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DECEMBER 2012 ARW Programs next 3 Months Dec 20: Holiday Celebration Jan 17: Wayne Allyn Root Feb 21: GOP Outreach to Minority Communities with guest speaker Niger Innis

Mark Your Calendar Mon Dec 3 @ 6pm - 8pm ARW Monthly Board Meeting -----------------------------------------------------------Thu Dec 20 @ 5:30pm - 8pm ARW General Membership Meeting, Spanish Trail Christmas Party Installation of new ARW Officers for Biennium 2013-14 -----------------------------------------------------------Sat Jan 5 @ 9am-4pm ARW Retreat at Spanish Trail Country Club (instead of Monthly Board Meeting) -----------------------------------------------------------Thu Jan 17 @ 5:30pm - 8pm ARW General Membership Meeting, Spanish Trail Guest: Wayne Allyn Root ----------------------------------------------------------Mon Feb 4 @ 6pm - 8pm ARW Monthly Board Meeting -----------------------------------------------------------Thu Feb 21 @ 5:30pm - 8pm ARW General Membership Meeting, Spanish Trail GOP Outreach to Minority Communities with Niger Innis ------------------------------------------------------------

President’s Message…

Maureen M Karas

’Tis the season to thank our Lord for all of our blessings, spend time with those we love and reflect on the past year looking forward to set our goals for 2013. So let me wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. It is in this vein, that I say thank you to all of you who have helped make my term as president of ARW so fulfilling. It seems like only yesterday that our current board was installed, and now it is time to pass the torch to our new President, Cherie Wood, and her board. I know that 2013 will be our best year yet as a club. We are in good hands! My hearty congratulations go to Cherie, Diane Welch, Stephanie Reeder, Priscilla Campbell and Margaret Helsper. This election season was bitter sweet, no doubt. We are all still trying to live with the results and sort it out for the future. I have always believed that when God gives us challenges, he also gives us opportunities – we just have to find them. And finding them, we all will. Our 2013-2014 board will set new directions so that ARW may continue living up to our name, active. As I reflect on 2012, ARW certainly has had a very busy year. It is because of you, our valued membership, that the club has been able to accomplish so much. I thank each and every one of you for your hard work. Although our accomplishments were many, I do want feature some highlights of the year. Cherie Wood, 1st Vice President Programs, began “meet the candidates programs” featuring Republican candidates for federal, state, county and local offices starting in March. Numerous members volunteered countless hours working the Caucus, CCRP Lincoln Day Dinner, CCRP and NRP Conventions. Add to this the vast number of volunteer hours, yet to be determined, dedicated to working with the various candidate campaigns, Team Nevada, 60+, and poll watching. Several of our women even drove rented stretch vans taking our outof-state door-knocking volunteers around town for several weekends. I am proud of ARW’s political contribution to this election season. Thank you to all who participated! ARW closes 2012 with 134 full members and 71 associate s. Marty Wright, 2nd Vice President along with 1st Vice President Programs Cherie Wood who is also NvFRW’s 2nd Vice President Membership worked very hard together to build ARW’s membership through increasing renewals as well as getting new members. Cherie also came up with idea of producing the “Why I am a Republican Woman” You Tube video series and chaired the Regents committee to produce it with Alice Shillock-Clark and husband Bob Clark, owner of BC Productions. You can view them on our website here. Supporting our military, both active and veterans, has always been a major focus of ARW. 2012 has been no exception! Caring for America Chair Diane Welch took the club in a new and more local direction given the wind-down of deployments overseas. This year, ARW’s Girl Scout cookie drive focused on delivering over 100 boxes to wounded soldiers at Ft. Carson, CO and to Nellis AFB Chaplains who used our cookies in their debrief interviews with active duty military returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Next, ARW participated in the Cannery’s May 12th Showers of Appreciation – a large baby shower for E-1 through E-5 Nellis troops. The club donated $250 as well as a generous collection of much needed baby supplies and clothing. Summer months were spent collecting donations for the USO at McCarran Airport. At our November meeting, the USO will be presented with a check for $1000. And at our Christmas meeting, Nellis AFB families will receive a check for $1000. Also, gifts will be collected for the Marines Toys for Tots and proceeds from our Opportunity Drawing will also go to this wonderful program.

