. IG: @talkinandtokin and @dabbagram


Madisen is the Executive Director and Founder of the Las Vegas and Nevada chapters of NORML. She began her activist journey in 2016 after

crossing paths with the man who would become her mentor and friend, Executive Director of Arizona NORML, the late Mikel Weisser. After asking Mikel if there was a Las Vegas chapter of NORML that she could help volunteer her time with, he looked at her and said, "No, but you're going to start it." "It will be fun," he said, as he lit her activist flame. Though she has never formally worked for the industry, her work in Nevada has allowed her to connect with the cannabis community in great depth and for that, she is grateful. However, she has learned that there aren't many voices willing to stand up against the powers that be, which is why she has chosen to commit herself to policy work that challenges corporate cannabis and brings more freedoms back to the people. The rights of the people will always mean more to Madisen than benefitting from the plant financially. Currently, preserving the medical program and expanding personal cultivation rights for Nevadans are Madisen’s main areas of focus. She worked hard for years to build momentum for what is now a recent victory, AB 400, which eliminated the "per se" DUI law. And Madisen, along with Las Vegas NORML is proud to be back hosting monthly meetings where they give the community an opportunity to talk about policies they would like to see changed in order to create a more representative voice. IG: @madisally, @lasvegasnorml and @ nevadanorml \


JBird is currently the CEO of Cross Country Wellness which was nominated and awarded Best Topical of the year. He is also the head of sales at Cannalean and a Brand Ambassador and head of sales for Weed Be Better Off which is a lifestyle clothing apparel brand. In addition, he is a Budtender at Top Notch THC. After losing his father in 2015 following a car accident and heart attack after being prescribed opiates and blood pressure medicine, JBird realized his passion for cannabis as medicine. He moved to Vegas in pursuit of his dreams to help people get off opiates, using cannabis as an alternative.

His work in the industry started at Jenny's Dispensary as a Budtender. After that, he worked for Vegas Cannagars where he got to meet a plethora of celebrities, athletes, musicians, comedians and producers. Shortly after that, he got involved with the clothing company, Weed Be Better Off and really ran with that message. When asked what he’s learned while working in the industry, JBird says “You have to have a gameplan. Be persistent, present and build as many relationships as you can. Passion and hardwork combined will pay off.” IG: @jb1rdnv, @crosscountrywellness and @ weedbebetteroff


Arianna is currently the head of Public Relations and Event Coordination for Virtue Las Vegas. She moved to Las Vegas from Denver, Colorado in March 2018 and began working part time as an Intake Receptionist at The Dispensary. Within 3 months, she was promoted to a Budtender and that is where she hit the ground running. Arianna was able to educate herself and others on the benefits of cannabis and how it can be used in a positive light rather than the stigma that comes with it. After working at The Dispensary for over 2 years, she moved over to Planet 13 where she worked until she was offered her current position at Virtue which fell into alignment with her path in life as an entrepreneur. Outside of working for Virtue, Arianna runs her own consulting business. She is also a member of the Chamber of Cannabis and stays up to date with the changes going on in our industry from a legislative and consumer standpoint. And, she is a social media influencer for Davinci Vaporizers. In addition, she is hoping to get the ball rolling in cannabis weddings as she is a licensed ordained minister. IG: @AriannaJinea


JC is a cannabis entrepreneur and Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Culture & Cannabis. He got started in the industry back in 2016 as a cannabis event marketer and a Marketing Manager for both Pisos and Nuleaf Dispensary. Currently, JC and the Culture and Cannabis team is focused on creating next level content


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014 revolving around their products that have a positive impact on the community with their newest product being their 24K Gold Infused Pre-Roll called The Hustler. Future plans include making more creative infused pre-rolls and infused blunts and giving each product its own identity through its own branded content series.

IG: @terpytami and @cannavative


Tina is the Co-Founder and President of the Chamber of Cannabis and the Brand Manager for Old Pal in Nevada.

When asked what he has learned while working within the Nevada cannabis industry, JC replied “I've learned that the industry is hard and unfair, but the people and the positive impact the plant has makes it a fulfilling industry to work in.” IG: @jc.coats and @cultureandcannabis


Tami is currently a Brand Ambassador for Cannavative. Back in 2018, while living in Kirkwood, New York and overcoming an opiate addiction, she realized that cannabis had been the only thing helping her deal with her mental and physical feelings leftover from drug addiction. In early 2019, she moved to Las Vegas, to not only teach people about the medical benefits of cannabis but to also prove to people that cannabis is not a gateway drug. In 2020, she started her first job in the industry at Nuwu Cannabis, where she gained a wealth of knowledge. After that, she made her way to the cultivation department at Pheno Exotic where she learned all the processes of cultivation. Today, she is one of Cannavative’s Brand Ambassadors, teaching customers about the health benefits of, not only their products, but giving knowledge on how to safely consume edibles, as well as how to take a proper dab and the differences between terpenes.


Expect nothing less than great vibes and knowledge from Tami in the future. She is currently in the process of building a podcast for entertainment and educational purposes, as well as excelling with Cannavative and being a part of an amazing company, which is woman-run by her fantastic boss, Megan.

Her journey within the industry started 3 years ago after her best friend informed her about an opportunity to join the W Vapes team as their Sales Manager. After that, she had the incredible opportunity to join the Old Pal team as their Brand Manager for Nevada and bring one of the most creative and conscious brands in the industry to life. Tina had always wanted to be a part of building and contributing her talents to the cannabis industry. She had been a consumer and a sales and marketing executive for 15 years and everything she learned during that time prepared her for the roles she plays in this space today. Tina has a multitude of projects in the works. There are some big Chamber of Cannabis monthly meetings coming up on Thursday, August 12 and Thursday, September 9th at 7pm at 18 Bin. There will also be a big, 1 year anniversary party for the Chamber on Sunday October 16 during the day. More information and tickets will be available on the Chamber’s Instagram Linktree. Tina looks forward to more opportunities to partner and build with each other, more reform, more inclusion, and more shattered ceilings and stigmas. She is excited and honored to be part of the CCB’s subcommittee on diversity, inclusion and social equity. @youroldpaltina @chamberofcannabis

application support. At Budtender Fight Club, Jason and his team provide cannabis education at the College of Southern Nevada, at their inperson events, and online. Jason believes that education is one of the strongest ways we can advocate for the plant and the cannabis industry. Jason has been a cannabis advocate and financial supporter for over a decade in Nevada. His public facing advocacy started when the NV legislators announced they were considering allowing for medical dispensaries over 6 years ago. He assisted with a Nevada cultivation, production, and dispensary application, which began his business of doing cannabis applications and starting businesses in multiple states, with a specialty in Nevada. Jason was chosen by the current Nevada regulatory cannabis agency in 2015 to be a cannabis advisor, which as a member of this team, was able to help develop what was the most comprehensive cannabis testing policy of its time. He has had the chance to work in every aspect of the cannabis industry and one of the most interesting things he got to do was start a cannabis app company called Can-Ed, that created the world’s first cannabis education phone app for internal company use or public facing. Jason enjoys doing cannabis expert witness work for attorneys, using his years of accumulated cannabis knowledge. He has created an entire consumption lounge curriculum and SOPS; and plans on assisting the many individuals with their applications for a cannabis consumption lounge. He hopes to get more of his educational content online, which includes certifications for cultivation, production, dispensary, sales, leadership, and consumption lounges. IG & FB: @budtenderfightclub budtenderfightclub.com


Monique currently works at Rove as their Influencer Relations & Marketing Manager.


Jason is the Founder of Sturtsman Consulting and Budtender Fight Club. Under Sturtsman Consulting, he works as a cannabis expert witness, consults on cannabis company strategies locally, nationally, and even internationally; and provides SOP and cannabis

She started in the industry over 5 years ago when she made a career change from being a Cosmetologist to applying at Reef Dispensaries. Monique was the first person Reef interviewed and hired at their flagship store in Las Vegas. During her employment with them, she started an event where team members and industry friends could come together and enjoy the

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014 many varieties of cannabis, while majorly highlighting Rosin. The event is known today as Press and Sesh, and their last event in 2019 at a private venue, included over 500 industry professionals. After 2 years of being a Keyholder for Reef and hosting events, she decided to broaden her horizons and became an independent Brand Ambassador for Kurupt Moonrocks, Denver Dab Co, Cannahemp, and AMA. After another 2 years, she found her way to the Rove family. Monique is an active member of the Chamber Of Cannabis. She believes “the Chamber is a strong community of leaders” and she is beyond grateful for all they do. And, she plans to bring her events back now that people are able to gather. You can stay updated on upcoming event dates for Press and Sesh by following on Instagram. IG: @dab.sum.moe. FB: Monique Elizabeth The Weedtube: Dab.sum.moe Tiktok: @spoiledstoner


Modest Jones is the Founder of Modest Jones Organic. She has worked as a Brand Ambassador for various brands. And has worked as a Speaker and Host at events such as Culture & Cannabis, Las Vegas Cannabis Awards and The Budtender Awards/G4LiveX. In the future, you will find Modest hosting a plethora of cannabis friendly events and creating media content. Her long term goals involve land, farming, and cultivation. She has once again teamed up with Las Vegas NORML and looks forward to the work that will be done with them. When asked what she has learned while working in the industry, she mentioned the importance of staying true to herself and respecting nature. IG: @modestjones FB: @modestjones ModestJones.com


Sheldon is the Founder of All Access Vegas, Las Vegas Cannabis Awards, Orange County Cannabis Awards, and Tattoos and Smoke. He began his career with All Access Vegas throwing events while attending CSN and UNLV. Sheldon started the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards a few years ago and then branched off

into Orange County, Phoenix and Oklahoma City with similar events. He looks forward to expanding into even more markets in the future. The next big project he and his team are excited to be working on is the Orange County Cannabis Awards which takes place January 29th.


Lilraych currently works for Stiiizy as a brand ambassador. She is also sponsored by a few cannabis related companies for IG promotions.

