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ISSUE #24 JULY 2019

>>>WHAT’S INSIDE 10 Evergreen Organix

Setting the Standard for Edibles in Nevada

14 Chocolates and Gummies and Drinks ...oh my!

16 Cannabis Infused Specialties A Look at Nevada's Top Edible Companies

22 Cooking with Cannabis Up Close & Personal with Local Canna Chefs

28 Tales from the Crip


Lighten Up!

30 Daily Dose ------ THE COVER ------

Evergreen Organix Cover Model: Nicolle Marzula Photo By: Dope Foto

32 Dear Mary Jane 36 Cannabis & Pregnancy

A Conversation with Midwife Erica Delmore

38 Insuring the Industry 40 Edibly Fantastic Crossword 42 What's Good in Nevada 48 The Cannab-Esq. Chronicles


With the Infamous 50 Tokin' Mendo Dope

54 The Ruckus Rant


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58 Resources



editor >>>

Stephanie Shehan

The Edible Issue This month we focus on cannabis infused food. I am an extreme lightweight when it comes to cannabis. And, I always take extra precautions when ingesting edibles. In fact, my THC limit is only about 5mg, which for some of you is laughable. But for me, it's the perfect amount to relax and sleep at night. Consuming infused food is a bit tricky. Because edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to kick in, dosing can sometimes be difficult. It is for this reason that edibles may not be the consumption method of choice for those needing immediate relief. Lucky for us, we live in a highly regulated state, and the edibles that are purchased from state licensed dispensaries are accurately measured and tested. We are also fortunate that we have an array of edibles to choose from in many different doses and formulas. And, although 10mg of THC is typically considered a standard dose, if you are new to edibles choose something with 5mg or less of THC. Check out this month's feature on Evergreen Organix which incluses a fantastic chocolate chip ice cream sandwich recipe just in time for summer. In addition, this issue gives you a break down of our local edible companies and the awesome products they offer. Interested in infusing your own food with cannabis? This month we put together a spotlight on local canna chefs and it includes some amazing recipes that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Infusing some of the staples within the recipes is easy and quick tips and recipes for cannabutter and infused cooking oils can be found online. You can also find a variety of tutorials and THC calculators online to make dosing easy as well. In addition, this month Janelle Johngrass from Know Mommy interviews midwife Erica Delmore to find out the challenges women face while pregnant and what part cannabis plays in those challenges. As always, enjoy this issue!

Stephanie Shehan

i s s u e # 24 J U LY 2 019


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Evergreen Organix


FOR EDIBLES IN NEVADA AND BEYOND riginally licensed in 2015 as one of the first edible companies in Nevada, Evergreen Organix’s original product line debuted with only five edibles. Today however, Evergreen features over 70 different product varieties. While they have long been known for their line of baked goods including chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate brownies, Evergreen Organix will be releasing a new line of gummies just in time for summer 2019.

Evergreen Organix is committed to embracing its brand evolution and has always sought to bring their best to the realm of cannabis edibles. They have built a talented team of cannabis chefs who handcraft all of their products. “We make everything from scratch,” says Creative Manager Melissa Meza. “We scale out every ingredient and have several quality control steps in our day-to-day processes to ensure we are offering only the best to consumers. We don’t believe in cutting corners.” This commitment to detail is extremely evident in both the Evergreen products and also in the pride in work that is held by the team. “We are fortunate to be able to do something we love and also be able to work in such a cool environment.” Meza added. “It’s really fulfilling to see people enjoy what we have worked so hard to create.” Despite having such a large recreational presence in the Nevada cannabis marketplace, Evergreen Organix still acknowledges a deep commitment to medical patients. “We think it is very important to serve the medical community” says Vice President of Operations, Jillian Nelson. “We started as a medical only company and even though the recreational market has built a huge presence in today’s market, we continue to offer several medical-only products and plan to expand the variety of medical-only options within our product line.” Nelson highlighted that they currently offer several cookies and brownies dosed at 500mg of THC per pack for medical patients but hope to expand these varieties and offer more high dose options for the patient community.


Last, but certainly not least, is Evergreen's commitment to hearing customer feedback and answering consumer requests. Part of Evergreen Organix’s success is definitely related to this commitment. “Much of what we have done is because people have asked for it.” Nelson stated. “Whether it was from community events, emails, product reviews, or people calling in questions to us, we love to hear what consumers have to say and their ideas of what edibles they would like to see in the Nevada market. Our attention to consumer feedback is actually how we developed many of our products including some of the varieties of cereal treats.”

What can you expect from Evergreen Organix in the near future? According to Nelson, “Evergreen has big plans for expansion! We are in the midst of expanding our brands to several states right now. We hope to be on dispensary shelves in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Montana by end of 2019.”

Chef Melissa Meza Chef Melissa Meza, the Creative Manager at Evergreen Organix, is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and was employed as a chef for ten years at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. Baked goods and cereal treats are her specialty which makes her a valuable asset to the Evergreen Organix team. When asked why she became a canna-chef, she replied that she was “looking to try something new and also help people.” She enjoys working as a part of the Evergreen Organix team and expressed that the team is “very big on self care and ensuring that everyone is happy and healthy.” Melissa offered a couple quick tips for consumers: When infusing food at home, look for recipes that reference measurements in grams to make dosing more accurate. If you are new to edibles, always start small! Typically, ten milligrams is a standard serving size but there is nothing wrong with consuming just five milligrams and waiting to see how you feel.




EGO Summer Ice Cream Sandwich


2 Evergreen Organix™ Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream 2 Cups Miniature Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Sprinkles STEP 1: Let ice cream soften at room temperature for 5-10 minutes STEP 2: Lay out one Evergreen Organix™ Chocolate Chip Cookie baked side up on a piece of parchment paper or plate STEP 3: Using ice cream scoop or spoon, scoop one dollop (about 3-4 tablespoons) of ice cream on cookie. STEP 4: Create a sandwich with second cookie. Squeeze cookies and ice cream together gently to evenly spread ice cream between cookies. STEP 5: Spread chocolate chips or sprinkles onto a plate. Roll exposed ice cream sides of cookie sandwich over the chips or sprinkles to create an even coat around edges of sandwich. STEP 6: Enjoy immediately or freeze cookie sandwich for later use. OPTIONAL: substitute Evergreen Organix™ Chocolate Chip Cookies for their Chocolate Chunk Brownies or Peanut Butter Cookies shown below! *Dosing varies by cookie pack. Always check the product label before consumption to estimate THC dosage. Follow Evergreen Organix on Instagram @evergreen_organix and on Facebook @Evergreen Organix. For more information about Evergreen, visit


July 16-18

Las Vegas Convention Center •10am - 6pm

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•Smoke Shop Merchandise •Financial Services •Vape Products •Over 920 vendors!


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Coming Up... CHAMPS returns to Orlando, FL for its huge autumn show. September 21-23 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center •No Charge To Attend For Qualified Buyers•




















>>>Chocolates and gummies and drinks... oh my! BY JENN ZENN

he world of cannabisinfused food products has grown into a massive market for canna consumers. Where the “special” homemade brownies of yesteryear used to be the gold standard for THC-laced goodies, nowadays, there are literally hundreds of cannabisinfused edibles to choose from. There are also many ways to prepare infused butters, oils and fats at home to use in infused baking for custom made treats.

Why edibles?

Medicinally and recreationally, there are a plethora of viable choices out there for cannabis consumption. As opposed to vaping or dabbing, smoking flower or treating physical ailments with salves and balms, consuming edibles provides the

Evergreen OrganiX Canna Cubes


favorable effects of cannabis without some of the harshness of inhaling or messiness of manual application. Another common benefit to consuming an edible over say, smoking flower- no odor and a longer onset and window of effect. Take an edible, curl up on the couch and watch a movie! Or, microdose an edible and head out to a concert or lay on your favorite backyard lounge chair. Your consumption will be virtually undetectable and your enjoyment, twofold. One thing to consider when opting to eat your cannabis instead of inhaling it is that the body metabolizes edibles at a slower rate; so often it’s hard to gauge the effects of it right away. Especially for beginners, it’s important to start slowly with edibles. First try a bit and see how you react. A typical edible dosage is generally 10 mg. For beginner’s, there’s nothing wrong with breaking your chocolate square in half

or biting into your gummy and saving the rest for later. After consuming your edible dose, it can take anywhere between 40 minutes up to a few hours to start to kick in. As the cannabis is absorbed through the digestive system, THC is processed in the liver. Once you’ve ingested the edible, you’re in it for the long haul! Sometimes, digesting the edible and feeling the effects of it can last upwards of several hours, sometimes much less. So dose slowly, check in with yourself and make sure you’re not overdoing it. Tips from the pros will tell you that consuming edibles without having anything in your stomach first is a surefire way to overdo it. THC tends to absorb more quickly into the system when there’s nothing else in your stomach. Also, be mindful of consuming alcohol or other drugs before or during your edible consumption. Eat something, drink some water,

and then indulge in an edible. Be sure to have a CBD-high strain of flower nearby if you feel like you’ve overdone itsmoking a high CBD strain will counter the effects of the THC and help you relax a bit more if you are feeling anxious. Take basic steps to ensure that you feel safe and relaxed wherever you choose to consume your edible. It’s never a good idea to put yourself into a new or uncomfortable situation and indulge. Above all, the most important thing to remember is to cut yourself some slack. Be calm and let the edible process take effect organically within your system. Some people feel the effects more quickly than others, and sometimes, it takes a bit longer to start to feel something. Don’t push yourself. The more relaxed and open you are to the experience, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy the process. Bon Appetit!



cannabis infused specialties A Look at Nevada's Top Edible Companies The Future: Look for CannaPunch’s Serene Kiwi Strawberry CBD Therapy which contains 200mg CBD and 20mg THC per bottle. This new product will be in select stores within a few weeks. Also, expect an expansion of the Tumbleweed Extracts line in the next couple months.

CannAmerica Product(s): All of

CannAmericas' Fruit Juice Gummies are 10mgs of THC each in a variety of sour, sour & sweet and sweet flavors. Available flavors include cherry, blue raspberry, peach, strawberry-banana, orange sherbet, and freedom pop. CannAmerica has partnered with FlowerOne to create top-shelf quality products. Their gummies are processed via clear oil distillate (vs. food grade oil.)

variety of flavors including: Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Mango, GrandDaddy Grape, Watermelon Nectar, SugarFree Grape and SugarFree Pineapple Mango. HighlyEdible Fruit Pucks are available as follows: Assorted Sweet Indica and Sativa, Sour Indica and Sativa, Peach, Strawberry and Watermelon Hybrid, and Assorted CBD Therapy(10:1). DutchGirl Stroopwafels are available in the following flavors: Strawberry,

Follow: Follow CannAmerica on Instagram and Facebook @CannamericaCo. For more information, visit

CannaPunch, Highly Edible & Dutch Girl Product(s): CannaPunch drinks are available in a


Caramel, or Lemon in both indica and sativa formulas. All CannaPunch, Highly Edible and Dutch Girl edibles are produced using NXT(Nano Extraction Technology), which means the THC undergoes an additional process before dosing to make the edible more readily and easily broken down by the body. This process allows a faster and more even absorption.

Where to Buy: CannaPunch,

Highly Edible and Dutch Girl Products are available throughout Nevada.

can be found in dispensaries across Nevada.

The Future: ENVY will be launching another flavor that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It embodies the spirit of all things summer, beachy, and tropical. It is the gummy that will take you on vacation with one bite.

Fireball Cannabis

Product(s): Fireball Cannabis

Product(s): Skillfully crafted

gummies are available across Nevada.

Where to Buy: ENVY gummies

Follow: Follow ENVY on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @betterwithenvy. For more information


Where to Buy: CannAmerica

The Future: CannAmerica plans to increase distribution across the United States and looks forward to building upon their Flower One partnership across Nevada.

Follow: Follow CannaPunch on Instagram @cannapunchnv and on Facebook @CannaPunch Nevada.

fit into your life. So whatever your mood, whatever your vibe, you can make it better with ENVY. Vibe on.

by a team of chefs, ENVY has developed the most mouthwatering gummies on the market. Currently, they produce tenpacks of 10mg THC gummies. Flavors include Peach Bellini, Watermelon Lemonade, Berry Punch and Cucumber Serrano. ENVY gummies are infused with first-rate distillate, created by their experienced extraction team, giving ENVY gummies their unparalleled taste and effect profiles. Additionally, ENVY uses fresh ingredients such as berry and blood peach purees to pack a punch of freshness and flavor in every bite. ENVY exists to inspire people to be bold, connect and live enviably. Their collection was designed to

THC infused gummies were created for the recreational market. Each pack includes 10 gummies and each gummy contains 10mg THC. Fireball gummies are made with CO2 oil

and have the cinnamon kick you expect from Fireball, but now in a cannabis gummy. This product contains no alcohol or whisky.

Where to Buy: Fireball

Cannabis Gummies are available statewide.