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Elementary School on May 8th. The program included the Liberty Day Program and a lecture with Q & A by Jacob Reynolds, an attorney with the Hutchison Steffens Law Firm. Children were also given an opportunity to participate in an essay contest with prizes. ARW also donated Constitutions to the Conservative Alliance for Growth’s Constitution Day Program at the College of Southern Nevada’s North Campus on Constitution Day, September 17th.

Melody Howard, Scholarship and Legislative Chair, delivered three $1000 scholarships to young Republican Women. On the legislative side, Melody worked with CCRP former ViceChair Woody Stroupe on the “I Believe In America” button campaign to identify supporters of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum or the Unity Slate at the NRP Convention.

Molly Governs, Literacy Chair for NvFRW and ARW, created and distributed many “Tips on Reading Aloud to Children of All Ages” literacy card. She shared this with other clubs as well.

Many women in other clubs have commented on ARW’s newsletter. In fact, one lady has gone so far to say as it is the best in Nevada. A big thank you goes to Iris Stone, our editor, for her personal commitment in making it rich with news. Iris also created a new website for our club and sent numerous election blasts out to our membership.

In closing, perhaps one of ARW’s best achievements is participation in creating the newly formed Republican Women of Southern Nevada Political Action Committee 9RWSN PAC). ARW raised and donated $3,731 for candidates through this PAC.

Americanism Chair Brenda Flank planned and delivered a Constitutional Education Series to fifth graders at Kit Carson

Thank you again for a wonderful term as your President. It was an honor serving Active Republican Women of Las Vegas.

Fundraising in an election year is not always easy. Early on ARW designed and produced the Make Nevada Red pin. Many clubs in our state federation joined in by purchasing pins for resale in their clubs. This resulted in a profit of over $2000! Thank you Margaret Helsper, head designer and project manager!

Priscilla Campbell with the input of Treasurer Stephanie Reeder converted ARW reports and budget to Quick Books. Hooray!

SUBMIT YOUR 2011 VOLUNTEER HOURS TO ARW! Achievement Awards Call for Volunteer Hours.... President Mo has requested ARW membership to tally and submit their volunteer hours for 2012. We have a new Achievement Award category for Campaign Volunteer Hours. If you have not already done so, please tally the hours you contributed this year to support Republican Candidate Campaigns. Our web page has a form available as worksheet (Click here), or you can simply email your tally total to Alice Clark at We need two totals in writing: 1) total hours for Campaigns, and 2) total hours for everything else through ARW volunteers. What qualifies for eligible volunteer hours is defined on worksheets. Thank you ARW for all your hard work. Now let's get this documented!


Kicking off New Year Speaker: Wayne Allyn Root


GOP Outreach to Minority Communities Speaker: Niger Innis National Spokesman for Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

General Membership Meeting Thursday December 20th At Spanish Trail Country Club

General Membership Meeting Thursday February 21st At Spanish Trail Country Club

LEGISLATIVE CORNER As we reflect on the elections that we won on November 6, 2012, I am honored to serve on the Nevada State Central Committee, as do many of our women involved in Active Republican Women of Las Vegas and the many clubs of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women. In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, I was surprised to see so many attend the State Central Committee meeting on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Overall, 133 NRCC members attended carrying 99 proxies. More than 2/3’s representation at a meeting before a major holiday was quite impressive. Assemblymen John Hambrick, Jim Wheeler, and James Oscarson attended, and Congressman Mark Amodei surprised us all when he showed up and spoke before the body with his humor and wit, teasing that it’s a new day when Vice Chair, and newly elected National Committeeman, James Smack was dressed better than the pro tem Bylaws Chair Jordan Ross. A new day indeed. He introduced our very own President of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women, Maraya Evans, and to hear him say it you would think that the Congressman’s only constituency were Federation Women. After Maraya thanked the Congressman for giving her speech for him, she highlighted all the hard work the women did for this election. Bravo to the women, and families of the Federation women, throughout the state - Maraya did a great job illustrating all of your hard work. One of the things I love about Nevada it the great people and diverse economy. And we are diverse compared to other state Republican parties. Chairman Michael McDonald was very vocal that we all have our own idea of “Republican,” we all agree that increasing taxes, increasing spending, and increasing programs are not the answer. We heard great results from most of the County Chairs, many reporting an 80% + Republican turn-out in their districts. The members were amused by some, particularly Storey County’s chair reporting a large Republican turnout, and the announcement that their newly elected County Commissioner owns a brothel (the Mustang Ranch) and another County

