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ISSUE #16 JULY 2018

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Tryke Cherry Cobbler

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Stephanie Shehan

This month, Nevada celebrates its first year of adultuse cannabis. While the majority of those in the industry as well as many of our readers refer to this sector as recreational, I believe that this term implies that most cannabis consumers are consuming strictly for pleasure instead of for medical purposes. I am sure that most would agree, the most common recreationally used substances aside from cannabis are alcohol and tobacco. Although alcohol and tobacco are more harmful substances, we've never been told to visit the "recreational liquor store" or the "recreational smoke shop." Instead, we operate under the assumption that as adults, we are free to choose which of these we would like to purchase and consume. What separates cannabis is that a large number of adult-use consumers are actually ingesting cannabis for medical reasons such as stress-reduction, anxiety, and insomnia, often times without even knowing it. As cannabis becomes more acceptable and Nevada residents realize that dispensaries are simply stores that adults over the age of 21 frequent, hopefully, in time, we will move away from the term "recreational." A few weeks ago, we received a beautifully stained walking staff, handcrafted by California artisan Scott Rainey. Check out my interview with Scott and his wife about their company Strain Canes and the amazing items they are creating with dried cannabis stalks. Last, but certainly not least, Happy 4th of July! For me, this July 4th holiday includes celebrating 22 amazing years with my husband, and your publisher, Bill Shehan Stay safe and keep cool!

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short time ago, my husband and I received a beautifully stained walking staff, handcrafted by California artisan Scott Rainey. Our first assumption was that the staff was made from hemp as it was much bigger and sturdier than the cannabis stalks we had seen. We were wrong. The staff was indeed from a cannabis stalk, one that was grown from seed on an outdoor, northern California farm. This magical piece of art had a placard attached which listed the cannabis strain and farm that it came from making it truly one of a kind.


THE PEOPLE Scott Rainey is an artist by nature. After spending many years tattooing and eventually experiencing issues with his hand he had no choice but to give up his craft. A cannabis consumer for most of his life, and searching to fill his artistic void, Scott realized that those farming cannabis were


>>> destroying the stalks after harvesting. In an effort to utilize the entire cannabis plant, Scott, along with his wife Heidi began collecting stalks from local farmers and practicing different woodworking techniques. Eventually, the Raineys discovered a unique process which allowed them to dry the stalks in a timely manner and then accent them to bring out their natural beauty. As the Raineys began developing their craft, Scott was diagnosed with stage three bladder cancer. His diagnosis forced him and his wife to temporarily halt production as they worked through his various surgeries and treatments. Today, Scott’s cancer is in remission and he and Heidi spend their spare time creating a variety of pieces. Heidi believes that it is the cannabis along with Scott’s creative endeavors that allow him to relax and heal on a daily basis. Their current creative endeavors include not only staffs but also canes, lamps, frames and shadow boxes.

THE PROCESS The Strain Canes drying process is quite entailed. All stocks are dried over a period of three to six months using different techniques. Some are dried using a solar kiln. A solar kiln is the simplest and safest way to dry green wood quickly. Because the wood is protected from the elements, solar kilns offers more control with much less chance of defects than air-drying provides. Other stalks that do not require controlled drying are dried by simply hanging them indoors with the temperature and humidity regulated. After an extensive, and unique process, Scott and Heidi are able to utilize as many naturally occurring forms to accent the beauty of this amazing plant. The processes used bring out the various attributes associated with each strain. Once they are sealed, they are adorned with a brass name plate specifying the strain of the stock, numbered for authenticity and artistic purposes as well as the farm that it originated from.

For more information, or to order a Strain Canes functional piece of art, visit or email Scott and Heidi at


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“Life is a Gift and that is why we call it The Present.” My mother and I both use that saying as our mantra everyday as the two of us stand proud to be procannabis. It took many years but we soon realized how much it helped treat pain for our family member who was fighting their battle with cancer, and we truly believe it also helps many other people. My sister, Christine Corsiglia-Davis lost her battle to breast cancer June 13, 2017. She fought her entire life just to live. Married to husband Brian and proud mom to fur baby poodle Bug, Christine was only 36 when she passed away. She wanted so much more from life than what it had to offer her, but she never let that stop her from giving it her best shot. Painter, fashion designer extraordinaire, MUA and very strongly spoken; Christine was pro- cannabis. Being hit with Hodgkin’s disease at the young age of 17 and NonHodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 19, Christine quickly became aware of the large number of pharmaceuticals that she was ingesting on a daily basis. The multitude of pills caused so many painful side effects that she began seeking ways to treat her pain using a more natural and holistic approach. Christine was her own advocate and she spoke highly about how much cannabis helped her. Following her diagnosis and treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 19, she was cancer-free for fifteen years, until one day, her physician informed her that the cancer had returned. Christine was determined to beat it for the 3rd time and she did! Feeling hopeful, she contemplated writing a book to to encourage others facing the same battle. The doctors placed her in remission and we celebrated while traveling to Las Vegas to do a model shoot together. Just four months later, the cancer unfortunately returned yet again. This time her body wasn’t up for the challenge, even though her determination never quit and her mind never gave up. Cannabis ultimately helped her with her anxiety and allowed her to face her fear of dying a little


easier. I ultimately believe that cannabis gave her a little better quality of life. Not only did it help to ease her pain, but it also allowed her to calm down and be at peace. Even if her peace was for small amounts of time, that gave us a sense of peace as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My heart goes out to anyone who has ever dealt with an experience similar to ours. Our hearts are with you and you are not alone. Trying to put the pieces back together is the hardest part but to conclude I strongly urge anyone who is dealing with pain from cancer to take a look at my sisters story. Realize we’re all gifts, living in the present called life. Michelle Davis is the host of The Cannabis Show. Have a comment? Please join this discussion by watching The Cannabis Show every 2nd and 5th Thursday of the month live from 2-3pm PST on

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By: Dr. Aseem Sappal

evada has gained quite a reputation for how it rolled out adult-use cannabis. Less than eight months after voters approved adult-use cannabis, the State of Nevada Department of Taxation adopted temporary regulations that fast-tracked selling that began in July 2017. Nevada dispensaries sold $27.1 million of cannabis in that month alone and about $1 million in sales per day in the first six months of sales. In March 2018 numbers cannabis sales hit $49.6 million for the month. ‘Success begets success’ is true in this case. Now, just one year later, the Silver State is making additional licenses available for businesses that already have permanent or provisional medical cannabis certificates. The program expansion includes medical cannabis establishments that don’t already have adult-use licenses and an additional 71 provisional MMJ certificate holders such as cultivation, processing, retail and lab businesses. Applications were accepted through June 23rd, and the Nevada Department of Taxation has 90 days to approve or deny an application. Later this year, the state plans to open applications for existing MMJ certificate holders to apply for any type and number of adult-use licenses. While the need for banking and payment processing services in the cannabis industry is greater than ever, some in Nevada are looking at an option for moving beyond a cash-only model. Currently dispensaries are limited to cash-only sales; federal laws prevent dispensaries from accepting credit or debit cards. Not only is this limiting for customers, it is unsafe for cannabis establishments that generate huge amounts of cash. Recently a panel of experts in the areas of technology, cryptocurrency taxation, and government discussed the transformative power of blockchain technology for the industry in Nevada. Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others. Instead of paying cash, customers could use a credit card to buy digital dollar-for-dollar Ethereum ‘tokens,’ which could be redeemed at dispensaries. Dispensaries could then take the tokens to the bank, thereby avoiding handling any cash. Over $48 million in tax revenue from cannabis sales has been collected in Nevada since July 2017. Such a revenue stream is becoming increasingly important to the economy and tax base of states where cannabis is legal. Not only are national politicians taking pro-cannabis positions, mayors from six U.S. cities—including Las Vegas—have sponsored a resolution at the U.S. Conference of Mayors to push for federal cannabis policy reform. Each of the mayors have been part of successful implementation and management of the cannabis industry within their cities and have asked the U.S. government to remove cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act, allow employers in the cannabis industry to take tax deductions, provide guidance to banks regarding cannabis businesses, and extend legal access of medical cannabis to U.S. veterans. As a final note, the bill sponsored by Senator Cory Gardner that allows states that have legalized cannabis to move forward without conflict with federal law, recently garnered initial support from President Trump. While this could be a positive for the cannabis industry, we’ll be watching to see what happens.

Resources: Nevada Cannabis, E-Sports and Mining Industries Primed for Blockchain Success, Rob Sabo, Northern Nevada Business View, June 8, 2018, State Marijuana Laws Would Trump Federal Laws Under new Bill for Industry, Humberto Sanchez, The Nevada Independent, June 15, 2018, Nevada opens up 84 potential recreational marijuana licenses to limited field, Jeff Smith, Marijuana Business Daily, June 14, 2018, Six mayors want pot removed from federal list of illegal drugs, Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press/Statesman Journal, June 11, 2018, Nevada exceeds pot tax revenue expectations; rec sales have topped $304 million, Jenny Kane, Reno Gazette Journal, May 23, 2018

ABOUT Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college with educational roots going back to 1995. OU has established itself as the world’s leading cannabis college with over 35,000 Alumni worldwide.