When asked what he has learned while working in cannabis, he responded “Everyone is equal. No one's job is bigger or smaller than the other. Everyone plays a vital role in our community.” Sheldon’s event experience and his ability to work with everyone sets him apart within the cannabis community. IG: @lasvegascannabisawardsofficial, @ allaccessvegaslife, and @occannabisawards

Her work in the industry began back in 2018 on the CBD side where she worked as a CBD broker connecting various farms to labs. Lilraych moved to Las Vegas in January 2020 and has been growing her Instagram platform ever since. She’s worked with numerous brands, dispensaries and influencers within the community. Her work in the cannabis world is multifaceted. Last month, she and a business partner threw an all vegan cannabis birthday dinner event bringing a lot of people together through cannabis and food. IG: @lilraych.


Stonyah currently works with Manboy Mafia as an executive assistant. Through this company, she helps spread awareness for suicide and mental health. Their mission is to change the world one person at a time. She officially entered the industry about two years ago while working with a CBD whitelabeling and distribution company. Years back, she was really struggling with her mental health and was prescribed medications to help, but they just seemed to make things worse. She then decided to start consuming cannabis again and sure enough, she was able to get off her pharmaceutical medications. She’s passionate about cannabis because it has helped her in so many ways. Stonyah’s goal is to be able to use her social media platforms to educate, connect, and spread love to everyone, while showing individuals how much they can benefit from cannabis. She’s proud to represent this industry and is excited to watch it grow as it becomes legal in more states. IG: @stonyah808, Tiktok: @stonyah808, Snapchat: @sonyahg


OG Serg is currently a freelance entertainer known in the community as "The Cannabis DJ." He has always had a love for music and cannabis and thought what better way to bring good vibes to good people then by mixing the best of both worlds into one. Since 2018, Serg has worked with an array of businesses within the cannabis industry. Most recently, you will find him at The Sanctuary Dispensary’s First Friday events. In the past he has played music while helping promote companies like Culture & Cannabis and Green Dispensary. He has also worked on official launch parties with brands such as Tyson Ranch, Fuze Extracts and many more. The biggest cannabis event Serg participated in was The Budtender Awards presented by G4 Live which is an industry nominated awards show for industry Budtenders from all over the country. This year, Serg had the opportunity to be on stage with Travis Barker from Blink 182 and DJ Spider. Coming up in January, Serg will be at Glass Vegas. IG: @ogserg1200


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Where is the

Social Equality In the Cannabis Industry >>>

espite cannabis’ fully recreationally legal status being cemented over four years ago now, there’s still large areas of improvement needing to be addressed. One such area of improvement to ensure a diverse cannabis industry in Nevada that looks more like the community is implementing social equity policies.

However, those aspiring for entry into the cannabis industry based on social equity may have a second chance. Languages that would support those applicants finally being included in Assembly Bill 341, the bill that would implement cannabis consumption lounges in Nevada. In a city like Las Vegas, with such a strong tourist background, the fact that cannabis tourists will finally have a location to safely consume could be a game-changing factor for the industry.

Social equity in cannabis is the process of including people from communities most impacted by the ‘War on Drugs’ in opportunities for employment and business ownership in the industry that was once heavily prohibited (and a main reason for over policing in their communities). Recently, legal states such as Illinois, have used this definition in their implementation of social equity in their recreational cannabis program. The Empire State plans on following down a similar path once their recreational program is off the ground.

Possibly as an attempt to make up for the exclusion of any social equity language in Question 2, it appears that social equitybased measures are greatly included in the legislation. When it comes to how the lounge application process could look for social equity applicants as well as how the Cannabis Compliance Board plans on allocating these licenses while keeping that equity in mind, Nicole Buffong is as experienced in the matter and informative as possible applicants can get.

Although the Nevada cannabis industry is the most heavily regulated cannabis market in the country and a financially thriving industry, language containing any semblance of social equity measures was completely excluded from the text of Question 2 back in 2016. Because of this, exclusion and the exorbitant costs of the applications for cannabis licenses once available, applicants that aren’t large corporations or come from significant or intergenerational wealth were basically excluded.


By Josh Kasoff

applications will be handed out and what pre-existing factors and auxiliary details will be considered in who actually receives those licenses is left in the hands of the Cannabis Compliance Board. In a fashion entirely dissimilar to how cannabis licenses were originally allocated in the days leading up to recreational legalization, the CCB is working with the general public to great lengths to determine what factors would truly be the most fair and relevant towards the community.

Buffong (who we recently profiled) is Western Regional Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana among many other accolades related to social justice and equity. She’s involved in the Vegas cannabis community on multiple levels as an advocate and leader, as well as a fellow cannabis medical patient from the South who had to relocate due to their draconian cannabis laws, even for honest medical uses.

Essentially, AB 341 authorized the opening of the lounges themselves yet the likely detailed regulations and which applicants will actually receive a license is in the still young hands of the Cannabis Compliance Board. Because creating and implementing all matters pertaining to consumption lounges has now been transferred to the CCB, they will also be in charge of deciding what factors and prerequisites a prospective applicant must meet in order to be considered a social equity applicant.

There is present language in AB 341 for who is generally considered to be a social equity applicant and the rule that 10 of the 20 predicted available licenses must be social equity applicants. Precisely how

In states that have implemented social equity into their own cannabis regulation such as Illinois, applicants are generally considered social equity applicants if they come from communities that have been

THE LATEST Heat. Suck. Push. Enjoy! “historically impacted by arrests and imprisonment for cannabis offenses” according to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. However, there could be similar or slightly different qualifications in Nevada. Buffong explains that the focus on social equity runs deeper than a guaranteed allocation: “What the legislation clearly also states is that if there are not at least ten social equity applicants that qualify and are given a license, those social equity licenses will be held until they have an applicant that qualifies and can be awarded one.” In fact, getting the inclusion of social equity into AB 341 was a joint effort by Minorities for Medical Marijuana and the Chamber of Cannabis with the Assemblyman who authored the bill, Steve Yeager. “It’s a start. We have licenses and we have social equity language in law for the first time in Nevada, so it’s a good start. And the language doesn’t say that the CCB won’t decide to issue out more licenses before the legislators meet again in 2023.” Buffong said. “So I’m very grateful that Assemblyman Yeager worded this language, so there’s a backup plan for the backup plan. So there’s no loophole that would be allowed when it comes to social equity.” Even incorporating the community further, Buffong mentioned that the CCB is accepting applications for multiple “subcommittees” that would focus on diversity and social equity inclusions from the Nevada community members themselves to determine regulations and the necessary logistics. As a journalist who’s previously covered The Nevada Department of Taxation’s very flawed and opaque operations extensively, it was frankly shocking to me when Buffong explained to me the lengths that the CCB is going to be transparent with both the public and even prospective applicants. The furthest of far cries from their regulatory predecessor to say it lightly. “These committee hearings will be public, I’m sure they’ll be taking public comments to allow the community to come and speak and let their voices be heard. That’s what it takes to come up with a solution that works for the people.” While one’s race alone can’t constitutionally be the sole reason one would be considered a social equity applicant, one’s race was certainly a deciding factor in the ‘War on Drugs’ and its millions of cannabis arrests and subsequent convictions in the country. “We know communities of color are over-policed. We know that statistically, people of color are five times more likely to be arrested for cannabis and subjected to searches than their white counterparts.” Buffong stated. “Because we know those are the facts and because it’s likely in the legislation that we’re not basing whether or not one qualifies for social equity based on the color of your skin, we know that you’re more likely to have a brother, or an uncle, or a father, or a mother or sister or cousin that has been arrested for possession of cannabis violations.”

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>>> Legislation AND CANNABIS

ith a focus on diversity, industry growth, and refining regulations, Nevada’s 81st legislative session saw multiple significant cannabis bills. Below is a brief summary of key cannabis-related legislation passed during the 81st Legislative Session.

SB 168

Sponsored by Senator Roberta Lange, this bill authorizes curbside pickup and revises statutory language to allow the Cannabis Compliance Board flexibility in revising regulations related to packaging and labeling. Also allows for delivery records to be maintained electronically. The NDA brought this bill in collaboration with the CCB.

AB 341

Sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Yeager, this bill provides for the licensure and regulation of cannabis consumption lounges by the Cannabis Compliance Board. The bill creates two types of lounge licenses: retail (attached or adjacent to a dispensary) and independent, and allocates a certain percentage of these new lounge licenses to social equity applicants.

AB 326

Sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Roberts, this bill authorizes for civil penalties against a person or business engaging in cannabis-related activities such as cultivation,


delivery, or advertising without a license or registration card. In order to help identify licensed versus unlicensed business, the bill requires all advertising by a cannabis establishment to contain (1) the name of the cannabis establishment and (2) a license number or other unique identifier of the cannabis establishment. Also requires a person acting as a receiver for an insolvent cannabis business to obtain a cannabis establishment agent registration card.

SB 122

Sponsored by Senators Chris Brooks and Pat Spearman, this bill requires employees of cannabis establishments to complete either a 10-hour or 30-hour general OSHA course within one year of being hired, or by July 1, 2022. Requires the costs associated with such courses be paid by the cannabis establishment.

AB 158

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Moreno, this bill reduces the penalties associated with certain juvenile misdemeanor offenses relating to cannabis. Specifically, this bill provides that a person is (1) not subject to imprisonment or a fine and (2) must perform not more than 24 hours of community service or similar conditions imposed by a court. Also requires a court to automatically seal the records relating to such convictions upon the completion of the terms and conditions imposed by the court.

SB 49

This is the CCB’s bill which makes certain procedural changes to disciplinary proceedings by the Board and changes labeling requirements to ensure that all cannabis products are labeled with the words “THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS CANNABIS.” The CCB amended the bill to prohibit the production, distribution, sale, or offering for sale of synthetic cannabinoids. Defines “synthetic cannabinoid” as a cannabinoid that is produced artificially and is not derived from a plant of the genus Cannabis. Also reclassifies hemp-derived products that exceed the maximum allowable limit of THC within the statutory definition of “marijuana,” effectively banning the production, distribution, or sale of hemp-derived “Delta-8” products outside of licensed retailers. This is in line with regulatory trends across the country.

