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ISSUE #15 JUNE 2018




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Scarlet Oilworks & Nature's


NV Industry Surges High

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Chemistry: Perfect Collaboration

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24 Dr. Kent Crowley: Trokie 28 Cannabis & Pregnancy ------ THE COVER ------


Scarlet Oilworks & Nature's Chemistry: Sauce Photo By: Ray Alamo

30 Rosin Tech Cannab-Esq. Chronicles 32 The A Legal Perspective

36 What's Good in Nevada with Cannabis 42 Cooking With Chef Fred

46 Funky Fresh Happiness Ras: Music, Family & 48 JGood Vibes

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Stephanie Shehan

This month, our cover features a new collaborative product: Sauce by Scarlet Oilworks and Nature’s Chemistry. It is awesome to see two great companies coming together to produce exciting new products for the Nevada market. Stay tuned for more great things from both of these companies. This issue also features an interview with Dr. Kent Crowley, creator of the Trokie product line. The new Trokie line includes different dosage amounts and a much better taste. Geared towards medical patients, Trokie products are absorbed by placing the lozenge in between the top lip and gum which allows CBD and THC to be delivered straight into the bloodstream. If you have not yet tried a Trokie product, be sure to add it to your list next time you visit a dispensary. While on the subject of concentrates, don’t miss our spotlight on Rosin Tech. This company makes a variety of easy to use Rosin presses that allow consumers the ability to press fresh cannabis at home without the use of any solvents. And, if you are interested in seeing these products in action, check out Rosin Tech next month at CHAMPS. Lastly, we have a handful of local politicians that support our cannabis industry and the federal legalization of cannabis. Be sure that you get out and vote in the June 12th primaries. Local voter information is available online at voters. Enjoy the start of summer!

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Scarlet Oilworks & Nature's Chemistry

Perfect Collaboration: SAUCE

CWNevada quickly recognized the craftsmanship of Nature’s Chemistry demonstrated by exceptional flower quality. The relationship between companies has evolved ever since with Nature’s Chemistry boasting a permanent presence within Canopi dispensaries. This appreciation brought the two brands to collaborate on a new superior concentrate product: Sauce by Scarlet Oilworks and Nature’s Chemistry.

cannabinoid starts to grow into crystals. Often called “diamond mining,” because THCa naturally forms into crystals and it can start to look like tiny diamonds. As the crystals form, the terpenes, are pushed-out into a liquid called “terp juice”. This liquid is run through a post extraction process resulting in a highly potent product with up to 60% or more terpene content. The diamondlike solid particles of the extract are called “High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts.”

The premium flower grown by Nature’s Chemistry is represented in this refined product which will allow consumers the ability to experience the taste and effect of top shelf flower in the form of crystalline sauce.

Scarlet Oilworks/Nature’s Chemistry Sauce can be found at any of the local Canopi dispensaries. Follow Scarlet Oilworks on Instagram @scarletoilworks. Follow Nature’s Chemistry on Instagram @natures_chemistry.

This collaboration has resulted in a fresh, high quality, unique product which offers an opportunity to showcase the extensive capability of each brands’ expertise; cultivation and extraction.

What is Sauce?

Sauce is a cured, or aged, live resin. This process starts with a live plant. Rather than drying and curing the plant for weeks, it is either flash frozen or kept in refrigeration to preserve as many terpenes as possible. After a typical BHO extraction process, the extract is set aside to age. As the product ages, a process called “nucleation” occurs, and the


500ml THC Distillate + Terpenes

Single Terpene Vape Carts


LINALOOL THC distillate 500 mg

2X Terpene Combination Vape Carts





THC distillate

This is a marijuana product. Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age and older.

Nevada Cannabis Industry Surges High; Positions >>> Heavy Hitting National Politicians Take Pro-Cannabis


By: Dr. Aseem Sappal

hough Nevada’s cannabis industry is still getting off the ground, it has collected $30+ million in tax revenue as of February 2018. In July 2017— the state’s first month of adult-use cannabis sales—tax revenue hit $3.7 million and by October 2017 tax revenue hit a peak of nearly $5.84 million. Unlike other states, Nevada implemented its legalized adult-use cannabis six months ahead of the new year. To give some perspective on Nevada’s growth, consider that Colorado received $11 million in tax revenue during its first six months of adult-use cannabis sales. Cannabis analysts project that Nevada’s legal cannabis market to be worth $622 million by 2020. Why such success in Nevada? Much of it could be contributed to tourist-friendly Las Vegas. Over 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year. Anyone over the age of 21 can legally purchase cannabis at any of several the state licensed retail stores in the city. To discourage visitors from transporting cannabis outside the state, 20 amnesty boxes—green metal bins for use by airline passengers to dispose of cannabis before boarding a flight—were installed in high traffic areas of McCarran, Henderson Executive and North Las Vegas airports. But don’t expect to consume cannabis inside a Las Vegas casino. The state’s Gaming Policy Commission considered changing its regulations earlier this year due to the increasing number of cannabis conventions and trade shows coming to Las Vegas. However, state gaming regulations prohibit cannabis smoking lounges at resort properties, landlord-tenant relationships for the sale, cultivation or distribution of cannabis, and financing deals that benefit either a gaming company or a cannabis provider. In April the Commission voted to clarify the regulations to prohibit visibly impaired people from gambling; that includes customers who are under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or other substances. The Gaming Commission has long held the position of remaining legal under the federal Controlled Substances Act and the revised regulations reinforce this. While the Nevada cannabis industry continues to move forward, some heavyhitting national politicians are taking pro-cannabis positions. In a bold move, Senator Cory Gardner (R) refused to vote on Justice Department nominees in a standoff over legalized cannabis with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which ended with Trump promising to support states’ rights to decide their own approaches to cannabis. In April, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D) of New York announced his intention to introduce comprehensive cannabis reform legislation. Last year Senator Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act, which has a House version introduced by Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna of California. While Schumer’s bill would remove cannabis from the Federal Controlled Substances Act, the Marijuana Justice Act goes further to fully legalize cannabis at the federal level and expunge convictions for cannabis use and possession, and invest in communities most impacted by the failed War on Drugs. Earlier this month Senator Dianne Feinstein (D), a longtime opponent of legalizing adult-use cannabis, announced that she is open to considering federal protection for state-legalized cannabis. Senator Kamala Harris also announced her sponsorship of Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act, along with Senators Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Ron Wyden. This year may be the year for the Democratic party to speak with one voice.

ABOUT US Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college with educational roots going back to 1995. OU has established itself as the world’s leading cannabis college with over 35,000 Alumni worldwide.

What sets us apart • Indoor and outdoor horticulture training • Business, medical and legal courses • The most recognized faculty in the industry • The only hands-on cultivation lab in the world • Grow lab demonstrations • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content • Professional networking opportunities with established entities • OU also trains local, state and international government & regulatory agencies • OU Online available across all desktops and mobile devices OAKSTERDAM.COM (510) 251-1544 1734 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612



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a patient's perspective


By Peter Jay

IT USED TO BE SO MUCH WORSE An often-visited concept in this column is that time and its passage is the only (ONLY!) thing which guarantees change in anything. It should be noted, however, that this is not always a good thing. Would you like an example? I would cite the World of Fashion, specifically men’s fashion, as an example. For convenience’s sake, we’ll only examine the tragedy that was 1970’s men’s apparel.

Do you know the leading cause of death for mankind? Spoiler alert: it’s ignorance, and it pretty much has always been so.

I am no clothes horse because, being disabled, I really don’t have to be. Trust me, when you see me staggering along using one of my many mobilityassistive devices, your FIRST thought will be “Gosh, I hope he doesn’t fall!”. Your SECOND thought will be “Gosh, I hope he doesn’t fall ON ME!!” My attire is generally the fourth or fifth thing about me that draws attention (I’m loud, too); as such, I am relatively immune to the dalliances and miscues of fashion. So. I know that this isn’t GQ, but what the hell was up with bell bottomed pants? How about those pastel leisure suits? The long-sleeved silk shirts worn unbuttoned to the waist, with gold chains weaving themselves into a thatch of manly chest pubes? Now we have skinny jeans instead of bell bottoms, charcoal sharkskin instead of lime sherbet polyester (in my closet, at least) and Hollister for everything else. Fashion has clearly evolved, but in a good way? I mentioned my incredible dislike of bell bottoms, right? I mean, WHAT WAS THE POINT?? Do you know who NEEDS to wear bell bottoms? SAILORS. Do you know WHY sailors wear them? Should they fall overboard, they can remove their heavy, water-logged pants without the need to remove their boots first, thus profoundly improving their chances of surviving “total immersion therapy”, as a Squid buddy once described falling into the drink. So, while bell bottoms were once considered tres fashionable, the passage of time has reduced them to ashes in the annals of fashion history, and good fucking riddance to them. Now, the $420 question is this: what do shameful fashion tragedies have to do with medical marijuana? I will answer with one word: trepanation. You know: the act of drilling a hole in your skull as a medical treatment for a whole variety of conditions. No? Any takers? I’m thinking of going into business with my buddy Makita. Email me if you’re interested. As


you are surely aware, there isn’t much medically that marijuana cannot do. Ok, perhaps it won’t do much to treat a gunshot wound, but if you’ve been brassed up, you should probably be seeking medical treatment somewhere and NOT hanging around getting high—shit like that gives us all a bad name.