What sets us apart • Indoor and outdoor horticulture training • Business, medical and legal courses • The most recognized & experienced faculty in the industry • The only hands-on cultivation lab in the world • In-depth grow lab demonstrations • Mastery exercises designed to help you retain the content • Professional networking opportunities with established entities • OU educates local, state and international government & regulatory agencies • OU Online is available across all desktops and mobile devices OAKSTERDAM.COM (510) 251-1544 1734 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612






a patient's perspective

By Peter Jay

CONSTANT EVOLUTION For the past month or so, in an effort to explore new levels of discomfort, my wife and I have been fasting for two days out of every seven. I decided to give it a shot thanks to some recent research out of USC, which suggests that fasting promotes all sorts of MS-friendly health benefits. My wife decided to join me as a form of self-defense, as even a well-fed Peter Jay isn’t always a picture of mental stability, let alone when I haven’t eaten for 18 hours and still have six to go. By joining me, when I start to get crazy, she can get crazy right back at me...and she is better at it than I. Much, much better.

Pro tip: walking into a dispensary and yelling “I demand more!” will not result in anything good happening to you.

When you deny your body significant nutrition for an extended period of time, all kinds of shit happens to you. Prolonged fasting forces the body to use stored glucose, fat and ketones for energy, but it also breaks down a significant portion of white blood cells. During each cycle of fasting, this depletion of white blood cells induces changes that trigger stem cell-based regeneration of new immune system cells. Given that some sort of human stem cell therapy (HSCT) is likely the only thing that will repair the damage that MS has visited upon me, this seems like a no-brainer. Sadly, BEING HUNGRY REALLY SUCKS. However, I do not mean to compare my self-induced hunger to that experienced by those who do not know where their next meal is coming from; besides discomfort, the two really have nothing in common. When I was in the Army, we would go out on operations primarily (it seemed) to practice being cold, wet and hungry. It always sucked, and to this day I question its combat-readiness value. Had I told my 19-year-old self that starvation was actually GOOD for me, I would have reminded myself that I was drugtested monthly and then been told to piss off with that nonsense. So, here I am 30 years later, willingly engaging in behavior that I once vowed to never repeat fucking EVER! Why would I do this? I evolved. I shed old, dull behavior and knowledge and grew new, shiny behavior and knowledge—I’d compare myself to a snake shedding its skin, but I really REALLY don’t like snakes. Just like broccoli, I know that snakes serve a purpose, but I don’t care; remove both from this planet and I won’t shed a tear. You’d think I’d have evolved to tolerate either or both of them, but you’d be so wrong that you would deserve a telethon or something… Sorry. Marijuana has evolved more in the last 30 years than I would have ever thought possible. I have shed my interactions with shady dealers named (anybody?) Bill, Ted or Randy, I have shed walking around with a baggie shoved down the front of my pants, I have even shed worrying about whether or not I’ll enjoy my latest purchase from Jenny’s.


See, the old, un-evolved Peter Jay always purchased whichever indica flower had


the highest THC content, with CBD avoided like pneumonic (much worse than bubonic) plague. How little I knew, wearing my ignorance like an ugly hat or a Members Only jacket. I mean, consumption virtually eliminates any stress or sleeplessness that I might be experiencing, but being the greedy, entitled bastard that I am, I demanded more! Pro tip: walking into a dispensary and yelling “I demand more!” will not result in anything good happening to you.



Just like I had to learn about fasting, I had to learn the Tao of marijuana. I had to get away from the mindset of more-is-better with regard to THC content. My first evolutionary stride was to learn about terpenes and their effects on the whole marijuana consumption experience. If you’ve purchased any dispensary marijuana here in town, the label lists THC/CBD counts as well as a terpene profile. Limonene? Myrcene? Linalool? Pinene? Any bells ringing? Hello? Is this thing on? Do I hear crickets? LISTEN TO ME! Limonene is good for your gut and gives you energy. Linalool and Myrcene are great for relaxation and sedation. Pinene helps with focus. Beta-caryophyllene is the only terpene that interacts directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and is good for inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. Increasingly, cultivators and producers are recognizing this fact and tailoring their products accordingly.


Terpenes are found primarily in kief, that sticky dust that covers marijuana buds and winds up trapped in your grinder. Different strains produce different types of terpenes, which leads us back to the product label discussion that you ignored two paragraphs ago. Do you know who DIDN’T ignore that info? The newly-evolved Peter Jay, that’s who! I still like a respectable amount of THC in my flower, but now I seek high levels of betacaryophyllene and myrcene as well. As I had mentioned in an earlier column, I don’t like surprises when I visit a dispensary, so I do my due diligence before I head out. I do not know if I am a discriminating consumer or just a pain-in-the-ass (opinions vary widely), but I currently only go to dispensaries where the terpenes are listed online. Interestingly, not all dispensaries list product THC/CBD/terpene counts on their online storefront; collectively, these dispensaries are known as “dispensaries that I don’t go to.” Evolution or not, I would kill for a burrito right now. Contact for Trepanation: Archive:

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ADMIrS ee &o pen StION Pu o










REEF Dispensary

This month, we are spotlighting Reef Dispensary in Sparks, Nevada. We recently spoke with Marty Mulligan, Team Lead to find out what Reef has to offer.

CONCENTRATES: The Mimosa shatter went over really well, as did the Fire OG shatter. On the vape side, obviously the Tryke cartridges kill it.

TCM: What are the top selling products at Reef?

EDIBLES: That would be the Tryke Gummies. As far as third party, CWN Incredibles 100mg bars sell really well, and offer a few different flavors. The Highly Edible brand also does very well at this location.

MARTY: We have a variety of products that consumers come in looking for. FLOWER: Tryke’s Cherry Cobbler has been hugely popular on the higher end of things, as well as the Khalifa Kush. The Dutch Treat Haze and Lemonage also do really well.


TCM: Do you offer CBD only products? MARTY: Yes, we produce our own in-house CBD Tryke Tinctures, and carry a variety of third-party CBD products.


TCM: Do your budtenders receive cannabis training? MARTY: The budtenders at all of our locations are extremely knowledgeable. Additionally, we have published several articles on our website on topics ranging from the science of terpenes to interviews with political figures about marijuana laws. TCM: What requirements do you place on your budtenders? MARTY: Our budtenders are required to know all of the company’s standard operating procedures, as well as to have an understanding of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Even though it’s recreational now, there are a lot of people that still come in for medical reasons, so we conduct regular knowledge comprehension quizzes. If someone does not understand something 100% on whatever the topic is, we’ll make sure they re-test and study until they have an extensive knowledge of the products that we are selling.

MARTY: We offer a birthday special. With any medicated purchase on your birthday choose a free 1-gram preroll from any tier or a 10-pack of Tryke Fruit Chews. Subject to availability. We also offer a 10% everyday discount to locals, veterans and seniors. TCM: Do you have a rewards program for returning customers? MARTY: We do! We offer a point system in which customers earn a point for each pre-tax dollar you spend. Customers are awarded $1.50 credit to their account for each $100 spent at Reef. You can start redeeming them as long as you have at least 100 points. TCM: What benefits do medical patients receive at your facility? MARTY: Medical patients


receive priority line access and receive a cheaper out-thedoor price than recreational customers. We are also currently offering a free 10pack of Tryke lozenges with any medical purchase, while supplies last. TCM: How do you sign up for text or email sale notifications? MARTY: We do not offer daily specials, but we often have special offers each week. When visiting the dispensary, customers can opt-in to our text message and email lists to find out about exclusive deals first. TCM: Do you offer delivery or advanced order placement? MARTY: We do not currently offer delivery, but we hope to roll out advance order service soon.

TCM: Tell us about your range of products. MARTY: Reef carries an extensive line of flower, edible, and concentrates all created at our vertically integrated Nevada production facility. We also have exclusive distribution for Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa Kush and Berner’s Exotikz brands. And we carry several products from local, third-party brands. Check out Reef in Sparks & Sun Valley: Reef Sparks: 195 East Glendale Avenue Sparks, NV, 89431 775-293-4643 Reef Sun Valley: 5105 Sun Valley Blvd, Bldg. B Sun Valley, NV, 89433 775-238-3145 Social Media: Instagram: @WorldofReef Twitter: @ReefDispensarie

TCM: What is the philosophy of Reef?

TCM: Do you offer any discounts or specials for consumers?


MARTY: At Reef Dispensaries, our core philosophy is to put people first, extending to both our customers and our team. Our mission is to inspire hope in a healthy community, enhancing everyday life through a wide variety of products for every level of patient. Our unprecedented, innovative cultivation and production facilities ensure consistent quality of flower and concentrates. We value knowledge, trust, respect and a sense of urgency.


Experience The World’s Largest Business to Business Counterculture Trade Show!