AB 400

Sponsored by the Assembly Committee on Judiciary, this bill removes specific prohibitions against having specified amounts of marijuana or marijuana metabolite in one’s blood while operating a vehicle and, instead, makes such a person subject to the general prohibition against operating a vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance for misdemeanor offenses. Makes similar changes to offenses relating


to the operation of commercial vehicles.

AB 149

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Sarah Peters, this bill requires the CCB to develop, implement, and maintain a publicly accessible electronic database of information related to testing conducted on cannabis and cannabis products by independent testing laboratories.

Layke Martin is the Executive Director of the Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA). The NDA is the state’s largest cannabis industry association representing dispensaries, cultivators, production facilities, distributors, and other cannabis businesses.

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Daily Dose

A day in the life of Farah Tariq, Esq. Harvard Lawyer Gets Serious on Cannabis as Medicine and Advocacy

BY SHARON lETTS Three years ago, Southern California born and raised Farah Tariq, crossed over from mainstream legal work in the corporate space to the cannabis industry, and has not looked back.

Tariq graduated high school at 17, then earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with a minor in Management in just three years, close to home at UC Irvine. She then acquired a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law at the tender age of 23. In New York, she worked for an international law firm, then was an in-house corporate attorney in technology; transitioning to corporate law in the cannabis space, working for several largescale cannabis entities. All the while, cannabis was her substance of choice, though she often had to hide it. “Initially my cannabis use was at the end of the day, used to quell the stress of my in-house corporate law gig,” she said. “My boyfriend at the time, who was also an attorney, would have a glass of wine to take the edge off, but for me it was always cannabis.” When she was in between jobs and looking for a niche in law, friends would ask what her passions were. “The answer was always weed,” she laughed. “I started setting intentions toward the cannabis industry, but I thought that meant I’d have to leave New York. A friend of a friend was in the cannabis industry and told me about a cannabis company based in New York with subsidiaries in eleven states.”


Tariq said she was very interested, but feared she didn’t have the

skill set to work in the space. “I met with the co-founder of the company when I was still in-house at Shazam, a music recognition app,” she said. “They were being bought up by Apple, so it was a good time for a move.” Come to find out, this man was the only executive in the company who consumed cannabis, and he felt that it made a difference in hiring someone who had this understanding. “Being a lawyer, I was nervous admitting I smoked at all, but appreciated his perspective,” she added. “Now, I’m one hundred percent in agreement that people who have a relationship with the plant make better industry executives and employees.” As for her move from the mainstream corporate world to cannabis, her stock answer had been that she saw the cannabis industry growing and that it was a good opportunity, but in reality it was her love for the plant that propelled her here.

Purposeful Partaking A good girl throughout high school, Tariq was in Advanced Placement courses and in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program prior. Her first experience with cannabis wasn’t until she was in college. “At first I’d partake with my boyfriend who was a business major,” she shared. “The first time he offered it to me was when I had an ear ache - so I don’t really think I felt high, but it did help me sleep through the pain. He’d say, ‘If you don’t feel good, smoke - if you have a tummy ache, smoke.’ He seemed to have an understanding of the plant as medicine.” The first semester at Harvard she smoked in the closet, then realized she and her best friend were both in their respective closets - with laughter, bonding, and self-medicating together ensuing. “We were inseparable after that and spent every day smoking together,” she said. “No one was talking about cannabis at that time. But, Harvard is where I was quickly introduced to the culture of alcohol - with fellow students advising it was a necessary component of the program in order to get through. Many people smoked, but it was more covert. It was the excessive drinking that prevailed.”

Productive Patient Over the years, Tariq said her consumption and methods have evolved. But, it wasn’t until lockdown during COVID, back at home with her family, working remotely for a California cannabis company, that she gained a deeper understanding of her use. “I had never smoked and worked,” she explained. “The stigma there is great and I had a lot of guilt over wanting to medicate and work. But then I found I was actually more productive, and more focused with work when I smoked! Who knew?” She also became more familiar with the cannabis community online from being home, and began having conversations about stigma, productivity, and the myths surrounding the plant - mainly fighting the stupid stoner stigma. “I also came out to my family about my use after crossing over to work in the industry,” she said. “But they also saw how productive I was - not just in work, but in working out and taking care of myself, doing art and assorted hobbies. COVID and cannabis was an extremely productive time for me, and my productivity only increases as I use the plant in more productive ways.” Tariq said she recently found that ingesting cannabis oil taken in capsule form, mixed with half chamomile flower, helped her do away with a daily habit of using a steroid inhaler for chronic, seasonal asthma. “Shortly after ingesting the concentrate I no longer needed the inhaler, which was nothing short of a revelation,” she said. “It’s known that cannabis is a major fighter of inflammation, but I’ve witnessed firsthand the efficacy.” Ingesting cannabis, she said, gives her an overall feeling of wellbeing, with the additional benefit of not having to smoke as much throughout the day. “I'll take one cannabis/chamomile oil capsule in the morning to start my day,” she explained. “If I’m upset or stressed, I may smoke earlier in the day, but it’s typically saved for relaxation at the end of the day or for social gatherings. Instead, I’ll take a chamomile coconut capsule to take the edge off.” Stronger than a cup of calming tea, the chamomile capsules Tariq takes are made using a simple coconut infusion. Chamomile raises endorphins and creates dopamine in the brain, combatting depression (per study). It’s also calming, relieving anxiety.* The cannabis/chamomile oil capsule is made with an alcohol reduction, often referred to as Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (FECO), or the honorary name of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) - the Canadian man who first began sharing the recipe more than 20 years ago. Tariq has mastered making both infusions herself, and enjoys posting videos of recipes to social media. “I love knowing how to make my own medicine,” she said. “But I will always love good flower. I also use vape pens on the go, and

an electronic dab pen for smoking concentrates,” she said. “Before vape cartridges were made readily available I ate edibles often. When I worked in New York cannabis wasn’t yet legal for recreation, so edibles were more discrete.” Real medicine in capsules, ingestibles via edibles or medibles, smoking flower, vaping - and dabbing are all modes of partaking this savvy Harvard Law Grad has expertly learned to use in productive and life-enhancing ways. “It took me a long time to be open about my use,” she concluded. “After all, I’m a lawyer - well-versed in the law. But, when you educate yourself on this plant, you realize most of the laws surrounding this plant are wrong and sorely misinformed. What I’ve learned is, cannabis is a superfood, a medicinal plant with many uses. And though I’m healthy with no serious ailments faced, I’ve found that cannabis is a welcome addition to my work and play. Strengthening the immune system and warding off illness is a bonus.” Follow Farah Tariq on Instagram @LitLawyer *For more information on chamomile visit, www.sharonletts.com/ apothecary Daily Dose, cannabis/chamomile oil recipe: https://www.vegascannabismag.com/home-featured/daily-dosereducing-replacing-opioids-with-cannabis-oil/


Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary has provided Medical patients with premium products that you can trust since 2015. Visit inyolasvegas.com/medicalmenu to view our selection of medical products. Stop by or order online for delivery so that you can find relief INYO life. A lifestyle to better health starts now. Hours: MON-WED: 8AM – 12AM THU-SAT: 8AM – 2AM SUN: 8AM – 10PM

inyolasvegas.com 702-707-8888 2520 South Maryland Parkway #2, Las Vegas, Nv 89109 Keep Out of Reach of Children. For Use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older.

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with Sarah Jane

By: Sarah Jane Woodall aka Wonderhussy A Veg as-based adventuress exploring weird shit in the desert...and beyond

residents still call home (if only on weekends and holidays) like Belmont, or even full-time, like Goldfield. I enjoy visiting those places, too, but I don’t consider them true ghost towns! For me, a true ghost town is totally abandoned and preferably off the beaten path, so you can actually listen to the wind whistling through the old rafters without the noise of ATVs and rental minivans getting in the way. Places where you can actually go inside the buildings and poke around, and maybe even find old newspapers and artifacts *which, I must note, you should ALWAYS leave where you found them, so the next visitor can enjoy them, too! With that being said, here are my personal TOP 10 FAVORITE NEVADA GHOST TOWNS:

Aside from hot springs, my other favorite things to explore in Nevada are ghost towns. And we have a TON of them- probably more than any other state, which makes sense when you think about our history. Because most European settlers came to Nevada to get rich quick by mining silver, gold or some other mineral, towns would spring up virtually overnight wherever the latest strike was found. Most of the time, these settlements were pretty rustic: shacks, shanties or tents for the miners to sleep in; maybe a mercantile or general store, probably a saloon or two, and (if there were enough miners around to warrant it) a brothel or three. If the town was really booming, it might even establish a post office and a newspaper. But newspaper or no, most of the time none of this stuff was really built to last, since none of these people actually planned on staying there. They were basically only camping out long enough to gouge everything of value from the ore deposit before moving on, like locusts, to the next diggin’s. And when the miners moved on, there was no reason for the postmaster or prostitutes to hang around, either. So unless a strike had been exceptionally rich and long-lasting, most of the time these shabby little camps were totally abandoned, left to rot away in the baking desert sun. And that’s where the fun starts! Because unlike California, which also saw a lot of mining boomtowns spring up, much of Nevada is still undeveloped- which means that many of these old mining ghost towns still stand unmolested by suburban sprawl. Since most ghost towns are on Federally-owned public lands, you’re free to explore them! I’ve been to probably dozens of ghost towns up and down the state in the course of shooting videos for my YouTube channel, and have come to learn that I don’t really like the touristy ones. Places like Rhyolite are genuinely cool, but most of the time are also overrun with tourists- and it’s not like you can go inside any of the buildings.


