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Battle Born Bulletin


We Are Active Republican Women of Las Vegas

From Left: Saroj Singh, Cherie Wood, Chris Hall, Diane Welch, Wayne Root, Maureen Karras, Jennifer Barrier

ARE Dedicated to Republican Party Values We RESPOND to the needs of our State & Country We WILL Make a Difference We

Our Mission Active Republican Women (ARW) of Las Vegas Nevada is a women’s political organization, bringing together women to positively impact the direction of our state and our nation. We come together as a collective force advancing the Republican Party and women through political access and participation.

Battle Born Bulletin Published 12 times during the year on the 1st day of each month. Newsletter Contact: Annette Barnes —

Active Republican Women of Las Vegas 889 So. Rainbow Ste. #146, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Mon May 6 @ 6pm - 8:30pm

R ARW Monthly Board Meeting OU Y RK DAR Thu May 16 @ 5:30pm - 8pm MA LEN ARW General Membership MeetCA


ing, Spanish Trail

Mon June 3 @ 6pm - 8pm

ARW Monthly Board Meeting Thu June 21 @ 5:30pm - 8pm

ARW General Membership Meeting, Spanish Trail

ARW Programs 

May 16: Fashion Show

May 30: Special Event—Wayne Root

June TBD: Safety Symposium

July 19: Legislative Update

ARW’s annual fundraising event needs your participation! Villas & Vineyards weekend get-away for lovers of wine and historical architecture TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Deposit due May 15!! SEND YOUR RSVP AND DEPOSIT TODAY

President’s Message...Cherie Wood As dedicated Republican women, many of us long time members of Active Republican Women, we all realize the future of our club lies with our youth. So how proud we are to have Jennifer Barrier as an active member who also represents ARW as our Communications/Public Relations Committee Chairman. Jennifer is a very committed conservative and currently a UNLV Business major which could make her an oddity at most of today's college campuses. But, Jennifer knows the meaning of hard work as she holds down a full time job while pursuing her degree full time, as well. As Communications Chair, she keeps our website up to date, writes passionately on ARW's facebook page and keeps everyone in the conservative know on Twitter. She may even want to run for office someday. Jennifer is the future of ARW and through her young wisdom, she will inspire more of her peers to see the light of what truly makes our country and our Constitution great. It is for this reason, I asked to use a piece from Jennifer's insight, and posted on our ARW facebook page about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. As my first, of more to come, guest writers for the President's message, it is with great pleasure this month to publish the following message from our very own---Jennifer C. Barrier. Thank you, Jennifer. " Cherie Wood, President What Differentiates Republicans and Democrats? By Jennifer Barrier If you were walking down the sidewalk and somebody came up to you and asked you what differentiates a Democrat and a Republican, how would you answer? Could you give that person a logical enough answer that when he walks away, he is fully informed enough to formulate his own conclusions and govern their beliefs accordingly? Is that person governed by conscience, or conviction? Is there a difference? A Republican is generally a conservative who is governed by their convictions. They believe in the Jeffersonian ideal of limited government, a free-market economy, and the rugged individualism that forged this nation into the powerhouse it is today. A Republican believes that Americans are quintessential to the rest of the world, unique among all others. Republicans do not subordinate themselves to the whims and vices of excessive, intrusive, and over-reaching government. They believe that limited government is the best way to incent a society to strive to achieve its full potential by individual achievement, self-reliance, benevolence, perseverance, and toil. Continued Page 5... 3

ARW Fashion Show — May 16th Third Annual ARW Fashion Show! The show will feature Eccoci fashions worn by our very own ARW members, escorted down the runway by some of our favorite male associate members. There will be beautiful clothes, wonderful food, and a gift for each attendee. We will also have a fabulous silent auction and extra special Opportunity Drawing prizes. (See Flyer, page 13)

ARW Fashion Show

Many thanks to Chris Hall for coordinating the event again this year. This program offers us a fun break from politics and the news.

General Membership Meeting Mix and Mingle at 5:30pm; Meeting starts PROMPTLY at 6:00pm


Please RSVP by Sunday May 12th to Chris Hall, 702-254-2688 or Diane Welch,


Spanish Trail Country Club, 5050 Spanish Trail Lanes, Las Vegas, NV 89113 Entrance at the East Gate on Tropicana Blvd, west of Rainbow Blvd.