CHAMPS Has Everthing For Your Store! 100% NATURAL R SYN THET





Fetish Urine
















The “Cannab-Esq.” Chronicles A Legal Perspective for Cannabis Consumers

The time has come! Legislation has passed and prohibition will soon be over! The government has finally come to its senses and is set to legalize marijuana! Grab a couple grams of your favorite indica or sativa, roll up a big fattie, and light that m*****f***er up in the name of freedom!!! Wait…never mind. None of that is true…unless you’re flipping through this issue of Tahoe Cannabis Magazine in Canada! Showing that they are miles ahead of the U.S. when it comes to the weed game, Canada is legalizing the use of marijuana nationwide beginning October 17, 2018. Canada will become only the second country in the world – along with Uruguay – to outright legalize the use of marijuana within its borders. Each territory/ province in Canada will be tasked with determining how to regulate the industry and enforce whatever laws ultimately end up on the books. Although formal regulations are still being drafted, one of the more intriguing aspects of Canada’s marijuana industry is that people can have their weed delivered via Canada Post, the official postal service of Canada. Of course, Canada Post requires a person of suitable age be present to receive the “goods,” but mail-order weed with a subscription plan sounds like a fantastic way of ensuring you never run dry! Legalizing marijuana across Canada has another massive benefit that puts Canada’s cannabis industry ahead of the U.S. right now - access to banking. With marijuana being legal, Canadian banks are jumping at the idea of doing business with marijuana companies; this is something the industry here needs urgently. Currently, banking opportunities in the U.S. for marijuana companies are almost nonexistent, and it’s been a problem for far too long. The lack of viable banking options has turned state-legal marijuana marketplaces into an almost all cash industry – which is just ripe for logistical and other difficulties. It’s obvious that if the U.S. wants to stay competitive with Canada’s cannabis industry, prohibition needs to end sooner rather than later. Luckily, things here in the United States have never been more marijuana-friendly! In early June, in a somewhat surprising move, the President said he is likely to support legislation recently put forth by U.S. Senators Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) (among others) to end the prohibition of marijuana – putting him at odds with Attorney General Jeff Session’s crusade against the chronic. The legislation proposed by Senators Gardner and Warren would exempt those in compliance with state marijuana laws from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), effectively leaving the decision whether to legalize marijuana up to each individual state. If the President is truly going to support this bill, it may finally be the one that crosses the finish line once and for all!


There are small policy-shifts taking place elsewhere that are set to directly benefit those in the Industrial Hemp business as well. In the face of a victory over the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued internal guidance to its employees clarifying its position toward Industrial Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) – and it’s to the hemp industry’s benefit. If you recall from the March 2018 article of The Cannab-Esq. Chronicles (#7), the

HIA had filed a Petition for Judicial Review against the DEA’s proposed “marijuana extract” code, arguing that the new code effectively “scheduled” CBD as Schedule I under the CSA. In late May, the Court ruled in favor of the DEA on the basis that the HIA had failed to assert its rights or object to the rule during the 2011 public comment period. While the DEA technically “won” the case, the Court’s findings and analysis in the ruling are undoubtedly favorable for the hemp industry. In its ruling, the Court noted that the DEA’s rule did not violate the Agricultural Act of 2014 (Farm Bill), which allows for the cultivation of Industrial Hemp, because the Farm Bill pre-empts any potential conflict. In effect, the Court said the new “marijuana extract” rule has no application to Industrial Hemp producers because Industrial Hemp is not subject to the CSA. The legality of hemp-derived CBD becomes even clearer when the Court’s ruling is read in conjunction with the DEA’s May internal directive to employees. In it, the DEA states: “Products and materials that are made from the cannabis plant and which fall outside the CSA definition of marijuana (such as sterilized seeds, oil or cake made from the seeds, and mature stalks) are not controlled substances under the CSA. Such products may accordingly be sold and otherwise distributed throughout the United States without restriction under the CSA or its implementing regulations. The mere presence of cannabinoids is not itself dispositive as to whether a substance is within the scope of the CSA; the dispositive question is whether the substance falls within the CSA definition of marijuana.”

The directive additionally notes that the DEA’s new marijuana extract code “extends no further than the CSA does.” Ultimately, the language of the directive makes it clear that the source of the material is the determining factor as to whether it falls under the CSA, not the mere presence of cannabinoids. If the material is sourced from an exempt part of the plant, it is not subject to the CSA. This guidance should help minimize interference by DEA and Customs agents in the legal commerce of hemp-derived CBD. Yet, at the end of the day, one may still be in the precarious position where they are required to prove to the DEA or Customs exactly what part of the Cannabis sativa L. the product was sourced from. Thus, it is even more important than ever to keep meticulous records and sourcing documentation when dealing in the distribution of hemp-derived CBD products. While the end of federal prohibition of marijuana in the U.S. may not be here yet, I truly believe we are knocking on its door. Before we know it, we will have finally overcome the stigma and unjustified stereotypes that have kept marijuana illegal on a federal level all this time. And as I suggested earlier when I jumped the gun with my premature legalization, when the time comes that marijuana is no longer a Schedule I drug under the CSA, I expect you all to roll up a big fattie and light that m*****f***er up in the name of freedom! Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe and #StayWoke! Follow me: IG @Cannab_Esq or FB @MitchellSBissonEsq




Dama McFadon

Rise Dispensary This month, we would like to introduce you to budtender extraordinairre, Dama McFadon. Dama is a part of the Rise family and as a Registered Nurse and cancer survivor, she understands the power of the cannabis plant. Check out what Dama had to say about Rise, the cannabis industry and her experience with medical cannabis. TCM: Are you originally from northern Nevada? If not, where are you originally from, and what brought you to Northern Nevada? DAMA: I’m originally from Northern California, I was born and raised in the San Jose area (Campbell/Los Gatos). I have also spent time in London (college years), San Diego, and Central California. My husband and I moved to the Reno area with our dogs for a better quality of life and to be closer to The Sierra’s, Lake Tahoe and an outdoor life. TCM: What is your favorite strain? DAMA: Miss X. She’s always fun. TCM: What are your favorite products?


DAMA: Full extract cannabis oils (FECO), edibles and CBD water. I’m always excited to see the new products and technologies coming in to Rise. TCM: What led you to the cannabis Industry, and how long have you worked at Rise? DAMA: I’m a registered nurse and a cancer survivor, both led me to the cannabis industry. As an RN, I spent 20+ years performing bedside care. I began in oncology with cancer patients, then on to critical care nursing in the ICU for the majority of my career as an RN. In August 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3B rectal cancer. We immediately commenced with oral chemotherapy and radiation treatments, with multiple surgeries and IV chemotherapy following that. I finished treatment December 2014. My treatments left me with MANY after effects, that even as an RN I was unaware I would experience. Chronic pain and peripheral neuropathies left me nearly completely debilitated, which only continued to worsen over


time. Multiple opioids and other prescription medications only exacerbated my symptoms and conditions instead of relieving them. One of the best treatments I received were the virgin coconut oil THC capsules my husband learned how to make during my treatment. They worked, and got me through the days when nothing else could. This was my moment of realization that cannabis really is medicine that we can effectively use to treat ourselves for a myriad of conditions or symptoms. After trying to return to the ICU post cancer, my body told me it was a no go. The constant stress of the ICU and the level of care required both mentally and physically at the bedside were far too much for my body and well being. I attempted other nursing jobs (such as a desk job), but they did not feed my soul as patient care does. I left my hospital position after 20+ years, knew there was something more out there and that I was still meant to help others in some way. After moving to Reno a couple years ago, I spent time healing myself and was fortunate to have been hired by Rise last September due to my experience as an RN and my personal experiences. Since then, I have done quite a bit of research about cannabis and have become an active member of the Cannabis Nurses Network and the American Cannabis Nurses Association. I’d like to thank Rise and my managers for giving me this unique and exciting opportunity, and for allowing me to spend time with patients who need my help and direction. TCM: What has been your most unique customer experience? DAMA: Unfair question. They are ALL unique experiences. I enjoy helping everyone who comes in needing information or guidance. Being at Rise allows me to watch their transformations during their cannabis journey. In the hospital I cared for people, and after they left I generally never knew their long term outcomes. Here at Rise, I have patients and customers returning to share their stories and progress with me. I can’t stress how amazing it feels to have a patient return and tell me how thankful they are for the help I’ve provided, the positive effects it is having, and the hope it provides them for a better quality of life. On multiple occasions, and even just yesterday patients tell me that the Rise staff’s care, knowledge and plain sincerity make a big difference and that hugs for thanks are required. That kind of experience and response makes it all worth it! TCM: What do you like best about working at Rise? DAMA: I like many things, for different reasons when it comes to working at Rise. A very near and dear reason for me being here at Rise is the fact that I love to help people. Here at Rise I get to use both my experience as an RN and as a cancer survivor to help others when they have questions about cannabis or cannabis products, and


how the plant can help them. I would be remiss if I left out my amazing co-workers here at Rise. We are a family who cares about each other and our community. We are all welleducated patient care specialists who want to see others living healthy, quality lives. TCM: What changes would you like to see made in the Nevada Cannabis Industry? DAMA: I must first state this is such a fantastic and positive change considering where we were just 5 years ago. I would like to see regulations relax to a similar point as alcohol. By this I mean public consumption, such as canna-lounges, and relaxed regulations on adult use and purchases. I would like to see a stronger effort to educate the general public about the medicinal properties of cannabis and its benefits and push to bring the medical community up to speed on this as well. I would love to see everyone open to learning about the benefits of cannabis and their endocannabinoid system, whether they decide it is right for them or not. I would also like to see our regulators revisit the drug screen testing procedures we currently work under. I feel it should more closely mimic the alcohol testing protocols, wherein we test for actually being high rather than if THC merely exists in your system. TCM: What do you think of the industry now that we have our first year of recreational cannabis in Nevada behind us? DAMA: I think the first year has been a tremendous success. The tax revenues alone have been staggering. I feel at Rise we are doing a great job of educating the community, and I want to say to others in the community, let’s keep it up! Being open and sharing knowledge will keep this industry growing in a positive direction for the future. TCM: Have you received any budtender-specific training? DAMA: After being hired as a patient care specialist with Rise, I did spend a couple weeks at our Carson City location training under experienced patient care specialists. In addition to that, the Spanish Springs crew spent several weeks training together and sharing personal knowledge and experiences with cannabis. It as unbelievably educational and enlightening to the point that I learned there is a bodily system that I had Not been taught about in nursing school or read about in any text or medical journal. That time spent served as a launching pad for not only my own benefit, but the benefit of the community as a whole by making Rise’s staff the most competent and knowledgeable in Northern Nevada.