The Future: Stay tuned to for upcoming products and new releases. While there, click on the Events tab to follow their pop-ups. Follow: Follow Fireball Cannabis on Instagram @fireballcannabis and on Facebook @fireballcan. Fore more information, visit

include sativa, hybrid, and indica classifications as well to help consumers mitigate what effects they are looking to achieve. By adding certain ingredients like B-Complex, Vitamin D-3, Maca root, and others, they are able to provide specific desirable effects for consumers to feel relaxed, relieve their stress, or increase their energy levels.

Where to Buy: Golden brand


Product(s): Golden offers

vegan fruit chews, made with 100% real fruit and all natural ingredients, available to the recreational market here in Nevada. They are individually wrapped, perfect for micro-dosing and sharing with friends. Real fruit flavors include Tangerine, Kiwi Strawberry, and Tropical Chew which consist of 5mg THC only doses. Their Acai Berry flavor includes 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, offering a 1:1 THC/ CBD option for those needing a calming effect. Each package contains 10 pieces, 50mg total. Golden Fruit Chews were created with the consumer in mind. They wanted to offer an edible line that's healthy, made with all natural ingredients, and undeniably delicious. In addition to being vegan and all natural, Golden Fruit Chews are also gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free. The team incorporates MCT oil and lecithin, to help increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids, and they only use fruit purees that are certified Kosher. All of the fruit flavors

products can be found in a few select dispensaries across the state of Nevada with the potential to reach more shelves later this summer. You can find current stock at Planet 13, MedMen, Blackjack Collective, Sahara Wellness, Apothecarium, Cultivate, Pesha Numma, and Nevada Wellness Center. Golden Fruit Chews can also be found all over the state of Oregon and will soon break ground in California later this year.

The Future: Golden is excited to launch three new flavors to the Golden Fruit Chew line-up in the next few weeks: Green Apple (12:1 CBD/THC), Lemon Ginger (1:1 CBD/THC), and Black Cherry (5mg THC only). In addition, they are preparing to debut a new item to the product line - "Golden Fruit Chew BLAST", a 50mg THC dosed Fruit Chew specifically for cannabis lovers seeking a higher concentration of edibles. Follow: Follow Golden on Instagram @GoldenOil2.0 and on Twitter @GoldenOil_.

Kabunky Chew Gummies

Product(s): Kabunky currently offers gummies with THC and


THC/CBD. Their THC-only gummies are always popular with their guests, but the new ratioed gummies are an even bigger hit. Consumers love the addition of CBD because it offers improved wellness benefits. While Kabunky’s Chew Gummies are labeled as a recreational product, they get a lot of guests using them for medical applications. Even more so now that they offer a CBD/THC ratio option. Consumers use them for an array of ailments, including pain relief, as a sleep aid, and for mental wellness. The Kabunky team are firm believers in the healing properties of cannabis and they are happy to offer a product that resonates with the canna-wellness community. Kabunky gummies are unique because the team has total control over the product. They make everything from scratch, including the cannabis oil that goes into their gummies. This means the highest quality edibles made from the freshest and most potent cannabis extracts. They’re one of the few kitchens that distills their own oil, and it shows in the quality of their Chew Gummies. Their two most popular flavors right now are Peach with THC only and Watermelon THC and CBD.

Where to Buy: Kabunky Chew

Gummies are exclusively available at Nevada Made Marijuana locations. They’re fortunate to be a vertically integrated cannabusiness which means they grow the flowers, extract the oil, and make the gummies all in the same facility. Then, those delicious treats are sent exclusively to Nevada Made Marijuana dispensaries.

The Future: Not to give anything away, but the Kabunky team is always doing R&D in their lab and kitchens. There are a lot of exciting things in store for Kabunky this year! Follow: Follow Kabunky on Instagram @kabunky and

@nevadamademarijuana. For more information, visit


Product(s): Kanna Kefir is the

first CBD infused probiotic beverage which contains active cultures. Most CBD infused beverages that are water based either tend to have very low potency, require the use of stabilizing agents such as lecithin or glycerin, or use water soluble CBD which costs more to the customer. Kulture’s patented process is a microbial based infusion which incorporates an oil based compound into a water based solution in any desired potency. It also breaks down the CBD molecule, or “predigests it.” Meaning, if the CBD molecule was once the size of a soft ball now it is the equivalent of a grain of salt making this drink much more bioavailable. Each bottle of Kanna Kefir contains 50mg of CBD, as well as over a billion beneficial microbes! Kanna Kefir products are lab tested and certified and suitable for diabetics.

Where to Buy: Kanna Kefir is available online at explorekulture. com. They offer free delivery to locals when purchasing a case.

The Future: The Kulture team is currently developing new flavors for the Kanna Kefir product line, as well as bringing new products to the table. Look for new flavors soon. Follow: Follow Kulture on 17


Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles & Mindy’s Kitchen

Product(s): Chef Mindy

Segal and Cresco Labs began their collaboration in 2015 and developed a simple approach – to make the best-tasting, consistently-dosed medicine in the marketplace. Quality ingredients, chef-driven recipes and precise calculations. The vision was to position and market Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles as the first chef-driven, nationally recognized brand in the industry. Her status, notoriety and expertise pioneered a new path in the edibles marketplace; changing the stigma of the “bad brownie experience” and elevating medicated treats into really good food. Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles are built around taste and quality ingredients. Chef Mindy’s delicious desserts are infused with clear distillate for balanced effectiveness allowing the best ingredients to shine true. This line features decadent chocolates and baked goods which contain 50mg THC and are available in the following varieties: Milk Chocolate Peanut Brittle, Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee, and White Chocolate Raspberry Cream. This line also makes a Caramelized Chocolate Marshmallow Graham which contains a balanced 50mg THC and 50mg CBD.



Mindy's Kitchen is a collaboration between Chef Mindy and her talented kitchen chefs are fun, fruity confections for everyday enjoyability and effectiveness. They are infused with winterized sativa, indica, and hybrid oil that complements the approachable flavor. This line features gummies, hard sweets and fruit chews. Each pack totals 100mg THC and contains 10 pieces at 10mg THC each - available in the following varieties: Strawberry Sparkling Wine Hard Sweets, Vanilla Bourbon Butterscotch Hard Sweets, Wild Cherry Hard Sweets, Pink Lemonade Gummies, and Blue Raspberry Gummies. In addition, they offer Wild Cherry Gummies which contain a balanced 100mg THC and 100mg CBD, also in a 10-pack.

Trokie lozenges are patented and utilize a buccal absorption delivery method. This method allows for the active ingredients such as CBD or THC to bypass the digestive system and absorb directly into the bloodstream. The result is fast onset (as soon as 5 minutes) and consistent, long-lasting effects (up to 8 hours). Say buh-bye to the variation of edibles. The CBD only lozenge, is a unique way to navigate consuming too much THC. If you have ever eaten, drank, or inhaled too much weed and wanted to level out, the CBD Trokie is for you. The CBD counteracts the THC and with

technological developments rise to the surface. The team of scientists at Trokie continue to be leaders of research and integrate their work into the Trokie product line.

Follow: Follow Trokie on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @trokieofficial and @trokiecbd. For more information,

Wy LD & Wy LD CBD Product(s): WYLD is poised to be the #1 cannabis (THC) edible brand in the country by the end

Where to Buy: Mindy’s

edible products are available at dispensaries throughout Nevada.

Follow: Follow Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles on Instagram @mindysedibles. For more information,

Trokie Product(s): Meticulously

developed well-respected by a Doctor of Pharmacy, Trokie “lozenges” come in a variety of options. Trokie’s CBD only options are manufactured & distributed by Bioactive Solutions Inc. Their THC and ratio options are manufactured & distributed by Silver State Trading. And, although Trokie was developed and innovated to be a medical product, the efficiency it delivers can absolutely translate to recreational users.

the fast-acting delivery system, relief is almost instant. It is important to use the Trokie lozenge correctly for maximum absorption. To use the Trokie lozenge break off the desired dose. Then, place in mouth, between upper lip and gum and let lozenge completely dissolve.

Where to Buy: Trokie products are available in dispensaries across Nevada, Arizona, California and Oregon. The Trokie CBD line is in 28 states across the U.S., distributed by Bioactive Solutions Inc.

The Future: Trokie strives to innovate as scientific and

of 2019 and currently retains the title of Oregon’s leading cannabis edible brand by revenue. In March 2019, WYLD expanded out of Oregon into Nevada. WYLD offers real fruit-infused gummies that embody the Pacific Northwest spirit by showcasing delicious flavors, including its native Marionberry and Huckleberry. Their edibles are consistently dosed so you are in control of your intake and experience. Along with their THC brand, WYLD also launched WYLD CBD in May 2019, which features a line of THC-free, CBD fruit gummies with the same great real fruit-infused flavors. The CBD line is available nationwide via the

website and will soon be available at specialty retailers. WYLD’s THC gummies contain 10mg of THC per serving and are available in the following flavors: Raspberry (sativa enhanced), Huckleberry (hybrid enhanced), and Marionberry (indica enhanced.) They also offer Peach in a 2:1 formula (10mg CBD:5mg THC) and Pomegranate in a 1:1 formula (10mg THC:10mg CBD.) WYLD CBD gummies contain 25mg of CBD per serving, are infused with U.S.A. sourced broad spectrum hemp extract and offered in 250mg and 500mg packs in the following flavors: Blackberry, Huckleberry, Raspberry and Lemon.

Where to Buy: WYLD products

are available throughout Las Vegas and Reno.

The Future: Soon, WYLD CBD will be launching a line of canned sparkling beverages. Follow: Follow WYLD on Instagram and Twitter @ wyld_canna, and on Facebook @ wyldcanna. Follow WYLD CBD on Instagram @wyld_cbd.

Altus & Lucky EdibLes Product(s): Altus offers a wide variety of edibles including mints, fruit tarts, swallowable tablets and

gummies. Altus Gummies which the team likes to refer to as "The Adult Gummy" are made with fresh fruit puree that are very low in sugar. Their first ingredient is fresh fruit puree, unlike some sugar substitutes found in most other gummies. They do not use artificial coloring or flavors and they contain no known allergens. They are just like biting into the fruit flavor they represent. Altus Gummies are available in several varieties, each package containing 10 gummies with 10mg THC per gummy: Pear Max and Relax Indica, Pineapple Making it Happen Sativa, Raspberry The Best of Both Worlds Hybrid and Blackberry Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons Hybrid. Altus also offers gummies in the following specialized formulas: Blueberry and Chill 1:1 (5mg THC and 5mg CBD infused with Chamomile for an extra calming effect), Mango and Maintenance 20:1 (.5mg THC and 10mg CBD) and Kiwi Comfort 5:1 (5mg THC and 25mg CBD.) Altus Tablets are discreet, allergen free, gluten free, nut free, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. They do not melt or break. Altus Tablets are available in several varieties, each package containing 20 tablets: Altus Indica For Finding Your Mellow or Altus Sativa For Finding Your Extrovert (5mg THC per tablet), Altus 50:1 For Your Daily Comfort (.5mg THC and 25mg CBD), Altus 20:1 For Your Daily Balance (.5mg THC and 10mg CBD), Altus 10:1 For Your When You're Overwhelmed (2.5mg THC and 25mg CBD), Altus 5:1 For When You Hurt (5mg THC and 25mg CBD) and Altus 1:1 For You're R&R (5mg THC and 5mg CBD.) Lucky Mints are the perfect after bowl mint and are low sugar, about 1 calorie, dairy free and nut free. Lucky Mints are available in two different varieties, each package containing 10 mints: Peppermint Indica - 10mg THC and Spearmint

Sativa - 10mg THC. Lucky Tarts are also low sugar, about 1 calorie, dairy free and nut free. Lucky Tarts are also available in two varieties, each package containing 10 tarts: Fruit Punch Hybrid - 10mg THC and Key Lime Hybrid - 10mg THC.

Where to Buy: Both Lucky

Edibles and Altus can be found in most Nevada dispensaries from Las Vegas, all the way up to the Reno/Carson City areas. Their new 10mg Hybrid Blackberry Lemonade gummies are exclusively available at both Jenny's Dispensaries' North Las Vegas and Henderson locations, but will be available across the market on July 1st.

The Future: This month look for the following new products from Altus and Lucky: Altus 5:1 Kiwi gummies (25mg CBD & 5mg THC per dose), Lucky Micros Tarts in Lemonade Hybrid or Wildberry Hybrid (2mg THC per dose.) Follow: Follow Altus on

Instagram @altusmade. For more information, visit

Soothing Remedies, Top Hat Confections, & Top Hat Candies

Product(s):Soothing Remedies, Top Hat Confections and Top Hat Candies offer various medical THC edibles that range from dark and milk chocolate bars (highest medical dose available is 500mg, extra strength), cake bites, gummies, and hard candies. On

the recreational THC sidem they offer dark and milk chocolate bars, cake bites, brownies, rice puff treats, ready-to-eat cookie dough, praline chocolate cubes, peanut butter truffles, gummies, and hard candies. Their CBD line includes hard candies, gummies, and syrups. The Apothecary Shoppe’s edible brands have been awarded the best edible selection in Vegas due to their commitment to fresh handmade edibles. Every single one of their items is infused at very specific times during preparation. They stand out by being able to dose appropriately during the infusion process while also retaining great flavor profiles.