Then there are the “living” ghost towns, which some small population of

10. Gold Point: This one doesn’t truly fit my criteria, since there are a few people who live out there and there often groups of off-roaders camping onsite. But it has such an interesting history that I had to make an exception! The town and surrounding land was bought piece-by-piece by a McDonald’s manager, who would go ghost-town hunting on his days off, until one day he hit a six-figure jackpot on one of his supply runs to Vegas, and was able to live in his ghost town full-time. He made himself Sheriff and Mayor, and even rents out a few rustic little cabins onsite, where I stayed for a photo shoot once when I was working as a nude model. There were four of us models at the shoot, and he let all of us run around the saloon naked — then cooked us breakfast in the morning. A great guy, and a great place! 9. Silver Bow: I was driving down U.S. 6 one day and saw a road sign pointing off into the middle of nowhere that read “GOLDEN ARROW, SILVER BOW.” It sounded like a country song or a Louis L’Amour novel, but it actually pointed to a really cool ghost town on the very edge of Area 51! I spent the night out there all alone, and it was awesome. 8. Delamar: Dubbed the “Widowmaker” because of the toxic silica dust churned up in the milling process, this gold mining town still boasts a lot of standing stone ruins — plus a supremely creepy cemetery, and plenty of mining stuff to go poking around in. 7. Metropolis: Not a whole lot of buildings left standing at this northeast Nevada ghost town, but it’s quality over quantity. The ginormous stone ruins of the old high school are worth visiting the site alone, and the chalkboards are even still on the walls! As an added bonus, there’s a hot spring nearby! 6. Morey: I didn’t even know what this was when I stumbled on it, and to be fair it’s not much- just a few little shacks and an old homestead. But one of the rooms in the main house was wallpapered with old newspapers that I later determined to be from 1906!! There were even pin-ups of beautiful Gibson Girls pasted on the walls...a touching reminder of the poor lonely miner who must have lived out here.



5. Sylvania: This mining camp wasn’t totally abandoned until the 1970s, so there were a lot of relatively recent artifacts lying around in the houses, and the nearby mill was one of the most impressive I’ve seen, with lots of intact machinery.





1000 MG Tincture (sublingual) - $50


2000 MG Tincture (sublingual) - $100 WHOLE PLANT HEMP CBG (MADE WITH COCONUT OIL)

4. St. Thomas: This one isn’t really off the beaten path, but its history is so fascinating that I love it anyway! The original town was abandoned in 1938, when the Colorado River flooded the townsite thanks to the newly-built Hoover Dam. St. Thomas sat underwater for decades, but thanks to the recent drought, the lake levels have dropped far enough that the foundations of the town have emerged again! You can actually hike around the ruins, and it’s a sobering experience. 3. Dixie Valley: The original homesteaders here were bought out by the US Navy so they could use the area as a training complex for fighter pilots, who then strafed the valley relentlessly to the point that today, all that’s left are blasted ruins. As a bonus, the Navy also trucked in old tanks and Jeeps and other military vehicles for the pilots to destroy from above, so it’s basically like Disneyland for ruin-porn aficionados. (They don’t blast stuff anymore, so it’s now safe to visit.) 2. Montgomery Pass: While driving back from Burning Man one year, I took a new route through a very remote part of the state and stumbled on an entire abandoned town, complete with restaurant, casino and everything. There were even slot machines still lying around! I think the place operated til the 1970s or maybe even later, but a terrible fire destroyed the restaurant, and the place kind of dried up after that. 1. Mystery Town(s): I’m not going to say the actual name of my #1 favorite ghost town (because unfortunately, vandals have really done a number on it, and it’s actually two separate towns anyway. A couple of amazing local artists took the time to research the people who actually lived in these towns, and then dug up old photographs of some of them which they blew up to wall-size and then wheat-pasted onto the walls of the actual cabins they lived in! The effect is really cool). You can walk through the ghost town and see the faces of the previous residents peering through the windows at you. Truly haunting, and makes you realize that real people, with real lives, lived in these places. I have videos of most of these ghost towns on my YouTube channel... so if you want to see what they look like up close and personal, but don’t have 4-wheel drive and the time to go bumbling around the backcountry...check them out! And if you do go visit them...PLEASE don’t take anything or vandalize anything! I mean, who knows? They don’t call ‘em ghost towns for nothing — and you sure don’t want to mess with a ghost!


100 MG GEL PEN - $30











1 PACK (1000 MG) - $15

75%CBD RESIN (1 GRAM) - $35

(10 Lavender Hemp Sticks)

17%CBD FLOWER (10 GRAMS) - $42


WONDERHUSSY Desert e h t In it h S d Exploring Weir Beyond! and •GHOST TOWNS •HOT SPRINGS •CURIOSITIES



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Bill Shehan

with assistance from SHWA

Shwa Laytart


Jennifer Walker


Justin Beckelman

Dispensaries STATE FLOWER Garlotti


I love it when a flower boosts me up on multiple levels. I was lagging on a few things I needed to get done around the house. I needed to kick my motor into gear, and this State Flower was the perfect afternoon supplement to help me crush that to-do list. It helped me focus on my projects, put everything into perspective, and gave me the motivation to get up and get everything moving. I will be looking for this full-flavored hybrid flower at The Apothecarium every time I go. What a high, the terpene ratio was perfect. One of my top three flowers this month.

THC- 20.989% Limonene- 6.285mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.907mg/g Myrcene- 3.998mg/g



EGO BRANDS Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar

I’m not going to waste time- Ego Brands Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar is one of, if not the number one, espresso dark chocolate bar I’ve had. The espresso nibs are toasted and roasted and just the right size. The dark chocolate is rich, smooth and more sweet than bitter, which is how I like it. I’m also pleased to learn that they use a THC base that contains CBN, CBG, and CBC, which helps the entire cannabinoid system, providing more than just a head-high. My only issue with this chocolate bar by Ego Brands is that I keep craving more!

Total THC- 101mg Total CBN- 3mg Total CBC- 2mg Total CBG- 2mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10.1mg


FLEUR LA Confidential

The “film noir” of indica strains, L.A. Confidential is like a sultry, Hollywood night filled with temptation and mystery. A true indica, this strain is ideal for calming yourself down and drifting off into a euphoric dreamland. Piney, citrus and slightly diesel aroma notes add to the complexity of the flavor profile. Caryophyllene leaves you feeling no pain as linalool banishes your blues.

THC- 20.01% Caryophyllene- 5.9mg/g Limonene- 3.6mg/g Linalool- 2.7mg/g

Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014




VIRTUE Triple G Crumble

I’m a big fan of anything triple. Triple stack my cakes and my burgers. Triple up my limits… Triple up my pay. Go big, I always say. So when I saw Virtue came out with the Triple G Crumble, I was on it. Now, after a tripledab of this golden glob, I'm triple high. I'm not sure whether this feeling came from the 85% THC or it was the 13mg/g of limonene, but this crumble has my eyes triple red and triple glossy. Where did this puddle come from? I think my brain is leaking something... yep, it's leaking information. I’m not really sure what’s going on anymore, G. Luckily, I can just lean back and close my eyes and let my imagination wander and escape consciousness. Now if only I could just manifest a way to triple my pay. I’ll take that, and a triple-stack of hotcakes on the side. That'll do it for me today. Thanks.

THC- 85.327% Limonene- 13.0537mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.9117mg/g Myrcene- 3.542mg/g

SECHE Stardawg Haze

VIRTUE Rose Gold #2 Rosin

Melt this precious medal-winner down at about 360 degrees for a good time. This will make your head spin 360 degrees. All heads nod. Everyone agrees. This cannabis delicacy is solvent-free. Bill, did you just say we can all get this for free? Uh, no, you'll have to pay a standard fee at the dispensary. Unless you wanna pop up and come kick-it with me. This rosin is pound-for-pound worth more than real gold. Or should I say gram-for-gram. Rose Gold #2 solvent-free rosin is crafted using Virtue’s calibrated factors of heat, pressure, and time (patience). In case you didn't notice, know this… Patience is a Virtue.

THC- 76.071% Caryophyllene- 22.8429mg/g Limonene- 17.3906mg/g Humulene- 7.7395mg/g

You all know that I need a worker’s weed, just as much as I need a blow-your-mind weed. I can’t start off every day with my most potent flower or concentrates otherwise my entire day slows down to a blip and I only complete half the tasks on my list. Whether I call it my wake-n-bake bud, or my worker’s weed, I need a flower to start my day off with. These days, that flower is TK Stardawg Haze by Seche. With the look of purple-green moon rocks, these dense little nugs are the perfect way to get moving in the morning. I also recommend them for those that need a midday safety meeting to finish off the day. If you’re looking for a flower to help you knock out those daily tasks, Seche has your back.

THC- 17.53% Myrcene- 3.92mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.42mg/g Limonene- 2.27mg/g JBIZ




Holy hell, The Bank has the dank! Gazing over the 50 shades of purple in these seductive Gush nugs, I felt as if I were wandering through a house of mirrors by moonlight. I was mesmerized and became delightfully lost. I almost couldn't find my way back. The good thing is, I feel as high as the moon. Make the Gush part of your nightly ritual. Let your mind prism, and dance on the dark side of the moon. Get it Gushin’!

THC- 19.31% Limonene- 6.64mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.39mg/g Linalool- 2.24mg/g


Yum! I absolutely love this new cross between Dosidos and Chem Delight that Bohemian Brothers has grown. The mega-high levels of caryophyllene in this flower makes it perfect for helping respiratory issues by popping open the jar and smelling the strong, musky, gassy odor that's released into the air. With hints of mint and citrus, breathe in, breathe out, repeat, open those airways. It's an all day, everyday strain. I smoked an eighth a week ago and kept my empty jar. When I open it, there's still a toxic stink.

THC- 26.91% CBD- 0.18% b-caryophyllene- 12.9mg/g b-myrcene- 6.1mg/g Limonene- 5.2mg/g Linalool- 4.1mg/g Myrcene- 3.66mg/g

Hey there, I remember you! Do you remember me? Today I became a rewards member, so now it makes it easy, all you have to do is type me in. I won't forget this day, it's the Grand Opening of Deep Roots Harvest Dispensary in South Reno. I'll remember it forever, it’s history and I'm proud to become a fellow DRH member on this "berry" special day in my neighborhood. Now I just have to remember why I'm here, oh yeah that's right, to buy this Member Berry and take it straight to the membrane, completely lose my memory and make this moment a memorable one.

THC- 24% b-myrcene- 6.81mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.00mg/g Limonene- 1.23mg/g Linalool- 1.17mg/g



#REMEDY YOURSELF • REMEDY YOURSELF.COM Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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CAMP La Bomba #4

For those looking to reduce pain and just chill for a thrill, pick up Camp’s latest batch of La Bomba #4. This indica-dominant strain will have you so relaxed you just might find yourself in a deep sleep, waking up in a puddle of drool. La Bomba is a full-body high, so be ready to chill with this little diddy. Arriba!