Clearing The Air About





here are many amazing all natural products on the market today thanks to consumer interest and advocacy for cleaner, non-toxic products, and with the growing public acceptance of recreational marijuana, hemp and CBD oil products have made its way into the beauty industry. This amazing oil isn’t new to the industry and many insiders have been using CBD and hemp oils for years. A common concern from new users to hemp and CBD products is that it will have the same psychoactive effects as ingesting or smoking it. This is incorrect. CBD is the nonpsychoactive aspect of the cannabis plant, but still offers the antiinflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits. What makes these oils so beneficial and unique are the way they work with our bodies when absorbed into the skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the skin, making CBD a potential therapy for a range of

conditions, from dry skin to skin cancer. Because it is applied right to trouble areas, the CBD hemp oil works directly where needed most and isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream. Unfortunately so many cosmetics and skin products contain mostly toxins and chemicals which also absorb into our skin and cause allergic reactions and sensitivity. Being educated and informed will help you make the best choices for you and family. Like all the organs in the body, vitamins and minerals are essential to their care and proper function. Hemp Oil not only contains CBD but other essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids. Vitamins C and E protect broken or split ends and protect skin and hair against damage from the sun as antioxidants keep free radicals from damaging collagen and elastin. Hemp is ubiquitous in hair care because it is so rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

B complex vitamins are part of the construction process of skin, hair and nails. Low levels of B vitamins in a diet can lead to dermatitis and hair loss. Many people suffering from anemia may experience these issues. Now that you have some background of the benefits of hemp here are a few products that you can implement into your life. Blue Ridge Hemp Co - This collection of topical CBD creams, oils and salves works effectively for pain management. At Blue Ridge Hemp Co, “Our mission is to aid in filling the gap in treatment of pain.” Infused with up to 200mg CBD, Blue Ridge Products work wonderfully in massages, although they also have hand lotions, roll on essential oil blends, and transdermal patches for areas where you may need prolonged care. Recommended for anyone suffering from joint or arthritis pain. CBD Infused Gel 200 mg- recommended for all-over use as needed. Most commonly used for muscle related conditions. Provides a warming and cooling sensation, and is a blend of 19 essential oils and CBD Isolate. This gel absorbs quickly and works immediately. CBD Infused Massage Oil- Made with sunflower, sesame and jojoba oils and CBD isolate. This massage oil works like magic on muscle pain, muscle soreness, muscle spasms, joint pain, nerve pain, and inflammation. Pet CBD Tincture- Safe and effective for pets. You want your pet to maintain vitality and health for as long as possible. Cannabinoid oil may be beneficial for issues, such as inflammation, seizures, anxiety, generalized pain, and nausea. Crave Skin Care - “SOOTHING PLANT-BASED BEAUTY: We synergistically combine calming hemp with an entourage of plant-based cosmeceuticals to enhance skin's natural, youthful beauty. Our mission is to nurture your delicate, sensitive skin, while preserving a healthy skin barrier and diminishing the visible signs of aging. Our extracts are carefully chosen for quality and standardized for strength.” Created by Janet Schriever, Crave was developed to help her battle an anti-inflammatory skin condition many people suffer from, rosacea. Hemp oil has been shown to be very effective for people suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Her unique blend of oils are very calming and concentrated. Some of her Best Selling Products are the Oil Cleanser + War Paint Remover, Radical C Serum, and Salvation Oil Serum.






Nevada Dispensaries MEDIZIN Banana OG Shatter

This looks like Swiss Cheese? Please. I guess it might look like a thin slice of cheese, but trust me… this shot is just a tease to the eyes. Realize that this shatter came from Banana OG trees that would make you bow down on both knees. Hold please. Who do you think brought you the Chloe, Irene and OGKB? Or the Raz, Butterscotch and Mango trees? Who gave you a bag full of dope weed, to burn when you are strollin’ through the hood? And when the street sales weren’t doin’ you good, which dispensary did we tell you to go see. Medizin on Planet 13. Take a ride up Decatur into the Sunset. THC- 70.1% Limonene- 11.79mg/g a-Pinene- 4.1mg/g Myrcene- 2.61mg/g b-Pinene- 3.67mg/g



A Medizin assassin, prop open a rolling paper and drop some grass in. Open up the car door, and let my ass in, guy. I can smell that OGKB when your just passin’ by. Don’t be shy. Let’s get a little red eyed. This 25% TCH flower will get you fried. Let’s take a ride, I’ll be your guide. Get this in your lungs! Open wide. Medizin’s flower and hash are on constant, casual progression. THC- 25.83% Limonene- 3.19mg/g Myrcene- 3.06mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.78mg/g Linalool- 1.39mg/g Humulene- 1.16mg/g


What the hell? Look at the THC & terpene profiles here. We had to list ALL significant terps to give you stoners the heads up you deserve. Don’t read this shit while you’re driving or you might swerve, or need to turn wide and miss the curve. What an entourage effect delivered by Irene. What I mean is this girl’s numbers can't be seen anywhere between here and Northern Cali. I’ve been keeping a close tally. Let’s throw Irene her own pep-rally. Don’t dilly, dally. THC- 24.766% Caryophyllene- 12.73mg/g Limonene- 8.78mg/g Linalool- 5.33mg/g Humulene- 3.99mg/g Myrcene- 3.37mg/g Trans-Nerolidol- 3.13mg/g b-Pinene- 2.23mg/g Bisabolol- 1.8 mg/g




KABUNKY Sugar Cookies

VADER EXTRACTS Dog Walking Crumble

Am I walking the dog? Or is the dog walking me? This wax made me feel small, ‘bout the size of a flea. Did we both just really pee on the side of this tree? Holy me. I am the dog walking, free. Leave me alone with this Vader bone. I dart through the doggy door, and take the phone off the hook. Look, I’m ‘bout to get wook-wild with this Crumble and finish this month’s book. Vader baby! THC- 72.894% Myrcene- 16.43mg/g a-Pinene- 14.41 b-Pinene- 5.68


This flower sat me down, and had me talking to myself. At least I was giving myself some good advice. This herb jump started my day. After the first few hits, I figured shit today wouldn’t play out this way. Before this fat J, I wanted to play Call of Duty all day, but now that I’m feeling the bling-bling of the 24K, I’m starting to sway towards a productive day. I’m proud to say that I love what I do, and I love my wife too. So I better get my work done, before I have fun. Prioritize your to-do list, and smoke on this pure gold flower by MMG. This tasty experience was brought to me by one of my top ten Nevada flowers. Empower yourself. You deserve top shelf. THC- 21.9% Limonene- 7.1mg/g Myrcene- 4.8mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.8mg/g

GIDDY UP Tropic Berry OG Terp Sauce

I love G.U.T.S. (Giddy Up Terp Sauce) any time of day. Serve me guts for breakfast. GUTS for dessert. GUTS on my lunch break, then back to work. GUTS in the drive-thru, GUTS in my booth. I love GUTS so much. I got it all over my tooth. That’s the truth. THC- 73% Caryophyllene- 8.6mg/g Limonene- 3.0mg/g Myrcene- 2.2mg/g Linalool- 1.2mg/g Pinene- 1.2mg/g

Wow! These nugs are poppin’! Check out the deep, dark purple undertones beneath the wild, orange stigmata and blanket of trichomes. The density of these nugs is a great indicator that they know how to cure their harvest. I dunked my brain into about four bowls of Sugar Cookies, until I was drenched with tranquility. Then I pondered on the stability of Kabunky shatter. This 120° desert sun doesn’t matter. It stays solid. Snappy, product in is product out. If you have been dabbing more oil lately, and need a fresh reminder that you appreciate a good flower, it’s now or never. This one from Nevada Made has power. You can’t get this shit on the streets, unless those streets are Spencer and St. Rose. Follow your nose for this cryptic rose. THC- 29.85 Caryophyllene- 7.15mg/g Limonene- 5.93mg/g Myrcene- 1.99mg/g

KABUNKY Grape Gummies

I smashed on these bad boys, and didn’t look back. All ten squishy LEGO-sized blocks were gone within the hour of slicing open the decal on the tin. I tried my best to conserve 5 for later, but my self-control was tested here, because the 5 left turned to 3, then a fuck-it at 1. Who saves one gummy? Or one cookie? C’mon, eat the whole pack, it’s only 100mg. Any 200 pound mammal can handle this. #truth Total THC/Package-100mg Total THC/Serving- 10mg




No shitting you. I have a new favorite BBQ sauce. Not because it has weed in it, but because it tastes fuckin’ bomb! I dropped a little on my finger and sucked on my digit like a little kid. Then, I put a little bit on my Church’s chicken. A few days later, I picked up Cane’s and even threw the Cane’s sauce in the rubbish, once I experienced the flavor of this grubbish condiment. Compliments to the mad Evergreen scientist/chef. Total THC- 100mg 10 Servings per Bottle



Tapatio take a seat. This hot sauce brings the heat and makes you feel neat. Treat yourself next time you eat a bowl of rice and meat. Drizzle it on your ramen or your over-medium eggs. Drench your chicken legs in it. Go on, marinate in it for a minute. Empty the bottle and spin it. They took the necessary steps to provide a measuring cup for the meticulous pup. I’m not that dog, bottom’s up. Waddup Hot Shot! Total THC- 100mg 10 Servings per Bottle

FLAVRX Tropical Distillate Hemp CBD Oil Cartridge

This cartridge may crystallize on you, even in the summer. But it’s not a bummer cuz you can still consume the vapor the same way you would a liquid. It melts immediately when you hit the button on your battery. Worry not, because nothin’ is the matter, the crystallization is primarily due to no added fillers. Don’t take it back, or look to retrieve fees. Just hit that shit and benefit from the concentrated Cannabidiol. It will feed your Endocannabinoid System, and kiss dem troubles goodbye. It won’t get you high, no lie.