Commissioner owns a bar. Nye County’s Chair reported they had an 88% Republican turnout and discussed fundraisers and meetings where “everyone packs.” I’m guessing they’re not too worried about protestors showing up. Clark County’s Chair Cindy Lake focused on their efforts in registering voters in AD 09 (Kelly Hurst), and turning out the vote. While those efforts did not succeed, Mr. Hurst was successful in his court battle against the Democrat and a judge ruled that his opponent did not live in the district and was disqualified. We will see who the County Commission appoints and they are hopeful they will appoint Mr. Hurst, as he was the only legitimate candidate in the race. The highlight of the Chair reports for me came from Lyon County. Dr. Robin Titus described a 70% vote for Governor Romney; however, she was very excited to announce that the Fernley Republican Women made over 100,000 calls, knocked on 25,000 doors, and put in over 3,000 hours in the campaign office. Bylaws were on the agenda for minor housekeeping changes; however a Motion was made for a major change and after some lively debate, they were tabled until the Spring meeting. Some Resolutions were passed, one was massively amended before it was approved; another involved a Resolution to uphold unity and principles; however, the one Resolution that passed unanimously was a “General Resolution to . . . Condemning the United Nations Conference on . . . Agenda 21.” The Nye County Republican Party did a great job, the location was beautiful, and the atmosphere was energetic. A huge thank you goes out to the Nye County Republican Party for hosting this meeting. Further, I would like to thank everyone for their confidence in supporting me on the State Central Committee, as well as your Legislative Chair. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Melody Howard Legislative Chair, ARWLV

Caring for the American Soldier By Diane Welch, Chair of ARW Caring for the American Soldier

November's meeting was a wonderful event honoring our troops and veterans, including a look back over the year at our club's donation campaigns for 2012. Through our member's generosity we supported troops returning from deployment by donating Girl Scout cookies to Nellis AFB and Ft. Carson, Colorado. In the spring we supported the military baby shower Operation Showers of Appreciation with donations of money and baby items. Alice Clark and her husband put together a video of the event which is now posted on YouTube and the ARW website. Our focus then turned to collecting donations for the new USO at McCarran Airport. The result was a $1,000 check to USO Director Doug Bradford from ARW. We will have a plaque at the USO to commemorate this gift

and ARW's constant support of the troops. Finally, for the holidays we are collecting donations of toys for Nellis AFB children and cash or gift cards for young airmen and women away from home during the holidays. These items will be collected at our holiday party on December 20 and delivered the same evening to a representative of the Nellis Troop Support Squadron. Thank you to all of our members for always being so supportive of our troops and veterans. It has been my pleasure to represent ARW in this effort. As I move into my new position as first vice president, I hope one of our members with a patriotic passion for these heroes will step up to take over as Chair of Caring for American Soldiers. Please contact me if you would like more information.


Bill Whittle’s post-election perspective View Video Here

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Maureen Karas Cherie Wood Marty Wright Alice Shillock-Clark Stephanie Reeder

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Achievement Awards! Eleanor Mills Americanism/Chaplain! Kristene Fisher Budget & Finance!! Nancy Hambrick Boutique!! ! Judy Ferraro & ! ! ! Michele Bruce Bylaws! ! ! Martha Kimpel Campaigns! ! OPEN Caring for America! Barbara Altman Caring for American Soldiers Diane Welch Corresponding Secretary Christine Hall Decorations ! ! Gwen Barrett Legislation! ! Melody Howard Hospitality / Historian! Margaret Helsper Literacy / MELP! ! Molly Governs Parliamentary! ! Kathy Slaughter Volunteer Hours! ! Alice Shillock-Clark Webmaster & Newsletter! Iris Stone

NOTE: If you are interested in helping out on any committee or have questions, please contact Maureen Karas via email or phone (702) 233-4884