Where to Buy: Soothing

Remedies, Top Hat Confections and Top Hat Candies are available exclusively at The Apothecary Shoppe.

The Future: The Apothecary Shoppe brands are currently working on new and exciting recipes for this summer and later

into the fall season. Keep a look out for fun, savory edibles options soon.

Follow: Follow the Apothecary Shoppe on Facebook @The Apothecary Shoppe and on Instagram and Twitter @TheApothecaryLV. For more information, visit

The Largest Selection of Smoking Supplies in Northern Nevada • • WITH 4 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU • •

1700 Victorian Ave. 50 W. Main St. 1350 Stardust St. 1110 S. Wells Ave. Sparks, NV 89431 Fernley, NV 89408 Reno, NV 89503 Reno, NV 89502




Keep Out of Reach of Children. For Use Only by Adults 21 Years of Age and Older.



COOKING WITH CANNABIS Up Close and Personal with Local Canna Chefs

Chef Deborah L. Costella

Chef Deborah Costella became a cannabis chef following the death of her youngest brother, Lawrence. It was during those last months of assisting him and providing care that he turned to smoking cannabis. Every night, Lawrence would roll his wheelchair to the living room window, overlooking downtown Palo Alto to smoke his ganja, while Deborah sipped her wine and prepared dinner. She witnessed how cannabis helped to alleviate his nausea and somewhat numb his intense pain. It also seemed to stimulate his appetite and allowed him to sleep better. Unfortunately his doctors were not supportive of his cannabis consumption via smoking, and it became clear to Deborah that the best and most effective way she could help her brother was to use her knowledge and experience as a chef to infuse his meals with cannabis. She began infusing his food with strains that could aid him in his fight to get well again, while pleasing his taste buds. Sadly, Chef Deborah didn’t have enough time to make the impact she had hoped. And, after mourning his loss, she felt she had to try to offer relief to others


who were suffering as Lawrence had. The experience with her brother is what drove Chef Deborah to create Cosmic Muffin Cafe. Today, Chef Deborah works in both Las Vegas and Northern California as a personal chef and culinary instructor. She specializes in foods offering excellent taste and interest, with a focus on improving the overall health of her clients while targeting specific health issues. For those interested in incorporating medicinally infused food into their diets, Chef Deborah recommends purchasing only lab tested, preferably organic cannabis. She also strongly recommends doing some homework on strains and terpenes which will allow you to select a product that is best suited to your desired outcome. And finally, be patient with yourself while you figure out your own personal tolerance level.

In a medium bowl, whisk egg yolks until they thicken and turn a pale shade of yellow. Set to the side. In a large, heavy saucepan, over medium heat, combine milk and heavy cream with sugar. Bring to a simmer remove from heat. Add whisked egg yolks, one ladle at a time to warm milk mixture; tempering your eggs, to prevent curdling. Do this three or four times. Finally whisk in remaining yolks. Return pot to heat and cook to 175-180 degrees, whisking continuously.

Follow Chef Deborah on Instagram @ cosmicmuffincafe. For more information, visit

Chef Celena Esquer The Blaz'n Chef

COSMIC MUFFIN CAFE’S G-STAR PISTACHIO GELATO For Pistachio Paste 1 cup shelled, unsalted pistachios 2-3 tbsp granulated sugar 1 tsp infused olive oil Blanch nuts in pot of simmering water for 2-3 minutes. Remove using a slotted spoon and plunge into a bowl of ice water. Remove nuts and spread onto a paper towel to dry completely. Once pistachios have dried completely, pour into a food processor along with the sugar. Running machine, slowly add the olive oil through spout, creating a nice paste. Scrape into a bowl and set aside until ready to use. For Gelato Base 6 egg yolks 2 cups infused whole milk ¾ cup fine sugar 1 tsp vanilla bean paste shelled pistachios for garnish 1 cup infused heavy cream pistachio paste

Pour mixture through a sieve or strainer into a clean bowl. Add vanilla and pistachio past then set bowl in fridge until completely cooled. Once cooled, pour gelato base into ice cream machine, following manufacturer’s directions. Garnish individual servings with shelled pistachios. Makes 1 quart.

Celena Esquer developed a passion for cooking at just twelve years old. Baking in her parents kitchen is where all the magic started. Little did Celena know that back then she was already shaping herself into what she has become today. Turning forty,


Celena began noticing changes within her body and experienced some health issues, but being a hard-working mother of seven children, she couldn’t let these problems interfere with her life. She did however begin researching her issues and eventually, she stumbled upon cannabis as medicine. As she continued to research cannabis for her pain, her focus began to shift toward assisting others with their healing. Over the next several years, Celena developed her brand, created her recipes and expanded her knowledge of the decarboxylation process, infusion techniques and proper dosing. Soon after, she met Aaron Zollicoffer and joined forces with him to create Sweedies Novelty Candies. Up and running, Sweedies Novelty Candies formed a partnership with CBD company PharmaXracts and today, the companies are in full production and ready to launch products this year.

Preheat oven at 350 degrees and cook bacon until nice and crispy. Once the bacon has cooled, chop it to desired size and set aside. Next, open can of chilies, strain any juices and set aside as well. In a mixing bowl add all ingredients leaving out a small amount of bacon and scallions for garnish. Mix until nice and creamy. When done, put in a baking pan and bake for 30 minutes or until it's all melted and lightly golden brown on top. Sourdough Baguette 1 full baguette 1 cup parmesan cheese 1 cup butter Cut baguette into thin slices, spread each piece with butter and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes until golden brown. Serve Blaz'n Dip with baguettes and enjoy!

Follow Celena on Instagram @ the_blaznchef and on Facebook @ Celena Esquer. For more information about Celena’s product lines, visit BLAZ'N JALAPENO POPPER DIP Infused Mayo 2 cups infused vegetable oil 2 egg yolks 1 tsp dry mustard 4 tsp lemon juice 2 tsp white vinegar 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp salt

masterful technique for even blending is well known throughout the valley for creating delicious, infused cuisine with a pure, clean taste and an even finish. Encouraged by her mother to cook at a young age, Misty’s cooking is known for its amazing flavor. For the past three years, Misty has run her own company providing infused-products consulting and catering local industry events. Misty’s recipes are quite unique, she makes dark chocolate ganache truffle brownies and vegan pecan pie baklava bites, and she’s been perfecting them over the last ten years. She also make products that are both vegan and gluten-free, although you would never know it. For example her award winning brownies are actually flourless so they‘re naturally gluten free. You might think it sounds similar to what’s out there already, but once you taste her recipes you’ll know the difference. Currently, Misty operates her company Mistyland Baked Goods which headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Misty’s goal is to get MBG out to the masses soon and to have infused versions of her baked goods on dispensary shelves near you. For readers wanting to infuse their own food, Chef Misty recommends purchasing a ready made distillate vape pen from any dispensary and simply adding that to any fat or oil. Follow Misty on Instagram @ Mistylandbakedgoods and on Facebook @ Mistylandbaked. MISTYLAND BAKED GOODS Papaya Salad 1 large ripe papaya 1 pineapple 2 rainbow bell peppers (or red) 10 mint leaves, torn 5 thai basil leaves, chopped 1 cilantro bunch, chopped

In a food processor add egg yolk, dry mustard and salt and mix on slow for 15 seconds. Slowly add lemon juice, vinegar and sugar. Once all is mixed, add infused vegetable oil and slowly drizzle in a little at a time until all your oil is in. Continue to mix until it's thick and looks like a traditional mayonnaise and refrigerate for 2 hours. Keeps for 2 weeks. Blaz'n Dip 1 ½ cups colby jack shredded cheese 1 ½ cups pepper jack shredded cheese 8 oz softened cream cheese 1 ½ cups infused mayo I package peppered bacon 4 oz can diced jalapeno 4 oz can diced hatch green chiles I cup chopped scallions


Dressing ½ cup rice wine vinegar 1 tbsp soy sauce 1-2 tbsp sugar 1 drop distillate mixed into dressing

Chef Misty Lee

Chef Misty Lee is an award-winning edibles chef and homegrown Nevada native who creates baked goods inspired by love. Over 20 yrs ago, she became disabled so she taught herself how to bake with cannabis and she has been evolving ever since. Her

Chop all ingredients either julienne or in chunks and mix everything together. Use measuring cup to make the dressing and pour lightly over salad mix. Enjoy and keep leftovers refrigerated. Last up to 4 days.




⅛ cup tamarind pulp 1 tbsp cinnamon ½ tbsp cumin ½ tbsp thyme ½ tbsp marjoram 4 tbsp olive oil infused with 4 grams distillate ½ cup water 1 tsp salt and pepper to taste Smoke peppers for 30 minutes. Combine all ingredients except infused olive oil in saucepan. Simmer 1 hour. Add infused olive oil, puree and pour through a strainer. Add salt and pepper.

DJ Ched Fred

DJ Chef Fred Nesbitt officially became a cannabis chef back in 2009 when he was working as a personal chef to the Schwab family. His children’s babysitter, Lolly G., was diagnosed with cancer. She asked Chef Fred to make her some RSO and begin infusing it into anything except candy or sweets, as she was diabetic and some of the edibles at the local dispensary made her blood sugar difficult to manage. Lolly is alive today, and Chef Fred credits her as the person who influenced him to begin infusing meals with cannabis. Today, Chef Fred is an International celebrity cannabis chef and consultant. He specializes in relationships, recipe formulation, manufacturing, cultivation, extraction, genetics and education. Chef Fred was the 2016 corporate chef for the Emerald Cup. Chef Fred has partnered with a licensed medical cannabis company in St. VIncent and the Grenadines. He is also a partner in licensed California cannabis companies Beacon Apothecary, Heavenly Sweet, and Santa Rosa Humanity Wellness. Additionally, Fred has a partnership for the cultivation and manufacturing of industrial hemp under the brand Uncle Buddies. This month marks the 3-year anniversary of Chef Fred’s monthly recipe contributions in Vegas Cannabis Magazine. Follow Chef Fred on social media @ acresagri and @djcheffred. For more information about Chef Fred’s partnerships, visit


THE INFUSED DIRTY BIRDY 1 (4-pound) whole chicken 4 tbsp distillate-infused vegetable oil 1 stick melted butter infused with 4 grams distillate 2 tbsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 4 tbsp of your favorite dry spice rub 1 can of your favorite beer Remove neck and giblets from chicken and discard. Rub chicken lightly with infused oil then rub inside and out with salt, pepper and dry rub. Open beer and drink half the can. Place beer can on a solid surface. Grabbing a chicken leg in each hand, drop the bird cavity over the beer can. Build a little foil boat to catch the beer boiling. Transfer the bird-on-a-can to your foil boat and grill. Place in the center of the grate, balancing the bird on its 2 legs and the can like a tripod. Cook the chicken over medium-high, indirect heat with the grill cover on, for approximately 1 1/4 hours. Baste the bird with the melted infused butter coating and glaze to perfection. BEWARE BBQ SAUCE 1 green pepper 1 red pepper 2 large tomatoes, peeled and seeded 2 medium ripe mangoes, peeled and cut from seed 1 onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic 3 scotch bonnet or habanero chiles 7 tbsp cider vinegar ½ pound brown sugar ⅛ cup dijon mustard

MOMMA’S POTATO SALAD 10 pounds boiled potatoes peeled, diced 1 large onion diced ½ cup diced dill pickle ½ cup diced celery ¼ cup minced parsley 2 tbsp minced garlic 2 tbsp yellow mustard 2 tbsp paprika 3 cups mayo infused with 3 grams CBD distillate and 1 gram THC distillate Combine all ingredients in a large bowl until thoroughly mixed.

Chef Michael Richardson Exclusive Chefs

One of three, thirty-year-plus culinary veterans of Exclusive Chef’s, Chef Mike Richardson, has perfected poetry, sculpture art and culinary art. Chef Michael Richardson is currently a Chef de Cuisine working with the most talented trio on the globe. He specializes in fine dining and global cuisine as well as themed, infused interactive dinner parties. In the 90’s, Chef

Michael was cooking with the late, great Chef Paul Prudhome in New Orleans. While in New Orleans, a friend invited Michael to a wedding. His money was short but he had plenty of cannabis so he gifted the couple a romantic interlude which included a 3-course dinner with a custom poem created just for them. Chef Michael believes “It’s not what you put in, it’s what you leave out. Simplicity is best. Let the star be the star.” He adds, “Just because everyone can hit a high note doesn’t mean everyone should. Balance. Harmony is the goal.” Follow Chef Michael and the Exclusive Chefs crew on Instagram @ exclusivechefs. For more information, visit Today’s Spoken Word: A love Letter To… The Vegetable! I found out what love was when I first saw a popular cartoon bunny pull a carrot from his fur. The shear joy in which he attacked that carrot, devouring it like nothing on earth could be better. Here was the start of my lust for vegetables.