Total CBD- 200mg

BaM/G PEN DJ Short Blueberry Extract Cartridge

Just puff and go with this little, black discreet cannabis treat. Sit in the back seat and put up your feet. The Blueberry tastes so sweet, and that’s not artificial flavoring that you’re savoring there. I swear. DJ Short made his legendary contribution bringing the blue and purple to the scene. Back in the day, from some far-off continent, DJ transported some Blueberry beans somewhere between his blues guitar and his blue jeans. Thank you DJ for your sweet and splendid disseminated contribution to this BaM cartridge. DJ’s a G. THC- 89:977% a-Pinene- 14.55mg/g Caryophyllene- 6.87mg/g Linalool- 5.82mg/g

LUCKY EDIBLES Fruit Punch Medicated Mints

These tasted exactly like those Flintstones chewable children’s vitamins that we have all tried at least once. Well, at least those of us who used to also watch Saturday morning cartoons. Lucky Edibles microdoses their pentagonal-shaped chewables into easy-to-monitor increments. Do they fix bad breath too? Not so sure about that. Why don’t you eat one before you brush your teeth, and go put your breath on your significant other. Let’s call them breath enhancers. I didn’t taste any mint flavor at all. They are nice though. Total THC- 103.27mg Servings- 10 THC/Serving- 10.327mg

PRODUCTS Urban Farm Exclusive Cat Crack

Urban Farm Exclusive Konfidential

REMEDY / TERPX Strawnana Live Resin Sugar

Strawberry Banana Sherbert & Deadhead OG are the parents of this sugar that might make you incoherent if it’s apparent that you can’t handle your myrcene. It’s ok too, if you slide in between the couch cushions, fool. Just remember who put you there. Get out from under the chair when you are able to. And, get back to this Remedy so I can enable you. Come see what they can do.

Nice flower here by Urban Farm Exclusive. It’s assumed that this strain is Kanna’s own phenohunt of LA Confidential because of the name. They did a fuckin’ superb job with their selection process. This flower is beautifully grown and cured, and the nugs were tight. The ash was white, and my head felt better than alright that night that I took flight. I think I just might ignite more UFE Konfidential tonight before we head out to grab a bite to eat. Go get you some. What are you waiting for, fool? THC- 17.8%

THC- 78.82% Myrcene- 8.1mg/g Limonene- 5.1mg/g Caryophyllene- 3.2mg/g

I twisted up a spliff of Urban Farm’s Cat Crack for my wife, and we sat on the balcony and lit it up. My lady is not a daily smoker. In fact, she’s not a weekly smoker or even a monthly smoker. She does consume cannabis on a daily basis, but her regular intake method is ingestion. So she was attracted to this flower because the THC is low, and Cat Crack is the only strain she’s ever seen that was an exact 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. It was a good experience for her. This is a great herb to introduce to someone who is considering smoking cannabis for the first time. THC- 5.3% CBD- 5.3%

Urban Farm Exclusive Sherbet Rostix

This was fire. The only challenge in writing about prerolls is that you only get one shot. Do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo. So I have to pay attention when the smoke hits the air. If I don’t, then it comes and goes without a second chance. This lovely hooter was filled with rosin and covered in kief. When it got me faded, I was like, “Good grief, this is how to chief!” It gave me a slap, and I laid down and took a brief nap. Then I turned on the PS4 to bust some straps. This is a great tool for any gamer. Get that competitive advantage you’ve been looking for, and score on of these UFE Sherbet Rostix. THC- 21.6%

Urban Farm Exclusive HBK Rosin

What admiration I have for the stability of this solventless extraction. It actually snaps into pieces like shatter, yet it can be stretched like salt water taffy. Urban Farm flipped this exquisite rosin out of their own HBK flower, doing so in the healthiest way, using only pressure and heat. Well, isn’t that neat? Want a real treat? Hop in my shoes and bounce to my beat. Give your banger a little heat, and deplete half of this package, hit the pantry and eat some snackage. Time to take a seat and prop my feet up on the davenport. You done good, Sport. THC- 54.3%



RSO+GO Cluster Bomb RSO Cartridge

This may be the most medicinal vape cartridge available in the Nevada market today. RSO was originally intended for ingestion, but now you can treat yourself to an extremely beneficial oil for vaping. Look at the abundance of terpenoids packed in this cute, little chamber. This little blue bomber has over 5% myrcene, over 2% caryophyllene, and three more terps that register over 1%. That’s just obscene. This shit made me lean. THC-66.52% Myrcene- 54.7mg/g Caryophyllene- 23.5mg/g a-Pinene- 17.9mg/g Limonene- 16.6mg/g b-Pinene- 16.2mg/g


Blue Dream is making a comeback. This is the third delicious pheno of Blue Dream that I’ve puffed on this month, all by different cultivations. Don’t be a Blue Dream hater, just because your friend says, “Fuck Blue Dream.” I never understood that. I don’t hate any form of cannabis. I may like some strains more than others, but I’ve never said NO TO CANNABIS. Don’t be ridiculous. Smoke this bomb flower up, and try telling me that you don’t like it. Don’t be such a pot snob. Give Blue Dream a second chance. You’ll enhance your current stance.

SCARLET OILWORKS Boss Hogg Sauce The Dukes of Hazzard have really done it this time. They tore through the parking lot like a whirlwind, ripping through the window canopies, and ripping off damnnear all the pant legs in Vegas, giving everyone Daisy Dukes. Even Boss Hogg was wearing them Daisy Dukes. He should lay off the sauce. The terpenes are the real boss. Give it a toss. THC- 64.755% CBD- 1.225% Caryophyllene- 14mg/g Myrcene- 11.6mg/g a-Pinene- 2.8mg/g

THC- 20.22%

DAYDREAMERS Sativa Chocolate

Yeah I smashed on the whole pack like I always do. I don’t worry. I’m not you. You’ll be a believa’ once you try DayDreamers Sativa Chocolate. Their packaging is also the mould for the chocolate, so the Vegas heat will just melt the chocolate back into the same rectangular shape if the package happens to be left in the car during summer months. Sounds fun. So I gave it a try. This picture seen here, is after I let it melt in the car and cooled it in the fridge. Good shit!


Total THC- 136mg


These hard, sucking candies taste like a first kiss, with watermelon Lip Smackers dripping down your chin. Perfect for microdosing, they are rock solid and should take a while to administer each dosage. Pucker up and get to munching on a pack of D.I.M.E.S. Try Butterscotch and Lemon too, once you’re through. Total THC- 102.6342mg Total Servings- 18 THC/Piece- 5.7019mg





REAL SUN GROWN Cherry Lime Haze

I was amazed to see what Real Sun Grown is putting on the dispensary shelves these days. Their Cherry Lime Haze is loaded with THC and offers consumers the opportunity to experience a moderate amount of the most common terpenes the cannabis plant has to offer. You won’t find it on Offer-Up though. You can, however find ALL Real Sun Grown strain variations at any one of the 3 Canopi locations. Get this brand in your rotation if you want some good vibrations. But yo! Smoke it at home to avoid all potential frustrations over unnecessary traffic citations.

I’m impressed with this flower grown in greenhouses. I’ve never visited a cannabis greenhouse, but hopefully someday when I grow up, I will get to see one. I have recognized quite a spike in this brands THC and terpene levels, in addition to the overall hearty upgrade to their flower in general. Real Sun Grown has raised both of my eyebrows, and gets the nod from the VegasCannabis™ Headquarters bullpen. Whose their closer? Warm her up. THC- 20.243% Limonene- 1.349mg/g Myrcene- 1.15mg/g Caryophyllene- 0.499mg/g

THC- 20.305% Myrcene- 3.088mg/g Limonene- 2.767mg/g Caryophyllene- 2.197mg/g

HOPE Cannabrew Cold Brew Coffee

Yo, wake and bake at the same time with this cold brew coffee. I like to sip on some coffee in the morning, while puffin’ on some good herb. We all do (don’t we?) Sometimes I just don’t have time, but I still deserve a little competitive advantage. Coffee and THC go hand-in-hand, but no other brand in Nevada has the supply for this demand. Hope bottles it up, maybe soon it will be canned. I also never planned on enjoying this so much. I take a shot every time I touch the ice box. All right this one’s almost gone, time to graduate to the 100 mil bottle. Total THC- Available in 50mg or 100mg

Awe yeah! I did know that somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a place where angry leprechauns go to throw rainbow cookie dough into their golden, pot-belly stoves and bake tiny, little Rainbow Cookies that get sold to the Keebler elves to fill their shelves. What I didn’t know was that the little leprechauns get angry when they have to leave the Redwood garden and throw dough until they bleed. Who wouldn’t rather grow fields full of weed. Damn I had too many Rainbow Cookies, indeed. THC- 29.087% CBD- 1.489% CBC- 2.242% CBGa- 2.17% Caryophyllene- 3.74mg/g Limonene- 3mg/g Linalool- 2.18mg/g Humulene- 1.46mg/g Bisabolol- 1.23mg/g