Chinese Chicken (warm) Salad DESSERT Chef’s Sweet Selection

Click here for Directions

Members $30, non-members $35; Cash, checks, credit cards accepted at the door. Or pay in advance

Specify dinner choice in Special Instructions


RSVPs are firm reservations and required for private country club access. No-shows will be billed.


June 2013

May 30, 2013—Special Event

Safety Symposium featuring expert speakers on the

Wayne Root — Book Launch & Signing

essential topics of personal safety, gun safety, cyber safety, and national security. As women we need to learn what we can do to protect ourselves against violence. Our right to own a gun for protection is constantly under attack and it is important to know how to safely own and use one. Plus, the nightly news is full of reports of our personal information being hacked or a person's identity being stolen. Come out and learn important ways to protect your information and bank accounts. Finally, the status of our national security is constantly changing and we will hear an update on how safe America currently is. More information to come for this exciting event including the Saturday date/time

5:30 cocktails, and at 6:00 Wayne will talk about his new book on surviving Obamacare, followed by a drawing for a free copy of the book and a book signing with Wayne. Admission of $20 includes light food and soft drinks plus one free ticket for the drawing to win a copy of Wayne's book. National media coverage is being arranged, so invite your friends and come out to support this event. 4

President’s Message Continued from Page 3… Republicans believe in strong national defense, espousing the Ronald Reagan doctrine of peace through strength. They believe that peace is not the absence of war, but the inability and will of your adversary to wage it against you. Republicans believe in limited taxation, and that economic prosperity is driven from the private sector. A Democrat is usually a liberal who is governed by their conscience. They tend to be more capricious and impulsive than their Republican counterparts, and tend to legislate accordingly. Unfortunately, to be liberal today is tantamount to being a leftist as well. This was not always the case. Since the tumult of the 1960’s, left-wing ideology has permeated into most major American institutions such as education, government, and especially the media. President Kennedy was a liberal, but he was not a leftist. Today they are synonymous. To be a liberal today is to be a leftist. Democrats believe in limitless government, excessive and disproportionate taxation, and superfluous regulation. They believe the rights and freedoms of the individual are subordinate to the needs of the state, and that these rights and freedoms should be limited and controlled through government largess. Democrats believe that America should have a more demure, reticent presence in the world, and a smaller, more impotent military would allay the apprehensions of our adversaries. The American media is controlled by leftists and liberals, and are fervent supporters of Democratic policies. They control the narrative, the nomenclature, and the verbiage. As such, they are able to manipulate the American lexicon to alter the perception of the Republican Party, and do it masterfully. They achieve this not only by what they report, but by what they choose not to. Unflattering stories about Democrats or their policies are keenly omitted, or severely truncated. Accounts of Republican policies are usually embellished to appear bullish, indignant, and bellicose. The American media could once be relied upon to be the watchdog of our government, but no longer.

Special Announcements TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Deposit due May 15!! ARW’s annual fundraising event needs your participation! Villas & Vineyards weekend get-away for lovers of wine and historical architecture New RSVP contact information...Please note that from this point forward, meeting RSVP’s should be directed to either Chris Hall at 702-254-2688 or Diane Welch at In case you missed it...ARW’s PayPal online payment system is implemented! You may now RSVP & pay for the monthly meetings as well as pay your annual membership dues through our website! We also offer credit card payments at check-in! We also want to encourage everyone to start paying ahead for your reservation either through the PayPal system or by sending your checks to our mailing address…889 So Rainbow Ste. #146, LV 89145—please go to the website for all the information. 5


VILLAS & VINEYARDS FUNDRAISER TRIP ITINERARY AND RESERVATION FORM _________________________________________________________________________________________________ August 16, 2013, Friday (tentative) 6:00 am Board bus to Getty Villa: Continental Breakfast, Mimosas & Prizes (5 hour trip) 11– 3 pm

Lunch at The Café and tour the Getty Villa – lunch certificate & tour included

3 pm

Board Bus to the Santa Monica Pier. Dine at Mariasol Cocina Mexicana, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Santa Monica Pier Seafood and others with great sea views! $25 voucher to use at any pier venue included.