THC- 22.15% CBGa- 1.07% Caryophyllene- 6.9mg/g Myrcene- 4.2mg/g Limonene- 3.6mg/g


BINSKE Peach Crescendo Rosin

Summer is all about the peaches, so no doubt I’m going to indulge in Binske’s Peach Crescendo Rosin. The syrupy flavor is so delicious you won't want to release it from your lungs. With a pudding-like consistency and a sweet fruity fragrance, this rosin has my thoughts fluttering from crescendo to crescendo. If you’re looking to ride the waves this summer and get pie-eyed before you leave the house, take a big bite out of Binske’s peach and splish-splash through whatever raging rapids you’re headed for.

THC- 77.941% Limonene- 14.98mg/g Caryophyllene- 10.99mg/g Humulene- 3.58mg/g


These buds look like they.came from another planet, maybe Venus. V Kush exploded like popped corn, but with the meanest purple undertones, marbled with the greenest greenery in the Vegas scenery. It grinds up fine and fluffy, and burns nice and slow, creating a solid cherry amber and thick, healthy, white smoke. Tonight, I squished about a gram of flower into about 0.4g of fresh, hot, golden rosin. My yield was clean and impressive. After just a couple dabs of V-Kush rosin, I could feel the spirits twisting and expanding, exploring the limits of this higher ground.

THC- 23.4% Limonene- 5.26mg/g Myrcene-4.41mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.17mg/g Linalool- 1.48mg/g




TRYKE Jewel Breakers

At first I thought these individually wrapped little Grape Jewel Breakers looked like Tootsie Rolls, but it’s a good thing I didn’t start chomping and chewing because this little candy would have crushed a few teeth. But with a word like Breakers in the name and crystals jutting up the face of the packaging, I knew I should be cautious. Tryke has created its own version of a Jolly Rancher and I have to say, they’re pretty darn good. A delightfully sweet addition to Tryke’s thriving edible menu.

Total THC- 100mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10mg

KABUNKY Gelato #33 Premium Disposable Vape Pen

A strong but balanced hybrid, Gelato #33 is like a dessert for your body and mind. A temptingly relaxed effect promotes deep calm and combats insomnia with just enough limonene to balance out depression and pain. A wonderful body high coupled with an ease and sense of wellbeing. Saluti!

THC- 82.2% Limonene- 5mg/g Myrcene- 3.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.6mg/g Linalool- 1.3mg/g a-Pinene- 0.9mg/g

KABUNKY Glue Shatter

Kabunky’s Glue Shatter is golden sap straight from the mystical and magical cannabis tree, from the land of Wow. I have no idea how much of this sticky goodness Kabunky was able to smuggle back from the land of Wow, but you can bet your last unicorn that I'm going to grab a barrel of it if I can. Just one dab and you too can fly off to the land of Wow and spend a couple hours roaming around, taking in all the majesty while saying to yourself throughout the whole trip- “Wow!”

THC- 72.4% Caryophyllene- 15mg/g Bisabolol- 6.7mg/g Humulene- 5.8mg/g


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


REMEDY Poison Headband



KABUNKY Fire OG Tiny Tin

These prerolls are small, but they are strong enough for grown ass men and women. Each preroll is good for about 10 nice rips, and ideal for quick solo trips. This Fire OG got my ass pretty lit without wasting anything. I smoked ‘em down to the filters, and used the Tiny Tin as my ashtray, then slid the lid shut, and slipped it into my back pocket for safe-keeping. Each little spliff is like a head-rocket. Kabunky don’t play. Visit Nevada Made today and make that grey sky blow away.

THC- 20.13% Caryophyllene- 4.17mg/g Myrcene- 2.01mg/g Limonene- 1.62mg/g

This engine runs on Diesel fuel only. Fill’er up, and top off my fluids, please. Oh yeah, will you also check my tire pressure? It's a long trip from here to New York. I hit the gas, and started trippin’. New York City seems really far away, but if I look at it from the perspective of my side mirror, objects are closer than they appear. Everything is so crystal-clear from way up here. Let me tell you, Bud. This Remedy Diesel flower has enough horsepower to win the Kentucky Derby, so be careful with her. You pumped way too much gas and now you flooded the engine. You shouldn't get behind the wheel unless you have been properly trained by a licensed professional. Let me see the keys. And uh...Can I get my lighter back? I need to fire up The Diesel. Time for me to hit the road. NYC or Bust.

THC- 26.2% Myrcene- 5.92mg/g Limonene- 5.91mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.47mg/g

This private reserve hybrid has all the traits of OG Kush and that unforgettable Diesel Kush flavor that sits with you for a minute. Remedy has done a sensational handicraft with their current harvest of OG 18. Bumping in at nearly 25% THC, I vastly suggest you sedate your leisure-life even further into the depths of bliss with this awe-inspiring splendid strain, OG 18.

THC- 24.4% Limonene- 9.6mg/g Myrcene- 4.69mg/g Linalool- 3.28mg/g

THC- 68.9743% Terpinolene- 28.85mg/g Myrcene- 14.9mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.73mg/g

REMEDY Ice Cream Cake



OK, I think I found my favorite wax. I'm a sucker for the landrace, Durban Poison, and I've become extremely fond of Headband. So what we've got here is failure to share this shit with my friends. They can smoke anything else on the table. This is going on the top shelf. I'm not even gonna let anyone see it. It's all mine. Call me selfish. I don't really give a shit. I am going to ration this sweet concentrate for as long as possible. I really wanna just huff on this jar and keep it under my mask. It's phenomenal and arguably the best cannabis flavor and scent ever extracted on planet Earth.



Let this light-hearted, lower THC strain level you out with an ample dose of calming myrcene. A beautiful flower for subtle relaxation and a pleasant easing of pain and discomfort. Pinene adds to anxiety-relief and helps banish inflammation and opens up those airways. Take BMW for a leisurely ride on one of these warm, summer nights. Ahhh…!

THC- 14.95% Myrcene- 6mg/g a-Pinene- 1.84mg/g b-Pinene-0.87mg/g


A very merry unbirthday to you! You should jubilate by treating yourself with Remedy’s Ice Cream Cake. This bright fluorescent green flower with glowing red, frosting covered spikes all dusted with the finest powdered sugar is just what you deserve for surviving another day on this precarious planet. Remember, you have one birthday a year, but you have 364 unbirthdays and that’s why we’re all gathered here. So don’t forget to celebrate before it all melts away.

THC - 23.3% Caryophyllene- 3.97mg/g Limonene- 2.47mg/g Humulene- 1.37mg/g


Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Startup Founder Answers Nevada CALL for a Champion in CBD/Hemp Laboratory Testing Malorie La Fuente is building more than just a business by starting Desert Cannalytix. In her efforts to improve the CBD/Hemp laboratory testing segment in Nevada, Malorie is effectively starting a movement that could help shape the CBD/Hemp landscape in the United States. The idea for her CBD/Hemp-focused laboratory testing startup was formed sometime in 2017, amid growing distrust of cannabis testing laboratories in many parts of the country. At the time, Malorie was at the peak of her career, serving as a laboratory inspector for the College of American Pathology, while learning more about the cannabis industry. As her interest in cannabis laboratory testing grew, she started joining laboratory testing mailing lists, industry newsletters, and webinars. This fascination quickly developed into a startup idea when she saw how the lack of transparency in laboratory testing became a real threat to Nevada’s local CBD/Hemp industry. “Nevada was one of the original pioneers in cannabis legalization,” Malorie said. “I saw an opportunity to share my passion for laboratory analytics and be a part of the movement by introducing transparency and innovation into the segment.” Right now, the average dispensary in Las Vegas generates about $2 million in monthly revenue, while larger stores report up to $10 million in sales per month. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, legal cannabis statewide in Nevada reached $789 million in sales in 2020 alone. With testing labs shutting down left and right due to anomalous practices, the segment is in dire need of new players, more specifically, a champion - one that can save the industry from an impending crisis. This is a challenge Malorie is willing to take


on. Backed with over a decade of hands-on experience in laboratory technology, she is more than equipped with the expertise to set things right in the troubled segment. Malorie has been managing one of Nevada’s most significant cannabis testing labs within the Las Vegas Community. Her team of over 60 lab technicians processes approximately an average of 20,000 tests per day. With Desert Cannalytix, Malorie is setting out to build her state-of-the-art testing lab in Las Vegas to ensure safety within the CBD/Hemp market. The aim is to implement intelligent tools and machine learning in her laboratory to ensure products are of high-caliber and free from harmful substances and contaminants. CBD/Hemp businesses can then sell these products with accurate labels and descriptions to their consumers. In beefing up the company’s business side, she has brought in Bonito Sahagun, a financial pro with an extensive background in startup development, as her Chief Financial Officer. Bonito’s experience as the Director of Portfolio Management at a Las Vegas-based startup incubator will help Desert Cannalytix operate as a profitable company. While helping Malorie build a solid foundation for the business, Bonito is also working on the upcoming Desert Cannalytix app. The CFO has been busy implementing innovative features on the app to help future clients make payments, view lab reports/certificates pdf, and check sample status more conveniently. “As the saying goes, you can't manage what you can't measure, and with the amount of volume that canna-businesses are projected to generate, how can they ever know if they're succeeding? And if they are, how can they replicate their results? Thankfully, insight into their operations provided by the Desert Cannalytix app will uncover opportunities for all cannabis businesses, particularly labs that process seemingly countless samples

throughout their day,” Bonito said. “Our goal is to provide the convenience of a singular system for our users to manage.” So far, Desert Cannalytix has created a formidable team, adding laboratory specialists, health experts, and business advisors from the CBD/Hemp field. “At the moment, we are currently seeking standard local and government licensure required to start a CBD/Hemp lab,” Bonito shared. “We plan to seek additional accreditation from relevant agencies, including an ILAC certification, upon operation.” Malorie understands that developing an innovative laboratory that seeks to fix numerous problems in the industry will require only the best-in-class equipment on top of talent and expertise. “We have secured partnerships with technology and tools providers for the equipment necessary to run an effective CBD/ hemp laboratory,” said Malorie. “So far, we have two of the most trusted analytical equipment providers, Perkin Elmer and PathogenDX, onboard as vendors.” Such high standards for quality, of course, comes with high costs, which is why Bonito and Malorie decided to raise funding from retail investors via FINRA-backed portal Fundanna.com. On Fundanna, everyday Americans can invest as little as $150 to support the company. The Desert Cannalytix team believes that going the equity crowdfunding route will allow them to focus on building the startup while also introducing their brand to their audience. Malorie’s company sees itself as a challenger, working its way up to become the worthy champion to a troubled industry that it is aiming itself to be. "We are living in a world where visionaries are constantly catalyzing evolutionary changes in the way things are done and perceived,” Malorie said. “So, if you recognize that something needs to change and also want to be a part of defining a new future, then you should definitely invest your talents in developing and executing an innovative vision.