KILLE BRANDING What would convince somebody that drilling a hole into one’s skull is a good idea? Well, the Romans used it primarily for the same reason we still use it today, which is treating head injuries (subdural hematoma, specifically). But the fun was just beginning! As recently as the 1800s, trepanation was used to treat depression and epilepsy. Consider the lobotomy! We went from knocking holes into the heads of people who were ALREADY having a bad day to using a variety of head orifices (nostrils, eye sockets) to insert an icepick and literally shave away at the frontal lobe of the brain. The procedure was used to “treat” everything from depression to being bipolar to being antisocial—men used to bring their “uncooperative” (whatever the hell that meant) wives in for treatment. Did it work? Well, if you mean “did it reduce vibrant-if-troubled people into jelly-like husks of their former selves?”, then it sure the hell did work! No pesky complaining, sadness or overall ennui; rather, you now have a compliant, obedient loved-one lookalike. What’s not to love? It’s easy for us to recognize now that marijuana is an effective treatment for many of the same conditions as was the lobotomy, but apparently rolling papers were too expensive or in short supply back then. Do you know the leading cause of death for mankind? Spoiler alert: it’s ignorance, and it pretty much has always been so. Stupidity runs a close second (often on a scooter), but as often as not people do dumb shit because they just don’t know any better. They didn’t use marijuana for medical treatment because the field of medical marijuana wouldn’t even be a thing for another 100 years, at least not in this hemisphere—Asia had the jump on us by several centuries on that front. You don’t know what you don’t know until you manage to connect the dots and form new knowledge; this is how we learn. Medical marijuana is finally a recognized treatment option for many of us; hopefully one day our current trepanning-equivalents will be replaced by newer and better THC- and CBD- medications and finally put those damned skull-drill manufacturers out of business for good. Contact for Trepanation: Archive:

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By Jessie Recanzone

One of the most revolutionary products the cannabis space has ever seen.

r. Kent Crowley created one of the most revolutionary products the cannabis space has ever seen, and it goes by the name of Trokie. Trokie has evolved into many different forms, but it all started with one very special lozenge. The lozenge is specially formulated with the use of PEG (polyethylene glycol), providing a homogenous and precise dosage format, so patients can "Medicate with Confidence." This piece of mind is only enhanced with its unmatched effectiveness and efficiency enabled by its unique delivery method. Trokie is absorbed utilizing the buccal system by placing the lozenge in between the top lip and gum. This method of absorption allows the CBD and/or THC to be directly administered to the bloodstream bypassing the lengthy and inefficient digestion process. As the lozenge dissolves, consumers will experience fast-acting and longlasting effects, with effects setting in as fast as 5-30 minutes and lasting as long as 4-8 hours. As a highly trained pharmaceutical executive and consultant, Dr. Crowley has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical medicine. He obtained his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco; completed an ASHP Accredited Residency with Kaiser Permanente. He is an Advanced Fellow and Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr.Kent Crowley currently works at Silver State Trading, where Trokie is produced and distributed, as the Director of Research and Development. He is extremely passionate about incorporating cannabis as a tool in his toolbox to help people with their healthcare goals and treatment plans. He believes that there is


no downside in using cannabis, for it is safe and effective. He has also been a strong voice in discussing how cannabis can help alleviate in the fight against the opiate crisis. In a statement, he explains that Trokie is “the most concentrated per unit of volume or weight of any product on the market�. Lending to the many reasons why Trokie has been such a game changer. The Trokie lozenge has evolved from a few key formulations into a bonafide cannabis staple offering a composition for almost every type of CBD or THC consumer. Consumers can purchase forms that are pure CBD, THC focused, or hybrids containing both compounds for effective dosing. Trokie now offers lozenges containing melatonin, in an effort to help patients and consumers with sleep. Trokie has been so successful that in November of 2017 it reached a multi-national distribution deal. With the formation of a partnership between Canopy Growth and Farm to Farma to distribute the Trokie lozenge in Canada.



As mentioned previously Trokie has expanded the product line to include other impactful products. One offering is the Trokie Microdosing Capsules that have a low-dose blend of THC, THCA-A and CBD at a 1:1:1 ratio. They provide an easy and discreet way to consume small doses of cannabis with an effective ratio balance. Another product is the CBD only pain patch. This proven, patented patch comes with a blend of pain relievers and has the highest over-the-counter lidocaine dose possible, plus anhydrous hemp oil. Trokie has provided consumers with a brand that has been rooted in science since conception, and with Dr. Kent Crowley and Silver State Trading leading the way, that will not change.


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CHAMPS Has Everthing For Your Store! 100% NATURAL R SYN THET





Fetish Urine














>>> 7 OUT OF 10



Recommended Cannabis to Pregnant Women

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> By THE BEARD BROS. PHARMS he journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology released a study recently in which 400 Colorado cannabis dispensaries were contacted by telephone by a caller posing as a woman looking to alleviate pregnancy related nausea and anxiety.

Roughly 2/3 of the dispensary employees who went on to recommend cannabis use to the caller did so based off of “personal opinion”, and about a 1/3 of them specifically said that cannabis use is safe during pregnancy. Of the 400 contacts, 32% of the Colorado cannabis industry employees took the initiative to recommend that the caller speak to an actual healthcare provider before making a final decision. The stats skewed further when broken down between medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational outlets, with MMJ shops advising cannabis use during pregnancy 83% of the time, and rec shops doing so roughly 60% of the time. With cannabis use becoming more mainstream – particularly its medicinal use – more and more pregnant women are seeking guidance on whether or not it will be safe for them and for their unborn child. They could be contacting dispensaries like those singled out in Colorado for medical advice assuming that the employee who answers the phone knows what they are talking about and is actually representing the policy or protocol of their employer. 1 in 25 American women report using cannabis during pregnancy, so, the real question is: Is it safe to use cannabis as a part of your pregnancy regimen? Honestly, even in mid-2018 the science is severely lacking, and is based mostly off of anecdotal and observational reporting. The U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention have an entire webpage dedicated to the topic, and it contradicts itself in the first two paragraphs. It starts with this bit of info (emphasis ours): “As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, some pregnant women have turned to using marijuana to ease nausea or other pregnancy symptoms. However, researchers don’t know a lot about what the effects might be and while the research is in progress, most experts advise pregnant women not to use marijuana.”


Ok, pretty vanilla. Now paragraph two: “Many of the chemicals in marijuana (in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) can pass through a mother’s system to her baby and can negatively affect a baby’s health. Research shows that using marijuana while pregnant can cause health problems in newborns—including low birth weight. Using marijuana during pregnancy may also increase a baby’s risk of developmental problems.” Wait…didn’t they just get done admitting they don’t know shit about the effects? They offer a “case study” that is fabricated out of thin air in which “Samantha goes to see her doctor who tells her that there’s very little research to support marijuana being safe, and the research that has been done suggests mothers who use marijuana while pregnant can put their babies at increased risk for health problems—including low birth weight and developmental problems. Their children may also have attention and learning problems or trouble doing well in school as they get older.” Isn’t it just as accurate to state that, “Samantha goes to see her doctor who tells her that there’s very little research to support marijuana being unsafe…”? The CDC then goes on to recommend trying chicken soup instead of cannabis. Seriously. The problem is that it is considered unethical to introduce THC to a pregnant woman for the sole purpose of examining the results. The FDA had no problem testing and approving prescription pregnancy nausea pills like Diclegis, whose side effects include: restlessness, dry mouth, the pupils of your eyes become larger (dilated), sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, fast heart rate, seizures, muscle pain or weakness, and sudden and severe kidney problems, or even death. “Marijuana in pregnancy is ... not as black and white as something like alcohol,” says Dr. Katrina Mark, a practicing OBGYN and an assistant professor in the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.

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Still, however, she warns that just because a cannabis dispensary is licensed as a “medical” outlet does not mean that the employees within are any sort of medical experts. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also warns against cannabis use by pregnant women, but they too base that recommendation off of their own admitted ignorance, stating “there is insufficient data to evaluate the effects of marijuana use on infants during lactation and breastfeeding.” In the dispensary survey study, many employees specifically encouraged the caller to avoid discussing cannabis with their doctor, and that worries Dr. Mark more than anything else. She’s right, there are many variables in every pregnancy and an open dialogue between an expecting mother and their doctor is vitally important. Those who work in the cannabis industry, and those in the cannabis community, would do well to just stick to the facts when it comes to pot and pregnancy, and the fact is, we just do not know what if any negative impact it can have and any woman who plans to use it needs to be aware of that uncertainty. In the meantime, let’s continue to work to legalize the plant on the federal level so we can get the proper studies done and be able to offer more natural cannabis-based remedies for all types of discomfort and ailment.

Growing some of the finest craft cannabis in Southern California, brothers Bill and Jeff of Beard Bros. Pharms have also earned a reputation as outspoken advocates of the cannabis plant, and all of the benefits that it offers. Originally hailing from Florida & Pennsylvania, their outreach and influence on the cannabis culture quite literally spans across the country and beyond. With the recent launch of their own culturebased website at, the Bros have begun curating their own original news content, upcoming cannabis related events, and more. Beard Bros. Pharms refuses to allow their dedication and genuine compassion to be stifled by the corporatization of the cannabis movement. With devoted support for veterans rights, patients rights, prisoners rights, and all of our rights over our own sovereignty as adults, Beard Bros. Pharms continues to harvest not only some of the best cannabis you’ll ever see but some of the best stories as well.