REDWOOD Blue Dream

Fuck Blue Dream. Fuck, this Blue Dream is SUPREME! Don’t be blue about this overplayed strain name. Grind it up and put it to flame. This lady has game. Chill out, but don’t fall out. Time to get a bit social fasho. You never know where this blue butterfly will go. Just go with the flow, and enjoy the show. Let’s go dream-weaving between Redwood trees and the deep blue Vegas seas. THC- 27.886% CBGa-1.2% Caryophyllene- 10.52mg/g Humulene- 3.53mg/g Linalool- 2.63mg/g Bisabolol- 2mg/g Myrcene- 0.85mg/g





>>>>> cannabis

with dj Chef Fred



n January of 2017 I began writing articles and recipes for Tahoe Cannabis Magazine. During this time I watched the publication develop and mature into what the magazine is today. Beautiful images, and colorful content that has been a solid resource for Nevada. To be part of the Tahoe Cannabis family has been an honor and an achievement for me as a writer and chef. Thank you Stephanie and William for the opportunity for me to give to so many through your platform. July will be very busy, Champs Trade Show, Errl Cup AZ, Chalice, St. Vincent and the Grenadines where medical legislation is going into effect, Hydroponic Chef TV show in LA. Then starting August off quick with Indo Expo in Portland on the 3rd-5th. Things are moving and shaking at camp DJ Chef Fred. The new product lines are launching this month which include the licensing deal with Heavenly Sweet THC and my new CBD products. I am looking for feedback on my new CBD product line. I want something from you. Please write a paragraph about what ailments you may have and I will randomly select people for feedback after I send them the product that I feel fits their needs. I would like to know if it helped you. All products are hemp derived CBD and legal under the farm bill act.


Fully Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes INGREDIENTS:

4 Large russet potatoes roasted at 350 degrees for 40 minutes 2 Cups sour cream infused with 1 gram distillate melted into 2 Tbsp MCT oil Your favorite cheese and toppings **My favorite topping is honey CBD bacon**


Slice down center of potato and carve out all the inside without damaging the skin. Combine infused sour cream and cheese to make the filling. Fill the skins and bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.




Thick cut bacon ¼ cup honey infused with 200mg of Chef’s Choice CBD tincture 3 Tbsp brown sugar Zest of half orange


Heat honey, zest, and brown sugar until sugar and honey become one. As the liquid cools, infuse the honey with the Chef’s Choice tincture. Stir until completely mixed. Broil the bacon and using a brush, brush the CBD honey on the bacon as it cooks.

Rojo Distillate Olive Oil Chicken Kabobs INGREDIENTS:

¼ Cup carne asada seasoning 1 Cup olive oil infused with 1 gram distillate or shatter 1 Garlic clove


Heat olive oil with smashed garlic clove. As the oil cools melt the THC into the olive oil. Combine carne asada seasoning and oil into a spray bottle. Shake it up and spray chicken as it cooks.

Summer Sipping Sweet Strawberry Orange CBD Lemonade Cocktail INGREDIENTS:

1 Orange sliced 10 Strawberries 1 Cup fresh squeezed lemon 500 mg Chef’s Choice CBD Tincture ½ Cup blue agave syrup 2 Pints of your favorite rum (In St. Vincent I drink Jack Sparrow rum) 1 Gallon cold water Fresh mint


Combine all ingredients and refrigerate.

happiness FUNKY FRESH





G PEN GIO Designed for exclusive interface with G Pen Gio Cartridges, the G Pen Gio Battery features an ergonomic & durable zinc-alloy casing & powerful 180 mAh battery with pass-through charging via micro USB. Check with your favorite dispensary to see if they carry the G Pen Gio along with G Pen refill cartridges.

This all-in-one vaporizer features a modern design with a magnetic connection between the atomizer tube and base. The unique QUAD coil technology uses a 4 quartz rod coil which allows for a clean vape. The adjustable air flow valve lets you control the amount of vapor being inhaled. With a strong 1400mAH battery and a detachable, built-in dual compartment silicone jar on bottom, this vaporizer is perfect for on the go. Also available at local dispensaries $29.95 online

Smok'n Rays Smoke Shop 1207 California Avenue Reno, NV


THE BROTHERS APOTHECARY CBD ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLERBALLS These essential oil/CBD oil blends, packaged in convenient rollerballs are perfect for treating ailments easily and efficiently. Available in the following formulas: Restful, Focus, Pain Away, Insight and Unwind. Each rollerball contains approximately 100mg of hemp derived CBD and a blend of organic and locally sourced oils. $25 each

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THE STONER MOM ESSENTIALS SensiBox Available beginning November 1st is the Stoner Mom Essentials Box by Sensi Box. All items are hand picked by The Stoner Mom herself and the box includes everything a cannabis consuming mama might need. Retail: $275


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>>> By Deborah Costella

IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR The jury is still out regarding exactly how cannabis, in its many forms and applications, impacts our minds and bodies. Little research has been done to assess the long and short term effects of using this ancient herb. However, spend a few minutes talking with cannabis users, be they young, old, tall, short, gay, straight, rich, poor, democrat or republican, and you will yield a bushel of glowing testimonies on its benefits. This dual purpose plant is currently inhaled, eaten or applied topically, by a large percentage of the population. In one particular household it’s closer to ninety-nine percent, and for them, cannabis has become a family affair. While it didn’t start out that way, since most everyone was born healthy, strong and vibrant, over the years things have changed. Whether you attribute the changes to aging, genetics, environment, diet or self-inflicted, life has brought maladies ranging from chronic skin ailments to cancer. From mental illness to addiction to rheumatoid arthritis, they’ve seen and suffered injuries due to car and motorcycle accidents as well as the residual effects of a stroke. This little family, like so many, is essentially a microcosm of the human condition at large. A typical Italian family, there exist lots of kids, lots of laughter, and lots of food; make that lots of good food. And for a little color and interest; a smidge of drama. Certainly, they can be loud. The matriarch of the family explains this dramatic flair as simply an expression of their passion. It is this inherent passion that fuels and binds them. There have been times when I swore World War III was percolating its way to the top as I stood by uncomfortably observing how they react, respond and ratify themselves. It’s true the olive oil has been flung around that kitchen on many occasions. Yet you’d be hard pressed to find another family as congealed and willing to put forth a united front when adversity strikes. Whatever the matter may be; relationship issues, impending divorce, financial strife, or a misunderstanding that grew legs, they never fail to show up for one another. Conversely, with the good news of a promotion or pregnancy, you’ll find them celebrating with a festive feast and clinking glasses. The Chiarelli’s stick together like melted chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Armed with advice and listening ears, a comfy chair and a glass of wine, they assemble themselves into a familial machine of interlocking pieces and parts; a fortress of caring and protection. And it is as a family, they have come to incorporate the use and cultivation of cannabis into their lives.

My friends, Kate and Enzo had known about cannabis as an alternate recreational offering since the ‘60’s. More recently, like many of us, they’ve become aware of its medicinal use and how cannabis has been of assistance in coping with seizures and glaucoma. It wasn’t until Kate found herself involved in the caring of her youngest brother during his fight against cancer, that she saw with her own eyes how a little reefer could make such a big difference. Before the over-reaching tentacles of pain could get their strong-hold, her brother would pick up one of his artful pipes, roll his wheelchair to an open window and take a few hits. As he slowly exhaled, she could practically see his agony dissipate and fade along with the plumes of smoke, as they drifted their way up into the blue sky beyond. How she wished for him, that the pain would disappear forever. But cannabis was not a cure for his cancer, only a remedy for its varied horrendous symptoms. Kate explained, while few of his doctors condoned the smoking of cannabis, most were familiar with how this naturally occurring medicine helped alleviate nausea, piqued his appetite and tamed the constant pain that seemed to randomly move from one area of his body to another on a whim. There was general agreement among them, that the side effects of cannabis, if any, were far less menacing than the side effects of the multiple pain medications Kate’s brother had been prescribed. As such, nothing was said to deter his use of the herb. A few years ago, one young member of their family was diagnosed with an “invisible disability.” There is disagreement about whether cannabis helps or exacerbates these conditions. Whenever I’m involved in discussions pertaining to brain disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder or depression, I am quick to caution others not to underestimate this amazing organ. Working 24-7, though functioning at varied wavelengths at different times, our brains are constantly hungry for stimulation, whether we are in a dream state or fully awake. When you consider the brain is the only organ in the human body that named itself and everything else in the world, one realizes our brains have the ability to alter our thinking, perceptions, responses and reactions, as it sees fit. Should there be chemical imbalances of any kind, those perceptions, responses and reactions may be in contradiction to actual and the agreed upon reality. How cannabis helps to limit and calm those synapses and mis-firings going on inside our heads is still unclear. However, it does appear to help suppress some of the excessive activity, that otherwise limits those diagnosed with brain disorders from leading normal, un-afflicted lives. Even insomnia, a frustrating and at times, debilitating condition, has been remedied with cannabis in Kate and Enzo’s family. An issue for every adult member, insomnia hit their eldest daughter hardest after giving birth to a new baby, as she and her young husband learned how to function on maybe, two to three hours of light sleep. Actually, their sleep deprivation began around her eighth month of pregnancy, when their daughter was just too big to get comfortable. Like many women, she had to ease herself, sideways into chairs and onto sofas. Her favored papasan chair had become an impossibility for her to