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the crux of the industry yet there weren't many budtender related media outlets, so the idea for a podcast from the budtenders perspective was amazing to me. I asked Jorrell if I could be his co-host and the dynamic between the 2 of us was so good that we are now on our 2nd season over a year later. JORRELL: Budtenders are the gatekeepers

of this industry so we wanted to create a podcast that would give budtenders a voice and highlight all of the great work they do. We also wanted to use this podcast to educate people on the different ways cannabis can help improve lives and who better to do that than the people on the front lines putting in the work. STEPHANIE: What is your podcast about? Who do you talk to, and what types of things have you covered? ROCKY: On the podcast we talk about


Rocky Hernandez and Jorrell Ellis met a few years back while working together at the same dispensary. During that time, they realized there was a need within the cannabis industry to focus on the work being done by budtenders. For consumers, when walking into a dispensary, the majority of interactions will be between the consumer and their assigned budtender. It is the budtender who will guide them in their product choices and answer any questions they may have. It is important for those budtenders to be educated, adequately trained and also recognized for the work they are doing. Recognizing these things led Rocky and Jorrell to start the High Budtenders Potcast which is now in its second season. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with them to talk about all things cannabis. STEPHANIE: What are your backgrounds and what led you to the cannabis industry? ROCKY: I moved my family from Chicago

to Nevada in 2016 to bring my undying passion for cannabis to the Nevada cannabis industry. It was a struggle to find a position, which I couldn't wrap my hands around because I had over 12 years of Retail Management experience for Fortune 500 companies and had been smoking cannabis for longer than I wish to admit. Needless to say, I had to make my start as a trimmer at a cultivation and with that experience, I found my home


for almost 3 years as a budtender for the World's Largest Dispensary. I worked tirelessly and with that effort I was able to win 2 Budtender Awards (OG Award and Your Choice Award), I was nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2 years in a row at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards, and have had several speaking engagements including a panelist at G4Live. I am currently consulting in Talent Acquisitions in the field of Training and Development for a forthcoming cannabis company in New Jersey. JORRELL: I’m originally from Los

Angeles. I’ve been in Las Vegas for 11 years and I’ve been in the legal cannabis industry for about 4 years. I started off as a receptionist before becoming a budtender. I am currently a dispensary sales floor manager. STEPHANIE: What led you to create your podcast? ROCKY: I worked with Jorrell at a

dispensary for over 2 years and he expressed his interest in doing a podcast that's focus was on the gatekeepers of the industry, the budtenders. There is a misconception that we are just retail associates but we do so much more- we educate, we help people attain their desired high with a holistic approach, and we have to leave an indelible impression of "above and beyond" customer service in order to retain our customer base. We are

all things cannabis with a focus on the inclusivity of budtenders from all parts of the world, trying to help end the stigma behind cannabis. We cover budtender related topics from dispensary experiences, consumer education, the anatomy of the plant from terpenes to the cannabinoids, what's hot and popping from various brands in the industry, and we chop it up with the trailblazers that are paving a path of social equity in our Vegas cannabis industry. Our featured guests have consisted of budtenders from various places in and out of the US, cannabis brand owners and representatives, dispensary customers, and cannabis industry leaders. JORRELL: Our podcast is for everyone

from the novice user to the cannabis connoisseur. We talk about any and everything! We’ve had some awesome guests which allows us to cover a wide variety of topics. We’ve had episodes that focus on terpenes, edibles, cultivating, veterans, real estate, sex and SO much more. STEPHANIE: What do you like best about the Nevada cannabis industry? ROCKY: I learned really fast that once

I became a part of the industry it was my individual responsibility to put myself in front of all our Vegas industry professionals and network my ass off. What I like best is that the Nevada cannabis industry has made it really easy to get to know the cannabis community by offering

a wide variety of cannabis themed events, programs such as Budtender Fight Club, and there are organizations like Chamber of Cannabis and NORML. JORRELL: I love all the required testing. Nevada has some of the

toughest testing regulations and I appreciate it so much because a lot of people were able to educate themselves and learn about the plant. I also love the cannabis community out here. I love going to all the events and seeing the same people fighting for the same cause. STEPHANIE: What things would you like to see changed? ROCKY: I would like to see a renewed effort by dispensaries

to allow medical patients to have better individualized service, I would love to see there be more social equity in the Vegas cannabis industry, better pay for budtenders (we are not just retail associates), more brand certifications/continued training development for budtenders, and retirement savings and investing plans for budtenders. The money is there, it's time to divvy up! JORRELL: I would like to see more equal opportunity programs

that would create more ownership opportunities for minorities.

STEPHANIE: Do you guys consume? If so, recreationally or medically? ROCKY: Without sounding like a snob, I am a recreational

connoisseur of cannabis and I am always on the hunt for amazing buds but I do like to add wax to my joints and blunts because my tolerance went on vacation 5 years ago and never came back. Don't even ask about a tolerance break, it's not a part of my vernacular. JORRELL: I do consume recreationally and medically. STEPHANIE: Any favorite products? ROCKY: I made sure that Greenlife Productions is very well aware

of my obsession with their organic cannabis and rosin. I do also love Incredible Edibles and the Baskin transdermal topicals for pain relief. JORRELL: I’m definitely more of a flower guy but I do dabble in

concentrates every once in a while.

"Representing the every day weed smoker"


STEPHANIE: What do you have coming up in the future? ROCKY: We are currently working on our High Budtender YouTube

Channel to extend our content to video, we are now on over 10 podcast networks and are moving towards global expansion, and we are also getting ready for the Budtender Awards in October to help celebrate the best budtenders in the world! STEPHANIE: How can readers follow you? ROCKY: We are on all social media platforms @highbudtenders

(IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube). You can also subscribe to us on your favorite podcast network (Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Audible, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tune In, Google Podcast, and highbudtenders.com/podcast) STEPHANIE: Anything you want to add? ROCKY: Listen to our podcast, don't forget to like and subscribe

where available, and check out our online shop at www. highbudtenders.com/shop. JORRELL: Stay High Budtenders!

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ASIA DUNCAN Cultivation Manager


AUGUST 29, 2021 • 9 - 10:30 PM THE WING KING: 4235 S FORT APACHE RD.

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Intro by: Modest Jones

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CANNABUSHI An Infusion Series

Welcome back all you stoner’s and stonette’s. This month, we have a sweet, salted, caramel syrup-drizzled strawberry banana brownie treat. A mouthwatering, ‘highly’ infused dessert sushi roll, otherwise known as ‘Dezato Maki’ or dessert roll, with a new age twist on it. This is an ode to the first time I had the pleasure of being in this magazine. Over the next two months, I will be celebrating with hopefully some amazing articles in lieu of this accolade. It remains a very cherished accomplishment and I’m thankful for it in my life. So it seems befitting to deliver something to remember. A recipe that is so easy to make, and gives you a creative way to enjoy an infused edible delight. Maybe even impress a group of friends. I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Now let’s get to making something that’s the bomb dot com


Dezato Maki INGREDIENTS: 1 box of Betty Crocker salted caramel brownie mix 1/4 cup of water 1/3 cup of vegetable oil 1/3 cup of infused coconut oil (MCT preferred) 1/2 cup of crushed almond/cashews 1/2 stick of infused cannabutter 1/2 cup of infused canna sugar 1/3 cup of Karo syrup 1 cup of roughly chopped strawberries 2 bananas 2 large eggs DIRECTIONS: Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and use some of your butter to coat a glass or non-stick pan. I used a half sheet pan with a silicone mat but if you have something that is big enough just use that. Place it off to the side and open that brownie mix. In

>>>>>>> cannabushi.com

a large bowl place all the ingredients from your brownie mix minus the salted caramel sauce. Mix your water, eggs, vegetable oil, and ¼ cup of your almond/cashews. Pour this mixture onto your buttered pan. You are looking to keep the pour thinner than a normal brownie. Shoot for around a ½ inch to ¾ inch thickness. If you need to use another pan that’s ok as well. The key here is making a flat sheet of brownie. Cook for 30 minutes but keep your eyes on it after 20 minutes. Use this time to cut up your banana into ⅜ inch strips or baton. Toss the chopped strawberries and banana into a small bowl of ¼ cup canna sugar. Make sure to coat everything well and put it off to the side in the fridge. While waiting for the brownie to finish cooking, grab a small metal pot and turn the stove to a low/medium heat. Pour in your Karo syrup, ¼ cup canna sugar, and salted caramel syrup pouch. Stir, thoroughly