REFERENCES: Recommendations_From_Cannabis_Dispensaries_About.98083.aspx, https://www.cdc. gov/healthcommunication/toolstemplates/entertainmented/tips/marijuana-pregnancy.html,, health/cannabis-marijuana-dispensaries-pregnancy-study/index.html





As the Trump administration recently faced a lawsuit seeking to overturn federal prohibition of marijuana, one industry insider is not shy about where he stands on the issue.

S >>>

am Jurist, who co-founded a solventless cannabis extraction company, strongly believes legalization needs to happen immediately. Jurist is particularly outspoken about the benefits of medical marijuana. Unfortunately, acquiring and administering marijuana for medical use is still difficult because of burdensome state and federal laws.

“I’ve spent the past three years learning first hand about the medical benefits of cannabis. Anyone in pain deserves access to the plant’s pain-relieving qualities,” Jurist proclaims. Jurist’s company, Rosin Tech, empowers medical marijuana users to extract their own chemical-free cannabis oil from home. Rosin Techs devices break down the marijuana flower through a combination of heat and pressure. Unlike traditional methods for extracting cannabis oil, Rosin Tech requires no chemicals or foreign substances. Rosin Techs devices are also safer, less expensive, more efficient and easier to use than chemicaldependent methods. Because cannabis oil is a more pure form of marijuana flower, with higher THC levels, it offers more pain relief and other medical benefits. In addition, cannabis oil is easier to measure than marijuana flower.

Jurist doesn’t favor legalization just because his business stands to benefit from it. He also wants to give sick people access to medicine that could dramatically improve their lives. “To be honest, we got into the cannabis business to make a living,” Jurist states. “We quickly realized Rosin press technology was a groundbreaking way to make safe medicine available to a large segment of the population.” We recently had the chance to sit down with Sam Jurist, Rosin Techs Co-Founder to find out what Rosin is and how easily it can be made at home. TAHOE CANNABIS MAGAZINE: How did you get in to the Rosin machine business? SAM JURIST: In early 2015, the founding members of SHO Products became aware of a new solventless technique used to make cannabis oil. The ‘at home method’ was being made popular on Instagram. Early pioneers were using a hair straightener to “squeeze the juice” out of cannabis flower, creating a concentrated cannabis oil, now known as Rosin. Recognizing the need for a better piece of equipment to make this method more effective, the founders teamed up to devise a machine that functioned more effectively than a hair straightener. With humble beginnings, working out of a garage similar to companies like Apple, Google and Amazon, SHO Products emerged. Many late nights were spent working via Skype in home offices. They quickly and cost effectively created a website with an e-commerce platform and ad campaign. On June 23rd, 2015, the first sale was recorded. From there SHO Products went on to sell over 2,000 units in their first year in operation, including 700 Rosin Presses. One of the biggest keys to SHO’s growth was acquiring a 15 year old, well known cannabis company called Pollen Masters. From its first year to 2018 Pollen Masters sales have went up close to 800%. This complimentary product line aided in SHO Products’ vertical integration of solventless extraction. Looking to the future, SHO acquired a provisional patent for an alteration to the Rosin technique process that will completely



revolutionize solventless extraction. Using heated rollers as opposed to heated plates results in a superior product. In early 2017, SHO Products launched SHO Industries and the AmericanMade Rosin Roller™. Establishing SHO Industries created a road map for the future of large scale production of solventless hash oils. Over the past two years, with constant updates, new products, a growing sales team and over 300 domestic and international distributors SHO continues to be the largest provider of solventless extraction equipment. From startup to highly successful small business, SHO Products is one of the fastest growing companies in the cannabis industry. In 2018 with changing regulations, SHO Products looks to expand all their brands nationally and internationally. TCM: Do you live in an adult-use or medical state?


can place your flower in between parchment paper and apply the pressure. After 30-40 seconds of heat and pressure you will have fresh Rosin. TCM: Do you see full legalization or descheduling happening at some point? SJ: Yes, I think it’s only a matter of time. TCM: Please supply your website and any social media / YouTube info SJ: For information or to order our products, please visit You can also follow us on social media: Instagram:, YouTube & Facebook: Rosin Tech Products

SJ: California, which is an adult-use state. TCM: Are you a cannabis consumer? SJ: Yes. I consume cannabis and cannabis extracts, specifically solventless extracts like Rosin. TCM: Tell us about Rosin and why it is a preferred concentrate. SJ: Rosin is a solventless form of cannabis extract made using heat and pressure. Because of this organic process of extraction, Rosin retains a high amount of terpenes, which are responsible for the flavor and aroma profiles of a specific strain of flower. Many people prefer Rosin because of the delicious and natural taste. When consuming Rosin you feel you are consuming a natural plant instead of the overwhelming taste of solvents. The health and safety benefits of solventless extraction is far reaching. By eliminating solvents from an organic plant you are preserving more terpenes, which accounts for the flavor and aroma profiles of the concentrate. Rosin contains zero residual solvents. Unlike BHO (butane hash oil), which requires a dangerous solvent, Rosin just requires heat and pressure. This means there’s zero risk of residuals in the end product, resulting in pure meds. Rosin is safer to produce. Solvent based methods are highly flammable and susceptible to explosion, Rosin can be done at home without any training or experience. Rosin is simple to make. With our equipment you can make fresh Rosin in a few minutes. Extremely versatile, it can be incorporated into just about every cannabis product you can imagine including edibles, topicals, and salves. TCM: You sell both commercial and personal machines. For a medical patient, please explain the ease of use with your machine. SJ: The process of making Rosin with the right equipment is extremely simple. All our machines have heated plates where you can set your desired temperature and a built in timer so you can set your desired time for length of press. Once that’s set you







The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

Summer is upon us and we are approaching the one-year anniversary of legalized recreational marijuana sales in Nevada. By most accounts, the marijuana industry in Nevada has thrived over the last 11 months, and things don’t appear to be slowing down. In March 2018, Nevada dispensaries hit record numbers and sold over $41 Million worth of Marijuana. With the summer tourism season upon us, I expect to see these numbers steadily increase, adding some much-welcomed tax revenue to the state coffers. Three-quarters of the way through the 2018 fiscal year, Nevada had already generated almost $49 Million in tax revenue off of $304 Million in total marijuana sales. Considering the state only projected marijuana sales to be $264.8 Million for the entire year, you can see why this first year of Nevada’s recreational marijuana program has been deemed a giant success! But where does all of this cannabis-derived tax money go? Does it really go to the schools like many of us thought it would? Marijuana sales in Nevada are subject to two different taxes. The first is a 15% excise tax on the wholesale marijuana sale, which applies regardless of whether the end-consumer has a medical card or not. This tax is paid by the cultivator, but of course, is passed on to the consumer via higher retail prices. The revenue generated from the wholesale tax first goes to cover the cost of administration of Nevada’s marijuana program. Once the costs of the program are paid for, the next $5 Million is split amongst local governments. Any remaining revenue generated by the 15% wholesale tax goes directly into the State of Nevada’s Education Fund. The other cannabis-specific tax is a special 10% sales tax on recreational sales of marijuana. This tax applies at the dispensary level, and only applies if the purchaser is not a medical marijuana cardholder. The revenue derived from this tax goes into the State of Nevada’s Rainy Day Fund. Although revenue from the Rainy Day Fund could end up being directed towards Nevada’s schools, how the funds are ultimately allocated isn’t likely to be decided for another year. Of course, this gives plenty of time for the politicians to gear up and add their spin to the issue. In other news, it appears things are loosening up a little more around Las Vegas when it comes to the acceptance of marijuana. For example, Caesars Entertainment Corporation recently announced that it is no longer testing prospective employees for marijuana. Considering the gaming and hospitality industries are a major source of jobs in the valley, this is great news. Of course, Caesars will still be testing applicants for federally-regulated transportation jobs, and will not hesitate to demand an employee submit to marijuana screening if suspected of being under the influence while working. While the other big gaming/hotel companies in town haven’t been so quick to publicly follow suit, this does not mean they aren’t reviewing policies and procedures with a similar move in mind.


