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ISSUE #29 JAN/FEB 2020



Culture & Cannabis 2020 Launch

Road Joins Forces 16 Bond with GG Strains

20 Kids and Cannabis 22 CBD for Seizure Disorders 24 The Cannab-Esq. Chronicles 28 Terpene Talk: Caryophyllene 30 Tales from the Crip ------ THE COVER ------


Culture & Cannabis

JC Coats, Charles Sicuso & Anthony Lee

Photographer: TALBOT SNOW


34 Daily Dose 36 Dear Mary Jane 40 What's Good in Nevada 46 Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional

50 Cannabis Tinctures with Cannabis 52 Cooking with Chef Chris Rodarte

54 Tokin' with the Infamous 58 Resources




editor >>>

Stephanie Shehan

Happy New Year! This month, kicking off the new year, we feature JC Coats and the Culture & Cannabis team on our cover. Many in the Southern Nevada cannabis industry have enjoyed the past Culture & Cannabis events, and for the coming year, Northern Nevada will have a chance to enjoy them as well. In addition, very soon, we will see the release of Culture & Cannabis branded cannabis products which was a joint venture with local cultivator Solaris Farms. In this issue we also had the chance to sit down with Jonathan Krajnak, General Manager of Bond Road Cannabis Company. Bond Road has teamed up with GG Strains, the originators of the well-known Gorilla Glue cannabis strains. This partnership will allow Bond Road to bring the various, in-demand GG strains to our local dispensaries. Confused about dosing with cannabis tinctures? Stephanie Magurno from Experience Premium Cannabis gives us some insight on how to determine the correct tincture dosage and gives us a rundown on some of the varieties that EPC produces. Here’s to health and happiness in the coming year!

Stephanie Shehan

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issue #29 JAN/FEB 2020


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>>>>>>>> ver the course of a year, cannabis has seen more growth than most would have originally imagined. Our favorite plant has made waves, not just as a niche, but politically and culturally as well. As we end one decade, cannabis is rolling into a pivotal point for the next. Also rolling to an end, the massively successful Culture & Cannabis event season. Garnering the title of “Best Cannabis Event in Las Vegas”, the show ignited a sense of community within the city. While a sense of community can be commonplace in other areas, Las Vegas is not your ordinary city- a community vibe can sometimes become lost or overlooked. Culture & Cannabis has strived to regain that comradery and serve as a platform for known (and lesser known) brands. Given the tricky world of cannabis advertising across the nation, it's no wonder that this platform has gotten so popular. As things in the political and social spectrum move forward, keeping the grassroots nature of our industry is important. Culture & Cannabis does everything to foster that specific connection while uplifting those brands and individuals. As its 3rd year of operation wraps up, the event and the media company are setting their sights even higher. With aspects tying into education, entertainment, and empowerment, what could elevate the media company even more? A new event experience, as well as a collaboration with Kenton and Solaris Farms in the new year, propels Culture & Cannabis into a new cannabis arena.

A Dank Combination It’s no doubt that over the last three years, Culture & Cannabis has grown into a local favorite event. Every month, it draws thousands of stoners and ‘green’ supporters to The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino. Just the same every month, Culture & Cannabis (C&C) has amassed a loyal following over time. As we wrap up the end of a monumental year for C&C, we’d love to look back at the event’s continued celebration of all things ganja.


As the show experienced its highest attendance yet, it added a fashion show and a more interactive setting than it had during its earlier events. With fashion presented to attendees by Omni Models, the highlighted various merchants and creators within the industry were on display for all to experience. Models strutted the Citrus Pool deck with custom designs from Maryjane Runway

Ending their biggest year yet; but not without a few surprises planned for 2020 and Creole Bombshell, just to name a few. All the while, the mainstage held performance acts from near and far. Local favorites like The Sober Junkie, Philip Wolf and D Diamonds made recurring appearances throughout the season. Newcomers such as Nikki Paige and Jalen Young were also welcomed. To close the season, Texas born rap legend, Mike Jones, took to the stage with a dope performance in front of a packed audience. Regardless of who stood front-and-center, the vibes ultimately brought everyone closer. With all the growing cannabis ventures, those within the physical arts deserve their shine, too. Art has always been a part of cannabis. Nearly every aspect of art and entertainment has a few entries created with cannabis as the muse. The original roots of Culture & Cannabis start deep in the Arts District and, despite moving around, art has remained a focus. The Artist Alley is now handled by Guerilla Culture who supports art with no boundaries and no restrictions. The area features everything from Space Age rolling trays to wall-length art pieces inspired by our favorite green plant. “Not only are we elevating our events and releasing products in 2020 we are also dropping tons of valuable knowledge on our podcast every week” -Anthony Lee, Culture & Cannabis In addition to spotlighting the best of Las Vegas cannabis, C&C’s main focus was adding value to the industry. Over the course of 2019, Inspire Lounge hosted the monthly Culture & Cannabis vendor mixer. Every week, days before the main event, industry professionals and hopefuls would get together. At another monthly event, movers and shakers discussed their struggles and accomplishments in the pursuit of business. Most came from a long cannabis background and others were new to the game. Either way, their stories and words of encouragement were the perfect combinations to a sesh. If you were looking for a cannabis "who's-who", or just a little savvy business advice, the Vendor Mixers were the place to be. Outside of the mixers, however, the rooftop Citrus Pool at The Downtown Grand was the venue for the year’s events. Considering the current laws that prevent the casino industry to



Culture &


Cannabis FOR THE Culture





get involved, as well as the negative stereotypes that sometimes casinos acknowledge and perpetuate, the venue is pivotal. Though it may be some time before you can get a budtender while you gamble, the small steps toward progress are well worth it. Let’s just hope that public consumption for the rest of the city comes quick!

combination of technology and growing techniques from around the world. So, obviously, their growers are some of the best and most technologically savvy. Ensuring that all available resources in the 12 acres of hybrid greenhouse space are used responsibly, a deep understanding of both aspects is imperative.

A New Experience

Cutting down on production costs is one of the best ways to stay profitable and sustainable in said environment. Solaris built their massive 300,000 square feet site with green-practices so that their strains remained the most effective and efficient in the Las Vegas valley. In staying sustainable and high-quality, all of these attributes play a vital role. This way, Solaris can produce cannabinoid and terpenes rich profiles with consistently high THC counts. All the while, their production efficiency creates a robust catalog of products that don't have the luxury cannabis pricetag.

The next season is keeping the vibe alive, promising an even bigger experience for the Las Vegas cannabis community. In 2020, however, it’s not just the events that are getting better. As the industry elevates to a new plateau with its political proceedings, the limits of cannabis fall away. This year, Culture & Cannabis has announced its partnership with Solaris Farms. They will produce an all-new brand of cannabis, making the first event a full product launch party with musical performances by Paul Wall. The season ended on a high note but, there’s no reason not to keep it going. Culture & Cannabis wants to elevate your consumption to a whole new experience. As a company made by the people and for the people, it’s only natural to give ganja back to the people. Teaming up with Solaris Farms helps them provide the market with one of the best products available! Solaris offers technological-driven results and integrity towards the community, all while providing indoor-quality at economic pricing. With this collaboration, the two companies hope to bridge the gap between the community and the business side of cannabis. This way, they can create a more open and transparent industry. Together, they hope to create an easily-accessible brand propelled by true cannabis-culture and true cannabis-users. Culture & Cannabis’ partnered products with Solaris will include three different-sized products, in pre-rolls and full flower in halfounces and ounces sizes. All priced to reflect the market, as well as the active cannabis audience, these products will be available before the start of Culture & Cannabis 2020.

Solaris Farms Like C&C, Solaris Farms keeps community priorities as a pillar of its foundation. Solaris Farms was developed based on best practices from around the world to sustain optimal conditions at scale in extreme climates, such as the one in the Nevada desert. To meet the high demand of the Las Vegas market, the cultivation is designed to be a dynamic, scalable, and replicable greenhouse model for cannabis cultivation. Aiming at being the largest producer in Las Vegas. “Everything Solaris is doing aligns with our community driven brand and their growing model is perfect for getting exceptional cannabis to the culture at a great price.” -JC Coats, Culture & Cannabis Sustainability leads the way for this particular brand. Realistically speaking, it has to be, in the desert climate of Nevada. With the dry environment, numerous ‘scorching’ summer months, and prolonged sun-exposure throughout, growing consistently well is not an easy task. To compensate, Solaris uses a unique

Culture & Cannabis in Reno Culture & Cannabis and Solaris are eager for consumers to experience their new products. Along with the product launch, Culture & Cannabis is pushing past the borders of Las Vegas. The show will also take place in Reno, NV on three occasions throughout the year. Similar to the Las Vegas market, Reno's cannabis community is growing just as strong as the former. The ‘Biggest Little City’ currently draws excited industry and community leaders to singular events per year; but, nothing on a continuous schedule. The rotating presence of Culture & Cannabis throughout the year can provide the same experience and platform to Reno. In the end, cannabis is all about the community. C&C hopes to introduce more consumers -new and old- to their coveted experiences in order to shine a light on the grassroots cannabis brands across the country, not just the state. Who knows? Culture & Cannabis could appear in a city near you soon! Though the event does not allow public consumption at this time, that changing climate previously mentioned could shift with the new year as well. Hopefully, as the laws change in favor of open cannabis consumption sooner than later, the collaboration will bring even better additions to the Culture & Cannabis shows. Over the course of the year, C&C has proven that it is well worth the title of “Best Cannabis Event in Las Vegas”. Only time will tell how the new year will play out for cannabis. In the event and media company's case however, the future is much less hazy. Culture & Cannabis is sparking up something big for the entire industry. Though there may have been some hiccups in the road, cannabis always finds a solution and so does the community! Despite all adversity, Culture & Cannabis strives to be the best. Just like those who led the way decades before, activism and community empowerment never ends. As they open doors for more industry outside and inside Las Vegas, they are setting out to create an impactful experience above all else. In the span of 3 years, it has grown into the staple cannabis event in Las Vegas!

Culture & Cannabis branded products will be available after January 15, 2020. Visit for more information.



BOND ROAD Those who have been in the cannabis industry for any length of time are likely familiar with the various Gorilla Glue strains. What many do not know is that the Gorilla Glue family of strains was developed right here in Nevada by Josey Whales and the late Lone Watty. While we have seen a handful of “knockoff” GG strains locally, Jonathan Krajnak of Bond Road Cannabis Company recently partnered with the original GG Strains team to cultivate the GG varieties and we had the chance to chat with Jonathan about his relationship with the team and what we can expect from them in the near future.

Tahoe Cannabis Magazine: Tell us how you got started in the cannabis industry?


Jonathan Krajnak: I have had a few careers. I worked for a Bell telephone company until 2003. I was laid-off when they merged with another company. I met my wife, moved to Austria to be with her, and started my own company teaching business English to companies. After living over in Europe for about 4 years, I decided to get into the casino business. Spent a little over a decade working my way up the ranks in table games. After getting laid-off back in 2015, I decided that I was going to take a year off to really figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life. After doing a lot of research (and getting on my wife’s nerves), I found a job

with MJardin as a cultivation tech at Flora Vegas’s facility. It was an adjustment learning how to live on $12 an hour, but I didn’t care because I wanted in no matter what. I had also been a medical patient for a couple of years by that time as well.