mixing your ingredients. (If you need to add a little water, that’s ok). You need to ensure that you can pour the infused salted caramel sauce properly, adding half of your MCT oil as well. Do this towards the end just to give it that extra amount of love. By now, the brownies should be almost finished cooking. You are looking for slightly undercooked. Why? Because you are going to drizzle the leftover infused MCT oil, crushed almond/cashew mix, and infused sugar right on top. Throw it back in for the last 5 minutes, then take it out to cool. While you are waiting for the brownies to cool, grab a cutting board. With something to protect your hands from the heat, flip the pan onto your cutting board. Make sure to use a flat spatula or something to ensure your brownies are not stuck to the pan itself. Cut the sheet of brownies into a rectangular shape around 4”x7” for each. If you make one and it seems a bit difficult just add another inch to your measurements. Place each sheet off to the side for later usage. Place a Makisu or sushi mat onto your cutting board. Tear off a piece of plastic wrap to cover your sushi roller and place a sheet of brownie on top. Fill your brownie sheet with the sugar coated strawberry/banana mixture until you have a decent amount of filling. With your thumbs, lift each corner of the Makisu so you can ‘roll’ the brownie sheet over and encapsulate your filling. With the plastic wrap still surrounding the brownie roll, press the Makisu, and brownie into a square form pressing the ends to make sure nothing pops out. Cut into 8-10 slices and place onto your plate. Drizzle the warm salted caramel syrup over your ‘Dezato Maki’. *BONUS* If you have a box of kosher salt, sprinkle a dash of salt over the entire thing. Not too much is needed. And, if you have some white chocolate you can use a microplane or grater/ shredder to ‘shave’ some extra chocolate over your finished dish giving it that, oh yeah moment. There you have it! You have just made a beautiful ‘Dezato Maki’ that’s infused! Another THC infused delight from CannaBushi. This is something you can use and the combinations are endless. Take your time and practice, practice, practice. This is one of those recipes that’s not only fun to make but a real showstopper for your next party. Impress your guests or you can hire me and I will do that for you. I hope you have a wonderful day and as always, I am sending you all some positive vibes. Now, where did I put my fork? Chef Chris Rodarte aka CannaBushi Chris is a five star Sushi Chef and nventor of the first THC/CBD infused dessert sushi roll in America. Traveling across America and working for some of the most renowned restaurants and chefs in the country including Michelin rated Akira Back and Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant in the Bellagio. Check him out on The Chef Piero Show Episode #2 and soon on Naked Sushi by CannaBushi on Vuuzle.tv.








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(10 Lavender Hemp Sticks)

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out more about it's history, how it became mainstream and the come back that's currently happening. JB: Christopher, thank you for connecting with me to learn more about your brand. I plugged my Original Photon Light Board into the wall the other day and it lit up my whole house! What year did you start Photon Light Boards and where were they created? CC: I started handcrafting boards during the year 2006 in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA inside my garage.

The year was 2012 and it was a warm summer Hot August Night in Downtown Reno where the classic cars are driving north up South Virginia Street and are ready for my light show. I press the button on the bottom of my Photon Light Board and begin skating on the opposite side, downhill, empty Virginia Street where the classic cars are noticing me light up the road with neon green LEDs. I seriously felt like Marty McFly in “Back To The Future”! Cars were honking at me and shouts from the sidewalk, "That's rad" happened almost every block. I turned heads all the way down to the Atlantis, about 5 miles. This was the first time Northern Nevada had really seen a Photon Light Board in action and on the streets as curiosity began to grow on how to get one.


Nine years later, the LED has made a huge progression in not only long life efficiency, helping climate change but also in the cannabis industry. We see it in snowboards on YouTube, extreme holiday decor to highend grow facilities. I wanted to connect with Christopher Campbell, the creator of Photon Light Boards and find

JB: What's the newest upgrade with Photon Light Boards? CC: We had a plug-in model before, now we have a wireless charger you place on the grip side. We are working on other cool features that we will be releasing on our website and social media pages here in the upcoming weeks. JB: How many boards have you sold? CC: 25,000 over a nine-year span. JB: Do you attend any skateboard conventions or events? CC: In the past we did the ASR (Action Sports Recreation) expo and X-Games plus had our own skate team. Hopefully we can jump into some upcoming trade shows and have a Photon Board skate team again. “SeedleSs Clothing” was also a huge sponsor of ours. JB: Have you had any pro skateboarders demo a Photon Board? CC: We lit up boards for a lot of pros in the past and are talking to a couple pros now so it’s in the works. Our boards hold up to any trick or abuse!

JB: I like the Captain and Casey image with your boards and I remember watching that on Fuel TV blazing smoke sessions with my friends. Can you tell me more about that episode? CC: They contacted me and said they would love to do a show at my warehouse in Ocean Beach at the time. I brought over Jesus (Matt Cook), a crew of skaters, and "Bananas" the gorilla where we filmed a skate comp on YouTube. It was in November 2009 if I can remember correctly, it was such a long time ago. Definitely a classic moment in Photon Light Board history to be featured on Fuel TV! JB: It looks like a lengthy process to make one board. How many lights do you use and how long does it take to finish one? CC: We usually make boards with 16-52 connecting LEDs drilled into the wood. It takes about two hours to make one custom photon board. We also offer custom designs.

JB: What are your current projects bringing Photon Light Boards back to life? CC: I have a couple investors and a few close friends helping out, not looking to China this time. Also about to release a longboard series. Keeping made in America as much as possible! JB: Have you or would you be interested in carrying Photon Light Boards inside a skateboard shop or a dispensary here in Nevada or South Lake Tahoe? CC: We've sold in PacSun stores all around the world so yes we would be open to retail in a new skateboard shop or dispensary like Cannablue or Tahoe Green in South Lake Tahoe. JB: How can we purchase a Photon Light Board? CC: We are on Facebook, Tik-Tok and Instagram. Our eBay and Website are linked at photonboards.com and we ship nationwide.




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CARE PACKAGE I let my eyes blur, peering out the passenger window of my Mini Cooper. My husband was driving up the 101 faster than I liked, but I didn’t have the energy to say anything. “I forget how fun and zippy this little car is to drive,” he enthused. I looked over. No lingering evidence of his early morning hangover. I, on the other hand, was still muddling through mine. We had enjoyed an incredible meal at one of San Francisco’s finer restaurants, along with far too much wine. This morning we were headed to a board meeting in Monterey regarding alternative forms of medicine for residents of an assisted living facility. How could we support ailing residents seeking more holistic remedies, specifically, cannabis without exposing them to the somewhat, still frowned upon choice? A choice near and dear to our hearts. Neither of us felt an affinity for board meetings so decided dinner in The City along with a night at the Four Seasons would sweeten the deal and stifle any complaining. I smiled weakly. Turning my head back towards the window, I allowed my eyes to blend the colors of the Field Mustard flowers, Coyote Brush and Fat-hen herb that dotted the coastline of Half Moon Bay. Commercial greenhouses hid rows and rows of cannabis plants grown by local Farm Co-ops, yet failed to extinguish the scent. I found it a pleasant backdrop to the salty air that hung in the grey sheets of fog that sheltered the crashing waves below. Through my partially closed eyes the hazy sight of Grebes, Brown Pelicans and Cormorants along with the caws of seagulls, the smell of moisture in the air and damp ground triggered a childhood memory. *



It had arrived! I saw it as soon as I entered my neat and tidy room. It was set slightly askew, on my perfectly made bed. I took pride in the way I made my bed, everyday, even on weekends. Military style, not a wrinkle in the bedspread, sheets pulled tight then tucked beneath, using those “nurses’ corners” my grandmother had taught me. At twelve years old receiving mail, addressed specifically to me, made for a very special occasion. Setting my summer school art project on the dresser, I sat, crossed-legged on my bed, ignoring the wave of creases it caused. Carefully opening the envelope there were the words I'd seen every August for the last three years; Welcome back, Abigail, to Camp di Molti Alberi. We hope you’re as excited about returning to see old friends and making new ones as we are. This year, in addition to all the fun activities you’ve enjoyed, we’ve added a few new exciting adventures! Bungee


jumping and Zip Lining to name two! And we’ve upped the ante in our dining room this summer by hiring a real chef who will be offering cooking classes! Cooking classes?! Being a bit of a scaredy cat, the bungee jumping and zip lining weren’t terribly appealing, but cooking? Would we get to wear real chef’s coats? Don those Lincoln-like tall white hats? All I had for the kitchen was the tie-dye apron I made last summer. Pushing my wonderings and concerns to the side, I read on, though already familiar with the contents. This would be my fourth and final year at Camp di Molti Alberi; Camp of Tall Trees, since next summer was already set for a trip abroad with my grandparents. The camp was owned and operated by a large Italian family whose ancestors immigrated to the United States in the 1860s by way of a ship brimming with hopefuls from Italy, Spain and Portugal. It was a fourteen year old passenger and one of his older brothers, who left Italy making the maiden voyage ahead of the rest of their family. With promise of work in a small bread bakery in San Francisco the boys waved goodbye from the port side of the ship, giddy with anticipation as their mother and grandmother waved damp and wrinkled handkerchiefs wet with sadness and worry. Five years later, the younger brother briefly returned to Italy to marry a girl he had known since childhood, bringing her back to live with him, his brother and his wife. The bustling streets of San Francisco found the younger, quieter son overwhelmed and homesick for the countryside of the Emilia-Romagna region of his home, in spite of, or perhaps because of, his recent return. It was after a friend from the bakery took him on a day trip along highway 101 to Half Moon Bay when he discovered there was more to America than city life. After that, whenever he could, he and his wife hitched a ride going further south visiting other small coastal towns; Pescadero, Bonny Doon and finally Soquel. There they met more Italian immigrants who generously fed and made them feel at home. For like their home, the California Central Coast boasted a diversity of idyllic scenery; rolling hills lush with greenery and craggy cliffs butted up against a mix of sandy and rocky beaches. The scent of rich fertile soil, the contradiction of soothing yet restless waters comforted them. Over refreshing glasses of Campari with a squeeze of lime on an unusually warm April afternoon, a friend of a friend offered the young man a job at the sawmill. Deciding he preferred sawdust to flour dust,