Elsewhere around the valley, Las Vegas’s new professional soccer team, the Las Vegas Lights, have likewise joined the ranks of employers taking an open approach toward marijuana. The Lights have teamed up with NuWu Cannabis Marketplace to become the first professional sports team to partner with a marijuana company. While I wouldn’t expect to start seeing prerolls being launched into the crowd during intervals or halftime, NuWu will have signage located throughout Cashman Field as well as other promotional material and events. Instantly becoming the coolest owner in sports, the owner of the Las Vegas Lights has also made it clear that he has no problem with any of his Lights players “lighting it up.” Marijuana use isn’t prohibited by the United Soccer League either, so it doesn’t appear there is anything standing in the way of the Lights players partaking…well, other than the outright federal prohibition of marijuana of course! Speaking of the federal prohibition of marijuana, does anyone else think it is absolutely ridiculous that some of the people getting into the marijuana business are the same people who were previously opposed to legalization and were part of a system of imprisoning thousands upon thousands of people for minor possession of marijuana? Yes John Boehner, I’m talking about you. While Boehner was in Congress, hundreds of thousands of people were put in jail for minor marijuana offenses, and Boehner once stated he was “unalterably opposed to the legalization of marijuana.” However, now that Boehner is on the payroll of a marijuana company, his attitude towards marijuana has “changed dramatically.” Of course it has! While I appreciate Mr. Boehner finally coming to his senses, I take issue with the fact that he is setting himself up to make millions of dollars off of the same plant that has been used to jail hundreds of thousands of (mostly) minorities. It is clear that this injustice needs to be addressed, and I’m hopeful that Nevada legislators will take up the issue of retroactively applying the state’s marijuana possession laws when they convene for the next regular session of the Nevada Legislature in February 2019. A lot of exciting change has been happening in the marijuana industry over the past few years, and Nevada has been on the forefront. As we wrap up the first year of legal recreational marijuana sales, Nevada needs to keep pushing the envelope and continue making change for the better. Of course, this change starts with us – the citizens of Nevada. If we aren’t diligent and cautious in who we elect, and we aren’t making our complaints known and addressing issues when they arise, change does not occur. We have made great strides in the past year, and I look forward to our great state doing even bigger things in year two of legal recreational marijuana sales in Nevada. Stay diligent, stay cautious, and #StayWoke! Follow me: IG @Cannab_Esq or FB @MitchellSBissonEsq







A few months back, we announced that GLP and Vegas Cannabis Magazine were narrowing down the VCM Phenohunt. Steve Cantwell, GLP’s Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion of the Motherfuckin’ World, decided that I would have to come chop down the loser (2nd Place) with an axe and feed her to the winner (via mulch). Well, I dodged the bullet (or axe) because he just couldn’t destroy such a lovely loser. Check out the numbers on the second favorite. Look, this ain’t Cobra Kai. Second place is beautiful. Besides, this is the Silver State, and the silver medalist already got smoked once. That’s gold! THC- 25.87% Myrcene- 13.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 8.9mg/g Limonene- 3.8mg/g Humulene- 2.9mg/g Linalool- 2.2mg/g



Just a spoonful of VCM makes the magazines go down. Just cuz you hand out massages to budtenders doesn’t guarantee your “happy ending”. While you were dimming the lights, and using smoke and mirrors to impress your audience, we were making Whoopi, and high-fiving the Golden Knights. If you’re here for the Vegas Cannabis scoop, you came to the right place. We’re not gonna mislead you, or get you all excited for some bullshit. We want you to like our magazine for our content, not because we put hands on everyone in your dispensary. We are not here to arouse anything except your interest in our brand, and the companies that support our progressive movement. Man, pack me a bowl of this precious, 55%THC, VCM2 Sugar. Fill it to the rim, that’s all the solemn, tranquility I need. THC- 55.8% Caryophyllene- 9.5mg/g Myrcene- 6.2mg/g Limonene- 5.6mg/g Linalool- 4.0mg/g Humulene- 3.3mg/g

NATURE’S CHEMISTRY Purple Trainwreck

Shit. I got so high from this light, colorful flower that I thought we smoked it all before it was actually gone. When I saw the jar at my house, I realized what had happened. We smoked a king-size Genius spliff, and I liked it so much, I broke my regular protocol and my subconscious alter-ego attempted to bring it home before the introduction was written. Well, here we are, me and the Purple Trainwreck jar. Time to bask in the fruitful benefits of Nature’s newest Chemistry. I love playing on the purple train tracks. Playing chicken is a win, win. I think I might just let this train run me over. Fuck it. Tie me to the tracks. THC- 26.19% Myrcene- 16mg/g Ocimene- 2.2mg/g Caryophyllene- 1.7mg/g Limonene- 1.3mg/g Linalool- 1.0mg/g




SCARLET OILWORKS Pineapple D.I.M.E.S. Gummies

Scarlet Oilworks slaps you in the cheeks with a sweet and snappy flavored distillate infused gummy. These tart snappers are equally micro-dosed in less than 5mg per serving, allowing the consumer to carefully monitor their intake, gradually ingesting these edibles until satisfaction is achieved. This delicious flavor creates a nice aftertaste. Get them, there’s no time to waste. Total THC- 101.2mg Servings/Package- 23 THC/Serving- 4.4mg

KENNY’S Java Baked

Scarlet Oilworks has to hand over the rest of the terpene labs here. Man, there still may be terpenes that are over 1% that aren’t listed. Anything under 19.4mg/g (1.94%) goes unrecognized by consumers because companies are only required to list the top 3 terps. THC doesn’t matter here. Terpinolene helps you rest, and is great for cleaning up internal bacteria and fungus. Caryophyllene and Terpinene are anti-anxiolytic. This oil is packaged to vaporize, but you may want to ingest it to achieve maximum cellular results.

This particular distillate comes in a glass syringe, making it easy to pistol it. Pinch out a little, or toss it all in your banger. You be the boss. Scarlet Oilworks has done a great job revamping their oil selection this month. It’s worth your while to give any of the new Scarlet Oilworks products a try.. You can squeeze it into a joint for a special treat. Get it. THC- 86.829% CBD- 12.11mg/g CBN- 9.86mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.7mg/g Bisabolol- 3.3mg/g

THC- 15.9% Terpinene- 30mg/g Terpinolene- 26.6mg/g Caryophyllene- 19.4mg/g

Yeah. At first glance, I didn’t expect this tiny chocolate morsel to have much of an impact on me, but this crunchy, creamy popper grabbed ahold of me tightly. I eat these daily and nightly. Kenny’s Chocolate will have you making caveman noises all night long. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. As the gourmet chocolate melts in your mouth, your tongue will pick up tiny coffee bean fragments for your teeth to crunch on, and your eyeballs will hunt down the next little victim. It’s history, and no mystery why they’re gone. Fill the bag home boy! Don’t lag. I want: Kenny’s, beer, and a pack of Zig-Zag’s. Total THC- 23.04mg Servings- 2 THC/Serving- 11.52mg

SCARLET OILWORKS Orange Cookies Distillate

BLUE MAGIC CO2 Infused Fruit Punch Preroll

Look for this Blue Magic Preroll at your favorite dispensary, and you’ll find it’ll cure your dysentery. a-Pinene is a diuretic in addition to having bronchodilating effects on your tight, restricted lungs. Maybe you’re lookin’ to just smoke on a joint that’s almost 35%? Here ya go, Daddio! Puff away and enjoy the day with this distillate-infused preroll. It’ll take its toll on your soul if you blow this joint solo dolo. That’s the point. THC- 34.84% CBD- 5.9mg/g CBN- 3.3mg/g a-Pinene- 22.5mg/g cis-Nerolidol- 1.7mg/g Caryophyllene- 0.7mg/g





KABUNKY Kimbo Kush Shatter

Love, love, love me some Kabunky Shatter. It doesn’t matter which strain you’re dabbing. if it’s Kabunky, it’s stable and it’s dreamy. Warm up your dab tool before attempting to use it on this Kimbo Kush Shatter, or it will explode and scatter into oblivion. You can handle it with your phalanges without getting all sticky and messy, as well. Just snap off a little triangle or rhombus or whichever geometrical shape you desire. This Kimbo Kush is fire at 82% THC. THC- 82.2% CBD- 1.9mg/g CBN- 0.85mg/g Caryophyllene- 0.65mg/g Pinene(a+b)- 0.38mg/g Limonene- 0.43 Myrcene- 0.12mg/g

I squished this in the trusty Rosin Tech heat press. These Kabunky nugs were perfect for pressing into rosin. Loaded with trichomes, Pure Prez was dripping off the parchment paper. What a good problem to have. I was happy to catch the errant drops with a quick dab tool as my safety net. Straight to the nail with this President. The flavor tasted to me like a nutty light green color, on my Olfactory Color Chart. THC- 19.16% Caryophyllene- 3.23mg/g Limonene- 1.11mg/g Myrcene- 0.75mg/g

KABUNKY Blue Dream Krumble

Are people still mad at Blue Dream for its prolific dissemination of its seed, and abundance of oil and flower affiliated with its genetics? I’m over it, and I never really understood why people would be mad at weed anyway. Blue Dream has a complete and storied terpenoid profile that I know wasn’t even recognized as common knowledge until just recently. So what was the stink about? I get more irritated when people talk about their favorite strands. I'm down to dab any Kabunky Krumble, no matter what strain I get stranded with. I’m never too blue to dream BIG. THC- 80.9% CBD- 2.0mg/g CBN- 2.0mg/g Caryophyllene- 0.72mg/g Pinene(a+b)Linalool- 0.11mg/g Myrcene- 0.1mg/g


Oh man, this was so necessary. I killed this bar as soon as I got situated for the night. All 10 squares down the hatch. When I saw the THC content, I appreciated the inflated number, but I must admit that I still underestimated it. I have polished off over 8000 mg of THC in one day at a High Times Festival, and I’m no stranger to pushing my tolerance. I would have eaten 2 without hesitation… This BEASTY BAR… (whew) had me drooling all over my beard in a half hour. I felt punch drunk and a bit like my brain was not in charge of my motor skills. This chocolate bar is available only to medical patients and is a cost effective way to medicate for those in need of a higher THC amount to combat pain. Total THC- 436.686mg THC/Serving- 43.6696mg