TCM: How did you secure your position as General Manager of Bond Road Cannabis Company? JK: While working for MJardin, I met the guys who started the company. After a couple of conversations, they asked for my resume. I was actually hired in 2016. But, with some unforeseen delays, I didn’t start until August 2018. The wait seemed almost like an eternity. TCM: What sets your company and team apart? JK: We’re small. We only have a dozen or so on our staff. And, we’re all consumers. So, we know what it’s like to walk into a dispensary and pay $50 or $60 for an 8th, only to be disappointed. And, we’re all local. We’ve all worked in service jobs where you are just beat and sore at the end of the day. So, we all want to grow a bankable product

BY stephanie shehan

Joins Forces with GG Strains

that’s reliable. I know every company says that, but we have put in the wrench time to get there. I also spent 20 months with MMJ America as both a budtender and a manager. So, I’m a GM who has worked on both sides of the fence. I’ve helped thousands of people and have also learned what’s really important to them. My team and I put that knowledge into what we do everyday. TCM: Tell us about your relationship with the local GG Strains cultivators, Joesy Whales and the late Lone Watty, and about your new licensing deal/ partnership with GG Strains.

JK: I mentioned before that I was hired for my current position in June 2016. About 4 weeks after I was offered this amazing opportunity, I blew my knee out in the garden and had to have it surgically repaired. It was still somewhat early in the medical game back then. So, there weren’t all that many growers. One day, while looking at menus for good pain strains, I saw one place had GG5. I didn’t even know that there was anything else other than GG4. So, I went and picked

some up. Wasn’t bad, but didn’t have that glued feeling I was expecting. So, I went on Facebook and looked up GG Strains. I wrote them a message asking if it behaved much differently than GG4. And, I also inquired about the authenticity of it. Naturally, I never expected to hear back. But, Lone Watty, or Ross, got in touch with me and explained that no, it wasn’t real. And, he explained that no one had the actual genetics here in Nevada. So, he offered to meet me so he could give me some of the read deal. He was a caregiver and I was a patient. I was never so stuck in my life. It was a holy sh*t kind of experience. I explained to Ross that I had been hired to run a cultivation company, and that I thought locals deserved to have access to these genetics. Over the next several months, Ross and I spoke often. I also tried all of the strains. It took 3 years of being told “no” before I finally got a “yes”. Ross passed away last May, and I signed the deal just a few months later. So, needless to say, it’s bittersweet. But, I stayed in touch with Josey Whales and Cat (GG Strains General Manager). And, here we are today growing all 6 of their strains.

TCM: For those that do not know, please intro the GG Strains and tell us what makes those strains so special. JK: There are six. GG1 (Sister Glue), GG4 (Original Glue), GG5 (New Glue), Gluchee, Purple Glue and I Do Glue. They all originate from, or are crossed with, GG4. So, all of these strains are pretty heavy. Certainly not for beginners. We’re growing genetics direct from the creator. So, they aren’t watered down like so many other strains. There are so many knock-offs out there. With our products, you’ll be getting glued with the real, certified genetics. TCM: What can we expect from Bond Road once the GG strains launch? JK: We’re going to be focusing on making a real connection with our customers. We aren’t going to be using models or sexy pics to sell our flower. So, when you see that we’re doing a pop-up, it’ll be members of our staff. To me, anyway, it’s important that there’s a connection between cultivator and customer. I want my staff to see, first hand, that what they do makes a difference in people’s lives. And, in turn, I want our customers to meet the people who put in the love and dedication into the product that they’re putting into their bodies. And, we’re working to make fair deals. Fair for Bond Road, fair for our retail partners, and, most importantly, fair for the customers. Everyone needs to make a living here. And, the majority of locals don’t have the budget to keep shelling out high dollars for product. So,

we want to grow a really great product and not gouge people at the register. TCM: GG Strains recently faced some legal battles with the glue manufacturer Gorilla Glue. Tell us what came of that and if there are any restrictions on you to use the term "Gorilla Glue." JK: I figured that question was coming. So, yes, the adhesive company sued GG Strains. Long story short, we can’t call it Gorilla Glue anymore. But, we CAN use f.k.a. Gorilla Glue for one year. So, GG1, GG4 and GG5 are also known as Sister Glue, Original Glue and New Glue respectively. TCM: Many local cultivators advertise the strain GG4 which I believe originated from GG Strains. Is this the only strain allowed to be cultivated by other growers? What about the other GG Strains? JK: Lone and Joesy released some cuts of GG4 after they won their first Cannabis Cup. So, there are, in fact, authentic and verifiable cuts of GG4 out there. Only Bond Road has the other 5 in Nevada. TCM: How will buyers know that they are purchasing an authentic GG Strains product? JK: GG Strains came up with a nifty slogan. “See the seal, know it’s real”. There will also be a seal on every label that we sell. Only we’re allowed to use that. TCM: Where do you see Bond Road in five years? What about the Nevada cannabis industry?

TAHOE CANNABIS // #775TCM // JK: Five years is a long time. But, I definitely see us expanding and hopefully getting a production license. The dream, of course, is to have a dispensary. The industry in Nevada still has a lot of growing to do as well. So, I expect that marijuana will only become more popular and we’ll be able to continue expanding and adding more dimensions TCM: What changes would you like to see in the industry? JK: Of course smoking lounges would be wonderful. Eventually, I’d like to see restaurants that feature cannabis, as well. I’d also love to see licenses for agents be valid for longer than one year. It’ll cut down on work for everyone involved. And, for many people that work in the industry, $200 is a tough amount to come up with. TCM: How can readers follow Bond Road and GG Strains online or on social media? JK: Readers can follow us on Instagram @bondroadcannabis or visit us online at www. or at TCM: What inspires you? JK: If you’ve ever been to a great restaurant, and you take a bite of something spectacular, your eyes close, the world goes silent, and you get lost in the moment. My dream is to grow marijuana that has that kind of effect. I know it’s not quite like that. But, enjoying the process of getting better is what inspires me. Working to grow the absolute perfect flower. It’s a lofty goal, but we have to try our best every single day.



TCM: Anything you would like to add? JK: Yes. To everyone out there who has a dream of making a difference in the cannabis industry, don’t stop dreaming. There are always going to be times when things aren’t going your way, or that it seems like you’re wasting your time. But, I would encourage anyone who is really passionate about marijuana and wants to do something special to keep at it. My journey wasn’t easy. People doubted me often. But, in the end, I’m here. Bond Road is here. And, if you don’t give up, you’ll be able to do something amazing, too.

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& Cannabis >>>>>>>Kids GOOD OR BAD? and laws to children so it makes sense? We need to explain this natural plant articulately so our children can make smarter and more necessary changes when it is their time to run this planet.

Cannabis laws have seen a flurry of changes in the past few years. Some were great while some were harmful to the future of the industry. The one thing that holds true is that cannabis laws are in a heavy grey area. Some states have approved cannabis use as medicinal, some have passed recreational use for adults, while the Federal Government still classifies it as one of the most dangerous drugs in our society today. This is making it extremely difficult to explain the risks and benefits to investors, seniors, and especially children. Leaving many people confused about what cannabis is, why we use it, and if it is indeed good or bad. When it comes to children, they are simple, innocent, and trusting little humans. They learn their values and perceptions from the adults in their lives. When it comes time to explain values to them, most parents want to ensure they are giving their kids the proper tools and knowledge to get through life as easily as possible. This is already a big enough challenge, so how do we explain conflicting opinions


Kids have it rough today! They grow up and learn that their childhood idols were never real. We have all had that proverbial bully or another kid that teased and mocked us, making our younger years difficult and confusing. Kids crave knowledge and understanding, so it has always bothered me that we shower them with the promise of this great world knowing it will eventually be shattered, yet we have continued to do so for so many generations that it has just become a way of life, something society participates in and accepts without question. Once kids learn that life is not about free candy from a bunny or gifts from a strange man that crawls down your chimney while you sleep, they begin to question and distrust more of life’s certainties. As they become wiser, being truthful is essential, making explaining conflicting opinions and legalities a difficult task. If you have had a cannabis talk with your child, you may have explained that some states are recognizing the benefits of this natural plant and that it has become legal to purchase, obtain, and consume in those states. Dispensaries can easily be seen and production facilities can be smelled from the street. There is no denying that cannabis is becoming mainstream. But what of the kids who need cannabis as a medicine or have a parent in prison, how do you explain what is legal and what is not? I understand that children are not usually sitting around discussing laws, but when it comes to children needing cannabis, the subject becomes askew. Why can a child with cancer in


Michigan use cannabis while one in Florida cannot? Why does one dad have a criminal record while others do not? More importantly, how do we explain cannabis to our children when the state says it is legal while the school system is stating otherwise? These are all answers that depend on the perception and views of each individual family, but is there a universal way to explain the laws so that children can grow up to change them for the benefit of society as opposed to corporate benefit? Is there a way to change cannabis laws to become universally accepted and stop the insanity that we have seen since legalization? It seems unfair to leave our children in the dark or confused and then expect them to just “get it� one day. In my personal opinion, I feel we need to be as honest as possible with kids so our future generations can make smarter decisions based on need. Can you imagine a world where kids grow up confident and have the moxie to make needed changes, even those regarding issues outside of cannabis? No one has the answer, but we do know that laws need to change and children are our future. Maybe big changes could be found in what we teach kids and how we approach the day to day aspects of our lives. Christine Watkins is the Owner, Founder, and CEO of Medicated Nation. She is a writer, a successful entrepreneur, carries 2 advanced business degrees and is a survivor of the healthcare industry. Founding Medicated Nation in 2018, her CBD company provides broad-spectrum CBD products made with FEHO (Full Extract Hemp Oil) Her one-of-akind business model caught the attention of many and she has since collaborated with Shark Tank panel member, Kevin Harrington.









BY curt robbins

Understanding CBD for Seizure Disorder Support ne of the most pronounced health benefits of herbal phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) is their ability to assist in the treatment of seizure disorders. The most obvious metric of progress in such treatment is a reduction or elimination of seizure activity in conditions such as epilepsy, Dravet syndrome (DS), and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS).

Epilepsy is a disease of the central nervous system characterized by abnormal brain activity that causes seizures or “periods of unusual behavior, sensations, and sometimes loss of awareness” (according to the Mayo Clinic). Causes range from genetic influences and infectious disease to head trauma and brain conditions, including malformations and tumors. Prenatal injuries and developmental disorders sometimes lead to seizure disorders (which can also appear in those with autism). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, epilepsy afflicts about 3.5 million people in the United States alone, including half a million children. Many forms of the disease are intractable, relegating traditional drugs and therapies ineffective in providing beneficial reductions in seizure activity— forcing patients and wellness practitioners to seek alternative treatment solutions.