6:00 pm

Bus leaves pier for Paso Robles – approximately 3 ½ hours.

August 17, 2013, Saturday (tentative) 8:00 am Board bus to Hearst Castle 9:30 am

Tour Hearst Castle and grounds

11:30 am

Board bus to Paso Robles

1:00 pm –

4-Hour Wine Tasting Tour, or Board bus to Paso Robles Historic District for shopping, dining, etc., Driver will pick group up at designated place and time to be determined by group.

August 18, 2013, Sunday 12:30 pm Board bus to return to Las Vegas (approximately 7 hours) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ RESERVATION FORM Circle One: Double Occupancy ($460/person), Or Single Occupancy ($640/person) Name: _____________________________________________________________ Cell: ________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________ Sharing Room With: ______________________________________________ Cell: _______________________________________----Address: ___________________________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________ CHOOSE ONE ACTIVITY FOR SATURDAY: ________________ Private Wine Tour will run about $50 - $85/person. Cost depends upon how many are interested Price announced late May . Billing for this will be additional and separate. Payment due by July 15/13. ________________ Visit Historic District – shops, restaurants, etc. (No additional charge)

PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS: Deposits (non-refundable): Double Occupancy $230 by 5-23/13; Balance $230 by July 15/13 Single Occupancy $320 by 5-23/13; Balance $320 by July 15/13 Pay and/or make payments On-line via Pay Pal at, or Make checks payable to Active Republican Women of Las Vegas Mail checks and registration form to: ARW; 889 So. Rainbow, Suite 146; Las Vegas, NV 89145

More Information: Maureen Karas, or 233-4884


Caring for America... Barbara Altman


As you know, this year we are supporting Marion Cahlan-Edison Elementary School. This school has approximately 800 students, most of which are living at, or below. poverty level. The school’s population is highly transient, with a disturbing percentage identified as homeless, or living in a multifamily situation due largely to economic hardship. The School had received the podium our club donated & they have already put it to use. They are very grateful to ARW for our continuing support.

Amy Negrete, Principle of CahlanEdison Elementary School, mentioned to me that the next immediate need is the children need Bermuda Shorts sizes 5-12. And,, of course, the full list of needed items can be found on pages 20 & 21. We Republican Women must always do our part to help our children.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for support, Caring for America Chairman Barbara Altman

Literacy...Molly Governs Mamie Eisenhower Library Project 2012-2013 Within ARW LV I wear two hats. That of Literacy Chair is the better known. The second is that of the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP) Chair for ARW. Every two years the National Federation of Republican draws from a national committee a list of well reviewed books that not only represent our conservative viewpoints, but sometimes a few books that add balance by presenting opposing views to add some spice and end up underlining to the list for readers who want a well rounded view of conservative and liberal thinking. The categories and sub lists of books on the list include books for adults and AP students, books addressing threats to freedom, defenders of freedom books, fighting for freedom, encounter books, elected officials on freedom, youth (ages 9 and up), and children (ages 6 and up). Republican Women’s groups around the country are encouraged and receive recognition for donating books from this list to libraries, book discussion groups, and other pertinent community groups. Within the last two years ARW has donated books twice from this this to elementary school libraries. Take a look at the list on the NFRW’s website at: Check out the MELP list. A book drawn from this lists is highlighted regularly on the NFRW website. Happy reading! Molly Governs MELP Chair Literacy Chair

Legislative Corner...Melody Howard There is a municipal election in Henderson for Municipal Court Judge, Dept. 1. If you live in Henderson, please make sure you vote June 4th (early voting starts May 18th). For voting locations, please click here. Judge Mark Stevens is running for re-election in that district.