BY Deborah L. Costella

he moved his wife and their baby out of The City into a small cottage nestled amid the cluster of other housing workers and their families. Within a few years his income had increased, as did his family, allowing him to purchase a few acres in the area. Soon other friends and family members freshly arrived in American joined them, building a collection of homes on the property; a compound of sorts. Together they raised their many children, shared spaghetti dinners and red wine, celebrated the American 4th of July, and savored their new Italian-American status. Eventually, the youngsters grew and left, chasing their own dreams. Years later, in an effort to save the land and original vision, someone came up with the idea of transforming the family compound to a summer camp. Thus Camp di Molti Alberi came to be. At least that’s what the story posted under the tattered, black and white photo in the camp director’s office says. I quickly folded back the stapled packet to my favorite page; the “What to bring to camp” page. There it was, the long, flawlessly aligned, typed list. A smile spread across my face, my pulse quickened. Taking a deep breath, I began reading over the list. Would there be any changes from last year? I always appreciated how they specified the number of items required. This showed me they really took the time to see what each camper needed. This year’s list was a little different. At the bottom it read; “Things you might like to bring; Disposable camera, sunglasses, hats with ties or bands to prevent them from flying off and, there it was, Apron. I carried the packet out to my mother so she could review and purchase items I didn’t own or had outgrown during the year. “Bungee jumping?! Zip lining?! Are you sure you don’t want me to slip in a few of my Depends?” “Ewww, gross. No! But can I get a new apron?” “You don’t like your tie-dye one anymore?” “No, I mean yes, but I want a more grownup one. More professional. Can I?” She had already returned her attention to the task of watering her prize-winning roses, “We’ll see.” Two weeks later I was clamoring out of my parents’ car, barely turning my head to blow kisses goodbye, scanning for familiar faces. I was assigned a cabin with two girls I’d met last year and one new girl visiting all the way from Boston. Her name was Hannah. Her parents were traveling with her stepbrother along the California coast, but felt she would have more fun at

camp. She was pretty, but quiet. She stood in line for her camp assignments, arms crossed, elbows held tightly at her sides. Once in our cabin I saw all her stuff was brand new. Her sleeping bag still had tags on it, as did her backpack and sunhat. I told her if she left it on, she’d look like that funny country singer, Minnie Pearl. Hannah just looked at me. Of course she wouldn’t get the reference. She wasn’t here last year when I was given the Minnie HaHa-hahahaha Award. My counselor declared that’s who I reminded her of; my hair in braids and always making people laugh. Since then, I have associated anyone named Minnie to be funny. Worried I’d hurt her feelings I made an extra effort to be kind to her. Taking the time to show her how to roll up her sleeping bag in the morning, so spiders wouldn’t crawl in during the day. I saved a seat next to me in the dining hall for meals, and walked with her to the bathroom at night, holding my flashlight in front of her feet along the way. One night we smelled something like skunk, but not quite the same. “What is that?” Hannah whispered. “I don’t know. Let’s run!” In my effort to be kind, I stayed quiet when she insisted I sign up for the same activities she did. We were both scheduled for a three week stay, but it took the better part of our first week before she was comfortable enough to start making other friends and sign up for activities on her own. I felt glad. I kept asking, but she wasn’t at all interested in the cooking classes, the one thing I was most excited about. The next morning, fretful there wouldn’t be any open spots, I saw hardly anyone signed up for cooking. Apparently staying indoors while at camp was a bit off putting for most. I wrote my initials, ADM, Abigail Diggs-Miller on one of several empty lines for every remaining day of my stay. After securing my tie-dye apron and washing my hands, that first day in the kitchen focused on safety in the kitchen. How to hold a knife; no index fingers on top. You’re supposed to choke up on the knife, wrapping our fingers all the way around the handle. No running in the kitchen, ever! We learned calls like; “Behind you.” Letting someone know you’re walking or standing behind them, so they don’t turn around and bump you with a hot pan or platter of food. “Corner!” is what you call out when coming around a blind corner, so you don’t crash into someone coming around the other side. On the second day, we did some real cooking. Chef Griffen said to always read all the way through a recipe before even turning on the stove. And he told us how important it was to prepare or “prep” all your ingredients before you actually start cooking or baking. The term is “mise en place.” French for, “everything in place.” It didn’t take me long to fall in love with being in the kitchen and wishing we had more than just an hour and half for each camp activity. Unfortunately, there were days when Chef was kind of cranky. Once I asked him if everything was okay. He said he was just tired. He had

been up cooking, late into the night. “For us Campers?” I innocently asked. “No, some special foods for my mom. She’s sick.” Something in his tone told me not to ask anything more. Part of our camp experience included a one hour rest time. This came after lunch and mail call. Every day most campers were handed letters and care packages from home. I was not one of them. My parents never sent me a letter, let alone a care package. Oftentimes they’d even forget to add money to my account for the Snack Shack, forcing me to borrow from my cabin mates. That first year I was upset about it, but now I am used to it. But I saw Hannah never received any mail or care packages either. I could tell it made her sad. One day our other roomies received packages larger than the traditional shoebox, loaded with goodies. Hannah and I watched as they gleefully poured the contents onto their bunks. Between the two of them were sleeves of home-baked cookies, one girl had at least six big moviesized candy bars, the other, a tin can filled with three flavors of kettle corn. There was chewing gum (which wasn’t allowed), glow sticks, headbands and teen magazines. The girls were sweet and shared with us. Not out of pity, rather because that’s how things are done at summer camp. I eagerly accepted. Hannah declined. In the days following, I couldn’t get the look on Hannah’s face out of my mind. Even at that young age, I understood that if they hadn’t included her in their family vacation, why couldn’t her parents at least send a Care Package? The next day I told Chef Griffen about it. “I have an idea,” he smiled. Over the next three days, I was permitted to work in the kitchen with Chef, just the two of us. I was missing archery, but didn’t care. We spent that time baking all kinds of cookies, muffins, granola bars and flavored popcorn balls. While we baked, Chef told me a little about his mom. She had cancer and he had been trying to help ease her pain by baking cookies with Weed in them. It made me feel grownup that he shared that information with me. And it answered the question about those nights Hannah and I smelled what we’d dubbed “Funky Skunky” on our way to the bathroom at night. That Friday, Chef and I divided the treats into several different little boxes I had lined with colorful tissue paper I’d gotten from the art counselor. She was so excited about our little project she threw in sheets

of stickers for us to add. At mail call, Chef and I set up a little table to the side calling out the names of campers we knew hadn’t received any Care Packages. We watched as disbelief transformed into joy. That was my last, but very best summer at camp. “Luke.” “Yeah?” “I have an idea how we can offer alternative medicine to those residents who want it, while maintaining their privacy.” “What?” “Canna-Care Packages.”

CANNA-CARE PACKAGE GRANOLA BARS Ingredients 1 2/3 cup quick-cooking rolled oats ½ cup baker’s sugar 1/3 cup oat flour 1 tsp salt ½ tsp cinnamon 2 cups mixed dried fruits; raisins, cranberries, apricots, dates, coconut (your choice of 2 or 3) 1 cup walnut pieces, slivered almonds or nut of choice 1 tsp vanilla bean paste 6 Tbsp unsalted canna-butter – melted ¼ cup real maple syrup 2 Tbsp light corn syrup 1-2 Tbsp water 1/3 cup canna-peanut, almond or cashew butter ½ cup butterscotch chips

Process Spray 8x8x2” square pan with non-stick spray. Line with parchment paper, leaving enough excess on the sides to lift paper after baking. Spray paper with non-stick. Heat oven 350 degrees F. Sift dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Add fruit and nuts. In a medium bowl, whisk together vanilla, butter, both syrups and water. Stir wet ingredients into dry along with Canna-peanut, almond or cashew butter and butterscotch chips. Mixture will look crumbly. Spoon into pan, pressing firmly with Canna-buttered hands. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until edges are browned and top is golden. Cool in pan on cooling 15-20 minutes, then using excess parchment as a sling, remove from pan and cool completely on rack in the fridge 30 minutes. Use a serrated knife to cut into squares.

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Why we Should Stop Using the Term Marijuana As a nation, we have been using the term “Marijuana” for years. It is most commonly used in the political world and by the U.S. Government. The term has been linked to derive from the Aztlan language which means prisoner. Quite ironic isn’t it? The word marijuana, was first stigmatized by Henry J. Finger (a prominent member of the California Board of Pharmacy) and Hamilton Wright (the chief architect of the U.S. narcotics policy) during the Mexican revolution in 1910. Thanks to them, it was first outlawed in 1913 during the first anti-narcotics legislation. Prior to this, it was commonly known as hashish or Indian hemp, not marijuana. The very first law took effect on August 10, 1913, and was misworded as marijuana, instead of cannabis. This law also banned possession of cocaine, opium, paraphernalia, extracts, tinctures, the preparation of hemp or locoweed, and so on. In 1914, the first recorded drug bust of “marahuana,” was in the Mexican Sonoratown neighborhood of Los Angeles. Due to these new laws, law enforcement began targeting Mexican neighborhoods and arresting them for possession and intent to sell. In an effort to marginalize the migrant population. By 1930, marijuana


accounted for nearly 60% of drug arrests in Los Angeles. Since then, arrests have continued at an average level of at least 18k felonies and 34k misdemeanors per year. Totalling in over 1,850,000 arrested for cannabis offenses. In 1937, Henry Anslinger (the director and founder of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics) in an effort to criminalize cannabis, gave a racist testimony to congress saying, “Marijuana is the most violent-causing drug in the history of mankind, most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.” This was the formal introduction of the racist term “marijuana,” to be used in the United States. In 1986, President Reagan signed the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which guaranteed life sentences for repeat drug offenders, as well as three-strike policies. Which was a major contribution to the skyrocketing number of marijuana-related arrests. These arrests have a racial component to them, as studies show similar usage rates for African Americans. Studies show that African Americans are overall 3.7 times more likely than their white peers to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses.

With all of the historical baggage that the term marijuana carries, it is now time for the racial connotations that were created by the bigots in this Country’s history, to be acknowledged, and altered for the sake of our people and the sake of the plant’s medicinal benefit. U.S. perceptions of cannabis are now coming full circle, now that we have awareness of the plant’s medicinal benefits. Let’s reclaim “Cannabis,” in respect for the plant and the quality of life that it provides for millions of us. Let’s discontinue using terms like “weed” and “marijuana,” as they just encourage the plant’s disrespectful, racist origin that it derived from. If we want to see change, and encourage our lawmakers to gain respect for this industry, and more importantly for the plant, we need to start by discontinuing the usage of these terms. Let’s change the verbiage, it starts with us! Special thank you to the Las Vegas Cannabis Community for making me your “Educator of the Year” for the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards 2021! Follow me on IG @CannaPsychMd

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