Importance of Dosing

Proper dosing (also called titration) is critical for consumers and patients seeking maximum efficacy from CBD products. While tinctures are, in some cases, more straightforward, capsules can result in doses that are unintentionally too strong or too weak. Correct dosing is an exercise in trial-and-error experimentation. Combined with careful journaling and healthcare practitioner oversight, dosing can result in maximum relief and efficacy (in addition to cost savings resulting from reduced product waste). Dosing, however, extends beyond the volume, or amount, of an herbal extraction or concentrate consumed during a single session. Also of importance is the number of times per day that an extraction is consumed and the duration over which this routine occurs. Some studies have revealed that maximum efficacy results after a week or more of regular, sustained consumption of a supplement such as CBD or cannabigerol (CBG). “I try to help my patients develop a dosing regimen that they can happily live with in the long term,” said Colleen Kibler, a state-licensed cannabis caregiver in Belgrade, Maine. “I like to speak to the patient several times through the first month to


ensure that we are on the right track with dosage,” said Kibler during an exclusive interview with Vegas Cannabis Magazine. She emphasized the subjective efficacy that plagues both patients and their caregivers when attempting to accurately dose cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG. “Each individual has a different set of needs,” stressed Kibler. Sunil Pai, MD, an Integrative Medicine expert and author of the 2016 book An Inflammation Nation, echoes other medical professionals when he advocates a “start low and go slow” approach to dosing CBD. Pai recommends the following steps to his patients and readers to determine proper individual dosing of wellness products such as CBD tinctures:

1. Maintain a journal to record all daily consumption data, including exact dose and experienced efficacy (or lack thereof).

a) Take note of any environmental factors that might skew results(such as a flu or unusually high anxiety due to environmental stressors).

2. Take 0.25-1.0 dropper sublingually (hold under tongue for one

minute) three times daily (after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and at bedtime.

a) The final bedtime dose can be increased if extra support is needed to treat pain and sleep issues.

b) If consuming capsules, begin with approximately 7.5 mg.

3. Sustain this routine for 7-10 days. 4. Slowly increase the weekly dose until the desired effects are experienced. 5. Continue increasing the dose until:

a) Negative side effects are experienced.

b) Positive efficacy begins to wane.

6. Leveraging the journal, decrease the dose to the previous

most-efficacious dose.

7. Sustain this level until efficacy wanes or undesired negative

side effects are experienced.

Unfortunately, metabolic changes resulting from aging, injury, seasonal shifts, and environmental stressors may require a

recalibration of dose at several points following initial determination.

convulsive-seizure frequency than placebo.”

Research Studies

A 2017 study entitled “Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy: Hard Evidence at Last?” that was published in the Journal of Epilepsy Research investigated the ability of CBD and other cannabinoids to decrease seizure activity in patients with DS and LGS varieties of epilepsy.

A variety of recent research studies have illustrated the ability of cannabinoids such as CBD to reduce seizure activity in users, as detailed below. A 2018 research study entitled “Effect of Cannabidiol on Drop Seizures in the Lennox–Gastaut Syndrome” that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine investigated the effect of CBD on seizure occurrence. This double-blind placebo-controlled human trial—the most rigorous type of scientific investigation possible—involved 225 participants aged two to 55. The study found that administration of CBD at various dosing levels decreased seizure activity among study participants. “The median percent reduction from baseline in the frequency of drop seizures per 28 days during the treatment period was 41.9% in the 20 mg cannabidiol group, 37.2% in the 10 mg cannabidiol group, and 17.2% in the placebo group,” reported the researchers. The study noted a reduction in seizure activity of at least a 50% among large portions of each segment of study participants. Of those receiving 20 mg of CBD, nearly 40% achieved a 50% reduction in seizures, while 36% in the 10 mg CBD group did the same (providing more data regarding the importance of proper dosing). Concluded the researchers, “Among children and adults with Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, the addition of cannabidiol at a dose of 10 mg or 20 mg per kilogram per day to a conventional antiepileptic regimen resulted in greater reductions in the frequency of drop seizures than a placebo.” A 2017 study entitled “Trial of Cannabidiol for Drug-Resistant Seizures in the Dravet Syndrome” that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine explored the ability of CBD to reduce seizure activity in patients with Dravet syndrome. This double-blind placebo-controlled human trial study involved 120 participants (all children and young adults) with treatmentresistant Dravet syndrome. The study’s authors reported significant reductions in seizures for the group consuming CBD. “The median frequency of convulsive seizures per month decreased from 12.4 to 5.9 with cannabidiol, as compared with a decrease from 14.9 to 14.1 with placebo.” This represented a reduction in seizure activity of more than 50% when participants used CBD instead of a placebo. While most study participants experienced a reduction in seizures, 5% of those receiving CBD became seizure free. Interestingly, the study observed all seizure activity reductions for convulsive seizures, but no reduction for the nonconvulsive variety. “The frequency of total seizures of all types was significantly reduced with cannabidiol, but there was no significant reduction in nonconvulsive seizures.” Concluded the study’s researchers, “Among patients with Dravet syndrome, cannabidiol resulted in a greater reduction in

Reported the literature review study, “CBD was found to be superior to placebo in reducing the frequency of convulsive (tonic-clonic, tonic, clonic, and atonic) seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome and the frequency of drop seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.” Like many other studies, the researchers found the safety profile of CBD to be consistently acceptable, offering no opportunity for addiction or other common negative side effects encountered with traditional treatments, such as opioids. “CBD is mostly devoid of adverse psychoactive effects and possesses anticonvulsant, analgesic, anti-anxiety, antiemetic, immune-modulating, antiinflammatory, neuroprotectant, and anti-tumorigenic properties.” The researchers concluded that their survey of the existing research illustrated the efficacy of CBD for seizure disorders. “For the first time, there is now class 1 evidence that adjunctive use of CBD improves seizure control in patients with specific epilepsy syndromes,” wrote the researchers.


Research is revealing that the wellness molecules called cannabinoids that are produced by hemp and cannabis, including CBD, sometimes exhibit considerable benefits for patients suffering from a wide range of serious diseases. Among these are seizure disorders affecting millions of North Americans. In addition to its role as an anticonvulsant in reducing seizure activity, current research has demonstrated many other benefits of CBD, including analgesia (pain management), reduced anxiety (therapeutic for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers), the prevention of nausea and vomiting (helpful for cancer and Crohn’s disease patients undergoing chemotherapy), decreased systemic inflammation (good for those suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia), and neuroprotection (helpful for some pain patients and those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease) Patients who consume CBD on a regular and monitored basis sometimes exhibit considerable improvements (especially when they consume full-spectrum hemp and cannabis products that contain other beneficial cannabinoids). This sometimes includes a significant reduction in the occurrence of seizures and other negative side effects of life-altering diseases. As additional research is conducted, wellness professionals, patients, and consumers are beginning to better understand the ability of phytochemicals from herbs like hemp to deliver significant relief for a range of ailments.





The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready to start off the new year with a bang! If your life is anything like mine, by the time January comes around, I’ve had my fair share of holiday music, family gatherings, and flavorful Starbucks drinks. Of course, I made sure to stock up my cannabis collection well before the holiday season started, so thankfully I had plenty of provisions to help get me through the rest of 2019! And now that it is a new year and new decade, it is time to recap 2019 a little bit before we look forward and see what is in store for the Nevada cannabis industry in the year to come! The State of Nevada’s biggest cannabis drama in 2019 came about as a result of the state allegedly doing a sub-par job at sifting through, scoring, and awarding marijuana establishment licenses to the potential applicants. After months of hours-long Court hearings, Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez issued a preliminary injunction which prevented the state from moving forward with issuing the licenses. In response to the allegations of impropriety, Governor Sisolak created a taskforce of sorts to investigate and audit the state’s marijuana licensing process. In a not-so-surprising conclusion, the selected auditors told state officials in December that the process, “while not perfect, was adequate, and conditional licenses were granted to more qualified applicants.” Despite finding that the application process was adequate, the auditors did point out areas where the state could improve in order to make the process more transparent. For one, public forums should be held where marijuana establishment license applicants can seek answers from the state before submitting the actual applications. In addition, the scoring process for the applications should be automated as opposed to being manually entered by state employees. This would cut down on human error and – potentially – prevent undue influence being exerted by the scorers. The auditors’ recommendations can be summed up in one word – TRANSPARENCY! Had there been adequate transparency in the marijuana license application process from the get-go, much of the legal fighting and legal costs that state had to expend could have been avoided. Hopefully the state will take the auditors’ recommendations to heart and this type of drama can be avoided in the future. Continued and substantiated allegations of favoritism and impropriety in the marijuana establishment application process cannot occur if we want to keep pushing Nevada toward the top of the marijuana game. The other major headache that plagued Nevada’s cannabis industry in 2019 was the allegation that Nevada’s licensed marijuana laboratories could not be trusted and were fudging their testing results. For example, there were a few occasions where the state had to issue a release notifying the public that tainted weed was being sold at certain dispensaries. Obviously, this same product had been (allegedly) tested at a licensed laboratory before getting the go-ahead to be put on the shelves. So either the laboratory doesn’t have reliable,


capable testing equipment, or someone was trying to pull a fast one on the state and cannabis consumers. But tainted weed wasn’t the only problem – there were also allegations that a certain marijuana testing laboratory was intentionally spitting out results that showed higher-than-legitimate THC content. While this type of tomfoolery may not be as dangerous as allowing tainted weed to hit the shelves, it is just as egregious. Many people look at those exact test results when determining which product or brand to purchase. This is a prime example of false advertising if I’ve ever seen one! At the end of the day, the state suspended the license of that specific testing laboratory – Certified Ag Labs, based in Sparks, NV – for 30 days and issued a fine of $70,000. The state is also requiring that Certified Ag Labs provide a “plan of correction” before they will be allowed to resume testing cannabis. Hopefully the short suspension and fine will prevent this nonsense from occurring again, especially at Certified Ag Labs. Fool the State once, shame on you. Fool the State twice, shame on the State! As for 2020, I’m confident this upcoming year is going to be the best one yet for cannabis consumers. Not only has the federal push to legalize marijuana grown stronger, but the protections provided by the State of Nevada for cannabis consumers have grown significantly stronger as well. On January 1, 2020, Assembly Bill 132 (PreEmployment Marijuana Drug Testing) officially took effect in the State of Nevada. Assembly Bill 132 prohibits Nevada employers from refusing to hire someone because of a THC-positive pre-employment drug screening. Of course, there are limited exceptions to this prohibition such as firemen, emergency personnel, job positions that require the operation of a vehicle, and jobs that “in the determination of the employer, could adversely affect the safety of others.” While the passage of Assembly Bill 132 was a major win for cannabis consumers, I can already envision the last exception resulting in a plethora of lawsuits and litigation while Nevada employers test the boundaries of the “discretion” afforded to them with the “in the determination of the employer” language that was used. Hopefully the courts will tone this down and at least give some further guidance on how wide-ranging this discretion is. If not, I foresee employers running wild and taking advantage of this little loophole – to the detriment of the pot-smoking employees! And last but not least, who could forget that 2020 is also the year that we finally get a whole MONTH to claim as our own. This April we get to throw caution to the wind and spend a full thirty days enjoying 4/20! Get prepared my people! 4/20 is coming! #StayWoke

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TERPENE TALK Caryophyllene Picture it: Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 2020. After wrapping up your holiday festivities, you decide that decompressing from the pressures of the season by frollicking in the powdery mountain snow would be the most relaxing and serene setting in which to welcome the new year. You bundle up, gas up your truck (being sure to apply those snow chains we’re always being told to affix to our tires) pack up your resolutions and 2020 predictions, snow gear and of course, your cannabis. Heading north on I-80, you’re filled with the excitement and anticipation of a relaxing getaway. Pulling up to your cabin retreat, you’re enticed by the pungent, smoky aroma of crisp wooden logs crackling in a campfire, the fresh scent of the brisk outdoors and the spice of your cinnamon-topped hot beverage. No, this is not the screenplay prologue for a winter themed Rom-Com, it’s a metaphorical description of a dayin-the-life if life were summed up as one cannabis terpene: caryophyllene.