Servings/Package- 10


REMEDY/TERPX Sweet Beans Live Resin Sugar

I’m too high to scrutinize this shit. How about I just tell you how I feel? Amazing and lazy, my head is spinning like crazy. If I’m pickin’ wax from flowers, this is my daisy. The forecast outside today is a bit hazy. Think I might flip or slip, don’t even trip. Cause I'm a destroyer. My homey Mitch Bisson is my lawyer. I feel incredibly tenacious, and incredulously contagious. These Sweet Beans are my magical fruit, the more I dab, the more I hoot. The more I hoot, the more you holler, Sweet Beans Sugar for every baller. Take this to the house and slam it down for the home crowd. Ahhh the crowd goes wild. THC- 80.95% CBD- 1.3mg/g CBN- 1.03mg/g Myrcene- 15.7mg/g Terpinolene- 12mg/g Ocimene- 8.3mg/g

REMEDY/TERPX Head Dream OG Crumble

Remedy offers up a few smash up concentrates this month, including this Headband/Blue Dream blend. It’s a true crumble, but with a little moisture behind it, which is a perfect texture. I hate when I have a container full of powder. This crumble is not hard to handle. And at 80%, you don’t need much to get that desired feeling. Lean back with over 1% Myrcene. I like the terpenoid entourage combination here, Caryophyllene and Linalool provide anxiety and stress relief. Such a chill remedy for a long, hard day at work. You deserve it. Your dabs are waiting. THC- 80.4% CBD- 1.7mg/g Myrcene- 12.9mg/g Linalool- 7.1mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.1mg/g

REMEDY/TERPX Bio Glue Live Resin Badder

Man this Terpx hash disappears so fast around here. Last time I looked, it was nearly full. I’m a fool for this Bio Glue. It’s easy to handle with a dab tool, a little like Play-Doh. Scoop up a hefty chunk of this material, and drop it into a properly-cooled quartz banger, and you’ll be set. I bet no one would be angered if you dropped some into a wax pen and smoked it outside. Take a ride over to your nearest dispensary and hook up some of this goodness. Gracious head changes are coming to those who get up on this. Bio Glue is pure bliss. THC- 82.42% CBD- 1.7mg/g Myrcene- 23.6mg/g Limonene- 10.1mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.5mg/g

TRYKE EDIBLES Tinctures: CBD, THC, 1:1

These all new Tryke Tinctures, available at Reef Dispensaries come in 3 different formulas. Whether you are looking for CBD only, a balanced 1:1 or THC only, Tryke has you covered. Taken sublingually, these are a great way to medicate throughout the day. And, the measured droppers allow you to gauge your intake appropriately. THC Tincture 1:1 Tincture Total THC- 250mg Total THC- 250mg Total CBD- 250mg

CBD Tincture Total CBD- 1,000mg



TROKIE Microdose Capsules

TROKIE CBD Relief Transdermal Patches

These patches will dull just about any nagging pain, except “a nagging, pain in the ass.” Trokie can’t help you with that. These CBD patches are intended for external use only, and can easily be cut into smaller pieces for multiple applications smaller, precise areas needing pain relief. Doing this allows you to get more value from this product. There is nothing psychoactive about it. Just Cannabidiol.

These Trokie Microdose Capsules are the perfect option for medical patients looking for low psychoactivity with a balanced cannabinoid profile. Controlled dosing is a great way for patients to receive consistent relief throughout the day. Start with one capsule, wait for an hour or two and assess your pain level to determine if another capsule is needed - medicating this way allows you to ingest the lowest amount of THC while achieving maximum results. THC/Capsule- 9.12mg CBD/Capsule- 5.96mg

Patches/Package- 2 CBD/Patch-25mg

TROKIE 15:1 THC/CBD Mint Squares

I enjoyed the fast-acting relief, easily-attained in these futuristic, medicinally-minded ingestibles. They are smooshy yet firm, malleable yet durable. They are an anomaly. The words used to describe the texture of Trokie 4-square lozenges are contradictory to each other, but it’s all true. If you haven’t experienced one yet, get out there and utilize your Buccal System. What the hell is that? It’s the delivery method using the mucous membranes in between your upper lip and gums to quickly administer medicine or an antidote without the chance of harsh gastrointestinal enzymes breaking down the medicine into an unusable matter. Total THC- 88.1mg Total CBD- 0.6mg

SILVER STATE TRADING VCDC Oil Hybrid Silver Stick Cartridge

PINEAL Bubblegum Kush Terp Sauce

This should be on every dispensary shelf in Nevada. What an excellent additive this is for any THC dab. I like to think of it as a spice or seasoning because it makes mouth-watering cloud hits when you mix it up a little. One day, it was the first thing I hit, and I gave it about 30 minutes before I hit something with THC. I liked the way I felt - good and calm, without the “melt” associated with THC and restricted use products. This is over the counter, so anyone can be a wholesaler. Check them out online at


CBD- 75%

This is a complete cannabinoid+terpenoid package here for someone who has pain, and needs a little rest and relaxation. Hit this cartridge a few times, and feel the way a human being should. The THC isn’t that strong by itself, but when you take it with CBD and Myrcene, it feels quite stronger, and the effects will last quite a bit longer. This is perfect for quick relief on the go. It comes in handy in between dabs. THC- 45.7% CBD- 33.1% CBC- 1.7% Myrcene- 13.4mg/g Caryophyllene- 7.5mg/g Bisabolol- 7.3mg/g




VADER EXTRACTS Space Candy Shatter

My wife took a ride in an automobile to pick this up. Then I took that Space Candy from my baby. Vader has a tight grip on the Vegas shatter game. This lip-smacking BHO is out of this world. A little dab will do you, so use it sparingly. But I won’t get mad at’cha if you smash the whole half gram. There’s always more Vader fuel at the nearest dispensary space station. Light speed ahead! THC- 65.55% Limonene- 7.38mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.35mg/g Linalool- 4.01mg/g

VADER EXTRACTS 24 Karat Gold Shatter

Oohwie! Baby, look at that shine! Hold this up to the light and see how that Vader 24 Karat Gold shatter shimmers. It’s like lookin’ at high beams, hit the dimmers. Hit the dab rig get your shit together. This shatter offers a little pep in your step, with no hitch in your giddyup. It’s a great wax that smacks you in the back of your slacks. The boost of Caryophyllene should relax any potential panic attacks. Load up and stack a few packs of 24K next to your gold bars and Cuban cigars. Flex that Versace and that Vader on those haters. Bling Bling. THC- 70.11% Limonene- 4.27mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.14mg/g Linalool- 2.58mg/g

VADER EXTRACTS Sour Banana Sherbet Shatter

Excellence...time after time, packet after packet. My expectations grow with every new flavor. I savor the consistency and the proficiency of Vader Extracts. Sour Banana Sherbet is no black sheep neither. In fact, this shatter makes it difficult to choose a favorite among the three Vader products introduced this month. I can’t choose. You be the judge. I think I would have to give this one the nudge. THC- 71.77% Caryophyllene- 5.94mg/g Limonene- 5.47mg/g Myrcene- 4.17mg/g



Mary's Muscle Freeze is great for recovery after a workout. It cools when applied making it perfect for light muscle strains, soreness or stiffness. Pick this up next time you are at your favorite dispensary and give it a try. Elite Hemp Extract- 75mg Cannabidiol Complex

Back so soon?! I can’t say no to to this gangsta flower. You can take your hands off of those pistols. We don’t wanna fuck up the stomata we got growin’ here. No need to put the iron to the back of my head. I’ll take that shit to the head every month if you want me to. No need for persuasion or an invasion. No need to say hello to your little friends. NatChem, your gunpoint is my funpoint. I’m not afraid of the big, bad Star Killer. No need to be. Cuz I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow that killer down so we can all keep huffin’ & puffin’, and blowin’ Vegas Cannabis until nothin’ can be found anywhere around this town. Don’t frown. I’m just bein’ a killer clown. THC- 25.85% Limonene- 6.3mg/g Linalool- 3.3mg/g

Myrcene- 14.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.9mg/g Humulene- 1.9mg/g





>>>>> cannabis #1

with dj Chef Fred

Navigating the Current Obstacles and Cooking Green


anuary 1st began the new era of cannabis business in California for recreational and medicinal cannabis. The old market was thriving, new businesses popping up daily. The market was fierce with competition, technology, compassion and it seemed like there was a community of people that really cared for each other and the patients. This new era, all I can say, is for profit! Not that is necessarily a bad thing, but the people, landscape and costs of business has changed as well as all the rules. Navigating through all the obstacles requires teams of professionals that understand the complexity of the new era of regulations and requirements. Minorities and low income applicants in most cases have no way to get licensing. Except a few communities such as in Oakland, California where they started the state's first Minority Equity Program. Ron Leggett from Oakland was awarded a license for being an incubated equity partner opening Chiefing. Ron Leggett, has amazed me and inspired me playing both rolls as an equity partner and equity incubator on separate licenses. Ron was also awarded a Micro Dispensary License in Emeryville, California. Sheila Dedenbach, owner of Heavenly Sweet in Sacramento, California, has the attention of cannabis infused product manufacturers across California. Sheila has been the BCC poster child for the perfect set up of an edible, non-volatile kitchen. Sheila has a wide range of edibles the distribution license now with products in 50 dispensaries in California. Heavenly Sweet is an old era business that has made it to the new era and is beginning to thrive again. The ability to get a license in California has been very difficult for many businesses. The company that was


formed (Fancy Sugar) around Rodney Hilaman and myself was built in the old era. The location was not ok for new era rules and regulations so it had to close until we found a new location that we could acquire licensing at. Sad to say but no DJ CHEF FRED EDIBLES, TOPICALS, PRE ROLLS, VAPE or TINCTURES all year for patients or recreational users in 2018. Don’t worry, I have definitely been busy creating hemp extract based products for the open market worldwide. Animal/human tinctures, pet treats, health based products, topicals, sugar free candy, vegan gummies, drink infusers, delivered fresh hemp extract meal plans with culinary remedies for Ketogenic, Paleo, Diabetic and cancer patient inspired menus. Watch for the full product line and website launching in July for my hemp extract product line. This summer is my big move into new era legal California licensed cannabis business partnerships. Working with Ron Leggett has been an amazing experience the last 2 years. Ron has offered me a partnership in Oakland, which is also with an elite group, each of us contributing our strengths to make the license happen.