All one can do is extend a foreleg bow at the waist, strike the throat thrice and say “Welcome Sir!” Here is a mid world recipe from the house of El’d...Vegetable Paella! SUPER LEMON HAZE SAFFRON CANNA-OIL CROCK POT & MASON JAR METHOD 1oz flower, (decarb on cookie sheet covered with foil 250 degrees for 50 minutes) 2 cups olive oil or oil of choice 1tbsp saffron, (turmeric also gives a nice yellow color, optional) Combine all ingredients in a mason jar with a tight fitting lid. Fill crock-pot halfway with water. Bring water to boil, then turn to medium or low. Put mason jar in crock-pot (burp mason jar every hour) and simmer for 4-6 hours. Your oil should never be hot enough to boil (boiling oil = potency decrease.) Strain with cheesecloth, add to paella or other dishes of choice.

Chef Dee, The Happy Chef was a featured cannabis chef on the Emmy nominated Netflix original series "Cooking On High." Follow Chef Dee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon @EdibleDee. Check out her How to Happy Chef classes, videos and tutorials on Patreon. For more information, visit

As a teen my torrid love affair with a redheaded beet was nearly all encompassing. Down the rabbit hole I went to witness the emergence of a full-bodied beetroot, naked to the world. Butter streaming in the tiny ripples, as a menage a trois of herbs, basil, cilantro and mint converge to cover her moist body. The first taste to my lips, as I was seduced to partake in her sweetness, was a trip to an herbaceous bliss. As a grown-ass man, my passion for vegetables has matured like fine wine. “I now look deeper”. The eyes of a pineapple no longer leave me enthralled. The crimson red of the radish or the intoxicating aroma of roasted garlic no longer make me swoon or “give me the vapors” as the kids these days say. I see the hills and valleys of my journey along with the trends of today calling mother earth to feed me. Today I proudly wear the badge of “Vegetable Pimp”. That’s right, they line up clamoring for a makeover from the “Vegetable Souteneur” at Exclusive Chefs. Potato varieties that most have never heard of. Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are rushing down the runway. Have you ever seen a daikon radish have a cat fight with a rutabaga for center stage? You can’t “unsee” it.

science for her. Studying the various cannabis compounds led Dee to the broader picture of her passion for plants, herbs and overall holistic healing. Today, you can find Chef Dee working as a high level consultant in cannabis and hemp production, kitchen and production design, equipment selection and build outs, state regulations, product branding and SKU development. She is also a managing partner at Hydr8 Hemp Infused Water.


Chef Dee Russell The Happy Chef

Chef Dee began her culinary journey while running restaurants in her hometown of Virginia Beach. Her passion for happy infusions began there as well and that passion pulled her west to pursue a career in the legal cannabis market. In 2014, Dee began working with B-Real of Cypress Hill and Kenji Fujishima of Dr. Greenthumb and subsequently published her first cannabis cookbook entitled The Happy Chef which she collaborated with B-Real on. Dee had been infusing food prior to legalization and once regulations and lab testing were enacted she quickly adjusted her processes and procedures and her passion for cannabis infusions was solidified as it was everyday

1 cup mango (peeled, finely chopped) 1-2 mangoes depending on size ½ cup pineapple (finely chopped) 1 cup red onion (finely chopped) ¼ cup tomatoes (finely chopped) ¼ cup fresh cilantro (finely chopped) 2-3 tbsp fresh ginger (peeled, finely chopped) ¼ cup rice vinegar 1 tbsp infused "happy" coconut oil fresh ground pepper and crushed red pepper to taste Peel and finely chop mangoes, pineapple, red onion, cilantro, and ginger. Combine peeled/ chopped ingredients in medium size bowl. Add rice vinegar and infused coconut oil (method of infusing coconut oil to your dose preference can be found at under tab THE HAPPY CHEF. Pepper to your level of happiness. Mix lightly and get happy!

shake to make the cannabutter. STEP 2: Activate your shake by making cannabutter. If you are not using shake, grind the flower in a spice grinder until fine. Combine shake and 1 stick unsalted butter (8 oz) over a double boiler. Steep over low heat for at least 4 hours; keeping an eye on the water level. Replenish as needed. Remove from boiler, strain through a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth and set aside strained butter to cool completely.

Chef Mindy Segal

Chef Mindy Segal is a James Beard Award Winning pastry chef. She is the owner of Hot Chocolate Restaurant in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood and Hot Chocolate Bakery in the Revival Food Hall in Chicago. Both restaurants offer savory meals as well as amazing desserts. As an advocate for cannabis legalization on all levels, Mindy believes in the plant’s medicinal benefits for both major ailments as well as overall quality of life. In 2014, Mindy was approached by Cresco Labs and it was then that she knew she wanted to help professionalize and normalize cannabis through her position as a mainstream chef. For consumers looking to infuse their own meals, Chef Mindy recommends starting slow explaining that “edibles affect everyone differently based on lifestyle, metabolism, and food intake.” Other than that, she considers cannabis an ingredient like any other and notes “activated cannabis oils can be added to chocolates and candies directly as long as they’re mixed in thoroughly. If people are using flower material, it needs to be steeped slow and low into butter for at least four hours to activate it and then you can strain it out. The butter can then be added to the recipe.” Follow Chef Mindy Segal on Instagram @ mindysedibles. For more information, visit OATMEAL BUTTERSCOTCH CANNA COOKIES Servings approximately 42 cookies STEP 1: Calculate your potency. Got to http:// and enter the amount of flower and its potency for number of servings in the recipe. Adjust the amount of flower until your desired potency per serving appears in the green box. Use that amount of

STEP 3: Make your cookies. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Toast 1 cup plus 2 Tbsp Old-Fashioned Oats in a single layer for approximately 5 minutes. Let cool. Make sure cannabutter is cooled completely and solidified at room temperature. In the bowl of a stand mixer, add butter, ½ cup granulated sugar and ½ cup brown sugar. Beat on medium speed until pale in color, approximately 5 minutes. Add 1 egg and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Beat until homogeneous, about 1 minute. Scraping sides of the bowl to bring together. In a separate bowl, whisk together toasted oats, 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1-1/2 tsp baking soda, and 2 tsp salt. Add 1 cup butterscotch chips and stir to coat. Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture. Mix on low speed until the batter comes together completely, about 1 minute. Portion the cookies into mounds about 1-1/2 tbsps each. Place 8 mounds on a cookie sheet (cookies will spread significantly as they bake) Bake at 350F for 15 minutes, rotating pan halfway through. Let cookies cool completely on the pan. Repeat with remaining dough. Cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Shabrayia "Chef Bray" Woodall

Chef Bray, a California native who has settled in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last 15 years has hopes of becoming a well-known, established chef here locally. This selfproclaimed “street chef” went mainstream following a major car accident on the Las Vegas Strip two years ago when she readjusted her focus and made the decision to step away from corporate America. Specializing in creole/soul food, Chef Bray considers herself a professionally trained chef with diversity.

Follow Chef Bray on Instagram @chefbray, on Facebook @Shabrayia Woodall and on YouTube @Chef Bray. CHEF BRAY’S INFUSED ROASTED GARLIC OLIVE OIL 10 cloves garlic 1 red bell pepper 1 orange bell pepper 1 yellow bell pepper 1 bunch of rosemary ¼ tsp salt 16 oz extra virgin olive oil - half infused with THC, half uninfused 1-2 drops of your favorite True Terpene (diluted) - available online at 1 small pan 1 decorative olive oil bottle with spout Magical Butter Machine (for infusing olive oil) Begin by washing vegetables thoroughly. This will defeat fungi from growing and give your final product longevity. Cut all vegetables but reserve half of them for decoration in the decorative bottle. Take the first half of the peppers, garlic, rosemary, and salt and place in a small pan with all of the olive oil. Cook at 200 degrees until herbs extract into the air. Do not let vegetables or oil burn. Take out of oven once herb aroma is in the air and let cool. Place the reserved vegetable decoration (2nd half) into the decorative bottle. After oil mixture cools, strain the oil into the decorative bottle over the decorative vegetables. Add 1-2 drops of your favorite True Terpene profile (diluted.) Cap the bottle and let the mixture rest for at least 2 hours. Pour and Enjoy! Or, save on your countertop or dining room table for decoration. Shelf life is comparable to regular non-infused oil (long shelf life.)

TRANSCEND THE ORDINARY Available at these fine dispensaries Planet 13, Nevada Made and The Grove. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.



a patient's perspective


Lighten Up! So last month’s column was a little bit heavy. I discussed how (unbelievably) the next wave of prescription medication is going to be even more expensive than you can probably imagine right now, and I also went off on a tangent about euthanasia and making the choice to die.

As I have said before, my favorite thing about marijuana, besides EVERYTHING, is its ability to help me escape my wretched body and explore my well-stocked mind.


By Peter Jay

Not me personally, you understand, but I discussed a device that poisoned you with nitrogen gas, hopefully in accordance with your wishes. So heavy was last month’s offering that I did not mention cannabis even once. NOT. EVEN. OUNCE. Once. Sorry, typo. As I have said before, my favorite thing about marijuana, besides EVERYTHING, is its ability to help me escape my wretched body and explore my well-stocked mind. As such, most of my entertainment pursuits tend to be more cerebral than physical. What do I mean? Well, I enjoy writing, I read more than a university freshman, and I have successfully made Netflix and Amazon Prime Video my two best bitches. I am the King of binge-watching, as the kids call it. The whole “Netflix-and-chill” thing is a bit beyond me, but watching streaming movies has definitely expanded my horizons. Remember, when I grew up, we had five channels, and I was the family remote control. Two of those channels were Canadian television programming, and if you know anything at all about me, you know of my general distaste for Canada. You know, spare parts for us and all. I have really enjoyed streaming programming that I thought that I would dislike. Conversely, some of the shows that I watched that I thought were sure things actually turned out to suck a little bit. Have you ever watched “Dexter”? Perfectly lovely show about a guy who works for the Miami police department and has a serial killer side-gig. For the first few seasons, the show was awesome. After that? How many fucking serial killers are there in Miami, for God’s sake? And why would they all choose to live somewhere that they were constantly sweating? I know, I live in Las Vegas, but here it is a DRY heat! Like a blast furnace or a crematorium.



The show that surprised me the most is called “Sense8”. What a cool series this was! Have you ever seen the movie “The Matrix”? It was directed by the Wachowski Brothers. “Sense8” was directed and produced by the Wachowskis. Do you notice that they dropped the “Brothers” from their title? That is because they are both transsexual, and their new perspective on life is reflected in the series. An individual’s plumbing makes no never mind to me, and this series definitely demonstrates that excellent storytelling has nothing to do with one’s gender, identified or otherwise. A hero is a hero, whether said hero is named Neo or Nomi. Or Wolfgang, for that matter. Another nice surprise is titled “Travelers”, also available on Netflix. A group of future-dwellers travel back through time in an attempt to save Earth from impending ecological disaster. Yes, it is a tetch Al Gore-y (political), but it is still a great show. If you ever wanted to see Eric McCormack (Will from “Will and Grace”) as a total badass, then this is the series for you. One thing that still has me surprised is how slowly popular entertainment is introducing marijuana into movies and series storylines. Amazon’s “Ozarks” has a nice little storyline about producing opium, and it also features Jason Bateman (you just KNOW he’s a stoner!), but there isn’t a lot of the puff-puff-give going on. How long is it going to take before some show’s lead actor and first female lead get together and share some nice Kosher Kush? Hey, I would be thrilled just to see two characters discussing something as innocuous as CBD cream. Evolution is slow, I suppose. Patience is either a virtue or a complete waste of time. I will let you make that call for yourself. Stay warm and enjoy the heat! Holler at Peter Jay: Archive:





A day in the life of Barry Hertzberg, Co-Founder of Rylie’s Sunshine LLC Barry Hertzberg first used cannabis recreationally in 1972 when he was 15 years old. “Even at 15, I knew almost immediately that I would continue to love this plant for the rest of my life,” he shared. “It’s become my daily stress-reducer, and so much more.” In college he subsidized his income, meeting supply and demand via the black market. Little did he know that years later the plant that could have put him in prison would become his remedy, replacing opioids for a severe back injury in 2007. “I was actually surprised to find I was able to eliminate opioids altogether,” he shared. “Cannabis also relieves my chronic insomnia and a lifetime of gastrointestinal issues – and I can regulate my doses using tincture more easily than with the pills.” Prior to ingesting for real ailments, for years Hertzberg said he only dabbed concentrates. “My partner, Felix, and I opened a dispensary in Pacific Beach in Southern California,” he shared. “We had a dab-bar and served super-premium BHO we extracted using a Closed Loop System called a Timisium. My tolerance went through the roof and it took more and more concentrates to get me to the same place – both mentally and physically.” Realizing he needed a better combination of cannabinoids for his particular set of ailments, he began experimenting with ingesting, specifically tinctures and topicals for pain. He and partner Felix also began Original Nectar, his first oil-making company in Southern California, using Eden Labs large-scale CO2 distiller, manufactured in Seattle, Washington. Using cannabis as a serious remedy didn’t come onto his radar


until Janie Maedler reached out for help when her daughter, Rylie, was facing reconstructive surgery on her face, after having nearly two-thirds of her facial structure removed from bone cancer. Hertzberg helped with the formulation for Rylie, her face regenerated in less than six months – no reconstructive surgery necessary, and the man who dabbled in concentrates was educated to the power of the plant. Today, he is Co-Founder of Rylie’s Sunshine, LLC, and with Rylie’s mother, Janie, they have their own formulations and line of cannabis products, still using Eden Labs equipment. The site also offers support via education and consultations.