Interim Legislative Update From Assemblyman John Hambrick

Well it's the beginning of the eleventh week of the legislature. There was no shortage of gun or 2nd amendment issues. Campus carry, Constitutional carry, 10th Amendment defense, taxes of guns and ammo, and a few more just for fun - all died at the hands of the Democrat majority. Additionally there is the lovely question of taxes. Business taxes, mining taxes, and a thinking tax---just kidding! Speaking of mining taxes, there is a pending bill that will propose to remove the State Constitutional protection of mining and its level of tax percentage. Senator Roberson (R) and five other Republican senators are proposing a huge tax increase in gold mining taxes aimed at two specific mines: Barrick and Goldmont. These mines are being singularly targeted in an effort to defeat the unions’ efforts to have a new business tax passed by the voters in the next election cycle. The Assembly Republicans, Keystone Group and the Governor have uniformly disagreed with the proposal. This writer will let the reader form his or her own opinion. Additionally, there are rumors that these same Republican Senators are lining up to change the State Constitution on the Defense of Marriage issue. There are other issues that also need to be addressed soon: construction defect, prevailing wage, and the dreaded state retirement system (PERS) are all on the Republican bucket list. So far the majority have refused to have hearings on most of these issues. Being the minority really sucks sometimes. No, I take that back, being the minority sucks all the time. Both the Assembly and the State Senate MUST do a better job in recruiting candidates that attract voters to our issues. Can we re-capture the majority in the State Senate? Absolutely!! Can we increase the Republican numbers in the Assembly - yes, we can. The answer on how is very simple. Yup, it is simple!! To see the answer put this article down get up and go to the nearest mirror and take a long hard look. You are our hope and our future, and you are our only chance of winning in 2014. Each of you has your favorite topic. Please do not be silent. Let your members of the Legislature know your thoughts. Call, e-mail or come up to Carson City and speak directly with your senator or assembly member. As bills come up for hearings, please come and testify for or against. Do it in Carson City or at the Sawyer Building in Las Vegas. Call me if you ever have a question. John Carson # 775-684-8827 Cell # 702-499-6169

Caring for American Soldiers… Patricia Derrick

Caring for the Troops committee extends a hearty thank you for all the April donations to USO and Baby Shower. The “Diaper Cake” making Event is on Saturday May 4, 2013 (2–4 pm) at the VFW Post 10047, 4337 North Las Vegas Blvd. LV, NV 89115 (Behind Walmart near Nellis AFB). Volunteers please bring a small package of diapers (size 1-3) and travel-sized toiletries to decorate diaper cakes, as well as small baby items like rattles, plush toys, books, and ribbon……….The Boots & Booties Baby Shower is Saturday May 11, 2013 12:30 pm at Eastside Cannery 5255 Boulder Hwy Las Vegas, NV 89122. Volunteers will arrive at Eastside Cannery at 11:30 am to decorate and get ready for the Baby Shower…….. Please save this information as your OFFICIAL NOTICE of both events. If you need to cancel or add your name to the volunteer list, please email Patricia Derrick with changes: ( Current volunteer list: Kristene Fisher, Annette Barnes, Marty Wright, Michele Bruce, Kath Pasieka, Judy Ferraro, Nancy Fiorello, Betty Fitzgerald, Eleanor Wills, Patti Shepherd, Patricia Derrick, Please feel free to make a last minute decision to arrive and volunteer for either event (or invite a friend), even though your name may not be on the list.

CARING FOR THE TROOPS committee is collecting items for Nellis AFB, “OPERATION WARMHEART”, at the May 23, 2013 monthly dinner meeting and each month thereafter. The leader of Operation Warmheart is MSgt Randy Bach from the 757 AMXS. Randy is very excited about ARW support. Donation items may include school supplies, comfort items for small children with deployed parents and journals for teens, as well as items for ladies (use your imagination; cologne, purse, moisturizer etc)……. Be creative and be assured; anything you donate will be greatly appreciated and. USO travel-sized toiletries, soaps, wet-wipes, etc will also be collected at each monthly meeting to be swiftly delivered to USO headquarters at LV McCarran Airport for troops coming and going each day. THANK YOU in advance for your kindness. Beginning this year - 2013, Caring for the Troops committee will maintain an ongoing journal of donations to assure your generosity is never forgotten! (journal will be available at each monthly meeting for you to peruse)