Infused Keto Caprese Rib Eye Salad To kick it off, we are releasing the Chiefing pre-roll and a vape cartridge line. The second partnership is with Sheila who started Heavenly Sweet 10 years ago. She has developed and perfected her recipes using her crafted cannabis butter. Together we will reformulate old and new recipes, mine and hers using full spectrum distillate oil. Topicals, tinctures, synergy roll-on, skin rejuvenating body butters, edibles, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, drink infusers and some cool new products. Both partnerships are looking for a Nevada licensing partnership. I have been inspired lately with many friends working hard on health issues. There are many ways to losing weight. Jenny Craig, Paleo, Atkins, Keto. Daniel de Sailles losing 40lbs or Robert Skinner, he lost 38 lbs in 40 days cutting out sugar, processed food and carbohydrates. I was asked if I could possibly lose 20-30 lbs for a new show about healthy lifestyles, fine dining and cannabis culinary technique’s. I am not huge, but I am not skinny either. I have decided to quit smoking and try the diet my friends are successfully losing weight on by applying it to their lives. This meal is dedicated to those also looking to make healthy changes in their lives. Please contact me directly


• 1 Shaved romaine head • 1 Sliced ripe vine tomato • 1 Sliced fresh mozzarella cheese ball • 4 oz. Rib eye steak • ½ Cup CBD isolate infused roasted garlic olive oil • 1 Cup infused THC distillate (1/2 gram) reduced balsamic vinegar • Julienned carrot, red and yellow bell pepper • Basil • Salt and pepper to taste


Prep all vegetables and cheese. Infuse olive oil by slightly heating oil with 3 cloves of garlic for 5 minutes then melt CBD Isolate into the oil as it cools. Remove garlic, mix well by hand and let cool. Toss romaine in oil. Reduce balsamic vinegar to a syrup over medium heat until it coats the back of a spoon. Add and mix THC distillate. Season rib eye with salt and pepper and sear on all sides. Let stand 5 minutes then slice on bias.


A music festival inspired, uniquely millennial brand with British roots and a free spirit. felix & Ambrosia bring an affordable line of eco-friendly CBD wellness products for concert goers who live, eat, and breathe outdoor music festivals.


happiness FUNKY FRESH



2 DAB KLEEN Perfect for cleaning your rig. These Dab Kleen cotton tips have twice the normal tip size with a thick point on one end and a large swirled honey catcher on the other end. Each package contains 200 tips. $5.99

THE BROTHERS APOTHECARY HEMP-DERIVED CBD INFUSED TEA Checkout The Brothers Apothecary's CBD infused herbal & caffeinated teas which are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. Available in five flagship flavors, each uniquely blended & paired with powerful, therapeutic herbs and medicinals: Golden Dream, Mellow Mint, Buddha's Berry, Chai Awakening & Highbiscus. Each package contains 3 40mg tea bags. $15


OFFICIAL GENIUS PATRIOTIC HATS Celebrate the 4th of July in style with these newly released Official Genius hats and beanies. Available online, at your local smoke shop, or from the Genius himself. Prices Vary


SILVERSTICK The SilverStick is an oversized one-hitter (good for 4-6 draws) that uses a natural cotton filter to provide a smooth, more enjoyable draw while trapping tar and blocking hot embers from reaching your lungs. Since it's electronic-free, it's extremely reliable and easy to clean. Available in Polished Silver, Fog Gray, Noir Black, and Rioja Red. $25

>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>>



"The World's First Intelligent Rolling Papers." Scientifically blended from all natural ingredients for the smartest burn imaginable, these papers burn straighter than rice papers, and smoother than 100% hemp papers. Try them today! Available at Art Dogs, Higher Elevation & The Dispensary $2-$3

THE STONER MOM ESSENTIALS SensiBox Available beginning November 1st is the Stoner Mom Essentials Box by Sensi Box. All items are hand picked by The Stoner Mom herself and the box includes everything a cannabis consuming mama might need. Retail: $275



The Dipper is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer. The innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer is a convenient and simple way to dab without a rig and torch or any loading. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows the user to load the Dipper like a traditional pack-and-go pen but get a true dab hit. Ocean Blue is only available in a limited release, and 5% of sales will go to a world-leading marine conservation organization! $149.99




J RAS J Ras grew up in the Foothills in and around the Auburn area. He started taking music seriously when he was about 15 years old when his first hip hop group “Hypothetically Lost Souls” started doing performances out at renegade parties in the woods. The word got out around town and soon a local bar asked him to put a show together. J Ras booked the acts, made the flyer, put on the show, and the rest is history. The self made, artist, writer and promotor got his start and hasn't stopped or looked back since. Now with a new band, polished sound and great vibe, J-Ras and the Higher Elevation are ready to take things to another level.

The J-Ras musical influences cover a pretty broad range as music has always been a big part of his family. As a child, his dad was always and still is his biggest influence, he fondly remembers watching him play the drums for hours and host many local events as the MC. At an early age, J-Ras was most drawn to the drums and sounds of hip hop and reggae. One of his first performances was the song “Mr. Wendell” by Arrested Development in his fifth grade talent show. So, although he was influenced by punk rock, jazz, and much more, it was really hip hop acts like Arrested Development, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde

Music, Family and Good Vibes!

alongside reggae acts like Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, and of course Bob Marley that really impacted his early style the most and helped him find his sound. Around 2007 near Sacramento, SouLifted started as a collaborative group of local artists and producers. A collective of five artists that released one full length album together before members starting moving or focusing more on solo careers and other projects. This was around the same time he started going by the name J-Ras as before that he had been part of a local band called “Heart, Life and Soul” who often played in the Tahoe area. The SouLifted name stuck and J-Ras kept the branding going creating their own independent label. So far, all of their albums have been released under SouLifted Records. They also record and produce most of the music out of the house studio. In 2014, the Vans Warped tour was a major turning point for J-Ras as an artist. They had done a couple shows, even a short west coast run on Warped Tour prior but there’s nothing quite like doing the whole run across the US. It really is like a boot camp for musicians, and if you can successfully make it through a whole Warped you’ll be ready for any tour! Being able to travel across the US and wake



up in a new city to perform in front of new fans everyday is quite the opportunity, but it didn’t come easy either. No matter how hard they partied the night before, they always had to be up at 7am to meet the crew for stage placement and setup, then host and perform all day just to pack up and do it again and again and again. Sometimes in stretches of ten or more days straight, just a run of shows with no days off but all the hard work paid off and the experience was priceless. J-Ras formed new relationships and was able to jam and go crazy on stage with bands like Pacific Dub in a fun high energy environment! All that training has led him to his latest project. The Higher Elevation. J-Ras had been playing with sax/flute player T Wrecks consistently for a few years as a duo with other backing bands. In 2017 they decided to form a band after jamming with the band Two Peace. Then ChaZz reached out about playing some guitar, and soon after the final lineup was created. The Higher Elevation was born. Jacob on bass and Nick on keys/ vocals (Two Peace), ChaZz on guitar, Scott Lee aka DJ SLee on drums, and of course T Wrecks and J-Ras. It was a natural fit and came together very organically. The name fits them as well because they are spread out around the hills of Northern California in the

higher elevations and come together to make high energy music to uplift the people. After years of searching for the right band they finally found the right crew! I was able to catch up with J-Ras and ChaZz and talk with them about the new band. DUSTIN AMATO: What’s it like adding ChaZzy ChaZz on

Guitar? J-Ras: Man it’s been badass having ChaZzy on guitar and as an overall presence in the band! He adds a lot on and off stage and his style has brought a new dimension to our live sound and added life to new tracks! Stoked for what’s to come and to have

him do more writing for new material as well. He’s also got a pretty good sense of humor which helps with the bansha bansha!! Haha DA: ChaZz, Whats it like rocking with J Ras? ChaZz: Fuckin EPIC!! J Ras & the