A DAY IN THE LIFE… Hertzberg said his wake-up remains smoking flower, with his daily dose beginning with a puff or two from a joint. “If half a joint is still remaining from the prior night’s medicating, I’ll take a hit before getting out of bed,” he continued. “This straightens out a number of issues for me immediately – it settles my stomach, relieves occasional morning nausea, and relaxes my back.” Though he prefers smoking joints throughout the day, to insure he’s pain-free, he’ll medicate with tincture every four hours or so. “I use 50 milligrams of THC activated tincture, sublingually; and a dose as high as 100 milligrams on weekends or days where my workload is light. We make the tinctures ourselves, and I tend to prefer a sativa dominant hybrid – but indica works just as well for me.” The tinctures are formulated with whole plant extract, using Eden Labs Super Critical CO2 equipment. The mix is proprietary for the Rylie’s Sunshine brand, along with an MCT carrier oil. He’s also use a topical cream for immediate relief of pain made by Southern California maker, Ma Kush. To unwind in the evening, Hertzberg said he loves to smoke flower, albeit, with more tincture, for the entourage effect. “Before bed I typically take 100 milligram of whole plant CBD tincture sublingually, extracted from the cultivar, AC/ DC,” he explained. “It really clears up the inflammation that flares up in my shoulders and back when I sleep. I also take an equal amount of indica dominant THC tincture for pain and to help me sleep.” In being interviewed for this piece, Hertzberg had an epiphany. “Wow, I never really thought about how much I rely on cannabis in different ways every day!” he exclaimed. “I never focused on my own illnesses and pain until I saw firsthand how much it did for Rylie. Like I said, at 15 I knew weed would be my mode of recreation for life, I just had no idea how much it would become my work and medicine for life.” For more information on Rylie’s Sunshine visit,

I N F U S I O N 70 2 . 5 2 1 . 3 1 1 3 | Branding | Graphic Design | Website Development Advertising | Email Marketing | Social Media | Photography Video | Retail & Cultivation Interior Design Production & Installation of Branded Enviroments

DEAR MARY JANE An advice column from the Grande Dame of Marijuana

Dear Mary Jane, I just moved to Reno from Washington (state) in May, and I have stumbled upon a fundamental reality of life here: summer is freaking hot. Sure, a smart guy would have paid attention to things like average daily summer temperature and what not before he moved here, but we won’t worry about that. It is too freaking hot to do anything! Can you suggest an indoor activity, partnered or otherwise, that I can use to stay entertained during this hellish season? Meltingly yours, Sweaty Mike

Dear Sweaty Mike, Welcome to the scorch! Yesterday I was watching a dog chase a cat, and they both melted mid-stride. There was literally a cat and dog puddle outside of the building where I was dancing. Have you ever seen a pigeon’s tongue? I have, when I saw one perched on a tree branch panting for air. Chickens regularly lay soft boiled eggs this time of year, saving time at breakfast for everybody but further screwing up everybody's understanding of biology. There are two schools of thought when it comes to handling a hot Nevada summer. One school thinks that you should get on with your life, despite the mind-numbing heat, and just shut up about it. It’s hot outside. We get it. No, I can’t believe these temperatures. Thank you. The other school of thought, the one to which I subscribe, believes that remaining indoors as much as possible is the smart way to not melt away to gooey nastiness outdoors. Granted, my method will not work for everybody. Indoors is fine to avoid 100°, but your entertainment options can be a little bit limited. Personally, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video provides a veritable plethora of entertainment options, and they are my go-to’s for mental engagement during the hellish months of summer. But this would not be a true stoner column if we focused on the good stuff. It has been my experience that watching the absolute worst movies on Amazon, Netflix and other streaming

sites proves to be much more entertaining. Sure, you can watch “The Godfather” and walk away feeling all Italian and looking for some cannoli, but where is the challenge? WHERE?? Terrible movies all share a few things in common; anymore, one of those things is Adam Sandler. Do you remember when he was funny? Actually, I do not, but I think SNL’s “Opera Man” was occasionally amusing. I digress. Additionally, movies with the words “Human Centipede” in the title (there are three so far) will likely be terrible, unless you are REALLY into recycling. I mean, I have a container for empty tin cans, but let’s not get ridiculous here. I guess that, regardless of temperature, you will have to eventually venture outdoors, if for no other reason than to acquire weed and ice cream. My advice to you in this circumstance is this: go early, preferably well after the sun has gone down. Yes, I am that lady giggling her ass off at the supermarket at 3 AM. Amateurs, you likely will believe that going outside at 3 AM will provide a break from the relentless heat. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the yuck! Organize an Uber and get blazed up before you go shopping. Believe me, grocery shopping while baked off of your ass is an endlessly entertaining and cholesterol-building experience. Beyond all that, old advice is good advice. Stay hydrated, dress in layers if you have to go outside, and stay high as much as possible. Look on the bright side: it will be Christmas soon! Ho ho ho!


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By: Janelle Johngrass

Cannabis & Pregnancy A Conversation with Midwife Erica Delmore A lot of women have questions about cannabis use in pregnancy. I thought sitting down and speaking with a professional midwife would be beneficial to hear her experience and view on the subject. Janelle Johngrass: Could you please tell the readers who you are and what you do? Erica Delmore: I am Erica Delmore I am a midwife here in Southern Nevada. I serve Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas. Janelle: How long have you been practicing midwifery? Erica: I have been a midwife in the Valley for about 4 years. Janelle: What led you to become a midwife? Erica: Before I was a midwife I was a Doula. There was a birth I attended with a client in the hospital and I was really upset by what I saw. I had been to a couple of home births, I knew what happened at home births. I had just begun my time as an assistant to a midwife in the Valley, and I saw what was possible, and I didn’t like what I was seeing in the hospital. I knew women who were healthy and low risk could have their babies safely at home with someone who is trained to see signs of anything going on. I remember looking to the doctor after the delivery and saying to him, “I can help women do this better at home.” And I talked to the midwife I was assisting about becoming her student and that’s what happened. I became her student and now I am a midwife. Janelle: You are well versed in women’s health. With cannabis being recreationally legal now a lot more women are wanting to know whether it’s safe to use during pregnancy. How do you feel about cannabis use during pregnancy?

Janelle: What are the main reasons and benefits for a woman to use cannabis during pregnancy? Erica: The primary reasons women use it are nausea and anxiety. Everyone has heard of morning sickness which usually goes away within 3 months, but there are some women who have hyperemesis gravidarum and that’s torturous because you are sick and nauseous your entire pregnancy. I’ve had clients who have trouble keeping water down. The cannabis helps. It really does. I have other clients who have severe anxiety who were on other medications prior to becoming pregnant that they didn’t want to or couldn’t take while pregnant, so they went in search in other ways to help that anxiety. Cannabis can help that. Janelle: What are the main concerns for using cannabis during pregnancy? Erica: Women worry about how much it is impacting the baby and what people will think of them. Janelle: Considering the lack of data about cannabis impacting a baby in utero what have you witnessed as a midwife with your clients who use cannabis verses your clients who do not? Were there any noticeable differences in the health and wellness of the baby and/or Mother?

Janelle: How do you support Mothers who want to use cannabis during their pregnancy?

Erica: Here’s what I’ve seen and I can only give you anecdotal evidence based on what I have seen, personally. I have had quite a few clients who have used cannabis throughout their pregnancies, typically their babies are smaller for gestational age. I know that is a concern for a lot of physicians. Their placentas are smaller which makes sense since they are growing a smaller baby the placenta doesn’t need to be as big. But here is what is so interesting; those babies typically have 9/10 apgar scores when they are born. Those babies typically latch very quickly and those babies tend to thrive. I also have to say my cannabis smokers had less issues during their pregnancies, less issues with fear, less issues with anxiety. Their food journals were way better cause they felt like eating and they felt like eating good healthy food. I feel the women I work with who use cannabis can even be more grounded.

Erica: I encourage my clients to go to reputable dispensaries and speak to knowledgeable cannabis consultants- not someone who

Janelle: Do you feel a certain delivery method is more beneficial over others?

Erica: I have a few clients past, present and I am sure future, who have used cannabis. Not everyone is open to it, it still holds a huge stigma, but I really think it’s time for that stigma to go away. Using cannabis should be like using red raspberry leaf tea. Obviously, not in the same capacity but with that same mindset. I feel women should be able to go get it just like they would any other herb for their needs. I would rather have a Mom come to me using cannabis than a Mom who is using cigarettes.


is just trying to sell you a bag of weed. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about finding the right strain for you for what you need. It might be that it has low THC and high CBD or high linalool or myrcene. It depends on what it is that you need. A cannabis consultant who is properly trained will be able to guide you to the best strains for you.

and even hang out. But I’m not going to say anything because that is a HIPAA violation. More women should be honest about it and share their experiences. I say come out of the “green closet”. Anything else you want to add for women who are considering using cannabis during their pregnancies? Be honest with your care providers even if you think they are going to get angry. First of all, if you think they are going to get angry, maybe you need to find a new care provider because you should not feel scared of your care provider. Educate yourself. Don’t just listen to what I’ve said, educate yourself. Women have to do what’s right for them and also take into consideration what is going on with their baby. Moms know. They are connected with their babies. They know when something is good and they know when something is wrong, they just know. If you’re a pregnant woman you should be eating well, you should be hydrating, you should be resting, you should be exercising; take a walk, do some yoga. Don’t just be a couch potato watching TV and smoking joints all day. Erica: I am honest with my clients and I would prefer, if they are going to use cannabis, they only use flower and when using flower I would prefer for them to smoke through a water pipe because it does clean out impurities. I also encourage them to do microdoses. Because you don’t know how a certain strain is going to hit you. Janelle: Do you feel a certain delivery method is more harmful than others? Erica: Yes, I have some guidelines for my clients. No tinctures, no edibles, no concentrates. There’s no way to manage a dosage because you could eat a square of a chocolate bar that’s supposed to be 10mg but what if you get the square that actually has 35mg and you are not a daily cannabis user that’s going to hit you a whole lot harder than it would someone who does use cannabis on a regular basis. So edibles I am not a fan of. Also, if you are smoking an 1/8th a day and ripping bong rips every 30 minutes I would have a huge issue with that both during prenatal care and postpartum care. Janelle: Do you feel at any point cannabis is not safe for use during pregnancy? If so, when and why? Erica: I would probably suggest not smoking during the first trimester because so much developmental stuff is going on. However, that is when nausea tends to hit so I will recommend to microdose very small amounts over the course of the day. I also don’t think it helps in labor. It will not help with the pain. We are supposed to feel what’s going on. I think the women who abuse it are unhappy, they don’t have support with regards to impending birth, their partner is typically not around or not present, there’s not a lot of familial support. I think that’s when it starts to be abused when women feel alone and desperate. But I can’t be everyone's savior. I will try to “right the ship” if you will but if I can’t I will discharge her care and send them in to a physician. Janelle: Statistics say that 66% of women that use Cannabis during pregnancy do it privately and secretly. Do you find that to be true with your clients? Erica: Absolutely, yes. Very few of my clients would admit to using cannabis. And the funny thing is that a lot of them know each other

Janelle: How can women in Southern Nevada connect with you? Erica: They can send me an email at They can always call or text me; my phone number is 702-324-3206 or they can shoot me a contact request through my website which is So anyway anyone wants to contact me is perfectly fine and I would be willing and happy to sit down and chat with them. Janelle Johngrass hosts monthly Cannabis in Motherhood meetings. Go to for more information.