Caring for American Soldiers... Patricia Derrick Please take a minute to look over the Caring for the Troops flyer. It is going to be a great year, but we need your help. If you will volunteer for just one event, I promise to make it painless and lots of fun. The short time I have been involved, I feel happier because I am helping the soldiers who do so much for all of us. Just go to and list the event you would like to join. ACTIVE REPUBLICAN WOMEN CARING FOR THE TROOPS—2013 Patricia Derrick Chairman: contact info - phone:804 -1112 1ST QUARTER CARING JANUARY

Girl Scout Cookies Thank You Melody Howard


We need volunteers to make these events come alive


OPERATION WARM HEART: Children and Homeless Veterans 2nd QUARTER CARING


OPERATION BABY SHOWER: Eastside Cannery on for 150 expectant mothers (either active


duty or wife of deployed. (Tricia Trowbridge & husband)


Veterans Hospital Guest House: Park Bench with Plaque 3rd QUARTER CARING


Veterans Hospital Guest House and Park Bench with ARW Plaque


Present OPERATION WARM HEART: Back to School Gear for children


USO: Product Collection Drive 4th QUARTER CARING




Program Nov. Mtg: Celebrating our Troops, collect toys/gifts for


Present OPERATION WARM HEART packages to families.


VOLUNTEER FOR ONE EVENT OR MORE: share your talents and ideas. Just pick ONE OR MORE events to join and indicate if you would like to be the leader. We welcome your energy. You will make a difference and make these events successful for our troops. Thank you for caring, Patricia Derrick LEADER


Sign up for the event you would like to Lead or Help OPERATION WARM HEART: Children and veteran families OPERATION BABY SHOWER VETERAN’S HOSPITAL: Guest House/PARK BENCH USO: Product Collection Drive

Evelyn Cannestra

Annette Barnes


EMAIL: PATRICIA DERRICK @: Just name the event you would like to participate in. You will instantly become a member of our caring & sharing team. Be sure to indicate if you would like to be a TEAM-LEADER for the event. Email TODAY! We need you and we appreciate you!!!


LAS VEGAS When: Saturday, May 4th Where: VFW Post 10047 4337 North Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89115 (Behind Walmart near Nellis AFB) Time: 2-4pm

HENDERSON When: Sunday, May 5th Where: Anthony Residence 2921 Green Falls Ave, Henderson, NV 89052 Time: 1-3pm

RSVP Requested: Please e-mail Jody at to RSVP or call (702) 862-6064

What to Bring: If you can bring a small package of diapers (Sizes 1-3) or any small travel sized baby toiletries that would be great (You can purchase a small Johnson and Johnson box at Walmart for $5.00). You may also bring any other small baby items like rattles, plush toys, books, ribbon and décor. You can bring your own glue gun and glue sticks for your personal use otherwise we will be sharing what’s available!

Boots and Booties Boots and Booties Military Baby Shower for expecting moms will be held on Saturday May 11, 2013 12 noon, at Eastside Cannery in Las Vegas for approximately 50 new and expecting mothers who have deployed partners or are active-duty servicewomen. All military branches of services are invited to participate. Gifts from the local community and flowers from expectant fathers.

ARW is donating gifts and Volunteering in this Event Baby Shower Requested Donations: MOST REQUESTED ITEMS: BATH TUBS & BATH TOYS Baby Clothes (Boys, Girls, Gender Unknown 3 months up to 12 months in size) Baby Girl Hair Accessories-Bows, Headbands, and Handmade items! Books Cribs Diaper Bags High Chairs Pack-n-Plays Strollers

Baby Socks, Baby Shoes Bath Tubs and Bath Toys Bibs, Utensils, Bottles Car Seats-Infant and Toddler Cloth Diapers-Example gDiapers, Gift Cards: Babies R Us, Wal-Mart, Target

Diapers size 2 or 3, Wipes Toys (Stuffed Animals-Rattles) Travel Size-Baby Shampoo, Baby Conditioner, Baby Lotion

BRING YOUR DONATIONS to ARW Thurs. April 18, 2013 7 pm Meeting Volunteers Needed: Set-Up Shower and Sit With Expectant Mothers Email:

ARW Caring for the Troops Patricia Derrick: Chairman

Call for questions or ideas. 702-804-1112.