Higher Elevation is literally my calling. The vibe of each member on a personal level is blessed, just a rad group of dudes all around. The fact that all the members also have solid rhythm, similar music

mostly THE PEOPLE. Such a great community and vibe in Tahoe and the surrounding areas. I’m in Grass Valley now and it has a similar feel as Tahoe to me. I spent a lot of time in Tahoe City as a kid and have always been grateful for the powerful energy of the lake and the awesome people in and around the area. DA: What is your Favorite Strain? J-Ras: It’s hard to say one absolute favorite, but I’m definitely an OG guy. Love any kind of kush and there have been a lot of good crosses lately. But I’ll take some good organic outdoor Tahoe OG over anything any day!! styles, and knowledge of their instruments is a major plus. Combined, we have a huge sound and can literally freestyle live on the spot and it sounds like it's a song in our actual set. DA: I’m digging the live show, what is it that sets you guys apart ? ChaZz: J Ras is an amazing entertainer and a high energy front man. He brings the best out of all of us collectively. If there’s no groove, there’s no dance. That's what makes music special in my opinion. We have plenty of that and more with JRas & The Higher Elevation. JRas and I work well together on the business side of the band, and the similarities between our contacts still trips me out. We definitely ran with the same crowds. DA: So is there a new Higher Elevation album in the works? J-Ras: Yes!! Our new single “Crash Down” will be released this summer followed by a new EP or possibly full

length album. If you’ve seen our live show you might have heard Crash Down and some of the other new tunes we’re working on and in the process of recording now. We’ve been adding more elements from the band to the tunes as well and it’s definitely our best work to date. DA: ChaZz, How involved are you with the songwriting and recording of the new project? ChaZz: We are all great songwriters, that's why I have so much faith in this project. I can't say any artists are better than any other, but I’m excited about what we are putting together. J-Ras is a great producer/ songwriter and he brings us a lot of sick rhythms from himself and other outside well-known producers. Nick our keyboardist/singer is also in Two Peace with our bass player Jacob, they both bring forward some great material also. We are melding together well. DA: So mostly guitar, or are you helping with choruses

and stuff as well ? What new track are you working on right now? ChaZz: I never stop writing, haven't stopped since I was 16 years old. I definitely have an arsenal of riffs and progressions that we haven't even had to tap into yet. Our raw creation is what currently melds our sound. Right now our set is super solid, and we haven't written out much new material but we have been adding songs to our set just from us jamming. I would say if we had a solid 2 week span of just us writing together we would probably have about 4 albums worth of tracks at our speed of creativity. But so far our new single "Crash Down" is going to be huge! It's our loudest reaction during our live shows every time. I fuckin' love playing that song! DA: What’s your favorite part about living near Tahoe? J-Ras: Living near Tahoe!! Haha. But really I love the forest and trees, the weather, the lake and the rivers, and

DA: Does cannabis help with the creative process? J-Ras: Absolutely! I’ve used cannabis consistently for many years now and have always preferred it over other medications. I started using it for dietary problems and constant migraines and it has helped me to pretty much overcome both. Along with more healthier eating habits, cannabis has been a big component in my overall health and well being. I do like to use it for creative purposes too, and I love to improvise, freestyle, and even produce music after smoking or vaping. I’m not too big on edibles unless it’s after a show, but I also use CBD products for my back and shoulder pain, and headaches. I think it’s great to see our local communities starting to recognize and acknowledge the benefits of cannabis more, and thank people like you guys for being on the forefront of the positive change and education around cannabis!

By Deborah Costella

WAIT . . . YOU MEAN HE’S NOT SUPERMAN?! I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine last month. He shared, he and a few other retired FBI men friends were lamenting how they are now part of a burgeoning disenfranchised group; Straight, White, American Men, Over Sixty. My friend went on to tell me, according to him and these friends, they’ve become members of a group that is being, “left behind.” I wondered: when have Straight, White, American Men, Over Sixty ever allowed themselves to be left behind? And exactly, which societal groups have passed them up? It appears to me, Straight, White, American Men, Over Sixty still run everything. Aren’t they currently out front and busy “making America great again?” I posed these very questions to my friend. As we spoke, I began to realize, how progress and advancement in America, may have caused some men, like Jim and his friends, to feel their masculinity and ideology, is under attack. (Their words, not mine). Behaviors and characteristics associated with manhood twenty years ago; exhibiting strong and tough exteriors, self-reliance, restricted emotional expression and bearing the role of breadwinner, have indeed, radically changed. As we talked, I thought about my impression of behaviors displayed by some of the important and influential men in my own life; namely, my dad.

In my child’s eyes, Dad could do anything. He trained our family dog. He replaced the chain on my Schwinn whenever it fell off. He carried me and my siblings on his shoulders when we were tired from spending long days walking around the zoo, Santa Cruz Boardwalk or the Aquarium. It was on one particular day, I knew for sure my dad was Superman. My best friend, Mary and I were riding bikes in our long driveway, enjoying the clickety-clack of playing cards we had secured to the spokes of our bikes with clothes pins. I was making a U-turn, with Mary following closely behind when; BOOM!!! In the next instant, my dad was ejected from the garage with the force of a fast ball thrown by Smoky Joe Wood. Mary and I watched him fly backwards through the air, then land onto the pavement of the driveway. She and I sat frozen on our bikes, stunned. After reassuring us he was alright, in spite of his charred appearance, Dad slowly got to his feet. Mumbling a few superlatives, he examined the holes in his workshirt and the burnt hairs on his arms, then meandered back into the garage to clean up the mess. I learned later, he had been cleaning some paint brushes with gasoline while standing in front of the hot water heater. My dad survived that explosion with only a few scrapes and minor burns – no worse for wear. Just like Superman.

I remember one particular chivalrous act in San Francisco as our little family headed home after visiting my grandparents. The rain was pelting down in sheets and as was customary in the City by the Bay, the gray, cold penetrated your bones. There was a commotion on the other side of the street in one of the lanes ahead. A woman’s vehicle had apparently broken down. She paced about, outside her car with the blinkers proclaiming her distress. She wore a camel brown overcoat. A pretty paisley print scarf, tied beneath her chin protected her head from the weather and black high heels were the period at the end of rain-speckled stockings. The scarf didn’t completely hide her blond hair, which was fashioned in a French Twist. She reminded me of Tippi Hedren. I had seen Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds,” so I recognized the look of the femme fatale who was brutalized by the birds of Morro Bay. (A rather terrifying movie for a six year old). Dad spied the gathering of people (all men) and immediately pulled our car over to the side then jumped out to help. Peering between the droplets of water inching their way down into the depths of the car door, I watched as the woman deferred to Dad when he approached the group. The attractive woman stepped aside and allowed him to access the steering wheel, then with the assistance of two others, push and direct her car to the side of the street. One of the men even removed his trench coat then laid it on the ground so the woman could step onto his coat, rather than into the pools of water surrounding them. After moving her car into a parking space another gallant gentleman had vacated solely for her use, Dad ran back to our car, holding his fedora in place on his head. I felt a tremendous sense of pride that my dad was so valiant and handsome. He came to that lady’s rescue, just like Superman. However, I got the sense, Mother was less enamored.

An avid fisherman, he taught me to fish. Conceding to my complaints about how gross it was to put wriggling worms onto the hook of my pole and never once insisting I learn how to clean and gut my catch, Dad was a focused and kind teacher. When I told him I wanted to learn fly fishing, he was less enthusiastic. He told me how miserable it was to just stand in water wearing bulky vests and waders, throwing out the line, pulling it in, throwing it out, then pulling it in again. Isn’t that pretty much what regular fishing entails? Dad went on to tell me how wet and cold I would likely get. How the rocks are slippery and I might fall. And worst of all, he said, you have to throw your catch back into the water. Fly fishing is all about catch and release. I couldn’t quite understand why Dad was pointing out feeling cold and uncomfortable, with the risk of falling? Superman doesn’t care about being cold or wet. He doesn’t see the prospects of slipping and falling as deterrents. Superman would definitely be down with fly fishing. Things weren’t adding up. Dad used to golf regularly and was actually quite good. He gave plenty of pointers to help me improve my own game. There was a sense of mutual pride when Dad and I played a round of golf together. When we last played, it had been a while since I’d pulled a club from my bag. Dad was less than impressed. I think I was embarrassing him; I was certainly embarrassing myself. He was a little off as well, as he repeatedly hit his ball onto the beach. While he was busy working his way out of those sand traps, I was in my own hell, swinging my club over my head again and again in futile attempts to get my ball onto the dance floor. After several divots and duffs, Dad announced playtime was over. Neither one of us was on our game that day. I remember pouting as I heaved my golf bag

onto my shoulder. Ending a golf game before the ninth hole was less like Superman and more like Doorman or The Cloak.

still thought he was crying. But Superman cries when his eyes burn – right?

No matter, fishing and golfing don’t compare with fixing cars, replacing brakes, putting up fences, pouring patios, building outdoor kitchens, gardening and cooking, all tasks I’ve seen Dad take on without so much as an instruction manual. Like most superheroes he figures things out. He can look, assess and act. My dad is smart, though perhaps not traditionally book-smart. I know he struggled in school with undiagnosed dyslexia, but like Superman, he’s definitely street and people-smart.