>>>> Insuring

the Industry

In this issue, I will define various insurance coverages to provide cannabis business owners a clear understanding of the importance and why they are needed to protect your business. Product Liability Insurance: Protection against financial loss arising out of the legal liability incurred by an insured because of injury or damage resulting from the use of a covered product or out of the liability incurred by a contractor after a job is completed (completed operations cover). Example: Customer purchases CBD Oil and claims it caused them to break out into a rash, customer sues CBD Oil company. Product Liability Insurance provides protection for such a lawsuit and keeps the insured from paying out of pocket for attorney’s fees. General Liability Insurance: Insurance protecting commercial insureds from most liability exposures other than automobile and professional liability. Example: Customer trips, falls and injures themselves on your business premises, they sue you for their injuries. This provides coverage to protect you from such a lawsuit and minimizes the amount of attorney fees the business pays out of pocket. Cyber and Privacy Insurance: A type of insurance designed to cover consumers of technology services or products. More specifically, the policies are intended to cover a variety of both liability and property losses that may result when a business engages in various electronic activities, such as selling on the Internet or collecting data within its internal electronic network. Example: This provides coverage for a data breach, in the event a hacker steals sensitive information from your network. Coverages include notification costs, credit monitoring costs to defend claims by state regulators, fines and penalties, and loss resulting from identity theft. Professional Liability Insurance: A type of liability coverage designed to protect traditional professionals (e.g., accountants, attorneys) and quasi-professionals (e.g., real estate brokers, consultants) against liability incurred as a result of errors and omissions in performing their professional services. Example: Professionals that operate their own businesses need professional liability insurance, in addition to an in-home business or business owners policy. This provides protection for the business owner in the event of an error or omission. This protects the business against financial losses from lawsuits filed against them by their clients. Some examples of professionals would be: Real Estate Agent/Broker, Photographer, Web Design, Attorney, Doctor, Insurance Agent, Branding Agent.These are just a few of the professionals that should carry Professional Liability Insurance.


Key Person Life Insurance: Insurance whose purpose is to indemnify a business for the loss of earnings brought about by the death of a key officer or other employee. Life and/or

By Michele Tanico

disability insurance on one (or more) key person(s) whose loss or unavailability may cause loss of profit, loss of goodwill, or an increase in expenses. This type of insurance helps finance the search and training of a successor or compensate for a reduction in profits. Also called key person insurance. Example: Losing a Key Executive, can result in a detrimental effect for their companies. For key person insurance policies, a company purchases a life insurance policy on its key employee(s), pays the premiums and is the beneficiary of the policy. In the event of death, the company receives the insurance payoff. Commercial Auto Insurance: Any business that owns, operates, or uses motor vehicles and employees that use their vehicles for business purposes-Commercial Auto Insurance is needed to protect you from a financial loss as a result of an accident. Example: Three people are injured in an accident in which you or one of your employees is at fault. The policy limit is exhausted in judgments or settlements for the first two claimants. That leaves your business liable to pay the award directly, should there be a judgment in favor of the third person. Umbrella: A policy designed to provide protection against catastrophic losses. It generally is written over various primary liability policies, such as the business auto policy (BAP), commercial general liability (CGL) policy, watercraft and aircraft liability policies, and employers liability coverage. Workers Compensation: The system by which no-fault statutory benefits prescribed in state law are provided by an employer to an employee (or the employee's family) due to a job-related injury (including death) resulting from an accident or occupational disease. Example: Workers comp pays for medical bills, lost wages, and any permanent disability suffered by workers who are injured on the job. Nevada law requires all private employers with one or more employees to have workers compensation insurance. Directors and Officers (D&O): This is liability insurance covering directors and officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer. D&O liability insurance can be written to cover the directors and officers of for-profit businesses, privately held firms, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Example: These policies function as "management errors and omissions liability insurance," covering claims resulting from managerial decisions that have adverse financial consequences.

Michele Tanico is available to assist you with all of your insurance needs. She can be reached at (702) 251-4000 or by email to

MICHELE TANICO Don’t risk your investment going up in smoke. Get your joint covered properly today!

Home • Auto • Life • Financial Planning

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702.251.4000 6628 Sky Pointe Dr, #119, Las Vegas, NV 89131

ABOUT Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college with educational roots going back to 1995. OU has established itself as the world’s leading cannabis college with over 35,000 Alumni worldwide.

• Certification from the most recognized and oldest cannabis training institution in North America • Seed to harvest in-depth grow lab demonstrations taught by expert practitioners • Cultivation law taught by world renowned attorneys to mitigate your risk • Learning outcomes designed for beginners and experts • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content • Professional networking opportunities with established entities, potential partners, and affiliates • OU educates local, state, congressional and international governments & regulatory agencies • Oakland campus is the only hands-on cultivation lab in the world with additional programs available • OU Online is available across all desktops and mobile devices OAKSTERDAM.COM (510) 251-1544 1734 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612



Edibly Fantastic

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman (702) 869-6416

Across 1. Precedes bar or chip 6. Chewy candies 12. Hahnium symbol 13. Associated Press, shortened 14. Certain coffee cup 15. ER worker 16. What's that you say? 17. Endures 20. Short for part number 21. Oolong or chamomile 22. Coconut delights 25. Bench mark, shortened 26. Encourage strongly 27. Sign a contract, perhaps 28. Price per ounce 30. Ending for some businesses? 31. Vital force (Egyptian) 32. Between la and do 34. Short for recreation 36. Chocolate-covered ________ are sweet and salty 38. Large container for coffee 39. Edibles can take two to six _____ before effects are felt 40. Royal Observatory, for short 41. Raced 43. It depends on how ______ the weed is 46. Many like to ____ their pot into pies and cakes 49. Try some tasty _____ oils 50. Hey there! 51. Bring up 52. Small eatery 54. Medicated cola, for one 55. Take _____ a dose to start 56. That guy 57. Think of hopefully 59. Bee product 60. Utterance of hesitation 61. Negative reply 63. Decorate over again 65. Period of time 66. Permeated with 69. Meditation word 70. Uppermost bud 72. Euphoric initials 73. Type of medicine

Down 1. Your body _________ plays a part in the intensity of the high 2. Bit of a laugh 3. Chewy, tan candy 4. Operation, shortened 5. Devours 7. Ref relative 8. Cravings for sweets or salt 9. Magnesium symbol 10. Before, poetically said 11. Between-meal items 17. Certain suckers 18. Account of, shortened 19. Cinnamon-sugar, soft cookie 21. Medicinal solution

23. Non-euphoric initials 24. Canna - ______ is great on toast, or for daily cooking 26. Short for postscript 29. They can be wild 33. When an outcome is contrary to what's expected 35. Peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and more 37. Regret deeply 39. Short for high school 42. Small metal container 43. Particular pie nuts 44. Saltwater, for one 45. Handle; take it 46. Chewy, cake-like, chocolate favorite

47. Associate of Arts, shortened 48. Einsteinium symbol 53. Tankard contents 55. Heave.. ___! 56. That girl 58. Charged particle 59. It's where you hang your hat 62. Certain keyboard choice 63. Recommended Daily Allowance, shortened 64. Morse code piece 65. Precedes pen or cure 67. Yd. part 68. Utterance of hesitation 70. Bye! 71. More than eight hrs.




C u r a te d B y Bill Shehan

Nevada Dispensaries BILL

with assistance from SHWA Shwa Laytart


Jenn Zenn


CANNAPUNCH Pineapple Mango Delight

DUTCH GIRL Caramel Stroopwafels


Ok. These are terrible for me. I’m like a fat kid that has no control and can’t say no. Call me the Insinkerator because I’m like a disposal, like a bottomless Stroopwafel pit. Dress me up like a little Dutch girl, and give me a twirl. Just keep spinnin’ these baby waffle frisbees at me. Try to hit me in the chin, or in my shit-eatin’ grin. I love these. They’re fuckin’ terrible. Terrible when there are none left and your wife is expecting the majority of these back. Forget that! I need my own pack. I seriously would dress up like the Dutch girl and skip around at your dispensary pop-ups for a regular supply. Think I’m kidding? Call my bluff, I don’t need to look tough. I can’t get enough. So terrible. Torture me some more.

Total THC- 98.7mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 9.8


CannaPunch should call their drinks “BIG GULPS” because when I try to just get a sip, the bottle in my hand always seems to tip as soon as I grip it and put it to my lips. I didn’t drink all 4 this time, so no tingling in my hips. No time for hibernating this week. It’s crunch time and I need to get to grindin’ and check out what’s good in the Tahoe Cannabis community. This THC-infused refreshment tastes sweet & delicious and was a delightful start to my monthly routine.

Total THC- 92.7mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 9.27mg


CANNAPUNCH Grand Daddy Grape

It’s party time, but you’re going to skip the alcohol tonight. You still want to have a drink in your hand because, you’re partying! Here’s what I do. Grab a Grand Daddy Grape CannaPunch concentrate bottle, a glass, ice, and some club soda. Fill the glass with ice, pour in a 20ml shot of the Grand Daddy Grape elixir then fill the rest of the glass with club soda leaving just enough room for one more 20ml shot of CannaPunch. Sip, toast, cheer, repeat and enjoy because- you’re partying!

Total THC- 96mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 9.6mg




DEEP ROOTS HARVEST Pomegranate Chillers


Deep Roots Harvest really captures the flavor and feeling of a subtly sweet, tangy and exotic pomegranate hard candy with their Pomegranate Chillers. Reminds me of a Jolly Rancher- but one of the notso-overly-sweet, options. Smooth and flavorful, the effects of this edible are like taking a stroll on a warm Mediterranean beach- you feel great now, but in about 30 minutes, you’re really going to be feeling free. What’s great about the Deep Roots Harvest Chillers is that they are made with Isomalt- a low glycemic sweetener, excellent for calorie counters and those mindful of their sugar intake.

Total THC- 103.4mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10.34mg




Lemon is such a universally happy flavor. Bright and sunny, who can resist a lemon-flavored, well, anything really? These Lemon Chillers from Deep Roots Harvest are reminiscent of Lemonheads candy with the added canna-bite. You know how there are 7 vibrant chakra colors? The aura of these lemony lovelies is that of the bright, happy vibe of the third chakra. Happy, warm, a summer’s day…a light head high that transforms into a mellow yellow body lift. Daytime usage preferred, these hard candies are Vegan and gluten-free, but not free of delight!

Total THC- 97.64mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving-9.764mg

MINDY’S CHOCOLATES Milk Chocolate & Peanut Brittle


What? Do you think I’m a buffoon? I’m not clowning around. I see two Evergreen Organix Coconut Macaroons in a Mylar bag, that better be consumed soon or they’ll be gobbled up by the hungry, hungry goon this afternoon. Mr. Velarde, there’s a hot air balloon race every year in the southwest part of town. Wouldn’t you fancy an Evergreen Organix Coconut Macaroon hot air balloon? I’m down!

Mindy’s 50mg Milk Chocolate & Peanut Brittle treats are exactly what we super stoners need. When 5mg’s just doesn’t do it and you don’t want to drop a paycheck just to get an edible you feel. Mindy’s is a sweet treat that will have you moaning with pleasure. Now you can devour this chocolate confection in one bite, but if you aren’t ready for a Willy Wonka wild ride you need to be careful. Each nibble can easily be over 5mg and if you’re a lightweight you don’t want to let your sweet tooth get the best of you.

Total THC- 18.142mg Servings- 2 THC/Serving- 9.071mg

Total THC- 43.389mg Servings- 5 THC/Serving- 8.678mg


DEEP ROOTS HARVEST Cheeba Chews Indica, Sativa, Hybrid


Some of the most widely known and loved cannabis edibles, Cheeba Chews are potent, consistent and discreet to dose. Fans of all ages love the delicious flavors and beneficial effects of these edibles prepared with the highest industry standards and care. A tip from the top: place your individually wrapped, soft taffy Chew in the refrigerator for one minute before opening. Indica: Comparable to a Tootsie Roll with a rich, chocolate taffy flavor profile, these indica Chews had me relaxed and eventually, snoozing dreamfully. Potent! Hybrid: Available in a myriad of flavors like Strawberry Taffy, Caramel, Sour Apple, and Chocolate Taffy, these smooth hybrid strain Chews were fantastic for an even head and body high. Great for daytime use or focused activities. Very potent! Sativa: The great thing about these chocolate taffy sativa Chews, is that you’re lifted and you’re feeling great. My good friend Shanti remarked, “I did a lot of thinking and coloring… it made me focus.'' So there you have it- a feel-great, focused head high with a beautifully completed piece of artwork at the end of the experience (if you’re lucky)! Very potent, definitely daytime use preferred or for focused activities.

Total THC- Approximately 100mg Servings: 10 THC/Serving: Approximately 10mg

* THC will vary by package - check label





EVERGREEN ORGANIX Peanut Butter Cereal Bar

This is my breakfast today. I’m actually still eating breakfast as we speak. I am typing with my mouth full. I’m not rude, don’t cop a tude. I’m not spitting food, my mouth is closed. I’m the type of person that likes to type with my mouth full. But I don’t like to type. I prefer voice dictation. I would also prefer a glass of milk, almond with a bit of honey. I’m not fancy, it comes in a carton at Smith’s - next door to Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary. That’s where you get your Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter Cereal Bar. I really do need that milk. I ain’t messing around.

Total THC- 97.106mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 9.7106mg

KABUNKY Premium #9


No need to go back and verify that we already tried to shove this Kabunky #9 down your throat. We have introduced some form of it four times in the past two issues. We introduced the #9 flower back in May along with some tasty #9 Krumble that made me humble. Then last month, we enjoyed some #9 Live Resin Badder and a 14-gram Kannon hooter that knocked me on my pooter. The 5th time’s a charmer. This time we have the new & improved Premium #9, which boasts an inflated THC percentage, and more terps. So sit back in the center of the field with Premium #9, and it’ll make your head feel fine. I’m just about finished with mine, and this is the end of the line.