Hosted by: Ladies Auxiliary of VFW Post 10047 and The Douglas J Green Memorial Foundation

Did you know...

The new Welfare Map

These 11 States now have More People on Welfare than they have Employed! Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year 2011, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U..S. household below the poverty line received $168.00 a day in government support. What’s the problem with that much support? Well, the median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day. To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30.00 an hour for a 40-hour week, while the average job pays $20.00 an hour.


Be sure to stop by the Boutique before the Fashion Show begins. We will have a BIG SALE going on with some of our hottest items! Some of our rings, bracelet and earring sets, bracelet and ring sets and sunglasses will all be marked down in a big way! We also have some very nice photo albums for sale.

ARW LEADERSHIP TEAM OFFICERS: President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Immediate Past President

Cherie Wood Diane Welch Stephanie Reeder Kristene Fisher Priscilla Campbell Maureen “Mo” Karas

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Achievement Awards Eleanor Mills & Alice Shillock-Clark Americanism Barbara Altman Budget & Finance Nancy Hambrick Boutique Judy Ferraro & Michele Bruce Bylaws Martha Kimpel Campaigns Melody Howard Caring for America Barbara Altman Caring for American Soldiers Patricia Derrick Chaplain Kristene Fisher Communication/Public Relations Jennifer Barrier Corresponding Secretary / Advertising / Promotions Christine Hall Decorations Gwen Barrett Fundraising Maureen “Mo” Karas Hospitality / Historian Margaret Helsper Leadership Alice Shillock-Clark Legislation Melody Howard Literacy / MELP Molly Governs Newsletter Annette Barnes Parliamentarian Kathie Slaughter Volunteer Hours Alice Shillock-Clark

Pick up an accessory for yourself or someone you know. Also, check out our Patriotic scarves...just in time for Memorial Day!

***NOTE: If you are interested in helping out on any com12

mittee or have questions, please contact Cherie Wood via email or phone (702) 480 7151

Third Annual

Fashion Show

May 16th, 2013—6:00 pm Fashions Presented By


Beautiful Fashions, Great People & Gift for Every Attendee Fabulous Silent Auction items & terrific opportunity drawing prizes (so be sure to bring extra cash) Special Guest Models: Stavros Anthony, Ron Futrell, Phil Perine You won’t want to miss this! Spanish Trail Country Club, 5050 Spanish Trail Lanes, Las Vegas, NV 89113 Entrance at the East Gate on Tropicana Blvd, west of Rainbow Blvd. Click here for Directions

Please RSVP by Sunday May 12th Chris Hall, 702-254-2688 or Diane Welch, Mix & Mingle at 5:30 pm, Meeting starts PROMPTLY at 6:00 pm Members $30 and non-members $35; Cash, checks, credit cards accepted at the door. Or pay in advance via PayPal. Go to RSVPs are firm reservations and required for private country club access. No-shows will be billed.

ARW Message Board Volunteering at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo ARW members joined other clubs at the Republican Women Booth at the fair.


Visit ARW’s Website: or Click Here Find us on Facebook:


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Get your business noticed by your fellow ARW members

ARW is accepting ads for our newsletter Get your business noticed! Great Prices! $100.00 Bus. card size $150.00 1/4 page $200.00 1/2 page $250.00 full page Advertising pricing is based on full year. Pricing for half-year or quarter-year available upon request. To place an ad or if you have questions please contact Chris Hall at 254-2688 or


WELCOME ALL NEW AND RETURNING MEMBERS Our membership Drive for 2013 is in full swing! When you become a Member of ARW, you are automatically a member of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women and a member of the National Federation of Republican Women. Your Voice and Opinions are very important! Join us and make sure your voice is heard across the Nation. Welcome this Months’ New Full Members: Denise Gubler, Fely Quitevis, Selma Sarkis

Welcome back returning Full Members: Susan Nowak, Jo Ann Wylie

Thank you all: Sincerely, Stephanie Reeder – V.P. Membership

We always welcome new members! If you are interested in becoming a member or ARW... Fill out the form on the next page and send it Via US mail to 889 So. Rainbow Ste. #146, Las Vegas, NV 89145 or email to Stephanie Reeder

The NvFRW is signing up membership for the 2013 Regents Program If you are interested in becoming a Regent fill out the attached Application and bring it with you to our next meeting


ACTIVE REPUBLICAN WOMEN OF LAS VEGAS (Nevada) is a women’s political organization, bringing together women to positively impact the direction of our state and our nation. We come together as a collective force advancing the Republican Party and WOMEN through political access and participation.