Caryophyllene is one of the most common terpenes found in nature and within the cannabis plant. Often detected by a distinctive outdoorsy, wood and spice fragrance, beloved strains like OG Kush, White Widow and Sour Diesel boast healthy levels of this beloved terp. Excellent for treating neuropathic pain and ailments pertaining to neurodegenerative disease, car yophyllene has ex traordinar y antioxidant effects. Other benefits of car yophyllene -rich cannabis strains include inflammation reduction, antimicrobial proper ties and the ability to assist in the body’s protection against disease especially those of the brain and neurological variety. One of the most interesting qualities of caryophyllene is that it has the ability to act as both a terpene and a cannabinoid. As a cannabinoid, binding to CB2 receptors allows caryophyllene’s


relationship to the endocannabinoid system to promote a myriad of painrelieving and anxiety reducing benefits. Distinctively musky fragrance notes often accompany this terpene with added flavors of spice and subtle citrus. Cloves, pepper, cinnamon, rosemary and basil contain caryophyllene, as well. Strains with higher caryophyllene profiles are great at keeping anxiety at bay and promoting pleasantly euphoric feelings of wellbeing. As a terpene, it provides assistance with digestive issues and can be used in the treatment of addiction as well as skin maladies and irritations. Caryophyllene has also been credited for containing anti-cancer and anti-tumor qualities. By ebbing the growth of tumors in the body, it acts similarly to CBD- the cannabinoid behavior and effects of caryophyllene make it multifaceted and multidimensional.

Happy new Year

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Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older




a patient's perspective

By Peter Jay

APATHY IS CONTAGIOUS Somebody once asked me which is worse, ignorance or apathy. My response? I don’t know and I don’t care. HA! See what I did there? Apathy is the bubonic plague of modern times. I will be the first to state that there are so many things in life that I could not possibly care less about.

I still have no intention whatsoever of getting involved in politics in general and tormenting my Facebook friends with my opinion.


Just for an example, let us discuss my current personal view on the upcoming presidential election. Total honesty: I couldn't care less. I have been around long enough to know that it really doesn’t matter WHO is in office. My life is going to continue, pretty much as it has done for the last 50 years, regardless of who lives in the White House. Do you envy me my devil-may care-attitude regarding one of the biggest institutions in this country, mainly the political system? I read social media posts on the daily, and the level of hostility and rancor established and demonstrated by so many of my friends on this subject makes me shake my head a little bit. An old friend of mine has a life philosophy that I try to emulate whenever possible: slide and glide. You can interpret this saying as you will, but, to me? Life is a minefield, filled with piles of dog shit of varying sizes wherever you go. It has been my experience that the less dog shit that I step in, the happier I tend to be. This concept has saved me from a world of hurt on multiple occasions, because why get involved in matters where my opinion is irrelevant? Have you ever managed to change somebody’s opinion on a belief about which they are just ridiculously passionate? I have not. Why bother? People who believe that the Earth is flat is a prime example of this type of thinking. Forget the images from Space that show that the planet is indeed round; forget the fact that if Earth was indeed flat, cats would have pushed everything off of the edge long ago. In fact, let’s just disregard the entire foundation of physical science and have done with it! It’s all a conspiracy anyways, established by The Man to keep humanity down. All power to the people! However, as long as we are being honest with each other and all, sometimes I envy those “truly dedicated to the cause” types. Not so much their beliefs, mind you, but their complete willingness to cling to their beliefs regardless of how ridiculous said beliefs may be perceived by others. I certainly neither admire nor respect extremists of any caliber, but I guess that I must give a chin-jut to anybody so



programmed to a belief system that they will gladly sacrifice their own lives to further The Cause. Would you care to take a guess (or two, even) about what ol’ Peter Jay would sacrifice himself for? Well, my wife and kids top that particular list, but beyond my loved ones? Can you hear the crickets? Us Gen X types are known for our apathy. This is a great way to shirk responsibility and insure that expectations placed upon us by others are kept to an absolute minimum, but is that really a good thing? Here’s an unsettling thought: were it not for the grass (heh) roots believers referenced above, do you think that marijuana would still be legal in Nevada? Had Pierre Warner (speak his name with reverence--he was one of our first martyrs) hadn’t stuck his neck out (and went to prison for his efforts), I’d still be buying sketchy product from Bill, Ted or Randy and hoping for the best. Were it not for Pierre’s dogmatic efforts and total lack of apathy, the world would still go on, albeit under the reality that possession of Mr. Giggle might be a felony offense. I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions. If I need to change something about myself or my habits, I have always felt that there is no better time than the present. Fortunately, I am so incredibly impressed with myself that I don’t really feel the need to change very often. That is very likely a mistaken impression, but it makes my life much easier. But this year, I think I might try. Most people vow to care less about things for their resolutions; mine is to care more about the world around me. I still have no intention whatsoever of getting involved in politics in general and tormenting my Facebook friends with my opinion. That is bush league. Instead, I will try harder to keep an open mind about things that other people seem to really care about. Does that make sense? Just because you yell about something on social media does not mean that I should automatically dismiss you or your opinion, as I would have previously. Perhaps this is the next logical evolution for Peter Jay! Kinder! Gentler! More willing to suffer fools gladly! I don’t know, perhaps it is too difficult to teach an old dog a new bark. I’m painting myself into a corner here, aren’t I? Do you remember how earlier I said that apathy is the new bubonic plague? THIS is what I was talking about. Change is difficult. Changing previously clutched mindsets is even more difficult. Is my changing going to save our increasingly angry and damaged society? Perhaps not, but there is only one way to tell. On that note, Happy New Year!

2 FO R1 col le

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Daily Dose

Serious Wound Care with a Cannabis Protocol At the beginning of November I had a horse accident. My boot was stuck in the stirrup and by the time I got it out the horse had turned, I fell, and she stepped on my leg. She didn’t apply full pressure, thank goodness, or my leg would have been crushed. The tibia has a clean break just above the ankle, but the wound from her hoof was more of a concern, as they can’t put a cast on the break until it’s healed. Immediately following the accident, I took two cannabis oil capsules, reserved for sleep and daily prevention. I’ve taken a cannabis oil capsule every night since putting breast cancer into remission and replacing all pharmaceuticals seven years ago (see my own Daily Dose on all my deliveries). https://www. By the time I arrived at the emergency room I had no pain and very little swelling, to the point that the triage nurse didn’t believe my leg was broken. Soon, I had a gathering of hospital staff around me in a teaching moment, giving them all a cannabis 101 lesson in antiinflammation, tissue and bone regeneration, and anti-infection, as I shunned antibiotics and painkillers in lieu of cannabis oil, much to their surprise.

Dosing for a Serious Wound

I continued to take a cannabis capsule every three to four hours, as needed, for pain. Initially inserting one cannabis oil suppository at night for the first week. Suppositories get the beneficial compounds from the plant directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and the liver, doing away with any head high from the oil, that tests upwards of 80 to 90 percent activated THC. This is needed for severe pain and healing. The average patient searching online for information on cannabis quelling severe pain may find a paper published by Harvard Medical School stating, “marijuana isn’t strong enough for severe pain (for example, post-surgical pain or a broken bone)….” They are wrong. I use whole plant cannabis oil for full effects from all the beneficial compounds (see my website for recipes). CBD only may be good in treating daily chronic pain, but a serious infliction or pain that comes from cancer needs a high THC formula.



I also applied the strong cannabis oil salve topically, smoked throughout the day, enacting the entourage effect, known to increase efficacy of all applications of the plant. Per a study, smoking alone raises the efficacy of whatever else you are taking, including pharmaceutical pain killers. Some will say this is a drug reaction, I look at it as a boost to pain killers that may not be fully quelling the pain. Call it insurance. Of course, if you ingest cannabis oil, you won’t need the pain killer at all – I’m living proof. Smoking also raises endorphins immediately, and in my current situation being laid up for weeks, I needed all the emotional support I could get. Chamomile concentrate is another go-to for me in treating depression, and I continued to take them daily, giving me an overall feeling of well-being. I continued to take them, as needed, for anxiety – which is part of my daily protocol.

Expedited Healing

As of this writing, it’s been three weeks and four days since the accident. The wound is scabbing and coming off nicely, with no sign of infection. As of this writing it’s been nearly six weeks, and the bone is still not healed, waiting for the wound to heal before we can access if I need surgery, a pin and a cast. Besides being an amazing analgesic, the bonus of cannabis oil is that it’s a regenerator of tissue and bone, per a survey done by emergency room physicians. While doing intake, they noticed that patients presenting with THC in their systems bones healed faster after a break. Ten years ago, Janie Maedler, seven-year-old Rylie Maedler’s mother, was desperate to help her daughter after surgeons removed two-thirds of her facial structure to bone cancer. After finding the ER physician’s survey, she illegally purchased cannabis oil and gave it to Rylie in the hospital, telling staff that it was a benign herbal remedy. Within months Rylie’s facial structure regenerated with no reconstructive surgery necessary, with severe pain quelled. Rylie’s experience taught the cannabis community another lesson in healing, and helped me understand my own healing after this accident. This knowledge also reconfirmed my trust in the plant.

Politics of the Plant

When the wound is healed I’ll have another X-Ray done, and see if I’ll need to have surgery, causing me to be laid up for another couple of months. Good thing I don’t write with my toes – a friend joked. My hope is that the cannabis oil is healing the bone along with the wound. The sad part is, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, just vetoed a Bill that would have allowed California cannabis patients to use cannabis products in hospital. This means my teaching moments are over, and I’ll become a criminal. I won’t take the pills, I’ll lie about my use, and no one will learn anything. Forcing cannabis patients to be criminals is nothing new. But, in the face of the opioid crisis in the U.S. and around the world, the decision to ban cannabis use is a huge step backward for patients – and staff, as they won’t hear from patients who present that may already be using cannabis successfully. Illegally healed, that’s what we continue to be. One thing is for sure, I’m grateful for the knowledge of cannabis. The plant has kept me healthy for seven years now, and continues to heal me, no matter what afflictions I may have – including a serious wound with a broken leg. For more information on Sharon Letts and her work in cannabis visit,


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DEAR MARY JANE An advice column from the Grande Dame of Marijuana

Dear Mary Jane: Happy New Year! I love the beginning of the year and everything that it represents: righting previous wrongs, making plans for the future, and of course making my list of New Year’s resolutions. I find that by examining my regrets from last year, I can more adequately prepare for the new year. What is your process for making New Year’s resolutions? What kind of things do you regret from last year? Regrets in Reno

Dear Regrets: Before we go any further, let us establish a basic reality between the two of us. I regret exactly nothing that I have ever done. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that everything I touch turns into gold. I have always been of the philosophy that when you have a choice to make, you make it and get on with it. Only time will tell if your decision was brilliant or boneheaded. Having said that, there might have been a situation or two over the course of my life that maybe I wish I had turned out differently. There was the time, for example, that I volunteered to be a law-enforcement officer for a nudist colony. My biggest problem? Where to pin my badge. I probably should have thought that one out a little bit better. Then there was the time that I made a sizable investment in something that I thought would replace electricity: glow in the dark wallpaper. Why use lights if the walls glow? How did it turn out? Well, I’m guessing that you do not have any glow in the dark wallpaper in your house or apartment right now, do you. Hey, you make the best decision you can based upon the information at your disposal. This is why I have always considered New Year’s resolutions to be kind of a sucker’s game. If there is something that you need to change about yourself, be it how much you weigh, how much weed you smoke, or how much meaningless conversation in which you engage with total strangers, there is no better time than the present to begin. No?