THC-25.56% Caryophyllene- 8.4mg/g Humulene- 2.3mg/g Myrcene- 1.8mg/g


KABUNKY Orange Zkittles Live Resin Sugar

Yeuh! Kaboom! I just got hit with a Nevada Made orange in the back of the neck and now I taste the rainbow. This is pure bliss, sun-kissed citrus. When you get your hands on this, make sure you hold it up to your nose because the aroma is extremely therapeutic. When I smell this Live Resin Orange Zkittles, it instantly puts a twisted smile on my face, then I race to the nearest rig and find my place at the table. I’ll say Grace.

THC- 83.4% Terpinolene- 4.9mg/g Myrcene- 1.1mg/g Limonene- 1mg/g Pinene- 0.9mg/g


KABUNKY Golden Lemons Live Resin Badder

This shit smells lovely. This little jar made it up my nostril before I could get home and heat up my rig. I need this in my life, so I’m gonna need to get that jar back from my nose if I’m gonna get this badder in my lungs. Stop hogging the jar, my nariz. Watch out. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I’m reaching my arm up there and gettin’ in. Nice try, I almost didn’t look under my brain. Good hiding spot. Time to see what Golden Lemons has got under the hood. Oh yeah, baby! Both the terpinolene and myrcene hit me the moment I inhaled. Get ready to get dirty because this 84% THC is gonna lay you down on the ground. Brush the dirt off your knees and ass, and get back in the game. I’ll do the same. Good game! Smack!


THC- 84.1% Terpinolene- 9.4mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.5mg/g Linalool- 3.9mg/g

KABUNKY Golden Strawberries Live Resin Shatter


Summer wouldn’t be right without fresh strawberries. Kabunky just brought the berry goodness with this Golden live resin shatter. Every dessert is better with strawberries on top so make every dab you take a strawberry shatter surprise. With 87% THC, you’re going to feel like an ice cream sundae smothered in golden strawberries.

THC- 87.1% Pinene(a+b)- 8.8mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.6mg/g Limonene- 7.1mg/g Myrcene- 3.5mg/g Linalool- 3.2mg/g

REINA Reina Haze

This namesake strain definitely wears the crown. Reina is Spanish for queen and these beautiful buds come exquisitely packaged which validates who should be sitting on the throne. Reina Haze is well-balanced, with just the right amount of THC and spice to keep you from sinking into the throne, allowing you to maintain dominance over your entire kingdom, from high up in your cloud castle.

THC- 23.57% Caryophyllene- 6.071mg/g Limonene-4.812mg/g Myrcene-3.311mg/g Humulene-1.567mg/g



There are moments in a cannabis-lover’s life when you find yourself with a really bad case of “weed breath”. It happens. What used to be covered up with a sugary piece of chewing gum or the pungent flavor assault of a curiously strong mint, can now be combated more organically with Wintergreen THC Mist. Think, those chewy, subtly minty soft candies on the counter at your parent’s favorite Italian restaurant mixed with the bonus of a little THC. Give yourself a few good spray pumps to the mouth, and you’re feeling fresh!

Total THC- 530mg Servings- 100 THC/Serving- 5.3mg Limonene- 4.67mg/g Myrcene- 4.03 mg/g

TRYKE Pineapple Faanta


Tryke never disappoints. If a tropical drink could grow into cannabis it would be Pineapple Faanta. Much like a lip-smacking fruity drink you can’t put down, Pineapple Faanta keeps getting repacked and smoked to the point I’m feeling like I’m on holiday. This is my summertime pick for 2019. Invite me to a pool party or backyard potluck and you bet your sweetsummer ass I’ll be bringing the Pineapple Faanta to share.

THC- 26.74% Myrcene- 2.63mg/g

Limonene- 5.06mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.02mg/g

1350 Stardust St. Reno, NV 89503 Largest Selection of Smoking Supplies in Northern Nevada



Wild purples, bright ambers, and forest greens. The fractals are coming on strong, and that’s just looking deep into the patterns of these stunning fruity nugs. The papaya punch flavor is a sweet citrusy splendor in the grass. A true showcase strain which the Reina grow team has taken to new heights as well as the deep depths of unbelievable delights.

THC- 24.325% Caryophyllene- 3.236mg/g Myrcene- 2.591mg/g b-Pinene- 1.512mg/g

Limonene- 9.194mg/g Linalool- 3.106mg/g Ocimene- 2.143mg/g a-Pinene- 1.393mg/g

1700 Victorian Ave. Sparks, NV 89431 50 W. Main St. Fernley, NV 89408

1110 S. Wells Ave. Reno, NV 89502




BILL CAMP Stargazer Solventless Rosin Cartridge

REINA Wedding Cake

Skip the Queen’s royal wedding and head straight to the reception party. They’ve got the best Wedding Cake, and you should snag a piece before everyone gets there. Don’t be shy. Pack the whole bowl full. Hell, fill up all your bowls. Myrcene doesn’t even register a blip on the lab radar. You know what that means. You will have lots of energy to dance and add some life to the Reina party. 29% THC, remember to exercise extreme caution. You know the drill.

THC- 29.0394% Limonene- 7.853mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.634mg/g Ocimene- 2.083mg/g b-Pinene- 1.543mg/g Humulene- 1.391mg/g Linalool- 1..263mg/g a-Pinene- 1.080mg/g


CAMP Stargazer Solventless Rosin Coin

Get ready for the Milky Way. CAMP created a creamy caramel resin that will have you on your back staring up at the stars whether it be night or day. Dab some Stargazer resin and put on the COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey and let the universe and Neil deGrasse Tyson wash over you. Stargazer Resin will have you crossing the universe like an unexplained aerial phenomenon.

THC- 66.3% CBGa- 2.58% Myrcene- 5.24mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.77mg/g Limonene- 3.7mg/g Linalool- 2.44mg/g


REMEDY Sour Diesel

In the ’60s, Thai Stick was a strain that everyone knew of and wanted to get their hands on. Today, the desired strain and staple of many cannasseurs is Sour Diesel. For years, these have been the two words consistently mentioned by budtenders and buyers Sour Diesel. Remedy maintains the high standards this flower demands. A flower that should always be in your collection.


THC- 28.82% Caryophyllene- 2.41mg/g Myrcene- 2.41mg/g Limonene- 2.33

REMEDY Blue Dream 1 Gram Preroll

Originally developed in Northern California, Blue Dream has been a long-standing favorite of Colorado cannasseurs. Much like Sour Diesel, Blue Dream is a staple that should be in every medicine cabinet. Known for its pain relief qualities as well as the stimulating energy that it produces. A hybrid that truly captures the essence of both sativa and indica, Blue Dream is what dreams are made of.

THC- 23.51% Myrcene- 6.11mg/g a-Pinene- 5.75mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.44mg/g

Ahhhh yeah! I met up with my dudes at CAMP and we had a little retreat. We kicked off our shoes, and kicked-it with the discreet CAMP Solventless Rosin Cartridge. So far so good with the CAMP fleet. I’m a huge fan of indigenous terpenes. These CAMP troops really know how to whoop-de-do it. You still haven’t snatched up any Vegas Cannabis camping gear? The fuck you waitin’ for? The only way it miraculously shows up at the doorstep, is if you’re looking at my doorstep. For some reason, when I lean a little too hard on the camping gear, I forget to shower and look Wookish. Man, 15% terpenes right there big dude. Don’t hit it too hard or you’ll be sleep walking naked around the campsite.

THC- 46.1% Caryophyllene- 82.5mg/g Linalool- 31.7mg/g Myrcene- 23.9 mg/g Limonene- 21.7mg/g SHWA REMEDY Jilly Bean Live Resin Disposable Vape Pen

A palm-size, discreet pen that’s excellent for secret agent puff missions. This live resin is a pure plant extraction of the whole plant. This is most apparent in the lab test. Jilly Bean live resin is high in both THC and THCa which is exactly what I need when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. Just a puff or two and I’m headed back to the dreamscape to lucid dream of superpowers.

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Green Life Productions is a sustainable full spectrum, biodynamic company that prides itself on quality. And holy-moly does it show! Each strain they produce is an elegant display of artistry. Grateful Breath is a strain that will have you walking away a winner each and every time. GLP produces products that should be saved for a special celebration and if you are like me, each day I wake up breathing is a time to celebrate. So raise your pipe and celebrate you, with a grateful breath and a bowl.

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I just took Black Triangle to the head. It’s got me feeling pretty creative, So right now I’ll write from any angle I choose. I choose to be riding on a black stallion, stacked with charisma and adorned with a gold medallion. Me da lion. I’ve ventured that it’s safe to say But I’m pretty fucking stoned today. , bro. So leave me be. Let me play in that gray area. OK? I’m gonna figure something out. I can feel it. I believe what I’m looking for lies somewhere inside this peculiar, little Black Triangle device I got my hands on here. You can smell it. It’s the Green Life game. You’ll play it one day. What a production… Where is the green triangle? Green Life #NOtill #NOnutes #NObull #RegenerativeSoil #StillTheChamp “ I always wanted to do that, Joe” -Steve Cantwell “ He could’ve conceded“ -Bill Shehan (with a conceited smile)


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Right on Reef. I dig the Khalifa Kush strain, and after hitting’ this gold cartridge, I can't complain. I think I’ll take this with me out to the pool and blow some clouds. Nobody will give two shits. All the gold bling on this thing makes it super fly. Man, this Khalifa Kush distillate has got me spinnin’, and it tastes legit. I think I’ll quit hittin’ this right now, and save some for later.

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REMEDY Purple Phoenix

This bird is on fire, flame broiled like El Pollo Loco. I’m spoiled, and I’m cuckoo for purple puffs. There is something magnetic about these dense, purple nugs. After taking a couple bong rips, I knew that was all I needed to be familiar with this beautiful bird. The rest of the material in the jar is getting squished into solventless flower rosin. I wonder what color it will turn out? I’m guessing milky gray. Wanna play?

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FLORA VEGA King Banner

If nug strains had pronouns, King Banner’s would be dude. This flower has a deep rich musk reminiscent of camping and road trips. A spicy flavor and thick plume that will have you making plans to get out and explore. Dude, come on let’s go!

THC- 21.27% Pinene- 9.74mg/g Myrcene- 2.52mg/g

Where are the terps here? This is some strange shit. This sweet, purple gas has to have more terpenes than ocimene at 1.25. I think the labs made a mistake. Usually the labs inflate the numbers up to 15%. These are too modest for me. I know I taste caryophyllene, and more limonene than what the label depicts. Flora Vega nailed this rich blueberry pheno. These nugs are hearty and broke up nicely. Pass it around.

THC- 20.5% Ocimene- 1.25mg/g Limonene- 1.1mg/g





The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

It appears I may have gotten ahead of myself a little bit in last month’s article when I jumped with joy over the City of Las Vegas passing an ordinance authorizing cannabis consumption lounges. In the article, I projected that the new ordinance would cause consumption lounges to start popping up in the very near future… Unfortunately, I was wrong. A week or so after submitting my article to Stephanie and Bill at Tahoe Cannabis Magazine, the Nevada Legislature passed – and Governor Sisolak ultimately signed – Assembly Bill (AB) 533, effectively squashing any hopes of having cannabis consumption lounges until July 2021 at the earliest. This is because AB 533 explicitly prohibits any local government, such as the City of Las Vegas, from authorizing cannabis consumption lounges. AB 533 amends various chapters of the Nevada Revised Statutes (Nevada’s set of laws) and adds language stating that local governments (such as cities, counties and towns) “shall not license or otherwise allow a person to operate a business that allows cannabis […] or cannabis products […] to be consumed on the premises of the business.” And because Nevada law overrides and has supremacy over local ordinances, the City of Las Vegas’s ordinance is effectively no more. Further, AB 533’s prohibition on cannabis consumption lounges doesn’t expire until July 1, 2021 when Nevada legislators meet for the next legislative session, so we won’t see consumption lounges any time before then. This is a real shame for the many businesses that had already started to invest in and begin construction on consumption lounges based on the City’s apparent willingness to allow them. However, AB 533 does task the recentlycreated Cannabis Compliance Board with studying the “feasibility and safe implementation of” cannabis consumption lounges, so it’s not like the issue is being completely swept under the rug. The