ACTIVE Republican Women Membership Application 2013 Annual Dues--Check One: *New _________ Renewing __________ Member since: ________/_________ Member* ($30) ________ Associate* ($15) ___________ (If already a regular member of another club or men only) NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (As it appears on Voter Registration – Must be a Registered Republican to join) ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY and STATE: _________________________________________________________________________ ZIP: _________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________________________CELL NUMBER: __________________________________________ EMAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________BIRTHDAY: ___________/___________________ Month Year *Referred/Sponsored by: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Please indicate if you’d like a name badge for an additional $10.00 Yes ____________ No____________

I am a registered Republican and I will support and work for the election of Republican Candidates for office and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party. _____________________________________________________________________ Signature

________________________________________________ Date

Please make check payable to Active Republican Women and mail to: Stephanie Reeder-Membership Vice-President; 889 So. Rainbow Ste. #146, Las Vegas, NV 89145 Visit our website:


ARW’s Monthly Meeting—April 18

Ron Futrell, Diane Welch Steve Esh, Cherie Wood Ron Futrell, Chris Hall

Marth Wright, Sonny Reeder Gwen Barrett, Gudrun Freuhling, Annette Barnes

Maureen Karras

Carol Noblet, Charmaine Guss Denise Gubler, Fely Quitavas Patricia Derrick, Molly Governs


This is the wish list for our children whom we are supporting this year. Please contribute as these children are in great need. I will be collecting at each meeting the items that you bring. If you can not attend a meeting, please contact me and I would be happy to meet with you. Thank you, Barbara Altman Chairman Marion Cahlan-Edison Elementary School Wish List Items: 1. Clothing, backpacks, coats, hats, etc. 2. Shoes 3. Copy paper 4. Pencils 5. Mini whiteboards and markers 6. Electronic pencil sharpeners 7. Whisper phones 8. Text exemplars tied to the Common Core State Standards (multiple copies of books) 9. Authentic literature (books) to be used for writing mini lessons 10. Poetry books 11. Phonics and fluency centers 12. Computer software for math and reading 13. Listening centers and CDs with books 14. Headphones (standard and with a recording device) 15. Microphone stand 16. Music stands 17. Podium for assemblies 18. Kindles 19. Mini iPads 20. iPad protective covers 21. iTunes gift cards to purchase educational apps 22. Flash drives (one per teacher) 23. Various certificates to recognize students for Honor Roll, Attendance, etc 24. Testing prizes such as pizza parties and ice cream socials Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon Physical Education 1. Flag football flags 2. Small rubber rings (12) 5-6 inches in diameter 3. Rhino skin foam balls (24) 4. Egg and spoon relay game (12) Pugg Pop-up goals Continued Next Page‌


Music wish list: Page number quantity Pg. 163 (14) Pg. 343 (3) Pg. 343 (5) Pg. 300 (1) Pg. 52 (3) Pg. 305 (1)

Pg. 309 (1)

Item description Xylophone Stands Keyboard Stands Keyboard Bench Lugwig Element 5-piece drum set Hamilton Auto Stands Gilbraltar Thrones Gilbraltar 9608 Throne round vinyl set Squier Electric P-Bass pak

Item number





















GTS0301670 (025) metallic red



Supplier: Cascio Website: 13819 W. National Ave New Berlin, WI 53151 Fax: 262-957-4538 Toll free: 1-800-462-2263


I am a republican because…

I believe the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age or disability

I believe free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this nation opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

I believe government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of the money they earn.

I believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations and that the best government is that which governs least.

I believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people.

I believe Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong while developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

I believe Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

Finally, I believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

Active Republican Women of Las Vegas 889 So. Rainbow Ste. #146, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Battle Born Bulletin - May 2013  
Battle Born Bulletin - May 2013  

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