THINK BEFORE YOU MAKE CONTRIBUTIONS As you open your pockets to do a good thing and make yourself feel good, please keep the following facts in mind: THE AMERICAN RED CROSS President and CEO Marsha J. Evans' salary for the year was $651,957 plus expenses MARCH OF DIMES It is called the March of Dimes because only a dime for every 1 dollar is given to the needy. THE UNITED WAY President Brian Gallagher receives a $375,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits. UNICEF CEO Caryl M. Stern receives $1,200,000 per year (100k per month) plus all expenses including a ROLLS ROYCE. Less than 5 cents of your donated dollar goes to the cause. GOODWILL CEO and owner Mark Curran profits $2.3 million a year. Goodwill is a very catchy name for his business. You donate to his business and then he sells the items for PROFIT. He pays nothing for his products and pays his workers minimum wage! Nice Guy. $0.00 goes to help anyone! Stop giving to this man.

INSTEAD,GIVE IT TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING GO "GREEN" AND PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE IT WILL DO SOME GOOD: THE SALVATION ARMY Commissioner, Todd Bassett receives a small salary of only $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 billion dollar organization. 96 percent of donated dollars go to the cause. THE AMERICAN LEGION National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth! THE VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth! THE DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth! THE MILITARY ORDER OF PURPLE HEARTS National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth! THE VIETNAM VETERANS ASSOCIATION National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth! MAKE A WISH: For children's last wishes.100% goes to funding trips or special wishes for a dying child. ST. JUDE RESEARCH HOSPITAL 100% goes towards funding and helping Children with Cancer who have no insurance and can not afford to pay. RONALD MCDONALD HOUSES All monies go to running the houses for parentswho have critical Children in the hospital. 100% goes to housing, and feeding the families. LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL 100% of donations go to help the blind,buy hearing aides, support medical missionsaround the world. Their latest undertaking is measles vaccinations (only $1.00 per shot).

Research your charities on Charity Navigator website


For most up-to-date, accurate information, please research the company on OpenSecrets (Center for Responsive Politics) Election Cycle political donations, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics. Shopping Price Club/Costco donated $225K, 99% went to Democrats Rite Aid donated $517K, 60% went to Democrats Magla Products (Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) donated $22K, 100% went to Democrats Warnaco (undergarments) donated $55K, 73% went to Democrats Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia donated $153K, 99% went to Democrats Estee Lauder donated $448K, 95% went to Democrats Guess, Inc. Donated $145K, 98% went to Democrats Calvin Klein donated $78K, 100% went to Democrats Liz Claiborne, Inc. Donated $34K, 97% went to Democrats Levi Straus donated $26K, 97% went to Democrats Olan Mills donated $175K, 99% went to Democrats WalMart donated $467K, 97% went to Republicans K-Mart donated $524K, 86% went to Republicans Home Depot donated $298K, 89% went to Republicans Target donated $226K, 70% went to Republicans Circuit City Stores donated $261K, 95% went to Republicans 3M Co. Donated $281K, 87% went to Republicans Hallmark Cards donated $319K, 92% went to Republicans Amway donated $391K, 100% Republicans Kohler Co. (plumbing fixtures) donated $283K, 100% Republicans B.F. Goodrich (tires) donated $215K, 97% went to Republicans Proctor & Gamble donated $243K, 79% went to Republicans Spirits Southern Wine & Spirits donated $213K, 73% went to Democrats Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons (incl. Beverage Business and considerable media interests) donated $2M+, 67% went to Democrats Gallo Winery donated $337K, 95% went to Democrats Coors & Budweiser donated $174K, 92% went to Republicans Brown-Forman Corp. (Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Bushmills, Korbel Wines, Lenox China , Dansk and Gorham Silver) donated $644 K -80% went to Republicans


An uplifting video on How to get to Mars

Almost 18 million viewings: Christmas with a Capital “C” New government salary data, union contracts added to TransparentNevada The Islamization of Europe by Geert Wilders Stay informed and join ACT! for America by subscribing to email alerts from Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! for America Read the Executive Summary of “Education or Indoctrination? The Treatment of Islam in 6th through 12th Grade American Textbooks”

Immigration Gumballs I, Pencil - Understanding Freedom Watch the Video OR Read the Short Essay

Did you know? At the moment of conception, you spent about half an hour as a single cell.

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