Then there was the time Dad and I had a Potato-Off! This involved two of our favorite potato dishes; mashed and salad. When he proclaimed his mashed potatoes were richer and creamier than mine and his potato salad was an amalgamation of flavors that elevated the common, everyday BBQ; one any All American man (there they are again) would appreciate, I called; Game-on! With wife number four serving as our kitchen assistant, amid setting the tables for our guests, Dad pulled out his go-to kitchen tool for smashed potatoes; his hand mixer. I rifled through kitchen drawers in search of a manual potato masher. He boiled his potatoes, I steamed mine. He used Yukon Golds. So did I. He added milk, butter, salt, garlic and onion powder. I added half and half, sour cream, roasted garlic, salt and pepper. For the potato salad, we both used red potatoes. He added crispy bacon, with the drippings, celery, red onion, black olives, pickles and lots of mayonnaise. My rendition included, bacon, drippings, celery, red onion, black olives, (remember, I did learn to cook from him) capers and far less mayonnaise. Instead, I mixed in a little Dijon and Greek yogurt. We both used hard-boiled eggs. Dad’s were traditionally boiled and cut in half. Mine were boiled then deep-fried. When it was time to sit down and eat, my step-mother gave each guest a tally sheet where she assigned points for certain aspects of our potato dishes. Dad’s mashed potatoes looked smooth and creamy. An artistic mountain of white, created with the biggest pastry bag I’d ever seen. The taste was balanced, but due to over-mixing the starch, the texture was gummy. Mine were earthy delicious, thanks to the sweet roasted garlic, with chunks of potato for you to sink your teeth into. They didn’t leave you gulping mouthfuls of beer to wash them down. As for my potato salad, everyone enjoyed the flavor, but felt I had gone overboard. I had done too much to this American classic. Dad won the salad segment of our Potato-Off.

My teen years were difficult. During that time, Dad was compassionate, understanding and even shared stories of what his life was like when he was that age. He spoke of his curiosity about life outside Mountain View, California. This led him to develop a bit of wanderlust, causing him to run away from home almost constantly. One sunny afternoon, he wandered into the recruiting office downtown and signed himself up for the Navy. This was just days after turning seventeen. Because he was underage Dad was required to get his parents’ permission. Seeing as he was beginning to get into trouble more often, my grandparents relented, allowing him to join the Navy before even graduating high school. His diploma came after his marriage to Mother and my birth. Dad honed his culinary skills while in the Navy where he ended up working as a cook, or CS (commissaryman). He attributed this to working as a short-order cook in a diner just prior to enlisting. A creative and flamboyant cook, Dad’s remiss to write down what he’s doing, in order to replicate that dish in the future. However, I see this cooking trait as his offering us a fleeting experience, in gastronomic esoterica. For each time I consume one of his distinctively prepared dishes; pumpkin and veal stuffed cannelloni, baked in a sage- infused béchamel sauce, deep-fried-frozen steak topped with a spicy chipotle compound butter, grilled pizza or his luxurious zabaglione; I know to savor and relish the flavor, texture and presentation, as I am unlikely to have it again – in that same way. This only serves to heighten the dining experience whenever invited to sit at Dad’s table. My father is a risk taker, just like Superman. Although over the years, as I look back there were a couple of mishaps in the kitchen which were not so much like Superman. Sometimes the basics were overlooked. For example, amid all his extravagant additions to dishes, he occasionally forgets to make a few removals; such as taking out the bay leaves from his marinara sauce after simmering. Inevitably I am the one who gets the bay leaves hidden beneath the pasta Dad has drenched with sauce. And, like many Supermen, he seems to think the bigger the flame the better the dish will cook. This is especially true, I’ve noticed, when it comes to grilling. I can’t tell you how many times we ate chicken that was charred on the outside and really, really pink on the inside. Oh! – And turning the meat. Constantly turning the meat on the grill does not give you a better sear. This was his explanation during a family BBQ when I asked why he was crying. He told me he wasn’t crying, simply withstanding the smoke that was burning his eyes so badly, for the sake of the sear. I

I went to visit him about three months ago. As he extended a glass of wine my way, I noticed his hands had developed a tremor. I couldn’t stop the words as they fell out of my mouth, only lightened the tone somewhat as I spoke, “Oh, your hands shake now, Dad?” He mumbled an acknowledgement of yet another indication of how he’s aged. Yes, Dad is aging, but he remains, in my adult eyes, that same man who can fix anything, knows more about everything than any Jeopardy contestant and is still strong enough to lift those he transports who are in wheelchairs or with fancy walkers. My friend might consider Dad part of his group, but he’d be wrong. So he’s not Superman, but he is my dad.

Multi-faceted in her talents and interests, Deborah L. Costella has enjoyed expressing her creativity as a dancer, teacher, chef and writer, both in the Northern California Bay Area and Las Vegas. She has authored two cookbooks and has written for local publications in the Las Vegas Valley, with a focus on cooking. Deborah currently teaches cooking classes at Sur La Table and Cozymeal, as well as private in-home classes. She also provides personal chef services in both Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet another book in the works.


Not Exactly My Dad's Potato Salad Ingredients 2 pounds Red Bliss Potatoes – scrubbed clean then steamed or boiled to fork tender/not mushy 6-8 slices bacon cooked – reserve drippings Celery stalks – diced 1 large red onion – minced or sliced 2 teaspoons each; garlic, onion powder ½ teaspoon dry mustard 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 cup whole black olives 1 large jalapeno-seeds and membrane removed then minced 2 dill pickles – minced 4 – 6 hard boiled eggs Infused mayonnaise (recipe follows) ½ cup chopped fresh cilantro Salt and pepper to taste Zest of 1 lime Pinch of kief Process Cool completely, then cut into quarters. In large mixing bowl combine potatoes with list of ingredients up to the pickles. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Gently fold in infused mayo and cilantro. Arrange eggs on top of salad; garnish with lime zest and kief. Makes 6-8 Servings

INFUSED MAYONNAISE Ingredients 2 Large egg yolks – room temperature 1 1/2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard 2 Tablespoons white wine or champagne vinegar 1/2 Teaspoon salt 1 1/2 – 2 Cups Infused bacon drippings, olive or grapeseed oil 1/2 Teaspoon lemon juice Process In mini-food processor or small bowl whisk egg yolks, mustard, vinegar and salt until well combined. If using food processor, with machine running, very slowly drizzle in olive oil through feed-tube, about a teaspoon at a time. If doing by hand, secure bowl with a stabilizer, then slowly drizzle in oil while constantly whisking, until mixture thickens. Whisk in lemon juice and salt to taste. If mayo seems too thin, slowly add a bit more oil while whisking or running processor. * If you “break” the mayonnaise, whisk in additional mustard (your emulsifier) to help bring it back together. Store covered in fridge. Makes 1 ½ cups


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turned 21. I toured the country with a band when I was 20 and went to bars all across the country. And I’m sure that’s still happening today. I was a full on, pill popping junkie for more years than I’d like to remember. Some pharmaceuticals were obtained through doctors, but MOST came from buying from people off the streets who were also getting it through doctors and pharmacies. Nevada needs to help cut down the REAL drug problem and not continue making it harder for adults to find relief with a non-toxic plant.


TOO MAny REGS! Well, it’s summertime. And it’s getting hot! So, who should we go off on this month? How about, The State of Nevada. The new regulations that are coming out at an alarming rate are just ridiculous! I am very happy to live in a state that tests our medicine to make sure there are no residual pesticides, nutrients, mold, mildew, and metals. We have growers and production houses that are held to a higher standard, ensuring we get the best and cleanest medicine possible. And, our dispensaries are clean, safe, and (hopefully) staffed with educated budtenders. However, the regulations the State is now coming up are doing nothing but hurting our industry. It seems most of the new regulations are just adding to the stigma of cannabis when they should be working with us to remove it. The newest one I’m sure you’re all noticing is dispensaries scanning I.D.’s when you enter their facility. While I’m told all the scanned files are deleted daily, I’m just wondering why they need to be scanned in the first place? Are there really that many kids under 21 making fake I.D.’s just to go into a dispensary and pay more than they would on the streets? We already have trained security to check identification at the door. What is the use of putting another delay in front of patients who are sometimes in pain and simply looking for relief? The State has to be aware that the majority of medical marijuana patients are tired of worrying about the government. I myself am pushing 48 years old. My whole life I had to hide my cannabis use. I’ve been threatened with jail since I started using. Just because cannabis has been legal in Nevada for almost a year doesn’t take away that built in paranoia. I know I’m not the only one. I still look over my shoulder when I leave work. It’s hard to shake the feeling they are still after me. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to implement this into bars and pharmacies first? I mean, I had a fake I.D. when I was 17 years old so I could get into bars to see bands. I spent YEARS in bars before I

There are more regulations happening on an almost daily basis. No more see through packages and all non-medical edibles will be broken down into 10mg doses. Again, I have to wonder, if cannabis is being regulated like alcohol, why aren’t whiskey or wine bottles being separated into doses? Why is there not a limit on how much booze you can buy in a day? Why is the State continuing to put up roadblocks and continuing to spread the stigma we are trying to destroy when they are doing nothing but making millions of dollars in taxes. Cannabis is making a difference for those fighting addiction and disease, and legal cannabis is bringing down crime and bringing in much needed revenue for Nevada. So for goodness sake, quit with the bullshit regs that treat adults like kids and get to the important stuff. Here’s a thought, work on getting the lounges in place so the people (tourists included) who are paying you all this tax money can have a legal SAFE place to go and are not forced to medicate in parking lots or in the shadows. Focus Nevada, Focus! Stay Up, Stay Educated, and Stay Hydrated! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.




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