Cannabis Compliance Board needs to report the “findings” of their study to the Nevada Legislature on or before January 1, 2021 so legislators will be up to speed come the 81st Session of the Nevada Legislature. Hopefully the legislators will be ready to take quick action and we will finally have a place to legally enjoy cannabis other than our homes. And of course, I fully intend to keep following this issue and demanding action until consumption lounges are finally operational. I’ve been doing it for two years now already, I don’t see the harm in keeping it going another two! While the Nevada Legislature was quite the buzzkill as it relates to cannabis consumption lounges, they did make history by passing Assembly Bill 132, making Nevada the first and only state that will prohibit employers from taking cannabis consumption into account as part of the employers hiring practices. AB 132 takes effect on January 1, 2020 and provides: It is unlawful for any employer in this State to fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee because the prospective employee submitted to a screening test and the results of the screening test indicate the presence of marijuana. Of course, there are exceptions to this law, such as firemen, emergency personnel, job positions that require the operation of a vehicle, and jobs that “in the determination of the employer, could adversely affect the safety of others.” People fitting into the aforementioned job descriptions can still have their prior cannabis use considered during the hiring process. I can already envision employers trying to take advantage of the last part of this language, because it seemingly gives the employer the discretion to decide when/if marijuana consumption can be used as a basis to reject employment so long as they can also allege that there would be a safety issue otherwise. Regardless, the passage of AB 132 is major news and is a big win for the State of Nevada. It’s a shame the State won’t chill out and allow the City of Las Vegas to move forward with cannabis consumption lounges right away, but at least it appears they will be operational at some point after July 1, 2021. As I’ve pledged before, until they open, I will continue to stand here on my soapbox and give updates on the legal aspects of cannabis in Nevada. As always, #StayWoke! Follow me: IG: @Cannab_Esq FB: @MitchellSBissonEsq





Mendo Dope

This month I headed to Mendocino County to meet up with Mendo Dope and check out their studio and garden. Growing huge plants and making dope music about cannabis and cannabis culture is what brothers Daniel and Bryan (aka Old E and Bleezy) are all about. Their message is simple and true- Chemicals kill, Cannabis heals. I have so much respect for these guys because their music comes from a place of experience and passion, and they genuinely care about the plant and how beneficial it is in helping and healing people. Hopper: Let’s start with a two-part question. Tell our readers how you got into growing, and also how you started making music. Old E: Since high school days a lot of our friends were growing weed, so that’s what started our journey. We were trimmers for a while for different people Bryan knew. I was just a young buck at the time. Gradually we got to grow ourselves, which started very small in our Mom’s backyard just planting a seed. Once we moved out we grew our first garden and it just grew from there. In high school English class, that’s when I started getting into writing

raps. Me and the homies were having fun freestyling together. We’d smoke out and bust freestyles and record them. That’s when Bleezy started making beats. Bleezy: I always liked the music. Ever since I was little, I could tune out the lyrics and just focus on the beat. I always like doing that. Daniel was getting more into raps at the same time, so I wanted to hear what they would sound like on my beats. So I focused on that, I didn’t want to start writing or rapping. We started making music almost every day around 2009-2010. Old E: It was cool that we were able to make music together, being brothers. It kept us out of trouble too because we were in the studio so much. Hopper: Who are some of your musical influences? Old E: A lot of Bay Area music. Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, Brotha Lynch, Celly Cel, as well as later we started getting into reggae. Bryan was into reggae before me, but I started getting into Sizzla, Damian Marley, all the Marley’s, really. Of course old school like Tupac and Biggie, Eminem. Bleezy: Yeah Eminem was for sure a big one at the time. We weren’t really like soaking him up any more than Mac Dre or anyone else. We were hooked on the California rappers.



with this dude, Adrian. He passed away from Oxycontin. He showed us his garden, they were such huge plants. He had all these techniques and was making his own strains. So we fell in love with it at his spot. Old E: Yeah, I think that was it. There was this spot off the side of the hill they threw random seeds and all the shake. One of the seeds started sprouting naturally by itself, and that plant got so big over the time we were there! The techniques he showed us on different styles of plant training and snapping the knuckles and making them widen out, it was so mind blowing. It really stuck in our brain seeing that little seed grow that big. Hopper: It is a pretty mind blowing thing to watch a monster come out of a little bean. Old E: It’s very exciting. I love plants so much! Hopper: Let’s talk about what’s going on currently. You recently teamed up with Greenshock Farms. Tell our readers about the Green Dope project. Bleezy: Mark, the owner of Greenshock, was working with OrganiCann, the same company we were working with before legalization. He always had super fire flowers. He was one of the people that grew outdoors like super bomb. Slowly we got to know him. After everything hit and we were zoned out of this property where we couldn’t get our permits, we didn’t have the money to compete in the game by ourselves.

Hopper: Who in the grow scene inspired and influenced you?

Hopper: What do you mean, you didn’t have an extra $75,000 laying around to file a piece of paper that says you can do something that you already do?!

Bleezy: We were some of the fastest trimmers back in the day, so this guy would bring us to someone else. We ended up going with this big crew in Potter Valley

Old E: Exactly! You have to have at least a million or two to compete full term for the whole circle of things. It’s so fucked right now. This dude, Greenshock, he’s been doing other things besides growing so he was able to get some of his properties permitted and he brought us in on one of them. It was meant to be.

Hopper: You killed it on ‘Grow Your Own’ on UnderRated and Garth Vader’s Black Markets Matter album. There’s so many great lines on that track, what’s your favorite? Old E: The farmers with no testicles/ Known for using chemicals/I wouldn’t use Advanced Nutrients on my vegetables Hopper: I love that one, and the fuck Monsanto call. Old E: I’m a professional/Take ‘em out pronto/Middle finger up yellin’ FUCK MONSANTO! It just came together so quick and easy. Bryan made the beat, and that’s the one UnderRated picked and said we wanna go hard on the corporations and what’s going on. Bleezy: We’d been on the positive tip for a while, so it was the perfect time to go hard again. You could tell Daniel was ready, cause that verse came out fast and it’s raw. That whole CD is like that. They did good for sure. Hopper: What’s your philosophy on growing? I know you love growing trees. You’re known for the huge monster plants. Old E: A big part of it is where we are, our climate. Our season that allows us to start early enough to let these plants veg so damn big. These days we’re bringing it back to notill and organics, it’s not like we’re pumping them with some crazy bottled thing. We’re using seed sprout teas and putting in dry amendments and kelp meal. It’s simple, it’s natural. The plants love it. We’re blessed to be in this area in The Triangle and be able to grow them that big. Bleezy: Every year we keep getting ‘em bigger and bigger. It’s so crazy to see, like you were saying, from a tiny seed to a monster. Last year I think was our biggest one. It was probably a 12 pound plant. It was like 13 feet tall, 12 foot wide at least. Some of the biggest stalks we’ve ever had. Hopper: Speaking of that, you made your mic stand out of a stalk. It’s sick!

Old E: Fuck yeah! I don’t even remember how we first came up with the idea to do it, but everyone was always trippin’ over how big they were, so we grew a plant super tall and trained it to stay straight, cut off branches to keep it thick. It’s fully intertwining our growing and our music. Being able to bring that out and show people, and they can’t believe it’s a real weed stalk. People are mind blown by it. Hopper: For those who haven’t heard your music, what song would you have them listen to that best explains who you are? Bleezy: The newest, best song that seems to be the people’s favorite too, is the ‘Why We Grow’ song. It’s super universal it seems like for everyone. Even people who hate hip hop like that one. The message really came across. Hopper: That’s a great one. Speaking of that song, did you guys end up in jail? Old E: No, that was just putting myself in someone else’s position of being there. Hopper: Like Eddy Lepp, I just interviewed him last month. He did 8 ½ years. Old E: I’ve got so much love for Eddy. He’s a soldier. Hopper: You were raided at one point, right? Old E: Yeah, in 2013 our whole crop got raided and they were fuckin’ with us hard. They cuffed us up and ran through all of our stuff. By the time they hit us up to actually come in to talk about the case, we went in with our lawyer and they said, “If you say you’re not gonna fight the case, we’ll drop it to nothing.” They just took all our shit. At the end of the day we didn’t have to serve any time or anything, we just lost the whole garden and everything we’d put into it. Hopper: I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but what are your thoughts on legalization? Old E: It’s regulation.

Bleezy: It’s cool that people can freely smoke and the stigma of weed is getting knocked down because of it being legalized, but for everyone besides the people that just smoke, it’s so fucked up. There’s opportunities if you work your ass off, AND you get lucky. It’s almost like the music industry now, it’s very cutthroat. There’s ways you can pay to get in things. It’s fully robbed the medicinal side of it too. No one cares about medicinal now, it’s all about recreational. These people (who use it medicinally) should be able to get it for cheaper, etc. Old E: It’s nice to have some business things included, like assurance you’re going to get paid, but it’s gone way too far. Bleezy: And it costs so much money. Even people like us who’ve been growing for a long time and growing some big plants, it’s not like we…it’s never been about making hella money to us. It’s more about the patients and the love of the plant. Hopper: Amen! I really dig the way you speak out against big pharma. Why are you so passionate about that subject? Old E: I guess because of the people we know that were affected by it, the friends we’ve lost. Watching people’s lives get totally fucked up. It’s sad to see, when right over here we’ve got this perfect plant. It could help them so much, but they wanna push all this chemical stuff, all these pills. Bleezy: As we reach more people, more people write us and tell us their stories, and it’s like…fuck. Old E: When we hear people’s stories about how cannabis literally saved their life from different illnesses and things, it’s proof that chemicals kill, cannabis heals. That’s what we want to promote. IG: @ mendodopeboys Follow Hopper: @hopper448 Photo by: @pamelajayne

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Punk Rock and Pot. Those have pretty much been staples in my life for the past 35 years. So when I figured I’ve been writing for this magazine for a few years now, then I oughta be able to get media passes for The Punk Rock Bowling Festival. Well there was no problem there. They even asked who I wanted to interview. It was a great weekend filled with bands and friends I’ve loved most of my life. My friend Fumi even came all the way from Japan to enjoy the music. Downtown Las Vegas was filled with Punk Rockers. Mohawks and Spiky Jackets as far as the eye could see. People and bands literally came from all over the world to enjoy the festival and what Las Vegas has to offer. The highlight of the weekend for me was the fact that they had Joe Strummer’s (the late guitarist/singer of The Clash) Cadillac there. Now I’m a HUGE fan of The Clash and everything else Strummer played in (if you’ve never heard Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros do yourself a favor and get on that). So to hear his Caddy was there and I could go in it and check it out was a huge bonus to me. After talking to the guy in charge of it I climbed inside to take a picture. While inside I had the overwhelming urge to light a joint. Joe Strummer was a huge fan of reggae music and its culture and was quite the known cannabis-user. So as I was lighting it, I told the guy, “I hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna burn a spliff in Joes honor.” To which he replied “I think Joe woulda liked that”. I said good because I already lit it! So there’s another one I got to cross off the bucket list. I had a smile plastered across my face all day. That, along with getting to see The Damned, The Specials, Killing Joke, Frankie Stubbs, The Darts, Adolescents, The Descendants, The Heiz, just made for an amazing weekend. Hell, I smoked on stage just as Adolescents were starting and was just so mesmerized by the sea of people all with huge smiles on their faces that I barely watched the band that I love, just five feet to my right. The next weekend was Reggae in the Desert. Another amazing musical adventure. Yellowman, Mykal Rose from Black Uhuru, and what I consider the greatest rhythm section in the world, Sly and Robbie. Again, a sold out event, this one at the Clark County Government Center. Just like Punk Rock Bowling that was held at The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, there were thousands and thousands (I’ve been told PRB was 32,000 people) of people enjoying the music and each other’s company!



Why do I bring all this up? Other then the fact I love turning people onto music, the thing I noticed the most over these weekends was there were people smoking, vaping, and consuming cannabis EVERYWHERE at these events. And not just the events- during PRB, I spent four days downtown and smelled the herb everywhere I went. At the shows, walking down Fremont, under the canopy, in the hotels... EVERYWHERE! And that’s a great thing. I’d much rather have a bunch of folks that are stoned bumbling around my town than a bunch of drunks. But what bothers me is there are still no LEGAL Smoking Lounges open. And it looks like it’ll be a couple years before we actually get them, thanks to the governor putting the squash on it. So it’s ok to bring these tourists here, tax the hell out of them while selling them cannabis, but not give them a legal place to smoke or consume it? It’s ok to tax the hell outta them, then give them a $600 ticket for consuming in public?! If I’m not mistaken, The Clark County Government Center nor the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center have consumption licenses! But they can profit off tourists and locals and NOT have to play by the same rules everyone else does? It’s shit like that that makes me disgusted by the whole industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I get to do these things, it just bugs the hell out of me when we’re stuck with these double standards and the only thing profiting from it is the government. Cannabis is of the people, dammit. Just like Punk Rock and reggae music. Bars and other establishments can be shut down or have their licenses revoked for letting people consume on their premises. So why is it ok for the city of Las Vegas or Clark County Government Center to profit from smokers? There’s a lot of “Right” going on, right now, but there’s an awful lot of “Wrong” we still need to deal with too. Keep going to Norml meetings, keep writing letters and petitions, keep the conversation going with people who wouldn’t normally be in it. Hopefully then our governor and government will realize they can’t keep fucking us around anymore and the tourists who keep this state afloat. Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E’s Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.

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