Instead, I choose to focus on things that I know that I will accomplish next year. For example, I know that I will knock 20 points off of my bowling average. In a related matter, I know that I will no longer drink 12 beers before the first frame. Perhaps the two are related. Additionally, I know that I will not fly an airplane into a mountain side. I will not drown in a swamp and turn into alligator shit. I will stop making prank calls to strip clubs, posing as somebody from the department of health warning them about a recent outbreak of herpes simplex 27. A recurring theme seen in this space is my almost pathological need to keep myself entertained. I hate being bored! A vow to keep myself entertained is likely the closest thing that I will come to making a New Year’s resolution, but is that really a resolution? Is it a resolution to keep breathing oxygen? Is it a resolution to continue to enjoy a solid hit off of my favorite bong? I hardly think so. So, I guess that my ultimate conclusion and the whole subject is this: New Year’s resolutions are for sissies. Change your life now and quit whining! Happy New Year!




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TRANSCEND THE ORDINARY Available at these fine dispensaries Planet 13, Nevada Made and The Grove. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children.




C u r a te d B y BILL Bill Shehan

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New year, new resolutions. New goals, new energy. There are times when you need to tackle your to-do lists and get things done, even whilst enjoying your favorite flower. If you’ve been searching for a strain that helps relieve pain (thanks to a little extra CBG cannabinoid) and keeps you focused while simultaneously promoting relaxation, The Guice is the flower for you. Its terpene profile is high in limonene, which aids in easing anxiety and stress, rich in caryophyllene, which provides antiinflammatory benefits and keeps depression at bay and a hearty dose of ocimene, encouraging healthy cell growth. Myrcene’s calming presence adds a nice relaxing balance to the uplifting counter effects of this hybrid strain. A deliciously citrus and peppery palette perfect for a productive, social experience with an element of “it’s all good”. And so it is.

THC- 28.0049% Limonene- 4.892mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.413mg/g Ocimene- 1.322





Labs have a 15% variance flaw for human error, which makes a 30% swinging window variance, considering it could be 15% too high or 15% too low. For instance, if this calibration is absolutely accurate the lab could call it 42.6508% or 11.6508%. That’s quite a vast difference. Good thing I know good flower and don’t rely solely on the lab reports to gauge the Nevada industry. This is one of the best specimens you'll see, and I don’t think those numbers are out of whack this time. Redwood strains are like Pokémon characters. Gotta catch ‘em all, especially this one. It’s gassy and spicy and sinks your head into your shoulders.

THC- 26.6508% Myrcene- 8.564mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.668mg/g Terpinolene- 3.897mg/g

REDWOOD Grape Cake

Remember your first birthday? Sticking your finger into your first cake and then grabbing a fist-full and shoving it in your mouth… This is that kind of feeling when you’re partying with some stunning Grape Cake from Redwood. These nugs are definitely a reason to celebrate. They are so beautiful that you almost don’t want to smoke em’. A deep dark raisin-purple, frosted white with crystals and filled with bushels of amber hairs. Just break off a chunk and smoke it down then sit back and take a long look into one of these nugs. You’ll be immersed in its beauty and have a sudden urge to stick your whole face, head and all, into this cake for hours. Sweet, sweet, celebration!

THC- 26.2023% Caryophyllene- 4.415mg/g Limonene- 2.236mg/g Humulene- 1.606mg/g Myrcene- 1.558mg/g








Hockey fan or not, if you live in Nevada, you’re aware of the VGK (Vegas Golden Knights) and their majestic local love and lore. Fleur’s strain dedicated to the VGK showcases both sides of this potent hybrid with elated, happy, stress-free effects; perfect for a day at the stadium or a night on the town. A subtle body high sensation relaxes you while your mood becomes elevated and light. A pleasant CBG cannabinoid kick helps ease physical pain while potent terpenes myrcene and limonene combat stress and anxiety. Caryophyllene swoops in with an anti-inflammatory assist and promotes a healthy immune system and a general sense of wellbeing. A great addition to a game day with friends or any time you want to feel at ease.

THC- 22.3% Limonene- 5,97mg/g Myrcene- 3.07mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.98mg/g

The French call these Pate de Fruits which isn’t as fun as saying gummy, but has a nice ring to it all the same. If you’d read anything by me before, you know how I feel about gummies. Right now they are completely overrated and their time has jumped the shark. But when they cross my path I still indulge. EGO did a nice job with these little squares. Not so soft that they’ll melt on your way to the car and not too chewy that you blow-out your jaw for the next four hours. With the look and feel of the French Pate de Fruits, I give these two- oui oui’s!

Total THC- 100.05mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10.06mg

REMEDY White Angel Sauce SHWA

REMEDY Jilly Bean

I’ve seen the light, can I get a hallelujah. Remedy has once again brought me into the promised land with their White Angel Sauce. Follow this light-worker wherever they may take you. The White Angel will hold your head up high and have you praising the all-mighty, can I get a hallelujah! 72% THC and a whopping 29% caryophyllene, this sauce should be called the Angel of Mercy because you won’t be feeling any pain. Remedy’s White Angel Sauce gives me faith in humanity again.

THC- 72.0466% Caryophyllene- 29.05mg/g Limonene- 14.59mg/g Myrcene- 8.3mg/g

This sativadominant hybrid provides a hefty dose of THC, perfect for daytime use. If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, a lack of motivation or procrastination blues, this flower will free your mind and inspire your soul! Migraine sufferers benefit from the potent levels of ocimene within this strain, which also accounts for its beautiful citrusy, mango-orange zest. A little dab'll do ya (figuratively speaking), as the sativa dominance acts as a potent energizer and euphoric happiness-inducer. Healthy levels of myrcene level out the sativa effects with anti-anxiety benefits. Caryophyllene brings the brain back to center with its neuroprotective attributes and pain relieving qualities.

THC- 21.63% Ocimene- 8.74mg/g Myrcene- 7.39mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.18mg/g


REMEDY Purple Punch Sugar

I want Purple Punch Sugar to be my dessert every night before bed. Maybe a midday snack too. Also, at lunch couldn’t hurt. Brunch…? Damn you Remedy! Why do you continue to create such decadent dessert dabs? Purple Punch Sugar is a tangy sweet hit every time that sends you out feeling like a Jolly Rancher in their garden. I could indulge in it constantly if I could afford it. But like all desserts of the divine nature, they should be savoured and saved for special occasions. Or what the hell, breakfast!

THC- 79.4728% Limonene- 9.74mg/g

Caryophyllene- 16.3mg/g Linalool- 5.15mg/g








REMEDY Island Sweet Skunk

I am so in lust with this strain. A close relative to the landrace strain Durban Poison, Island Sweet Skunk carries many of the same quality traits and can easily be mistaken for DP. Irregardless, this is in my neighborhood, it’s my speed, and in my ballpark. Don’t let your eyes and nose fool you into thinking it’s a sativa. Don’t be surprised when you’re to-do list gets compromised, and your brain gets hypnotized, and you realize you didn’t make it to the bedroom. You improvised and made a little nest on the couch. Did you really draw a face in a Wilson volleyball? Yep. Remedy ISS can be a blissful abyss.

THC- 23.20% Myrcene- 4.8mg/g Terpinolene- 1.82mg/g a-Pinene- 1.47mg/g

Hey Giddy-Up, what did you think of this Candyland Sauce by Remedy and Hydro Star? “Remedy Candyland has a Monopoly on the terps. Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies crossed is anything but child’s play. You’ll be Sorry, if you don’t get it. That’s Life!” Yah, it may be too Pachisi for the course. Way to Connect 4 my friend. Thanks for stopping by, Gid. Say hello to Jolly for me when you make it to Gumdrop Pass. Don’t get stuck with Gloopy,in the Molasses Swamp. Here’s one more dab for the road.

THC- 80.9149% Caryophyllene- 11.073mg/g Limonene- 8.72mg/g Linalool- 6.93mg/g


I am trying to figure out what NZT stands for as I smash dabs of this wonderful concentrate. Whatever it does stand for it has Nice Zesty Terps. A perfectly balanced entourage of my favorite trio. Caryophyllene to drop my barriers, and allow my mind to wander a bit, and then the push-pull, shovetug, spin clockwise, counterclockwise, stand-up sativa and relax every muscle in your body indica relationship of a-limonene and b-myrcene. I look for anything near a 50/50 myrcene-caryophyllene ratio and just 5mg/5mg opens this peaceful, floating mind-wandering restlessness. I sort of feel limitless, like I just unlocked every door in my entire facility, every potential opportunity. Full access to a plethora of information, and knowing how to use this performance enhancing plant. This means instantly having the ability to rapidly and swiftly expand and collect every piece to the puzzle of existence, bringing us closer to anything our minds can comprehend. I feel sinewy and amazing from NZT. With that, I’m out.

THC- 80.5316% Caryophyllene- 14.52mg/g Myrcene- 12.67mg/g Limonene- 10.45mg/g SHWA

TRYKE Snicker Doodle

As someone who owned an edibles company, I can be pretty judgemental when it comes to judging products. From ingredients to flavor, I check out all the details and hold products up to the highest standards. I’m also a freakin’ cookie-monster, so when I peeled open the Tryke 20mg THC infused Snicker Doodle I was pretty excited to start grubbing down. From the first bite I knew I struck gold. A soft-batch cookie with just the right amount of crunch and snap when you pull back that first bite. Snicker Doodles are a simple sugar cookie with spices, but they can be easily ruined by over-spicing or over-baking. Tryke does it up right and these cookie snacks are a nice treat, day or night. I only wish they were a bit stronger or came in a baker’s dozen because one just brings out the monster in me.

Total THC- 19.5mg




TRYKE Louis Fruiton

If there is one thing that Tryke knows how to do, it’s bringing a plant to fruition. I’ve never met a Tryke bud I didn’t like. Every flower is dense, floral, bright and heady. Louis Fruition does not disappoint. Filled with the most relevant terpenes in cannabis; myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, it will only take you a few puffs before you’ll be reminded how beautiful life can be. When things come to fruition, then all that is right in the world is plain to see.