Stunned and unable to move, Kate lay there for what felt like several minutes. Still on the ground, she was able to pull herself up into a sitting position. She gave herself a once over, surprised to note, there weren’t any holes in the knees of her yoga pants. Her hands and elbows were badly scraped and there was a pulsating pain on the right side of her face. However, she wasn’t going to let a little fall ruin her plans for the day. Brushing herself off, Kate resumed her walk-run; except now, it was mostly walking.

get in and out of by month seven. Poor thing, looked as though she was folding herself in half against the grain, as if she were an oversized cardboard box. Standing for even a few minutes brought on discomfort and caused her ankles to swell like pizza dough that had been left to proof for too long. Her insomnia was contagious, as it led to anxiety, haunting both her and her husband, who grew increasingly worried about money. Work stress; Enzo’s own job worries led to insomnia that lasted for months. He worried while driving, watching TV, during meals. His concerns even whispered in his ear while engaged in completely unrelated conversations. His anxiety grew even louder after laying his head on the new neck-support pillow he purchased, hoping it might be the answer to a full night’s sleep. Enzo especially likes the no sleeping-pill-hangover feeling the next morning. Ironically, the Stroker who suffered a mild stroke was my dear friend, Kate. During our Dragon Boat racing days, she had earned the spot as Stroker on a team of men and women, most of whom were younger than us. Her competitive nature and desire to maintain that coveted spot, spurred her to work hard at staying strong and in shape. Last Memorial Day, Kate woke invigorated, looking forward to a day off from both her jobs. (Enzo had recently left his – too much stress). It was early morning so there were no other joggers or cyclists about, allowing Kate to enjoy her solitude and the orchestral sounds of chirping and cawing of birds. She began picking up speed about a half mile in when it happened; the catching of her foot on a section of uneven sidewalk. Kate tried but couldn’t stop her body from lurching forward like a top heavy, double-decker bus. First her right knee hit the concrete, then the left. Her torso unfolded onto the pavement like the unwrapping of a five-foot, six inch fruit rollup. Then her elbows hit; left, right, with hands extended out in front of her, they failed to function as brakes. Instead she skidded forward on her palms. Finally the right side of her face went splat.

Once home, Kate knew enough to soothe her scrapes and already swollen cheekbone with some CBD Balm I had prepared for her son, who was recovering from neck surgery. It worked beautifully, healing her torn skin and emerging bruises in only a matter of days. Unfortunately, four hours after that fall, she was at Urgent Care. With three cracked ribs and a fractured cheekbone, Kate drove herself home one-handed, with ribs wrapped and a prescription that can only be described as overkill; Lortab. Exactly one week after falling, Kate inadvertently added insult to injury by suffering a mild stroke due to an undiagnosed concussion. Since then migraines have become frequent and bothersome distractions. When the prelude to one of those debilitating headaches arises, she reaches for a CBD infused treat, not a Lortab. Unfortunately, it’s all too true, when there are teenaged and twentysomething drivers in the house auto and motorcycle accidents are unwelcome facts of life. Of course, they entail physical therapy to aid in recovery, but in Kate and Enzo’s family they very much welcome CBD balm along with infused edibles, to ease pain and inflammation. CBD infused treats have also proven to be effective medicinal applications for her youngest daughter’s chronic hives and dermatographia. For years, this poor child was prescribed stronger and stronger pharmaceuticals, causing her to be nearly catatonic by bedtime. As an adult, the medications prescribed by her dermatologist prevented her from being able to nurse her first child as the side effects were so severe. This is not the case when she consumes CBD infused edibles. Even upset stomachs are addressed with a cup of ginger tea and a new favorite; Cosmic Muffin’s CBD Infused Biscotti. Most every health and medical issue, be it of minor or greater concern, has been successfully remedied with medicinal cannabis in the Chiarelli household. This is why, for them, cannabis is a family affair.

Multi-faceted in her talents and interests, Deborah L. Costella has enjoyed expressing her creativity as a dancer, teacher, chef and writer, both in the Northern California Bay Area and Las Vegas. She has authored two cookbooks and has written for local publications in the Las Vegas Valley, with a focus on cooking. Deborah currently teaches cooking classes at Sur La Table and Cozymeal, as well as private in-home classes. She also provides personal chef services in both Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has yet another book in the works.


CBD Chocolate-Orange Cantuccini (biscotti) Ingredients 1 Cup + 1 Tbsp all purpose flour ¾ Tsp baking powder 1/8 Tsp salt ¼ Cup (1/2 stick) unsalted/CBD Infused butter ½ Cup granulated sugar 1 Whole egg 1 Tbsp Grand Marnier 1 Tsp almond extract 2 Tsp grated orange zest ½ Cup chopped pecans ¼ Cup mini chocolate chips 1/8 Cup candied orange peel (julienne-then minced) Process Preheat oven to 350 degrees Line baking sheet w/parchment paper – set to side. In medium mixing bowl, whisk together; flour, baking powder and salt. In separate large bowl of stand mixer or using hand-held mixer, beat butter and sugar. Add egg, Grand Marnier, almond extract and orange zest. Stir flour mixture

>>> By Deborah Costella into egg mixture along with pecans, chocolate chips and candied orange peel. Gather dough together; divide in half. Wrap each half in plastic wrap and freeze 20 minutes to firm. Using floured hands and working on a floured surface, form each round of dough into 14” long and 2 ½” wide logs. Transfer logs to parchment lined baking sheet and bake until light golden brown; about 30 minutes. Remove cookie logs to cooling rack for 20 minutes. Reduce oven to 300 degrees. Using a serrated knife, cut logs on the diagonal into 1/2” thick-slices; standing each slice upright on parchment lined sheet pan. Bake biscotti until biscuits are dry to the touch and golden brown; about 30 more minutes. Cool on rack. Makes 1 ½ dozen Biscotti


>>>>> Cannabis Conundrum

A Custom Crossword by Gail Marie Beckman For more info about Custom Crosswords, call (702)869-6416


1. Also known as Mary Jane 7. Certain chewy candies 11. Skyward or positive 12. Extremely 13. Recreational Vehicle, shortened 15. Myself 17. _____ yourself to some cookies made with bud butter 20. Toe or finger 22. Remove the seeds, say 24. Driver's license, for one (abbr) 25. Short for purchase order 26. When you don't know the words 27. Wee bit 29. There are many _______ treatments available that include CBD oils 31. Not a Mac 33. General Electric, shortened 34. Iridium symbol 35. Common link between 20 across and 9 down 36. Genetic stuff (abbr) 37. The new dispensary is ____ for business 39. Certain water device 40. A pleasant smell, only if it's not the animal 42. Follows living, bath, or bed (abbr) 44. Something to hold in 46. Short for Master of Ceremonies 47. Particular brownies, cakes, candies, and other foods 50. One from the Zig-Zag pack 52. Type of flight 53. CBD oils alleviate ___ arthritis pain 54. Queen ___ Hearts 55. You and I 56. Cannabis use ________ seizures 59. Number of oz. 60. Short for semiannual 61. Choose the ____ variety for your individual needs 63. They are responsible for the aroma of the cannabis 66. Physical education, shortened 67. Word following field, road, or "what a.. " 68. Indulge in 47 across, for instance 69. Follows HD 71. Denoting an unspecified number 73. Certain home security co. 74. Strain known for fatter leaves and shorter stature 76. Artificial intelligence, for short 77. Utterance of hesitation 79. Roach ____ 80. Dorothy and Toto's aunt 81. They look sparkly and hold the most 67 down 82. Cannabis can provide chemotherapy and pain ______









16 22




27 31













53 56


63 68






65 69


66 70

67 71

74 77




1. The desire to consume copious amounts of food 2. Short for Associated Press 3. Exists 4. Rolled and ready to smoke 5. Certain 9 down have qualities that make them anti-anxiety trea ments and act as an ____-________ 6. ___ you ready to feel better? 8. Word said while thinking 9. _________ strains 10. Cannabis ______ helps to increase focus, creativity, and serotonin 14. Not really smoke, more like steam 16. Non-euphoric weed used to make rope and millions of other things 18. Ave. cousin 19. ___ shelf; high grade 21. Comes after Acapulco or solid 23. Country code for Luxembourg 28. A long, long time ___.. 29. Carrying container, perhaps 30. Bachelor's last words 32. Extracts and oils 38. Precedes en



52 55
















46 50



37 40






72 75

80 82

41. Similar to a ref 78. Football 43. Love to no end position 44. High school, shortened (abbr) 45. Come on, give it a ____ 79. Symbol 47. Word before Capitan or Dorado for chlorine 48. Dispensary salesperson 49. And so on (abbr) 50. From Thai stick to shake 51. Air Force, shortened 53. Not Mrs. nor Miss 55. Utilize 57. Extrasensory perception, for short 58. Small mistake 59. Another name for 50 down 61. Bachelor of Science, shortened 62. Type of marijuana cigarette 64. Unlike FT 65. The lesser of two _____ 67. (see 81 across) 70. One can be made from glass, wood, metal, or meerschaum 72. When the clock says 4:20, it's ____ to light up 73. Atmosphere 75. Type of tuna 76. Cooling syst.






asking the same thing.


STOP THE WASTE! Let’s start this month off talking about waste. The cannabis industry is responsible for an enormous amount of waste entering our landfills. From product packaging and exit bags to the boxes product is shipped in, we are creating quite a bit of trash. I don’t think you can get within a mile of any dispensary and not find stickers, boxes, bottles, bags, joint tubes, receipts, or those damn child (and sometimes adult) proof exit bags that the State requires every dispensary to use scattered all over the ground and planters. Is it all really necessary? Yes, cannabis needs to be in a container to keep it fresh. Yes, joints need to be in tubes to keep them from getting crushed. But, does a grown ass adult who’s coming into a shop for a joint or a gram NEED it to be then placed in a double-sealed bag you can’t see through? I mean, if they want one because they have kids at home and they need to be discreet, one should be furnished for them. But on average, an adult just grabbing something small should not be forced to contribute to this waste. And again, if cannabis is being regulated like alcohol why aren’t alcohol retailers forced to do the same? Yes, you can reuse a bag you bring back in, but for goodness sake, we’re talking about people who smoke cannabis. We do tend to forget things. So if you’re like me, and I KNOW many people are, you have a huge pile of plastic bags in your house that you don’t know what to do with other than throw them away and contribute to the waste. Then there are the jars! Luckily, we have great companies who care about our environment like Green Life Productions who do recycling programs with their jars, but how many others aren’t doing this? I know every few weeks I’m filling up a bag full of empty jars from other growers that don’t have a recycling program to take to the trash and add to the waste. I get patients coming in the shop daily

My plea this month is to the cultivators. Please set up some kind of recycling program with your glass. Let’s set an example to the rest of the country. Let’s get some of these deliveries done in plastic bins that can be reused again and again instead of boxes that get one use and are thrown away, adding to the waste! And to the State, stop with the exit bags. If a kid wants in that bag they are gonna get in, double-sealed or not. The only ones your slowing down is the medical patients and elderly with bad hands, and they are the ones we should be making things easier for. Something else to think about this time of year is the danger of the heat. I lost a very good friend and bandmate named Todd Sampson to heat stroke/exhaustion a few years ago. He basically died right in front of me because I didn’t know the symptoms of heat stroke. I had to explain to his son that his father wouldn’t be coming home. It was one of the hardest things I’ve EVER had to do. If I had taken 10-15 minutes to do a search online, ahead of time, I may have known to get him help earlier and he may still be here. So, what I’m saying is, you live in a desert. It gets EXTREMELY hot here. It CAN and HAS killed people. Please take the time to go online and look up the symptoms and what to do when you see those symptoms, of heat stroke or exhaustion. Just spending a few minutes educating yourself could possibly save the life of someone you love or of someone you’ve never even met. Either way, a few minutes could make you a superhero to someone and I think that’s a pretty good tradeoff. Be safe out there people. Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.




702 524

86 49








The Black Market

his month’s installment of Tokin’ With The Infamous is going to be a little different. For a while now I’ve been hearing grumblings about the so-called “black market”. Everyone has an opinion, but most really have no idea what it is actually like to be a grower, so I decided to talk to a long time medical cannabis grower to set the record straight. Obviously, this interview was done on the condition of anonymity, so for that reason we’ll call him “Anonymous Grower”. Again, I know there are strong opinions about this issue. My hope is that you’ll read this with an open mind and realize that black market growers aren’t boogiemen out to poison or rip off cannabis users. They’ve actually been the ones to protect and provide for both medical and recreational users for countless generations.

making it too big so that you can control the environment.

HOPPER: Thanks for taking the time to inform our readers about a subject that there are so many misconceptions about, the so-called ‘black market’. First of all, I don’t think people realize how much work you put in. You don’t have a crew of low wage workers doing all the heavy lifting for you. Explain how your style of being attentive to your plants creates a superior product. AG: Keeping it small, not

AG: Yeah.

HOPPER: So more small batch? AG: Yeah, small craft style. HOPPER: You always get a better product that way. AG: Yeah, it’s hard to control the environment when it’s too big. There’s just too many plants to take care of. They all need special attention. HOPPER: They don’t get the same love in a huge environment. Somebody getting paid a low wage isn’t going to take the extra time that really makes a difference. I totally agree with you. Small batch, artisanal is the way to go. HOPPER: You actually consider yourself to be a medical grower, right?

HOPPER: What do you want to tell VCM readers about your growing experience over the years? AG: Just keep at it, you’ll learn from your mistakes. HOPPER: What changes have you seen in the industry throughout the years? AG: Definitely the price has changed a lot, like how much

people get on a wholesale price. It’s come down a lot. All the legal stuff, the medical collectives, so many people flooded the industry and they would undercut the next guy, the next grower. They would cut out the middleman. The growers would come in, and then they just started pitting the growers against each other, like a contractor. People were desperate to get rid of their product. They’re not the ones selling it to the public, they need to off their whole thing. They were fronting it, and losing their product and getting ripped off. Anything could happen. They could get raided, and then the grower loses their product. There’s too much (government) control. HOPPER: That’s why I wanted to do this interview, to hear about black market versus licensed. AG: When you’re licensed, you’re just paying a dirty politician. HOPPER: The black market, in my opinion, is here to stay. It’s what created everything. AG: Everything came from the black market, now they’re trying to regulate it and it’s not going to be easy. Especially with all the high taxes. There’s no way they can push the black market out with the prices they (the “legal” market)

are charging. And they’re just mass producing it now. They’re not doing small craft batches, they’re doing big outdoor grows. HOPPER: And huge indoor grows, too. AG: Yeah, some indoors as well, that’s true. It’s still harder to control with bugs and pesticides. There’s even legal pesticides you can use that are all permitted and I’ll tell you, I don’t want to smoke it. I wanna smoke my weed. HOPPER: This is the way I see it- It was the black market growers who took all the risk, and made all the innovations that the newcomers are now profiting from. What are your thoughts on that? I see all of these gadgets in grow shops now that we had to DIY back in the day. AG: Stoners are really smart people. Just look at the black market. For people to be able to grow their own, innovate their own things, sell it, and thrive, they’re really smart. All these gadgets, the newcomers can just come in and buy them. It is what it is, I guess. It’s bad the way it’s going. HOPPER: I think legalization is going to make the black market thrive. AG: That’s exactly what it’s


going to do. I don’t think they can do what they want to do, unless they come in and allow everyone to be licensed. Even at that point, I don’t know if everybody’s going to do it. Small guys like me, are they gonna allow me to be licensed? I actually went and tried to get licensed, I was looking for places. It was virtually impossible if you didn’t own the building or have a ton of money to rent, you can’t even put in an application. Unless they’re gonna allow us little guys to have our own little licenses and do our own little thing, like a swap meet or whatever you want to call it, then they’re never going to be able to push it out and the black market will thrive. It’s cheaper, and you can get a better product. HOPPER: The black market has always been, for the most part, self-regulating. Bottom line- if you have a bad product, you don’t have customers. If you have moldy shit, or a product that isn’t cured properly, nobody wants it.

thing I don’t like about the celebrity brands is when people fake the funk. They act like they created it, they rap like they created it. They didn’t. Somebody else is doing it, and it’s just a hype type thing. Forget about the hype and the fakeness. Just keep it real. That’s the only bad thing about the celebrity brands, any celebrity can put their name on something.

AG: Exactly. I test all my shit, and nobody is forcing me to do that. I’ve been doing it for a long time. No one is regulating me but myself.

HOPPER: When the dust settles, and everyone is used to legalization, do you think the black market is going to be better off? Worse?

HOPPER: How do you feel about the influx of celebrity brands in the industry?

AG: I think, if they continue with these high taxes and crazy regulations, then it will get better for the black market.

AG: Celebrity brands, what does that mean exactly? HOPPER: Well like, Mike Tyson, Lamar Odom, Tommy Chong, etc.. AG: I don’t have a problem with it. Branding is part of marketing any product. I’m down with branding. The license thing is all bogus, in my opinion. The only

HOPPER: Do you plan on staying underground? AG: Honestly, I’m just riding the wave of life. If that’s what happens, yeah. If this legalization thing works, I’m down with that too. It has to work for both sides. I’m not trying to be some crazy outlaw. So if I could be


legitimate, I’d go for it. HOPPER: I feel you on that. That’s why this is such an interesting topic. I’ll be honest, it pisses me off when I hear cannabis users and patients talk shit about the black market. It’s like, where were they getting their meds before legalization? No one seemed to have a problem then. AG: Yeah, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re probably just repeating something they were told. It’s crazy to me that they call the medical market the black market. It’s not a black market, never has been. It’s always been within legal parameters. So how did it morph from medical to black market? That’s what’s being said in the media, and when people hear that, they believe it. That’s what happens. HOPPER: Yeah, and at the same time it’s created a lot of monopolies. AG: Oh yeah, you have to have a ton of money to get any of these legal licenses.

And then they want to push the little guys out of business. HOPPER: Is there anything you want to add before we wrap it up? I feel like I’ve been a negative Debbie Downer, even though this is a huge issue that we as a community need to be talking about. Is there some positivity we can end with? AG: Yeah! The cannabis plant is a wonderful plant. It has a lot of medicinal values. All of these rules and regulations don’t even matter. It’s what the plant does for us naturally, that matters. We’re striving to make it better and figure out new technologies for new oils and new therapies and remedies. That’s a great thing. Medical cannabis or legal cannabis, whatever they want to call it, it’s still cannabis at the end of the day. It’s a gift. FOLLOW HOPPER ON INSTAGRAM @HOPPER448




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