THC- 25.8% Myrcene- 3.84mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.84mg/g Limonene- 1.83mg/g


TRYKE Watermelon Zkittles

Ok, Bill, enough with the silly rhymes and riddles. Time for us to try some Watermelon Zkittles. I kinda like the way this hittlez and makes us play fiddles. I bet you didn’t know it but I’m a fiddle player too. And if you care to take a dab. I’ll take a dab with you. Ok I said my name’s Watermelon, and it might make you grin when we take your dab. It’s just you here. I’m only my flower, I’m not my friend. Bill heated up his rig and made his banger hot. Then he lit the watermelon Zkittles joint cause he remembered it’s all he got. If you win, you get this shiny flower jar made of glass. But if you snooze, you’re gonna kick your ass. You’ll be chicken in a bread pan, picking out dough.

THC- 27.6% Limonene- 3.83mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.47mg/g Myrcene- 1.53mg/g





TRYKE Grape Ape Disposable Vape Pen TRYKE Brownie Bar

You should know by now that it’s dangerous to give me brownies to write up, because I like to play CALL IT DUTY(doodie) and reshape these into a more unusual, but fun shape. But I resisted and my fists did something else. I sunk Tryke’s Brownie Bar in three large-mammal-sized bites. It’s only 20mg of THC or so, so I’ll be just fine in however long it takes to get to my head. I don’t really watch my THC intake. My tolerance level is baller since I’ve been forced by Stephanie to try every single product every single month for the past four years. Now she is forcing me to do some dabs and drink some beers. Cheers. Don’t be so frowny. Get in the car and go get yourself a Tryke Brownie Bar.

Total THC- 20.50mg

This isn’t for you, if you are one of those chapped lipped sissies who wears white-framed sunglasses and drives a lifted Ford F-150, hangin’ your elbow out the window, tryin’ to make sure we see you. I have an e-cig for your weak lungs. Here, puff on that. You can’t handle the Grape Ape. He’s got lavender hair on his back, and he doesn’t even wear sunglasses. He just lowers his brow and looks directly into the.sun while making me way higher than you, son. He snarls his top lip just enough to huff on the good stuff. It’s like a perilous joke that repeatedly flies past your head, elevated higher than any lift kit you and your truck and your white sunglasses will ever get you. And, it’s disposable so I can do like the late, great Eazy-E and throw it in the gutter and go buy another.

THC- 85.98% a-Pinene- 16.87mg/g CBD- 1.76mg/g Linalool- 0.69mg/g Myrcene- 0.11mg/g

TRYKE Animal Cookies Crumble

This fluffy crumble turns me into an animal. I’ve dabbed this twice in the air now, and I keep transforming into a dairy cow. Don’t know how or why, but may I please have an udder of milk and a box of cereal? I asked nicely because I’m a nice dairy cow. I’m afraid that if I dab twice in a row that I’ll turn into Bodacious, the infamous rodeo bull. This crumble is so soft and easy to sink your horns into. I’m snapping off another fat one! Olé. Tell me, are matadors really fighting bulls? Or are those toreros ignoring that voice asking them what the hell they are doing? Don’t they hear the scary music? Why do these idiots run with the bulls every year? Don’t they watch the news? Nothing to gain. I’d rather be a nice dairy cow and just drink gallons of milk and enjoy the grass and wax the pasture. I think it’s past your bedtime. We’ll talk more next time.

THC- 69% Linalool- 3.83mg/g Limonene- 0.8mg/g a-Pinene- 0.26mg/g


TRYKE Peanut Butter Cookie

That’s how this cookie crumbled. See up in the picture? Some sloppy budtender must have known it was mine, thrown it down on the ground and crushed its little peanut butter spine. Ya, wait until I find that little no-good cookie hater. Wait up...who cares? I can’t swallow it whole, so whoever crumbled my cookie, actually did me a favor. Wait yo...Maybe this is my size 12 Nike shoe print? Maybe I should credit myself for expediting the consumption of this cookie. Do I smell the next batch?

Total THC- 20.10mg







It doesn’t get more real than GLP flower. Organically grown to perfection, their nugs are always 100%. So, when I found myself pulling snappers of GLP VCM with local reggae super star Big Art from Higher’D Gun’Z, life was feeling 100% real surreal. With close to 14% caryophyllene, VCM had me feeling no pain. Then, once the joint started circling and Big Art started singing and strumming the guitar, I found myself receiving the exact medicine the voodoo doctor ordered.

THC- 22.01% Caryophyllene- 13.87mg/g Limonene- 5.25mg/g Myrcene- 4.69mg/g


MOJAVE Inzane In the Membrane

Not sure if they got B-Real to try this strain yet, but they got B-Ill’s attention. Who you tryin’ to get crazy with esé? , Don’t you know I’m Local Mojave? UAP lights are blinking, I’m thinking It’s all over when I show video and start speaking Bro, I gotta maintain. Cuz a human like me is goin Inzane. Inzane in the Membrane Crazy Inzane, that’s the strain. Inzane in the Membrane Like Stephanie Armstrong hit the saxophone, And Louis Armstrong played the trumpet, I’ll break you fat hits from the bong. Inzane in the Membrane Hits From the Bong.

THC- 26.96% Caryophyllene- 8.6mg/g Limonene- 3.9mg/g Myrcene- 2.8mg/g





Unable to contain his excitement, he had been packed for over two weeks. He planned to stop and pick up a hostess gift and something to contribute to the meal along the way. Perhaps some Membrillo and Manchego, he knew everyone considered the sweet paste made of quince and the nutty cheese a special treat. Of course, he brought his books. Even leaving the house for only a few hours, several books would be tucked inside his bag; serving as makeshift security blankets. Penned by varied authors, all told stories of adventure, courage and romance. For that is how he viewed his own life; one of adventure and courage. As for romance, Quido was still hoping against hope to recapture the heart of his beloved Rosa. He knew family and friends considered him peculiar. Some even thought he suffered a more serious malady. All agreed, though eccentric, he was kind and, ultimately harmless. Taking a final look around before securing the four locks on his front door, Quido stepped over the threshold, adjusted his helmet and mounted his horse. Lola and Francis had been driving for over an hour yet hadn’t uttered a word to one another. The day before, Lola had been outside working in her garden, where she preferred to spend her time rather than in the house where Francis preferred to spend his. It was that time of day when, like clockwork, Francis’s stomach began to rumble and groan. Feeling annoyed, once again, that his wife had exhibited her full catalog of meals in their first month of marriage Francis decided to take a chance anyway. Humming quietly as she worked, Lola could hear gravel crunch beneath the weight of her husband’s feet as he approached. Without greeting, he inquired when she was going to start dinner and if, perchance, she could cook up something tasty for once. His comments and tone didn’t fare well with Lola and an argument ensued. What started out as a fight over dinner ended with their usual; you don’t appreciate me or what I do. And what I do, do, is never good enough. Turning around without his answer, Francis trudged back into the house, wondering why he didn’t marry that Italian girl his mother tried pushing on him during his engagement to Lola. Lola was prettier and livelier, but the Italian girl was kinder and she could cook. Neither Lola nor Francis could tell you when things began to fall apart, but in five short years their marriage went from bearable to miserable. Both wondered how they were going to hold it together for two days with the entire family as a potential audience.


Standing at her kitchen window Luna watched three vehicles approach the long driveway leading to the expansive ranch she


shared with her husband, Sancho. Members of the family along with friends had been arriving like flocks of birds over the last three days. Luna enjoyed the warmth and bustle of a full house during the holidays. Each year the number of guests gathered ‘round her tables increased, thanks to new babies, girlfriends or boyfriends and in some cases, replacement spouses. There was also plenty of drama. But this year, Luna was prepared. The vehicles pulled to a stop and the passengers clamoured about collecting suitcases, backpacks, and gifts. Then something caught the corner of Luna’s eye. As the contents of her teacup dribbled into the sink, she watched aghast, as her brother-in-law tied his horse to one of the columns lining the front porch. Luna excitedly called Sancho to come quickly and see how his brother had chosen to transport himself. It was apparent Guido was holding fast to his fantasies. Turning to his wife, shoulders lifted to his ears, Sancho noted Luna’s expression. Clearly indicating he was expected to keep an eye over his brother during this year’s Nochebuena. “Sacre bleu!” The sudden and unexpected outburst caused twins, Mario and Dario to drop their forks in unison. “Sorry?” questioned Luis, his eyes darting back and forth between the twins and Ramon, the source of the outburst. Oblivious, Ramon was already mid-bite into a forkful of marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole. Luis repeated, “Ramon! What are you saying?” Slowly lifting his head, Ramon responded with a puzzled look on his face, “What?” “Why did you randomly shout, sacre bleu?” “Oooh! I’m practicing my French for my upcoming trip to Paris,” Ramon replied, bits of orange filling the gaps between the few teeth remaining in his head. Knowing Ramon could barely handle even the social setting of the village marketplace, everyone at the table looked to Luna. “He’s not going to Paris,” she answered without being asked. “Yes I am! I’m leaving tomorrow on that new scooter you bought for me, Mom!” Ramon defended. Eyeballs rolled and everyone returned their attention to eating, knowing it best not to engage him further. “Luna, this is the best meal I’ve eaten in ages,” announced Francis. His comment wasn’t lost on Lola or anyone else for that matter.

“I’m getting myself another drink,” she murmured. Quiet cousin Enrique, who avoided confrontation at all costs, decided this was a good time to clean around his plate. Picking up small crumbs with the tip of his dampened finger, Rosa watched in disgust as he then put the crumb-coated finger to his tongue. She remembered now why she tended to make excuses for missing these gatherings with her ex-in-laws. “Here we go. Get ready for the Luna and Francis match up. It’s sure to be entertaining,” announced Mateo. “Lola, can you re-fill my glass with more wine while you’re up? I’ll need another drink for this dinner and a show.” “Me too, my glass is empty,” added Guido. “Nooo! Only one glass for you!” Everyone shouted. “Mateo! That was rude,” scolded Rosa. But she knew her brother was right. Lola mumbled something back at her husband, or Mateo, no one was sure, then stood and made her way to the beverage table. “Luna, you’re out of wine. And cerveza. And tequila, actually you’re out of booze completely,” called Lola. “Yes, I put it away,” Luna answered. “I’m doing something different this year.” “We’re doing something different this year, Sis?” inquired Luis worried. “But we like drinking.”

As Luna and Rosa distributed slices of Infused Pumpkin Pie, Pound Cake with macerated fruit along with some Membrillo and Manchego Croquetas, oh’s and ah’s circulated around the table. The chorus of sound brought Mario and Dario out from the playroom. “Dessert!” they chimed in unison. “Yes, there’s a separate tray for you kids in the kitchen. Take it into the playroom and share with the other children,” directed Luna. Rosa went on to explain why they decided to offer Infused Edibles. At the same time Guido was packing for his trip, the women were discussing this year’s menu. Reminiscing about celebrations past, they realized almost every year things would start out okay, but as the alcohol consumption increased, so did the snarky comments, misunderstandings, and arguments. Last year, Guido and Sancho got into such a heated debate over which of the two of them had been the better “warrior” during their “windmill days,” they ended up in a brawl that took them from the front yard to the horseshoe pit then finally flailing into the cold and murky pond amid Luna’s prized Koi. Rather than agitate and ignite disagreements, which seemed to be the problem with alcohol, they predicted the Cannabis would relax and disarm. “Sounds fun,” stated Mateo. “Fun! That’s it. We want this year’s gathering to be fun!” declared Luna. “And no hangovers!” added Rosa.

“Yeah, we like drinking,” reiterated Mateo.

“I love this idea,” announced Lola.

Luna began clearing plates while Rosa ushered the children into the playroom. Luna agreed, stating a little wine or a couple of cocktails made for a more festive atmosphere, however alcohol could also bring out the badly behaved beast. This year, no beasts were allowed. Immediately the grumbling and protests began to bubble up.

And I love Rosa,” gushed Guido out loud.

“No need to fret,” assured Rosa in her sing-song voice. Oh, her voice is like music, thought Quido. “We will show you,” said Luna. Luna and Rosa returned from the kitchen each carrying a large tray of desserts. “Did you put booze in the desserts?” inquired Mateo. “Better, we Infused our desserts with Cannabis! replied Rosa, her perfectly white teeth peering out between her full, red lips. Her lips, like cherries, thought Guido. “Cannabis?! You mean Weed?” questioned Luis. “Oh, this is gonna be good,” muttered one of the younger uncles.

Though many of the table guests were still reeling from the idea their Noni and Tia knew where to purchase Cannabis, let alone Infuse with it, there were many more who were tickled pink (or rather green) over the idea. Luna and Rosa had even thought to Infuse a few desserts with CBD, for Ramon and Guido. After those in the know finished instructing those who didn’t, about ingesting Edibles and what to expect, everyone dug in. Within an hour, the house was filled with happy chatter and knee-slapping laughter. Some sat in clusters replaying scenes from their favourite standups, others discussed the meaning of life. A few were scattered about dozing, while others had joined the kids to watch SpongeBob Squarepants’ Holiday Special. Luna and Rosa had succeeded in putting the Fun into Dys-functional. Everyone agreed, this was the best, Nochebuena ever!



Cosmic Muffin's Infused Membrillo & Mancheo Croquetas

Technical Writing for the Cannabis Industry I offer 32 years of experience in technical writing and 16 years in the cannabis industry in the form of red carpet consultation. This includes strategy resolution and full project management for the following regulatory and technical documents—all specifically for hemp and cannabis businesses:

INGREDIENTS 3 ½ oz Manchego Cheese – Grated 8-10 oz Membrillo (quince paste) ½ Stick Unsalted Canna-butter 1 Cup Flour – divided 1 ¼ Cup Infused Whole Milk Pinch Nutmeg Salt/Pepper to taste 2 Eggs - Beaten 1 Cup Fine Bread or Panko Crumbs Oil for Frying Fresh Rosemary – Chopped PROCESS In a medium sauce pot, melt butter. Add ½ cup of flour and whisk until mixture comes together and turns pale amber in colour. Add milk about ¼ cup at a time, whisking between additions. Remove pot from heat; season mixture with nutmeg, salt and pepper. Add grated cheese and stir until cheese has completely melted. Pour cheese mixture into a sheet pan, set in fridge until set – about one hour. When cheese has set, in 3 separate bowls or pie tins pour; remaining flour, eggs and bread or panko crumbs into each container, separately. Scrape off 2 Tbsp of the chilled cheese mixture, place a small slice of membrillo in the center then roll the cheese mixture into a small oval, keeping the quince paste inside the cheese. Roll one croqueta into the flour, egg, then crumbs, set on a parchment lined sheet pan. Continue until all the cheese is used. Set sheet pan in the fridge to chill for about 20 minutes. Heat oil in a deep, heavy pot until temp reaches 350 degrees. Carefully lower a few croquetas (don’t overcrowd the pot) into the oil and fry until golden brown. Using a slotted spoon remove croquetas, drain on a paper towel-lined platter and garnish with chopped rosemary. Serve w/wedges of Membrillo


> Business plan > Content marketing > License application > Operational plan > Viability analysis Curt Robbins

Robbins Group LLC

Naturally Sun-Grown Products

Highland Brothers Bud Jar

LV Sluggers 2 Gram Joints Call 702-550-8623 for pricing and more information on products These images are of a cannabis product. Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and Older.

>>>>>>> Cannabis Tinctures TAHOE CANNABIS // #775TCM //


Find Your Ratio By Stephanie Magurno

What is a tincture and how do I use it? A tincture is the extraction of plant material with some kind of liquid – be it alcohol or any other substance. There are many herbal tinctures at health food stores – they aren’t unique to cannabis! Several cannabis companies in Nevada make tinctures by mixing cannabis extracts with a food-grade carrier oil like coconut oil. The liquid is stored in a small glass bottle – usually with a dropper mechanism that is part of the lid. To use a tincture, put a dose in your mouth under your tongue, where the mucous membranes are the most porous and allows for faster absorption than simply swallowing. Leave it under there as long as you can stand before swallowing, but at least 30 seconds.

Why use a tincture? They are a discreet, portable way to consume cannabis products. Unlike chocolate or gummies they don’t melt in the desert heat. It provides an alternative to smoking / inhaling cannabis. And because of the whole mucous membrane thing mentioned above, many people find they take effect faster than traditional edibles.

Ok then – what is a ratio tincture and why does it matter? A ratio tincture is one that mixes different cannabinoids in different ratios – 8mg of one cannabinoid for every milligram of another, for example. Cannabis has many cannabinoids – THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and several dozen others – though those 4 are among the most common. Each of us has what’s called an


“endocannabinoid system” just like we have a respiratory system and digestive system. Different cannabinoids interact with that system in their own unique ways. Not only the dosage of a particular cannabinoid, but also what other cannabinoids are in the mix in what proportion, determine how a tincture will impact you. According to Project CBD, CBD enhances THC’s painkilling and anti-cancer properties.

How do I find my ratio? Because cannabis is federally illegal in the United States, there is virtually no funding for clinical trials or scientific studies that could give us empirical data that such-and-such is good for x ailment, etc. Instead, as consumers we have to rely on anecdotal evidence shared by people we know, media outlets, and the internet. And then it can be a bit of trial and error. There is no “one ratio fits all” answer. I’m not a medical doctor and I cannot advise you on what you should or should not take; but I can share stories with you and some of the anecdotal evidence I’ve collected in this industry. Full disclosure: the ratios I am most familiar with are the ones produced by the company I work with, so those are the ratios I can speak to – there are others out there but that article would have to be written by someone who is familiar with them. So we produce five different ratio tinctures: 20 to 1, 10 to 1, 5 to 1, 2 to 1, and 1 to 1. The first number is the ratio of CBD and the second is the ratio of THC. For example, the 5 to 1 has five times the amount of CBD as it does THC. The key with all cannabis products, including these, is to start small / low with your dose and increase if needed.

A key piece of info: when CBD is present in noticeably higher amounts than THC, it tends to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC (so you get some of the medicinal benefits of the THC without the “high”). But, as you approach a ratio of 1:1 (where CBD and THC are present in the same amount), the CBD tends to AMPLIFY the effect of THC – it is MORE psychoactive than THC alone. 20 to 1: Perhaps because of the anticonvulsant properties of CBD and its positive impact on neurological systems, this seems to be the tincture that people with migraines and seizures gravitate towards. One dose has about 18mg of CBD, with less than 1 mg of THC. When CBD alone has not worked to alleviate their symptoms, some consumers try this ratio tincture and find relief. CBD and THC interact with different receptors in the human body and some people find CBD alone does not do the trick for them. Similarly, some of our team members with arthritis and aches and pains use it daily before coming into work because it is a natural preventive against pain that allows them to be completely functional and able to work. 10 to 1: A 10 to 1 or 5 to 1 ratio tinctures are the sweet spot for digestive aid and autoimmune support. Some people use the 10:1 ratio for anxiety or neurodegenerative conditions. For example, one customer told us that their tremors from Parkinson’s decrease when they take the 10:1 tincture. 5 to 1: Here’s an amazing story- one of our team members has a friend who had been taking opioids (responsibly, under a physician’s supervision) for 15 years for chronic health conditions. But because of the opioid epidemic, her doctor said he needed to stop


prescribing it to her. So this friend, after 15 years, started using our 5:1 tincture during the day and 1:1 tincture during the night and successfully transitioned off of opiods in a matter of a couple months. This tincture has 12.5mg of CBD per dose (so it packs a reasonable anti-inflammatory punch) and 2.5mg of THC (when combined with CBD can be used during the daytime and deliver real relief). Sometimes a low THC remedy isn’t the best option for people’s healing. So a tincture with more THC in it can be helpful. 2 to 1: Some people find this can be used during the day and others find it a bit too strong. This is definitely the most potent pain reliever for (possible) daytime use, with just over 5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC (increase as needed). This is the tincture my massage therapist uses. When I first met her she would have to regularly soak her arms in an ice bath for extended periods of time. Now, she uses this tincture and can do massages for 12 hours a day 6 days in a row at the World Series of Poker and she’s fine. 1 to 1: This is the MOST psychoactive tincture. Most people find they need to take this at night or after work. Some people find it helps them go to sleep. Others find it is relaxing like having a beer would be. It is considered effective for pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia. Incidentally, I know of several people that have used this tincture on their skin for localized pain relief. Using THC in any amount on your skin isn’t going to get you high – it would have to enter your bloodstream. So several people have taken some kind of cream, be it steroid cream or Deep Blue rub, added a dose of this tincture to it and applied it to their skin, and then covered it with some kind of Band aid. They have all


said the addition of the 1:1 tincture makes the cream far more effective.

How do you choose between different brands? Of course I recommend our brand! It’s “Experience Premium Cannabis” and you can find our tinctures in many dispensaries around the state. We make solventless products that are good for people and good for the planet. All our packaging is eco-friendly to the greatest extent allowed under state regulations, we use VERY high-quality ingredients you can trust, have no harsh chemicals in our products, and we are a locally-owned and operated company. There are many great products on the market – not just ours. You may need to try a few brands before settling on the ones that are best for you. Other points to consider are budget, how effective the products are, and how each company’s values align with your own regarding environmental stewardship, what solvents are left in the products, and other related factors.




Skywalker OG

Slammin' Salmon BY CANNABushi Chris

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and New Year’s. With the recent release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I decided to make a roll fit for Padawans and Jedi, alike. Infused with Skywalker OG and a custom CBD infused spicy chili oil. The flavors will be enough to slam your taste buds with Umami! I recently created this roll at a local event. Wanting to give it the credit it deserves, I’m sharing it with you all. An honor I’m extremely grateful for. Hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients: 1 Sushi grade Salmon filet 2 cups Sushi grade short grain rice Nori seaweed sheets- half cut preferred 8 oz Snow Crab-steamed, water removed, damp dried and shredded 1 small gherkin or english cucumber cut into baton and seedline removed 1 cup Kewpie mayo or mayo of choice


6 oz Skywalker OG infused coconut oil Sriracha sauce 1.5 cup Sushi vinegar or CannaBushi infused vinegar 2 oz Happy Hemp Farmacy Sweeten strain CBD infused chili oil (recipe coming up) 1 cup cream cheese of your choice 1 oz Chipotle paste 1 small bunch of green onions sliced thin and rinsed Ginger and Wasabi Sesame oil



Making the Sushi Rice

Chipotle Cream Cheese

DIRECTIONS: 1. First, start off by washing the rice in a bowl with a strainer. Gently use cold water to rinse or “polish” the rice. The water will turn into a cloudy white as the starches are being removed. Continue until the water clears up. But try not to wash a lot. Make sure to remove dirty water and drain the rice each time you wash. No more than four times.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Grab your cream cheese, chipotle paste, 2 oz infused coconut oil and some spicy mayo. Mix well and place in a piping bag. Make sure to have the cream cheese slightly above room temperature for easier mixing. The spicy mayo is used to help consistency and color. Not to mention, killer flavor depths! Keep in the fridge until needed.

2. After draining rice make sure the water is out with the strainer and place into a rice cooker. Add equal water to each cup of rice. Cook as directed per your device. Take cooked rice and place into a large bowl. Cover and grab your Infused CannaBushi vinegar. 3. Take your infused CannaBushi vinegar and place enough to start coating/cutting the rice. Mix well. Make sure not to over do it. While the rice is hot, mix your infused vinegar into the bowl of rice. Mixing so that the vinegar is completely covering the rice. Not drowning in it, just enough. Cover and keep to the side, making sure to mix the rice again in 5 minutes.

Infused Spicy Chili Oil DIRECTIONS: 1. I used a Magical Butter Machine to infuse my oil. Decarbing my Happy Hemp Farmacy Sweeten Strain CBD flower. I do 265 for 55 minutes covered. Then directly into the freezer for 30 minutes. It has always given the desired effect and that’s what i stick to. 2. Using 1 cup of canola oil, ½ cup of MCT oil and ½ cup regular chili oil. Place all ingredients in machine as well as 1 cup of dried red chilies, ¼ cup red chili pepper flakes and 1 ounce of decarbed CBD flower. 3. Using the machines preset temperature of 160° for 8 hours. Then straining out used materials. 4. This is the recipe I personally used. Be careful! A little goes a long way.

Quick Spicy Mayo DIRECTIONS: 1. Take ¾ cup mayo, 2 oz Sriracha, 2 oz infused coconut oil (microwave 5 seconds so it’s a liquid), 1 oz infused spicy chili oil and place into a bowl. Whisk thoroughly. Boomshakalaka! The quickest infused spicy mayo you’ve ever made! Place in a small squeeze bottle and leave in fridge until needed.

OG Infused Snow Crab Mix DIRECTIONS: 1. In a large bowl place the crabmeat and 2 oz Skywalker OG infused coconut oil. Mix these two first very well and then add ¼ cup of mayo. Add the infused chili oil. One teaspoon is adequate. Plus a dash of sesame oil. Mix it all together and place in fridge to chill. Having this step completed beforehand is optimal.

Making of the Skywalker Slammin’ Salmon DIRECTIONS: 1. Grab your cutting board, makisu, and knife. 2. Place the nori onto cutting board and make sure to have a small bowl of water ready so you can handle the rice. 3. Start by dipping your hand in the water and rub your hands together so there's a slight amount of water lightly on each. Grab a small ball of rice and spread evenly on the nori. Keeping the rough side up beforehand. Make sure the rice has cooled and just a slight warmth. It should be a lot stickier now. 4. Make sure to cover all edges of the nori with rice and it should be evenly distributed to a ¼ inch thickness. This should be on a half sheet of nori. Flip riced nori over. 5. Place roughly 3 oz crab mix in the center of the riced nori sheet. Also, put your cucumber parallel beside the crab. 6. Pull the riced nori sheet to the end of the makisu and use your thumb to grab the makisu. Begin to bring it up and over to encapsulate the ingredients. 7. Make sure to have a seal created and have the seam on the cutting board. Take your hands and gently squeeze the roll so that it is shaped. Scoot the makisu to each side and gently press the ends so the ingredients are inside the roll. Voila!







For this installment of “Tokin’ With The Infamous” I sat down and toked up with Roy Gomez, the founder of Heart of the Emerald dispensary. It was just days before the first Danksgiving Harvest Celebration we held at his venue, Forever Found. It was a crazy busy week, but we managed to find a few minutes to share a joint and talk about his nearly lifelong experience in the cannabis industry, his new dispensary, and the importance of community. Just because I’m vocal about supporting black market growers, doesn’t mean I can’t support those who have made the transition into the white market, the right way. I back anyone who reflects cannabis in a positive light, and that is exactly what Roy does at Heart of the Emerald. It’s a beautiful thing to see.


Hopper: What sparked your passion for cannabis? How long have you been in the industry? Roy: My Dad. It’s a family business. My Dad let me start helping him grow when I was in 9th grade. So I’ve been in the industry on different levels since the 9th grade. I owned grow shops called A Fertile World, and then we started Humboldt Nutrients fertilizer company specializing in biological inoculants and stuff like that. Then I started Dosist. It started as HMBLDT. I was one of the co-founders from Humboldt. I partnered with a couple guys from San Francisco, and we partnered with a big marketing firm that does campaigns for Nike and Jolly Rancher. They were looking to get into the industry. This was in 2014. They saw the beauty of Humboldt

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BY HOPPER

and realized we could be a Patagonia type of brand. Then I started the dispensary after that. We’ve been open 8 months now. Hopper: Everyone knows I’m an outspoken advocate for the black market, but really I’m down for anyone who promotes cannabis in a positive light, which you do. What challenges do you face in the white market? Taxes are a nightmare I’m sure. Roy: Oh for sure, excise tax and the regular sales tax. It’s all good though. It’s still in its experimental phase. Everyone’s still figuring it out. The BCC is still figuring it out. We’re gonna get through it, but it’s definitely an over-regulated scenario. It’s a little ridiculous. Right now the biggest thing is the transition to METRC, the state ran track and trace

program. Every farmer, retailer, and manufacturer has to transition. It’s a sh*tshow pain in the ass, but at the same time, the BCC isn’t at our place every day trying to inquire about this and that. They’re certainly making sure the milestones are made, though. I have a compliance manager who deals with intake. Everything has to match up, the batch codes to the THC percentage. When we intake product it takes a little bit of time. He has to go through the analytics to make sure everything is matched up. Hopper: What’s the biggest misconception about the legal market? Roy: That it’s constricting people’s ability to start trying to transfer out of the black market. I think that there is a time you have to choose a side. In the transitional period you’re putting your other foot in the white market and your balls right down on the line. Basically, if you’re already all white market, it’s because you took a lot of corporate money and you’ve sold out. You got that backing from somewhere. There’s big corporations, big money hedge funds, a lot of people coming in and recognizing they’re going to operate at a loss for three to five years, however long it takes. Right now everybody's competing for the same customer base within the state of California. Humboldt is now competing with Mendocino… well we’ve always competed with Mendo, but we’re now competing with Santa Barbara, Greenfield, Salinas,

>>> HEART OF THE EMERALD Santa Cruz, all of these places that have the infrastructure for agriculture. Hopper: So it’s becoming even more competitive. Roy: Way more. We’re all competing for the same customers. Hopper: Before legalization, people worked together. Now it seems like everyone is a little more locked down now that they’re licensed. I’m just looking in from the outside, I don’t have a stake in it. What I see is people who wanted to get on board, but didn’t have enough money to do it. Now they can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. They’re still unlicensed because they couldn’t afford to finish the process, and now they’re on law enforcement’s radar because they tried to get licensed. Roy: Exactly. Once you open up the Pandora’s Box of compliance, you can’t shut it because you just let them come on your property and assess all the environmental problems that have happened that weren’t your fault. A lot of the worst shit people walked into, the timber companies did. The roads weren’t graded right, the culverts were put in all fucked up and there’s water diverted everywhere. Once you open that compliance box, the assessors come in and say ‘this is what it’s gonna cost you if you wanna keep growing weed.’ Hopper: It’s kind of a Trojan horse situation when they come in like that.

Roy: We say it’s a Trojan horse because we’re looking at it from a black market stance, but in the real world these are the things you have to go through to be in business. All our trimmers need to have Workers Comp. They need to have a compliant restroom to go to. Hopper: You mean a shotgun and an outhouse aren’t compliant?! Roy: Haha, yeah that outhouse is a big raw sewage fine. That’s one of the things, if you get an abatement letter, it says you’re managing toxic waste improperly. It’s like, well we’re putting a lot of lime on there! Hopper: Let’s switch gears a little bit. Tell us what your dispensary, Heart of the Emerald, is all about. Roy: We’ve been in the process for about three years. The city council had to write the ordinance. It had to be approved, and had to go through public comment and all that. So we had to go through all that. I realized in going to other places, even here locally, and seeing so many products from Los Angeles, San Francisco… that at Heart of the Emerald I wanted to make sure everything is from the Emerald Triangle. If there’s a product we can’t source from our region and we have to go out of the area for it, then we will. But as a consumer, I know where the best products come from, so why would we go outside of here? Plus, my kids are raised to support local, that’s just how we are here. It’s all about buying local.

Hopper: The name really says it all. You are the heart of the Emerald Triangle, and I dig it. I love something you posted awhile back about connecting the world with the emerald triangle and its unique ecosystem and community. That’s what brought me up here. I swore I’d never leave San Diego, but when I came here the first time, there was just something about it. I’ve been around the world and this is the only place that has ever called me like this. Humboldt really has heart. It has a piece of my heart. Roy: Humboldt really does have a culture, and it has a really good history. The whole back to the land movement, the whole culture. It’s nice to feel like you live in a community. We’re communal creatures. The cannabis helps with that. When you’re passing a joint around, that’s a communal thing. Hopper: What are some of your favorite products on the shelf right now? Roy: Not to tout just one product line, but Brother David’s is really cool. It’s a line from Dr. Bronner’s son. They’re sourcing through Flow Kana, basically all up here- Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties. All the proceeds go to a foundation that helps cannabis prisoners get out of prison. They don’t have money to hire an attorney and get their convictions reversed or get them out of jail. Brother David’s has a good program.

Hopper: You do a lot more than run the dispensary. Tell our readers about Forever Found. Roy: Forever Found is now an event space that once was going to be a historic cultural center. From Goldrush to Greenrush was our concept. Hopper: You’ve hosted some great shows here. Prezident Brown and Anthony B just this past month alone. I’m stoked that we’re having our Danksgiving Harvest Celebration here this weekend. It’s been great working with you on it. Tell us what you’re ‘dankful’ for. Roy: Community. Hopper: Nice, I agree. Community is a beautiful thing. On that note, we have a lot to do in the next few days before the show, but before we get back to work do you want to give anyone a shoutout? Roy: Sequoyah, my Pops, you Hopper. This has been fun! IG: @heartoftheemerald_ eureka IG: @foreverfoundhumboldt Photo By: @pamelajayne Follow Hopper on IG @ hopper448

Photo by E.G. Spess

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